Thursday, November 21, 2013


11-21-13 Thursday - 7:35 PM (Philippine Time) Cebu City, Philippines - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Air Mobile Team moved closer to "Ground Zero" in the Philippines.  We had a perfect flight from Manila to Cebu early this morning.  All of the Air Mobile Rescuers made the shipment just fine.  We're all ready to see those beautiful machines come out of those blue tubs and begin purifying clean water. 

In just a few hours, we'll be boarding a ship to take us from Cebu City to Ormoc City on the Island of Leyte.  We'll be on a "fast-moving" boat and the trip that normally takes 5+ hours will only take 2 hours.  Oh, folks, we're moving closer to where those Rescuers will make a huge difference in peoples lives.

We're getting e-mails and text messages from folks who have heard that we are coming and we're being "urged" to continue to come their way.

We've traveled over 14,000 miles to get here and we're very close to reaching those "hard to reach areas".  Must admit that this journey has taken a lot of energy out of Cindy and I.  The 11 hour time difference will really take a toll on one's energy level.  I "sprawl out" every chance I get. 

We'll be boarding that ship very early so, it's time to "hit the hay" and get ready for our first day of actual "Rescuer" deliveries.  We can hardly wait and at the same time, we know the images that we are about to face and the suffering that these precious people have endured will break our hearts.  Yet, we know that clean water does so much!!

Please remember to pray for us as we go and bring fresh clean water in the Name of Jesus!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-21-13 Thursday - 2:46 AM (Manila Time) Manila, Philippines - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our team spent yesterday running out scores of stories and leads and possible means of getting to the "Ground Zero" of the largest Cyclone/Typhoon in recorded history.  Red tape and forms to fill out and the list goes on and on, but all of our hearts were yearning to "just get there".  The sheer magnitude of destruction has made getting into the affected areas a huge logistical problem. 

Met Colonel Ed with the Philippines Air Force.  Ed and I worked a series of Cyclones 4 years ago, where 4 Typhoons in 4 weeks and left Manila inundated.  There were places where a 30 foot wall of water raced through this city of 20 million people.  

Ed helped us methodically work through lead after lead and finally at 9:00pm last night he had a driver bring us to a Hotel to sleep for just a few hours and now, we're up at 2:30 AM Manila time and about to load up our precious cargo and finally board an aircraft bound for Cebu.  We've come a long way to bring clean water to the extremely weak and thirsty people.

Again, I only have a few minutes to bang out a quick blog.  There is so much that I want to tell you!  Hopefully, later, I'll get a chance to share my heart and heart.  So, for now, I'll sign off and head to the airport.  God bless and THANK YOU for precious prayer, love and support!

11-20-13 Wednesday - 7:48 PM (Manila Time) Manila, Philippines - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After another "First Class" flight from Negoya to Manila (thanks Delta Rose and Delta Team), we landed in Manila just after midnight (Manila time).  The time difference between Manila and Eastern U.S. time is +11 hours.  So....if we landed at midnight Manila time, it would have been 1:00PM U.S. Eastern time.

We were met by Mike and Evelyn.  Mike is an American who is married to a Filipino.  How we "met" is a border-line miracle.  Several days ago, during a very brief Radio Interview with Bud Hedinger in Orlando (well-known radio personality), Mike heard, for a few seconds, that Air Mobile was going to the Philippines.  Mike, immediately wrote me and offered to help. 

Now, here we are having breakfast in Manila and he is helping us to find those needy areas.  During that same quick radio interview, Aaron, a local Chiropractor, heard the interview.  Aaron spent several years in the Philippines and speaks several dialects and....knows folks, who know, where the folks are, who need clean water.  Again, surely, our Lord know how to deploy His troops!!

Here's a shot of our group taken just a few minutes ago here in Manila, as we're "gathering intel" to figure out the best place to put the Air Mobile Rescuers.

So, the day lies  before us.  We're all on phones and the internet gathering "info" that will assist us in deploying the "near-miracle" water purifiers to save lives.  Please PRAY that our Lord will continue to guide and lead us.  Since, we're 11 hours "ahead" of U.S. time, these blogs will roll out a random times...usually, when we stop moving and have an internet connection.  

Again, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-19-13 Tuesday - 7:48 PM (Japan Time) Negoya, Japan - Negoya International Airport - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Air Mobile Team just landed in Negoya, Japan.  Had a beautiful flight (First Class) thanks to Delta Rose and the Delta Airlines Team.  

We were treated like "Royalty" by the entire Flight Crew.  We boarded in Orlando and flew to Detroit and then transferred to a 747 and flew half way around the world.  This "First Class" upgrade came at NO CHARGE!  We were able to sleep "like a log".  So thankful for so many people who help us to do what we do!!

It still amazes me that we can sit in such comfort and fly literally half way around the world (14,000+ miles).

We are being prepared for the "work ahead" and we'll be able to start fresh, again, thanks to Delta Rose and Delta Airlines!! 

I only have a few minutes before we board for Manila. Already been in touch with mulitple people on ground and the "Disaster Relief Efforts" are a moving target...usually the case.  We have precious water purifiers on board and are just thankful that we can help.

They are just calling our flight to Manila...have to run.  THANK YOU for your kindness, prayer, love and support!!  Next blog will come from Manila.

Air Mobile Joe and Team

11-18-13 Monday - 3:23 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is with great joy that we're launching to the Philippines with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers!  We have 12 units funded, and have decided that we'll bring all that we have and trust our Lord to make up the balance in funding.  Want to THANK you all for your faithful prayer!!

Joe Prussel, with his daughter Sage, worked late into the evening to put the final touches on these "near-miracle" machines that can take the most contaminated water and make it extremely clean!

Over the next 24 hours, our team of 4 will be heading half way around the globe to bring clean water to desperate folks ravaged by one of, if not the largest typhoon in modern history.  We count it a joy to be able to do this'll join us via this blog and your prayer!!

Already, the number of "miracles" are beginning to stack up with how pieces and folks are coming together enabling us to reach into areas of staggering suffering and bring the gift of clean water. 

This will be an abbreviated blog this morning and I may get the opportunity to add to it throughout the day.  PLEASE PRAY that we make all the legs to this long and complicated flight.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-17-13 Sunday - 6:49 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After a lot of "juggling", our dear Delta Rose managed to secure "Stand-by" tickets to get the Air Mobile team to, and hopefully... from Manila.  We plan to depart tomorrow morning. Please PRAY that we find the "seats" when it comes time to board.

We now have funding for 11.5 Rescuers and the donations are still coming in.  Our goal is to bring 15 Rescuers.  One of the Delta Flight Attendants is part of an organization that makes dresses for little girls in disaster areas.  We'll be "packing" our Rescuers and using those dresses to insulate the water purifiers.  That makes them a double blessing! 

The number of homeless has hit 1.9 million..up from 900,000 as previously reported!  The depth and scope of destruction is just now being fully realized from monster Typhoon Hayain.  Aid is just beginning to reach the more isolated islands. These are the areas that are desperate for clean water.  These are the areas that our Air Mobile team will be targeting! Here's more on the homeless - HOMELESS FROM TYPHOON HAYAIN HITS 1.9 MILLION!

Dennis and Joe, excellent "Water Mules", worked all day to get Air Mobile Rescuers "ready for action"!  We're so thankful for such faithful servants of God!! 

About a year ago, I introduced you to Natalie, a young lady that has a heart to help.  She has organized teams of High-School Students to knit baby caps.  The name of her organization is "Caring Caps" and it has grown to multiple locations across the U.S.  - Here is the link - CARING CAPS  

We met Natalie yesterday and she, along with some of her team, presented us with over 100 baby caps knitted with love!  We'll be bringing these to the Philippines.  It is so encouraging to see young people dedicated to helping others.  Thank you Natalie for your tender and caring heart!

Yesterday, I asked you to pray for me, specifically to have wisdom, guidance and provision.  As I raced through yesterday trying to accomplish "a hundred things" (it seemed), I had a sense of peace and clarity. THANK YOU!! and....please continue to PRAY today, as there are so many fine details that need to be accomplished before we board that plane tomorrow.

Well, it's time to head to Church and then complete the preparing and loading.  We're still believing for the balance of funding to come in for 3.5 more Air Mobile Rescuers.  Remember, you can make a donation, right here on the blog (upper left hand corner).  We are so THANKFUL to you for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-16-13 Saturday - 7:15 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We now have funding for 9 Air Mobile Rescuers!  We only have 6 more to go to reach our goal of 15.  PLEASE ask our Lord to provide the funding.  Remember, each unit will provide fresh, clean drinking water for to up to 1000 people per day (operating at Emergency level)!  

We are moving toward a Monday departure but....a lot of things have to happen.  We truly need your prayers for wisdom, guidance, funding and provision.  Our team of "Water Mules" continue to build these life saving units!

Must admit, I'm operating on a bit of a "raggedy edge".  My head is still swirling from the recent Haiti Mission and now, putting together this Japan Mission, involves a lot of details and I don't want to miss any important items.  Please ask our Lord to simply give me clear thinking and a calm heart.

The major need in many of the ravaged areas is CLEAN WATER.  The utter ferocity of Super Typhoon Hayian left many remote villages, spread among hundreds of islands, completely devastated, utterly destroying clean water sources.  

These are the areas that we want to reach with our Air Mobile Rescuers!  Here's a report just released explaining the current status of the massive Relief Efforts - RELIEF AID FINALLY BEGINNING TO "PUSH THROUGH"

I Praise God for our faithful "Water Mules" who are rallying to the cause of saving lives in the Philippines.  Rob and Joe (Premier Water Mules) were building units at the Air Mobile Facility on Merritt Island, FL until late last night.  THANK YOU, JOE & ROB!

Delta Rose, our amazing Delta Airlines Contact, has been "juggling" flights to help get our Team to the Philippines on Monday.  Been receiving call after call from Volunteers wanting to help us to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Surely...."OUR LORD KNOWS HOW TO DEPLOY HIS TROOPS!!!"

Received a call from Allen Riggs.  Allen is a noted inventor and has developed a battery (energy cell) that runs on SALT WATER.  We met up yesterday at Teen Missions International for the transfer of 120 of these "salt-water batteries" for our mission to the Philippines.  

This box of 120 batteries, including chargers, actually equals 1800 batteries (each battery can be recharged 15 times on salt water!!).  This is an amazing invention and an amazing gift for the Philippines!  Thanks for sharing your "genius & generosity" with us, Allen!!

So, today, we continue to gather supplies, build Rescuers, nail down our flight schedule and sort through hundreds of details to launch an International Relief Mission.  THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support.  Together we can accomplish far more than we could ever imagine with HIS help!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-15-13 Friday - 5:56 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our mission in Haiti was complete...for the moment.  We had provided vital supplies, more clean water and worked on improving ATC "Communications". 

It was time to head back to the U.S. and work on getting to the Philippines!  Had been tracking the weather for the last few days and it was a good time to go, but would have some pretty strong headwinds along the route.

Picked up the Harris Communication team, Nate and Nestor, at the hotel by the airport and loaded the Little Donkey.  

Barbara sent some extra food for our ground crew, who faithfully help us unload and load us every time we come to Haiti. They, in turn, find folks who are hungry and share with them.  We've been doing this for years.

Completed the Pre-Flight Inspection, submitted our paper work and pushed the throttles forward and we headed home.  As forecast, had some pretty strong headwinds, but overall, had a nice, smooth flight home.

Upon landing at Titusville, we were greeted by WESH Channel 2 (NBC Affiliate) and my good friend Dan Billow.  Dan and I go "way back" to Hurricane Andrew days.  Dan did a story on our just coming back from Haiti and preparing to go the Philippines.  

We are so THANKFUL for the positive news coverage provided to Air Mobile.  It helps us to bring awareness to what we are doing and in-turn, Folks donate to the "Cause".  Praise God and THANKS, Dan for our good friendship over the years!  Here's the newscast - CHANNEL 2 NEWSCAST ON AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES "TO THE PHILIPPINES"

Today, we'll be building Rescuers as quickly as we can.  We now have 7 units funded and our goal is 15.  We are so THANKFUL for folks with such generous and giving hearts willing to help those in such terrible need. 

The situation in the Philippines is becoming increasingly desperate.  The logistics of getting water and food to the needy is incredibly challenging.  Folks are suffering & dying as I type.  

We hear about the death toll, but what about the injured, sick and dying?  Having done this kind of work for over 40 years, my heart just breaks. We're doing all we can to get there A.S.A.P. (and that has two meanings...Always-Say-A-Prayer)

You know, I've explained a little bit about the conditions in Haiti, how we don't have running water and the electricity is spotty and the mosquitoes "land on aircraft carriers".  Upon returning home yesterday, all I could think of was a good meal and a hot shower.

Cindy picked me up at the airport and after the Channel 2 interview, we picked up Ariana and Peter from their schools and then we went to the local Chinese Buffet.  I simply "pigged out"...ate way-too-much food.  Then, went home and took a very long, hot shower and then crawled into bed and collapsed in a deep sleep.

I awoke around midnight and could not sleep.  Had to come down and scan the news on the Philippines and again, my heart just broke as I looked at the images.  Having done this kind of work for so many years, knew the challenges that literally millions are facing and the challenges that we will face when we get there.  

I wrestled with "guilt" from having it so good...being able to go get a drink of water, or take a long shower, or eat about anything I want and sleep in a warm, soft, comfortable bed. Finally, went back upstairs, laid down, and just had pray to go back to sleep.  

Cindy and I are up early this morning.  We are both writing, me the blog and Cindy, an "Emergency Letter" that many of you will receive in the next hour or so.  We have so much to do to get ready to head to Philippines.  Again, we are so THANKFUL to you for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!  We love you!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-14-13 Thursday - 5:03 AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is with great joy, that I report to you, that funding has begun to arrive for Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines.  Yesterday was a great day, as we received funding for 6 Rescuers.  We are believing that today, more funds will arrive.

I spoke with our dear "Delta Rose" who can arrange "Buddy Passes" on Delta Airlines for $860 each.  This is a very good fare for "Orlando - Manila - Orlando".  We also have some American Airlines miles, but not nearly enough to cover the journey for our 3 man team.  Do you know anyone who has some American "Air Miles" that they would like to donate?

Can't begin to tell you how glad we are to be going!!  But...before Air Mobile can head to the Philippines, we need to complete the "Mission to Haiti"....and we need more funding for Rescuers.  Yesterday was a good day in several regards.  

The day began with Rescuer Training for a unit deep in the provinces of Haiti (clean water is desperately needed).  Mark, along with his Pastor showed up at the "Village" right at 7:00am.  We were able to go over the basic operation and present a replacement Rescuer for their mission. 

After the early morning "Rescuer Training, I drove into Port-Au-Prince, where we had extensive meetings in several locations throughout Port-Au-Prince (always THANKFUL for safe travels...remember that "fiery" road-block the other day?).  

Our meetings went very well, and we are well on our way to putting together another full proposal for complete ATC equipment in Cap Haitian.  It is a pleasure dealing with the Haitian Officials, many of whom, I have known for over 30 years.  It is such a relief...and joy to know that Haiti is about to receive exellent, high quality ATC equipment!  This will dramatically increase the safety and efficiency for all incoming and outgoing flights into Haiti...a noble mission!

After those productive ATC meetings, late yesterday afternoon, headed back to the "Village".  There were a lot of heavily armed police on the road.  Don't know if something is "about to happen".  Drove very carefully and was relieved to get back to the "Village", where there were a few Air Mobile Rescuers that needed to be "Refreshed".

I was joined with our newest "Water Mule In-Training" Kevin.  Kevin is very helpful and a quick learner.  It was another "long day", but again, I'm so thankful that we can provide clean water for Haiti and very soon, desperately needed clean water for the Philippines!

When I finally got to my room, for much needed rest, I opened my e-mail and found this wonderful video that my precious Cindy just put together for the Philippines.  Please take a moment and watch it - AIR MOBILE "CINDY" ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES

It's very early and I'm preparing for this wonderful day that our Lord has made.  So glad that excellent progress is being made on both the construction of Air Mobile Rescuers and funding has begun to arrive for "Life-Saving" Rescuers for the Philippines.  

Oh, I forgot to mention, that we already have friends "on the ground" in the Philippines and they are awaiting our arrival.  Again, love it when "our Lord deploys His troops!!!"

The sun is just peeking over the mountain, so it's time to get out the door and see where our Lord leads us today on this "Grand Adventure".  As always, THANK YOU for joining together with me with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-13-13 Wednesday - 5:48 AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Calls and texts are coming in from people who want to help in the Philippines.  I'm so thankful.  We have yet to receive any funding for Rescuers, but a number of Churches and individuals are "rallying" to the cause.  We pray that our Lord provides!

Meanwhile, yesterday, was able to fly our Harris Communication Team, here in Haiti from Port-Au-Prince to Cap Haitian on the north coast.  The trip by road would take over 5 hours, the flight took 32 minutes.  

We were able to do a preliminary site survey which will enable us to provide first-class, high quality, Air Traffic Control Communication to this northen-most city in Haiti.  Again, I'm so thankful for this precious opportunity THANKFUL for Ti Burik, our Little Donkey!

Once the survey was complete, we flew back to Port-Au-Prince (PAP) and then drove due south of PAP to inspect the site for the microwave relay equipment.  We drove up the mountain, through the clouds until the air was very chilly and folks wear sweaters and coats.  The altitude at the Relay site is 6322 feet.  What a contrast from the hot, steaming temperature in Port-Au-Prince.

All the while, my phone was ringing and the texts were flowing from folks, whom our Lord is sending our way, to help with the Philippines. Am so thankful for the ability to communicate. 

At the end of this long day, headed back to our "Village" and went to work on Air Mobile Rescuers.  Love this little "giant" of a machine that can take very contaminated water and make it very pure.  Our Lord is good!

Late last night, just before going to bed, I scrolled down through the many images from the Philippines and my heart just broke.  Been doing "Relief Work" for over 40 years and the death and destruction that I've seen in the Philippines is just awful. 

After all of the relief that I have done for the last 40+ years, it often boils down to food and water, with water being the "non-negotiable".  Again, that is why I am so THANKFUL for the "near-miraculous" Air Mobile Rescuer! 

I know that we can help and am so eager to get there...but must finish this mission in Haiti first.  We are making very good progress and will be having more good meetings today.

Again, I ask you to PLEASE PRAY that funding will come in for us to bring Air Mobile Rescuers to the Philippines.  These machines WILL SAVE LIVES!  And, as always, I say to you, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us over the appreciate your prayer, love and support!  

Here is the link to the Air Mobile Rescuer and also, if you feel led by our Lord, you can donate right here on this blog (upper left hand "Donate" button) -

Air Mobile Joe 

11-12-13 Tuesday - 5:44 AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


19 Years ago, Cindy and I were married.  I praise God for my Cindy!  This beautiful lady has been a joy and strength to my heart.  Even as we were planning this mission to Haiti and we realized that I would be out of the country for our Anniversary, Cindy said, "you really need to go to Haiti...we'll celebrate later".  That's my girl.  Her heart is dedicated to serving our Lord first. I LOVE YOU, and Happy Anniversary, Honey!! 

Yesterday morning, while enroute to town for critical meetings with the Director General of OFNAC (the FAA of Haiti), there was road block with all the potential of a violent outbreak.  The "back-track" would make me very late for this important meeting.  I prayed.

Then I saw 2 policemen on a motorcycle.  I rolled down the window and asked for help to get through and explained the nature of my meeting.  They agreed to help.  One officer got in my vehicle and the Police motorcycle led the way.  Turns out the officer, who was in my vehicle, was a Christian and very glad to help.  I love it when our Lord "deploys His troops"! 

We made it right through the blockage with no problem and I arrived in town right on time.  

Had an excellent meeting with Director General (DG) Roumer and gave an update on the delivery schedule for the new Communication equipment.  Am very pleased to report that the DG has requested that we look a several more airports and present a proposals for each.

Now Folks, you and I have been praying about this "Bad Communication" problem in Haiti for many years.  What a blessing to see our Lord coming through and soon, Haiti will have the finest Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communication equipment in all of the Caribbean. Thank you Jesus!

Was able to go out to the Temporary Control Tower and check on our recently installed "Emergency Last-Resort Radios (LRR)" and "tweak" the installation a bit with dual microphone holders, making the Controllers job just a bit easier. 

Then we headed back into the Approach Control Center and checked on the 2 Emergency LRR Systems installed there and all was working just fine. 

Again, I am so thankful to be working on this critical project and also working with these Controllers, many of whom I have known for many years.  What a blessing!!

Then went to check on our "Little Donkey" to be sure "Ti Burik" was ready for our next "Mission".  While checking our bird,  received a phone call from our local (Orlando) CBS affiliate, WKMG TV.  The reporter, Justin Warmoth, wanted to know what we were planning to do in regard to the Philippines.

Right there, on the ramp, I gave him a "telephone" interview.  Explained to him that we had "Water Mules" building Air Mobile Rescuers in preparation for a "Mission" to the Philippines.  Here is the Interview - WKMG TV INTERVIEWS "AIR MOBILE JOE"

After the long day, headed back to the "Village".  The "Protest Road Block" had been removed and got back with no problem.

Then, it was time to work on some Air Mobile Rescuers.  As I was "Refreshing" a unit, I kept trying to remember the name of the Filipino Air Force Officer that had been so helpful when we went there several years ago following 4 devastating typhoons.  I quietly asked the Lord to help me.  The phone rang...

It was the Filipino Sister who gave me the contact several years ago.  I just smiled and said it again, "Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".

So, today, the "Mission" continues here in Haiti and back at the Air Mobile office for the Philippines.  Will be checking out other airports to help with this very important mission of bringing "Good Communications" to Haiti and our "Water Mules" will be continuing to build as many Air Mobile Rescuers as possible for the Philippines.

PLEASE PRAY with us that finances come in for Rescuers.  The devastation in the Philippines is staggering.  If you know anyone who can help, please send them our way.  We have the opportunity to save many lives with our "near miracle" water machine.

Its' time to head out and work toward the completion of this mission in Haiti so that we can get to the Philippines as quickly as possible.  Again, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe     

11-11-13 Monday - 6:37 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


On Saturday, Peter and Ariana helped me to prepare and load our beloved Little Donkey (AKA "Ti Burik") with much needed supplies for Haiti.  Even though, the news from the Philippines was breaking my heart, we had a scheduled commitment to fly to Haiti.

As the full tragedy of the Philippines began to unfold, my phone began to ring with "Water Mules" ready to help.  Within minutes, we had Dennis and Rob coordinating to meet on Sunday to begin assembling Air Mobile Rescuers.  We've been accumulating components for just such an event.

Meanwhile, I met with my team early yesterday morning to fly to Haiti.  Not only do we have vital supplies, but our team will be conducting meetings to improve the Aircraft communications in Haiti.  Believe me, this is a noble mission!

We had another beautiful sunrise as the Little Donkey flew toward Haiti.  Been making this flight for 35 years and those Caribbean sunrises still take my breath away.

During our climb, we put on our Oxygen Mask (the funny looking mustache-looking things) and settled down at 15,000 feet for a nice, smooth flight to Haiti.

After landing, clearing in, and grabbing a quick bite to eat near the airport, we headed to the "Village" to meet Barbara.  In addition to the baby vitamins, formula, baby food and other misc. supplies, we brought in a beautiful turkey and "fix-ins" for the missionaries in the "Village" to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Barb told us about the newest "resident" of the "Village", a little boy, born to a 15 year old on the "streets" of Haiti.  The baby barely weighed 5 pounds and was steadily going down when the young mother heard about Barbara.  This happens all the time in Barbara's Village.

Now, this little boy, whom Barbara has already named "Ryan", stands a chance at life and could become the next Billy Graham of Haiti.  I'm so glad that the young mother was directed to Barbara and now can grow & thrive and become what our Lord wants him to be.

Late yesterday afternoon, received a text message from Rob, our "Chief Water Mule", that he and Dennis had already put 2 Air Mobile Rescuers together for the Philippines.  He needs some additional parts, which I will order this morning.  

As I see the images of the "utter devastation" that Typhoon Haiyan brought to the Philippines, I so want to be there!  I'm blessed to have men like Rob and Dennis who have "dropped" everything to rush to the aid of others by building Rescuers.

By the time, I complete this mission in Haiti, we hope to have enough Rescuers ready to head to the Philippines but....we need funding for the Rescuers and for the trip over there.  PLEASE PRAY with us, that our Lord will provide the means for us to GO & BRING CLEAN WATER where it is so desperately needed!  Here is the latest - PHILIPPINES VICTIMS DESPERATE FOR AID!

Here is the link to the "Near Miraculous" Air Mobile Rescuer -  You can help with your donation by clicking on the "Donate" button on the upper left hand of this "rambling blog".  Needless to say, clean water is often the difference between life and death.  Together, we can make a difference in so many lives!  

As always, THANK YOU for standing together with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!  The sun has risen and the little Keurig Coffee Pot is ready to deliver the second cup of delicious coffee.  Time to get on with this day that our Lord has made!  God bless you and thanks again for your love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe 

11-10-13 Sunday - 3:57 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our hearts break for those who have endured the Monster Typhoon Haiyan.  Many deaths are blamed on flooding and collapsing buildings.  The storm surge exceeded 20 feet in places, accompanied by winds of 150+ MPH.  These are nearly "un-surviveable" elements.  Here's more on this unfolding catastrophe - SUPER TYPHOON HAIYAN LATEST NEWS

We've been receiving calls from Air Mobile Water Mules volunteering to help us to build Air Mobile Rescuers and assist in any way needed.  Clean water is essential in many of these areas.  

PLEASE PRAY about assisting us with your gifts.  We need to gather as many water purifiers as possible and then get them to where they are needed.  To learn more about this "near-miracle" water purifier go to:

In the meantime, we're preparing for another mission to Haiti.  There is a great need for supplies that have been graciously donated.  As we're preparing to get these delivered, we have a top team of experienced "Water Mules" who will be building Air Mobile Rescuers.  We're so thankful that Air Mobile can deploy in multiple locations... thanks to your prayer, love and support and above all, the Amazing Grace of our Lord!!

As always, we so appreciate you and your support.  I'm up early this morning and just have such a "heaviness" in my heart for so many that are suffering terribly from this devastating Typhoon.  Please join together with me in prayer!

Air Mobile Joe

11-09-13 Saturday - 7:12 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


What many are calling the largest storm in world history, Super Typhoon Haiyan has crashed through the Philippines leaving millions homeless and a death toll that is steadily rising.  This satellite image shows just how large this monster storm was as it approached landfall in the Philippines.

Millions fled as this storm, packing winds of 150+MPH raked through the middle of the Philippines.  The death toll is steadily rising.  Many locations are extremely difficult to reach at this time as roads / airports have been destroyed.

Super Typhoon Haiyan is now heading for Viet Nam / Laos still packing winds in excess of 120 MPH.  Folks, we have just witnessed what may be the largest (geographically) and one of the most powerful storms in recorded history!  Here's more on this "unfolding" catatrophe - TYPHOON HAIYAN RAVAGES PHILIPPINES - DEATH TOLL RISING

We have begun building Air Mobile Rescuers in preparation for either going to the Philippines or sending over these life-saving units.

If you would like to volunteer to help us in this outreach, please contact me immediately at:  321-544-7757 or e-mail me at:  We need funding and willing hands to help us to help the folks in the Philippines (and the surrounding region) following this deadly storm. 

We currently have a mission to Haiti ahead of us, as there are critical supplies and meetings awaiting us there.  However, we will be in full preparation mode for the Philippines in this coming week, while Air Mobile is deployed to Haiti.

Received a message from Barbara recently stating that they needed Infant Vitamins (Poly Vi Sol) in the village immediately.  Often, she receives infants that are just barely alive.  Barb told me that she was desperate for these vitamins and even if I could just pick up one, that would be great.  

While in a meeting with Vickie with the Alternative Pregnancy Center on Wednesday, I mentioned that critical need.  Vickie looked at me and smiled and said, "hold on".  

Within minutes, she had arranged with a dear friend, whose husband is the manager for a local Walgreens to go get some at no charge!  She said, go on by tomorrow afternoon and pick up a nice supply.

After picking up Ariana from school yesterday, we went to the Walgreens and met Dom, the store manager, and he presented us with 5 bottles of the urgently needed infant vitamins.  He also told me, "whenever you need more, just call!"  I love it when our Lord "Deploys His troops"!

Speaking of troops, recently, I met Ken Marks.  Actually, flew his son, Brian into Haiti to do some volunteer mission work.  

Brian is just about to enter into Medical School and wants to use his medical skills to help on the mission field.  Well, Brian's dad, Ken has a beautiful Piper Aztec and he wants to use that great tool for the Master's Service.

We rode to Orlando together yesterday morning to check on some work being done on the Aztec.  Soon, this great aircraft will be ready for service.  We're so thankful for folks who just want to help others.  

I'm so thankful to Jesus for putting  this "Desire" in Ken, Patty and Brian's heart to help others.

While writing this blog, this morning, I phoned Dennis West, another GREAT WATER MULE!  I explained the situation going on in the Philippines and asked if he could help us in the building of Air Mobile Rescuers.  Dennis' simple response, "Sure".  I love the troops our Lord continually sends our way!!

Well, it's time to head to the airport and get a certain "Little Donkey" ready for the next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-08-13 Friday - 6:19 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Super Typhoon Haiyan blew up with ferocious intensity and strength is now slashing through the Philippines.  This storm, that some are calling the most powerful on earth, made landfall yesterday afternoon.

Communications are cut off in many areas, and the death toll is expected to rise.  Air Mobile is following this monster storm.  PLEASE PRAY for those that are in the path and those that have already been devastated by Haiyan.  

The path is taking it 250 miles south of Manila, and after ravaging the Philippines, it is headed for Viet Nam.  Here's more on this terrible storm - SUPER TYPHOON HAIYAN MAKES LANDFALL - 165 MPH WINDS!

We heard from Vickie, at the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC), that they had diapers, formula and baby food for the orphans in Haiti.  I dashed right over to pick up these precious gifts.

Many times, when Barbara receives a baby in Haiti, the child is barely alive.  These gifts, from the APC, truly save lives.  We're so thankful to Vickie and the First Baptist Church of Merritt Island for caring and sharing these gifts with us!

We continue to gather supplies for our next mission.  We'll continue to monitor and above all, PRAY for the Philippines and those that are facing ferocious and terrible winds, rain, flooding and utter destruction.  PLEASE join together with us with your prayer, love and support for those in the Philippines!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-07-13 Thursday - 6:28 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After dropping Peter and Ariana at school yesterday, decided to head over to Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  My Mission:  Thank Mark, in Security, for "sponsoring" me (again) for my Badge Renewal.  It's always good to see Mark.  

Afterwards, just sat there in front of the famous NASA HQ Building and simply asked the Lord, "Who should I go see"?  I had a few minutes of "free time" before my next appointment.  

The name and face of Robbie Robinson just came into my mind.  Robbie works on the "Cape" side and is just a few miles away, over the "River". 

As soon as I pulled into the large parking lot, I saw Chuck with NASA.  Now, Chuck was our "NASA BOSS" when I flew missions for NASA.  This was a bonus.  We had a wonderful, brief visit and remembered a particular flight that Chuck had joined me.  That was great timing, seeing Chuck, as he was about to retire.

I then headed into the building and was directed to the "Launch Planning Room" and there, I found it full of folks whom I had worked with, in days gone by, and there, on the table was a cake with Robbie's name on it.

I had walked into Robbie's Retirement Party and....I had no idea.  It was just a good example of our Lord's perfect timing.  

Robbie is also a pilot.  A number of years ago, I offered to make some strategic flights for NASA that involved the Space Shuttle.  Robbie was my "Champion" and principal Point of Contact (POC).  We worked hand-in-glove for over 7 years.  It was a wonderful time.  Again, am so blessed to have just happened to "Pop" into his Retirement Party.

Now, going back to that moment in the NASA HQ parking lot.  It only took a moment to "Ask" our Lord where I should go at that very moment.  I know literally hundreds of folks at KSC and could have gone in many different directions.  But...thank God for that precious moment of asking HIM where I should go and how HE directed me to go see Robbie.  

I believe that we all, often, miss such opportunities by not asking HIM for HIS guidance.  I don't say this to "Boast", as I have been guilty many, many times of just "barging ahead" and not taking that "moment" to ASK.  Remember that wonderful Scripture, where Jesus directs us to ASK - SEEK - KNOCK in Matthew 7:7.

So, with that little bit of encouragement this morning, may you be blessed and directed by HIM today.  As always, I truly, with all my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-06-13 Wednesday - 6:15 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, I dropped Ariana and Peter at their schools and was heading back to the hangar when the phone rang.  It was Peter.  He asked if I could come pick him up.  My first thought:  is he well?  He was just fine, but there was some Pre-Testing being done and he had already done the test earlier.  He really didn't need to be at school until noon.

I looped back and picked him up and we headed to breakfast.  Thus began a morning of "Seizing Moments".  We had a delicious breakfast at a local "Village Inn".  Love spending time with Peter.  

Told him about the test fight yesterday and suddenly, it dawned on me, during the test flight, I didn't check the "aileron trim".  I looked at Peter and smiled, "want to go fly the Little Donkey?". 

He smiled and simply said, "Yeah".  Off we went to the airport.  Peter has demonstrated an amazing ability to fly airplanes as a result of his spending hours and hours on a Microsoft Flight Simulator on our home computer.  

Within minutes, we had Ti Burik out and ready to go.  It was still very windy.  We did a thorough pre-flight (I'm treating Peter as a Student and me as the CFI, Certified Flight Instructor).  

After getting clearance, we taxied into position.  The winds were gusting to 25 mph and again, the Little Donkey leaped into the air in just  a few hundred feet.

After lift off, we requested a frequency change to NASA Tower and received permission to fly down the Space Shuttle Landing Strip at or above 100 feet.  Permission granted.  

Peter did a good job of flying the plane.  BTW, the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) is about a 5 minute flight due east of our airport.  This famous landing trip is 15,000 feet long and many a Space Shuttle has come home from space and landed right here.  

After our low buzz, we headed west over to the St. John's River basin and I was able to verify our latest tweaking trim adjustments on the ailerons.  We were also able to get right "down on the deck" and look for alligators.  Didn't see any.  

We headed back to Space Coast Regional airport for a smooth landing.  The Little Donkey is all tested out and now, we just await "Clearance" (from the Lord) to head down to Haiti.  The whole "Test Flight" took less than 20 minutes, and I can say, it was a "valuable 20 minutes"!  I dropped Peter back at school, after having "seized a couple of precious moments" with my son.  

Went to the Air Mobile Office on Merritt Island and found a nice load of diapers (#2 & 3) that someone had dropped off for that next flight to Haiti.  It's getting time to begin to look southward and put that "next mission" together.

Today, the "Adventure" continues.  Will see what our Lord has in store today.  Time to take care of those chickens and get the kids to school.  Be on the "alert" today for those "Precious Moments" and seize them when you can.  THANKS, as always, for your invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe   

11-05-13 Tuesday - 5:58 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I had heard about this incredible story on Sunday, but did not see any actual footage until this morning and just had to share it with you.  The story speaks for itself.  Click here for more (be sure to watch the video) - SKYDIVERS CAPTURED TERRIFYING FOOTAGE AS 2 PLANES COLLIDE AT 12,000 FEET

Folks, this is some "heart-pounding" stuff.  I can only imagine what was racing through each of the skydivers' minds as the planes collided.  All I can say is, "what a story" and THANK YOU, Lord for protecting all of them, including the pilots.  Wow!

Speaking of flying, I did take our Little Donkey (AKA - Ti Burik) up for a test flight yesterday.  It was very windy and this assisted me in making a very short take-off.  Ti Burik just "sprang" into the air.  This little airplane loves to fly.  

OK, I'm getting a little "melodramatic" here, I'm the one that really loves to fly (a true confession of a pilot).

I am reminded of a wonderful scripture found in Psalm 37:4 - "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart".

I recall, at the tender age of 4 and seeing my first airplane flying overhead.  My heart beat so fast and all I knew was that, I wanted to fly! 

Then, one day, our Lord reminded me of that moment and told me that, He was the One who put that desire into my heart and that it was OK for me to go fly.  

Soon, afterwards, I had my license and now, all these years later and thousands of hours of flying under my belt, I still marvel at how glorious it is to fly.  HE has given me the privilege to fly little airplanes all over the world for His glory. Thank you, Lord!

Think about this:  Perhaps there are some things in your heart, deep desires, that have been put there by our Lord and He wants you to go and do them.  You see, these are things that, when we "Get Alone With God", that HE reveals to you.  God is an AWESOME God and He has awesome plans for you!

May I encourage you this morning to..."Delight yourself in the Lord" and listen for His voice. He may be speaking with you about some things HE wants you to do.  Remember, "With God, ALL things are possible".  Even if you feel as if He has given you a task that is way beyond your ability, remember, HE gives us the ability to go far beyond what we could do in the natural.

There, I don't know who that little "message" was for, but I felt that I had to deliver it this morning.  If it is you, and you want someone to pray with you, feel free to either give me a call (321-544-7757) or e-mail me at: and I'll join together with you in prayer.

Time to get the kids up for school and go take care our sweet chickens (that give us beautiful eggs every morning).  Pray you have a blessed day always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

11-04-13 Monday - 5:27 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Drove into Cocoa, FL around noon.  Was able to meet Cindy, Peter and Ariana for lunch. Afterwards, they headed to the Hospital ministering to, not only the young people, but now, a second group of adults.  Our ministry at the Orlando Hospital has been "enlarged".  

The Hospital has recently opened a "wing" for adults and has given us access to them to offer a Sunday Service.  We're thankful that they all chose to attend. Praise God! 

Oh, it's good to be home but...truly enjoyed the cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee, and having the sweet time alone with the Lord of prayer and reflection.

As you well know, life is busy.  It's difficult to "carve" out that "alone time with God".  However, just by making "space" for Him, we can have that precious time, even if it's when we're driving or waiting in an office for an appointment, or out feeding the chickens.  Sometimes, we just have to turn off the radio, or put the phone on silent and simply "dedicate" that time to be "Alone with God". 

Yesterday evening,  Cindy made a pot of delicious Chicken Curry (I really missed my Cindy's cooking).  Up early this morning and, it's back in the "saddle".  Will be meeting with Paul, our aircraft mechanic, to go over the maintenance on the "Little Donkey" getting it ready for our next mission to Haiti. 

Time to get those kids up and ready for school and take care of the chickens.  Love being home.  Pray you're blessed today and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

11-03-13 Sunday - 6:22 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Georgia - Florida Border on I-95-Denny's - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After cleaning up the Cabin for the next guest, I hit the road.  Stopped by and visited a very dear friend and brother in Christ, Bob Ley, in Limestone, TN, about 2 hours from the Cabin.  I found out, as I followed the map to Bob's Log Cabin, that Limestone was the birthplace of Davy Crocket. Interesting tid-bit of information.

Bob put on the coffee and we caught up.  Bob told me how he had converted his emergency generator to Propane.  Very smart move.  We went down to look at the installation and he showed me his emergency food stock.  I chuckled because our stock of food and supplies looks almost identical to his.  We're thinking alike.  

Have had a hard ride back and my leg is giving me a bit of trouble again.  Drove until I was too tired to go on.  Pulled into a rest stop to sleep and was just miserable.  It was cold and I couldn't get comfortable at all.  Oh well, sometimes we have nights like that.  

So, here I am in Denny's, right on the Georgia/Florida border, and having a good cup of coffee.  That makes things a little better.  Will have a light breakfast and push through the last 5 hours  of my journey home.  Have really missed Cindy and the kids.  

Have a "rough" manuscript for our next book.  We have a lot of work to do on it, but at least the "foundation" has been laid.  Can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am, for having this time with my Lord.  Again, my Cindy helped to pave the way for me to take the time to "write" a book and seek the Lord.  THANKS CINDY!

Time to order those pancakes and then will continue on the journey home.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-02-13 Saturday - 5:23 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN- Air Mobile "Retreat" Cabin - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Did you know that there have been 28 Solar Flares in the last 7 days and...more are expected?  Fortunately, so far, none serious enough to disrupt our lives...thank the Lord!  Well, it's the "Season" for a lot of solar activity (we're right in the middle of 'Solar Maximus').  

Astro-Scientists have been a bit concerned because of the "lack" of solar flares.  Now, they have something to talk about.  Here's more on the latest on the "Sun waking up" - 28 SOLAR FLARES IN 7 DAYS

After nearly 3 weeks in the cabin and 12 Chapters later, it's time for Air Mobile Joe to head back to Florida.  I want to THANK my precious Cindy for helping to "make the way" for me to spend this time up here in prayer and "creative" writing.  

We had a great day yesterday, installing a much needed door in the cabin.  Steve and Doug were great and Doug's extraordinary skill paid off. 

Now, the cabin has some wonderful features, but it also had some "weaknesses".  One of them door on the bathroom, just a big curtain.  Now, that was a little weird, but somewhat functional.

Now, thanks again to our dear brother and great "Water Mule" and so much more, Doug, we now have a beautiful door leading into our bathroom.  Yea!! 

Cindy's single word comment when I "texted" her the shot of the newly installed door..."Gorgeous"!!  She also sent her most sincere thanks to Doug!

Again, I'm so thankful for having this precious time with our Lord.  We now have a "foundation" on which to complete our next book.  We have a lot of work to do on it, but at least we've begun the process.

Don't forget to "FALL BACK" tonight.  I know it's tough finding an extra hour in our schedule, but I'm sure you'll figure out something good to do with it.  

Well, it's time for me to do the final cleaning on the little cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee and bid farewell.  It's been an amazing time and all I can say is THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with your prayer, love and support and...THANK YOU, Cindy for helping me to spend this precious time with our Lord!

Air Mobile Joe

11-01-13 Friday - 6:16 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN- Air Mobile "Retreat" Cabin - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Doug Augustine is technically a "Snow Bird", but in reality, he is a GREAT "Water Mule".  We first met Doug almost 4 years ago.  We needed a ride to Arkansas (over 1000 miles away) to pick up our newly donated aircraft, now known as, Ti Burik (The Little Donkey).

Doug, not even knowing us, said, "Sure, I'll drive you".  Thus began a friendship that has only grown in grace and value since.  Doug showed up yesterday, dragging his trailer.  He'd been on a building assignment for Habitat for Humanity up on Kentucky.  Really wanted to show him the retreat cabin.

He arrived yesterday afternoon and offered to take Steve and me out for a nice dinner.  While speaking with Cindy earlier, she gave me a project (install a door).  

Well, I discussed it with Doug to get his opinion and "Voila", just like that, Doug had me buying the materials and we hope to get it installed today.  That's just the way Doug is, the "Great Water Mule"!

The sun hasn't risen yet and Steve and Doug are already up, putting down that first cup of cafe'.

We'll be heading into town this morning to pick up the balance of supplies we need to "tweak" the cabin.

Whoa, did we have a "Cold Front" blow through here last night.  Must have been 40 mph winds.  Well, time to head out the door. Thanks for your love, prayer and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe