Sunday, September 11, 2011


September 10, 2011 - Saturday - 7:47am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In the midst of so much turmoil and suffering there is the Cross!  As the 10th Anniversary of the terrible attack on America approaches, there has been much said with so much emotion.  Where were you on 9-11-01?  I, like you, remember it vividly.  I remember the thoughts and emotions and reactions.  This event impacted our country and the world forever.  During my normal course of study and research for this "rambling" daily blog, I came across this "Trailer" and thought I'd share it with you today.  Click here to view: "The Cross & the Towers" .

I have not seen the Movie, but the Trailer alone is a Memorial to our Lord being in the "Midst of it all".  Today, our nation is facing so many staggering challenges.  There are storms, floods, raging wildfires, unemployment, earthquakes and so many other terrible challenges shaking us to our core.  What do we do?  To Whom do we turn?  May I humbly suggest.....turn to the Cross, turn to Jesus.  He is an "ever-present help in time of trouble".  As we approach the day and the hour of the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, may we all turn to Jesus and seek Him.

The folks in the Northeast need our prayer and love!  Hundreds of thousands are evacuating / or have evacuated.  Rivers are cresting and many face terrible loss.  People who have not evacuated are facing terrible dangers.  Already, people have lost their lives by the raging waters.  We pray that those in harms way, heed the advice to move out of the danger as quickly as possible.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and are standing by to help in any way we can.  We have been following a situation in Vermont and found out yesterday afternoon that the "isolated pockets" have been cleared and folks have a way out and do have drinking water.  We are thankful for that.

Also, as we watch Tropical Storm Maria, the storm does seem to be taking a more Northerly / Northereasterly course.  Again, PRAISE GOD!  The current projected path has the storm passing off the East Coast and staying out to sea.  We continue to PRAY that Miss Maria maintains that course.  The last thing the folks need on the East Coast is more wind and rain!  May I encourage you to continue to PRAY that Maria continues on this path and even goes further out to sea away from people and property.

We had hoped...and prayed that Tropical Storm Nate would turn to the North and bring some desperately needed rain and relief to Texas, but....the storm is still on a due west course, headed straight for Mexico.  So, the folks in Mexico will get Nate.  So, we continue to Praise the Lord and pray for rain for Texas.

I did go on and check the overview of Texas and did notice that there is rain to the Northwest of the Bastrop, Texas area (this is where the worst wildfires are occuring).  Again, we know how those folks are suffering.  Already over 1,500 homes have been lost and thousands more stand in harms way.  The firefighters are fighting a Valiant fight against those ravaging, scorching fires.  We continue to pray for rain for Texas.

You know, as I reflect on this blog and the many times I've requested you to join together with me in prayer, I realize that even though I am not "currently" in the field bringing clean water or fighting floods or wildfires, there is so much that can be done through PRAYER!  I am also so thankful for the technology that gives us the ability to capture a "birds eye" view of what is happening.  In this way, we can know how to pray. 

I suppose, with our Little Donkey in the paint shop and our "standing by" to help, our Lord has us on "Assignment in the Prayer Chamber".  So, here we are standing by, praying and preparing for our next mission.  

By the way, we had some very productive meetings yesterday regarding strengthening our company and creating new "alliances" that can help us to accomplish so much more and to navigate through these turbulent waters.  Really appreciate your prayer and love and support!  Well, time to get on with the day.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 9, 2011 - Friday - 8:34am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The Northeast U.S. has been drenched and rivers are steadily rising.  Over 130,000 are fleeing the rising waters.  First Hurricane Irene ravaged the East Coast and then Tropical Storm Lee came "sloshing" through.  So many folks have been affected.  So many have lost homes.  We are following the situation very closely and have availed ourselves to a number of authorities in the event we can be of assistance in isolated pockets.  So far, folks are, to the best of our reports getting clean water or finding a clear way to escape and get to safe areas of refuge.  For that, we are thankful.

However, if any of you who are reading this blog, know of any isolated pockets where folks are trapped and need clean water, please let me know.  We can mobilize very quickly in our motorhome and bring clean water to where they are.  Simply write me or better yet, phone me at:  321-544-7757.  Don't hesitate to call!!

Now, here is some more potential bad news and another great opportunity to PRAY!  Here comes Tropical Storm Maria.  As you look at the projected path, this storm, that is likely to become a Hurricane, as it approaches the East Coast, will follow a very similar path as Hurricane Irene.  We should join together and PRAY that this storm makes a Northerly, Northeasterly turn.  Again, what have we got to lose by PRAYING in this way?  I am so glad that we can "keep an eye on Miss Maria" and pray for that course to turn!

As we look at the Gulf of Mexico, looks like Tropical Storm Nate, that is nearly a   Hurricane, is making a clear westerly turn directly to Mexico.  Folks, I'm still praying that Nate turns more to the North and brings desperately needed rain to Texas.  As  a matter of fact,  I awoke in the early hours of this morning and spent several hours in prayer regarding these matters.  I prayed specifically for Texas and for their desperate need for rain.  Even though it appears that Nate is heading due west, I have seen, so many times, over the years storms simply turn.  Let us pray that Nate makes that northerly turn to Texas bringing them much needed rain.

You know, as I think about what must going through your head, as you read this, I chuckle.  Some of you may really think that I'm crazy to PRAY this way, but again, I ask:  "What have we got to lose by praying".  I am ever reminded of the scripture that says, "You have not because you ask not".  Again, another scripture says, "ASK & you shall receive".  So, again, please join together with me and PRAY for all of the folks that are in the path of flood waters and wildfires!  Take a look at this overview of the region.  I am so thankful for our satellites that allow us to get a "Birds-Eye View" of our earth.  It certainly helps us to KNOW how to PRAY!!

Yesterday, Cindy and I had a wonderful meeting with 2 very wise counselors.  We are asking for guidance and direction regarding our business and how we should proceed in light of these challenging economic times.  The day before, we met with our Pastor and sought prayer and direction.  I am so glad for the Body of Christ where we can go and seek direction.  We received some very good counsel about how to proceed.  

Today, based upon the good counsel we received, we will be meeting with other businessmen and discussing good possibilities to help us navigate these challenging waters.  I share these matters with you to encourage to reach out to others to pray with you.  As I have mentioned, feel free to give me a call if you simply need someone to PRAY with you!  You have my cell phone number.

Well, need to go to a couple of meetings.  God bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 8, 2011 - Thursday - 6:28am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Katia is well on the way out to sea.  We pray she stays the course and continues away from the soggy northeast.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with folks in Vermont and there are still numerous pockets of folks that are cut-off and their water sources are very contaminated.  We are currently looking for ways to help.  Information is still coming in and we're getting ready to go if the need fits what we can do.  We'll keep you up to date on our plans.  

Meanwhile, Tropical Disturbance 14 has become Tropical Storm Maria.  She is headed on a similar course as Hurricane Irene.  We watch and pray that Maria turns to the Northeast and likewise goes out to sea away from people and property.  Again, I think it is so remarkable that with satellite imagery and good weather forecasting, we can track these storms and both PRAY & PREPARE!

Now, in the Gulf, the Tropical Disturbance yesterday has officially become Tropical Storm Nate.  Current projections have that storm headed for the heart of Mexico.  Again, we pray that the storm makes a slight right turn to the north and brings in plenty of rain for Texas.... that is currently burning and extremely dry.  Why not??  

Since we're praying, it's pretty simple to ask our Lord to turn the storm a bit to the right.  Let's also pray that the wind and rains don't do damage, but simply put out the fires and replenish the water levels.  As we have shared, Texas is going through very difficult times with wildfires and a major drought.  Already, over 1000 homes have been destroyed and over 100,000 acres scorched.  Again, why not pray??  Remember, "With God, all things are possible"!

So, today, we PRAY & PREPARE!  Checked on our "Little Donkey" yesterday, the paint shop is working on getting it ready for the next mission.  We're also gathering parts and supplies for "the next mission".  We, here on the Florida Space Coast, are feeling the effects of the recent massive lay-offs at Kennedy Space Center.  We're doing what we can to "batten down the hatches" from a business perspective and work through "tight times".  

Of course, so many people are going through the same challenges.  The truth is, we have so much to pray for, but.....we serve a MIGHTY GOD who is more than able to meet all our needs.  I am ever reminded of the simple and beautiful message our Lord has given me on HIS JOY.  So, in the midst of these challenging times, I pray for the JOY of the Lord to STRENGTHEN US!  May you be blessed today with HIS JOY & STRENGTH!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you've just joined us on this "rambling" blog and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  If you want to see how we've arrived at this juncture of the journey, simply read on down to see how we got here.  Welcome aboard!  Air Mobile Joe

September 7, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:57am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Looks like Hurricane Katia is going to stay out to sea.  Thank the Lord.  I'll say a bit more about prayer here.  What would have happened had Hurricane Katia had not turned?  We'd still praise the Lord.  Our Lord simply tells us to pray continually.  Folks, no matter what, we never go wrong when we pray.  In the case of Hurricane Katia, the storm turned away from folks and we REJOICE!  

We're watching Tropical storm 14 that is projected to tear right through the Islands, including Haiti and then possibly Florida.  We're praying for that storm to turn away as has Hurricane Katia.  Again, we are praying for that storm to turn away and not destroy people or property.  We pray for all in the path and we trust our Lord.  At the same time, we're gathering as many components as we can to build more water purifiers!

Now, we have a third situation in the Gulf.  There is another storm brewing and I'm praying that it just gathers a lot of rain and heads straight for Texas and put out those terrible fires.  Already, over 1000 homes have been destroyed and over 100,000 acres have been parched.  Now, why wouldn't we pray for our Lord to send them rain??  

You see, with prayer, we simply pray what is on our heart and leave the rest up to the Lord.  Oh, that doesn't mean we don't prepare as we pray.  I believe our Lord gives us wisdom and also, if we're "listening" to His direction, we'll know more about what to do in the face of the storms.  Please remember to pray for those in Texas.  We've had wildfires over here in Florida and our hearts go out to those who have lost homes and those who are in the path of those terrible fires.  Oh Lord, please bring them rain!!

So, there you have a bit more on prayer today in the midst of storms & fiery trials.  By the way, been in touch with more folks in Vermont and we're finding out about some situations that can certainly use clean water.  We'll be getting more information on that today.  We're also awaiting more word on the 2 locations in Alaska.  Once we get the data, then we PRAY and ask our Lord what He would have us to do.

We're continuing to work on getting more parts for more water purifiers.  We need first, the availability of the parts and then we need the funds to buy the parts.  That is where you can certainly help us in this noble quest of getting clean water to thirsty and devastated people.  If you'd like to help us with a financial gift, we would truly appreciate that.  Also, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.  We'd love to give you current update on what we're doing.  Also, if you'd simply like PRAYER, we're here for you.  PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

Time to get on with the day.  Have a call to make to one of our premier "Water Mules", Joe.  He's on the road today and we're praying about our businesses (both are in stormy waters).  There is something so powerful about finding a prayer partner and praying together.  Our Lord has much to say about praying together.  So, if you need prayer today, find someone to pray with you.  As always, I THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 6, 2011 - Monday - 7:07am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


As we look at the projection for Hurricane Katia, she is still expected to make that turn....we pray she does.  The last thing that the Northeast needs right now is another hurricane.  By the way, was on the phone yesterday with the former Fire Chief for Worcester, MA.  He and his wife now reside in Vermont.  I was asking if there are still "pockets" of isolated folks in need of clean water.  He's checking for us.

Yesterday, we received 2 separate inquiries from Alaska for Air Mobile Rescuers.  The first is in a fishing village near Anchorage.  The second is from a small island between Alaska and Russia right on the International Date Line.  We are exchanging information at this time.  Both areas have serious problems with their water.  Will let you know if we'll head up that way.

Though yesterday was an enjoyable, relaxing day, the need for clean water still beacons to us to see what we can do to help.  I think it is amazing that with our "connections" with the airlines, we can often travel to very far and difficult regions of the world and bring clean water.  Of course, our unit is so compact, we can even carry it "on-board" the commercial airliner and put it in the overhead baggage compartment.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord is using this machine world-wide.

Today, will be meeting with a dear friend (Doug) and going over all of the components of the unit.  We are ever looking for ways and means to manufacture the components.  We believe that "very difficult" times are coming and the need for clean water is always at the top of everyone's list for survival.  Please pray that we have an effective day.

Well, time to get on with this beautiful day.  I am every reminded that "This is the day that the Lord has made and.....I will REJOICE and be glad in it.  Also, please continue to pray that Hurricane Katia continues to make that "northerly right turn" to the open ocean.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 5, 2011 - Monday - 7:39am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Today could be one of those low key, uneventful days in America.  Let us pray for that.  Oh, Tropical Storm Lee is still churning up through the Southeast to the Northeast.  There is some flooding going on with the constant danger of flash flooding.  We pray that all in the path of the storm are both prepared and protected.  Also, Central Texas is very dry and there are a lot of wildfires breaking out.  Sure would like to see a little of Tropical Storm Lee swing over to the west and put out those fires .

Been tracking Hurricane Katia and thank the Lord, looks like she's going to "hang a northerly right" and head out to the open ocean.  That is where these hurricanes belong....out in the ocean away from people and property.

Now, I know that some of you reading this "rambling little blog" might say that Air Mobile Joe is crazy for "Praying" for a storm to turn.  My answer to that is:  WHY NOT PRAY??  What have we got to lose and besides, our Lord does indeed answer prayer.  According to HIS promises, we simply need to ASK.  The Word says, "We have not because we ask not".  So, back to my premise, "What have we got to lose by praying"?  Furthermore, the Word says to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING".  It also says we should PRAY about everything. time a storm starts coming your way....PRAY!  There, my word for the day on PRAYER!

So, here we are in America on Labor Day.  This is a nice place to be.  The grills are being brought out and "gassed" up as I type.  Many a burger / hot dog / steak / chicken will hit the grills in many a back yard.  It is a good day to simply chill out and relax and enjoy friends and family.  I pray for many today in America that this be a good, restful, fun day!

Yesterday was a very pleasant day for the Hurston's.  After attending our Church and hearing a good solid message on walking with Jesus, we headed over to the Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando.  There, about 75%+ of all of the young people in the Hospital came to our service in the cafeteria.  Even though attending Church is voluntary, these young people are in a "Lock-down facility".  Many have been "court-ordered" here.  It takes special permission for us to get in and minster here.  

For the last 14+ years, we've been conducting a Sunday service in this hospital for the young people and the staff.  For us, it has been a true "Labor of Love".  The young people who attend are amazing.  They come in and help us set up.   They select and lead in the music and there is always "Special" music and sometimes poetry and they PRAY one for another.  The young people named the "Church" that meets in the cafeteria.  It is called "Father's House Ministry".  This is truly their church and they love it and appreciate it.  And.....our own children have been joining us every Sunday afternoon for all these years.  They have learned so much about ministry over these last 14 years.

There is so much more that I could say about this precious aspect of our ministry, but I will simply say that we are thankful for the blessing and privilege of ministering to these young people who are in a "hard to reach place".  The Lord has given us the "key" to get in!

From our Chaplain Ministry, we headed home and had a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  For now, things are relatively calm weather-wise.  Our "Little Donkey" is getting painted and will soon be ready for the "next mission".  Life is good.  Enjoy this Labor Day.  May you be mightily blessed by our Lord!  As always, THANK YOU for meandering all the way down to the bottom of today's blog!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe      

September 4, 2011 - Sunday - 7:40am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Lee pushed on-shore yesterday bringing rains and winds from Louisiana to the Florida Pan-handle.  There will be some flooding in low-lying areas.  The forecasts have been quite accurate and clear and folks seemed to be quite well prepared for this one.  We're thankful.  It would be nice if some of that rain could make it over to Central Texas, as they are very dry.

Meanwhile, Katia is headed on a course that could impact the Mid Atlantic Eastern Seaboard (again).  Those folks are still digging out of Irene.  We pray that that storm also takes that strong northerly course and simply wanders out in the Atlantic and "fizzle out".  There is another Tropical Wave (yet un-named) that is forming off the coast of Africa.  Again, we'll keep an eye on it and continue to PRAY for these storms to "stay away from people and property".

Peter, Chuck and I had a delightful time speaking to a "packed hangar" in Sebastian, FL yesterday morning.  I was invited to speak to a group of avid Aviators who meet in the LoPresti Hangar every 1st Saturday for breakfast and talk about Aviation things.  We were blessed and honored to speak to this group yesterday. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to tell about the Air Mobile Rescuer and how Private (or professional) Pilots and very small airplanes can make a huge difference in peoples lives during the most extreme crisis'.  I told the story of our recent mission to North Eleuthera Island, Haiti and Cat Island.  After the presentation, so many good questions were asked.  These guys were really "paying attention".  I love speaking to aviators about what we do!

Yesterday evening,  three of my sons (Ben, Christian and Peter)  joined me at our favorite hang-out on Saturday night during College Football Season, Dogs-R-Us.  The season opener for the LSU Tigers (my all-time favorite team and ranked Number 4!) was against the Oregon Ducks.  Last year, the Ducks made it to the National Championship game and played a very good game against Auburn.  Though they lost that game, they came into the season with a Number 3 Ranking.  Well, it was a great game and.....LSU won 40 to 27.  

Oh, The Hurston Boys were joined by another great friend, Dr. Sam Winn (my eye Doctor for life).  At one point, Sam said that if the Tigers got a first down in a critical moment, he would wear my LSU hat.  You see, Sam is an avid Florida Gator fan.  Well, the Tigers made the play and Sam wore the hat and even cheered for the Tigers (because they were not playing the Gators this evening).  You can see Peter cheering with Sam.

You know, in the midst of all the storms and difficulties, it is good to get away for the evening and simply have a good time with friends and family!  Yes.....there was JOY around the table yesterday evening.  Now, I must admit, had the Tigers lost, the JOY might not have flowed quite so freely among The Hurston Boys!

Today, the Hurston family will be heading out the door to Church and then over to Orlando to minister to those young people in the Hospital.  We look forward to that.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We have a prayer request for a 2 local Cocoa Families.  There was a terrible and tragic motorcycle accident yesterday that involved a fatality and critical injuries. The 2 victims are known by Southwest Chuck and his wife Fern.  Please remember to pray for all that have been impacted by this terrible accident.  Joe

September 3, 2011 - Saturday - 6:18am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning getting ready to speak to a group of Aviators at Sebastian Airport (just south of Melbourne, FL).  Will be bringing my son Peter and good friend, "Southwest Chuck" with me.  It's always such a JOY to speak to other pilots.  We have a strong "comaraderie" among ourselves.

Many years ago, I coined a phrase for Pilots - "Just-to-fly" .  In other words, we could nearly always "JUSTIFY" a flight.  Well, as I ponder this wonderful phrase ("Just-to-fly") now that we have the Air Mobile Rescuer, it is a bit easier to "Just-to-fly" our flying.....particularly when we can easily fly in fresh clean water when there are disasters.  Even very small airplanes can be very powerful vehicles of rescue.

This was so clearly demonstrated when our "Little Donkey" carried in 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to Cat Island on this past Wednesday and brought clean water to many!  I am still blessed and amazed that we have this wonderful device that can take the most contaminated water and make it very clean instantly.  The beauty of this last mission is that even a tiny, 2 place trainer, like a Cessna 150/152 could have carried those "Rescuers" into Cat Island.  

Thus, it will be very easy for me to speak to these Aviators this morning about how their airplanes and their skills can be used to save lives and help those in deep distress.  Please pray that our Lord uses me to share this simple, wonderful message with them.  Also, please pray that He will guide me into sharing about His AMAZING GRACE!

Our Lord Jesus has been so good to me and shown me His AMAZING GRACE again and again all throughout my life.  Just the fact that He has allowed me to FLY is such a blessing.  I can remember first wanting to fly when I was about 4 years old.  Now, He allows me to do it and I can truly "JUSTIFY" flying (thus "JUST-TO-FLY").

If you are interested in coming out this morning (particularly for those who live in South Brevard), the address is:

Sebastian Airport
210 Airport Drive East
Sebastian, FL   32958

The breakfast begins at 9:00am and I will be speaking around 10:00am.  Hope to see you there.  As always, THANK YOU for putting up with my little, winding, daily blog and most of all for  your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 2, 2011 - Friday - 7:56am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We had an excellent and beautiful flight home from North Eleuthera yesterday.  I can truly say - MISSION(S) ACCOMPLISHED!  We were able to keep clean water flowing in Haiti by refurbishing 10 Air Mobile Rescuers.  We were also able to bring clean water to Cat Island in the Bahamas.  

We also were able to help Scott (seen in this photo) find his Father-In-Law, Dick.  Dick has been a long-time resident of Harbor Island.  We were blessed by the support network that he has around him, but Scott was very glad for the time that he was able to spend there.  It was also very good to have a place to sleep and eat while we over-nighted in Eleuthera.  Oh, we also re-connected with some very dear and precious friends, the Weech's and Pastor Neeley while on Eleuthera.

Also seen in the photo are Nathan and Amy (Administrators for the Haiti Adventist Hospital).  We were able to bring them back to the U.S. for some very much needed R & R.  They have been "burning the candle at both ends".  There comes a time to "come apart before we.....come apart".  So glad we could assist in getting this precious couple to a place of rest!

Also, on this last mission, had very productive meetings with top Haiti Aviation Officials regarding opening certain airfields and upgrading the Communication / Navigation equipment.  These are "long and winding roads", but one must keep putting one foot in front of the other to reach the end".  We made a couple of good strides. 

After landing in the U.S. and while we were having lunch with Cindy, I spoke with a lady from Vermont.  She told me about what is going on in many isolated towns in her home state of Vermont.  Clean water is desperately needed.  We'll be working hard to try to help in that critical situation.

After lunch, I flew our Little Donkey to Sanford, FL (Southern Executive Jet) to continue on the "Paint Job".  Once this is done, the Extreme Make-Over of Ti Burik will be complete!  So many have worked so hard and given so generously to make this aircraft one of the finest, best equipped Cessna 337 in the world!  We can hardly wait for that paint job to be done!!

Tomorrow, I'll be speaking at Sebastian, FL Airport to an enthusiastic group of Aviators.  Looking forward to that.  In looking back on this last Mission Journey, my heart is full of JOY at the things that our Lord helped us to accomplish.  HE opened so many doors and helped us to overcome so many obstacles.  Well, today, have many, many calls to make and things to do.  As always, I so appreciate your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 1, 2011 - Thursday - 6:12am (Bahama Time) - Harbor Island (Eleuthera), Bahamas - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, headed to the Port-Au-Prince Airport.  Prepped Ti Burik for a Rescue Flight.  Soon, Nathan & Amy of the Haiti Adventist Hospital arrived and we departed for Cat Island in the Bahamas.  The story is:  VERY little clean water left on the entire Island. The need is becoming desperate for the 1700 residents of this beautiful Island that was "pummeled"  by Irene.

We had an excellent flight (cruised at 14,500).  Arrived right on schedule to be met by Pastor Strahan (Pronounced STRON) and Pastor Newbold.  This was all in response to the call from Dr. Bob while I was rebuilding Resucers on Tuesday.  The Pastors were very glad to see us.  We saw destruction everywhere we looked.  Cat Island sustained winds in excess of 120 MPH!

I must tell you a very good part of this story.  Last year, Air Mobile donated a Rescuer to Nathan & Amy for the Hospital for emergencies.  When they heard about the mission to Cat Island, they offered to put their Rescuer in the "mission", thus we doubled the output of clean water on Cat Island in their deep hour of need!  

After arrival on Cat Island, the first thing I did was check the well at the airport to see how much salt was in the water.  Praise God, it checked great!  Over the next few minutes I demonstrated the simple set up and began the training on the unit.  Withing minutes, we had clean water flowing from the Resucer.  The Pastors looked on with wonder.

The big test is always:  Will I drink the water?  This is the moment I love!  The water tasted delicious!  All were convinced of the power of this little machine to make dirty water very clean.  Soon, all present were drinking clean water.

The next best moment in this ministry for me is when I am able to present Rescuers to the thirsty!  We will stay in touch with these precious men of God.  Cat Island is "kind of on the way to Haiti" so we can drop in on them from time to time to see how they're doing.

Now listen to this, with these 2 little Resucers, the Pastors can give each and every person on Cat Island a clean drink of water everyday!!  Now, this causes our Lord Jesus to smile!!

With incredible JOY, we loaded up in our Little Donkey and winged on up to North Eleuthera where Scott was awaiting us (remember, I dropped Scott on North Eleuthera to search for his Father-In-Law last Saturday).  Along with way, we flew over Tarpom Bay, where Cindy and I honeymooned 16 years ago.  That was also the home of our dear brother, George Spee.  George recently went on to be with the Lord.  As I flew over, so many memories flooded my heart, both Joyous (our Honeymoon) and sad (at the loss of our dear friend).  Yet, we know that George is rejoicing in heaven.

We slipped into North Eleuthera Airport just as a small shower was coming onto the edge of the field.  Scott was there to meet us.  I went and checked the weather.  Things looked very bad between Eleuthera and Fort Pierce.  Looks like we've got another storm brewing in the Gulf.  

After careful consideration, I made the decision to just chill out and call it a day on Eleuthera.  I could not be on this Island for the evening and not go check on a few friends.  Soon, we secured a driver and were headed out to my dear friends of many years, Osborne and Shirley Weech.  As we were driving out, we passed by the Church of another dear friend.  I had heard that Pastor Neeley had passed away several years ago.  But.....our driver told me that it was another Pastor Neeley and NOT my friend.  We whipped right over to his house.  

I walked in and there he was, my dear friend and brother Pastor Neeley.  It was so good seeing him again.  For you see, to me, he WAS dead and now, I found him alive.  The reunion was so much sweeter.  We reminisced on those days immediately following Hurricane Andrew.  I have a bedroom in his home ANYTIME I'm on this island!

 From Pastor Neeley's we drove out to the western tip of North Eleuthera to the little village of Current.  There, I saw our dear friends, Osborne and Shirley.  We spent the afternoon just catching up.  Just found out that TODAY, Osborne has been officially named the Pastor of Current Methodist Church!  Osborne has always been a faithful deacon and tremendous, faithful member of this Church.  But several years ago, Osborne heard the call to enter more into actual leadership.  What a blessing to be with him just hours before he became the Pastor.  

Well, he and Shirley drove me down to the dock to take the water taxi over to Harbor Island. I am so glad we opted out of "fighting" those thunderstorms.  After finding a connection, I communicated to Cindy that we would be over-nighting on Eleuthera.  

Scott and his Father-In-Law, Dick, had offered us beautiful accommodations and a spaghetti dinner.  Afterwards, we went down to the world famous "Pink Sand" beach. I found a comfortable coconut tree and dozed off a bit.  Now, this was a JOYOUS day. 

After a good night sleep, have "borrowed" a hot spot connection from a neighbor and sitting out on the back patio writing this blog.  Ahhh, a good cup of coffee and communicating with you.  Life is good!  Weather looks good, so we'll be in the air in just a bit.  We'll slip into Fort Pierce before that Tropical Storm in the Gulf can reach over Florida.  God Bless and THANK YOU again for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 31, 2011 - Wednesday - 4:54am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Haiti Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, had a visit from Ariana's (Dieunika's) Dad.  We had scheduled to meet and he would show me the piece of property that they are currently occupying and hopefully, will be deeded to them one day.  The Haitian Government is allowing a sort of "home-steading" for the people who have been displaced by the earthquake.

Well, we rode out into an area of Haiti that is absolutely beautiful.  The air is clear and clean and panoramic vista is stunning.  It was good to see Ariana's folks and all of her cousins and aunts and uncles.  I am so pleased to see the progress being made on a small house.  The construction will help the family to secure the land with accompanying "paperwork".  I took some good shots for Ariana.

From there, I returned to Ruuska and continued the refurbishment process on 3 more Rescuers.  It was good to get our inventory of refurbished machines back up.  Now, when units come in for service, we'll be ready.  This simple system has kept clean water flowing in Haiti for years.  It's hard to describe the simple joy of sitting in the refurb room and keeping these great little machines working.  Some have been in service in Haiti for over 7 years!

While replacing a pump motor my phone rang.  It was Bob, a long-time friend.  He told me about a pocket of folks that are in desperate need of water.  Can't give many details at this time, but we'll be heading their way with several machines.  Will report later.  PLEASE remember us in your prayer today.  Time to head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 30, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:02am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Haiti Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The U.S. Embassy has issued new warnings for Americans in Haiti - Beware of your surroundings at all times - The reason:  A recent kidnapping and murder of a prominent Lawyer in Port-Au-Prince.  The American was taken from his home and it is reported that negotiations are taking place for his release.  His condition is unknown.  Haiti can be a very dangerous place.  We pray for the Hand of the Lord to be upon us.

Meanwhile, yesterday, had excellent meetings with Haitian Aviation Officials.  We discussed the need to upgrade communication / navigation equipment as well as the possibilities of opening a number of new airfields throughout Haiti.  Also spent some high quality PRAYER time with Dave, the Mission Aviation Fellowship Country Director.  I've known Dave for over 16 years.  We believe that this is a good time to pursue opening new, strategic airfields in Haiti.  Above all, we pray for favor with the Haitian officials.  

However.....Haiti is still locked in political "gridlock".  The country is yet to approve a new Prime Minister (PM).  This makes it very difficult to proceed forward.  But in spite of that, it is time to lay out projects and plans and have them all in position so that when the new PM is named, our particular project will be "well positioned".  For that we pray and the meetings and prayers yesterday are hopefully, accomplishing just that.

Continued working on Rescuers yesterday.  Coming to the end of my available parts to get units up and going.  We're working on getting certain parts fabricated in the U.S..  We truly need these components and seems like we've hit several walls.  We're working hard and "knocking" on the doors to get them made, but we just have not "punched out" the components.....yet!  I again, ask you to join together with us, in prayer that all the details & pieces will come together so that we can move forward with MORE CLEAN WATER!  Also, remember to pray for the Americans and Foreigners here in Haiti regarding protection against kidnapping!

In just a few minutes, a Pastor from Leogane (just west of Port-Au-Prince) will be here to pick up a Rescuer.  A good Church in Mississippi has funded the unit.  It is always such a joy to both present and train others how to operate this wonderful little machine that does so much!  

Well, the sun has risen, the coffee has been poured and I pray for this day that "Our Lord has made".  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  As always, I truly appreciate your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 29, 2011 - Monday - 6:08am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Haiti Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday I visited Caanan II, the huge tent city located on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince.  Checked on Pastor Volny.  Found out that he is in the Haiti Adventist Hospital about to get his surgery, Praise God! On our last visit to Haiti in July, I discovered that Pastor Volny needed surgery.  Checked with our dear friends at the Adventist Hospital and they agreed to perform the surgery.  Please remember to pray that all goes well.  Caanan II NEEDS Pastor Volny!  Also, Air Mobile agreed to cover the cost of the surgery.  If you would like to help us with this, please ask our Lord what He would have you to do.  You can even make an "on-line" donation right here on the blog.  THANKS!  By the way, this shot was taken several months ago during one of our many food missions into Caanan II (Pastor Volny is on my left).  The food that we were giving out (Manna Pack), came from my very dear friends, Bobby and Sherry Burnett of Love-A-Child Ministries.  THANKS BOBBY & SHERRY!!!

Upon returning to our mission, I checked on the number of Air Mobile Rescuers needing refurbishment.  Remember, we have 312 units in operation throughout Haiti.  The number of units needing some attention was 9.  Well, I got to work on the project.  Folks, I'll tell you, this is a "labor of love".  These little units are so reliable and work so well.  We have designed them to be REFURBISHED, not just thrown away.  Every component can be rebuilt.  That is how we have kept so many units running in this country for so long.  Over the years, we have trained many "Water Mules" on the operation of the Rescuer.

As I thought back over the performance of these little water purifiers, I passed by one of the units in operation here in our Village.  For the last 7 years, all of the residents of Russka have been drinking the water purified by the Rescuers.  Diarrhea is virtually "non-existent" in Ruuska and so is Cholera and a host of other dread water-borne diseases.  I am often asked, "Does the unit really work?".  My mind always goes to Ruuska and the sterling track record of the unit.   In this photo, the Rescuer is simply, quietly turning very contaminated well water into very clean water.  Today, we have a Team arriving from the Church at Viera (Near Melbourne, FL).   They will be drinking this water in just a few hours, as have thousands of others who have come through this Village.

In addition to all of the foreign missionaries that drink this water, so do hundreds of "neighbors" in our community.  This certainly gives me motivation to keep on keeping on.  I spent yesterday going through the units and bringing them up to speed.  Yesterday was a good day.  I refurbished 6 of the 9 units.  The units with the tags have been completely refurbished and are ready to go.  Should any of the units here in Haiti malfunction for any reason, all the operator has to do is get to our Village with their unit and we swap it out on the spot AT NO CHARGE.  In that way, we keep the "Clean water flowing".  

Today, have critical meetings in town regarding several airports.  So, better get my coffee and get to work.  In the cool of the evening, I'll work on those 3 remaining units.  Will be good to see the Team from Viera.  They are a great group who do such incredible work here.  Truly, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!

As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 28, 2011 - Sunday - 6:25am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Haiti Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, Scott and I finished loading the Little Donkey and "slipped out the back-door" of Hurricane Irene.  I snapped this image of the storm and what our route would be like just before take-off.

We had an excellent and quick flight (had a nice quartering tail-wind at 13,500 avg. 185 knots) to North Eleuthera, Bahamas.  As we flew over the north shore of Eleuthera, we could see that this Island was spared.  At the very last moment, as the eye of the Irene was bearing straight down on Eleuthera, the storm made a very slight, but extremely significant jog.  Oh, yes, they had winds and rain, but were spared the terrible impact of a direct hit!

Scott and I then secured a "Water Taxi" to take us to Harbor Island, a very small island off the coast of North Eleuthera.  Upon docking, we worked our way down the narrow roads and could see the wind damage.  The roads had just been cleared.  We came up the hill and saw a small team working on the roof of Scott's Dad's (actually his father-in-law) little white house.

We walked in and there was Dick, safe and sound but a bit beaten up by the storm.  All phone lines were still down, thus the reason for no communication.  Scott was relieved and will spend the next few days helping his Father in Law put things back together.  Well, the "First Mission of Day - Accomplished"!

As I boarded our water taxi, I explained to a young man (had huge 'dreds' & a big silver cross) that I was headed to Haiti to continue our "Relief Mission".  He gladly paid my water taxi fare.  Thank the Lord for this young man with such compassion for others.  

Upon arriving at the airport, I met with Mr. Cash, an old friend.  19 years ago, almost to the day, after Hurricane Andrew "flattened" North Eleuthera, I first met Mr. Cash.  His home was completely, 100% destroyed.  Actually, there was NOTHING left to his home but the foundation and that had a huge crack in it.  We remembered that day together and marveled at how our Lord had protected Mr. Cash and his family that dreadful day.  Though he lost everything, our Lord spared the Cash Family.  It was good seeing him again.  

After fueling, I took off for another quick and beautiful flight to Haiti.  I climbed to 17,500 and sipped Oxygen and simply enjoyed the ride over the beautiful Bahama Island chain.  Do you realize that Hurricane Irene traveled along the entire length, of these 700 Bahama islands, and just skirted along the edge and did not take one single life!  For that we are so thankful!!  You who are reading this little blog have been praying with me regarding this and our Lord has truly answered our prayers!!

By the way, as I type, Irene is drenching the East Coast.  Some are mocking that this storm was overblown.  Instead, they should be simply thanking God that so many have been spared!  This is the first Hurricane to hit many of these regions since 1906.  Seems like some folks can complain about just about anything!!

Upon approaching Haiti, descended down low and made a pass over Samaritan's Purse letting them know that I had toner cartridges for them.  Then, stayed low and passed over Caanan II, the Tent City that we have "adopted" and waved my wings at the kids.  Then, passed over Russka Village to let Barbara know that I was here, then landed.

The "Crew" that comes to help me unload were all there and quickly noticed that the "Little Donkey", was in the middle of a paint job.  Good the see the young men that I have know for so many years.  After we unloaded all the supplies I had an idea to help these guys with their "walk with the Lord".  I had brought some "Kids Against Hunger" food, graciously provided to me by my good friend Bob Bostic.

I gave each guy several packets of these wonderful meals.  Then I gathered them together and asked them if they knew anyone that was REAL hungry.  I mean, just down and out and desperate.  They all nodded as I could see them thinking about it.  Then, I gave them this idea.  Take one or even a couple of these packets and share it with them.  You could see the hand of the Lord working on them.  They began to just burst forth with joy as the idea of them bringing food to those more desperate than they.  I pray that they followed through with this as it surely will open the windows of Heaven over them.  Thanks Bob Bostic for helping me to do this!

Barbara and Missy picked me up and we headed straight out to the Adventist Hospital.  We delivered much needed cleaning and sanitizing supplies.  You see, when teams come in on commercial airliners, they are not allowed to carry in such supplies.  But I checked with Ti Burik and she didn't mind carrying them in at all.  It was good seeing Nathan and Amy again.  

After delivering the supplies there, we headed up to Samaritan's Purse and delivered enough toner cartridges to keep them printing for some time to come.  Then, we headed back to Ruuska Village.  I had packed in some beautiful steaks and soon, we were eating steaks and baked potatoes.  Barb and I finished out the day with several rounds of Yahtzee.  At the end of a long day, and successful missions, I collapsed and slept like a log.  Up early this morning and writing to you.

Today, I'll be working on water purifiers to keep the clean water flowing.  Have a lot of things to accomplish over the next few days.  God bless and as always - THANK YOU - THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


August 27, 2011 - Saturday - 4:14am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Irene, though losing some of it's punch has not lost it's sheer size!  Irene is huge!  It is almost to the Outer Banks of North Carolina as I type.  We are praying that it's destructive power is weakened and that there will be no loss of life!

My friend Scott drove into town yesterday evening.  We met at the airport and completed loading our beloved "Little Donkey" - Ti Burik.  This morning, we'll head out long before the sun rises.  Our destination - North Eleuthera Island,  Bahamas.  We'll be searching for his Dad who is 81 years old.  He has not been heard from since the storm.  Please pray that we find him.

I know North Eleuthera quite well.  As I mentioned, a little over 19 years ago, we landed there following Hurricane Andrew.  The island was "flattened".  We will be assessing the damage and finding ways that we can help.  We do have food and other supplies on-board.  We'll be checking on the "water" situation.  

From North Eleuthera, I'll work my way down the Bahama Island chain doing an aerial survey.  Will likely land in Exuma to check on my dear friends there.  Will fuel, if available, and then work on down to Haiti.  May make some other stops along the way.

Well, it's time to head to the airport and get that Ti Burik in the air.  May or may not be able to report from the Bahamas due to power / phone outages so.....if you don't see a report tomorrow morning, it will be due to lack of connection.  

However, after doing this blog for so long and in so many devastated areas, with our Lord's help, we seem to manage to find a "connection" every morning.  So check back in the morning.  Also, PLEASE remember to pray for us as we go.  Please pray for our Lord's protection and also that we will "see" what He wants us to see and do what He wants us to do.  

As always, THANK YOU for your gracious prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 26, 2011 - Friday - 6:56am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In spite of the incredible size and intensity of Hurricane Irene, there has been a near miraculous fact - very few fatalities!  Many have been spared.  Even as Hurricane Irene was heading straight for New Providence Island (Nassau), the largest populated island, there was a slight "jog" to the right and by and large, Nassau was spared.  

However, a number of the other "Family" Islands were hit quite hard, but still with no loss of life.  On Acklin Island, 90% of the homes have either been severely damaged or destroyed.  We are trying to contact some of our dear friends, but no word yet on their condition.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the little "break" between storms to meet with my good friend and life-long "Eye Doctor" to get a "back-up" pair of glasses.  While awaiting the glasses being made, received a phone call from a friend from "way back", Hurricane Andrew Days.  

19 years ago, another terrible storm took aim on both the Bahamas and South Florida by the name of Andrew, one of the most destructive storms in U.S. History.  As Hurricane Andrew was on the way to South Florida, the massive storm absolutely leveled North Eleuthera.  We were one of the very first aircraft to land there.  We subsequently made many flights to that little island bringing in food / water / medical supplies and transporting folks in and out.  It was then that I met Scott.

Scott's Dad is on Harbour Island, a small Island next to North Eleuthera.  He is 81 years old and Scott has not heard from him.  After just a few minutes of conversation yesterday, the decision was made to make a flight to North Eleuthera to try to find Scott's Dad.  Scott is currently driving to Florida from Texas.  

We've already got a wonderful load for, we'll fly to Eleuthera and search for Scott's Dad.  Then I'll likely head on down to Exuma and check on our friends there.  Then, we'll head to Haiti.  At this hour, we're monitoring the weather and will determine our best time of departure.

By the way, this is only the third storm since 1866 to go the entire length of the Bahama Island Chain (over 700 islands).  Again, we are so THANKFUL to the Lord for sparing so many lives!!

Now, back to Hurricane Irene.  Looks like she's headed straight for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Then, most of the projections have her going straight into New York City.  There are an estimated 65 million people in the path of Irene!  

As we look at the sheer size of this storm (over 430 miles wide), there are so many that are in the "Cone of Danger".  We find our selves standing and praying for this storm to continue to make that "bending" right turn to head out to sea.  Many of the forecasters are saying this is not going to happen, but we continue to pray that it does!

I'd like to share a bit about JOY in the midst of trials.  Yesterday afternoon, I received 5 pieces of news in very close sequence.  Seemed like about every 15 minutes the phone rang or an e-mail came through with "challenging" news (business related).  I simply got "knocked" down.  JOY was nowhere to be found.  Do you know what I did?  I got on the phone and called several of my dear friends (Joe and Joe and Sam) and asked them to PRAY for me.  I asked them to pray that I would receive receive a "double dose of Joy".  The JOY of the Lord is our strength, and I need strength and wisdom and favor to navigate our company (CSA) through these turbulent, challenging times!  

It took a little while, but soon, the JOY of the Lord was filling my heart.  Oh, the news is still challenging, but now, I have the clear sense and knowledge that I am not facing the challenges alone and....there is a joy (added strength) in my heart.  You see, there are clearly times that I must "practice what I preach".  Just thought I'd share that little jewel with you.  If you're going through some challenges, not only pray, but recruit others to pray with you!  There is tremendous power in prayer and even more power when you get someone to "agree" with you in prayer! 

Well, it's time to get on with this day.  Have a water purifier to deliver to a local ministry this morning and more preparations for our next mission which will be very soon!  As always, we so appreciate your love, prayer and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 25, 2011 - Thursday - 6:12am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


About 5:00am this morning, our power went out.  The outer most bands of Hurricane Irene caused some pretty heavy winds last night.  Must have blown a transformer.  I'm writing this blog on "battery power" & candle-light so will be brief.

We, here in Florida, are being spared the full wrath of Hurricane Irene.  The Hurricane is taking a full Northerly course, and hopefully and prayerfully, will continue to stay off-shore and even continue that "right turn" and head on out to the ocean....away from people!  We PRAY!

Now, from many years of experience, specifically Hurricane relief in the Islands, I know that the Exuma Chain of Islands are being hammered as I type.  Our prayers go out to our many friends in the Bahamas.  The strength of Irene at this time is over 120mph.  These high winds and storm surges produce catastrophic conditions.  A little later today, Nassau will be hit.  I have yet to get reports back, but I know that the damage will be significant.  We PRAY that lives are being spared!  We will know more later today when reports begin to come back.

Yesterday, Paul, our faithful, excellent mechanic and I were able to do a bit more "Ti Burik Tweak".  We were fine-tuning our fuel system on the rear engine.  Following the adjustments, I took the Little Donkey up and flew over to Merritt Island Airport.  Picked up my good friend and neighbor and fellow pilot, Tom Spina.

We took the little donkey up and verified all of the fuel flows at different power settings.  She looks good.  Now....we wait for "Miss Irene" to pass us here in Florida and then, when things are favorable, we'll head on down to Haiti.

By the way, doing the blog by candle-light and battery power reminds me of the "Mission Field", except it's right here in our home.  This is a good exercise in "Hurricane Preparedness".  Have a few things to add to my list.  We hope to have the power on soon.

Today, we'll continue to get ready for that "Next Mission".  We continue to PRAY for all those in the path of Hurricane Irene.  We continue to PRAY that Irene simply continues that North-East turn and just head out into the open ocean.....away from people!  THANK YOU for continuing with us with your PRAYER & LOVE & SUPPORT!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 24, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:46am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


While tracking Hurricane Irene yesterday, around 2:00pm,  the Headlines suddenly changed...Huge Earthquake Shakes Washington, DC and beyond.  Now that's a gripping Headline.  DC doesn't usually have EARTHQUAKES.  Will write more about the Earthquake in a minute, but first.....the latest on Hurricane Irene. 

Irene is gaining strength again and is currently a Catagory 3 Hurricane with winds over 115mph.  This strengthening trend is expected to continue.  However, we are seeing that "slight right turn" continue (THANK YOU, LORD!).  As you can see from this Projected Path, Irene is expected to "miss" Florida.  At this hour, The Turks & Caicos Islands are being pummeled with Tropical Storm winds.  I've stopped in the Caicos Islands many times for fuel.  These Islands are no strangers to Hurricanes.  However, please take a moment and pray for the residents on that Island as they are enduring pretty strong winds and driving rains as I type this blog.

As Irene continues on the current track, a number of the Bahama Islands will be spared, but others will take the full force head-on.  In just a few hours, Irene will be passing over Georgetown on Exuma Island, another one of our favorite "Fueling Spots".  We pray for all of our friends on that beautiful Island.  We also PRAY that Irene will just continue that "Right Turn to the North"!!  TURN BABY TURN!

Already, this "Turning" action has spared literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions in Haiti) from experiencing the fierce forces of a Hurricane.  Folks, if you've never been through a Hurricane, here's a good example.  Imagine driving your car up to 110 - 125 MPH and then rolling down the window and sticking your head out.  Add to that fierce wind..... rain and even debris like sticks, rocks, pieces of roofing etc.  Now, you get an idea of what Folks who go through storms experience.  It's not pretty.  And.....THAT'S WHY WE PRAY AND ASK OUR LORD TO SPARE ALL IN THE PATH OF THESE STORMS.  I know that some might say that I'm "crazy" by talking (or praying) like that but....remember, PRAYER WORKS!

Speaking of PRAYER and PRAYING for Irene to continue that "Turn to the Right", let us continue to PRAY for that as she is now heading for the Northeast U.S.  That includes Washington, DC, New York City, Boston, etc. even.....Martha's Vineyard.  Literally, MILLIONS are in the Path of this Hurricane!

May this storm bring Folks to their knees and PRAY!  You know, there is not a lot that one can do to change these storms except to PRAY.  Oh, we can do a lot to protect ourselves, such as stock up, find a safe shelter and even evacuate.  But as far as "changing" the storm, the best thing we can do is to PRAY!  

There, now that we look at it that way, PRAYER is not such a strange and unusual thing after all.  Again, I refer to the beautiful, wonderful scripture found in Matthew 7:7 - "ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE".  That scripture DOES NOT EXCLUDE HURRICANES!  So, if you've been reading this little blog and thinking that Air Mobile Joe is a little crazy to be talking about PRAYING for our Lord to "Turn" the Hurricane out into the ocean away from people, seems like it's about the best thing we can do.  As I say, what have we got to lose??  Besides, our Lord does love us and He does answer PRAYER!  

Well, Carolina's, Washington DC, New York City, Boston and.....Martha's Vineyard, time to PRAY!  Now, let's talk a bit about that HUGE EARTHQUAKE!  I have a question for you.  How many of you reading this blog have ever been through an Earthquake??  Cindy and I, because of the nature of what we do have been through HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS.  If you've never experienced one, and I suspect that many that went through the 5.8 - 5.9 STRONG EARTHQUAKE yesterday may have never experienced an Earthquake, here is what it's like.  

Well, an EARTHQUAKE will shake up a lot things including your sense of "SECURITY".  There is something very disturbing to have "The Earth Move Under You Feet" (as the old song goes).  The earth is supposed to be steady and sure and dependable.  When the Earth shakes, one realizes that things are not as sure and steady as one may have thought.  

You know where I'm going with this.  This is the very reason we need the Lord!  He is the "Rock of our Salvation".  He is the One who will be with you in the "Good Times and the Bad Times".  He is the One who will give you strength to carry on, even when things are going very bad.  So....I urge you to "Call Upon The Lord" and HE will save you!  I couldn't resist "preaching" a little bit in the midst of these "Storms & Earthquakes".  

Well, after a very successful Test Flight yesterday in our little mission Aircraft, affectionately named "Ti Burik" or the Little Donkey, we have just a few more "tweaks" and adjustments to make on the fuel flow and soon as Miss Irene passes Florida, we'll see about loading up the Little Donkey and heading down to Haiti.  May stop in the Islands and check on our friends along the way.  Have to go and.....God Bless and THANK YOU for taking the time to read all the way down to the end of today's "wandering and preachy" blog!  As always, really and truly appreciate your prayer and love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe         

August 23, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:04am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Irene is passing off the northern coast of the Dominican Republic & Haiti - sparing many!  The Hurricane is gaining strength and now heading for the Bahamas.  We're continuing to pray and ask our Lord to steer the storm further out into the ocean and away from people.  This is a very dangerous storm!  

We are so THANKFUL that Irene did not follow the original projected path that would have put the storm right over Port-Au-Prince exposing hundreds of thousands to great danger! 

I have personally landed on nearly every Bahama Island and know many of the residents.  Our prayers go out to them at this very hour.  Many of these islands are just slightly above sea-level and offer little or no resistance to Hurricanes.  We are praying for the Bahamians as they prepare for Irene.  We're also diligently praying for the storm to continue the North - Northwesterly track!  The conditions are ripe for Hurricane Irene to continue to grow in strength ferocity.  You really don't want to be in the path of this deadly storm!

Yesterday, we completed our in-depth aircraft inspection on Ti Burik and all we need to do is to "button her up" and she'll be ready to test fly today.  We're continuing to gather supplies for our next mission to Haiti (our dear "Delta Rose" dropped more new shoes for Haiti yesterday).  We're mainly awaiting Irene to see which way she goes.  And.....we continue to ask our Lord to turn her out to the ocean....away from people!!

Well, time to get the kids to school and head to the Air Mobile barn to get our "Little Donkey" ready for the next mission.  God Bless and THANKS, as always, for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I just have to say again, we are so thankful that Hurricane Irene has made that slight northerly turn that spared so many!  Wow, our Lord truly does answer prayer!!  PLEASE, remember to pray for the Bahamians and all that are in the path of this very, very dangerous storm!   Joe

August 22, 2011 - Monday - 6:38am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Such is the nature of Hurricanes...they can be like a gyroscope on a moving deck.  Thank God for the last minute slight veer to the north.  Looks like Irene may spare Haiti, but....she is gaining strength rapidly and can easily become a Catagory 2 Hurricane by the time she approaches the U.S.  Early this morning, what was Tropical Storm Irene became HURRICANE IRENE!

As has been evident from the number of storms that are brewing, the conditions are right for RAPID STORM GROWTH.  This is what we are seeing with Hurricane Irene.  Forecasters are scurrying to "keep up" with Irene's strength and size.  

Let us pray that Hurricane Irene simply continues that northerly turn and simply "wanders" out into the Atlantic Ocean and falls apart....without harming anyone or damaging anything.  

Now Folks, I know that that prayer may stretch some of your faith and you might even think I'm a little crazy for even asking you to pray that way but....Matthew 7:7 simply says, "ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE".  There are no specific restrictions or limitations upon that prayer, it simply says ASK.  So, as you're reading this little blog, may I encourage you to join with me and ASK our Lord to continue to turn Hurricane Irene to the north and away from people?

So, we PRAY and leave the rest to our Lord and....PREPARE.  Now, the folks in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas and in a few days, we here in Florida, will have to be dealing with Hurricane Irene.  Back to our prayer....all we need is simply a few simple degrees of "turn to the North" and so many will be spared.  That is why I urge us to PRAY for this turn.

Now, we at Air Mobile, gather our supplies with more fervor and we continue to prepare our Little Donkey, Ti Burik, for the next mission.  Today, we'll be conducting some tests and more inspections on the little aircraft.  Then, we'll be "battening" down the hatches and securing ourselves for Hurricane Irene.  We'll keep an eye on IRENE and planning accordingly.  As always, THANK YOU for PRAYING so faithfully with us and for your love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - After going to Church, then to the Hospital to conduct our Chaplain Chapel Service, Ariana and I headed to "Chuck E Cheese" for Joseph Rhythm's Birthday Party.  Rhythm is now 5 and just an "Amazing Grandson".  Yes, I know, Grandparents are just that way.  Happy Birthday Rhythm!!    

August 21, 2011 - Sunday - 8:22am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here we are again....looking down the "Barrel" of a big storm gun named Irene!  As we've  been tracking these storms since the season began, we knew that one would come together that could indeed cause serious damage and loss of life.  We may be looking at just such a storm.  Late yesterday evening, the storm "organized" to the point as to be named Irene.

As you can see from the projection, Irene is projected to go right over Hispaniola (Dominican & Haiti) then follow what would be our flight path right into Haiti nd then head directly to Florida.  Now, having tracked hurricanes for over 45 years, we know that the "gyroscope" can wobble and weave and do just about anything it wants to do.  Of course, this is our opportunity to PRAY and ask our Lord to direct this storm away from people.  Remember, with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  We simply need to ASK Him!

We made excellent progress on getting our "Little Donkey", Ti Burik ready for the next mission.  We'll continue our testing and inspection on Monday.  It is so good getting that mission plane "back in the Air Mobile barn".  We plan to make a mission fight to Haiti, but must await "Miss Irene" to see what she is going to do and where she is going to go.  

Once we complete the next Haiti mission, we'll return her to Southern Executive Jet in Sanford, FL, where the long-awaited paint job will be completed.  I can tell you, she's going to be a beautiful "Little Donkey", though I think she's beautiful the way she is.  

Well, it's Sunday morning in the Hurston Home.  Have to get ready for Church and Chapel at the Hospital.  Cindy is up in Massachusetts with Juliet (thanks again to the generosity of Southwest Airlines).  They are about to head to Church at the "Woo".  By the way, Juliet is doing great up there.  We were surprised to see our very own Juliet Joy on a Billboard on Highway 50 in Titusville regarding our local Brevard Community College (nice shot of Juliet).   As always, THANK YOU for your love, support and prayer!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Remember let the "JOY" of the Lord flow through your hearts today!!  Joe  


August 20, 2011 - Saturday - 7:51am (US Eastern Time) - Titusville, FL (Space Center Executive Airport) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, picked up our mission aircraft, Ti Burik from Sanford, FL.  The paint job is "not quite" done, but the little donkey is ready to fly.  This morning, our maintenance crew is going over the aircraft with a "fine tooth comb".  So good seeing our little donkey in the Air Mobile barn.  Nice touch having Southwest Chuck's bike and my Gold Wing near the barn door.  We've been here since sunrise working on the little bird.  

We're currently working an Oxygen leak issue, but within the last few minutes have located a few loose fittings.  When the interior was re-done, there was no way to check for leaks at the facility.  So, we've got plenty of Oxygen here and quickly found the leaks.  That should be wrapped up shortly.

Next, we're "de-cowling" her and inspecting the engines and all systems.  We'll also be changing the oil.  Now, I know that the "non-mechanic" types may be bored by all these details, so bear with me as I speak to the "aviation geeks" on these matters.

By the way, after we complete our next mission to Haiti, we'll finally finish the paint job.  For right now, Ti Burik has a splash of white and beautiful light green primer with plenty of sanded out areas where the body work is being done. The guys at Southern Executive Jet do multi-million dollar jets and they want our little donkey to really look good.  Bravo and "take your time" is what I say.  

Speaking of Haiti, we've been tracking a "nasty disturbance" that is headed straight for the island.  It's projected to hit Haiti Monday.  We are really praying and again.....asking our Lord for mercy for hundreds of thousands that are living out-of-doors under shredded tarps and sticks.  Many are living on the sides of hills that are subject to major flooding.  Folks, please join together with us and PRAY that this storm simply "misses" Haiti and wanders around the ocean away from people!

We're gathering supplies that include water purifier components, medical supplies and toner cartridges (to keep missionaries printing), new shoes, baby diapers and baby formula.  

This little donkey needs to get to Haiti but.....for now, we're awaiting the storm to see which way it goes.  That's where you and I need to focus our prayers.  Now tell me, isn't this cool that we can get this nice "Birds Eye View" from outer-space and track the weather so that we can know which way to turn or whether or not to go or stay.  Of course, we wrap the entire mission in prayer and seek His guidance.

Well, time for me to get out this nice, little air-conditioned office and help Chuck and Paul with the inspection / maintenance of the little donkey.  I must also tell you there was a pretty good flow of "JOY" flowing through my heart this morning. After having a delicious cup of coffee, I crawled on the beautiful "old" Gold Wing and rode to the airport as the sun was rising.  Ahhhh, there are sometimes when circumstances simply lend themselves to "JOY" quite naturally.  Such is the case this morning.

Now, we know, it's not always so easy to have "JOY".  There are times when things are just miserable and "in the natural" it's hard to have "JOY".  I am reminded of what the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:12 - "I know how to be abased and I know how to abound.  Everywhere and in all things, I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need".  Then Paul gives the key to doing this in verse 13 - "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me".  Well Folks, there you have it.  My little thought for the day.  May you be blessed this day!  THANKS for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 19, 2011 - Friday - 7:49am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, had a wonderful time with the men at Calvary Chapel - Melbourne.  Of course, the subject - JOY was delivered.  Every time I share this wonderful message, the JOY simply grows in my heart.  So thankful for the invitation and opportunity.

We've been "tracking the tropics" and looks like another Tropical System is forming and Hispaniola (Dominican / Haiti) is right in the "Bulls-Eye".  The conditions are right for this system to grow into a serious storm.  Again, we PRAY and ask our Lord to spare those in the path of this projected storm as depicted by this Satellite Image!

On Ti Burik, our beloved mission aircraft, the Paint Shop in Sanford is doing an amazing job of getting the little donkey all prepped for paint.  The Team at Southern Executive Jet is leaving "no stone unturned".  They are taking advantage of having the aircraft completely stripped to do in-depth inspections and repairs.  This is a good thing!  When we get the bird back, it will be ready for serious "action" for the Lord!

Yesterday, met a representative of Florida Hospital who delivered critical supplies for the Adventist Hospital in Haiti.  We'll bring that in on our next flight.  Also received a call from our Local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  They have an excess of baby formula and asked if we wanted it.  My immediate answer was "YES"!  Spoke with Barbara in Haiti yesterday and the immediate need is diapers (of which we have plenty) and always - formula.  I love the way our Lord provides!

Well, today we continue to gather and "PREPARE FOR THE WORST AND BELIEVE GOD FOR THE BEST"!   Oh, I must tell you something else that happened yesterday.  We have, in our new Air Mobile / CSA facility, a wonderful "Chapel".  This would be perfect for a church.  Well, received a call from a dear Brother / Pastor friend of mine who is......looking for a new home for his church.  Within hours of the call, he and a significant part of his Advisory Board were at our facility "checking it out".  Things look real good and we're all praying for the will of our Lord in this matter.  Please join us in prayer!!

As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.  You mean so much to us.  I am both humbled and blessed by fact that you work through our little rambling blog.  God Bless and we pray that you have a blessed day!!

Air Mobile Joe    


August 18, 2011 - Thursday - 6:58am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


I must share my heart this morning regarding this 1-2-3 admonition as found in I Thessalonians 5:16-17-18.  Here it is:  "1 - REJOICE Always / 2 - PRAY without ceasing / 3 - In everything give THANKS....for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you".  Early this morning, this scripture was just overflowing in my heart and mind are a few thoughts on the matter.

Even though you may not feel like "Rejoicing", once you begin the process, you might find that you will en-joy it quite a lot.  Now, we are urged by our Lord to let JOY flow in our hearts....ALWAYS!  In other words, if we let JOY flow in our hearts more, our day will go much better and it will be much easier to flow in His Spirit.  Actually, once JOY begins to dominate our heart, life becomes much sweeter.  Think about it.....would you rather be angry or joyful / depressed or joyful / up-tight or joyful etc. etc.?  Believe me, JOY is so rich and full and it is there for the ASKING!  Remember Matthew 7:7 begins with ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE.  So, this morning, try this.....ASK our Lord to give you Joy.  There, some thoughts on JOY this morning.

Now, let's go to PRAYER.  Well, if we've got some JOY flowing in our hearts, PRAYER comes much easier.  It will be a JOY to PRAY.  Now how much should we PRAY?  Well, our Lord quantifies the amount we should PRAY.  We should PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.  That means that we should PRAY about everything, PRAY throughout the day.  Remember, if we have JOY, PRAYER will be JOYFUL.  Now, remember, PRAYER does not have to be long and drawn out.  It can be short and sweet and I can assure you, if you've got JOY in your heart, the PRAYER will be powerful.  Remember, PRAYER is speaking to the Lord and pouring out our heart to Him.  

Can we have JOY & PRAY when things are not going well or when we are dealing with sad circumstances?  The answer is YES!  This is the time that we should do so even more.  These are the times that we most need to "Connect" with the Lord.  Also, remember that the Lord loves you very much and it gives Him good pleasure to bless you and keep you....particularly during the challenging or difficult times in your life.

OK - if we have JOY & PRAYER going on in our hearts, the next thing to do is - GIVE THANKS IN EVERYTHING!  Is this important?  Well, the rest of the verse says...."For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you".  It's pretty important!  It is much easier and sweeter to give thanks when we have JOY in our hearts and we've connected with our Lord through PRAYER.

This evening, I'll be speaking to a group of men at Calvary Chapel in Melbourne, Florida.  Guess what I'm going to speak on?  Folks, I believe our Lord has put this message so deeply into my heart because of the places we go and the things we do.  When you go to countries that have been devastated by floods or earthquakes, or tsunamis or volcanoes or typhoons or war, and the list goes on and on, things are pretty bad.  Actually, things are very bad.  We see people who have lost everything and are struggling for their next drink of water or even their next breath.  

In the midst of all of this suffering, our Lord is wanting to show Himself strong and He wants to flow through us to a suffering world.  Thus, the message on JOY - PRAY - THANKS!  I hope you will ponder and consider this simple admonition today.  Today is the day that our Lord has made.  Let us REJOICE & BE GLAD IN IT! always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Remember that Tropical Wave that was heading toward Haiti yesterday?  Well, it kind of grazed Haiti and has broken up.  However, from this Satellite Image this morning, there are more storms on the way.  PLEASE remember to PRAY for Haiti and all in the path of these storms.  Let us PRAY that the storms do not harm or kill!  Joe 

August 17, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:50am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


While watching the tropics, we see storm after storm rolling off the Coast of Africa.  As I type, there is a system that is passing just south of Haiti.  Just behind that one are several more.  They just keep rolling "down the alley".  We keep praying for our Lord to spare Haiti and all in the path of these storms.  With Haiti, it is particularly dangerous because so many are so vulnerable.  Meanwhile, we keep preparing for the worst by gathering supplies / resources should Haiti get hit.  And, we stand praying and believing for Haiti and others to be spared from the storms.

Yesterday, had a wonderful meeting with Brian.  He is a local General Contractor and a "Pastor in Training".  For several hours, we discussed the Word and considered the "hour" we are living in.  There are many schools of thought / belief regarding the Second Coming of Jesus.  The Bible teaches that prior to His return, the conditions in the world will get worse and worse.  Very much like storms, conditions will become very violent and destructive.  Some believe that the Church will not be here at that time, others believe that the Church will go right through it.  My basic belief is:  PREPARE FOR THE WORST - BELIEVE FOR THE BEST.  Brian and I "drilled deep" into the Word of God and our time together was very good.

By the way, both Brian and I will both be speaking tomorrow night at Calvary Chapel Melbourne Men's Retreat.  It is always such a blessing to be called upon to share the things that our Lord is showing me.  I look forward to tomorrow evening!

Today, will be at the hangar preparing supplies and planning our next mission to Haiti.  Of course, have to await the painting of the the little donkey.  This is a long and tedious process, but the paint shop is doing a superb job.  We patiently wait.

We're also continuing to make good progress on building our business (CSA) and preparing for the Economic Storms that are beginning to hit our region.  Since the Space Shuttle Shut Down, the ripple effect is hitting businesses in our community.  We're both "battening down the hatches" and diligently seeking new business to replace the business that is being lost.  Again, we're preparing for the worst and BELIEVING GOD for the best.  Remember, God's Economy is separate from the World's Economy.  

So, how are you doing through all of these challenges?  I am reminded of the scripture in John 16:33 where Jesus tells us - "In the will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  The bottom line is....stay close to Jesus, no matter what comes your way.  He will never leave us nor forsake us....He will be with us right to the very end!  God Bless and THANKS for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe     

August 16, 2011 - Tuesday - 8:16am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In addition to gathering supplies for the next mission, we are continually speaking to folks about joining in the mission to bring clean water to the thirsty and needy.  Yesterday was such a day.  Was on the phone with several folks who are extremely interested in our little water machine.  

Yesterday afternoon,  headed over to Disney to meet with Joe (who is a Pharmacist) and his wife Vivian to demo the Rescuer and tell them more about our ministry.  It is just a matter of time before Joe joins us on a mission.  Another "Water Mule" in the making.

In just a few minutes, Brian, a local business man will arrive at our home to discuss ministry and an upcoming Mission Conference that we will both be speaking at.  Looking forward to the time in prayer and discussion.

As I scan the Tropics, we find that the two tropical waves off Africa are indeed heading toward Haiti.  Again, we pray for our Lord to spare Haiti.  Now, I know that some might say that we are "crazy" to pray that way.  However, in Matthew 7:7, our Lord Jesus says that we can "Ask and we will receive".  There is no limitation on that wonderful invitation.  So, why not pray and ask our Lord to steer and direct those storms right away from people?  So....., may I invite you to join me right now and pray with together with me and ask our Lord to do just that?  There, that was not hard and the good news is that our Lord does indeed listen and answer.

Remember folks, that even an "un-named" storm can bring great death and destruction to Haiti.  I recall one such storm that "washed" 3000 people away.  Then several months later, another Tropical Storm (Jean) washed another another 3000 Haitians away.  We know how quickly things can change and many lives can be lost in an instant.  Thus, the frequency and urgency of our prayers for Haiti.

Well, the door bell just rang and Brian is here.  Have to run.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 15, 2011 - Monday - 7:37am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, took and passed both the written and driving tests to gain my motorcycle endorsement for the State of Florida.  Now, as I've shared, been driving motorcycles for over 50 years, and seriously learned some great things in this course.  It is an extensive study and involved 3 days and over 9 hours of actual driving.  It is just like anything in life....when we focus, really focus on something, there is so much to learn.  So glad to have completed this course.  Since I drive motorcycles all over the world, it will help me to be a safer motorcycle driver.

Immediately following the course, I dashed home and changed (out of my sweaty motorcycle gear) and was joined by Cindy and Ariana and headed to the Haiti Dinner by First Christian Church of Titusville.  Pastor Mark recently invited us to come and share on Haiti.  Their church is sending another team to Haiti soon and wanted to hear what we had to say about Haiti.  Such a joy and pleasure to do that.  This church is very serious about missions we had a wonderful time sharing last night.

Speaking of Haiti, we're watching a strong Tropical Wave to the Southeast of Haiti.  We're asking our Lord (again) to spare Haiti.  Still, there are literally hundreds of thousands who are living under sticks and tarps.  These folks are so vulnerable, should even a "mild storm" comes through.  In studying the Satellite Image, there is another new Tropical Wave forming off the coast of Africa.  There is much instability in the region.  Again, we pray!

All this week, as we are awaiting the completion of the paint job on Ti Burik, we're gathering parts, supplies and seeking funding for more Air Mobile Rescuers.  Cholera is still rampaging / ravaging through Haiti (though it is not in the news).  To date, over 420,000 Haitians have been infected by Cholera.  The "official" death toll just reached 6000.  There are over 600 new reported cases daily and 10 of those 600 result in death.  Many state that these numbers are much higher and do not reflect the actual numbers as many cases go unreported and many cases occur in isolated and hard to reach areas.  The main reason for this horrific spread of Cholera is simply the lack of sanitation AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER.  This is the reason we do what we do.  This photo of the little boy in the tie-dye shirt walking with the pigs through the raw sewage is all too common in Haiti.

Again, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 14, 2011 - Sunday - 8:36am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


A motorcycle is a wonderful tool especially in Haiti.  Let me give you an example.  For those who have traveled to Haiti with me there, know that the traffic best, difficult to describe.  A typical 2 lane road can easily become a 6 lane road and often does.  Vehicles are everywhere and going in every direction.  The only rule is....there is no rule.  

Well, a motorcycle enables one to "skirt" along the edge and slip into places that a larger vehicle simply cannot.  The main advantage is, that no one is going very fast, and this dramatically increases the safety factor.  However, things often happen very fast and split second decisions need to be made continually.

Back to the "advantage" of being on a motorcycle.  I calculate that one can accomplish a about 4 times as many things on a motorcycle as opposed to a going out in a car / truck.  That is a 400% increase in productivity.  Now, the disadvantage is that one cannot carry very much.  This is one of the good things that has been brought clearly to my attention.  The importance of proper loading and weight & balance.  Now, being a pilot, I know a fair amount about this, but this course is teaching me some neat tricks.  Thus, the "Old Dog learning new tricks".  

Another very important thing is "briefing" my passengers what to do, and what not to do.  This is extremely important.  I have given quick instructions in the past, but now, I have a better understanding of the "physics" of the matter.  The bottom line:  we will be safer in places like Haiti.

Today is the last day of the training and I'm actually looking forward to the class.  Our instructors are extremely good.  One day, when things slow down a bit (unlikely), I may even see about doing a little instructing myself.  But first things first....have to take and pass the written test and then demonstrate that I can actually safely ride a motorcycle.

Cindy and the kids left a few minutes ago for Church & Chapel at the Hospital.  After my class this evening, I'll dash right to the Haiti Dinner by First Christian Church of Titusville.  These folks want to hear what Cindy and I have to say about Haiti.  They're planning a mission there in a couple of months.  Hopefully, we'll be able to assist them in some way.

Speaking of Haiti, there's a Tropical Wave that is increasing in strength and aiming in the general direction of Haiti.  We pray that it just "steers clear" of populated areas and just wanders around in the ocean until it just dissipates.    

Better get my helmet and gloves and head on over to class to learn a few new tricks.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe

August 13, 2011 - Saturday - 7:44am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


I got my first "motorcycle" at 10 years old.  Well, actually, it had a Jacobsen horizontal shaft motor mounted on a bicycle with a washing machine pulley (huge).  It was very fast (for the time).  My first real motorcycle was a Triumph 650 at the ripe age of 15.  It was much faster.  

Over the years, I've had multiple motorcycles.  After those early, "fun" years of just pleasure, all of my motorcycles have been related to the ministry and just getting from one place to the next in the most efficient manner.  The majority of my riding has been in foreign countries.  This kind of riding can be "breath-takingly" challenging.  

Some of you may recall, after 32 years of riding in Haiti, had my first accident that involved a broken leg.  As I lay there in the dirt in a fair amount of pain, my mind went over all the years of accident free riding.  I simply thanked the Lord for taking such good care of me for so long.  Regarding the broken leg....a Haitian lady walked by and I asked her pray for me and she did. Not only did she pray, but she set the broken bone, right on the spot....and there was no pain. I would say that was a miracle.  

Well, the fact is, after 50 years of riding, I still have a lot to learn.  I am looking forward to spending the next 2 days learning new things about safe motorcycle riding.  I know that this course is going to help me to be a better rider.

Meanwhile, the tropics have stuff going on, but nothing notable today. For that, we are thankful.  Looks like the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily have become Tropical Storm Franklin.  This storm should not effect the U.S. and will likely wander up into cool waters and  dissipate.  We simply take it one day at a time and pray.  We're also, getting as many components and pieces together that we can for our next mission to Haiti.

Well, have an all day class to get to learn more about motorcycle safety.  Once the course is completed, will be eligible for an Insurance discount.  Better run or I'll be late.  THANKS for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe  

August 12, 2011 - Friday - 7:52am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Home Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday began at 3:15am (Pacific Time) in Seattle.  Joe (The Plumber) and I boarded a Southwest (SWA) and flew from Seattle to Las Vegas.  We were the last 2 to board the plane as we were flying on a SWA "Buddy Pass" (Stand-by). 

Once in Las Vegas, things got very tight.  We were scheduled to fly directly to Orlando but our flight was completely full and Midwest Thunderstorms were beginning to brew in the region.  Well, we simply got bumped.  The Southwest "Crew", quickly re-directed us to catch a flight to Denver, CO as the odds looked better of getting to Orlando out of Denver rather than Las Vegas.  We actually had time to eat breakfast.  

We, again, were the last 2 to board the SWA Denver flight and very glad to be somewhat "aiming" home.  On the flight we encountered quite a lot of turbulence as we skirted building thunderstorms to the west of Denver.  We landed right on time and headed straight to the gate for Orlando.  Things looked a little better.

We had time for a leisurely cup of coffee and fruit.  Ahhhh, the life of the "Non-Revver" patient and always have a Plan B, C and sometimes D.  The weather was continuing to "brew & build".  This is the factor that can quickly fill up the plane with "Revenuers" (people who pay for their tickets).  We sat and calmly waited and prayed.

By flight time, we had our "Secure" seat and boarded our flight for home.  All went well.  We could see Thunderstorms and lightening all along the way, but the pilot and ATC (Air Traffic Control) did a superb job of steering us across the country and we landed in Orlando about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Joe had slept on most of the last leg.  After landing, we drove to Cocoa and picked up his Italian Plumbing Truck.  On the drive between Orlando and Cocoa, Joe and I reflected on this last mission to help Sheridan.  I remember when our family, not very long ago, was in a similar situation.  But then, some "Extreme" things happened to our family.  We serve a mighty God!!  After dropping Joe at his truck, he headed home and so did I.  Ahhh, nice to be home and sleep in my own bed.

Well, Cindy and the kids have already headed out to school.  Our Peter has just begun High School.  He's over 6 feet tall, and quite handsome.  Little Ariana is in Kindergarten and so cute.  My, how time flies.

Today, we're keeping an eye on the tropics.  We are now in the "Heart of Hurricane Season".  As depicted by this chart, the numbers are quite telling.  August & September are the heavy hurricane months, for sure.  Here we are right smack in the middle!

There is quite a large area of disturbed weather off the coast of Africa.  We'll watch that today to see what it does.  The course to the West Northwest is the typical "Hurricane Alley".  We pray that those storms don't build and come barreling down the alley.

Today, we are continuing to build our components for more water purifiers.  Checked on the progress of Ti Burik and all is moving on schedule.  We hope to have that little donkey back in the air, all painted and pretty, in another week or so.

We're continuing to work on building our business, in the midst of deep financial challenges.....but always remembering that God's Economy is far higher than the World's Economy.  So, here we are, standing and REJOICING in the Lord!  Remember, His Joy is our strength!  

As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support! We pray you have a blessed day.

Air Mobile Joe

August 11, 2011 - Thursday - 4:54am (US Pacific Time) - Seattle, Washington (SEA-TAC International Airport) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


By yesterday afternoon, several hours ahead of schedule, Joe "The Plumber" and I wrapped up a mission of mercy to the woods of Washington.  It was a joy to bring clean water to Sheridan.  As I have been sharing, his story simply touched our hearts and we had to help this precious brother get clean water. 

I must tell you, after meeting Sheridan "face to face", we are convinced more than ever that we just did the right thing by helping.  Joe and I were blessed by Sheridan's humble, trusting relationship with our Lord.  Though he has certainly had some tall mountains to climb, his love for the Lord is not only in tact, but a very bright light to those that know him.

Early yesterday morning, when we were out buying supplies, Sheridan's neighbor, who recently acquired a back-hoe trenched between the little cabin and the source of water.  This saved us a tremendous amount of work and also demonstrated Sheridan's relationship with his neighbors.

After laying the pipe, we again were so thankful that we only had to do just little bit of trenching, thanks to the kindness of his neighbor, who by the way, is a pilot and even built his own airplane (a Thorpe).  Very nice guy.  Seems the folks in this "neck of the woods" are quite friendly.  The whole area is just beautiful with very tall trees and majestic mountains.

Up until now, Sheridan used the bathroom in his 1971 "Gypsy" Camper.  You know, not very long ago, Cindy and I and our kids were living in our 1992 Fleetwood Bounder and showering "in the woods".  This is probably one of the many reasons, Joe and I jumped on a Southwest plane and flew from Florida to Washington State to help a guy living in the woods.  Oh, but there is so much more to the story.

Well, we kept on connecting and gluing and putting pieces together.  We are absolutely amazed at how creative Sheridan is.  During the time that we were preparing to come, he was getting incredible deals on "Craig's List" and E-bay.  

By the time, we arrived yesterday morning at 1:30am, he had many items ready for our job.  A quick trip to the local Home Depot helped us secure everything else we needed to complete the job.  Even the trip to The Home Depot had the hand of the Lord on it.  We met another "Master Plumber" who worked there.  Just watching he and Joe put together the complete list of everything we needed was a thing of beauty.  Again, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!

Then came the wonderful moment, we turned the water on in the little cabin.  It all worked.  We even provided a Zuvo "Counter Purifier" that will give Sheridan very clean water right in his cabin.  Among Sheridan's acquisitions, 2 hot water for his little camper and one for the cabin.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Now, it's 5:32am and we're about to board our first leg from Seattle to Las Vegas.  Things will be very "dicey" from there as all flights are very full.  We know that our Lord will get us home because.....things are heating up in the Caribbean.

As we look at this "Sat Image", there are a couple of systems just off Africa that may develop into some nasty storms.  So, we need to get ready for the "Next Mission".  Well, they're calling for boarding.  Gotta go.  As always, THANK YOU for rambling through this little "Blog Journey" with me.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


August 10, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:03am (US Pacific Time) - Yelm, Washington - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


About  month ago, we became aware of a young man that was living in the woods in a 16X20 "Cabin" with no running water.  Now, this sort of thing happens all over the world, but Sheridan's story truly touched our heart.  

He lost his wife to cancer and then was hit head-on by a drunk driver.  As I read, in great detail, his story, Cindy and I prayed.  The more we prayed, the more we knew that we had to do something to help.  

From that first contact until now, we've had to make several emergency trips, and the young man patiently waited and continued to do what he could to prepare for our visit.  Well, I went into high gear and "recruited" my life-long friend and brother in Christ, Joe Polozola, or better known at the original "Joe the Plumber".  Joe is the absolute best plumber that I know...period!

Well, the pieces came together, and again, THANKS to Southwest Airlines, Joe and I boarded a flight in Orlando and flew to Las Vegas, a 4.5 hour flight.  Then, Joe and I got the last 2 seats on the next leg to Seattle, WA, a 2.5 hour flight.  By the way, all of this flying was absolutely FREE....THANKS AGAIN, SOUTHWEST!   We landed in Seattle late last night, rented a car and wound our way into the back-country of Washington State.  

Sheridan had the cabin all set up for us and we "crashed" and slept until sunrise.  Joe and Sheridan are out surveying the job.  We hope to knock it out today, but don't have a good handle on the scope.  

We have very marginal cell coverage and how I'm getting this blog out is a border-line miracle.  Sheridan assured me that there is no coverage in this area, yet, here I am about to post.  Pray it connects.  Well, need to get to work to get some clean water into a "hard to reach" neck of the woods.

As always, thank you for your love, prayer and support.  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 9, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:41am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was a "calming" day in the tropics.  Two of the tropical waves just became storms.  Thank the Lord for that!  Meanwhile, the U.S. Stock Market took a wild plunge and lost 634 points.  This, added to last weeks losses means a lot of folks have lost a lot of money in a very short period of time.  Again, let's pray that our Lord will lead and guide us through these turbulent economic times. Remember, we can and should - "Pray without ceasing" or "Pray about everything"!  Before making economic decisions, i.e. buy / sell etc., simply PRAY & ask our Lord for guidance!  If you don't own stock in the "Market", please pray for the economy of our country, as this plunge will likely effect us all.

As many of you know, we have an increasingly large group of volunteers for Air Mobile, whom we affectionately call "Water Mules".  These are folks that generally drop everything and join us on a mission and rapidly deploy to areas that are having a "bad day", i.e. storms, earthquakes, war, etc.  One of our most faithful and reliable water mules is Ken Baker.  Ken and I have had some excellent adventures together over the years.

On each of these past missions, we would spend good time in prayer.  Among our prayers together, we asked our Lord to give Ken and Ruthie (his beautiful wife) a little girl.  As Ken would pray about this matter, I could see his faith.  He even had her name, Victoria.  We continued to pray over the years.  Well......last year, our Lord gave Ken and Ruthie the most beautiful little girl and yes, her name is Victoria.

A couple of days ago Ken called and asked if I would "Dedicate" little Victoria to the Lord.  I, just like Ken has done so many times, immediately responded with a "Yes", the sooner the better.  Folks, I can't begin to tell you how blessed and honored I was, yesterday evening, to join together with Ken, Ruthie, Kenny and Tiffany and lift up little Victoria to the Lord!  By the way, isn't little Victoria precious!  I sense that this little one will bring "The Joy of the Lord" wherever she goes.  

Well, today brings new opportunities and challenges.  My good friend "Joe the Plumber" and I plan to head the extreme Northwest of the U.S. (compliments of Southwest Airlines) and help a friend in need.  Will give me details later.  

We're making good progress on the quest to bring in more business for our "Tent-Making" business (Cartridge Source of America).  In the Bible, we are encouraged again and again to look to the Lord as our source.  Abraham did this many years ago, "Spoke of those things which be not as though they were".  This is our model of FAITH.  Even though our local economy is suffering with the ending of the Space Shuttle Program and thousands have recently been laid off and our economy is in the "Tank" as they say....we are believing for our Lord to bless our business with more business.

Remember, first of all, we should "RE-JOICE ALWAYS" & then we should "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING" & then we should "GIVE THANKS IN EVERYTHING".  Believe me when I say this...I need to remind myself everyday to do these things...even in the midst of grim financial news.  With our Lord, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

So today, may I encourage you to join me in this simple 1 - 2 - 3  - Have Joy again today, Pray about everything & give Thanks.  IF we do these things, our day will go better.  I truly appreciate you and your prayers, love and support.  Be blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe

August 8, 2011 - Monday - 7:27am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Depression Emily simply glanced us here in Florida yesterday.  However, in looking at the Tropics from Africa westward, we see 4 areas of Weather forming (Tropical Waves), 5 if we count Miss Emily who is wandering out into the cooler Atlantic and will likely dissipate later.  The atmosphere is conducive to forming major storms.  We should both Pray & Prepare!

Yesterday, I mentioned the rather skinny dog that wandered up to our home.  Well, good news - we found the owner.  We sent the beautiful, gentle dog home with a full belly and a flea shampoo.  All is well on that front.

Cindy and I "thought" we were to speak yesterday evening to First Christian - Titusville.  Our E-Mail invitation said, August 7th, but it is actually August 14th so.....we had a quiet evening at home.  Ahhhhh.  Nice to have an unexpected evening off.

This week, we are in preparation for the next Haiti mission gathering supplies and awaiting our aircraft (in the paint-shop).  Meanwhile,  my good friend, Joe "The Plumber" (no, not the rather famous one, Joe is the "original" Joe - The Plumber) and I might make a quick trip up to the Northwest to help a friend in need of clean water but....we're awaiting flight details at this time.  "Southwest Chuck" is doing his magic to help us "Move About the Country.....freely".  Will keep you advised on the mission(s).

So, here we are in America, who is facing "Financial Storms".  There is much that we could say, however, living within our means is always a good thing.  So many problems develop when we don't do that.  We have a small business that ran into financial problems when a regular client suddenly stopped buying from us.  It was hard to respond (reducing overhead to match income) quickly enough.  Thus, we entered into some rather serious debt.  We're still trying to "dig out", but with our Lord's help, and reducing overhead, added business and fiscal responsibility, we will do just that.  Would be nice if the Government ran that way.  

Believe me, we don't have it all figured out and we're still working very hard to increase our business (and profits) and stay on a sound track. addition to preparing for our next mission to Haiti, and attempting to bring some clean water right here in America to a friend in need, we're working to build our business and pay our debt.  Our plate is full and the "Joy of the Lord is our strength".....and we need a lot of strength.  Let the Joy flow!  

Let us remember to PRAY that all the weather activity in the Tropics does not bring death and destruction.  We trust this will be a great day for you.  THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!! 

Air Mobile Joe    

August 7, 2011 - Sunday - 7:44am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Depression Emily has reformed and should "scoot" by Florida and not do any serious damage.  However, as we look at the Tropics, we can see that there are 3 other systems behind Emily.  Any of these could form into a "Killer Storm".  We should Pray and again, ask our Lord for Mercy for the vulnerable.

Yesterday, Cindy and I had the wonderful privilege to address the State-Wide Meeting for Sister Cities International.  We demonstrated our water system and explained how this tool is such a "Goodwill - Life-Saving" device.  I also had the opportunity to tell the story of how this missionary, when a new rooky in Haiti utilized an Honorary Citizenship award to help get into Santo Domingo many years ago following a deadly hurricane.  Sharing this story brought back many memories of the early days of our ministry.  By the way, got this "Honorary Citizenship" as a direct result of working with Sister Cities International back in 1978 - 1979.

It is amazing how, sometimes, small things in our life lead to much bigger things.  I look back on the Hand of our Lord guiding and leading in the early days of this ministry and am just so thankful.

After speaking to this wonderful group, Cindy and I got on our motorcycle and met "Southwest Chuck" and his wife Fern.  We rode down the ocean for a bit and had a delicious seafood dinner near Sebastian, FL.  

Their daughter, Morgan stayed with our kids.  Morgan found a large, abandoned or lost (very skinny) dog on the road near our home.  She has a deep love for animals.  Well, we gave the sweet, gentle, big dog some food and water and called Animal Control.  They're off for the weekend, so, looks like we'll be host to this gentle creature for a bit.  Have you lost a dog??

Well, it's time to get ready for Church.  Then, we'll be off to Orlando for our ministry with the young people in the Hospital.  Then, Cindy and I will be speaking, later this afternoon, to a group from First Christian Church of Titusville.  They are preparing for a mission to Haiti and have invited us to come and share.  There, another busy day in the life of the Hurston's. As always, THANK YOU for your love, support and above all, your PRAYER!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    


August 6, 2011 - Saturday - 7:08am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In checking the weather this morning, looks like Emily might be coming back, this time to the Bahamas and then to us here in Florida.  We pray she just drops a little rain and causes our many palm trees to just gently wave.  We'll keep an eye on her and "always remember to pray".

Yesterday evening, Cindy and I attended a Reception for Sister Cities International (SCI).  This year, the State Conference is gathering right here in Cocoa, FL.  SCI is a fine organization that links 2 Cities from different countries.  Oh, I remember SCI well from when I was a "Rooky" missionary to Haiti back in 1979.

Oh, it's quite a story and it's mentioned in my book "Run to the Roar" on page 13-14.  It involves an "Honorary Citizenship" granted to me by the Mayor of Port-Au-Prince for service  rendered in bringing together my home town of Baton Rouge, LA and Port-Au-Prince.  It's a long story, but the upshot is the "Honorary Citizenship".  It's a big Certificate that hangs on the wall.  I went to a printer friend and had it shot down to wallet size.  Needed to get on a commercial airline to fly to Santo Domingo following a terrible hurricane (Hurricane David).  That little card played an important role in the story.  Thus, began a whole new aspect of ministry that now involves bringing clean water around the world.  There you have it in a nutshell.

Well, today, I'll be speaking to this group and telling them the story.  I actually held on to that certificate and went to my storage hangar at the airport and dug it out.  Today, I'll snap a shot of it and post on the blog tomorrow.  So often, it is the seemingly small and even insignificant things that can be so life-changing.  This is the reason, we should "Pray Without Ceasing" or better said, "Pray about Everything".  So often, a prayer can be prayed in just seconds, but can dramatically change the outcome.

We continue on our mission.  Today, it will be sharing the need and wonder of clean water with a group of delegates from across the State of Florida.  I will explain how "Clean Water" brings folks together.  I hope and pray that they will consider utilizing the Air Mobile Rescuer as a means of letting people know that we care about them, especially in their hour of need.

It's time to get this day going.  Truly do appreciate you and your prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 5, 2011 - Friday - 8:43am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


From personal experience, I know what named and un-named tropical storms can do to Haiti.  I recall in June 2004 when 3000+ folks lost their lives from an un-named storm.  Then, later that year, in September another 3000+ souls were washed away in Gonaives, Haiti by Tropical Storm Jean before she became a Hurricane.  We worked both of those terrible disasters and we know how vulnerable Haiti is.  Now, since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti is much, much more vulnerable.  

As we tracked and watched Tropical Storm Emily approach Haiti, PRAYERS went into high gear.  All we can say today is PRAISE GOD!  Tropical Storm Emily approached Haiti yesterday on a direct course for Port-Au-Prince and then hesitated and jogged to the west and simply fell apart!  This satellite image was taken this morning.  Haiti, truly was spared.  Again, all we can say is Praise the Lord!  

The storm did drop about 5" of rain and has caused local flooding this hour, no reported loss of life.  For that we are very thankful.  The last things Haiti needed right now is another storm.  Not sure, what the now disorganized, slow moving storm that was Emily, will do.  We continue to pray that she simply goes away.

Meanwhile, we keep an eye on the Western tip of Africa where there is another tropical disturbance forming.  Remember that wonderful scripture that I have been sharing.  It is found in I Thessalonians 5:17 - "Pray without Ceasing".  We never go wrong by praying.  We should pray about everything.  Again, we are so thankful that Haiti has been spared.....Today!

We continue to gather up supplies for our next mission.  Our little mission aircraft is in the shop getting that new paint job.  Again, we'll be so relieved when we can just get in and fly....but the Extreme Upgrades are incredible.  Again, we are so thankful.  We pray that you have a blessed day and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe   

August 4, 2011 - Thursday - 8:59am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


A high pressure ridge just on the north coast of Haiti is causing Tropical Storm Emily to change it's path slightly to the west and miss going directly over Port-Au-Prince where more than 600,000 are living in tents and make-shift shacks.  We pray that this path continues sparing much suffering and death!  You can see from the Satellite Image below that Tropical Storm Emily is packing plenty of rain.

However, the western end of Haiti is still in the path of Emily.  The January 12, 2010 earthquake did great damage to the area of Haiti just west of Port-Au-Prince.  There are many still living in tent-cities in that region.  The sad fact is that many do not have a place to go.  There are no formal "evacuation centers".  For many, it is simply a matter of survival by getting out the way of the potential mudslides or finding a structure that can protect one from the wind and rain.  The plight of so many is difficult and dangerous at this very hour.  As you read this, please take a moment and remember those in the path of this storm.

Meanwhile, we continue to prepare for our next mission.  We are in touch with missionaries "on the ground" in Haiti and awaiting word of the situation as the storm passes.  If you would like to help by donating to our Rescuer Fund, please use the "Donate" button in the upper left of the page.  It is always good to have Rescuers on-hand and ready to go. 

My good friend, Bob Bostic, of 'Kids Against Hunger' (KAH) has already offered to supply food for areas hardest hit.  KAH has a wonderful "packet" of food that only requires boiling water.  The blend is rice, vegetables along with vitamins and minerals.  The meals actually reverse malnutrition and....tastes good.  We have given many of these meals to the hungry and Haitians love the flavor.  THANKS for offering to help Bob, we'll likely be calling upon you.  By the way, this shot of Bob and I was taken shortly after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  We were enroute to Haiti.  That is Bob's daughter, Sarah,  sitting behind us.  I love the way "Our Lord deploys His troops"! 

Our beloved "Ti Burik" is in the paint shop and will be so for the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, should we launch to Haiti, it will likely be in a "friend's borrowed plane".  We've yet to identify the "friend".  Please pray that the right friend and plane come forward.  We, of course, have to wait for Emily to decide what she is going to do and where she is going to go before we can fly down there.  So.....we sit and wait and pray and prepare to help!  Feel free to call me at:  321-544-7757 if you have any questions or ideas about the matter.

Early this morning, we sent out an E-Newsletter titled "Sorrow Re-Visited".  Did you receive it?  If not, and you would like to be on our E-Newsletter list, simply jot me an e-mail at: and we'll get you on the list.  Well, time to continue on with this day "that our Lord has made".  Going to work on "Rejoicing" and being glad in it!  Love you and truly appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 3, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:56am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


At this hour, Tropical Storm Emily is approximately 150 miles southeast of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and headed for Haiti packing 50 MPH winds and a lot of rain.  For many, this is very bad news!  

The projected storm path puts Haiti right in the "Bulls Eye".  There are currently over 630,000 Haitians still living in make-shift tent cities, both in Port-Au-Prince and in the out-lying mountains.  These areas are subject to mudslides.  Haiti need our prayer right now! 

I have been up early this morning sending messages to our Air Mobile friends who have airplanes.  Just yesterday, we put "Ti Burik" in the paint shop to finalize the Extreme Make-Over.  It will be so good to get that wonderful tool back into "Full-Time" service for our Lord.  At this hour, we are preparing for our next mission into Haiti.

Preparations in Haiti are difficult.  The fact is, hundreds of thousands of folks living in the tent-cities simply have no place to go.  For many, it is a wait and see situation as Tropical Storm Emily steadily marches toward them at about 14 mph.  In addition to the residents of the hundreds of tent-cities, there are many, many villages scattered throughout Haiti that are nestled next to dry river beds.  These areas are the most fertile.  Therefore, these villages could also be subject to "flash-flooding".  Again, please take a moment as you are reading this and pray for those in the path of this storm.

The next 24-48 hours are critical for Haiti.  There is a good possibility that the high mountains of Haiti will slightly "dis-organize" Emily but once she hits the warm waters between Cuba and the Bahamas, Emily will likely strengthen again.  She will then head to the Bahamas and then Florida and the East Coast of the U.S.

In the meantime, we will be gathering supplies and Rescuer components.  Would you like to help fund some additional Rescuer units?  If so, please click on the donate button in the upper left hand part of this blog.  Now is the time to get clean water ready for Haiti.  Again, we pray that our Lord will have mercy on Haiti and that those in the most vulnerable areas will find refuge!

This storm will likely bring massive flooding to Haiti.  This will, unfortunately, accelerate the spread of Cholera.  There has been a steady increase in Cholera cases prior to Emily as a result of earlier heavy rains.  This overall situation is very bad for many folks "right in our own backyard".  Again, we urge you to pray for the hundreds of thousands that are so vulnerable. 

If you are reading this blog and have an airplane and would like to assist us in the relief efforts following this storm, please contact me immediately at:  321-544-7757.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 2, 2011 - Tuesday - 8:56am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Bill and I took off from Oshkosh at 6:50am and had a beautiful, smooth, uneventful flight to Mountain Home, Arkansas.  Again, can't say enough about Bill's help this week.  Together (along with Doug and Christian), we spoke to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.  The week was good!  So many more now know about what we are doing to bring clean water to the thirsty.  Many of these folks have airplanes and truly understand, both the challenges and advantages of flying aircraft.  The timing could not be any better.  Looks like things are really brewing in the tropics.

After dropping Bill, we checked the weather down in Florida.  Saw a line of storms just off shore in the "Florida Panhandle".  They appeared to be dissipating.  Well, they didn't.  By the time I got down into Georgia and about to cross into Florida, a new line formed and completely blocked the way in.  Some of the tops went to 65,000 and had hail.  Not a good thing.  This pilot thought it wise to duck down into Valdosta, Georgia and wait it out.  A wise move.  Had a pleasant meal and after a while, all that red over Florida began to slowly dissipate.  Around 9:00pm last night, Ti Burik landed at Space Center Executive Airport.  Ahhh.....good to be home!  So good to see Cindy and the kids!!

Checked the weather in the Tropics this morning and what was a Tropical Depression to the Southeast of Haiti has now become Tropical Storm Emily.  The projections are not good for Haiti.  Emily is expected to strengthen and bring a lot of rain.  This will cause flooding and death in Haiti.  It will also stir up Cholera.  Folks, PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI and all the other islands in the path of Emily (including us here).  By the way, after Emily passes through the Caribbean, she is projected to head right here to Florida.

Well, it's time to get our little donkey back into the Paint Shop in Sanford.  Need to get it back quickly as it looks like our work is cut out for us.  THANKS for your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 1, 2011 - Monday - 5:01am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We're up early this morning.  Checking the weather we find a large mass of bad weather heading toward Wisconsin and as checking down south in the tropics, looks like a couple of potential hurricanes are forming.  So.....time to leave "Aviation Paradise" and get ready for a "stormy season".

The last day of Oshkosh was relatively "mild" as many aircraft were departing and displays were breaking down.  A steady stream of "die hards" came by our little donkey.  We made a number of new contacts and a few folks that had been by earlier in the week, came back by to inquire further regarding Air Mobile and how they could help.

I brought a number of "Run to the Roar" books with me and at the end of the show, only had a handful left.  So glad for that because the book is filled with wonderful flying stories and the Amazing Grace of our Lord!  I hope and pray that all who got the book will read it.

All this week, Doug Augustine and Bill Dunklee helped keep the Air Mobile operation going.  These guys are best.  Doug lives close to Oshkosh and brought his camper over and served just gave us the keys to his big red GMC Truck.  This is certainly not the first time Doug has done this sort of thing.  When we first received the C-337, he drove Bill and I all the way to Arkansas to pick it up.  Now, Doug is a serious "Water Mule"!  Just want to say a huge THANK YOU TO DOUG!! 

We met another member of our military, Shelly.  She flies the P-3 Orion "Submarine Chaser".  She flew this bird in from Hawaii to represent the U.S. Navy, that is celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation.  Again, we were blessed by so many members of the military here and many were just fascinated with what our little donkey can do regarding bringing clean water to thirsty people.

Well, it's time to get Ti Burik in the air and heading back to Arkansas to drop Bill Dunklee and then head back to Florida that is currently having some weather.  See the map above to get an idea of what we'll be heading into.  By the way, Bill was great this week!!  Thanks Bill!!

And THANK YOU for rambling through this blog with us.  Your prayer, love and support help keep us going!!  If you're new to this blog, and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of journey, you have!  Simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this juncture.  It's quite a ride.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe
July 31, 2011 - Sunday - 6:36am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Well, here we are on the last day of Oshkosh.  The week has "flown" by (a little pun intended).  My mind is full of so many sweet sounds, and faces of old and new friends, absolutely beautiful aircraft and spectacular flying.  I am so encouraged by the prospects of many new "water mules", many of whom, own aircraft.  Now this is a great combination and will certainly help us to bring more clean water into desperate places.  This is very good!  Thank you, Jesus, for Oshkosh.

My heart is full of gratitude to so many.  Of course, we would not have been here, in this prime spot, without the generorsity of EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association).  Our humble little donkey has been positioned in a beautiful spot (Conoco - Phillips Plaza) and our mission has been presented to literally thousands of folks.  THANK YOU EAA!

Yesterday, as we were meeting and greeting so many, a Southwest Airlines (SWA) 737 (that's all they fly) eased into the Conoco-Phillips Plaza.  A group of Senior Executives came for the show.  Soon, I was meeting with the Captain and Chief Pilot for SWA.  All I could say is THANK YOU to him and all of Southwest Airlines for the tremendous amount of help they have given to Air Mobile.  I trust Southwest Chuck, my good friend, is reading this blog this morning.  Since the Extreme Makeover, I have lost count of how many free flights I have made on SWA and the literally hundreds of volunteer hours that have been given to Air Mobile by SWA.  Again, THANK YOU SOUTHWEST!

Many years ago (23), I encouraged Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to become involved in showing the Jesus Film, a wonderful film depicting the life of Jesus (translated into over 1100 languages).  In order to make the point, I flew our Cessna 206 from Haiti to Redlands, CA and we set up and showed the Jesus Film under the wing of Cessna 206 on the front lawn of the MAF HQ.  The point was made quite well and MAF began equipping and training their flight crews to show this wonderful film.  There was a young man in that audience.  His father was a pilot for MAF.  Now, that young man is a pilot for Alaska Airlines and flies an old retired MAF Cessna 185 for his personal use.  Well, John, the young man, walked up to our airplane yesterday and we uncovered this wonderful story.  Again, the wonder and beauty of Oshkosh!

I met another gentleman, a retired dairy farmer here in Wisconsin.  While flying into Oshkosh last Sunday, we flew over many beautiful dairy farms.  The old farmer and I were discussing water and he told me about the method he has used all his life to find water.  I listened very closely.  One thing led to another and soon, I found a coat hangar.  Bent it exactly as he told me to and then he demonstrated how he finds water.  As we walked around the airplane, the rods swung as we approached water underground.  An amazing demonstration.  I thought of so many areas around the world, where water is so close, but not available.  I'm going to research the old farmers methods.  Again, the wonder of Oshkosh.  

We will certainly be back to this amazing show.  Many consider Oshkosh the greatest (and largest) Airshow on earth.  I certainly agree.  Well, here we are on the last day.  It is with a measure of regret that the show is ending, but it's definitely time to be heading home.  We'll put Ti Burik right into the paint shop and "Git Er Dun".  This is the last Extreme Make-Over thing to finish this remarkable job of transformation.  Then, we'll be back to Haiti, flying our beautiful Ti Burik, on a regular basis.  

By the way, during this time of "Make-Over", we've been able to get to Haiti by "borrowing" friend's airplanes.  Thank the Lord for so many friends so willing to help us bring clean water to a thirsty world! And that leads me to you, who read this "rambling" blog.  THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support.  Well, it's time to head over to the plane for our final day of Oshkosh.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 


July 30, 2011 - Saturday - 5:51am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Had to put a shot of the new artifical horizon up so that that non-pilots could know what I was talking about yesterday.  By the way, if you're new to this "rambling" blog, and feel like you're jumping right into the middle of "the journey", you are.  Simply read on down to see how we got to this chapter.

Yesterday was absolutely glorious.  The weather here in Oshkosh was just beautiful and the whole mood and atmosphere to a pilot was somewhat what Paradise must be like.

The constant sound of the "round motors" (radial engines used in World War II) have a "sweet" sound (generally only heard at an airshow).  The roar of the jets, the precision flying and beauty of perfectly restored aircraft.  Ahhh, how can one even put this into words (though I try).  

We continued to meet so many new people.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many folks had seen the Extreme Make-Over show featuring our family.  One thing is for sure, our prayer team is certainly growing.  We also met many pilots with aircraft that have expressed deep interest in helping Air Mobile fly future missions.  This is invaluable during major disasters as it allows us to quickly and efficiently expand our aircraft fleet to bring more clean water to the thristy!

We were visited by more Garmin Executives and the Air Mobile recruiting continued to gain more "Water Mules".  Garmin has taken the Aviation industry by storm and makes (in my humble opinion)  the finest navigation and communication equipment in the world.  I  met Jim, the Garmin Executive who initially approved the Instrumentation package donated to Air Mobile.  Thanks to Garmin and Orlando Aircraft Services (who did the installation at no charge!) Air Mobile now has an $80,000 Avionics package!  

So Day 5 of Oshkosh continued with meeting so many new friends and prayer partners and "future" water mules.  Here we are on the threshold of Day 6.  The sun has risen and it appears to be another beautiful day weather-wise.  We believe that our Lord is going to do even greater things today.  Likewise, I pray that you too have a wonderful day in the Lord!  God bless and THANK YOU for "rambling" through this journey with me!  Above all, thank you for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

July 29, 2011 - Friday - 6:26am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Day 4 at Oshkosh was filled with new friends and a few old ones showing up.  Dodd, who has done so much, helped us to get a desperately needed Artificial Horizon (an extremely important flight instrument).  The old one was doing the "Shake - Rattle & Roll" just like Elvis!  We checked the date and it was manufactured on June 13, 1984, definitely time to change it out.  Within the hour, Bill had the beautiful new Artificial Horizon, compliments of Aircraft Spruce, installed.  THANKS Aircraft Spruce & Dodd!
We were particularly blessed to have various members of our Military show up.  Had a group of Naval Aviators visit us.  These guys are the best.  They were fascinated by the Air Mobile Rescuer and how our little aircraft can get them into very difficult and strategic locations.  Likewise, we are blessed to have these gentlemen representing our country around the world.

Along with the steady stream of new friends, came Ed Schertz.  Ed worked for Wings of Hope out of St. Louis, Missouri for 34 years.  One evening about 20 years ago, I showed up in our mission Cessna 185 in desperate need of a Cargo Pod.  Ed and I installed that beautiful and useful pod well into the evening.  Wings of Hope did not charge us a single penny for this amazing gift.  I have said this many times in the past, and will say it again, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!.  Ed was certainly there for Air Mobile that evening.  So good seeing Ed again.  Of course, it was a joy to give Ed a copy of our book, Run to the Roar.

Had Dave Brown with Garmin come back by and we had a few "Chilling Out" moments. He's been real busy working the Garmin booth and we've had a steady stream of folks coming by.  So we just took a few minutes and shared some good juice (been trying to eat and drink healthier) and discussed our upcoming trip to Haiti.  Dave knows the Garmin systems better than most anyone and he could teach me so much about how to really squeeze maximum performance out of the new avionics.  At the same time, I could train Dave to be a "Great Water Mule".  Looking forward to our trip to Haiti together.  Also, gave him a copy of Run to the Roar so that he can have a better idea of what he might be in for on an Air Mobile mission.  Sometimes things come at you fast and the mission can become quite interesting requiring extra amounts of faith.  

Well, as we get ready for Day 5 at Oshkosh, the sun is bright and the day is clear and many opportunities and new friends lie ahead.  We are truly rejoicing in this gorgeous day that our Lord has made!  We are expecting GREAT things to happen today!!  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your faithful prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

July 28, 2011 - Thursday - 6:34am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday started out with miserable weather but.....our Air Mobile Team (Joe, Bill Christian & Doug), knew our Lord had some special people for us to meet and....HE did!  I just can't say enough about Oshkosh, Folks.  If you have never been, may I encourage you to do so.  You'll never forget it!

The forecast for yesterday was rain all day and it sure started that way.  We were wet, cold and miserable, but the "faithful" still came out and hovered under our wing out of the rain and wanted to know more about this humble, unpainted little airplane with stickers all over it.  We met some fascinating folks.

Then, slowly, the sun began to peak out and that's when AOPA (Airplane Owners & Pilot's Association) showed up.  This organization has hundreds of thousands of members.  Al, the Chief Editor, gave us a wonderful interview.  This will be "aired" on AOPA "on-line".  Again, we are so thankful for the excellent exposure we are gaining from all of this.  It means MORE CLEAN WATER FOR THE THIRSTY!

Earlier in the show (Day 1) an older gentleman named Frank came by and talked with Bill.  Frank had been the original designer of the Cessna 337 Skymaster.  He promised to come back and meet me.  Well he did.  It was truly an honor to meet this brilliant engineer who conceived this great airplane.  He was so glad to see Ti Burik doing these "Life-saving" missions!  This is just another example of why Oshkosh is a "MUST" for anyone who loves and appreciates aviation.

The day went on I was blessed to meet Peggy and her husband.  Peggy's brother, John used to fly for Air Mobile.  John went on to be with the Lord a number of years ago.  Now, this couple will likely go on to become "Water Mules" and fly with Air Mobile.  I believe that John is smiling in heaven.

Meanwhile, Dodd with AirTex was still out there talking to folks about Air Mobile.  This time, he went to Micro AeroDynamics and got a donation of a VG Kit (Vortex Generator) for our little donkey.  This will enable Ti Burik to land shorter and take-off sooner.  Dodd just doesn't stop!  He says there is still room for more "Stickers" (Sponsors) so.....the donations keep coming in.  God Bless Dodd!! Yes, that's me in the middle, the little bald guy.

The list goes on and on with folks that we met.  A gentleman from GE Aviation came by with his son.  We talked serious aviation and opportunities.  Another gentleman who owns 5 FBO's (Fixed Base Operations) and several islands came by and we engaged in such valuable conversation regarding the Rescuer and its further development.  

But the guy that was such a major joy to see was Mark Williams of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).  Mark just retired as Program Manager for MAF in Haiti and is now an MAF "Recruiter" here in the U.S.  I have known Mark for nearly 23 years.  We have prayed so many times in Haiti.  It was really good seeing Mark.  Wow, what a day!!

Well, here we are on Day 4.  Let's see what our Lord has for us today.  We pray the very best for you today and THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

July 27, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:36am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The radar depiction of Oshkosh and surrounding area tells the story of how this day is beginning.  Rain everywhere.  It is good to remember that...."This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it".  And....I have a good feeling about today.  I believe our Lord is going to do something special He did yesterday. 

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  The temperature here in Oshkosh barely touched 80 degrees and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  A steady stream of folks came by our little donkey, including the President / Vice President / Chief Operating Officer of Garmin.  I invited these three to come on an Air Mobile Mission and receive training to become a genuine "Water Mule".  They seemed to like the idea!

Thanks to our good friends at CSI, the stickers of all of the folks who helped in this amazing Make-Over, arrived and Dodd and crew quickly installed them on the leading edge of Ti Burik.  This only added to the "Beauty" of our humble little airplane, that is strategically placed among the sleek jets and such.  The people just steadily came to find out the story on our little Cessna 337.

Yesterday ended with a memorable evening with Dodd's friends.  A faithful group of intrepid aviators have been meeting in  certain space at Oshkosh every year.  It has become a deep tradition to remember the Aviators who have passed on.  The evening was filled with music, good food and the strong, wonderful comaraderie that is found among "Aviators".  Then..... the "Challenge" was issued!

One of the group, Kim, has been diagnosed with cancer.  The leader of this great group challenged the men to get shaved as a reminder to pray for Kim and to stand firm with her for complete recovery from this disease.  One by one, the men came forward to get shaved.  I was willing to pray and even contribute to the Cancer Society but....I did not want to get my head shaved.

Then, Dodd, the "Recruiter", came and we talked.  I met Kim and even prayed for her then....simply decided (with much encouragement from Dodd) to just do it.  You know, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that doing this would certainly be a reminder to pray for Kim and for so many that are suffering from serious diseases.  As my head was being shaved,and as the hair fell to the ground, I suppose a little of my pride and vanity fell to the ground also.  A good lesson.

Please remember to pray for Kim and for her full and complete recovery.  With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  I shared one of my favorite scriptures with Kim found in Matthew 7:7 - ASK and you shall receive, SEEK and you shall find, KNOCK and the door will be opened!

Well, on this rainy day in Oshkosh, we are believing for great things!  We pray that this day will be a great day for you....and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

July 26, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:30am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Many years ago (24), I came to Oshkosh and experienced it.  Never forgot the "Show".  When our little donkey taxied up to the "Center" of this magnificent event on Sunday afternoon, I felt right at home.  I can certainly understand how over 800,000 folks and 12,000+ aircraft come to Oshkosh.  The common thread is a deep love for aviation.  The weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful and our first day could not have gone any better.

Dodd and his team "Stickered" our humble little unpainted donkey and made it quite the attraction.  We soon had a Rescuer up and pumping clean water out of a bucket of dirty water.  Christian and Doug pitched in with some good ideas and soon, we had a little "Jungle" type of setting under the wing of Ti Burik and the folks just flocked to this humble little aircraft nestled among bright, shiny, sophisticated jets and such.  

You know, sometimes, you just know you're in the right place at the right time.  We spent our first day simply telling so many people about what we do and how they could help.  We discussed many phases of missions, aircraft, techniques and needs.  We're being blessed by just being here!

We also met a number of donors who helped with the Extreme Makeover of Ti Burik.  Wow, just great meetings these folks who just gave to our cause so generously.  For example, in this shot, Dave Brown of Garmin and I are discussing a new data link that will give us the ability to have all the latest charts on board electronically.  For years and years, I've lugged big "Approach Plate" books and paper charts on board.  These new avionics revolutionize the way we fly.  By the way, Garmin and Orlando Aircraft Services (OAS) donated a phenomenal avionics package worth over $80,000 to us!  THANKS GARMIN & OAS!!

Many families came up to our display.  As we drove through the surrounding areas to gain access to our location, there were rows and rows and rows of trailers, tents, and airplanes with tarps draped over their wings. 

Again, I just can't express how "sweet" the atmosphere here is.  There's no yelling, no evidence of excessive alcohol usage.  The areas are clean and neat and folks are are just having a blast enjoying airplanes and the wonder and gift of flight.

It was so good seeing my good friend and great Aviation writer James Wynbrandt.  James first contacted me about 6 months ago and wanted to do a story on the Extreme Makeover of Ti Burik.  We discussed the possibility of his joining us on a mission to Haiti.  We had a lot of stuff to carry and not enough airplanes to do the job.  Soon, James got "Recruited" into the mission and actually offered his airplane in our little caravan to Haiti.  So, the writer became part of the story.  Well, yesterday, James interviewed me and the story (very well written) appeared in the EAA publication "AirVenture Today".  Another blessing!  As soon as we can get the link, we'll post it here.

Well, it's time to head back out and get that Rescuer pumping clean water under the wing of our humble little donkey.  So glad we're here.  God Bless and THANKS for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

July 25, 2011 - Monday - 5:25am (US Central Time) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin- Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Christian and I departed Titusville bright and early to clear and beautiful skies.  We made excellent time to Arkansas to pick up Bill Dunklee.  Ti Burik flew like a dream!  Those extra fuel tanks and beautiful Garmin Navigation systems sure made the flight nice.  We knew, however, that we would face a some challenges along the "Road to Oshkosh".  

All throughout our planning for this flight, we knew that we'd face some weather.  As the day wore on, the storms brewed.   Over the years, Bill and I have made many flights together.  I am very glad he was with us on this "dark and stormy day".   As always, we prayed and asked our Lord to make a way through the rapidly growing storms.  HE did!  

Arriving at Oshkosh in a private airplane is an amazing experience.  Thousands upon thousands of airplanes converge on Oshkosh at a single point called "Ripon" Intersection (pronounced "rippin").  Then we "funnel" to the multiple runways.  When we arrived at Ripon, things were pretty quiet, and we slipped into Oshkosh "smooth as silk". 

We were met by our good friend Doug Augustine who lives in Wisconsin.  Doug knows our little Ti Burik quite well.  When Bill donated this great airplane to us, Doug offered to drive us to Arkansas to pick it up (February 2010).  Now, our humble little donkey is in the Oshkosh Airshow.

A few minutes later, Dodd Stretch showed up.  Dodd has played an incredible role in the Extreme Makeover of Ti Burik.  His company (Airtex Interiors) did the beautiful interior and so much more.  Dodd has rallied much support and help from  many in this wonderful "transformation" of our little mission aircraft. THANKS AGAIN, DODD!!

Then Mary with EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) showed up.  Right in the middle of the airshow is a spot called Phillips - Conoco Circle.  This is where they placed Ti Burik.  The fact that our little airplane is not yet painted will draw quite a bit of attention.  We are surrounded by beautiful jets and vintage warbirds.  So many folks will certainly wonder what this rather "homely" little Cessna 337 is doing sitting on "center stage".  THANK YOU EAA! 

We plan to spend the week here telling folks about how good our Lord is and demonstrating our Air Mobile Rescuer and telling the story about the Extreme Makeover.  We will have the opportunity to tell a lot of people about the plight of others around the world who are less fortunate.  Folks, this is going to be a great week!

If you're reading this little blog and are attending the airshow, please pass by Dodd's Booth in Hangar B and we will be right in the middle of all the action in the Big Circle.  Here's a shot of what you'll see in Dodd's booth.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support.  It's time to head over to the airport.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 24, 2011 - Sunday - 5:46am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Well, it's that time.  Air Mobile is flying Ti Burik to Oshkosh, WI, the World's Largest Airshow!  Many will be able to see the Extreme Makeover Aircraft (that is still in Progress!).  We almost got it all done, but the final paint job has been delayed due to an oozing liquid called Corrosion X.  Oh, well, the best laid plan often go astray.  What do we do?  Trust the Lord to work it all out for the good!

We'll be heading out the door in about 10 minutes.  Please pray that we have good weather and tail winds there!

The "Purity Matters" Conference was a wonderful success!  We basically had a full house and this will likely become an Annual Event for Air Mobile.  

Be sure to check back as we will be reporting live from Oshkosh.  We are projected land later this afternoon.  Have a lot of territory to cover.  As always, GOD BLESS & THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 23, 2011 - Saturday - 7:49am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


This afternoon, Air Mobile Ministries will be hosting our first "Purity Matters" conference.  We are very excited about this event.  It begins at 4:00pm at our ministry Headquarters, located at:  6250 N. Courtenay Parkway - Merritt Island, FL   32953.  We're ready!  Hope you can make it.  

Yesterday afternoon, we drove over to Sanford, FL to pick up our humble little donkey, Ti Burik.  We've been working so hard to get the little mission plane all ready for Oshkosh.  Well, we ran into a snag.  Once the aircraft was all stripped and ready to be "etched" and painted, anti-corrosion liquid started seeping out.  Apparently, the bird had been heavily treated with this gooey stuff that does indeed prevent corrosion, but it just kept oozing and the paint would not stick.  

So.....we're going to fly to Oshkosh, all stripped and not very pretty.  That will just be part of the Extreme Makeover Drama.  We can certainly say she is a work in "Progress".  If you're planning to attend Oshkosh, be sure to look us up.  We'll be somewhere near the "Center" of the airshow.

By the way, the flight to Oshkosh will help us to get all of the gooey stuff drained and we'll fly Ti Burik straight back to the paint shop and complete the Extreme Makeover paint job.  This was not the way we planned things, but it is a great opportunity to simply trust our Lord to work it for the good.  He promises to do that if we ask Him.

This morning, I'm headed to the airport to replace a part of the static system.  Then will head over at AMM Headquarters for final touches for the conference.  Thanks for your faithful prayer and love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You know, this is just another example of why we need the "Joy of the Lord"......let it flow.  Joe  

July 22, 2011 - Friday - 8:38am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, we got the call we've been waiting for from Ford!  As you may know, one of the wonderful gifts presented by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to Cindy and I was a "Brand New Ford Explorer".  Well, we spoke with Ford and asked if we could modify that gift to 2 Cars (used if necessary).  They graciously agreed.  After a long and detailed, careful search, our local Ford Dealer (Paradise Ford) found just what we were looking for.

We showed up and there were 2 gorgeous vehicles, a 2011 Ford Fusion and a 2010 Ford Escape (just like brand new).  We are simply 'OVER-JOYED' with this amazing gift.  

We're also making good progress on preparations for the "Purity Matters" Conference coming up tomorrow!  The phone is ringing and applications are still being taken for attendees.  We are so glad to be able to bring this vital message to our young people.

Two of our staff members stepped into a local restaurant and were greeted by CBS Evening News.  Curtis, our General Manager for CSA was interviewed by the reporter.  He was asked how local businesses were responding to the "End of the Shuttle Era".  Curtis went on to explain that we have been preparing and praying and seeking to replace the business.  Thus, we are working toward that end.  We are making good progress and are letting the "JOY of LORD" be our strength.  

However, today, literally THOUSANDS of pink slips will be given out at Kennedy Space Center.  We pray for our friends and neighbors and so many in our area.  So many small (and large) businesses in our area will be dramatically effected by the "End of the Shuttle Era". 

So, in midst of economic uncertainty and changing times, our Lord offers to us all - HIS JOY!  Our Lord encourages us to "REJOICE ALWAYS" (even in the tough times).  Cindy and I are rejoicing that we have the wonderful privilege to share an important message with our young people stating that "PURITY MATTERS".  We are so thankful for the goodness of our Lord.  May you blessed today and THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

July 21, 2011 - Thursday - 7:06am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


At 5:56am our house shook with 2 large sonic booms.  Atlantis was seconds from touchdown.  Mission Accomplished!  The 30 year Shuttle Era just came to an end.  For many in our area, this is a sad day.  At the same time, we can look back on an amazing era of manned space flight.  So much has been learned and so many incredible feats have been accomplished by the Space Shuttle Program.  The question that many are asking is, "Where do we go from here"?  That is  yet to be determined.  We pray that our leaders will have wisdom and direction.

We're working hard to get ready for the "Purity Matters" Conference at our Air Mobile Headquarters in Merritt Island, FL. this coming Saturday (July 23rd).  We sure hope you can attend, particularly if you have teens.  This conference is so important.  Click here for more details - INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS" .

I called upon my old and dear friend, Joe Polozola to come over and help with some plumbing challenges.  I have known Joe for 45 years!  Joe is the one whom our Lord used to bring me to the Cross.  I am forever thankful to Joe for his persistence and obedience.

We are also getting very close to the Oshkosh Airshow.  We are hoping and praying that our aircraft, Ti Burik, will have the paint job finished in time.  Many are working very hard to get this accomplished.  I'd also like to mention, our dear friend, Dodd Stretch who did the Make-Over interior.  Dodd has done so much more in this whole operation.  He has helped to coordinate so many aspects of the Make-Over.  THANKS DODD (The Ramrod).

Well, today, have a lot things to do.  Now that the Shuttle Space Era is officially over, we have to continue to replace the Space Center business.  We are making solid progress in a number of new arenas, but have yet to "Close" the accounts.  Please pray that we have success today. God Bless and thanks for your love and prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe

July 20, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:31am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, our Air Mobile Team headed to the Port-Au-Prince Airport bright and early, fueled the Cessna 206 and headed back to the U.S.  Had a superb flight back.  Jamie and I have used these last 2 Haiti flights to really "tweak" the performance of this beautiful aircraft.  I must tell you, Jamie has a great aircraft and we are so thankful for his willingness to share it, along with his gifts with Air Mobile.  

There was a bit of weather to the right of our course and to the left of our course, but our Lord gave us a beautiful, clear passage right down the middle.  We have seen this so many times.  It MUST be an answer to prayer!

Now, I have a surprise for you!  As I shared, we were able to bring Parvati Shallow to Haiti with us over the weekend.  Well, she has a show called "Around The World For Free" on CBS. Here is the clip of how all of this came about - There will be a quick commercial then comes how all of this came about - PLEASE click here to see it -  AROUND THE WORLD FOR FREE - HOW PARVATI CONTACTS AIR MOBILE JOE

Now, as you can see, the last 72 hours have been a fast, amazing journey.  Well, not really, it's just a typical Air Mobile Mission.  I hope you took a moment to see how this last Air Mobile Mission came about.  Now, I have another Episode (Day 11) to share with you.  Remember, just wait for the commercial to finish and you will see what happened next on our Epoch, rapid, whirlwind trip with Parvati - CLICK here to see it - AROUND THE WORLD FOR FREE - AIR MOBILE JOE SHOWS PARVATI HAITI

On this mission, we were able to give you a real "Inside" view of an Air Mobile Mission and introduce you to Parvati.  We are so thankful to have been able to help Parvati get to Haiti in her amazing journey around the world.  Also, we were able to get more Rescuers up and ready for action.  Truly, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED......FOR NOW!  

The mission goes on.  Today, Cindy is already "on-site" at the Air Mobile Headquarters getting ready for "PURITY MATTERS" Conference coming up this Saturday evening.  For more details, Click here - INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS" .  We hope to see you there.

You know, as I think about how Jamie and Amy just dropped everything and came on this last Air Mobile Mission, I am reminded of how so many Volunteers help us do what we do.  I am forever thankful to you for standing with us with your prayer, love and support.  God Bless and THANKS AGAIN!   

Air Mobile Joe

July 19, 2011 - Tuesday - 5:16am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Got up early yesterday, got on the little mission motorcycle and headed to the Tent-City to get Pastor Volny.  He was right there waiting for me.  We "zipped" our way through Port-Au-Prince and out through Carrefour to the Adventist Hospital.  Had tried to phone Nathan, our good friend, but the phones were not "connecting".  Simply showed up and "ASKED" for some help for our Pastor Volny.  At least we wanted a "second" opinion regarding his surgery.  Nathan graciously agreed to help and Air Mobile agreed to pay for any services or necessary surgery.  I left the good Pastor in Nathan's and the Lord's hands.  Please remember to pray for Pastor Volny.  

From the Hospital, headed back to the Airport.  Needed to keep the "connection" going regarding the "Officializing" of the Air Strip in Medor (the isolated mountain runway we've been working on with Remote Area Medical).  Walked in and there right before me was the man that I needed to see (perfect timing for SEEKING).  I then continued to KNOCK for the door to be opened.  I received another good direction with the phone number of the next man that I need to contact regarding the opening of Medor.  The "Mission" continues.

Then, dashed back to our "Village".  I forgot to mention that I left Jamie and Amy in charge of testing about 20 electronic components for the Rescuer.  We are PREPARING for what lies ahead.  Upon return, this "Water Mule" in training had already tested all of the components and was knee deep into diagnosing a couple of other units that needed attention.  Jamie is a quick study and Amy was right by his side being trained by Jamie.  No question, these guys have become "CERTIFIED WATER MULES".

Remember Parvati and her mission of "Going Around The World For Free".  Well, she wanted to see an actual Resucer in "action".  On our last mission here to Haiti a couple of weeks ago, I had wanted to check on a couple of units in operation in Caberet area (about 30 miles north of the "Village") but simply ran out of time.  Here was the perfect opportunity.  

We loaded up and headed there.  We were met by the Haitian staff member and he graciously showed us where the units were.  The machine was actually in operation as we arrived.  This was so good seeing the unit being used as designed.  This mission purifies over 100 gallons per day, every day.  That means that the Air Mobile Rescuer purifies about $350 Haitian dollars per day and that money goes straight to the Mission's "Bottom Line" (approximately $45 U.S. dollars per day!).  And....they get very clean water into the hundreds of children that they minister to daily!

We also found that their second unit (that is used in their school) was not in operation.  Well, we brought a refurbished unit with us.  We soon had 2 units up and going.  Also, school will soon be starting and their second unit is now in operation.   Meanwhile, Parvarti and her camera-man captured the whole thing on film.  Be looking for the Episode at .  

We returned to the "Village" .  It had been a long day.  Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and I played Yahtzee.  I'm so glad that Parvati is getting to know Barb.  She'll spend a few more days here in Haiti after we depart.

Well, the sun has just risen and we have another day before us.  We'll see what our Lord has for us to do today.  THANKS, as always for your love and prayer and support.  We definitely are getting more PREPARED for the days ahead.

Air Mobile Joe   

July 18, 2011 - Monday - 5:49am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, we met at Space Center Executive Airport.  Jamie and his wife Amy landed right on time.  We fueled his beautiful Cessna 206 and then began the delicate / precise loading.  Our team was headed to Haiti.

At exactly sunrise, we rolled down the runway headed first for Exuma Island in the Bahamas, our fueling stop.  All went well.  

How did this mission come about?  It began on Friday morning.  I awakened early with Haiti on my mind. Now that's not unusual, but the thought was so strong that I needed to get to Haiti soon.  I have been writing about the Cholera Surge and there is a need to get ready by having as many water purifiers ready as possible.  Then came the phone call.

Cindy called to tell me about a young lady that really needed to get to Haiti and that I should call her.  I did.  The young lady was Parvati Shallow, a "Surivior" winner.  She is now doing a Reality show named "Around the World for Free".  She travels on others peoples kindness and helps along the way.  A "Mission" was rapidly coming together.  You may go to: to follow Parvati's Journey.

After speaking with Parvati and explaining that our mission aircraft was in the paint shop, I thought of Jamie.  Recently, Jamie "loaned" us himself and his aircraft for a mission to Haiti.  Jamie is rapidly becoming a great "Water Mule".  Within minutes, Jamie agreed to the mission with one stipulation; he needed to bring his wife, Amy.  Great.  Things were coming together.  

Everything went into "High Gear".  Parts for Rescuers were secured.  Flight planning was done.  Thanks to Southwest Chuck, a "Free" Ticket was provided by Southwest Airlines and Parvati flew into Orlando.  She and her camera man slept in our home and yesterday morning, we were airborne right on time and headed to Haiti!

After arriving in Haiti, and unloading our vital supplies,  we went to CaananII to check on things.  I met with my dear friend, Pastor Volny.  I found out that he may need an operation.  Pastor Volny is the "glue" that holds this rambling tent city together.  Over this last year, my love and respect for this precious man has only grown.  This is surely one of the reasons that I felt so compelled to get to Haiti at this time.  We'll be bringing the good Pastor to a local hospital this morning for another medical opinion.  Please remember him in prayer!

In just a few minutes, I'll be getting Jamie and Amy on the task of testing and rebuilding Rescuers.  I have said this so many times, but Air Mobile is so BLESSED by people like Jamie and Amy.  We'll be bringing Parvati with us to see a bit more about Haiti.  Well, time to get on with the day.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

July 17, 2011 - Sunday - 4:03am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Have some friends in and up early this morning.  Been working on getting the pieces ready for our next mission.  The other evening, "Delta Rose" brought over a bunch of new shoes.  This is always  a good thing to  bring into Haiti.  There' s still so much debris and sharp objects everywhere.  Folks truly appreciate a new pair of shoes.  This "Brain-child", new shoes for Haiti, came from Rose's daughter, Katie.  Thanks Katie!  In this shot, Peter, Ariana and "Southwest Chuck" are loading the shoes and supplies enroute to the Air Mobile Hangar....getting ready.

Then, our good friend, Larry made up some more electronic components that keep our Rescuers "Rescuing".  These pieces are so important in saving lives.  Really, truly appreciate Larry sharing his "Genius" with us!  

As Cholera continues it's relentless rampage across Haiti, we are endeavoring to "stand in the gap" and bring as much clean water as we can.  We simply rejoice at being able to do even a small bit to help in this fierce battle by bringing a bit of "PURITY" into some very contaminated areas!  We could not do what we do without folks like you!  Again, we're so appreciative to all of you who PRAY & SUPPORT us as we go!  

It's going to be a very busy day.  So much to do.  Time for that second cup of coffee.  Better get on with this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  Think I'll 'RE-JOICE" and be glad in it!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just another reminder of the upcoming "PURITY MATTERS" Conference.  Click here for more details:  INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS"  Joe   

July 16, 2011 - Saturday - 8:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Haiti is definitely off the Media "Radar Screen" and International Relief is dwindling yet.....Cholera is surging in many regions.  The latest numbers are nearly 90,000 new cases have been reported between April and June (a six fold increase!).  We are gathering more water purifier components and preparing for our next mission to Haiti.  Our goal is to have as many units in operation as possible.

During this time, "between" missions, is when yours truly, needs to let that Joy flow.  I have been pondering another important factor in all of this, and it relates to the Cholera surge I just mentioned.  It is PURITY.  Of course, the best way to combat and prevent Cholera is with CLEAN (PURIFIED) WATER.  It is a very simple solution.  

Likewise, in our lives, and on this earth, we are surrounded by many different forms of "contamination".  This is where we need Jesus to cleanse us.  So, my conclusion is that when we are cleansed by our Lord, guilt is also eradicated and then JOY flows much more freely.  There, you have my thoughts this morning.  There is a strong correlation between JOY & PURITY!   So, RE-JOICE in the Lord ALWAYS ....I WILL SAY IT AGAIN - REJOICE!

Of course, we'd like to remind you about our upcoming "PURITY MATTERS" Conference a week from today (July 23rd).  We encourage you to bring your teens and young adults to this much needed conference.  Click here for more details:  INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS" 

God Bless and THANKS again for your love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe


July 15, 2011 - Friday - 8:47am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Kennedy Space Center, FL (very close to Launch Pad A) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Can we have JOY in the midst of uncertainty and seemingly bad news?  The answer is YES! This is the time for JOY UNSPEAKABLE & FULL OF GLORY (As spoken by the Apostle Peter).  As I was pondering this message early this morning, my mind went to NASA and the Space Shuttle Program - that will officially end in 6 days when the Space Shuttle Atlantis touches back down to earth here at Kennedy Space Center.  As a matter of fact, just a few minutes ago, this photo was taken as close as one can get (on a motorcycle) to the very launch Pad (A) that Atlantis roared off of a week ago.

Soon, that beautiful bird will be (hopefully) landing right behind where I am currently standing at the SLF (Shuttle Landing Facility).  As I sit here on this beautiful " burm" with the Launch Pad behind me, my mind goes to the, literally, thousands of AeroSpace Workers that are about to get their "Pink Slip".  Many lives are about to change.  Folks, during times likes these, it's difficult to have joy.  Yet......this is the very time to ask, seek & knock on the door (Matthew 7:7 for JOY!  By the way, this photo is taken from my all time favorite "Burm".  The Ocean is directly behind me and the launch Pad is before me and there's a beautiful "Wing" in between.

So, this morning, the idea came to me to just come on out and take in some History.  Launch Pad A will soon be taken down and thus, the continuation of the "End" of the Space Shuttle Era.  By the way, I am "Badged" to go all over Kennedy Space Center.  But, just like the "thousands" that are about to get their "pink slips", so is our company, CSA.  You see, I came out here to just "let a little joy flow". 

With the beauty of "Wireless Internet" and Mobile "Hot Spots" one can do "business" about anywhere.  So, thought I'd just come up to my favorite "burm" and write the "continued" blog and check some e-mails and make some calls.  Why not?  If one can surround oneself with beauty and majesty, and it doesn't impede the work, then why not just do it.  So here I am.  I so wish you could hear the ocean and see the view that I have.

Well, have a couple of phone calls to make and a few letters to write so....I'd better get to work.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, support and love!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 15, 2011 - Friday - 7:26am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Check back on this blog in about an hour or so, as I'll be writing it from an unusual location.  In the meantime.....ponder JOY!!  Go ahead, it's OK to let a little added joy into your heart, don't think we can get too much of it.  I'm heading out to the spot that our Lord put on my heart this morning.  Check back soon.

Air Mobile Joe

July 14, 2011 - Thursday - 9:25am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The "Headline" brings many images to mind.  As many of you know, I have been pondering/studying/sharing much on "Joy".  Yesterday, in the Fuel (Business Men Meeting) luncheon, my subject of ministry was on "Joy".  I opened my message with I Thessalonians 5:16 that says "Rejoice Always".  If we RE-JOICE, it means to "Joice" again, or have joy again and again.  Paul goes on to tell us how often to experience this "Joy" in one simple word - ALWAYS!

In other words, "JOY" should be a big part of our lives - EVERYDAY.  I, for one, am guilty of not doing that.  For you see, when you travel to devastated and broken and wounded and desperate parts of the world, JOY, is not one of the emotions that readily comes to mind.....when you step into an area that was just pulverized by a tsunami.  Yet.....our Lord, through His Word, urges us to seek and ask for JOY everyday.  

I am reminded of another scripture along these lines.  It is found in Nehemiah 8:10 - "The Joy of the Lord is your strength".  So, JOY brings strength into our lives and we are urged by our Lord to have "Joy" everyday and...throughout the day (always).  Again, I am guilty of not doing that.  For, often, the cares and burdens and pains of this world just chase that "Joy" right out of my heart.  I believe this is why I keep coming back to the subject.  I NEED MORE JOY!

Well, as I was pondering what to write this morning, the thought came to me about just simply "EN-JOY-ING" life.  At first I felt a bit guilty about even writing such a thing.  But the more I thought about it, the more I like it.  IT IS OK TO EN-JOY LIFE!.......even when things are not going so well.  

For many around the world, life is hard.  We are currently in touch with people all around the world that desperately need clean water, they need medical care, they need food and the list goes on and on.  What are we to do to help?  Many times, the needs are overwhelming and often Cindy and I feel like we are only offering a "Drop in the bucket" and the bucket is quite large.  However, we are also reminded about how our Lord took a few small loaves and fish(es) from a little boy and fed a multitude.  Thus, "JOY" returns when we think on the Words & Works of our precious Savior.  

May I urge you today to join me in "JOY".  No matter what you may be going through, simply ask our Lord to fill your heart with JOY.  The day will go much better.  Strength will actually come into your heart and....the more JOY that flows into your heart the better things will become.  This JOY will help you to see things differently.  Hope will return where there was depression and despair.  Folks, I'm "preaching" to myself now, bear with me.

Well, there you have a little blog on "JOY" today.  I hope and pray that these words encouraged you today and tomorrow.  Remember to "RE-JOICE" always!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - In the message yesterday, I also shared on "PURITY MATTERS" and encouraged all to send their teens to the "PURITY MATTERS" Conference coming up soon (July 23rd).  Joe 

July 13, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:40am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Had an encouraging meeting with my Pastor yesterday morning.  It's good to just get together over a cup of coffee and then just pray.  We know that our area, here on the Space Coast, is headed for some very tough economic times with the ending of the Space Shuttle Program.  Yet, we know that our Lord is able to do great and mighty things.  The Kingdom of God works on God's economy, not man's economy!  We're also working on the upcoming "Purity Matters" conference a success.  We want as many young people as possible to attend.

In our quest to secure all of the components for the Rescuer, made another very good call yesterday that will help us to secure one more of the vital components.  Praise God!  Please pray it works out as we move closer and closer toward complete control over every piece of this amazing machine.

At noon today, will be speaking at a "FUEL" meeting.  These meetings provide local business men a mid-week "spiritual fueling".  My good friend, Brian Lightle, came up with this idea several years ago.  It is always a blessing to speak to this group.  When I have to speak, it brings me, personally, to a place to sit and reflect on what our Lord is doing in my life.  Then, when I share it with others, my own heart is strengthened.  This is always a good thing!

If you're in this "neck of the woods", would love to have you attend.  The address is:

Meemaws BBQ
600 E. Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indialantic, FL  32937

Have to head out early this morning for one more test ordered by my good Doctor Steve.  Good time to do "preventative maintenance".  Believe we're headed into a very "busy" season and want to be in good shape.  As always, THANKS for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 12, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:20am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


A report on the epidemic Cholera problem in Haiti, written in March of this year, has re-emerged this morning.  In the report, it is projected that 779,000 cases of cholera may occur and as many as 11,000 may die from this dread disease.

In the report, it further stated that if there were to be a 1% decrease in drinking contaminated water,  there would be at least 100,000 less cholera cases and 1500 lives would be saved.  Without question, the most effective weapon against Cholera is clean water!  Purity does matter!!

The sad fact is that these predictions are on track.  Cholera is re-emerging all over Haiti.  As the rainy season progresses, Hurricane season approaches.  This is grim news for Haiti.  We can stand in gap with PRAYER & ACTION!  Believe me when I say that YOUR prayer is important!  As you read this report, please take a moment....if you have someone close by, join with them and pray for Haiti....that our Lord will have mercy and send the laborers.  

As we bring the Clean Water, we also bring the Living Water of Jesus.  Just our very act of "showing up" to help, speaks volumes regarding the love of God for these precious people!  We are preparing for our next mission to Haiti.  We are gathering parts and if possible, more Rescuers for the upcoming surge of Cholera.  

I communicated early this morning with a dear brother in India.  I wrote about he and his wife last week.  His name is Jai and his wife is Yori.  Yori has had Typhoid 2 times already this year.  The need for clean water in their region is staggering.  In the midst of their own "crisis", this couple is reaching out to many in their region.  They recently launched a Mobile Medical Clinic.  They desperately need an Air Mobile Rescuer for this medical outreach, as well as for their home and immediate village.  We are seeking funding for this unit.  If you would like to help on this project, either click on the donate button (above left), or give me a call to discuss the need further.  My cell is:  321-544-7757.  Cindy and I truly feel led to help this precious couple.

Remember our upcoming conference, "Purity Matters", Saturday, July 23rd from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.  The great event will be conducted at our Ministry Headquarters located at 6250 N. Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, FL   32953.  For more details click here:  INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS"     .  Please pray for this vital event and we hope to see you there along with your teens!  School is about to start and we believe this message on Purity is so important!

Yesterday, Cindy and I had a wonderful radio interview with Patty on "Light Talk with Donna & Friends".  Here is the link to the interview:  Joe & Cindy on "Light Talk" Interview .  In the Interview we share a lot about the upcoming "Purity Matters" conference as well as some humorous and serious things that are going on with us.

Well, this morning, my Pastor, Gary Ginn, will be joining Cindy and I for an early cup of coffee and we will be discussing the details of the upcoming conference.  I'll also be meeting with a prospective pilot for Air Mobile around noon today.  We're continuing to make good progress on obtaining all of the components for the Resucer.  Looks like it's going to be very busy "season" ahead!  NOW is the acceptable time to get ready!  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


July 11, 2011 - Monday - 8:28am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


So good being back with our home church and with our young people (and staff) in the hospital where we're chaplains.  We've been on the "road" the last few weeks and it's good to be home for a bit....."taking care of business".

We're looking forward to a great week.  Today, Cindy and I will be on the Radio with Donna Long (Program - Donna and Friends).  Donna is a long and dear friend of many years and has stood so faithfully with us and this ministry.  The program is aired on WPIO (89.3) here in Brevard County.  It is aired on a number of other stations, but I don't have the list.  It's always good to share the good things of the Lord along with the challenges.  Through it all, our Lord is GOOD & FAITHFUL!

We'll also be following up on the incredible progress we've been making on the completion of the components list for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  I can't begin to describe to you how good it will be to have complete control over all the components.  This will enable us to manufacture "unlimited" quantities of Rescuers.  May I urge you to please continue to pray for us as we "gather these components".  

We're also doing follow-up on the prospective new clients for the cartridge company (CSA).  In the midst of grim economic news in our area (End of the Space Shuttle Era) and literally thousands and thousands of lay-offs, we are believing God for great things!  We're also praying for so many here who are facing lay-offs and long-term unemployment.  With God....ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

This is another reason we are working so hard on "gathering all the pieces" for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  The world NEEDS CLEAN WATER!  We have one of, if not the most, leading edge, powerful, portable water purifiers on the planet.  Let us believe God that we will be able to place thousands and thousands of these life-saving units all around the globe.  We could even hire some of these soon-to-be aerospace engineers to help us with this "Noble Mission".

Well, looks like we have our "Marching Orders" for the week.  I pray that there are no major disasters this week so that we can stay home a bit and work on all this noble quests.  As always, love you all and so appreciate your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 10, 2011 - Sunday - 7:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


A local photo journalist shot me an e-mail asking if I heard about the 7.1 Earthquake that occured off the coast of Sendai, Northern Japan.  Sendai is where the 9.3 quake occurred in March.  Instantly, my mind went back to the death and destruction caused by the monstrous tsunami (60 feet high in places).  It was with great relief that the Tsunami alert was lowered and the reports began to come in of no injuries / deaths.  Having been through literally hundreds of quakes, many following very deadly ones, my heart went out to Japan and we prayed for the millions of Japanese.....that have to be emotionally shaken.  Please remember to pray for Japan this morning.

Also, news is coming in from Haiti that Cholera is surging in the Central Plateau Region.  The number of daily cases "reported" is over 1700.  This is a 300% increase over the March figures. Of course, the rainy season is here and the Cholera spreads like wild fire.  Did you know, that to date, there have been over 370,000 "reported" cases of Cholera and over 5500 recorded deaths?  

I am thankful, that you and others helped us to bring and deliver 5 Air Mobile Rescuers to the Gonaives region last month (Central Plateau Region).  We want to return as soon as our "Little Donkey", Ti Burik gets the paint job, but that is still several weeks away.  Looks like we're going to have to borrow a "friends" airplane again.  We have components and supplies to deliver, along with several more Rescuers.  PLEASE PRAY for Haiti and those that are fighting this dreadful disease.

There is much talk about how Cholera came to Haiti and who brought it here.  At this point, that is not important.  The thing that is important is:  The disease is here and we must fight the good fight to save lives.  Cholera can be treated quite easily.  Get clean water into the victim.  It can be prevented quite easily by people drinking clean water BEORE they become a victim.  Please pray that we will be able to get back to Haiti soon with more Rescuers and that we will be able to service / remanufacture as many units as we can to keep that clean water flowing!

Yesterday, Southwest Chuck and I replaced a few minor pieces on the Goldwing and inspected it thoroughly from the inside out. Oh my, what a clean, well engineered bike.  We are so thankful to Chuck for sharing his many gifts with us including helping our Air Mobile Team to travel all over the place at no charge!

Cindy and I waited out a few afternoon rain showers, then threaded our way along beautiful back country roads to the beautiful home of Randy and Lucy West.  Have known Randy for 25 years!  Met him "by chance" at a small airport just north of Orlando.  An instant friendship was established that has only grown over these many years.  Randy has courageously joined me on many an "excellent adventure".  Well, tonight's dinner was to celebrate Lucy's birthday.  Cindy and I were honored to be invited .

We were able to share story after story about our "crazy" adventures in the "Cause of Christ" and bringing clean water to the thirsty and desperate.  Of course, everyone loved the "Old Goldwing".  Can you believe this beauty is 16 years old and has over 90,000 miles.  I appreciate the gift of our Lord that allows us to have a bit of fun in the midst of the battle.

Lucy (The Birthday Girl) is on the right, then Randy and his Mom, Phyllis.  Well, I offered each of the Ladies a Goldwing Ride.  They all took me up on it, including Randy's Mom!  She informed me that she reads the "Rambling Air Mobile Joe Blog" every day!  What a wonderful evening we had.  By the way, doesn't the old Goldwing look great.  I love how our Lord can use our "toys" for His kingdom.  

Well, it's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for Church.  Then off to the Hospital to minister with those precious young people and staff.  I know I say this often, but mean it from my heart, THANK YOU for "threading through" the long and winding road of my little blog.  Thank you for your prayer and love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    


July 9, 2011 - Saturday - 6:45am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


After a remarkable breakfast with a group of "Veterans", Dr. Winn and I headed over to get Air Mobile Joe a "back-up pair of eyeballs" (extra glasses), thanks to the generosity of Lensecrafters.  As you know, we travel to some pretty exotic areas that require transport on a wide variety of vehicles, motorcycles, donkeys, etc.  IF my glasses were to be lost or damaged, I'd be in a "pickle", thus the spare pair.  We're even making some prescription sunglasses.  Now that's cool.  

During the wait for the glasses, we saw the clouds part just a bit, and against strong odds, they lit the fires and Atlantis launched into outerspace FOR THE LAST TIME!  It was a dramatic and sad moment as we watched that beautiful space craft with all that thrust lumber off the pad and scoot into the heavens.  

A number of years ago, I actually flew for NASA and was part of the launch team.  Actually been on-board the Atlantis a number of times and sat in the "left seat".  Many memories of an amazing era.  The big question is:  WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?  Many, in our "neck of the woods", are asking that question.  We pray the mission goes extremely well and we salute the Astronauts and the entire launch team and say, "BON VOYAGE" ATLANTIS!

Since a significant amount of our cartridge business CSA (Cartridge Source of America) is done at Kennedy Space Center, this final voyage has even more meaning for us.  Been working diligently to expand our business into other arenas in our area.  Yesterday was a notable day, as we made a number of excellent contacts with some of these prospective clients.  We pray that they seriously consider CSA.

We've also been putting the "Pieces" together to manufacture all of the components for the Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier.  Again, yesterday, a number of contacts were made that are bringing us closer and closer to having all of the components necessary to make as many Rescuer's as we want.  We still have a ways to go, but yesterday was a "Good Day" in our journey!  Meanwhile, we do all we can to keep the clean water flowing!

Today, Southwest Chuck and I will be doing some work on the "Goldwing".  We'll be changing out a few pieces and this will allow us to really get "inside" and look around.  The last time Cindy and I took this beautiful "old" bike out on the road, we went nearly 400 miles and spoke at a Youth Camp and demonstrated the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Later this afternoon, after we've done our good inspections, Cindy and I will be on another mission meeting with some dear friends and discussing the "Ventures of Air Mobile".  We're hoping it doesn't rain.

Time to get ready to go turn some wrenches on a beautiful old bike.  God Bless and as always, THANKS for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 8, 2011 - Friday - 4:45am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early heading out to meet with Dr. Sam (a long-time friend & my eye Doctor) who is going to introduce me to some former Marines.  These guys get up early and have breakfast together and have done so for years.  Dr. Sam thought it time for me to meet them.  He thought it important about to leave to meet these guys.  Some of them were Marine Aviators, so I suppose, we'll have a lot to talk about.  Looking forward to the breakfast and the meeting.

We had extensive planning and strengthening meetings yesterday.  One of the good things about being home for a bit is "taking care of business".  Gotta do it!  Cindy and I are so THANKFUL for folks who are genuinely interested in helping us position Air Mobile for great ministry ahead.  One has to have a solid foundation.  This ministry consulting is simply invaluable in helping us to do so.  Also, so good getting other perspectives regarding operations.  Praise God for wise counsel.

We were so blessed to hear from Nathan and Amy yesterday afternoon.  This couple works in Haiti at the Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, a sprawling, very poor community near Port-Au-Prince.  Cindy and I love the hospital where they serve.  Our Lord has used that hospital to save Cindy's life on more than one occasion and we have sent literally hundreds (if not more) there for life-saving treatment.  

Nathan and Amy were "Stateside" for a bit of R&R and came by to see us yesterday evening, just in time for Pizza.  Oh, it was so good seeing them and just having Prayer and Praise time. Dr. Sam had was here when they came so we had a Party.  Ariana really attached to Amy and we just laughed and prayed and had a marvelous time in the Lord.  We also discussed upcoming missions, the need for clean water ways that we can work together in the days ahead.  We really love these guys!

You know, Cindy and I simply love Haiti and miss being there.  It's very nice when "Haiti can come to you" as was the case with Nathan and Amy yesterday evening.  Well, I see it's 5:00am and if I don't head out the door, will be late for the "Marines".  Gotta go.  Love you all and THANK YOU for standing with us!!

Air Mobile Joe  

July 7, 2011 - Thursday - 9:07am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


May I say, it's good to be "home" for a little while.  Yesterday, heard about a fairly large earthquake (7.8) in New Zealand area. We just held our breath.  It occurred in the ocean, there was a tsunami alert, but it was lifted.  We breathed a sigh of relief.  Hope & pray that the "disasters" hold off for a bit.  

Had an interview for East Coast Christian Center (ECCC) yesterday.  It was such a joy to discuss the amazing, EXTREME Transformation that our family experienced in January.  The implications from these amazing blessings are continuing and we REJOICE!  Pastor Dan of ECCC will be preaching on "Transformation" this Sunday and will use what happened to the Hurston family as part of his illustration.  Our Lord is faithful and good!

Last night, we were with Christian and Ann Marie (my son and daughter in law).  We were going over the music and layout of the "Purity Matters" conference coming up on July 23rd.  We are so glad to have them participate with us.  Hope you're making plans to attend or send someone and most important, to PRAY for this important conference.  The fact is "PURITY DOES MATTER".  This is demonstrated so clearly when we drink IMPURE water.  The results are not pretty.  It is the same with our hearts.  

We're working on helping some very needy folks in India get clean water.  Sickness and disease are rampant in this area as a direct result of contaminated water.  We're gathering information and funding has begun to come in for a water purifier for them.  We're now working on the best way to get the unit to them once the funding is in place.  Please pray we are able to get them a unit quickly.  

Today, we are having a very important "structural" meeting for Air Mobile Ministries.  One of the incredible blessings we received from the Extreme Make-Over is Ministry Consulting funded by Bank of America and delivered by Rollins College in Orlando.  Rollins has an excellent Non Profit Program that helps organizations such as Air Mobile really solidify its ministry.  We are looking forward to the upcoming meeting this afternoon.

Heard from Executive Jet in Sanford, FL yesterday.  Little Ti Burik is getting all prepped for the new paint job.  It will be so good to have that completed.  We're so thankful to so many that have helped us with the "Make-Over" of our little donkey.  Should be done in a few more weeks.  Then, we'll fly up to Oshkosh, the huge airshow in Wisconsin.  There, so many will be able to see "What the Lord has done"! Then.....ahhh, back to regular flights to Haiti!

Time to get on with the day.  THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 6, 2011 - Wednesday - 8:56am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Been up early this morning....but just had my first cup of coffee.  The reason:  blood work.  My great friend and personal doctor, Steve Badolato ordered a battery of tests for "Preventative Maintenance" on Air Mobile Joe.  Just got home and....  Ahhh, the coffee tastes great.  We trust all the blood-tests will come back good.  

I, like most of America was shocked by the verdict on Casey Anthony.  There is much that I could say, but I will simply say, we should absolutely put our trust in in the Lord and not in man.  One thing is for sure, our Lord is absolutely "Just" and will judge accordingly.  Now, the beauty of the Gospel is that our Lord Jesus has made a "Way" for us to the Father's Heart through the Cross and the precious blood of Jesus.  The truth is:  We all need the Savior!  And like Forrest Gump, "that's all I'm going to say about that".

In just a few minutes, a film crew will arrive at our home from East Coast Christian Center, a GREAT Church in Merritt Island.  Pastor Dan Staubaum is a long and dear friend.  Now get this; yesterday I received a call from Tina, his Assistant.  She informed me that Pastor Dan was going to be preaching on "Transformation" this Sunday.

I instantly asked if she had read my blog.  She had not.  I went on to explain how our Lord had put "Transformation" on Cindy and my heart in the "wee" hours of Monday morning.  I wrote about it in Monday's blog (scroll down a few days and you'll see it).  I directed her to the Blog and she could see that we had indeed been "truly moved" by the Lord regarding the need for "Transformation" both in our country and around the world.  No question,  Pastor Dan and I are on the same page.

In the meantime, we're moving diligently on getting more water purifiers built and funded.  We're seeking funding for some very special requests for water purifiers that have just come in.  We're preparing an E-Newsletter and you should be getting it sometime later today giving more details.

The film crew from East Coast is coming over to interview me and we're going to discuss the "Transformation" that we received with our new home.  It is amazing what our Lord can do and He can do it QUICKLY!  Remember, they built our beautiful home in 106 hours!!!  Now, my friends that is truly amazing!  Just the simplest "permitting" to put in some tiny little change on your home could take 106 hours.  Remember, we serve a might God.  

In this old world, things are happening very rapidly.  We are seeing our "youth" mobilizing in the "Flash Mobs" doing bad things.  Just read about an angry "Flash Mob" gang that attacked a store and on the way out of their crime, brutally beat an innocent pedestrian.  At the same time, remember, our Lord is a mighty God.  He is looking for servants who will believe Him to do mighty things quickly.  Well, there you have a bit of what is going on in our hearts. 

I am reminded of the Scripture in Mark 9:23 where Jesus challenged us "If thou can believe, ALL things are possible".  The answer, "Lord I my unbelief".  Ponder this today.  With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and.....He can even help us with our unbelief.  Lord, help me today to believe You for great and mighty things!

We thank you for your love and prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

July 5, 2011 - Tuesday - 8:49am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We had an excellent flight from Providence, RI to Orlando yesterday evening.  The pilot maneuvered over 500 miles off the direct route to avoid storms along the east coast.  He did a superb job.  Thanks again, Southwest for helping us to  "'Freely' Move us about the Country". We arrived home after midnight.  We had a marvelous time in the Northeast visiting with family and reflecting on our Country, our ministry and what our Lord wants us to do.  These are good things to ponder.

Now, we're back at our home base here in Cocoa and looking forward to what lies ahead.  We're preparing water purifiers for our next mission to Haiti.  Our precious little Ti Burik (mission aircraft) is being painted.  We've processed scores of e-mails since the re-run of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition for the Hurston Family.  We've made a lot of new friends and a number of you have joined our "rambling DAILY blog".  Glad you're here!

In the course of responding to the mountain of e-mails, we have uncovered some very serious needs for clean water.  We've been researching and PRAYING about ways and means that we can help.  Please join us in prayer for us to be directed by our Lord in these matters.

Yesterday, Cindy and I were discussing the blog. The word "PURITY" kept coming up.  We have been planning the conference "Purity Matters" for some time now.  We see such a need among young people to seek and maintain purity.  This is such a needed message today (it has always been a vital message, not just today).  

We suddenly realized a strong correlation between what we are doing with water (purifying) and the "Purity Message".  Water gets polluted and contaminated.  It is possible to PURIFY the water making it drinkable.  In the same way, as we go through life, there are so many arenas of our lives that can be polluted and contaminated.  The results are the same as drinking contaminated water....we can become sick and even die.  Our Lord will PURIFY us if we ask Him.  THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL!  We pray that we bring "The Living Water of Jesus" to many!

Well, it's time to get on with this day.  We truly appreciate you and your prayer!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - To find out more details on the "Purity Matters" Conference click here:  "PURITY MATTERS" CONFERENCE .  Hope you can make it!  Joe & Cindy

July 4, 2011 - Monday - 9:29am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Worcester, MA - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Well, here we are 235 years later in this great country.  Happy Birthday America!  We are so thankful for this wonderful country.  Though America has it's flaws, it is still the greatest country in the world.   We, as Americans, have so much to be thankful for.  In this country, we  can soar and do so much for our Lord.  Let us take a moment and give thanks for America!

We had a beautiful, inspiring, drizzly day yesterday.  We began with breakfast with Shaun Lesperance.  We have known Shaun for many years.  Cindy taught Shaun when he was a young teenager in Sunday School at the "Mill" Church.  This young man has always had a strong desire toward serving our Lord in missions.  We are so glad that he has entered into the medical field and now is pursuing his Doctorate in Nursing.  You may recall that Shaun, Barb and I embarked on a critical mission to the Philippines following 4 deadly Cyclones in 4 weeks (May 2008).  Then Shaun joined Cindy and I in Haiti.  Since, he has gone on multiple missions.  We are so proud of Shaun and his commitment to Jesus!  We had a ball catching up and enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Broadway Diner in downtown Worcester.

From breakfast, we headed to the Woo.  Love that name.  God is "Wooing" you!  This church meets in an old Pilgrim Church that was actually built in 1887.  I reported in yesterday's blog that it was built in 1836.  Ooops, a little off, but still quite old.  The young pastor, Pastor Lucas, truly inspired us yesterday with an amazing message on transformation.

The Woo attracts young people.  The music was incredible.  We know a number of the members of the worship band from "The Mill".  It is so cool watching these young people grow up and get married, have children, become, in some cases professionals, and above all, continue in their walk with the Lord!  In this shot, I caught the worship band rehearsing.  It was good to show up early and both visit and observe.  This magnificent church was "hand built" out of wood and stone.  It was still so incredibly beautiful inside.  I am reminded that the artisans built this masterpiece without computers and for the most part by hand and with love.

Pastor Lucas delivered an amazing and inspiring message on "Transformation".  He showed a clip about how a number of "hotspots" around the world, that had been dominated by drugs, sex and violence have been "Transformed" by massive prayer.  By the end of the message, Cindy and I were overwhelmed with faith and hope.  Thank you, Pastor Lucas for fanning the flames in our hearts!

We then proceeded to Boston's Logan Airport to drop Peter.  He boarded a flight for Orlando.  We wanted to be doubly sure he made it back in time for Church Summer Camp.  Cindy and I watched our 14 year old process through Security.  We were relieved to get the text message that he made it back to Orlando and was picked up by Angelica.

After dropping Peter, we were in Boston on the 4th of July Eve.  We headed to Christopher Columbus Park right on Boston Harbor.  There, we found The Beruit Memorial.  In 1983, 8 brave U.S. Marines from Massachusetts died in an awful, deadly terrorist attack (total dead - 243!).  Among those Marines was Lance Corporal Thomas Perron, Cindy's little brother.  Tommy was an amazing brother to Cindy and above all he loved the Lord.  Tommy gave his life in the protection of others.  We miss Tommy but.....we know that one day, we will be with Tommy again.

From that solemn moment, with a light drizzle, we walked through the Park and simply reflected on both the 4th of July and the price that so many have paid to give us our freedom in this great Country.   

Cindy had remembered so many messages delivered by her first Pastor, George DeTellis.  Pastor George was from the Northside of Boston and would always speak about the great Italian places to eat.  We were now on a quest.  We left the heavy Tourist area of Boston Harbor and got a few blocks off the main drag and found Mother Anna's Italian Restaurant.  We even had a seating area outside where Sammy (our beloved Chihuahua) could join us.  The food....ahhhh, classic, delicious, home-made Italian!  We highly recommend this place, though, there seemed to be a hundred more like it and probably just as delicious (not according to Mother Anna)!  

It was a long day, and we didn't want to hang around for the Fireworks. We already had several days of Fireworks in Worcester and the surrounding areas, so we headed home.  We had much to reflect on and to be thankful for.

Well, in the wee-hours of the night, actually early hours of the morning, I lay awake with my mind just racing.  I gently asked if Cindy was awake.  She had been for several hours.  The message that we had heard on "Transformation" by Pastor Lucas was igniting in our mind and hearts.  

We began to piece things together and realized that our Lord is doing some AMAZING things in our lives.  We chuckled about Danny being "locked" in the bathroom (read yesterday's blog for the details of this rather funny story).  We saw in the seemingly funny story, incredible symbolic meaning of how so many young people are "trapped" by drugs, sex and violence.  We called upon some experienced men of God, Pastor Ernie and Dennis ("Water Mule Extraordinaire") and together, we helped "spring" open the door and set Danny free.  

We went to piece so many things together that are happening in our lives and "hear" what our Lord is speaking to us.  Air Mobile is putting on an amazing Conference titled "Purity Matters" encouraging young people to walk in purity, not only regarding sex, but in all matters of their lives.

The "Fireworks" in our hearts and minds were really going now.  We went on to discuss how Air Mobile is committed to bringing clean water to a thirsty world.  Well, these water purifiers need to be built.  We thought about how "unemployment" is such a major problem in America and particularly among young people.  Our faith was challenged to expand our vision and we saw hundreds, perhaps thousands of young (and old) people employed building water purifiers that will save lives world-wide.  

Remember, now, we were really soaring.  Praise God, in America, we can still build things and conduct business and do good.  We need to pray for our Leaders not to "restrict" and "regulate" and "tax" us to the point that we can't do this!  We chuckled that we were just in Boston Harbor, where a couple of hundred years ago, some folks got quite angry at a government that was restricting their freedom and they threw a "Tea Party".  

We went on to reflect upon a new phenomenon called "Flash Mobs".  Sometimes these "Flash Mobs" are good (i.e. the Hallelujah Chorus in a Mall Food Court or such) and sometimes they are very bad, as in a mob of teenagers suddenly "looting" a store.  These bad "Flash Mob"  incidents are rapidly increasing, not only here in America, but world-wide.  Well, Cindy and I thought about "Flash PRAYER Mobs" that go to the "Hotspots" and PRAY.....SUDDENLY & WITH GREAT INTENSITY!  These "Flash PRAYER Mobs" would directly oppose the "Flash BAD Mobs" with the power of God and prayer.  Remember, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!  We again, reflected upon the "Transformation" video that we had seen in the Woo earlier.

Oh well, after several hours of "Soaring" and reflecting and planning, we drifted off to sleep.  Thus, this late blog this morning.  It's been good for us to get away and have some space to allow our Lord to speak into our hearts and give us new dreams and plans and strengthen the ones that we are working on.  Just thought I'd share a few of things that our Lord is speaking into our hearts with you.  You are our faithful PRAYER PARTNERS and we love and appreciate you!  As always, THANK YOU!

This evening, we head back to Orlando, thanks to Southwest Airlines.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 3, 2011 - Sunday - 7:25am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Worcester, MA - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Cindy's Mom knew that "old" doorknob should have been changed.  It was nearly 75 years old and though lubricated, just didn't seem right.  Well, Danny got stuck in the bathroom.  Danny, who is 23,  is Cindy's nephew.  Believe me, they  don't make doorknobs like they used to.  This doorknob was built like a "battleship". We had limited tools and Danny, though stuck had water and was relatively comfortable.  I didn't want to "tear" the door up so.....I called Dennis.

Now, Dennis is full-blown, certified, genuine water-mule.  I've traveled the world with Dennis and he's one of those guys that can fix anything.  Dennis has a home in Florida and also in Massachusetts.  Matter of fact, when he was a little guy, he used to deliver newspapers right to Cindy's Mom's house.  Dennis was here in MA. , not far from us.  He talked me through a few things, because he knew that old door knob and had seen many of them over the years.  I tried everything.  That old doorknob just wouldn't open.  Danny was comfortable.  I encouraged him to drink plenty of water.

In the meantime, we had also called Cindy's old Pastor, Ernie White.  Now, Ernie, when he as a young Evangelist, introduced Cindy to the Lord when Cindy was 14 years old.  The Salvation "stuck" and Cindy loves the Lord more today than ever.  We love Ernie.  Just before calling Dennis, we had left a message for Pastor Ernie.  You see, Pastor Ernie and Eric had recently remodeled Cindy's Mom's bathroom and the doorknob had been discussed and it was decided to let the "old knob" ride.  

After reaching Dennis, and he was on the way over to help rescue Danny, Ernie called back.  Now, we had two "Giants" of the Faith and excellent "Handy-men" enroute to rescue Danny out of the bathroom.  The stage was set.

Dennis arrived first and tried all the usual things to finesse the door open.  Nothing worked.  Then he brought out "the big screw-driver".  In a matter of seconds, the door was pried open and Danny, who looked just fine after his hour of captivity in the newly remodeled bathroom, was released.  Dennis immediately began "digging" the old doorknob assembly out of the door.  Wow, it was built like a tank, but just finally disintegrated.  

Then, Pastor Ernie arrived.  Now, we had the "Big Guns" here and the old doorknob finally was fully removed.  Ernie will buy a new one and install next week. was time for a good cup of coffee.  

Remember the scripture I've been sharing with you?  Romans 8:28 "ALL things work together for the good, to those that love God, those the called according to His purpose".  How could Danny getting stuck in the bathroom work for the "Good"?.  Well, it did, it brought some old friends "To the rescue".  We had a blast just sharing about the things of God, all that has been happening in the world (Ernie is a master of End Times teaching) and just funny stories of hunting and such.  We could not have scripted a better Saturday afternoon.  It had it all....Rescue, a good cup of coffee and sharing our faith with one another and a lot of laughs.  By the way, Peter shot this photo and joined in our holy revelry.  It was a wonderful experience for my 14 year old.

Now, again, this situation could have been very tense.  Anxiety, angry words, regrets, frustration and a torn up door.  Instead, we all had a good laugh.  Danny was just fine and our faith grew and heart's were lightened.

Oh, while all of this was going on, Cindy, Juliet and Ariana went to the doctor to have Ariana checked out.  Remember the "tick" attack several days ago.  Well, Ariana had some unusual swelling and we wanted to have it checked out.  Turned out to be another little thing and it is being medicated.

The day of "chilling out" turned out good.  Had a good rescue, wonderful fellowship and some good laughs.  Well, today, we're heading to a church called "The Woo".  Great name.  You know how our Lord woos our hearts to Him?  Thus the name of this great church that meets in a building that was built in 1836 and now hosts a bunch of young people who are hungering and thirsting for the Lord.  We can hardly wait for service.

Then, we'll be heading over to Boston to see how the "Patriots" (a lot of New England Patriot fans), up in this "neck of the woods" celebrate the 4h of July.  We plan to hang out around Boston Harbor (remember, the original Tea Party took place up here).  It's going to be a fun day.  Then, we'll put Peter on a plane to fly back a bit early has he has Summer Camp and we don't want to him to miss it while we're "Moving about the Country" on Southwest Airlines....on Stand-by.  So we "bought" this ticket and he'll be sure to be home in time for camp.

Time for that second cup of coffee with Cindy.  Just thought I'd share the "nitty gritty" of life with you and somehow, bring the funny event into a good lesson.  Don't "freak out" when things go awry.  Simply let a little joy flow and pray.  Things usually turn out better.  Love you and appreciate you all!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 2, 2011 - Saturday - 7:09am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Worcester, MA - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Let me tell you, they begin celebrating the 4th of July early up here in New England.  Cindy and I are right in the middle of it.  Last night, we heard some of the biggest fireworks we've ever heard.  Actually, it sounded like a real war.  Explosion after explosion rocked the "3 Decker" (pronounced '3 decka') that we have been staying in.  Folks, these guys really know how to celebrate the 4th!  We're fairly close to a park where 4 full days of fireworks have been advertised's far from over.  At the culmination of last night's explosive event, the sky lit up in a spectacular array of colors.

Meanwhile, been taking this "little get-away" as an opportunity to catch up on our e-mails.  Some of you reading this blog, may have written us and have been awaiting a reply.  Hang on, we're going through every one and responding.  In many replies, we're directing folks to this very blog.  So....we should have a number of new readers.  Welcome aboard our "Journey".  As you can see, everyday, we just write about what is going on.  Sometimes, our Lord gives me a special lesson and I pass it on to you.  Above all, this blog is a good place to come if you want to know how you can pray for us or what opportunities to serve together with us are available.  

In many ways, it's therapeutic for me to be able to simply open my heart and share both the struggles and the victories.  Often, we travel into areas that are truly having a very hard time and the water is typically bad to the point that folks are dying from it.

Last night, received an e-mail from India.  The brother wrote that his wife was admitted to the local hospital the second time in as many weeks.  His wife has typhoid.  We're digging down to get details and see how we can bring "clean water" to his village.  I was up until very late last night going through the e-mails.

A number of folks are working in various parts of the world and after seeing how well the Air Mobile Rescuer works, want more information.  I have encouraged nearly everyone to read the blog and give me a call.  The phone will be ringing today.  

Oh,  by the way, "Southwest Chuck" was able to hand the Rescuer module over to Sister Theo at Orlando International Airport, who is enroute to Uganda (read on down the blogs to get the details).  She should be arriving in Uganda sometime today.  Her efforts and Chuck's coordination will bring clean water to an area that desperately needs it.  All of these folks are volunteers who have responded to our call for help.  Their efforts are making a huge difference in lives!

Cindy, Juliet, Peter, Ariana and I plan to just chill out today.  Tomorrow, we'll "meander" over to Boston to see how they're celebrating the 4th of July.  We'll likely end up around Boston Harbor.  Well, time for that second cup of coffee with my Cindy and will knock out a couple more e-mails before we get the kids up and head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Air Mobile is doing a conference for young people - "Purity Matters".  This is going to be a great event that will strengthen your teens!  The event will be on July 23rd.  Here is the invitation:  INVITATION TO "PURITY MATTERS"  Hope you can come and bring your teens!  Joe & Cindy

July 1, 2011 - Friday - 6:22am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Worcester, MA - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Looks like our Lord did it again!  Southwest Airlines' flights were backed up yesterday morning.  Usually this is caused by either weather somewhere or a mechanical problem that causes a ripple or chain effect down the line.  That seemed to be our case.  Every flight between Orlando and Providence, RI was simply booked.  But God......

The ticket agent at Gate 123 was very courteous, but not very encouraging.  I watched as the lines for boarding filled up and slowly, the "ticketed" passengers streamed into the 737.  The last line was just entering into the Providence bound bird when it dawned on me that I had forgotten to give "Southwest Chuck" the Rescuer module for Uganda.  Remember, we were sending a replacement piece via a Catholic Sister who was going to Uganda?  

I mean at the last possible moment, I zipped my bag open, and called down in Maintenance for them to come up to the counter and give the vital module to Chuck.  In the split second this was happening, the ticket agent looked at me and smiled and told me to go get on-board.  She graciously agreed to pass the module on and I dashed on-board and the door shut right behind me.  The last seat on the plane.....again!  This has happened so many times.

After a perfect flight, actually landed a few minutes early, Cindy, Juliet, Peter and Ariana pulled up and picked me up.  It was only a 45 minute drive from Providence to Millbury.  We stopped and had some "classic" New England Pizza.  It was good to be where Cindy grew up.  We visited with Cindy's Mom and made our 5:00pm meeting a bit early.  Well, as I said, somebody must've been praying!!

Today, we have more meetings and then we'll be free to explore and move about lovely New England for the next few days.  Heard fireworks all last night (at first, thought it was gun-fire, woke up in a cold sweat).  They are getting ready for the 4th of July up here....where it all began 235 years ago.

This morning, Sister Theo and Chuck should be meeting in about an hour or so and the replacement module should be winging toward Uganda.  Looks like we worked out the problem with the other Rescuers and the fine particulate.  We're making more units for Haiti and will be working our next mission there upon our return.

Again, I'm so thankful to you for standing with us and praying for us.  Prayer really works, it really does.  I remember a wise person once said, "If we really knew what happened when we prayed......we'd pray more".  Prayer brings God onto the scene in ways that we can't even imagine.  Kind of like what I was sharing yesterday about Romans 8:28...."All things work together for the good to those that love God, those the called according to His purpose".

No matter what we face, IF we will take even a moment, and pray (if we rejoice & pray, it's even better), things often turn out quite a bit different than if we DON'T pray!  Prayer works and it changes things.  May we (me included!!) remember that today.  Well, have to run for now.  God Bless and THANKS AGAIN!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 30, 2011 - Thursday - 8:09am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Again, thanks to Southwest Airlines, I'm endeavoring to get up to Massachusetts where Cindy and the kids are.  We have some meetings this evening and tomorrow morning.  Though I am "free to move about the country", I must do so on "Stand-By".  Now, that's not too bad, as we often have Plan A,B,C & sometimes D.  Well, today, the flights are pretty full.  

I'm waiting down in the Mechanic Lounge and will be heading up to check the gate in the next few moments.  If you're reading this close to my post time (8:23am), PLEASE PRAY that a seat opens up.  At this point, it does not look real good but.............God!  We've seen things open up seemingly against all odds again and again.

I still chuckle at yesterday's blog and the "Squirrelly" story.  If you didn't get a chance to click on "the link", and you have a few minutes to do so, do it (simply scroll down to the next story).  It's really funny.  As I was hearing what could have been discouraging news about out old "Bounder", I just began to chuckle as I remembered how our Lord used that "half crazy" squirrel to bring Revival (jokingly). 

Likewise, after I called Geico (my insurance company), come to find out it is likely covered and we may get a new frig out of the deal.  So.....there you have it - a seemingly grim story, given to the Lord with joy (and a bit of humor) and it all works out.  Kind of like Romans 8:28 - ALL things work together for the good to those that love God, those the called according to His purpose.  

So today, as you go through your day, remember the wise and helpful words of Paul in Philippians 4:4 "REJOICE in the Lord ALWAY & AGAIN, I say REJOICE".  Today, let the Joy of the Lord be your strength.....because it is!  Time to head up and see if there's one, just one empty seat on that flight.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 29, 2011 - Wednesday - 9:11am (Easter U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Got a call early this morning from my good friend Mike at Eagle's Pride RV.  Mike has been keeping our old 1992 Fleetwood Bounder running for years.  We had a strange electrical problem in the old coach.  Some of you may remember, the Bounder was our "Lifeboat" when our home was destroyed.  We lived in the old coach for nearly a year and was using the bathroom / shower right up to the day of the Extreme Makeover.  We love the old coach.

Well, Mike told me an unusual story about what appeared to involve a squirrel.  Apparently, the squirrel decided to make it's nest inside, nestled in close to the frig.  Well, he didn't stop there.  He went on to strip nearly all the wires of their insulation and made an overall mess.  As Mike was telling me the story, I remembered another squirrel story....and I've given you the link to hear how our Lord can take almost anything and turn it for the good. Just click here for the other "Squirrel Story"  The Story of the Mississippi Squirrel

You know, first, my Cindy got attacked by a rabid raccoon (she's finished the treatments and is doing just fine).  Then she and kids nearly tripped over a rabid bat.  Didn't tell you about this one, but while they were enroute to Massachusetts, while having a picnic, a group of ticks attacked them.  I mean scores of ticks all over their bodies.  Well, they survived that and now....our old Bounder motor-home gets "inhabited" by a home-steading squirrel.  We're having our hands full with critters.  Well, called Geico this morning and have a claim started.  

As is often the case, when such things occur, I remember Romans 8:28, "All things work together for the good for those that love God for those the called according to His purpose".  Kind of like that funny old Ray Stevens song, The Mississippi Squirrel!  I had to chuckle and share the little story with you.

Well, on to other matters.  We found some flocculation powder and this should help the first set of Rescuers to work a bit better in Uganda.  The second team in Uganda had a unit that obviously got damaged while being shipped.  After a couple of calls to and from Uganda, we discovered a Catholic Sister who is traveling to Uganda on Friday.  We'll be getting her a complete replacement module and she'll hand it right to the team upon arrival.  

You know, seems like everyday, we all face challenges.  Some of them little, some big, some aggravating.  In every one, IF we'll PRAY and ask our Lord to take the challenge and "work it for the good", HE WILL!  Many times, all we need to do is ASK and then listen for His guidance.  Well, time to get on with this day.  Will be presenting the Rescuer at a Retirement Home in our community.  Love to share all that the Lord is doing with our "Seasoned Veterans of Life".  These folks have so much wisdom to share.  Really looking forward to being with them.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

June 28, 2011 - Tuesday - 8:03am (Easter U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, a mighty but humble man of God was laid to rest.  George was a dear friend and an amazing help to our ministry.  For a number of years, Air Mobile conducted evangelism throughout the Bahamas.  George arranged all of the details and enabled us to visit almost every island through the entire Bahama chain.  We could not have done the work that we did without George.  He will be greatly missed and I am eternally grateful to George for helping us to bring the Good News of Jesus to so many.  George is survived by his precious wife, Jean and his 4 beautiful daughters and 8 grandchildren.  Please remember them in prayer that our Lord will comfort them in this loss.  

After receiving the call from Jean yesterday, regarding George, my phone rang from Uganda regarding some challenges that a team was facing regarding the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Apparantly, the source of water that they are purifying has an extremely fine particulate level.  We spoke extensively and discussed the means to overcome this challenge.  We have placed 770+ water purifiers in 40 countries and tapped into some techniques that we are confident will help this team to pump clean water.  Please pray for Brad and his team in Uganda.

Shortly after that call, we received a call from another team that is also in Uganda (2 calls from the same country the same day).  Their water purifier had apparently gotten shaken up and the electronics had gotten wet while being transported.  I spoke with this team leader, Joe, this morning in Uganda and gave some advice.  We look forward to hearing back from him that all has been resolved.  

You know, it is cool that we can speak and communicate so easily around the world.  I never take that for granted.  It was not long ago that I needed a Short-Wave Ham radio to communicate.  Actually learned morse code.  Now with the cell phones and the internet, we can communicate so easily.  I praise God for this ability.

The remarkable thing about this communication ability is that even while I am "out in the field", whether it be Haiti or Japan or Indonesia (and the list goes on and on), I can communicate with others that are "in the field" and discuss strategies and techniques to keep clean water flowing.  Also, while we are "solving" problems, we are ever learning new and unique techniques.

Let me give you an example of what I am speaking about.  Yesterday, while speaking with Brad in Uganda and discussing the "fine particulate" in the water, it dawned on me of combining another means of cleaning up water with our Rescuer.  This method actually causes the particulate to "clump" together and sink to the bottom of the container.  The process is called flocculation.  If one is patient, and the vessel is very still, particulate will sink naturally.  But....using this other method, the process is sped up quite a bit.  Now, I like that.  This method should allow our machine to work much more efficiently.  

Well, we'll endeavor to find some of this "flocculation" powder and work on getting it to Uganda and into the hands of Brad so that he can put it to the test.  So, here is a good example of Romans 8:28 "ALL things work together for the good, to those that love God and those the called according to His purpose".  We have a problem or challenge and we've prayed about it and now we're working to overcome it.  In the middle of all of this, we pray and our Lord gives us some good ideas.  

Life is just that way, whether we're here in the U.S. where we have access quite easily and readily to many solutions or if we're out in the "bush" of some isolated country with limited access to solutions....our Lord is there and we need Him.  

Well, have to get on with this day and find some flocculation powder and be ready for the next challenges that will surely come our way.  May you have a blessed day and....THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe