Monday, October 14, 2013


10-14-13 Monday - 9:53 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN- Air Mobile "Retreat" Cabin - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Wow, been up for a while trying again and again to post my daily "rambling" blog and have had some very weird stuff going on. access and am going to just write a quick blog while I've got a signal.  

Drove all day and arrived at our East Tennessee Mountain cabin after midnight.  Slept like a log and just so glad to be here.  The plan:  Write a book!  Now, that's a pretty ambitious plan, but just feel like it's time.  

Just love it up here.  The early morning mist is appropriate the name (The Smokey Mountains).  Am going to post this now, before I lose it.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-13-13 Sunday - 6:21 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Denny's - Valdosta, GA- Air Mobile "Escape" Vehicle - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I delayed my departure for the Tennessee Cabin for Peter...actually, it was for both of us, because we really, really wanted to watch the LSU - Florida game at "Dogs" (our favorite hangout).  Was originally scheduled to leave on Friday but by request (from Peter), decided to leave AFTER the game last night.

We watched a great game (if you're an LSU Fan), between two powerful SEC (Southeast Conference) Teams and....LSU prevailed 17-6.  No "shoot-out", but a very strong Defensive Battle.  After the game, dropped Peter, kissed Cindy goodbye and "hit the road" in the Air Mobile "Escape" Vehicle (our Ford Escape).

Drove until the Georgia Border and pulled into a Rest Area and slept.  Actually, got some pretty good sleep in that little Ford Escape.  Then up early, and drove to a Denny's in Valdosta, GA to blog and eat a good breakfast.

After breakfast, it'll be on the road again and heading to see my good friend, and brother, Ken Baker, a true "Water Mule".  Have a special delivery for him.  

In checking the news and particularly, the latest on Cyclone Phailin, that slammed into India yesterday, was very blessed to hear that the initial death toll is very low due to massive evacuations.  Of course, we are sorry for any deaths, but it could have been so much worse!  Over half a million residents fled the low lying coastal region of Northeast India.

The Cyclone is slowly "slogging" through the region dumping massive amounts of rain and this will cause potentially catastrophic flooding. 

Also heard from some local missionaries, Malcolm and Phyllis Blowes, who are located just north of where Cyclone Phailin made landfall and they confirmed the initial low death-toll.  We're continuing to monitor the situation.  Here's more on Cyclone Phailin - CYCLONE PHAILIN PLOWS INTO NORTHEAST INDIA 

So, here we are together on another "Rambling Journey".  Can hardly wait to get to the little Tennessee Cabin and begin the next book, "Storm Dancer" (we may title it something else, like "Water Mule") but the jury is still out on the title of Book 2. 

I've got this book "inside" of me and it's ready to come out.  I just hope and pray that the "Creative Juices" flow over the next week or so up in that little cabin.  Glad you're along for the ride.  

PLEASE join together with me and PRAY for those millions in India that are suffering at the hands of Cyclone Phailin.  Air Mobile will deploy there as our Lord directs.  Before hitting the road yesterday, called our "Premier Water Mule" (& Chief Rescuer Builder), Rob, and requested he be ready to build Rescuers for India.  He's standing by.  We're also awaiting a shipment of critical components to build more Rescuers.  We pray that they arrive soon!

Now it's time to order a Belgian Waffle and a couple of eggs.  Then, it'll be on the road for Ken and Ruthie's home north of Atlanta.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-12-13 Saturday - 7:08 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been tracking a monster in the Bay of Bengal and, as I type, Cyclone Phailin is making landfall on the Northeast Coast of India.  The death and destruction could be horrific.  At this point, the best thing we can do is PRAY!

It is reported that over 12,000,000 people live in this region and 47% are under the extreme poverty level.  Massive evacuations are taking place and again, at this point, the best thing we can do is PRAY for those in the path. 

A 25+ foot Storm Surge is expected with winds currently at 160+ MPH, with some slight weakening taking place.  This is a deadly storm.  Here is more on Cyclone Phailin - 12,000,000 IN CYCLONE PHAILIN'S PATH  - We'll continue to monitor this deadly situation.

Today, we'll be inventorying and checking to see how many Air Mobile Rescuers could be prepared for deployment into India.  The next few days will reveal much about just what Super Cyclone Phailin will have done and the depth of the death and destruction. Again, we ask our Lord to protect and guide and lead the millions in the path of this terrible storm.

We know some missionaries who are currently in India and we'll be reaching out to them to seek current information "from the ground".  We know how critical clean water is following such disasters.

Later today, I will be heading to the Cabin in the mountains of Tennessee.  Cindy and I have decided that it would be good for me to get away for bit and take a shot at writing "Book 2" to follow "Run to the Roar" (Book 1).  It has been on my mind and heart for sometime to just write this book.  We're kicking around the title, "Storm Dancer".  

This will also be a good time to just "come-apart" to pray and plan.  Looking forward to the next few days in the "Cabin in the mountains".  A wise man of God once said, "Prayer is striking the winning blow...service is just gathering up the results."  Oh, I do look forward to spending some quality time with my Lord!

So, it's time for me to cook a "Country Breakfast" (grits, eggs and sausage) for Peter and Ariana.  Cindy has already headed to a Ladies Prayer Meeting.  We're thankful for fresh eggs from our chickens.  Please remember to pray for those in the path of Super Cyclone Phailin today.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe



10-11-13 Friday - 6:51 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


So, now that it's the "Law", what does that mean for every American?  Many thought that Obama-Care would mean FREE or certainly very "cheap" insurance.  Well, not only is it not free, it's VERY EXPENSIVE.  

Just wait and see what happens when all the technical "glitches" get worked out and you finally "get in" and see just what this is going to actually cost.  Just take a look at this story to see what you can expect - STICKER SHOCK...AMERICANS FLOORED BY OBAMA-CARE COST  

For example, one "poor" student who was paying $75.00 per month for full coverage, will now pay hundreds per month ($319.00) with limited coverage and a $6000 Deductible!  No deal!  And the list goes on as story after story emerges at the staggering cost of this "Affordable Health Care".  Remember, anytime the Government gets involved, costs SKYROCKET!  Here's the story of the 26 year old student  OBAMA-CARE RAPED MY FUTURE - Oh, Lord, help us!

Now, with that tid-bit of good news (not really good news at all) let us go to Jesus, the Author and Finisher (Perfecter) of our faith.  We certainly need Him more than ever to navigate through these turbulent and difficult waters.  

Back to Washington, DC, looks like the "Talks" that began last night have reached another stale-mate but....there is always HOPE!  Again, we continue to pray that both sides will find reason and truth and come to some agreements on what is best for America.

And to further emphasize the "Gridlock", here come the Truckers, the Bikers and the Veterans.  DC will be an interesting place this weekend!

Had a very pleasant and enjoyable lunch yesterday with an old friend, Bobby Burnette of Love A Child Ministry in Haiti.  It's always good to sit down with an old friend and just have some great fellowship.  Love Bobby and Sherry and so appreciate all they do for so many!!

Just checking the weather and have been tracking Super Cyclone Phailin.  Wow, this is a very dangerous storm and literally, millions are in the path of this monster.  PLEASE PRAY for mercy for those who are facing this terrible storm.  Here's more - SUPER CYCLONE TAKES AIM ON INDIA

Now, it's time for me to head out.  Hear the chickens calling (need to go feed them) and have more supplies to gather for "the next mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-10-13 Thursday - 6:42 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While sipping my coffee this morning and pondering the state of our Nation and what a mess we seem to be in, I distinctly recall my own life 42 years ago.  Wow, everything was falling apart.  Believe me, it was bad, real bad....and then....

I considered, for the first time in my life, Jesus, and WOW, did things change quickly.  I mean everything changed, and indeed, things changed for the better.  Our Lord came into my life and guided me out of mess after mess.

So...what does that have to do with our country, or any country for that matter? Historically, when nations have come to Repentance, or better known as Revival, things CHANGE.  Oh, some things take a while to sort out, but the overall state of things begin changing for the better almost instantly.

I go back to my life 42 years ago.  When I realized that God truly loved me and that He would never leave me nor forsake me, and that He forgave me, I could face today and tomorrow, just knowing that He was by my side.  The terrible condition of my life, at the time of my salvation, became more manageable and there was HOPE.

All of this leads me, this morning, to PRAY anew for our Nation to turn to the Lord.  That is when true HOPE & CHANGE takes place.  The fact is, God loves us!  Jesus did not come into the world to CONDEMN the world but to SAVE the world.  I pray that this message goes far and wide.  There is HOPE in Jesus!  I know that if Jesus can do this for me, he can do this for America!

Sometimes, when things look hopeless and the mess is just a "train-wreck", it's good to just go to the Lord and PRAY.  Remember, with God, ALL things are possible.  You see, I'm having to remind myself of these things, otherwise, things can become pretty depressing.  

In just a little while, an old friend, Bobby Burnett will be coming by to have a cup of coffee with me.  Bobby and his wife, Sherry, are the founders and directors of "Love A Child" ministries in Haiti.  We go way back (35 years!).  They have done so much for Haiti and are a tremendous blessing to many!

Again, I've rambled on today and THANK YOU for bearing with me.  Sometimes, the burden for America becomes so heavy, I just have to take it to the Lord and lay it at His feet.  As always, thank you for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-9-13 Wednesday - 6:58 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Any pilot cringes when the FAA shows up and says..."we're here to help".  The fact is, we fly the airplanes and are more concerned about safety and how to make the aircraft fly properly than any bureaucrat ever could (don't forget, it's OUR behind strapped down in that seat).

Yet, we are a land of law and order, so for the the most part, we abide by the laws and try to live our lives as peacefully and quietly as possible.

But....things are truly getting out of hand.  When Park Rangers "forbid" World War II Veterans from visiting...possibly for the last time in their lives, a beautiful memorial in honor to their bravery, gallantry and sacrifice, things have gone too far.

And, Folks, this is the tip of the iceberg (I won't even mention the IRS!).  The Government is now in the business of "Inflicting Pain" in order to "protect itself".  I believe that people are finally waking up to the fact that our Government is "Out of Control"!

The "Battle" going on in Washington, DC is staggering.  There is so much pride and grasping for more power going on.  My simple hope and prayer is that the "Real" Situation will be revealed and that the American People will indeed stand up, and say ENOUGH!

I understand that a bunch of "Truckers" are heading to DC this weekend to let those in "Power" know that a lot of folks are very unhappy with the way things are going.  I am THANKFUL, that we, in America, can still stand up and speak our mind.  Mmmmm....wish I had a truck!

There is talk of a bunch of "Bikers" joining the "Truckers" in DC. this weekend. Just sold my Goldwing...otherwise, I'd consider taking a "spin up to DC" to lend my voice and my heart to those that are making a stand.

And finally, to add to all of this, it was just announced that another Rally, "THE MILLION VET MARCH ON THE MEMORIALS" will take place on October 13th at 9:00am.  Here's more - SUPER RALLY AGAINST THE PRESIDENT IN THE 'WORKS'

And...I'd be willing to bet that the "Main Stream Media" will not show.  Again, my hope and prayer is that those in "Power" will be looking and listening to the people of America.

Wow, just had to get some of the "steam" off of my mind.  America is truly "changing", but as we know, not all "change" is for the good.  I believe that the direction of this great Country is far off course.  It is time to both pray and voice our concerns, and ask our Lord to "Rescue" us from the Government.  Please PRAY that all the Rallies going on in DC will be peaceful but...EFFECTIVE!

OK, now that I've shared with you how I feel about the "Battle in DC", I'd like to share a shot of our newest grandchild with her Paw Paw.  Little Amelie is just beautiful...I'm not prejudice or anything... 

Late yesterday afternoon, we celebrated our daughter, Angelica's 25th Birthday.  We're so proud of "Gel".  She is soon to graduate (with Honors) from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in Forensic Psychology.  We love you, Gel!!

After a feast of delicious Chinese food, we went to see the ducks and geese at a local park.  Gel, often comes here and says it's better than a "Movie".

Well, I did it again..."Rambled" on the daily blog.  Often, it's my "pressure relief valve".  Can't even begin to THANK YOU enough for "rambling" down the road with me.  Above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

10-8-13 Tuesday - 7:16 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this article the other day and thought I'd share it with you today.  Billy Graham, one of the most admired men in American History, will soon turn 95.  He says that he has at least one more Crusade in him.  
As you read this article, note the "clear thinking" of this man of God.  Surely, America is "drenched in a sea of immorality" and the Second Coming of Jesus is drawing near.  Here's the article - "PERHAPS MY LAST MESSAGE": BILLY GRAHAM

Had a list "a mile long" as is usually the case upon my return from Haiti or some other field. Had documents to mail, Rescuer parts to position, baby food / formula to transport, our Little Donkey's scheduled inspection, a dryer that needs repair and on and on.

Meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on the Tropics and watching a few systems that are 'stewing' in the Atlantic.  Again, so thankful for the "quiet" season thus far. Here's more on what's going on - EYE ON THE TROPICS

Last night was the "Walk of Faith" Dinner for our school, Park Avenue Christian Academy. Angelica, Juliet, Peter graduated there and now our Ariana is there.   We love this school!

Well, included in the wonderful evening was "CUPCAKE WARS".  My Cindy was determined to win the "War".  She began days in advance planning her strategy to win.  The Competition was fierce.  

We watched as the Judges sampled each.  Then came the Finalists and Cindy's name was called.  The elimination began and....the "Best Cupcake in the Land" went Cindy! 

Her award winning entry: a Chocolate cupcake with Home-made Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Icing.  It was a hit and oh, 'insanely' good!  Way to go Cindy!!

Is there another "Book" coming to follow "Run to the Roar"? of late, this 'writing' thing has been stirring in my heart.  I think it's time to sit down and just write another book.  What will the Title be?  How about....'Storm Dancer'.  We're toying with the idea.  Please pray with us about this.

So, it's time to go out and check on our precious chickens and continue on with this day and the long list of things yet to be done.  As always, we are just THANKFUL for your precious prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-7-13 Monday - 6:12 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Due to a sudden and fierce storm, the other night, my good friend, Pastor Enock and I "jumped" the fence at the airport to gain access to Ti Burik (The Little Donkey).  Was concerned about it "blowing away" in the storm.  The wind was howling!  The airport Security Guard, whom I know well, simply smiled and told me to do what I had to do.

After a careful scan, there was not a single "Tie-Down" space left.  So, had to "improvise".   In the driving rain, and with the help of a couple of Haitian workers, we found two huge rocks (Haiti has NO shortage of big rocks) and pushed them across the ramp to secure Ti Burik.  

So....yesterday morning, I approached our trusty little mission aircraft and with a little help, removed the rock that was pushed up to the tire on the left gear.

Then, slowly and carefully removed the big rock in front of the right main tire.  

When 'in the field', one must use what one has to get the job done and those big rocks did the job of keeping Ti Burik secure in the  storm.

Now, Ti Burik was free to fly!  After a careful Pre-Flight Inspection and a quick departure clearance, I lined up on Runway 10 and pushed the throttles forward and headed home.

Had an absolutely delightful flight.  There were a number of large build-ups along the route, but they were easily "Circum- navicable" .  

In other words, was able to "Dance around them".....mmmm, that would be a good name for a book - "Storm Dancer".  Something to think about.  

Flew back at 14,500 and the ride was smooth as silk.  Made pretty good time.  Landed Fort Pierce after 4 hours 15 minutes.

Cindy, Peter and Ariana were already doing the Chaplain Service in Orlando, so I went to the local Airport Cafe' and got a cup of coffee and a Reuben.  

Oh, forgot to tell you, forgot my thermos of Coffee in Haiti and on the way back, really missed a shot of Java to keep me sharp in the cockpit.  Ahhh, that Cafe' Coffee tasted good.

When I went to check out, my Card was declined.  Mmmm, something was wrong.  I quickly called my bank (TD) and found that there was still money in the account, but less then when I checked it last.  The Bank put a hold on the card because....they suspected something wasn't right.

Apparently, the thieves (I suppose I have to forgive them), went on a buying spree in Canada and Colorado.  They ran up $800 before the Bank shut off the card.  Thank God that's all they got.  

These "buggers", whoever they are, and our Lord knows exactly who they are, bought some pretty fancy stuff with Air Mobile funds.  They will eventually (or maybe sooner) give an exact accounting for their theft.

Oh well, the bank says that I can dispute the charges and after a couple of weeks, hopefully, get the money back.  

I then, quickly boarded Ti Burik in Fort Pierce and flew up to Titusville.  Secured the little bird and dashed to the bank (they're open on Sunday).  Within minutes, had a new card.  We'll keep a very close eye on the account.  Sure don't like the fact that someone can gain access.  Just another reason to pray and yes, forgive....though, I do hope and pray that the "Authorities" find them and stop them from stealing!

So, it's Monday morning.  Good to be home and have a second cup of coffee with my Sweetheart.  As you can imagine, have a pile of stuff to do. always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe       

10-6-13 Sunday - 5:42 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Spent the whole day in Air Mobile Joe's Depot tweaking and adjusting the most amazing water purifier "on the earth" (in my humble opinion).  Love the machine!

You know, we've been doing this awhile.  We began placing "Rescuers" in Haiti in 2004 right after an "un-named" storm wreaked terrible havoc.  Over 3000 Haitians died from major flash flooding.  Whole villages were washed away.  I'll never forget those images.

I recall, we flew in a reporter, John Torres, along with Judge Robert Decatur, a Tuskeegee Airman.  John ended up traveling to many disaster sites with me and "The Judge" went to work on finding funding for over 230 Rescuers for Haiti.  Our Lord used that tragic flood to bring a lot of help and life to many.

Back to Joe's Depot, at the end of the day, we had 10 fully refreshed Rescuers "ready for action".  Their mission:  Fighting diarrhea, and a host of other water-borne diseases.  These little machines also demonstrate the love of God by bringing help in time of need.

Kevin is on the road to becoming a "Water Mule".  Since he began helping me, I've seen a positive attitude change.  He seems to not get into as much "trouble" 8 year old boys are prone to find themselves.  Our Lord has serious plans for this young man.

Looks like Tropical Storm Karen is "falling apart" in the Gulf.  Thank the Lord.  Just saw that there was an outbreak of Tornadoes in the Midwest with wide-spread damage.  We'll certainly be praying for those folks.

Last night, I found myself with 2 computers and my cell phone desperately trying to stream the LSU - Mississippi State "slug-fest'.  Sometimes, it's tricky to get a signal and hold it...if you know what I mean.  Between all those screens, I managed to, in a very jerky fashion, watch LSU prevail over a very determined opponent.  In the end:  LSU 59 - Mississippi State 26.  Oh, the challenges of being on the mission field. 

So, it's early, the sun is just about to rise.  Have a little quiet time to just reflect on the goodness of our Lord.  Am so glad He allows me to do what I do.  His Grace is Amazing!  As always, I so appreciate your love, prayer, support and kindness.  Thank you and be blessed today.

Air Mobile Joe 

10-5-13 Saturday - 7:58 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The training of Kevin, our newest "Water Mule" volunteer (Kevin is always asking if he can help) continued on in earnest yesterday.  

He's a good and diligent student and was really a lot of help yesterday.  Kevin is awaiting adoption to the U.S.  This can take years.  I've known Kevin since he was an infant.  It's cool to watch him grow and now...he's becoming a Genuine Water Mule.

When I arrived into Haiti on Monday, I knew our "stock"of refurbished Rescuers was down.  Actually, our "cupboard" was bare.  Again, "perfect timing" to keep clean water flowing!

During the coarse of the day, Kevin's little entourage hung out at the "Depot" door watching their 'big brother' working away.  After a while, I let them in and Kevin, with a serious tone explained all he had been doing to help.

One by one, we got unit after unit up and running.  I'd love to watch the expression on Kevin's face, when I cranked up the Rescuer and it functioned just like new.

By early afternoon, our number of Refreshed Rescuers had risen to 8 with the 9th awaiting final testing.  Now, that was a good day in the "Depot".

However, my day was just beginning.  After cleaning up and gathering my tools, headed to the airport to see about getting a couple of "Last Resort Radios" back on-line.  A recent line of thunderstorms and some lightening (the likely culprit) had "scrambled" some settings.

With a couple of excellent Harris Technicians on the line, my computer set up in the Port-Au-Prince Approach Control Center, we went to work.  After a bit, VOILA!  Radio reset and functioning perfectly!

We then headed over to the Control Tower, the temporary trailer positioned in the middle of the field, right next to the Runway and conducted the same adjustments on that radio.  The Haitian Engineer / Technician was with me and he actually did the adjustment.  

Can't even begin to express to you how good it is to help these folks with their Air Traffic Control communications.  Have known many of the operators for 30+ years and it's a real joy working together with them.  I love it when our Lord puts a plan (or Contract) together.  Surely, 'God knows how to deploy His troops'!!

Speaking of "old friends", had dinner last night with Pastor Enock (I spoke about Enock on Wednesday) along with his wife Darbonne.  Toward the end of dinner, Darbonne pointed outside.  Whoa, the palm trees where nearly laying down in the fierce wind.  Enock and I made a dash to the airport in the driving rain and wind.

Some workers helped us to move a couple of huge stones (about 2-3 feet in diamter) to added additional ballast to keep our beloved "Little Donkey" from blowing away. Got home late and soaked.  It was a long and good day.

Speaking of Storms, Tropical Storm Karen is heading to the Gulf Coast.  We're praying for those in the path.  Here's more on Karen - TROPICAL STORM KAREN

So, the sun has risen, the roosters are all worn out and likely sleeping...anyone who has been to Haiti knows that the roosters begin crowing at about 2:00am.  Will work on a couple more Rescuers this morning and may head out to a couple of other "Old Friends" later.

I am so THANKFUL to have you on-board with your faithful prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-4-13 Friday - 6:57 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Kevin has been in the "Village" for years.  He recently turned 8.  He's one of those kids that's always hanging around and wanting to "help".  He's followed by a couple of younger boys and when they "blow" into Joe's Depot, it's like a whirlwing, they're all hands.  They've got to touch every piece of equipment and grab every tool.  I usually have to "shoosh" them out to get any work done.

Well, the Lord dealt with me yesterday and I guess it's time to train Kevin on the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Have seen kids younger than Kevin operate the unit throughout Haiti.  So, yesterday, it began...The Training of Kevin.  He's a bright kid and I know he'll do well.

Spent the morning in the Depot bringing Rescuers back to life and then headed into town.  With the recent storms, had a couple of "Last Resort Radios" operating at the Port-Au-Prince airport that needed some attention.

After swapping out radios and antennas, began to move in on the problem.  Was on the phone with technicians with Harris and looks like we're heading for a solution.

Today, will implement some of the procedures to see if we can get those radios working at 100%.  The fact is, equipment just need attention, even new stuff. 

Going back to the Air Mobile Rescuer, I'm still amazed at what a durable machine our Lord gave us.  We have Rescuers that have been in operation in Haiti for nearly 10 years.  Like that old Timex commercial, "they take a licking and keeps on tickeng"!  

As I was working on the units yesterday, just had to call my good friend, Rolf, the inventor of the Vortex Module and tell him again what a brilliant job he did.  Rolf gives God all the glory!!

Well, well, the storm that we'd been tracking south of Haiti has moved on westward and now in the Gulf and bumping on "Hurricane Status".  Looks like Tropical Storm Karen will hit somewhere between Louisiana and Florida.  

This has been a slow season but...."The season ain't over with yet".  I'm thankful that it's been slow, but now things seem to be heating up a bit.  We'll keep an eye on Karen.  Here's more - TROPICAL STORM KAREN ON THE MOVE

The sun has risen, the good coffee has been consumed and it's time to head into "Joe's Depot" to bring some more Rescuer's to life.  As always, so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!  We're in this thing together!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-3-13 Thursday - 7:19 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, I was at the Haiti Civil Aviation Office and was visiting with my old friend of many years, Pastor Enock.  We first met over 33 years ago.  I was a "Rookie" Missionary Pilot and he was a young, aspiring Pastor and a new Air Traffic Controller. 

Oh, we have so many stories of God's Amazing and Miraculous Grace (incredible sea-rescues, terrible storms, lives saved...souls saved & the miracles are still happening!)  Every time we get together, we just have a blast.  Well, now, Enock is the Chief Instructor for ATC at Port-Au-Prince.  

I had some technical questions about Instrument Approach Procedures, so my good friend and Brother in the Lord gave me a quick lesson. 

Enock is also thrilled that Port-Au-Prince is getting all new ATC equipment.  We can all breathe a little easier knowing that help is on the way.

Upon returning to our Village yesterday, was met by Pastor Etienne.  His Rescuer was in need of some much needed routine maintenance.  

Had a "Refreshed" unit on hand and he was in and out in 10 minutes and now, the clean water can continue to flow.

Pastor Etienne told me about an orphanage in an isolated area and the water was very bad.  He asked if we could get them a Rescuer.  My answer was that we would pray about it.  Would you  like to help??

So, today, the "Mission" marches on.  Will be in my favorite shop, "Joe's Depot" where I bring Rescuers, many of which have been in service for nearly 10 years..."back to life".  Just love my job!  I know that when we "Refresh" a Rescuer, folks are going to get clean water.  Something so basic, but so essential to life!

Whoa!  Here comes Karen!  We've been tracking this system for the past week.  It hung out just south of Haiti for a couple of days and now, here she comes, Tropical Storm Karen.  It could head for Florida or Louisiana.  We'll certainly keep an eye on her!  Here's more on TS Karen - TROPICAL STORM KAREN HEADING FOR THE GULF!

Now, here you are, on this Journey together with me, with your prayer, love and support!  Just can't thank you enough!  Time for me to head into my shop to work on keeping that clean water drop at a time.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

10-2-13 Wednesday - 7:39 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One of the great joys that I have experienced in ministry is bringing Clean Water to different parts of the world.  Of course, Haiti is right in our "backyard", thus, we fly here quite regularly.  

I am ever reminded of the simple and clear words of our Lord Jesus, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink", then the Disciples asked, "Lord, when did we ever see You thirsty" and Jesus said...."When you've done it unto the least of these, my Brothers, you've done it unto Me" (Matthew 25:35-40). 

Yesterday, while eating  breakfast, little "Tasha" was walking through the room with a 5 gallon water jug (empty) and I snapped this shot.  Little Tasha came to our village, very sick and weak.  One of Barbara's faithful helpers, Lewanna, lovingly cared for this little one and brought her to life.  Now, Tasha, just can't stop "helping" others.  She is a very sweet little girl.  This is what drives us to come back to Haiti again and again and again.

After breakfast, I headed into town to a very important meeting with the Director General (DG) Roumer of OFNAC (Haiti Civil Aviation).  The first phase of the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Contract has been accepted and I was presented with the signed copy of the document.  PRAISE GOD!  
We began this effort nearly 3 years ago and our Lord has given us favor and soon, Port-Au-Prince will have excellent Air Traffic Control equipment!

I have mentioned this project to you numerous times through this wandering blog and requested your PRAYERS!  Again, it is with great joy that I can share, our Lord certainly heard our prayers!!

So, the sun has risen, and it's time to head out into this new day...and the adventure continues.  I truly Praise God for this wonderful instrument, the "Rambling Blog" because it enables me to communicate with you and share all that our Lord is doing and also can share the challenges and the needs as we walk along this journey.

As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-1-13 Tuesday - 6:55 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti- Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


There's just something about a Caribbean Sunrise, that is hard to put into words.  So, thought I'd endeavor to "capture" the beauty, but it still comes up short.  This was shot just before the "burst" of orange.

Then, moments later, it happened, the sun peeked over the horizon among the "Cloud Spectators".  It just takes my breath away (glad I'm on Oxygen) at 15,000.  What a CREATION!

Oh, the Little Donkey was easing right through the "Bermuda Triangle" filled with baby food, formula, diapers, medicine, Rescuer Parts, and hundreds of other "little" items essential to running a mission.  Even had a little tailwind (holding 195 mph) for some of this magnificent flight.

My sole Passenger was Mallori, by Special Request from Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress").  Barb needed Mallori to help run the mission while she is stateside getting some medical attention.  Mal's family has adopted 8 Haitian Children and she knows the "routine" of "The Village".

So, as you can see, we flew to Haiti yesterday because it was just time to get back and do some work.  Have some "Rescuers" that need attention, some supplies that are needed and some positive meetings set to get Port-Au-Prince all new Air Traffic Control equipment.

Had a perfect flight (always thankful for those kind) and could see "Invest 97L" brewing just South of Haiti.  That could be next Tropical Storm in the Caribbean and possibly working it's way into the Gulf of Mexico.  Landed with about a 30 knot headwind, but the mountains of Haiti  (and prayer) seem to be keeping that storm at Haiti's Back Door.  "I hear you knocking but you can't come in" (as quoted from a very old song).  Here's more on that "brewing storm" - WATCHING THE CARIBBEAN

After unloading we headed to "The Village" and I settled in.  While checking the news on the computer, could feel an ominous little shaking (had several very, very small quakes yesterday).  They didn't even show up on the USGS Report.

Well, the sun has just risen and it's time to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

9-30-13 Monday - 1:51 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was up early this morning and checked in on the "Quake Count" around Haiti.  Was quite surprised to see the number at 78 for this past week. That is a rather high number, as the usual count is between 35-40.  

Again, we I am NOT saying that Haiti is going to have an earthquake today or tomorrow, am only saying that there is an upward trend in frequency in the Haiti Zone.  You may recall, that Geologists are "predicting" that Haiti will have another major quake in the "near future".  This is the reason we track this activity so closely.

Am so thankful for data such as this.  The USGS (United States Geological Survey) provides this information on a global basis.  It's kind of like the satellite imagery that we get for forecasting weather.  It is also an excellent PRAYER ALERT system that gives us the ability to begin praying for a potential disaster before it happens.  It also allows us to begin to gather supplies for certain regions when we see such increased activity.  I love it!!

If you'd like to monitor earthquake activity in any region, simply go to: and then click on Earthquakes.  The inter-active map allows you to "zoom" in on any region.  There are also links to "Natural Disasters" and whole host of other links.  There, I've shared one of my major "research" tricks to follow and prepare and PRAY for disasters.

So, what's going on with those Storms just south of Haiti?  Looks like they're just "hanging around and stewing".  Looks like this "disturbed area" is bringing some pretty strong storms to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  We'll be keeping a very close eye on Invest 97L.  Here's more on the Tropical Update - TROPICAL UPDATE - INVEST 97L

Just love the early mornings.  It's the most peaceful time to reflect and pray and plan.  Very few things as nice as an early morning with a good cup of coffee and time with the Lord. always, THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us with your prayer, love and support!  Be blessed!

Air Mobile Joe

9-29-13 Sunday - 8:56 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


"Locked in a deepening struggle with President Barack Obama, the Republican-controlled House approved legislation early Sunday imposing a one-year delay in key parts of the nation's health care law and repealing a tax on medical devices as the price for avoiding a partial government shutdown in a few days' time."  Read more of this impending "Storm" here - US Shutdown Looms as Republicans Stand By Delay of Obamacare 

As I mentioned several days ago....from my humble opinion, based on years of observation...when our Government gets involved in a "Project", no matter what it is, things get very expensive and extremely inefficient.  

What would cost you and I, several hundred dollars, would end up costing the government (and really costing us, the tax-payers) hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I've seen it over and over again.  So....for us to sincerely believe that our Government will do a better job on our health-care is....well, rather unlikely.

Let me give you another example.  Some of you may recall that on January 12, 2011, Extreme Makeover Home Edition presented Cindy and I with a brand new home.  Now, you may not realize that this home was built from the ground up in 4 Days and 10 Hours (Total 106 hours)!  WOW!  It is amazing what we can do when we are set free!

Under normal circumstances, it would take 106 hours (about 4.5 days) to get a permit to put in a "sprinkler-system" and, that's if things go very well.  

Now, imagine, your appendix has just ruptured.  Things are slipping fast and the pain is terrible and has to have a "Navigator" to help to fill out the paperwork for Obama-Care.  Folks, believe me, the deep "Concern" that a great majority of Americans have is REAL!

And....if Obama-Care is so good, why are so many opting out of it and why is our government giving so many Exemptions??  Why can't we simply be free to buy it, if we like it, and don't buy it, if we don't?  

Story after story is coming out at the dramatic increases in cost under the "Affordable Health Care Act".  In a number of cases, a 300% increase.  Now, that is not AFFORDABLE.  Again, this is a perfect example of what happens when the Government gets involved.  Here's a story of one family's nightmare - OBAMA-CARE NIGHTMARE

There, I've "vented" about Obama-Care.  After years and years of watching our government and endeavoring to elect officials who will truly do what is best for the American People, I am very concerned about what will happen with this very important issue that is "unfolding" before our very eyes.

So, what can we do?? Well, we can certainly PRAY for wisdom to prevail.  Over the next 48 - 72 hours, things will happen in Washington that will effect every man, woman and child.

In the meantime, we'll keep a close eye on the Caribbean and the "developing" stormy weather.  By the way, here's the latest on Invest 97L, the latest developing area of concern in the Caribbean - Here' more - INVEST 97L IN THE CARIBBEAN

And ....we'll continue to pray for the leaders of our country....that sanity will prevail.  As always, THANK YOU for bearing with me as I often "ramble"down this blog road.

Air Mobile Joe  

9-29-13 Sunday - 2:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes, I just get up real early. Love the early morning.  Checked the weather in the Caribbean and saw there's something "brewing" just south of Haiti.  We'll be keeping a close eye on that.  It may not form into a "system", but it will surely bring a lot of rain and thunder storms.

It probably wouldn't be a good day to fly down to Haiti.  So, I'll spend a little time with the Lord and just soak in His peaceful presence and probably go back to sleep.  Will likely write a bit more later on this morning.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-28-13 Saturday - 7:18 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just saw that Pakistan has been "rocked" by another powerful quake in the same "sparsely" populated region.  No reports of deaths or damage at this time.  The reports on the power of this latest earthquake are varying from 6.8 - 7.2.  

We continue to monitor the "seismic" activity and above all, PRAY.  Over the years, we have found that when there are large earthquakes in one part of the world, there can be other quakes in many different places.

The power went out in the Air Mobile Hangar where our beloved Ti Burik, the Little Donkey resides.  I also have a very cool office inside that hangar.  Without power, the activities of Air Mobile are definitely restricted.  Had to get that power back ASAP (acronym as "double meaning"...As Soon As Possible & Always Say A Prayer).  

Called the Hanger owner and reported the outage.  They dispatched someone to check to see what was going on.  This is what they found....

It appears, that buried deep inside our Lease, we, the Lessee, are responsible to pay the electricity. Never saw it and never received a bill.  

Well.... at first, I was very upset that we had never been told this.  Here I was, with No Power, the weekend was approaching and I had a lot of work to do in the Hangar.  I was "Put Out".  No one likes to have their power cut-off suddenly.

Of course, I went into "Action", got the Utility Company on the phone, explained my plight and began the process of getting the Account set up and...hopefully....the power restored quickly.  The ladies at the Utility Company were great.  They were patient and understanding and...literally, within minutes, the power was restored.  I, profusely, thanked the Staff members that helped us so much to get the power turned back on.

Then, it hit me.  Air Mobile has been getting FREE ELECTRICITY for over 3 years!  Imagine that!  All of the aggravation disappeared and I simply THANKED the Lord for the gift.  There, that's my story for the day....and I'm sticking with it. 

Often times, it is just how we look at challenges.  Yes, now, Air Mobile will be getting an additional bill each month, but....we were supposed to have been getting that bill all along.  In challenges, there are usually "Blessings" if we look for them.

So, today, we continue to carry on, building up supplies for the "Next Mission" and keeping an eye on the events that are unfolding in the world around us and above all...PRAYING that our Lord use us today for His glory.

Time to go feed our precious chickens and head on out to the with electricity...and gather and arrange supplies.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-27-13 Friday - 6:49 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


On Wednesday, I had reported the Pakistan earthquake as a 7.7 Quake.  It has just been re-classified as a 7.8.  The new Island that was pushed up out of the ocean is emitting a flammable gas.  Now, Folks, that was one powerful earthquake.  Here's more - NEW PAKISTAN ISLAND EMITTING FLAMMABLE GAS

Cindy and I, like much of the U.S., have been following the Obama-Care saga unfold.  We are 3 days away from the implementation of this huge law that will effect every man, woman and child in the U.S.  

All I can say is, "When the government gets involved, things become incredibly, more expensive and breathtakingly...  less efficient".  We've all seen this again and again and again.  What makes us think that the Government will do a better job on our health-care?  These are very serious matters and it behooves us all to PRAY like crazy for sanity to prevail!

Yesterday, I spoke about the importance of being directed by our Lord and how we truly want to be in the "right place, at the right time".  I had a business meeting yesterday with a close associate, Mark.  We were discussing the toner cartridge business.  Mark invited another businessman, Dean, to join us.

During the course of our lunch, I could see that there was more to this lunch than just the toner cartridge "business".  Dean, was indeed, searching for a deeper meaning in life.  After lunch, by invitation,  I followed Dean to his place of business and the conversation continued.  I simply told Dean the story of how Jesus came into my life.  This story: to be continued.... 

Often, we are put into a position, by our Lord, to reach out to someone who is seeking a deeper walk with God.  So many times, over the years, I've simply shared how I came to the Lord and what He has done, and is doing in my life.  A wise Pastor once told me, "Son, often, the most powerful message you'll every preach is your Testimony".  Never forgot those wise words.

I, so recall, how, during my "Journey to the Cross", our Lord sent person after person into my life to share the "Story" of God's Amazing Grace.  

Oh, it took a while, and our Lord patiently "pursued " me until I came to Him and asked Him to save me.  He did, and I've never been the same.  Where is our "Mission Field"?  It is all around us and I pray that today, I'll be sensitive to His direction for my life.  May I urge you to pray for Dean, as he walks on His Journey to the Cross.

So, here we are on Friday morning, with the Old World just a shaking, and crazy political things happening all around us and....where can we go?  May I urge you to simply call upon Jesus....He loves you more than you could every know.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-26-13 Thursday - 6:58 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, after the powerful 7.7 Earthquake that hit Pakistan (it created a new island), there was another strong quake (7.0) off the coast of Peru.  This powerful quake occurred in a relatively un-populated region.  This Old Earth is rumbling.  Here's more on the Peru Quake - 7.0 EARTHQUAKE OFF COAST OF CENTRAL PERU  

Of course, we're keeping a very close eye on Haiti and the surrounding area, as Geologists are predicting another very powerful Quake for Haiti.  We simply continue to PRAY & STAND-BY & gather supplies and build Air Mobile Rescuers and....prepare for our next mission.

We're very thankful that the Atlantic and the Caribbean are relatively quiet...for the moment.  We PRAY things remain that way.  Spoke with Barbara in Haiti and all is quiet on that front.  They still need diapers, baby food and formula.  

Speaking of which, just got a call from Vicki of the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) in Merritt Island and she said..."come and pick up some diapers"!  I rushed right over and loaded them up.  THANK YOU Vickie and First Baptist and APC!

I mentioned the other day, that if you'd like to donate some formula or baby food and you live in the area (East Central Florida), give us a call (321-544-7757) and we'll either come pick it up or you may drop it off at the hangar.  I encourage that so that we can avoid paying freight, i.e. UPS / USPS.  We can take that "freight" money and buy more supplies.

Now, if you live outside of our area, and want to give some babies (who really need it) food,  you can hit the "Donate" button in the upper left hand of this "Rambling Blog" and designate a gift in any amount for Baby Food.  We'll buy the food locally and save the "freight".  There, that was EASY!

I have another idea.  How would you like to help us with the fuel to fly to Haiti or wherever our Lord directs us?  Here in Florida, for example, the fuel is almost $6.00 per gallon (in Haiti it is $8.10 per gallon).  

Our Little Donkey, Ti Burik, burns a very economical (in aircraft terms) 25 gallons per hour.  The round trip to Haiti takes about 11 hours or 275 gallons of fuel.  Using the same "Easy" 'DONATE' button, you could buy a couple of gallons or as many as you want, to help us to get TO & FROM our next mission.  Now, that's a pretty cool idea.

You know, as one considers "Going" to help others in need following a disaster (any disaster) it is good to be strongly supported by prayer and have direction from the Lord.  We KNOW, that following most any disaster, people NEED clean drinking water!  That is a "Non-Negotiable".  

Sometimes, it's not easy to get that clear direction from the Lord.  Often, there are a lot of emotions flowing, particularly as we see images of the various disasters and the inevitable suffering.  Often, our problem , is  choosing, which disaster to go to.  

Cindy and I have often faced the dilemma of "Where do we go?" or "When do we go?"  As I shared in yesterday's Blog, for example, about our trips into Pakistan, one does want to have some direction before going into a region of great danger (read on down to the part about "blogging" at the Marriott in Islamabad, Pakistan and later that same Marriott being blown up).  One certainly wants to be in the "right place at the right time".

Now, I don't say these things to create "Fear", but only to say, that we need His Direction, and strong PRAYER SUPPORT!  I often finish my blog with a "THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support".  We really mean that.  And....THANK YOU again!

Air Mobile Joe 

9-25-13 Wednesday - 6:52 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, Pakistan experienced a very powerful earthquake (7.7), that, according to witnesses, created a new Island.  The death toll is 285+ and expected to rise.  The massive quake was felt from Karachi to New Delhi.  Here's more - POWERFUL QUAKE CREATES NEW ISLAND

The region where this monster Quake occurred is one of the least populated regions of Pakistan (thank God), that is why the death toll is relatively low.  This was, again, an extremely powerful earthquake!

I distinctly recall traveling to Pakistan following the massive 2005 earthquake (7.8) that killed over 100,000.  It was so powerful, that it literally "split mountains open".  It was described as "cracking open walnuts".  

Well, along the same lines, the Earthquake yesterday, "pushed" a new Island out of the sea.  Folks, that is some extreme power!  Imagine, living along the coast and taking a look and seeing a brand new island right before your eyes!  See the new island in the photo above.

The entire region felt this earthquake and very strong after-shocks are still occurring as I type.

Pakistan was just in the news due to a massive Church bombing that killed 81 innocent victims and injuring hundreds on Sunday.  Here's more on that tragic and cruel bombing - PAKISTAN CHURCH ATTACK KILLS 81 HUNDREDS INJURED

As I write this blog this morning, my mind goes back to the multiple trips that Air Mobile made into Pakistan and I recall how many kind and wonderful people that I met and worked with during that tragic time.

At the same time, I realize how volatile the region is.  During our time there, I would walk to the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad to write and post my Blog (the Marriott had a strong and reliable internet connection).  Later, that same Marriott Hotel was blown up, leaving a 20 foot by 60 foot crater....many were killed and injured.  

All I can say is, we need to PRAY for those folks.  The words of Jesus ring so true, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink....when you've done it unto the least of've done it unto Me".  Jesus loves the Pakistani people!  "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son...whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life".  

Meanwhile, we continue to March Onward and prepare for our next mission.  Had something very cool take place yesterday.  Was ordering more Pelican Cases for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  I "assumed" that the price would be the same as the last order.  

After placing the order, the invoice was e-mailed to me.  I checked it and was astounded at the price.  I immediately called to discuss the order and realized that if I "bumped" the order up just a little bit, a huge discount would occur.  Ended up getting 2 extra cases at no charge because we entered a new pricing tier.  Goes to show, it pays to check the prices and not "ass-u-me" (I added the hyphens to make a point).

So much going on around the world.  Just praying that our Lord sends us to the exact place that we should go, exactly when He wants us to go.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

9-24-13 Tuesday - 7:01 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's a new day.  That's the beauty of a 24 hour cycle.  It gives us time to renew each day.  In scanning the day's headlines, the Terrorists that attacked the Mall in Kenya (death toll 69) are about to be overtaken by Security Forces.  The death toll has risen to 82 in the tragic Pakistan Christian Church bombing.  Typhoon Usagi has left a path of flooding and suffering in China.  Folks are digging out in Colorado and Mexico and life goes on.

We've been in touch with folks in Colorado. As a matter of fact, did a quick radio interview with a Longmont, CO station, last night telling about the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  We're tracking some folks who work in Mexico in the areas devastated by the recent Hurricanes.  Spoke with Barbara yesterday in Haiti and got the latest list of supplies for our next mission there.

Where will we go next?  We stand, "Ready for Service", and in the meantime, we keep marching on, gathering supplies and parts for more Rescuers and making inquiries into where we can best be used by the Lord to help those in need.

Our Little Donkey is in tip top shape and ready to go.  Been keeping a close eye on the Tropics and....for the moment, things are quiet.  We're thankful for that.  Oh, I would like to mention that Barbara, in Haiti, needs baby food, formula and diapers (#3 & 4).  

You can help if you'd like.  Instead of sending the items here via UPS or the USPS, you may send the money to our Paypal account (upper left of the blog - "Donate" Button) with the designation for Baby food, etc. and I'll buy it here (save the cost of shipping) and bring it on the next flight.  IF you're local and want to donate some supplies, just give me a call (321-544-7757) and we'll arrange a drop off at the hangar. 

Just a thought about yesterday's Blog about building a "Fortress" (read on down, if you missed the Blog yesterday).  It's good to know, that our Lord has already built a Fortress and all we have to do is "Run to HIM.. Dwell and Abide" in HIS protection and plan.  That does not mean that we won't have tremendous challenges and even face, seemingly impossible, situations.  It does mean that HE will be with us through anything we might face.

So, today, we MARCH ON in His Service.  It's that time to go feed the chickens, finish that second cup of coffee and get on with this "rainy" day in what is usually "sunny" Florida.  We so appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  


9-23-13 Monday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Note:  The "meandering" Blog today is a continuation of yesterday's Blog.

Was pondering Psalm 91 again this morning and had a thought as I "perused the news".  Yes, there is all kind of bad stuff happening around the world (Wars...& rumors of wars, earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, mass murders, terrorist attacks, brutal attacks on innocent people etc. etc.).  There has always been "bad stuff" happening in various parts of the world since the "fall of man", but now, we have eyes through the internet, to take in a lot of tragic stories.  

And yes, according to the words of Jesus, it will get worse and worse as we approach the End Times.  Just read Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 and you'll see how the very Words of Jesus are coming to pass right before our eyes.

This new found "access" of all of this information, through the internet, can be rather depressing and discouraging can allow us to PRAY for, and HELP folks who are facing a rough-go.  Naturally, as all of this information is processed, one may can I protect myself and my family?

In reflection this morning, on Psalm 91, the thought that "popped" into my head was, encourage Folks to "Build a Fortress".  Where?? is the best place to "build a fortress?"  

Here you go - "He that dwells in the secret place of the most high God, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my Fortress, my God, in Him will I trust".   

The answer:  Dwell with God and abide under the shadow of the Almighty....He is our Fortress!  Well, if God is our Fortress and God is everywhere, then wherever we go, we have our Fortress with us. LOCATION - LOCATION -LOCATION!  

That is why our Lord Jesus said in John 16:33 "I say these words unto you, that, IN ME, you might have peace"... Jesus goes on to say, "In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  So, as we dwell under the shadow of the Almighty and are hidden in Christ, He will be with us...even unto the end of the world.

Many times, as Cindy and I are preparing to depart for some disaster...i.e. Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Haiti... etc., we are asked, "where will you go, where will you sleep, what will you eat?"  Our answer is:  The Lord will provide...and He has and will, in the days ahead.  

Many years ago, Cindy and I accepted the Lord Jesus as our Savior.  Over these years, we have seen our Lord's protection in the most tragic and devastating situations.  Indeed, our Lord has been our Fortress and our refuge. It is with that, that we go forth into the world to bring Good News and help in time of need. 

I have been asked, "Do you ever get afraid?".  The answer is YES.  As a matter of fact,  been robbed, beaten, attempted kidnapping (and escaped), been in sinking ships and faltering airplanes (and the list goes on), but...our Lord has had His hand of protection on me.  Surely, He is my refuge and my fortress.

You know, I say all of these things today, to both encourage myself and you.  There are times, that all of the "Bad News", just becomes a very heavy load to carry.  I must remind myself of the Goodness and Power of God and also, thought I'd just share my thoughts with you today.  In I Peter 5:7, we are encouraged to "Cast your cares (anxieties) upon Him (Jesus) for He cares for you".

Wow, I got real "Preachy" today.  The most important thing I want to share today is, "Put your trust and confidence in the Lord" and He will take care of you, no matter what.  So, it's that time.  Need to go feed the chickens and then head out into this day....getting ready for the "Next Mission"....wherever that might be.

I want you to know, that when I say how much I appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support,  just how much I mean that!  THANKS AGAIN!  Be blessed today and no matter what you're facing, put your trust in Him...for He cares for you!

Air Mobile Joe


9-22-13 Sunday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sitting here, in front of my trusty little lap top, connected to events shaking the world, I am thankful for a loving God who cares for us and even died for our sins.  Jesus told us, just hours before He went to the cross, "In this world, you will have tribulation (troubles), but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" (John 16:33).  

As I type this blog, a very powerful storm, Typhoon Usagi, is lashing the China Coast just north and east of Hong Kong.  This Typhoon has weakened a bit, but will still cause a lot of suffering and possibly death.  I simply PRAY for those in the path.

The Folks in Colorado and Mexico are facing massive clean-ups and putting their broken lives back together.  Many are still in harms way facing staggering obstacles.

Just read the horror report from the attack on the Kenya Mall where 39+ have been brutally murdered by deranged extremists...and they think they are making God happy by killing innocent women and children.  Just don't get it.... This tragedy is still on-going and the murderers are holed up and ready for a long siege.

Again, what can we do?  Right now, the best thing we can do is PRAY for those in that terrible situation and PRAY for those who have lost loved ones and PRAY for the hundreds that have been wounded in this brutal and senseless attack.

People are hurting all over the world and I ponder the pain and suffering going on around the globe and my heart goes to Psalm 91.  Our Lord never told us, that living in this world, would be easy or safe.  

He has promised, however, to NEVER leave us or forsake us, even to the very end of the world. Again, in Psalm 91:2, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him, will I trust".

Having "Access" to the "News" around the globe can certainly create a heavy load.  That is why, this morning, my heart is simply crying out to the Lord for those who are in harms way and even facing death and great suffering.  THANK GOD, that we have "Access" through Jesus, to the very throne of God! 

THANK YOU for joining together with us and PRAYING, as we seek His direction on how we can help. Let us remember....HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS!

In just a few minutes, Cindy and Ariana and I will be heading to Church.  Peter, who is now a licensed driver, has already left for worship-band rehearsal.  After Church, we'll head to Orlando to minister with those young people who are "locked up" and bring the Good News of Jesus to them.

As always, we are so thankful to have you with us on this winding road of life.  Your prayers, love and support mean so much to us.  God bless you!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're new to this "rambling" blog, and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the story, you have.  If you want to know how we've gotten to this "juncture in the journey" simply read on down to see how we've gotten here.  Welcome aboard!  Joe

9-21-13 Saturday - 7:45 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been tracking the most powerful storm of 2013, Super Typhoon Usagi, currently a level 4, which is headed straight for Hong Kong.  

Yesterday the Typhoon "grazed" the Northern Philippines bringing very strong winds, flooding and toppling communication towers and washing out roads.  Damage reports are just coming in.

The monster storm is now on-track for Hong Kong and will, hopefully (and prayerfully) begin to weaken.  Forecasters are expecting a level 1-2 Typhoon, down from a Level 4 when it makes landfall.  The population of Hong Kong is 7+ million souls.  We pray as this deadly storm is headed their way.  Here's more on Typhoon Usagi - TYPHOON USAGI HEADING FOR HONG KONG / CHINA

We're continuing to follow the earthquake activity in the Caribbean in and around Haiti / Dominican Republic.  As I shared yesterday, I am not saying that Haiti will have an earthquake today or tomorrow.  Am simply pointing out a pattern of increased activity and proximity to the area that Geologists are saying will be the likely spot of the next MAJOR Haiti earthquake.  Am so glad that we can track this activity so that we can know how to PRAY!

The current number of quakes that have occurred in the "Zone" in the last week is 75.  This is quite a bit higher than the usual 30-35.  In the time that I've been tracking these quakes, have never seen the weekly number so high, but I've only been tracking it for about a year and a half.

We've also been seeking additional information on what is going on in Mexico, specifically, Acapulco, where many are stranded from the earlier, 2 Hurricanes, that hammered the East and West Coasts of Mexico.  Information is still spotty and we're standing by to assist if the call comes.  We're praying for those Folks that have been devastated by awful floods.  

Today is going to be an "easy" day.  A few chores around the house.  Cindy and I will go and visit her Dad, Ron, who recently got out of the hospital (would appreciate your prayers for Ron).  

Then.....this evening, Peter and I are heading to "The Dogs" (our favorite Saturday evening "hang-out) to watch some great SEC (Southeast Conference) football.  Our beloved LSU Tigers will be taking on the Auburn Tigers.  Both teams are undefeated and they always play good football.

So, with that, I'll sign off, go feed the chickens and head out the door with my Cindy. As always, we're so appreciative to you for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe  

9-20-13 Friday - 6:54 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL- Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe



After the awful flooding in Colorado and the 2-Hurricane squeeze put on Mexico (Ingrid & Humberto) and another storm forming in the Gulf, there is Super-Typhoon (160+mph) heading for Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Here's more on Typhoon Usagi - SUPER TYPHOON USAGI THREATENS TAIWAN / HONG KONG / NORTHERN PHILIPPINES 

Cindy and I made it to and from Miami yesterday without incident and made very good time.  THANK YOU for your prayers!  Upon return from that 450 mile journey, it was on to buying more components for Air Mobile Rescuers.  With all of this unstable and destructive weather going on, we know that folks need clean water!  We are building as many units as we can, so that that they will be ready when we are called upon.

While Cindy and I were driving to and from Miami yesterday, Cindy was on her computer working away.  She has been delving deeply into the Mexico crisis seeking folks on the ground there that can provide us with information on what is happening and what is the water situation. So glad to have Cindy full-time with Air Mobile.

To add to the problems in Mexico, add Crocodiles!  Here's story from Acapulco - CROCODILES ROAM STREETS IN ACAPULCO  

Do you know anyone there that can give us some good "intel" on what's going on?  If so, please contact us immediately and pass on the contact(s).  Thanks!  (Joe's Cell - 321-544-7757 / e-mail -

Wanted to give you a follow-up on those wonderful jugs donated to us by Micah.  After "distributing" the first load to very happy recipients, headed back to Micah's second car wash location and met Cliff, his partner.

We loaded up another trailer load and before I could get them back to the hangar, found a home for 5 hangar neighbor, Keith who flies a beautiful, shiny Mooney (in the background).  He got enough of the jugs for himself and for his friend, Gene, a great mechanic.  

Love passing the blessings along.  If you missed the "Jug" story, just read on down to the blog titled..."One man's trash, another man's treasure".

So we launch into this day gathering supplies / making equipment to save lives and seeking information and direction on where to go.  So glad you're standing with us with your prayer, love and support as we go.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

HAITI UPDATE: Posted 10:11am Eastern U.S. Time

I track the earthquakes in an around Haiti daily.  Today, I saw a quake that occurred in the Western part of the Dominican Republic and then another one in Jamaica.  Haiti is right between these 2 quakes.  

Geologists are "predicting" that Haiti will have another major earthquake on the Eastern Boundary between the Dominican Republic and Port-Au-Prince.  If this quake does occur, hundreds of thousands could die.  PLEASE PRAY that this earthquake does not occur.

You can see, from this shot, that there has been an unusual, increasing amount of quakes in the last 7 days (74).  Now, Folks, I am NOT saying that Haiti is going to have an earthquake today...or tomorrow.  I am simply pointing out a "disturbing" and potentially dangerous trend.  Above all, let's simply pray "the big one" does not occur!   Joe

9-19-13 Thursday - 4:52 am (Eastern U.S. Time) I-95 Enroute to Miami - Air Mobile "Escape Vehicle" - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Ok, we're driving our Ford Escape to Miami early this morning.  Our Mission:  Get Cindy's passport renewed.  Just thought I'd put that headline up to add a little "drama" to the blog this morning.

Sure do love getting up early and hitting the road.  Nice to beat the traffic, however, we're scheduled to hit Miami at "rush hour", so if you're catching this blog early, please pray that we arrive safe and on time for our 8:30 appointment.

Speaking of "Escaping", have you heard of the chaos in Acapulco, Mexico?  Those 2 Hurricanes that slammed Mexico a few days ago has brought terrible flooding and stranded tens of thousands in Acapulco.  

Many towns and villages are flooded and cut off.  The death toll is rising.  Please pray for those folks!  Here's more - DESPERATE THOUSANDS TRY TO ESCAPE ACAPULCO

Meanwhile, there is another storm "brewing" in the Gulf - Invest 95L.  There is more bad weather on the way.  Again, it's time to pray.  Here's more on that storm - NAMED STORM ON THE HORIZON

We're about to stop for fuel and then it will be my turn to drive.  So, I'll wrap up this "mobile" blog this morning.  Thanks again for praying for our journey.  As always, we so appreciate you and your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-18-13 Wednesday - 7:13 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The phone rang.  It was Micah, a local businessman and a solid Air Mobile Supporter (Water Mule).  Micah has several Automatic Car Washes and offered a bunch of used 7 gallon containers to Air Mobile.  I just happened to have our little utility trailer hooked up so, I headed over to see what Micah had.

When I arrived, was very pleased to see the container.  It would work perfectly for numerous applications, i.e. water / fuel etc.   Micah had a full trailer load for me...beyond what I had room for, but....I took them all.  A jug of this type and quality would cost between $15.00- $20.00!

On the way to the Hangar, I stopped in to see Bob Bland, Founder and President of Teen Missions International.  Bob is a dear friend and brother in the Lord.  

At the end of our visit, I asked, "Hey Bob, got a trailer load of neat jugs, do you need any"?  Bob just smiled and said he'd take all I had.  He immediately recognized the value. Soon, we were unloading our trailer.  I kept back 5 for myself and anyone else I found along the way.

Then it was on to the airport.  I stopped by my Hangar Neighbor, Marvin, who is pain-stakingly  rebuilding a WWII Observation Plane (Stinson L-5).  I said, "Hey Marvin, got some neat jugs, do you need a couple??

Marvin simply smiled and said, "I'll take 2".  It is common, when working on an aircraft, the need to drain the fuel tanks.  These jugs would work perfect.  So, Micah's gifts were already blessing folks!

When I pulled up to my hangar, another Pilot/Mechanic/Neighbor showed up.  I said, "Hey Mel, need a couple of jugs?"  He smiled and said "Sure"!  

Now, I was down to just one jug.  But....Micah has another Car Wash and another full load of jugs.  So...this morning, I'll be meeting Micah to "refill" my little utility trailer.  Yes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"!  What a blessing!  No telling where this next load will go!

Meanwhile, down in the Gulf, another storm is brewing.  This one is named Invest 95L and it has a very good possibility of becoming a significant storm.  Here's more on that Gulf Storm - ANOTHER STORM AHEAD

Please join together with us as we pray for the thousands of Folks in Colorado and Mexico who have been devastated by floods and storms.  Been in touch with a number of organizations in Colorado who are concentrating on "Clean-Up".  

So, today, I'll be picking up that load of jugs and seeing what else our Lord has for us along the way.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-17-13 Tuesday - 7:23 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The long, slow process of digging out and cleaning up lies before thousands in Colorado.  The death toll has risen to 8 (it could have been so much worse!), and approximately 19,000 homes have been either damaged or destroyed.  Here's more on the Colorado Flood - Colorado Flooding Update: Number of People Unaccounted for Drops As Death Toll Rises to 8 

(Note:  On these newscasts, they are preceded by a 30 second commercial, then the story)

Meanwhile, as the tragedy was unfolding in Colorado, northern Mexico got hammered by Hurricane Ingrid on the East Coast and Manuel on the West coast.  The death toll is steadily rising (42+) and major flooding is impacting the mountain regions. 

This is some "wicked" weather. Flooding is so dangerous and can change things so quickly.  Tens of thousands are being evacuated and thousands of homes have been destroyed.  We are monitoring the situation in Mexico closely.  Here is the latest on the Mexico Hurricanes - MEXICO HIT BY 2 HURRICANES - WHAT'S NEXT FOR THE GULF?

Now, ANOTHER tropical system (Invest 95L) is brewing in the southwest corner of the Gulf of Mexico and this one will likely affect Mexico again and may affect the Gulf States with lots of rain.  

Folks, a lot people are suffering great loss and danger as these storms bring in "Apocalyptic" rains and flooding.  As I sit before my computer, my mind is swirling and my heart is breaking as thousands upon thousands are fleeing and seeking to survive.

SNAP!!  Then....yesterday, the Washington DC Navy Yard erupts as a crazed gunman opens fire. Death Toll - 13.  Lives forever changed.  

The gunman was killed.  Lots of information coming in on Aaron Alexis.  Had serious anger management problems and appeared to be a powder keg about to blow and....he did!  Many people died.  

This is a very sad and tragic story.
It appears, with his clearances and position, all the regulation in the world could not have stopped this tragedy.

In the midst of devastating storms...and more brewing, came across a 3 minute video that I'd like to share with you.  Now, I WARN YOU, get some tissue, you may cry.  When I told Cindy about the video, she informed me that she had seen it several days ago, so you may have seen it already.  If so, watch it again.  It shows the power of giving and love.  MUST SEE VIDEO!!  Click here -  THE POWER OF GIVING  

So, here we are, entering into another day that our Lord has made.  May we be used by Lord to bring His love, peace and help to those in need.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this journey for Jesus with us.  THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God bless!! 

Air Mobile Joe 

9-16-13 Monday - 6:51 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe

Colorado Flooding Update: Rescues Continue as Drier Weather Pattern Sets Up

In what has been called a 500 Year Flood, thanks to a gradual decrease in rain, rescues continue in Northern Colorado.  The death toll is now 5 and over 1200+ are unaccounted for.  Officials are hopeful that this number will decrease as communications, access and airborne operations are restored.  

There will still be spotty thunderstorms today, but nothing like the heavy rains yesterday. Rescuers are working very fast to account for the missing!

Air Mobile offered to help and reached out to the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in Boulder.  As a result, we received several calls making inquiry about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  As this very "fluid" event unfolds, we are blessed that local officials, on the ground in the hardest hit flood zones, know about our "near-miracle" machine.  We stand ready to go if the need arises.

We also spoke with a CNN Reporter on the ground to get an eyewitness report and have also reached out to the Salvation Army both here at home and in Colorado offering to fly to Colorado and help.

As some of you know, our family home was destroyed by a simple water-line break several years ago.  In a very limited way, we certainly have empathy for those, whose lives have been dramatically altered by roaring flood waters (over 1500 homes destroyed and 17,500+ damaged).  We truly regret the loss of life, but are so thankful that the death-toll is not higher.  

We are also PRAYERFUL as Rescuers search for, and (hopefully) account for all of the missing.

We PRAY that the storms will subside and that the rescue efforts may continue and that the long and hard work of clean-up can proceed.  Here is current update on the situation in Colorado - CURRENT UPDATE FROM COLORADO  Toward the end of the report, there is a story of a cat that saved a family.  Be sure to read it.

So, today, we'll get those 4 Rescuers ready to ship to Syrian Refugees and will be preparing for our next Haiti mission.  We'll remain on "Stand-By" to make a quick trip to Colorado if the call comes in for assistance. always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

9-15-13 Sunday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


"BOULDER, Colo.-- As rescuers broke through to flood-ravaged Colorado towns, they issued a stern warning Saturday to anyone thinking of staying behind: Leave now or be prepared to endure weeks without electricity, running water and basic supplies." - Read the rest of this Weather Channel report here - FLOODS SWAMP NORTHERN COLORADO - OFFICIAL URGE EVACUATION

Disaster can strike anywhere...anytime.  It's best to have some "Plans" in place.  But before I go on about "Preparing & Evacuating", let's take a moment together and PRAY for those folks in Colorado who are facing this terrible disaster.  

Dear Lord, please protect and guide those who are in "harms way" on this very fluid, unfolding situation in Colorado.  Please strengthen and protect the "Rescuers" as they seek to save those in danger.  Amen.

As disasters strike, there is usually the question...."Should I evacuate or not"?  As a rule, if we err on any side of this question, may we err on the "Evacuate" side.  Often, as I mentioned in yesterday's blog (just read on down), the question usually surrounds our "stuff".  Staying to protect our home etc.

We often do not have a lot of time to make that decision, as we are seeing in the Colorado Flooding taking place right now.  There is usually a "window" of TIME where an evacuation can be made and then the "opportunity" passes.

As in the case of flooding and particularly, "flash flooding" there is not a lot of time.  But....if we see something coming, i.e. weather reports / news casts / emergency warnings on our phone etc., it's best to take those warnings very seriously and begin the thought processes of... gathering up your loved ones and executing a plan of action.

Over the last 45 years, I've personally been involved in a lot of "Disasters" ranging from hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones, to flooding, to earthquakes, to tsunami's, to erupting volcanoes, to war and the list goes on.  Often, we have seen those who opt to stay behind and this causes a lot of problems for the Rescuers to go back in and save those that opted to STAY.  

Thus, the "stern" warning to the Colorado residents who can evacuate, but are choosing to stay.  For many, the time to evacuate has already passed, the roads are cut off and now, they must stay and "survive" on their own. 

Of course, I must mention the importance of having some basic survival supplies on hand or even a "bug-out" bag packed and ready to go.  If we don't have time to evacuate or the time has passed, that "bug-out" bag will become very handy and you'll be very glad you have it.

Of course, there are many reading this blog today who are NOT facing imminent danger as those folks in Colorado.  Again, let's remember those in prayer and let's ask our Lord what we can do to help.

Many of you may be preparing for Church today.  On the way home, you'll likely pass a Wal-Mart or some other such store.  May I encourage you to stop in and pick up a few things to either start a bug-out bag or add to your bug-out bag.  

I also know, that some may not have any "extra" money right now.  If you do stop into a store, check the "buy one get one" (BOGO) flyer and try to find something that you really need...that would fit into the bug-out bag and, Voila, it's free.  I, recently, was in Winn-Dixie and found "Hurricane Candles"...BOGO.  I bought them!

Now, this may not sound very important now, but should a disaster strike your area...and don't think it can't, you'll be very glad you made that stop and effort to strengthen your "Preparedness".

Now, another thing I'd like to mention here is, "Think about things you can add to your list that will help your neighbors."  I have often pointed out that one of the most important things to have on-hand is clean drinking water.  It's difficult to store a lot of clean water.  It's very difficult to "Evacuate" and carry enough clean drinking water.  

So, again, the Air Mobile Rescuer is a life-saver to have on hand.  I realize that there are those reading this blog that may say, "Joe, we just can't afford a Rescuer".  Again, we fully understand this.  Many, in our country are going through difficult financial times.  However, do you recall what a wise pastor once told me?  "Son, by the inch, it's a cinch, by the yard, it's hard".  

We have provided Air Mobile Rescuers to Communities who have come together and pooled their resources and purchased a unit so that many can have clean drinking water.  A Rescuer can provide clean, drinking water to 500+ per day!  I still find it amazing that such a small, efficient machine can do so much.

If you'd like to know more about the Air Mobile Rescuer, simply click here to see a demo and you can actually purchase a unit - AIR MOBILE RESCUER DEMO AND HOW TO PURCHASE .

Now, back to the folks in Colorado and the surrounding areas....we, at Air Mobile, are investigating if Air Mobile Rescuers could be of value to the "Rescuers" who are finding folks in isolated pockets, who are cut off and surrounded by flood waters.  Their usual source of drinking water has been compromised by the flood waters.

So, things can change very rapidly.  When I began writing this blog this morning, the thought of possibly going to Colorado was not on a "Front-Burner" of my mind.  By the end of the Blog today, have already spoken with a coordinator for Salvation Army and flying a Little Donkey to Colorado with at least 5 Air Mobile Rescuers.  Stay tuned.....and, PLEASE PRAY for our Lord's direction!

Time to run.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you know someone in the affected Colorado area and know that they need help, specifically, clean drinking water, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a call at:  321-544-7757.  Joe 

9-14-13 Saturday - 7:55 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been following the situation in Colorado.  Oh, floods are ugly!  They come suddenly and leave a trail of destruction that just makes you sick.  We certainly feel for those that have experienced such loss & DANGER and face massive clean ups.  Here's more on the current situation there - FLASH FLOODS SWAMP BOULDER / NORTHERN COLORADO

The death toll is rising and still a number are missing.  Many roads are cut-off and it's very difficult to even evacuate.  We PRAY that the rain lets up, but still, even a small amount of rain can have a huge impact on an area that is already saturated.  This situation is still developing.  Here's more of an explanation of what is going on -  POSSIBLE "UNPRECEDENTED" FLOODING IN COLORADO / NEW MEXICO

It's very difficult to "Plan" for a flood, particularly a "Flash Flood".  The rain begins and normally, after a period, it ends and life goes on.  But.....when it just keeps raining and the meteorological elements stack up, as we are seeing in Colorado / New Mexico and it just keeps raining and raining, then things get very dangerous, very rapidly.  

The best thing to do is just EVACUATE quickly.  That's where it's important to monitor the Weather News very closely and be ready to leave.  

Often, denial sets in and there is hesitation as we look at all of our "stuff" and try to figure out what to bring and what to leave.  This is the difficult part.  Again, it's vital to have good information and have a plan and above all....PRAY!  Quickly and often, "Call upon the Lord" and seek His wisdom and guidance.

Well, as I often say, "That, (my bits of sage counsel) and a buck and half will get you a cup of coffee at Denny's".  But seriously, we often do not like to "think about disasters" because they can be rather depressing and discouraging.  But...they do happen.  We've seen a lot disaster and destruction and death over the years.

That's one of the reasons I write this little, rambling daily blog.  As my precious Cindy says, "Joe, it's your 'therapy'.  I guess it is.  Well, it's time to head out and feed the chickens and do the chores.  This evening, Peter and I will be "Going to the "Dogs" (Dogs R Us) to watch our beloved LSU Tigers play Kent State.

As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this trail with me.  It's good to have you and above all, your prayer, love and support.  Be blessed and remember to PRAY for those folks in Colorado that are going through some very hard times right now.

Air Mobile Joe

9-13-13 Friday - 6:53 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I first met Kusay at Aviation Day hosted by Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) last year.  Kusay is from Turkey.  

We had an Air Mobile Rescuer in operation to demonstrate this "near-miracle" water purifier that can take very contaminated water and make it very clean.  Found this shot of Peter and I in the FIT Hangar on the day we met Kusay.  

Several months later, Kusay called and we arranged to send a Rescuer to Turkey to a Doctor who is working in the Refugee camps there.  The refugees are continuing to flood into neighboring countries due the terrible Civil War going in Syria.

Yesterday, Kusay called and told me he was ready for 4 more Rescuers!  Air Mobile went into action!  

I immediately called Red Pierce.  Red has shown great interest in becoming an Air Mobile Water Mule.  

Red and his wife, Jan, are also "Christian Bikers" and have a powerful ministry of reaching out into the highways and by-ways and bringing the Good News of Jesus into 'hard to reach places'.

Red roared up to the Air Mobile office on his Harley and we went right to work on getting those Rescuers ready for Turkey.  Red is also an A&P Aircraft Mechanic and picked up on the Rescuer very quickly.

Within a few hours, we had 4 Air Mobile Rescuers READY TO GO!  We are so glad that we can help by bringing clean water into Turkish Refugee Camps!  Praise God!  And looks like Red is on his way to becoming a genuine, certified, Air Mobile Water Mule!

This afternoon, we'll be meeting with Kusay at our home to pick up the Rescuers.  He's bringing a small HD Video recorder and I'll go through the training process on the Rescuer.  Kusay will translate my instructions right on the recorder and he'll include that with the units.  

Folks, can't begin to tell you how much this be able to help those in such, desperate need.  The Syrian Civil War is affecting so many people and could, indeed, "blow up" at any time.  We must continue to PRAY for our Lord to lead and guide through these dangerous waters!  Again, I'm so thankful that Peter and I met Kusay at the FIT event last year.  Yes, "God knows how to deploy His troops"!!

Time to get on with this day.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support. So glad to have you along on this journey for Jesus!!  Be blessed today.

Air Mobile Joe

9-12-13 Thursday - 7:31 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, it appears that a major "bullet" has been dodged on Syria...for the moment.  The U.S. appears to be waffling and indecisive and the Russians, particularly Putin, have come across as the heroes to save the day.  No matter who takes the credit, we are THANKFUL that "War" seems to have been averted for now.  We continue to PRAY!

Cindy and I were at Eastern Florida State College again yesterday.  What a blessing to meet Sam from Burma (Myanmar).  Sam loves the Lord and was so glad to meet us (and we him).  Several years ago, Air Mobile traveled to Burma following a terrible Cyclone (Nargis).

We placed a number of Air Mobile Rescuers there and even donated a unit to Sam's Pastor in Burma.  It's a small world!

Back home yesterday, on 9-11-13 many, many "Bikers" converged on Washington DC, even though they didn't have a "Permit" to do so.  So glad to see them stand up for our Country and for FREEDOM!

Meanwhile, what has been a very MILD Hurricane Season, may be heating up a bit.  There are a number of disturbances ranging from the Eastern Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico.  Here is more - TROPICS HEATING UP

So, there is still a lot going on in Syria "behind the scenes".  These events are still very volatile and explosive.  Again, I urge you to join together with Cindy and I as we pray for Syria, the Church that is being persecuted, and for our leaders, as well as the world leaders, as they navigate through this very dangerous situation.

Cindy and I will be meeting with our Pastor a little later this  morning to discuss some creative ways to share the love of Jesus with our community.  As always, we're so appreciative for your faithful prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-11-13 Wednesday - 6:50 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Where were you on that infamous day?  I recall so clearly, as our nation came under attack.  It played out before our eyes, as the towers fell.  

Yes, we, as a nation, need God and today is a grim reminder of what can happen to our country.  Let us join together and pray for our nation and our leaders as we navigate through these troubled waters.  Let us pray for the families of the nearly 3000 that died on terrible day.

There is a definite move of God among many in America.  As never before, we need to call upon HIM.  May we not forget that our nation was indeed founded on prayer and faith in God.  Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.  

Here is an encouraging story about some of the things going on today throughout America - AMERICANS TURN TO GOD ON 9/11 ANNIVERSARY

No matter where you are, or what you have planned today, PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT  & PRAY for America.  Again, Cindy and I go back to that simplest and purest of all prayers...."Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  May His will be done in our lives, in America, and around the world.  Amen!

Yesterday, Cindy and I had the opportunity to present our ministry and the "near miracle" Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier at Eastern Florida State College.  We were invited by Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society to present at "Rush Week".  PTK has taken on Air Mobile as a "Project" and wants to help us to get clean water out into this thirsty world. 

The interest among the young people was very encouraging.  We love doing events like this with students.  These are the next inventors and "troops" who will go into the world and share and spread grace and love and a cup of clean water to the thirsty.  

I am ever reminded of the beautiful Words of our Lord Jesus...."I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink"....the disciples asked, "When did we ever see you thirty?".  Jesus replied..."when you've done it unto the least of've done it unto Me" (Matthew 25:31-46).  Again, Lord, may "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"!

Today, Cindy and I will be back at Eastern Florida State College, standing in the "breeze-way" between 2 buildings and sharing with hundreds of young people and Professors what Air Mobile does and how they can help to bring clean water around the world.  What a nice way to spend this 9-11-13 Anniversary.

We pray that you are blessed today and together, we will PRAY for America to be guided and used by our Lord to bring His love to the world.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

9-10-13 Tuesday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As the battle of Maaloula continues, and reports of Christians being killed and threatened with beheading if they did not convert, this video was released yesterday with the theme that:  "The Bible was 'worse' than chemical weapons".  Folks, the U.S. is aligning with this camp?  Again, we pray that our leaders will look carefully at who they are supporting.  Here is the video - BIBLES CALLED WORSE THAN CHEMICAL WEAPONS .

Meanwhile, there does seem to be somewhat of a breakthrough in negotiations between Assad and the world community.  IF he turns over all of his chemical weapons to the U.N., the "attack" by the U.S. may be called off.  

This is a good thing and we PRAY that sanity prevails and we will "dodge" a bullet that could ignite a fire-storm.  Let us also remember to pray for those that are being persecuted and killed for their faith!  Here's more on the "Break-through" - POSSIBLE BREAK-THROUGH

This has been a remarkably SLOW Hurricane season....I'm glad!  But, it looks like the first full blown hurricane, Humberto, may be reaching that status today.  This is turning out to be one of, if not the, slowest start Hurricane season on record.  Again, glad for the "reprieve".  But all of that may be changing, as things are definitely heating up in the Caribbean - Here the latest Tropical Update - IS HUMBERTO ABOUT TO BECOME A HURRICANE? 

Cindy and I are very pleased that a group of local College Students have decided to help bring clean water to the thirsty.  Today, we'll be with them on Campus as they introduce their new "life-saving" project to their fellow students.  We'll report more on this encouraging story tomorrow.

So, it's time to head out and set up our Rescuer at "Rush Week" at East Florida State College in Melbourne.  As always, THANK YOU for joining us in prayer as we wander down the road of life together.  We so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-9-13 Monday - 7:16 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As the battle for the little Village of Maaloula rages, Christians clearly fear the radical Al Qaeda element within the Syrian Rebels.  Here's a report from CBS news telling their plight and fear - CHRISTIANS FEAR REGIME DOWNFALL

Maaloula is becoming a major target for the Syrian Rebels who poured in over 1500 fighters to re-take Maaloula.  The Assad Regime has sent in re-reinforcements and the battle rages in this most historic Village where Aramaic (the language that Jesus spoke) has been an enclave of Christianity in Syria since the times of Christ.

Syrian Christians are asking, "Where is Obama and the U.S."?  The Syrian Rebels have already brought plunder and death to Maaloula and the plight of Christians will become much worse if the Syrian Rebels gain control.

We hope and pray that the U.S. Politicians (the Senate and Congress) will take this into consideration as the debate on whether or not to bomb Syria to punish Assad.  

Meanwhile, U.S. Public opinion is strongly against military action in Syria.  Obama will be traveling to "The Hill" this week to make his argument for military strikes against Syria.  

At the same time, there is still much debate as to whether Assad ordered the Chemical Weapons attack.  German Intelligence stated yesterday, that "Assad did not order the attack".  There are still many questions regarding, "who is the culprit"?   

Folks, again, we need to PRAY for our leaders, specifically members of Congress and the Senate, to choose wisely, and prayerfully, in this explosive and tragic situation.  Here is a CNN Report on the recent poll - CNN poll: Public against Syria strike resolution - 27% Support - 71% Oppose  

As we launch into this new week, may we pray that our Lord leads and guides us through these "troubled waters".  May the truth come out and sound wisdom prevail.  As always, THANK YOU for standing together with us with your prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-8-13 Sunday - 8:07 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As hundreds of thousands of Christians world-wide PRAY for peace in Syria, the battle rages and the stories swing wildly.  Yesterday, Syrian Rebels "stormed" back into the Christian Village of Maaloula (where they still speak Aramaic), located 26 miles northeast of Damascus. 

Gunshots have been heard and dead bodies are reported to have been seen in the streets.  The question as to why the Syrian Government troops have been unable to protect this Village remains a mystery.  Here's more - CHRISTIAN VILLAGE "RE-TAKEN" BY SYRIAN REBELS

As this battle rages, the Diplomatic / Political Battle continues to rage here in the U.S. and the around the Globe.  The Obama Administration is pushing for a Military Strike on the Assad Regime as a "lesson" to not use chemical weapons and yet there is an increasing amount of information and "question" as to who actually released the Sarin Gas in that Syrian Suburb on August 21st. 

The current "trend" of U.S. opinion is 6 to 1 AGAINST a military strike.  Many are questioning the wisdom of an attack.  A current AP Poll states that Americans are overwhelmingly against an attack on Syria.  Here's more - 6 to 1 AGAINST WAR ON SYRIA  

Now Folks, I don't pretend to know what is happening.  All I can do is PRAY and seek bits and pieces of news data and as a pilot flying in and around thunderstorms, seek to navigate toward the truth and hopefully, clear skies.

Here is an example of what I am speaking of.  This story from former high-level U.S. Intelligence officers, who seem to have credibility are stating that the Syrian Government may not have released the Sarin gas, but the Syrian Rebels may be the culprit.  Here's the link - you decide - TRUTH LEAKING OUT - NERVE GAS POINTS TO REBELS

Jesus told us that these things would happen...Wars and Rumors of Wars and great deception (Matthew 24).  We are living in the days prophesied long ago.  Jesus tells us to keep our eyes fixed on Him and put our trust and faith in Him.  Jesus is the TRUTH - THE LIFE & THE WAY (John 14:6)!

So, here we are on Sunday morning with a swirl of news coming at us from all directions.  May I urge you to join together with Cindy and I and PRAY for "God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven".  

Please remember to pray for that little village just outside of Damascus (Maaloula) and for Christians around the world that are suffering for their faith.  It's been a while since I've quoted that wonderful acronym - A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer).  For those that are new to this rambling blog, I have little stickies all over the place reminding me to simply PRAY.  We never go wrong when we pray!

Well, it's time to head out the door to Church and then to the Hospital to minister with those young people.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-7-13 Saturday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In a follow up story on yesterday's blog (read down) the Assad Government has sent troops to the Christian Village of Maaloula (where they still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus) to protect the residents against Al Qaeda Syrian Rebels.  Here is more on this breaking story - SYRIAN GOVT. SENDS REINFORCEMENTS TO CHRISTIAN VILLAGE

In a related story, Pope Francis has appealed to Obama and other world leaders NOT to take military action in Syria as this will cause more death and suffering.  He has also called for world-wide PRAYER & FASTING for the Syrian people.  Here's more on that story - Pope Tweets Against Syria Strike, Writes Putin, Plans Saturday Vigil

Meanwhile, the "Jury is still out" on whether it was the Syrian (Assad) Government or the Syrian Rebels who released the deadly Sarin Gas in the suburb that was controlled by the Syrian Rebels on August 21st.

The debate is raging here in the U.S. with the "tide" of public opinion being overwhelmingly NOT to take military least not until all of the facts are in as to who did this heinous act of murdering innocent citizens with deadly Sarin. 

I have more to write, but the birds are calling and my Sweetheart Cindy has asked me to join her for a cup of coffee, so, I'll continue this "rambling blog" in a little while.

OK, am back and the coffee was delicious.  Want to THANK YOU for praying for me during the time that my leg was aching over the last few weeks.  Have full use now and will proceed a bit more gently.  

This past week was able do a little flight training with my great instructor Glen Gray.  We flew the Piper Seminole and did some single-engine work and maneuvers.  It's been a while since I've flown the Seminole.  That is the same aircraft that I'll take my check-ride in.

Was also able to do some "tweaking" on the transponder on Ti Burik.  Flew the Little Donkey over to Orlando Aircraft Services (OAS) and Troy and John Webb jumped right on the issue and added a "ground plane" to strengthen the signal.  This will help Miami Center to keep us on Radar during our flights to Haiti. 

You may recall that OAS did the full install on all of the new Avionics compliments of Garmin and Extreme Makeover.  I have known John Webb, the owner for over 30 years and it's good to know that we've got such competent folks to keep the Little Donkey in tip-top shape.

So, it's Saturday morning and we have some chores around the house.  Please remember to PRAY for Syria and a peaceful resolution to this "explosive" situation.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!! 

Air Mobile Joe

9-6-13 Friday - 6:09 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


A blatantly "overlooked" fact by the U.S. is, "what is happening to Middle Eastern Christians" and particularly the Syrian Christians.  Where is the "Main-Stream Media" on this tragic story??  This article by the National Catholic Reporter is quite revealing - SYRIAN CHRISTIANS SAY WESTERN ATTACK WOULD MAKE THINGS WORSE

The "Moderate" Syrian Rebels are no "friends" to Christians and that is evidenced again by this story of the Syrian Rebels taking over the town where the language of Jesus is still spoken.  

Syria has approximately 2 million Christians and nearly 1/3 have already fled the war-ravaged Country.  There is great fear and concern among Syrian Christians should the Syrian Rebels succeed.  Where is John Kerry and Obama on this matter??  Here is more - AL-QAEDA ATTACKS SYRIAN CHRISTIAN VILLAGE 

The attack on Christians in the Middle East is a "Non-Story" in the U.S. Media.  The same tragic stories are being played out in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc.  Folks, I bring this forward so that we can PRAY for these highly persecuted minorities that no one seems to be standing up for.  

There was a time, when America would surely stand up for the oppressed and persecuted.  In the Senate Hearings with John Kerry, I did not hear a word about what is happening to the Christian Community in Syria.  The sad thing is, I did not hear the QUESTION even being raised.  Let us remember....THE LORD HEARS OUR PRAYERS!

Yesterday was a Historic day for the Hurston Family.  Our son, Peter Soloed....driving.  Peter recently got his Drivers License and his very first Solo run was to bring relief supplies, baby food, diapers, etc. to the Air Mobile hangar.  Go Peter!!

On another note, and an answer to prayer, is that Tropical Storm Gabrielle is "fizzling out".  Thank God!  Those folks in the Islands sure don't need another storm and heavy flooding.

Well, it's time to head out.  PLEASE remember to PRAY FOR THE CHRISTIANS who are being persecuted around the world.  As always, we so appreciate and value your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 


9-5-13 Thursday - 6:10 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Invest 97L "Blew up" last night to become Tropical Storm Gabrielle and is drenching Puerto Rico and headed for the Dominican Republic. There will likely be heavy flooding from the slow moving storm.  

The "Brick Wall" (dip in the Jet-Stream) will protect the U.S. but not the "Islands".  We're watching these developments closely.

One thing, I have learned from flying in this "neck of the sea" for over 35 years, is that things can change VERY rapidly in the Caribbean.  

I believe that many of the "mysterious" disappearances that have been reported, in this area (Bermuda Triangle), over the years is due to fierce and rapidly building storms...but not all of the strange occurrences have been due to weather...mmm.  Do I have some stories to tell..

Meanwhile, the "Debate" continues on Syria.  The U.S. Senate Committee has approved a "Strike" and now, after more debate, it will go to Congress.  Again, we PRAY regarding the direction the U.S. goes in this matter.  

Up early this morning.  Have to go to NASA at Kennedy Space Center to renew my Badge. Am so thankful for the "Open Door" our Lord has given us with NASA.  So, I'll have to make this a short "blog" and head out the door.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-4-13 Wednesday - 6:42 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It seems that a huge issue on this matter is:  Did the Government of Syria (Assad) use chemical weapons or did Al Qaeda (and "set-up" Assad)? 

There is still a lot of doubt about this.  If, indeed, this was a "set-up", then the premise of bombing (or punishing) Assad would be totally wrong.  The other issue is that, the Syrian Rebels are permeated with Al Qaeda (a clear and present enemy of the U.S.). 

It is good that the U.S. is taking the time to thoroughly investigate the issues.  This is one that you really don't want to get wrong.  

A point brought out is that, it would make no sense for Assad to use chemical weapons when he is winning against the rebels with conventional weapons.  There are still many unanswered questions and we hope and above all, PRAY that the truth comes out!

Just the fact that the U.S. seems to be alone in this quest is all the more reason to take the time to investigate this thoroughly.  Again, we ask you to join together with us in PRAYER!

Meanwhile, here is some good news from the Caribbean.  We are having a very mild Hurricane Season.  There have been storms but they haven't been very strong.  And...they seem to be hitting a "Brick Wall" that is protecting the U.S. from them.  All I can say is THANK GOD.  Here's more on those storms - STORMS HITTING "BRICK WALL"  

Had lunch yesterday with Steve, a prominent NASA Scientist.  Steve has been a huge "Champion" for the testing and exploration of putting our Air Mobile Rescuer into Space.  The project continues and we are very excited and thankful that NASA has interest in our near "Miracle" water purifier.  BTW, we ate a healthy lunch at "Dogs".

Am also very thankful to have nearly 100% use of my leg. THANK YOU for praying with me about this.  Really need that leg!

So, it's time to head out into this day. Will be praying for our Government to have great wisdom and direction regarding the very volatile situation in Syria.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe    

9-3-13 Tuesday - 7:29 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tensions, certainly ratcheted up a notch, as Israel "test fired" several missiles into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea early this morning (2:16am).  The Minister of Israeli Defense said the test was successful.  The U.S. initially denied any involvement, but then declined to comment further.  Here's more on these late breaking developments - ISRAEL FIRES MISSILES...TESTS

Meanwhile, The White House is seeking Congressional support for an attack on Syria.  Syria is contemplating "Pre-emptive" attacks on the U.S. or it's interests in retaliation for the recent threats.  

Already, cyber-attacks have occurred on the U.S. Marine Corp website and there is talk of attacks on the U.S. power grid.  This is a dangerous game of chess!

As this "game" is being played out, again, we urge you to join together with us in PRAYER through these turbulent waters.  At about 2:16 am this morning (the same time the Israeli missiles were launched), I awakened and just spent some time in prayer.  Again, these are perilous times and clearly spoken of in the Bible.

Many people are "weighing in" on what is going on with Syria, but I found the poignant words of Sarah Palin to be most interesting - 

"We're bombing Syria...because Syria is bombing Syria...and I'm the 'idiot'?"


Now, I know that a lot of folks are very critical of anything that Sarah Palin has to say, but she does appear to be the most "clear thinking" on these current matters.  She also recently said, "Let Allah sort it out".  Interesting concept.  

Many Americans are very concerned about our involvement in the Syrian conflict and recent polls (80-90%) certainly reflect that.  It is very difficult to choose which side to fight on - again, we appear to be on the "horns of a dilemma".

So, here we are, the day after Labor Day and the week has begun.  I am very pleased to tell you that all of this "limited mobility" that I have been doing has really paid off. The very painful "inflammation" that has been going on in my leg has finally subsided.  Now, I'll head out into this weak at about 75% power and see how it goes.  THANK YOU for praying for me!  Really need that leg to do the work I do.

Pray you have a blessed week and as always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-2-13 Monday - 10:14 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Folks, there is so much going on that we simply don't know. So, it's hard to judge actions when one doesn't know the facts.  But....the impression of what Obama is doing, globally and at home is not good.  He does appear to be weak and indecisive.  I'm (painfully) reminded of the words of Jesus...."Judge not lest you be judged".

Speaking of impressions, Obama's foot on the desk has certainly riled up a lot of attention. I'm not going to say any more on that matter. 

To say one thing...."The Red Line" and do another thing is causing major diplomatic problems - BLINK.

U.S. Polls have shown Americans have an overwhelming distaste for war - between 80-90%.  This is definitely causing a DODGE.

Then, to seek Congressional Approval (PUNT) certainly is not a bad idea.  Proverbs says "In the multitude of counsel, there is wisdom".  Of course, when we add prayer to all of this and get Divine Direction ....then, we're on the right path.

There, that's my humble take on the current situation with Syria.  Believe me, these are VERY SERIOUS MATTERS & again, I urge you to join with us in PRAYER for God's will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Well, I wrote "Part 1 at about 4:45am (just read on down for that earlier blog).  Then, delivered our patient, Darryl (RAM Volunteer), to the airport and just spoke with him in Knoxville, TN a few minutes ago, and he made the flight beautifully and is glad to be home.  Can say on that one..."Mission Accomplished".

Been keeping an eye on the Caribbean so thankful that the last month, things have been quiet.  However....looks like there's a pattern of instability that is developing.  We'll certainly be monitoring that situation - Here's more - CARIBBEAN "HEATING" UP

So, today, I wrote 2 blogs and really "Rambled" on.  As always, THANK YOU so much for standing with us with your faithful prayer, love and support.  We truly appreciate you!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-2-13 Monday - 4:41 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Got a call from Stan Brock, the Co-Star of Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins.  Stan has an outstanding outreach, Remote Area Medical (RAM).  Air Mobile and RAM have crossed paths around the world on more than one occasion.  We love what these guys do!  

One of RAM's volunteers, Darryl, was helping to deliver an engine and propeller for an aircraft in Guyana, when he had a sudden appendicitis.  He just happened to be enroute on I-95 near Cocoa Beach. Stan asked if we could lend a hand.  Of course, we could.

Well, we helped to get Darryl the care he needed and yesterday morning, he was released from the Hospital.  He had an amazingly fast recovery. When I got him to the house, fixed a classic country breakfast...grits, eggs (very fresh) and Andouille sausage.  

This morning, we're up bright and early and I'll be bringing him to Orlando / Sanford for the quick flight up to Knoxville, the RAM base.  Please join together with us for Darryl's "traveling mercy" and continued healing.

So, this is PART-1 of at least a 2-PART Blog.  It's time to gulp down a cup of "Joe" and hit the road.  Check back in a couple of hours for a "proper" Rambling Blog from Air Mobile Joe.

Air Mobile Joe   

9-1-13 Sunday - 7:48 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After a careful (and likely prayerful... due to a lot of folks praying) decision, the U.S. has "backed off" of a Strike against Syria.  BTW, DON'T hold a gun, like the one pictured to the left.  

Somebody (?) did indeed "Gas" the Syrians, but for now, the evidence (or public opinion) does not support a U.S. attack.  Do we all breathe a little easier?  For the moment, it seems that we can.  

A lot of confusion and "whip-lash" has been reported among the Obama advisers (NOTICE - in photo on right, over half of the Advisers seem to be holding their heads, in order to avoid "severe" whip-lash).  For now, it appears that Obama will seek Congressional approval before any such action is taken.

We continue to PRAY...a lot of "players" are in position and the situation is still extremely explosive! was Saturday, and opening day for a lot of football across the U.S..  Peter and I headed over to "Dogs", our favorite Saturday evening hang-out...during football season.  We settled into a wonderful evening watching grid-iron contests from around the nation.

YES, as reported, we went to the "Dogs"!

At 9:00pm Eastern time, my other son, Christian joined us.  Our beloved LSU Tigers were about to meet the TCU "Horned Frogs" (what a name) at the AT&T Stadium (formerly Dallas Stadium) in a classic and hard-fought game.  

The "Horned Frogs" came for a fight and stayed "in the game" the whole game.  But, in the end, LSU prevailed 37-27. 

I still wonder how they came up with the "Horned Frogs"?? 

OK, I'll admit it, I love a good cup of coffee and my LSU Tigers.  It's going to be a great season (I hope).  

Of course, I love my Cindy, who just sits and shakes her head at our obvious obsession with football.  Sometimes, it seems our Lord just gives us little "breaks" when there is so much tension around us.  I'm thankful for a little football.

It's Sunday morning and Cindy and the kids have already left for Church.  I'll follow along in a bit (after I finish the "Rambling Blog" and feed the chickens....and have my second cup of coffee).  I'm still moving at about 50% due to this aching leg, but things are getting a bit better.  I truly THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Pray you have an extremely blessed day!

Air Mobile Joe

8-31-13 Saturday - 7:49 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Will the U.S. launch a "limited" strike against Syria?  Even though John Kerry states that he has "high confidence" in the intelligence that the Syrian regime did indeed "gas" it's own people, others are stating the evidence is "entirely fabricated".  So, what do we  believe?  Where is truth in this matter?  At any rate, the U.S. "race to respond and bomb" has been put into a temporary "holding pattern".  The saga continues...and we PRAY!

Recent polls in the U.S. show that a high majority of Americans (80+%) want Obama to get Congressional approval before taking such action.  Many believe that the evidence (who knows??) is not strong enough to warrant a "Military Strike".  

At any rate, such actions could have dire consequences for Israel.  Just to put things into perspective, take a look at this map.  Do you see how close Syria and specifically Damascus is to Israel?  Folks, believe me, this is a "Powder Keg"....very explosive!

When one speaks of a "limited strike", I visualize throwing a cherry bomb into a big, open, barrel of dry gun powder!  What would the follow-up consequences be?

Again, this is the reason I am urging you to stand and pray with us that sanity, reason and yes, Divine Guidance occur in this extremely explosive situation.

Just to emphasize the "close proximity" of Syria in the region, here is another map.  Just thought I'd throw in a little Geography lesson.

Remember, the U.S., along with Russia and various others, are "steaming" into the region and the war drums are deafening.

Of course, all we have to do is go to Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation and Isaiah and so many others scriptures to see that all of these things have been prophesied many years ago.  So, let us PRAY!  

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for Your will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven - Amen!

In the midst of all of this "explosive" news, must tell you a little story.  Yesterday, was out running errands and decided to stop into a Burger King on U.S. 1 in Port St. John (Cocoa, FL).

Was just heading to have a seat, and a gentleman, stopped me and asked if I was Joe Hurston, I nodded yes and he told me a story.

Several years ago, his life was in turmoil.  Going through brutal divorce, losing his business and very depressed.  He "stumbled" across my path and we sat in my office and prayed about this situation.  

I gave him a copy of my book, "Run to the Roar" and made him Promise me he would read it.  It was a small seed planted in a very turbulent and pain-filled garden.

Well, Gary did read the book and the precious Holy Spirit of God did anoint Gary's eyes and heart and he used my testimony to bring great change to Gary.

He, with tears, shared how he is back together with his wife and his life has turned around.  He simply thanked me for planting that seed in his life.  

I am reminded of Galatians 6....Be not weary in well doing...for in due season, we will reap....if we faint not.  I recall those days when I met Gary and our company was going through very difficult times.  

I too, was battling with discouragement.  Our home had been destroyed by a water leak and things were not going well for me either.  

Cindy and I and the kids were living in our motor-home, parked behind our business.  It was not pretty.  Yet,  I am so thankful that our Lord gives the increase in His time and in His way.

So, now, it's that time.  Need to head out into this day and see what our Lord has for us.  As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this blog road with me today!  Be blessed!

Air Mobile Joe