Sunday, March 16, 2014


3-16-14 Sunday 6:50AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Oh, the beauty and wonder of a "relatively" soft bed and a warm shower.  Even though our "internal clocks" are completely upside down, we manage to function, particularly after a good nights sleep.  We plunged into yesterday with joy, though a bit "dingy".  

Began the day by going to a IPIL National High School of 1900 students in Ormoc City.  Though, it was Saturday about 100 students were doing "housework", like cleaning up and working on rebuilding, their damaged school.  We were greeted with a beautiful sign and smiling students.  

There was no electricity, so we demonstrated the Rescuer, powered by our Ford Pick-up truck battery. The young man, Jostel, who will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Rescuer was a good student.  All of the students who were there on Saturday morning showed such deep appreciation for this amazing gift of clean water.

We next headed to the Ormoc City Jail.  Dandy' wife Michelle, knew the head nurse there, sot that was our "In" to Jail.  

The staff listened very attentively and the prisoners looked on.  It was a wonderful moment.  After our presentation, we asked if we could pray with the prisoners and was granted permission.  We, of course were unable to take any photos of the prisoners, due to confidentiality laws.  

We were reminded of the Words of Jesus, "I was in prison and you visited Me".  Again, Praise God for this precious tool (clean water) that opens so many doors!!  BTW, we were able to sing and pray for the prisoners.

Dandy and Michelle know Ormoc City very well and took us to wonderful Chinese Restaurant, Choy King.  The food was plenteous and tasty.  There is a special desert in the Philippines called Hala Hala.  There are so many levels of frozen delights, it's difficult to describe, but amazingly refreshing beautifully filling.  We left extremely satisfied.

Our last Rescuer deployment for the day was the Noungan Ormoc City Council Community Center, located in a very poor and needy section of town.  

We were greeted by the Head of the Council along with about 100 residents.  Again, no power, so we fired up the Rescuer with a Motorcycle battery.  Again, great appreciation and joy at the prospect of having extremely clean water for FREE!  That's the beauty of the Rescuer.  

We then headed back to the Command Center and I met with Redante', our local Rescuer Technician.  We had had one mishap, a ceramic filter cracked on the flight from half way around the world and has 'spilled" particles deep inside the Rescuer.  We were able to completely disassemble the unit and do a thorough cleaning.  Good training for Redante and Dandy.

We had run "full speed" for the entire day.  Delirium was setting in.  Our special guest (stars), Aldrich and James and company were on the high seas coming over to Ormoc City from Cebu on a "Fast Boat".  Their ship was running behind schedule due to weather and seas.  This delay gave Cindy, Peter and I the opportunity to grab a few much needed winks of sleep.

About 2 hours behind schedule their boat docked and these young people of nearly instantaneous, world-wide fame, walked off the boat, a bit dizzy from the "roller coaster" ride but fit.  We then headed to a very nice restaurant and had a delicious meal.

Our hotel managed to find 2 extra rooms for them and we all "crashed" at the end  of this very long day.  Surely, we are being powered by the Holy Spirit, giving us extraordinary strength and endurance.

So, here we are this morning.  Up, bright and early, even though, our bodies are thinking it's 7:30 pm, it's actually 7:30 am.  Again, we lean upon the Lord to guide and strengthen us today.  Who knows where our Lord will lead?

Oh, before signing off, just checked the headlines and saw that Flight MH-370 "may" have gone to Pakistan.  What is going on???  

Seems like accurate information is very difficult to find and for the most part, we, the public are really in the dark.  All we can do is PRAY for those victims and their families.  This is a true mystery, the likes of which I have never seen. Here is more on this incredible story - MH-370 MAY HAVE BEEN FLYING TOWARD PAKISTAN!! 

Again, THANK YOU for wandering down this rambling blog and excellent "Adventure" with us.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe   

3-15-14 Saturday 5:59AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our Philippines Airline (PAL) pilot skillfully maneuvered the Airbus 320 between the thunderstorms and we landed at Tacloban International Airport.  We had come a long way to get here. 

That bad girl, Yolanda, had blown through the airport terminal at 200+ mph winds and literally "gutted" the building.  The Filipino had it up and going within hours and still, and manage to function with amazing efficiency.

The question in our minds was...."Did those 8 blue tubs make it on the same flight?"  It was with great JOY that we saw those beautiful blue tubs roll out of PAL Cargo!  The first phase our mission was successful.  We were on at "ground zero" with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers!

Dr. Aaron had arranged for Dandy (that's his name) to pick us up and bring us wherever we needed to go.  THANKS AARON!

Dandy and his wife, Michelle were there waiting for us.  Michelle had baked delicious banana bread, mmmmm.  We headed straight over to the Philippine Air Force (PAF) base located at Tacloban Airport to check on the Rescuer that we had donated to the PAF on our last mission here.

We were cleared right through the security and met with Colonel Carangan, the Base Commander.  He was very pleased to inform me that the Rescuer was providing all of the water for his men and that it was functioning beautifully.  Praise God!

Since we were in Ormoc City, I thought it good to show Peter and Cindy the monument dedicated to General Douglas McArthur's famous "return" to the Philippines in World War II.  What an amazing story.  

As I have shared in the past, many Filipinos love McArthur and consider him a true hero in helping to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese.

We then headed to the High School that we had visited on our last mission to the Philippines.  Dandy's brother is the HS Administrator.  As we drove through the devastation, we could see steady progress.  Roads were clear, roofs were being replaced and even the "mass burial" site that we had passed on our last trip was all covered up and the health clinic was back in operation.

We were greeted by hundreds of students who sang and danced and expressed incredible joy at our return.  We brought them a second Rescuer.  The first one looked like brand new and was functioning beautifully. Peter even sang for them.

On our last mission here to San Augustin, I had promised that, with the help of our Lord, we would bring them a second Rescuer.  By God's amazing grace, we delivered on that promise!

Then the school surprised us with wanting to plan a tree dedicated to Air Mobile as a momento as to when we, with your prayer and love, came to them in a darkest hours following Typhoon Yolanda.  Our hearts were moved and I cried.

It was a joy to plant the tree and we promised to return from time to time to see how our little mango tree was doing.

We then hit the road again and, not knowing exactly where we were going, Cindy and Michelle began discussing a high school on Samar Island, right next to Leyte.  

We crossed the bridge and found the High School.  After a brief discussion of what we had to offer, they gladly accepted our gift.  

We made the training presentation and then, the part that I love, we presented the school with an Air Mobile Rescuer. Have I told you how much I love my job??  

We crossed the bridge back to Leyte and found a place that served some pretty decent fried chicken.  Now, a 12 hour time difference will really throw one's internal clock off.  It as midnight our time and noon on Leyte.

As we ate, thunderstorms shook the place and the rain steadily fell.  We had heard about another great school in Tacloban that needed clean water, Grace Baptist School.  

We then made the offer and it was gladly accepted.  We did our training and presentation.  The rain poured down and thunder shook the building.  We then presented Grace Baptist with it's own Air Mobile Rescuer.

Cindy, Peter and I were running on fumes.  We had not slept in a bed since Tuesday night.  We were in approaching 3 days with no real sleep.  Dandy, our faithful guide and driver headed back to Ormoc City, a grueling 2.5 hour drive through the mountains.  I drifted in and out of sleep.  What a long, but very successful day.  We literally "Hit the ground running".  

Dandy found a very comfortable room in downtown Ormoc City.  Oh, the warm shower and comfortable bed was like heaven.

Up early this morning.  Already had 3 little bitty cups of coffee out of the hotel vending machine.  Dandy and Michelle will be here in about an hour.

Oh, forgot to mention, we contacted that you singing sensation (very anointed), Adrich and James.  They're coming join us!!  They will fly from their island, General Santos to Cebu and then take the Fast Cat Ferry over to Ormoc City.  We hope to be with them this evening.  They'll spend a couple of days with us.  Going to be fun!!  Here's a clip of their music be sure to click and be blessed! - ALDRICH AND JAMES

Time to head out into another day.  Who know what our Lord will have for us.  Still reeling and rejoicing in the successful day we had yesterday.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy and Peter

3-14-14 Friday 3:54AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Manila International Airport  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The last blog report was from Orlando.  Cindy, Peter and I are now sitting in Manila about to board a flight to Tacloban, Leyte (the Ground Zero of the Typhoon Yolanda).

This will be a very brief blog because my computer has only a tiny bit of juice and I can't find power.  Our flight will be boarding in 15 minutes.

So, when we left Detroit on Wednesday afternoon, we got bumped up to Business Class.  There was a terrible snow storm and our flight was delayed due to de-icing.  

BTW we also got bumped up to Business Class from Orlando to Detroit! 

The flight over Alaska, Russia to Japan was a bit rough, but....Business Class sure took the sting out  the rough air.  We landed in Negoya, Japan about 2 hours behind schedule.

We made a mad dash to board the Manila Flight and just made it.  Again....bumped up to Business class.  THANK YOU DELTA ROSE AND DELTA AIRLINES!  Not only were we on a very economical ticket, but our Lord gave us favor with Business Class half way around the world!!  We were able to really rest on the 20 hour flight.

I'll try to add to this blog once we get settled in Tacloban.  

Oh, also must tell you that Philippine Airlines waived all freight charges to those 8 blue tubs filled with 15 Rescuers.  Again, THANK GOD for favor.  

So sorry this blog is so "choppy" and short and lacking photos.  My computer is just about to die and wanted to get a "progress report" out.  So grateful to have you along on the journey with us.  Appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

3-13-14 Thursday - Somewhere in time - Air Mobile Team traveling on a Delta 747-400 between Detroit and Nagoya, Japan.  Every hour flown, 2 hour are taken off our clock - we cross the international time zone.  
3-12-14 Wednesday 5:49AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Orlando International Airport  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Up at 2:00am to head out to the Philippines for our 3rd mission there since the terrible Typhoon Yolanda ravaged so many in November.  We, Cindy, Peter and I, will be bringing in 15 more Air Mobile Rescuers...thanks to your generosity and prayer!

George (to the left of Peter..the tall one) is one of our faithful Water Mules.  He picked us up at 3:00am and we arrived at Orlando International airport.  We unloaded our 8 Blue Tubs with our precious cargo of clean water for 15,000+ thirsty folks...daily!  What a blessing and privilege.

Anytime one brings this much "baggage", one needs amazing grace with the airline.  Our dear Delta Rose arranged for our "Buddy Passes" and now....we needed extra grace to get this precious cargo cleared all the way to Manila.

Then, we met Maggie, a 35 year Veteran of Delta Airlines.  We had made a call requesting the extra / oversize / overweight at the last minute, because we had just gotten "Clearance" for this mission.  Our request was still in process.  Then,  Maggie assessed our situation and made a grace decision to allow us to carry all of our stuff.  Thus...."MAGGIE GRACE".  Thank you, Maggie and Delta Airlines!!

Our next stop:  Detroit and then Negoya Japan and finally, Manila, Philippines. By the time this mission will be over, we will have flown nearly 24,000 miles.  Spent 46 hours in the air and had 8 stops.  It's going to be a LONG journey and we'll be moving very fast.

PLEASE PRAY for traveling mercy as we bring clean water to the thirsty in the Name of Jesus.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-11-14 Tuesday 7:39AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Wow!  What happened??  The mystery of the sudden disappearance... without a trace, continues on.  Now, more is coming out about the "stolen passports" and the fact that 5 passengers did not get on the flight.  The fuel that was spotted has turned out to be marine fuel.  Here is an "exhaustive" article on the situation - 5 PASSENGERS CHECKED IN...NEVER BOARDED

Debris, that had been cited has proven to be "inconclusive", so the mystery continues.  Searchers are turning to space and high technology to locate the missing aircraft.  Here's an excellent article on the "search" - Malaysia Crash Search Taps Technology as Debris Eludes

Yesterday, California was shaken by a 6.9 Earthquake and....more quakes are expected.  The good news:  no injuries or serious damage or tsunami.  Here's more on the quake - 6.9 EARTHQUAKE RATTLES NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Meanwhile, our Air Mobile Team is working rapidly to get all of the final pieces together for our "Next Mission" to the Philippines.  

Today, will be the final loading and finishing touches on packing before we depart and fly "half-way" around the world.  We're very excited and joyful about heading back to the Philippines!

So, it's that time....need to head out and go over the final check-list.  Please pray that we get all done that we need to before departure.  As always, THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-10-14 Monday 6:57AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Vietnam Officials confirm the spotting of plane debris in the area that, it appears, that Malaysian Flight MH-370 went down.  The worst is feared - Here's more on that tragic story - SEARCHERS SPOT DEBRIS

This is, indeed, a sad day for the families of the apparent victims.  May I ask you to join us in prayer.  We can only imagine the pain and grief they must be suffering.

Meanwhile, we continue to prepare for our "Next Mission".  Looks like we're heading to the Philippines.  Yesterday was a good day for logistics.  After attending service at our Church, Redeemer, we conducted 2 services at the Hospital in Orlando.  In both services, we had folks accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  What a blessing to be part of the move of God!

Upon returning home, got a call from our dear, Delta Rose.  We booked our flights to the Philippines.  Of course, on a "Buddy Pass", one flies "Stand-by".  Please pray that 3 seats will be available when we're ready to board.

We then booked flights from Manila to Tacloban on Leyte Island (the "ground zero" of the terrible Typhoon Yolanda).  We are so eager to return and check on the 30 Rescuers that have already been delivered.  We'll be bringing in an additional 15 Rescuers on this next mission.

Now, Cindy has been working on something very special. I'll begin by sharing a link of 2 young men, Adlrich and James, from the Philippines, who sing for Jesus.  Take a moment and check out this Youtube - ALDRICH AND JAMES

Cindy has been in touch with them and has invited them to join us on our next deployment mission.  They have quickly responded and are very interested in helping us to bring clean water to suffering and thirsty folks.  We'll keep you up to date on how this will all work out.  Oh, when you listen to them sing and worship Jesus, you're heart will be warmed.

Cindy and I got up very early this morning to see Barbara and her daughter and kids off on their next adventure.  Barb's been here in Florida just chilling out and taking a little break.  Remember her in prayer as she gets ready to return to Haiti.

So, today will be extremely busy since we've gotten our "Marching Orders for the Philippines".  Have a lot things to accomplish before we depart.  Please pray that we get it all done on time.  As always, we so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-9-14 Sunday 7:49AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Usually, there are a couple of "notices" around reminding us of the infamous "spring forward".  I sure didn't catch a single one.  Woke up this morning and, according to my new I-Phone 5S (love the phone), it was later than usual.  

Came down, got my cup of coffee and checked the computer.  Same time. But...when I checked my watch and the clock on the stove, it was my "usual" wake up time.  Mmmmm, finally, I googled in "when do we "spring forward"?  The answer:  March 9th.  Ok, so we all just lost an hour with very little "fanfare".  So, this blog will post a bit (about an hour) later than usual.

We, like most of the world, have been following the plight of Malaysian Flight MH 370.  2 large oil slicks have been spotted and there appears to be some kind of a yellow object spotted and ships are steaming toward it.  It does not look good.  We're being told to expect the worst. 

The search ships are expected to arrive at the area of the "reported" floating yellow object some time this morning. We await and pray!

This report just in - Flight MH 370 may have attempted to turn around....Terrorism is possible - here's more - TERRORISM POSSIBLE IN MISSING MALAYSIAN FLIGHT - AIRCRAFT MAY HAVE TURNED AROUND

Meanwhile, our Air Mobile Team of "Water Mules" (Dennis, Yahn and Peter) worked diligently yesterday to move those 15 Air Mobile Rescuers toward completion.  

Now that the final components have arrived, it's a matter of pulling all of the many pieces together to launch another relief effort to the Philippines. 

By the way (BTW), we are receiving news from the Philippines and the need for clean water is still very great, even though the news has long since forgotten the terrible Super Typhoon, Yolanda.  We are very eager to return to the Philippines to be with our new friends in Christ and share the gift of clean water. 

So, it's Sunday morning and we're "scurrying" around to get to church on time.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

3-8-14 Saturday 6:54AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Late yesterday evening, saw this story pop up.  A Malaysian Airlines 777 (Flight MH370) went missing 2 hours into the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bejing.  239 people were on-board. Immediately began praying.  

At this hour, the authorities have not found anything.  It does appear as if the aircraft went down in the South China Sea just off the coast of Vietnam.

We have flown very similar routes in the region over the years.  When one boards an aircraft, there is always the's a good reason to pray before any journey.  Here is more on the missing aircraft - UPDATE ON MH 370 - AIR SEARCH - NO WRECKAGE FOUND AT THIS HOUR   


Began yesterday morning with Cliff who is the chief "engineer" for a local car washing operation.  We've been working very closely with this group to help develop a means of recycling dirty water through a series of filters and a Rescuer to find a means of saving water, thus saving money in the operation.  A true win-win deal.  Love working on projects like this, as it helps us to build a better Air Mobile Rescuer.  We're making good progress.

During the meeting with Cliff, received a call from our dear "Delta Rose".  Rose has been working on finding 3 Buddy Passes to get our Air Mobile Team back to the Philippines.  SUCCESS!!  Rose found them and it looks like our next mission will be back to the Philippines....soon!!

Next meeting was with Guy, a local pilot who owns a beautiful Cessna 172.  Our Chief Flight Instructor, Brian, who recently moved from Tulsa to Orlando and I had a very productive meeting with Guy and his wife to discuss the possibility of a "Lease Back" on their aircraft for our newly formed flight training operation.  

The Cessna 172 is the ideal Single-Engine Training aircraft.  Please pray with us that we create another true, win-win agreement.

Then, received news from one our great suppliers that 16 DC Ballast Boards, the "electronic heart" of the Rescuer, was ready for pick up.  That meant that we now had the remaining piece to the puzzle for our "Mission to the Philippines"!  

I dashed over and picked up the remaining components. Am so appreciative to our Lord for our "Team Members" who help us to bring clean water to a thirsty world!

Headed home and picked up Cindy, Peter and Ariana for a magnificent dinner with Ken and Patty at their home on the River.  Ken is the pilot who owns the Piper Aztec that will be joining the Air Mobile fleet.  

His aircraft is almost ready.  He's put new engines on it and the latest in engine analyzers and few other great upgrades. THANKFUL for..."How our Lord deploys His troops & equipment"!!  

BTW, the Piper Aztec is also affectionately referred to at the "Az-Truck" because of its great payload and efficiency.

Today, will be meeting with our Rescuer Assembly Team at the Air Mobile facility to put those final pieces together for 15 more Rescuers for the Philippines!  

Then later today, will be joining Barbara and her family at India Fest here in Melbourne.  You may recall, this organization played a vital role in helping Barb "rebuilid" Russka Village following the 2010 Earthquake.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord works!!

Finally, I ask you again, to join together with us in PRAYER for the crew and passengers and families of Flight MH-370.

Time to hit the road and, as always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-7-14 Friday 6:55AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Getting a new phone is a rather "complicated & tedious" affair.  Especially when one doesn't use certain passwords for years and has a pretty slow computer.  But, when one has an extremely patient friend, this long and drawn out function can be somewhat pleasant, though a bit frustrating.

My son, Steve and I took the 1+ hour ride south to see Bill, my personal Communication and specifically, Apple, Guru.  Bill and I go way back (over 25 years) and have had many a grand adventure together in many an airplane in many a country, including Cuba.  But....setting up a new I-Phone 5S for Air Mobile Joe ranks among the more challenging.

We arrived around 11:30am and began the process.  For you see, in addition to setting up this remarkable device, Bill was going to help me to "squeeze" some additional performance out of the phone.  This is invaluable when traveling the world.  

Hour after hour, we slugged along.  Several calls to Apple and AT&T and finally around 4:30 it was done.  Air Mobile Joe had a new, shiny, very fast and capable communication device.  Where would we be without our phone!!  

Toward the end of our long and winding road of extremely upgraded communication, my "old" phone rang.  It was Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress) who had just landed in Miami.  

She was flying in from Haiti to spend a few days with her daughter and grand-children here in "Sunny Florida".  Her flight had been delayed due to some pretty serious thunderstorms. The fact that our "Phone Transfer" had taken several hours longer than anticipated, we managed to pick her up at Orlando and she had only waited about 10 minutes.

We all dashed home to a delicious Lasagne Dinner and Bible Study.  Cindy had also invited some of the neighborhood kids to attend the Bible Study.  We also had invited George (a Great Water Mule) over.  Our home was full (around 20 people) and the food was delicious and the fellowship was sweet.

We finally headed up to bed around 11:00pm after a long day. I just kept looking at my new phone, which plays such an important role in our daily lives.  My, how things have changed.  I'm simply THANKFUL for the abilities that the I-Phone gives.

Will be working today on getting ready for our next mission, most likely the Philippines.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-6-14 Thursday 6:47AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I were driving home from the Gym late yesterday morning when the phone rang.  It was Stan Brock of R.A.M. (Remote Area Medical).  Some of you may remember Stan from Wild Kingdom, he was the original Steve Irwin.  Here's a bit more on Stan - WIKI-PEDIA - STAN BROCK

Have had the privilege of working together with Stan in Haiti on multiple occasions.  Stan and R.A.M. are amazing and know how to help people in deep need! 

Stan asked if I could join him in Orlando for a 5:30pm meeting with a prominent Filipino Aviator (Asian Air Safari), Joy Roa.  Joy happened to be in Orlando doing flight training at Sim-Com.  

I agreed, of course, to be there. Cindy and I are planning to return to the Philippines soon, so this meeting was clearly ordained by our Lord.

Cindy and I quickly re-arranged our day to work that meeting in.  Headed next to the airport to get the "Annual" Inspection on the Little Donkey started with our mechanic Paul.  Every year, we conduct this routine and extensive inspection on Ti Burik.  

Again, so thankful for this remarkable tool that our Lord placed into our hands.  Thanks again, Bill D., for your generous and gracious gift!!

My phone, an old I-Phone 4, has been slowly dying.  On the last trip to Haiti, had to reset it about 100 times.  Time to upgrade.  Have had it for nearly 4 years.  Arrived at the AT&T store around 2:30 to begin the process of stepping up to the I-Phone 5S.  

After getting the new phone (not setup yet), dashed to Orlando to meet Stan and Company.  Stan flew the R.A.M. King Air down from Knoxville for the meeting.  We all met by the Orlando International Airport.  Talk about a timely and productive meeting! 

We spent hours going over areas of great need and the logistics and availability of Aviation fuel, runway lengths & conditions, as well as suitable aircraft to accomplish Rescue missions.  

Aviators have a certain camaraderie and this evening was a pure pleasure.  Meeting with Captain Joy and Captain Valescoe and the R.A.M. Team, provided us with so much critical information for future missions!   

It brings me again to a quote that you've heard often on this rambling blog, "Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!

This morning, my son, Steve, and I will be driving down to Vero Beach to meet with Bill D. to set up my new I-Phone 5S.  Bill is a communication, aircraft mechanic / pilot guru!  So thankful to have him as a friend and helper in this ministry.  Where would we be without so many lending us a hand on this journey??

So, here we are.  About to head out into this day and who knows what will happen?  Love it when our Lord is involved in our day!!  As always, THANK YOU for your gracious and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

3-5-14 Wednesday 6:42AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Decided NOT to stay in Haiti for the "Party" (Mardi Gras).  The Prussel Family and I arose quite early yesterday morning, loaded up and dashed to the airport. 

The roads were very quiet.  We arrived safe and sound and I prepared the Little Donkey for the "gallop" home.  Our mission to Haiti had been accomplished ...for now.  

We cruised at 12,500 feet and had a nice little tail wind. The day was absolutely beautiful.  Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed by the splendor of the Caribbean.  

The turquoise sea, the little islands, the glorious beaches.  Ahhh, sometimes, I'd like to just land about half way and spend a little time.

At the same time, just west of our route home, there is another "mystery" stirring and it involves a Russian Spy Ship in Cuba.

The "Mystery Ship" has been docked in Havana for several day and it's certainly adding to the tension that is rapidly growing globally.   Here's more on that "Mystery Ship" - MYSTERY SHIP SURPRISE VISIT TO CUBA

The situation in the Ukraine is EXTREMELY explosive and Russia is definitely "flexing" it's muscles.  China is joining Putin and the situation definitely deserves our PRAYER!  We are in dangerous waters for sure.  If there is ever a time that our leaders need wisdom, it is now. 

To further add to the tension, Russia fired "Warning Shots" to remind the U.S. and the world of it's nuclear capability.  This is some pretty serious stuff going on.  Here's more - RUSSIA TEST FIRES ICBM AMID TENSION IN UKRAINE

Meanwhile, we landed in Fort Pierce a bit ahead of schedule.  Cleared Customs and then made the quick last leg of our journey to Titusville.  My Cindy joined us for lunch.  It's good to be home.

Today, we move forward toward our "next mission".  We're certainly praying about the situation with Russia / China and the world.  

Will be heading to the airport this morning to meet with Paul, our mechanic, to schedule our routine inspection / maintenance on the Little Donkey.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  We STAND together asking our Lord to bring wisdom in this volatile situation.

Air Mobile Joe

3-4-14 Tuesday 4:54AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, today is Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) or Carnival as it is known around the world.  Haiti "celebrates" this day with great relish.  It is not a holy day for sure, but one of rather extreme "carnality".  So, here we are.  It's a good day to pray.

Barbara has a pretty steady team of volunteers who come to the "Village".  On Sunday evening, Erin, a 22 year old young lady, (second from the right) led a team of volunteers from Michigan to help Barb with the orphans.  We're so thankful for young people who love the Lord and want to serve.

I spent some time working in the Refurb / Refresh shop putting finishing touches on Air Mobile Rescuers for service when the team came in to see how the Rescuer works.  Love telling the story of the "near-miracle" machine.

At the end of the day, had 11 units in the "magazine" ready to go, to keep clean water flowing to the thirsty and needy.  Praise God!  

After the delivery of the unit to Hinche several days ago, our total number of rescuers in Haiti is 334.  Those units provide a lot of clean water.  THANK YOU again for your prayer, love and support!!

The sun is just peeking over the mountains and the roosters are in full swing on this "Fat Tuesday".  Have a delicious cup of Haitian coffee and life is good.  What will our Lord do today?  We're hanging on the for the ride.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-3-14 Monday 6:43AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We began the day with Church.  Joe and Lydia have been members of the Church of Viera (CAV) for many years.  As a matter of fact, the CAV has sent teams over for the last 8 years and done so many wonderful things!!  Among them, they helped to build a Church, The Church at Maki Island.

That is where we went.  We arrived during Sunday School.  The scene was beautiful.  The Church with it's blue colors and the sunlight streaming in through the blue tinted glass and a pleasant cool breeze stands out in my memory.  

Then the Pastor asked if I had a word and of course, the Bible says to be instant "in season and out of of season".  Shared on the wonder of the "Roman Road" and how Jesus came to save us.  Always a joy to tell the Good News!!

After Church, it was off to the beach.  We headed north on Route 1.  Determined to get out early, because the road is EXTREMELY dangerous at night.  It is also quite DANGEROUS in the day time.

Have I mentioned that this is "Mardi Gras" weekend?  Now, in Haiti, Mardi Gras is a pretty "riotous" event.  A lot drinking and potential for violence.  The road north was exceptionally dangerous, as many, many folks had the same idea.  "Go to the Beach".

It didn't take long, no more than 10km (about 6 miles) out of town, we saw our first accident.  It had just happened.  A "Tap-Tap" (colorful taxi pickup truck) was hit from behind and actually rolled on its side.  The Tap-Tap was full of folks. 

There were a number of injured.  Not sure if there were fatalities. Looked like the local authorities had it somewhat under control.  We simply prayed for the injured as we zipped by.  

All the more reason to be vigilant and extra cautious.  As we drove, vehicle after vehicle "blew" by us.  I drove a steady 80kph (about 50mph) and gave a lot of room to the "party-goers".  Was in NO rush to get to the beach.

Just as we turned into our destination, Wahoo Beach, we saw another "spectacular" accident.  A large transport truck was on another tap-tap (smushed) and the whole accident ended up on top of a house. 

The accident had occurred earlier and all the victims had been removed.  As Joe was approaching the accident scene, two American ladies asked Joe if he would join them, as they felt led to pray for the lady of the house, on whom the trucks had landed. 

Fortunately, no one had been injured in the house, but the homeowner had been traumatized by the whole thing.  They prayed together.

The ride to the Beach was, indeed, treacherous, but the food and beach was worth it. Wahoo does lobster....mmmmm!!  BTW, Haiti does have some absolutely beautiful and spectacular spots...the Wahoo being one of them.

We headed back the "Village" in the mid-afternoon as driving this road at night is dramatically more dangerous.  Just before arriving at the Village, we stopped at Barb's latest project, "The Blue Escape".

This is a 2 Family home that Barb recently completed for "over-flow" in the Village (Ruuska).  It is built extremely well. As you can see, it had not been painted....yet.  Guess what color it will be???

Sage was fascinated by the "Kitchen".  Still a work in progress.  She was interested in how the "stove" works.  A little bit of charcoal can do a lot.

We rolled into our Village in the later afternoon.  Still plenty of light.  We had made the journey safely.  We saw several accidents and prayed for the victims.  We're thankful that our Lord protected us.

So, here we are, the day before Mardi Gras.  Will likely "lay low" and work in the Refresh depot.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

3-2-14 Sunday 6:25AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We had a plan yesterday.  Go the beach and just chill out.  Suddenly, Barb yelled, "Plan Change....we're going to Love A Child to get food, we're leaving in 5 minutes."  

You see, on the 1st of the Month, Love-A-Child ministry gives out a lot of food to missionaries for distribution.  The "short" month of February threw Barb off and the sudden realization that it was the 1st caused the "Plan Change". 

We made the ride, in record time, with no problems to Love A Child that is near the Dominican Border.  As the Prussel's loaded the gift of food, I checked on the Rescuer that Air Mobile donated to Love A Child some time ago.

Decided that it was time for a little "Tune Up".  We'd bring it back to the Refresh Center for a little maintenance.

Bobby and Sherry Burnett, the Founders of Love-A-Child have done an amazing job of helping not only the Haitian people, but so many missionaries (who, in-turn, help so many more Haitians) with this gift of food.

The Manna Pack is a remarkable combination of healthful food that literally "reverses" malnutrition.  The load that Barb received yesterday will feed hundreds of people.

Sage, Joe and Lydia's daughter is standing out as a wonderful "Missionary in Training".  This young lady has a beautiful "servant" heart.  She is a great blessing!! 

Upon return to the "Village", I headed right into the "Refresh" Depot to put the finishing touches on the only "Blue Rescuer" in the world.  

After it was all checked out, I presented it to Barb.  Again, Barb loves the color "Blue".  

She states simply, all we have to do is look around the world to see that Blue must be God's favorite color also.  Just look at the sky and the ocean.  There's more blue out there than any other color. Good point.

When Barb trains others on the Rescuer, she often refers to the machine as "Barbara's Baby".  After receiving the "Blue Rescuer", she embraced her "Blue Baby".

Of course, Barb has had Air Mobile Rescuers in full-time operation in the Village for the last 10 years, but never....a "Blue One".

Oh, in the background of Barb, you'll see Lydia and Sage paining a new sign for the Village.  

Here's a shot of them on the make-shift scaffold that Joe arranged.  Love to see folks "walking" in their gifts!!

Then, it was back into the Refresh Center to work on the Love-A-Child Rescuer.  With a little love and a few consumable replacements, their Rescuer was good as new and clean water will continue to flow.

Again, it was a good day.  Barb and I wrapped it up with another round of Yahtzee, our favorite game.

So, today, here we are.  The sun is just rising and it's time to head out and see just what our Lord has for us.  Again, it will be good.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

3-1-14 Saturday 7:22AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, we went in 2 directions.  Barb, Joe, Lydia and Sage loaded up and headed to Hinche.  Hinche is located in the Central Plateau about 2 hours away (used to take 6+ hours to get there, but now the road is "sweet").  

Their Mission:  Deliver an Air Mobile Rescuer to a large school serving 900 students.

I pulled out the little Blue Motorcycle and headed north to a neighboring mission, Global Outreach International to see our great friends, David and Judy Heady.

Upon approaching the gate of their mission compound, the Clutch cable snapped, the lever went "loose" and I had to come to abrupt halt by killing the engine.  It is VERY DIFFICULT to ride a motorcycle without a clutch.

After getting in the gate, I rolled the motorcycle downhill and eased it into 1st gear and slowly limped up to the Mission Guest House, where I found David and Judy, who were hosting a team from the U.S.

After explaining my plight, one of the Global Staff guys jumped up and said "follow me".  Again, an easy roll, slip into 1st gear and work over to the Mission Garage.  Within minutes, 3 Haitian Global mechanics were removing the broken cable.  They knew exactly what to do and where to get a replacement cable.  I gave them some money to do the job  

I was brought back to the Mission Guest House where David and I had a nice lunch.  You see, David and I often get together to simply pray.  That was the main reason for my visit.  We barely got to the desert (delicious sliced mangoes) when the little Blue Motorcycle was brought right back to me. 

The Global Staff member returned the money (all of it) back to me and simply smiled.  Folks, it was as if they were "WAITING" for me to arrive.  There is no motorcycle shop, no organization that could have repaired the Little Blue Motorcycle any quicker.  Again...."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!

As all of this was happening with the Little Blue Motorcycle....and by the way, David and I had a great "Prayer Time" together, Barb, Joe, Lydia and Sage were working their way to Hinche to deliver a "Near Miracle" Clean Water Machine!

They arrived at St. Andre's Episcopal Church and School where they met Father Noe.  They quickly set up the Air Mobile Rescuer.  The water in that region is very bad with both a lot of disease and a fowl taste.

After running that "nasty" water through the Rescuer, out came CLEAR, CLEAN, DELICIOUS water. Father Noe said that the water was the best!!  Mission Accomplished!

After I got back the Village from the "Clutch" Play at Global, headed right into the Air Mobile Refurb/Refresh Depot.  There was a Rescuer that needed some special attention.  As a matter of fact, I had the most beautiful BLUE UV Chamber.  Normally, they are either clear of dark tinted.  This Chamber was Barbara Blue.

After a bit of tender love and component replacement, out came a perfectly "Refreshed" Rescuer.  Today, I'll present it to  Barbara as the special, BLUE Mission Unit.  Some of you probable know that Barbara loves the color blue.  That is why we call her, "Rambo on the Blue Dress"!

While the unit was running Barb and the Prussels returned from Hinche.  We shared our good reports with one another and then had a delicous meal of Tacos.  It was a good day.

So, the sun has just risen and we have a new day before us.  What will our Lord do today?  Don't know, but I'm sure, it will be good!!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-28-14 Friday 7:13 AM (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our Little Donkey was ready to go.  The supply of baby food and formula and diapers was secure.  The weather was a bit questionable, but manageable so.....

Had been speaking with our very good friends and excellent "Water Mules" the Prussel Family about joining us on our next trip to Haiti.  You may recall, Joe Prussel, joined Cindy and I on a recent trip to the Philippines.

We finished loading the Little Donkey and prayed.  It was time to go back to Haiti.  Made a final check of the weather.  Had some rain and very strong winds along the route.  Pushed the throttles forward and began the journey to Haiti.

Joe has been traveling the world with Air Mobile for over 8 years.  Lydia is an extremely gifted artist and has painted murals all over the world for mission groups.  Little Sage has been "in training" as a Water Mule.  On our recent trip to the Philippines, she worked with her Dad for nearly 12 straight hours getting Rescuers ready.  This is an intrepid and brave family for Jesus!

As the Little Donkey climbed, I had to do some pretty significant maneuvering to stay out of the rain, for as we climbed higher and higher, a thin layer of ice (Rime) formed on the leading edge of the wings and the windshield.  Time to go a bit lower.  

I reported the situation to Miami Center and they gave me 15,000 from 17,000.  Winds were from the west at 65 mph.  The weather in the "Triangle" was challenging.  

The sun was about to rise and this would definitely warm things up a bit.  As the beautiful event happened...the Caribbean has some of the most spectacular sunrises on the planet, my heart...and the wings of the Little Donkey were warmed.

We could see the remaining thin layer of ice that was left on the wings.  As the Little Donkey worked around the build-ups and went further south (toward the Equator), the final bits of ice melted off.

The rest of our journey was uneventful.  So thankful for this precious tool, The Little Donkey for bringing us safely through the infamous "Bermuda Triangle".

Upon arrival, the Haitian Authorities gave us the much appreciated "Humanitarian Flight" clearance and we re-positioned to General Aviation where we met Barbara.  

On the way back to the "Village", I called upon the OFNAC (Civil Aviation Haiti) and requested a meeting with the Director General.  Barb and the Prussel's dropped me at OFNAC HQ.

Had lunch with my dear friend of nearly 33 years, Pastor Enock Raymond.  Enock is the Head of Air Traffic Control (ATC) Training.  We go "waaaay" back.  Enock loves the Lord.  We had a delightful lunch together and discussed the status of the ATC equipment that is being installed.

Caught a ride back to the "Village" where I found Lydia and Sage "touching" up a mural that had been painted several years ago.  It is always so encouraging to see folks walking in their "Gifts".  

Had a delicious steak dinner (among the things the Little Donkey carried in) and some sweet fellowship.  We have so many cool memories of past missions together.

The sun has risen and it's time to see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-27-14 Thursday 2:46 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Down here in Florida, we see many "Snow Birds".  Being in Florida is a great place to spend winters.  Thus, there many towns to reflect this like "Winter Park, Winter Haven, Winter Garden etc.  After being up north in -10 degree weather recently, I completely understand the "mentality" of the "Snow Bird".

It was one of these "Snow Birds" that came across our path about 4 years ago.  It was a Divine Appointment for sure.  Doug Augustine, a "Certified Snow Bird" volunteered to drive our Air Mobile Team to Arkansas to pick up the Little Donkey and he has become a Premier "Water Mule" ever since.  

Doug, who does amazing Volunteer Work all across the U.S. will be heading .... slowly...back up North.  His next stop will be in Georgia where he'll be working with Habitat for Humanity...another one of his "adopted" missions.  We'll sure miss Doug winter.  Bon Voyage, Doug!

We're so THANKFUL for the many volunteers whom our Lord sends our way. 

Up early this morning.  Absolutely love the peace and quiet in the early morning.  Seems like even coffee taste better.  This is a great time to pray and reflect.  The Psalmist David enjoyed the early mornings...."Joy comes in the morning"! 

So, as always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-26-14 Wednesday 5:38 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We took the Little Donkey up for a "high altitude" test flight yesterday.  Paul, our mechanic, and Steve, my son joined me. We took off and climbed right up to 17,500' and both engines performed perfectly.

So thankful for such an amazing tool as the Little Donkey. Also thankful for strong engines and a great mechanic!

After landing, dashed right over to the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) for a nice load of baby food, formula and diapers for the orphans in the Village in Haiti.  Again, simply THANKFUL for folks who care about others, particularly the "fatherless".  THANK YOU again, Vicky and Team.

From the APC stopped by the Air Mobile shop and Doug gave me the latest on his project of the "Emergency Tool Box" for the Rescuer.  

He laid out all of the components and made a supplemental laminated instruction sheet. You see, that little "Tool Box" is critical to keeping clean water flowing. Now, having these added "pictorial" instructions will make the job of bringing clean water even easier.  THANK YOU DOUG!! 

Upon reflection on yesterday and thinking about all the wonderful folks whom our Lord has brought across our path, I simply stand amazed and yes, am so THANKFUL for folks who care and share their gifts and talents.  We could not do, what we do, without so many standing with us.

Even the fact that you are reading this little "Rambling" blog today is testimony as to how "Our Lord deploys His troops".  We're extremely THANKFUL to you for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe 

2-25-14 Tuesday 6:26 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


A friend, Josh, recently told me about a new Walmart Ad.  He was so excited about it, he "text-ed" it right to me.  As I watched the 60 second spot, a spark of hope for our country welled up inside of me.  

I know what America CAN do, if we put our minds and hearts to it.   Just thought I'd share it with you -  I AM A FACTORY

Now, it just so happens that Mike Rowe, the "Dirty Jobs" Guy, has come under a tremendous amount of criticism for "joining" Walmart.  

"Rumor" says that Ford fired him.  Well, here's Mike's decide - MIKE ROWE "CALLS" MEDIA OUT  

Yesterday, the little wheels on our Ford Escape never stopped rolling.  Went from meeting to meeting.  Made a call (plea) for formula and diapers for the orphans in Haiti.  Got a positive response from our dear friends at Alternative Pregnancy Center (sure do love and appreciate those folks!).  Hope to pick up a load today for our "next mission".

Today, Paul, our great aircraft mechanic, and I will be taking the Little Donkey up for a "high altitude" test flight.  The weather has been pretty crummy over the last week or so and this morning, the skies look clear and just right for a "test flight".

So, it's time to hit the road (and the clear skies) and head out into this beautiful day.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

2-24-14 Monday 6:53 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's Monday morning.  Going to be cold up north in the U.S. and will get quite cold (below zero in some places) by mid week.  Down here is Florida, we may reach 80 degrees.  Glad to be down in Florida.

Last week, I wrote you about a little boy down in Haiti, Sam.  He had sustained a head injury and we were quite concerned.  We all prayed for Sam and I'm very glad to report that through the remarkable efforts of Barb and team, along with many prayer warriors, the U.S. Embassy granted Sam a Medical Visa.  

He's now in the U.S. and will be seen by our good friend and great doc, Dr. Steve Badolato this morning.  THANKS for praying!!  Here's another great acronym - GOD ANSWER'S PRAYER....G.A.P.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Our family went to Church (heard a great message on the powerful love of God) and then it was on to the Hospital to minister with both young folks and adults.  Our team of volunteers did an amazing job of bringing the "Good News" of Jesus to those who are in a "lock-down" facility.  What a joy to carry the Gospel to those in need.

Been following the situation in the Ukraine and it appears as if the Pro-Russian Leader is in hiding and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  

Apparently, the majority of Ukrainians want a closer tie with Europe and the "West". This situation is still quite "volatile" and needs our prayer.  Here's more on that situation - UKRAINE ISSUES WARRANT FOR "MASS MURDER"

Meanwhile, Russia has expressed serious doubts about the current "Leadership" in the Ukraine. Again, this is a pretty "explosive" situation and definitely warrants our PRAYER! Here's more on this situation - RUSSIA EXPRESSES GRAVE DOUBTS ABOUT NEW UKRAINIAN AUTHORITIES

Today, will be back to work, gathering supplies, building Rescuers and getting the Little Donkey ready for our "next mission".  Going to be a busy week.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-23-14 Sunday 7:19 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Looks like "Old Man Winter" is not only hanging around, but he's doing so with a vengeance.   Later this week, temps will be subzero in places.  This is a crazy, bitter winter.  Brace yourself and stay warm!  Here's more - EXTREME BITTER COLD TO FINISH FEBRUARY 

What has been happening in the Kiev and Venezuela??  Both of these regions have been rocked by violent protests that are shaking these countries to their core.  

The riots in Kiev are "not going away".  There is tremendous "momentum" and it looks like a government change is all but inevitable.  This is proving to be a "Nightmare" for Putin and the Kremlin.  Here' more - A NEW UKRAINE IS THE KREMLIN'S WORST "NIGHTMARE" 

Meanwhile, similar riots and protests are happening in Venezuela.  There is a massive "groundswell" of unrest toward the Maduro Government.  Don't know where this is all going, but it certainly is "rocking" the established government. More on the Venezuela Riots - OPPOSITION - PRO-GOVT RALLIES GRIP VENEZUELA

This old world is just "shaking".  As we look at the Bible, we find that Jesus tells us that these things will happen (just read Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 14).  

As I ponder these things that are happening all around the world, my heart just breaks as I see so many that are extremely unhappy with the way things are going around them.  It is as if a "fire" has been lit that is spreading around the globe.

In the meantime, we just keep marching ahead and endeavoring to share God's love through the gift of clean water.  Yesterday, had the opportunity to do a bit more training on the operation of the wonderful Air Mobile Rescuer.  

Pastor Renado, who is from Brazil, came to the hangar and we went over some trouble-shooting procedures.  Pastor Renado will be using the Rescuer in Haiti.  He also is a pilot and has a deep love for the people of Haiti.  We're thankful for folks with a heart to serve others.

Paul, our mechanic and I ran up the "Little Donkey" and found a "resistor" that was not properly "resisting".  Brought the faulty component to our very own "Mister Wizard", Larry.  Again, so thankful to our Lord for providing so many talented people to keep us going!  THANKS again, Larry!!

At the end of the day, my beautiful Cindy dressed up in a lovely evening gown and we joined our community in celebrating a local ministry, "Hope for North Brevard".  

You may recall that Cindy baked 200 "Gourmet" cupcakes for this event.  We had a beautiful evening of meeting new friends and joining together with so many, to help those in our community that are having a "hard time".

Now, it's time to head to church and then the hospital to share the Good News of Jesus.  THANK YOU again for your faithful and greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-22-14 Saturday 6:55 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Do you find yourself longing for Spring? Well, hang on, got another COLD blast coming our way.  This coming week is going to be quite cold, particularly in the Northern States.  Here's more on what we can expect this coming week - BITTER COLD FINISH FOR FEBRUARY

BTW, our Juliet, who is up in Worcester, MA has simply stated that she is absolutely "sick and tired" of snow.  She's ready for Spring!!

In yesterday's blog, I shared with you how we've added some vital tools (pliers, crescent wrench & screw drivers) into the Emergency Kit included with the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

Here's how the new kit fits.  We're very excited about providing these "tools" that will help the Operators' world-wide to keep clean water flowing.  

Now, granted, I'm carrying on a bit about a couple of tools.  But...if you're "in the field" and a Rescuer needs a bit of tweaking and you don't have the necessary tools then....the clean water can STOP flowing.  We don't want that!  Again, that's why I'm so excited about this new addition for the Rescuer!

Just want to say again how much I appreciate Doug, our persistent and diligent "Water Mule".  Doug pushed this project right on through. 

The result of his efforts will mean more clean water flowing.  This enables us to share the Love of God through the gift of Clean Water!  Thanks again, Doug!

Yesterday evening, we had our Church Home Group Meeting at our home.  Always good to be with our Church Family.  One of the ladies, Katie, brought a special Birthday Cake for my Cindy.  Mmmmm, it was delicious!! 

This morning, will be meeting Pastor Renado from Brazil.  He has a deep desire to help Haiti.  His church, here in Orlando, has funded an Air Mobile Rescuer.  We'll be meeting at the airport to discuss future ministry plans.  Certainly... "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!

This evening, Cindy and I will be going to the Annual Gala for "Hope For North Brevard".  Cindy baked 200 cupcakes (that's a lot of cupcakes!!).  We're looking forward to a lovely evening.

Time to head out to the airport to meet Pastor Renado.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

2-21-14 Friday 6:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


That line of severe weather is working eastward and will pass right through our "back-yard" here in Florida today.  Will be tracking this one, for sure.

Just a week ago, this same line carried snow and ice and paralyzed much of the South (Remember how Atlanta was crippled and thousands were stranded in ice and snow?). 

Today, we'll be "battening down the hatches" and bracing for very strong winds and possible tornadoes.  Here's more on this Severe Threat extending from Boston to Miami - SEVERE THREAT RACING EASTWARD

Doug, one of our truly great "Water Mules" has been working on a project that is very dear to my heart.  I have long wanted to add to the "Emergency Tool Box" included in the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We had "filled" it up with a certain 12 volt connector and this prevented us from adding tools.  

Well, as we were discussing the problem, it dawned on me that we could remove that "bulky" connector and place it elsewhere, "opening up" the box for some much needed tools that will enable the "field operator" to perform more maintenance and repair.

So, Doug spent the last few days "scouring" Harbor Freight for just the right combination of tools.  Then, he'd text me shots and we'd discuss the options.  

Finally, by days end, looks like we've got the right combination.  This added set of tools will greatly enhance the operator to perform major repairs while "in the battle" of making very dirty water very clean.

Then, we added the rest of our "standard" extra parts and tools to the "Emergency Tool Box" and it all fit perfectly.  With these added tools and spare parts, the Air Mobile Rescuer will be able to function to an even higher level.

I've been so blessed to have personally deployed hundreds and hundreds of these life-saving units in very critical and devastated areas around the world.  This helps me to formulate ways to continually improve this amazing machine.

When we add a "Doug" to the formula, then my many ideas become reality and the bottom line is more clean water flows to thirsty and desperate folks.  Again.... I LOVE MY JOB!

Am also very THANKFUL for our Lord's "strategic deployment" of His troops!

At the end of the day, headed home and discussed with my Cindy an idea to go see an old and dear friend, Joe Polozola.  Now, Joe introduced me to Jesus 42 years ago.  We talk almost every day.  

So, I headed over to Orlando yesterday evening and we had an absolutely amazing evening of fellowship and prayer.  Can't even begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate my Brother.  By the that a "Halo" over Joe's head????

When I got home late yesterday evening, saw more boxes on our front porch.  More components for more Air Mobile Rescuers.  We're definitely getting ready for our "Next Mission".

Oh, must tell you what happened with the IRS yesterday.  Met with the Agent yesterday and calmly explained exactly what happened and how the taxes got "mis-applied".  

She understood and had all of the records before her.  We then got our Payroll company on the line and it was explained exactly what "amendments" needed to be made to....hopefully & prayerfully....clear up this whole issue.  

Been carrying this burden around for 4 years and it looks like it's about to be "rolled off my shoulders"!!  Thanks for your prayer!!

And another great thing happened while I was visiting with my good friend Joe.  Our daughter, Angelica (Gel), came by the house to pick up her Diploma.  We're so proud of "Gel" for graduating, with honors, from Florida Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in Forensic Psychology.  We're VERY PROUD OF YOU GEL!!

Now, it's time to head out into this day.  Will keep an eye out for that severe weather coming our way.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-20-14 Thursday 6:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Wicked weather from the Gulf to the Great Lakes.  This last weather system (Seneca) is causing major problems with Blizzard conditions in the Midwest along with a Severe Line of Thunderstorms.

Here's more on Seneca that just "popped" up taking the forecasters by surprise - HERE COMES SENECA....BLIZZARD!  

Anywhere along that line of weather will be difficult and dangerous.  Be sure to keep an eye on it by tuning into your local weather station.  Here's more on that line of Severe Thunderstorms - SEVERE THREAT - STRONG WINDS / HALE 

We had a wonderful celebration yesterday, my Cindy's Birthday!  Wow, my girl is just getting more and more beautiful and I love her more and more!  I am, indeed, a blessed man!!!

We went out to dinner last night to a wonderful restaurant in Melbourne, "The Nomad Cafe".  Oh, it was a beautiful evening and the food was just out of this world.  

If you're ever in the area, give them a try but....better make reservations, the place is usually packed.

We're making steady progress on getting our next "batch" of Rescuers ready for deployment.  Components have been ordered and we're simply awaiting shipments to come in for assembly.

Had a wonderful meeting with Pastor / Pilot Jim Powell.  I love it when our Lord sends "troops" our way.  We had a good time sharing flying stories and praying together.

Today, I'll be meeting with the IRS.  Oh, this is usually a challenge.  Seems that there was a mix-up on our corporate taxes several years ago.  Yes, we paid them all, but somehow, they got mis-applied. Been trying to straighten it out for years.  

Today, I'll be meeting with a "live" agent and explaining just what happened.  Please PRAY that I communicate clearly and that the agent understands what I am saying.

So, it's time to head out into this day.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-19-14 Wednesday 7:19 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As the brutal winter storms that have plagued the U.S. in the past few weeks are passing, the warm weather is bringing a significant threat of severe weather with possible tornadoes.  Here's more - SEVERE WX COMING - POSSIBLE TORNADO THREAT

Came across this interesting article on "PREPPING" in a British Tabloid, "THE GUARDIAN".  This article is certainly worth the "read" as it appears that the Brits, who have had their share of tough weather are opening their eyes to the potential "harder times" that may lie ahead.  

Here's a quote - " You might not want to panic just yet, but you might decide that it is time to join the “preppers” – people who are secretly preparing to abandon modern life when the apocalypse, in whatever form, does arrive".  And here's the article - Is it time to join the Preppers? How to survive the climate-change apocalypse  

Yesterday, had the wonderful opportunity to join Steve, our eldest son, at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  Steve is applying for an Engineering position at KSC and it was a joy to join him.  

Was able to take him to a couple of my favorite places.  In this shot, we are standing right next to Launch Pad 39-A where many Space Shuttles were launched.

We then took a stroll down "Memory Lane" and went to the actual "Launch Pad" where the Mercury Mission took Allan Shepherd into space, the first American to go there.  

We pray for our Lord to lead Steve to the right position.  I can tell you, since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by our Space Program.  We'll trust our Lord to lead Steve.

Just before meeting Steve at KSC, I stopped by the Air Mobile shop to see Doug and George.  Now, George is the "Snow-Bird" who introduced us to Doug who has become one of our most valued "Water Mule".  

George has, since the first day we met 5 years ago, been willing to help Air Mobile in any way he could.  Where would we be without folks like George standing with us?

Doug has been working diligently toward getting the next "batch" of Rescuers ready for the Philippines and beyond. 

Now, I know I've said this many times, but indeed, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!  We are blessed to have such support and help.

Oh, THANKS for your prayer.  I'm feeling much better.  The rest was just what I needed.  

So, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  Will be meeting with a Pastor / Pilot who wants to know more about Air Mobile.  As always, THAN YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Today is my Cindy's Birthday.  Happy Birthday honey!  I love you more and more!!  Joe

2-18-14 Tuesday 7:22 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Glad to report that our beloved earth did indeed dodge another bullet last night as Asteroid 2000EM26 buzzed by.  

Far enough away from us but....the last time we "tracked" a close fly-by, Russia got slammed with an asteroid (that was virtually undetected) that exploded with 20 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb.  All was quiet last night and today.  To read more about this amazing encounter go to: WATCH JUMBO ASTEROID "BUZZ" EARTH

While checking my e-mail yesterday, got a note from Mark in Ethiopia.  The UV light on the Air Mobile Rescuer was not turning on.  He had gone through the normal trouble shooting procedures.  Ethiopia, like many countries where Rescuers are in operation, offer a "harsh environment" for any piece of equipment.  

After a few exchanges of e-mails, I concluded that the DC Ballast Board had likely taken a hard hit via a voltage surge.  I offered to ship him a replacement board immediately.  He quickly wrote back that a friend was coming from the U.S. to visit this Saturday.  Will send the replacement board and clean water will be flowing again by this weekend.  I love the internet!!

Decided to "stay down" and rest yesterday, taking advantage of President's Day but....managed to carry on business as usual.  Reached out to a couple of "old" friends whom I've known since grammar school.  Re-connected with them via Facebook.  Again, a marvel.

The rest has done wonders for me and it's time to get back out into the fray.  Need to go ship that Ballast Board to get that Ethiopia Rescuer up and making clean water again.  Again, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

2-17-14 Monday 7:38 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I recall, in another time (Leave It To Beaver was the "Hit Show") when we celebrated Washington and Lincoln's birthday.  Then things went to Congress and eventually....out came President's Day.  Here's a bit of History - THE HISTORY BEHIND PRESIDENT'S DAY

Speaking of "Leave It To Beaver", Cindy and I have Netflix.  Recently, we discovered that we can access the entire "Leave It To Beaver" series (about 234 episodes).  Oh....Folks, it's therapeutic just watching those old shows & I watched a bunch of them yesterday.

In some ways we say...."My, how things have changed" and in other ways, "Human Nature is pretty much the same".  The good thing is after we finish watching all 235 Episodes...we can then watch the "Andy Griffith Show'.  Sometimes, it's just good to look back a bit and remember.

Now, back to today...We're going to have another "Near Miss" from a large asteroid named "2000EM26" and it is a whopping 886 feet long.  Fortunately, it will miss earth can actually watch it fly-by "Live" today.  Just click here for more details HUGE ASTEROID FLY-BY EARTH

You may recall, about 1 year ago, Scientists were tracking another Asteroid (2012-DA14) when suddenly....seemingly out of nowhere, an undetected asteroid struck Russia.  These things are hard to see and sometimes, we, here on earth just get surprised.  

All the more reason to put your trust and faith in God.  I am reminded of Psalm 91...."He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty...."  THIS IS THE "SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH"!

In life, things will happen that are completely out of our control.  It is good to know the one Who made it all and Who loves us so much that...."He gave His only begotten Son...."for our salvation. 

I suppose that the "rest" yesterday, helped to renew both my body and my spirit.  Sometimes, it's just good to pull back a little bit and just relax and rest in the Lord.  

Not sure what I'll be doing today.  May or may not go out...since it's a holiday (President's Day), but I'll continue to draw closer to the Lord.  Love that Psalm...."he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High..."

Truth is, we all need the Lord...whether we realize it or not.  He's close by and all we have to do is "Call upon Him".  So with that, I'll close out my "preachy" little blog today.  Sure do love and appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-16-14 Sunday 7:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Decided this morning to "stay home" and not go to Church and the Hospital because....I'm tired and feel kind of crummy.  Not really sick, just hanging on the border and know that a little, simple rest will go a long way. 

Had a good day yesterday, but just felt weaker and achier as the day went on.  By the time I got home yesterday evening, I could barely move.  So....just going to chill out today and let our Lord do some of His wonderful healing through rest and peace.

Haven't been able to sit down and watch any of the Olympics but....just couldn't resist sharing this story with you about an "unlikely" hero, T.J. Oshie, who has certainly made history.  

The historic struggle between the U.S. and Russia has been marked by a few amazing plays and here is one more.  Here's the story - AMERICA'S BIGGEST WIN SINCE "MIRACLE"

In checking on the weather, looks like one more icy blast for New England (where our Juliet is) and then....some relief.  But before that relief, there's a very powerful "Blizzard" that hit New England last night.  Haven't had any reports yet. week should be a welcome change for many in the U.S.  - Here the story - ANOTHER BLIZZARD AND THEN...SOME RELIEF

Well, it's time for me to get some rest and just take it easy.  Looking forward to a peaceful day.  As always, THANK YOU for your gracious and greatly appreciated love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

2-15-14 Saturday 7:31 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One thing is for sure, when it comes to aircraft, it's always good to have a "back-up".  About a year ago, I had the privilege to fly a young man, Brian, down to Haiti on a mission.  His dad, Ken, had recently purchased an aircraft.  Thus began a friendship and a "Divine Partnership" in our on-going quest to bring clean water and the "Living Water" to thirsty souls.

Ken, has since, offered his beautiful Piper Aztec on an absolute "as-needed" basis.  Believe me, this is a good thing!  During the course of an inspection, it was discovered that his engines needed some serious work.  Then, another miracle began to unfold.  An organization in Orlando stepped up and offered to fund the replacement of those engines.  I love it when our Lord arranges things!

Yesterday, I stopped by to get a progress report from our great friends at Orlando Aircraft Services (OAS).  John and Troy, the owners, have done all of the avionics work on our Little Donkey and....have been keeping me in great aircraft communications for over 32 years.  They are the best!!

The Factory Remanufactured Engines for the Aztec have been arranged and handled by Don George Aircraft, who is also, one of the best in the industry.  This is becoming one "blessed" Aztec!! 

Overall, we're rejoicing again at how "our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".  We're definitely "Stacking the Deck" with a very fine, growing, fleet of aircraft and pilots dedicated to serving the Lord!

Meanwhile, the U.S. and many parts of the world are paralyzed by, what is growing into, one of the worst winter storms of all time.  Tens of thousands of flights are being cancelled and travel for many parts of the U.S. is nearly impossible and extremely dangerous. 

If you're planning to travel....beware!  Chances are real good that your flights...somewhere along the way...may be cancelled.  This is one bad storm!!  Here's more - RECORD NUMBER OF FLIGHTS....CANCELLED!

Today, will be at the airport working with our mechanic, Paul. We're changing the plugs on the rear engine and conducting routine inspection and tests to be sure that our Little Donkey is ready for..."The Next Mission".

So, stay warm and stay safe and if you're considering "traveling", you might want to re-consider.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-14-14 Friday 7:12 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Happy Valentine Day.  We celebrate this day with Chocolate, flowers and nice cards expressing "undying love".  But, what is the real story behind this day and the Saint of whom the day is named.  So, I thought I'd share the story:

Story of St. Valentine

"The story of Valentine's Day begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor and a humble Christian Martyr.   The emperor was Claudius II.   The Christian was Valentinus.
Claudius had ordered all Romans to worship twelve gods, and had made it a crime punishable by death to associate with Christians.   But Valentinus was dedicated to the ideals of Christ; not even the threat of death could keep him from practicing his beliefs.   He was arrested and imprisoned.
During the last weeks of Valentinus's life a remarkable thing happened.   Seeing that he was a man of learning, the jailer asked whether his daughter, Julia, might be brought to Valentinus for lessons.   She had been blind since birth.   Julia was a pretty young girl with a quick mind.   Valentinus read stories of Rome's history to her.   He described the world of nature to her.   He taught her arithmetic and told her about God.  She saw the world through his eyes, trusted his wisdom, and found comfort in his quiet strength.
"Valentinus, does God really hear our prayers?" Julia asked one day.
"Yes, my child, He hears each one."
"Do you know what I pray for every morning and every night?  I pray that I might see.   I want so much to see everything you've told me about!"
"God does what is best for us if we will only believe in Him," Valentinus said.
"Oh, Valentinus, I do believe! I do!"  She knelt and grasped his hand.
They sat quietly together, each praying.   Suddenly there was a brilliant light in the prison cell.   Radiant, Julia screamed, "Valentinus, I can see!  I can see!"
"Praise be to God!"  Valentinus exclaimed, and he knelt in prayer.

On the eve of his death Valentinus wrote a last note to Julia, urging her to stay close to God.   He signed it, "From your Valentine."  His sentence was carried out the next day, February 14, 270 A.D., near a gate that was later named Porta Valentini in his memory.   He was buried at what is now the Church of Praxedes in Rome.   It is said that Julia planted a pink-blossomed almond tree near his grave.   Today, the almond tree remains a symbol of abiding love and friendship.   On each February 14, Saint Valentine's Day, messages of affection, love, and devotion are exchanged around the world."

And now you know.... "The rest of the story".

So often, we "miss" the real story and it just becomes a very "commercial event".  May we reflect on the true meaning of the day and think about the great love that our Savior expressed to us by laying down His life for our sins.  For God so loved the world.....

Yesterday, had the opportunity to be on the "Air" with our dear Sister, Carol Henry.  She and her husband, Randy, launched out 39 years ago to bring Christian Radio to east, central Florida.  

Now, they have a network of Radio Stations bringing the Good News of Jesus to literally millions of people. Each year, the Network has a "Share-A-Thon" to raise the operating funds to keep these Stations on the Air.  I count it such a joy to participate in this great ministry.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and many parts of the world are gripped by a "Wicked Cold Winter".  Record numbers of flights have been cancelled and snow is lying on the ground in 49 of the 50 U.S. States (only Florida does not have snow....yet - it's 37 degrees here). Here's more on this gripping cold winter - SNOW COVERS THE U.S. 

What does all of this mean?  Don't exactly know, but it does bring home the need for us to PREPARE by having a supply of extra food and a means of staying warm "when" the electricity turns off.  This is just solid advice for us all.

Wherever you are today, stay safe and warm.  Time for me to head out into this day and keep moving toward "The Next Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully and firmly with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-13-14 Thursday 7:26 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


THANK YOU so much for your prayer for both Sam in Haiti and our grandson, Joshua. Both are recovering and doing better.  We know that PRAYER works!  Have said in days gone by...."if we knew what happened when we pray, we'd pray more"!

Often, in a crisis, our human tendency is to simply "React".  Prayer often gets lost in the shuffle.  This brings me to another saying that has been posted on this blog more than once....A.S.A.P. - This simple and easy to remember acronym has multiple meanings and the most important and vital and helpful one is:  ALWAYS - SAY - A- PRAYER!  No matter how hard we try, it's difficult to PRAY TOO MUCH!  The Bible tells us to...."Pray without ceasing"!

The terrible winter storm slammed into the southeast exactly as forecasted and has left hundreds of thousands without electricity and more massive outages are expected today.  Governor McCrory from North Carolina said it well...

"The North Carolina Highway Patrol said it responded to twice as many accidents as usual.
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory asked people to hunker down for a "tough 48 hours," staying off the roads and taking precautions at home.

"Don't put on your stupid hat," Mr. McCrory said a news conference."
Here's more on the widespread power outages - STORM WIPES OUT POWER FOR THOUSANDS IN SOUTH

We had a rough night of intense Thunderstorms down here in Florida. And, our temperature will go from the 80's yesterday, down into the 30's tonight.  No question, we're having a "Wicked Cold Winter" (as said in New England).  Again, the message is to PREPARE by having extra food on-hand and a means to stay warm.  

So, with these "icy" tidbits of advice and encouragement on PRAYER, we march into this day, holding tightly onto the Hand of Jesus.  HE will never leave or forsake us.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-12-14 Wednesday 6:40 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


THANK YOU for your prayer for little Sam in the Village in Haiti.  I spoke with Barbara several times yesterday.  His head had swollen up very rapidly and there was danger of swelling of the brain.  Upon examination and observation, it was found the swelling was a simple hematoma.  He was released from the Hospital late yesterday evening.  Praise God!

I had been invited to travel to Winter Haven, FL to speak with a group of men who wanted to use "Run To The Roar" as a Study Guide.  This group is led by Richard B.  It just so happens that his son and daughter-in-law are in the process of adopting Little Sam in Haiti.  When news came of Sam's sudden change, Michelle, Sam's daughter in law, jumped on a flight yesterday morning and flew to Haiti to be with Sam.  Again, we're all so thankful that Sam will be OK.

My son, Steve, and I headed out yesterday afternoon to Winter Haven.  Just before we arrived at the Church, Steve received a call from Nikki, his wife, that their son, Joshua, had a "collision" while running with another student and was knocked unconscious.  He was rushed to the hospital with a head injury.  

As we gathered to share with the Men of Holy Cross Episcopal Church, we all prayed for Sam and Joshua.  Joshua is currently under observation and testing to determine the extent of the head injury. PLEASE PRAY for Joshua and Sam as they recover from their injuries. 

Meanwhile, a Historic Ice / Winter Storm is barreling to the Southeast targeting Atlanta.  Folks are bracing and preparing for a possible Catastrophic Storm.  Many are staying off the roads.  Here is a quote from a Victim of the January 28th storm at devastated Atlanta and left thousands stranded. 

"Last time I was totally unprepared, I was completely blindsided," said Lisa Nadir, of Acworth, who sat in traffic for 13 hours and then spent the night in her car when the storm hit Jan. 28. "I'm going to be prepared from now on for the rest of my life."
There is a significant danger of extensive and possible long-term power outages.  Of course, the main thing to do in such cases is PREPARE.  Don't "assume" you'll "dodge the bullet" so to speak.  Here's more on these dangerous storms - DIRE STORM FORECAST - MANY IN GEORGIA STAY HOME

Another deadly Snow Storm is headed for Washington DC, possibly the biggest of the season and possibly the last 4 years. What a brutal winter we are experiencing!   Here's more on that impending storm - 6"- 12" EXPECTED IN WASHINGTON DC

And to add to our "Winter Woes", Lake Superior is expected to completely ice over for the first time in decades!  I'm sure the "Global Warming Experts" are spinning like crazy over all of these extraordinary brutal winter events!  Here's more on the The Great Lake Freeze - EXPERTS PREDICT GREAT LAKE COMPLETELY FREEZE OVER 

For many, in the U.S., there will be possible long-term black-outs. Best think and pray and prepare about ways to stay warm and be confined to your home for extensive periods of time.  Stock up on food and have plenty of blankets!

So, today, here in Florida, the temperature will reach 80 degrees with the threat of some pretty strong Thunderstorms.  We'll brace for them.  Well, what a report on our weather today.  Will be praying for you and thank you again for your PRAYER for Little Sam and Joshua.  Stay WARM today!  As always, THANKS again for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-11-14 Tuesday 7:22 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday began early.  I brought the intrepid Barb to the airport for an early flight that would eventually get her back to Haiti.  Cindy and I love hosting Barb on these much needed R&R breaks.  She keeps us in "stitches" with her folksy stories and remedies. 

I was at the hangar office doing some work when the phone rang.  It was Angie.  She had wanted to arrange a "surprise" visit between myself and her husband, Wil.

Wil is a pilot and wanting to advance his flight training.  We just happen to be developing a "Flight School".  It was  a good meeting.  When we met, he was thrilled that Angie was so interested in helping him with additional flight training.

We spent several hours together just sharing stories.  It reminds me of the blog from yesterday titled, "Just Say Jesus".  

Wil works for Boston Whaler Boat Company and knows a lot about the sea.  He is highly trained in safety and "sea rescues". 

Well, during the course of our afternoon together, I shared the story of how, through amazing, and a series of undeniable miracles, I had the privilege of rescuing 6 men who were presumably "lost" at sea.  After re-living that incredible story, we just sat there overwhelmed by God's great glory!  It is just awesome how powerful a "story" can be.

Right along those same lines, I have been invited to men's group this evening to both deliver 20 "Run To The Roar" books and share some "stories" with these men.  When we simply "reflect" on how our Lord has moved in our lives during hard times, we find great power.  I am reminded of another scripture found in Revelation 12:11...

"They overcame him (satan), by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the word of their testimony (our story) and they loved not their lives unto death". 

We all have stories (testimonies) to share of God's Amazing Grace in our lives.  Sometimes, it's just good to go back in your memory bank and simply reflect and ponder on those times of deliverance or great divine intervention of God in our lives.  

Those "stories" will often help us when we're going through some rough times. They also can be a great encouragement to someone whom our Lord brings across our path.

I suppose our Lord has put this into my heart to share with you today.  Someone may be going through a difficult time and needs to "remember" our Lord.  At any rate, may I encourage you to be "on the alert" for someone to help today.  Your "story" may be just what they (and you) need to hear.

Moments ago, I just got a text from our dear Delta Rose.  She informed me that a little boy in the Village, Sam, is quite ill and she requested prayer.  May I invite you join with us in prayer for our Lord to heal little Sam (was just with him a few days ago).  Again, I'm so THANKFUL to have you along on this journey.  So appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-10-14 Monday 6:48 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was a typical Sunday for the Hurston's.  After Church, a quick lunch and then on to the Hospital for our Chaplain Ministry.  It had been quite a while since I "preached" as Air Mobile has been all over the world the last few months.  Our Ministry assignments were given I was asked to share a bit (3-5 minutes) about why "bad things happen to good people".  

During our Worship time, I heard the song by 7eventh Time Down, "Just Say Jesus" and I knew that our Lord had a message for me to share!  After a quick re-arrangement among our team, the main service was given to me.  Oh, here's the link to the song that inspired the message - "JUST SAY JESUS"

I shared about a brutal attack that occurred several years ago in Haiti by 12-14 heavily armed thugs.  I was beaten and our team was in the process of being kidnapped when suddenly....The Name of Jesus literally rescued and saved us.  It was just the right message delivered at just the right time.  Love it when the Holy Spirit guides! 

In sharing that "Story" of God's Amazing Rescue, I was reminded again about how important it is for us to share the great and marvelous things our Lord has done in our lives.  It simply builds faith in the sharer and the receiver.  We need to remember that there is awesome power in the Name of Jesus.  Am so thankful to the young men of 7eventh Time Down for writing and sharing that great song.  What a POWERFUL MESSAGE!

Today, will be busy continuing to assemble and prepare Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines and beyond.  Will be home for a couple of weeks if....nothing catastrophic happens around the world.

Time to head out into this day and see where the "Adventure" leads.  So THANKFUL for your precious prayer, love and support!  

Be blessed today and....try to remember a time when our Lord simply came through for you in a very difficult time.  It will build your faith.  If you have the opportunity, ask Him to send someone your way with whom you can share your story of God's Amazing Grace in your life.  Your day will go better and your "Story" may even rescue someone!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-9-14 Sunday 7:25 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


So, Saturday was filled with wonderful events.  First of all, headed to our shop to meet with Doug and a team of "Water Mules".  Great progress is being made on our next "batch" of Air Mobile Rescuers.  Things were so busy upon arrival that both Doug and I failed to snap a shot of our team, George and Yahn diligently putting Rescuers together.

We then met Paul, our aircraft mechanic, at the airport.  We opened up the rear engine compartment on the Little Donkey and performed an inspection and then conducted a compression check to see how those new cylinders are "working in".  The compressions were great and the engine was clean.  It's ready for the "next mission", if we need a little airplane. 

We then headed home.  Barb (AKA "Rambo in the Blue Dress*") has been spending a couple of days with us getting some much needed R&R.  Here, she's having a "Beau Moment".  Beau is our sweet cat that we've had for 13 years. 

Our mission schedule affords a bit of flexibility.  Our last mission to Haiti was arranged to get me back before 2-8-14 because....I had a "Date" with Ariana. 

It was the Father - Daughter Dance night sponsored by her School, Park Avenue Christian Academy.  Cindy had done Ariana's hair and selected a beautiful dress.  We were ready for a "Grand Evening".  I broke out my blue suit.

The School Gymnasium was all decked out for the evening.  Ariana quickly connected with her best friend, Sophie and the fun really began.

Ariana and Sophie danced and ran and played tag.....along with about 100 other little girls.  I had a blast just sitting there watching them have so much fun.

Oh, we danced a few "slow songs" like "Butter Fly Kisses", but the evening was spent mainly watching the girls have so much fun!  

At one point, Ariana told me it was like a "Dream" and that it was the best night she can remember.   It was just one of those evenings that will be with us in our memories for a long time.

Now, it's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for Church and the our ministry at the hospital.  Friends, it's good to be home!

As always, and I truly mean this, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!! 

For those of you who may be new to this "Rambling Blog", and feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  Welcome aboard and keep on reading to see how we've gotten to this "juncture of the journey".  You can even read on down to see where we've been lately.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

*  How did Barb get the "AKA" - Rambo in the Blue Dress?  Well, Barb has a fierce love for the neglected and abandoned.  She decided many years ago to go to Haiti and "Rescue" kids.  She has "rescued" well over 1000 kids and is absolutely relentless in her mission!  She will "move mountains" to save a kid.  We've seen it again and again.  Cindy and have 2 that our intrepid Barb rescued.  We count ourselves blessed to have Barbara as our friend and co-worker.  Joe

2-8-14 Saturday 7:11 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


These last few months have been pretty intense...circling the globe a couple of times (been to the Philippines twice and Haiti 3 times since November). There are times that simple exhaustion creeps in and seems to take over. Oh, it's just good to be home.  Looking forward to hanging around the house for a while, before winging out for the "next mission".

Yesterday evening, was our Friday Night Prayer meeting.  Good to see our Pastor and members of our Church Family.  We're beginning a new series called "EPIC".  We're looking at the importance of "telling our story".

Of course, the Bible tells us many stories and the greatest story of all is how Jesus came to the earth to save us.....truly, "The Greatest Story ever told"!

Earlier, met with Doug, our Premier Water Mule and he showed the great progress that the "Team" has made toward getting our next batch of Rescuers ready for the Philippines and beyond.
My eldest son, Steve, is down for a few days.  He's looking into some job opportunities at Kennedy Space Center.  It would be great having Steve close to us. We're praying for our Lord's guidance.

This morning, will be back at the shop and meeting with our "Water Mule Team".  Then, heading to the airport to meet with Paul, our aircraft mechanic.  We'll be doing a "post-mission" inspection on the rear engine of the Little Donkey to see how those new cylinders are "breaking-in".

So, though I'm home, looks like no "rest" for a  while.  It's just good to be with family and so THANKFUL to have you along on this grand adventure.  We so appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


2-7-14 Friday 6:36 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our mission to Haiti was complete (for now).  10 Air Mobile Rescuers were "refreshed", in place and ready to go where needed.  ATC Communication Contracts are being fulfilled and on-schedule. Time to bid Haiti farewell.

Jason, a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot needed a ride to the U.S. for a routine Flight Physical.  My father-in-law, Ron (Cindy's Dad) was ready to return and our intrepid Barbara (AKA - Rambo in the Blue Dress) needed a little time "away from the Village" so....

We met bright and early at Port-Au-Prince International Airport.  Jason and I did a thorough pre-flight, we loaded up and then aimed the Little Donkey toward Florida.  Our flight was smooth and quick (actually had a slight tail-wind for most of the flight).

As we approached Florida, we could see that there was very little "convective" activity (thunderstorms), but the visibility was quite low all along the coast. 

We found a nice "path" in and landed at Fort Pierce International Airport about 20 minutes ahead of our projected schedule.  Nice to be home "early".  After clearing Customs, we left Jason in the hands of MFI (Missionary Fellowship International) and flew the Little Donkey up to Titusville, FL.

Cindy met us at the airport and we went out for delicious late lunch at a nice Chinese Buffet.  Oh, good to eat as much as you want.  Then it was home to a nice long, hot shower (my first hot one in 5 days).  Ahhhh, I'm thankful for the simple things in life.

Now, it's time to catch up with Doug and Team on the status of Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines....our next likely mission.  It's good to be home!  Again, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-6-14 Thursday 5:28 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had the privilege to join my good friends at MAF yesterday at noon for the dedication of their new hangar.  Actually, it was their old hangar moved from the west side to the east side of the ramp...but with some improvements.

Almost 26 years ago, I had the distinct opportunity to invite MAF to Haiti.  They operated under the authorization of Air Mobile Ministries in the early days.  

Over these last 26 years, only our Lord knows how many lives have been saved and how many missionaries have been blessed with the wonderful gift of "safe mobility".  Dave Carwell, the MAF the Haiti Operations Director and I go back 20 years.  We have prayed about so many things and...we've seen our Lord move so many times. 

After my good time with MAF and several other meetings regarding "improving communications", I headed back to the "Village" where a "wounded soldier" awaited some attention.  

It was serial number 386 and had been in operation in Haiti for over 8 years.  It was time for a new pump motor.  After the component replacement, the Rescuer ran like a top. 

We now have 10 Rescuers "Ready to Go" to fight cholera, typhoid, diarrhea and many other water-borne diseases.  Again, I love my job!

So, it's early this morning.  The sun is about to rise.  The roosters have been crowing since about 2:00am (Haitian roosters are a special breed).  Time to brew that 2nd cup of coffee and head out into this day.  What adventure lies ahead?  Again, only our Lord knows.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-5-14 Wednesday 6:45 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


To anyone who has ever visited "The Village" (Ruuska), these are familiar sights.  This is the path of "Clean Water".  Many years ago, Barbara had a well installed.  It was deep and the water "tested" clean and good.  But....diarrhea was ever present.  Barb thought, as we all would..."well we're in Haiti and diarrhea just goes with the territory." 

Then about 10 years ago, Rolf Engelhard came to Haiti with me.  Rolf had invented a water purifier (you know all about that).  We installed one of the "near-miracle" machines in the "Village" and now Barbara says...."there is no longer diarrhea in the Village"!

Because of where and how the land lies in the "Village" we have a problem "draining" water out.  So....there is no "running water".  All water in the the "Village" is handled from the pump into buckets.  And then distributed by little "blue" wagons (Barb's favorite color).  

Hey Doug, recognize the wagon?  One of our premier "Water Mules" (Doug) designed and built this wagon in the U.S. and our Little Donkey flew it in.

Then, the water ends up at our "Purifying Station".  BTW, Nelta, who has been with Barbara for over 15 years, is probably the hardest working Haitian with the best attitude I have ever worked with. We thank God for sending Nelta to the "Village"!

Then, that clean water finds its way to the little babies that end up in this "Village".  Each one has a story of amazing grace and true rescues.  Have I told you that "I love my job"?

Well, just thought I'd share with you how the water is "handled" in the "The Village".  We've been doing this in Haiti for over 10 years now and indeed, diarrhea is virtually non-existent in this village.  BTW, diarrhea is the #1 killer of babies in the world!

Yesterday was a busy day in town.  Went from meeting to meeting working on helping to provide "good communication" (very important when speaking with airplanes).

So, the sun has risen and it's time to head out into this day.  Where will our Lord lead?  Don't know, but I'm hanging on tightly to His hand.  As always, THANK YOU for your vital and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-4-14 Tuesday 6:57 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As many of you, who follow this "Rambling Blog" know, I travel to Haiti on a regular basis to help keep the 333 Air Mobile Rescuers in top operation.  Upon arrival here on Sunday, was pleasantly surprised to see 9 Rescuers..."ready for action".

When last here, in late December, we had 10 Rescuers ready.  This meant that we only had 1 Rescuer "wounded" in action.  Probably needs a new filter or something.  So pleased with the reliability and strength of this "near miracle machine".  Praise God! 

The "Bottom Line" is that we do all we can to keep the clean water flowing. When that flow stops, disease comes in like a flood.  Again, this is a noble mission and we're so thankful to be part of it.

What a powerful way to demonstrate the love of God.  Our Lord Jesus stressed how important clean water was when He said, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink".  Of course, Jesus gives us "living water" along with the clean water.

There is so much that goes on in the "Village".  About 4 years ago, Tim Parker met Barbara and the rest is history.  Tim is the Co-Founder of a ministry named, "The Cause".  Tim has a heart to help those who are struggling with addictions of all sorts.  

This amazing ministry has been so effective in helping those who are struggling to see another side and realize the grace and power of God.  You may learn more about this precious ministry by going to:  IN IT FOR THE CAUSE

Early this morning, Tim and his team are heading back to the U.S. after a very successful time here in Haiti.  As you read this, they will already be at the airport heading back to Arizona.

So, what does our Lord have for us today?  Don't know, but it has exciting is the case every day that our Lord has made...which is all of them.  Just depends upon how one looks at the day.  So glad that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us, but will be with us until the very end.  It's good to know that He will be with us on the good days and...especially on the bad days!

So, it's time for me to head out into this day.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-3-14 Monday 6:46 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


3 days ago, received an urgent request from OFNAC (Office of Civil Aviation - Haiti) for replacement microphones for the Control Tower.  The need was obvious and urgent.  It just so happened.....I was planning a  Haiti mission anyway.

Gears went into motion.  Microphones were located.  They were nearly 200 miles away. It just so happened that the Technician that I was coordinating with, came to Melbourne every Friday evening.  We coordinated a meeting on the highway.  Within, hours, had the microphones in-hand.

We were already preparing the Little Donkey for our "Next Mission".  Now, we had our sure "Marching Orders".  I had been in contact with my Father-In-Law, Ron (Cindy's Dad) about giving him ride to Haiti on our "next mission".  He quickly packed and we arrived together at Space Coast Regional Airport at 3:30am.  The fog was settling on the field.  I had already filed an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Flight Plan with Miami.  

Did my final inspection, then we prayed together.  The fog was so thick, that I could barely see the center-line on the taxi-way.  In this shot, you can see the heavy misty fog rolling in.  

We gingerly worked our way toward runway 18.  Taxied into position, a final prayer, pushed the throttles forward, had a quick roll and into the early morning fog.  Broke out on top at about 200 feet.

The rest of the flight was uneventful.  Had 15-20 knot headwinds, but had plenty of fuel.  We rode right on top of a pretty thick layer of weather at 17,000 feet.

As we approached Port-Au-Prince, I told the controllers that we had the replacement microphones.  They were glad.  Upon landing, we "cleared" with the presentation of our Arrival Documentation and then taxied right up to the "Make-shift" Control Tower and climbed the stairs and handed the replacement mic to the Senior Controller.  

"Mission Accomplished" (one of our many missions that lie ahead)!  After the "first delivery", met Barb at the General Aviation Airport for the "rest" of the plane-load of supplies.  Baby food, medical supplies, "Farm Daddy" grow boxes and many other goodies, including some delicious 100% Angus Hamburgers along with all the fixings.

After arriving at the "Village", I remembered that it was Super Bowl Sunday.  Tim, with "The Cause" was here with a team.  He quickly "connected" and found a "streaming" line and we were setup to watch the Super Bowl in Haiti.  The grill was lit and chicken and burgers were prepared.  Mmmmmm, a nice way to spend Super Bowl Sunday.

It was a GREAT evening for the Seattle Seahawks, but dreadful for the Denver Broncos.  Sometimes, Super Bowls just turn out that way.

Oh, recall the "Farm Daddy"?  We also delivered the first 4 "boxes" to Haiti.  Soon, our dear sister, Audrey will be coming to Haiti with her 2 daughters and her Mom.  You may recall that Audrey was enroute to Haiti with me when we "lost" the rear engine.  We returned to the U.S. and landed with no problems. Well, I had met Audrey's Mom and Dad in Haiti 35 years ago.

Audrey did eventually go to Haiti and worked with Barb and "fell in love" with Haiti.  During her last visit here, she got a strong burden to help with growing fresh fruit and vegetables in the Village.  Audrey had contacted me recently and said that she wanted to help "fund" the project.  Praise God!  

Now, Audrey, who is also a world-class photographer will be returning to "capture" the work and help plant the "Farm Daddy's".  So glad when our Lord "deploys His troops"!!

Already had that 2nd cup of delicious cup of coffee.  Time to head out into the beautiful day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for "Joining the Adventure" with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

2-2-14 Sunday 2:39 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After days and days of rain and poor visibility, our beloved "Sunny Florida" has begun to return.  We had a wonderful day of gathering and arranging supplies for our "next mission".  

Here, Doug, is beginning to prepare our Little Donkey.  We have a nice load of baby food, formula, medical supplies, a generator and a lot of good stuff for Barb down in the "Village".

You know, I say this often, but my heart is so warmed by the generosity of so many.  It's just overwhelming.  I know very well, that we could not do the things that we do without the help of so many!

I'm up early this morning...probably the last vestiges of the "crazy jet lag" from the Philippines and I'm just reflecting on how good our Lord is and how He has sent so many to help us along the way.  What a joy to help others and how sweet it is to have you along with us!

So, I'll just have some prayerful, reflective time over a good cup of coffee and see what this day has for us.  As always, again, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-1-14 Saturday 7:59 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In addition to a nice load of baby food, formula, diapers, medical supplies, baby clothes, etc., yesterday, we were blessed with a means of growing fresh fruits and vegetables for the "Village" in Haiti.  By a mutual friend, Pastor Derry, I was introduced to Randy and Beverly.  Randy came up with the idea of the Farm Daddy a number of years ago and WOW, did he come up with a winner!

This simple growing / watering system works.  I've eaten some of the vegetables (mustard greens) that have been grown in these simple, but brilliant grow boxes and am so glad that we're going to be bringing some to Haiti.

Yesterday, Randy and Beverly arrived in the pouring rain (not like our "Sunny Florida") to deliver 4 units for Haiti.  When I asked how much I owed them, they smiled and said, "they're a gift".  Not only did Randy bring the Farm Daddy's, but he brought me a "mess" of fresh mustard greens.  Mmmmmm.

Randy went on the explain the simple techniques of turning these little brown boxes into delicious and healthy vegetables. The "residents" of Russka Village are in for a grand surprise.  Notice how I'm not letting those mustard greens go.  Can hardly wait to taste them.

The Farm Daddy will fit beautifully into the Little Donkey.  Once in, we can fill the brown box with baby food, formula, diapers etc.

With the way things are going in the U.S. and around the world, it's a great idea to be able to provide our own food and of course, fresh water (with the Rescuer).  

This simple, but effective system gives one the ability to grow a tremendous amount of food and "move" the grow boxes easily. This is just a great idea.  If you'd like to know more about the "Farm Daddy" system, go to:  WELCOME TO "FARM DADDY"

Well, we're still waiting for this "yucky" weather to move out.  This morning the visibility is "below minimums" (about 200 feet or less).  We're hoping and praying that this "front" will just move on out into the ocean and leave folks alone.

It's time to head out into this "foggy" day and go and gather some more "stuff" for Haiti.  It's exciting to see our Lord move in behalf of the widows and orphans.  This is an area of ministry that touches our Lord's heart.  What a JOY to be part of this operation.  

Again, we're so thankful to you for joining us on this grand adventure.  Your prayer, love and support are such a vital element in this operation.  God bless you and THANKS again!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-31-14 Friday 7:20 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Knew that Barbara, down in Haiti, needed some baby food and other supplies.  Picked up the phone yesterday and "sought" some gifts for Haiti, as per the directions from our Lord Jesus.  He also urged us to ASK & KNOCK.  Before 11:00 AM, my little Ford Escape was full of baby food, formula, diapers, clothes, blankets etc.  HIS Word is true!

I phoned our good friend, Vickie, at the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) and she just happened to be "overflowing" with baby stuff, formula, food, diapers, blankets etc.  She said come right over.  I love it!  The APC is an outreach of First Baptist - Merritt Island, FL....a great Church.

While we were loading the "treasure cove" of baby supplies for the Haiti orphans, my phone rang.  It was Leona.  

Now about 2 years ago, Leona asked Cindy and I to come and speak to their group and give a good Air Mobile Report.  This group is also an outreach of First Baptist - Merritt Island.  

I told Leona that I just "happened" to be at First Baptist at that very moment.  She chuckled and said, so was she.  We were actually about 150 yards apart in another building.  She said come right over as she had some "gifts" for the children in Haiti.  Of course, during the conversation, it was agreed that Cindy and I would come and speak to their group.

They literally filled my little Ford Escape to the max with great medical supplies and clothes and hand-made toys with Creole Scriptures etc.  It all began with a phone call and "Seeking". 

You know, I never cease to marvel at the power of the Holy Spirit.  What are the "chances" of Leona thinking about me and Cindy and picking up the phone and calling when I was literally within a "stones throw" of where she was and....having such marvelous gifts for the precious children in Haiti.  The "timing" was absolutely perfect!  Surely, this was an "Act of God" demonstrating His great love for us.  Our Lord knows exactly where we are and what we need.

We're hoping that the weather will clear so that we can take the Little Donkey up for some "break-in" test flying.  This last weather system, that hopefully will be heading out to the ocean, will leave us alone and we can have our warm, sunny skies back again.  Much of the South has been "paralyzed" by snow and ice.

So, we will see what our Lord is going to do today.  As we go forth, into the world, bringing the Good News of Jesus, may we ever keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  God bless you and THANK YOU again for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-30-14 Thursday 7:15 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The weather is "miserable" all over.  Down here in Central Florida, it's not "freezing", but it's cold and rainy.  Parts of Northern Florida have been "shut down" by 2" of snow. They're definitely not used to that.  

Was unable to take our Little Donkey up for some "break-in" flying due to very low visibility.  Looks like more of the same today.  We need to accomplish this before taking Ti Burik down to Haiti (over 800 miles of open ocean).

Had a wonderful day yesterday, in spite of the rain.  Was able to share the Word of God with the O.W.L.S., a Senior Group from Space Coast Assembly of God.  Always love being with these folks. So much wisdom and experience in one room.  After sharing the Word, they treated me, and all in attendance, to an amazing "feast".  These saints know how to cook!!

Met with Doug and Dennis, two of our premier "Team Members" and Water-Mules Extraordinaire at the Hangar.  Wasn't much we could do with the rain and all of our Rescuer components ordered and on their way to us.  We decided to take the rest of the day off. 

Cindy invited me out to watch the Hobbit as a late "Birthday present".  Love JRR Tolkein.  At the end of the epic movie, all I could say was...."they're 'dragon' it out".  If you saw the movie, you'd understand.

Will be on the phone today, seeking supplies for Haiti.  Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) always needs baby food, formula, diapers, etc.  If you have any, or know where I can find some, or would like to help "fund" this noble mission, this would be a great project on this "Rainy Day in Paradise".

So, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  So glad to have you along on the journey.  Your prayers are more vital than you'll ever know.  THANK YOU for standing with us.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

1-29-14 Wednesday 7:20 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Who are the O.W.L.S.?  Older, Wiser, Loving Saints, a good name for a group of "seasoned" Christians from Space Coast Assembly of God in Titusville.  Don't understand why these precious saints keep having me back, but they do.  It's always a joy to share the Word of God with them.

Been slowly working my "body clock" back to the Eastern U.S. Time Zone.  Been told that "Jet Lag" usually takes 1 full day for every hour of time zone difference.  Well, the Philippines is 13 hours difference and it's been 7 days since Dr. Aaron and I returned from the Philippines.  Have had a bit of an "acceleration" back to Eastern Time.

Speaking of the Philippines, had to share an e-mail that we recently received from a teacher at the New Ormoc City National High School after we deployed an Air Mobile Rescuer there.  The note "warmed" my heart.  Here it is:

From: Imelda Amodia <>
Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 12:27 AM
Subject: Updates
To: "" <>

Hello Joe:

Imee here from New Ormoc City National High School, Ormoc City. My complete name: Imelda A. Amodia. I visited your blod twice already. How amazing are the works that you've done-Congratulations to your family and the family of Dr. AAron Webb for your benevolence and generosity of sharing your blessings to people in need. I could clearly imagine the feelings and the crucial situations of the people and the places you;ve visited. I had mixed emotions while reading your posts. A mixture of joy, sadness, pity.........I don't know. Sometimes I wanted to cry out loud especially reading and seeing those pictures of victims of Yolanda. So sorry for them and thanks God for sending you here in the Philippines. Our students and teachers enjoyed drinking the purified water as a product of the machine that you donated. We'll be sending you pictures soon. I requested my staff to buy more water containers so we can distribute the water to all students by year level. Once it is materialized. I'll be sending you pictures. Wishing you all good health always. Hope that would not be the end but just a beginning of our long and lasting partnership & friendship. I'll pray to God to give you good health always so you could still serve more and more people in need. Thanks again for your benevolence and God Bless You More and your family. Please give our best regards to Dr. Webb.


Oh, is it cold in most of the U.S.  Take a look at this "Chill Map".  We're even getting snow and ice in northern Florida. Schools are closed today.  We're definitely not used to this kind of weather. 

Again, my simple admonition....STAY WARM!  Have some extra blankets on hand.

Today, should the weather permit, plan to take the "Little Donkey" up for some more test flying and "break-in" of those replaced cylinders.  

If you look closely at this photo of Ti Burik, you may see a little "smile", but you have to look closely with some imagination.

Time to head out to speak with the O.W.L.S. and take a Little Donkey for a spin.  Be blessed today and, as always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

1-28-14 Tuesday 9:52 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was good hear the TSIO 360 fire up and come to life.  The "Top End" that Paul did went very well.  The engine ran smooth as silk and even has a bit more power (the cylinders were bored to "15 over".  

After a series of run ups and testing on the ground, Paul gave the go-head for a test flight...a thumbs up.

We took the Little Donkey up and flew her around enough to verify all was well.  So good to have Ti Burik "ready for action".

After that successful test flight, I hit the phone and began placing orders for our next 25 Rescuers.  While we were in the Philippines, Doug, our intrepid Water Mule had been arranging and re-arranging our manufacturing shop.

On Saturday, I took a yellow pad and walked down the supply line.  Doug had everything in place so that, in a matter of minutes, I could place a complete supply order.  

Well, I had a long and complete list of stuff to get, thanks to the diligent work of Doug.  Spent the entire day on the phone ordering item after item.  As the sun set, was down to only one small item to left to order.  Doug shaved hours and hours off of my day by his extraordinary "gift" of organization.  Thanks again, Doug!

So, today, it's back to the hangar for another test flight or two.  Have to "break" those cylinders in before crossing nearly 900 miles of over-the-water flying.  Will be doing some touch ups and follow ups on the order for the next Rescuers and overall, just getting ready for the "Next Mission".

In the meantime, the U.S. is gripped in BITTER COLD!  The wind-chill will reach -45 degrees in Chicago...was just there.  This is dangerous stuff.  All systems are being stressed to the max.  Be careful!!  Here's more...POLAR PLUNGE!

As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your vital prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today and...STAY WARM!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I kind of hate to say this, but the temperature here in Florida today, will nearly reach 80 degrees....then it'll get a bit colder, even down here.  Joe

PPS - If you're new to this "Rambling Blog" and feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  Just read on down to see how we've arrived at this "juncture of the journey".  God bless and WELCOME ABOARD!  Joe  

1-27-14 Monday 8:39 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Will be at the airport this morning and hopefully, "firing" up the rear engine on the Little Donkey.  It'll be good to get this wonderful little aircraft back in the air.  Been in touch with Haiti and as always, we have a full plate of stuff to do there.  

Also have a large order for components to build more Air Mobile Rescuers.  It's all about getting ready for..."The Next Mission".  Going to be a busy day.  

Whoa...we have another "Cold Blast" about to grip the U.S.  Wherever you are, you'll likely feel the icy Arctic Blast.  

Just work on staying warm, building up the firewood, filling the propane tank and doing what you need to do.  Here's more on the "Far Reaching Arctic Plunge" - NEXT POLAR PLUNGE COULD BE WINTER'S COLDEST

 Time for me to head out the door for the airport.  Have a "Little Donkey" waiting for a run up and maybe a test flight.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-26-14 Sunday 8:52 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finally, my body is realizing that I'm back in the U.S.  Almost had a "normal" nights sleep.  Good to "be back".

Had a productive day yesterday.  Paul, our aircraft mechanic, put the rear engine all back together and by the time he was finished, the day had gotten away from us.  We'll do the engine run-up on Monday morning.

I dashed home from the airport in time to meet with Dr. Aaron, his wife Lara and their two beautiful children.  We grilled some steaks and chicken.  Such a normal thing to do, but so distant from where we just were.

We just had a lovely evening "re-living" our trip to the Philippines by sharing all the photos on the big screen, with our wives.  We can hardly wait to get back to the Philippines.

We just rejoice at how our Lord sent Dr. Aaron our way just when we were about to depart for the Philippines.  We have now made 2 trips with him and what an amazing blessing he has been.  His command of several Filipino languages just opened so many doors.  Plus his knowledge of the land as well has his heart to serve others helped us to deploy 30 Air Mobile Rescuers in strategic and vital locations.  Many lives are being saved as a result of these deployments!

You may recall, just before we departed for our first trip there in November, our local Radio Personality, Bud Hediger, mentioned in just a few seconds that Air Mobile was going.  He and Lara heard that 10 second blip and contacted us.  Again, proves again that..."Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!

At the end of this lovely evening, we bid the Boeing 737 fuselage in our "Extreme" Home.  This is just the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship and many journey's together. 

So, it's Sunday morning in the Hurston House-hold.  Peter has already left for Church (he's in the Worship Band).  We're about to head out.  After Church, we'll go to the Hospital and bring the Good News of Jesus to those young people and adults.  What a privilege to go and share Jesus with those less fortunate.  

Again, so THANKFUL to have you along on this "Rambling Blog" and this wonderful adventure.  God bless and THANKS again for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

1-25-14 Saturday 9:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While Air Mobile was in the Philippines, our excellent aircraft mechanic, Paul, was performing a partial "top end" overhaul on the rear engine of the Little Donkey.  This is a routine function and the timing was perfect.  

Today, we hope to "crank up" the rear engine and perform a test run-up.  The shop that did the cylinders in Orlando, is one of the best.  Don George is a legend in the industry and always gives Air Mobile excellent pricing.  I'm excited to get the Little Donkey back in the air.

Also received a call from Brian, a great Brother and excellent Certified Flight Instructor.  Brian has been behind the program to start a Missionary Flight School within Air Mobile Ministries.  He and his wife, Kerry, have had their home on the market in Tulsa for some time now.  He called to give the details that their home just sold and they're coming to Florida to help turn the dream of a Missionary Flight School into a reality.  Stay tuned for more details.

Met with Doug, one of our "Premier" Water Mules, and he showed me the "Shop" where we build the Air Mobile Rescuers.  While we were in the Philippines, Doug had re-arranged, re-organized and turned our little assembly shop into a more efficient operation.  We're so thankful for men like Doug.  We also laid out the order for our next 25 Air Mobile Rescuers.

My "internal clock" is slowly re-calibrating to Eastern U.S. time.  Got up about an hour earlier this morning.  Hope to be all synchronized soon.  Oh, later today, Dr. Aaron and his wife, Lara will be coming over to the house to share a meal and we'll go over all our photographs and do some serious planning for our next trip to the Philippines. We're so thankful that our Lord sent Aaron our way!

Well, it's time to head out the door and go "fire up" the Little Donkey and move closer to our "Next Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

1-24-14 Friday 11:24 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


You'll likely notice that this daily rambling blog is being posted a bit later than usual and will likely be for the next few days.  My "clock" is completely upside down.  I spring wide awake around 2:00am and stay up until the sun rises and then go back to sleep until nearly 11:00 am.  Just have to "go with the flow" until my body fully realizes that I'm back in the U.S.

My heart is also still in the Philippines.  So many images and thoughts of those courageous people who are facing the loss of everything.  We were showered with Thank You notes from High School Students and those are precious reminders of where we just were.  

To be able to help to bring clean water to those in need is, without a doubt, one of the greatest opportunities that I have personally ever had.  So thankful to our Lord for allowing us to do this.  Here is just one of the many thank you notes written by some students at Ormoc City High School on Leyte Island.

Coming back to the U.S. and being met by the "Icy Blast" that is gripping our country is a reminder that folks are hurting all over.  Just read about a transformer that "blew" leaving many without heat.  All of these things are reminders that we need to PRAY for one another and do all we can help those in need.

Yesterday, after "sleeping in" a bit, hit the ground and began the process of getting more Air Mobile Rescuers ready for our next mission.  Been in touch with Haiti, and will be "winging" back down there soon.

In the meantime, we're working on keeping warm here in "sunny" Florida.  Temperatures touched freezing last night.  I recall, just before departing for the Philippines, Cindy, Juliet, Peter, Ariana and I worked our way from frigid Massachusetts with temperatures at -10 degrees.  Oh, that was bitter.  We know that there are many that are suffering and in danger from this current winter storm.  All the more reason for us to PRAY together.

So, it's time for me to head into this day and do what we can to help others.  As always, THANK YOU for rambling along this wild journey with me, with your precious prayer, love and support!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe     

1-23-14 Thursday 11:13 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our flight from Narita (Tokyo) to Chicago was just beautiful.  Sat next to a bulkhead and had enough leg room to stand up and dance. The food was great and Japan Airlines is one of the finest airlines in the world.  Landed at Chicago right on time.

The snow was falling like crazy and one could see the planes and ground crews were slipping and sliding and de-icing.  The Northeast was being hammered by a massive and bitter snow storm.  Over 4400 flights had been delayed.  Would we make it home?

We had a 7 hour layover, so, Aaron and I went to the American Airlines Admiral Club and bought a "Day in the Club".  It was bitter cold outside and the terminal was quite chilly and we were completely exhausted.

Once in the "Club" we found comfortable chairs, nice "snack" food and warm showers. Oh, after 10 days with only one hot shower (taken the night before in Tokyo), I seized the moment and just took the longest shower I can remember.  

As we waited for our flight, we could see that there was a chance that our "Orlando Bound" plane may not make it in.  We began to see "delays" on our flight pop up.  I'll tell you, it was time to get home and this was not looking good.

I drifted in and out of sleep as we awaited our board time.  Our flight kept getting little delays, but not too bad.  Looked like our plane was going to make it Chicago to bring Aaron and I home to our families.

We worked our way to the gate and there was our S-80 aircraft (MD-80) to Orlando.  The taxiways had snowed piled up on the sides.  Finally, the door closed and we were on the final leg homeward bound.

We landed Orlando, only about 35 minutes behind schedule.  There, my Cindy picked up me and my bags including 1 green tub filled with our tools and dirty clothes.  

Remember, we departed 11 days ago with 8 tubs filled with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers.  Indeed, we had completely circled the globe having made 8 stops, 23,000 miles and 42 hours "in the air" to bring clean water to thirsty folks in the Name of Jesus!

Upon arriving home, my Cindy had a beautiful chocolate birthday cake for me.  For my birthday had occurred somewhere over Alaska at 36,000 feet.  I think it actually happened near the International Date Line, so it got tangled up in time.

Last night, I just could not sleep so, just laid there in bed and thought about the places we had been in the Philippines, remembered so many faces and made a determination to get back as soon as we could.  Finally, at sunrise, I drifted off to sleep.  Slept until 11:00am and that is why this post is a bit behind my usual schedule.

Again, you have chosen to "Join the Jounrey" by rambling down this blog with me.  So thankful for this tool to help us to communicate (The Blog) and have you along with your precious prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-22-14 Wednesday 7:09 AM (Local Tokyo Time) – Narita (Close to Tokyo), Japan – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our ride to the Tacloban Airport was filled with the images of destruction of which we had become all too familiar.  Overturned vehicles, ships in the road, mountains of debris and chaos.  We were about to leave one world and enter into another.

It is incredible that the Filipino Government and Philippines Airlines have managed to get the airport at Tacloban open at all. There is only the "shell" of the building left (literally).  

When we arrived at the airport, all computers were down and the boarding procedure was done manually.  The line was long, the rain was falling and Aaron and I were the last in line.

There on one of the "naked" concrete columns in the airport was the "Missing" photos, again, all to familiar.  These are pictures of loved ones who, in a moment, were gone and may never be found again.  A Sad reminder of Typhoon Yolanda (the Name the Philippines gave this "Bad Girl").

Philippines Airlines charged us for our "excess" luggage.  They only allow 22 pounds and were over. So, without computers, and I was out of Pesos, and the plane was held a bit while we were processed, Aaron and I dashed to the plane in the rain (sounds poetic).

As our Airbus 320 climbed out, Aaron snapped one last shot of Leyte Island, a land of unimagineable destruction and suffering.  Somehow, I know, that by the Grace of God, that I must return to this Island and I hope and pray it is sooner rather than later.

Our flight to Manila was without incident.  We transferred to the International Terminal.  We were exhausted.  We both would drift in and out of sleep while awaiting our Boarding time.

Next, Japan Airlines.  An elegant and high quality airline.  They served a delicious meal in the main cabin (almost like a "First Class" meal).  Everything seems to be magnified after leaving Leyte.

As we approached Tokyo, the Boeing 767 shuddered and bucked as the pilot slipped us through some pretty intense turbulence.  Aaron and I prayed.  We landed beautifully and safely.

The Narita Airport is the picture of order, beauty, precision everything moves quickly and on-time.  We found a hotel near-by for a very reasonable amount of money (quite a pleasant surprise).  Stepped out on the curb and within 5 minutes we were aiming to the first real bed and hot shower in over a week.

The Hotel looked like "Heaven" as the images of Leyte were still so fresh.  I took a very, very long hot shower.  The beds were some of the most comfortable that I can remember.  
Up early and looked out the window to snow.  Heard that the U.S. is having fierce winter storms and snow is everywhere. We continue our "Journey" into the other side of the world and another world all together.  So, it's time to head down and make the long flight (14 hours) to Chicago and then to sunny Orlando.

As always (I so mean it!!), THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-21-14 Tuesday 6:38 AM (Local Philippine Time) – Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


My heart is filled with joy and sadness as I write this blog.  Yesterday was absolutely amazing and my emotions are indeed..."all over the chart".  Folks, I just want to say here and now just how much I appreciate your prayer, love and support!  This mission has been one "for the books" for sure!

We headed out of Ormoc City early yesterday morning with 7 Air Mobile Rescuers and our bags packed.  If all went as planned, we'd end up on Tacloban at the end of the day.  "Failure was not an option".  Folks need clean water as never before.  We are hearing of extreme warnings to "not drink the water" popping up all over the place.  This is a most dangerous time as cholera, typhoid, extreme diarrhea and a whole host of other "water-borne" diseases are beginning to raise their ugly heads. 

Our first stop (Rescuer #1) was the University of Visaya in Baybay (pronounced see ya later).  We were directed to the Soil and Water Laboratory Room. 

There, we demonstrated the Rescuer to a group of engineering students and then presented the Rescuer to the head of the department. Several days ago, one of our team members had contacted the University President and he expressed their deep need for clean water.  It was a joy to bring clean water to these students and staff.  Visaya University has thousands of students.

Next stop (Rescuer #2), The Chapel at Bay Bay.  We had our newest Technician, Redante' (in red shirt with Air Mobile Cap) along with us.  It was such a joy to be able to give the principal operator Redante's number and introduce the two.  This will help this project to be more sustainable. Again, so thankful for the Lord sending Redante our way.

Next stop, Albuera Grade School (Rescuer #3).  What a sweet school.  We had been contacted the evening before by one of the Directors requesting clean water for the 1000+ students.  

Didn't look like we had one and then by some "juggling" and re-counting, turns out we had an extra unit for them.  We had told the Director that it would be 6-8 weeks before he could get a unit.  Imagine his joy when we showed up the next day with a Rescuer!

We then headed back to Ormoc City to another grade school, New Life (Recuer #4).  It was just after noon when we got to Ormoc.  Had time for a quick lunch a Jolli-Bees (The Filipino version of McDonalds).  

The source of water for these children was highly suspect and again, their need for clean water was great.  Local officials had warned the school about the water being potentially dangerous.  Our timing was perfect.  

Notice how bright the room is?  It's because there is no roof.  The teacher had ample tarps, ready to throw on the books and supplies and students when it began to rain.  Their joy and appreciation was so sweet.

We then headed to Ormoc City High School (Rescuer #5) with an enrollment of 5500+ students.  WOW is all I can say.  They had a full presentation with a Choir and speeches.  Never, in all my years of bringing clean water to the thirsty, have we been so greeted!  

After that amazing reception at the Ormoc City High, we arrived at the Ormoc Hospital (Rescuer #6).  The Administrator was gracious, but looked so tired.  She had done an amazing job of getting that Hospital up and going.  We decided that the ER needed a reliable source of clean water.

As we set up, I noted a little girl on the bed next to our setup.  She had extremely high temperatures and was having seizures. Her mother and grand-mother were very distraught.  Dr. Aaron was doing the training on the Rescuer, so I offered to pray for the little girl.  

We cannot say what was going on, but it did appear to be typhoid or some such dread disease.  I can't get this little girl out of my mind.  PLEASE join me in prayer for Bobbileen's full and complete recovery.

We then hit the road for 3+ hour journey.  We were now into hour 10 of this long, record setting day.  I drifted in and out of sleep and just kept praying for that little girl.  

Long after dark, we were approaching the village of Babtngon.  We passed a temporary wall and behind it....600-800 unburied bodies.  You could "feel" it.  My heart was broken again.

We passed that terrible place and turned off the main road and wound our way into Babtngon up to St. Augustine High School.  It was now after 8:00pm and over 400 students had been waiting for us to arrive.  

There was no electricity and this community had only one brief visit by a relief team (a helicopter hovered overhead and dropped some supplies).  These folks are truly desperate for clean water.

Again, my joy was off the charts as the beautiful voices of those 400+ students sang welcome songs to us and we saw hand-written banners thanking us for bringing them clean water. It was Joy..unspeakable as we brought Rescuer #7. 

7 separate deployments by 1 team in 1 day is our record.  All things worked together for the good.  A lot of "traveling mercy" and folks being there to greet us and such amazing receptions. Surely, our Lord was with us in a very powerful way yesterday and you were there with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Well, we're up early in Tacloban and about to board a flight to Manila and then the long trek back home.  My heart is just stretched and my emotions are way out there.  I sense the presence of our Lord and we know that with His help, we have brought clean water to lot of folks in His precious Name.  

The memories of smiling faces getting clean water drives us to the "Next Mission".  Time to get to the airport for the final leg of this great journey.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-20-14 Monday 6:11 AM (Local Philippine Time) – Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I travel the world and ride on all types of vehicles.  One of my favorite is the Filipino "Tri-Cycle".  This is pure efficiency and ingenuity.  One can carry 6+ passengers + Bags at a modest speed for a considerable distance on a modified 125CC Motorcycle.  Love it!!

I just have to give you a couple of views of this beauty.  Here is the back, where one can easily put in 4 passengers, 2 per side. Now, granted, there is not a lot of leg room, but if you want to get from point A to point B quickly and efficiently and "cheaply", the Filipino Tricycle is your "ride".

Next, take a look at the front.  Not only can one put in 2 (maybe 3) passengers, but there is even a place for "excess" luggage on the very front.  Now, this is "design genius"!!  

I took one of these little "Jewels" to the big department store here in Ormoc City, Gusaino's.  It had such a vast selection of almost everything including....a delicious hot meal of sirloin beef tips in mushrooms, yellow rice, mixed vegetables and flan and a water melon-mango Shake!  

This was the 2nd hot meal since departing the U.S.  Been living on jerky, trail mix, energy bars and few other odds and ends.

While I was off on the shopping / eating excursion, Dr. Aaron was up in the mountains visiting dear friends and attending church.  We had "carved" out this bit of "free time" in our insane schedule.  Felt good!

Upon return to our Base Camp, met with our newest Water Mule Technician, Redante.  We did quick repair on 2 wounded Rescuers and had them both back and up in full operation in less than an hour.  

We then spent another hour going over "trouble-shooting" techniques.  This guy is GOOD!  He is a "natural" powered by God.  Couldn't ask for a better one to keep an eye on the 30 Rescuers that we already have here.  We then made some final operational protocols and "Shook" on the deal.

Later, yesterday evening, Redante came back to go over our itinerary and will be joining us.  I then presented him with the "Cap".  He's now an "Official Air Mobile Water Mule Technician".  Praise God for sending Redante our way!

Today is going to be a "whirlwind".  We have 6 Rescuers to deploy and multiple locations to check on. Please pray for us to have "Traveling Mercy".  We have a lot of territory to cover.  

Isn't this a great journey?  So glad you're along for the ride.  How did you like that "Tricycle".  I want one back in the U.S.!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-19-14 Sunday 6:24 AM (Local Philippine Time) – Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We departed early yesterday to go back over our tracks and check on Rescuers previously deployed on our last mission here in November.  We also had plans to deploy a couple more units along the way.

As we departed Ormoc City, which had been hit by Typhoon Haiyan, but not as hard as Tacloban (the ground zero), we observed steady progress along the route.  If we stopped, even for a moment, we’d hear the sound of hammers pounding away.

Many small vehicles carrying wood, mainly coconut lumber, everywhere.  The recycling business is booming.  We’d see huge stacks of debris and often, young boys with their dads' rummaging for every scrap of metal.

Of course, we’d see bright blue tarps and shiny new roofing tin everywhere.  So many smiles would greet us, as they knew we were probably here to help and…they were right.  We’re here on a “Mission from God” to bring clean water to the thirsty.  Truly, a noble mission, of which you’ve chosen to be a part with your prayer, love and support.

So thankful for an internet connection.  Oh, it’s quite weak and takes a lot longer to connect, stay connected and upload / download stuff, but that’s why I get up early and begin before the sun rises. 

For the first time in a week, it’s not raining and this is allowing our internet signal to slip through the heavens a bit quicker.  So, I’m rambling a bit and just sharing with you things that are going on.

So, back to the “Journey”.  We first went to San Quanico...met with the principal operator.  I remember him well.  He is an auto mechanic and his wife is a bio-chemical engineer.  We had picked up the unit for which he is responsible, a few days ago and repaired it with one of the new “power supplies” that Redante’ had found for us. 

The operator was thrilled to hear that his unit was repaired and that we had found a local technician and that we could secure some replacement components locally.  It was a good meeting.

Aaron, through his vast Facebook connections, had found out about a large orphanage just up the road and they desperately needed clean water.  Our operator joined us and we headed off to SOS Foundation.  There we met Brother Charles.  What a precious brother and what a beautiful, well-run facility.  Of course they had been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, but they had cleaned up all that they could as well as they could.

Dr. Aaron, (who, by the way, had “adjusted” my back and it is so much better!!) conducted the training today.  Aaron is a “quick study” and did a masterful job of explaining and demonstrating the simple operation of the Rescuer.  Aaron's command of the local languages is amazing!  It is truly a gift from God!

With great joy, we presented the Air Mobile Rescuer to SOS Foundation and now, they can take “control” of their clean water and produce all they want!  Praise God!!

From SOS, we hit the road and headed back into Tacloban where Dr. Aaron went into the local Public Hospital (ERVMC) and made inquiry if they needed a Rescuer.  Their overwhelming response…YES! 

Within minutes, Aaron was demonstrating and training the staff on the use of the Rescuer.  Meanwhile, I was out with our faithful driver, getting fuel, money changed and lunch.  By the time we got back, Aaron had successfully placed another Rescuer in a strategic location that will bring relief to many.

Our next stop was a sad one…it brought back many emotions.  We went to Palo to visit the grave of Evelyn’s husband.  You may recall, our first night in the Philippines we stayed at Evelyn’s home.  Evelyn lost 28 members of her family.

There, in front of the Catholic Church, was a mass grave with over 700 bodies.  Among them, Rodelio, Evelyn’s husband.  Aaron and I stood there and prayed for Evelyn's family.  Aaron took a picture of the grave-site (that their son dug) of Evelyn’s beloved Rodelio, who gave his life saving others.

It was a sad moment filled with images and smells.  The shallow graves were filled with water.  There were make-shift photos of the victims and messages written by the survivors.  Crosses were made out of sticks and tied together with bits of string recovered from the storm.

As I stood there, it hit me….the smell.  It is a smell that I long to forget.  It brings back so many memories of so many disasters.  I’ve stood by many mass graves and it still haunts me.  I can only imagine….what their final moments were like.

I limped back to the truck and we headed to our next location.  Just keep marching….

We arrived at Tanuana where their unit had likely been “smitten” by the same ugly current that had taken out several other units.  We left them a “Loaner” and brought the “wounded” Rescuer for repair.  The members of the Church at Tanuana had scurried into the rafters as the wicked tidal surge ravaged their community.  All survived in the rafters of that church.

From Tanuana, it was on to Talosa.  We checked on their Rescuer and decided to bring it in for service. 

We then departed on a “Medical Mission” by Dr. Aaron.  On our November mission, Cindy and I departed and Dr. Aaron spent another week in the Philippines.  He had arranged for a “field Hospital” to be set up to care for the wounded.  About 10 years ago, Aaron had adopted a very poor family from this area.  They make their modest living by “smoking” coconuts (to make charcoal). 

Many in this community had been injured from the monster storm, including the Phardlo family.  Aaron wanted to follow up on the wounded.  As we wound our way off the main road, we followed the smoke.  To make this charcoal, coconut shells are thrown into 55 gallon drums and burned to a crisp, thus producing the charcoal.

They were easy to find.  The Phardlo family ran to meet Aaron and he was able to check on their wounds.  Surely, our Lord had healed them as he examined wound after wound.  This shot was taken about 6 weeks ago. Pretty big wound.

Aaron checked on him yesterday and take a look at how our Lord closed up that wound and no infection.  Praise God, "Our Great Physician"!!

Now, the day was getting away from us and we had one more stop to make at Dagami to check on a Rescuer that was not working.  Once there, I broke out my tool kit and set up the unit.  

The problem:  the receptacle that they had been using simply shorted out.  We found a “working” one and bingo, the Rescuer came right to life and clean water was flowing again.

The sun was setting and we had a long drive back to Ormoc City.  We had made 7 stops on this journey today.  But…the visit to the “Mass-Grave” took me out emotionally.  So many memories and that smell (of decomposing bodies) drained me.  I found as comfortable a position as I could, and slept for most of the 3 hour journey back to Ormoc.

Upon arrival, it only took minutes for me to fall into a deep sleep. 

Aaron and I were both up at 4:00am this morning and just talked about where we had been and our thoughts and feelings about the journey.  We were awaiting the generator to turn on.  For the first time, since we left the U.S. we just had some time to fellowship, share and pray.

Today, I’ll be heading to a large store here in Ormoc City.  Aaron has already headed out via public transportation to visit a distant church that is very dear to him.  This afternoon, I’ll be meeting with our new “Water Mule Technician”, Redante’ to trouble shoot the 2 “wounded” Rescuers.

It was a good, but somewhat “painful” day yesterday.  Today will be good, for it is “The Day that our Lord has made” and I’ll rejoice and be glad in it.

Now, you’ve wandered down this long and winding blog today.  THANK YOU for taking this journey with me.  So appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-18-14 Saturday 6:21 AM (Local Philippine Time) – Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The electricity on Leyte is spotty and sometimes brutal on electronics.  We experienced a “rash” of power supply outages on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Some storm must have “zapped” quite a few devices and a couple of Rescuers were down.

Immediately, I began to work out logistics to get new power supplies sent from the U.S. when Aaron suggested that we try to get them locally.  Mmmmm, not a bad idea.  Then Redante walked up.  Someone said that Redante is very good with electronics.

I quickly assessed him of the situation and he smiled and asked for the “dead” component and he disappeared (not literally).  Within an hour, he showed up with 2 “multi-tipped” replacement power supplies at just the right voltage and wattage.  I plugged it in and….IT WORKED!

The cost of this little jewel was round $10.00.  This guy was good.  He even helped me transfer the Velcro to the new component and we had 2 Rescuers “Rescued” by Redante.

This is such an answer to prayer.  In each of the locations where Rescuers are in operation around the world, we PRAY for men like Redante.

Meanwhile, Aaron was out scouting out an orphanage that he had heard about.  It was literally right around the corner from our “Base Camp”.  While Redante and I were repairing the Rescuers, Aaron went to check out and if they qualified, he’d donate a Rescuer.

The story of this orphanage will melt your heart.  It is run by a dear “Sister” (a Catholic Nun) who was assigned this orphanage on November 7th….the day before the horrifying, deadly Typhoon Haiyan hit. 

Sister Mary described the terrifying hours that she huddled with her new “children” as the roof was ripped off and the howling winds and knife-cutting rains battered their humble Orphan home.

Now, their roof was a patchwork of tarps and as Aaron went through the training process water was pouring in everywhere and the mosquitoes were feasting on Aaron.  When he got to the part of the turning the unit on (it was being powered by a battery, as Sister Mary will not get electricity for months)…he pushed the button and…nothing happened.

Now, I was right around the corner at the Base Camp working with Redante and a messenger came and said Aaron needed me right away.  I dashed right over and it was just as he said, dead, dead, dead.  These folks needed clean water.

I thought of Redante and wondered…. I quickly went back to the Base Camp and explained the situation.  Redante studied the “switching board” circuit and mumbled to himself.  I heard him saying…voltage comes in, goes through this, gets to ground then goes through this.  His mind was recreating the schematic as he studied the board.  Then…

He smiled and said, “Got it”!  Before launching this last mission, we worked day and night on building, prepping, packing for this mission.  During the assembly, a simple mistake was made.  On the terminals for 12 volts, the red pole was where the black pole should be and the black where the red should be. 

Redante and I quickly pulled up a 12 volt battery and Voila, by reversing the installation it worked!!

Aaron and I brought the “switched, repaired” Rescuer to Sister Mary and the orphans and staff giggled and laughed with joy as they drank clean water from the Rescuer!  Mission accomplished.

Now, we had 10 Rescuers with “reversed polarity”.  I quickly commissioned Redante to “switch” them all.  He worked well past supper time and finished all 10.  Looks like we have a genuine, on-site, Water Mule Technician in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines!

Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!  So, Aaron and I are heading out into this rainy day with 4 more Rescuers to deploy.  What will the day hold?  Where will we go?  Our Lord knows and we’ve availed ourselves to Him for His service.

So…as always, THANK YOU for your faithful PRAYER, LOVE AND SUPPORT!!  Oh, Dr. Aaron “adjusted” my back yesterday and the pain has diminished significantly.  Thanks again for your prayer!

Air Mobile Joe

January 17, 2014 Friday - 6:31AM - Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Aaron and I hit the road at 7:00am local Philippine time (it's like starting a night-shift, U.S. time: 6:00pm the evening before).  The 13 hour time difference always throws my body off, but we just marched on.  Our first destination:  Tacloban...Ground Zero of Typhoon Haiyan.

Along the way, we stopped in Fatima to check on a Rescuer that was deployed last November (on our previous trip to the Philippines).  It's always so good to our little "Near Miracle" Machine functioning as designed.  A lot of clean water has passed through this Rescuer.  A lot of disease has been stopped.  This gives great Joy!!

As we went deeper and deeper into the destruction, we saw evidence everywhere of folks slowly putting their lives back together.  A new tarp on the gaping roof, or some shiny tin.  The streets were much clearer than the last time we were here.

As we passed through the gates of Tacloban, the full, brutal force of Typhoon Haiyan still takes ones breath away.  Folks, again, this was a monster storm.  

As we drove through the port area, we saw a huge ship that had crashed ashore killing many along its death march. We saw a fresh body bag, appeared to be the outline of an adult.  Still folks go about their day, desperately seeking some normality.

We then stopped at a location that had been doing so well with their Rescuer, we decided to donate a second unit to double their output and give redundancy.  We love finding operators such as this.

We stopped at another location which had reported limited output on the Rescuer.  Upon inspection, we found the simple matter of needing to clean the filter more frequently.  All part of our on-going training program.  These folks have kept a continuous stream of clean water (though a bit slow at times) flowing into their community. 

On to another location where the unit had a simple sticking pressure switch.  A make-shift jumper installed and all was well.  At this location, we found another outreach within the ministry and we chose to donate another Rescuer.  This also gives the location redundancy.

We next found ourselves at the Divine Word Hospital in downtown Tacloban where we met Sister Sarah the Hospital Administrator.  Aaron explained that this hospital had saved his life back in 2003.  We offered a Rescuer and Sister Sarah literally "danced" for joy as we set up the unit and demonstrated the simple, powerful operation.

You may recall, back in 2009 Air Mobile came to the Philippines following 4 Typhoons in 4 weeks.  The flooding was devastating.  We worked very closely with the Philippine Air Force and specifically with Colonel Ed Libago.  Each time we come to the Philippines, I check in with the good Colonel.  

This time, he told us that the Air Force Base at Tacloban had been devastated and there had been loss of life and....there was a desperate need for clean water.  Yesterday evening, we met Colonel Fermin Carangan, the Base Commander.  We instantly "hit it off" as two pilots usually do.

Upon inspection of their situation, we definitely agreed with Colonel Ed, they needed an Air Mobile Rescuer.  So, at the end of this long day, we trained and presented our 5th Rescuer for the day to Colonel Carangan.

On the way back to Ormoc City, we stopped at Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant for a good dinner.  We were in hour 13 of this grueling day.  After dinner, we headed out the door.  I saw a couple of Samaritan Purse Volunteers and we swapped a few quick war stories.

While on the long ride back to Ormoc, I suddenly realized that I had left my phone plugged in at Giuseppe's.  We had already driven an hour.  The Curfew was approaching.  We dashed back over the rough road and my back & leg were screaming in pain.  We were praying like crazy that the phone would still be plugged into the wall.

As we pulled up, I jumped out (ouch on that sore leg), limped up the stairs and.....there it was!  Oh, the joy of finding a phone that was "lost".  Our Lord kept His hand on that phone for my very prayerful retrieval.  With that, we then made the long, torturous journey back to Ormoc City.  My leg & back were really screaming at me now.  Our day ended with 17 hard hours put in.  

The rainy season has begun in earnest.  It rained all night long, making it cooler, a bit of relief.  Today, we head back out bringing clean water and sharing the love of God.  Again, we are so THANKFUL to you for standing faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!  May I ask you also to pray that our Lord would heal my back and leg that I might serve Him better.  Thanks!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - As we drove into Tacloban and made a “round about”, we saw the sign to McArthur Park.  The place where General Douglas McArthur actually walked ashore “returning” to the Philippines during the intense heat of World War II.

When we drove up to the monument, we saw a group of Filipino Special Forces soldiers.  When they saw 2 Americans approaching they swarmed us with warmth, well wishes and asked if they could get photographs with us.  It’s good to be “loved” as an American.

To many Filipinos, General McArthur is a HERO and still greatly loved here.  This was a very moving moment for us all.


PPS:  If you look very carefully behind and to the right of my up-pointed finger, you will see the Generals Hat.  Joe

January 16, 2014 Thursday - 4:19AM - Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday (time is like a blur), we arrived at the dock in Cebu headed for Leyte Island, the hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan.  Our ride:  A "Super Cat", a high speed ferry.  The WX was wicked with strong winds and threatening thunderstorms.

It took a while to work out the cargo charges and getting change, but we were able to "process" all in time for the 8:30 departure.

We had pushed, pulled, cajoled and prayed a lot to get these 8 tubs of life-saving water purifiers here, half way around the world and now, once on-board, we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief but....

Were we in for a "ride"?!  The seas gotten higher and higher and at one point, I think the "Super Cat" caught some air as it lunged from wave to wave.  The crew was passing out sick bags like crazy.

I worked my way to the stern and tied the tubs together to be sure that they wouldn't "fly" over-board.  It was a rough 3 hour "cruise".

Upon arrival into Ormoc City, Aaron hitched a ride to the church and soon found a ride for us.  Now, we could  breathe a little easier knowing that we had gotten all 15 Rescuers to Leyte safe and sound.  Whew, what a journey thus far and....there's a lot more to come.

Today, we plunge deeper into the disaster and the suffering.  I'm still haunted by Evelyn's story. This dear sister lost 28 members of her family and survived the full blow of the tidal surge.  It is a harrowing story.

She is a brave woman and so needs our prayers as she puts her life back together.  She loves the Lord with all her heart.  Evelyn is just one of hundreds of thousands whose lives have been torn apart.  Please pray that we can bring some relief and joy into their lives with clean water delivered by God's grace.

Time for us to head toward Tacloban, the "Ground Zero" of the worst typhoon to strike the earth in recorded history.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 15, 2014 Wednesday - 4:43AM - Cebu, Philippines - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This is a very brief blog, as our ride to the dock to catch the ferry to Leyte Island, is here.  Praise God, we retrieved 8 tubs with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers!  Our mission continues!

Last night, I met a lady by the name of Evelyn.  She lost 28 members of her family.  Oh, there is so much that I want to write, but time will not permit.  Have to run for now.  PLEASE PRAY for us as we head into this day!

Air Mobile Joe

January 14, 2014 Tuesday – 5:29AM (Tokyo Time) – Downtown Tokyo, Japan enroute to Manila – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Oh, what a difference a few good hours of sleep makes!  Last night (or whatever time it was), I staggered through a blog and hardly knew what I wrote. There is a 14 hour time difference Tokyo and Cocoa, FL.

It's also 36 degrees (feels like 25 degrees) here in Tokyo and I packed for the Philippines (running around 90 degrees).  We'll make a chilly "dash" to the train station that will deposit us right into airport terminal and then fly to Manila. Will write more later.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 13, 2014 Monday – 10:39 PM (Tokyo Time) – Downtown Tokyo, Japan enroute to Manila – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Was up at 2:00am on Sunday.  Now, after having traveled half way around the world, about to lay my weary head down after being up for 30 hours.  We're enroute to the Philippines to bring clean water where it is desperately needed.

Dr. Aaron & I boarded an American Airlines flight out of Orlando and flew to Chicago.  Several hours later, boarded an AA 777 bound for Tokyo.  The flight was smooth, but long.  Somewhere over Alaska or Russia the clocked ticked to January birthday.

Now, I don't do this by design, but it seems for the last few years, been out in the "field" bringing folks clean water on my birthday.  It just turns out that way.  You know, can't think of a place I'd rather be.

After landing in Tokyo, and clearing Immigrations, we proceeded to the Japan Airlines (JAL) then the American Airlines (AA) baggage counter and explained that we had 8 over-size, over-weight and excessive tubs filled with water purifiers for the Philippines.  JAL could very well have charged us a lot of money for that, but.....they just smiled and said that they'd take care of it.  Praise God!  Thanks again for your prayer!

Aaron and I then boarded a "fast train" and headed into Tokyo from the airport.  We met Aaron's cousin, Jerrod who has lived in Tokyo for many years.  He took us out to a magnificent dinner and even put us up in a very nice hotel in downtown Tokyo.  Wow, what a pleasant surprise.

Right now, I'm dangerous (because I'm so tired), so I'll make this a very brief blog.  Oh, just heard of another powerful quake to shake the Caribbean, this one very close to Puerto Rico.  Even though I'm half way around the world, we're keeping a close eye on those developments.

We'll be up early, taking that bullet train back to the airport and then headed to Manila and finally to Leyte Island with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers.  So glad you're on-board with us.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 12, 2014 Sunday – 5:40 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Orlando Intl. Airport enroute to Manila – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Arrived at MCO (Orlando) at 3:45am.  Awaited the Station Manager to ask for "Grace" on the oversize / over-weight / extra baggage.  It's never a "given" that we will get this special grace, but our Lord did it again.  American Airlines waived all extra fees for the 8 Tubs filled with 15 Air Mobile Rescuers.  Praise God!!!

Special THANKS to American Airlines and to Doug (Premier Water Mule) for getting us through the first hurdle on our way to the Philippines!

Was joined by Dr. Aaron and already, he's receiving news from the Philippines on the status of the operation of the 15 Rescuers that we've already delivered and prospective locations for these next 15 Rescuers. In this shot, here I am writing this very blog.  Our flight departs in about 45 minutes for Chicago.

We'll then fly to Tokyo where we'll overnight and then board a Japan Airlines flight to Manila.  Have another prayer request:  Please PRAY for favor with Japan Airlines to waive the over-size / over-weight / and extra bag fees.

So, here we are, on our way half way around the world for the second time in the last couple of months.  It's a long flight (around 25 hours).  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  You are a critical "Team Member".  Thanks for joining us on this journey of grace and love!!  Time to go board the plane.

Air Mobile Joe

January 11, 2014 Saturday – 7:58 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


A 24 Hour delay was what we needed.  Worked out the seat for Dr. Aaron and managed to slow down just enough to gather some more strength.

You know, it's just like an aircraft taking too, gathers all of it's strength and power to roar down the runway to gain sufficient airspeed and become air-borne. Every pilot knows the term, "Cleared for Take-off".  We've been cleared to GO to the Philippines by our Lord.

Yesterday, didn't get out my pajamas until noon.  Cindy cut my hair and I spent, literally, hours on the phone "wrangling" with the airlines to get Dr. Aaron a seat.  Finally, while on hold, felt "prompted" to do another quick internet search and found 2 seats at reasonable prices and they fit perfectly into our schedules!  There were only a few seats at that price and they were going fast!  I grabbed them!  We saved hundreds of dollars &...the half day of quasi-rest was what my old body needed.

On "Non-Haiti" missions, in most cases, we publish our departure dates in the blog.  The reason that we do not do so for Haiti missions is for security reasons.  So, if you read about me talking about actual departure dates, that is the reason.  The most important thing is your PRAYER!  We need clear direction and protection and your prayer, love and support is vital to these missions!

Today, we'll be doing the final pack and load in preparation for departure very early tomorrow morning.

Our Air Mobile "Water Mule" team has worked very hard to get these 15 Rescuers ready for "action"!  We're very thankful for willing hearts and helping..& skilled hands!!

In checking the weather reports from the Philippines, heavy rain, with possilble flooding is forecast for the areas that were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.  We're glad that we can go at this time and bring relief and clean water!  What a precious way to share the Love of God!!

Time for me to head out the door into this day that our Lord has made.  God bless you and THANK YOU again for joining the "adventure" and praying along the way with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 10, 2014 Friday – 6:58 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


All pilots know the term "Hold your position".  That means STOP / DON'T GO ANY FURTHER!

Yesterday evening, I heard those words in my heart. We're postponing our departure for the Philippines for a few days for several reasons and I'll share them with you.

First of all, one of our team members, Dr. Aaron just could not secure a seat.  This would leave a huge gap in our team.  Dr. Aaron knows the Philippines extremely well and speaks several of the languages.  We just need some time to sort out the logistics.

Next, as I have shared, Cindy and Juliet and Ariana have the flu.  Fortunately, I've been spared but....having gone literally day and night for the last few weeks, my resistance is down and I know that if I keep "barreling along - full-speed ahead", I'll succumb.  Don't want to travel half way around the world and get sick.  Not a pretty picture.

So, today, we'll put the finishing touches on the 15 Air Mobile Rescuers.  We'll gather up all of our supplies and have them "READY TO GO" and await our Lord's "Release Order" to proceed.  PLEASE join us in prayer that we might hear the voice of our Lord and proceed in HIS will in HIS time.  I also plan to "slow down" just a little bit and try to rest and build up my resistance.

Whoa, did you hear about the 5.1 earthquake that hit just off the coast of Havana Cuba.  It shook and rattled the Capital City and was felt in the Keys and as far away as Miami.

Now, been following earthquakes for a while and this is the first I've heard of one hitting Cuba (not that Cuba has not had earthquakes in the past).

There were no Tsunami Warnings issued and no reports of significant damage or injuries / deaths. We'll be following that situation closely.

Yesterday evening, we did finish testing all of the Rescuers for the Philippines and we managed to get one more unit ready for a special deployment in Haiti.

Pastor Renado, from Brazil, has a heart to help the Haitian people. We've spoken many times about the beauty and strength of the Air Mobile Rescuers.  Yesterday evening he came over and picked up his first Air Mobile Rescuer.  Praise God!

Again, I come to you with THANKS for your faithful prayer, love and support.  We'll keep you advised as to our Philippines departure date.  God  bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


Our Lord gave us many wonderful promises!  Among them, Matthew 7:7 - ASK & you shall receive / SEEK & you shall find / KNOCK & door shall be opened! You and I have prayed about many things and it's still so marvelous to see our Lord move.

Spent literally hours on "hold" yesterday attempting to get through to "cash" in some miles and "find" a couple of seats.  Around midnight, we had a breakthrough & finalized 2 seats to the Philippines.  We prayed together and our Lord helped us to "Hitch-A-Ride" to the Philippines.  We need to secure one more seat today , so, again, I urge you to join together with us in PRAYER.

Was so glad to see 2 boxes of ceramic filters on our doorstep yesterday evening. We'd been praying to "find" those.  Not only did we find them, but we found them at a reasonable price.  Again, an answer to PRAYER.

Yesterday, Doug and Dennis (a "Dynamic Duo") diligently built and tested Rescuers getting them ready for our Saturday departure.  We have 12 of 15 completed (tested and packed) and they hope to finalize 3 more today.  Love to see a plan come together.

We can hardly wait to get back to the Philippines and see our friends again and search out those "hard to reach" places and bring them clean water.  The Philippines is not in the news, but the needs are staggering.  The size and depth of the Typhoon Haiyan was unimaginable. Again, with your prayer and love and support, we're able to return.  Our Lord is so GOOD!!

So, it's time to head out the door and pull in all those "loose ends".  Please continue to PRAY with us for that last seat and all the many final details to come together.  THANK YOU again for precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 8, 2014 Wednesday – 7:28 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We are making good progress on getting Air Mobile Rescuers ready for our continuing mission to the Philippines.  Parts are arriving and we have an excellent crew of "Water Mules" bringing the parts to life...saving water machines!

Got our crew to stop for a moment for this shot.  Here, you see from left to right, Doug, a Premier Water Mule who has brought his creative "Organizational Skills" to the the Air Mobile table.  Next is Yahn, a master machinist and one of our newer "Water Mules".  Standing next to Yahn is Dr. Aaron (from our latest Philippines mission).  Aaron has seen and witnessed first-hand the power and wonder of the Rescuer and wants to learn more.  Next is Dennis, a long-time "Water Mule" who has been on many Air Mobile life-saving missions.  I am SO THANKFUL for the crew whom our Lord has sent our way!!

Today we will be testing the Rescuers that have been built.  We are making steady progress toward getting ready for our next "Mission" to the Philippines.  We'll also be getting more components in today to finish these next 15 Rescuers into the field bringing clean water where it is desperately needed...a "Noble Mission".

We are still having difficulties securing "A Ride" to the Philippines.  Our great sources of "Buddy Passes" are all spent.  Our dear Delta Rose is looking at "loads" and the flights are all quite full, meaning that even with a "Buddy Pass" it's going to be difficult.  We need your PRAYER & A MIRACLE to get our team there.  We have faced this many times before and have seen our Lord come through again and again.

So glad to you have you "on-board" with us with your faithful prayer, love and support.  Please continue to pray with us today for the Lord to OPEN THIS DOOR!

Time to head out and "keep on keepin on".  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 7, 2014 Tuesday – 7:34 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


That same COLD WX just followed us right on down to Florida!!  Parts of Central Florida experienced actual freezing.  Currently, it's 34 degrees with a "Wind Chill" of 25 degrees right here in Cocoa.  Now, that's cold, but....not that cold (after what we just went through up in Massachusetts.  Will be chilly today.

Am so glad to report to you that Air Mobile received a generous gift that will enable us to make our next trip to the Philippines with 15 Rescuers and even make another trip after this one.  We are so THANKFUL to have received our ''MARCHING ORDERS"!!

Yesterday, I had requested prayer for both funding as well as direction regarding certain components.  THANK YOU for joining us in prayer.  Not only did we receive the funding, but, also made a connection for some very critical components from an extremely reliable source.  PRAYER WORKS!!

Last night, Peter and I were joined by Christian to watch one heck of a Championship game.  Had mixed feelings about exactly who to pull for, as two of our children (Steve and Cherie) are Florida State (FSU) grads.  Yet, we love the Southeast Conference and wanted to see Auburn win.  Remember, Auburn only had one loss (to LSU).  In the last 13 seconds, FSU pulled out an amazing victory.  Truly, a great game!

Today, we'll be completing the building of 15 Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines.  We'll also be ordering components for more Rescuers.  The situation in the Philippines is still quite critical as the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan was staggering.  Many islands, particularly the remote ones will be suffering for years to come.  Again, we are so THANKFUL to be able to go and offer clean water...powered by the love of God and by the generosity of so many!!

Oh, I do have another immediate PRAYER REQUEST.  Yesterday, spent literally hours on the phone attempting to get flight information and to redeem some miles.  After hanging "on hold" for hours, had to finally give up without talking to anyone.

The airlines are in complete turmoil due to all of this extremely cold weather and phone volume is "historic".  Thousands upon thousands of flights have been cancelled.  We need to get to the Philippines as soon as the units are complete and as of right now, we don't have the way.  PLEASE PRAY that our Lord opens the door for us to get tickets quickly and economically!

I know that I THANK YOU everyday for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Just want you to know that I'm not just "writing words" when I say that.  PRAYER is such a critical element to everything we do and just want to say again....THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 6, 2014 Monday – 6:43 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, we pulled into our driveway in sunny Cocoa, FL.  It was almost like landing on "Another Planet".  We'd peeled off layer after layer of clothes as we got further south.  So good to be home...for the moment.

The temperature this morning, a balmy 64 degrees and rising.  While approaching our home on I-95, had to call Doug, one of most amazing "Water Mules".

Doug is from Wisconsin and is, yes, a genuine "Snow Bird".  He'd been following our rambling blog and just laughed his head off at my "Cold Reports".  Yes, Doug, I get it....why the "Snow Birds fly south"!

My little Sister, Mary, lives in Canton, MI (near Detroit).  She simply wrote, "The Bounder needs to go to Rehab".  Actually, Mary, the Old Bounder held up quite well on this epic journey and only needs a few "tweaks" to have it ready for "The Next Mission".

So now, "it's back to work" on getting to the Philippines.  Had some supplies arrive while we were up north and upon returning home, delivered them to our Air Mobile Facility last night. We're still lacking a few critical components and hopefully will receive them this week.

We currently have 5 Air Mobile Rescuers funded for the Philippines and our goal is to have 15 funded.  I know that the Philippines has long fallen "out of the news", but the needs are desperate.

Been in touch with Dr. Aaron (he joined us on our last mission there).  He's in touch with a lot of folks on the ground in the Philippines who need clean water.  Please PRAY with us that all of the funding comes in for us to return there.

During this time down, Paul, our great aircraft mechanic, has been working on Ti Burik.  We've taken advantage of this "break" and we're overhauling a couple of cylinders on the rear engine.  We hope to have "The Little Donkey" back in the air in a week or two.  As he "Opened" the rear engine, he was pleased to report that all looks good inside.  Great news.

Have a special prayer request.  My Cindy picked up some kind of a "flu bug" and is under the weather.  Please remember to pray for her.  As always, we're so THANKFUL for you and your precious prayer, love and support!!  God bless you in this New Year!!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 5, 2014 Sunday – 5:56 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – I-26 Somewhere in South Carolina – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Mile after mile, southward bound, we left the "Icy Grip" behind.  Slowly, the temperature began to rise.  Oh, warmth has never felt so good.  Even though, it's 36 degrees and rainy and windy at the moment, it feels like a "heat wave"!

Wanted to elaborate a bit more about our "departure" from Millbury, MA on Friday evening.  The windshield and side windows kept icing up.  The defroster on the Old Bounder, in it's best day, didn't work very well because it gets it heat from the engine that is located in very back.  By the time it gets up front, it's quite cool, thus not very effective.

I knew we had to do something, as we could barely see and Peter and Cindy were scraping the ice off the "inside" with a plastic spatula and they weren't keeping up.  I could barely see and the situation was getting critical.  Even the old defroster was "yelling" at us as it tried to deliver what little heat it could.

Suddenly, Cindy saw the Home Depot.  I gingerly eased into the icy parking lot and dashed in.  Bought a Wagner HT3500 heat gun and boy, did it save the day!!  About 20 minutes later, the defroster motor "gave up the ghost".  So glad we got that heat gun!

Let me tell you, being inside an old motorhome, in a screaming Arctic Vortex is no fun and not being able to see is just plain dangerous.

We had to balance the current drawn by the heat gun against the current of the multiple electric heaters that were augmenting the propane heaters to keep us just above freezing "inside" the Old Bounder.  We knew that if we stopped, everything would ice up in just minutes.

Friday night and early Saturday morning, Cindy and Peter worked like crazy to keep the windshield clear with that wonderful heat gun.  When the sun rose on Saturday morning, it was still "0" degrees outside (up from -10!!),,,,, thankfully, the temperature was slowly rising.  We kept "clawing" our way southward...out of the icy grip!

By Saturday afternoon, we finally reached North Carolina and for the first time, the temp was just above freezing and we could hear and feel the ice dropping off of the Old Bounder.  Even our gray water tank (our sink water) had frozen up and the water would back up in the sinks. Finally it thawed enough for us to be able to wash up.

I just read that this article - HISTORIC FREEZE: WIND CHILL -70 DEGREES!!?? Wow, we experienced some of that and must tell you, it's not fun and can be quite dangerous.  Here's a quote: "All the ingredients are there for a near-record or historic cold outbreak," he said "If you're under 40 (years old), you've not seen this stuff before."

So, we now have about 430 miles to home and saw that Cocoa is expecting 81 degrees as the high today.  You won't hear us complaining about the heat for a while, as the memory of the "Icy Grip" will be around for a while.

Time for me to get this "Old Bounder" rolling toward home. As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Juliet, Peter and Ariana

January 4, 2014 Saturday – 8:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – I-81 Somewhere in Pennsylvania – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We could see the worst of the great "Nor-Easter" was rapidly approaching with temperatures plunging to -10 degrees and beyond.  We needed to get out of town to warmer weather ASAP (both meanings).  Juliet had joined us and all we needed to do was get the "Old Bounder" started and hit the road.

As the temperature fell, the oil in the diesel engine became thick as molasses.  Despite repeated attempts, we just couldn't get the engine to fire up.

I called upon Dick, an old Mill friend and very faithful brother.  We couldn't jump it off.  We just had to get that oil heated up.  We spent the day going to parts store after parts store.  The same story, "All sold out".

After 6 attempts and many prayers, we tried one last one and " BINGO", had one.  We quickly headed back, I "stuck" the magnetic oil heater on the oil pan and joined the effort with powerful "heat gun" that Dick loaned me.

After 6 hours of "chilly" efforts, the engine fired up!  In this shot, I'm joined by Pastor Ernie and we're holding up the instruments of success.

Earlier in the morning, Pastor Ernie came by to take Cindy and me and the kids out to breakfast.  It was a classic "New England" breakfast less the GRITS!  They just don't get the beauty of grits up here.

After breakfast, we took a stroll down "Memory Lane".  For you see, many years ago (1973) a young evangelist dressed up like Jesus and carried a full size cross through Millbury.

A young girl of 14 was intrigued and followed.  The crowd ended up at Millbury High School and the evangelist gave a simple Altar Call.

The young girl said a simple word, "YES".  My Cindy accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Savior that day.  Here, Cindy and Pastor Ernie stand on the very spot where that glorious decision was made.

I am eternally grateful to our Lord for putting it on Pastor Ernie's heart to carry the cross that day.  So glad my Cindy accepted Jesus that day.  THANK YOU again, Pastor Ernie for being obedient to the Lord!!

From that precious moment and memory, we headed back to bundle up and "scoot" out of town before the worst of the dreadful storm hit. That was when the old engine just wouldn't fire.

Well, now, we've been on the road for 12 hours working our way SOUTH to the warmth of Florida.  Must say, Florida never looked so good.  I totally get why "SNOW BIRDS" DO IT!!

Well, Cindy has been driving while I've plunked out today's blog.  My fingers are cold and it's time for me to take over and continue to work southward. As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 3, 2014 Friday – 8:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – The Church at the Mill - Milbury, MA – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This is probably the coldest I've ever can freeze in 15 minutes if exposed.  Whoa, this is intense "Cold Weather" training.  Have also been able to test out the "Old Bounder" to see how it does in such weather.

Am pleased to report, it's "kind of" snug and somewhat warm but...can't run too many heaters at once, as I did accidentally this morning, and blew the breaker and lost my first blog in process, but...a good second cup of coffee made it better and here I am writing again.

Yesterday, just before the brunt of this "wicked" Nor-Easter struck, we were out getting "tanked up" with propane and getting ready for the big plunge.  It's good to be ready and we're learning so much about how to operate an old Motorhome in "Extreme Cold Wx".

Then, we visited with the new Pastor of the Church at the Mill.  Pastor James and his wife Ellen and their new baby Ethan, had us over to their warm snug apartment for hot chocolate and cafe'.  We already love this wonderful couple and we're so thankful that our Lord has led them to the Church at the Mill!

In just a few minutes, Pastor Ernie White will be here to take us out to breakfast.  Now, Pastor Ernie led my Cindy to Jesus...41 years ago!  Pastor Ernie began the Church at the Mill and now, Pastor James is carrying the torch.  We love these men of God!!

Our Juliet will be finishing up her work today and we hope to be "escaping" the bitter cold Northeast and heading back south either this evening or tomorrow.  The worst of the storm is expected to hit this evening and we just may wait a bit and let the snow plows do their thing.

Please pray for us as we travel southward.  This storm is headed south and is expected to go all they way into South Carolina.  It's time for us get back to the Philippines and bring those folks some more clean water.

So, from very cold Massachusetts, we bid farewell for now. As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

January 2, 2014 Thursday – 8:20 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – The Church at the Mill - Milbury, MA – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It's beautiful but "painful".  This is really cold and it's getting colder.  The current temperature is 12 degrees and going down to 2 degrees (and below) tonight.

Our Old Bounder is kind of "snug", but we have to conserve our propane and can't run too many heaters.  We've figured out how to keep the water and the little pump from freezing.  This is really good "Cold Weather" training.  But, our Chihuahuas still have to go outside and.....

The snow fell last night and it's still snowing as I type and will continue to do so for.....who knows??

Heard that some Global Warming Scientists got stuck in the ice at the South Pole and had to be rescued.  This is pretty insane and we could use a little "warming" right now.

Just had the snow plow push a path through the Church Parking Lot and I'm going to dash to the Ace Hardware and top off propane the tank.  This is serious business.  Can only imagine what it's like to be "homeless..on the streets" in weather like this!

Oh, must tell you, Peter and I found a neat "Pub" to watch the Outback Bowl (LSU - Iowa).  Along the way, stopped at Juliet's apartment and across the street, they were skating on a pond. They knew they'd better get that skating in before the "Blizzard" hit.  BTW, LSU won, but Iowa made it a great game!

Time to unhook and "skate" the Old Bounder over to the Ace Hardware to get that Propane and get ready for tonight.

God bless and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

January 1, 2014 Wednesday – 6:41 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – The Church at the Mill - Milbury, MA – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe



What happens when a "Florida Boy" comes to Massachusetts in the dead of winter??  Well, he and his family get frozen!! As we drove from Tennessee to MA to pick up our precious daughter, Juliet, we could see and feel the temperature dropping.  A fierce "Blizzard" has been forecast for New England later this week and we knew we'd need to bundle up.

What a joy to see our Juliet!!  We've all missed her as she's been pursuing her dream of helping the helpless.  We're going to "borrow" her from her ministry up here in MA for a couple of weeks and employ her in the Philippines (we're praying the funding comes in for 15 more Rescuers...we currently have 5 funded).

After our sweet reunion, we headed over to the Chapel at the Mill Church, who are very dear friends of ours.  The Church had agreed for us to park the Bounder in their parking lot and give us a bit of electricity.  We'll be staying up here a few days, as Juliet is committed to a few more days of work before heading south with us.

The temperature began to plunge and last night, we reached 13 degrees (it's forecasted to go down to -8 degrees on Thursday!).  Now, as you folks know, most of our work around the world is in mild, warm areas and I don't know a whole lot about dealing with gripping, insane cold.

Awoke early this morning to a very cold Bounder.  We'd been plugged into the Church and the "breaker" blew...had too many electric heaters plugged in.

The sun was just beginning to rise and though we'd all watched the "Ball Fall" at midnight, figured it's a good time to plunk out a "chilly" blog.  Went to make a cup of coffee and....NO WATER!!  Overnight, our little water pump had frozen solid.

Here's a close up view of the little pump.  NO PUMP = NO WATER!

Now, this is a serious situation.  Haven't had that first cup of coffee yet, I'm freezing and there's no water.  That's just not right.  My mind quickly raced to an immediate solution.  Borrow a little water from the Church.

Ahhh, got that first cup of coffee.  Now, my mind could function and hopefully, I'd think of a solution to this problem.  The coffee went down and my mind began to clear.

Then it came to me.  Bring a little heat to the pump, thaw it out and....maybe the water would flow if...the water in the main tank had not yet frozen.  Quickly got an extension cord and plugged it all in and let the little heater bring heat to the cold pipes and frozen pump.

I came in out of the cold, sat down and began to write this "chilly" blog when suddenly, I heard the sweetest sound.  The chatter of the little water pump!  Yea!!  Solved the problem.

This whole crisis was solved before the sun had properly come up.  Now, to many who live in the colder climates, this would have been an easy thing to solve, but to this Florida Boy, it was a major problem when I couldn't get that first cup of coffee.

So, it's the first day of 2014 and what does our Lord have for us??  It's surely going to be a great year.  Truly, the fields are white unto harvest (as the snow begins to fall up here, it's a good picture).  Soon, we'll be headed back to the Philippines and beyond.

Yesterday, while we were driving up to MA, Cindy wrote a great year-end letter. Cindy also did a very moving Video that we want you to see.  Here's the link - AN ACT OF LOVE  If you did not get the letter and want to be on our list, simply jot us a note at: and we'll send the letter and put you on our list.

Now, it's time for that second cup of coffee with my sweetheart. As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!  May you be EXTREMELY BLESSED IN 2014!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and Juliet!

December 31, 2013 Tuesday – 7:29 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Somewhere in West Virginia on I-81 – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It is always sad to say goodbye to the little mountain cabin, but Juliet is awaiting us in Massachusetts.  So, we're on the road and just crossing from West Virginia into Maryland.

In this shot, Cindy and Ariana are standing next to one of the little ponds on the cabin glad to have good water sources!

The sweet "Old Bounder" is just doing so well.  She's kind of like a member of the family.  Had her for over 12 years and she's running like a top and...she looks pretty good for her age, 22 years old.

My Cindy is at the wheel as we're just seeing the sun rise.  We passed into Maryland a few minutes ago.  The sky is overcast and a "wicked" Blizzard is forecast for New England and we're headed right into the jaws of it.  We're bundling up.

Had a funny comment on yesterday's blog from one of our friends back in Florida.  Remember I pointed out that Peter led worship, Cindy did Sunday School and I preached?  Well, Marcie, our friend asked, "What do they do when the Hurston's aren't there?"

Well, they do just fine, we've just fallen in love with the Church and they kind of like us also.  It was a lot of fun to share with them yesterday.

So...2013 is about to end.  For many, it's been a very tough year.  We're glad that Jesus is Lord..even of the 2013's and every second that's been and will be forever!

2014 will be a good year IN CHRIST!  As we count down the hours to the finale of this year and look ahead into next year, let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus...the author and finisher of our faith!!

Time for me to take the wheel.  Oh, we just passed into Pennsylvania.  There is a spot on I-81 where West Virignia touches Maryland and then we slip right into Pennsylvania.  We're making good time and thankful that the Old Bounder is running so good.  This evening, the Lord willing, we'll be seeing our Juliet and Cindy's Mom.

We're so thankful for you as you meander down this journey of life with us.  We pray that 2014 be your best year ever!!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

December 30, 2013 Monday – 7:36 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


What a sweet day of ministry.  The Hurston Family went to our TN Church and the door was wide open for us, thanks to Pastor Dan.  Peter led the Worship, Cindy taught Sunday School and I had the honor to preach the Sunday morning service. We're thankful for the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus!

Today, we'll be departing the snug little cabin and heading up to Massachusetts to see Cindy's Mom and to pick up our Juliet.  We've really missed that girl (who has been ministering the Love of Jesus everywhere she goes).

It's supposed to be quite cold and we'll see all the snow we probably want to see.  Please pray for us as we traverse this beautiful country in the Old Bounder.  Time for us to pack up and hit the road.  We certainly love you all and are so THANKFUL for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

December 29, 2013 Sunday – 6:29 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We decided (at my Cindy's strong urging) to climb to the top of the mountain (really, it's a ridge) on the south of the property where our cabin is located.  Cindy and Peter had already made this trek a couple of times over the last year and it was time for me and Ariana to join the "Trekkers".  So, we did and what a hike!

Peter led the way with the machete, blazing the trail.  The air was cool and the trail was quite steep in places requiring us to almost crawl on all 4's.

After a solid hour of steady climbing, we reached the top and it was a "mountain top" experience. The view was spectacular.

There is something very cool about "reaching the top" of any endeavor.  It is often the thing that drives us to keep on "marching" or "climbing".  Before we departed, we prayed and asked our Lord to give us the strength and protection.

Upon reaching the summit, we rejoiced and danced and acted a bit silly and then...prayed again and asked our Lord to get us down safely.  He did and we arrived at our cabin tired, but giddy and satisfied that we all did it and we were all in "one piece".

We then headed over to our Tennessee Pastor's home.  Dan and Mandy make a great cup of coffee and they too have a Keurig coffee pot. We extolled the great features of a fresh, quick cup of coffee.

We weren't there 5 minutes when Pastor Dan asked me if I'd like to preach tomorrow.  Whoa, didn't see that coming and my mind went blank.

I blinked a couple of times and we just kept sharing on the goodness of God and  after about 5 minutes, I said, "Sure, would be honored".  There is a Scripture that says that we should be "Instant in season and out of season".  In other words, we should always be ready to preach the Good News of Jesus!

So after a pleasant visit and 2 delicious cups of coffee, we headed home.  I broke out my Bible and began putting a "Message" together.  So, up early this morning and "polishing" my Sermon.  Cindy's making a fire on this cold, rainy morning and we're about to sit together and talk about the great "Mountain climb" and the "Message" our Lord has put into my heart for our little Church in Tennessee.

Peter will be leading Worship and he's out in the Old Bounder rehearsing.  Time to sit and have that precious time with my Sweetheart.  Trust and pray you have a blessed day and as always, from the bottom our hearts, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 28, 2013 Saturday – 6:33 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Nothing special to report.  We simply hung out at the cabin.  Peter and I washed and did a little polishing on the Old Bounder. Cindy pulled weeds and Ariana floated between us all, chattering and helping.  Today, we'll be getting together with Pastor Dan and his family for coffee and cookies.

Got up very early this morning and spent some time in prayer outside, where it is 17 degrees and the stars are stunning and the air, very crisp.  Love the early morning time to reflect and just have some quiet, peaceful time with the Lord.

Just re-read yesterday's blog and just had to chuckle as I recalled the "squabble" and the crunched bumper and how beautifully our Lord worked that all out.  Often, we simply need to remember to PRAY, especially when things aren't going very well.

That is why, I have to remind myself to remind myself to A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  The fact is, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS and we often simply forget to PRAY.

My Cindy has just gotten up and we'll have a cup of coffee together (my second cup).  Looking forward to another peaceful / restful day and some sweet fellowship with Pastor Dan and his family.

Be blessed today and, as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana


December 27, 2013 Friday – 7:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Every now and then, Cindy and I don't see eye to eye.  One such incident happened while we were driving from Florida to the TN Cabin.  We were exhausted, having done Haiti - Philippines - Gala - Haiti - Hospital Christmas Party for 100, all in just over a month and then we jumped in the Old Bounder headed for the Cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee for a peaceful Christmas.

We'd been driving for over 12 hours and the temperature was dropping, and I suddenly realized why the Bounder did not have heat, refrigeration or hot water.  I "barked" for Cindy to pull over now (she was driving).  Cindy was like a heat-seeking missile headed for the cabin. The sparks flew and finally, she pulled over.  I was really upset that she didn't just pull over immediately (btw - fixed the heat, frige, water heater in 30 seconds).

I took the wheel for the last leg.  Was turning around in a very tight parking lot and I heard...and felt...CRUNCH.  Had backed into a guard post that was completely invisible to the back-up camera.  I knew that it had done damage.  Was still muttering to myself about the little squabble.  The crunch just made it that much worse.  Ever been there???

I had to see what damage was done.  I pulled over in a big parking lot and oh, was it ugly.  Couldn't bring myself to take a photo.  It just hurt too much.  Cindy and I had "made-up" and we both "kind of" apologized and made peace.  I told her what happened with the crunched bumper.  There was no..."see what happens when you get mad" or "God was just teaching you something".  Cindy knows how much I love the Old Bounder and was just sad with me.

I discussed the matter the next morning with Peter.  I had an idea.  We should PRAY about it and ask the Lord to work it out so well, that we would actually rejoice that it happened.  Now, that was a "tall order" but what did we have to lose?

I reminded Peter of how I absolutely "hated" putting up Christmas lights and yet, during our recent Gala, Doug and I spent an entire day "lighting" up the house and we actually had fun.  Surely, our Lord gave me a special love and some sweet memories of the "Christmas Light" aversion.  Perhaps He could do it again for the crunched bumper.

So...yesterday, I took the Old Bounder into town to see Roger, our favorite Tennessee mechanic.  Roger is a Chemical Engineer by profession, but started a Parts Store / Repair facility.  Roger knows how to "figure" things out.  He's a great mechanic. Well, I gave him a "laundry list" of things from faltering brake lights to high-beams that suddenly turn off, to old, worn-out windshield wipers and one by one, Roger fixed them all.

Then... I asked, "Hey, you know a good body-man that can straighten out a crunched bumper"?  He looked at it and said "ouch".  He thought for a minute and said, "Yeah, Bill's pretty good, let me give him a call".  I heard the conversation and Bill just happened to heading to "town" to pay some bills and would be by in about 15 minutes.

When  Bill showed up (AKA - "Bill the Welder"), I could see that this guy knew his stuff.  He said, "follow me to the shop".  While there, his wife leaned out the kitchen door and said, "Hey, I just brewed a pot of coffee, want a cup"?  My kind of people.  I knew I was in the right place and again..."Our Lord had deployed His troops"!

Our good friends, Richard and Teresa picked me up while Bill was doing his "magic" on the Old Bounder's crunched "behind".  We headed to the cabin for some good Ham & Bean soup that had been cooked on our wood stove (just scroll on down to yesterdays blog to see the pot "stewing on the wood stove").  You may recall that Teresa helped Cindy and me find this beautiful, snug cabin.

While eating the Ham and Beans...and Cindy made fresh corn bread to go with it, Richard began telling me about an idea he had for a very innovative heater that worked on cold / hot air differential and gave heat, hot water, great circulation and heated the hydroponic garden...all in one ingenious device but....he needed a good welder to help him put it all together. We looked at each other and said..."Bill the Welder"!

After our lunch, headed back to Bill's shop and wow(!), he had done magic with a broken, crunched old bumper and it looked just great.  We also made plans to return at a later time, and Bill would fabricate me a whole new one that would actually give protection and look beautiful.

When I left, Bill, Richard and Teresa were headed into his shop to see the hand-made heater that Bill had done and how they could work together on Richard's invention.  "Another 'chance' meeting"??  Hardly!  A meeting orchestrated in heaven through a 'crunched bumper'.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I ran in and got Cindy.  We just stood there and smiled.  Got Peter and reminded him of the simple prayer and how our Lord caused..."All things to work together for the good"....!

Just had to share this story with you today.  In this life, "Stuff" happens and it's not always good.  You know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes things just hit you in the "gut" and you feel terrible.  Now, that's the time to "cast that care" over onto the Lord for He cares for us...more than we could every know.

So, with this little "Soul-bearing" story, I leave you today with a prayer for a great blessing in your life.  So appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

December 26, 2013 Thursday – 7:46 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We kept the wood stove burning all night, the cabin was very snug and we cooked a big pot of ham & beans at the same time.  Nicely efficient and quite delicious!

As a matter of fact, though it got down to 19 degrees last night, we had to open the balcony door upstairs to let out the heat.  We're thankful for our old wood keeps us warm and cooks our food....without using a drop of electricity or propane.

We'll be taking the Old Bounder into town today to track down an electrical "gremlin" in the headlights.  For some unknown reason, when on high-beam, the headlights just blink out.

On winding mountains roads, at night, this can be quite "breath-taking".  Please pray we find the gremlin glitch.  Also, our brake-lights work intermittently.  We have a very good mechanic, Roger, in Sneedville, and for that, we're thankful.

Our good friends, Richard and Teresa Suarez will be coming over today.  We would have likely, never, found this beautiful cabin without them.  Last time they visited us in the cabin, we fed them ham & beans made on the old wood stove.

Must tell you, yesterday was such a relaxing day.  Took a nice walk with Cindy and then laid down for most of the day, reading a good book (Martyrs & Massacres) and watching movies on the new Tablet Cindy got me.  We just all rested and rejoiced in the beautiful day and wonderful Christmas that our Lord has given us.  We have so much for which to be THANKFUL!!

Pray you have a blessed Christmas holiday.  THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Peter and Ariana

December 25, 2013 Wednesday – 8:06 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I awoke early to 9 degrees and plenty of frost...almost like snow.  Got the wood stove blazing and settled down to a beautiful, snug Christmas morning....enjoying that first cup of coffee.  Oh, we're so THANKFUL for Jesus!!

We began with singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" and prayed, giving thanks and just relishing the moment for our Savior.  It's hard to put the feeling into words....amazing for me.  Just so THANKFUL!

The places that we've been, i.e. the Philippines and Haiti in just the past few weeks are like a distant memory for the moment, but never far away.

Cindy and Peter are making breakfast, grits, eggs, sausage, pancakes with a the warm fire and the sense of just good will and peace.

Will make a short blog this morning and simply wish you and yours a blessed Christmas morning and a closer walk with Jesus!  So THANKFUL for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 24, 2013 Tuesday – 8:25 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – A Cabin in the mountains of Northeast TN – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Pulled up to the cabin around midnight.  The Old Bounder safely delivered us....after a bit of a scare, but more on that later.

It's 21 degrees this morning and I just felt the smallest little snow flake drift down.  We just may get a "dusting" of a white Christmas.

The wood stove is such a blessing, bringing heat to the cabin and giving us the ability to cook...should the electricity go out or we run out of propane.  What a blessing!

Now,  back to the "Old Bounder".  We hit the road early yesterday morning and all was well until we began to hit some of the foothills of South Carolina and then....the engine began to lose power.

Having driven this wonderful old coach all over the U.S., I know this engine well.  Something was wrong.  It was still developing power, but would surge and just lose power going up-hill.  We were approaching the serious mountains of the Blue Ridge and the temperature was dropping fast and the wind was beginning  to really blow.

Cindy was on the computer searching like crazy.  I called shop after shop.  It was Christmas Eve Eve and everyone was closing up early.

Of course, we were praying quite hard.  I believe it was the 10th shop we called as the Old Bounder was limping along and losing more and more power.  The young lady on the other end was cheery and helpful and said, "Of course we can help you".  Sweet words on a cold and windy evening.

We limped into "Johnny K's" Truck repair with just enough power to pull up to the "stall".  There, I met Johnny K.  The fuel flow was being restricted and we began with the most obvious thing, changing the fuel filters and....Johnny just happened to have the exact 2 filters we needed.

While his mechanic was under the Bounder, Johnny and I talked about his recent brain surgery.  Surely, our Lord had His hand on Johnny and I'm so thankful that our Lord led us to him.  After the filter(s) change-out, fired up the Old Bounder and she ran like a top and had all her power back.

As a matter of fact, after having met Johnny, we know where we're bringing the Old Bounder when it's time to "bump" up the engine to give us a bit more horsepower. Again, surely...."Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!

So, around midnight we pulled up to the cabin, got that fire going and we all slept like logs!  Thus the "tardy" hour of the posting of this Christmas Eve blog. Looking forward to a blessed Christmas in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Sure do love and appreciate you all and as always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 23, 2013 Monday – 7:33 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – I-95 Northbound (somewhere in Florida) - Air Mobile Emergency Vehicle (the Old Bounder) – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Oh, we had a marvelous party yesterday for the patients in the Hospital in Orlando.  Cindy and "crew" had  been planning this party for a long time.  They wrapped over 100 gifts and we had a "full house".  Our team shared the true meaning of CHRIST-mas.  Cindy gave the message on how Jesus came to save us.  Over 20 young people prayed to accept Christ!  It was a beautiful day!

Up early this morning and we hit the road in the "Old Bounder".  We love this old coach.  We've had it for 12 years and it has delivered our family to so many wonderful destinations from the Maine to the Keys to the Grand Canyon and so many lovely places between.

We've also been to sad and needy places like New Orleans and Biloxi.  We've been able to bring a lot of clean water in the Old Bounder.

The last month has been very intense for our family beginning with our usual trip to Haiti, then the Philippines and then the Grand Gala, then back to Haiti and finally the UBC Christmas Party.  It's time to head to the mountains for a, hopefully, White Christmas at the cabin.  Ahhh, we're really looking forward to this precious time together to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas!

If all goes well, we'll arrive at the cabin this evening.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 22, 2013 Sunday – 6:21 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As those of you who ramble down this meandering blog know, Doug is a true "Water-Mule".  As winter approaches in the frigid north, Doug loads up his fully self contained travel trailer and TOOLS and heads down to sunny Florida.

Air Mobile is blessed when Doug arrives.  We have Doug with us for 3, sometimes 4 months and this guy can build about anything.  By the way, Doug also builds Habitat for Humanity houses all over the place.  We love Doug!

I can't even list all of the projects that Doug has helped us with, but...yesterday, he and Steve, another great Water Mule, installed the first of a multiple shelving systems in our garage.

Often, our garage is a staging place & drop off location for Air Mobile supplies.  This garage had reached an awful state of chaos.  I was ashamed for anyone to even look in it.

But...Doug came to the rescue with well designed and engineered shelves.  We got our first installment yesterday and already, order is beginning to peek it's head out of the chaos!

As soon as those shelves were installed, Doug and Steve headed to the Hangar to build more shelves, as he had verified his dimensions.  Cindy, Peter and I immediately began to put things into order.  Oh, these shelves are a dream.  I'm sure there is some significant "spiritual lesson" to all of this, but for now, it's just good to see order come out of chaos.

Well, as I said, Doug and Steve were at the hangar all afternoon building more shelves.  These guys are such a blessing.  When Doug looks at the chaos I sometimes leave behind, he just smiles and patiently helps me to bring order.  Thank God for friends like Doug.

Upon closer inspection, in the Hangar, you'll see our Air Mobile sign, but take a look at what Doug did while we were in the Philippines.  He made with his "scroll saw" a beautiful A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer) sign as well as, "I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink...Jesus" sign, as a friendly reminder to all who enter our humble hanger where the Little Donkey resides.

As you can gather, Doug is a pretty "organized" guy.  That is not one of my strong gifts..for sure.  Yet, my friend graciously shares his gift of organization with me and helps me along the path.  What a beautiful picture of the "Body of Christ" working together.  Thanks again Doug and Steve and all the many faithful "Water Mules" our Lord sends our way.  "Surely, our Lord know how to deploy His troops".

Well, it's early this morning, the sun has not yet risen and after this blog, I'll be out pressure washing our Old Bounder, getting it ready for a sweet road trip up to Tennessee, where we'll be celebrating Christmas in the mountains and hopefully, a little snow.

Today, after Church, we'll be going to the Hospital to celebrate Christmas with many kids and adults who are "locked up" getting treatment.  We love to share the wonder of the magnificent story of how the Savior came to the earth as an infant in a humble stable.

We'll likely "hit the road" early tomorrow morning.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful, precious and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 21, 2013 Saturday – 6:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Several weeks ago, received a call from Gene who wanted to fund an Air Mobile Rescuer for a missionary who works in Nicaragua.  Then, the massive Typhoon hit the Philippines.  I asked Gene if we could delay shipping until after the dust settled.  The Philippines effort took every single Rescuer we had.

The Missionary, Sister Debbie, is not scheduled to return to Nicaragua until Mid-January.  Gene agreed for the delay and certainly understood.

Well, yesterday, Doug (a great "Water-Mule") and I got the Nicaragua Rescuer put together and yesterday evening I shipped it.  Thanks Gene and Debbie for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, there are still a few components that we lack along with funding for our next trip to the Philippines.  As we were completing the Rescuer for Nicaragua yesterday, received a call from the Philippines.  It was Mike Shane, whom Cindy and I met on our last trip into the Philippines.  Mike and his wife Evelyn were so helpful to us on our "whirlwind" mission there several weeks ago.

Mike has a thriving Software Business in the Philippines and called to tell me that his Filipino staff had joined together to fund an Air Mobile Rescuer for our next trip into the Philippines!  Praise God!

We now have 5 of 15 Rescuers funded.  Our goal is to fill everyone of these Rescuer Cases with brand new, life-saving Rescuers!!

Cindy and I were not sure if we'd be in the U.S. or the Philippines for Christmas, but because of certain parts delays and funding, looks like we'll be celebrating Christmas in Tennessee.  We're sad that we can't go back to the Philippines as quickly as we wanted but....very glad to be celebrating a "White Christmas" in our Tennessee cabin.  I guess our Lord knew we needed a break.

After a busy day, met Cindy, Peter and Ariana at our Pastor's home and we all settled down to watch "It's A Wonderful Life".  Oh, what a classic!  Still ranked the #1 Christmas Movie of all time.  I cried like a baby.  If you haven't seen it for a while (or at all), try to watch it this Christmas.  You'll be glad you did!

Oh, Folks, it's good to be home.  Today, Peter and I, along with some help from Doug and Steve (another Water-Mule in training) will be installing some new shelves in our garage.

We'll also be getting our faithful Old Bounder loaded for Tennessee.  Remember, the Bounder was the "Life-boat" for our family when our home was destroyed by that water leak. Our Lord certainly worked that terrible situation out for the good.  I thought of that difficult time while watching "It's A Wonderful Life".

Time to go bring some order to my chaotic garage.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 20, 2013 Friday – 6:10 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) – Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


There comes a time in a "Mission" when it's good to just head home.  Our team had accomplished our goals (for now). So, early yesterday morning, arrived at the airport, checked the Little Donkey and aimed for home.

In checking the weather, a high pressure ridge dominated the route and it was just clear, blue skies all the way home.

There is a little mirror on the wing that allows us to verify if the landing gear is properly up or down. With a zoom in on that little mirror, it gives a shot of a pretty Little Donkey.

We strapped on the Oxygen and climbed to 14,500 feet, our final cruising altitude. We fought just a tiny little headwind (sure was hoping for some tail-winds after the strong headwinds we fought coming).  However, the air was smooth and Caribbean was beautiful.

In reflecting on the mission, we had gotten our Rescuer Inventory up to a good level, trained Brian and Sam (even did a little training with Kevin) preparing them for service in the days ahead and we made significant strides toward improving the Communications with ATC.  It was a good mission.

Cindy and Ariana met us at the airport.  Our team ate delicious, juicy hamburgers at Durangos and we just rejoiced in the hand of God upon us.  This morning, Brian will fly back to Tulsa. We're looking forward to he and Kerry returning to Florida to assist us in setting up our Mission Flight School.  They need to sell their home, so please pray that the right buyer comes along and offers the right price.

Time to get Brian to the airport.  We're still gathering parts and raising funds to get as many Rescuers ready for the Philippines, our next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 19, 2013 Thursday – 6:25 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Met early with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flight crew to discuss the current status of the "Last Resort Radios" that we installed in Haiti about 6 months ago.

We've "recruited" MAF to be our "ears" on-site in Haiti.  These guys fly every day and "chris-cross" the entire island and are the perfect "listening station" to give us regular status updates as to how our equipment is performing.

This vital information will help us to continually monitor and "tweak" our equipment to enable us to get maximum performance, thus increasing the safety for every plane that comes in, flies internally and departs Haiti.  THANKS MAF! a bonus, Brian got to make a flight with MAF to the town of Jacmel on the southern coast.  This trip, by road, takes approximately 4 hours, by air....14 minutes!!  This so clearly demonstrates the beauty and utility of "mission aviation".  Again, THANKS MAF for giving Brian a ride he'll long remember!!

Returned to the "Village" and went to work on "Refreshing Rescuers" and did we have a great training session!!

Was able to teach how to diagnose and repair / replace so many parts that will simply wear out with normal usage.  Am extremely encouraged by the fact that Sam has seen actual units return from the "field" and how to bring that unit to complete "Refresh" status.

When Sam returns to Myanmar, he'll be ready to go as a...GENUINE CERTIFIED WATER MULE! Brian is also getting checked in the Little Donkey so that he can not only fly to Haiti in the pretty little bird, but can Refresh Rescuers.  Wow, what a day!!

At the end of the day we had "10" Air Mobile Rescuers ready to go!!  The bottom line is:  The Air Mobile Rescuer saves lives and this brings a smile to the face of our Lord Jesus!

Well, here we are in Haiti, the sun has risen and we have the opportunity to head out into another adventure.  Where will our Lord lead us today??  As always, THANK YOU for our faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 18, 2013 Wednesday – 6:17 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Headed into town bright and early yesterday to meet with our Harris Engineers who will be conducting an extensive "Site Survey" in preparation for the new ATC (Air Traffic Control) System here in Port-Au-Prince.

Had the opportunity to introduce them to Leopold Roumer, the Director General of OFNAC (Haiti Civil Aviation).  By the way, all is "on-schedule" and Haiti will have the finest ATC System in the Caribbean soon.

Everyone, including the pilots who fly in and out of Haiti, will breathe easier once we can communicate clearly from greater distances.  We're so thankful to the Lord for helping us to win this vital contract....and help solve this major problem!

Donald and Arnaud will be working closely with Nadia, one of the Haitian Engineers, on making sure that the new equipment will "fit" and the installation will go smoothly.

I have known many of the Air Traffic Controllers for many years.  The gentleman in the white shirt in this photo is Enock Raymond, a close personal friend and the Chief ATC Trainer.

I have known Enock 33+ years.  All of the ATC crew is very, very excited about getting new, first-class Communication equipment!

Oh, recall from yesterday, how I had arranged for Brian to make that MAF flight?  Well, the plane filled up at the last minute, so we'll try to get Brain on an MAF flight today.

In the meantime, Barb kept Brian and Sam busy painting the "water wagons" her favorite color...BLUE!

I finished up with the Harris Engineers in the early afternoon and dashed back to the Village for our "Water Mule" training session.

Brian and Sam are good students and are learning how to diagnose, repair and "refresh" these "near-miracle" water purifiers.

For many of the "operators" of the Air Mobile Rescuer in Haiti, this machine is the "life-line" to good health.  We are so THANKFUL to be able to bring clean water to literally thousands in Haiti every single day!

We can do this because, folks like you, stand with us with your prayer, love and support and I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you!!

So, the sun has just risen, and it's time for another day and another adventure in Haiti.  God bless and thanks again!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 17, 2013 Tuesday – 6:24 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As I sit at my "Haiti Desk" and take in the sounds and images of this beautiful morning and sip that first delicious cup of coffee, I'm just thankful to be here.

One our team members, Brian (the CFI) has been a long-time admirer of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  Brian had asked me if it could be arranged for him to make an "actual" mission flight with MAF.

So....I picked up the phone a minute ago, called my good friend Dave (The MAF Director) and guess what?  Brian will be making a flight with MAF this morning.  Love it when our Lord puts a plan together.

Meanwhile, Sam, our "Water-Mule" in training will be beginning his training later today.  So pleased to find that when we arrived, checked the "inventory" of refreshed Rescuers and the level was quite high...that's good.  Means our Rescuers in the "field" (333 units) have been working well.

We will be repairing a few units and then bringing some units back on-line that had been used for parts....kind of like raising "Lazarus".  Those are the fun ones and will afford a lot of knowledge to Sam in preparation for his returning to Myanmar (his home country).

So, it's time to get this show on the road and head out into this "day that our Lord has made and...we're rejoicing!".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 16, 2013 Monday – 6:57 AM (Haiti Time) – Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Had been tracking a cold front headed for Florida for a couple of days.  Supplies and team members were arriving and it was time for our "next mission" Haiti.  Up early on Sunday and could see the "weather" was just approaching us, but....not quite there.  We slipped out...just in time.

The Team:  Brian, Sam and myself were up early.  We'd spent most of Saturday loading, fueling Ti Burik and planning the flight (and watching that approaching weather).  We arrived at the airport early and could see the "Weather" was coming our way.  Did a final "top-off" of fuel, a thorough pre-flight inspection and we were ready.

Brian is a superb pilot and excellent flight instructor.  We hope and pray to get Brian and his wife, Kerry down to Florida to help us run our "Missionary Flight School".  This morning, Brian would fly the Little Donkey.

After our Prayer, we loaded up.  Brian took the controls and made a beautiful take-off...leaving the approaching weather behind.  We climbed to 15,000 feet and witnessed another beautiful sunrise.  We could hear the weather "alerts" to other pilots behind us.  We were headed to Haiti....with clear skies ahead.

Now, Sam, who can be seen sleeping behind us, is from Burma (Myanmar).  Cindy and I met Sam at Eastern Florida State College when we were in the early stages of planning our Gala.  Sam loves the Lord with all his heart and asked if he could do anything to help in our ministry.

We took him up on his offer and over the last few months, Sam has helped us in many ways and is a hard-worker.  As we talked about Myanmar, his home, we realized that Air Mobile had donated Rescuers to his Pastor following a terrible Cyclone that killed hundreds of thousands.  A plan evolved.

We would turn Sam into a "First-Class Water Mule" and train him thoroughly on the operation and repair of the Rescuer and when he returns to Burma...Voila, an Air Mobile Water-Mule "on--site"!  We have over 40 Rescuers in Myanmar.

After a beautiful...but long flight (had 25-30 knot head winds for most of the way), Brian did a masterful job of landing Ti Burik at Port-Au-Prince International.  Had a quick "clearance" and unload.  Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress), met us and we headed to the Village.

Upon arriving at the gate, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new "Sign" on the wall.  What a blessing.  Felt like I was at my "home away from home".

BTW (By the Way), that's Kevin, another "Water Mule In-Training" standing next to me and that beautiful Air Mobile sign. Thanks again, Barb, for giving us such a great "Base" of operations (for the last 10 years) and the Church of Viera for painting the sign.

Well, the sun has just risen and we have a lot of work to do.  So thankful to our Lord for opening up the door (weather) for us to get back to Haiti.  We have water purifiers that need some attention and Air Traffic Control (ATC) work that needs to be done, "Water Mules" to train and so much more.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 15, 2013 Sunday – 3:01 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Met with Bill and his family who want to be "ready" for whatever lies ahead.  Bill has been around long enough to know that hard times can come at most anytime and clean water is usually in "short supply".  So glad that he and his family are including an Air Mobile Rescuer in their "tools" for preparation.

After meeting Bill, spent the morning helping to put Air Mobile Rescuers together.  Can't begin to tell you how much I love working on these "near-miracle" machines.  So thankful to the Lord for bringing this technology into my life!

We're praying that more components arrive this coming week to allow us to "fill these boxes" with Air Mobile Rescuers!

We were out at the airport yesterday delivering some supplies for our "next mission" when I received a call from a call from a dear friend, Dr. "A".  She had some supplies and special gifts to deliver to Haiti.  Can't tell you what it is but....will snap some shots once they're delivered.  It'll be fun and a blessing!

Well, up early this morning.  Absolutely love the peace and quiet in the early morning.  A wonderful time to pray and reflect on the goodness of the Lord!  As always, THANK YOU for your vital prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

December 14, 2013 Saturday – 6:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This morning, I'll be meeting Bill, a local here in Titusville, who sees the need to have a source of clean water right here in sunny Florida.  Bill is looking ahead at the next hurricane season or whatever else may come and wants to be ready.  I'm thankful for men like Bill.  Look forward to meeting him later this morning.

We'll also be completing the building of a Rescuer that is headed to some missionaries in Nicaragua.  Of this last batch of Rescuers that we've been building for the Philippines, we've put one aside to be shipped to those missionaries to Nicaragua today.

In the meantime, we're working diligently on getting ready to head back to the Philippines.  Our team is coming together and I'm very pleased to tell you that I may be joined by our daughter, Juliet and our son Peter.  Juliet and Peter both worked together in the inner-city of Houston this past summer.  Juliet also worked with the homeless in San Antonio.

Juliet is an extraordinary photographer and has a big heart for the desperate and needy.  Peter has assisted me many times and knows the Air Mobile Rescuer very well and really wants to help the Filipino people.  Cindy and I are so grateful to have children with a heart to serve others and work with those in "hard places".  Looking forward to the possibility of having these two with me for the next Philippines mission.

It's still a bit early and we've yet to raise the funds to launch the Philippines mission but...we do have funds for 2 Rescuers and we're believing God for funding to arrive for the remaining 13 units that we want to send.  Reports from the Philippines tell us that the need for clean water is still very, very critical.

Have you been following these "FREAK" Snow-storms?  Wow, a lot of snow in Israel and even in Cairo (the first snow storm in 100 years!)  Check out this story - SNOW IN ISRAEL & EGYPT!

There's a massive winter storm moving across the U.S. that's nearly 1000 miles wide and last week over 2000 cold / snow records were broken - OVER 2000 COLD/SNOW RECORDS BROKEN IN U.S. THIS PAST WEEK

One thing is for's not getting warmer!  Here's more - SNOWSTORM EXPECTED TO IMPACT MORE THAN 110 MILLION PEOPLE

Well, it's time to head out the door to go meet Bill and put the final touches on that Rescuer for Nicaragua.  Please join with us in prayer for the funds to come in for the balance of the units that we want to send to the Philippines.

Also, please PRAY for those in the path of these "wicked" winter storms!!  So glad you're with us on this winding road and THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 13, 2013 Friday – 6:55 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Checked in with our intrepid Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress) down in Haiti and asked what she needed.  There are new babies in the village and they need baby formula and since she has a couple of AIDS babies, she requested Monavie, (Super fruit juice with Acai) that dramatically improves their condition.

So, I called our dear friends at APC (Alternative Pregnancy Center) and Vickie, the Director, told me to come right on down, they have plenty of Formula (just what "Rambo" ordered).  Can't begin to tell you the joy of seeing our Lord work again and again and again!

Cindy and I have a couple of bottles of the Monavie (Barb calls it the crazy "Jungle Juice" that works!) for those little babies that are struggling to live.  We know our Lord has a remarkable plan for each one.

As we gather vital supplies for our next Haiti Mission, our "Water Mules" faithfully worked on Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines and beyond.  We are still awaiting components that are working their way our way.

Our "Water Mule Team" have been doing a great job of organizing and sorting our manufacturing facility.  Again...."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!

BTW, we have called Rob, our great Water Mule who is heading out West, to get some of his tricks of the trade in the manufacturing process.  We miss Rob, but....our Lord is just bringing in more new Water Mules to enlarge our outreach and help us to bring clean water to the thirsty and needy.

After a full day of running around and keeping the "supply chain" moving and getting much needed formula for those babies in Haiti, Cindy and I and Ariana drove down to Melbourne to meet with the core group of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Students who had the "brain-child" of the Air Mobile Gala.

These young people shined and truly helped us to help others.  That is so encouraging!  We celebrated with delicious a Frozen Yogurt "Feast".  Thanks again PTK!!

After our "Yogurt" Celebration, Cindy dropped Ariana and I off at home and then she dashed up to Titusville to hear our Peter perform in a school Jazz Concert.  It was a long day, with a lot of joy and progress toward our "Next Mission".

So today, it'll be more of the same.  So THANKFUL for you standing with us as we meander down this road of life and seek to serve Him who gave His life for us!  What a joy and as always, THANKS again for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 12, 2013 Thursday – 6:34 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Immediately, upon returning from the Philippines (on the ride home from the airport!), we began to order more components to build more Air Mobile Rescuers.  We knew that we would need more units for the Philippines, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua and beyond.  We're so thankful for our "Water Mules"...Folks who help us to bring clean water around the world!

We get help in so many ways!  From the young people who helped us to put the Air Mobile Gala together, to the "Seasoned Saints" who PRAY for us every single they meander down this "wandering blog" with us, to the people who write a check, to the guys & gals who help us build the Rescuer, to our mechanics who work on Ti-Burik, and the list goes on and on.  This is a "Mission from God" (a quote from the Blues Brothers) for sure!

I can tell you with certainty, bringing clean water to thirsty people is near and dear to the heart of Jesus.  Clean water does so much for so many on so many levels.  Clean water enables us to share the Love and Wonder of our Lord with such clarity.  Can't even begin to tell you what a blessing it is to be able to do this!

Early, yesterday morning, I met with a group of Pastors to share what we are doing. About 6 years ago, I shared with this group, and it has grown from 7 Pastors to more than 30 Pastors.  Love it when Pastors work together!  Had the wonderful opportunity to tell these men and women of God about our mission and how we can bring clean water to the desperate and have clean water flowing within minutes after arrival.  Good seeds were planted.

From there, headed to our Air Mobile Facility to meet with a group of "Water Mules" to begin the process of building more Rescuers.  We're still awaiting some components, but we made incredible headway yesterday.  Thanks Doug, Red and Yahn!

In the afternoon, we were joined by Dennis, a true Veteran "Water Mule".  Dennis has been all over the world with us bringing clean water to the needy and he knows the Air Mobile Rescuer extremely well. So thankful for Dennis!  We'll be continuing the building today and going as far as we can until those remaining components arrive.

Of course, we need funding to continue this noble mission.  Please pray about making a donation today (Note the "Donate" button upper left of this blog).  If you can't donate yourself, perhaps you could tell someone about Air Mobile and what we are doing.  But....the most important thing that we need is PRAYER!  Please join with us and pray for our Lord to PROVIDE & GUIDE!!

Time to head out today and as always....I am so thankful to have you along on this journey with me.  Your prayer, love and support is so precious.  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 11, 2013 Wednesday – 6:07 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Now, the more "Seasoned" pilots will appreciate the statement, "Passed" more than younger pilots.  Just so THANKFUL to be given the "license" to fly for two more years.  Of course, when I was younger, the Flight Physical was just routine and something that I just "assumed" I'd pass.

As one gets older, it's not quite so easy.  Well, at any rate, I'm very thankful for my health, it is truly a gift from God!

Early this morning, will be meeting with a group of Pastors who get together every Wednesday morning and pray together.  My Pastor, Gary Ginn is one of those Pastors.  Recently, we were discussing a mission in Mexico that has a major "water" problem.  We, of course, have their solution.

So, I've been invited in to share with these Men of God a bit more of what Air Mobile does and the wonder of the "near-miracle" Air Mobile Rescuer.  Always so appreciative to be able to share with others what this remarkable machine does.

Then, will heading to the Air Mobile Facility to meet with a group of "Water Mules" In-Training.  We'll be working on setting up the Assembly Line to make the next batch of Air Mobile Rescuers.  We're getting ready, by Faith, to build the next 15 Rescuers for the Philippines, Haiti and a couple of units for Mexico and....beyond.  We pray that the funding comes in for these units!

Just received another "Photo Album" from the Gala.  The shots are BEAUTIFUL!  The password is:  ExtremeHome - AIR MOBILE GALA 2013

Among the "shots" contained in the Photo Album was this pic taken from Juliet's balcony.  Yes, we did have a special "early" visit from Santa.  The event was just spectacular.  Hope you enjoy the shots!

It's time to gulp down that cup of coffee and head out the door to meet with those Pastors.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 10, 2013 Tuesday – 7:59 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I had been speaking with the folks who have invented one of the most remarkable "growing systems" I had ever heard of.  Been meaning to go out and see the system "in action".  Well, they came to our Gala and a meeting was set.  Went out yesterday to see this "near-miracle" invention.  Was I impressed!

As you know, we bring clean water to disaster areas.  Of course, folks also need food and they need it quickly.  What I saw with my own eyes simply blew me away.

These ingenious grow boxes are "self watered" delivering just the right amount and do they produce.  I saw full grown plants that had been planted only 3 weeks ago and they were ready to a matter of fact I ate some mustard greens and they were absolutely delicious!

I take off my hat to Randy Porter, the inventor of the Farm Daddy system.  I love it when our Lord puts things like this together, to bring help in time of need.

One of my favorite scriptures is found in Matthew 25, where our Lord says, "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink".  Just before that verse, Jesus says, "I was hungry and you gave me to eat"...Need I say more.  Here's the link to the Amazing "Farm Daddy" -  Go check it out and you'll see why I'm so impressed.

After visiting with Randy Porter and Beverly, headed to Orlando to find out more information on an aircraft.  The owner, Ken Marks, has graciously offered to fly any missions that we may need in the future.  This is a GREAT OFFER!

Well, while performing an Annual Inspection, it appears that the engines need some rather serious work.  So, we got together with the shop doing the Annual and the local Engine Shop to discuss the best strategy.  Ken and I have prayed for our Lord to "Guide and Provide".  We know He will!  Again, I'm so thankful to Ken for his generous heart to share his airplane to bring "help in time of need".

More parts arrived for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We're getting ready to begin the "Assembly Line" to build as many units as we can for the Philippines and beyond.  We just received this photo from the Philippines with a Rescuer "in action".

Spoke with Dr. Aaron yesterday evening who recently returned from there.  Aaron had been with us on our last mission to the Philippines.  We're looking to head back just after the first of the year.  PLEASE PRAY about helping us to find all the funding to bring in another 15 Rescuers. The needs are critical.

Today is my day to see Doctors.  One is a routine examination and the other is my Bi-Annual Flight Physical.  I am thankful to our Lord for giving me good health.

Time to head out the door. As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 9, 2013 Monday – 7:42 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Just thought I'd share some of the shots of the Grand Gala at our "Extreme" Home on Saturday night.  Cindy and I are so thankful for all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make this truly, an exceptional evening.  These shots just begin to describe the wonder and beauty and love that flowed so freely in our home on Saturday night.

Special thanks to Cindi Courbat for snapping so many great shots of this glorious evening.  Here is the link to the "Photo-Album" - AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES GALA

My Cindy worked "day and night", for this beautiful evening and for nearly a week, she worked on this video telling a bit more of what we do.  I hope you enjoy it - AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES - "JOIN THE ADVENTURE"

Of course, I had to tell the group all about the "Near-Miracle" Air Mobile Rescuer and how it is such a "Game-Changer".  CLEAN WATER IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE commodity following any disaster & the Air Mobile Rescuer DELIVERS clean water!!

Yesterday morning, Cindy and I got up and just sipped our coffee and sat in the "After-Glow" of the Gala.  And yes, we were too tired to move...very quickly.  We played "hooky" from Church and just allowed our bodies to recover from the frantic last few weeks...that began with a "Mission to Haiti and then a Mission to the Philippines and then the Gala.  Whew, what an insanely busy few weeks.

Then, about noon (yesterday) we gathered up and headed over to Orlando to conduct our weekly ministry to the young people and now to the adults at the Hospital.  Our dear friends and great volunteers, Alfred and Lisa Menendez took us out to dinner afterwards.

So, today, it's "Back to work" (as if we haven't been working!) and getting as many Air Mobile Rescuers ready for our next mission.  We have just begun to raise the funds for the 15 units for the Philippines.  Please pray about helping us to return there with much needed water.

In the meantime, we hear Haiti "Calling".  We'll be making a trip there sometime in the next week or so.  As you know, we do not publish "actual departure or return dates" for security reasons.

It's time to get ready and get out the door into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  God bless and as always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and supports!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 8, 2013 Sunday – 9:18AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Wow!  What a party, and celebration of Clean Water!  Ordinarily, I would have plenty of photos to post, but being the host, didn't have a moment to take any shots except one.  Walked to the edge of the street in front of our home and snapped this shot.

Our home was full of loving people who truly care about bringing clean water to a thirsty world.  The event went so beautifully.  From the amazing, the delicious food, to the music to the wonderful decorations and displays.  We could  not have asked for a more lovely evening.

We did have a number of photographers and will be posting more on the glorious evening, but for now, we'll just call it a great success!  Oh, there is so much more that I could write about the evening, but will wait for some good shots to come in and tell you all about it later.

As you can see, this blog is posting a bit later than usual because we were up until nearly 2:00AM cleaning up.  We even are "skipping" church this morning just to let our weary bones recover.  We'll go to the Hospital this afternoon in Orlando and then next week.....we'll be at it again.

THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us and for praying for the Gala to be a grand success!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

December 7, 2013 Saturday – 7:29AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


So many fine volunteers have come forward to help Cindy and I turn our home into an "Extremely Blessed" home!  We are so thankful!  We'd be so honored to see you here tonight.  Just go to the "PS" at the bottom for details.

Can you believe that it was nearly three years ago that Ty Pennington yelled at our family through a bull-horn and yelled..."Good Morning Hurston Family".  Over 3000 volunteers built our incredible "Extreme Make-over Home" in 106 hours!!

This home has been such an amazing gift from our Lord, enabling us to go further and do more to bring clean water to a thirsty world.

It is such a JOY to open up our home and invite you in to share the blessings of our Lord and to bring clean water to the desperate and needy around the world.

Every day, we receive components, that have been ordered, to build Air Mobile Rescuers.  We are believing that all of the funds will come in to send us back to the Philippines.  While we are awaiting supplies and building these "near-miracle" machines, we'll likely make a "routine" trip back to Haiti.

We currently have 333 Rescuers in operation in Haiti and on our "routine" trips in, we service and maintain a certain level of Rescuers to have on-hand for "swap-outs" for the many operators spread throughout Haiti.

This "system" has been effective and we've been able to help keep clean water flowing in Haiti to literally tens of thousands of Haitians every day with the Rescuers for nearly 10 years now.

It was 72 years ago today that the United States was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.  Let us remember those that gave their lives and so many that were wounded and injured by this terrible attack.  Let us be thankful for healing ad forgiveness.

Again, we are so THANKFUL to you for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!  Hope to see you tonight!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

(Note the "Before & After" shots with the Christmas lights)

December 6, 2013 Friday – 7:24AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We are moving toward Gala Day (tomorrow).  Now Folks, must tell you that we have done a lot of preparing for this great event and as you know, we hardly had time to "catch our breath" from our wonderful mission to the Philippines.

And guess what??  We've had to the opportunity to do so many "little repairs" and "tweaks" on our beautiful home that have been on the "Honey-Do" list for a long time.  Yes, "all things work together for the good..." Romans 8:28.

I spent the greater part of yesterday working on our Coi Pond.  Yes, weeds grow there also. It's never looked so good and I believe I actually saw one of big Coi smile at me....well maybe I just thought I saw a little smile.  At least we can see them now.

My Cindy's final list is still quite long but we're all pulling together and by tomorrow evening, our home will be just lovely.

Must tell you how proud I am of Cindy after making that grueling trip to the Philippines and coming home with "one-week-less to prepare".  She has been absolutely amazing in working out so many details for this great event. a result of a successful evening, people who may die from drinking contaminated water, will be given an opportunity to live by drinking clean water.  Wow!

Our Mission:  Raise Awareness and Funds for our  return trip to the Philippines with, hopefully 15 more Air Mobile Rescuers. This is a Noble Mission for sure!

We sure hope you can come and if you can't, please PRAY that all goes well.  We had a number of volunteers over yesterday moving the lawn and putting up more lights and curtain rods and so many other little things.

We're so proud of the young people from Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society) for taking Air Mobile on as a project and working so hard to bring clean water to a thirsty world.  The terrible storm that ravaged the Philippines had not occurred when the planning for the Gala began.  Again, "Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy HIS Troops!"

Again, we hope to see you tomorrow night.  It's going to be a beautiful evening with delicious food from around the world and displays from many of the countries that we have brought clean water to and a lot of sweet fellowship and yes....serious Recruitment for more "Water Mules".  So, come prepared!

As always, we're so THANKFUL to you for your vital prayer, love and support!  Be blessed!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

(Note the "Before & After" shots with the Christmas lights)

December 5, 2013 Thursday – 7:22AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I first met Rob Wasel when we needed help with our "broken" house (before the Extreme Makeover).  Rob did the "dirty work" of salvaging our stuff and putting it into storage.

He was calm, methodical and exacting.  It was only a matter of time before Rob became our "#1 Water Mule" with the important task of actually building the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Rob's is a "perfectionist", when it comes to the Rescuer, and for that we are very thankful.  He has helped us to develop manufacturing techniques that has enabled us to make, in our humble opinion, the finest, most powerful portable water purification system on the planet!

Now, Rob has sensed that it is time to "Go West".  For many years, he has had a desire to live out west and now, he's moving to Arizona.  Oh, we will miss Rob but....there are always "Buddy Passes" and Rob has offered to come back in a "pinch" and help us to build Rescuers.

You see, Rob is an independent Painting Contractor and can pick and choose his "jobs".  Over the years, he as has always "worked" Rescuer operations into his busy schedule.  He's always been there when we need him.  I suspect, our dear Delta Rose will be arranging for Rob to fly from Phoenix to Orlando from time to time on an "as needed basis".

Rob, THANK YOU for your years of faithful service in helping Air Mobile to bring clean water to the desperate and thirsty of the world.  It's good to know that folks around the world are drinking water from Rescuers that you made. I'm sure they join me and say, THANK YOU also!  This is a "Mission" that is near to our Lord Jesus' heart.

Yesterday, Cindy and I had a wonderful interview with J. and Jean on "Speak Out / Listen In" on AM 1300 here in Cocoa, FL.  We're so thankful for the opportunity to tell others about our mission of bringing clean water to the thirsty.  THANKS J. & JEAN!

From the Radio Station in Cocoa, I dashed over to Orlando to present the Air Mobile Rescuer to a room full of key personnel with the EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

Among the attendees was a representative with the Salvation Army.  Our good friend, Steve Rocca, with Lockheed Martin arranged for this presentation.

It is always such a joy to tell other "First Responders" about our "near-miracle", portable water purification system.

After the presentation, had an opportunity to speak with the Salvation Army Representative about the Rescuer.  Have been wanting to tell them about our machine for a long time.  Thanks, Steve for arranging this presentation!  We planted some very significant seeds that will mean more clean water to the desperate and thirsty!

Late last night, "someone" brought a bunch of gifts (Rescuer supplies) and left them on our doorstep.  No, it wasn't Santa, it was UPS.  We've ordered more components to build more Air Mobile Rescuers and they parts have begun to arrive.  We'll be building Rescuers next week and hopefully, bringing some more to the Philippines.

Only 3 more days to the Air Mobile "Black-Tie" Gala and my dear Cindy (who is extremely organized) has the final "List" all laid out.  We'll be doing a lot of work over the next 3 days to get everything all ready for the big event. Just read down to the PS below for the details.

So, it's time to get on with this day and yes, I'll be asking our Lord for more of HIS JOY.  Remember, HE wants us FULL of HIS JOY, so we can ask freely and HE will give freely!

As always, we're so appreciative to you for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!  Be blessed!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

(Note the "Before & After" shots with the Christmas lights)

December 4, 2013 Wednesday – 7:16AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The "JOY" of the Lord hit-the-spot and my good friend, Doug, and I hung over 3000 little-bitty, sparkling lights on our home in preparation for the "Air Mobile Gala" coming up this Saturday (see Invite Details below in PS).  Yes, with our Lord's help, I overcame my deep dislike of hanging Christmas lights and Doug and I actually had a blast doing it.

Multiple times, throughout the long day, we'd discuss the "Joy of the Lord" and just kept hanging light after light for nearly 10 hours and at the end of the day, our home was "glittering with glory".  We've still got some more to do, but we made amazing headway yesterday and....I'll never look at hanging Christmas lights the same.

Just the simple act of "asking" for His Joy certainly works, even doing "unpleasant" jobs.  So again, I urge you to try it out as you're confronted with "unpleasant" tasks and see if Jesus won't give you His Joy to help you through.

I'm pleased to tell you that today, Cindy and I will be on another "Live Radio" Program today with my good friend, J. Brewer.  Jay is an Entrepreneur, an I.T. Digital Media Professional and Co-Host of "Speak Out / Listen In".

Jay was responsible for the "Live Feed" of the complete Extreme Makeover of our home and literally hundreds of thousands saw the "Miracle" of our home being built in an astounding 106 hours!  Folks, Jay is very good with I.T. stuff and above all, Jay truly loves the Lord.  Really looking forward to the program today.

If you'd like to "Tune In" you may stream live at:  LISTEN "LIVE" TO 1300 WMELor if you live in Brevard County, just tune in AM 1300.  The show begins at 12:00 noon and our portion will be from 12:30 - 1:00pm.  Here's the link to the Website:  "SPEAK OUT / LISTEN IN" WITH J. BREWER & JEAN NEWELL

Immediately following our "Live Radio Interview" with J. Brewer, will be dashing over to Orlando for a much anticipated meeting with the Salvation Army who has shown great interest in the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We've looked forward to this meeting for a long time and we ask for your prayers that all will go well.

You may not be aware of the fact that the Salvation Army works in more than 120 Countries world-wide.  We have all seen the Salvation Army show up immediately following  U.S. disasters and bringing comfort, relief and hope. We're very excited about showing them the "near-miracle" Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier.

So, today will be quite busy (as usual) and you can rest assured that this missionary will be making multiple requests to our Lord Jesus for His Joy to fill my heart. Remember, HE wants our hearts to be FULL of HIS JOY!  For the "Joy of the Lord is our strength"!!

As always, we so appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support. Be blessed today and take a few more "dosages" of HIS JOY.  Your day will go much better if you do.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

(Note the "Before & After" shots with the Christmas lights)

December 3, 2013 Tuesday – 7:17AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As I roared through yesterday doing thing after thing, like paying bills and picking up supplies and planning events and checking on water purifiers spread throughout the world, etc. etc..., the thought of His Joy would come to me and I'd simply ASK Him for a "dosage" and would usually smile and my heart would get lighter and my brain clearer.  So glad I shared that little "devo" on Joy yesterday.  It sure helped me press through the day with a smile in my heart.

I'm sure, you like many, are busy, usually too busy.  Our brain races, as we check off the things we have to do.  It's so easy to just "careen" through the day and hardly give a thought to the Lord.  Believe me, I understand, because I'm often guilty of just that.  Things can get pretty intense, particularly when your efforts can bring life in the midst of death and disease and destruction.

Simply put, a "Dosage" of HIS JOY is better than medication.  It's HIS medication to bring peace and yes, joy into our weary and often guilt-ridden and stressed-out soul.

Our Lord is so good.  I am reminded of how many times Jesus spoke about JOY in the final hours of his life before going to the cross.  We need His Joy to make it through this life and Jesus wants us to be FULL OF HIS JOY!

So, again, as you go through this day...that our Lord has made, let us RE-JOICE and be glad in it.  I like the word, "Re-joice" because our Lord is telling us to keep getting dosage, after dosage of His Joy and it's ours for the ASKING.

I'm expecting one of our great "Water Mules" here at the house in a few minutes, Doug Augustine.  We'll be hanging Christmas lights.  May I tell you something?  I really dislike hanging Christmas lights.  But...this morning, as I type this "rambling" blog, I'm asking our Lord to give me exceptional joy to hang those lights and do it with gladness in my heart....and having Doug here will help a lot!  Thanks Doug for helping a friend!

You see, it's very important to my precious Cindy that I get those lights hung up today as we prepare for our upcoming GALA this Saturday (see details below). Our list is long and the clock is ticking. I can assure you, I'll be calling upon our Lord to fill me with His Joy multiple times throughout the day.  Hope you can do the same, your day will go better.

As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this winding journey with me. We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

December 2, 2013 Monday – 7:19AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


During this Season, we often hear the phrase, "Joy to the World".  There is so much sadness in this world from Typhoon ravaged islands, to people living in Tent Cities for "Life" to disease and violence and list goes on and on.

Where is Joy?  Last night, I awakened around 3:00 AM and was pondering this when the simple verse came back to me, "The Joy of the Lord is our Strength".  I asked our Lord to fill me with His Joy. His Joy came into my hearts and I rolled over and fell into sweet sleep.

Often, Joy is just a "Request" away.  The "Joy of the Lord" is a gift from God and comes regardless of our circumstances.  Remember when Paul and Silas were in Prison and had been beaten for simply sharing the Gospel.  They were singing with Joy in the midst of pretty dreadful circumstances.

I am also reminded of the beautiful and wonderful scripture found in Matthew 7:7 - "ASK & you shall receive, SEEK and you shall find, KNOCK and the door will be opened".  If you want the JOY of the Lord, simply ASK for it and HE will give it to you.

Often times, upon returning from a "Mission" such as our recent journey to the Philippines, I go through a period of sadness.  The contrast from the rich abundance that we have here in America when compared to the utter devastation of disaster leaves my heart heavy.  That is when I most need the Joy of the Lord.  Last night, the Savior simply reminded me to ASK for it.

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the sadness and suffering in this world?  I urge you to do as I often do, ask and seek and knock upon the door of Heaven and request His Joy.  He will surely give it to you.  The "JOY OF THE LORD" is closer than you think!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to do this throughout the day.  When that sadness begins to creep in, I simply "Chase it away" with the Joy of the Lord.  Oh, Folks, let us ponder the Gift of Jesus and how He came into this world as a little child born in a cattle stall to bring us life and hope and peace and JOY.  It's ours for the asking!

There, I just had to share that with you this morning.  By sharing it with you, it revitalizes the message in my heart, thus bringing me MORE JOY.  I need all the JOY I can get just to keep on marching in HIS service.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Went to our sweet Church, Redeemer.  Then headed to the Hospital to minister as Chaplains.  Recently, our ministry at the Hospital has expanded from the young people to a new "wing" on the Hospital that has Adults.  Now, our team splits up into 2 and we minister to the young and the not so young.  Love sharing the glorious story of Jesus and how HE brought true JOY TO THE WORLD!

After the Chaplain service(s), Peter brought Ariana home and Cindy and I did some shopping for the Gala and then went to another "Missionary Service" at our Church where we heard from a wonderful missionary in Mexico.  During his presentation, he shared about the great need for clean water at the mission compound.

At the end of his presentation, he asked for questions.  I raised my hand and asked if he could capture "Rain Water".  He explained that there was plenty of rain.  I smiled and told him that we had his answer:  The Air Mobile Rescuer.  We could clean up that rain water and give an "unlimited" supply of fresh, clean drinking water, not only for the Mission Compound, but for their whole community!  Love it when our Lord puts us in the right place at the right time!

So, today, we'll tackle a mountain of things to do, from continuing to gather up the parts to make more Air Mobile Rescuers for the Philippines and now for Mexico.  We'll be preparing for another mission to Haiti and of course, this coming Saturday is the Air Mobile Gala at our home (see the Invitation in the PS below).  It's going to be a busy week and I'll keep asking our Lord to infuse me with HIS JOY!

We so appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support.  Remember to ask our Lord to give extra dosages of HIS JOY...HE will!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

December 1, 2013 Sunday – 7:42AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We were blessed to have a number of folks show up at our home yesterday to help us get ready for the upcoming Gala.  Thank the Lord for "sending His troops" in a timely manner.

Having an event, such as this Gala, at our home is giving us a splendid opportunity to do a lot of little "fix-up" projects that normally "taunts" one.  So, we can say, for many reasons, "All things work together for the those that love God, those the called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28).

We had folks pulling weeds, pressure-washing, helping to decorate, fixing door knobs and so much more.  What a blessing to have friends show up on a Saturday morning to work together with us.  We're getting excited about about this upcoming event, knowing that we will be able to share our mission and gain new "Water Mules".  A "Water Mule" is one that helps us bring clean water to the thirsty and desperate around the world..

After a good day of work, Peter and I headed out to watch some football at Christian's home.  We were joined by Ben, Steve and Dan and did we have a day with an amazing ending!

The Alabama (#1) - Auburn (#4) Game was one for the books.  In all my years of watching football, never saw an ending like that. Auburn ran back a missed field goal for 100 yards to win the game, with no time left on the clock!  Goes to's not over until it's over.  We'll all remember that game for a long time.

So, it's Sunday morning and this Thanksgiving Weekend is about to end.  We're heading out to Church and then to the Orlando Hospital to do our chaplain ministry for the young people.

Tomorrow, we'll be back at it, securing more components to build more Air Mobile Rescuers.  We've got supplies for Haiti and we'll be hard at work endeavoring to bring clean water to the thirsty.  We're so appreciative to you for your precious prayer, love and support.  We hope to see you at the Gala this coming Saturday (see the PS below for the details).  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

November 30, 2013 Saturday – 7:23AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I recall, at the tender age of 4, when I was first introduced to an airplane....was never the same again.  Yesterday, while many were "fighting" through "Black Friday", we had a fun day of giving airplane rides to our precious grandchildren (from left to right) Selah, Chrisitan, Joshua and Rhythm.  We also watched a little football...what a day!

Began the flight with a thorough "Pre-Flight" explaining the importance of a close inspection before you fly to assure that all is in order.

Then, just before loading into the aircraft, a final briefing on what is about to happen.  My little "Students" paid very close attention and who day, one of them (or more) may become pilots for our Lord and even fly "Rescuers" to rescue the thirsty!

Upon landing, was met again,  by our local NBC Affiliate, WESH Channel 2.  They wanted a "follow-up" interview to our recent Philippines mission of bringing clean water to the thirsty.  Here is the interview - AIR MOBILE RETURNS FROM PHILIPPINES

After the flights and the interview, we all settled down to a day of football and what a day it was!  Our beloved LSU Tigers were heavily favored to win the game against Arkansas, who has had a pretty "rough" season.

Well, those Razorbacks came to play and only in a last second "Miracle" did a rookie, untried quarterback come off of the bench and throw a game-winning 49 yard strike to win the game.  What a day!

So, today, "it's back to work".  Will be pressure washing the sidewalks and buying a Christmas tree.  One of our "Premier Water Mules", Doug will be at the house in just a while to go over the list of little repairs and "tweaks" we need to do our our home getting it ready for the "GALA".

Don't forget, you're invited and we'd love to see you this coming Saturday evening (December 7th) for this wonderful event.  See the "Invite" below.

Time to head out into this wonderful day and work off some of those many calories that I picked up over the last few days.  As always, we so appreciate you and THANK YOU again for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

November 29, 2013 Friday – 8:18AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


What a beautiful day, to remember and rejoice in the goodness of our Lord.  Our children gathered, 6 OF 8, (Angelica was working and Juliet is in cold Massachusetts) along with our 8 Grand-kids, for a feast.  Oh, again, we have so much for which to be THANKFUL!

Before the gathering, Cindy and I were up very early working on our home getting it ready for the upcoming Gala, which will be Saturday, December 7th.  Oh, we hope you can come.  Call for details.

You may recall, a group of young "Scholars" from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chose Air Mobile as their school project.  They wanted to help bring clean water to a thirsty world.  They came up with the idea of a "Black-Tie Gala" and we are rapidly approaching the day.

It is such a BLESSING to find young people who care about others the way these young folks do.  They, along with Cindy have been working very hard to get ready for this beautiful event.  Due to the "unscheduled" terrible Typoon Hayain, Cindy and I spent a week in the Philippines bringing clean water to desperate folks.  As a result, we're about a week behind on getting ready.

So...we were up early yesterday working like crazy to get our home all ready for this beautiful upcoming evening.  Then, I received a call from our Local ABC Affiliate, WFTV, Channel 9.  The reporter wanted to do an interview about our recent trip to the Philippines.  I agreed, but only if we could do it very quickly.

We agreed to meet at the Air Mobile office, where Peter and I were heading anyway to pick up extra chairs for our Thanksgiving Feast.  The Reporter and Camera Lady showed up right on time and we "whipped" out a wonderful interview in just a matter of minutes.

One never knows who will be watching the newscast and we know how our Lord can "Recruit" right off the air.  Remember that Bud Hedinger Radio interview that brought us such amazing "Water Mules"? Here's the ABC Story that ran several times yesterday evening - GROUP (AIR MOBILE) QUENCHES THIRST IN PHILIPPINES

Immediately following the interview, Peter and I dashed to our son, Christian's, home to join our family and spend that beautiful afternoon together.  By the way, we showed up 15 minutes early.  We trust you too had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Oh, back to the Gala.  If you'd like to help Cindy and I get ready for this great evening, please feel free to give us a call or text us or e-mail us and let us know if you'd like to help.  We could really use it (my cell is:  321-544-7757 / e-mail:  Of course, we hope you can make it to the Gala.  We've put the "Invite" below.

We're also going to be assembling more Air Mobile Rescuers as soon as our parts and supplies arrive and we could use some help there also.  We're working on getting back to the Philippines as soon as we can.

We'll likely make a quick trip to Haiti before launching the next Philippines trip.  There is so much going on and we so need your prayer for strength and direction.  We're so glad to have you on-board and we're extremely grateful for your prayer, love and support.  Time to head out on this very chilly Florida morning.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

November 28, 2013 Thursday – 7:04AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


After traveling back to the U.S., a land of such abundance, from an area that has been so devastated, my mind keeps going back to the smiles, brave courage and faith of the Filipino people, many of whom lost everything.  Yet, they were so thankful and expressed such deep gratitude for our gift of clean water.  Our hearts long to return and bring more clean water.  The needs are so vast.

Today, we in America celebrate the wonder and abundance that our Lord has so richly blessed our land. All 8 of our children, along with our 8 grandchildren will be gathering to partake of a feast and give thanks to our Lord.  We have so much, for which to be THANKFUL!

We are so thankful for your prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

November 27, 2013 Wednesday – 7:40AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Now, when one travels through multiple time zones and operates with an 11 hour time difference, there are certain consequences.  Mainly, it results in weird sleep patterns.  The body just gets a bit confused.  Cindy and I are certainly not exempt.

The last few days have been "strange", but it's not our "first rodeo".  Just have to be careful not to say or do anything stupid.  For those of you who have traveled to the other end of the earth, you certainly know that "Jet-Lag" is real.

After landing in the U.S. on Monday afternoon, from the whirlwind trip to the Philippines, we hit the ground running.  On the way home from the airport, was on the phone ordering more components to build more Air Mobile Rescuers.

Was up real early yesterday, like 3:45AM and writing that crazy long, blog...just scroll on down.  I guess what I am trying to say is..."bear with me" if I get a little emotional or ramble on a bit more than usual.  It will pass in a few days.

Had a call from our local CBS Affiliate, Channel 6 in Orlando and they wanted an interview.  The reporter, Justin Warmoth, had conducted an interview with me while I was in Haiti, just before returning to the U.S. and then "dashing" off to the Philippines.  Justin wanted a "follow-up" on our mission to the Philippines.  Here is the interview - JOE HURSTON IN FROM THE PHILIPPINES - INTERVIEW CHANNEL 6

In just a few minutes, I will be conducting another interview with Bud Hedinger, our wonderful local radio personality.  Love, Bud and have been listening to him for years.  As you may recall from yesterday's blog, it was that brief mention of our going to the Philippines that opened so many doors for us on that epic journey.

So, if you live in the Orlando area, you can tune into the "Live Radio Interview" at 540 AM - WFLA - I'm supposed to call in at 8:45 AM and the interview will probably begin around 8:48 or so.  You can also hear it on "I-Heart" radio by tuning in Orlando News WFLA.  Please PRAY that I answer his questions clearly and accurately.  This old "Jet-Lag" should be out of my system in a couple of days.

Just want you to know that we're making very good progress on getting all the supplies for at least 15 more Rescuers for the Philippines and beyond.  Cindy and I are so THANKFUL to live where we can just pick up the phone or go on-line and simply order things to save lives!  We're also THANKFUL for you and your precious prayer, love and support!

PLEASE remember to pray for the Philippines.  They will be suffering for a long, long time and the needs are so great. It just breaks our heart as we recall the memories of where we just were.  Please consider helping us to get back and bring them more clean water. Well, it's time for me to get ready for that "Live Interview".  Hope you can catch it.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You are invited!!  On December 7th, we're having an Air Mobile Gala at our "Extreme" Home and we'd love to have you there!!  Click here for more details: INVITATION TO THE "BLACK-TIE GALA FOR AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES" - DECEMBER 7TH

November 26, 2013 Tuesday – 5:05AM (U.S. Eastern Time) – Air Mobile Home Base - Cocoa, FL – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


When I last wrote this blog, we were 14,000 miles away standing in the Manila International Airport hoping and PRAYING for 3 open seats for our journey home.  That was Monday morning.  This morning, Tuesday, I write to you (14,000 miles later) from our comfortable home base...after taking a very long, hot shower and sleeping in my own bed.  Oh, it's good to be home but...we're already planning our next mission to the Philippines.  But, I must tell you how this incredible Journey for Jesus concluded..

For the "WAY" we got to the Manila Airport from Ormoc City on Leyte Island, was nothing short of a miracle with some rather extraordinary circumstances.  I'd like to elaborate just a bit and let you decide "who" helped us get on that ferry on Ormoc City on Sunday morning.

Our Air Mobile Team had deployed 12 Rescuers and Aaron (our newest "Water Mule") was going to stay for another week working with his mission and would deploy the balance of 3 Rescuers.  We then decided that Cindy and I, along with Joe Prussel, would attempt to get back to Manila and catch a ride home with Delta Airlines.  Now, this decision was made very quickly, but we all prayed about it and clearly felt it was time for us to head home.

We quickly packed and bid farewell to all the wonderful Christians that we had been working with in Aaron's mission, and dashed to the dock.  We knew that there was a morning ferry back to Cebu City, where we would catch a flight back to Manila.  Aaron came with us, to be sure we got on a boat.  Aaron, by the way, is, without question, one of the best and quickest learning "Water Mules" we've ever worked with.

We pulled into the Port and suddenly, a man in a sparkling white shirt and an impeccable uniform, grabbed our bags and just started yelling, "go - go - go" and Aaron took the lead and off we dashed to the "Fast Boat" which was just blowing it's departure horn.  The boarding plank had already been slid off the dock onto the deck of the ship.

Then, in a flash, it all reversed...the Captain stopped the departure, and the boarding plank was precariously slid back on the dock, not even properly secured and Joe Prussel hit the plank first, then Cindy followed by me.  It really was a scene right out of a "Movie".

We quickly bid farewell to Aaron and collapsed into the seats on the deck of the "Fast Boat".  The ticket collector took our money and then offered for us to sit in the "First Class Section".  Wow, it was all like a blur, from the final moment of decision to go, to being on the "Fast Boat" back to Cebu City.

It was during the 2.5 hour boat trip that we all thought about that man in the sparkling white shirt and crisp uniform, that just grabbed our bags, and "facilitated" us getting on the boat.  Who was he?  We never paid him for helping and none of us could remember seeing him on the dock after we got on-board.  We may never know.  I'm reminded of that scripture that says..."sometimes we entertain angels and not even know it".

Now, Lydia, Joe Prussel's wife, had secured (by faith, that we would get on a ferry) the last 3 tickets from Cebu City to Manila and the plane was scheduled to depart at 9:30pm that night.  Our boat landed just before 11:00am and we showed up at the airport a full 9+ hours early.  I went to the Philippine Airlines ticket counter and asked if we could possibly get on an earlier flight.  The agent shook her head, and said all of the flights were over-booked but....she would see what she could do.

We ate our first hot meal in 5 days, hamburgers, as we waited.  We checked back just before the 1:55 flight was to deport and... got our "Tickets" to ride!  When we got into the crowded gate area, we heard our names being called on the speaker.  We were directed to get to the front of the line and board "First".  The airport was jammed and we got the last seats on the airplane and boarded first.  What is that scripture "the first shall be last and last shall be first...."?

We arrived in Manila at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Found a nice, reasonable hotel 10 minutes from the airport and greatly enjoyed hot showers and comfortable beds (we had been sleeping on the floor for the last 5 days).  We were up early to try to catch our Delta Airlines "Buddy-Pass" flights home.  A "Buddy-Pass" is a wonderful thing and VERY economical, fly on "Stand-By" and the plane was very full.

And that is where I left off of yesterdays blog.  Here's the shot of me standing in the Manila Terminal, hoping and praying for 3 seats. (Just scroll on down to see to see how we got to this juncture of this "rambling" Journey for Jesus)

I know this blog is very "wordy" this morning, but this is the first time I've have a chance to write you without fighting through very limited "connections" and about ready to dash out the door to deploy units or just sheer, blinding exhaustion.  I'm just enjoying the freedom of being able to write freely.  Please, bear with me.

The Delta Agents were courteous, but did not promise us seats or indicate if seats would be available.  I was texting our dear "Delta Rose", who was between stops on her regular Detroit Orlando flight. Rose has been an "Angel" to Air Mobile over the years, getting us all over the world.

After I wrote you the blog, we heard our names called.  We got strange Seat Numbers.  It looked we'd be all the way in the "back of the airplane".  It was a huge 747-400S and where would seats 75, 76 and 77 be??  Wow, sounds like the "tail" of the airplane.

As we entered the aircraft, I asked where these seats were, expecting the long trek to the back of the plane when the Flight attendant smiled and said, we were seated "Upstairs" in "Business Class"!!  We could hardly believe it. First, we were still reeling from the miraculous "Fast Boat" ride, to the Philippine Airlines "early" seats and now...Business Class in the upper deck of a 747.  WOW!

And, on that flight (from Manila to Negoya, Japan), I met Delta Airlines Captain Johnny Angel, one of the most Senior Captains in Delta Airlines.  We were meant to meet.  Captain Angel (yes, that is his real name) has a beautiful Twin Comanche aircraft and I've invited him to join me on some future Haiti missions.  He will come.  Surely, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops &.....Angels"!!

In between our stops on the long journey home, we got Facebook updates from Aaron who had successfully deployed the balance of the Air Mobile Rescuers in very hard to reach areas.  Again, we're so thankful to Aaron and still marvel at how our Lord put us together.

Remember, it was a 10 second "blip" made by our beloved local radio personality, Bud Hedinger, (yet another Angel) in Orlando, who briefly mentioned that Air Mobile was sending a team to the Philippines.  I never cease to marvel at the hand of God in our lives!  THANKS BUD!!

Our next challenge would be to get on a flight from Negoya, Japan to Detroit.  The plane was jammed packed.  Delta Rose had been texting me and urging us to pray.  Guess what, we got the last 3 seats on that aircraft.

Again, our Lord made a way, where there seemed no way.  We were spread out all over this one and just happy to have a seat.  I sat next to a young lady who worked for the Peace Corp and she had gone through the terrible typhoon.  She was very emotionally upset and I could see her fear and pain.  I simply offered to pray for her. Her name is Sarah and I ask you to pray that our Lord will heal her memories.

Upon reaching Detroit, we quickly cleared Customs and Immigrations and...Delta did it again....we were "bumped"....UP to First Class again!  On the flight home, I could barely stay awake.  It had been over 24 hours since we had begun this 14,000 mile journey home.  We had experienced so many miracles, not only on the epic journey home, beginning with that "Fast Boat" ride, but all of the images and sounds and smells and grief mixed with the brave and radiant smiles and courage of the Filipino people.  I was "sputtering" and running out of gas.  So glad for the comfortable "First Class" seats on the last leg of our journey.  Thanks again Delta Rose and Delta Airlines and THANK YOU LORD for your gracious traveling mercies.

Upon landing, saw a missed call from Pastor Dave Murton from the Great Outdoors Community Church in Titusville, FL.  Dave happily informed me that he had a check for nearly $8,000 to cover the cost of those last three Rescuers that were unfunded when we departed for the Philippines 8 days ago!

On the ride home, I was ordering parts for our next Rescuers and we're getting ready for our next mission.  So, this concludes this VERY, VERY wordy blog.  I just had to share with you "how we got home".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 25, 2013 Monday – 3:29AM (Philippines Time) – Manila International Airport, Manila, Philippines – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I'm standing in the main terminal of Manila International Airport (borrowed a plug from an info counter).  Just the fact that our team is here in Manila is a "borderline" miracle.  It began yesterday.  We made the decision to head home after deploying 12 Air Mobile Rescuers and leaving the remaining 3 with Aaron to deploy.

Once that decision was made, we quickly bundled up our tattered luggage and dashed to the dock at Ormoc City where a man in sparkling white shirt and crisp uniform literally grabbed our bags and said, "run, run, run".  As we rounded the corner, our "Fast Boat" was blowing the departure horn and the boarding plank had just slid off the dock onto the deck.

We were running like crazy and suddenly, the crew slid the gang plank partially back onto the dock. It was very precarious and the crew was urging us to run faster.  Joe hit the plank first and helped Cindy and I brought up the remaining bags and as soon as my foot hit the deck, the gang plank slid right beside me.  It was "right out of the movies".  We were headed to Cebu and the first leg of our 14,000 mile trek home!

After the "quick" boat trip (2.5 hours as compared to 6+ hours on a normal non "Fast Boat") we docked at Cebu.  Joe's wife, Lydia had  booked the last 3 seats on the 9:30pm flight back to Manila.  We were at the airport at noon.  So....we continued to ask our Lord for favor and a couple of empty seats.  We went to the counter and asked if we could possibly be "squeezed" onto an earlier flight.  The ticket agent was very thankful for the work that we had been doing of bringing in clean water.

Next flight, departing at 1:55 just happened to have 3 empty seats.  We were on it.  We landed in Manila at 3:30 instead of 11:00pm.  This was a true "traveling mercy".  We were able to check into a hotel about 10 minutes from the airport and....had our first hot shower in a week.  Can't begin to tell you how good that felt.

Then, we hailed a taxi and went to the Mall of Asia (the largest mall in Asia).  It was overwhelming, but Cindy managed to gather her wits and buy some really cool "Philippine" stuff for our upcoming Gala (December 7th).

Then, we had a delicious hot dinner (our first in a week...we felt like squirrels eating nuts and fruit).  Oh, was it good. Then, back to the room to "crash" on a soft, comfortable bed (as opposed to floor with no electricity or running water).  Ahhh, the simple things in life.

Up early this morning, 2:45am and onto the airport and here I stand at an information counter plunking out another rambling blog.

Our next challenge:  Getting on the Delta Airlines Flight.  We're on stand-by and our dear Delta Rose is doing all she can to "squeeze" onto this flight.  PLEASE PRAY that we make it!  Have to close out for now, as we're about to find out IF we'll be on that Delta flight to Negoya Japan.  We really want to make it home for Thanksgiving.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support. Together, we're seeing our Lord do so many wonderful things.  Thanks again for "rambling down the amazing journey with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - There is so much more that I want to share, but just don't have the time. Will be filling in a lot of "blanks" once we get back to the U.S.  This has been an AMAZING & GRACE FILLED JOURNEY!!

November 24, 2013 Sunday – 6:42AM (Philippines Time) – Ormoc CityLeyte IslandPhilippines – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


At the end of the day, Air Mobile had brought clean water to nearly 10,000 people!  We began the day by placing an Air Mobile Rescuer at our base camp here in Ormoc City.  Literally hundreds of people are operating out this great facility and going all over the affected areas.  Our base camp needed clean water also.  So, we began the day with this great deployment.

We split up our teams then, with Cindy and I in Team 1 and Joe and Aaron in Team 2 and headed out for the the most devastated locations in the Philippines.

We then hit the road for the 2 hour drive to Tacloban...we did stop for a few minutes at a small roadside "cafe" and pull out our 3 in 1 coffee packets (has coffee / cream / sugar) and requested 2 cups of hot water.  By the way, I had these little packets of "emergency coffee" since the Indonesian was aged.  Well, Cindy and I thoroughly enjoyed our cup of "aged" coffee while enroute to the disaster area.

Our first location in Tacloban had been inundated with the storm flood.  Mud and filth was everywhere.  When we showed up and began to prepare for the training / presentation, we could see that the victims were still a bit "shocked" but with smiles and promises of clean water, soon, they were fully on-board and the training went remarkably well.

We left this community with a renewed hope and joy of being able to have all the clean water that they need and able to share with so many (up to 2000 people per day!).

We then drove across town (folks, the devastation is so vast and so many have lost everything) and set up for our second deployment.  The folks were waiting for us and our principle operator is a mechanic and his wife is a Chemical Engineer.  Wow, talk about a strategic deployment.

We finished up the training and presentation long after the sun set.  We headed out of there for the 2+ hour ride back to Ormoc City, getting very close to the Curfew.

As we drove down the pitch black (no electricity), winding roads, strewn with debris, Cindy and I just collapsed from exhaustion in the back seat and we had the most extraordinary sense of well being of just knowing that, though, we brought in clean water for relatively few, we did obey the words of Jesus....:"I was thirsty and you gave me to drink...when you've done it unto the least of these my brothers, you've done it unto Me".

Meanwhile, Joe and Aaron had gone into areas even more isolated.  They had no electricity, so they brought in 2 batteries.  I have yet to get the full report from Joe and Aaron, but the bits and pieces that I have heard have touched my heart that again, we were able to bring the love of God and fresh clean water to the thirsty.

I hope to get the photos and share more of what they did later, but for now, it's time for us to wrap up and head out into the next "Mission" that our Lord has for us today.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 23, 2013 Saturday – 7:04AM (Philippines Time) – Ormoc City, Leyte Island, Philippines – Report Submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Air Mobile Team departed Cebu City early yesterday morning on a “Fast-Boat" and made the journey to Ormoc City in a “quick” 2.5 hours.  Normally, this journey would take 5-6 hours in a normal freighter.  

Just before boarding our "Fast Boat", Cindy and I did find a cup of coffee.  Ahhh.  

Upon arrival in Ormoc City (you can see the "Fast Boat" in the background, we quickly saw the deep destruction in Ormoc City, yet we knew that it was going to get much, much worse.

Thankful for the uneventful journey, we loaded our precious Air Mobile Rescuers, now out of the “blue tubs” onto a little “motorcycle / taxi / mini-transport” and to our staging HQ. If you look very carefully, you will see a Rescuer just behind the driver. 

We’re so thankful to have Aaron on our team.  He knows this territory and speaks the language.  Upon arrival in Ormoc, we headed straight to HQ and Aaron showed us on the map the areas that needed IMMEDIATE HELP!

The absolute size and scope of Typhoon Haiyan is staggering.  The raw power to twist massive girders and mow down whole villages spewing ragged roofing and projectile debris leaves one speechless.  And yet….

Our journey into the destruction had just begun.  Even with the destruction of Ormoc City, it was about to get much worse.

With coordination on a large map and solid information from the “field” our team launched out and began a journey into deeper and deeper destruction. 

Yet, everywhere, I saw warm smiles and grateful expressions on the fact that we were bringing help.  Our first stop was Palo.  Oh, just before Palo, Aaron, who had spent several years walking these very same village streets, had us stop in a community where he checked on some of his dear friends.  Their home was completely blown away, except the cement bathroom and they huddled there for 20 hours of hell.

After training the Pastor in Palo, we left, as the sun was setting for our next location to place an Air Mobile Rescuer.  We left Palo with folks smiling and laughing and very thankful for clean drinking water.  I know that our Lord Jesus was smiling also!

I must tell you something that just happened.  I had just completed writing an entire "Blog" on my phone and for no apparent reason, it simply disappeared.  I was heart-broken to have that blog just go away.  In my disappointment, a leader here in HQ offered to give me a much better connection.  Praise God!!

Romans 8:28 tells us that "All things work together for the good...".  That lost blog gained me a strong enough connection to get out a proper report.  Yet, even with the good satellite connection, photos are very slow to load.  So, I urge you to check back a bit later to get the rest of this blog with some shots that capture what is happening.

We left Palo for Tanauau to train and deliver another Rescuer.  This Church was well constructed and withstood the ferocious winds, but was completely inundated in a 10 foot Tidal Surge.  

The escapees fled to the rafters and survived.  I can only imagine what these folks went through.  The Pastor was a very quick learner and an hour later we had placed another Rescuer.  More clean water for desperate people!

As Cindy and I were training in Tanauau, Joe and Aaron headed to Tolosa to deploy a Rescuer there. I'm awaiting the photos from Joe and Aaron.

At the end of those 3 Deployments, we made the treacherous, slow journey back to our HQ in Ormac City. Can't even begin to tell you how tired we all were.  It was exhaustion, on exhaustion...both physical and emotional.  Our Lord gave us all a good nights sleep, on the floor, with no electricity, but, sweet sleep.  

It's getting time for us to head out into more badly hit areas. We've been awaiting the rest of the Rescuers to get cleared off of the dock.  We only brought 3 Rescuers on the "Fast Boat".  I know this is truly a "Rambling Blog" as we're operating on little sleep and deep emotions.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support. Be sure to check back in and keep on praying!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

The blog below was Posted on Cell Phone Blogger on Friday evening at 7:30pm Philippines time

Just a quick word from joe & Cindy - all is well with us but...our hearts are broken by the death & destruction that we see everywhere...

The Good News is: Jesus is Lord & with His help we were able to deploy 3 air mobile rescuers in spots just Desperate for clean water!

Due to very limited Internet I am posting on my emergency site - have so much to share but can't right now - we're Very tired & must get to sleep - oh, Thank you for praying for us - good night.

Joe & Cindy from Leyte island, Philippines

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