Tuesday, October 4, 2011


October 4, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We brought the mission aircraft to get the final "Extreme Make-Over" touches....the stripes.  We're looking forward to having that pretty bird all complete.  We're also thankful that the tropics are quiet for now.  The Hurricane season is drawing to a close.  The only storm we're watching is Philippe.  You can see from this image that the storm is making a definite turn to the open ocean.  We're thankful.

I was joined on the quick flight from Titusville to Sanford, FL with Dennis West.  Dennis has been an amazing "Water Mule" over the years.  He's traveled all over the world with Air Mobile bringing clean water to the thirsty.  It's good to have Dennis and Barbara back down in Florida.  They are classic snow-birds and we're glad to have them for the season.  We were also joined by "Southwest Chuck" who is helping us put together a proper "Presentation" for all the events we attend.  We were working on a banner and good photos to depict the mission of Air Mobile.  Again, I'm so thankful for the quality of volunteers whom the Lord sends our way.

Today, I'll be following up on our last mission to Haiti and getting more details regarding assisting with the upgrade of Communication radios.  I'm so thankful to see positive steps being made.  For so many years, flying into Haiti has been a challenge with the limited communications.  We pray all goes through on this important project.  

We're also building several water purifiers for different regions.  Oh, found out I'll not be going to Alaska, but will be shipping a unit up there.  We had logistic problems with the helicopter ride to Little Diomede (the small island between Alaska and Russia). Hope to speak with the medical staff who visits the island regularly to go over the operation and application.

Will also be working diligently on building new business for our business.  Our overhead is coming down (with the recent lay-offs and other austerity measures).  Now if we can add new business (hopefully profitably), we will be able to service and then eliminate all of our debt!  That is our goal, and we believe that with the help of our Lord, we will be able to do just that.  My personal goal is to "Owe no man anything, but the debt of love"!  

Well, time to get out the door.  Thanks for your love, prayer and support!  God bless!

Air Mobile Joe


October 3, 2011 - Monday - 7:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


This morning, I'll be flying our mission aircraft, affectionately named "Ti Burik" (little donkey) from Titusville, FL to Sanford, FL to complete the paint job.  Due to the urgency of our missions to Haiti, we've had to interrupt the paint process several times to make critical flights.  Well, this should be the last time we put her back into the paint shop and let Southern Executive Jet do what they do so well, paint aircraft.

I'll also be working with "Southwest Chuck" today on some new banners for our Air Mobile displays.  These will help us to tell more people about what we do, i.e. bringing in clean water to the thirsty.

I heard from Nate with Harris this morning and we're making very good progress on the presentation to the Government of Haiti regarding a much needed up-grade on Air Traffic Control Communications there.  By the way, these pursuits and assistance will hopefully help us in our efforts to get more airports open in Haiti.  Simply put, the addition of runways will save many lives.  Haiti, as you know, has many extremely isolated regions.  During times of emergency or disease outbreaks (cholera for example), the strategic placement of runways save lives!  Please pray that we have success in our presentations.

In the midst of it all, we just want to be used by our Lord to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to as many as we can.  Well, it's time to get on with this day.  We pray you are blessed and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We have been following Tropical Storm Philippe.  Several days ago, the projected path had that storm heading for the "Islands".  Well, Philippe is now projected to make a hard right turn and head on out to the open sea away from people and property.  Thank the Lord!  Joe

PPS - If you're new to this "meandering blog" and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the story, you have.  Simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey.  Welcome aboard!!  Joe

October 2, 2011 - Sunday - 9:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes the old body just says...."enough".  That was my case yesterday.  Got up early, wrote the "wandering blog" about our return flight home from Haiti.  Then dashed out the door to a Grand Opening of a new business that we're going after for cartridge business.  Stopped on the way home and did some "football" shopping....healthy hot dogs, buns etc. and got home in the middle of the 1st quarter between LSU and Kentucky.  

Peter actually put the phone next to the computer and I listened to the game while driving home.  Upon arrival, I laid down and we just "chilled" out.  After the game (LSU won 35 - 7), the exhaustion and tension of the last few weeks simply crashed down on me and I just stayed in bed and watched football and drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the day.  I could barely move.  Thus, the old body just said, "cool it".  I did.

Well, today is a new day.  We're getting ready for Church and Chapel and will stop and visit some of our dear "Snow Bird - Water Mule" friends, Dennis and Barbara West on our way home.  They just arrived back in Florida yesterday.  

Woke up this morning meditating on "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it".  Cindy and I just had a delicious cup of coffee on our patio with a crisp, cool temperature.   Fall is arriving in Florida.  We pray that you have a blessed day!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 1, 2011 - Saturday - 7:31am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Our "Little Donkey", Ti Burik delivered the Air Mobile Team back to the U.S. safe and sound and quickly and comfortably.  We are so pleased to having been able to give Nathan and Amy of the Haiti Adventist Hospital a ride back to the U.S.  Nathan needs some medical attention.  

We met early yesterday morning.  Fueled the plane, filled out the paperwork, prayed about the weather enroute and rolled down the runway at Port-Au-Prince headed back to the U.S.

We had several storms to work around and as you can see from the Satellite Image of the tropics, Hurricane Ophelia has "re-ignited" and blown up into a powerful Hurricane.  She did not effect our flight directly and I'm glad we were well to the west of her 100+mph winds.  We're also extremely thankful, that Ophelia is projected to make a sharp right turn to the north away from people and property.  We're keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Philippe that is still well to the East of us.  It is also projected to make a similar turn to the north.  

We climbed to 12,000 and just settled down to a beautiful ride home.  We did have a bit of weather just to the East of our route, but the ride was smooth and comfortable.

We had the opportunity to reflect upon this last mission.  Nate (with the Harris Corporation) and I had good discussions about the Communication / Navigation needs in Haiti.  The conclusion is clearly that Haiti needs new equipment IMMEDIATELY!  We pray that our good meetings with the new Director General, Mr. Flambert, will yield results!

Upon landing at our home field of Titusville (KTIX), we made a mad dash to the Orlando International Airport to get Nate there at the last possible moment.  He made it on-board his flight bound for Albany, NY.  Then Nathan and Amy and I went and had a pleasant meal and simply reflected on the goodness of our Lord.  So many doors are opening up and we pray that we will guided through each and every one as our Lord wills and directs.

Well, it's good to be home.  Peter and I will be watching another great football game, LSU and Kentucky early this afternoon.  THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God bless!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 30, 2011 - Friday - 5:38am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Another beautiful sunrise in Haiti.  In reflection on yesterday, my mind is a whirl and I'm still drenched to the bone.  As many of you know, Air Mobile Joe likes to "scoot" around Haiti on a little blue motorcycle.  The reason is simple - efficiency.  One can accomplish 3 to 4 more "missions" on a motorcycle than "sitting in grid-lock" in a car.  However, there are several drawbacks to this high efficiency deployment.  Can't bring very much and rain can certainly slow one down.  Such was our case yesterday.

We began by meeting "The Lady in the Blue Dress" or AKA "Rambo in the Blue Dress".  Barbara Walker returned from Germany.  She was accompanied by another great group from Viera Church in Melbourne, FL.  (This church has done so much to help the mission!!!)  

IMMEDIATELY, after getting Barb cleared off the flight, she and I got on the little blue motorcycle and "dashed" up the mountain to the Headquarters of the Methodist Church and met Rev. Paul.  Our mission:  Get Containers Cleared!  This is so important.  Well, we made the run with speed and efficiency.  I noted gathering storm clouds.  

Our meeting with Rev. Paul could not have gone any better.  The Methodist Church has agreed to assist Reach Out To Haiti by allowing Barb to bring in containers of desperately needed supplies.  This was a major break-through and a beautiful Open Door.  

The reason we needed to "fly" up the hill on the motorcycle is because we had other meetings in the early afternoon.  The ONLY way we could make all the meetings would be with the little blue motorcycle.  After rejoicing at the new OPEN DOOR, we dashed back down the mountain to the Airport.  There, we met Nate (whom we had left at the Airport Headquarters Building earlier) and began another series of vital meetings regarding the Upgrade of the Communication / Navigation ATC (Air Traffic Control) equipment for Haiti.

We were glad to meet the new Director General of OFNAC (The Haiti FAA), Mr. Flambert, who is also a very skilled pilot.  We hit it off immediately, swapping a number of "flying" stories and mutual friends.  Remember, the "camaraderie" among pilots is strong.  We got right down to the business of Haiti's antiquated and faltering communication equipment.  We discussed the Commerical Airliner that had an emergency several days ago and how the Air Traffic Controllers handled the situation with calm professionalism, but over equipment that was like "skating on thin ice".  

Nate made a superb presentation of the capabilities and advantages of the Harris Corporation.  At the end of the meeting, we all had the sense that quality information had been exchanged.  Now, it was back to the little blue motorcycle.  Nate and Enock and another official went to grab a bite to eat and I headed out to Samaritan's Purse to get some vital paperwork.  Then, the rains let loose.  I drove through newly formed "rivers" of water formed by the torrential downpour and even "flooded" out the little motorcycle.  

Pushed it to the police station right next to our beloved "Caanan II".  Then a neighbor from our village recognized me and shared that he had the exact same motorcycle and knew what happened.  Water had managed to get into the fuel tank.  We quickly drained it and soon I was back on my way up to Samaritan's Purse.  I retrieved our document and then "slogged" my way back to where Nate and Enock were enjoying a meal.  I was absolutely drenched and cold.  There happened to be one of those electric hand dryers in the bathroom.  They're kind of like a mini clothes dryer.  I hung out and slowly dried out and warmed up.

The rain just kept on pouring.  Long after dinner was over and the meetings complete, Nate and I just hung out waiting for that rain to stop.  It didn't.  Finally, we came up with a good solution....shrink wrapping.  The staff at the restaurant "wrapped" us up and soon, we were navigating the rivers back to the village.  Got back to our home base late...was very tired.  However, there is the deep sense that yesterday was a major day of "Opening Doors" to enabling us to minister more effectively and bring more help to those in desperate need and possibly fly with greater safety.

As always, I so appreciate your prayers, love and support.  Today, we have a lot of ground to cover and there are still plenty of storm clouds around.  As we look at "Hurricane" Ophelia, we can see that she has gained a lot of strength, but still heading to open sea.  

However, Tropical Storm Philippe may be heading to the Islands and even to Florida.  We're keeping a very close eye on Mr. Philippe.  All of these storms in the tropics are what is causing the heavy rainstorms here in Haiti.  You may recall that there was a fatal crash of a Commuter Airline in Haiti last week.  The preliminary reports indicate the cause of the crash was likely weather related.    

We ask again for your prayers that our Lord will lead us and guide us each step of the way!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 29, 2011 - Thursday - 5:39am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early to a beautiful sunrise in Haiti.  The roosters are crowing and in the distance, I can hear an early church service going.  I love the peaceful early mornings in Haiti.  It is such a contrast to the grinding traffic and frequent grid-lock and the continual movements and transactions of thousands of "small businesses" on the sides of the roads.  This island is perpetual movement / sound / color / suffering and joy all mixed up into one that is called Haiti.

Yesterday, we departed early for the "City" through that grinding traffic and grid-lock to several critical meetings.  We had the privilege of meeting the President of the Methodist Church of Haiti.  I found out that the Methodists have been in Haiti since 1817!  Upon reaching their headquarters in "Upper Delmas", we eased through a modest, inconspicuous gate.  Then we began the trek through the vast, expansive grounds and weaved between buildings and playgrounds.  

Soon, we found ourselves in the office of Rev. Gesner Paul.  Our mission today was to introduce Rev. Paul to Reach Out To Haiti, the mission that Barbara Walker started many years ago.  The Methodists have offered to help Barbara get critical supplies into Haiti via containers.  Rev. Paul simply wanted to get to know us a bit better.  As Barbara is out of the country, we made the initial introduction in her behalf.  After the cordial and vital meeting, we began the trek back to our vehicle.  

The school had let out for "recess" and we walked through a "sea" of students of all ages.  One could sense the depth and quality of this mission.  We saw smiles and hope among the hundreds (if not thousands) of students.  As I left the Methodists Headquarters in Haiti, I was reminded of the Hope and Joy to be found in our Lord.  Though many of these students come from very poor and desperate conditions, still they were "pressing forward" for a better life.  And....many generous folks from around the world have worked together to help offer them a quality education and hope.  I'm also very thankful for the sense of cooperation and helpfulness among the many missions working in this country.  We appreciate the help that the Methodists have given to Reach Out To Haiti.

From the Methodist Headquarters, we continued our slow, grinding crawl through Petionville and over the mountain to Port-Au-Prince.  We went through the downtown area to show Nate, our newest "Water Mule" in training, some of the destruction of the terrible earthquake. Then, we proceeded to the Adventist Hospital to deliver some medical supplies.  We met up with Nathan and Amy, our dear friends.  Always good to see them.  We checked to see if Pastor Volny, from Caanan II Tent City was there.  He was not....so our search for him continues.  

From the Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, we then headed to the Port-Au-Prince Airport area for our next meeting with another dear friend, Enock who was just flying in from Montreal, Canada.  You may recall, Nate and I attended his wedding several weeks ago in Montreal.  The purpose of our meeting is find out more about the situation with the existing Communication / Navigation equipment at the airport and how we might be able to assist in upgrading this equipment.  It is so needed.

Well, Enock arrived after his long flight from Canada and we enjoyed a wonderful Haitian dinner at very nice restaurant right across from General Aviation.  Our discussion went on well into the evening.  It was good to see Enock, who is an excellent Air Traffic Controller and Nate who knows so much about Air Traffic Control equipment swap and exchange ideas.  I am very hopeful that something good will come out of these discussions.

We worked our way home through a driving thunderstorm.  The "Season" is not over.  There are still major storms working in the Caribbean.  We're now keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Philippe that has early projections to come our way.  We pray that the projections are simply wrong and that Philippe will follow the path of the recent storms and head out to the open ocean away from people and property.  

You know before I close out this "meandering blog I'd like to share something with you.  As I read the news, the Financial Conditions around the world are shaking (The European Union is falling apart, the IMF needs a "Bailout", the U.S. is struggling under staggering debt etc. etc.).  

I know, personally, that our company is going through very hard times and it is obvious that we are not alone.  Many, many around the world are going through very hard financial times. Both large and small companies are struggling... millions upon millions are unemployed and facing financial ruin.  

As I went to sleep last night, my heart was heavy (carrying the financial burdens) and even this morning, the heaviness was still there.  Yet, as I experienced that beautiful sunrise, I realized that this is a new day and above all, it is the day that our Lord has made.  Let us REJOICE and be glad in it (as spoken so beautifully by the Psalmist David).  I read in John 14:1 "Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me".  As I continued to read, I got to John 16:33 "In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of Good Cheer, I have overcome the world".  My heart was comforted by His words.  Today, as I go forth, I will go with Him at my side guiding me each step of the way.

It's time for that second cup of coffee.  We've got a lot of stuff to accomplish today.  We sure appreciate your love, prayer and support.  And THANKS again for reading all the way through this "wandering" blog today.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 28, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:48am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Nate and I were up early yesterday morning, and yes, we headed to the airport.   Topped off Ti Burik and rolled down the runway at 5:30am.  We had a good load of medical supplies, diapers, shoes, sump pump, cartridges, food and misc. other much needed items for Haiti.

We climbed to 19,000 and "threaded" our way between 2 sizable build-ups.  I noted that our climb was a bit slower than usual and when we emerged from the climb and were met by the beautiful Caribbean sunrise, I discovered the reason why.  We picked up a little ice along the way.  This is a bit unusual in the Caribbean but not completley uncommon.  Thought I'd share this shot with you to show you what ice looks like on the wing of an airplane.  

Fortunately, it's easy to get rid of.  Keep flying south where the air is a bit warmer or simply descend and it melts right off.  We, of course reported the "Icing Conditions" to Miami Center.  Glad our "PIREP" (Pilot Report) could give other pilots a heads-up of what they were about to encounter.

We made a quick flight to Haiti of 4 hours and 45 minutes.  Made the low pass of Caanan II, the tent city that we've "adopted".  Then flew over our Base Camp.  I was able to clearly demonstrate to Nate (who works for the Harris Corporation) the extreme need for "Upgraded" Communication equipment for Port-Au-Prince.  We could barely hear the Control Tower at 20 miles away.  

Meanwhile, as we approached the Port-Au-Prince Airport,  a commercial airliner had just taken off and encountered engine problems and had to make an "Immediate" turn around and land.  Traffic stacked up and the limited communications made things quite "dicey".  Yet, the Air Traffic Controllers handled the emergency beautifully.  This is the very reason I've brought Nate to Haiti.  We need to do all we can to help get these folks some good equipment.  It will significantly increase our safety margins as we come and go to Haiti.  Please pray that our meetings are successful as we meet with the proper authorities to discuss possible solutions!

Our little white donkey was met by our usual ground crew.  In this shot, the blue bags contain beautiful new shoes.  Now, I must tell you again,  where these come from.  Do you recall "Delta Rose"?  She works for Delta Airlines and like "Southwest Chuck" has helped Air Mobile to get all over the world on "Buddy Passes".  Her adopted daughter from China, Katie, (who is 16 years old!) felt the need a number of years ago to "give back".  She took it on herself to help find new shoes for the children of Haiti.  She remembers, while growing up in China, how "precious" shoes were.  Nearly every trip, our little donkey carries "new shoes" to needy kids!

After getting unloaded, Missy from Barb's village met us and we headed back to the base camp.  We had a "brunch" of quiche and then headed out to Samaritan's Purse to meet Sara.  We delivered toner cartridges to keep this great organization in printing supplies.  Some of you may remember, we started our cartridge company in a mud hut village right here in Haiti many years ago.  

After delivering the cartridges, we headed to Caanan II to check on Pastor Volny.  You may recall, he recently had surgery.  He has not returned to the tent city since then.  One of the things we'll do on this mission, when we deliver the medical supplies to the Adventist Hospital, is check on Pastor Volny and see how the surgery went.  I recall meeting Pastor Volny immediately following the earthquake (of January 12, 2010).  Caanan II had over 5000 "residents" and NO WATER!  We helped with that situation and have been very close to them all since then.  Pastor Volny has been a "Rock Solid" leader in this community.  We need him back.  PLEASE pray for him.

Once back at the base camp, found that there are only 2 or 3 Rescuers to Refurbish.  So, over the next few days, will be training Nate on the fine art of becoming a genuine "Water Mule".  Well, the sun has risen and it's time to get on with this beautiful day in Haiti.  Please remember to pray for our meetings with the Haitian Authorities regarding the upgrade of the Communication / Navigation Equipment for the Airport.  Also, that we find Pastor Volny.

In checking the weather this morning, looks like Miss Ophelia is not "dead", as reported yesterday.  She has been "reborn".  As you can see from her "projected" path, she'll be, hopefully" making that good right turn to the open ocean away from people and property.  Last night, we had a very powerful thunder storm that literally shook our building.  There is still much instability in the Caribbean and the Hurricane season is not over.   As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 27, 2011 - Tuesday - 4:14am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We picked up our mission aircraft from the paint shop yesterday and I must say, our little donkey is getting prettier and prettier.  She's all white like a refrigerator.  She flew very well on the quick hop from Sanford to Titusville.  I brought "Southwest Obie" with me.  He's a good friend of "Southwest Chuck" and now, he's a genuine "water mule" for Air Mobile and the Lord!

We performed a number of tests and inspections and the aircraft passed all with flying colors. Now, we're gathering up the supplies for our next flight into Haiti.  For the time, the tropics are somewhat quiet, but there is another storm forming that is named Philippe.  Though it is still far to the east, it is projected to take a northerly course and not effect the island, we still pray that that storm does just that and stays away from people and property.

Late yesterday evening, I picked up my new friend, Nate.  You may recall, we were in Canada several weeks ago attending another good friend's wedding.  Well, he'll be down here with us for a few days and we'll be in meeting regarding upgrading the Air Traffic Control systems in Haiti.  Please pray that our meetings go well.

It's time to get on with this day.  Have a lot of stuff to accomplish.  As always, God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 26, 2011 - Monday - 6:02am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning, heading to the airport to pick up our mission aircraft, Ti Burik.  The paint job is "almost" finished.  The Cessna is now all white (kind of looks like a refrigerator) and will gets it's stripes after our next mission.  The paint shop has done an excellent job of preparing our aircraft, but as you may recall, we had a bit of delay with some "anti-corrosion" substance on the internal sides, thus the original delay.  Now, it's just a scheduling challenge, but we're assured that our Little Donkey will be all done pretty soon.

In the meantime, we need to get the plane back to do some maintenance and inspections and soon, we'll make a much needed mission flight to Haiti.  Speaking of Haiti, things are somewhat quiet for now.  We're very thankful.  Weather-wise, there are storms around, but nothing serious brewing in the tropics.  Looks like Ophelia has "fizzled out".  Thank the Lord!

I have a very serious prayer request.  Yesterday evening, I received a disturbing call from a dear friend Steve.  Apparently, a very dear friend of his (also named Steve) along with son were involved in a tragic auto accident.  It occurred during a thunderstorm and a tree was blown down on the road.  When Steve and his son Nathan (10 years old) came around the corner, they swerved to miss the tree.  The vehicle lost control and crashed.  

No one was seriously injured.  Steve removed Nathan from the accident vehicle and placed him in what he believed to be a safe place.  Suddenly, another car came around the curve, lost control and struck Nathan killing him.  The families are devastated.  My friend Steve called me and asked for prayer.  Could you please join together with us and ask our Lord to comfort these broken hearts?

Folks, these are the times to press in close to our Lord.  Many times, we don't understand why things happen....but they do.  Our Lord is an ever-present help in time of trouble.  Our hearts go out to these families struck by such tragedy.

There are some things that happen in life that we may never understand on this earth.  However, there is the promise and hope of heaven through Jesus.  This is what we can count on.  Again, may I ask you to lift up this family and hundreds if not thousands of folks in this community that have been devastated by this tragic accident.

Well, time to "launch" out into this day that our Lord has made....I'm going to REJOICE and be glad in it.  Even when I don't feel like "Rejoicing", that is what I'm choosing to do.  For the JOY of the Lord is our strength and right now, need some extra strength.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!! God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

September 25, 2011 - Sunday - 7:45am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The day began at the Melbourne International Airport, where FIT had it's 7th Annual Aviation Day.  FIT is a world-class school and has a world-class Aviation Department.  Peter and I were joined with "Southwest Chuck" and spent the day talking with folks about Aviation and Clean Water and the incredible Air Mobile Rescuer.

We met so many new friends and a few old ones.  We met some with airplanes and so many that simply wanted to volunteer.  Quite a few got our book, "Run to the Roar".  This book tells our story and above it all, it is a wonderful tesitmony to the Grace of God!

So many good things have come out of the Extreme Make-Over of our home.  As many of you know, we have a 22 foot section of a Southwest Airlines 737 in our home.  Well, "Southwest Chuck" headed up that project for Extreme Make-Over and that is how we met this amazing "Water Mule" par excellence.  Chuck has helped on so many levels.  Yesterday was another example.  He came with Peter and I on a moment's notice and spent the entire day helping me to talk to literally hundreds of folks.

At the end of the day, we closed up with a sense that many, many more friends have been contacted and available to help us in this noble quest to bring clean water to a thirsty world!  I've said this many times, but it bears repeating, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".  Chuck is an excellent example of that.  Air Mobile could not do the things that it does without so many folks who volunteer to help us!  Also, THANK YOU, FIT for inviting Air Mobile to this wonderful event.  We look forward to next year!!

Let's keep praying that Tropical Storm Ophelia keeps that course to the north and the east.  Just checked out a Storm Path Projection and see a little "wobble" to the west.  That means the it could still impact the folks on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.  Let us pray that the storm just keeps going North and east and stay out at sea away from people and property.

Now, as far as football goes, yesterday evening was a beautiful thing....if you're an LSU fan.  Peter and I headed to our favorite Saturday night hang-out, Dogs-R-Us and watched a classic shoot-out of 2 very good football teams.  West Virginia played a very good game and racked up over 500 yards of offense against one of the best defenses in the country.  But at the end of the evening, LSU prevailed 47-21. There is a lot of talk about LSU becoming the number 1 team in the country.  We'll see.

Well, it's Sunday morning and the Hurston Family is getting ready for church and then will be heading to the Hospital for Young People in Orlando where we'll share the Good News of Jesus.  This has been a true "labor of love" for over 14 years for our family.  We love ministering with these young people and staff.

Some of you reading this "meandering daily blog" may not know about our book, "Run to the Roar".  If you'd like a good read that does indeed explore new depths of the grace and wonder of the Lord, let me know.  I'd love to get you a signed copy.  Also, if you'd like to have Air Mobile Joe come and speak to your church or group, give me a call and I'd love to come and share the grace and joy of the Lord!  And as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  We simply could not do what we do without so many folks like you standing with us. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - You may contact me at:  321-544-7757 or e-mail me at:  airmobilejoe@gmail.com.  Would love to hear from you!  Joe

September 24, 2011 - Saturday - 6:09am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning, getting ready to head out to Aviation Day hosted by Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) at Melbourne.  I was supposed to have a certain "Little Donkey" with me, but it will not be picked up from the paint shop until Monday.  By the way, it is "snow white" as the stripes have not yet been added.  But she will fly just fine all white.  Stripes will come a bit later.

It's always a privilege and joy to go to these kind of events as we get to meet other "Aviators".  We are a unique and tight group and the camaraderie among us is wonderful.  Will be able to explain how our "tiny" little airplane can make a huge difference to folks who are thirsty.  We'll also be "recruiting" new water mules and pilots and pilots with airplanes.  This is always a good thing.  If you live in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Cocoa area, consider coming on out to the Melbourne Airport.  The show opens at 9:00am.

According to the latest projection, Miss Ophelia has definitely made that "right" turn and is headed to the north, to the open ocean far, far away from folks and property.  Those that are digging out of Miss Irene are certainly thankful.  We know how devastating massive rains and winds can be.  Thank the Lord for the current course of Tropical Storm Ophelia.

Today, marks Day 2 since I announced the "Lay-Off" of the CSA staff, including yours truly, Air Mobile Joe.  Even though our financial future is unsure, there is an unusual freedom in knowing that we have made the right decision.  Our company has been losing money for some time and "change is often quite difficult" even when the change will do us good.  

Now, knowing that we have made positive steps toward "stopping the bleed", we can proceed toward debt reduction / elimination.  It seems that my mind is clearer and I can see opportunities now that have been obscured before by the pressure of the terrible debt.  Oh, we still have the same amount of debt, but we will be able to apply more resources toward that debt.  

Even though, I have been "laid off" (from my salary), I will still work very hard for CSA to bring it to profitability and stability.  I am so glad for a good team of partners and counselors to help steer us through these turbulent waters.  But the most important thing we have is...THE LORD!  Scriptures like, "With men, it is impossible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" strengthen and comfort my soul.

Well, time for that 2nd cup of coffee and need to get Peter (my trusty assistant) up.  This evening, after Aviation Day, we'll be heading out to our all-time favorite spot during College Football Season, "Dogs-R-Us" to enjoy a pleasant and fiercely contested football game between my beloved LSU Tigers and the West Virginia Moutaineers.  Should be a good game. As always, I so appreciate you for winding down this rambling road with me via this blog and...THANKS for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 23, 2011 - Friday - 6:35am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


As we observe the projected path and strength of Tropical Storm Ophelia, it does appear as if she will keep a safe distance from people and property.  We're very thankful.  

Meanwhile, we prepare for our next mission.  Found out that our "Little Donkey" is all white and awaiting the striping.  However, we may just make a much needed run down to Haiti in the near future and get that "striping" done when we return home.  No dates have been finalized for that mission and as you know, we'll not publish it.  Just letting you know, we're getting close.

Do you know how I've been sharing about the challenges we've been facing with our company, CSA?  Yesterday, we made some very significant moves to reduce the expenses in CSA allowing us to focus more of the revenue on reducing our debt.  Basically, our entire staff has been "laid off" including me.  Oh, I'll continue to work in the company, but with no pay.  This has been an extremely difficult decision to reach, but in order to "save" the company, we must reduce our expenses and focus on our debt.  We have staff members that have been with CSA for many years and now, they will be joining the "unemployed".  This breaks my heart, but the "math" mandated the move.  Please pray for our faithful, incredible staff who has truly been like family with us.

After much prayer, we have come up with a way to continue our company through a strategic alliance with a trusted friend and partner.  For the last few years, we have partnered with this company to fulfill many of our orders.  Now, they will be taking more of the load.   I will continue to market and sell our remarkable products and services and even expand our services to include strategic consulting throughout the Caribbean.  We will call in staff to build the Air Mobile Rescuer on an "as needed" basis.

These choices have not been easy, BUT NECESSARY.  In essence, we must "balance our budget" and simply put, get more coming in than is going out.  We must REDUCE (& ELIMINATE) OUR DEBT!  In many ways, this is exactly what our Government needs to do, but that is another story.  

Cindy has taken a job as a Nurse (she is an RN).  This is a temporary position.  We are hoping and praying that she will find a permanent position. I am looking for some "flying jobs" on the side, that will likely include some Flight Instruction to replace our income.  I'm also working real hard to find "new business" for CSA and get all of that debt paid quickly.  

Some have advised that we just go "bankrupt".  However, we owe good folks money and want to pay all of our debts.  So, we are taking these rather drastic moves to give us a shot at paying off ALL of our debts.  We believe that with God, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE".

As I stand back and look at our financial situation, the mountains look pretty high and daunting but....I am reminded of our Lord and all He has done for us and the mountains are indeed "scalable" with HIM as our guide.  As we enter into this new day, please join together with us in prayer that we will navigate this difficult and challenging road successfully!

That brings me to you.  Are any of you facing a "lay-off" , or a business "shut-down" or just economic woes?   Let's pray together.  Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to talk about it and pray together with me.  Many of you reading this blog have been on this journey with us through some challenging and exciting times.  You have faithfully prayed and stood with us.  THANK YOU!!  

Air Mobile Joe


September 22, 2011 - Thursday - 7:31am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here comes Ophelia.  At this point, the projections have this Tropical Storm by-passing the Islands and hopefully (prayerfully) staying off the U.S. Eastern seaboard.  We pray those projections stay true! 

I checked in with the paint shop yesterday on our Little Donkey (Ti Burik) and all is proceeding ahead.  The job may be finished on Friday or maybe Monday.  The sooner the better for me.  We're gathering another plane-load and it's getting time to head back to Haiti.

We're still awaiting word on the Helicopter ride into Little Diomede (between Alaska & Russia).  Should we not be able to secure transportation onto the island, we can send the unit via mail.  However, in such isolated areas, I personally like to train the operator though the operation is quite simple.  When winter comes in, Little Diomede is extremely difficult to reach.  Please continue to pray for this situation.

Yesterday, had some encouraging news on business.  Looks like we may have gained a new client for CSA.  This came as a result of a very strong reference from one of our other clients.  We're putting the proposal together today.  So, even though things look pretty "grim" economically in our region, there is still business to be gained.  Often, we just need to keep marching ahead and "working the fields".  I am reminded of a wonderful scripture in this regard, "Be not weary in well doing....".  I like the New International Version of Galatians 6:9 "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up"!  Good word for the day!

I was shocked to read the story about the California family who is being fined for having a Bible Study in their home.  We went through a similar situation several years ago.  We "fought the good fight of faith" and won that battle but it took us 13 months and cost us over $100,000 to win.  Let us pray that sanity will prevail and this family will win this battle.

Running a little late this morning and have to get the kids to school.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 21, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:05am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In yesterday's blog, I reported on a Tropical Wave that we were keeping an eye on.  Well, this morning, she now has a name - Ophelia.  This tropical storm appears to be following the path of Irene and a number of other storms.  We simply pray that this storm stays away from folks and property!  We'll continue to monitor her movements.

Late yesterday afternoon, a Salsa Airlines Beechcraft 99, crashed in a sugar cane field close to the Cap Haitian Airport.  The initial report is that the crash was caused by weather.  The pilot was attempting to land at Cap Haitian during a heavy rain storm.  3 people were killed, the pilot, co-pilot and one passenger.  I have criss-crossed the skies of Haiti with this aircraft a number of times and have nodded greetings to the pilots just several weeks ago.  I regret this terrible accident and pray for the families of the deceased.

The aircraft was making the last flight of the day into Cap Haitian.  Often, it is in the late afternoon when the most intense weather forms.  I too, recall a flight that I was making into Cap Haitian during the late afternoon many years ago.  Got caught in a valley during descent and lost all visibility.  There was no Instrument Approach into Cap Haitian so I had to depend upon a lot of prayer and guidance from the Lord to get down safely.  Again, I offer my deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones yesterday afternoon.

We continue to move forward toward our next mission.  Spoke with my Alaska contact yesterday and we appear to be having some difficulty scheduling the helicopter portion of our journey from Nome to Little Diomede, the tiny island in the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia.  We're working on the details at this time.  Please pray all works out.

We had a wonderful evening with Dr. Confident and his wife and we were joined by the "Newly Weds", Enock and Darbonne.  We had another young lady from Haiti, Elsie with us.  Dr. Confident shared a remarkable vision for Haiti that would bring  in so many blessings!  One thing that would be needed to make this great project work would be an airport in Petit Goave.  You may recall, that I have been working on the details to get approval for an airport in that very region.  Little did I know that Dr. Confident had such a project in the works.  Last night was a wonderful opportunity for certain strategic parties to come together to PRAY!  Again, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!

Today, is a new day.  We ask our Lord to set us FREE from the terrible burden of debt.  Our company, CSA needs additional business so that we can pay our bills.  Our best way out of terrible debt is more business.  Now, in this economy this is a challenge, but.....we serve a mighty God.  In many ways, our company is going through the same thing that our government is going through as well as many nations around the world.  We must decrease overhead and generate more business with profit!  We continue to "work our fields" and pray for the harvest.  We know "The Lord of the Harvest".  If there is any consolation in all of this, it is - we are not alone.  Many are facing the same thing.  So, we stand firm and pray and seek His direction this day!  

It's time to get on with this day, that our Lord has made....let us rejoice and be glad in it!  God Bless and THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

September 20, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:44am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The first Non-Stop flight from Albany, NY to Orlando, FL was scheduled to depart at 7:30am - at 7:23am, the final minute for the LAST passenger to board, Air Mobile Joe was "awarded" the last seat on the plane!  This has happened so many times, it's comical and faith-building and encouraging so many other emotions.  Again, so THANKFUL to Southwest Airlines and their great staff nation-wide for helping this missionary to move "freely" about the country!

As I walked down the aisle of the very full aircraft, I saw "my seat".  It was there that I met Jack and Dorothy.  No accident I sat with them on this flight!

It seems that Jack, a retired Correction Officer, was quite nervous about flying.  Well, being a pilot, I was able to assuage some of his fears.  But that was only the beginning of this "Strategic Positioning".  As the 737 streaked down south toward Orlando, our conversation covered many areas of common interest and experiences.

Again, I never cease to marvel at how our Lord positions His troops.  On this day, I knew that our Lord had placed me in exactly the right seat.  Jack, over the years, has dealt with many a hardened criminal.  This brought our conversation to "Amazing Grace" (how sweet the sound) that saved a wretch like John Newton, the author of the beautiful song and a notorious "ex-slave trader" with a horrible back-ground.  We ended our flight in a "Grace Bubble" of JOY!

The evening before our flight, Jack had dinner with a dear friend who had prayed that Jack, who was VERY nervous about the flight, would sit with a "minister".  Well, our Lord heard that prayer and placed me right in that "very last seat" on Southwest Flight 2088.  We arrived in Orlando right on time following a flight that was as "smooth as silk" and completely enveloped in God's "Amazing Grace".

Upon arrival in Orlando, I felt that my book, "Run to the Roar" would be an appropriate gift for Jack and Dorothy.  We bid farewell and somehow, I have the feeling that this will not be the last time I meet them.

When I got back to the house, opened my e-mail and found a VERY encouraging note from a Procurement Officer for a multi-billion dollar corporation in our area.  Been going after them for a long time, having planted many seeds to possibly gain their business for CSA.  The note has requested more information regarding the "extraordinary" (I put that in quotes) capabilities of our company.  Today, after a day of prayer and thought and consideration, I'll be responding to that request.  Please pray I choose my words wisely!  Our company really needs a "Win" right now!!

Late yesterday evening, I heard from Cindy in Alaska regarding our upcoming mission to Little Diomede Island.  We're nailing down dates and working on the helicopter ride from Nome to Little Diomede.  Details are coming together and we hope to get up there "before the cruel winter" sets in.  Please pray all details get worked out so that we can bring clean water to those folks who are so isolated and in such need!

Today, we'll be joined in our home with Dr. Ludner Confident, a prominent U.S. Physician who was born in Haiti,  as well as Enock and his new bride, Darbonne.  They have chosen to "Honeymoon" in Orlando.  This evening, we'll be meeting on and discussing an incredible project in Haiti that will bring a level of development that we have only dreamed of.  Dr. Confident will be sharing his vision fully with us.  We're very excited about the possibilities!

We're scanning the Caribbean and see a little bit of activity off the coast of Africa.  We pray that no major storms develop!  Our beloved mission aircraft, Ti Burik, is still in the paint shop and we hope to have it all done by the end of this week!  The paint job will complete the "Extreme Make-Over" on our little donkey!  I can hardly wait to get that bird back in the air!

Have more strategic planning and counseling meetings for our business today.  Please remember to PRAY as I respond to that most encouraging inquiry from that "big company" in our area that is looking at CSA!  God bless and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


September 19, 2011 - Monday - 6:27am (US Eastern Time) - Albany Intenational Airport - Albany, NY - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, a new family was created by love.  It was such a joy seeing Enock and Darbonne unite as two strong believers to form a new family dedicated to serving the Lord.  It was such a pleasure meeting both families and swapping Haiti stories.

The day began with a classic Haitian breakfast.  Enock's brother-in-law, Montfort is from the small town of Dame Marie on the extreme western tip of Haiti.  I recalled a Hurricane named Frederick that simply devastated that region of Haiti.  I was a "rooky" missionary...heard about the terrible losses and knew I had to do something.  Completely out of money, I prayed and asked our Lord to provide food for these desperate people.

Well, our Lord provided the food but the road was very, very, very bad and dangerous.  Finally, we were literally attacked by an angry, hungry mob in an extremely isolated region.  There seemed to be no way out of this one, but.....our Lord truly came through.  As I shared this story with Montfort and his wife, Edline, I re-lived the experience.  It brought back to me what a mighty God we serve.  When we are weak, He is strong.  That evening on the beach, I had never been weaker....was sick with fever and had no physical strength and yet, our Lord rose up mightily within me and fully and completely delivered us.  We completed our mission of bringing in food and life-saving supplies.  Later, we returned to the village that had attacked us and brought them  food and "Spiritual food" with the "Jesus Film".  Many came to know Jesus as Lord.  Ahhh, recalling the mighty works of the Lord in our lives helps strengthen us and build our and others faith!

Well, back to the wedding...after the beautiful ceremony, we shared a glorious feast.  I am so blessed to know Enock and now having met Darbonne, I rejoice on how our Lord has put these two together.  Enock and I have many exciting projects ahead of us in Haiti and now, we are joined by Darbonne, a lady of faith!  

It was late when I departed by road from Montreal to Albany.  Got into Albany around 1:15am.  Hit the hay and was up at 4:45am to arrive here at the airport.  My flight is completely full and we pray for "no-shows" as that is the only way I'll get on the first Non-Stop to Orlando.  So....I may be spending a little extra time here in Albany.  There are a couple of flights after this one and I'll eventually make it home but.....sure pray I get on this one.  Please join together with me.

Time for breakfast and coffee.  Upon returning, it'll be back to getting our Little Donkey back in the air following the paint job and gathering supplies for our next mission.  We're keeping an eye on the Caribbean and we're thankful for the rains that Texas has received.  While I'm hanging out at the Albany airport this morning (waiting for a free ride home, again, THANKS to Southwest Airlines), feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or just want to pray (321-544-7757).  God Bless and....THANKS for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 18, 2011 - Sunday - 6:59am (US Eastern Time) - Montreal, Canada - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


This morning I am writing this blog from the my dear friend, Enock's, sister's home just outside of Montreal.  Today, we are going to celebrate the union of Pastor Enock and Darbonne, his lovely Bride-to-be.

After a perfect flight from Orlando to Albany (Thanks again to Southwest Airlines), I met up with another new friend, Nate.  Nate works for the Harris Corporation, who provides high quality Air Traffic Control Communication / Navigation world-wide.  We are on a quest to help Port-Au-Prince upgrade their antiquated system.  This will help improve both the safety and functionality of Aviation, not only in Haiti, but throughout the Caribbean.  You, see, Port-Au-Prince is a major navigation "Intersection" in the region.  Thus, many will benefit from this much needed upgrade.

Well, Nate had some surprises for me.  First of all, he is a retired Navy Captain and he has an incredible love for "Trains".  Upon arrival at his lovely home in the upstate New York, we soon found ourselves in his basement in one of the most beautiful model "Train World's" I've ever seen.  Nate had trains and scenes from Europe, including England and Germany and the U.S..  For a little while, yesterday, we had a blast driving trains "all over the world".

From "Nate's World of Trains", we headed next to meet another dear friend, George Boivin. George and Polly "winter" down in Florida, but the rest of the time, they spend in Upstate New York, very close to Nate's home.  George has helped us so many times to launch mission after mission to Haiti.  Had to call George for lunch.  After we met it seems that George has a deep love for model trains also.  Thus, we connected 2 "Water Mules" (we're working on turning Nate into an Air Mobile Water Mule) and 2 guys who love model trains.  I had to post this scene set up in Nate's train world of a Drive-In showing the movie "Casa Blanca".  Nate has built a "Masterpiece"!  

As I headed from New York to Montreal, George and Nate were "Driving trains".  Yesterday evening, I arrived in Montreal and finally met the lovely Bride-To-Be, Darbonne.  Our Lord is putting 2 beautiful Christians together to form a new family.  

Today, we'll celebrate the wedding.  Nate will be driving up from New York to join us today.  Well, it's time for my first cup of coffee.  Please pray for Cindy and Peter and Ariana as they bring the message of Hope to the kids in the Hospital.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - That dry, parched, scorched area of Texas got some much needed rain yesterday and more is expected today.  Also, the Caribbean is quiet today, but there are a few systems that could form into some serious weather.  We're keeping an eye on that region.  


September 17, 2011 - Saturday - 7:39am (US Eastern Time) - Orlando International Airport - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Well, here I am, "On the road again" heading to Montreal, Canada.  Again, I'm flying FREE thanks to Southwest Airlines (by the way, they're the BEST)!  I have lost count of how many flights this great airline has provided to Air Mobile since the Extreme Make-Over, but suffice it to say, we've been free to move about the country and beyond....THANKS AGAIN SWA!!  By the way, Rebecca, in this photo, immediately offered more "Buddy Passes" to Air Mobile.  We were getting down on them and her gracious offer is perfectly timed!

Why am I flying to Canada via Albany, NY?  To attend a wedding of a very, very dear friend from Haiti.  I first met Enock Raymond nearly 30 years ago.  Enock was then (and is still) a great Air Traffic Controller at Port-Au-Prince International Airport.  There was just something about his voice that let me know that Enock loved the Lord.  Our friendship quickly grew.  One day, many years ago, Enock asked me if I would "stand with him" to get his U.S. Visa to study Theology in America.  I did and Enock was granted a 5 year Visa.  He also went on to get his Doctorate in Theology.  He also stayed on as an Air Traffic Controller.  He is now the Chief Air Traffic Controller.  

When he invited me to his wedding, I knew I had to go.  As it has worked out, I'll be joined with Nathan from Harris Corporation.  Haiti desperately needs new Air Traffic Communication and Navigation equipment.  We are praying that Haiti will get a much needed upgrade and that Harris will be able to provide it for them.  New communication/navigation equipment will make every pilot's life who flies into Haiti better!  Well, we're looking forward to a wonderful and blessed weekend with some very dear friends!

Oh, why, might you ask, am I flying to Albany, NY to get to Montreal?  Southwest does not fly into Montreal (yet), but they do fly into Albany.  I plan to rent a car and drive to Montreal.  Will also be able to meet with Nathan and have lunch as he lives in Albany.  So, the journey will not cost very much money, thank the Lord!

Meanwhile, Cindy will be hosting about 30 young people at our home this morning.  This was originally scheduled for last week (and I would have been home to meet and greet these young folks) but it was moved to the "Wedding Weekend".  So, Cindy and Peter and Ariana will be quite busy this morning.  We know all will have a good time, sorry I won't  be there.

I checked the weather report this morning for Texas and there is a 40% chance of rain for Bastrop, Texas.  We're so thankful.  We're also praying diligently that those storms will hold together and bring plenty of much needed rain to that region.  Those folks have just had a terrible time with wild-fires, thousands of homes have been lost and hundreds of thousands of acres have been scorched.  They so need the rain!!

Heard the news yesterday of the tragic Air Race crash in Reno.  Not sure if that pilot and his P-51 were at Oshkosh, but I suspect they were.  In reviewing the brief clip of the crash, it appears that there was some type of structural failure.  That does seem to be the "preliminary" reports.  I know, as a pilot, that that is the worst case scenario.  There is not much that can be done when that happens.  Let's lift up all the families that have been so terribly impacted by this horrible accident.

Well, it's time to get ready to board Flite 714 to Albany.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!! God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


September 16, 2011 - Friday - 7:27am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Our testings on the new switching configuration for the Air Mobile Rescuer are encouraging - Good to see pieces coming together.  Larry is a God-send!  Yesterday, we spent the day running the Rescuer to assure maximum performance.  So far, the test results are looking very good.  

I truly enjoyed hearing more about Larry's rich background and marveling at how our Lord brought us to together.  The more I learn about Larry, the more I see how perfect he is for the job of helping us with this amazing project!  More of the Lord's handiwork here in "Strategic Deployment"!  

This new switching configuration that we are developing will be easy to retro-fit on units in the field and also to implement on all new construction.  Also,  the replacement parts are easily and readily accessible.  This will allow Air Mobile Rescuers to continue to function and clean up dirty water for years to come.  We rejoice!

One of the things that I have truly enjoyed in being involved in this "Clean Water Project" has been to maintain and service Rescuers world-wide.  This has allowed me to see what this unit does under the most extreme circumstances.  It has enabled us to continually improve this remarkable unit and.....we're not through with it.  We're always looking for ways to make it better.  Our goal:  MAKE THE BEST PORTABLE WATER PURIFIER ON THE PLANET!  But you know the best part?  Keeping the clean water flowing in areas where it is desperately needed, often in "Life & Death" situations.    

Yesterday I spoke with Angie.  She and her husband will be funding the Rescuer that will be going to Little Diomede, the tiny island between Alaska and Russia in the Bering Sea.  We're making good progress on getting the pieces together for that deployment.

I also spoke with another missionary working in both Africa and India.  It was good to explain how the Rescuer can enhance the outreach by bringing, not only the Good News of the Jesus, but bringing in clean water literally "moments after arrival".  This very act of kindness and care brings so much credibility and strength to the message of the Gospel!

This weekend, I'll be heading up to Montreal Canada via Albany, NY (thanks to our good friends at Southwest Airlines) to attend the wedding of a dear and long-time friend, Pastor Enock from Haiti.  In addition to being a true Scholar in the Word of God, Enock is also the Senior Air Traffic Controller in Haiti.  I'm rejoicing in this beautiful union!

Last night, my son Peter and I went to our favorite "Football Hang-out", Dogs-R-Us and watched a fiercely contested SEC game between our beloved LSU Tigers and the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  It was a hard fought contest and Peter and I are very glad that LSU came out on top.  The final score 19 - 6.  Classic SEC football!

On the weather front, things are relatively quiet in the Caribbean....no new storms brewing as of this morning.  We pray that continues.  Miss Maria is heading up to Newfoundland with 75mph winds.  We pray those folks have their "hatches battened down".  Looks like that dry, parched, scorched area of Texas will be getting some much needed rain this weekend.  We continue to lift up all of those families that lost their homes during the recent wildfires.  We do PRAY that those rain showers hold together and make to the Bastrop / Austin areas.

Today, testing continues on the Rescuer as well as getting ready for our next mission(s) ahead.  Will also be seeking more business for CSA.  And, as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

September 15, 2011 - Thursday - 7:01am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes opportunities afford themselves in "no-shows".  That was what happened yesterday morning.  My good friend, Joe Prussel, had invited me to attend a Home-Builders / Contractors meeting.  The scheduled speaker was from NASA to explain new business opportunities at Kennedy Space Center.  Well, for whatever the reason, the Speaker simply did not show.  We were all just kind of sitting there and our hosts were scrambling to fill the time.

I quietly raised my hand and was given "the floor" for a moment.  It was the perfect opportunity to THANK all the attendees for helping to build our "Extreme Make-Over" home.  For you see, many there had worked on our home.  After I expressed my deep, heart-felt thanks to those whom I knew, the "flood-gates" opened.  The rest of the meeting was about how our community reached out to help us with our home and our mission to bring clean water to a thirsty world.  Yesterday, some new friendships were forged and I believe some new "Water Mules" will be joining us on future missions!  I love it when the Lord opens new doors!  We all shared a time of rejoicing in God's Amazing Grace!

You know how I've often shared about our need to gather the "Components" for our amazing water purifier?  Certain parts are no longer available and we've been working on some "work-arounds".  Such was our challenge yesterday.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord "Deploys His Troops".  Larry has been a deep part of our manufacturing team for several years.  He has been in the business of electronics for over 60 years!  He knows his stuff!!  I've even called upon Larry to help us with some electronic problems with our airplane.  Larry's good, real good!

In addition to Larry, is Curtis.  Curtis has worked for CSA for years.  His back-ground is teaching High School Science.  Curtis and Larry make a great pair.  We've been dealing with a switching and leaking problem for some time.  Up until now, we've been able to find the components to fix these problems.  After exhaustive research, we think we've simply run out of parts.  So, out comes the "Creative & Prayerful" thinking.

It was off to a remarkable store, "Sky Craft".  This is every tinkers / inventors dream store.  We searched and found the components we needed.  Then we went to the machinists, John, who builds certain other components for us.  After careful analysis, it was determined that the additional part is available "off the shelf".  We then dashed to a local electrical supply house in town and found the exact part we needed.

It was then back to Larry's Lab.  This lab is an inventors paradise.  Within minutes, Larry had all the tools to "machine" the new switch right onto the plate.  Late last night, the unit was all wired up and today, we'll be doing the testing.  Oh, we pray it works.  We may need to try a few different component combinations to get it all balanced.  Then, we'll be doing extensive, 24/7 running to verify the new system will work.

Now, any of you who know the Rescuer, knows that the "On-Off" switch is in an awkward position.  I have often said the most difficult part of operating the Rescuer is turning it on and off. Well, if all of our testing works and passes, we'll be giving the Rescuer a brand new, easy to operate switch.  We'll keep you advised on our progress.

After Curtis and I finished with this "Science Project", we made some business calls in behalf of CSA.  I was able to connect with my good friend, Matt, the Federal Account Manager for a multi-billion dollar company with whom we do "some" business.  The goal of the call was to "increase" that business.  After 3 rings, made the connection with my friend in "high places" in the big company.  My request was made and received.  Then, we got down to the part that I love.  I offered to Matt, for he and his son to join me on a "Water Mule" mission to Haiti.  I believe this will happen and many will be blessed.  Matt has followed, prayed for and supported our mission for years.

Speaking of Haiti, things are really heating up there.  Recently, it came to light, that the U.N. Forces in Haiti had been caught in some abusive situations.  Now, the Haitian people are reacting and there have been sporadic demonstrations breaking out in Port-Au-Prince.  We're keeping a very close eye on those developments.  

Weather-wise, it looks like the dry, parched, scorched part of Texas may be getting some much needed rain this weekend.  We've been following a series of storms to the west of Bastop / Austin.  Hopefully and PRAYERFULLY, these rain storms may reach that area by tomorrow.  We continue to pray for those folks.

Also, a bit more good weather news - Miss Maria is staying way out to sea and away from people and property.  We're so thankful for that.  The last thing the folks on the East Coast needs right now is another storm.  Thank you, Lord!!

It's that time.  Will be checking in with Larry and seeing how the testing on the Rescuer is going.  You know, several days ago, I bared my heart and shared some of the heavy things that have been weighing upon my heart regarding our business and just all the stuff going on in the world.  Well, your prayers have certainly lifted my heart.  Oh, we still have the same challenges but our Lord has certainly touched my heart in a special way.  THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe        

September 14, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:25am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


There is a wonderful scripture found in Ephesians 6:13-14 that says, "Having done all to stand, stand".  That is where we are.  Our feet are planted firmly on faith in our Lord and we continue to march forward in Him!  Now, I'd like to give you the full scripture in Ephesians 6 - Verse 13 "Therefore, take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to WITHSTAND in the evil day and having done all to STAND," Verse 14 "STAND therefore....."  What powerful and encouraging words from the Lord.  The Good News is knowing that we are not standing alone.  He is there with us and promises to never leave us or forsake us! 

Yesterday, I called my dear and life-long friend, Joe Polozola and we prayed together.  At the end of the prayer, Joe simply encouraged me to STAND!  Thus, the Ephesians scripture above.  There are so many times in life, when the winds are blowing, the fires are raging and the flood-waters are rising, that we simply need to stand firm in the Lord and keep on marching.  Such was my case yesterday.  Well, after gathering up and determining our course for the day, we marched forth.

Cindy and I had a very encouraging meeting with Elsie from Haiti.  She shared her story of being born in Haiti and being very sickly as a child.  Her main memories of Haiti was being in the hospital.  When she left Haiti at the age of 14 she vowed to NEVER return to Haiti. Well, the Lord had different plans for her.  She pursued a medical career.  After becoming a nurse and as she was preparing for Medical School, the Lord called her into the ministry.  She went to Bible College and gained her degree in Theology.  Then....our Lord called her back to Haiti.  

Now, Elsie travels back and forth on a regular basis.  We encouraged her to secure and utilize Air Mobile Rescuer water purifiers to strengthen her ministry there in Haiti.  This will enable her to bring clean water and preach the Gospel.  We agreed to meet with her Pastor here in the U.S. and present the need for these units.  It was a very encouraging meeting.  We prayed together and continued with on with our day.

I then received a call from Alaska.  Remember, I was sharing with you about the tiny little Island between Alaska and Russia in the Bering Sea, Little Diomede?  Well, the water there is very bad and has a dangerous amount of arsenic in it.  We have been in touch with the leadership on the Island and after careful consideration, they have requested that we bring in an Air Mobile Rescuer.  We are now building a unit for them with a supplemental arsenic filter attached.  We hope to be heading there soon.

We've also been in touch with another fishing village in Alaska that is dealing with the same Arsenic issue.  We may swing by that village and bring a couple of units when we are enroute to Little Diomede.  Please pray that all funding and details work out for these units to be deployed soon.

A bit later, we received another call from a group heading to Haiti.  They have shown great interest in the Rescuer.  We're providing them with more information about the unit and what it can do.  So, you see, even though the pressures and problems of the world may weigh heavy upon us, WE MUST KEEP MARCHING FORWARD IN THE LORD!

It also helps to have friends who will join together and pray with you.  I had several friends call yesterday and we simply prayed.  My dear friend, Joe Prussel (Great "Water Mule") was passing down the road from a meeting.  I texted him and offered him a cup of coffee.  At the very moment the text came through, he was just thinking about having a cup of coffee with me.  He "whipped" off the Interstate and within minutes, he and I were sharing a great cup of coffee and praying together.  Remember that old saying I often quote, "God knows how to deploy His troops".  

Shortly after Joe arrived, Richard and Teresa arrived.  2 more great Prayer Partners.  Soon, we had a good "old fashioned prayer meeting" going.  It wasn't long before the weight and worries of the world "dimmed" in the light of the Glory and Grace of God!  That's what friends are for!

Well, I'm up early this morning and getting ready to head to Business Breakfast with Joe Prussel. The speaker is from NASA and he will be telling us about new business opportunities out at Kennedy Space Center.  We hope to pick up some new business.  Our Lord does provide!

Before I close today, would like to give a quick update on Tropical Storm Maria and the situation in Texas.  Well, Miss Maria is still staying well off-shore, giving the folks on the East Coast a break.  Those flood waters are still going down.

Now, the folks down in Texas around Austin and Bastop have been having a terrible time with those wild-fires.  We have been praying for rain to come and put out those fires and give those folks some relief.  Looks like our prayers may be answered by the weeks end.  Rain is forecast and as you can see from this radar image, there is rain beginning to head their way.  Please keep praying for that rain to come!

Well, THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE, LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!  Time to head out the door and go find some more business for our struggling business.  God bless and THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

September 13, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:41am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In reflection of the recent 10th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attack, in the midst of the tragedy and suffering and cruelty, there is HOPE in Jesus!  I awakened in the middle of the night with a deep sadness.  There were many emotions going through my heart.  There are times when our load just gets very heavy, between business challenges and things going on in the world.  So, I took some quiet time in the middle of the night, celebrated Communion and reflected on the Word of God.  It was in the still, quiet time that my heart was simply comforted with HOPE!  I kept opening the Word of God, and each time, a stronger message of hope began to "thread" itself into my heart.  After a while, I laid back down with renewed hope in my heart and slept.

Today, Cindy and I will be meeting with a Sister from Haiti who has a heart to serve and help her people.  We look forward to that.  We're continuing to gather supplies in preparation for our next mission.  Our little aircraft is still in the paint shop and it should be all complete in a week or so.  I'll also be following up on those water purifiers that we placed on Cat Island in the Bahamas following Hurricane Irene.

So, as we walk through life, there are times that we are overwhelmed by JOY unspeakable and times that we walk with sadness but we are guided by HOPE in Christ.  Today is such a day for me.  I believe that our Lord wants to show Himself strong in all circumstances in our lives....especially when things are challenging.  These are the times to look to HIM.  He promises to always be with us, even to the very end of the world.

We continue to pray for those in Texas and we continue to Pray for rain to come and relieve that terrible drought and put out those wildfires.  The wildfires have consumed over 180,000 acres and destroyed over 1600 homes.  The fire-fighters are making progress and calmer winds are aiding in the effort.

The folks in the Northeast are digging out from the recent floods.  We certainly understand how destructive water can be, as our home was also destroyed by water.  We pray for those who are going through the process of putting their lives back together.  Many roads are still closed but slowly, rivers are beginning to come down from record high flood stages.  Again, we pray for these folks in the Northeast and we PRAISE GOD that Miss Maria stayed well out to sea!

Oh, I would like to mention that I was in business meetings yesterday from early in the morning until late yesterday evening.  Well, the truth of the matter is, our business, CSA, is facing some daunting challenges.  With the down-turn in business related to the dramatic cutbacks at NASA, we simply have to bring our overhead down.  We have been cutting back further and further.  Today, we must continue to make these efforts to save our company.  In many ways, we are facing exactly the same thing that our government is facing....cut back on spending and endeavor to "live within our means".  We are looking diligently to expand our business, but the the truth is, so many people are cutting back, this is making it difficult to find new business.  So, here we are, facing these challenges and.....looking to Jesus for Hope and Guidance.

Well, today, I've certainly bared my heart with you today.  I guess I'm again asking for your prayer.  Also, I suspect that some of you reading this very "rambling" blog today are facing similar circumstances.  If you'd like, pick up the phone and give me a call...we'll pray one for another.  My cell number is:  321-544-7757.  As always - THANK YOU!!!! for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe        


September 12, 2011 - Monday - 7:14am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Life goes on in America.  We're a bit more beat up, certainly a bit more cautious and regulated and yet, a bit stronger.  Often, obstacles cause us all to reach down and grow.  It is simply life. My hope and prayer is that we grow closer to the Lord and seek His direction daily.  This course assures peace and joy, even in the midst of great difficulties.

I awakened early this morning with the Lord's Prayer on my heart.  "Thy Kingdom come, Thy WILL BE DONE".  My prayer today is, that the WILL of the Lord be done in my life.  That is about the only thing that I can control (my life) and I need HIS help doing that.

Oh, we had a wonderful day at our Hospital Chaplaincy yesterday.  It was only Ariana and I that went.  Cindy has gotten a temporary nursing job giving Flu Shots and Peter was not feeling well.  So, little Ariana and I went to Church and then to Orlando to the Hospital.  We've been going through the Book of Matthew.  Well, yesterday was, as we all know, the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.  Our Study yesterday began with Matthew 24!

This is an amazing Chapter where the Disciples of Jesus asked Him, "What will be the sign of Your coming and the End of the Age"?.  Jesus laid out clear and specific events that would occur.  There would be Wars and Rumors of Wars, Famine, Pestilence, Earthquakes, etc.... As we looked at the events together, we could see a good picture of the world that we live in.  It was a good message with good timing.  After returning home, we just chilled out.  Peter is feeling much better today.

Today, I'll be in meetings with Counselors regarding our business.  I am so glad that we reached out to our Pastor last week.  He gave us Counsel that has led to more Counsel that is leading to Wisdom and clear direction.  These are "perilous times" for many businesses in our area and not only here, but around our great nation and around the world.  It seems that debt and a clear "downturn" in business globally is causing problems everywhere.  Still, we should continue to look to Jesus in the "midst of the trials".

Here's a quick report on Tropical Storm Maria.  The storm is taking a nice turn to "the right" and heading out to open sea away from people and property.  Now, the folks in Texas are still dealing with those fires.  Over 1500 homes have been destroyed and 150,000 + acres of land has been scorched.  We still pray for rain to bring relief to that region.

Well, it's time to get on with this day that our Lord has made.  We pray that you are extremely blessed today.  THANKS, as always, for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

September 11, 2011 - Sunday - 6:36am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Jesus said, "I am come that you may have life and life more abundantly".  He also said, "In this world, you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  Today, we remember what happened to our country 10 years ago.  It is still difficult to imagine how a small group of people, driven by an insane, cruel way of thinking could harm so many innocent people.  My mind and heart goes back to Jesus and how He came into this world to conquer death and bring life, not take it.

We have all been effected by these insane actions.  Our country and our world will never be the same.  So, we go forward carrying the Good News of Jesus.  "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.  Whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life".

I recall a terrible earthquake that struck Pakistan in late 2005.  Air Mobile was able to mobilize very quickly and carry in life-saving water purification systems....right to ground zero of that terrible earthquake.  The death-toll was over 100,000.  When we arrived, the earth was still being shaken by after-shocks.  So many were suffering.  The needs were so great.  

We were able to meet so many kind and gracious Pakistanis.  We were often asked, "Why have you come to our country to help us"?  My answer was very simple.  My Lord Jesus told us to bring clean water to the thirsty.  Many Pakistanis were very thirsty.  So we came and obeyed our Lord.  We had many deep and wonderful discussions during those days.

So, here we are in America, looking back to a terrible attack on our country.  What should we do?  My simple and humble suggestion is to "Look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith".  Simply seek His direction in our hearts and ask Him what we should do.

Now, we are also urged to be "Sober and Vigilant, because our enemy, the devil, goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour".  Simply put, we should seek to help those in need and protect ourselves against those who wish to harm us.  May I urge you to pray for our leaders and those in authority that they seek the direction of the Lord to help navigate our Country through these turbulent days.

Now, as you know, we have been following the storms in the Caribbean.  I am very pleased to tell you that it appears as if Tropical Storm Maria is making a turn to the North / Northeast and, according to projections stay off-shore and away from people and property.  This will give the folks in the Islands and in the northeast a much needed break from more winds and rain.

Meanwhile, the folks in Texas desperately need rain to help with the ravaging wild-fires that have been scorching that land.  Please continue to pray for them in that region.  Tropical Storm Nate is diminishing and maintained that westerly direction headed for Mexico.  In scanning the region around the driest, most vulnerable areas of Texas, there is no immediate rain yet.........  We continue to PRAY!

Well, it's Sunday morning and we'll be heading out the door to Church and then to the Hospital to minister with those young people and staff.  We are so thankful for the privilege to do this.  We are so thankful for our country, where we have the freedom to move about and share freely the Good News of Jesus!  May you be blessed this day that our Lord has made and.....as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

September 10, 2011 - Saturday - 7:47am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


In the midst of so much turmoil and suffering there is the Cross!  As the 10th Anniversary of the terrible attack on America approaches, there has been much said with so much emotion.  Where were you on 9-11-01?  I, like you, remember it vividly.  I remember the thoughts and emotions and reactions.  This event impacted our country and the world forever.  During my normal course of study and research for this "rambling" daily blog, I came across this "Trailer" and thought I'd share it with you today.  Click here to view: "The Cross & the Towers" .

I have not seen the Movie, but the Trailer alone is a Memorial to our Lord being in the "Midst of it all".  Today, our nation is facing so many staggering challenges.  There are storms, floods, raging wildfires, unemployment, earthquakes and so many other terrible challenges shaking us to our core.  What do we do?  To Whom do we turn?  May I humbly suggest.....turn to the Cross, turn to Jesus.  He is an "ever-present help in time of trouble".  As we approach the day and the hour of the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, may we all turn to Jesus and seek Him.

The folks in the Northeast need our prayer and love!  Hundreds of thousands are evacuating / or have evacuated.  Rivers are cresting and many face terrible loss.  People who have not evacuated are facing terrible dangers.  Already, people have lost their lives by the raging waters.  We pray that those in harms way, heed the advice to move out of the danger as quickly as possible.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and are standing by to help in any way we can.  We have been following a situation in Vermont and found out yesterday afternoon that the "isolated pockets" have been cleared and folks have a way out and do have drinking water.  We are thankful for that.

Also, as we watch Tropical Storm Maria, the storm does seem to be taking a more Northerly / Northereasterly course.  Again, PRAISE GOD!  The current projected path has the storm passing off the East Coast and staying out to sea.  We continue to PRAY that Miss Maria maintains that course.  The last thing the folks need on the East Coast is more wind and rain!  May I encourage you to continue to PRAY that Maria continues on this path and even goes further out to sea away from people and property.

We had hoped...and prayed that Tropical Storm Nate would turn to the North and bring some desperately needed rain and relief to Texas, but....the storm is still on a due west course, headed straight for Mexico.  So, the folks in Mexico will get Nate.  So, we continue to Praise the Lord and pray for rain for Texas.

I did go on and check the overview of Texas and did notice that there is rain to the Northwest of the Bastrop, Texas area (this is where the worst wildfires are occuring).  Again, we know how those folks are suffering.  Already over 1,500 homes have been lost and thousands more stand in harms way.  The firefighters are fighting a Valiant fight against those ravaging, scorching fires.  We continue to pray for rain for Texas.

You know, as I reflect on this blog and the many times I've requested you to join together with me in prayer, I realize that even though I am not "currently" in the field bringing clean water or fighting floods or wildfires, there is so much that can be done through PRAYER!  I am also so thankful for the technology that gives us the ability to capture a "birds eye" view of what is happening.  In this way, we can know how to pray. 

I suppose, with our Little Donkey in the paint shop and our "standing by" to help, our Lord has us on "Assignment in the Prayer Chamber".  So, here we are standing by, praying and preparing for our next mission.  

By the way, we had some very productive meetings yesterday regarding strengthening our company and creating new "alliances" that can help us to accomplish so much more and to navigate through these turbulent waters.  Really appreciate your prayer and love and support!  Well, time to get on with the day.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 9, 2011 - Friday - 8:34am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The Northeast U.S. has been drenched and rivers are steadily rising.  Over 130,000 are fleeing the rising waters.  First Hurricane Irene ravaged the East Coast and then Tropical Storm Lee came "sloshing" through.  So many folks have been affected.  So many have lost homes.  We are following the situation very closely and have availed ourselves to a number of authorities in the event we can be of assistance in isolated pockets.  So far, folks are, to the best of our reports getting clean water or finding a clear way to escape and get to safe areas of refuge.  For that, we are thankful.

However, if any of you who are reading this blog, know of any isolated pockets where folks are trapped and need clean water, please let me know.  We can mobilize very quickly in our motorhome and bring clean water to where they are.  Simply write me or better yet, phone me at:  321-544-7757.  Don't hesitate to call!!

Now, here is some more potential bad news and another great opportunity to PRAY!  Here comes Tropical Storm Maria.  As you look at the projected path, this storm, that is likely to become a Hurricane, as it approaches the East Coast, will follow a very similar path as Hurricane Irene.  We should join together and PRAY that this storm makes a Northerly, Northeasterly turn.  Again, what have we got to lose by PRAYING in this way?  I am so glad that we can "keep an eye on Miss Maria" and pray for that course to turn!

As we look at the Gulf of Mexico, looks like Tropical Storm Nate, that is nearly a   Hurricane, is making a clear westerly turn directly to Mexico.  Folks, I'm still praying that Nate turns more to the North and brings desperately needed rain to Texas.  As  a matter of fact,  I awoke in the early hours of this morning and spent several hours in prayer regarding these matters.  I prayed specifically for Texas and for their desperate need for rain.  Even though it appears that Nate is heading due west, I have seen, so many times, over the years storms simply turn.  Let us pray that Nate makes that northerly turn to Texas bringing them much needed rain.

You know, as I think about what must going through your head, as you read this, I chuckle.  Some of you may really think that I'm crazy to PRAY this way, but again, I ask:  "What have we got to lose by praying".  I am ever reminded of the scripture that says, "You have not because you ask not".  Again, another scripture says, "ASK & you shall receive".  So, again, please join together with me and PRAY for all of the folks that are in the path of flood waters and wildfires!  Take a look at this overview of the region.  I am so thankful for our satellites that allow us to get a "Birds-Eye View" of our earth.  It certainly helps us to KNOW how to PRAY!!

Yesterday, Cindy and I had a wonderful meeting with 2 very wise counselors.  We are asking for guidance and direction regarding our business and how we should proceed in light of these challenging economic times.  The day before, we met with our Pastor and sought prayer and direction.  I am so glad for the Body of Christ where we can go and seek direction.  We received some very good counsel about how to proceed.  

Today, based upon the good counsel we received, we will be meeting with other businessmen and discussing good possibilities to help us navigate these challenging waters.  I share these matters with you to encourage to reach out to others to pray with you.  As I have mentioned, feel free to give me a call if you simply need someone to PRAY with you!  You have my cell phone number.

Well, need to go to a couple of meetings.  God bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 8, 2011 - Thursday - 6:28am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Katia is well on the way out to sea.  We pray she stays the course and continues away from the soggy northeast.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with folks in Vermont and there are still numerous pockets of folks that are cut-off and their water sources are very contaminated.  We are currently looking for ways to help.  Information is still coming in and we're getting ready to go if the need fits what we can do.  We'll keep you up to date on our plans.  

Meanwhile, Tropical Disturbance 14 has become Tropical Storm Maria.  She is headed on a similar course as Hurricane Irene.  We watch and pray that Maria turns to the Northeast and likewise goes out to sea away from people and property.  Again, I think it is so remarkable that with satellite imagery and good weather forecasting, we can track these storms and both PRAY & PREPARE!

Now, in the Gulf, the Tropical Disturbance yesterday has officially become Tropical Storm Nate.  Current projections have that storm headed for the heart of Mexico.  Again, we pray that the storm makes a slight right turn to the north and brings in plenty of rain for Texas.... that is currently burning and extremely dry.  Why not??  

Since we're praying, it's pretty simple to ask our Lord to turn the storm a bit to the right.  Let's also pray that the wind and rains don't do damage, but simply put out the fires and replenish the water levels.  As we have shared, Texas is going through very difficult times with wildfires and a major drought.  Already, over 1000 homes have been destroyed and over 100,000 acres scorched.  Again, why not pray??  Remember, "With God, all things are possible"!

So, today, we PRAY & PREPARE!  Checked on our "Little Donkey" yesterday, the paint shop is working on getting it ready for the next mission.  We're also gathering parts and supplies for "the next mission".  We, here on the Florida Space Coast, are feeling the effects of the recent massive lay-offs at Kennedy Space Center.  We're doing what we can to "batten down the hatches" from a business perspective and work through "tight times".  

Of course, so many people are going through the same challenges.  The truth is, we have so much to pray for, but.....we serve a MIGHTY GOD who is more than able to meet all our needs.  I am ever reminded of the simple and beautiful message our Lord has given me on HIS JOY.  So, in the midst of these challenging times, I pray for the JOY of the Lord to STRENGTHEN US!  May you be blessed today with HIS JOY & STRENGTH!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you've just joined us on this "rambling" blog and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the story.....you have.  If you want to see how we've arrived at this juncture of the journey, simply read on down to see how we got here.  Welcome aboard!  Air Mobile Joe

September 7, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:57am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Looks like Hurricane Katia is going to stay out to sea.  Thank the Lord.  I'll say a bit more about prayer here.  What would have happened had Hurricane Katia had not turned?  We'd still praise the Lord.  Our Lord simply tells us to pray continually.  Folks, no matter what, we never go wrong when we pray.  In the case of Hurricane Katia, the storm turned away from folks and we REJOICE!  

We're watching Tropical storm 14 that is projected to tear right through the Islands, including Haiti and then possibly Florida.  We're praying for that storm to turn away as has Hurricane Katia.  Again, we are praying for that storm to turn away and not destroy people or property.  We pray for all in the path and we trust our Lord.  At the same time, we're gathering as many components as we can to build more water purifiers!

Now, we have a third situation in the Gulf.  There is another storm brewing and I'm praying that it just gathers a lot of rain and heads straight for Texas and put out those terrible fires.  Already, over 1000 homes have been destroyed and over 100,000 acres have been parched.  Now, why wouldn't we pray for our Lord to send them rain??  

You see, with prayer, we simply pray what is on our heart and leave the rest up to the Lord.  Oh, that doesn't mean we don't prepare as we pray.  I believe our Lord gives us wisdom and also, if we're "listening" to His direction, we'll know more about what to do in the face of the storms.  Please remember to pray for those in Texas.  We've had wildfires over here in Florida and our hearts go out to those who have lost homes and those who are in the path of those terrible fires.  Oh Lord, please bring them rain!!

So, there you have a bit more on prayer today in the midst of storms & fiery trials.  By the way, been in touch with more folks in Vermont and we're finding out about some situations that can certainly use clean water.  We'll be getting more information on that today.  We're also awaiting more word on the 2 locations in Alaska.  Once we get the data, then we PRAY and ask our Lord what He would have us to do.

We're continuing to work on getting more parts for more water purifiers.  We need first, the availability of the parts and then we need the funds to buy the parts.  That is where you can certainly help us in this noble quest of getting clean water to thirsty and devastated people.  If you'd like to help us with a financial gift, we would truly appreciate that.  Also, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call.  We'd love to give you current update on what we're doing.  Also, if you'd simply like PRAYER, we're here for you.  PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

Time to get on with the day.  Have a call to make to one of our premier "Water Mules", Joe.  He's on the road today and we're praying about our businesses (both are in stormy waters).  There is something so powerful about finding a prayer partner and praying together.  Our Lord has much to say about praying together.  So, if you need prayer today, find someone to pray with you.  As always, I THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 6, 2011 - Monday - 7:07am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


As we look at the projection for Hurricane Katia, she is still expected to make that turn....we pray she does.  The last thing that the Northeast needs right now is another hurricane.  By the way, was on the phone yesterday with the former Fire Chief for Worcester, MA.  He and his wife now reside in Vermont.  I was asking if there are still "pockets" of isolated folks in need of clean water.  He's checking for us.

Yesterday, we received 2 separate inquiries from Alaska for Air Mobile Rescuers.  The first is in a fishing village near Anchorage.  The second is from a small island between Alaska and Russia right on the International Date Line.  We are exchanging information at this time.  Both areas have serious problems with their water.  Will let you know if we'll head up that way.

Though yesterday was an enjoyable, relaxing day, the need for clean water still beacons to us to see what we can do to help.  I think it is amazing that with our "connections" with the airlines, we can often travel to very far and difficult regions of the world and bring clean water.  Of course, our unit is so compact, we can even carry it "on-board" the commercial airliner and put it in the overhead baggage compartment.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord is using this machine world-wide.

Today, will be meeting with a dear friend (Doug) and going over all of the components of the unit.  We are ever looking for ways and means to manufacture the components.  We believe that "very difficult" times are coming and the need for clean water is always at the top of everyone's list for survival.  Please pray that we have an effective day.

Well, time to get on with this beautiful day.  I am every reminded that "This is the day that the Lord has made and.....I will REJOICE and be glad in it.  Also, please continue to pray that Hurricane Katia continues to make that "northerly right turn" to the open ocean.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 5, 2011 - Monday - 7:39am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Today could be one of those low key, uneventful days in America.  Let us pray for that.  Oh, Tropical Storm Lee is still churning up through the Southeast to the Northeast.  There is some flooding going on with the constant danger of flash flooding.  We pray that all in the path of the storm are both prepared and protected.  Also, Central Texas is very dry and there are a lot of wildfires breaking out.  Sure would like to see a little of Tropical Storm Lee swing over to the west and put out those fires .

Been tracking Hurricane Katia and thank the Lord, looks like she's going to "hang a northerly right" and head out to the open ocean.  That is where these hurricanes belong....out in the ocean away from people and property.

Now, I know that some of you reading this "rambling little blog" might say that Air Mobile Joe is crazy for "Praying" for a storm to turn.  My answer to that is:  WHY NOT PRAY??  What have we got to lose and besides, our Lord does indeed answer prayer.  According to HIS promises, we simply need to ASK.  The Word says, "We have not because we ask not".  So, back to my premise, "What have we got to lose by praying"?  Furthermore, the Word says to "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING".  It also says we should PRAY about everything.  So....next time a storm starts coming your way....PRAY!  There, my word for the day on PRAYER!

So, here we are in America on Labor Day.  This is a nice place to be.  The grills are being brought out and "gassed" up as I type.  Many a burger / hot dog / steak / chicken will hit the grills in many a back yard.  It is a good day to simply chill out and relax and enjoy friends and family.  I pray for many today in America that this be a good, restful, fun day!

Yesterday was a very pleasant day for the Hurston's.  After attending our Church and hearing a good solid message on walking with Jesus, we headed over to the Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando.  There, about 75%+ of all of the young people in the Hospital came to our service in the cafeteria.  Even though attending Church is voluntary, these young people are in a "Lock-down facility".  Many have been "court-ordered" here.  It takes special permission for us to get in and minster here.  

For the last 14+ years, we've been conducting a Sunday service in this hospital for the young people and the staff.  For us, it has been a true "Labor of Love".  The young people who attend are amazing.  They come in and help us set up.   They select and lead in the music and there is always "Special" music and sometimes poetry and they PRAY one for another.  The young people named the "Church" that meets in the cafeteria.  It is called "Father's House Ministry".  This is truly their church and they love it and appreciate it.  And.....our own children have been joining us every Sunday afternoon for all these years.  They have learned so much about ministry over these last 14 years.

There is so much more that I could say about this precious aspect of our ministry, but I will simply say that we are thankful for the blessing and privilege of ministering to these young people who are in a "hard to reach place".  The Lord has given us the "key" to get in!

From our Chaplain Ministry, we headed home and had a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  For now, things are relatively calm weather-wise.  Our "Little Donkey" is getting painted and will soon be ready for the "next mission".  Life is good.  Enjoy this Labor Day.  May you be mightily blessed by our Lord!  As always, THANK YOU for meandering all the way down to the bottom of today's blog!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe      

September 4, 2011 - Sunday - 7:40am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Lee pushed on-shore yesterday bringing rains and winds from Louisiana to the Florida Pan-handle.  There will be some flooding in low-lying areas.  The forecasts have been quite accurate and clear and folks seemed to be quite well prepared for this one.  We're thankful.  It would be nice if some of that rain could make it over to Central Texas, as they are very dry.

Meanwhile, Katia is headed on a course that could impact the Mid Atlantic Eastern Seaboard (again).  Those folks are still digging out of Irene.  We pray that that storm also takes that strong northerly course and simply wanders out in the Atlantic and "fizzle out".  There is another Tropical Wave (yet un-named) that is forming off the coast of Africa.  Again, we'll keep an eye on it and continue to PRAY for these storms to "stay away from people and property".

Peter, Chuck and I had a delightful time speaking to a "packed hangar" in Sebastian, FL yesterday morning.  I was invited to speak to a group of avid Aviators who meet in the LoPresti Hangar every 1st Saturday for breakfast and talk about Aviation things.  We were blessed and honored to speak to this group yesterday. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to tell about the Air Mobile Rescuer and how Private (or professional) Pilots and very small airplanes can make a huge difference in peoples lives during the most extreme crisis'.  I told the story of our recent mission to North Eleuthera Island, Haiti and Cat Island.  After the presentation, so many good questions were asked.  These guys were really "paying attention".  I love speaking to aviators about what we do!

Yesterday evening,  three of my sons (Ben, Christian and Peter)  joined me at our favorite hang-out on Saturday night during College Football Season, Dogs-R-Us.  The season opener for the LSU Tigers (my all-time favorite team and ranked Number 4!) was against the Oregon Ducks.  Last year, the Ducks made it to the National Championship game and played a very good game against Auburn.  Though they lost that game, they came into the season with a Number 3 Ranking.  Well, it was a great game and.....LSU won 40 to 27.  

Oh, The Hurston Boys were joined by another great friend, Dr. Sam Winn (my eye Doctor for life).  At one point, Sam said that if the Tigers got a first down in a critical moment, he would wear my LSU hat.  You see, Sam is an avid Florida Gator fan.  Well, the Tigers made the play and Sam wore the hat and even cheered for the Tigers (because they were not playing the Gators this evening).  You can see Peter cheering with Sam.

You know, in the midst of all the storms and difficulties, it is good to get away for the evening and simply have a good time with friends and family!  Yes.....there was JOY around the table yesterday evening.  Now, I must admit, had the Tigers lost, the JOY might not have flowed quite so freely among The Hurston Boys!

Today, the Hurston family will be heading out the door to Church and then over to Orlando to minister to those young people in the Hospital.  We look forward to that.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We have a prayer request for a 2 local Cocoa Families.  There was a terrible and tragic motorcycle accident yesterday that involved a fatality and critical injuries. The 2 victims are known by Southwest Chuck and his wife Fern.  Please remember to pray for all that have been impacted by this terrible accident.  Joe

September 3, 2011 - Saturday - 6:18am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning getting ready to speak to a group of Aviators at Sebastian Airport (just south of Melbourne, FL).  Will be bringing my son Peter and good friend, "Southwest Chuck" with me.  It's always such a JOY to speak to other pilots.  We have a strong "comaraderie" among ourselves.

Many years ago, I coined a phrase for Pilots - "Just-to-fly" .  In other words, we could nearly always "JUSTIFY" a flight.  Well, as I ponder this wonderful phrase ("Just-to-fly") now that we have the Air Mobile Rescuer, it is a bit easier to "Just-to-fly" our flying.....particularly when we can easily fly in fresh clean water when there are disasters.  Even very small airplanes can be very powerful vehicles of rescue.

This was so clearly demonstrated when our "Little Donkey" carried in 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to Cat Island on this past Wednesday and brought clean water to many!  I am still blessed and amazed that we have this wonderful device that can take the most contaminated water and make it very clean instantly.  The beauty of this last mission is that even a tiny, 2 place trainer, like a Cessna 150/152 could have carried those "Rescuers" into Cat Island.  

Thus, it will be very easy for me to speak to these Aviators this morning about how their airplanes and their skills can be used to save lives and help those in deep distress.  Please pray that our Lord uses me to share this simple, wonderful message with them.  Also, please pray that He will guide me into sharing about His AMAZING GRACE!

Our Lord Jesus has been so good to me and shown me His AMAZING GRACE again and again all throughout my life.  Just the fact that He has allowed me to FLY is such a blessing.  I can remember first wanting to fly when I was about 4 years old.  Now, He allows me to do it and I can truly "JUSTIFY" flying (thus "JUST-TO-FLY").

If you are interested in coming out this morning (particularly for those who live in South Brevard), the address is:

Sebastian Airport
210 Airport Drive East
Sebastian, FL   32958

The breakfast begins at 9:00am and I will be speaking around 10:00am.  Hope to see you there.  As always, THANK YOU for putting up with my little, winding, daily blog and most of all for  your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 2, 2011 - Friday - 7:56am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We had an excellent and beautiful flight home from North Eleuthera yesterday.  I can truly say - MISSION(S) ACCOMPLISHED!  We were able to keep clean water flowing in Haiti by refurbishing 10 Air Mobile Rescuers.  We were also able to bring clean water to Cat Island in the Bahamas.  

We also were able to help Scott (seen in this photo) find his Father-In-Law, Dick.  Dick has been a long-time resident of Harbor Island.  We were blessed by the support network that he has around him, but Scott was very glad for the time that he was able to spend there.  It was also very good to have a place to sleep and eat while we over-nighted in Eleuthera.  Oh, we also re-connected with some very dear and precious friends, the Weech's and Pastor Neeley while on Eleuthera.

Also seen in the photo are Nathan and Amy (Administrators for the Haiti Adventist Hospital).  We were able to bring them back to the U.S. for some very much needed R & R.  They have been "burning the candle at both ends".  There comes a time to "come apart before we.....come apart".  So glad we could assist in getting this precious couple to a place of rest!

Also, on this last mission, had very productive meetings with top Haiti Aviation Officials regarding opening certain airfields and upgrading the Communication / Navigation equipment.  These are "long and winding roads", but one must keep putting one foot in front of the other to reach the end".  We made a couple of good strides. 

After landing in the U.S. and while we were having lunch with Cindy, I spoke with a lady from Vermont.  She told me about what is going on in many isolated towns in her home state of Vermont.  Clean water is desperately needed.  We'll be working hard to try to help in that critical situation.

After lunch, I flew our Little Donkey to Sanford, FL (Southern Executive Jet) to continue on the "Paint Job".  Once this is done, the Extreme Make-Over of Ti Burik will be complete!  So many have worked so hard and given so generously to make this aircraft one of the finest, best equipped Cessna 337 in the world!  We can hardly wait for that paint job to be done!!

Tomorrow, I'll be speaking at Sebastian, FL Airport to an enthusiastic group of Aviators.  Looking forward to that.  In looking back on this last Mission Journey, my heart is full of JOY at the things that our Lord helped us to accomplish.  HE opened so many doors and helped us to overcome so many obstacles.  Well, today, have many, many calls to make and things to do.  As always, I so appreciate your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 1, 2011 - Thursday - 6:12am (Bahama Time) - Harbor Island (Eleuthera), Bahamas - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, headed to the Port-Au-Prince Airport.  Prepped Ti Burik for a Rescue Flight.  Soon, Nathan & Amy of the Haiti Adventist Hospital arrived and we departed for Cat Island in the Bahamas.  The story is:  VERY little clean water left on the entire Island. The need is becoming desperate for the 1700 residents of this beautiful Island that was "pummeled"  by Irene.

We had an excellent flight (cruised at 14,500).  Arrived right on schedule to be met by Pastor Strahan (Pronounced STRON) and Pastor Newbold.  This was all in response to the call from Dr. Bob while I was rebuilding Resucers on Tuesday.  The Pastors were very glad to see us.  We saw destruction everywhere we looked.  Cat Island sustained winds in excess of 120 MPH!

I must tell you a very good part of this story.  Last year, Air Mobile donated a Rescuer to Nathan & Amy for the Hospital for emergencies.  When they heard about the mission to Cat Island, they offered to put their Rescuer in the "mission", thus we doubled the output of clean water on Cat Island in their deep hour of need!  

After arrival on Cat Island, the first thing I did was check the well at the airport to see how much salt was in the water.  Praise God, it checked great!  Over the next few minutes I demonstrated the simple set up and began the training on the unit.  Withing minutes, we had clean water flowing from the Resucer.  The Pastors looked on with wonder.

The big test is always:  Will I drink the water?  This is the moment I love!  The water tasted delicious!  All were convinced of the power of this little machine to make dirty water very clean.  Soon, all present were drinking clean water.

The next best moment in this ministry for me is when I am able to present Rescuers to the thirsty!  We will stay in touch with these precious men of God.  Cat Island is "kind of on the way to Haiti" so we can drop in on them from time to time to see how they're doing.

Now listen to this, with these 2 little Resucers, the Pastors can give each and every person on Cat Island a clean drink of water everyday!!  Now, this causes our Lord Jesus to smile!!

With incredible JOY, we loaded up in our Little Donkey and winged on up to North Eleuthera where Scott was awaiting us (remember, I dropped Scott on North Eleuthera to search for his Father-In-Law last Saturday).  Along with way, we flew over Tarpom Bay, where Cindy and I honeymooned 16 years ago.  That was also the home of our dear brother, George Spee.  George recently went on to be with the Lord.  As I flew over, so many memories flooded my heart, both Joyous (our Honeymoon) and sad (at the loss of our dear friend).  Yet, we know that George is rejoicing in heaven.

We slipped into North Eleuthera Airport just as a small shower was coming onto the edge of the field.  Scott was there to meet us.  I went and checked the weather.  Things looked very bad between Eleuthera and Fort Pierce.  Looks like we've got another storm brewing in the Gulf.  

After careful consideration, I made the decision to just chill out and call it a day on Eleuthera.  I could not be on this Island for the evening and not go check on a few friends.  Soon, we secured a driver and were headed out to my dear friends of many years, Osborne and Shirley Weech.  As we were driving out, we passed by the Church of another dear friend.  I had heard that Pastor Neeley had passed away several years ago.  But.....our driver told me that it was another Pastor Neeley and NOT my friend.  We whipped right over to his house.  

I walked in and there he was, my dear friend and brother Pastor Neeley.  It was so good seeing him again.  For you see, to me, he WAS dead and now, I found him alive.  The reunion was so much sweeter.  We reminisced on those days immediately following Hurricane Andrew.  I have a bedroom in his home ANYTIME I'm on this island!

 From Pastor Neeley's we drove out to the western tip of North Eleuthera to the little village of Current.  There, I saw our dear friends, Osborne and Shirley.  We spent the afternoon just catching up.  Just found out that TODAY, Osborne has been officially named the Pastor of Current Methodist Church!  Osborne has always been a faithful deacon and tremendous, faithful member of this Church.  But several years ago, Osborne heard the call to enter more into actual leadership.  What a blessing to be with him just hours before he became the Pastor.  

Well, he and Shirley drove me down to the dock to take the water taxi over to Harbor Island. I am so glad we opted out of "fighting" those thunderstorms.  After finding a connection, I communicated to Cindy that we would be over-nighting on Eleuthera.  

Scott and his Father-In-Law, Dick, had offered us beautiful accommodations and a spaghetti dinner.  Afterwards, we went down to the world famous "Pink Sand" beach. I found a comfortable coconut tree and dozed off a bit.  Now, this was a JOYOUS day. 

After a good night sleep, have "borrowed" a hot spot connection from a neighbor and sitting out on the back patio writing this blog.  Ahhh, a good cup of coffee and communicating with you.  Life is good!  Weather looks good, so we'll be in the air in just a bit.  We'll slip into Fort Pierce before that Tropical Storm in the Gulf can reach over Florida.  God Bless and THANK YOU again for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe