Saturday, March 7, 2015


3-7-15 Saturday 5:33AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When Rosie was brought to the "Village", she was barely alive.  She was extremely malnourished and could not move at all.  Her little limbs seemingly had no life in them. The mother had given up.  Rosie was brought to the "Village".

After months of love and care Rosie is alive and thriving.  This little one has so much joy, she just transmits it wherever she is.  My heart has been touched by Rosie.

Rosie is one of thousands of abandoned babies that Barbara has taken in and loved and cared for and given a chance in life.

As a matter of fact, Cindy and I have been blessed with 2 children (Juliet and Ariana) who were like Rosie, in that they were desperate and needed someone to love and care for them.

We've known and worked with Barbara for over 20 years.  The thing that just amazes me is the broad range of folks who come to help.  

For example, this week, Teresa Scanlan (Miss America 2011-2012) is in the "Village" caring for babies.  

Teresa is no stranger to Russka Village.  She's been coming here for several years and just loving children and helping Barbara in this awesome ministry. I never cease to marvel at how our Lord "Deploys His troops"!   

Speaking of deployment of troops, may I ask you to pray for Haiti at this time.  There is a growing instability and many "Manifestations" (Riots) are beginning to take place.  It's increasingly difficult to move around the city.  Please pray for peace to prevail.

It's time to head out into this day and there's plenty to do.  THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-6-15 Friday 6:09AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was up early to get Pilot, Chris Hall, on his way back to Melbourne.  Am so thankful for folks who lend a hand to help us lift a heavy load.  

We had more baby food and formula than one little Skymaster could carry.  Chris sure lent a hand.....and his airplane.  

If you look carefully at this shot, you'll see, just behind Chris' Skymaster is the Little Donkey.

We got him fueled, and flight-planned and we prayed for Chris to have a safe flight home. 

After Chris departed, I spent a little time with my fellow pilots and Brothers in Christ at Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  These guys do such a super job here in Haiti!! 

Stopped into the Area Control Center (ACC) and was pleased to find our Harris Technician, Donald, training and "tweaking" our new Communication system that we recently installed.  Oh, it's such a good feeling to be able to communicate clearly now!!

On the way back to our mission, I saw a motorcycle ahead of me carrying something pink and strange.  Could it be......?  

I eased up beside the little motorcycle transport and verified.  Yes, it was what I thought it was.  Adds new meaning to "Port-A-Potty"!

You never know what you're going to encounter on the streets of Port-Au-Prince.

BTW, Chris had a superb flight home and even had a nice tailwind.  We love tailwinds!!

The sun has risen.  Have had my second cup of coffee.  So, it's time to head out and see what our Lord has in store for me to do today.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-5-15 Thursday 5:01AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As you can see, I'm coming to you from Haiti... "Live" from my Haiti Desk.  Yes, I checked the weather early yesterday morning and we had not one airplane load, but 2 so.....

I coordinated with Chris Hall, the pilot of the 2nd aircraft and we agreed that it would be a good morning to fly to Haiti.  

Chris concurred, the weather looked good and besides,  Barbara was running very low on baby food and formula.  It was definitely time to fly to Haiti.  

You may recall, several days ago, we loaded up his pretty Skymaster (same kind of airplane as the Little Donkey) with nearly 400 pounds of baby food.

After a thorough pre-flight and a serious prayer, I crawled into the cockpit, fired up the engines and headed to Haiti.  

As I approached Melbourne, Chris' home base, he fired up the engines on his Skymaster and joined me in the air.

A Caribbean sunrise is always spectacular.  There is that moment when the sun bursts forth with such a grand entrance into the new day.  I never tire of them!

The weather cooperated and it was smooth sailing right on into Haiti.  When our 2 Skymaster's landed, Barbara was already there waiting for us.  Now, her "baby food" pantry is full....again.  Praise God!!

This will be a busy week in Haiti. Between keeping Rescuers providing clean water and "tweaking" the ATC (Air Traffic Control)  communications, exploring Search & Rescue (SAR) requirements and simply proclaiming just how good Jesus is, yes, it's going to be a full week.

It's early, here in Haiti.  The sun has not risen.  My little Keurig coffee pot has delivered a delicious cup of coffee and I have a little time to read Proverbs.  God is good!  Sometimes, I'm just overwhelmed with joy in that He lets me do this!

So, as we launch into this beautiful new day, we seek His will.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this winding road of life with me and above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-4-15 Wednesday 2:40AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was going down the road in our Ford Escape when a voice came over the radio.  It was clear and strong.  It was Benjamin Netanyahu (AKA: BiBi).  

I arrived at Walmart and just sat in the car and listened to his whole speech.  Rarely have I heard such strength and clarity from any politician.

You see, Cindy and I have been touched by Iran.  On October 23, 1983 Hezbollah, also known as "Islamic Jihad", killed 241 U.S. Servicemen in a terrorist bombing.  

Among the dead, Cindy's little brother, Tommy.  Tommy loved the Lord and he loved his country.  Tommy was 19 years old.  Tommy was a United States Marine!

All I can say is, THANK GOD for Benjamin Netanyahu who is speaking TRUTH about a "Clear & Present Danger" not only to Israel, but to the whole world.  Folks, our government needs to WAKE UP to what is happening.  We must stand against Iran getting Nuclear Power!!

Was reading in Proverbs 4 this morning and these words ring out...."Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom".... We need to pray for our country and for our leaders to...get wisdom!  

Well, that is all I have to say this morning.  Now that I'm up so early, what can I do?  I'm sure our Lord will lead me this day, that is certainly my prayer!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-3-15 Tuesday 6:28AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile Ministries is BLESSED with so many volunteers!  We have folks that just "lend a hand" and so many more that PRAY for us as we endeavor to GO and bring relief to the suffering.  

Must tell you, I'm overwhelmed and humbled by these who, freely and willingly, give of themselves to help us to help others!

Yesterday was just such a day.  One of our great "Water Mules"*, Doug, met Karen of "Dressed in Hope" to receive a bunch of precious and cute dresses made for little girls in Haiti and beyond.

This wonderful organization employs many, many willing hands who lovingly make these beautiful little dresses that bring such joy and hope!  Here's more on this loving organization - "DRESSED IN HOPE"

Then, a bit later Chris in his beautiful C-337 taxied up to the "Little Donkey Barn" (our hangar) and offered to fly hundreds of pounds of baby food and formula into Haiti for our next mission.  

Doug and Steve (another great Water Mule) quickly accommodated Chris who made this gracious and generous offer.

Of course, the reason that we needed a "2nd airplane" is because of the extreme generosity and love from Alternative Pregnancy Center, who showered us with a huge load of baby food and formula for the babies in Haiti!!  THANKS again Vickie & Crew!

Meanwhile, Doug and Steve methodically went through the entire balance of cargo and carefully weighed and documented each item that will be loaded into the Little Donkey.

Now, I just have to show you what the "Belly" of the Little Donkey looks like when fully loaded.  We're a flying Pharmacy!!

So, all I can say is THANK YOU to so many who stand with us in this mission of mercy!  And THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Now, it's time to head out into this day as we continue to move toward our "next mission".  The weather has been real dicey with a lot of rain and very poor visibility (almost zero vis) in the early morning.  We await our "Marching Orders"!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

* Definition of a "Water Mule": one who helps bring clean water and more to those who are desperate - as defined by Air Mobile Ministries 

3-2-15 Monday 6:13AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After our small team conducted our weekly Chaplain service at the hospital in Orlando, Ariana and I dashed to Cindy's Dad's home to pick her up.  Oh, it's so good having Cindy home!!

She enjoyed the cruise, but is just glad to be on steady ground, though she's still a little woozy.  All "Cruisers" know what I'm talking about.

Today, we've got several volunteers preparing Air Mobile Rescuers for service.  We'll be breaking in Ted, our newest "Water Mule".

We also have a load of hand-made (with love) little girl dresses, provided by "Dressed in Hope" being delivered to the airport this morning.  A very nice load of supplies is coming together for Haiti....thanks to so many generous souls!!

So, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made!  We're rejoicing and...I'm particularly glad to have my Cindy home.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-1-15 Sunday 6:13AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The schedule worked perfectly yesterday.  Our newest "Water Mule" in training, Ted (in light green shirt) and I arrived at Denny's right next to the Orlando International Airport.  There, we met the Engineering Team that was going to catch a flight to Mexico in a few hours.

Right on the table-top, I trained these bright Engineering students on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  They really "got it", as their "discipline" of study is Biological Engineering.  

Sarah (wearing blue cap), who is half Filipino, and is leading the team, just rejoiced at the "genius" of the Rescuer.

BTW, Sarah was very glad that we were able to get to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Island Nation.  You may recall that Air Mobile delivered 45 Rescuers after the terrible typhoon.

After the training, it was time to present the 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to this great team to go and bring CLEAN WATER TO ARMONIA!!  This is the part of my job that I truly love!

Ted and I returned to the airport where we met Brian (our Premier Flight Instructor).  We began the process of the "Download" of Data that will get our Garmin 430's all current.

The "magic" takes place with that little blue adapter that is plugged into the lower left of the laptop.  

Oh, folks this is so much easier than running all over the place looking for "current charts"!  I love this technology!!

Then, early this morning, my phone rang.  It was my Cindy!  Been waiting for that call!!  

Her ship was just approaching Miami.  She sounded  refreshed and very, very excited about coming home.  

This cruise, thanks to her Dad, was just what the "Doctor" ordered!!  As you may recall, Cindy had surgery and developed blood clots.  This Cruise made her recovery so much better (lots of time in the pool).  Oh, we've missed her so much!  Can hardly wait to see my Cindy!!

Well, it's Sunday morning.  It's off to Church and then to the Hospital to conduct our weekly service and then.....will pick up Cindy!  Yea!!!

Folks, we so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-28-15 Saturday 7:31AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Every pilot knows what a Jepp chart is.  It's the backbone of the Aviation Instrument Navigation world.  The old saying among pilots used to be..."get you a set of Jepps".
Well, it was time for me to update the Navigation Data Base on the Little Donkey.  Now, the service is great and the information contained therein is invaluable's rather "pricey" (but worth every penny!!). 

Brian, our #1 Flight Instructor, and I were going over some "Simulator" Instrument Procedures on our Garmin 430 when the discussion came up for the need to update our Instrument Data Base.

I felt a "prompting" to phone Jepp and just see if they had a "Special Rate" for a "Little Donkey" that carried baby food / formula and diapers and such, to very needy babies in Haiti.

Went through several departments and all of the personnel were very kind and helpful.  Finally ended up on a Website address for: Charitable Donation Requests.  OK, what did I have to lose?   BTW, the Good Book says...."You have not because you ASK not".  I filled out the application and waited.

Several days later, the reply came.  Request.....GRANTED! Jepp agreed to provide Air Mobile with updated Instrument Data-Bases for our 2 Garmin 430's for 1 year!! All I can say is...THANK YOU JEPP!!

While speaking with the young lady at Jepp about the process to get the "Donated Data Base" transfers going, I urged her to go to the "Blog" so that she could actually see, on a daily basis, where the Jepp donation is going and how it is being used.  To learn more about this great company that was started in 1934, go to:  JEPPESEN ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA  

Today, though it's cold and rainy here in Sunny Florida, I'll be going to the barn where the "Little Donkey" resides and begin the "Download" process.  Will also be meeting with our latest prospective "Water Mule", Ted.  We were scheduled to meet yesterday, but bad weather and scheduling conflicts moved our meeting til today.  

You know, one of the great strengths of Air Mobile is our VOLUNTEERS!  Our Lord has surely "Deployed His troops" our way.  We're so THANKFUL, for so many that stand with us.  

When disaster hits, often, I don't even have to pick up the phone as...the phone starts ringing with our "Troops" reporting for duty.  Glory be to God!!

And speaking of "Strategic Deployments".  After we do the "Download" at the hangar, will be heading to a Denny's very close to Orlando International Airport.  There, we'll be meeting with a team of Engineering Students (studying Biological Engineering - perfect for water treatment!) from the University of Florida.  After our meeting, they will be boarding a flight to Mexico.  They will be going to Armonia.

Cindy and I met the Director of the Armonia Mission, Saul Cruz last year.  We were blown away by his heart to serve and all of the remarkable things they were accomplishing.  He also shared their desperate need for clean water.

After service, Cindy and I spent a little time with Saul and his lovely wife, Pilar.  There, we PROMISED that we would raise the funds for an Air Mobile Rescuer. This would be a great blessing to Armonia.  

Several months later, our beloved Saul had a massive heart attack and went on to be with Jesus. We're all heart-broken.  But the ministry is going on full-speed ahead.  Please remember to pray for the Cruz family.

Well, because of your prayers and the generosity of so many, we raised the funds for 2 AIR MOBILE RESCUERS!   Today, we'll be training these young Engineering Students on the operation and maintenance of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  CLEAN WATER is coming to Armonia!  I suspect that Saul is smiling in heaven!

Oh, I'm so glad that tomorrow, we'll be getting our Cindy home!  The Kids and I can hardly wait!!  Now, it's time for me to head out the door for the airport.  As always, THANK YOU for your wonderful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're new to this "rambling blog" and wonder how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey, just read on down and you'll see how we've gotten here.  Welcome Aboard!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-27-15 Friday 6:07AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


This has been an intense week.  Between the Director General (DG) from Haiti, to the Tech Expo at Harris, to the SBIR Submission (possible Rescuer research funding) and taking care of the kids while Cindy is away.  Yes, it's been pretty wild!

But, today, I can "Breathe" a little easier.  My Cindy will back on Sunday and we've really missed her!  But, we've managed...."with a little help from our friends". 

Yesterday morning, I put Chief Engineer Cesar on American Airlines for Haiti.  It was such a joy being with him this week.  

I reflect on where the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications were in Haiti when we began this project, and where they are now.  All I can say is WOW!  We've come a long way's just getting better.

To the ones who have been reading this rambling blog for a while, you may recall when we did begin this pursuit.  The ATC System in Haiti was in shambles after the earthquake. It was a TRUE safety issue.  The bottom line is, every airplane that came into and departed Haiti had a terrible time communicating with Approach Control and the Control Tower.

I felt a quickening by the Holy Spirit to do something about it.  I introduced the problem to you and requested prayer. Then began a long journey and many, many meetings and more discussion and always, a lot of prayer.  There were many times, it did not look like it would happen.  There were literally hundreds of obstacles.

But, together we prayed and continued to march forth, holding tightly onto the Lord's Hand. And day, the call came, and soon thereafter, the contract was signed. And now, Haiti has an awesome ATC System and, yes, it's just getting better.

I am clearly reminded of that wonderful Scripture in Galatians 6:9...."Let us not grow weary in doing good...".

Again, I'm so THANKFUL for those that stand with us in prayer.  Today, I'll be meeting a new Volunteer, Ted.  He called recently and just asked what he could do to help.  So, I'll be taking him through..."Water-Mule 101" today.

Now, I know that I tell you this every day, but as you can see, our Lord answers PRAYER!  So, THANK YOU again for your faithful and precious and effective prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

PS - If you're new to this "rambling blog" and wonder how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey, just read on down and you'll see how we've gotten here.  Welcome aboard!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-26-15 Thursday 5:55AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Chief Engineer Cesar (from OFNAC - the FAA of Haiti) and I arrived at the Harris Tech Expo for Day 2 of this wonderful event.  

Again, all I can say is WOW!  Harris is an absolutely amazing company that is making incredible things.  Talk about 'Leading Edge'!  

Of course, many of the things that Harris makes are so far ahead of everyone else, they don't want just anyone to know about them.  Thus, this sign and warning everywhere...."No Pictures....".

Now, I must tell you something about Engineer Yves Cesar.  We have worked together on getting Haiti the best Air Traffic Control my humble opinion, in the world!  Of course, it's a "Harris System"!

Yves has been an absolute pleasure to work with for the last 3 years.  He is always there when I need him.  He speaks 4+ languages and is extremely knowledgeable.  Above all, Yves always has a smile.

Well, we went from thing to thing and realized that there are more ways to accomplish  goals then we could have imagined.  For example, the fiber optic system that we use in Haiti to connect the Control Tower to the Area Control Center...can do so much more than we ever imagined.  

Folks, let me tell you, there is still a WHOLE LOT INNOVATION left in America and Harris is a great example of that!

Well, this morning I bid farewell to my good friend and associate, Engineer Cesar.  He'll be boarding a plane for Haiti and heading home with a bunch of fresh, new ideas of how to make the Haiti Air Traffic Control System....better!

Have I told you lately....I love my job!  Between bringing clean water to thirsty people, and helping critical communications (like ATC) to be better, to Search & Rescue, to Emergency Air Ambulances to flying airplanes...and above all, telling people about Jesus and how wonderful He is....Yeah, I love my job!

Sometimes, I find it hard to grasp that our Lord let's me do this kind of stuff, but I sure love Him for letting me do it!

It's time to wrap up this blog today and hit the road for Orlando International to drop Engineer Cesar. Then, Who knows what the day holds?   

I realize I tell you this everyday but....I truly do appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!   THANK YOU!

Air Mobile Joe

2-25-15 Wednesday 6:58AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


So the saying goes with SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants.  It was 2:00am that I finally "pushed" our final Technical Volume up to be submitted.  

Our small team, consisting of a chemical and electrical engineer and CAD guru worked hard to put this proposal together.  We just pray that our proposal is carefully read and given consideration.

Should we be fortunate to "win", the Federal Government will award us money to do serious research to make, the already remarkable, Air Mobile Rescuer, even better!!  Thus, more lives saved, more clean water flowing where it is desperately needed. 

Please join together with us in PRAYER that the "Evaluators" will have extremely clear vision and understanding!  Above all, may the will of the Lord be done!!

Earlier yesterday, I had the privilege to host Director General Roumer of OFNAC (Haiti's FAA) and Chief Engineer Cesar at the incredible Harris Open House and Tech Show in Palm Bay.  

Wow, what a company!  I'm honored to represent Harris and truly thankful that now, Haiti has a full Harris Air Traffic Control system.  

This morning, Chief Engineer Cesar and I will be returning to the Tech Expo to see some of the remarkable "stuff" that Harris does...even though I'm a bit "groggy" having had very little sleep.  But...can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to have gotten that SBIR Submission off before the 6:00am deadline!! 

Now, I ask myself again, where would I be without folks standing and praying with us for so many things?!  Truly, I THANK YOU with all of my heart for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-24-15 Tuesday 6:57AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Haiti is slowly "rebuilding" following the devastating 2010 Earthquake.  One of the goals is to establish a viable and effective Search & Rescue (SAR) Operation.  Haiti is strategically located in the Caribbean and having a quality SAR operation would save many lives!

Our meetings yesterday, with an organization that really understands SAR, went extremely well!  The Director General of OFNAC, Leopold Roumer, is determined to see this come to pass (OFNAC is the Haiti version of the FAA). 

Can't give any specifics of our meeting but...I can tell you, they were enlightening and very encouraging!  We are on the right path!! 

In this world....people get "lost" and things happen and having an effective and well-run SAR WILL save lives!  This is a noble mission!!

After our meetings, we headed over to see "The Little Donkey".  DG Roumer was very impressed with the capabilities of this little aircraft.  We have a full load of baby food and formula ready for our next mission to Haiti. 

Today, we'll be in meetings with the Harris Corporation and attending the grand opening of their new multi-million $$ facility in Palm Bay, FL.  

There will also be a Tech Expo taking place and we'll be discussing the expansion of the communications / surveillance contract that is in place.  This will also help us as the SAR Operation is developed.  

So, it's time to head out and see the new "incredible stuff" Harris has to offer.  BTW, spent most of the night "Polishing" our SBIR Proposal for the funding for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

Definitely "burning the candle at both ends"!   Thanks to our great neighbors, Clyde and Pat, we ate a delicious spaghetti meal last night.  

Where would be we without so many standing with us?!  Again, THANK YOU for your precious and...greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-23-15 Monday 6:47AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In just a few hours, Director General Roumer (from Haiti) is scheduled to arrive and we'll be in very promising meetings for several days.  So glad for this grand opportunity.

Meanwhile, in the midst of these meetings, will have to put the final "polishing touches" on the Proposal that could bring in considerable funding for Research and Development (R&D) on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  It must be submitted no later than 6:00am on Wednesday morning.

Again, please pray that my head doesn't "explode" trying to juggle all these balls. His grace is sufficient!!  I'm reminded of that powerful Scripture...."I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me"!

Now, I must be honest here about this Proposal for funding.  In the natural, this is a very "long shot".  

Many have applied and very few have been chosen.  But....we are excited about this and our whole team believes that we have a very good chance to WIN!  "With God, ALL things are possible!!" 

So, as we launch into this week, THANK YOU for joining together with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-22-15 Sunday 7:07AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been working, day & night, on a proposal for a Federal Grant (Small Business Innovative Research) that would provide us with some research $$ to improve the Air Mobile Rescuer.  So glad that the Feds have put some of our tax $$ aside for projects like this.

Yahn, who is our C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design) Guru has been taking our ideas (as well as some great ideas of his own) and turning them into 3D images.  He's also very excited and confident that we're going to win this award!! 

Along with Yahn, we have Griffin, who is an extremely gifted Chemical Engineer and....has done extensive testing on the Air Mobile Rescuer for NASA.  

BTW, NASA is very interested in the Rescuer for the International Space Station (ISS) and also for the Mars Mission.

Oh, we have a great team and we're making good progress on getting this Proposal all finished by the deadline (2-25-15 at 6:00am).

Our Air Mobile Rescuer is a great machine and does remarkable things and has saved many lives.  But, this research would allow us to make it much smaller.  We're very, very excited about this project.

Please PRAY that we have wisdom and understanding and that we WIN!!  

We'll be working around the clock to get this all together and submitted on time.  In the middle of all of this, we're going to be hosting the Director General of OFNAC (Office of Civil Aviation for Haiti) tomorrow.  He'll be with us for some critical meetings.  

So, now that I've shared our "breathless" schedule with you, again, I sincerely ask you to pray that we get everything done that we need to get done.  We really, really appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-21-15 Saturday 6:18AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Record after record after record is being broken....shattered!  The most ice EVER....IN RECORDED TIME, on the Great Lakes.  

Washington DC (known for talking about record HIGH temperatures) has broken LOW TEMPERATURE records dating back to the 1800's and as I type, folks are dying from Hypothermia throughout the country.  

Yes, IT'S COLD OUT THERE!!  Here's more on these mind-blowing & chilling records - 120 YEAR-OLD RECORD BROKEN IN DC, ONE OF MANY TODAY AND IN THE PAST WEEK week could be colder.  There's another icy blast coming our way.  So, my friends, bundle up, stock up and STAY WARM!! RECORD COLD CONTINUES...NEXT WEEK COULD BE COLDER!!

Yesterday, I shared the WONDERFUL NEWS about the isolated village of Medor in Haiti now receiving EMERGENCY AIR AMBULANCE service.  This is great news and gives the residents a fighting chance.  We're so grateful for this!  

I must tell you about Dr. Sue Carlson who has fought so valiantly for the residents of Medor.  She too, like me, writes a blog and I'd like to share it with you - here it is:  DR. SUE CARLSON'S BLOG

Right along with Dr. Carlson, is Stan Brock.  Some of you may recall that Stan was the Co-Star on Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins.  

Stan is an amazing Humanitarian who has "laid it all down" to help others.  Here are Stan's comments yesterday after Medor was opened and named an official "Landing Zone" by Haiti Air Ambulance.  Oh, we're all so THANKFUL!!

Dear Ralph, Jordan, Joe and Sue:

It has taken four years, and efforts akin to a moon landing, but you folks at Haiti Air Ambulance have achieved what at times began to seem impossible, an authorized landing at Medor!  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are to  you Ralph and Jordan for showing the people of Medor that they have not been forgotten and help finally is at hand.  It has been a dream of many years for Dr Sue Carlson, who with the support of her Church community in Arlington Virginia, have brought education to the children of Medor and now the hope of life-saving intervention when disaster strikes. Our gratitude also goes to Joe Hurston who has been relentless in these past four years in his liaison with OFNAC and Haitian authorities on achieving permission to open this airfield at Medor.

I look forward to meeting you wonderful folks at Haiti Air Ambulance in the near future, and wish you all safe flights, clear skies and tail winds in all your endeavors.

Very sincerely,
Stan Brock
Founder & President

I am reminded of that wonderful Scripture in Galatians 6:9...."Be not weary in well doing..."!  Many times, we were tempted to just quit, because the road to Medor was very long and difficult, but our Lord kept urging us on.  THANK GOD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER!

So, today I urge you and encourage you to not "quit or grow weary" in doing good.  Seek ways to help others.  Our Lord will surely bless your efforts.

And....THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us as we walk down this journey of life.  We so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-20-15 Friday 7:27AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As many of you may know, for over 4 years, we've been working diligently to get Emergency Air Ambulance service into the extremely isolated community of Medor, Haiti.  Over 40,000 Haitians live in this region and now.... thanks to the generosity, love and prayer of many, it is now a REALITY! 

Yesterday, Haiti Air Ambulance landed in Medor establishing it as an official "Landing Zone".  With tears in my eyes as I write this blog, all I can say is...PRAISE GOD! 

Here is the actual e-mail that just came in moments ago from Jordan Owen - EMT and Director of Flight Operations for Haiti Air Ambulance!!


YES! We made it Medor.

We met the entire community as it was Market day in town and all were there to see us land. We addressed an enormous crowd.

We traveled to the clinics to meet the Nurses and of course Mr. Luckson. We sat and spoke to them for over an hour and described the possibilities

for us to assist them. We also provided our handouts for reference and told them to contact the second a question arises for the safety and lives of their

community members. We also told them we have amazing skills and personnel to assist with their efforts as the need arises.

They were so very thankful of the new possibilities. Thanks to both you and Joe for including us into their lives. HAA is here exactly for them.


The landing zone was perfect for us and the helicopter. We set out our cones and the population respected those boundaries better than any one else we have been in contact with.

The windsock was not seen but the school yard had a flag that was perfect.

All in all, I think we can do some great things to support them. 


We can use our backup ship to provide transport for supplies and personnel to Medor in the event you set up a clinic in the future. We can drop off and pick up a few healthcare 

providers if you would like to support the community in this fashion we can discuss further.

Anyhow, So blessed to be a part of the community. 

P.S. Stanley the young man with the amputated arm, a few of our staff are going to work with Bernard Mevs to see if they can get him a prosthesis.

I will email both of you some pics in the next email.

Best Regards,

Jordan Owen, EMT-P
Director of Operations,
Flight Paramedic 

Folks, this has been an amazing journey!  I so recall when Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical (RAM) and I began working on this project at the height of the Cholera Epidemic over 4 years ago. 

I offer to Jordan and the whole crew of Haiti Air Ambulance a huge THANK YOU for joining together with us to bring this awesome service of love to pass!!!

Jordan, just moments ago, sent me this final shot of the Haiti Air Ambulance crew along with Father Luckson from Medor standing by the "Life Saving" Bell 407 Air Ambulance.    

I'm just overwhelmed with joy at this wonderful new service offered to Medor!

And, as I always say, and mean from the depths of my heart...THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!  PRAYER WORKS!!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-19-15 Thursday 7:21AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're about to experience some of the coldest temperatures of the year some cases breaking records from the 1800's!!  Get warm and be ready!  Here's more on the brutal cold coming our way - ALL-TIME FEBRUARY RECORD COLD COMING

And, that blast is going to even reach down into Florida bringing temperatures in the 20's!!  We're certainly not used to that! I'm going to put a heater in for our chickens!

And...tomorrow is going to be even colder with Miami forecasting to get down to 39 degrees!  Now, that's cold.  Looks like a lot of records are about to be broken.  Here's more - LATEST ARCTIC SURGE - RECORD BREAKING!  

Saw this "Headline" on the Drudge this morning and certainly agree, that the leadership of this nation is seemingly blind to what is happening all over the world.  

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.  I pray that our Lord opens his eyes!!  Here's the New York Post story - OBAMA REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE "MUSLIM TERRORISTS" AT SUMMIT  

Folks, if there ever was a time to pray for our leaders, it is now.  I just don't see how they cannot see this clear and present danger.  

The failure to identify it is having catastrophic results around the world. There I go again...on a bit of a rant.  I just know that we must pray for our leaders!

Had a very pleasant lunch yesterday with my son, Christian.  We've been trying to get together since my birthday, but we've both been so busy.  Glad we carved out a little time and had a great lunch together.

As you can see, from the last few days, I've been pretty upset about what is going on around the world and the seemingly lack of leadership within our nation.  

So, I called the guy that introduced me to Jesus 42 years ago, Joe Polozola.  We agreed to get together to pray.  We met and had a great time in the Lord.  I'm eternally grateful to Joe for taking the time to tell me about Jesus all those years ago.

Wow, what a "wandering" blog today.  From the Arctic Blast, to "Blind Obama" to lunch with my son and dinner with my good friend, Joe.  Just have a lot on my mind and am thankful for this blog to share my heart.

Have really taken you for a "ride" today.  So, THANK YOU for meandering down this path with me today.  I truly appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-18-15 Wednesday 6:16AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Received a call yesterday from one of our local Oil Company's and they said....come and get it.  Had been in discussions with Joey recently, the Company's owner, and he had a gift for Air Mobile, high quality Aviation Oil.  He even threw in some Aero-Shell Aviation Grease.

The Aero-Shell 15W50 is some of the finest aviation oil on the market and at $7.00+ per quart, this wonderful gift will give us 2 complete oil changes for the "Little Donkey".  THANKS, JOEY!

So many help us, in so many ways.  Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed by the generosity of folks.  All I can humbly say is...THANKS!

OK, I'll admit that yesterday I was pretty upset at the way the Leaders of our country are handling ISLAMIC TERRORIST, mainly by failing to call them what they are.  I know that while flying, if the aircraft does something out of the ordinary, I'd better identify the problem quickly and correctly or else.....

Well, I'm still upset but....I recall a Scripture that gives me great's found in Philippians 2:9-11....The day is coming that, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS IS LORD!

I just need to take a deep breath, and just like yesterday, seek to hear what our Lord has for me to today.  

And, to go right along with that wonderful Scripture found in Philippians 2, there is Proverbs 18:10...."The Name of the Lord is a strong tower.  The righteous run to it and are safe!"

That's why I love reading Proverbs every being the 18th, I read Proverbs 18 and found that jewel.

So, what does this day hold?  Don't know, but I know Who holds this day in His hands!  And that is exactly where I want to His hands.  I trust and pray that you have a great day in the Lord today!

As I always say, and mean with all my heart....THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-17-15 Tuesday 6:59AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I just had to share this lead story with you.  Don't know about you, but I'm really upset at the actions of the leader of the U.S.!!'ll notice that ISIS (Islamic Terrorists) picked right up on the language used by Obama last week at the Prayer Breakfast....The "Crusaders".  Yes, I'm pretty upset at what is happening.  Here's the story - ISIS BEHEADS - POPE CONDEMNS - OBAMA GOLFS!!!

Folks, this is not funny. Christians and Jews are being slaughtered around the world and ISIS is a force that MUST be stopped.  It is time to rise up and join together and destroy this staggering evil.  

And....the answer is not to give them "jobs" as was suggested by the State Department yesterday!!!  Take a look at this unbelievable story - OBAMA ADMIN SPOKESPERSON - KEY TO STOPPING ISIS....JOBS!

Right along these same lines, Franklin Graham had some excellent insight into this horror - IMAGINE THE OUTCRY IF 21 MUSLIMS HAD BEEN BEHEADED BY CHRISTIANS...THE STORM IS COMING

Unless I'm missing something, that is exactly what it appears the Obama Administration is doing.  This EVIL must be properly IDENTIFIED & DESTROYED!    

OK, I've definitely "ranted" this morning, but tell me, does this upset you also?   Just read in Proverbs 17:15 today (being that it's the 17th)...."He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord"!  

So, as I go forth into this day, carrying some anger and confusion, I know that I have to give it to Jesus and ask Him to simply lead me this day.  

I do pray that the leaders of the U.S. WAKE UP to the evil that is sweeping the world.  But, I know that the Lord has tasks for me to do today and I seek His direction and peace.  As always, THANK YOU for joining me on this winding road of life and especially for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-16-15 Monday 6:47AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


"Uncharted Territory / Biblical Cold" are some of the terms to describe what is happening to New England.  Many have never seen anything like this.  And....there's another storm coming by midweek.  

Residents are being told to dress in many layers and simply don't go out if you don't have to.  

Where is "Global Warming" when you need it???  Here's more on this brutal winter weather - "BIBLICAL" SERIES OF STORMS PARALYZE NORTHEAST - Stay warm, Juliet!!

Yesterday, after Church, our team met at University Behavioral Center, the Hospital where we've been Chaplains for over 17 years.  We were joined by James King from England.  Oh my....what a powerful testimony he shared!

We ministered to the young people and then went to the adults.  James' story is one of absolute "Amazing Grace".  

Both patients and staff were touched by the Lord yesterday.  I rarely snap any shots of this ministry (because of confidentiality regulations), but I managed to capture our ministry team having dinner afterwards.  

And, thank you, James (the guy in the coat and tie), for taking the time to come and share your testimony with us!!

Was reading in Proverbs 16 this morning and verse 16 stood out to me..."How much better to get wisdom than gold!  And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver".  

It is very easy to pursue gold and silver (it certainly helps to pay the bills), but...wisdom and understanding are far, far better!  Oh, Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you today and seek your wisdom and understanding

With those "Wise" Words, I launch into this day that our Lord has made.  What lies ahead?  I've got a serious "To Do List" and will seek His wisdom and understanding as to how to knock it down.  May I be sensitive to His voice today.  

So, you be blessed today.  If you live in New England....stay warm!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-15-15 Sunday 6:59AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, Ariana and I drove Cindy to her Dad's home.  This morning, they're headed to Miami to go "Cruising" for 2 weeks.  We're so glad that Cindy is going to be able to rest and relax with her Dad!

When this "all-expense-paid" opportunity came up, we rejoiced.  As you may know  Cindy had surgery in November and developed blood clots (very serious).  She has been slowly recovering, but still experiencing significant pain.  

This cruise is "just what the doctor ordered".  She'll be able to spend time in the pool on-board and also on a bunch of beaches on the islands enroute.  Praise God!

So...for the next two weeks, I'll be "Mr. Mom".  Now, that's not so bad, because Ariana is a joy and Peter is a big help.  

We won't be eating the same (Cindy is a super and very nutritious cook).  We'll spice things up with pizza and hamburgers, but I'll try to maintain some level of healthy nutrition (don't tell Michelle Obama that Cindy's gone!).

Yesterday, Steve and Ben (my eldest & 2nd born son) met me at the airport and we took the "Little Donkey" up.  It's good to do a thorough "test-flight" before doing routine maintenance and inspections, besides.... I just wanted to take the boys up for a spin.  BTW, the "Little Donkey" is in great shape!  

The day was crystal clear and we had a brisk north wind.  The "Little Donkey" leaped off the ground in about 300 feet.  We flew down the Space Shuttle (now retired) Landing Strip and then headed for Cocoa Beach. 

Then, it was back to the airport.  Set up for a genuine, "bush", short-field landing.  The wind was just right and we set the "Little Donkey" down in a about 250 feet.  The Tower asked me if I added a new "STOL Kit" (Short Take-Off Landing).  We just smiled.  Love it when the pieces come together.  It was a fun flight. 

It's Sunday morning and we're heading to church to worship Jesus.  So glad that we still have the freedom in this country to do this.  Then, we'll conduct our Sunday Service at the Hospital in Orlando.  Again, without fear of persecution or death.  Folks, we need to remember and appreciate our freedom to worship God in America!

Please remember to pray for Cindy and her Dad as they "Cruise the Caribbean".  Pray that all goes well and the weather is good and that my Cindy get's good rest and healing!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-14-15 Saturday 7:14AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


OK, so we wake up to pretty cards and boxes of candy on this day.  But, what is the real story behind..."Valentine's Day".  Here's a bit of background and this story seems to be the "real deal" as to how this became a holiday to celebrate love. - VALENTINES DAY - FULL OF CHRISTIAN CONNECTIONS 

Meanwhile, on this Valentine's Day, the folks in New England are dealing with a "SNOW HURRICANE"!  This is pretty intense cold and it's even bumping freezing down here in Florida.  Here's more - MAJOR BLIZZARD..SNOW HURRICANE LASHES NEW ENGLAND's so cold....TOO COLD...TO PROTEST "GLOBAL WARMING" AT YALE!  Go figure!

Enough about this chilly weather.  Still glad we're down in Florida, even though it's quite chilly, it's nothing compared to what folks are going through up in the Northeast.

Had a wonderful opportunity yesterday to join our good friends at WPIO Radio yesterday for a live 2 hour chat.  Every year, these faithful folks have their annual Share-A-Thon to keep Christian Radio on the air.  It's always our pleasure and privilege to join them and share on just how GOOD OUR LORD IS!! 

Today, my son Ben and I are going to take the "Little Donkey" up for a test flight before our great mechanic, Paul, does his usual, very thorough inspection of this wonderful little aircraft.  

So, it's time to head out and go fly a little bit.  I love doing this!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-13-15 Friday 7:05AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


For some time, the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) in Merritt Island has been blessing the "Village" orphanage in Haiti with their "excess" baby formula / food / diapers / clothes / toys etc.  

Only our Lord knows how many desperate little babies have been saved and sustained and have thrived because of the generosity of this wonderful partnership!

Well, yesterday, when I drove up to the APC to pick up a another "load", all I can say is WOW & THANK YOU!!

This is, without question, the biggest load of food / formula etc. that we've every received.  All Vickie, the Director could say is..."God has really been blessing us!"  Thank you, Jesus, in behalf of all those little babies in Haiti.

BTW, the "Street Value" of this load is in the thousands of dollars!!!  Again, we're just so THANKFUL for those who care about others....especially the weak, the orphans, the hungry.  

This is exactly what our Lord Jesus was speaking to us about in Matthew 25:35....

What a JOY & PRIVILEGE to be able to reach out to those in such need.  So glad you're with us on this "mission"!!

I called Barbara, down in Haiti and told her about the "haul" and she was just thrilled.  Praise God....surely...."Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!"

Down here in "Sunny Florida" it's getting downright COLD!!  

Brrrr, will be freezing tonight in Northern Florida and close to freezing, here in Cocoa (Central Florida).'s nothing compared to what they're going through in the Northeast.  Spoke with our Juliet, who is in Worcester, MA, last night and it's just plain miserable.  BTW, Worcester was just named the "snowiest city in America".  They don't know what to do with all that snow.  Photo of Juliet with her fiance, Shaun.

They're bracing for another Blizzard, as Winter Storm Neptune roars their way.  Bundle up and stay warm, Juliet!!  Here's more - WINTER STORM NEPTUNE BRINGING BLIZZARD TO NORTHEAST

Today, will be back to the re-design of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Please PRAY with us, that we not only come up with the best design but that we WIN this SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Grant.  Would love to have the Federal Government fund this great project!!!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-12-15 Thursday 7:11AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In the midst of making the Air Mobile Rescuer smaller, the phone rang.  It was Vickie at the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC).  She gladly informed me that she had more baby food and formula for the Haitian babies, who are often abandoned at the "Village" gate, where Barbara comes to the rescue.

Many of these children show up extremely malnourished and baby formula is key to their survival.  Just did a quick check and a 33 oz. container of formula costs nearly $20.00! 

Did a bit more research, and to feed an infant formula for a year, would cost $1733!  Now, when those phone calls come in from Vickie at the APC, I "dash" right over and pick up those "life-saving" gifts.  

In addition to baby formula, there's usually a great load of baby food and baby clothes and diapers and toys and so much more.  Can't even begin to tell you how THANKFUL we are for so many folks who help us along this journey of reaching out to the weak, the sick, the hungry and the thirsty!!  Truly a "Noble Mission"!

BTW, when Barb runs out of baby formula in Haiti, it costs nearly $40.00 for that same container that cost $20.00 at Walmart!  That's why we seek these "treasures" and load them into the "Little Donkey" and fly them to Haiti!!  

So, today is a gathering and designing day.  Who knows what else will happen??  I know Who knows!!  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-11-15 Wednesday 7:07AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I have been working diligently on an SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Grant.  If we are successful, we will receive funding to design and build a smaller version of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We PRAY we "win" the award!

The deeper we dig into this brilliant (inspired by God) design, the more awed I become at the simple genius of this great tool for "good"!  

I recall meeting Rolf, the UV Module inventor, nearly 25 years ago.  He told me of this idea that God had given him regarding a water purifier.  I am so glad our "Paths" crossed all those years ago!  

Surely....."God knows how to deploy His troops"!  I believe that our Lord arranged for that meeting on the ramp at Space Coast Regional Airport all those years ago.  Again, I say to Rolf, "Thank you for sharing your 'genius' with me and the rest of the world!"

Today, thousands upon thousands around the world are drinking clean water because of this simple and wonderful machine, the Air Mobile Rescuer!

So, today, the quest goes on and study and the design changes move forward.  There is, of course, no guarantee that we will win this award but....we sure have a good feeling about it.  

Our Federal Government is not always known for putting our tax dollars in the best places.  But, I am thankful that there is a possibility that we might receive some $$ to go and do some more good around the world by bringing fresh, clean drinking water to the thirsty.  This causes our Lord Jesus to smile!!

Back in December, when we had Aldrich & James here from the Philippines, we were guests on "The Good Life" program with my good friend, Bob D'Andrea.  

We're so THANKFUL to have been able to share Aldrich & James with so many and tell of the wonder of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Here's the program - hope you enjoy it - JOE & CINDY ON "THE GOOD LIFE" WITH ALDRICH & JAMES

Well, it's back to the books and the "drafting board" to make a smaller "Rescuer".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

PS - If you're new to this "rambling blog" and would like to see how we've gotten to the this juncture of the journey, just click on the "Older Post" button below and you'll see how we've gotten here.  God bless and WELCOME ABOARD!!

Air Mobile Joe