Friday, June 17, 2011


June 17, 2011 - Friday - 8:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


At about 1:30am this morning Cindy and I rolled back into our driveway home.....ahhh!  Long and fruitful day.  The day began with an amazing conference.  So glad Steve Strang (Founder and President of Charisma Communications) invited me to attend.  Our guest speaker was Graham Power.  Graham is a South African businessman that has spear-headed what has become, the largest Christian gathering in History, The Global Day of Prayer.  What a tremendous testimony.  He imparted so much wisdom and encouragement to us.  He also brought forth a remarkable message on Ethics.  My heart has been challenged!

From the conference, Cindy and I began our next journey on the Gold Wing.  Stopped at a dear friends' and fellow "Water Mules", John and Lisa Moeller.  Known the Moeller's for many years.  After getting our routing all situated, and sharing a cup of coffee and delicious strawberry short cake, we meandered through the heart of Florida for Camp Kulaqua.  Notice in this photo, just behind Cindy sits an Air Mobile Rescuer.  Now, this is cool, as our very first road trip involved our water purifier, officially making our Gold Wing part of the "Water Mule" team.  Must come up with some kind of an appropriate name.  Also, notice in the back-ground....John's beautifully restored 1972 VW Beetle.  We had a lovely, uneventful trip to Camp Kulaqua.

There, we met Pastor Tom who has been coming to this camp since he was a teen-ager.  One of the first things he showed us was "Big Dan".  This is, without a doubt, the biggest Cypress Tree I have ever seen.  It is one of the largest in the world.  It's named Big Dan, because it is estimated that it was around when Daniel the Prophet walked the earth (over 2600 hundred years ago!).  You never know what you'll find in the deep woods of Florida. Just had to share this shot.

Now, Pastor Tom had been sharing excerpts from our book, "Run To The Roar" with the young people.  He had also been teaching on the importance of telling the truth.  His subject today dealt with "Little White Lies" (how they are just flat out lies).  I am reminded of the conference that I had been in earlier with Graham Power on ethics.  What a good thing it is when our Lord teaches us in so many ways.

Well, Tom and I had "conspired" to give the kids a treat.  After Cindy and I arrived and after seeing "Big Dan", we quietly joined the group of young people and staff. We just quietly sat in the back as Pastor Tom settled into his "Story Telling" mode.  None of the kids knew who Cindy and I were.  So, as Tom told the story about Dorothy Erdman (a missionary who died and......came back) he purposely got the story all wrong (by design).

Suddenly, I yell from the back, "Hey, that's not how it happened" .  Tom asked "Who are you?".  My line, "I'm the quy that wrote the book, I ought to know what happened to Dorothy".  The kids were gripped by the drama and then burst into applause when they realized that the "Guy that wrote the book" was here to share with them.  Cindy and I had a blast telling story after story out of the book.  Then.....

We got to the need for clean water around the world and things that we can do about it.  In just a moment, the Air Mobile Rescuer was set up and pumping clean water from "very dirty camp water".  The kids were fascinated and soon lined up one by one to take a taste of clean water from this "Miracle" water machine.  

We were able to able to encourage these children to consider missions and helping other thirsty children around the world.  How many of you reading this have had wonderful, inspiring experiences at Summer Camp?  

We pray that our Lord will take our message of taking the Good News of Jesus to a thirsty world and raise up dynamic Christian leaders from these "little ones".  Jesus has a very special place in His heart for Children!

After the demo, Cindy and I decided to crawl back on the beautiful old Gold Wing and "Wing" it home.  It was cool and the moon was full and we just cruised all the way back to our beautiful "Extreme" home and rolled into our driveway at 1:30am (this morning) after driving over 400 miles!  I'm on my second cup of coffee. 

We've got a couple of strategic "Water Mule" team members flying in today.  We're preparing for our next mission to Haiti and have a lot of stuff to get ready before we can depart.  Time to get on with the day.  You are so special to us in so many ways, but the most important is your PRAYER!  While on the subject of PRAYER, please remember to PRAY for the folks in Arizona and New Mexico.  The huge, historic wild fires are being fed by low humidity, extreme high winds and "hell-like" heat.  We need a miracle.  Let's pray for RAIN IN JESUS NAME!!  AMEN!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Cindy gets her last "Rabies Shot" today.  She's doing much better now, thanks to your prayers during this challenging time (read about the "Rabid Raccoon Attack" in earlier blogs).  Joe

June 16, 2011 - Thursday - 7:36am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, my dear Cindy and I got on the "Gold Wing" and headed to Lake Mary, FL.  Was so excited about the "the ride", completely forgot to snap a single shot of this somewhat "historic" occasion (believe me, photos will come).  I praise God that Cindy is feeling better;  all of the chemicals from the rabies vaccination shots have brought her resistance down a bit, but other than a bit of a cold, she is recovering from the rabid raccoon attack quite well.  Truly appreciate your prayers!

In just a bit, will be heading over to Charisma Media (the folks that published our book, "Run To The Roar") for an all day conference at the invitation of Steve Strang (President and Founder of Charisma Media).  Then later this afternoon, it will be back on the "The Wing" and we'll take a nice road trip up through Central Florida to speak at a Youth Camp this evening.  It's going to be good day with a lot of good "Input" and some "Output" of God's Word.

Heard from Dodd Stretch yesterday evening.  Dodd is the President of AirTex Interiors located in Trenton, NJ.  His company is installing the new interior in our beloved mission aircraft, "Ti Burik".  Dodd and crew are working very hard to get the interior all finished so that we can bring the little aircraft back down to Florida to get it painted.  We are all working on a serious deadline to have Ti Burik all finished so that we can fly to the big Oshkosh Airshow July 25-31st.  Dodd asked for special prayer that all the "bits and pieces" from this huge project come together.  Being at the Oshkosh Airshow will expose Air Mobile to literally hundreds of thousands of fellow aviators.  Folks, that good meeting will yield a lot of clean water to thirsty and desperate people!  Please pray it all comes together as planned!

Today, another Rescuer is headed to Kenya carried by Jay Bruber.  Yesterday, another Rescuer was placed in the hands of Sharon Smith and will be going to Uganda.  Just a few minutes ago, I spoke with Pastor Zach Waite.  Zach and I will be meeting in Haiti very soon.  Their mission has funded 5 Rescuers that will be going right into the heart of the Cholera region of Haiti.  We're very eager to get there and get that clean water flowing.

Well, it's time to head over to Charisma Media for the conference.  God Bless and THANKS again for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 15, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:27am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, the trucks and Southwest crew began to show up at our 2 hangars at Space Center Executive Airport, located in Titusville, FL. Let me tell you something, these guys know how to work!  They just got right to business.... on bringing order to our chaos! 

Methodically, the crew removed ALL of the parts and pieces that have been accumulated and gathered over the last year.  Then, piece by piece with inventory bags and a methodical way of photo / packing / recording, the pieces came back in.  It will be so easy to go and find certain pieces now.  By the way, we're also so thankful for the aviators that have donated their used parts so generously to Air Mobile!  

Shelves were made and things re-arranged in such a way, that we'll be able to operate much more efficiently in the days ahead. It was hot work, but the crew just kept pressing on.  Frankly, I was amazed at just how many valuable parts we have.  We'll be able to sell some to reduce our maintenance costs.  You may recall, that during the recent extended range fuel tank installation, certain work needed to be done that was not covered by the Extreme Make-Over gift.  Well, these parts will help to reduce or even eliminate that debt! 

The grill worked great and the burgers were delicious.  During lunch, I was able to demonstrate the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This really brought into perspective just how effective "little planes" can be when strategically deployed! By the end of the day, our hangars were in such better condition.  This major one-day effort will so help us in the days ahead.  THANK YOU AGAIN, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES & CREW (And Chuck who thought this whole thing up)!  THANKS for helping us to "Move about the world....more freely...and orderly"!

By now, many of you should have received our Air Mobile E-Newsletter (sent at 6:00am ET this morning).  IF you have not received it, it is because you are not on our "Air Mobile E-Newsletter List".  If you're not on and would like to be on it, simply jot me a note at: and I'll be sure you get on the list.

The news from Haiti is not good regarding Cholera.  This dreadful, deadly disease is on the march again.  New cholera cases are steadily increasing.  The need for clean water is greater than ever.  We are working very hard to get back there.  We have so much work to do there.  We'll be in strategic meetings to get a much needed airstrip open in Medor, an isolated community in the mountains just north of Port-Au-Prince.  We're gathering supplies and parts at this time for our next Haiti mission.

Today, Cindy and I will be heading out for a series meetings for the next few days.  Will even be speaking in a youth camp several hours from here.  We're going to take the Gold Wing on our first mini road trip.  Looking forward to that.  I like that name, Gold Wing....sounds kind of "angelic".  We haven't come up with a formal name for our new (used) beauty, but in time we will.  Speaking of Cindy, it's our coffee time.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer, encouragement and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Do you recall the story of Travis, the young man that is quite ill and the doctors are simply perplexed?  I spoke with his Dad last night and Travis is doing better!  Our prayers are working!  Keep on praying for Travis and for his full recovery!!  Joe    

June 14, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:11am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Today is the day that 2 Air Mobile Hangars are going to get "Organized"!  We are so thankful to Chuck and Southwest Airlines.  In just over an hour, a team of Southwest employees will begin showing up at the Space Center Executive Airport in Titusville to completely re-organize all of our aircraft parts, relief supplies, flight hardware, tools etc.

This great project was born in "Southwest Chuck's" mind several weeks ago.  I've always been impressed with Southwest Airlines with their efficiency and innovativeness in the Airline Industry.  Well, I can tell you, their staff just thinks that way.  Chuck has been building a beautiful office in our hangar and now, he's pulling in some serious volunteers to help us get the place in tip-top operational shape.  We're very excited about what is going to happen today.  My phone has already been ringing with other volunteers wanting to come and lend a hand.  

Yesterday, another group of "Seasoned Veterans" showed up at our home.  Pastor Ron is the Chaplain at a local retirement home.  We began the day by hosting a group of Retirees and sharing our home with them.  We truly enjoy sharing this blessing (The Extreme Make-Over).  At the end of our tour, we all prayed together.  There was so much wisdom and experience in our living room.  We were truly blessed by their visit and their love and faith and encouragement!  

After the time with the Retirees, Cindy and I headed out to complete "The Deal on the 'Thing'.  Anybody guess what it is?  It is a 1996 Honda Gold Wing SE.  This 15 year old beauty is in amazing condition.  At Cindy's urging, we took our income tax refund and just DID IT!  For many, many years, I have dreamed of getting an older Gold Wing.  Thanks to Craig's List and the internet, we scanned the market and I believe we found a wonderful deal.  With the cost of fuel, this should save us some money, but the truth is....I just wanted it.  Also, you may recall, in Sunday's blog, while we were searching we met Travis, the young man that needs a miracle healing.  Please remember to pray for him.

We are working on getting ready for our next mission to Haiti.  All of this re-organization in our hangars will certainly help our future mission deployments.  Again, we are so thankful for so many that stand so firmly with us.  We truly appreciate all of you who read this blog and pray with us!  Thanks again.  Gotta run, volunteers are on their way.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

June 13, 2011 - Monday - 7:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


With the way the storms / quakes /tornadoes / floods have been going lately, it's a relief to get a "quiet" day.  Well, there was a significant quake in New Zealand (Christ Church) and it certainly rattled nerves, but no fatalities and 10 injuries.  The Missouri River is flooding and more Midwest thunderstorms are expected today, but compared to recent headlines, it was quiet day.  Still, we must be vigilant and remember to Pray for those in the paths of storms, and flood waters and those shaken by the earthquake.  

Went to church and conducted our Chaplain ministry at the hospital yesterday.  Encouraged all in our  little "congregation" in the Hospital to pray for Travis, the young man I spoke about yesterday ("From Craig's List to the Throne of Grace").  It is such a blessing to be able to rally "prayer partners" to pray.  These means of communications (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc.) are a gift from the Lord.  Please remember to pray for this young man with us.

You know, speaking of "Social Communications", these wonderful instruments can be used for good or bad.  Recent headlines show the dark side of them, but what we are doing through this little blog and other such instruments can rally "Troops to Pray" and pass on valuable and encouraging news and information!  This is a good thing and   we're thankful!  

Today, in just a few minutes, we have a group from a local Retirement Home coming over to see our home.  We just love to share what the Lord has done for our family and ministry.  We'll also be getting ready for our big "Hangar Make-Over" day tomorrow.  We're very excited to have so many folks coming over to help us get our Operation Base into good, organized order.  We have many aircraft parts that we hope to be able to sell to reduce the recent repairs on Ti Burik.  Getting everything sorted, cataloged and photographed will help us to put them on e-bay / Craig's List, etc.  Again, we are so thankful for folks standing with us in this noble quest of bringing clean water and the Love of God to thirsty and needy world.

Speaking of Craig's List, Cindy and I drove nearly 300 miles yesterday after Church / Chaplain looking at "things".  Looks like we may have found what we're looking for and plan to finalize the transaction today.  I won't tell you what it is until "the deal is done".  I will tell you this,  I have dreamed of this "thing" for many, many years (and it does have a "wing").  Well, got to get ready for the day.  God Bless and THANK YOU for your faithful prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe 

June 12, 2011 - Sunday - 8:10am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


How many of you have gone to Craig's List?  If you haven't, you probably will.  It is a remarkable system of buying and selling.  I'd like to tell you a story about something that happened yesterday.  But first, it's time for that coffee with Cindy (who is doing much better, thanks for praying).  OK, back now.  Ahh, good coffee.

As we all know, Father's Day is approaching.  Yesterday, I made a casual comment about something that I would like, not necessarily for Father's Day, just something "one day".  Well, Cindy jumped right on it (won't tell you what it is for now.....).  She did what many do, she "lunged" at Craig's List with vigor.  Soon, she was up, dressed (she has been feeling better, since all the Rabies shots and flu stuff) and we were headed out the door to look at "things".  After a while and running all over town, looked like we had exhausted our list of things... when suddenly, one popped up "12 seconds ago!!".  That's the way Craig's List works, things move real fast.

When we phoned the number, the seller could hardly believe it.  He said that he had just pushed the button to "post" his listing and the phone rang.  We were just 10 minutes away and we showed up on his driveway in what seemed to him "in seconds"!  His item for sale was OK, but it was too early to make a decision.  

Soon the conversation turned to "The Extreme Make-Over".  Seems like everyone in our community had heard "The Story".  We were answering questions and just overall rejoicing in the whole matter when the wife of the seller explained that they had been the recipient of the "Make-A-Wish" gift.  Instantly, we knew that someone was VERY ill.  Turned out to be their son, Travis.  Now, just 18 years old and for the last 4 years suffering from a completely perplexing malady.  The very best doctors in our region are completely baffled by this mysterios and debilitating disease.

Sitting right there in their driveway, I simply asked if we could pray.  The couple instantly responded with "yes" and....would we like their son to join us.  Of course we would, and soon, we were all there, (including their son's good friend), joined in a circle in their driveway PRAYING!  I truly believe that healing is on the way for Travis.  PRAYER WORKS!!  

Late last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, my mind and heart turned toward Travis in prayer and back to the Throne of Grace.  Early this morning, again, found myself praying for Travis.  Now, with the wonder of this little blog, I would like for you to join Cindy and I in prayer for Travis to be healed.  One thing is for sure, Jesus knows exactly what is wrong with Travis and Jesus can and will heal him.

So here's our story today, "From Craig's List to the Throne of Grace".  These things happen by divine providence.  I sincerely believe that it was no accident that we were looking for that "thing" at exactly that moment and Cindy checked that listing exactly when it "popped up" and that 10 minutes later we were there and.....our Lord showed up with us!  You may recall a saying that I have quoted so many times (from a very dear Pastor of mine many years ago, Pastor Roy Stockstill)- "Our Lord know how to deploy His troops" .  Please remember Travis in your prayer!

Yesterday, Chuck and I went and bought the material that we'll need for the "Big Hangar Day" coming up this Tuesday.  Lowes and Chip the Manager, came through for us again.  Chip went in the back and found a very fine grill that had been used by his staff for company cook-outs and sold it to us for $25.00!!  Great deal.  Now, our hangar has a dedicated grill.

Remember, if you'd like to join our Hangar Make-Over Party on Tuesday (beginning at 8:00am), simply give me a call at 321-544-7757 for directions and details.  It's going to be a fun day that will help Air Mobile to operate more efficiently.

Maybe a little later, I'll share what we're "Hunting" for.  Some of you won't be surprised, but I'm sure others will be.  Today, after Church and Chapel at the Hospital, we're driving over to Daytona Beach to look at a few more "things".  Oh well, enough said.  Time to get ready for Church.  Love you all and thanks for praying for Travis.  

Oh, yes, one more good thing today, Haiti is "drying out"- doesn't look like rain today.  That means that hopefully and prayerfully, Cholera cases will slow down.  And...while we are praying, more severe weather is forecast for the U.S. Midwest today with the possibility of tornadoes and severe weather.  Dear Lord, PLEASE hold back the violent weather. You tell us to ASK and we are ASKING!  Thank you, Lord!

Air Mobile Joe


June 11, 2011 - Saturday - 9:31am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


More than 2500 new cholera cases were reported last week in Haiti.  This is a significant increase, as at the peak of the terrible cholera scourge that sickened over 330,000 Haitians, the weekly number was 4600 per week.  There is a direct correlation between rainfall and cholera.  We are so thankful, that for the moment, the rains have stopped.  Weather forecasters are predicting another active season.  We pray that our Lord spares Haiti....the country is so vulnerable!

Yesterday's blog referred to some very important meetings regarding the critical components for our water purifier, the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Well, the meetings went very well.  We are developing a team of experts and organizations that can certainly help us to make all of the components for the unit.  I am pleased to say that we moved closer to completing the list of items necessary to produce all the water purifiers that we need!  This is very good news.  We still have some significant work ahead of us, but yesterday was a "banner day".  THANK YOU for praying!!

Today, "Southwest Chuck" and I will be getting the supplies ready for our big "Work Day at the Hangar" coming up this Tuesday.  Chuck has arranged for 15+ Southwest Employees to come over and do an Extreme Organization of the 2 Air Mobile Hangars.  Chuck and a team of volunteers have already built out the most beautiful office on the "field" right in our little hangar.  It even has crown molding and custom cabinets and....air conditioning.  Chuck doesn't do anything "half-way".  

Well, today, we'll also be purchasing a "Dedicated Grill" for the hangar.  We'll speak with our dear friend and manager of Lowes about a demo model for a good price.  We'll keep this grill at the hangar for just such occasions.  We'll also make it available to our neighbors.  There's something good about feeding the volunteers.  By the way, if you want to join our little party, we'll be meeting at the hangar around 8:00am on Tuesday.  Simply give me a call and I'll give you directions (cell - 321-544-7757).

Yesterday afternoon, received a call from another dear friend, Stan Brock.  Stan is a legend.  Many of you may remember Stan as the Co-Star of Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins.  Stan is the founder of Remote Area Medical (RAM).  We have worked together on numerous projects in Haiti.  You may recall that recently, we donated a Rescuer to the Town of Medor, deep in the mountains of Haiti (as depicted in this photo).

Stan's call yesterday was to place an order for a Rescuer for RAM!  We are so thankful for the amazing work that RAM does and now, they are better equipped with the ability to produce clean water wherever they go!  Take a minute (after reading the blog) and look at their website at: .  If you get a chance, click on the recent DateLine special - "Rescue In The Mountains".  It captures the danger and challenge and victory of Medor!

Oh, I thought that yesterday was Cindy's last shot (and so did she).  She gets one more Rabies shot next Friday.  No more wild animal attacks.  Apart from a cold (not related to the rabid attack) she is going through the treatments quite well.  Things are peaceful at the Hurston Home.  Time to get ready to head out.  As I always say, and mean from deep in my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer and love and support!  Together, we're bringing clean water to a Thirsty World!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 10, 2011 - Friday - 8:04am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile has always sought to bring clean water to the thirsty and desperate.  The reason:  Following every disaster (natural or man-made i.e. war), the number one need, immediately following the cataclysmic event is CLEAN WATER.  You just have to have it.  I could tell you stories that would make you "thirsty and.....cry" just reading about them.   I can also tell you the incredible joy of bringing clean water to the "little ones".

We've flown "little bitty airplanes" over the years.  They can't carry very much water.  In the early days, we did the best that we could.  Water is HEAVY (over 8 pounds per gallon).  A person needs about 4 pounds of water per day (1/2 gallon) to thrive.  That means that our little airplanes could carry in water for a few people per day.

That is the reason that I was so excited to meet Rolf Engelhard over 20 years ago.  Rolf had an amazing invention.  A "Miracle" water purifier.  It was very small and very powerful.  Over the years, Rolf and I have worked very closely together to develop an amazing "Water Machine" that would take the dirtiest water and make it very clean.  There is much more to this story, but I'll skip a lot of details and tell you about where we are today.

The bottom line is that with this amazing water purifier, that weighs about the same as 3 gallons of water, this little machine can bring clean water to about 500 people per day every day for years!  Our little airplanes can easily carry 20 or more of these machines on each flight (DO THE MATH!!).  Now that, my friends, is putting a little airplane to good use!  

We are running out of parts for this wonderful machine.  But.....we're working on making each and every component to keep this source of "Clean Water" flowing into very desperate and isolated locations around the world.  We're very pleased to tell you that we have placed 762 water purifiers in 40 countries.  But this is truly "only a drop in the bucket".  We have known all along that we would have to begin some serious manufacturing to keep this clean water flowing.

Quietly, behind the scenes we've been waiting for certain legalities to come to pass....and they have. We can now  make as many of these parts as we want.  Thank God!  Next, we have been praying and speaking with a number of folks who can help us to bring this to pass.  Well, today, this wonderful journey goes on.  We'll be meeting with several folks who have been working diligently with us to make these vital components.  We're down to only needing 4 more components to "Complete the unit".  Can't give many details at this time, but.....please pray with us that all goes well today.

You know, when we began this project with Rolf years ago, we knew that we would face high and difficult obstacles.  As we traveled to such areas as Indonesia following the dreadful 2004 tsunami, Pakistan following the deadly earthquake, back to Indonesia following more earthquakes and volcano eruptions, back to Haiti many times following flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes, recently to Japan (a lot of radiation) following the monster quake and tsunami and the list goes on and on; our deep conviction to bring clean water to the needy only grew to amazing proportions (whew...such a long sentence).  Now, we have a deep passion and fire burning in our hearts that will not be quenched by difficult or challenging circumstances!

Often, obstacles can defeat us if we only look at the circumstances.  However, I am reminded daily of Abraham (the father of faith).  Abraham spoke of those things which be not as though they were.  We knew that one day, we would be in this position of needing to make all of our own components and here we are.  Bit by bit and through faith, THE PIECES ARE COMING TOGETHER!

Please pray with us today for this meeting.  Please pray that the expertise and generosity of the folks that we are meeting with will continue to "flow" toward more clean water for a thirsty world.  Please pray that our Lord will continue to move in all of our hearts for His will and purpose to be accomplished.

Well, to each and every one of you who arrived at this little blog, I am personally asking you to take a few moments and pray for this meeting as well as for the "completion" of each and every component that we need to put into this "Miracle" device that takes very contaminated water and makes it very clean!  This is life and death for many.  Oh, THANK YOU for standing with us.  We pray our Lord's very richest blessings upon you for joining us in this noble venture.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe


June 9, 2011 - Thursday - 9:12am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Finally, the rains have ceased in Haiti.....for the moment.  The recent rains have taken at least 23 lives and have dramatically increased the misery and suffering in Haiti.  Cholera is spiking.  Known, good water sources, are now contaminated.  The usual, destructive pattern is engaged.  As we gather supplies and await our next mission to Haiti, we pray!

Yesterday was a good day.  Had to write several critical letters where each word had to hit the target.  Spent some good time in prayer and preparation and then sat down and wrote.  I do believe our Lord helped me to deliver "The Mail" on each one.  So often, it is difficult to take the time to settle down and get focused on the Lord and simply ask His guidance and help in such matters.  It often goes against all in us to stop and pray in the "heat of the battle".  

I am reminded of how Jesus would often separate Himself from the crowds and even the disciples to spend time in prayer with His Father.  Well, yesterday was such a day for me.  Actually, there is some kind of flu type thing going around and frankly, been feeling it with stuffy nose and sore throat.  So, instead of just plunging into the "business", sought some time to quietly get alone and just pray.  After a time of this "rest in Him" and quiet period, the words just came.  Well, I certainly pray that the words I wrote accomplish their mission.

You know, a lot has been said about how the words that we speak, are very powerful (and this is true!).  In exactly the same way, the words that we write are equally powerful, if not more so.  The words that we write will remain and can impact people for years to come.  That is why, I take this little blog so seriously.  It has become, in so many ways, a labor of love for me.  I truly get up and look foward to sitting down and just "pouring out my heart" to you and any, who either choose, or "stumble" across this little rambling blog (so often, our Lord directs in such matters).  At any rate, our Lord gives me the strength to get up each morning and simply write a little report.

I particularly enjoyed my coffee / prayer / share time with Cindy this morning.  This is also such a wonderful part of our lives.  We fell in love over a cup of coffee and continue to enjoy that precious fellowship each day.  I thank the Lord for my precious wife.  By the way, tomorrow, she ends her Rabies Treatment.  She's doing quite well and not experiencing any negative side effects.  THANK YOU for praying for her.  PRAYER DEFINITELY WORKS!

Oh, yesterday, had 2 significant calls.  One from a lady that is going to Uganda.  She just secured funding for a Rescuer.  She'll come over and pick it up and receive training in the next week or so.  The next call was from an organization working in Haiti.  They too would like a Rescuer.  We coordinated for the delivery and pick up in Haiti.

Well, got the report from Dodd Stretch (AirTex) on Ti Burik.  Our little mission aircraft will likely not be ready until June 24th.  We are so THANKFUL for the beautiful interior and.....we know that these things take time.  So....was on the phone lining up another aircraft to make our next flight into Haiti.  Looks like we've secured one and actually, may even have 2.  I love it when our Lord provides in such abundance.  The mission is important.  The flight and Rescuers WILL SAVE LIVES!  Particularly during this very rainy period. 

So, there you have another rambling blog report.  I am so blessed that you've taken the time to read all the way through to the end today.  Remember to "carve" out some time for prayer even....when you're in the "thick of the battle".  PRAYER WORKS WONDERS!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 8, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:40am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Haiti and the surrounding region has had 7 straight days of rain.  Mud slides are occurring all around.  The death toll is mounting.  Health workers are warning that Cholera is coming back.  Already, cholera has taken more than 5400 lives since the outbreak last October.  So many are suffering.

Today, the region is expecting more rain.  As you can see from this image, there is a tremendous amount of rain filled, unstable air in the Caribbean.  Meanwhile, Adrian, the first named Tropical Storm is forming in the Pacific.  "The Season" (Hurricane) is here!

This has been a very turbulent year so far regarding natural disasters!  Between massive earthquakes, tsunami's, tornadoes, flooding of epoch proportions and now....hurricane season is upon us.  Time for us to seriously pray and stand on Psalm 91 - "dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty!" We're gathering supplies and getting ready for our next mission. 

Spoke with Dodd Stretch of Air Tex yesterday.  Dodd has been giving daily updates on the progress with Ti Burik.  His team is working hard and fast to get the little donkey back to us.  I am so thankful that our Lord put it on Dodd's heart to get involved with this project.  It seems like everyday, he calls with more good news regarding donations toward this project.  Yesterday, he secured new lense covers for the landing lights.

As he and his expert team "dig" deep into Ti Burik, they are leaving "no stone unturned".  He has already identified areas that need repair repairing them!  Usually, these things aren't found until such an extensive job is done.  Now, with the entire interior of the aircraft exposed, they are able to perform incredible inspections.  

It was much the same way with Owen Bell in Nashville when the 8 additional fuel tanks were installed and the entire upper wing was de-riveted and exposed and needed repairs were done.  Ti Burik is indeed getting an "Extreme Make-Over" from the INSIDE OUT!  Praise God!!!

Today, we continue our "home-front" work.  Letters to write, calls to make, supplies to secure.  Cindy is nearly through with her Rabies Treatment and all is going well.  She gets her last shots on Friday.  No more wild animals have showed up at the Hurston home in the last few days, but....we're keeping an eye out!  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe



June 7, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:47am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Shortly after posting yesterday's blog, our friendly Animal Control officer showed up.  It was Jeff, the same guy that came and got the rabid raccoon last week.  He's a pro and does a great job.  Well, we discussed the "Bat" and he came up with the strategy to transfer the bat from my blue box to his white bucket.  All was successful.  Mother and 2 babies made the transfer.  

Now, the little critters are in the hands of Animal Control.  We discussed whether or not they were rabid.  We may never know.  They'll likely be released in a safe location.  So....the Bat Saga comes to a peaceful end.  Jeff and I bid farewell until the next wild animal comes to our door.

In just a few minutes, a representative from Rollins College will come to our home.  She is a CPA and expert in Quick Books.  You may recall that Bank of America has donated Ministry Consultation to Air Mobile as a result of the Extreme Make-Over.  This has been great for Air Mobile.  We're getting such good counsel and advice regarding the operation of our ministry.  We're so THANKFUL for kind and generous and helpful gifts such as this.

We're watching a low pressure area in the Caribbean.  There have been heavy rains for the last few days causing rivers and lakes to overflow in Haiti.  Thousands have been evacuated.  The rainy season is here in full force and Hurricane season is coming.  Again, we're praying for our Lord to have mercy on the hundreds of thousands of folks living in flimsy and fragile tents.

We are working diligently to secure more Rescuer water purifiers for Haiti.  We hope to return in the next few weeks.  As you know, our mission aircraft, Ti Burik, is up in Trenton, NJ, in the hands of Dodd Stretch, the "Master of Aircraft Interiors".  As soon as the little bird is ready, we'll pick it up and likely dash right down to Haiti with vital supplies.

We know that all this rain is causing Cholera to raise its ugly head.  We know only too well how important clean water is to prevent this deadly disease from spreading.  So, while here on "the home front", we're working on putting things into good order so that we can GO forth and do more.  

We're also keeping an eye out for wild and rabid animals!  I'm  so thankful that Cindy is working through her Rabies Treatment well.  The new vaccine is not nearly as brutal as the old one that required many shots in the stomach.  She's feeling better and thanks you all for your prayers!  Well, have to run.  God Bless and THANKS AGAIN for your love and prayer!

Air Mobile Joe