Tuesday, February 10, 2015


2-10-15 Tuesday 7:17AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Who do we believe??  Seems like mankind has dealt with lies and liars going back to the Garden.  The father of all lies, Satan, is alive and well and spreading his lies everywhere.  Just a bit of a follow-up from yesterday's blog on "Are we really getting warmer?"

Seems like Boston has broken all records for snowfall...and you may recall, a certain former Vice President, told us our children may not see snow at all....as he demonstrated the famous "Hockey Stick".  Tell them that in Worcester, MA. - SNOW SET HISTORIC RECORD IN BOSTON  

I know, I know...all of this snow is caused by Global Warming (sic).  You see if you "cook" the books, you can make any story you want.

And, right along those same lines, we have Brian Williams telling his "tales" along with the news.

Well, the truth is...we're all guilty of lying at some time or the other.  The Bible says in Romans 3:23...ALL HAVE SINNED....

So, before we pick up our stones and throw them at Brian (and I don't condone his lies), let us look into our own hearts and ask our Lord to forgive us for the times...we've fallen short.

Well, it's that time.  Need to head out into this day and seek to follow Him where He leads.  BTW, as I read Proverbs 10 today, it was good to read the TRUTH in God's Word!  As I say every day and mean from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU for precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-9-15 Monday 7:11AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe 


Apparently, somebody’s been “cooking” the books.  One said, if they did this in the “business world”, somebody would go to jail! - PEOPLE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR SUCH MANIPULATIONS!  

It appears the “Leading Scientists” have been “fudging”  and gradually “increasing” the global temperature to bring the world to the conclusion that…There is "Global Warming" and we’re all going to die if we don’t do something about it!  Here’s a bit more on this "disturbing” subject - "FIDDLING WITH TEMP DATA MAY BE BIGGEST SCIENCE SCANDAL EVER!  

Meanwhile, those in New England are saying, "We've never seen snow like this!"  Another 2 feet expected!  WINTER STORM MARCUS "BURIES" NEW ENGLAND  

I hate being lied to!!  Oh well, that's my "Rant for the day"!

Yesterday, after a wonderful  service at our home church, Redeemer, we headed to the hospital in Orlando.  What a joy and privilege it is to share the "Good News" of Jesus.  We did so with neither threat or intimidation.  Thank God for the freedom that we still enjoy in this country!

We stayed in Orlando for the day to attend a Memorial Service for a GREAT MISSIONARY, Saul Cruz.  Cindy and I had the wonderful blessing to meet Saul last year and promised  his Mission, Armonia in Mexico, an Air Mobile Rescuer, as they desperately needed clean water.  

Last night, after the Memorial Service, we informed his widow, Pilar, that Air Mobile did not have 1 Rescuer, but 2 Rescuers for their mission.  It was a bitter sweet evening! Please PRAY for the Cruz family, as they deal with the tragic loss of their beloved Saul.

Your prayer, love and support enable us to go around the world and bring clean water and the Living Water of Jesus to a thirsty world.  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe  

2-8-15 Sunday 7:07AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The other night, while I was scanning Netflix, came across "The Son of God".  All I can say is "Wow".  I cried.  My heart was touched.  

Now, I realize that so many others were also touched around the world.  Oh, it's good to see such movies coming out of Hollywood!  Here's more - IS THIS A TIDAL WAVE OF REVIVAL TAKING PLACE??

Since the President of the United States "sanctimoniously" urged Christians "not to get on their "High Horse" and actually put Christianity on the same level as "Radical Islam", I think it behooves us to compare the "Doctrine" of the two!  You decide:  which is the Religion of Peace?? 

I think and PRAY that folks are beginning to wake up.  Jesus is the ANSWER for the world!  There is NO COMPARISON!!

Well, I had to get that off of my mind.  When I heard Obama make that statement, I was shocked and angry.  I know so many Christians who "Go into all the world" and bring Good News and share the Love of Jesus, often risking their own lives to do so.  The President should speak of them and not reference what took place 1000 years ago and compare it to what is happening TODAY!!

Speaking of going to bring clean water and the Living Water of Jesus, had the honor to  bestow an Air Mobile Rescuer to my son-in-law Kyle who will be going to the Congo next week to share the Gospel of Jesus! 

Earlier yesterday, Doug, our "Premier Water Mule" and I were at the "Great Outdoors Community Church"  Missions day.

This great Church has given to our ministry so many times and sent us around the world to bring desperately needed clean water to the needy.  Can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate this Church!

So, on this beautiful Sunday morning, as we prepare to go to church to worship Jesus and later will go to the hospital to share the Good News with patients, both young and old, we will not be in danger of being beheaded or burned alive. But...hundreds of millions around the world are!  Think about it!

THANK YOU "rambling" down this road with me!  We so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

2-7-15 Saturday 7:19AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After spending a week in Haiti and then nearly a week recovering from a nasty cold, have a mountain of errands to run.  Thank God, I'm feeling better.  While out and about, remembered some old friends, David and Pam Gray (we've been on many "excellent  adventures together). 

Just picked up the phone and swung by their beautiful home in Longwood, FL.  There, they loaded me down with pens and back-packs and hundreds of other "goodies" for the kids in Haiti.  It was really good to "Catch up & reminiscence" and get a nice load of cool stuff for the kids in the "Village".

Earlier, we were visited by Jean-Paul and Christine.  This precious couple played such an important role in Cindy's early walk with Jesus!

Oh, it's so good to just "Catch up & reminiscence" and remember how God has moved, and is moving, in our lives!

Today, will be at a Missions Conference hosted by "The Great Outdoors Community Church".  This church has partnered with us all over the world, helping us to bring clean water to the desperate and thirsty!  Where would we be without our friends??

So, today, it's time to load up, set up and share how God gives Clean water and the Living water to the thirsty.  As always, THANK YOU for sharing your invaluable prayer, love and support with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-6-15 Friday 7:27AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been following this story about a Jewish group studying the Torah in a private home and were sued by the Home Owners Association (H.O.A.).  Yesterday, the Judge tossed it out.  Thank God, sanity prevailed. Sometimes, H.O.A.'s, "take themselves way too seriously" as my Momma used to say.

I recall, several years ago, our company, CSA, had a banquet hall and rented it to a church.  The City of Titusville evicted the church!  I was NOT about to let the City Manager of Titusville tell me "there'll me no "Worshipin in that building".  We went to battle...and Won.  It took 2 years and cost thousands of dollars.  Folks, there's a time to stand & fight!

Last night, we had our weekly Bible Study in our home.  No one came and knocked on our door to break it up or serve "suit" papers.

Let us remember to THANK GOD for our freedom to "Worship" and let us remember to stand firm to defend that freedom.  I'm very glad that Jewish Prayer Group chose to fight for their freedom!

I'm slowly gaining a bit of strength and am able to go out and run a few errands.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-5-15 Thursday 6:54AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Met with Steve, a missionary headed to Pakistan tomorrow. Trained him on the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

Then, had the joy to present him with the gift of Clean Water.  This Rescuer will be going to a Bible School that has been in continual operation in Pakistan for over 60 years. 

Hundreds of children and students will enjoy CLEAN water so that the LIVING water may flow!  

Note, that I have not revealed Steve’s identity or the location in Pakistan where this Rescuer will be going.  It is very difficult and dangerous to be a Christian in Pakistan.

We are so thankful for the kindness and generosity of folks who funded this Rescuer during our “Let it Go – Let it Flow” Concert that we had in December.  THANK YOU!!

We, in America, often take our Religious Freedom for granted.  This comes at a great price and it is fought for every single day.  May we not forget!

Also, in the business, and many distractions of life, it is easy to forget, or not be aware that Christians world-wide are being tortured and executed for their faith.  In many nations around the world, Christianity is forbidden and punishable by death.  

I am reminded again of the simple and pure Words of our Lord….”I was thirsty and you gave me to drink”.  The Disciples quickly asked, “Lord, when did we ever see you thirsty?”.  Jesus answered… ”When you’ve done it unto the least of these, my Brothers, you’ve done it unto me”. 

Let us remember to PRAY for Steve and his small team as they head to Pakistan to share the love of Jesus. God bless you, for caring about others and risking your own lives to bring the Good News and the Living Water of Jesus to those who are thirsty.

And THANK YOU for joining with me on this “rambling, winding road of life”.  Your prayer, love and support are vital to this mission and to many around the world.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-4-15 Wednesday 6:57AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The call came yesterday morning.  My Cindy  slipped and slid to the Worcester Airport in snow-bound MA and boarded a Jet Blue flight for "sunny" Florida.  

It is so good having her home!  She said, "it was like leaving one world and landing in another" (it was 71 degrees when she landed).

On the way home from the airport, we shopped and she cooked us a magnificent "Cindy Special" Home-cooked meal.  

Peter and Ariana have been taking care of me through my sickness and have done a great job.  But...nothing takes the place of my Cindy's cooking!

And, BTW, been fever-free for 3 days. Still a little woozy, congested and weak, but clearly on the road to recovery!  THANK YOU for your PRAYERS!!

Today, we have another Missionary, who is going to Pakistan, and will be delivering a 2nd Air Mobile Rescuer to a Christian Orphanage there.  Praise God that we can bring the Living Water of Jesus through clean water.  Please PRAY for this brave missionary, who is risking his life for the cause of Christ!

I must make a comment about the Jordanian Pilot who was burned to death at the hands of ISIS.  

We are all in shock at this insane, brutality.  Let us pray that the world's eyes will be opened to this pure evil and join together to stop this!  

Recently, a family of Christians were burned to death (for their faith) in a large oven near Lahore, Pakistan.  This brings home our need to pray for this Missionary and his family who will be delivering this Air Mobile Rescuer to save lives and share the love of Jesus!

So, we move on with this day, that our Lord has made, remembering that Jesus told us clearly that these things would happen!  He went on to tell us that He would never leave us or forsake us, and He would be with us until the end of the world.  Praise God!!  Oh, we so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe

2-3-15 Tuesday 6:46AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I can still hear my little Cajun Momma telling me that, just when I needed to hear it.  It ties in so beautifully to Proverbs 3:7 "Do not be wise in your own eyes".  

Proverbs 3:5-6 also tells us..."Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths".

It seems like when I would begin to think..."more highly of myself than I should", my mother would bring me down to reality with those wise words from Proverbs.

And that's why I love getting a little (sometimes a lot) of wisdom everyday by reading Proverbs.  Yes, sometimes I miss a day or two.  He covers me.

Just wanted to report, been getting better and better.  2 Days without fever and not coughing as much.  Have spent some quality time studying and thanks to the internet, have still been able to conduct business with hardly any interruptions.

Back to Proverbs for a moment.  In Proverbs 3:9-10, we are told to "Honor  our Lord with the first-fruits of all our increase" (tithe) and then.."Your barns will be filled and your vats overflowing with new wine".

I so well recall, as a young missionary in Haiti teaching that message to very poor Haitians and watching the blessings of God fall upon them.  We've witnessed droughts end and huge crops come once they discovered this Word and truth.

So often, when we simply reflect on God's Word, we recall the times God has moved so graciously in our lives and the lives of others.  

In this hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget the beauty and power and strength of just taking a little time to spend with Him.  And Proverbs 3 is one of my all-time favorite Proverbs.  What a nice way to start the day.

Well, my precious Cindy is stuck in snowy, cold Massachusetts.  Her flight home today has been "delayed", until further notice.  She's laying low and staying warm and we're all eager to have her home.

Today, I'll be connecting, via Skype, with a young man in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and going over the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  It's so cool to sit in Cocoa, FL and with a few clicks on a keyboard, be "live in an orphanage in the DRC".  Gotta love this technology!

It's time to wrap up this "exceptionally rambling" blog today.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and greatly, greatly appreciated love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

2-2-15 Monday 6:47AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Since that first Super Bowl, I probably have seen every one but...this one (in my humble opinion) topped them all.

Two perfectly matched teams slugged it out to the very end.  The last seconds were the most exciting.  Perfectly executed drives, a breathtaking catch (never take your eye off the ball) and an unexpected play ending in a "Rookie" interception that won the game for the Patriots.  

All I can say is..WOW!  WHAT A GAME!  Here's a great AP Story that captures the drama - SUPER FINISH: PATRIOTS EDGE SEAHAWKS 28-24 IN NFL THRILLER

Now, I realize that some of you who meander down this road with me, may not be football fans.  Forgive me for carrying on so...it was just a GREAT GAME!  Now, the season is over and there won't be anymore football until the fall.

So, after the big game, it's back to work, even though I'm still laying low, recovering from this nasty cold.  My fingers still work and the internet is connected. Even though I can't go out and run errands and pick up supplies, etc., there is still much work that can be done.  And, thanks  to your prayers and a lot Emergen-C and fresh fruit, am definitely on the road to recovery.

On with the day and what our Lord has before me.  Again, I so appreciate your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

2-1-15 Sunday 7:57AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First of all, my Cindy is up in COLD Massachusetts right now helping Juliet plan the wedding.  

BTW, the date has been set for May 16th.  We are so glad for Juliet and Shaun.  They will make an awesome couple.

Well, you can imagine who Cindy will be pulling for and yes, when I married Cindy, I somewhat inherited the Patriots (besides, I like their name!).

I'm quite confident that the balls will be properly inflated.  At any rate, it's going to be a great game.

Been recovering from the nasty cold and getting some good study done in the process.

And, I must tell you, Peter and Ariana are taking such good care of their "old, sick Daddy".

While writing this blog this morning, I received an e-mail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Elizabeth and Darren arrived safe and the Rescuer is running great.   The orphans are drinking clean water.  You may recall, they received their Rescuer on January 8th.

Then received another e-mail from Engineer Cesar in Haiti.  The "Pilot-Reporting System" is also working great.

Those 2 Emails made my day.  So, Peter and Ariana have gone to church, and I'm settling in to a quiet day of recovery and study.  Oh, THANK YOU for faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-31-15 Saturday 7:34AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I shared yesterday, been feeling pretty rotten...fever, chills, aches, all classic flu symptoms.  So, I called Barbara in Haiti yesterday and asked if anyone else in the "Village" had the flu.  Barb said, "No" and then began to ask me some questions and then we hit the answer.

She asked if I had been sleeping under a fan.  After 8 days of doing this (often with it on high), yes I got what appears to be an "old fashioned cold".

With so many dread diseases out there that have "flu-like" symptoms, I certainly rallied you to prayer.  THANKS!

BTW, my fever seems to have broken and I'm feeling a little bit better.  Will still "lay low" for a few more days.

This will give me an opportunity to catch up on some study and research for the SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grant that we are working on with the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Having that 2nd cup of coffee now and it tastes so good.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-30-15 Friday 6:59AM Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was time for me to wrap up my 8 day mission to Haiti.  A lot had been accomplished, i.e. Emergency Air Ambulance for Medor, new levels of cooperation between OFNAC  (Haiti Civil Aviation)  and the local pilots, to improve Aeronautical Communications and Clean Water will continue to flow.  It was a good week.  It was time to head home.

Checked the weather and it looked pretty good.  A little bit of stuff upon departing Haiti, but after that smooth sailing with...some pretty strong headwinds in the forecast.

Had agreed to give a Missionary Flights International (MFI) pilot a ride home.  Kenny's been flying the absolutely gorgeous DC-3's for MFI for over 17 years.  Only a pilot could call the old
"Gooney Bird" gorgeous.  

After a thorough pre-flight we closed the door on the "Little Donkey"  and headed back to the U.S. 

It was then that I "detected" that something wasn't right.  Oh, the weather was fine and the Little Donkey was flying beautifully, but hour after hour, I began to feel worse and worse.  I PRAY that whatever is working on me won't  infect Kenny. I'm definitely "under the weather" and would appreciate your prayer for RAPID RECOVERY!

We fought 15+  knot headwinds the whole way back to Fort Pierce, FL.  After clearing Customs, I taxied right up to the beautiful MFI Hangar.  MFI is now flying Turbine Converted DC-3's, but they have one last radial powered one in the hangar.  It's been sold, but...isn't she BEAUTIFUL!

By the time I landed in Titusville, I ached all over with flu-like symptoms.  Picked up Ariana at school headed straight home.

Looks like I'll be "laying low" for a while and just resting and and drinking a lot of "Emergen-C" to fight this thing off.  So, as I say to you every single day...THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-29-15 Thursday 4:24AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


This year marks the 37th year since first coming to Haiti.  I'm often asked, "Is it getting better?" I believe that I have changed a whole lot more than Haiti.  

I so clearly recall the young "rookie" who showed up with "Visions" to transform the Island. Yes, I made so many "snap" judgments.  

For example, "there is so much devastating poverty because...." and list would go on and on with my preconceived and often wrong ideas on how to "fix" Haiti.  

Well, as I ponder Haiti 37 years later over a good cup of coffee, before the sun has risen, with the gentle drone of the "inverter" driven fan, my mind goes to Proverbs and the timeless wisdom of Solomon who so beautifully captures  "Human Nature".  

There will always be the "poor and the rich".  Wisdom is readily available to all and our Lord resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  And I believe more than ever and with every fiber of my being..."Jesus is the answer for Haiti".

Oh yes, we've seen changes in Haiti.  Cell phones and the internet, for example, have made a giant impact on the average Haitian.  It seems nearly every Haitian has a phone. 

I chuckle to recall when I got my "Tech Plus" Ham Radio operators license, just after arriving to Haiti (1978).  We were still using Morse Code and I could tap out a "blazing"  5  Words  Per Minute (WPM).

Oh, how things have changed since those Ham Radio days! 

But, rapid communications  don't necessarily change a man's heart.  Jesus changes our hearts.

So, as I sit here and type this rambling blog just after 5:00 am in this little town of Bon Repos I  thank God for Haiti and how many invaluable lessons I have learned here.

Yes, the big changes that I've seen in Haiti have been in my own heart.  37 years later, I still come here and seek to serve the Lord every day and realize that in my own strength, I'm nothing, but with God, "All things are possible" .

And...God's timing is God's timing!  We've been working on getting an emergency landing strip in Medor for over 4 years and in 72 hours, after meeting the Directors of Haiti Air Ambulance, a Landing Zone (LZ) is being approved for that desperate region of Haiti!  Praise God!

It's getting time to head out into this day that our Lord has made and see what adventure lies ahead.  As always, THANK YOU for rambling down this road with me.  Your prayer, love and support are more precious to me  than you will ever know!

Air Mobile Joe

1-28-15 Wednesday 6:55AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


If you really want to know how an aeronautical communication system is working...ask a pilot who flies there.  That's exactly what I did yesterday in Haiti.  

With the help of our good friends at Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), we created a "map-form" that will allow the local pilots to visually depict exactly where communications are weak or distorted by interference.

Now, with the aid of this "Reporting Map", local pilots from all of the "Inter-Airlines" can have a "Voice" in the communications process.

OK, I must admit that it was fun going from pilot to pilot and small airline to small airline and giving the pilots the ability to literally affect the outcome of aeronautical communications.

Already, we've discovered that there is significant "interference" from local radio stations.  Now, OFNAC (Office of Civil Aviation) is gathering the critical data to bring this "dangerous" interference to an end.

The good thing about this new "Reporting System" is that both OFNAC and the Pilots are pleased and...the airways in Haiti will become safer. 

So, today I'll be "back-tracking" and picking up all of the completed "Forms" and presenting them to OFNAC.  This is truly a "win-win-win" situation and aviation SAFETY will be improved. 

Yes, I do love my job and consider it such a blessing to be able to help fellow pilots and actually give them a "Voice" in the communication process.  I'm also extremely THANKFUL to the Haitian Government Officials in OFNAC who are allowing me to develop this New "Reporting System".   And, I THANK YOU for your faithful, prayer love and support!

Air Mobile Joe    

1-27-15 Tuesday 6:39AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe 


Spent the day working with  OFNAC (Office of Civil Aviation) officials endeavoring to identify some weak spots of communication.  The new ATC equipment needs to be "tweaked" and adjusted to fill in those blank areas.

The best way to identify those areas is by talking to the local pilots who fly every day in Haiti. 

I then headed over to Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and spent some time with my good friend, Dave Carwell, the MAF Haiti Director. 

He immediately sent out an e-mail to all of the MAF pilots in Haiti and requested feedback.

While at the MAF Hangar, the flight crew from Missionary Flights International (MFI) showed up.  I asked the same question to them.  BTW, these guys fly some of the most beautiful DC-3's in the world!

I then stopped into the Haiti Air Ambulance operation and requested communication feedback from them.  They gladly agreed to help. 

Just want to say how much I appreciate the camaraderie among pilots.  It's particularly good when we can work so closely together to improve our communications!  Can't help but remember that classic line from "Cool Hand Luke".... 

Well, it's that time.  The sun has risen, the 2nd cup of coffee has been consumed, have read Proverbs 27 (really good Word on Humility) and it's time to go gather up some "PIREPS" (Pilot Reports).  

Yes, I love my job and am so THANKFUL to have you on-board with me.  Your prayer, love and support are vital to the success of this mission.  THANKS  again!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-26-15 Monday 6:44AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Spent the day in one of my favorite spots on the earth "Joe's Depot"!  In this little room, strategically located in Ruuska Village in Bon Repos - we keep clean water flowing into desperate areas of Haiti.

Over the last 11 years, we've developed a "System" that works!  We now have 336 Air Mobile Rescuers in every zone of Haiti and just like any machine, they require maintenance and repair.

So, the Rescuer operators are directed to bring their Rescuer to our Depot if...the machine does not function.  There, "on the spot" we swap their unit out with a fully refurbished unit..at no charge!  Our mission is "manned 24/7".  I make regular flights into Haiti to make sure that our inventory of refurbished units does not run "dry".  

Yesterday was a good day as we "re-loaded our clip" of Air Mobile Rescuers.  As I worked on the units Kevin and Brian looked on.  These two are in the adoption process and have drank Air Mobile Rescuer water nearly their whole lives.  They enjoy watching me work.  

In between Rescuer repairs, the flurry of e-mails regarding the new Emergency Air Ambulance service for Medor continued. 

It looks like a flight will be made to Medor this week to finalize the details for approval.  Again, I can hardly believe that this long journey (Emergency Air Ambulance) is nearly complete.  Of course, we're still working on getting  the airstrip approved for aircraft.

Looks like a major Blizzard, thanks to Winter Storm Juno, is hammering the Northeast.  Thousands of flights are cancelled and millions of folks are being affected as I type.  This storm could break records dating back to 1879.  Here's more - CRIPPLING BLIZZARD HEADED TO NORTHEAST

Today, I'll be working with OFNAC (Haiti Civil Aviation) and doing some "tweaking" on the new communication system.  Time for me to head out.  THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  PRAYER WORKS!!

Air Mobile Joe


1-25-15 Sunday 6:57AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As the sun rose yesterday, the e-mails were flying and by the end of the day, the isolated community of Medor and it's 40,000+ residents were "many" steps closer to creating a Landing Zone for desperately needed medical evacuation!

We are so thankful for the leadership and staff of Haiti Air Ambulance (Ayiti Air Anbilans in Creole), for their heart to serve others and save lives.

Air Mobile joined the efforts of Remote Area Medical (RAM) headed by Stan Brock, over 4 years ago to provide an Emergency Medical Air Ambulance for the people of Medor.

These heroic efforts to save lives in Medor, in the midst of a terrible Cholera epidemic, following the catastrophic earthquake, were "captured" in this epic Dateline Documentary.  Please take a bit of time and watch it - DATELINE: RESCUE IN THE MOUNTAINS - Warning:  Have Kleenex handy!

Every time I watch "Rescue In The Mountains" I cry. This morning, as I write this blog, I'm crying.

Now, it's been a long and winding road, with so many obstacles and delays in getting Air Ambulance Service for Medor.  We NEVER quit trying and yesterday we had a MAJOR BREAK-THROUGH, THANKS to Haiti Air Ambulance.

Later this week, a helicopter flight will be made to Medor to officially establish Medor as a HAITI AIR AMBULANCE LANDING-ZONE! PRAISE GOD!

We will continue to work with OFNAC to get the Airstrip approved and opened for aircraft and we are making very good progress.  But in the meantime, EMERGENCY AIR AMBULANCE service is about to begin and lives will be saved!

I would also like to say a special  THANK YOU to  Dr. Sue Carlson and her Church, Our Lady Queen of Peace, for their tireless and faithful efforts to bring such relief and hope to Medor.  Here's a "Snapshot" of all they have done. - A TRUE PARTNERSHIP WITH MEDOR

In between the flurry of e-mails, I had the joy of "Refreshing" a number of Air Mobile Rescuers and preparing them for service to bring safe, clean water to the thirsty.  Again, I LOVE MY JOB!

As I always say, and mean from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-24-15 Saturday 6:09AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As many of you, who have followed this rambling blog know, we have been working on getting an airstrip into the extremely isolated community of Medor for years.  Well, yesterday we had a great break-through!

We are still moving on the airstrip "approval" process with OFNAC (and we are definitely moving in the right direction) ..  

However, I had a meeting with the Executive Director of Haiti Air Ambulance (HAA), Ralph McDaniel, and he has offered his 2 beautiful  Bell 407 Helicopters to assist us with Emergency Air Evacuations from Medor...on a voluntary "free-will offering" basis!

I can't begin to tell you how excited we are about this new development.  We are moving quickly to get all of the information to HAA so that we can get Medor as an approved "Landing Zone" (LZ).  This has been a long road, but the 40,000+ residents of Medor are about to receive some greatly needed help.  PRAISE GOD!

BTW, my good friend and Brother in Christ, David Carwell, who is the Director of Mission Aviation Fellowship here in Haiti, strongly urged me to get in touch with HAA!  THANKS Dave!! 

Well, the sun has risen and it's time to get on with this day that our Lord has made.  What adventure lies ahead?  Don't know, but I'm holding tightly onto Jesus' hand!  THANK YOU(!!!) for your wonderful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

1-23-15 Friday 6:21AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a most encouraging meeting with Director General (DG) Roumer who heads OFNAC, the FAA of Haiti.  

He was very pleased to inform me that the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communication system that we (Harris) recently installed, is now reaching into an area of the Caribbean, south of Haiti, that had never been reached before.

As we viewed the map, the DG  explained that this is very good news and avails new opportunities for Haiti, likely expanding its Airspace.  I love those kind of meetings!

During our meeting, we also discussed Haiti's need for a comprehensive "Search  & Rescue" (SAR) program.  We may be able to do something to help in this arena.

It just so happens that the Cessna 337 is an ideal aircraft for long-range oceanic searches.  I certainly know a thing or two about this kind of aircraft. 

Then our conversation turned to Medor, the extremely isolated and desperate community in need of an airport for Emergency Medical Evacuations.

The project is now in the hands of the Air Safety Division of OFNAC.  The DG made a call to them while I was there and he "urged" them to process this quickly as "people were dying while waiting".  I could not agree with the DG anymore!  PLEASE PRAY that our Medor project gains rapid APPROVAL!

Well, today I'll be in "Air Mobile Joe's Rescuer Depot" working on keeping CLEAN water flowing. The sun is just rising and that 2nd cup of coffee awaits me.  As always, THANK YOU for joining me on this Adventure  with your invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

1-22-15 Thursday 6:36AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


All of the pieces came together.  The weather cleared out beautifully and we had a very nice load of vital supplies, the Little Donkey was "rarin" to go, so...

I headed to the "Barn"  and Ti Burik (Creole for Little Donkey) was just begging to fly.  How could I resist.

Topped off the tanks (all 14 of them), did a thorough Pre-Flight, a final check of the weather and prayed, asking our Lord for protection and to let those tailwinds blow!  It was time to head to Haiti!

Ti Burik leaped in the air and I climbed right up to 17,000 and there, found my long sought-after and greatly appreciated, tailwinds.

It seems that for the longest time, I've fought headwinds (both ways!) on this Haiti flight.  It was so sweet clocking 200+ knots almost the whole way.

Pilots love tailwinds because, they not only get you there faster, but they save a lot of money in fuel and "wear & tear" on the aircraft.  BTW, 200 Knots = 230 MPH.

And, right on schedule, I got another beautiful, Caribbean sunrise.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord to allow me to do this!  

I pondered Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart".  I so clearly remember, as a 4 year old, when I saw my first airplane and my heart burst with inexplicable joy!

That is when I believe that the Lord first put it into my heart to fly.  All I can do is THANK GOD for giving me this "job"!

BTW, that wonderful tailwind knocked a full hour off the flight.  Upon arrival at Port-Au-Prince, was met by Barbara.  We cleared all the cargo and headed to the "Village".

Have some Rescuers that need attention (keep clean water flowing) and there's a Runway in a very, very isolated part of Haiti that desperately needs to be opened.  There are folks that need to hear about Jesus.  It's going to be a busy week.

So, here you are, along for the ride on this bumpy, winding road.  Am really glad you're here and I want you know how much I appreciate your prayer, love and support!!
Air Mobile Joe

1-21-15 Wednesday 2:43AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awoke early this morning and turned to Proverbs 21 (since today is the 21st).  Read, "every way of a man is right in his own eyes. But the Lord weighs the hearts". 

I missed the "State of the Union " address (slept right through it), but I understand from the comments, it was filled with "fireworks" afterward.  Oh, Folks, we need to pray for our nation.

As I pondered the wise Words of Solomon, I looked at my own heart and...could only Praise God that I have a Savior!  Only God can straighten out our hearts.  We SURELY can't do it on our own. 

Had a very productive day yesterday.  Was joined by Doug and George (GREAT "Water Mules"),  We have a good load of supplies for Haiti, probably more than one Little Donkey can carry.  So, we spent the day just sorting and arranging the cargo for our next flight.

So, now that I'm up so early and am pondering Proverbs 21 and my heart, and how much I need a Savior every day to keep me, think I'll have another cup of delicious coffee and get an early start on this day.  Who knows where it will lead?....HE does!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and...much needed love prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-20-15 Tuesday 6:23AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Began yesterday by shipping an Air Mobile Rescuer to a dear Missionary who will be traveling to Pakistan soon.  

She'll deliver the Rescuer to a precious "Mission" that has been in operation for over 60 years.  They have courageously and faithfully proclaimed the love of God and the Good News of Jesus in a land where doing that, can cost ones life!

I am reminded of the simple and direct Words of our Lord Jesus..."GO ye into ALL the world and preach the Gospel (Good News) to EVERY creature"  (Mark 16:15).

Of course, where this Rescuer is going, there is a desperate need for clean water.  Again, I am so glad that Air Mobile can help.

For Security reasons, I can share no more details of this Pakistan deployment, but...I urge you to simply pray that the unit is delivered and that the clean water will be transformed, by the Holy Spirit, into "Living Water"!

Returned home to meet Richard, our very own "electrical genius" to work on the "Steps" on our old motorhome.  We try to keep all the systems in good operation on the Old Bounder because...one never knows when a disaster can strike.

While under the old coach, the phone rang.  It was Natalie, the Founder of Caring Caps.

Now, Natalie is a High School Senior who has a tender heart to help babies in Third World Countries.  She is an amazing young lady who gives countless hours of her life to help others and...she recruits many others to help her in this noble mission.

Natalie had a load of hand knitted baby caps and blankets for Haiti.  She brought them right over.  I crawled out from under the old Bounder to receive this precious bag of caps and thank Natalie again for caring for others!    

Natalie and her Crew have been doing this for years and many  little Haitian babies have been blessed by their love.

If you'd like to learn more about Natalie and her mission, click here - CARING CAPS

So, today, we continue to "GO" in His Precious Name and bring the Good News of Jesus into all the world..or wherever He leads us.

Can't begin to tell you how pleased and blessed I am to have you on-board with us.  Your precious love, prayer and support are invaluable to this mission.  THANK YOU, again!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-19-15 Monday 7:35AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After sharing the Good News of Jesus with both youth and adults at a Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando, we headed home to a quiet afternoon of one our favorite games, Scrabble.  Cindy won this one, but we're pretty evenly matched.  We really love this old classic game. 

Today, on this Martin Luther King Day, will be gathering supplies and preparing Air Mobile Rescuers for the thirsty.  Will be shipping a unit today to Pakistan to a Christian group  that is bravely and faithfully proclaiming the love of Jesus, where just being a Christian can cost you your life.

Found out some sad news from one the missions in Mexico that is to receive 2 Air Mobile Rescuers.  The Director, Saul Cruz died from a heart-attack recently.  When we shared with the mission that we would be sending the units, they were greatly encouraged in the midst of their grief of losing their beloved leader, Saul.  Please remember to pray for them as they navigate these difficult and painful waters.

You know folks, I feel so honored to be able to reach out to the thirsty and hurting and bring hope and relief.  Sometimes, it's just overwhelming to realize that we can make such a difference to those in deep distress.  I love my job!!

I'm also so glad to have you along with us on this mission and journey through life.  Your prayer, love and support help make it happen!  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-18-15 Sunday 7:24AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe 


Oh, it was fun being with old friends and celebrating a wedding.  I'm reminded of Jesus' first miracle ...at a wedding.  What a joyous occasion.  

On the way home (East-bound), I missed a turn and had to back-TRACK (West-bound) 12 miles.  

Instead of being upset at this delay we had the opportunity to see a gorgeous sunset  that we otherwise would have missed. 

We just chuckled and enjoyed the 4 hour, leisurely ride home.  There's something sweet about seeing 2 young people join hands and hearts and venture into life together.

So, it's Sunday morning.  We're getting ready for church and then we'll minister to the young people and the adults (in a separate service) at the Orlando Psychiatric Hospital. We're beginning our 18th year of Chaplaincy.  We're so glad for this opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus.  

God bless you and THANKS for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

1-17-15 Saturday 7:57AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Punta Gorda, FL - Wyvern Hotel  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy has known John and Diane for most of her life.  They went to Haiti together 31 years ago.  Diane is a great Nurse and John is an Electronic / Communication / IT "Genius".  When I married Cindy, I got John and Diane in the package.  John helped to set up my original communication system in Haiti.  

Well, their youngest son, Wesley, is getting married and we've come to Punta Gorda, FL to celebrate with them.  

Oh, we remember when Wesley was born.  My, how time "flies" when you're having fun.  We really love these guys and rejoice with them them in this precious union between Wesley and Rainy.

As we traversed the state yesterday evening, we could not see the vast, open Citrus Farms of Florida, but when we drove through beautiful "Downtown" Punta Gorda, we knew we were in "Old Florida".  We're going to enjoy this little get away and grand celebration.

Just got a call from Barbara in Haiti and the "Local Rumble" is that Haiti may be in for another earthquake.  We pray that the "prognosticators" are wrong.

BTW, in checking recent earthquakes  in and around Haiti, there has been some activity.  Again, we PRAY for Haiti.

We're glad that the Little Donkey is all ready to go and we're gathering supplies for our next mission.  We await our "Marching Orders".  In the meantime, we're going to enjoy being with our dear friends and celebrating the Marriage of Wesley and Rainy.

Be blessed and as always, THANK YOU for your greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!  We love you!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-16-15 Friday 7:05AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Before we send a replacement module half way around the world, we certainly test the unit.  Arrived  at our shop yesterday to prepare a module for David in Rwanda (read on down to learn about David and his mission to Rwanda).  

Was met there by two of our "Premier" Water Mules, Doug and George who were working, preparing Rescuers for deployments around the globe.

After I tested the Rescuer module for Rwanda, they "Verified" that the module was good to go.  We then packaged it and thanks to DHL, it should be in David's hands in a few days.

You know, we have a lot of problems in this old world but....we have a lot of good systems and we have a lot of good people and a lot of good gifts.  Just like this very situation.

Here we have a truck driver named David who has a heart to help others.  We have a wonderful water purifier that takes very dirty water and makes it very clean.  We have an internet system that allows us to communicate for free.  We have excellent "Water Mules" who serve others and we have DHL who delivers virtually anywhere on the globe.  

The truth is, there are many wonderful gifts in this old world and they come from our loving Heavenly Father.  At times, I just get overwhelmed by His goodness!  GOD IS GOOD!!  

So, as I scan the headlines and see stories like - TERROR TENSIONS SWEEP EUROPE as well as racial tensions at home and the list goes on and on, I simply remember that God is Good and just put my trust and faith in Him  and keep marching forward for His glory.

May I encourage you today to look around and see the goodness of God that is everywhere in the midst of this old world.  Believe me, I write these words as the cry of my own heart.  Sometimes, all of the suffering and just plain old evil in the world really gets me down.  I'm so glad when the Lord opens my eyes to see Him!

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Forgot to mention some more GOOD NEW - Gas prices have plummeted to a low that I NEVER thought I'd see again.  Recently, we paid $1.85 per gallon!!!  That's like giving everyone on the planet a "little raise".  Thank you, Jesus!!  Joe


1-15-15 Thursday 7:39AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


David drives a truck that carries 737 Jet engines.  He also has a heart to help Africa, specifically Rwanda by providing some clean water there.  So when his truck routing takes him down I-95, he stops in and we visit and I usually get him extra filters for his Rwanda Rescuer.

Recently, he contacted me from Rwanda and his Rescuer needs some attention.  Today, I'll be sending him a complete UV Module and he'll bring the old one back to be refurbished.  We'll get that clean water flowing again.  Again, I love how our Lord uses folks from all walks of life.  God bless you David for caring!

After getting that module winging to David in Rwanda, Cindy and I will be working on an SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Grant that calls for a portable water purifier.  We believe that the Air Mobile Rescuer may be just what they're looking for.  We'll see.

So, it's time to head out the door and see what our Lord has for us to do.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this road of life with us and above all, THANK YOU for invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

1-14-15 Wednesday 6:47AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In reflecting on Haiti and memories of that awful earthquake that killed over 250,000 people 5 years ago, Cindy and I are more determined than ever to bring clean water to thirsty and suffering people around the globe.

We are so blessed to have such amazing, God-Given Tools & Troops  to accomplish this mission.  Yesterday, after routine maintenance, Paul and I took the "Little Donkey" up for a test flight.  She passed with flying colors.  Flying this bird is such a joy!

Not only do we have an extraordinary aircraft, but we have a truly great mechanic!  Paul has been working on aircraft for 51 years!  Wow, are we blessed!!

Just after our test flight, John and Margaret, from a local church, showed up with a wonderful load of supplies, including baby food & formula, medical supplies and equipment and so much more.  Again, our Lord sends His troops our way!

Then, as I further reflect on the Air Mobile Rescuer and how this "Near-Miracle" Machine can take the most contaminated water and make it incredibly pure...again, I just say WOW!  

And...we've had the awesome privilege to place over 900 Rescuers in 44 Countries following the worst disasters in modern history!

BTW, if you're new to this "Rambling Blog" and don't know about the Rescuer, click here to learn more -   AIR MOBILE JOE DESCRIBES THE "NEAR-MIRACLE" RESCUER

Yes, bad things happen in this world.  Our Lord Jesus told us that these things would happen.  He also told us to GO into all the world and proclaim the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel and...feed the hungry and give clean water to the thirsty.

With your help, we're doing just that!  We're in the process of sending Rescuers to the Philippines, India, Mexico and Pakistan.  We'll soon be heading back to Haiti with a full load and...there is so much more that needs to be done!

So, today our plate is full and we're busy "Moving On & Letting it Flow".  We're THANKFUL at having you along with us.  We truly appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-13-15 Tuesday 6:06AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The phone rang just before 5:00pm.  It was Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress").  After lunging under a table, as things crashed all around her, she managed to get a call off to me.  "What's happening?" she yelled.  The terrible earthquake had just occurred in Haiti.  It was a day I'll never forget.  Yesterday marked the 5th Anniversary.

The next day, January 13, 2010, I borrowed a friends airplane and flew into Port-Au-Prince. Yesterday, my good friend, and excellent writer for Florida Today, John Torres, wrote this story of the day we flew in and I'd like to share it with you - IN HAITI, PROGRESS IS MEASURED ON CINDER BLOCK AT A TIME 

BTW, January 13th is also my birthday.  Now, every year, when that day arrives, I celebrate that I'm still alive, but the memories of that terrible day in Haiti will always haunt me.

Oh, let me be clear about the memories of that day and the days that followed in Haiti.  Along with staggering tragedy, we saw courage and hope and more miracles than I can count.  In the midst of the greatest disaster to hit the Western Hemisphere in modern History, we witnessed our Lord moving in great and marvelous ways.

Speaking of Haiti, today, will meet a representative from a local church who has a generous load of baby food, formula and diapers for Barb's Orphanage in Haiti.  We're so THANKFUL for so many who stand with us in these "Noble Battles to save lives".

So, as I go through this day and celebrate my 64th birthday, there will be sadness and joy and hope.  And having your precious prayer, love and support means so much.  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe  

1-12-15 Monday 7:46AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finally...some are standing against the insanity and radical "evilness" of Islamic Terrorism.  But...where does the leadership of America stand??  Here's more on this big question - OBAMA FINALLY "INVISIBLE" AT RALLY!!

For crying out loud, even Benjamin Netanyahu and  Mahmoud Abbas were on the front line of the march showing unity against this madness.

This is NOT the time to be "passive or PC (Politically Correct)".  This is the time to say - ENOUGH!! Is the world waking up?  

Apparently, some are, but...the leadership of America  appears to be in very dangerous denial.  We really need to pray for our leaders!

By the way, the Paris March was the largest gathering in Paris in History.  This shows the intense rejection and determination to fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism - LARGEST MARCH IN FRENCH HISTORY

OK, I'll admit that I'm ranting a bit, but doesn't this situation upset you?  It does appear as if "Battle Lines" are being drawn in this war.  

I just have to take this anger to Jesus and ask Him for direction for this day.  Am reminded of how He taught us to PRAY and these Words stand out..."Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" .

So, with those marching orders, let us go forth into this day that He has made.  Again, THANK YOU for wandering down this path of life with us.  Above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're new to this rambling blog and feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the story...you have.  Just read on down to see how we've gotten  to this "junction of the journey".  Joe

1-11-15 Sunday 7:47AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While reading Proverbs 11 this morning, the word "Righteous" kept coming up.  The author of Proverbs, Solomon, urges us to be righteous and things will go well with us.  The problem is...we can't be righteous on our own.  We need help.  We need HIS help to be righteous.

Often, when we hear the word "Righteous" we think of "self righteousness".  This is an ugly thing and usually ends up in religious pride and hypocrisy.  

Sometimes, when I hear the word, I think of the "Righteous Brothers" and that just brings up thoughts of good music and "Oldies  but Goodies"...had to throw that in.

Now, I'm sure some of you "Old Timers" are humming one of their great songs right now.  I am.

But back to "Righteousness".  The fact is, without His "Righteousness", our lives will be pretty miserable.  Jesus wants to give us, and yes, cover us, with His "Righteousness", which He obtained for us on the Cross.  It is ours for the asking.

As many of you know, who meander down this road of life with me, I try to read the Bible every day.  

Yes, sometimes I get "too busy" and skip a day here or there.  But a method that I often use, is to match the day of the month with a Proverb, and read at least 1 Proverb.  My day seems to go much better when I do that.

So, on this beautiful, but chilly Sunday morning, may you be blessed with His Righteousness!  If you have the time today, be sure to take a peak at Proverbs 11 and you'll see what I mean about the beauty and grace of "Righteousness".

As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-10-15 Saturday 6:44AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


At 4:47 this morning, the roar of the Falcon 9 rocket shook our home.  Another delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) was on its way.  The Astronauts will be happy when the Dragon Capsule arrives at the ISS on Monday with much needed supplies. So glad to see this successful launch.  

An attempt was made to "land" the spent rocket on a modified barge offshore but...that didn't go so well .  There was a 50/50 chance of success and it just didn't work...this time.  Here's more - SPACE X'S FALCON 9 FAILED IT'S BARGE LANDING AT SEA

And, speaking of the ISS, had lunch yesterday with Griffin who is a Chemical Engineer who works at Kennedy Space Center.  Griffin has done a lot "testing" on the Air Mobile Rescuer and also believes that one day, the Rescuer may make it to the ISS and beyond...

We're so THANKFUL to have  such an amazing device that can take extremely contaminated water and make it extremely clean.  The Air Mobile Rescuer is a gift from God!

We have had the privilege to place over 900 units in 44 countries following some of the worst disasters in modern history.  

Only our Lord knows how many lives have been saved because of this wonderful machine. If you'd like to know more about the Rescuer, click here - AIR MOBILE RESCUER TECHNICAL DATA  -

Also, here's a YouTube where we further describe the "Air Mobile Rescuer" - AIR MOBILE JOE DESCRIBES THE "NEAR-MIRACLE" RESCUER

We're also very THANKFUL to have you on-board with us as you "ramble" down this road of life with us with your precious prayer, love and support!  Thank you again!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-9-15 Friday 6:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was such a joy training Darren & Elizabeth on the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer. They will be going to the Democratic of the Congo (DRC) next week to be with their soon-to-be adopted daughter.  They will be bringing the Rescuer for the orphanage where the little one resides.  We're so glad to get a unit into this war-ravaged country.

Earlier, was on the phone with Mercy and Steve who will be carrying 2 Rescuers into Pakistan.  Can't give a lot specifics about this mission for security reasons.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Persecution of Christians around the globe and found this article today giving more specifics.  Folks, this is a very bad situation and it is NOT spoken of in the Mainstream Media at all and...our government doesn't seem to be lifting a finger to help.  

I share this article with you to help you to be aware of what is happening around the world  in "real-time". 

Here's the article, please take a moment and read what is happening to Christians around the world - 9 OF 10 WORST COUNTRIES FOR CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION HAVE A MUSLIM POPULATION OF 50% OF MORE  

At the same time, I can't begin to tell you how blessed we are to be able to travel the globe and bring clean water to thirsty people.  We will soon be back in Haiti.  Then, we hope to be going to the Philippines and India.  We may even "slip into" Pakistan if...our Lord directs us in that direction.

Was just reading in Proverbs 9 about how our Lord desires to give us His wisdom. Oh Lord, please direct our paths!

So, as I head out into this chilly morning (yes, this latest cold blast is reaching down into "Sunny Florida"), may He guide my footsteps and lead the way.  As always, THANK YOU for your greatly appreciated love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-8-15 Thursday 6:28AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I don't know about you, but I'm plain angry over the brutal TERRORIST ATTACK in Paris...and so are many around the world.  This one makes my blood boil.  I just have to PRAY and ask our Lord to help me.

And though this attack was on "Journalists", Christians around the world are being slaughtered for their faith at an alarmingly increased rate.  Just take a look at this story to see what I'm talking about - TOP 50 LIST OF CHRISTIAN PERSECUTORS  

Folks, if we don't wake up to this very REAL & PRESENT DANGER from ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS...it will be knocking on our door before we realize it!!  The bottom-line  is..we are at war!

There, I had to get that out.  Now, I'm reminded of the Words of Jesus in Matthew 24:9 "Then, they will deliver you up and kill you and you will be hated by all nations for My Names sake".  Jesus warns us that these things will happen....in the end.  Are we there?

So, what are we to do?  Jesus goes on  to tell us in Matthew 24:13-14.."But he who endures until the end shall be saved.  But this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world and then the end shall come".

With these "Marching Orders" we are to endure and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Today, Cindy and I will be meeting with some missionaries who are going to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  We will be providing them with an Air Mobile Rescuer to bring clean water to the thirsty in the Name of Jesus and sharing the Love of God.

We are currently arranging for the delivery of 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to Pakistan.  These units are going to Christian groups whose lives are in extreme danger every day.  Jesus tells us to bring clean water to the thirsty in Matthew 25:35-40 "...I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink...when you've done it unto the least of these..you've done it unto Me."

So, today we "March On in Jesus' Name" to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. Thank You for bearing with me as I work through these emotions and then "cling to Jesus" who gives us His strength and grace to endure and be used for His glory!!  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-7-15 Wednesday 7:27AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was busy..as most days are.  Spent the bulk of the day pouring over aircraft log books for a once beautiful Piper Aztec.

Unfortunately, before we could utilize this great bird in ministry, it suffered serious damage due to an engine fire.

So, the meeting yesterday was with Jim, an aircraft Appraiser.  We are now evaluating the damage against the value of the aircraft.

Just to explain a bit more about this story...the Aztec was owned by Ken Marks.  Ken had the dream of flying for the Lord and helping Air Mobile with flights to Haiti.  

While test flying the Aztec, after an extensive Annual Inspection, the Aztec caught fire while on the ground.  There were no injuries, but a lot of damage to the aircraft.  

Then, several days later, Ken was test flying another aircraft and it lost power.  The aircraft struck a power line and Ken perished in the crash.  Our hearts were broken by this tragedy.

Now, I am assisting Ken's family by resolving the insurance settlement with the Aztec.  Please pray that all works out and also, please pray for the Marks Family as they deal with the loss of Ken.

Sometimes, things don't work out as planned and...our hearts are broken.  It's the time to just hold on tightly to Jesus and keep marching ahead.

While Jim and I were pouring over the logs, my phone rang.  It was Darren Wilson.  he and his wife are heading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  This is were Ebola was originally discovered in the 70's (the Ebola River is in the DRC).   I have long wanted to place some Air Mobile Rescuers there.

Was so encouraged by the call, as Darren and his wife Elizabeth, want to fund and place an Air Mobile Rescuer in a large orphanage there.  

They will pick up the unit tomorrow and deliver it to Africa next week.  This brought great joy to my heart  while "pouring" over the logs of the Aztec.

Today, I will be having lunch with a father and son.  The young man is extremely interested in becoming a pilot for our Lord.  I love meetings like that.  

It's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  Will rejoice and be glad in it.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

1-6-15 Tuesday 6:57AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile has placed over 900 Rescuers in 44 countries around the world following some of the worst disasters in recorded history.  We often "power" the Rescuer with local motorcycles and their batteries.  But...should "power" not be available, then, the sun can provide the energy we need to bring clean water to a thirsty world.

My good friend, Jim has put a wonderful "package" together ( http://solargokit.com ) that all fits very neatly into one case.  The one thing the system lacked was a "rollable" solar panel.  Several years ago, Air Mobile worked with just such a solar panel made by "Power Film".  In a recent meeting with Jim, I shared this info with him.  

Yesterday, We met and did some testing with this latest addition and..WOW, were we impressed!

We were particularly impressed with the reliable, efficient and strong "wattage" that this "Power Film" solar panel produces.

Usually, solar panels are large and awkward and difficult to carry when on a critical "rescue mission".

This "completed" system now gives the Air Mobile Rescuer added capability...when the "chips are down" and clean water is desperately needed.  Again, I'm so THANKFUL for how our Lord..."deploys His troops"!

Cindy and I were just talking about how well these 2 sytems (The Rescuer and the SolarGoKit) go together and she captured it beautifully by saying.."A match made in heaven".  Well said, my dear!

Today, I'll be traveling to Williston, FL to meet with an Aircraft Appraiser to determine the value of the Piper Aztec that was damaged in a fire.  Air Mobile had originally wanted to utilize this great airplane in our ministry, but the fire has changed all of that.  Please pray with us that all works out the way our Lord would have it.

So, as we venture into this day, we ask our Lord to lead and direct.  And...THANK YOU for joining on this grand adventure with your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


1-5-15 Monday 7:47AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


There's something about the start of a New Year.  Yes, I carry my burgeoning "To Do List" forward and attack and scratch through item after item.  But...there's just something fresh and encouraging about "resetting" the clock, so to speak.

We'll be building Air Mobile Rescuers for deployments around the world.  We're so THANKFUL for the "Let It Go - Let it Flow" event that has enabled us to send much needed Rescuers into desperate areas.

Will also be doing some experimenting with some "leading edge" rollable Solar Panels to provide power for the Rescuer.  Plan to meet with Jim Thomspon this week who has developed an ingenious Solar Generator. 

So, as we march into this New Year, we are expectant and excited about how our Lord  will use us for His Glory! 

We certainly are THANKFUL for you, for we realize that we cannot do this alone and that is where your precious prayer, love and support come in.  May you be extremely blessed in 2015!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-4-15 Sunday 9:29AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Thank God for "uneventful" journey's home.  Our little gold Escape skated just ahead of the cold front.  We encountered occasional. light spatterings of rain and wind, but nothing serious.  No major road delays.

After 13 hours, we pulled up to our "Extreme" home in Florida at 2:30am.  Cindy, Peter and I all drove.  Again, we're just THANKFUL to be home, safe and sound...though a bit weary.

Have been following this story, that many are calling a "miracle survival", though the story is filled with tragedy.

Sailor Gutzler lost her Mom, Dad, Sister and Cousin as the Piper Seneca, piloted by her Dad, encountered "inclement" weather and crashed in a heavily wooded area of Kentucky.

The little 7 year old, managed to crawl out of the crash, and in a short sleeve shirt and bare-footed, walked over a mile through thick forest with briers, and showed up at a home asking for help.  My heart breaks for this little girl who miraculously survived.  PLEASE PRAY for her.  Here's more - KENTUCKY PLANE CRASH, FOUR DEAD, SEVEN YEAR OLD SURVIVES

Today, the Hurston's are moving slowly and will just rest today.  We have a full schedule beginning tomorrow.  THANK YOU for your wonderful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-3-15 Saturday 7:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, we head back to Florida.  It's been an extraordinary "mini" retreat.  A time with family and a time to just think of, and THANK Jesus for coming into this world and bringing life and joy to the broken, lonely and hurting.

We're hitting the road just ahead of some pretty bad weather.  Our timing is good.  We usually have mixed feelings about leaving the cabin.  It's such a great place to recharge our batteries!  But, we know it's time to head home.

Christian and family have gone down to Pigeon Forge to do a little "snow boarding".  Before they left, we visited our local waterfall.  Oh, we so enjoyed having them with us.  

Last night, Cindy Peter and I had a friendly game of Rummy.  It was our last night in the cabin...for a while. 

Once back in Florida, we'll be busy.  Have Rescuers to prepare and ship to the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Mexico.  Of course have vital supplies for Haiti.

Today, I read Proverbs 3, one of my favorite Proverbs.  Verse 5 - 6 tells us to.. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" .

May this be your Blessing  for 2015.  For if He directs our paths...we can't go wrong!!

Well, it's time to put the final touches on cleaning the cabin and hitting the road for Florida.  We sure love you all and we're so THANKFUL to have you on this journey with us.  Your prayer, love and support are just vital to this mission!!

Air Mobile Joe

1-2-15 Friday 8:28AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Must admit, it's a bit challenging writing a "thoughtful" blog while being surrounded by kids in a little cabin.  Don't misunderstand me, I love having my precious grand-kids around.  

The laughter and humor and simple conflicts, and seeing how my son, Christian, and his precious wife, Ann Marie handle these little ones is sweet.  I cherish each moment we've been together.

Finding a quiet spot in our cozy little cabin can be quite a challenge.  Last night (after all the kids went to bed), was reflecting on 2014.  Because of the nature of what we do at Air Mobile, we often see the devastation and suffering that is the result of terrible storms and other catastrophic events.  Therefore, it's quite natural to write about pain and suffering.

But...in the midst of great disaster and terrible loss, we find the grace, love and wonder of our Lord.  We have seen so many miracles and awesome provision over this last year.  We have met so many brave and loving people in this midst of absolute devastation.  I just had to share this with you today.

We have been so blessed by having our family, friends and so many standing with us as we often "run to the roar" by bringing clean water and love of God to those who are suffering.  We could not do what we do without so much help and love.  We have seen our Lord move in so many ways in "impossible" situations.

As we launch into 2015, we are simply ready to be used by God for His glory!  We know that our Lord is with us and will never leave us nor forsake us!  We DO look forward to 2015! As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

1-1-15 Thursday 7:27AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Last night, as the clock struck midnight, we were quite chilly with the temperature being around 18 degrees.  The big bon-fire made our fireworks!  

Here's a better shot, as we huddled around the campfire, shivering, and read scripture and prayed for our Lord to bring his blessings upon this New Year!

Earlier, our son, Christian got the chainsaw and cut a lot of firewood for the Hurston New Year bonfire.  We sure needed it as the temperature dropped.

As a matter of fact, more than 80% of the 
U.S. is below 32 degrees.  Definitely a cold start to 2015!  So, if you're in the U.S., it's likely pretty cold where you are.  Stay warm.

So, as we go into this chilly new day, we rejoice.  We pray that our Lord uses us for His glory!

Be blessed today and stay warm.  We so appreciate you and THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Air Mobile Joe 


The Air Asia Flight ZQ 8501 has been found.  Many hearts have been broken.  Now, the investigation can proceed to discover just what happened.  Bad weather producing violent storms is the primary suspect.

As a pilot, I can only imagine the desperate efforts that were being made by the pilots to save this flight.

The families of the crew and passengers knew that the flight was likely lost, but finding the evidence just brought the reality home.  Let us PRAY for them!! 

In 2014, We have seen tragic loss of life in airplane crashes.  We have seen insane violence, especially toward children and the weak and vulnerable at the hands of ISIS.  We have seen racial strife and dangerous "brinkmanship" by nations with threats of war.    

Today, is the last day of 2014.  The countdown proceeds to 2015.  Oh, Lord, please bring Your love along with peace and joy to this world.  Please use us as your instruments to help bring this to pass. 

From our family to yours, may 2015 be the best year of your life!  We're so THANKFUL for you and especially for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

12-30-14 Tuesday 6:44AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We were so glad to see Christian & Ann Marie's van pull up to the cabin.  Out poured our 3 Grand Children, Christian, Rythm & Selah.  THANK YOU for praying for their safe journey!

We had such a great time laughing and enjoying the delicious pork roast that Cindy made.

Ariana particularly enjoyed having her "niece and nephews" to play with.  The warm fire drew them.

Today, the "Boys" are going "Bowling".  We're driving to Nashville to go see the Music City Bowl where our beloved LSU Tigers will take on Notre Dame.  This is going to be a GREAT GAME!

It's going to be quite cold and snow is expected.  We'll bundle up warm and enjoy the game.

Only 2 more days of 2014.  It's been a turbulent year for many.  We're praying that 2015 be the absolute best year of our lives.  With Jesus, we can face the New Year with confidence and joy!

Be blessed today and as we always say, and mean with all our hearts, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-29-14 Monday 7:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The phone rang.  It was our second born son, Ben.  He was only about 30 minutes out.  I had the fire going and was sure glad to see his headlights wind around the bend.  He arrived just after midnight.

Love to have our kids come during the Christmas season.  Later today, Christian & Ann Marie and their 3 children will arrive (we're praying for them to have a safe journey).

We're up early on this rainy, chilly morning and enjoying that first cup of coffee.  The fire is going and we're looking forward to the possibility of some snow later today.

It looks like the Air Asia Flight was lost in a terrible storm.  Our hearts go out to the families of those who have perished.  The search resumes.  Here's more - MISSING PLANE 'LIKELY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA': INDONESIAN RESCUE OFFICIAL SAYS

As a pilot, I know the horror that bad weather can suddenly bring.  I do all I can to avoid it.  On this past Thanksgiving Day, on my flight home, I encountered some rather bad weather and fought very hard to stay out of it and even then was nearly enveloped by some extremely powerful storms.  Our Lord truly made a way out for me.  Again, my heart breaks for the crew and passengers of Air Asia Flight QZ8501.

This day is in full swing.  Ben and Peter will likely hike up to the top of the ridge.  Cindy will fix a big pork roast (Thanks to Doug, the Premier Water Mule) and we pray Christian and family will arrive safe and sound this evening.

We pray you have a blessed time of reflecting on the "Greatest Gift of all", Jesus!  As we look forward to this New Year, we're believing for 2015 to be best year of our lives.  We pray the same for you!  Oh, we're so appreciative to have you on-board with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

12-28-14 Sunday 6:32AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awoke this morning to the sad news that an Air Asia jet has gone missing with 162 people on-board.  Severe thunderstorms have been reported along the route and the pilot had requested a deviation to avoid the weather.

Local fisherman had reported hearing a loud explosion.  This is a developing story and we're certainly praying for all on-board.  Here's more - AIR ASIA JET MISSING - 162 ON-BOARD

I had the privilege of flying Air Asia following a large earthquake and volcanic eruption a few years ago.  

Was particularly impressed with the quality and value of Air Asia.  Our hearts go out to all involved and pray for a miracle!!

Life can change so suddenly.  All the more reason to hang on tightly to Jesus' hand...that is extended to us all.

Yesterday, here at the cabin we had "chill" day (not temperature wise, just laid back and restful).  

Peter and Shawn spent a lot of time "jamming".  They are both very gifted in music.  They filled the cabin with sweet sounds.

Then, in the afternoon, not sure who came up with the idea of building a fort, but they all headed out to the barn and began looking for scraps and pieces.

Then, several hours later they came back victorious and feeling quite accomplished. They had managed to build a "fort" out of scraps.

Brings back so many memories.  As child I made many forts and tree houses.  Some things just don't change.  It was fun watching them build that fort.

So, today, Juliet and Shawn will hit the road for the 15 hour trek back to MA.  Please remember to pray for them as they journey home.

Cindy, Peter and Juliet will be going to the Father's House Church.  Peter will be leading Worship.  I'll stay home and just rest my leg and today, we'll just continue to chill and rest.

Again, PLEASE remember to pray for the passengers on the missing Air Asia jet. The situation looks pretty grim.  And, as always, THANK YOU for your faithful and greatly appreciated love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-27-14 Saturday 7:27AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was pure joy with our family.  Having Juliet and Shawn with us was just the "icing on the cake" for us.  We adopted Juliet 18 years ago from Haiti.  She was just 3 years old and all alone in this world when we found her.  Our Lord gave her to us!

BTW, shortly after we adopted Juliet, we had Peter.  It's remarkable how that works!  

Now, Juliet is deeply involved in "Inner- City" ministry in Worcester MA and joined in this work by her fiance, Shawn.  Cindy has known Shawn's family for over 40 years and has watched Shawn grow up into a Godly and very intelligent young man.  He recently received his doctorate in nursing and has joined us on multiple mission trips.  Wow!  This is too cool!!

Earlier, on Christmas Day, we had prepared a full Dinner and weren't "expecting" any visitors.  Were we surprised!  

Little did we know, that as we were preparing this feast, Juliet and Shawn were driving the 15 hour trek from MA to TN.

Cindy had spoken with Juliet on Christmas day.  Juliet had told Cindy how tired she was and how she wanted us to possibly come see her in MA....and the "ruse" was unfolding. 

Meanwhile, as Juliet & Shawn were traversing the Northeast to surprise us, Cindy taught Peter how to make a lemon meringue pie (with lemons from our yard in Florida).

Of course, once they drove up to our cabin, Cindy and I went into full speed to make a delicious breakfast for our "unexpected" guests!

Later in the day, there was a "rip-roaring" game of Trouble.  The competition was fierce!

After that "exhausting" game, it was a time of knitting.  Cindy was teaching Peter and Shawn teaching Ariana.  What a nice way to spend "the day after Christmas.

Though, the Tennessee Cabin is quite small and snug, each person (or critter) has their "own space" as demonstrated by Rosie, our sweet Chihuahua and Beau our 16 year old cat respectfully.

So, today, we're just going to "go with the flow" whatever that might be.  It's just sweet spending this precious time together.  

And, having you along for the "meandering" ride through life is a true blessing.  We pray that you are blessed during this Season of Honoring our Lord Jesus.  THANKS, as always for your precious prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-26-14 Friday 7:03AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awoke to a frosty morning with the temperature bumping 20 degrees.  Was sipping my first cup of coffee.  Peter was getting ready to start the fire when we saw the headlights coming up the drive.  Who would be coming to see us at 6:50 in morning??

The grey Honda Civic came to a stop and out burst Juliet and her fiance, Shawn.  They had driven 15 hours from Worcester, MA and wanted to experience a Tennessee sunrise with us.  Cindy was ecstatic!! Oh, we're blessed!!

Well, that certainly changed the course of my blog this morning.  We're sipping coffee and Cindy is planning a big breakfast.  Can't even begin to tell you how happy we are to have Juliet and Shawn here with us!!

Just before our surprise visit, I was reading about a massive Solar Flare that struck the earth several days ago and even knocked out high frequency communications in Australia.  We're keeping an eye on the sun and praying for our Lord's protection.  Here's more - GIGANTIC SOLAR FLARE UNLEASHED ON EARTH - KNOCKS OUT COMMUNICATIONS

So, it's time to eat breakfast and catch up with Juliet and Shawn.  We pray that you're blessed this Christmas season.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-25-14 Thursday 6:33AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As you begin this day, remember the story and take some time to reflect on just what God has offered to the world.  It is AWESOME!

Of course, there is the promise of eternal life through Jesus and that alone is great reason to celebrate but....there is so much more!

I am humbly reminded of the many, many times I have called upon Jesus in my life and the fact that I'm sitting here in this Tennessee Cabin on this crisp and beautiful Christmas morning ALIVE is a MIRACLE!

All I can say is...THANK YOU JESUS for coming into this world and offering eternal and abundant life to whosoever shall call upon Your Name.

The kids are beginning to stir and Cindy's up sipping her coffee and it's time to go stoke the fire and prepare to celebrate this glorious day!

We pray that this be a wonderful and sweet day as you reflect upon the "Greatest Gift of All"!  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-24-14 Wednesday 7:13AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


13+ hours of driving through fog, rain and very, very low visibility....glad I wasn't flying.  The road was slow, but no major stoppages along the way.  

Oh, we were so glad to pull up to the cabin in the Tennessee Mountains in the little Gold Escape!  

We just thanked God for a safe journey and we look forward to a quiet retreat to Celebrate Christmas.

It's still raining and severe weather is expected throughout the day.  We're going to lay low and sip coffee and just rest.  Sammy, our little Chihuahua is really, really glad to be here (his little tail can't stop wagging).  

The long ride "hurt" both Cindy and me so....we'll just rest and recuperate.  Just before departing, Cindy went to see her surgeon and have her leg checked.  He confirmed that it's just going to be a long recovery.  

Again, we're so happy just to have this golden opportunity to be up here and simply "chill out" and get better.  We'll have a full plate awaiting us when we return home after the New Year.

I must tell you a humerous thing that happened along the way.  As we got further and further from Florida, with each passing mile, Cindy got funnier and funnier.  We just laughed and laughed, often about the silliest things.  This time away and this precious retreat is going to be good!!

The kids are beginning to stir and Cindy and I are about to have that second delicious cup of coffee and just gaze out over our valley and watch the rain fall.  It's going to be a good day of sweet rest and quiet reflection on how our Savior came into this old broken world to bring us salvation.  Truly, we can sing Joy to the World!!

If you're going out today, be careful.  That storm that covered most of the Southeast U.S. with rain and even violent weather is still around today.  That's why we're laying low and just hanging out.  As always, THANK YOU for your sweet and greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

12-23-14 Tuesday 5:06AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're up early and doing the final load and about to "Hit the road" for Tennessee.  Oh, we're so ready for this little "retreat" in the mountains.  

It's about a 12 hour trip and it's quite a beautiful ride.  We may get a little snow and we're praying it will just be a "little bit"...enough to make things pretty.

Depending upon the road conditions and internet signal along the way, I might write a little more enroute , so you might want to check back in.

Time to get the kids up and pack the little gold Ford Escape.  God bless you and we pray that this season is truly blessed for you.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-22-14 Monday 6:59AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I were heartbroken when we heard about the senseless and cruel "execution" of 2 NYPD policemen.  This is a very dangerous precedent and one that we should pay particular close attention, and above all, PRAY!  

Our beloved Paul Harvey "captured" the profile and face of the "Policeman".  Take a moment and click on this classic description - WHAT IS A "POLICEMAN"?  I hope you can take 2 minutes and watch this classic video.

BTW, Paul Harvey's Dad was a NYPD policeman who was killed in the line-of-duty when Paul was 3 years old.

We pray for the families of Officer Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Lieu.  And, right here in Florida, another Officer, Charles Kondek, was shot and killed in Tarpon Springs yesterday.  

He was a father of 5 who worked the night shift so that he could spend more time with his children.  The last time a Police Officer was shot in Tarpon Springs was 1926.  Here's more - TARPON SPRINGS POLICE OFFICER SHOT AND KILLED - PLEASE remember to pray for his family.

Cindy and I know a number of policemen.  I recall one officer that went beyond the call of duty and helped us to find a missing child.  Oh, we could tell you a number of stories about very fine and brave and capable policemen.  Yes, we know that they are not perfect.... no one is...except Jesus.

Well, yesterday, we had another Party.  This party took place at the Hospital where we just celebrated our 17th year as Chaplains.  We gave sweet gifts including "signed" T-Shirts by Aldrich and James.  That was a huge hit.  

We, as we do every Sunday, delivered the message of the greatest gift ever given to mankind (the real meaning of Christmas). We also had the opportunity to pray for some to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Today, we're getting ready to head up to our cabin in Tennessee.  Oh, we're so ready for a break.  We'll sit around that great wood stove and sip coffee and just relax and allow our bodies to heal up.  We can hardly wait to "hit the road".

As always, we so appreciate you for standing with us with your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

12-21-14 Sunday 6:53AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I distinctly recall a ride that I had with a Cuban friend.  We had departed Havana and were headed out to a provincial area.  

As we drove down the road he casually said..."See that beautiful sailboat?".  I nodded.  He quietly said..."It belongs to Castro".  A few moments later, "See that business?"..."it belongs to Castro".  A few minutes later...."See that tree?"...."it belongs to Castro".  In other words, the Government (Castro) owns it all!  I'll never forget that conversation.

Just saw this headline and it rings true....CASTRO TO POCKET 92% OF WORKERS SALARIES FROM FOREIGN COMPANIES

Believe me, Cuba is not the "Paradise" that some claim that it is.  The recent move by the U.S. to Cuba is not going to "change" the mindset...anytime soon. Here's more - CASTRO: CUBA STAYS COMMUNIST!!

Pardon me for going on about this Cuba situation, I just had to share my heart with you.  The bottom line is.....the more power we give to government, the less freedom we have and the power ends up into the hands of a few....i.e. The Castro Brothers!

Enough about Cuba.  It's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for church and then for our Grand Christmas Party at the Hospital.  Thanks to so many, we have over 100 gifts wrapped up including many Bibles and excellent books thanks to the "The Prison Book Project" team.  Here, Cindy is with David, a faithful Volunteer to this great ministry.

We're getting ready this morning with a pile of Christmas gifts for the patients, both young and old in the Hospital.  What a joy to share such great gifts with them.

We are so pleased and thankful that this door to minister in this hospital has been opened to us for 17 years.  Peter was only 6 months old when we began this ministry.  Our kids have grown up ministering in this hospital every Sunday.  We are just blessed to have this awesome opportunity!

So, as we approach Christmas morning (and yes, I fully realize that this was likely not the actual day Jesus was born), may our hearts be open to receive the greatest gift of all time, our Lord Jesus as our Savior and the Savior of the world!!

May you be blessed today and as always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-20-14 Saturday 6:59AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


This morning, after having a cup of coffee with my Cindy, in front of our fireplace (here in sunny Florida), came across this article that captures so beautifully what I was saying yesterday.  

Have to share it with you.  Greg Laurie did a superb job - OUR JOY IS IN CHRIST...NOT CHRISTMAS!  I hope you can take a few moments and read this great article, it's worth the time!

"Fear not, our Savior has come".  Just reading the current "headlines" can cause fear and anger and frustration" to rise in most any heart.  

Remember the circumstances on the world stage when Jesus came into this world... a deranged king that killed babies (Herod) and an oppressive "Occupying Army" (Rome), there was plenty of reason to have a lot of anxiety and fear.  Then, our Lord sent us a Savior!  Yes, there is a lot reason to celebrate and sing "Joy to the World".

Believe me when I say this....I'm preaching to myself here.  It's so easy to get caught up in the turmoil and lose sight of Jesus.  

Last night was so memorable for Cindy & me.  We had a wonderful and blessed evening with our family.  Some of our kids were away, but we had such a great time together.  Thank God for family and Thank God for Jesus!!

Earlier yesterday, Doug and Steve, two of our dear "Water Mules" plied their awesome carpentry skills to do some much needed repair work on our chicken coop.  So THANKFUL for our generous and skilled friends!  Our chickens appreciate having a snug secure coop also.

Today, will be meeting a brother who will be traveling to Haiti to do some electrical work on a mission compound and he has a lot of electrical wire, panels etc. to bring in.  We'll try to "squeeze" some of them on board the Little Donkey's next flight.

Will also be meeting with Jim Thompson who has developed an extremely well thought-out Solar / Inverter system.  We're working together on this to provide reliable power for the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Will be a busy day and.....Cindy and I are just counting the hours until we can load up our Little Gold Ford Escape and aim to Tennessee.  

So, in the midst of all of this hustle and bustle, try to spend some time just thinking about Jesus and why He came into this world.  It will bless you.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-19-14 Friday 7:17AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're in the final days before Christmas and it's the usual hustle and hurry of shopping and getting together with family.  Oh Lord, please help us to remember what we are celebrating!

We know that our Lord was likely not born on December 25th, but....I'm happy that we do take the time to acknowledge that HE was born and did come into this world to bring us the awesome gift of salvation.

Cindy and I will be taking some time to let our bodies heal.  As you know, Cindy had surgery and then developed blood clots.  We're very pleased to tell you that she is recovering, but still experiencing quite a bit of pain.

On my last trip to Haiti, I got "run off the road" by a large dump truck while riding my motorcycle.  Was going down and "threw my leg out" to stabilize the bike.  Ouch, damaged my knee.  

As Cindy and I were walking into the mall last night to do some "last minute" shopping, we were both limping and leaning on each other.  We're looking forward to taking some time off to just heal up.

We'll head up to the Tennessee cabin early next week and just sit around the wood stove and sip coffee and hot chocolate and reflect on the gift of Christmas and how our Lord came into this world to save the world.  

We have just a few more busy days here in Florida and then.....head to the mountains.  We're truly looking forward to that.

Today, we'll be picking up some Bibles from Prison Book Project, for our patients in the Hospital.  

We'll also be having a grand Christmas Party for them on Sunday.  We're so THANKFUL to be able to reach in and minister to them.  This Christmas, will begin our 18th year of ministry in this Psychiatric Hospital.

BTW, Ray Hall, my dear, dear friend and brother in Christ founded this ministry many years ago and provides wonderful and inspiring books & Bibles to prisoners around the world.  He has kept Air Mobile in Bibles and books for these last 18 years.  THANK YOU, RAY!!

Also, our faithful aircraft mechanic, Paul, will be preparing our Little Donkey for our "next mission" that will likely occur after the New Year.  Today, he's installing a new fuel boost pump and mechanical fuel pump on the rear engine.  So THANKFUL to have an excellent and faithful mechanic!!

So, life goes on and Cindy & I will be limping and rejoicing in the Lord.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-18-14 Thursday 6:57AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


How quickly the news shifts....the headlines have moved from the brutal attack on children in Pakistan to Obama lifting restrictions on Cuba.

Been to Cuba multiple times and have many incredible, and yes, miraculous stories, but today, I'll just say...."whose side is Obama on??"  There is much more that I could say...

Here's some of the reaction in the U.S. Cuban Community - CUBAN AMERICANS REACT: "THE ULTIMATE BAIL-OUT"  There are a lot of very angry feelings about this latest move for sure.

At any rate, the "spotlight" is now on Cuba and off of the terrible slaughter of innocent children.  However, our hearts are still broken and we can only ask our Lord to comfort those who mourn and...bring to justice those who executed this horror on innocent children.

I spent yesterday with my dear friend and brother in Christ, Bill D.  Bill, as you may recall donated the "Little Donkey" to Air Mobile.  He is also one of the best, if not the best, logical mechanics, who can fix anything, that I've ever known.

It was time to do some serious upgrading and "maintenance" on my I-Phone. Bill has helped me to turn a normal "smart phone" into an "Extremely Smart Phone".  This enables me to be able to communicate quite efficiently no matter where I am on this planet.  Oh, I'm so THANKFUL for smart and capable friends!!

Today, Cindy and I will host Jim and Cindy Thompson.  These guys are the "ultimate" preppers and they help others to "prepare" for whatever....  We love these guys and look forward to catching up with them and hearing the "latest" on how to prepare and also any insight they might have regarding what lies ahead. 

It's time to get ready....for this day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

12-17-14 Wednesday 6:59AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Somehow, this has been worked out and justified.  It's just hard to grasp.  The death toll in Pakistan from the brutal school massacre is 145....almost all children.  

Before the wheels of the headlines turn to another story, I just had to speak my heart on this matter.  Here's a pretty comprehensive NBC newscast depicting the horror of the attack - "DEATH ALL AROUND ME" - VICTIMS RELIVE SCHOOL MASSACRE

Air Mobile has been to Pakistan multiple times, bringing clean water, and hope and the Good News of Jesus, following devastating earthquakes and floods.  We have met so many wonderful and kind Pakistanis.  

I can only imagine how their hearts are broken by this horrifying act of cruelty and insane evil.  We can only PRAY that those responsible for this brutal act will be brought to justice.

Air Mobile will continue to reach out and bring help and hope into Pakistan but will not be publishing the details for security reasons.  Please pray for us as we continue to reach into this country that has been devastated by terrorism and cruelty.  Jesus loves the Pakistani people!!  Remember the Word of God...."For God so loved the world...."  

Cindy and I have been awaiting the news from Aldrich, James and Sharla, that they were safe and sound at home in the Philippines.  The news came at midnight. We were so happy and thankful that they had arrived safely, though quite exhausted.  One jet flying in the region had to make an emergency landing due to severe turbulence.  We we were praying for our young friends all the way home.

Today, we'll be working hard, "attacking" our "To Do List" and preparing for our next mission.  We have Air Mobile Rescuers to build and logistics to work out to place units in India, Mexico, Pakistan and the Philippines.  

At the same time, we're excited about taking a "Christmas Break".  We're planning to dash up to the cabin in the Tennessee Mountains as soon as the kids get out of school.  Cindy and I definitely need a break!

As we launch into this day, we're just thankful to be alive and available to our Lord for service.  We're so appreciative to have you on-board with us with your precious prayer, love and support!  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe

12-16-14 Tuesday 7:04AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Do we take our freedoms for granted?  Certainly, I've been guilty.  Just scanned this article about the price for "smuggling" Bibles into Saudi  Arabia - Now, this report is "Unconfirmed" and I hope and pray it's simply not true....however, I suspect it is.  Here's the story - DEATH PENALTY FOR SMUGGLING BIBLES

As I held my old tattered Bible this morning, my heart was broken for the millions...billions that are being "forced to believe"....under penalty of death, a religion.

The scripture, that is so precious to Christians came to my heart...as I held my precious Book..."For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life".

Jesus was "executed" for us that we might have eternal life and it is our CHOICE to believe or not to believe in Him.  He paid the price for our sins by giving His life for us.  Now, that is love!

So, those of you who are blessed to have a Bible in your possession, pick it up lovingly and with appreciation in your heart and cherish the Words of Life and experience the love of God.

In stark contrast to these precious Words of hope and life, this horrifying story is unfolding in "REAL TIME" before our very eyes....PESHEWAR SCHOOL ATTACK: TALIBAN BURN TEACHER ALIVE IN FRONT OF PUPILS & BEHEAD CHILDREN!!

Folks, my heart is breaking and we stand ready to be used by our Lord to bring His love to a lost and suffering and cruel world!

Our precious young Filipino friends, Aldrich, James and Sharla are in the air approaching Manila as I type.  We are so THANKFUL for these young people who are dedicated to serving our Lord and sharing His love!

Well, here we are alive and ready to serve our Lord today!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe