Thursday, November 15, 2018


11-15-18 Thursday 6:23 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


More flight training today and loving it.  For many years, my flying has been:   Load the Little Donkey to max take-off weight, climb high and fly long distances.  Thus my "mission profile".

Now, that I'm training for the CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) rating, my flying is quite a bit different.  

This is all "hands-0n" (no Autopilot) flying.  Lots of slow flight, steep turns, stalls, etc. Talk about getting back to basics!!  

And, when you mix in the exhaustive study of the Regs (Federal Aviation Regulations), my mind spinning.  But.... I love it!!  

Speaking of spinning, this Cessna 172 has been modified with "Vortex Generators" (VG's).  That brings the stall speed way way down.  

That's a good thing for safety, but it makes demonstrating a stall rather tricky.  The little C-172 stalls at almost "0" KNOTS  indicated airspeed.  And you really have to work hard to get it to spin (only for the "Spin Certification").  

Well, enough of all this "flying" talk.  Often, Pilots get carried away when speaking of flying.  

Here's some GOOD NEWS regarding the Little Donkey!!  On Saturday, I fly to Phoenix, AZ to inspect the Cessna 337 Turbo that we're considering buying.  It's a great bird, with a low-time rear engine.  

IF, the inspection goes well, Air Mobile will purchase this bird and put the low-time rear engine on the Little Donkey.  

The BEST part of this whole transaction is....the sales price of the 337 is less than the cost of a remanufactured engine!  The owner is making us an incredible deal!!  

And, we're making good progress on the FUNDING for the 337.  We're approaching $30,000 toward the purchase price of $50,000!!! 

We're on our way and could still use some help to get the remaining $$'s.  If you want to help, in the upper left hand of this blog is a "Donate" button.  Feel free to use it.  

Also, if you'd like to know more about this whole deal, feel free to give me a call at:  1-321-544-7757.  Would love to speak with you.

As I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

11-14-18 Wednesday 3:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Sam has learned the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier  well.  

Yahn has done a good job of training Sam.

Yesterday, we presented Sam with his own "Tool Kit" for India.  He'll be maintaining multiple Rescuers throughout India. 

We celebrated by taking  him to a lovely Indian 

Restaurant, "Taste of India" for lunch.  

Sam said the food was not bad, but not nearly "hot" enough. It was toned down for Americans.

At the end of the day, we met Gene Rumley, a great Missionary to India.  

Sam will be bringing another Air Mobile Rescuer into India for the outreaches that Gene supports.  

I enjoyed watching Sam and Gene discuss the challenges of India and ways that they've worked through them.  I'm THANKFUL that our Lord has put our ministries together.

Sam boarded a flight for India early this morning.  It's been wonderful having Sam with us.  PLEASE PRAY for him to have a safe journey home.  

Today, I'll be continuing my CFI study and preparing for my next flight lesson.  THANK YOU, as always, for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe   

11-13-18 Tuesday 6:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Ariana, at 13 years old, just published her first book, "Parasols & Peril".  We are so proud of Ari!!  

We're so THANKFUL to our Lord Jesus for giving Cindy and I the wonderful privilege and blessing to have adopted Ari 10 years ago.  

This sweet girl has a heart of gold, a deep love for Jesus and a vivid imagination.  She's "GOING PLACES"!!  

"Parasols & Peril"
 is a wonderful story about two 13 year old girls who get lost in the woods and end up going on an amazing journey of discovery, grace and adventure.  

Cindy helped Ari edit this first "Masterpiece" (in my humble opinion) and now you can get it on-line.  Here is the link:  


BTW, Ari has 6 more books in the "Hopper" and will be working hard on this new Series, "Adventure in Grace".  Stay tuned!!  

GO ARI!!!!  

The latest reports from the California "Wildfires" are just heart-breaking.  And the battle is still raging! 

PLEASE PRAY for the victims and the incredible fire-fighters!  

Meanwhile, I'm slogging through the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR).  

Rules are ever changing and it's very good to stay on top of new "Regs".   It's not nearly as exciting reading as "Parasols & Peril".  

Today, will be in meetings with Gene Rumley, a great Missionary.  We'll be sending another Air Mobile Rescuer back to India with Sam, who's been in the U.S. visiting friends and churches.  

THANK YOU, as always for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe  

PS - Christian Hurston, Jr., our Grandson, did the artwork for the cover of Ari's new book, "Parasols & Peril" !  Great job Christian!!  


11-12-18 Monday 5:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 



Sometimes in life, our Lord puts two people together that just fit extremely well.  

24 years ago today, our Lord gave me Cindy and for that, I'm eternally grateful!!  

Cindy and I, like most (all) couples, don't agree on everything.  

But one thing we do agree on is, reaching out to those in hard to reach and desperate places.  

With our Lord's help, we're able to bring clean water, food, medical care and above all, the LOVE OF GOD!! 

We love what we do!!  I came across this 2 minute clip on our work and wanted to share it with you, as it captures our life together.  JOE & CINDY HURSTON....GOODWILL AMBASSADORS  

We had a moment early this morning over coffee to rejoice in how good our Lord has been to us.  Cindy then went to work at the hospital and I'll be in flight training today.  

We both long to take a bit of time off and go to Paris, but not this time.  It will come.  

And speaking of weddings, yesterday I had the honor to perform the Wedding Ceremony for Ken & Alexandra Baker.  

I've known "Kenny" since he was a little boy.  His Dad, Ken is a dear friend.  Ken and Ruth are Mighty Prayer Warriors and are invaluable to Air Mobile.  

I was just thrilled to have been part of this wonderful union.  

Even though, OFFICIALLY, Veterans Day is November 13, 2018, we are Celebrating it today.  

We are THANKFUL for our Veterans who have given so much for our Liberty!!  And they assure that Liberty everyday.   

So, it's time to get to work.  THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe  

11-11-18 Sunday 6:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


I received the news that our good friend, Jeff Riddell went to be with Jesus in Heaven on Friday evening.  

Jeff served with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for many years.  

Upon his retirement, he chose to help Air Mobile and RAM (Remote Area Medical) to make the proper steps toward bringing a large aircraft into the service of Humanitarian Relief to save lives.  

Jeff was a "treasure cove" of information and knowledge about this exhaustive and complex process.  

And, above all, Jeff's deep love for Jesus was evident to all who met this precious man.

In late January of 2018 Jeff met with Stan Brock (April 21, 1936 - August 29, 2018) and me at RAM Headquarters to explore the possible acquisition of an MD-83 airliner.   

Please PRAY for Julie Riddell, Jeff's beloved and their family during this difficult time.  

I suspect that Jeff and Stan have already gotten together in Heaven to discuss aviation and many other things.  


Jeff and Stan are missed by many.  It was my honor to have known these two great men.  

Today, I will have the privilege conduct a Wedding Ceremony between Ken Baker and Alexandra Franco-Sanchez.  

I have known Ken since he was a little boy.  Ken's Dad, Ken Sr. is a faithful friend and great Water Mule with Air Mobile.  

Both Ken and Alexandra have chosen well and make a lovely couple.  It is my honor to conduct this wonderful union.

If you missed yesterday's Blog, The Little Donkey (AKA:  Ti- Burik) had an important message!  

Here it is:

PLEASE PRAY about helping get this wonderful tool back in the air.  

BTW, yesterday, while in the wedding Rehearsal for Ken and Alexandra, I received a call from Haiti from my good friends at "Hero Rescue Ambulance Service" asking if I could fly another critical patient out of Haiti. 

I regrettably had to decline telling them that the Little Donkey was down needing an engine.  

I know that I know that our Lord is going to help us get the Little Donkey back in the air.  As I say every day, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe  

11-10-18 Saturday 6:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


We've been diligently working behind the scenes on replacing the rear engine on the Little Donkey.  A wonderful plan is unfolding.  

The Little Donkey did have something to say...."I'm Joe's Little Donkey....I need a rear engine....PS - It's not the first time our Lord has used a Little Donkey"!

Here's the plan:  After much prayer and tireless searching, we've located not just an engine, but an entire airplane with a low time rear engine.  

And...the best part is that we can secure this aircraft for the SAME PRICE ($50,000) as an overhauled engine!  

The reason for this great deal,  is that the seller is dramatically reducing the cost of the airplane for us!  PRAISE GOD!!  

Should this all work out, we'll have, not only a rear engine, entire airplane for extra parts!!  We may even be able to put the second plane in the air at a later time.

 A retired Veteran in our community has offered to put up $15,000 toward the purchase price of the airplane.  He's "Challenging" others in our Community to MATCH his donation!  This GENEROUS offer is putting us on our way to go get that airplane!!  

Next week I'll be flying to Arizona, where the aircraft is located and do a thorough inspection. WE'RE VERY EXCITED, to say the least!!  

If you'd like to DONATE to help get the Little Donkey back in the air, simply go the DONATE button in the upper left hand side of this blog. 

Also, feel free to pick up the phone and give me a call.  I'd love to tell you all about this amazing opportunity.  My cell is:  1-321-544-7757.  

Now, I know I say this every day, but I mean it with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe


11-9-18 Friday 6:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Our community (The Great Outdoors) honored a number of our Veterans recently.  


I had the privilege to spend some time with one of them, USAF-CMSGT Robert (Bob) Hamilton (Retired).  

He proudly showed me a beautiful Quilt made for him and the other Veterans in our community.  

Here is the Inscription on the inside of the lovely quilt.  

Bob was a Crew Chief for an F-80 in Korea.  His F-80 flew over 200 Combat Missions!  

He also worked on Air Force 1.  Bob is still working on Warbirds at the Valiant Air Command here in Titusville.  

I can't tell you what a blessing it was to spend time with Bob as he shared story after story.  It was like an episode out of the "History Channel".  

What a MAN / What a PATRIOT!!   

It is men like Bob who made and make America Great!  THANK YOU, BOB!!  

Folks, we in America have just gone through an extremely emotional and divided election.  My prayer is that we join our hearts together and work together and continue to build our great nation.  

As we celebrate Veterans Day, find a Veteran and THANK them for giving us LIBERTY!!  

And in the meantime, we at Air Mobile, are working on ways to bring CLEAN WATER to a thirsty world and share the love of Jesus!!  

THANK YOU, as always, for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe  

11-8-18 Thursday 5:33 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Ok, I'm preaching to myself this morning.  Woke up to another MASS SHOOTING in California.  

Praying for the victims.  

There are times that my heart breaks for the things that happen in this world.  

It is in those times that I quietly breathe the Name of JesusI fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith.  Dear Lord, strengthen & 'perfect' my faith!  

Yesterday, had a wonderful visit with Randy West a friend of many years.  

Was able to bring him up to date with the latest news on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

Randy is also a pilot  and has joined Air Mobile on multiple missions.  I'm so THANKFUL for friends like Randy!!  

Today, will be studying the FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations...exciting stuff) and preparing for my next lesson toward the goal of Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).    

PLEASE remember to PRAY for the victims and the wounded from the terrible MASS SHOOTING in California.  

Also, PRAY for the leaders of our country that the shift of power go smoothly and productively and peacefully.  May our Lord HEAL our land!!  

So, as I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

11-7-18 Wednesday 5:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


America votes and demonstrates to the world that the people do indeed have a voice. 

 The Democrats regained the House of Representatives and the Republicans solidified the Senate.  

Now, that the election is over, the airwaves should be quieter....for a while.  

This has certainly been an emotional election.  My hope and prayer is that the deep divide between the Democrats and Republicans will begin to HEAL and we can work together.  

Now, as Americans, it's time to get to business and continue to build a strong America!!   

Today, I'll be meeting with a dear friend, Randy West.  I've known Randy since 1982, when I was a "Rookie Missionary Pilot". Randy has faithfully stood with us with his prayer and support for all these years.  

And, I'm so THANKFUL to you for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe 


11-6-18 Tuesday 5:55 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


ELECTION DAY  has come in America.  

THANK GOD for the privilege to have a voice in our "great experiment".  

If you have not voted yet, PLEASE DO!  And...before your VOTE, be sure to PRAY!!  

Ask our Lord to lead you and guide you in this very important election!!  

Had another good day of flight training.  Moving steadily toward that final Check Ride!  

Getting back to basics of flying is just plain fun.  I'm enjoying it immensely!!  

Time to head out and hit the practice area.  

THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support and don't forget to VOTE!!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

11-5-18 Monday 5:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Well, tomorrow evening (maybe), we'll know what course America will find itself on.  

In listening to the different networks, it's almost like landing on different planets.  There is such a wide difference between the 2 parties.  

And the "Polls" are all over the map. 

I sincerely urge you to PRAY before you VOTE!  Join together with me for.....


Meanwhile, my flight training continues today.  Working on polishing up maneuvers and getting ready for the Check Ride.  Looking forward to training prospective "Missionary Pilots"!!

And....a plan is developing to get the Little Donkey back in the air.  Will share more on this soon.

THANK YOU as always, for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

11-4-18 Sunday 5:33 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Here in America, we're 3 days from Election Day.  What will happen?  

Only our Lord knows and my prayer is simply....THY WILL BE DONE!! 

Believe me, the best place in the world to be, IS IN HIS WILL!!!    

In the meantime, we'll keep marching ahead seeking His will and praying for the strength to obey Him.  

In life, you win some and you lose some.  Often, in defeat, great lessons are learned.  

Well, as some of you may know, I am an avid LSU fan.  

Last night....we lost.  Alabama is an incredible team and certainly deserves to be #1!  

BTW, this shot was taken just before half time.  

This morning, enjoying the extra hour.  Don't forget to set your clock back.  

We're looking forward to church and then going to the hospital to share the Good News of Jesus.  

THANK YOU as always, for your precious prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe

11-3-18 Saturday 7:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


America is heading toward historic elections and the waters are stormy!!  Emotions are RAGING on both sides.  

I haven't seen DIVISION like this since the Viet-Nam War Protests of the 60's.  

Must admit, the storms have been "rocking my boat".  

But....yesterday, a wonderful peace swept over me and I "Cast all my anxiety on the Lord because He cares for me (us)".  

Then, another Scripture comes to me..."Be careful (anxious) for NO THING...."  I have to continually remind myself that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

I'm THANKFUL to have already voted and done my part and now I PRAY for God's will to be done! 

And....this is going to be a great weekend of FOOTBALL!  My beloved LSU Tigers are taking on Alabama in Tiger Stadium...AKA:  Death Valley.  Should be a GREAT GAME!


And, there has been POSITIVE movement regarding getting the Little Donkey back in the air!!  

A wonderful PLAN is unfolding and I'll share more later, but I'm very excited!!!  

Time to get on with this beautiful day!!  

THANK YOU, as always, for your prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe

11-2-18 Friday 5:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


After an excellent flight training lesson yesterday, headed to lunch with some powerful folks deeply involved with NASA and...beyond.  

Fred Maxik, Warren Bates and Jim Royston joined Joe Prussel and I met to discuss ways to make the Air Mobile Rescuer...

BETTER!  I'm so THANKFUL for their help!!  

These gentlemen know the value of CLEAN WATER, especially after disasters.  

THANK GOD for sending these men our way!!  

I spent the rest of the day studying FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations).  Can be boring, but quite insightful!  

Cindy and Ari went to a lovely  Masquerade Ball hosted by Doctors Goodwill Foundation (DGF).  

Our dear friend, Dr. Bhalani, the Founder and Director of DGF has worked with us all over the world.  We love Dr. Bhalani!!  

Here's more on Doctors Goodwill Foundation -  DOCTORS GOODWILL FOUNDATION

So, we go forward this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  I'm so glad to be home for a while...until our "Next Mission"..... wherever that might be.

And, I mean this will all of my heart, THANK YOU for meandering down this path of life with us.  Your prayer, love and support is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!  

Air Mobile Joe


11-1-18 Thursday 6:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


This morning, up early with a cup of coffee, I turned to Proverbs 1.  The last verse (1:33) brought me great comfort and peace in the midst of a lot turmoil and division within our country. 

My hope and prayer is that Americans will turn to God and seek His wisdom in the days ahead.  

The bitter division, that is so evident, will tear our nation apart.  

Wherever you are today, may you pause and listen for God's wisdom and direction.  THANK GOD for His precious Word! 

So, today will be back in the air flight training with my flight instructor, Glen Gray.  It's good to get back to the basics of flying. 

We'll be working on stalls this morning.  Learning how to talk students through the process and how to safely recover is our goal.  

Time to get to the airport and fire up that trusty Cessna 172 and head to the practice area.  

THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support.  

And may America turn to God and seek His wisdom and direction!!!  That WILL bring healing and peace to our nation!

Air Mobile Joe 

PS - If you're new to this "rambling blog" and want to see how we've gotten to this "juncture of the journey", just click on "Older Posts" (below) and you'll see how we've gotten here.  God bless and WELCOME ABOARD!  Joe