Tuesday, October 25, 2011


October 25, 2011 - Tuesday - 5:58am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, we got Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) headed to Argentina with baby Missy.  Read yesterday's blog for the details (simply scroll down).  Then, the grown up Missy and Maria and I had a beautiful flight from Santo Domingo back to Port-Au-Prince.  I pointed out where the 10,128 foot mountain is just to the right of our route.  That is the highest geographic point in the West Indies.  

As we approached the border between the Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I had a very difficult time communicating with the Port-Au-Prince Control tower.  This is the very reason we're working so hard to try to facilitate Haiti getting some new Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment.  

Upon landing, we headed back to the "Village".  Upon inspecting Rescuer units that need refurbishing, I discovered that we had 5 in inventory (ready to go) and 5 that will need some attention.  Will work on those units later this week.  May even train some new water mules!  Will tell you more about that in a bit.  

After a good lunch, I headed back to the airport (on the little blue motorcycle) to meet with Pastor Enock, my dear friend of nearly 30 years.  Enock is the Senior Air Traffic Controller for Haiti.  We discussed the current status of the ATC equipment.  We've still got some work to do to help bring some good equipment here to Haiti.  Folks, this has been a personal goal of mine for many, many years.  You see, better communication / navigation equipment means safer flying.  I stopped earlier at the airport and met with my other good friend, Dave C - the Director of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  We're praying together for the much needed upgrade!  PLEASE join together with us that Haiti secures good ATC equipment!

Having finished those meetings, I headed back to the "Village".  Along the route, there is an intersection right at our beloved Tent City, Caanan II.  Oh, I failed to mention, while going to the airport earlier, I stopped in and checked on Pastor Volny.  You may recall that Pastor Volny was in need of surgery.  The report I received is that he had the surgery and is recovering nicely.  Praise God!  I first met Pastor Volny immediately following the terrible earthquake (1-12-10).  He is the "glue" that holds the tent city together.  His calm and loving care for his new "flock" is evident.  I am so glad he'll soon be back.  Please join together with us for his full recovery.

Well, back to the intersection.  I could turn right and head back to the Village or turn left and head up the road a bit to the Samaritan's Purse (SP) Base Camp.  I turned left.  I checked in with Sara who handles purchasing for SP to see how their toner cartridge inventory was holding up.  She informed me that SP is consolidating and that soon the base camp will move to another part of the country.  She then asked if we could use some t-shirts.  SP had been the recipient of tens of thousands of them.  We went to take a look at some samples.  

It was then that a couple walked up that looked familiar, Jim and Vicki from Merritt Island, FL.  What a small world.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord puts folks together.   They had heard about the Extreme Blessing and had wanted to get together with Cindy and I and learn more about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Well, here we were, standing next to Container on the Samaritan Purse Compound in Haiti.  Our Lord surely knows how to "Deploy His troops"!  

I look forward to showing them more about the Air Mobile Rescuer and possibly working together with them.  That is how our Lord sends us "Water Mules".

We've been tracking what was a bad storm down in the Caribbean between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba.  Well, yesterday, the storm blew up into a full, powerful Hurricane named Rina.  Winds are over 100 MPH and expected to gain strength.  The current projected route has Rina headed back over Cuba and possibly into Florida.  Again, "the season ain't over yet".  We pray for all in the path of this storm!  Batten down the hatches!

Several days ago, I shared with you that Barbara had discovered a near-by orphanage that had some very serious needs and that many of the children needed immediate medical attention.  Well, Barb got blood-work done on all the kids and today, thanks to our great friends, Nathan and Amy at the Adventist Haiti Hospital, several Pediatricians will be coming by to check on all the children.  Again, our Lord truly knows how to deploy His troops!

The sun has risen.  I've already had 2 cups of coffee.  It's time to get on with this day.  I wonder what our Lord will do...I know it'll be good!  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 24, 2011 - Monday - 6:38am (Dominican Republic (DR) Time) - Santo Domingo, DR  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, we headed to Space Center Executive Airport in Titusville, FL.  Finished loading and topped off all those fuel tanks.  My passenger, Maggie, who will be working with Barbara in the "Village" for the next few weeks.  Our load included vital medicine, diapers, shoes, food, O2 Tanks, school supplies, another Rescuer and more.  

We rolled down the runway 36 and snapped into the  cool morning air and aimed for Haiti, my first stop of the morning.  The weather was spectacular (love these kind of mornings).  Watched the gorgeous Caribbean sunrise.  It was chilly up at 19,000 (below 20 degrees) and the air was dry, so no ice this time (last flight I picked up some ice enroute).  Now, if you notice in the lower left of this Satellite image, there is a bit of weather beginning to form between Mexico and Cuba.  The system may make into the Gulf of Mexico.  We're watching that late season storm.

We made excellent time to Haiti - 4 hours 35 minutes.  So nice to be able to go non-stop.  So appreciative for those extra 8 fuel tanks installed, thanks to Extreme Make-Over.  Upon landing, we quickly unloaded our precious cargo and re-fueled our Little Donkey.  Out came Barbara and Baby Missy (Melissa).  Little Missy is on her way to her new home in Argentina.  Barbara has arranged for so many desperate children to find new, loving homes. So glad to be part of this mission!

Our next Destination:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  We took off in good time and worked our way between 9000 foot mountains.  The clouds were beginning to form and had we have waited a bit longer in Port-Au-Prince, we would have seen some pretty heavy build-ups.  We made good time to Los Americas, the International Airport just outside of Santo Domingo.  We were met by a courteous ground crew.  They were the same ones that handled us the last time we were here.  Back in December 2010, Haiti had "come apart" with political violence.  We were part of another "Rescue in the Mountains".  Flew out some critical personnel and got them out of harms way.  That's another story.

Since Barb's flight to Argentina was not scheduled until the next morning, we had a nice evening at a close-by hotel.  We were joined on the flight to the DR with another Missy (Barb's faithful side-kick) and Maria from the Netherlands.  It was so cool watching Baby Missy "come alive".  

Hour by hour, you could see this little one "sparking to life".  It seems that Baby Missy somehow understood that her life was about to change dramatically (for the better).  I love watching Barb interact with these little "Rescued" ones.  Not sure, but I believe that Barb has arranged for over 1000 children to find new homes.  I will not elaborate on the conditions that Barb found little Missy.  Suffice it to say, that today, Missy will find a new life with new hope.

Well, it's time for some delicious Dominican Cafe' Con-Leche, some of the best in the world!  Have a lot of stuff to do today, ranging from sick babies, to clean water, to better Air Traffic Control equipment and the list goes on and on.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 23, 2011 - Sunday - 2:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Southwest Chuck and I went to Sanford, FL and picked up our Little Donkey, Ti Burik.  It's "almost" finished.  The only thing we're lacking is a few stripes.  We'll get those later.  For now, it's time to look at our next mission to Haiti and beyond....

We've been gathering supplies for our next mission and we'll be heading back to Haiti very soon.  We're awaiting the best time to depart.

When we got back to the our hangar, we were blessed to be visited by a few dear friends, Mark and Ken.  They had their children with us and it was nice to show them the airplane.  We've got future "Water Mules" in the making! Air Mobile is able to do what Air Mobile does because of so many dear friends who stand with us.  We were also joined by my son, Christian and Peter (who snapped the shot)  We're blessed!

We inspected Ti Burik and topped off the O2 (Oxygen Tanks).   She's ready to go.  Thank the Lord for this incredible tool!

We then headed to our very favorite hang-out on Saturday afternoon, "Dogs-R-Us".  What a great day of football.  LSU and Auburn battled it out and LSU came out on top.  There were a number of upsets yesterday....Oklahoma - Wisconsin.  It was so good to be joined by my daughter-in-law Nikki and my daughter Cherie.  Had Christians kids with us.  Nice to be able to share some good wings and great football with family.  Ahhh, for moments like these!

Well, it's time to head to the hangar this morning.  Have some prepping to do for our next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe     

October 22, 2011 - Saturday - 7:28am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, Cindy and I coordinated to meet up with our kids for an early dinner while awaiting Tae Kwon Do class for Peter (he's about to get his brown belt).  The phone rang (usually does during dinner) and it was Vince.  Now, Vince is a deep "water mule" and has funded a number of Rescuers around the world.  He said he'd like to fund another unit for Haiti!  Wow, what a blessing!  I was immediately on the phone with Curtis at Headquarters and we just happened to have one unit that was just built.  More clean water for Haiti!  More clean water to fight Cholera!

By the way, the number of "Reported" Cholera cases is expected to top 500,000 by the end of the year.  Again, it is so good to be able to do "something" to help.  Yes, one small Rescuer can provide water for around 500 people per day.  In the "big scope", that does not sound like very much.  However, to date, this unit that will soon be in Haiti will bring the total number of Rescuers to 314!!  Now, when you multiply that....those little drops in the bucket are beginning to add up!  THANKS VINCE!!

In just a few minutes, "Southwest Chuck" will be at my home.  We'll be driving to Sanford, FL to pick up a "Little Donkey" that is ALMOST finished!  We are only lacking a gold stripe and a few other small details.  You see, it's time for us to head back to Haiti.  Can't say when we'll go, but I can tell you, it will be soon.  Once this next Haiti mission is complete, then, we'll put that pretty little donkey back in the paint shop and get the final touches added.

This afternoon, I'll be joined by Peter and Christian at....you guessed it, "Dogs-R-Us".  It's going to be another "shoot-out" between 2 very, very good Southeast Conference football teams.  Of course, my beloved LSU Tigers (Ranked Number 1) and the Auburn Tigers (Last year's National Champions).  

Well, Chuck just got here and it's time to head out to retrieve a Little Donkey from the Paint Barn.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 21, 2011 - Friday - 7:43am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


It was good to meet Carolyn and Shannon Wisdom yesterday.  They live on the St. John's River here in Central Florida and felt it was important to be "ready".  We all agree that clean water is essential in any kind of an emergency.  So glad that we could get this great tool into their hands.  Now, they will have the ability to provide clean water for their family and neighbors in the event of a disaster.

The news of Muammar Qaddafi came as a relief to many.  What soever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  Sober and true words.

Today, will be checking on our Little Donkey and that long awaited paint job.  We've had several delays on this final phase of our the Extreme Make-Over of Ti Burik and we're so close.  Will get a report back later today.

Time to get on with this day, that is, by the way, quite chilly here in "Sunny" Florida.  It's in the 40's this morning brrrr.  May you be blessed today and may we all sow good seeds in good soil.  THANKS for your love, prayer and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

October 20, 2011 - Thursday - 7:06am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Living on the "edge".  Was the last "non-rev" (non-revenue or free) passenger on the flight from Chicago to Orlando.  This has happened so many times and yet, we seem to make the flight almost every time.  The times I don't get on-board a particular flight, there is usually someone our Lord wants me to meet.  Flying on Southwest Airlines Buddy Passes is a grand adventure and I'm so thankful for the ability to move "freely" about the country.

Mark got his ticket with "points" so he had a guaranteed seat and "by faith" saved a seat for me.  Just minutes before departure, I came on-board and joined Mark.  He had picked up a few genuine Chicago Hot Dogs (our breakfast) and we composed a follow-up letter to Matt whom we had just met.  As Mark and I reflected on our trip to Chicago, we're very thankful for "favor" and we're hopeful that our efforts will yield a wonderful expansion of business! In this way, Air Mobile will be  blessed because CSA manufactures the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

We had another excellent flight and landed in Orlando a few minutes early.  Once on the ground, I headed right into meetings.  First with the Department of Revenue for the State of Florida.  I am so thankful for Cheryl.  Cheryl has handled our account for years and just been great.  We had some forms to straighten out and some documents to sign.  It helps to have someone that you know and happens to be extremely helpful within the Department of Revenue.  

From there, I headed up to see our great friend and my Doctor, Steve Badolato.  Steve has been gathering much needed medications for Barbara and Ruuska Village in Haiti.  And...Steve presented to me 2 Oxygen bottles and all affiliated components.  We have never had Oxygen available in the village.  Now, we will!  This is so important.  The fact that Steve donated 2 tanks means that our little Donkey will likely always be carrying an empty bottle back to the U.S. and a fresh O2 bottle back to Haiti.  This gift will save lives!!  THANKS AGAIN, STEVE!!

I found out from our payroll company that I am now eligible for unemployment (you may recall that I just laid myself off from CSA to reduce overhead thus helping the company stay alive).  Now, I've never collected unemployment in my life.  I've certainly paid into the system for many, many years.  Pray with me as I look into this benefit offered by our government.  

In the meantime, Cindy is working very hard.  Early this morning, she departed before sunrise for another day of giving Flu Shots at a Walmart about 60 miles away.  We're awaiting her start date at the Juvenile Detention Center.  She was recently hired, but has not been given her start date.  

As we look at the weather in the Tropics, there seems to be another area of disturbance off the coast of Africa.  There are a lot of "low pressure" areas ahead of these storms.  These could grow into more bad weather for the islands.  The season is not quite over.  Let us continue to pray that these storms will not injure folks or destroy property.

A bit later this morning, will be having some folks come by the house to pick up another Air Mobile Rescuer.  So glad to be able to both train and meet these folks.  Will also be meeting another dear brother who was in Haiti back in 1980 and arranged a "Live Satellite Uplink" to broadcast some great Crusades globally.  He was way ahead of his time.  Will be good to swap war stories.

Time to get on with this wonderful day that our Lord has made.  As I always say and mean from my heart, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe        

October 19, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:28am (U.S. Central Time) - Midway International Airport - Chicago, IL  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Thanks again to Southwest Airlines, was able to wing up to Chicago with my good friend Mark yesterday.  All went like clockwork (thanks again for the Buddy Pass, Southwest).  There, we met with Matt.  Have known Matt for many years.  We had a great time discussing the possibilities of expanding our business.  Matt was very insightful and helpful in assisting us with good business navigational data.  We simply want to have the opportunity to speak with the right people about our capabilities.  Indeed, we planted good seeds in good soil and we're expecting a good harvest.  It's all in the Lord's hands!

Spoke with the paint shop yesterday.  I can assure you, as soon as that little donkey is set free from the "paint barn", she will turn toward Haiti.  We've got a lot of stuff going on.  We're very encouraged that the orphanage we spoke with you about, is going to get some desperately needed medical help.  Barbara will be trying to get some of the kids to blood tests today.  These children have been through "hell" and need our prayers and love and support.  In a recent report, we shared that our Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) uncovered a tragedy taking place in a neighboring orphanage.  We've been working together since, to help give these children a chance.

In just a few minutes, I'll know if the 6:00am flight from Midway to Orlando has "one extra seat".  That's all I need just one seat) to get home this morning.  Will know shortly.  Taking a look at the weather, Florida is getting some of the storm that we've been tracking.  Right here in Chicago, it's kind of cold and rainy.

You know, it's so important to just keep marching ahead.  One thing I am coming to learn, "The Economy of the Kingdom of God" operates separately from the "Economy of this old world".  The most important thing for us to do is keep our eyes on the Lord and seek to do what our Lord want us to do.  Then, we leave the results up to Him.  We are believing Him for the very best.....and we keep on marching!

Hopefully will be boarding a Southwest flight to Orlando in the next few minutes.  Pray all goes well and THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 18, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Orlando International Airport  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here we are about to board Southwest Airlines (thanks Southwest!!) to go meet with a very large company in the hopes (and prayers) of growing our business (CSA).  Many years ago, we began doing business with this company.  It is now time to GROW the account.  Mark, my good friend and alliance partner will be in meetings this morning with the Federal Account Manager, whom I've known for over 10 years.  PLEASE pray our meetings go well!

Yesterday, had the wonderful opportunity to tour the Regal Marine Industries facility in Orlando.  Wow, what a place.  Regal was started by a small group of businessmen in 1968.  Early on, they dedicated their business to the Lord.  Their story is absolutely amazing.  We were invited to tour the facility by Gene Kandel, one of the original founders of Regal.  Gene asked Sid Wright to join us.  Sid was the Chief of Staff for Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.  I asked Dennis West, a long-time water mule to come along.  We had a marvelous time and above all, prayed together for wisdom and favor regarding the manufacturing of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  It was a great meeting.

Our little mission aircraft is still being painted.  We patiently await the completion of this.  Hopefully, it will be soon.

Also heard great news last night regarding the orphanage I spoke with you about yesterday.  Barbara Walker uncovered this tragedy and we have pulled together to get a good medical team over to help 20 children that are in very bad shape.  The pieces are coming together and we're so thankful.  Will report more later.

Time to board our flight for Chicago.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 17, 2011 - Monday - 5:53am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here's a preliminary report on Cindy's Dad, Ron, who was admitted to the hospital on Saturday evening after experiencing chest pains.  So far, the tests are negative (this is good).  A few more tests today and then, hopefully Ron will return home.  We are so thankful for your prayers!

The tropical low that is headed to the Gulf of Mexico could become a late season named storm.  We're keeping a close eye on it.  It is bringing high winds and a lot of rain to Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is slow moving and gaining strength as it drifts slowly into the Gulf of Mexico.  We pray for those in the path of this storm, including us here in Florida.  It may be "knocking on our back door".

This morning, I'll be meeting with the Regal Marine Industries in Orlando to discuss the possibility of some manufacturing help with key components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  You may recall, last week, I met with my friend of many years ago, Gene Kandel.  Gene and two other partners started Regal Marine Industries in Orlando in 1968.  They dedicated the company to the Lord.  Now, Regal is one of the largest Private Yacht companies in the world.  Our Lord has truly blessed this company.  During my recent meeting with Gene, he suggested a Plant Tour.  We'll also be seeking manufacturing advice and assistance.  Please pray all goes well with this meeting.

I received an urgent call from Barbara Walker in Haiti yesterday.  There is an orphanage very close to Barbara's Village that is in dire straights.  Apparently, the support for this orphanage has fallen off and the 20 children are in desperate need of food and medical attention.  Barb is sharing her food and we're seeking some immediate medical assistance for the children.  We're contacting our friends in Haiti to try to get a medical team over there as soon as possible.  In the meantime, Barbara has arranged for the children to get immediate lab work so that when the medical team arrives, they'll know better of what they are dealing with.  Please remember this urgent matter in your prayer.  I am so glad Barb found those children!  I'll keep you informed on the developments.

While in Orlando today, I'll swing up to Sanford and check on Ti Burik and see how the paint job is coming.  We hope to have it all done this week.  I must tell you about another meeting coming up.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, my good friend Mark and I will fly up to Chicago to meet with a multi-billion dollar company regarding expanding our cartridge business with them.  We'll be meeting with the Federal Account Manager, who is a long-time friend of mine. Please pray all goes well with that meeting.  You know, in spite of grim economic news on all fronts, with the help of our Lord, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  We are expecting great things!

Well, it's time to head out the door for that meeting with Regal.  Again, please pray all goes well.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe


October 16, 2011 - Sunday - 7:49am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Before, I begin the "wandering blog" today, Cindy and I do have a PRAYER REQUEST Late yesterday evening, Cindy's father, Ron Perron, was admitted to the hospital with chest pains.  He is resting comfortably and tests are being conducted.  Please remember Ron in your prayers!!  THANKS!!

Meanwhile, we're keeping a close eye on a disturbance in the Caribbean between Cuba and the Yucatan.  It's moving slowly to the north and gaining strength.  It could soon reach Tropical Storm levels and the greatest danger at this point is flooding and mudslides.  We'll probably get some pretty heavy rain in South Florida.  The folks in Cuba and Mexico are getting drenched right now.  On it's present course, it's coming right into the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday, Peter and Ariana and I had a "chillin" day.  It began with a classic, Southern country breakfast with the main ingredients being Grits and Sausage.  Now, we're being a bit more careful about the quality of the sausage that we eat.  This particular brand is from a "Cajun" that keeps it pretty natural and it's "almost" organic.  So, we felt a bit better about eating that delicious sausage.  

Of course, our eggs come from our rather "Famous" chickens.  If you saw the Extreme Make-Over Home Edition on the Hurston Family, you'll remember that they built a beautiful chicken house for our beloved chickens.  They've given us great eggs for the last few years.  So, overall, we had a fairly healthy breakfast.

So, it's obvious from the report thus far this morning, that I'm writing about what happens in our lives.  Sometimes, we're on an exciting mission somewhere bringing clean water to desperate people.  Sometimes, it's just about grits and eggs and sausage.  That's what I have to deal with when I decided to write this "Daily Blog".  

The wonderful thing is that you've decided to ride along this winding road with me.  If you're new to the blog, this is kind of what you'll get.  I just tell things that happen and we often pray together and rejoice together and stand together.  

Continuing on with the "meandering blog", Peter and Ariana and I did go to "Dogs-R-Us"  yesterday afternoon and watched LSU and Tennessee slug it out.  LSU won rather handily, but Tennessee certainly came to play and the first half was very close.  Our Tigers will likely remain Number 1 for another week.  We have Auburn to deal with next week.  At the end of the day, as we drove into our driveway, we were joined by my beloved Cindy.  She had been giving flu shots all day.  So, we were not all "Chillin" on this day.  Sure appreciate my Cindy!!
Next week will be busy enough.  On Monday, will be going to visit a large boat manufacturing facility.  We'll be seeking a strategic alliance that will help us to maintain a steady parts supply for our Air Mobile Rescuers that are all over the globe.  

Well, it's that time on Sunday morning.  Time for the Hurston's to get to Church and then to the Hospital where we are Chaplains.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this road with us and THANKS for your prayer, love and support and please remember to PRAY for Cindy's Dad, Ron.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe
October 15, 2011 - Saturday - 7:52am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The season is not over with yet.  We're keeping an eye on the tropics on a broad low that is producing some pretty intense storms.  The question is:  will this drift into the Gulf of Mexico? 

Yesterday, we had the privilege to meet Alan and Beatrice again.  We first met them, very briefly, following the 1-12-10 Earthquake in Haiti.  Beatrice, who was born in Haiti, had a relative that was very ill and desperately needed medication.  Things worked out for us to get the meds directly into Haiti on a flight that was just departing.  It was a pleasure to do this.  Sometimes, the timing for such things just works out perfectly.  This was the case on this simple mission.  

Well, as Alan came up with the idea for unique and beautiful candles, the Lord put it on his heart to donate a portion of each candle sale to Air Mobile.  Again, here is a good example of Galatians 6:9 - "Be not weary in well-doing, for you will reap a harvest in due season (if you faint not)".  This small act of kindness was a seed that was planted and is now growing.  We pray for the success of "Candle Lites 4 Love".  You may visit their website at:  www.candlelites4love.com .  Be sure to check them out.  The candles are beautiful and unique and are made with love! 

I can tell you, I am guilty of missing opportunities everyday because of just being too busy, or too worried or whatever.  However, as we go through this day, let us be sensitive to the opportunities that often avail themselves before us.  It may be someone that you encounter that simply needs a hand or even a word of encouragement.  If at all possible, do what you can to help.  It would have been very easy to miss the opportunity to help Alan and Beatrice on that hectic day while getting ready to fly to Haiti.  

Well, today is going to be a bit of "chill out" day for Peter, Ariana and I.  But not for my precious Cindy.  She was up early this morning and headed out the door with a cup of coffee in-hand before the sun had risen.  She'll be giving Flu Shots today in Ormond Beach, FL at a Walmart.

In this very difficult economy, we are so thankful that Cindy found this "part-time" nursing job.  She should be starting her new job at our Juvenile Detention Center very close to our home very soon.  We are doubly thankful for this new job.  There were 20 applicants and my precious Cindy was chosen.

We have a long track-record of ministering with young people who are "locked up".  As many of you know, we have been Chaplains for the last 14 years at a Psychiatric Hospital for young people in Orlando.  We love to share the Good News of Jesus and how our Lord can set one free.  Cindy's nursing experience is simply perfect for her new job.  

A bit later this afternoon, Peter, Ariana and I will head on down to our favorite hang-out, "Dogs-R-Us" and watch another classic SEC Football match between our LSU Tigers and the Tennessee Volunteers.  Should be a great game!

May you have a blessed day.  Remember, to be on the look-out today for opportunities to do some good in someone's life.  This simple act will bring a blessing and be a blessing.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

October 14, 2011 - Friday - 7:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, took a ride up to Sanford, FL (about an hour away) to check on the status of our beloved mission aircraft, affectionately named "Ti Burik" (or The Little Donkey).  Good to see good progress being made on this long and arduous process.  Painting an airplane is pain-staking job with a lot of details that involve safety and performance.  In other words, you want it done right.  By the way, you're getting a "sneak preview" of what Ti Burik is going to look like. 

You may recall, that when we started the paint job back in July, it was discovered that there was a significant amount of "anti-corrosion" substance inside the airplane.  When it was all stripped and ready to paint, this gooey substance began to ooze out of the small openings.  Thus, we had to wait a while and let the stuff seep out.  If we would have painted it too soon, the paint simply would not have stuck.  Don't want that.  

So, we've made a few flights to Haiti "in between" paint steps.  Now, at long last, the job is approaching completion.  And yes.... I can hardly wait.  Once the paint job is done, we should be able to return to regular trips to Haiti and throughout the Caribbean.  

As I look back on this whole project of "The Extreme Make-Over of Ti Burik", I REJOICE!  We now have state-of-the-art Avionics.  We have a gorgeous new interior.  We have extended range fuel tanks and very soon, will have a beautiful new paint job.  "WOW" is all I can say!  THANK YOU - to so many, that are making this possible!

We are getting ready for our next mission to Haiti.  Have supplies coming in for Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress), who is, by the way doing well.  Things are relatively quiet in Haiti right now and for that, we're thankful.  Looks like the tropics have calmed down as we're approaching the end of Hurricane Season.  We're so thankful that Haiti did not get a "direct hit" this year.  So many are so vulnerable.

We're keeping a very close eye on the recent Cholera Spike and know that we must do all we can to keep the 313 Rescuers in Haiti up and going.  We'll be flying in more replacement parts and we're praying for a good meeting with Regal Boats on Monday.  They may be able to help us to manufacture certain of the necessary components.  Please remember that in your prayer (I spoke about this upcoming meeting in yesterday's blog).

In a little while, I'll be hosting a local businessman who wants to donate part of his profits to Air Mobile.  What a blessing!  Time to get on with the day.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 13, 2011 - Thursday - 7:24am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, we were blessed to have representatives from several local high schools to visit our home and see first hand what the Air Mobile Rescuer does.  WHAT A BLESSING! I can't begin to tell you how exciting it is to hear and see young people so interested in saving lives by bringing in clean water to the desperate and needy.

This meeting came about as a result of Curtis, who is a former High School Science Teacher.  Curtis has worked for CSA and been a noble volunteer for Air Mobile for several years.  Curtis knows Matt (second from the right) another High School teacher.  Curtis connected us and now, several local High Schools will be participating with Air Mobile to place Rescuers to save lives.  I love it!  Last night, I was able to share what the Rescuer does and also encouraged the group to "Invent to Save Lives"!  Again, planting good seed in good soil.

In addition to the meeting with the High School representatives yesterday, we were able to speak with the brother that I spoke about several nights ago.  He had secured an Air Mobile Rescuer for his mission and found out about another desperate need in a Haiti orphanage.  Well, he passed his unit on to the missionary and last night requested 2 more Rescuers for his work.  Folks, it is so encouraging to see so many so interested in helping others!  This is what keeps us going!

Earlier yesterday, made good progress toward securing additional manufacturing for the components for the Rescuer.  In yesterday's blog, I mentioned my good friend of many years, Gene.  Well, Gene was one of the founders of Regal Boat Company many years ago.  On Monday, we'll do a plant tour of the magnificent facility in Orlando and discuss the possibility of Regal making certain components that we need for our Rescuer.  Please pray all works well that we will be able to manufacture components for this life- saving device.

Just spoke with Tony at the Southern Executive Jet.  Today, I'll swing by and get a "progress shot" of our little donkey.  She's all "masked" and they're just getting ready to paint her stripes.  Soon.....she'll be back in the air and bringing clean water and vital supplies to Haiti.  I can hardly wait!!

It's that time...to get on with this day that our Lord has made.  Appreciate your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe    

October 12, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:17am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Recently, I wrote you about our new "Water Mules" Marshall and Judy.  I found out that 45 years ago, Judy shared her faith with Gene.  Gene later went on to fund the translation of the Jesus Film into Creole for Haiti.  I was a young, rooky, missionary and embraced this amazing tool and have shown that film 450+ times in 25 countries.  Wow!  It is amazing how far a single seed can go and grow!

As it turns out, Gene is retired in Orlando.  Marshall arranged for my old friend and I to get together yesterday afternoon.  My, what a wonderful time we had remembering and rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.  

I remembered the first time I put Gene in our little airplane (27 years ago) and we flew to the Dominican Republic.  I had gotten permission to land in Barahona, but the military unit there did not get the notice we were coming.  Upon landing, our little airplane was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers and each and every gun was "trained" on us.  It was a sobering experience.  I quickly resolved the issue and that night we showed the Jesus Film in Creole to hundreds of Haitian farm workers.  I remember how many cried that night when they heard "Jesus speak in Creole" to them.  Many Haitians came to know Jesus as their personal Savior that night.

Not only did this wonderful "seed" that Gene planted bless the Haitian people, but it put "this missionary pilot" on a whole new course of Evangelism and ministry world-wide.  This film is still impacting me and this ministry.  As a matter of fact, on page 1 of my book, "Run to the Roar", it opens with me training a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flight crew in Zimbabwe, Africa on how to show the Jesus Film (in the midst of "man-eating lions"!!)  I can't begin to tell you how good it was to see Gene yesterday.

Well, as it turns out, Gene lives on the west side of Hwy 434.  My other good and best friend ever, Joe Polozola, lives on the east side of Hwy 434.  After an inspiring and moving meeting with Gene, I headed over to Joe's house for a good cup of coffee and a great time of prayer.  As I think about it, Joe and I have known each other for 45 years (Joe introduced me to Jesus).  It was 45 years ago that Judy, Marshall's wife, shared a "trembling" testimony of what Jesus meant to her.  That simple story, by a 19 year old girl, so touched Gene's life that he surrendered his heart fully to Jesus.  Again, a seemingly, small and simple seed that has multiplied and grown to shake nations.  

Remember that wonderful scripture that I have often shared out of Galatians 6:9 - "Be not weary in well doing, for if you faint not, you will reap a harvest in due season".  Yesterday, for me, it was a day of reflecting on the principles of sowing and reaping.  May I encourage you this day to plant a seed in the Kingdom of God!

Now to Haiti - I read this morning that Cholera is raising it's ugly head again.  In the last few weeks, the number of cases have risen by 300%.  This is the result of the rainy season and flooding.  This is another example of seeds planted.  Up until last year, not a single case of cholera had been reported in Haiti in over 100 years.  Then, somehow, the bacteria came to Haiti.  Now, over 6400 have died and there have been over 440,000 REPORTED cases (only our Lord knows how many cases have not been reported).  This is a case of a bad seed.  

Well, fortunately, the cure for Cholera is CLEAN WATER.  This is what our ministry is focusing on in Haiti.  We are so pleased that to date, we have been able (with your help) to place 313 water purifiers all throughout Haiti.  Yet, there is so much more to do.  

We are awaiting the completion of the paint job on our "Little Donkey" Ti Burik, mission aircraft.  Should be soon.  When this is done, we'll head back down to Haiti.  We're gathering a good load of supplies and water purifier parts.

Meanwhile, we're keeping an eye on Hurricane Jova.  It is projected to strike Mexico this morning.  It is a level 1 storm and is expected bring a lot of rain and wind.  We're praying for those folks.

This evening, Cindy and I will host a group of local High School Students.  Their teacher, Matt, is encouraging them to study the need for clean water and find ways that they can help bring clean water to a thirsty world.  I suppose we'll be able to tell them a thing or two about that subject.  Again, we'll have an opportunity to plant seeds in the Kingdom of God! 

Time to get on with this day.  We're REJOICING in it, for....it is the day that our Lord has made.  God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

October 11, 2011 - Tuesday - 5:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes, I need to heed my own sermon.  As many of you know, I have written a book titled "Run to the Roar".  It is published by Charisma House and is available on-line in many different locations.  The book suggest that we not run from our problems, but run straight at them armed with the power of God.  Well, sometimes, it's easier said than done!  

Yesterday was spent doing just that.  Spent some time with my banker(s) dealing with a Corporate loan problem.  Our small bank was bought out by a big bank and my dear local bankers don't have the flexibility that they used to.  However, I've been speaking with them about our austerity plans and some promising news on several prospective contracts and they are doing all they can to help us navigate these precarious waters.  I suppose the best thing is to simply lay the cards on the table (so to speak) and explain our plan (thank God we have one) and ask for grace (again).  You know, that sounds like what we need to do with our Lord in our times of trouble.  At the end of our meeting, we all agreed to continue ahead and above all to PRAY!

While I was sitting with them, the phone rang.  It was a large Multi Billion $$ client that we have.  Our business with them has fallen off.  We're in the process of building that business back up.  The call was from the Federal Account Manager from this large company and he agreed to meet with us to discuss expanding our existing business with them.  Talk about a quick answer to prayer!  The timing could not have been any more perfect.  

Our Lord wants us to TRUST HIM in every circumstance and not "Run" from our problems, but to face them knowing that HE is at our side.  Oh, believe me, I have not mastered this truth.  Must remind myself of it daily.  And, of course, the JOY of the Lord encourages me to keep running at those problems with HIS JOY in my heart.  Remember the little lesson yesterday about the "THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH"?  Well, in today's world where things can come at you very fast and things are shaking all over (financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally), it is time to gain all the STRENGTH we can get.  Ask HIM today for HIS JOY!  You will find strength for your soul in HIS JOY!

Yesterday evening, picked up our kids (Peter and Ariana) we drove down to Palm Bay where Cindy was administering flu shots.  She gave me one.  Then we headed to a dinner hosted by Dr. Steve Badolato, our dear friend and my doctor.  We had a group of ladies going to Haiti next month and they just wanted to know more of what to expect.  We discussed the need for clean water and bug spray and how to get around.  This is the part of my "job" that I love!

On the way home from that meeting, I got a call from a brother in Texas who recently secured an Air Mobile Rescuer.  He had another friend who was going to Haiti to work in an orphanage with over 300 children and they desperately needed clean water.  We had a 3 way call and the Texas brother agreed to pass his Rescuer on to the orphanage.  Right there on the phone, I trained the brother how to set up and operate the Rescuer.  What a joy it is to help bring clean water to a thirsty world.

So, our days are mixed with jobs that we like and jobs we don't like, but with them all, we need to run right at the challenges armed with HIS POWER & JOY and face them and seek his strength to do the right thing.  

Well, here we are again, ready to head out to another day, which, by the way, IS THE DAY THAT OUR LORD HAS MADE, LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!  As I always say, and mean with all my heart, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe    

October 10, 2011 - Monday - 5:43am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


As many of you know (who have followed this wandering blog), our Lord gave me a very strong "epiphany" on JOY. This first came to me almost a year ago when the Hurston Family was still living in our "broken" home.  Oh, the situation was quite rough and we needed our motorhome to help us with showers and such.  In other words, things were not going well at all.  Suddenly, early one morning, I awakened with an extraordinary, JOY in my heart.  It was absolutely amazing.  From that day to this, I have often tapped into "The JOY of the Lord" to pull me through some pretty rough spaces and over some bad patches of road.

One of the very first scriptures that came to me was out of Nehemiah 8:10 "The JOY of the Lord is our strength".  I have quoted that scripture so many times and the very Word of God has brought JOY to my heart again and again.  In His JOY, there is tremendous strength.  There are many other related scriptures that I could refer to, but for now, I simply want to share a bit about the "context" of Nehemiah 8:10 to help us to navigate and partake of this incredible gift from God.

Here's a brief overview of the book of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was a captured "Jewish" slave in what is now Iran.  He had great favor with the King, actually was his "cup-bearer", a very trusted and powerful position.  He heard news of the condition of Jerusalem and how the walls were broken down. Immediately, he repented for his own sins and the sins of his father and the nation as a whole.  He was very sad and heavy.

The King saw that his trusted, faithful cup-bearer was very sad (for the King had never seen him like this) and inquired as to the reason for his sadness.  Nehemiah shared all that was in his heart.  Then the King gave permission and letters and even soldiers to Nehemiah to go and repair the "broken down walls" of Jerusalem. This, in and of itself, was a miracle.  Surely, the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord.  But the story is just beginning.

Nehemiah went to Jerusalem and said very little about his mission.  He found a core leadership and worked very closely with them.  Oh, there are many, many messages throughout the book, but I will stick with the "Joy of the Lord".  In an amazing 52 days the wall was all done.  Then the High Priest read the Word of God to the people of Jerusalem.  They were immediately convicted.  The Word of God is "Quick and Powerful" and the people saw their sins and short-comings and were very, very sad.

In Nehemiah 8, the High Priest then says these amazing and wonderful words, "The Joy of the Lord is your strength".  There, now you know the context of the scripture.  May I encourage you to open your heart to "The Joy of the Lord".  Jesus, in Matthew 7:7 simply says, "Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will be opened to you."  Notice, it is "THE JOY OF THE LORD".  We don't have to manufacture it.  Our joy is generally weak and fake and dependent upon circumstances.

The "Joy of the Lord" is strength and power and inexplicable love and just genuine, God-given joy...often in the midst of hard times, broken down walls and crisis.  This is the time that we most need "His Joy".  Folks, the good thing about all of this is, you simply need to ASK for it.  HE has all you need and want.  It gives our Lord great JOY to give us JOY.  So, having said all of that this morning, my hope and prayer for you and me is that we will experience more of His JOY today!  If we do, we will be stronger!

As I read the headlines today and read about the "Worst Financial Crisis" in human history and the protests and the terrible conflicts and the weather and the list goes on and on, I am compelled to "Build a stronger Wall" around my family with JOY!  As I face, seemingly impossible, financial challenges, yes, I am reminded that the "Joy of the Lord" is my strength.  As I face manufacturing challenges for our water purifier, yes, the "Joy of the Lord" is my strength.  There are many other gifts from our Lord such as faith, hope, love, wisdom etc., but today, I wanted to share a bit about JOY.  I hope and pray this simple message will encourage you today.  Tap into "HIS JOY" by simply ASKING HIM for it.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 9, 2011 - Sunday - 6:35am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, as "Southwest Chuck" and I "slogged" through a driving rain storm, we approached Sebastian Airport and there for a brief moment, the sun peaked out and the clouds cleared.  I casually mentioned that our Lord must have a special reason for us to come to this Aviation Gathering while surrounded by terrible storms.  HE did!   By the way, take a look at this Satellite image of the region.  Looks like Florida's going to be in the bulls eye of this nasty weather for a few days.

Every month a group of intrepid and very serious Aviators meet at Sebastian Airport and are hosted by the LoPresti Aviation team.  A delicious breakfast is served and there's always a good group of speakers.  These guys do it right.  Last month, Dave LoPresti had asked me to speak and he graciously extended an invitation for me to come back again.  I did, in spite of the fact that it looked like the event would cancel due to the terrible weather.  We, here in Florida, are experiencing a "border line" tropical storm this weekend.  Well, the "Faithful" sure showed up and the hangar was jammed packed with folks and among the guests.....a real American Legend!

Dave told me that Joe Kittinger was here.  I could hardly believe it.  Now, let me tell you just a "snapshot" bit of info about Colonel Kittinger.  This guy, is without doubt, one of the bravest, most amazing aviator of all time.  His list of accomplishments can be found on Wikipedia, but let me tell you about one.  In 1960, then Captain Kittinger, ascended in a high altitude balloon to the edge of space to 102,800 feet.  He crawled on the little step of the gondola beneath the balloon hanging on the edge of space and JUMPED!

He reached 614mph in his free fall and plummeted  back to earth.  His chute successfully opened and landed him a world record that still stands today and may likely never be broken.  I had heard of Joe Kittinger's amazing exploits all of my aviation career. 

Joe has taught us so much.  His incredible skill and courage has been invaluable in the space program.  Oh, I must tell you that 3 weeks before the historic jump, Joe made another, near disastrous, jump from 98,000 feet.  The drag shoot got caught around his neck and he went into a violent spin (120 rotation per minute).  He blacked out and his chute opened automatically at 10,000.  Then....Joe did it again, three weeks later and landed himself in Aviation History.  Now, Folks, THAT'S A MAN!

You can only imagine my thrill to actually meet this guy.  It wasn't long before I invited him to join me as a Prospective "Water Mule"!  I gave him a copy of my book and he directed me where to get his book.  After I get his book, we'll have to have lunch and let him sign it for me.  Wow, what a day!

I must also tell you that a couple walked up to me and said that they had a donation for Air Mobile.  I was astounded to find that they donated enough to deploy another Air Mobile Rescuer.  Yes, truly, that little speck of sunshine as we approached the Sebastian Airport was a sign for me that Chuck and I were in the right place at the right time!  

You'll also notice that our display has quite a few improvements thanks to the "Creative Vision" of Southwest Chuck.  Not only can this guy fix airplanes, but he's got some serious "artistic gifts"!  We're also very thankful to CSI Signs in Titusville who made the new banner and enlarged and mounted some gripping photos depicting what Air Mobile does.  Thanks guys!!

After the very successful day at Sebastian, Peter and Ariana and I went to our very favorite Saturday evening hang-out, 'Dogs-R-Us', and watched another great Southeastern Conference Slug-Match between our beloved LSU Tigers and the Florida Gators.  Well, the Gators were hurting in the Quarterback position, but still played a good game.  LSU walked away with a 41-11 victory.  It was a good evening.

My dear Cindy "slogged" home through the same storms after giving 27 flu shots.  Our daughter Angelica joined us and we celebrated her 23rd Birthday.  My, how the kids grow up.  Angelica is enrolled in Florida Institute of Technology (on a full scholarship - thanks to the gracious gift from FIT) studying Forensic Psychology.  We are very proud of Angelica.

I was up very early this morning pondering a great story in the Bible out of the book of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah led a heroic effort to completely rebuild the broken-down wall around Jerusalem in a miraculous 52 days!  It was at the end of this amazing accomplishment that the famous words were spoken, "The Joy of the Lord is our strength" (Nehemiah 8:10).  Oh, there's much more to the story and perhaps tomorrow morning I'll share some thoughts on the subject.  Folks, we need JOY in our lives (particularly in the storms of life)!!  

But for now, it's time to get ready for church and then for our precious ministry at the hospital with the young people.  Even if it's rainy and stormy where you are today, remember, THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH!  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

October 8, 2011 - Saturday - 6:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Florida is known for it's warm, balmy, mild weather.....most of the time.  This weekend is not the case.  Looks like we'll be in for a lot of rain and wind.  Not the hurricane type, but perhaps the flooding type.  Not a very good weekend for an Aviation gathering.  We're scheduled to be at Sebastian (X26) this morning, but the weather is miserable.  We'll still gather up and go and see the "faithful".

Yesterday was spent going over "accounting" procedures.  This is definitely not my "gift".  I am so thankful for the faithful staff whom our Lord has given us.  We have a slight "extension" to our NASA contract at Kennedy Space Center.  This will allow us to keep a few staff members on the payroll until the contract ends then.....we continue to pray.  Now, we do have some promising prospects out there and we're working VERY HARD to replace the contract at The Space Center.  It's all in the Lord's hands and we don't want to fall short on doing things that we need to do to grow our business.  Again, we are absolutely determined to pay each and every debt and bring this company to a stable, healthy state!

In the meantime, Cindy and I are doing what we can to replace our salary.  She's already out the door on this rainy, windy, stormy morning going to give Flu Shots.  I'll be heading out in a few minutes to meet "Southwest Chuck" and Obie (another Water Mule in training) and going to the Aviation Gathering at Sebastian.  

Been studying for my Certified Flight Instructor  Rating (MEI).  This has promising possibilities.  Our plan is to offer Flight Instruction on our Haiti flights.  This will give students who are working on their "Multi-Engine" rating excellent time in a fine aircraft on a long, very complicated, "real" mission with a very experienced pilot (yours truly).  I'll write more on that later, but it looks like it could become a "WIN - WIN - WIN - WIN" Situation (Yes, at least 4 wins!!)!

Well, the clock is ticking and I've got to get going or we'll be late.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 7, 2011 - Friday - 5:58am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, had the wonderful privilege to travel to a local school and present the Air Mobile Rescuer.  The school had "Missions" day and many countries were represented.  It is always such a blessing to attend such events and be able to share what we do.  We had a steady stream of students come through "Little Haiti" where the teacher, Mrs. Kim had set up her room as a Haitian Tent City.

As I spoke with class after class about the need for clean water globally (particularly following disasters), I could see the deep interest.  Their questions were superb. The students were really "getting" the need and the challenge.  One never knows who will take the message and "run" with it.  Just as I shared in yesterday's blog out of Galatians 6:9 about "Being not weary in well-doing, for you will reap a harvest in due season".  It is the same with planting seeds in the hearts of young people to "Invent to SAVE LIVES". 

I simply pointed out to the students, that when bringing clean water to the thirsty and desperate, many, many friendships are developed.  These friendships afford the place to be able to freely share the Good News and all about the love of God!  Again, I truly enjoy this part of "my job".

After departure from the school, had good conversations with our County Tax Assessor, the Florida Department of Revenue, our Banker, our Realtor and host of other "business" related calls.  Our strategy of extreme austerity and reducing expenses is painful, but necessary.  I have been explaining to everyone, to whom our company owes money, our plan and am asking for patience and grace to allow us to stabilize our company so that it can become profitable and grow and actually ELIMINATE all of our debt.  Our goal is to "owe no man anything, but the debt of love".  I truly believe that with God (and good fiscal responsibility), this is possible!  

Also had the opportunity to present the Rescuer to a gentleman who is married to a lady from Thailand.  He's very interested in securing a Rescuer for the region where his wife was born as they are experiencing severe flooding and getting clean water is a major problem.  I hope we can help.  We have many friends in Thailand and have placed a number of units there.

Following the Rescuer presentation, I met Cindy, Peter and Ariana at our local Theater to see "Courageous".  Oh, I cried like a baby.  It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.  If you've not seen it yet, may I urge you to go and see it.  To the father's reading this blog, the movie will inspire you to be a better father.

Well, Cindy has already headed out the door to give "Flu Shots".  We're so thankful that she has secured a part-time nursing position.  It is only temporary, but will help us to fill in the gaps since we are giving up our salary from CSA.  I'm also studying to get my Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating.  This too will provide extra income.  Again, these are some of the measures we are taking to help stabilize our company.  Time to get on with this day.  We pray our Lord's very richest blessings upon you and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  



October 6, 2011 - Thursday - 6:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, had the privilege to meet Marshall and Judy, long-time with Campus Crusade.  We marveled at what a "small world" it truly is.  Many years ago (27), I had the opportunity to fly the person who funded the translation of the Jesus Film into Haitian Creole.  I flew Gene (the donor) from Port-Au-Prince to Barahona, Dominican Republic and showed the Jesus Film to Haitian farm workers there.  I remember so clearly what a blessing it was to see Gene witness "first-hand" the fruit from the seed that he planted among the Haitian people! 

Well, as it turns out, 45 years ago, Judy, a young Campus Crusade member, first told Gene what it means to know Jesus in a personal way.  Now, all these years later, Marshall and Judy are becoming "Water Mules" able to give thirsty folks clean water and "Living Water".  We're putting another Rescuer into "good hands"!  Praise God!

Likewise, today, I'll be traveling to a local school and telling students all about the Air Mobile Rescuer and how it can be used to save lives and share the love of God.  Often, we never know what will happen when we plant seeds by telling others about our Lord and His love.  Just as Judy did with Gene all those years ago.  I am reminded of the scripture in Galatians 6:9 which says, "Be not weary in well doing, for in due season, we will reap a harvest, if we faint not".  The bottom line is "Keep on doing doing good....not matter what!"  Those good seeds will grow and produce fruit.

Looks like we may be getting a bit of weather this weekend here in Florida.  The Hurricane season is not over yet and we'll be keeping an eye on a low that is forming right off the coast of Florida.  Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Philippe is still churning away and continuing that nice north east turn out in the middle of open ocean far away from people and property.  Thank the Lord!

I've done a bit more research on the new Prime Minister for Haiti and must admit that I am very impressed with his resume and experience.  Prime Minister Garry Conille has a very strong back-ground in development and is a skilled medical doctor.  This does indeed appear to be a very good choice and may lead to some very positive and effective changes in Haiti, particularly in the area of "Re-building".  Please pray for the government of Haiti as they face the enormous challenges of providing desperately needed help to hundreds of thousands that are still living out-of-doors in unimaginable conditions.

Well, it's that time of the morning, where Cindy and I will enjoy a cup of coffee together and discuss the day, before we have to get the kids up for school.  We're enjoying a bit of "nippy" weather here in Florida.  It's quite pleasant.  

Several of you, who read this "wandering blog", have contacted me and asked how to become a "Water Mule in training".  I'll be in touch with you today and THANK YOU for asking!  As always, I can't thank you all enough for your love, prayer and support.  Today, remember that wonderful scripture in Galatians 6:9 about not being "weary in well-doing....".  If you're in challenging times (and even if you're not), keep on doing good....for you will reap a harvest...in due season!  This is a sure and clear promise from our Lord!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 5, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Since the historic election of Michel Martelly as President of Haiti, the government has been greatly hindered from functioning due to the lack of a Prime Minister.  The first two nominees were rejected by the Haitian Senate.  Well, yesterday, the Senate, with a solid majority, accepted Garry Conille who is also a Medical Doctor.  We are thankful that Haiti can now move forward with many, much needed, projects.  Let's pray that our Lord uses Prime Minister Conille to help bring help to the Haitian people!

Often, when I return to the U.S., I am met by various requests around the world for clean water.  Received two separate requests to look into a small island near New Zealand that is having a water emergency. Also spoke with a newly formed organization dedicated to bringing clean water to desperate places.  We'll help this organization by lending some of our experience from world-wide deployments over the last 40 years.  

Then yesterday, met a Veteran missionary, who has worked in Italy for 38 years.  Clark and his son, Grant came over to the house and we spent the afternoon sharing stories of God's Amazing Grace and the challenges facing ministries today.  At the end of the day, we discussed how we would handle the "next disaster".  Clark pointed out that Mount Vesuvius is beginning to stir up.  We'll keep a close on eye on that one.  It's good to know that we have veteran missionaries already on the ground should that volcano decide to blow.

Today, will be working on transferring a tremendous amount of logistical load back over to me, as our staff has been greatly reduced with Cartridge Source of America (CSA).  We are getting a small extension of our contract at Kennedy Space Center and will need to keep several staff members on-board until that contract is finally complete.  In the meantime, we are working diligently to build new business.  

Along with this reduction in staff, we find ourselves needing volunteers to help with Air Mobile administrative tasks.  Are you a local book-keeper (Brevard County) with a bit of free time?  We could use some help.  Also, we're now training new local water mules to help us to build Air Mobile Rescuers.  Want to learn how to build this life-saving unit and thus be a "pre-trained" water mule for the "next disaster"?  Simply give me a call and we'll plug you in!  My cell phone is:  321-544-7757.  Call me if you'd like to discuss the possibilities!

Well, it's that time.  Need to get out the door and get some good photos over to our local sign maker (and great "Water Mule", Mike Long) to get a banner and some good photos mounted for our Air Mobile display.  We'll be back at Sebastian Airport this Saturday putting our ministry and the wonderful, Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier on display among a bunch of pilots.  We love being with fellow-pilots and telling our story.  Unfortunately, our beloved mission aircraft, Ti Burik, will not be ready in time to put on display.  We hope to have the paint job complete sometime next week.  

As always, THANK YOU for "meandering" through this wandering journey.  We truly appreciate your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 4, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We brought the mission aircraft to get the final "Extreme Make-Over" touches....the stripes.  We're looking forward to having that pretty bird all complete.  We're also thankful that the tropics are quiet for now.  The Hurricane season is drawing to a close.  The only storm we're watching is Philippe.  You can see from this image that the storm is making a definite turn to the open ocean.  We're thankful.

I was joined on the quick flight from Titusville to Sanford, FL with Dennis West.  Dennis has been an amazing "Water Mule" over the years.  He's traveled all over the world with Air Mobile bringing clean water to the thirsty.  It's good to have Dennis and Barbara back down in Florida.  They are classic snow-birds and we're glad to have them for the season.  We were also joined by "Southwest Chuck" who is helping us put together a proper "Presentation" for all the events we attend.  We were working on a banner and good photos to depict the mission of Air Mobile.  Again, I'm so thankful for the quality of volunteers whom the Lord sends our way.

Today, I'll be following up on our last mission to Haiti and getting more details regarding assisting with the upgrade of Communication radios.  I'm so thankful to see positive steps being made.  For so many years, flying into Haiti has been a challenge with the limited communications.  We pray all goes through on this important project.  

We're also building several water purifiers for different regions.  Oh, found out I'll not be going to Alaska, but will be shipping a unit up there.  We had logistic problems with the helicopter ride to Little Diomede (the small island between Alaska and Russia). Hope to speak with the medical staff who visits the island regularly to go over the operation and application.

Will also be working diligently on building new business for our business.  Our overhead is coming down (with the recent lay-offs and other austerity measures).  Now if we can add new business (hopefully profitably), we will be able to service and then eliminate all of our debt!  That is our goal, and we believe that with the help of our Lord, we will be able to do just that.  My personal goal is to "Owe no man anything, but the debt of love"!  

Well, time to get out the door.  Thanks for your love, prayer and support!  God bless!

Air Mobile Joe


October 3, 2011 - Monday - 7:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


This morning, I'll be flying our mission aircraft, affectionately named "Ti Burik" (little donkey) from Titusville, FL to Sanford, FL to complete the paint job.  Due to the urgency of our missions to Haiti, we've had to interrupt the paint process several times to make critical flights.  Well, this should be the last time we put her back into the paint shop and let Southern Executive Jet do what they do so well, paint aircraft.

I'll also be working with "Southwest Chuck" today on some new banners for our Air Mobile displays.  These will help us to tell more people about what we do, i.e. bringing in clean water to the thirsty.

I heard from Nate with Harris this morning and we're making very good progress on the presentation to the Government of Haiti regarding a much needed up-grade on Air Traffic Control Communications there.  By the way, these pursuits and assistance will hopefully help us in our efforts to get more airports open in Haiti.  Simply put, the addition of runways will save many lives.  Haiti, as you know, has many extremely isolated regions.  During times of emergency or disease outbreaks (cholera for example), the strategic placement of runways save lives!  Please pray that we have success in our presentations.

In the midst of it all, we just want to be used by our Lord to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to as many as we can.  Well, it's time to get on with this day.  We pray you are blessed and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We have been following Tropical Storm Philippe.  Several days ago, the projected path had that storm heading for the "Islands".  Well, Philippe is now projected to make a hard right turn and head on out to the open sea away from people and property.  Thank the Lord!  Joe

PPS - If you're new to this "meandering blog" and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the story, you have.  Simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey.  Welcome aboard!!  Joe

October 2, 2011 - Sunday - 9:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes the old body just says...."enough".  That was my case yesterday.  Got up early, wrote the "wandering blog" about our return flight home from Haiti.  Then dashed out the door to a Grand Opening of a new business that we're going after for cartridge business.  Stopped on the way home and did some "football" shopping....healthy hot dogs, buns etc. and got home in the middle of the 1st quarter between LSU and Kentucky.  

Peter actually put the phone next to the computer and I listened to the game while driving home.  Upon arrival, I laid down and we just "chilled" out.  After the game (LSU won 35 - 7), the exhaustion and tension of the last few weeks simply crashed down on me and I just stayed in bed and watched football and drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the day.  I could barely move.  Thus, the old body just said, "cool it".  I did.

Well, today is a new day.  We're getting ready for Church and Chapel and will stop and visit some of our dear "Snow Bird - Water Mule" friends, Dennis and Barbara West on our way home.  They just arrived back in Florida yesterday.  

Woke up this morning meditating on "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it".  Cindy and I just had a delicious cup of coffee on our patio with a crisp, cool temperature.   Fall is arriving in Florida.  We pray that you have a blessed day!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 1, 2011 - Saturday - 7:31am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Our "Little Donkey", Ti Burik delivered the Air Mobile Team back to the U.S. safe and sound and quickly and comfortably.  We are so pleased to having been able to give Nathan and Amy of the Haiti Adventist Hospital a ride back to the U.S.  Nathan needs some medical attention.  

We met early yesterday morning.  Fueled the plane, filled out the paperwork, prayed about the weather enroute and rolled down the runway at Port-Au-Prince headed back to the U.S.

We had several storms to work around and as you can see from the Satellite Image of the tropics, Hurricane Ophelia has "re-ignited" and blown up into a powerful Hurricane.  She did not effect our flight directly and I'm glad we were well to the west of her 100+mph winds.  We're also extremely thankful, that Ophelia is projected to make a sharp right turn to the north away from people and property.  We're keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Philippe that is still well to the East of us.  It is also projected to make a similar turn to the north.  

We climbed to 12,000 and just settled down to a beautiful ride home.  We did have a bit of weather just to the East of our route, but the ride was smooth and comfortable.

We had the opportunity to reflect upon this last mission.  Nate (with the Harris Corporation) and I had good discussions about the Communication / Navigation needs in Haiti.  The conclusion is clearly that Haiti needs new equipment IMMEDIATELY!  We pray that our good meetings with the new Director General, Mr. Flambert, will yield results!

Upon landing at our home field of Titusville (KTIX), we made a mad dash to the Orlando International Airport to get Nate there at the last possible moment.  He made it on-board his flight bound for Albany, NY.  Then Nathan and Amy and I went and had a pleasant meal and simply reflected on the goodness of our Lord.  So many doors are opening up and we pray that we will guided through each and every one as our Lord wills and directs.

Well, it's good to be home.  Peter and I will be watching another great football game, LSU and Kentucky early this afternoon.  THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God bless!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 30, 2011 - Friday - 5:38am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Another beautiful sunrise in Haiti.  In reflection on yesterday, my mind is a whirl and I'm still drenched to the bone.  As many of you know, Air Mobile Joe likes to "scoot" around Haiti on a little blue motorcycle.  The reason is simple - efficiency.  One can accomplish 3 to 4 more "missions" on a motorcycle than "sitting in grid-lock" in a car.  However, there are several drawbacks to this high efficiency deployment.  Can't bring very much and rain can certainly slow one down.  Such was our case yesterday.

We began by meeting "The Lady in the Blue Dress" or AKA "Rambo in the Blue Dress".  Barbara Walker returned from Germany.  She was accompanied by another great group from Viera Church in Melbourne, FL.  (This church has done so much to help the mission!!!)  

IMMEDIATELY, after getting Barb cleared off the flight, she and I got on the little blue motorcycle and "dashed" up the mountain to the Headquarters of the Methodist Church and met Rev. Paul.  Our mission:  Get Containers Cleared!  This is so important.  Well, we made the run with speed and efficiency.  I noted gathering storm clouds.  

Our meeting with Rev. Paul could not have gone any better.  The Methodist Church has agreed to assist Reach Out To Haiti by allowing Barb to bring in containers of desperately needed supplies.  This was a major break-through and a beautiful Open Door.  

The reason we needed to "fly" up the hill on the motorcycle is because we had other meetings in the early afternoon.  The ONLY way we could make all the meetings would be with the little blue motorcycle.  After rejoicing at the new OPEN DOOR, we dashed back down the mountain to the Airport.  There, we met Nate (whom we had left at the Airport Headquarters Building earlier) and began another series of vital meetings regarding the Upgrade of the Communication / Navigation ATC (Air Traffic Control) equipment for Haiti.

We were glad to meet the new Director General of OFNAC (The Haiti FAA), Mr. Flambert, who is also a very skilled pilot.  We hit it off immediately, swapping a number of "flying" stories and mutual friends.  Remember, the "camaraderie" among pilots is strong.  We got right down to the business of Haiti's antiquated and faltering communication equipment.  We discussed the Commerical Airliner that had an emergency several days ago and how the Air Traffic Controllers handled the situation with calm professionalism, but over equipment that was like "skating on thin ice".  

Nate made a superb presentation of the capabilities and advantages of the Harris Corporation.  At the end of the meeting, we all had the sense that quality information had been exchanged.  Now, it was back to the little blue motorcycle.  Nate and Enock and another official went to grab a bite to eat and I headed out to Samaritan's Purse to get some vital paperwork.  Then, the rains let loose.  I drove through newly formed "rivers" of water formed by the torrential downpour and even "flooded" out the little motorcycle.  

Pushed it to the police station right next to our beloved "Caanan II".  Then a neighbor from our village recognized me and shared that he had the exact same motorcycle and knew what happened.  Water had managed to get into the fuel tank.  We quickly drained it and soon I was back on my way up to Samaritan's Purse.  I retrieved our document and then "slogged" my way back to where Nate and Enock were enjoying a meal.  I was absolutely drenched and cold.  There happened to be one of those electric hand dryers in the bathroom.  They're kind of like a mini clothes dryer.  I hung out and slowly dried out and warmed up.

The rain just kept on pouring.  Long after dinner was over and the meetings complete, Nate and I just hung out waiting for that rain to stop.  It didn't.  Finally, we came up with a good solution....shrink wrapping.  The staff at the restaurant "wrapped" us up and soon, we were navigating the rivers back to the village.  Got back to our home base late...was very tired.  However, there is the deep sense that yesterday was a major day of "Opening Doors" to enabling us to minister more effectively and bring more help to those in desperate need and possibly fly with greater safety.

As always, I so appreciate your prayers, love and support.  Today, we have a lot of ground to cover and there are still plenty of storm clouds around.  As we look at "Hurricane" Ophelia, we can see that she has gained a lot of strength, but still heading to open sea.  

However, Tropical Storm Philippe may be heading to the Islands and even to Florida.  We're keeping a very close eye on Mr. Philippe.  All of these storms in the tropics are what is causing the heavy rainstorms here in Haiti.  You may recall that there was a fatal crash of a Commuter Airline in Haiti last week.  The preliminary reports indicate the cause of the crash was likely weather related.   

We ask again for your prayers that our Lord will lead us and guide us each step of the way!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 29, 2011 - Thursday - 5:39am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early to a beautiful sunrise in Haiti.  The roosters are crowing and in the distance, I can hear an early church service going.  I love the peaceful early mornings in Haiti.  It is such a contrast to the grinding traffic and frequent grid-lock and the continual movements and transactions of thousands of "small businesses" on the sides of the roads.  This island is perpetual movement / sound / color / suffering and joy all mixed up into one that is called Haiti.

Yesterday, we departed early for the "City" through that grinding traffic and grid-lock to several critical meetings.  We had the privilege of meeting the President of the Methodist Church of Haiti.  I found out that the Methodists have been in Haiti since 1817!  Upon reaching their headquarters in "Upper Delmas", we eased through a modest, inconspicuous gate.  Then we began the trek through the vast, expansive grounds and weaved between buildings and playgrounds.  

Soon, we found ourselves in the office of Rev. Gesner Paul.  Our mission today was to introduce Rev. Paul to Reach Out To Haiti, the mission that Barbara Walker started many years ago.  The Methodists have offered to help Barbara get critical supplies into Haiti via containers.  Rev. Paul simply wanted to get to know us a bit better.  As Barbara is out of the country, we made the initial introduction in her behalf.  After the cordial and vital meeting, we began the trek back to our vehicle.  

The school had let out for "recess" and we walked through a "sea" of students of all ages.  One could sense the depth and quality of this mission.  We saw smiles and hope among the hundreds (if not thousands) of students.  As I left the Methodists Headquarters in Haiti, I was reminded of the Hope and Joy to be found in our Lord.  Though many of these students come from very poor and desperate conditions, still they were "pressing forward" for a better life.  And....many generous folks from around the world have worked together to help offer them a quality education and hope.  I'm also very thankful for the sense of cooperation and helpfulness among the many missions working in this country.  We appreciate the help that the Methodists have given to Reach Out To Haiti.

From the Methodist Headquarters, we continued our slow, grinding crawl through Petionville and over the mountain to Port-Au-Prince.  We went through the downtown area to show Nate, our newest "Water Mule" in training, some of the destruction of the terrible earthquake. Then, we proceeded to the Adventist Hospital to deliver some medical supplies.  We met up with Nathan and Amy, our dear friends.  Always good to see them.  We checked to see if Pastor Volny, from Caanan II Tent City was there.  He was not....so our search for him continues.  

From the Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, we then headed to the Port-Au-Prince Airport area for our next meeting with another dear friend, Enock who was just flying in from Montreal, Canada.  You may recall, Nate and I attended his wedding several weeks ago in Montreal.  The purpose of our meeting is find out more about the situation with the existing Communication / Navigation equipment at the airport and how we might be able to assist in upgrading this equipment.  It is so needed.

Well, Enock arrived after his long flight from Canada and we enjoyed a wonderful Haitian dinner at very nice restaurant right across from General Aviation.  Our discussion went on well into the evening.  It was good to see Enock, who is an excellent Air Traffic Controller and Nate who knows so much about Air Traffic Control equipment swap and exchange ideas.  I am very hopeful that something good will come out of these discussions.

We worked our way home through a driving thunderstorm.  The "Season" is not over.  There are still major storms working in the Caribbean.  We're now keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Philippe that has early projections to come our way.  We pray that the projections are simply wrong and that Philippe will follow the path of the recent storms and head out to the open ocean away from people and property.  

You know before I close out this "meandering blog I'd like to share something with you.  As I read the news, the Financial Conditions around the world are shaking (The European Union is falling apart, the IMF needs a "Bailout", the U.S. is struggling under staggering debt etc. etc.).  

I know, personally, that our company is going through very hard times and it is obvious that we are not alone.  Many, many around the world are going through very hard financial times. Both large and small companies are struggling... millions upon millions are unemployed and facing financial ruin.  

As I went to sleep last night, my heart was heavy (carrying the financial burdens) and even this morning, the heaviness was still there.  Yet, as I experienced that beautiful sunrise, I realized that this is a new day and above all, it is the day that our Lord has made.  Let us REJOICE and be glad in it (as spoken so beautifully by the Psalmist David).  I read in John 14:1 "Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me".  As I continued to read, I got to John 16:33 "In the world, you will have tribulation, but be of Good Cheer, I have overcome the world".  My heart was comforted by His words.  Today, as I go forth, I will go with Him at my side guiding me each step of the way.

It's time for that second cup of coffee.  We've got a lot of stuff to accomplish today.  We sure appreciate your love, prayer and support.  And THANKS again for reading all the way through this "wandering" blog today.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 28, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:48am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Air Mobile Base Camp) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Nate and I were up early yesterday morning, and yes, we headed to the airport.   Topped off Ti Burik and rolled down the runway at 5:30am.  We had a good load of medical supplies, diapers, shoes, sump pump, cartridges, food and misc. other much needed items for Haiti.

We climbed to 19,000 and "threaded" our way between 2 sizable build-ups.  I noted that our climb was a bit slower than usual and when we emerged from the climb and were met by the beautiful Caribbean sunrise, I discovered the reason why.  We picked up a little ice along the way.  This is a bit unusual in the Caribbean but not completley uncommon.  Thought I'd share this shot with you to show you what ice looks like on the wing of an airplane.  

Fortunately, it's easy to get rid of.  Keep flying south where the air is a bit warmer or simply descend and it melts right off.  We, of course reported the "Icing Conditions" to Miami Center.  Glad our "PIREP" (Pilot Report) could give other pilots a heads-up of what they were about to encounter.

We made a quick flight to Haiti of 4 hours and 45 minutes.  Made the low pass of Caanan II, the tent city that we've "adopted".  Then flew over our Base Camp.  I was able to clearly demonstrate to Nate (who works for the Harris Corporation) the extreme need for "Upgraded" Communication equipment for Port-Au-Prince.  We could barely hear the Control Tower at 20 miles away.  

Meanwhile, as we approached the Port-Au-Prince Airport,  a commercial airliner had just taken off and encountered engine problems and had to make an "Immediate" turn around and land.  Traffic stacked up and the limited communications made things quite "dicey".  Yet, the Air Traffic Controllers handled the emergency beautifully.  This is the very reason I've brought Nate to Haiti.  We need to do all we can to help get these folks some good equipment.  It will significantly increase our safety margins as we come and go to Haiti.  Please pray that our meetings are successful as we meet with the proper authorities to discuss possible solutions!

Our little white donkey was met by our usual ground crew.  In this shot, the blue bags contain beautiful new shoes.  Now, I must tell you again,  where these come from.  Do you recall "Delta Rose"?  She works for Delta Airlines and like "Southwest Chuck" has helped Air Mobile to get all over the world on "Buddy Passes".  Her adopted daughter from China, Katie, (who is 16 years old!) felt the need a number of years ago to "give back".  She took it on herself to help find new shoes for the children of Haiti.  She remembers, while growing up in China, how "precious" shoes were.  Nearly every trip, our little donkey carries "new shoes" to needy kids!

After getting unloaded, Missy from Barb's village met us and we headed back to the base camp.  We had a "brunch" of quiche and then headed out to Samaritan's Purse to meet Sara.  We delivered toner cartridges to keep this great organization in printing supplies.  Some of you may remember, we started our cartridge company in a mud hut village right here in Haiti many years ago.  

After delivering the cartridges, we headed to Caanan II to check on Pastor Volny.  You may recall, he recently had surgery.  He has not returned to the tent city since then.  One of the things we'll do on this mission, when we deliver the medical supplies to the Adventist Hospital, is check on Pastor Volny and see how the surgery went.  I recall meeting Pastor Volny immediately following the earthquake (of January 12, 2010).  Caanan II had over 5000 "residents" and NO WATER!  We helped with that situation and have been very close to them all since then.  Pastor Volny has been a "Rock Solid" leader in this community.  We need him back.  PLEASE pray for him.

Once back at the base camp, found that there are only 2 or 3 Rescuers to Refurbish.  So, over the next few days, will be training Nate on the fine art of becoming a genuine "Water Mule".  Well, the sun has risen and it's time to get on with this beautiful day in Haiti.  Please remember to pray for our meetings with the Haitian Authorities regarding the upgrade of the Communication / Navigation Equipment for the Airport.  Also, that we find Pastor Volny.

In checking the weather this morning, looks like Miss Ophelia is not "dead", as reported yesterday.  She has been "reborn".  As you can see from her "projected" path, she'll be, hopefully" making that good right turn to the open ocean away from people and property.  Last night, we had a very powerful thunder storm that literally shook our building.  There is still much instability in the Caribbean and the Hurricane season is not over.   As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 27, 2011 - Tuesday - 4:14am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


We picked up our mission aircraft from the paint shop yesterday and I must say, our little donkey is getting prettier and prettier.  She's all white like a refrigerator.  She flew very well on the quick hop from Sanford to Titusville.  I brought "Southwest Obie" with me.  He's a good friend of "Southwest Chuck" and now, he's a genuine "water mule" for Air Mobile and the Lord!

We performed a number of tests and inspections and the aircraft passed all with flying colors. Now, we're gathering up the supplies for our next flight into Haiti.  For the time, the tropics are somewhat quiet, but there is another storm forming that is named Philippe.  Though it is still far to the east, it is projected to take a northerly course and not effect the island, we still pray that that storm does just that and stays away from people and property.

Late yesterday evening, I picked up my new friend, Nate.  You may recall, we were in Canada several weeks ago attending another good friend's wedding.  Well, he'll be down here with us for a few days and we'll be in meeting regarding upgrading the Air Traffic Control systems in Haiti.  Please pray that our meetings go well.

It's time to get on with this day.  Have a lot of stuff to accomplish.  As always, God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 26, 2011 - Monday - 6:02am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning, heading to the airport to pick up our mission aircraft, Ti Burik.  The paint job is "almost" finished.  The Cessna is now all white (kind of looks like a refrigerator) and will gets it's stripes after our next mission.  The paint shop has done an excellent job of preparing our aircraft, but as you may recall, we had a bit of delay with some "anti-corrosion" substance on the internal sides, thus the original delay.  Now, it's just a scheduling challenge, but we're assured that our Little Donkey will be all done pretty soon.

In the meantime, we need to get the plane back to do some maintenance and inspections and soon, we'll make a much needed mission flight to Haiti.  Speaking of Haiti, things are somewhat quiet for now.  We're very thankful.  Weather-wise, there are storms around, but nothing serious brewing in the tropics.  Looks like Ophelia has "fizzled out".  Thank the Lord!

I have a very serious prayer request.  Yesterday evening, I received a disturbing call from a dear friend Steve.  Apparently, a very dear friend of his (also named Steve) along with son were involved in a tragic auto accident.  It occurred during a thunderstorm and a tree was blown down on the road.  When Steve and his son Nathan (10 years old) came around the corner, they swerved to miss the tree.  The vehicle lost control and crashed.  

No one was seriously injured.  Steve removed Nathan from the accident vehicle and placed him in what he believed to be a safe place.  Suddenly, another car came around the curve, lost control and struck Nathan killing him.  The families are devastated.  My friend Steve called me and asked for prayer.  Could you please join together with us and ask our Lord to comfort these broken hearts?

Folks, these are the times to press in close to our Lord.  Many times, we don't understand why things happen....but they do.  Our Lord is an ever-present help in time of trouble.  Our hearts go out to these families struck by such tragedy.

There are some things that happen in life that we may never understand on this earth.  However, there is the promise and hope of heaven through Jesus.  This is what we can count on.  Again, may I ask you to lift up this family and hundreds if not thousands of folks in this community that have been devastated by this tragic accident.

Well, time to "launch" out into this day that our Lord has made....I'm going to REJOICE and be glad in it.  Even when I don't feel like "Rejoicing", that is what I'm choosing to do.  For the JOY of the Lord is our strength and right now, need some extra strength.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!! God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe