Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rescued to Santo Domingo

After landing in Haiti this morning - within minutes a helicopter owned by a close friend of mine was winging to an isolated mountain community rescuing the rescuers.

But getting off the mountain to port- au-prince was going from the frying Pam into the fire unless you have a little mission plane. Long story short..

This missionary pilot began flying at 3:20 this morning and made the last Flite to santo Domingo at 7:00 this evening . Been a long day. So glad bill Dunklee helped me set up blogging on my I-phone. Thanks for praying! Air mobile Joe - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rescued to Santo Domingo

After landing in Haiti this morning - within minutes a helicopter owned by a close friend of mine was winging to an isolated mountain community rescuing the rescuers.

But getting off the mountain to port- au-prince was going from the frying Pam into the fire unless you have a little mission plane. Long story short..

This missionary pilot began flying at 3:20 this morning and made the last Flite to santo Domingo at 7:00 this evening . Been a long day. So glad bill Dunklee helped me set up blogging on my I-phone. Thanks for praying! Air mobile Joe - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Air mobile back in Haiti

December 11, 2010 - 10:32am - Haiti time - report submitted by Air Mobile Joe Just landed in Haiti - sending a helicopter to the mountains to get a group of doctors out. Had a perfect Flite in this morning. Doing this blog on my I-Phone - amazing technology. Kyle and team in village - safe & sound. Streets in Haiti quiet this morning - thank God! Until later... Air mobile Joe - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Air Mobile Mission - Haiti 2010

December 11, 2010 Friday - 2:10am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Slowly, life is beginning to return to some sense of normal.  Not as many blockades / burning tires / angry mobs.  The promise of a recount of the votes has calmed things down a bit.  For that, we are thankful.  In the meantime, we prepare for our next mission.  Will write more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 10, 2010 Friday - 9:06pm (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Air Mobile aircraft is ready to go.  My son in law, Kyle will be leading a team down in Haiti working in Ruuska Village.  We're awaiting "Clearance" from the Lord.  Things are very tense in Haiti.

We had a productive day gathering supplies.  We've been in touch with several teams in Haiti.  It is very difficult to move around at this time.  All of the major airlines are still not flying into Haiti at this time.  We continue to pray and seek clear direction.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

Friday, December 10, 2010

Haiti 2010 Air Mobile Ministries

December 10, 2010 Friday - Air Mobile Hangar - Titusville, FL -9:14am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Had a bit of a snag this morning with the blog, but it's all working well now.  We're at the hangar finalizing inspections on the mission aircraft.  Have received a number of needed supplies for our next mission.  Been in touch with Haiti. Things have calmed down just a bit on the announcement that there will be a recount.  

Getting word from the provinces of more cholera deaths.  The dread disease is firmly entrenched in all 10 provinces.  This is going to be a long and hard haul.  Unfortunately, many more will die.  We are very eager to get back. The airport is still closed.  We prepare and wait.  Hope to write more later.  God Bless!!
Air Mobile Joe

December 9, 2010 Thursday - Cocoa, FL -7:22am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


All day yesterday, Air Mobile received requests to fly back into Haiti to help get people out.  All of the airlines are shut down.  The Capital is absolutely paralyzed with protesters.  The cholera rampage is not stopping.  So many tragedies at the same time.  

Here is quick snapshot of the political situation.  Of the 3 main candidates - Manigat / Celestin / Martelly only Manigat and Celestin have been named as the "Run off" candidates. The problem - less than 1% vote count differences between Celestin and Martelly.  Martelly is a very popular singer and Celestin is the current governments "choice" candidate.  With so many "irregularities", massive disorganization and outright fraud in the recent vote....the people are angry, very angry.  This is truly a powder keg and the fuse has been lit. 

There is never a "good time" for such violence. Now is absolutely the worst Cholera marches on.  Of course, the very nature of this Cholera Outbreak requires massive amounts of relief aid and personnel movement... with well over 100,000 cases being treated.  Today, as yesterday, the country is in tense "shut down".  As the tires are burning and the rocks are flying, people are dying!

One protester was quoted as saying, "Today we bring fire - tomorrow we bring weapons"... an ominous statement.  Meanwhile, thousands of relief workers are "laying low" and I can assure you...praying!

Today, we conduct our "Post Mission Inspection" on Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  Of course, we will absolutely not publish our travel plans.  The airport is one of the main target areas.  We do not know exactly how or when we will return to Haiti, but I promise you, we will return ASAP.  For this, we ask for your prayer and support.

Well, must get to the airport this morning.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

December 8, 2010 Wednesday - Cocoa, FL -7:14am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, a small group of travelers slipped through different parts of Port-Au-Prince and met at the airport to fly back to the U.S.  Ti Burik, our mission plane carried us back.  I had the wonderful privilege to pilot the aircraft.  

Our passengers consisted of one newly trained Air Mobile "water mule", David - a volunteer nurse for the Adventist Hospital, Lynn and 2 Haiti Air Traffic Controllers (Junior and Ralph).  Mission accomplished - we arrived safe and sound.  It's good to back in the U.S. but.....there is always the sense of regret of leaving....there is so much to do.  Will write more on election results and other things later.  For now, I am having a delicious cup of coffee with my Cindy.

Air Mobile Joe

December 7, 2010 Tuesday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -5:12am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The 2010 Election will go down as one more deep Haitian tragedy.  Reports of massive voter fraud, yet much of this can simply be attributed to massive disorganization.  Folks, it is difficult for me to describe to you what it is like trying to get the simplest job done.  Haiti is such a mess.  The effort to even try to conduct an election following the "worst year in Haiti's history" was a staggering challenge. we are.  Today, the results will be announced and some describe the situation as absolutely "explosive".  Today, we PRAY!

Yesterday, I had a good meeting with my dear friend of nearly 30 years, Bernard Celestin.  We discussed the possible runway for Mador.  He was most encouraging.  Having provided him with the data, he will begin the process of a rapid approval.  In the midst of such tragic news on every front, this is most encouraging!  Thanks for your help, Bernard!

From the meeting with Bernard, it was to another encouraging meeting with the head of Rural Water for Haiti.  I was able to give him a good update update on the Rescuer water purifiers in the field being tested.  I also brought greetings to him from Peter with USAID.  The Rescuer can be an invaluable tool in the "rural Cholera Treatment Centers.  We continue to bring that important fact forward to the "authorities".

Movement through Port-Au-Prince yesterday was challenging but manageable.  From town it was back to the base camp where we met with Madame Pun.  This lovely lady worked for "Food for the Poor" for many years serving many.  Now, she has an orphanage of her own.  It was such a joy to present her with Rescuer water purifier.  In addition to her orphanage, she provides water to the local community and soon to a school that she is hoping to start.  We praise the Lord for generous donors who help us to provide Rescuers to such worthy recipients!

David, our newest "Water Mule" was working well past sunset remanufacturing Rescuers for our service center.  He has been a great assistant and can now diagnose and repair Rescuers world-wide.  We are thankful to be able to support so many units.  Air Mobile maintains an inventory of refurbished units on hand.  When an operator has a problem with their unit, they simply bring in their unit and we "swap" it out on the spot.  That keeps them in clean water, a "life saving" item and a gift from God!

It is because of your help and prayer that we are able to do this.  Even though the task before us appears to so huge, our Lord gives us the strength to just "nibble" away at it and take one step at a time.  We often remember that little boy with the loaves and fishes.

Well, the roosters are crowing in concert, the sun is just peeking over the mountains and it's time to get ready for another day.  You never know what the day holds, but we know Who holds the day! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it!  God bless and thanks again!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 6, 2010 Monday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -6:47am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Large anti-election protests were conducted in downtown Port-Au-Prince yesterday (it is a very rare thing for riots to occur on Sunday).  The intensity is increasing demanding that the original election results be thrown out.  The Election Committee is to announce the final count tomorrow.  Haiti is headed for another show-down.  The tension is mounting.  Meanwhile, reports of more deaths from the provinces are being reported.  There is growing suspicion of witchcraft spreading cholera particularly in the Southwest region of Haiti.

We were able assist Remote Area Missions (RAM) again yesterday.  This time to actually load up and fly over the isolated community of Mador.  This community has had an exceptionally high number of cholera deaths.  RAM is coordinating a medical team to go in by foot.  The trek is over 7 hours of difficult climbing.  We are working together with this mission to help to put in a runway.  I will be in meetings today with Haitian leaders to see if this process can be expedited. This is the time to move quickly and avoid the usual "government bureaucratic pit falls".  We pray for favor today!

Yesterday, we were able to avoid the violent protests and slip through town to visit with our dear friends at the Adventist Hospital in Diquini.  So good seeing Nathan and Amy.  We were able to deliver some much needed supplies and have excellent fellowship and prayer.  We are very excited about the changes taking place in this grand old hospital.  Over the years, we have known so many who have been ministered to and lives who have been saved at this hospital.

We will also be placing several Rescuer water purifiers in orphanages today.  It's going to be a busy day.  We need your prayer today.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 
December 5, 2010 Sunday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -5:52am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile was able to assist a medical team coming in by DC-3 and from the Dominican Republic.  Their mission - reach a remote mountainous region where help has been slow in coming due to destroyed road.  The Haitian Authorities shined yesterday as we called upon them to facilitate this medical team.  We were able to process the aircraft and get all medical supplies unloaded in record time.  Everyone from the Air Traffic Control, to the ground Marshall, to top Government leaders allowing special parking helped us in this mission.  Bravo!

Once the medical team was unloaded and heading on their mission, it was on to Caanan II to check on Daniel (the old gentleman with congestive heart failure).  We are so pleased to announce he is responding well to the medical treatment.  Hope to have him back "home" soon.  The children were classic and I did capture a few of them mimicking our low pass in Ti Burik (our little mission airplane).

Though the residents of Caanan II have been remarkably brave and resilient we noted a rapid deterioration of many of the tents.  We have marvelled at how clean and neat their community has been.  Little gardens are planted everywhere.  However, since the Hurricane and now the cholera scourge, things seem to be deteriorating rapidly.  

We were able to bring in some food and give it to the leadership.  They have been very good about finding those in need (such as old Daniel) and being sure that the truly hungry in their community have something to eat.  This has been such a blessing watching the community caring for one another. 

My faithful assistant, David has been a tremendous help on this mission.  From helping on the water purifiers, to loading food, to sweeping up our kitchen area...David has been right there for whatever we need.  I love how the Lord "deploys His troops" for the mission!

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a young lady who had seen a news article on the plight of Haiti and what Air Mobile was doing.  She had asked if there was something that she and her fellow Middle School students could do.  She asked if the Haitian mothers would want little caps for their new-born babies.  I immediately said that would be a splendid gift.  Well, the caps were delivered and yesterday, we were able to visit a number of newborn babies in Caanan II.

Our small Air Mobile Team visited a number of tents and were escorted by scores of kids all laughing and carrying on.  It is the kids that so touch our hearts and keep us coming back to Haiti.  There seemed to be no end to the newborn babies.  Finally, we ran out of light and had to head back to our base camp.

Folks, often the needs are so immense and it is very easy to fall into the attitude of "what's the use, this is just too much".  Our help is usually just doing "little things" to help.  A little bit of food, or a little bit of water, or a little baby cap, or an old man dying, but...if we just keep doing the little bit that we can, our Lord will multiply our efforts in ways that we can't imagine.  I am often reminded of the little boy with the few loaves and fishes in the face of 5000 hungry men.  In the hands of Jesus, that little "offering" fed the whole multitude and there was  a lot left over.  May we be faithful to the what we can.

Well, it's time to head out.  Have a lot of "little things" to do today.  God Bless and THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

December 4, 2010 Saturday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -7:06am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


According to a BBC story yesterday, the Cholera epidemic keeps rampaging at a more rapid rate than previously projected.  According to the same story, the death toll is likely 2 times the actual reported number.

As earlier reported, the death to illness ratio has decreased from the original numbers, but is still at a very unacceptable 3.7%.  Again, these figures are "educated guesses" at best.  The big factor in all of  these equations are what is happening in the isolated provinces?

We are seeking to find information that will assist us in our quest to get clean water into these regions.  Let me tell you about another providential story.  On Wednesday afternoon, while fueling our aircraft, met with 4 USAID DART team members.  These are the rapid deployments guys that get in to isolated areas and assess the situation to determine where and how to bring in help and relief supplies.  

During the course of our conversation, I mentioned Peter Wallace, a world class WASH Engineer who consults for USAID.  I was thrilled to learn that Peter was in Haiti (but not surprised).  Peter goes to the true hot-spots of the world.  Got his number...called and yesterday morning (Friday) we met.  So good seeing Peter again.

Several years ago, we had placed several water purifiers in Darfur, Sudan with Peter.  He reported that the units were performing splendidly.  

We also discussed the Cholera situation. Peter is right on top of all of the most current situations.  We went into great detail regarding the isolated, provincial regions.  We came to the conclusion that the portable Rescuer water purifier would be an excellent fit for the many CTU Units (Temporary Cholera Treatment Centers).  We also discussed our working with ACF and Pascal, the WASH Engineer.  Peter knows Pascal quite well and was very glad to hear that we were working together.  

Now, with all the political turmoil, it's a bit difficult getting around but we are managing to do so.  On the way back from the American Embassy and my meeting with Peter, stopped by the local motorcycle dealership and found a wonderful "tool" to help get us into the deep provincial regions.  It is a small, light, nimble motorcycle that will handle the mountain trails quite nicely.  I particularly like all the little racks on the bike.  The price for the brand new motorcycle including all taxes, insurance (a joke) and permits is $1250 U.S. The same motorcycle in the U.S. would be at least twice that amount.  Now, if you want to "invest" in this great tool, we would be blessed with greater ability to reach further and do more.

After returning to our base yesterday evening, my assistant and "water mule" in training David and I worked on refurbishing Voyagers.  We're currently working on means of extending the life of the carbon filter and doing some "mad scientist" experiments to squeeze a bit more life out of the filters.  The sun had long set and it was pitch dark when we were informed that the police were outside.  This was a good thing.  The local police care very much about what we do and our work here.  They really care for and protect Barbara (Rambo in the blue dress).  They were here just checking up on us.  You may recall that several weeks ago, we were robbed 2 times.  The second robbery was thwarted by the police.  It is good to know that there are good people here who care for and protect us.  We thank the Lord for that.

Well, it's going to be another full day.  Will report more later.  God Bless and as always THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

December 3, 2010 Friday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -7:11am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As the Haitian election authorities tally the votes, still half of the candidates want the entire election thrown out.  Officials seem unlikely to do that, thus the tensions mount for the Tuesday announcement of the election results.  A "run-off" appears inevitable.  Haiti will have to vote again.  The drama continues.

Yesterday, 12 people were brutally murdered by an angry mob.  The cause - the group was accused of spreading cholera through witchcraft. The slightest accusation can, and often turns violent.  The entire region is on edge.  The cholera cases continue to mount.  The death toll continues to rise.  

The Haitian people are searching for reasons as to why so many terrible things are happening (and usually looking for someone to blame).  You may recall, when the Cholera first broke out in late October, results indicated that the disease came to Haiti via U.N. troops from Nepal.  Immediately following that news, riots broke out all around the country against the U.N. 

We choose our movements carefully, that is the reason we often do not publish our exact location or give our exact travel itenerary.  I would like to tell you about something that occurred yesterday.  Our small Air Mobile team checked on the residents of Caanan II, one of the tent-cities that we have been helping since the earthquake.  

When we arrived, the kids surrounded us and made the little airplane signs (running around with their arms out like little airplanes).  They do this because when we come to Haiti, we make a low pass over their tent city.

After getting the update on the general conditions in Caanan II,  I received the news that "old Daniel", was in the hospital and not doing well.  I've written about Daniel many times in this blog.  Here's his story.

Daniel showed up in Caanan II immediately following the earthquake.  Daniel had no family, most had been killed in the earthquake.  He was all alone and very ill. The leaders of the tent city, Pastor Volny and Germaine pleaded with me to help them to help him.  They explained that the community was now his family and they must care for him.  My heart was touched.  

When we went to Daniel's tent, there lay a dying old man.  All of his extremities were grossly swollen.  Daniel was too weak to stand.  Fortunately, we had a medical team operating out of Ruuska Village (Barb's community).  They rapidly deployed.  A good diagnosis was made, medication administered, prayer made and Daniel responded beautifully.  Over the last 6 months we have followed Daniel, along with others and he has done quite well.  

Yesterday, the news came with great sadness and concern.  I knew we had to go check on Daniel.  The problem, he was in St. Katherine Hospital, right in the middle of Cite' Soleil, a real political hotspot.  A long story short.  With a bit disquise, and quick careful movement, went and saw Daniel.  He was awake and aware and very glad to see us.  He's hanging in there with faith, courage and bit more love.  We prayed and left money for his food and water and care.  I know that Daniel is "just one old man" among millions suffering, but our Lord has put him in our path and we must do all we can to help him.  Please pray for Daniel today.

After praying with Daniel, headed to the Port-Au-Prince International Airport to make arrangements for a larger mission aircraft that will be arriving soon.  It will be loaded with medical supplies and the team will be heading to a very isolated community that has had a serious outbreak of cholera.  We were able to secure a good parking space for the aircraft and hopefully get some of the fees waived as this is a pure humanitarian flight.  Again, we pray for grace.

Today, we'll be in various locations and continuing the process of working on getting clean water into needy areas.  As always, we thank you for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

December 2, 2010 Thursday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -7:24am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


When the Cholera outbreak first occured, the death rate from infected victims was close to 9%, now, according to some reports, the death rate is approximately 2.5%.  This is encouraging.  Some state the reason is that the Haitian people were completely unfamiliar with cholera and the deadly effects.  Once infected, IF not treated immediately, death could occur within 5-7 hours.  Now, the awareness of cholera and its symptoms are becomiing well known and the people are seeking help immediately...when able.  This is helping many to avoid death.  The challenges are still staggering.  Children are often the victims. Photo by:  (Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press)

Yesterday, the small Air Mobile team headed to the outbreak city of Gonaives.  This region is still experiencing high cholera infections.  Along the route, we stopped and inspected the runway at Gonaives.  Six years ago, this runway was put in by Mission Aviation Fellowship.  The region was a dry desert.  In October 2004 torrential rains came and killed 3000 Haitins.  They were literally washed away.  The airport went under water and a permanent lake formed.  Now, there is fish "in the desert".  These fishermen are harvesting tiny little fish called "peesket" right next to the runway.

We measured the usable runway length and ran our vehicle down the runway to determine the condition.  I am pleased to report, the condition of the strip is quite good and useable.  We'll relay this information back to the MAF flight crew. Having "air service" into this region is quite important during this difficult time.  We can get key personnel and supplies into Gonaives via a 30 minute flight as opposed to a 3 hour drive that has the danger of encountering "manifestations" along the route.

From the Gonaives airport, we checked on a long time friend and director of a wonderful mission, Pastor Michel Morisette.  I have known Pastor Michel for over 26 years.  Showed the "Jesus" film for him 25 years ago in the area that is now his clinic.  

It was good to see Dr. Claire from France (in the photo above). Dr. Claire has worked with Pastor Michel for over 20 years.  When I asked about cholera in this immediate region, she reported that there was only one case with a student in the mission school.  The student is being treated.  The mission is vigilant to respond immediately to any symptoms.  We urged Pastor Michel to seek out any inoperative water purifiers that had been deployed over the years in this region and have them brought to his mission.  Air Mobile will pick them up and repair them at absolutely no charge to the operators.  We'll return in several weeks to pick up any units in need of service.

From Pastor Michel's mission we headed to the WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygeine) Engineer for ACF (the wonderful French organization that is doing such a superb job in many of the tent-cities). We are coordinating the placement of a water purifier in a critical medical facility.  We will be subjecting the water purifier to a deep series of testing.  I am very eager for these tests to be conducted.  We have seen this purifier in the most extreme conditions and perform beautifully.  We returned to our base safe and sound yesterday afternoon.

Today, we'll be out in another region seeking where we can help.  As always, we thank you for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

December 1, 2010 Wednesday - Undisclosed location in Haiti -7:47am (Haiti Time) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

As you may deduce from the photo, we boarded our little mission aircraft and headed to Haiti early yesterday morning.  We came over at 19,000 feet and it was a beautiful flight.  My assistant on this mission, David. We brought in so many good supplies, including a lot of fresh vegetables for the missionaries.  The Cholera Outbreak is causing everything to be in short supply and suspect. 

Upon arrival in Port-Au-Prince, we were met by one of the workers in the village and we made a quick safe passage back to the "Village".  There is however, tension everywhere.  So, for the next few days, we will not be telling exactly where we will be going or what we will be doing.  We will be bringing clean water to very needy areas.

We traveled out of Port-Au-Prince yesterday afternoon.  While enroute there were "manifestations" or street riots.  Before getting to the "hot areas", we would be warned by some of our staff who would go ahead of us as "scouts".  We would simply wait until things "cool off", then proceed.  The Cholera Outbreak is still rampaging through Haiti leaving death and destruction in its path.  The recent elections are being disputed by many.  The need for clean water is greater than ever.

Today, we'll be going into an area of the country that has had the most intense outbreak of cholera.  We will be working with a top WASH (Water & Sanitation Hyeine) Engineer and testing our water purifier in serious "actual" conditions.  Please remember to pray for us today.  Better wrap up the little blog for the day.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 30, 2010 Tuesday - 2:38am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It appears as if the election held on Sunday will stand despite massive reports of fraud and irregularities.  The election results will be published on December 7th.  At least 12 of the 18 Candidates want the election voided.  Until then, there is tremendous tension and the threat of massive violence.  We pray!

The cholera outbreak continues to take it's toll on an already devastated population.  The numbers have not been published due to media's attention being set on the election, but the number of cases will likely be approaching 100,000 if the trends that were in place prior to election hold.  The death toll will likely never be known.  

Our goal is to reach the isolated places often overlooked.  As we prepare to return to Haiti, we are getting reports from such locations.  Upon our arrival, we will be working diligently to get the portable water purification system, the Rescuer, into place.  We should be departing for Haiti in the very near future and will advise.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 29, 2010 Monday - 8:53am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It is with sadness but not surprise that I write this "headline".  Yesterday afternoon, 12 of the 18 Presidential candidates, including 2 front-runners joined hands and stated the election should be voided.  Confusion, ballot stuffing and violence marred the day.  Numerous reports of voters arriving to cast their ballot and their names were not on the "list".  Some polling stations were not open and sporadic violence marked many locations.  The Haitian Government backed by U.N. forces have called the election a success with some complications.  The drama continues.  

Meanwhile, the Cholera continues to spread.  The media is focused on the elections but there are over 70,000 cases and thousands have died and the dread disease continues to ravage this devastated country.  We simply pray and ask our Lord to use us to bring some relief to the suffering.  Often, in these cases, the poor and weak sink lower and the suffering simply increases.  

We are timing our next mission to Haiti so as not to endanger our staff in Haiti.  The roads are very dangerous at this time, making it difficult to move around the country.  We are seeking wisdom and direction as to when to launch.  Today, we continue to prepare and gather supplies and components.  As always, thank you for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 


November 28, 2010 Sunday - 8:54am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, there was an alleged assassination attempt on one of the presidential candidates, Michel (Sweet Mickey) Martelly....there are confusing and murky reports, but there was a lot of gunfire.  Fortunately, no one was killed.  Many don't know "where" to vote.  As I write this report, the voting has begun.  Many have said that 2010 is the worst year in Haiti's history.  I don't dispute that.  PLEASE remember to pray for Haiti today.

I must tell you a precious story.  Yesterday, a young lady, Natalie, a junior high school student delivered little hand knitted caps for Haitian babies to my son Peter and I at our favorite Saturday hang-out, Dogs R Us.  About a month ago, Natalie phoned me and asked if she and her fellow students could do something to help the children in Haiti, particularly those in the tent cities.  When she shared her desire to knit little baby caps, I heartily agreed this would be a wonderful thing to do.  Haitian mothers love to put caps on their infant babies.  With joy, we received this "labor of love" and soon, those little caps will be going directly into tent cities to newborn babies!

Today, the Hurston family will be ministering to the young people in the psychiatric hospital in Orlando.  We continue to gather up supplies for Haiti.  We'll be monitoring the news today regarding the elections in Haiti.  Again, I urge to please pray for this country that has suffered so many staggering set-backs and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.  There is always hope in the Lord.  We are so encouraged by so many who have such a strong desire to help Haiti.  The visit from Natalie and her parents yesterday was such an encouragement.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - My beloved LSU Tigers lost to a great Arkansas team.  Hats off to Arkansas, they played a great game.  Peter handled the loss reasonbly well.  Joe


November 27, 2010 Saturday - 8:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Haitians want to vote!  Many have their Voter ID cards, but "where to vote" is a huge problem.  Haiti is to have 11,000 polling stations with over 40,000 workers designated to assist in this election.  The Cholera outbreak has brought many complications.  Yet, the country is proceeding forward with the elections.  Frankly, personally, I think they have little choice.  Also, the election is more of a symbolic gesture by a country desperately trying to maintain some form of normalcy in the midst of staggering obstacles.  

Haiti has a long history of violent and corrupt elections.  The day after the last election (February 2006), I was with a small mission team.  We were enroute to deploy water purifiers to the town of Mirabalais, in the central region of Haiti.  We were ambushed by a heavily armed group of men.  We were attacked, robbed, beaten and ultimately escaped this brutal attack.  We know how dangerous Haitian elections can be.

Yesterday, we completed the inspection and routine maintenance on our mission aircraft, Ti Buik (the little donkey).  We also received word last night for another "Rescuer" (our new name for the remarkable water purification system).  We are also putting together a plane-load of vital supplies that includes water purifier components, medical supplies, tools etc.  By the way, Ti Burik has new "sneakers".

We do not publish our exact travel itinerary for security reasons.  Most attacks occur at or very close to the airport.  Recently, I reported of an attack upon one of our mission staff members family.  2 were killed and one injured during an attack that occurred as the group was departing the airport.  All we can say about our next trip to Haiti is that it will be soon.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of cholera is growing at a staggering rate.  We are hearing of outbreaks in isolated communities.  We are currently working on getting "Rescuers" into these regions.  Please pray for us to be directed and protected as we endeavor to get help into these desperate areas.  As alway, thank you for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

November 26, 2010 Friday - 7:39am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Health Care officials had originally expected the Haiti cholera cases to reach 270,000.  Now, the number has been adjusted to 425,000.  The dreadful disease is spreading more rapidly than expected.  Adding to the tragedy and suffering of Cholera, add elections that are likely fraught with fraud and you have Haiti today.  Not a pretty picture.

Yesterday, the Hurston's shared Thanksgiving with Cindy's Dad, Ron Perron.  Ron has been working in Haiti since 1983.  As we sat around the table and enjoyed the bounty of God's Blessings, our conversation would touch on Haiti.  We all know what is going on and our prayers were for that suffering country.

We received a call this morning from a mission that is going into a very isolated mountainous region where Cholera has broken out.  They desperately need clean water.  We are working on getting a water purifier (Air Mobile Rescuer) into their hands.  This will likely occur early next week.  We are so thankful that we can help in these dire situations.  

Meanwhile, we move toward preparing our aircraft for flight.  Our main tires arrived a bit late on Wednesday, so today, we'll give our "little donkey" (Ti Burik) new "sneakers".  Today, we continue to gather supplies for Haiti and monitor the news and above all, PRAY!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

November 25, 2010 Thursday - 8:26am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


May this be a day of deep thanksgiving for all our Lord has done for us.  We have so much for which to be thankful.  May we remember those in dire and desperate need around the world.  May we be used as instruments in the Lord's hand to bring help and mercy and love.  We pray our Lord's very richest blessings upon you!

Air Mobile Joe and the whole Hurston Family

November 24, 2010 Wednesday - 9:22am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Space Center Executive Airport (Air Mobile Hangar) Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The number of cholera cases could reach 200,000 within 3 months (by mid January!).  Already the number is between 60,000 - 70,000 cases and the death toll likely well over 2000.  These numbers do not surprise me at all.  Air Mobile has been on the front lines of these outbreaks since the first cases have been reported.  

The most significant observation we have made is that this disease would be nearly impossible to "control".  The very nature of Haitians is a continual, mass movement of people "to and from markets".  Every day, hundreds of thousands of Haitians move all over the country.  The main form of transportation are large converted school buses, often with over 100+ occupants in and on top of the bus.  A person could be infected and not demonstrate symptoms for days.  A single person could infect scores of people.  This is exactly what is happening, now in all 10 Provinces of Haiti.  Simply put, the disease is completely out of control and spreading with a frightening speed.

The best way to treat and control cholera is CLEAN WATER, GOOD HYGIENE & OF COURSE...PRAYER!  That is our mission.

Today, we mount new tires on the Air Mobile mission aircraft.  We're also gathering supplies / components / water purifiers for our next mission back to Haiti.  I must tell you about a very encouraging phone call we received yesterday.  It came from Wyoming.  The caller had read our book, "Run to the Roar" several years ago and helped to fund a water purifier for Myanmar following the terrible Cyclone that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Well, he had been following this little blog and called to find out the amount needed for another water purifier for Haiti.  He also asked how much the tires would cost.  He'll be working on getting the funding over the weekend.  I was so excited, I snapped a shot in front of "Ti Burik" with the worn tires and sent it to him.  What a blessing!  Often, when we are "delayed", it is because our Lord is moving in people's hearts to help!

Looks like I'll be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  Very excited about that.  We'll be sharing this wonderful celebration with Cindy's Dad, Ron Perron.  Ron first went to Haiti in 1983.  We share a lot regarding our love and work in Haiti.  

Well, better get those tires on the airplane.  Please continue to pray for Haiti.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe
November 23, 2010 Tuesday - 8:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Less than one month ago, a single infected person arrived in Haiti and now.....the country is infected.  The rapid spread of the deadly disease has many angry, confounded, confused, suffering...dying.  The actual number of cases / deaths may never be known.  The fact is:  Cholera will likely be in Haiti for the next 10 years.  All of this leads us to pray to the Lord all we can to clean up the water!

The answer is quite simple - clean up the water.  the problem is:  Haiti has a lot of dirty water.  Haitians have a lot of bad water habits that need to be broken.  Education and good equipment are essential.  We all have a big job!  Since Haiti has not had Cholera in over 100 years, the population has little or no resistance to this deadly, rapidly moving disease.  The situation in Haiti is grave.

We heard from Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) regarding news from the "Village".  Yesterday was quiet but tense.  Elections draw near and typically a lot of violence accompanies Haitian elections.  At this point, the elections are still on and will likely occur.

Regarding our mission aircraft, we are down to awaiting a set of tires that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  We are still gathering supplies / water purifier components to keep our Reman facility supplied with parts to keep a steady inventory of purifiers for the 285 units already deployed in Haiti.

Yesterday, we were able to demonstrate the water purifier to another Pakistani Pastor.  We are so glad for the interest in the unit for Pakistan.  We still are looking forward to traveling there to bring clean water.  For now, we are focusing on Haiit.

Today, we will be working on securing a new home for Air Mobile.  There's a whole story behind that.  Will share more is good.

Have to get to the hangar to meet our Pastor.  God Bless.

Air Mobile Joe

November 22, 2010 Monday - 8:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The number of reported Cholera cases is increasing at an alarming rate.  Officially over 21,000 have been treated in Hospitals and over 52,000 cases overall.  The official death toll is just under 1300 dead, but the actual number is likely higher, much higher.

Early this morning, I received an e-mail from a medical ministry that goes into isloated regions.  There is an outbreak in a mountain region of 10,000 and 41 reported deaths as of Saturday.  There are likely scores, if not hundreds of such reports not reaching the media or the government.

Meanwhile, we're working diligently to get our aircraft ready for the next mission.  We're seeking help to buy more Voyagers.  So many are so vulnerable at this time.   

This morning, we'll be working on the aircraft.  Also will be demonstrating the Voyager to a Pastor from Pakistan.  We recently sent 25 Voyagers to Pakistan.  Yet to hear a report back, but should be getting one soon.

As always, thank you for your love, support and prayer.  These are very difficult and challenging times. God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

November 21, 2010 Sunday - 8:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Only about 10% of the needed funding to effectively fight the Cholera outbreak has been pledged to Haiti.  Relief agencies across the nation of Haiti are scrambling with limited resources to set up and fight this deadly disease.  If symptoms are not treated IMMEDIATELY, death can occur within hours.  Cholera is a violent disease that kills quickly.  Children are particularly vulnerable.

Several weeks ago, we deployed a Voyager in St. Marc, a town north of Port-Au-Prince, and the first location to have a major outbreak of cholera.  Upon return to our village, I personally demonstrated symptoms similar to those of cholera.  I can tell you from first hand experience, that if I had not rehydrated rapidly, I could have died.  Never have I experienced anything like that.  With rehydration and prayer, I recovered within 36 hours.  My heart goes out to the 20,000 plus who are suffering from Cholera.

We, at Air Mobile, are doing all we can to get back to Haiti.  We hope to have our mission aircraft all ready to fly next week.  We have a few routine maintenance items to do on Monday.  We're gathering supplies and funds to return.

Today, the Hurston Family heads to church then to the hospital where we are Chaplains.  Today is my week to share the "Good News".  It's always a blessing to minister with these young people that are "behind bars" so to speak.  They are precious and we count it a privilege to minister to them.  

Feel free to call if you have any questions or suggestions.  Would love to hear from you.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - My son Peter and I enjoyed the LSU - Old Miss game last night.  What a "shoot out".  So glad LSU won.  Joe

November 20, 2010 Saturday - 8:35am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Relief organizations are unable to reach many "hot-spots" of Cholera infection due to violent riots.  The death-toll continues to rise, thousands of new cases every day and desperate need for clean water and anti-biotics and key medical personnel.  

Elections are only 8 days away.  In this photo, a person is dragging a cholera victim past another dead body in Cap Haitian.  This violence is so destructive.

Today, we complete our "Post Mission Inspection" of our aircraft.  We're gathering supplies for our next mission.  Our family will also be attending the Memorial for Kris Kidd, our dear friend who went to be with the Lord last week.  Please remember to pray for his family.  Will write more from the hangar.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe


November 20, 2010 Saturday - 12:06Pm (U.S. Eastern Time) - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Another major setback in the war on Cholera - Now in Port-Au-Prince Prison - An alarming death to infected ratio!  13 Deaths and 30 infected.  This is a 43% mortality rate.  Pray for those in prison in Haiti!  For many, it will soon be a "death sentence".  This is a staggering thought.

Over the years, I have worked beside Doctors Without Borders or better known as Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF).  MSF is doing a heroic job in Haiti but is crying out for others to step up and work harder.  The Director Stefano Zaninni, made the following statement:

Medecins sans Frontieres is urging all groups and agencies in the country to increase the scale and speed of their efforts.
"More actors are needed to treat the sick and implement preventative actions, especially as cases increase dramatically across the country," said Stefano Zannini, MSF's head of mission in Haiti.
"There is no time left for meetings and debate - the time for action is now," he said.
Haiti's hour of need is now.  Please continue to pray for these people that are enduring such terrible hardships!
Earlier this morning, Danny showed up at the hangar along with our dear friend, Doug Augustine.  Doug helped Air Mobile, just hours after we received word of the aircraft donation.  Doug drove our team to Arkansas to pick up aircraft parts.  Well, Doug is a "snow bird" from Wisconsin and spends his winters down here in Sunny Florida.  So glad he does.  Doug will be with us for a couple of months.  He and Danny began putting up the "loft" storage areas.  This will enable us to more fully utilize this hangar.
While Doug and Danny were working on the loft this morning, Paul and took Ti Burik up for a test flight to verify all temperatures are in range.  She sure do fly nicely.
Well, it's time for the memorial service for Kris.  Appreciate your prayers for his family.  God Bless.
Air Mobile Joe
November 19, 2010 Friday - 7:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Last week, while I was in Haiti, I felt the 4.4 earthquake.  By earthquake standards, and where I was, it was relatively small however.....many memories and emotions quickly returned.  I was in Petionville meeting with the Rural Head of the water department when the quake occured.  Down in Carrefour, closer to where the quake struck, thousands of Haitians ran in panic.  Their memories too, are very fresh and terrifying.

Yesterday, scientists released news that a new fault-line, called the Leogane Fault, will likely cause a massive quake in Haiti's future.  Many describe the situation as "time bomb" and "hair trigger".  These are frightening words for a country that is already going through unimaginable struggles.  Just another reason for us to pray for Haiti!

Violence is now gripping Port-Au-Prince.  Rioters are stoning vehicles, attacking UN Patrols, attacking Presidential motorcades and disrupting the flow of traffic, thus impeding the relief efforts to help the tens of thousands of cholera victims.  Elections are just 9 days away.  Apparently, one strategy among certain presidential contenders is to disrupt the country with violence.  Hard to figure out how this will help the situation.

The death-toll and number of new Cholera cases continue to rise.  But now, the relief workers have to contend with violences and road-blocks and the absence of vital supplies in the struggle to keep their fragile cholera patients alive.  Again, the situation is quite out of control and getting worse by the hour.  Not a very encouraging assessment, but an accurate one.  Oh, Lord, pleas help Haiti!

Yesterday, we began our "Post Mission Inspection" on Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  All is looking very good.  During the inspection time, had a steady stream of friends visiting at the hangar.  Good to see Cliff Skeete, my dear friend from Belize and Roland Silen from Sweden.  The Air Mobile Hangar is a popular "hang out" for friends to catch up and plan strategies.

Had the privilege to present the Voyager to group from NASA.  There has been interest in the Voyager by NASA for sometime.  Was able to discuss the remarkable portability and power of the Voyager as well as the ability we have developed to make the Voyager extremely sustainable by innovative repairs in the "field" to keep the unit running.

NASA loves environmental "recycling", so this message hit a chord with many in the audience.  At the end of the presentation, I pointed how the recent discovery of water on the moon would require a portable, powerful water purifier.  Interesting possibilities!

Today, with the help of Danny Jordan, we will be adding storage, shelf space to our hangar.  We'll also be joined by another fellow pilot, mechanic and friend, Steve.  Going to be a good day....getting ready for our next mission to Haiti.  Thanks again for your love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 18, 2010 Thursday - 7:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The death-toll in Haiti is steadily climbing - no sign of abatement.  Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has stated that the number of cases may be greatly underestimated.  Often the official government number matches the number of treated cases  by MSF.  Obviously, there are many clinics and facilities operated by other organizations.  Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that both the death-toll and number of cases is higher.  The truth is....the situation is very bad.  If the stated numbers remain, the trend is for the death toll to exceed 10,000 within 6 months and the number of cases to exceed 150,000.  

So many are at risk! And now, violent protests are hindering the entire relief operation and....elections in 10 days.  Folks, it's a mess.  Again, please cry out for the Lord to intervene and bring peace and healing to this troubled land.  Often, it is the young innocent ones that suffer the most.  Please pray for the thousands of relief workers that are working so hard to save lives, often putting themselves at extreme risk to do so.

Meanwhile, back at the hanger, I received a very encouraging phone call from Cindy Scarborough.  Cindy is married to Jason, whom I have known for over 20 years.  Jason came to volunteer for Air Mobile when he was only 18 years old.  Well, Cindy called to tell me that their children has taken it upon themselves to help Haiti.  They sold lemon-ade, coffee and cupcakes and raised some money for Haiti.  It was amazing how much they raised!  It was joy to receive the check. 

Then, we put them to work (actually, they insisted on helping).  My good friend and brother, Bill Dunklee was enroute with an extra fuselage.  He had bought it for parts (it had been damaged by hurricane).  Upon arrival, the kids helped us and had some fun also.  They had everything ready when the old fuselage arrived.

I must tell you, Bill has been incredible in helping us to keep our mission aircraft going.  From advice "around the clock" to finding very hard to secure parts, Bill is there for us.  To say nothing of the fact that Bill donated "Ti Burik" us to us to get Air Mobile back in the air.  Bill is also a "whiz" on communications and has brought me to whole new level with my I-Phone.  

It's folks like Bill and the Scarborough kids and hundreds of other around the country that helps Air Mobile to do what Air Mobile does.  

Finally, we got the old fuselage off the trailer and in the hanger giving us a lot of extra parts to keep "Ti Burik" flying.

After, securing the fuselage, Bill and I spent the next couple of hours going over Naviagation and communication aspects and excellent training.  

Also, at the hangar with us was Danny Jordan.  Danny took most of the shots, so you won't see him.  Danny is another great friend and "water mule" for Air Mobile.  I can call Danny day or night, and he's there for us.  Thanks Danny!

Well, today, we're doing our "Post Mission Inspection".  We do this after every flight.  The new engine is performing beautifully!  We're getting ready for our next flight to Haiti.  Later this afternoon, I will be presenting the Voyager to a group at NASA.  They have been following the "journey" of the Voyager and want to know more.  It should be fun.  Well, have to run.  God Bless and THANKS for praying for Haiti and for us. 

Air Mobile Joe

November 17, 2010 Wednesday - 7:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, 2 bodies were found in downtown Port-Au-Prince near the collapsed palace.  They were surrounded by their own waste - cause of death - cholera.  For 4 hours they just lie there, no one knew what to do.  Finally, they were removed.  Cholera is now in every section of Haiti.  There is tremendous anger and fear everywhere.  Meanwhile, people by the thousands are showing everyday with symptoms as did this woman in the wheelbarrow awaiting treatment in Port-Au-Prince.  As you read this, please, please take a moment and pray!

Health care workers all over the country are making a valiant effort to stave this terrible disease.  Many are exposed to terrible danger as they seek to help the suffering.  Doctors Without Borders are leading this fight.  We are doing all we can to help them in this battle.  Emergency Tent Hospitals are springing up all over the country.  The cases of infected victims is growing so fast.  Everyone that I have spoken with has the sense that whatever facility is put into place, it will be overwhelmed.  In all my years of doing this kind of work, never experienced anything like this.

I did not want to leave Haiti yesterday...but had already spent 3 days longer than planned. It was time to come back to the U.S. and get re-supplied and replinished.  Gave Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) a ride back to the states.  She is staying with my daughter, Cherie.  Upon arrival at the U.S, we met Cindy and kids for a nice seafood dinner.  It's kind of surreal.  Port-Au-Prince was "heating up" with violence as we were headed to the airport.  Our mission driver had just had two members of his family shot after just arrving at the airport from the U.S.  This is the reason, we don't openly broadcast our travel itenerary to and from the U.S. 

We have a lot of things to do.  Must get more Voyagers prepared for Haiti.  Now is the time to get these units out.  Must work on good follow up with representative from Doctors Without Borders, ACF, USAID and anyone else that will help us get clean water strategically placed to help save lives and slow down the spread of this dread disease.  Clean water does more to heal and stop this disease than anything else.  Of course, hygeine is essential also.  This photo of a little girl getting water by a syringe touched my heart.

Today, we will be receiving an extra fuselage for our mission aircraft (Ti Burik).  Bill Dunklee is donating this to help keep our bird flying.  We are gathering so many spare parts.  It is essential that we keep this bird in the air.  We'll also be doing our post mission inspection and getting her ready for the next mission.  Time is of the essence.  As always, thank you for your love and prayer and yes, please pray especially hard today for Haiti.

Air Mobile Joe

November 16, 2010 Tuesday - 4:57am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Haiti is facing it's most severe test. In my 32 years of working in this country, I have never seen such a "stack" of staggering challenges.  Earthquakes / hurricanes / flooding / deadly disease / political violence / etc., how one country can endure so much is almost beyond imagination.  Yet, many Haitians endure these hardships with resilience and courage.  I never cease to marvel.  It is the children and their plight that often brings me back to this country.

One of the most difficult tasks I personally face are the times I must leave Haiti to return to the U.S.  It seems I've never done enough, there is always so much to be done and our efforts so often seem so small in the face of the monumental needs.  Yet, coming and going is all part of the process.  There's a time to just "retreat and replenish".  It's still hard to do.

On Sunday evening, while returning from Gonaives, I received an e-mail on my AT&T phone from Andrew.  I did not know who Andrew was.  His question was how to reinstall the DC ballast on his Voyager.   My immediate response, bring the Voyager into our Refurb facility and allow me to just swap it out.  Via a series of text messages, a meeting time was established.  I did not even know what organization Andrew was with.  

Yesterday morning at 7:40am, we met.  I was pleased to learn that Andrew was with "Hands & Feet Project" founded by Mark Stuart of "Audio Adrenalin".  Air Mobile had donated a Voyager to Mark and his ministry immediately following the terrible earthquake.  Andrew was accompanied Bob Herdman, another member of the famous group and Executive Director of Hands & Feet Project.  So, within a few minutes, these guys were on their way with a refurbished Voyager and able to pump clean water in the face of the worst Cholera outbreak in Haiti in over 100 years.  The day was just beginning.

Next, we were on our way to the town of Leogane, just west of Port-Au-Prince (PAP).  We knew that Leogane had endured terrible flooding following Hurricane Tomas.  We wanted to check out the Cholera situation there and see how we could help. 

Our trek through PAP was grueling.  The road out of town was terrible and gridlock was everywhere.  There was a definite tension in the air.  Yesterday, violence broke out in Cap Haitian and Hinche between protesters and U.N. troops.  On our ride out town, U.N. troops were everywhere.  In addition to all of the natural disasters, Haiti has elections coming up in less than 2 weeks.  Elections in Haiti are ALWAYS a challenge.  These elections will likely be Haiti's most difficult.

Along the way, we stopped at the Sanitarium Hospital at Signeau (they treat TB and Cancer), just before Leogane.  Barbara remembered that we had placed a Voyager here several years ago.  My son Christian and daughter Cherie were with us when we placed the unit.  As we drove into the Hospital area, we could not recognize where we were due to the large number of building that had been destroyed by the earthquake.  It was eery.  The hospital is run by some of the most giving and caring Nuns we have ever encountered.  A number of them had been severely injured.  It was a sad moment of memory.

We found several Nuns that remembered us and we them.  Within a few minutes, they brought out the Voyager.  It had been damaged in the earthquake.  It took a huge shock.  Soon, we had it all back together.  By the way, the shock was so great, it broke the ceramic filter and completely dislodged the pump motor.  This was evidence of the violent shock of the January 12th killer quake.  The huge piles of rubble that once were havens of refuge and healing and love were further evidence of the immensity of the earthquake.

Now, came the big test.  Were the electronics damaged or the U.V. lamp?  With anticiapation, we pushed the switch and IT WORKED!  The Nuns were so happy.  Now, they don't have to buy Culligan water anymore!

I would like to tell you that earlier in the day, I had considered cancelling this trip to Leogane and just working in the Village.  Was just feeling down and kind of sad.  Well, I pushed through those sad emotions and launched out.  Well, seeing those happy Nuns made it all so worthwhile!  More clean water will flow in the precious Name of Jesus!

From the Signeau Hospital, we headed into Leogane.  Evidence of the earthquake was everywhere.  Nearly every building had been either destroyed or damaged.  Rubble and depbris was everywhere.  School was letting out and the streets were filled with thousands and thousands of students.  Traffic was crazy.  

Saw a van filled with American Missionaries.  Asked them where the Cholera Treatment Center was located operated by Doctors Without Borders.  Soon, we were in the compound.  The WASH Engineer (Water & Sanitation Hygeine), Gilbert,  was called in from a remote location.  We explained our commission from the Rural head of DINEPA (Haiti Water Department).  We wanted him to anayze if he thought the Voyager could be of benefit.  He saw how the unit could be of great benefit to the remote Cholera operations.  He asked of the possibility of getting 20 units. I asked him to write a request.   We left him with full data on the unit and headed back to the "Village".

The traffic was mind numbing, grueling, bouncing, dusty and tense.  We stopped by the airport and fueled our little mission aircraft, because you never know when we're going to fly her home.  Well, better get ready for another day and another adventure (or series of adventures).  God Bless and thanks for meandering with me through this wordy blog.  THANKS for your prayer and love!

Air Mobile Joe

November 15, 2010 Monday - 6:33am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile traveled back to Gonaives yesterday morning, a major Cholera Hot-spot.  In Gonavies, cemeteries are filling up so fast, the bodies are piling up awaiting burial.  We witnessed several casket laden vehicles rushing through the dusty, coastal town that has know so much suffering over the years.  In this photo, the 2 vehicles in front of us have caskets in them.

Though we traveled through Gonavies on a Sunday morning, life appeared to be going on as usual.  Many were exiting churches as we drove through the city.  For many, this cholera outbreak is just one more "mountain" to climb.  However, this entire generation has never experienced cholera, so the bacteria can travel very rapidly through the population.  Again, we just pray for mercy and good hygeine and education to help stop this monster from ravaging the country.  

We proceeded back to Providence Hospital, where all reported cholera cases are being directed.  The tents that we had seen the day before were steadily filling up with new cases.  The overall "official" death-toll as of yesterday is 917.  The reported number of cases is now, 14,623 up 2300 since Friday.  All officials are alarmed at the rapid and steady increase in cases no sign of abating.  Cholera is now in 6 of Haiti's 10 provinces.  It is simply "out of control"!

Upon arrival, we quickly found the ACF WASH (Water & Sanitation Hygeine) Rep and went right to work training him on the Voyager operation.  The Doctors Without Borders WASH Director whom we had met with yesterday was very glad to see us make the connection.  Her hands are currently very full establishing this new Tent Hospital operation behind the old hospital.  

Barbara is the best Voyager trainer in the world.  She took over the operation of training.  At the end of the intensive and thorough session, I drank the water out of bucket of unkown water less than 30 feet from overflowing latrines from cholera patients.  After I drank the water, the ACF Rep insisted too on drinking the Voyager water.  Nearly 24 hours later, no signs of Cholera.  Thank the Lord and good technology!

Then came the moment we've been waiting for - The presentation of the Vortex Voyager to ACF for extensive testing and analysis.  We have wanted to do this for some time.  During the presentation, I was able express my deepest thanks and respect and appreciation for the remarkable work of ACF in the tent cities.  I have worked beside them since the earthquake and the quality and depth of their work is remarkable.

The trip to and from Gonaives still is amazing. The roads are so good.  We have experienced such bad roads in Haiti over the years, again, this is such a blessing!  We did have a very sad incident occur while driving through St. Marc.  I could not get my camera out in time to "capture" it.  Could have gone back and tried to capture it, but elected not to.  The image is clearly in my mind.  

While driving down the main road of St. Marc, we were approached by a small motorcylce.  St. Marc has literally hundreds if not thousands of small motorcycles that are used for taxis.  This motorcycle however, immediately captured my attention.  Behind the driver was a passenger carrying a small, blue casket on his head.  The casket was small, less than 4 feet wide.  The color indicated that the occupant was a little boy.  After it passed, a wave of sadness followed that brought tears.  No, I would not chase it down to photo it.  Would just keep the image in my mind.  This Cholera outbreak is just terrible and getting worse by the hour.  Haiti needs a miracle, or a bunch of miracles.

Today, in just a few minutes, will be meeting with a Voyager operator who needs a refurbished unit.  Will gladly accomodate.  This is such a precious aspect of what we do - keep the clean water flowing - keep life flowing and fight dread disease with clean water.  Such a simple, but powerful thing to do.  We praise God for the honor and privilege to be able to do this.

We'll be heading into another region today where terrible flooding occured.  We have not heard the statisitcs of Cholera in this region, but that is the reason we are penetrating deeper into the region.  Will report either this evening or tomorrow morning.  Must get ready for the day.  God Bless and THANKS as always for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 14, 2010 Sunday - 8:22am (Haiti Time) - Montrouis, Haiti (Moulin Sur Mer) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We departed for Gonaives yesterday morning (after getting a new tire, our spare had been stolen).  We have traversed the road to Gonaives many times over these last 32 years, often following floods, hurricanes, war.  The road has many memories...not good.  It has been one of the worst roads in all of Haiti, filled with more pot holes than one can imagine, continual banging and destroying the suspension of the most robust vehicle and at times, the road completely under water.  So many memories.  But this time.....

The road to Gonaives is surreal, it is so good.  This is truly one of the bright spots in Haiti.  We "flew" to Gonaives in record time.  We made several critical stops enroute.  The first at Caanan II.  When we first began working in Caanan II, THEY HAD NO WATER, ABSOLUTELY NO WATER.  Over 5000 people on the side of a dusty, dry mountainside...all thirsty.  Today, we went with unbelievable joy to see the new "source" or well found on a hillside adjoining Caanan II.  This is a miracle.  

We had prayed many times Matthew 7:7 - "Ask and you shall receive, SEEK and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened".  Many times we had prayed to find water in Caanan II and now it has been found!  Very fine organizations, such as ACF had been providing water in large bladders and now into a small water tank, but having a local source of water makes Caanan II more sustainable and self supporting.

From there we made a quick stop at another orphanage operating by Tom Schmidt. Tom and his wife Ginger have a beautiful compound right by the ocean.  They need more kids.  Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) rejoiced at that news and simply said, "Tom, we can take care of that".  

Next kilometer after kilometer of smooth road, we arrived at the area that we had named "Sweaty Palm Pass".  This is a 1.8 mile section of road that had been completely underwater.  The passing was treacherous. We have crossed it many times.  One small mistake would completely submerge your vehicle.  Yesterday, we passed on an elevated road completely dry.  

At the end of "Sweaty Palm Pass" is the small airstrip installed by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  We inspected the field to send back a report to MAF.  Some of the strip is under water, but it is still useable.  From there, it was to Pastor Michel Morisette, a dear friend of over 25 years.  Our inquiry - "where is the outbreak, hotspot of cholera".  Without hesitation Pastor Michel said, "The Providence Hospital as you are leaving Gonaives for Cap Haitian".  

We departed for there.  Upon arrival, Doctors Without Borders had set up an emergency treatment center.  Extremely well organized.  Taped off routing into the tent areas all filled with cholera victims.  We did not get an exact number, but we estimate it at 180 -200 patients.  Before entering certain areas, it was mandated that our feet be sanitized and our hands.  We entered into the Cholera Zone.  

We quickly met the WASH (Water and Sanitation Health) Director.  We explained our commission from the Rural Director of DINEPA (the Haiti Water Department).  We demonstrated the Voyager.  The director asked me for a little time for consideration of the Voyager.  

We departed for Montrouis, where there is a wonderful hotel on the ocean, the Moulin Sur Mer.  Had a great dinner and awaited the phone call.  Oh, by the way, there is a great Internet connenction and yes... I was able to monitor the LSU game (they won).  About 10:30pm, the phone rang.  The WASH Director explained that with the new set up, her hands were very full but.....she wanted to know if ACF (the wonderful French organization we have worked beside in Caanan  II) could use the unit.  My immediate answer, YES!  We have been wanting to demonstrate the Voyager to ACF for some time.  Now, the opportunity had arisen.  Our Lord does all things well!

Today, it is back to Gonaives and meeting with ACF.  We are so excited about this opportunity.  It's getting time to depart.  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 13, 2010 Saturday - 6:24am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe 

Health workers alarmed over  

trend in Haiti's cholera outbreak

(CNN) -- Medical workers expressed alarm Friday over the increase in hospitalizations and deaths in Haiti's cholera outbreak as the earthquake-devastated nation's already strained health system overflowed with the sick.
On the outskirts of the capital city of Port-au-Prince in the slum of Cite Soleil, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) saw 216 cases of cholera at Choscal Hospital on Thursday. Five days ago, that number was only 30.
"The trend is extremely, extremely alarming," he said. "We have not reached a peak yet, but it could arrive next week."

This portion of the CNN news cast captures the situation developing here in Haiti.  The slum of Cite Soleil is less than 5 miles from Ruuska Village.  The chart indicated the ALARMING TREND. We are doing all we can to protect our "residents" and our neighbors, including the 2 tent cities that we are working with.  Actually, they are between Ruuska Village and Cite Soleil.  In other words, the Cholera Outbreak is right in our midst.  It did not take it long to get here.

Yesterday, I headed into town on the mission motorcycle.  Went straight to DINEPA - this is a new organization created to replace the water sanitation department for Haiti.  Had an extensive meeting with the director of the Rural Sector.  The determination at the end of our meeting, "Place a Voyager in an extreme hotspot and track the performance".  Today, we are heading to the area of the most dramatic rise in deaths.  We will not disclose that exact location, but we are headed out soon and will likely overnight.  

There is a possibility that we will not be able to "blog" our report until tomorrow evening, but check in tomorrow morning anyway.  We may find a "connection".  We have been very fortunate and blessed to have "blogged" every single day since the earthquake.  This is nothing short of a miracle, because we've been in some pretty remote and isolated locations.  I never cease to marvel at the hand of the Lord!

Well, we need to pack up and head out.  Really, really appreciate your prayers for our protection and our direction!  By the way, I had asked you to pray yesterday for direction, and our Lord certainly directed our path in regard to getting Voyagers into the spots most needed.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe  


November 12, 2010 Friday - 6:12am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe 


Health care and relief workers are scrambling to keep up with the cholera cases that are effecting hundreds of communities.  In many communities, there are no hospital beds left and sick remain outside on the road as demonstrated by this photo taken in Cite Soleil, a huge slum adjoining Port-Au-Prince.

Yesterday, I had to make a quick run to the Port-Au-Prince (PAP) airport.  The traffic was terrible.  There is "gridlock" in most areas.  Tempers are flaring, patience is short.  During my run, our route was blocked 2 times by "manifestations".  Not sure if they were political, as the elections are just over 2 weeks away or related to the cholera outbreak.

We've put word out to a number of  the relief agencies regarding the availability of the Voyagers, but have yet to hear back.  It seems everyone is just trying to keep up with the situation as it roars through this ravaged country.  It's difficult and dangerous to get out and go to the suffering communities.  

So, yesterday, I spent the day preparing Voyagers.  We had a number of units that had been brought into our refurb facility.  We have over 280 units in operation throughout the country.  

During these "refurb" times, it has been a particular joy to me to discover new ways to keep the Voyagers pumping clean water.  We've been able to develop some very "creative" repairs that allow operators world-wide to repair items that would normally, simply be replaced.  Often, in remote areas this is not an option.

We also added 3 new locks on the tool depot / Voyager Repair depot following the attempted theft on Wednesday night.  By the way, all was very quiet and peaceful in the "Village" last night.  Thank you for your prayers!

Today is going to be a challenge.  We are very eager to get more Voyagers out and pumping clean water.  We simply need His direction as to how to do that.  We will also be continuing to refurb Voyagers.  Well, the sun is up and it's a new day.  Thanks as always for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 11, 2010 Thursday - 7:42am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe  (Note - read on down for the update at (9:23am)


At 1:30am I was awakened to yelling and banging on the gate.  A group of thieves had entered into our "Village" and were in the process of removing generators, batteries, tools, documents when the police finally arrived.  For you see, the theft operation had been going on for some time.  The ladies in our village heard the thieves, but were afraid and were cowering in their homes trying desperately to phone us on their cell phones.  Yes, nearly everyone in Haiti has a cell phone now.  They finally made connection and the police were called.

Once the Haitian police came through the gate, the thieves were long gone.  Left in their trail were generators, batteries, tools, documents etc.  They got away with very little, thank the Lord!  This act demonstrates the fear and desperation all throughout Haiti.  Voyager documents were strewn throughout the bushes behind the village.  We recovered them all.      

Meanwhile, the death toll rises (724), the number of infections rise (over 11,000).  Officials state that if this trend continues, health workers will soon be completely overwhelmed.  

Yesterday was a very good day regarding making connections for water purifier deployments.  I was able to visit our principal two tent cities and give added instructions on the extreme necessity of cleaning the bucket before putting in purified water.  Even though the water may be very pure, if the bucket is not clean, neither will the water be clean.  A simple truth.  

One of the leaders that we have been working very closely with since the earthquake is Pastor Volny (in the photo with me).  He has been an exemplary leader.  He has been there for the people, both in a spiritual sense and in the relief sense. When we first arrived in Caanan II, the tent city, it was scheduled for destruction.  The bull-dozers were standing by.  We were told not to help in any way or we would face a law suit or even go to jail.  Caanan II had NO WATER and many were thirsty and suffering terribly.  We gave Pastor Volny a Voyager and determined that we would help them regardless of the consequences.

Yesterday, we also met with representatives of ACF, a FANTASTIC French Relief organization.  ACF is responsible for water / sanitation and medical care in this community.  Air Mobile has worked with many organizations over the years.  ACF is one of the best.  They have done so much for Caanan II.

Now, Caanan II is a thriving community with a reliable water system, latrines, medical facilities (a series of well equipped tents) and more.  The Lord has truly blessed this community, though there are still staggering challenges facing them.  I must cut this blog short as the police have just arrived and we must give them a full report.  Will write more later.  PLEASE pray for us.

UPDATE - UPDATE 9:24am Haiti Time

The police returned and we gave a full report.  Actually, they were very good.  They know who Barbara is and they have a very high respect for her.  I was able to tell them a bit about the work we do all over Haiti bringing in clean water.  The police demonstrated a solid determination to capture the thieves and protect our village. Praise God!

I had to be very careful about taking photos but managed to snap off this one of the police vehicle in our village.

After explaining this theft and actually telling about 2 other recent thefts, the police chief listened carefully.  He asked some key questions and actually took several of the workers who have been doing construction in our village to the police HQ for further questioning.  There was significant evidence left regarding the theft. We pray for the thieves and pray for repentance and pray for justice mixed with God's mercy.  Haitian justice can be brutal.  In this photo, the police are taking the suspects away.  Again, it was very tricky getting this photo, but you get the idea.

It looks like I'll be hanging around the "Village" today.  In the middle of all of this activity, representative from Calvary Chapel (Haiti) showed up with a Voyager that was not functioning properly.  We immediately gave them a replacement unit.  

After the police left with the suspects, took a few minutes and gave some additional training to the Calvery reps.  They were eager to learn more about the function and maintenance of the Voyager.

There is something else I would like to share with you this morning.  At 4:15am this morning, a dear friend fellow church member, Kris Kidd went on to be with the Lord.  Kris worked out at Kennedy Space Center for nearly 30 years.  Kris had a sudden and rapid medical condition that took his life in a matter of weeks.  On Monday, just before I departed for Haiti (on Tuesday), I checked to see where Kris was, as we had just found out about his serious condition.  I tried so hard to get away to see him, but ended up being at the hangar until 10:00pm and just ran out of time.  I'm so sorry for his family and regret that I did not see him before he went home to be with Jesus.  We're going to miss you Kris.

Having said all of that, it's only 9:39am and the day is far from over.  God Bless and thanks you for your prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe


November 10, 2010 Wednesday - 7:43am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

"The epidemic of cholera, a highly contagious disease, is no longer a simple emergency, it's now a matter of national security," Haitian Health Minister

As you can see from the Headline, Cholera has not only reached Port-Au-Prince, but has become a major storm, another staggering challenge for Haiti!  

Early, yesterday morning I piloted Ti Burik (our mission aircraft) to Haiti carrying vital supplies, Voyagers and components for these life-saving water purifiers.  After finding and repairing a mysterious avionics problem on Monday and packing as much stuff in the little plane as we could (Danny did a great job of loading), I opted to fly to Haiti alone this time.  By the way, it was a beautiful, fast flight.

As soon as I landed, Barb was already at the airport.  We headed to the Hospital Adventist to deliver some requested supplies.  As we drove through Port-Au-Prince, tension was everywhere.  There was a "manifestation" (somewhat controlled riot) in Cite Soleil, Port-Au-Princes's most populous slum.  Slowly, we worked our way back to the "Village".  The generator is back "on-line", thank God.  

We then headed up north toward where the dreaded Cholera first broke out.  We stopped by the 2 Tent cities that we have been working with.  We saw limited damage from Hurricane Tomas.  Thank the Lord!  When we pulled into each place, we were surrounded by the rejoicing residents.  We all knew that they had "dodged" a huge bullet.  The Hurricane simply "glanced" Haiti.  Now, they are all facing the invisible storm of Cholera.  From the tent cities, we then delivered supplies to Samaritan's Purse.

As we drove the main highway, there was no evidence of additional security stops to check for the disease.  Trucks and busses traversed the main artery with no restrictions.  Anyone on-board could be carrying Cholera.  The death toll is now over 600 "reported" deaths.  No one really knows how many have died.  Over 9100 are now ill with the disease.  These numbers are "guesses" at best.

Port-Au-Prince is a huge slum with few if any controls anywhere.  Folks, this situation is very bad.  Many, many times, I ask you to pray.  Well, here we are again, needing prayer as never before.  Has Cholera reached Ruuska Village?  In a sense, yes.  Yesterday afternoon, we had a woman come to our village claiming that her husband was ill, "in quarantine", and she needed money for medications.  We are not sure if she was telling the truth.  Barb gave her enough money to buy adequate medication.

Last night, we heard multiple gunshots in our area.  There is a definite sense of "foreboding" in the air.  Many just don't know what is happening or what is going to happen.  The main thing we are focusing on is identifying the areas where we can bring in clean water to help "treat" and prevent the spread of the disease.  Because of the simplicity and portability of the Voyager, we can get clean water into "hotspots" very quickly.  We are really praying for our "strategic deployment".

Today, I will be out on the motorcycle re-visiting tent cities getting more details on reported cases.  Will also be refurbishing the Voyagers brought into our repair center.  As alway, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

November 9, 2010 Tuesday - 3:37am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Over 120 cases are being investigated in the Capital City of Haiti!  The death toll is now near 550.  The situation can rapidly accelerate.  PLEASE PRAY!  Clean water strategically placed is paramount to stopping this disease.

Yesterday, we "tweaked" our radios and Ti Burik is "ready to go"!  Not only that, it's a beautiful day to fly.  My good friend, Ken Baker and I flew from the Avionics shop in Orlando to Apopka and met with Bob (Kids Against Hunger) for another load of food for Haiti.  Always good to see Bob.

We have been securing supplies for Haiti.  Have gotten word from the "Village", the generator is not working.  This makes things very difficult i.e. communications and just living in general.  We hope to get more info on that situation and will relay it on.  

Well, better head to the airport and "get to to work".  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 8, 2010 Monday - 7:08am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Following the near miss of  "direct hit" with Hurricane Tomas, Haiti now is cleaning up and there is another "Storm" to deal with....Cholera.  This dreadful disease can spread rapidly and kill quickly through contaminated water.  Haiti has plenty of flood water in the coastal regions and a lot of mess to clean up.  Health care officials are very nervous about the possibility of a major outbreak.

Yesterday, we were able to replace the cowl flap motor and it works beautifully.  Paul did a superb job of getting our bird back airworthy.  Also, had  wonderful service at the hospital.  We have a strong group of young people that attend each Sunday and they know how to pray!  We urged them to remember Haiti in their prayers.

Today, will be flying Ti Burik over to Orlando to get some radio work done.  Also will be checking out an aircraft that may be donated to Air Mobile.  This is a long shot but....with our Lord, all things are possible.

We are looking to depart for Haiti very soon and still lack funding for Voyagers and fuel.  Please consider helping us, or if you can't help us directly, perhaps you could call a friend.  Air Mobile will take the funds and put it right, directly into hungry and thirsty people.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 7, 2010 Sunday - 8:13am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Miraculously....Haiti survives another huge blow by a last minute "deflection".  Hurricane Tomas wobbled to the west just south of Haiti and slipped between Cuba and Haiti.  Hundreds of thousands were spared destruction and potential death.  Praise the Lord!

However, a lot of flooding did occur.  The 2 Week old Cholera outbreak is a "water- borne" disease and lots of water means the the spread of the disease.  The death toll this morning is 501 and over 7000 infected cases.  These numbers are expected to rise.  

Cholera is easily treated with immediate "rehydration" - clean drinking water.  This is where we hope to be able to get in and help areas that lack clean water.  We were so blessed to be able to get a Voyager into the hands of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) last week (just prior to Hurricane Tomas hitting Haiti).  

Our plans are to return ASAP and bring in more Voyagers and components to keep as many Voyagers in operation in Haiti to keep clean water flowing.  This simple act WILL SAVE LIVES!

Please pray about helping us again.  We need immediate funding for Voyagers / Components and Aviation fuel to make our next flight.  In the upper left hand of this "Blog" is a "DONATE" BUTTON.  Please consider helping us to help these precious people in their hour of need and extreme vulnerability.

Today, Sunday, while Cindy and the kids are in church, I will be at the hangar working with Paul, our mechanic on Ti Burik (our mission aircraft).  We will be installing the replacement cowl flap motor that our dear friend, Ed, donated to Air Mobile.  By the way, the refurbished price for this little motor is a whopping $1400!  Ed's price to us - FREE!  Air Mobile dodged a financial bullet there!  

After we get the "cowl flaps flapping" on Ti Burik, I'll head to Orlando to meet Cindy and the kids at the Hospital where we are chaplains.  Today is my day to deliver the message.  As always, thanks for your prayers and love and support. 

Air Mobile Joe

PS - WOW, what a football game yesterday.  LSU won!!  Joe 

November 6, 2010 Saturday - 9:04am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Tomas worked it's way between Cuba and Haiti and gave many glancing blows along the way.  We have reports of major flooding in coastal cities.  Reports are yet to come from many rural locations.  At this point, the death toll is 6 people.  This, is a miracle (though we are deeply sorry for the loss of these lives). It could have been so much worse!  For that we are so thankful!

So many tent cities have been effected and damaged and there is flooding everywhere, however, the resilient Haitian people will bravely march on, dry out their stuff and just keep on keeping on.  This is the remarkable thing about Haitians.  We've seen it again and again!

Please remember to pray that our Lord holds back the spread of Cholera!  This is a major concern among healthcare workers.  The rapid movement of people along with the flooding can cause the dreadful disease to spread.  PLEASE PRAY!

During our inspection on Ti Burik (our mission airplane) yesterday, we found a malfunctioning "cowl flap motor".  After a few calls, we've located a replacement motor (thanks Ed!!).  We'll be working on the aircraft this weekend.  We'll get back to Haiti ASAP.  One of our wonderful suppliers that makes our major circuit board for the Vortex Voyager was up until 2:00am this morning preparing components to keep Voyagers working in Haiti.  We're gathering as many supplies as we can for our next mission.

In the middle of all this activity, my son Peter and I will slip away this afternoon to see a real "slugfest" between LSU and Alabama.  Should be a good game....two very good teams playing.  Well, better run for the day.  God Bless and THANK YOU - THANK YOU for praying for Haiti.  Our Lord truly heard our prayers and spared thousands of lives!!  

Air Mobile Joe

November 5, 2010 Friday - 7:39am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Tomas has strengthened to a Catagory 1 Hurricane several hours ago.  Winds are currently 85mph (stronger than anticipated) - the Hurricane is aiming between Cuba and Haiti.  The storm is big and as a result is dumping rain and whipping winds affecting millions in Haiti....many living in very flimsy structures.  

Many are refusing to leave because for many, they don't want to lose the little that they have yet.....they could die by staying.  The situation is tragic and unfolding as I write.  Our hearts breaks - Please pray!

On Tuesday, the day before Danny and I left Haiti, we stopped by the 2 Tent-Cities that we have been working with since the earthquake.  My simple counsel - "Take down your tent, wrap the tarp/plastic around the tent poles, tie them very tight and then stake it to the ground".  This protects the little structure and establishes your little piece of ground.  I pray that they do this.  The most important thing is for them to get out and go find protection.

For the last 6 months, we have been working on gaining permission from the owners of a large, empty hospital with over 200,000 square feet to allow the facility to be used as a Hurricane Evacuation Center.  On our last mission, we discovered that the owners had come to an agreement with the Haitian Government to establish a hospital again.  The owner stated that he did not have the authority to grant the permission.  

Our hope and prayer is that somehow, someone will find it in their hearts to allow thousands of Haitians to find refuge in this beautiful facility.  The last thing I did before leaving Caanan II was speak with the Police Commander, located directly next to Caanan II, and explain the whole situation to him.  I asked him to help lead the residents of Caanan II to safety and I pray they just go to the hospital.  I say all of this today that you may pray with us that the folks in that region flee to safety!  As you can see from the Satellite image, Hurricane Tomas and it's many bands of wind / rain will dramatically effect Haiti.

Meanwhile, we sit here in American, safe and dry.  The only thing we can do is prepare for our next trip back to Haiti and of course, PRAY!  Today, we will be doing an extensive post flight inspection on "Ti Burik" (our mission aircraft) and prepare for our next flight in.  We will be tracking Hurricane Tomas and we hope to slip back to Haiti as soon as the storm passes.  We do  not have the funding or even the supplies yet, but we pray that we will by departure time.  Many, many will have suffered great loss and even death when we return.

This storm and all of this movement will likely increase the Cholera Crisis.  Folks, this is a very, very dark hour for Haiti.  We just ask you to pray and ask our Lord what He would have you to do to help.  THANK YOU for all that you have done in the past.  You are not reading this little blog by accident.  I believe that our Lord has directed you to it.  Consider helping in any way you can.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 4, 2010 Thursday - 7:29am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


First of all, we flew back to the US yesterday.  It was time to get "Ti Burik" away from the storm.  Little airplanes and bad storms don't go well together.  As you can see from the projection, Tomas is wobbling.  We have seen this so many times.  That's what makes hurricanes / tropical storms so hard to predict.  We are thanking the Lord that for the moment, Tomas is "wobbling" away from Haiti and just may go between Haiti and Cuba into the open ocean.  That would be good!  We continue to PRAY!

We had an excellent flight home.  Thank you all again for praying for me.  Whatever dreadful illness I had, QUICKLY passed.  Still a bit weak, but made the flight home with no problem.  Danny Jordan was a superb "water mule" and help on this mission.  

By the way, as you can see from this Satellite depiction taken this morning, it was a good thing that we got out when we did as the weather is really beginning to deteriorate both south of Haiti as well as along our route.  Timing is everything!

The death toll is rapidly rising from Cholera - Currently 442 - Infected cases over 6800.  Should Tomas even "graze" Haiti, there will be major flooding. This will cause the Cholera to spread even more rapidly.  

After Tomas passes, we will endeavor to get back into Haiti and see what we can do.  For today, I am glad to be home.  Have a lot of stuff going on.  Will try to report later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I just had to show you this shot of the "Airport Personnel" at Port-Au-Prince.  They really love "Ti Burik" and are so blessed that they named her!  Joe 

November 3, 2010 Wednesday - 5:47am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


First of all, THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ME!!  I am feeling much better now!

The major forecasts are holding steady regarding Tropical Storm (soon to be Hurricane Tomas) and Haiti.  Tomas is coming to Haiti!  We pray for our Lord to hold Tomas back or turn Tomas to the ocean away from people!  In the meantime, Haitians are bracing for the storm.  For many, there is little they can do to prepare, i.e. extra food and water because, the day barely has enough to mere survival with or without a killer storm..

There has been some talk about evacuating one of the major tent cities, but I do not know which one it will be.  Yesterday, Danny and I worked feverishly getting Voyagers ready for Emergency Deployment.  We were blessed to get 10 Voyagers into tip top condition.  

Next, I departed on the mission motorcycle and dashed to the airport to fuel "Ti Burik" (our mission plane).  Discussed the need to evacuate aircraft out prior to the Hurricane.  We need to be ready to depart on very quick notice.  I praise God that there is adequate aviation fuel.

After taking care of the mission aircraft, it was back to Caanan II, our "adopted" tent city.  Had major discussions with the leaders regarding the in-coming hurricane.  I explained that it was likely to come, though we all prayed for our Lord to turn it away.

We discussed the means of evacuation.  First of all, TAKE DOWN THE TENT!  Wrap the tarps / plastic around the tent poles and tightly wrap with the rope then...stake it to the ground very securely.  In that way, after the Hurricane, one will have something to come back to.  

Then, we discussed location.  Yesterday,  I spoke with the owner of the large hosptial to gain final permission for the tent city dwellers to be able to flee to his buidlings.  Well, the news is, 2 weeks ago, an agreement was reached between his board and the Haitian Government for the Hospital.  It was no longer in his hands.  Yesterday was a holiday and I could not reach anyone. So.....

I went to the National Police Station next door to the Tent City and spoke with Officcer Vital.  I explained the situation in great detail to him and simply asked him to help facilitate a place for these folks to flee to when the storm comes.  We now, have to leave this in the Lord's hands.  Please pray that when the hour to flee comes, these precious folks with be directed by the Lord!

We then went to the Michelle Bennet Duvalier Hosptial Tent City and gave the same message and prayer to the residents there.  We just put them all in our Lord's hands!

I then headed back to the Village where Danny and I did final clean up in the Voyager repair area.  Had a quick lunch then Danny and I crawled back on the little mission motorcycle and headed to the town of Caberet.  Cholera has been reported in this town.  There is the large Baptist Orphange there and they have 2 Voyagers.  Our mission was to check the salinity in their water and replace a circuit board on one of the units.  

We got all the units up and going and good news, the water tested just great (not too much salt).  We pray for these brave missionaries Mike and Bonnie Snider.  Between the school and orphanage, these folks minister to hundreds of children impacting thousands of lives for our Lord.  

Well, today is a good day to watch this storm and figure out the best time to get the aircraft out of harms way.  Will write more later.  God Bless and THANK YOU again for your prayers for my headling.  They worked!  

Air Mobile Joe
November 2, 2010 Tuesday - 7:38am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As we watch the movements of Tropical Storm Tomas (soon to grow into Hurricane Tomas), it appears that Haiti is definitely going to get hit.  The eye of the storm is projected to come on shore at or around Les Cayes, where John Vrooman is from.  

Once on shore, the island is very thin at that point and the storm will quickly pass into the Bay of Gonave.  This gives the storm open access to Port-Au-Prince.  This is where over 1,000,000 people are living out doors under sticks and plastic.  This is the area of greatest vulnerability!  This is the reason we urge you to pray!!

Oh, by the way, THANK YOU all for praying for me yesterday.  Our Lord has answered our prayers.  Still weak, but the main symptoms (diarhea & nausea) have come under control.  During my time of recovery yesterday, Danny remanufactured Voyagers.  I slept.  Just what the Doctor ordered.

Today, our Doctor has already been  to our village to check a number of children and me.  Our Doctor knows these types of illnesses extremely well.  After a thorough examination....the disease has passed!  Will continue on the Cipro for 3 more days and keep plenty of rehydration solution close by.  Wow, what an answer to prayer.  Thank you - thank you for praying!!  

We'll also head into several Tent Cities and urge them to monitor the storm very closely.  Should the movement continue to come our way, our advice is to "take down" the tent - roll it tight around the tent poles - stake is firmly to the ground.  In that way, the dweller "stakes" claim to their borrowed property and has something to come back to.  

I hope to be able to contact the owners of the large empty hospital (formerly Michelle Bennet Duvalier Hospital) and request permission for the local tent dwellers to flee to the facility and ride out the storm.  Please pray I make contact with them today.

We also hope to get out to the Baptist Orphanage north of here (between St. Marc and Port-Au-Prince) and check their water supply / their Voyagers and drop off some extra components.  As the Cholera moves toward P-A-P, it will pass right through their region.  We want them to fully prepared to give a lot of clean water out.  

Well, we have a full day planned.  Please remember us in your prayer.  THANK YOU again for praying for me yesterday.  Our Lord truly moved in my behalf.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 1, 2010 Monday - 7:09am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It's difficult for many Haitians to "prepare" or "batten down the hatches" for Tomas.  For many, just getting through this day is about all the strength one has.  My heart goes out to so the hundreds of thousands, even into the millions that simply "brace" for the next blow!

Just take a look at the "Projected" path of what is now Tropical Storm Tomas.  Notice that as it  makes that hard right turn and approaches Haiti, it is forecast to gain strength and become a Hurricane again!.  Well, this is the reason we pray.  This Hurricane Season has seen many storms (we are on the "T's") and yet, Haiti has dodged bullet after bullet.  For that, we humbly give thanks to the Lord!

Yesterday was very productive.  We got John Vrooman, our Computer / Internet Guru to the airport in time to fly back to Les Cayes to be with his family and...prepare for the untimely arrival of Tomas.  The projection has the storm heading straight to John's town of Les Cayes.  Again, we pray!

Then Danny and I hit the Voyager repair facility with a vengence.  We got the "assembly line" for repair all up and going.  We spent quality time calculating means of testing and refurbishing the actual pump motor on the unit.  The things we learn, we are able to pass on to operators world-wide.  These valuable techniques help the Voyagers to run longer and keep producing clean water....long beyond their original "life-span".  This is good stewardship and does indeed save lives.

Then we went about refurbishing Voyagers.  The first unit that we worked on was a unit that I have dubbed "Old Number One".  The reason; the chassis design was from the first production run, so I know that this unit has been in Haiti since October of 2004!  Over 6 years.  We lovingly tested and replaced components and the old unit came back to life like a new one!  This is such a good, reliable design.  We just praise the Lord for inspiring Rolf Engelhard to design the Vortex Module and working so closely with us to develop such a simple, powerful, reliable water purifier.  Rolf, if you read this blog, THANK YOU!!

Now, I'd like to give you something to think about.  Do you recall how I have made the statement that "The Cholera Epidemic is coming under control" is an INSANE statement?  Well here is the reason I say that.  On Saturday, Danny and I drove to St. Marc (the location of the Cholera Outbreak) to deliver a Voyager to Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  During the 2.5 hour drive, we saw hundreds of busses / trucks jammed tight with people.  We saw a few Police Checkpoints that were in position before the "Cholera Outbreak".  Nothing unusual going on. No controls, no checks. 

Now, let us take an example of someone on the bus, or being in a private vehicle such as ours, begins to have Cholera type symptoms.  What would they do?  Where would they go?  Were there points along the road where someone could go for treatment?  If they did so, what would happen to them once they were diagnosed.  Well, first of all, there was no "control" whatsoever on the movement of people.  I just witnessed that first-hand.  

Next, what would someone do, if they had symptoms?  They would likely proceed to their home / family and not let anyone know what they were going through.  Their main goal would be to get to a comfortable place and ride the sickness out.  Folks, this is how the disease is spread.  

Now, get this.  Over the last 24 hours, I have been rather ill.  The Village immediately wrapped their arms around me, prayed for me, gave me Cipro (very powerful anti-biotic) and have made me as comfortable as they can. Last night was hard.  Up most of the night with "cholera type" symptoms.  It may or may not be cholera, but we aren't taking any chances.  Well, just thought I'd share a little personal insight and a serious prayer request with you.

Today, not getting too far from the "facilities", we'll remanufacture more Voyagers.  We may even get out and help some of the folks between the "Outbreak Zone", St. Marc and P-A-P.  We're praying for the PRAYER & THE CIPRO to kick in and bring down these symptoms.  Kind of reminds me of the old World War II saying - "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 31, 2010 Sunday - 6:50am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Tomas is barreling through the Caribbean and projected to pass very close if not directly to Haiti.  We watch and above all PRAY!  When we returned to Ruuska Village yesterday evening from St. Marc to the news of the growth and direction of Hurricane Tomas, it was as if "the wind in my sails" just spilled out.  Here we go again.

Almost every projecction has Hurricane Tomas tracking west, northwest toward Haiti and then...upon reaching just south of Hispaniola, it turns almost due north striking the western tip of Haiti.  We pray that the projections are wrong!

Early yesterday morning, I drove to the airport and picked up my dear friend of many years, John Vrooman.  John is one of the most knowledgeable, skilled Communication / IT engineers in Haiti.  John came to Ruuska to re-arrange and install a new Internet Network (Praise God!!). 

As John began "re-wiring" our network, Danny and I loaded Voyagers / supplies / Cipro / etc. and headed to St. Marc. 

 On our way out of town, we stopped by Caanan II (our favorite tent-city) and requested prayer as we headed into the region where the Cholera Epidemic broke out.  We were encouraged and strengthened by their prayer.  These folks know a thing or two about working through hard times!  By the way, the gentleman standing to my right is Daniel.  Some of you may recall Daniel.  5 months ago, Daniel was dying from Congestive heart failure. With love and good medication and regular food, Daniel can almost play soccer with the kids.  Daniel is a miracle!

As Danny and I proceeded to St. Marc we did not detect any unusual movements of people or any panic.  Things seemed quite normal.  Upon arrival in St. Marc, we drove all the way through town.  Again, things seemed quite normal.  We were on a mission to find Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  Things had obviously calmed down since the early days of the Cholera Outbreak.  Soon we found the YWAM compound (just like an Oasis in the desert).  

Within minutes, we were training the director, Terry Snow on the operation of the Voyager. While we were doing this, a medical team showed up looking for a place to stay.  Soon, they were drawn into the beauty, simplicity and power of the Voyager.  One of the medical personnel, after hearing the capabilities of the Voyager simply said "PERFECTION".  He was impressed with the Voyager, so was Terry Snow.

After the presentation, it was with great joy that we presented the Voyager to Terry Snow.  By the way, the funding for this unit came just 12 hours before we departed for Haiti on Friday.  Received a phone call from an organization in Florida that was working with an organization in California.  They quickly came together and agreed to fund this Voyager for Terry Snow and YWAM.  I had heard of Terry for many years and wanted to meet him.  This  tragic Cholera outbreak has brought many people together.  We see our Lord do this again and again!

At this point, Danny and loaded up and headed back to the Village.  OK, by this time, I must admit that all of the activity was taking a toll on me.  For days, we'd been pushing and pushing to get here.  Now, we've delivered the first piece of mail.  I was really tired.  Needed a cup of coffee!  Began thinking about where the Cholera outbreak began and where it was going.  It's been slowing moving closer and closer to Port-Au-Prince.  

Right in the middle was the Baptist Orphanage.  They had 2 Voyagers.  Had a huge orphanage and school.  We needed to check their units and make sure they would be in good shape should the Cholera pass thru them.  We pulled in.  The first thing I asked for was coffee.  

Then we went through their Voyagers.  We've been developing a method of "revitalizing" the Voyagers in the field. After careful analysis, the process began.  Worked beautifully.  It involved a wonderful cleaner called CLR (Calcium - Lime - Rust).  Since the earthquake, there has been an extraordinary release of calcium into the water sources in Haiti.  This calcium is "clogging" up Voyagers in Haiti.  After the process, we left some happy missionaries!   

So, when we arrived back into Ruuska yesterday evening, we were just beat. Couldn't even give a report on the day.  Oh, Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) had been out of the country on an international orphan deployment.  Well, she just arrived back in Haiti.  So good seeing Barb.  

John had the new "Re-Wired Internet Network" on-line and working like a dream.  John also showed us so much about the system and how we can analyze, diagnose and repair the system.  The old system that we had gave us no capability except to make many many calls for repair.  Praise God for good troops!  Our communications in the village will be better.  

Today, we'll be working on Voyagers!  Will report at the end of the day.  There you have, a "day in the life" of a missionary.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 30, 2010 Saturday - 7:31pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Had a good trip to St. Marc.  Delivered the Voyager.  We just got back to the Village. Upon return, we've been checking Hurricane Tomas.  This is the last thing Haiti needs.  It's been a long day.  Will write more tomorrow morning.  Good evening.

Air Mobile Joe

October 30, 2010 Saturday - 6:31am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Our plan is simple - bring clean water to the most infected area.  Earlier reports about the disease "being contained or even stabilized" are completely untrue.  This is a deadly situation.  The very nature of Haiti and it's people with their free and continual movement between the provinces and the capital city make "controlling" this disease nearly impossible.  Folks, again, we urge you to pray for this critical situation.  

Yesterday, after getting settled in, our telephone communications network went down.  Worked with AT&T on it until midnight.  Still, we managed to deliver a shipment of supplies to Samaritan's Purse (north of Port-Au-Prince) and then go all the way around the other end of P-A-P to the west side and deliver supplies and encouragement to our favorite hospital "Haiti Adventist Hospital".  It was so good seeing and praying with Nathan and Amy.  

Well, the sun has risen and we've got to on with the day.  Will endeavor to write an update this evening. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 29, 2010 Friday - 3:51pm - Bon Repos, Haiti - Ruuska Village - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I bet some of you figured it out from my clues.  Talk about a beautiful flight.  The new engine performed splendidly.  Dan, who has been in Haiti with us before is a great "Water Mule" and anything else we need him to do.

Dan and I were at the airport at 4:15am and rolled down the runway at 5:15am.  Had the quickest flight we've ever made to Haiti.  

As soon as we landed, we were surrounded by out airport "personnel".  They were astounded at "Ti Burik".  They all knew that they were the ones that identified and named our little mission aircraft.  Today was no exception.  Dan helped me load the little "donkey" and we flew here in record time.

It was good to get Mark with MAF his guitar.  We brought in tents.  The most important thing that we brought in was Voyagers.  

This afternoon, we'll be headed to several strategic locations.  Will report more tomorrow.  As always, THANK YOU - THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 29, 2010 Friday - 3:48am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Today is a good day for an extended "test" flight.  May even go see some old friends down south.  We'll probably need some Oxygen for this flight.  Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

October 28, 2010 Thursday - 7:28am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Apprehension is high among medical workers / tensions are high among Haitians as the Cholera outbreak baffles many.  Yesterday, hundreds of Haitians demanded the closure and dis-assembly of a Cholera medical center.  Many Haitians in the area thought that this center was the source of the Cholera outbreak.  Haitian medical doctors pleaded for the facility to be reopened to treat the infected.  The drama goes on today.

Some have made the statement that the Oubreak is "under control".  This is an insane statement as it is nearly impossible to control the movement of thousands of Haitians - each day between the provinces (outlying areas) and Port-Au-Prince (the Capital City).  Many travel on very, very crowded trucks / busses.  Any one of those "commuters" could be carrying the cholera infection.  So, to say that the outbreak is stabilizing and under control is an "insane" statement.  All must be vigilent and above all, we must PRAY for the hand of the Lord to hold back this terrible disease.  There, I have gotten that off of my mind this morning.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Yesterday was a great day.  We conducted another successful test flight.  Ti Burik (our mission airplane) is nearly ready and cleared to make the flight back to Haiti!  We're loading and awaiting final funding for more Voyagers!  These units WILL ABSOLUTELY save lives.  Please pray about helping us with this vital mission.  

Feel free to give me a call on my cell at:  321-544-7757 if you would like to help TODAY.  Meanwhile, I'd like to ask you to pray about another meeting we are having today.  Curtis, our CSA associate and I will be having a very, very significant meeting with a prospective client that could end up being the largest account our company, CSA, has ever had.  Can't give any details, but please pray.  CSA manufactures the Voyager and a good additional account will make the Voyager operation go more smoothly.  Thanks for your prayer!

Well, time to head to the hangar.  God Bless and as always.....THANKYOU FOR YOUR PRAYER & LOVE!

October 27, 2010 Tuesday - 7:42am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile moves closer to Haiti!  The flight tests went very well yesterday.  We have several more tests to conduct today.  All is looking good.  We received the balance of funding for another Voyager for Haiti, yesterday afternoon.  It came from a Doctor who was deeply involved with NASA for over 30 years.  THANK YOU, Dr. Wyc,  for your prayer and support to help get us to Haiti with more clean water.  

This story ran in Florida Today (Gannet) newspaper today.10-27-10 Florida Today - Air Mobile prepares to go to Haiti .  The article appeared on the Front Page.  John Torres, the Gannet writer, has been on many missions with Air Mobile and knows first hand what we do.  We are so thankful for John!

Yesterday evening, I met with my good friend, Dr. Steve Badolato.  He's preparing vital medications and supplies to help treat Cholera.  Dr. Steve is a huge friend to Air Mobile and Haiti.  He's led multiple medical missions there.  It's good to have such friends to help us during this crisis. 

Today, we will be working diligently to complete the flight tests and complete as many Voyagers as possible for our upcoming mission to Haiti.

We received very encouraging news from Pakistan yesterday.  We have been directed to ship the 25 Voyagers to New York.  They will then be loaded on Pakistan International Airlines and flown directly to Lahore, Pakistan.  We will be training the operators via Skype, a remarkable way to communicate worldwide.  We are so relieved that these Voyagers are now heading to Pakistan, a place of deep need.  I do regret that I will not be accompanying them.  It does however allow us to focus more fully on Haiti right now.  For that we are very thankful.

I will try to write an update later today.  God Bless and as always THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 26, 2010 Tuesday - 6:58am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


For the moment, the cholera deaths have slowed (258), and the infected number is over 3500.  However, officials are stating that planning for anything less than a major outbreak would be completely irresponsible.  Haiti is again "teetering on the edge" of the razor.  Oh Folks, please, please remember to pray for Haiti as you go about your day!  So many are so vulnerable.  For many, their only hope is in the Lord. 

Meanwhile, we will be test flying Ti Burik again today and continuing the engine "break-in".  We had another call from someone who heard that we were going to Haiti in a few days and they will bringing funds right to the airport to help us purchase components so that we can continue building Voyagers.  

Our plan upon arrival in Haiti will be to go to the hospitals / clinics that are treating patients and set up Voyagers to pass out clean water "on the spot" where many are waiting for treatment.  We pray our plan works.  Will write more later from the hangar.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 25, 2010 Monday - 4:45pm - Space Center Executive Airport, Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I am very pleased to tell you that the Ti Burik (our mission plane) flew like a dream.  We cranked her up this morning.  All went well.  Then this afternoon, after weeks of tedious / diligent / exacting / frustrating work, we flew Ti Burik.  She flew like dream.

Our maintenance crew (me included)  all gave the thumbs up for the successful test flight.  It was so good monitoring the engine with that new analyzer.  Each and every cylinder was doing exactly what it is designed to do.

Now, we go through a series of test flying performing different power settings.  Each time we land, we open her up and inspect all the connections.  So far so good!  Now folks, this engine change took longer than I wanted don't always get what you want!  That's a fact. I guess our Lord is teaching me something about patience and trust and a whole bunch of other things.

Should all of our tests go well, and we pray they will, we'll be heading back to Haiti soon and this time with more Voyagers!  

Meanwhile, our "Water Mule:" team, headed by Rob, are building Voyagers.  We are going just as far as we can with the parts that we have.  I am so pleased to tell you that just a few minutes ago, a precious Air Mobile donor and dear friend brought $1000 over. This will provide funding for 1/2 of a Voyager.  We can now order more components and keep the assembly going!  

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and unimaginable suffering taking place in Haiti.  The death toll still stands at 250 (reported) and thousands infected.  According to reports, the cases are tapering off.  We absolutely pray that is the case!  

We know that clean water is the best defense and cure for this dreadful disease.  As always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, PRAYER & SUPPORT!

Time to get home. Cindy's cooking chicken tonight.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 25, 2010 Monday - 10:59am - Space Center Executive Airport, Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We are just minutes from cranking up the new engine!

As soon as we get her running, I'll post a shot.  Have really been waiting for this.  Soon, we'll be headed to Haiti!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 25, 2010 Monday - 6:59am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Medical officials are working very hard to contain the Cholera outbreak.  Cases that are found in the Port-Au-Prince area are immediately quarantined and isolated.  Again, Haiti is at another tragic "tipping point".  Please pray for this situation!

Today, we'll be doing final inspections, and electrical tests before running the engine on the AMM mission plane, Ti Burik.  We also have staff putting as many components together as we have in stock for more Voyagers for Haiti.  We need funding to secure additional components, but while awaiting funding, we're putting together as much as we can.

Will report more later today.  For now, must head to the airport to work on the plane with our maintenance crew.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 24, 2010 Sunday - 8:52am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This news is NOT GOOD!  Now that this disease has been reported in Port-Au-Prince, it can, and likely will spread rapidly.  We pray for a miracle (or should we say, MANY MIRACLES!)  

Cholera is a dreadful disease.  Many experts had expected this outbreak to have occurred long before now.  Well, here it is.  Our hearts break.  We have watched and prayed for our Lord to hold back the weather and storms.  For the most part, Haiti has "dodged" many bullets.  Storms have formed all around Haiti, and thus far this year, has not  had a "direct hit".  Thank the Lord.  Now, we are dealing with this....Cholera!  As never before, PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI!  PLEASE HELP US BRING CLEAN WATER THERE ASAP!

Air Mobile is gathering as many components as we can to get more Voyagers into Haiti.  After an extensive engine change on our mission aircraft, we are confident that "Ti Burik" (the little donkey) will be in the air this week.  Please pray about helping us to bring in more Voyagers.  We can strategically place them in the "hot spots" and assure a "steady stream" of clean water to the cholera infected patients.  Clean water dramatically increases ones chances of survival once infected.  There are currently nearly 3000 infected persons.  These precious souls are hanging between life and death.  We (Haiti) need your help as never before.

We are working very hard to get back to Haiti ASAP.  If you have any questions, or want to help, please call me at:  321-544-7757.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 23, 2010 Saturday - 8:55am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile is building more Voyagers for Haiti.  Since the hour that we received news of the terrible Cholera outbreak in Haiti, we began gathering parts for more water purifiers.  We need your help as never before to help fund these units!  We're also in the final stages of the engine change on the mission aircraft.  Friday was very productive.  Looks like Monday will be the day we fire up the engine.  We pray all goes well.  

Believe me, just as soon as we can, we're heading to Haiti with life-saving water Voyagers and parts to get as many units up and going as we can.  Of course, we're keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Richard which is currently on a westerly course and expected to strike between Honduras and Belize.  

OK, I must admit, this has been extremely difficult for me....not being able to "dash" right to Haiti just as soon as the news of the Cholera outbreak hit.  We are so close to completion on the aircraft.  Here's an example of the tiny delays that we have encountered.

There is an old circuit board that indicates "low voltage" by a little red light on the instrument panel.  Our first indicators were that the unit was not functioning properly.  My job - find one.  Many phone calls later, no new available, no used available.  I remembered Larry, an electronic genius who also helps with the circuit boards on the water purifier.  Within minutes, I was at Larry's house / lab.  He checked all the components.  They were all good, Praise God! 

Early yesterday morning we met here at the hangar.  During our closer inspection, we found a slightly loose screw and a bit of corrosion.  Re-install the board and the system works perfectly!  Again, Praise the Lord!  

There, just one of the literally hundreds of connections during this engine change process.  We added hours and hours to the process.  These are the sort of things that we have encountered.  Just thought I'd give a little snap shot of the process.  Well, we are so close now and I know that I've said that multiple times.  This is where our Lord is making these events "Teachable Moments".  May we all be good students.

Today, back to the hangar.  Final touch up inspections before our final, final button up and engine test run on Monday.  Whew, pray with us that all goes well.  We are so eager to get to Haiti!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe 

PS - This afternoon, Peter, my son, and I are headed to "Dogs-R-Us", our favorite Saturday afternoon hangout.  There, we will enjoy several hours of intense SEC Football.  The LSU Tigers duke it out with the Auburn Tigers (also known as the "War Eagles").  Should be quite a game.  Also, a nice break from all the intensity surrounding Haiti.  Joe

October 22, 2010 Friday - 6:55am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This morning, the death toll is 145 and rapidly climbing.  Over 1500 have been infected by the deadly disease - Cholera. This disease is a water-borne disease.  Dehydration occurs rapidly and if not treated quickly, the victim dies.  In addition to this terrible outbreak, the Tropical Storm Richard is growing in the Caribbean.  Folks, now is the time to pray!

Today, we are focusing on getting the avionics circuits all checked out.  The engine is ready to run!  We need to get back to Haiti ASAP.  We're working diligently to get Ti Burik back in the air.  Our hearts are breaking for Haiti.  Will report more later.  Have to head to the airport.

Air Mobile Joe

October 21, 2010 Thursday - 3:22pm - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


About an hour ago, the news broke that the disease that has been killing Haitians recently is positively identified as CHOLERA.  This deadly disease spreads rapidly.  The death-toll is 55 and climbing.  The hospitals from St. Marc to Port-Au-Prince are filling up rapidly with people showing the symptoms.  We are at the hangar working on the mission aircraft doing all we can to get in the air ASAP  This situation is quite critical needs all of our our prayers and help immediately.  Please join with us for lives to be spared.  Will report later.

Air Mobile Joe  

October 21, 2010 Thursday - 7:58am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Things are still brewing in the Caribbean.  The Tropical Depression depicted is #17!  There have been a lot of storms this season and the U.S. has been very fortunate (blessed) not to have had a direct hit.  I heard someone say that the forecasters were all wrong about this season.  Actually, they've been very accurate.  #17, not yet named, can do a lot of damage.  

Haiti is still on the radar of this storm.  As you can see from the image (above), there is increasing instability to the north and east of the the tropical depression.  As we have seen so many times, it does not take much for these storms to kill people in Haiti.  Many, TODAY, are at risk.   As we always urge, PRAY!

Typhoon Megi has left the Philippines, has grown in size and intensity and is headed to China.  This is a huge, late season storm.  We continue to follow the news regarding this monstrous storm.  Please pray for all the folks in the path of this killer. 

Meanwhile, Ti Burik, our beloved mission aircraft, is so close to being "cranked up".  We may run her today.  Everything has been connected, torqued, mounted, routed, etc. etc.  We have a few "circuit" repairs today and then.....hit the "start" switch!  

It will be so good to get back to Haiti.  I think I've been going through "Haiti Withdrawal".  We have so many new friends in the tent-cities, so many little babies, so many needs that we can help with.  It's been necessary to stay on this end to tend to all the details regarding the engine change.  Otherwise, would have just jumped on a commercial airliner.  Sometimes, our Lord just has us to stay in one place, when we really want to be in another place.  Sometimes, the best thing for us to do is hold steady and "PRAY".  That has certainly been the case with "Air Mobile Joe".  It's been hard waiting for this engine change to be complete.  I know our Lord is working on my "patience".  Ti Burik, is so close to being back in the air!

Well, today have some "CSA" meetings this morning, then back to the Hanger to continue with the engine change and hopefully, we'll hear this beautiful new engine  for the first time.  Sure hope so!  God Bless and thanks for "riding" with me on this rambling blog!

Air Mobile Joe

October 20, 2010 Wednesday - 7:56am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Things are stirring up again in the Caribbean.  Looks like Cuba is going to be hit again.  There is another significant disturbance brewing just south of Cuba near Jamaica.  The currents could have this storm go North and then East just as Hurricane Paula did.  Let us continue to pray for all in the path of this storm.

As you can see from the image, the storms are far from over in the Caribbean.  As demonstrated this past weekend, even seemingly "insignificant thunder storms" kill people in Haiti.  More than 12 were killed by weekend storms (not even associated with tropical systems).  PLEASE continue to pray for the 1 million + Haitians living basically out of doors under sticks and plastic, deteriorated tarps and rusty discarded tin roofing (very dangerous in strong winds!).  Folks, it is hard for many of us to imagine what this must be like.  That is why it is so important to pray for them and ask our Lord what you can do to help.  This is also the reason we are so eager to return!!
Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Super Typhoon Megi struck the northern Philippines.  Megi is reported to be the strongest Typhoon in the last 4 years with winds in excess of 160MPH!  Yet, the death toll is relatively low.  This must be attributed to good evacuation and the Grace of God!  We continue to follow the news from there.  We have excellent contacts in the Philippines and would welcome the opportunity to return and help.

Regarding Pakistan, the news from there is rather turbulent.  So far 51 people have recently been killed in Karachi (the Capital) from violence.  This is the main reason we are delaying our mission there.  Our folks on the ground in Pakistan are still requesting we hold off on traveling there for now.  We stand-by to go.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable Vortex Voyager at a major NASA Expo.  Our company, CSA, manufactures the Voyager for Air Mobile.  CSA has contracts at NASA and has participated in this Annual Expo for the past 10 years.  We were able to speak with so many people yesterday about all the Voyager can do and about the 38 countries that we have placed nearly 700 Voyagers.  Many good seeds were planted yesterday.  As a matter of fact, we have been invited to present the Voyager at NASA Headquarters at Kennedy Space Center next month.  Who knows, the Voyager may even end up in "Space"!!

Yesterday was also a productive day on preparing "Ti Burik", our mission plane for service.  Each day, we move closer to getting that wonderful bird back in the air.  Today, parts will arrive that will get us closer to flying and then....Haiti!! 

 I have not mentioned our financial situation lately.  We really, really need help to complete this task.  So many aspects of this engine change costs more than anticipated, i.e. exhaust system, propeller, added labor, etc.  Any help you can lend would be greatly appreciated (the "Donate" button is in the upper left hand side of this page).  Simply pray and ask our Lord if He would have you to do something to help.  THANK YOU!  Well, better head to the airport.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW THE LATEST AIR MOBILE VIDEO - CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe

October 19, 2010 Tuesday - 6:59am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Super Typhoon Megi is the strongest Typhoon in years, yet the death toll is relatively low.  The Filipinos know how to "lay low" during such storms.  We are awaiting further news.  Meanwhile, the "Megi" has regained strength and is heading toward China and Viet Nam.

The remnants of what was Hurricane Paula have "fallen apart", thank the Lord!  We spoke with Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) in Haiti yesterday.  The rains have not been too serious, though several pockets of heavy rain did take 12 lives over the weekend.  The question from the "Village" to Joe is:  "When will we see you and "Ti Burik"??  Soon....

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure to speak with my dear friend of many years, Frank Webner.  Frank taught me the delicate and intricate tricks of flying the famous Cessna 185 "Bush Plane".  The C-185 can be very tricky to land.  Frank spent years in Africa flying C-185's and generously shared with me wonderful techniques to land this wonderful bird.  

So after many years and multiple foreign assignments with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Frank contacted me.  We had a great lunch.  He looked over Paul's work and put his blessing on all we have done on the engine change.  So good seeing an old friend!

Today, we continue on the all the final checks.  We have 3 small hoses that are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.  This should complete  everything we need.  Now, it's just a matter of running / testing / leak-checking / test flying / and finally doing the engine break-in.  Then....Haiti.

We are on "stand-by" for Pakistan.  All of the Voyagers are complete and ready to go.  We are just awaiting our "Go" order.  Well, "THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE...LET US RE-JOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT"! REMEMBER, THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH!

Air Mobile Joe

October 18, 2010 Monday - 6:01am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Super Thphoon Megi roared to incredilbly dangerous levels this weekend as winds have been recorded at an unimagineable 180 - 220MPH!  We are following this monster storm very closely.  We have seen first-hand what happens when storms like this strike.  PLEASE PRAY for the precious folks in the Philippines.  

We have often asked for prayer for such circumstances.  Remember when the terrible storm hit Jesus and his disciples in the boat on the Sea of Galileee?  Jesus calmed the storm and then.....rebuked the Disciples for not having done so themselves.  Our prayers matter and our Lord hears the cry of His people. 

Meanwhile, in Haiti, what was Hurricane Paula is breaking up!  As you can see from this image, what was a single storm has lost strength and is now several clusters.  Let us continue to pray that these storms "just go away"!  Folks, I know that I stand the chance of being called "a bit crazy" for asking for prayer for these storms, but it is worth the risk.  Simply put, "PRAYER WORKS"!  Even though Haiti has avoided a "Direct Hit", still this weekend, 12 people died in flood related deaths. Steady rains in the Port-Au-Prince area have caused significant flooding.  This has dramatically effected the "tent cities" that are everywhere. May we continue to pray in all things daily.   

Today, we keep moving forward with our mission aircraft.  We will be doing final securing of all new wiring for the new instrumentation.  We may even be starting the new engine today.  Closer we move toward Haiti!  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

October 17, 2010 Sunday - 8:50am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


What was Hurricane Paula, passed over Cuba and is heading back toward Haiti.  Paula originally formed just south of Haiti.  Hopefully, the punch will not be as strong.  From this satellite image, you can see the storm between Cuba and the Bahamas and pushing back toward Haiti.  We continue to pray for the cool, shearing winds to just take the storm apart.

We continue with the final phases of the engine change this week.  Whew, what an exercise in patience for me.  So eager to get back to Haiti.

Meanwhile, there is a Super Typhoon forming off the Philippines.  You may recall in 2008, the Philippines was struck by 4 Typhoons in 4 weeks.  Air Mobile was blessed to travel over there and bring in life-saving water purifiers.  The units are still running and providing clean water to many.  We're keeping our bags packed for the Philippines!  

We recall on our mission to the Philippines how incredibly resilient the Filipino people are.  Just days after having 30 foot walls of water crash through Manila, things were cleaned up and people were back in business.  Amazing people!

Yesterday was a mixture of sadness and glory.  We laid to rest 2 very dear friends. I accompanied the family of Allen Holloway off-shore and we spread his ashes next to the launch pads at Cape Canaveral.  Allen was a great father, brilliant gifted space scientist, and a precious brother in the Lord.  We will miss Allen.

From that service, I went to the Funeral / Celebration of Captain Bob Filler.  What a brother!  Bob loved his family and reached out to so many.  He was also an amazing pilot.  He flew with Air Mobile for several years and taught us much.  Goodbye, my friend.  May we all meet together again in Heaven.

Today, the Hurston's head to the hospital to perform our church service for the young people.  This December, we will celebrate our 14th year of doing this.  What a blessing to be able to share the love of the Lord with these young people!


Air Mobile Joe

October 16, 2010 Saturday - 7:50am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Ball was wonderful.  Good to see so many friends.  The children have the most fun, all dressed up and sword fighting with balloons.  But then, we announced Dieunika's new name - Ariana Grace.  We chose this beautiful name with Dieunika's (her former name) help.  You see, so many would mispronounce "Dieunika".  Instead of "Jenny-Ka", it would be pronounced Die U Ni Ka.  So, for simplicity and beauty, our little angel is now, Ariana Grace.

Today, I have the sad, yet joyful opportunity to attend 2 funerals for dear friends.  Allen Holloway was a true "Rocket Scientist".  His many accomplishments include helping to design the space suits that went to the moon.  Allen simply pointed out that the space suit was comparable to the space ship.  He gave me insights into the space program that were incredible.  We will all miss Allen.

The next friend that we will lay to rest today is Captain Bob Filler.  Bob came with Air Mobile many years ago.  His professionalism in aviation and love for the Lord were an invaluable asset to the early days of Air Mobile.  Bob never stopped giving.  Even recently, after all of these years, Bob funded Voyagers to go around the world.  Like Allen, we will miss Bob and his joy and many gifts.

Time to head out.  Please remember Allen and Bob's families and those of us "left behind".  These 2 are surely rejoicing with the Lord.

Air Mobile Joe
October 15, 2010 Friday - 7:37am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We really hope you can make it to our Annual Cinderella Ball this evening at the Air Mobile Headquarters!   This event was inspired by Dieunika,

Dieunika came to Cindy and I from Haiti several years ago in need of life-saving surgery.  We are so pleased that anonymous donors came forward and paid for this surgery.  Cindy and I cared for this precious little one during this difficult time.

The surgery was performed at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando.  Seems like the Cinderella story was everywhere and Dieunika just fell in love with the story.
We, of course, fell in love with Dieunika and now, we are adopting her.  The location of this wonderful, fun-filled, inspiring event will be:

PHONE ME FOR DETAILS - 321-544-7757



Yesterday, we installed the propeller on our mission aircraft affectionately named "Ti Burik" (the little donkey).  Now, we are in the final, final phase of completing the engine change.  

We're currently awaiting some custom wiring harnesses and misc. hardware for our new engine analyzer system.  Seems there's always a part or two yet to arrive to complete the task.  Our maintenance crew, headed up by Paul (in photo), has done an extremely thorough and superb job. 

By the way, the engine analyzer system was donated to Air Mobile by a local pilot (thanks Jim).  The manufacturer of the instruments, EI, Inc. (Electronics Instruments) completely overhauled the system and provided us with all new wiring and probes at a greatly reduced price.  I'd like to thank EI, for their "investment" in this mission!

For the "techno geeks" reading this little blog, thought I'd drop in a photo of the engine analyzers.  We "re-arranged" our instrument panel to accommodate these invaluable instruments.  

They are the 2 gauges (silver panel) right behind the throttle / prop / mixture controls.    Now, we can monitor each individual cylinder during the flight.  This gives great comfort to the pilot during those long "over-the-water" legs of our mission flights.  Needless to say, we are very eager to get this bird back in the air...all in due time.  Patience is a virtue.

Meanwhile, we have 25 Voyagers ready to go to Pakistan.  Again, we are waiting for the best timing to do that.  I'd like to tell you a bit about what these 25 Voyagers will do.  First of all, the portability of the Voyager allows us to place units in extremely isolated and difficult to reach areas.

Each Voyager, if operated 10 hours per day, will provide life-saving, clean drinking water to over 500 people (25 X 500 = 12,500 people per day!).  If operated longer, of course more people get clean water, more lives saved.  We can purify the most contaminated water.  Many water sources in Pakistan have been terribly polluted by the flooding.  These units will be such a blessing to so many.  What a wonderful way to show that we care.  We are so thankful to the Association of Pakistani Americans who have funded these units.  Now, we eagerly await the opportunity to deliver them and get them into place saving lives!

Well, you can imagine, this is going to be a busy day.  My Cindy and Juliet (along with a wonderful crew of volunteers) have done an incredible job of preparing for the Ball this evening.  Sure hope to see you!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe


October 14, 2010 Thursday - 6:54am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Paula moves closer to both Cuba and the U.S. (South Florida).  We pray her strength diminishes.  Should she continue on her present course, Paula will head back to Haiti where she first formed a week ago.  Again, we pray that cool air and prayer will cool this storm right down.  

This morning, I awakened early (long before sunrise) and was just thinking of the things before me today, i.e. payroll for our company, the on-going engine change, parts enroute, the upcoming "Ball" etc.  I asked our Lord for His Joy to flood my heart that I might face these things with His strength (remember the scripture, "The Joy of the Lord is our strength"?).  Well, my heart was not overwhelmed with joy....only a steady awareness that He was there with me.

Came downstairs, put the coffee on and sat next to the computer with an old, battered Bible in my hands.  This Bible was with me when our team was attacked, robbed, beaten and the attempted kidnapping occured. This old Bible was actually stolen by the kidnappers.  This old Bible miraculously found it's way back into my hands (now that's another story).

As I held the tattered old Book, a sense of love and peace came over me.  I simply asked our Lord to be with me this day and lead me each step of the way.  Then, slowly I opened the book.  The light was dim, but carefully, directly, my eyes fell on this scripture in Matt. 10:42 - "And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water.....I say to you, he shall by no means, lose his reward".  My heart melted.

There are over 1200 pages in this Book, thousands and thousands of scriptures, so many "variables".  To turn to this single scripture was just the "message" I needed this morning.  The sense that though we all face obstacles and challenges and mountains and sometimes, seemingly impossible situation, just knowing that our Lord is close by our us strength for the day!  May I encourage you to look to Him, the author and finisher of our faith.

On to the day, the airplane engine change and hundreds of other challenges but all with Him at my side.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW THE LATEST AIR MOBILE VIDEO - CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe

October 13, 2010 8:05am - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The storms in the Caribbean are far from over.  As you can see from the projected path of Hurricane Paula, she could literally turn back and follow the same path that she came in on.  After following hurricanes for over 50 years, this does not surprise me at all.  A hurricane is like a big gyro on the deck of ship in heavy seas.  We've seen some unusual movements over the years.  It appears that Paula will pass back over Cuba and may even head back toward Haiti where she was "born" last week.  Let us continue to PRAY for all in her path!

Today, our steady progress continues.  We may even "hang" the propeller on "Ti Burik" today.  Soon, we'll be in the air.  This evening, I plan to meet with a local church that has great interest in what we are doing to bring clean water around the world in obedience to the direction of our Lord Jesus.  Please pray all goes according to His will.

We continue to await our "marching orders" for Pakistan.  There is still a great deal of instability in the region, particularly in the areas that we want to place the water purification systems.  We are in close touch with people in Pakistan and await their direction as to the best time to come.  We pray it is sooner than later as so many need clean water right now.  

Don't forget the Annual "Cinderella Ball" at the Air Mobile Headquarters in Titusville, FL this Friday night from 6:00 - 9:00pm.  If you are in the area, please consider coming.  This is going to be a wonderful event.  Feel free to call for details at:  321-544-7757.

On to the hangar and the engine change.  Thanks as always for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 12, 2010 8:11am - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Really, Air Mobile Joe is chomping at the bit and ready to go to Haiti.  The little mission airplane, affectionately named "Ti Burik" (the little donkey) is nearly ready.  We should be airborne soon.  After extensive testing and "break-in", we'll wing to Haiti to deliver critical supplies and move personnel.  We're in the final phases of this wonderful engine change.

The political situation in Haiti is heating up as elections draw closer.  This is a somewhat predictable situation and requires special attention to safety.  Things in Ruuska Village are quiet for now.  

We've been through this many times before.  During one such time, Barbara and I with our team were "ambushed" robbed, beaten and there was an attempted kidnapping, but we miraculously escaped.  Situations like this are the reasons we request prayer so often.

All of the Voyager water purifiers are complete and we await the best time to bring them into Pakistan.  We expect this will be soon.  Really appreciate your prayers regarding this upcoming mission.

Things are still brewing in the Caribbean.  The tropical storm that formed south of Haiti is now.... Hurricane Paula.  She will likely slam into the Yucatan and continue into the Gulf of Mexico.  Projections have Paula then making a turn to the northeast and possibly aiming for us here in Florida.  We will see.  The season is far from over.  Both Haiti and the U.S. have been fortunate to not have had a direct hit.  Let's continue to pray for all in the path of Paula and for the rest of the season's storms.

Well, back to the hangar and completing that engine change.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW THE LATEST AIR MOBILE VIDEO - CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe
October 11, 2010 7:34am - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We look forward to a productive week. We hope to be test flying "Ti Burik" soon. Once the engine is all checked and "broken-in", we'll be off to Haiti. Upon return from the upcoming Haiti mission, we hope to head to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, don't forget the Annual Cinderella Ball at the Air Mobile Headquarters this Friday, October 15th. The event begins at 6:00pm. Phone me for details at: 321-544-7757. You may recall, this event was inspired by our little Dieunika. Cindy and I are in the process of adopting this precious little girl from Haiti. During Dieunika's life-saving surgery, she fell in love with the Cinderella story. I wonder why???

Oh well, this has become an annual event and one that you really want to attend if you are able. This will be a wonderful evening with delicious food, and knights in shining armour, sword fighting, chivalry and just an overall great time. Hope you can come!

Have to run. May give and update from the hangar later today. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 10, 2010 - Sunday - 9:01am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Had a good day yesterday moving closer to flying.  An "engine change" is an excellent time to inspect and change so many things.  For example, with this new engine, we are installing an engine "analyzer" that will give much data on the engine's performance in the cockpit.  This is a very good thing. will be back to Haiti. 

We await the proper time to head to Pakistan.  The Voyagers that are ready to go will bring so much clean water to regions that so desperately need it.  We eagerly wait.

Of course, yesterday evening, after attending a great party celebrating my daughter-in-laws birthday (Ann Marie) we watched some great football.  Peter and I were joined by Christian (married to Ann Marie).  Wow, what a finish. Two weeks in a row, LSU pulled out an amazing victory.  Florida played a heroic game, but that old "Riverboat Gambler" Les Miles pulled out another trick.  It worked.

, the Hurston's head to church then the hospital to minister with the young people. This is such a blessing.  We pray that you have a wonderful Sunday.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

October 9, 2010 - Saturday - 7:50am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Late yesterday afternoon our propeller was delivered to the hangar.  I truly appreciate the attention to detail and methodical way this engine change is going. We have an excellent crew working on Ti Burik.  Had a steady flow of friends and visitors yesterday checking on the progress.  So good having having the encouragement and prayers.

Regarding the latest storm in the Caribbean - Hurricane Otto - we breathe a sigh of relief.  Mr. Otto has taken a significant turn to the north and will likely not do any more damage.  Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands got a glancing blow but no reported fatalities.  We are thankful.

Today - back to the hangar and the process continues.  We're steadily receiving more supplies for our next flight.  One of our "water mules", Dan came by to confirm his coming on our next mission.  Dan's a solid brother.  A bit earlier, Mike, the sign maker and newest "water mule" came by with his friend Jess.  They're eager to return to Haiti with us.  I'm so thankful for people's willingness to help Haiti.

Apparently, this morning, Pakistan has agreed to re-open the supply route for NATO supplies.  Hopefully, this will lessen the current tension in that region.  We are on stand-by to bring in vital Voyager water purifiers to the regions devastated by recent flooding.  We continue to pray for direction on this upcoming mission.

This evening there's going to be a big "shoot-out" in Gainesville, FL.  The LSU Tigers take on the Florida Gators.  Now, that's some serious football.  Of course, you know who Peter and I will be pulling for.  We'll be at our favorite football hang-out, "Dogs-R-Us.  We're looking forward to that!  Well, on to the hanger.

Air Mobile Joe  

October 8, 2010 - Friday - 7:46am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We continue the methodical and steady progress of the engine change.  Yesterday, we installed the exhaust system and today the process continues...we may even install the propeller today.  Hope to test fly and break-in the engine this weekend.  Can't say exactly when we'll depart for Haiti, but it will be soon.

Were you able to read the article we posted yesterday (Haitians in 'Emergency' conditions in Tent Cities)?  The situation in the Haiti camps is quite grim.  The camps that we have been working in have excellent leadership and are quite peaceful and orderly, though their conditions are very difficult.  This is the reason we are so eager to return to Haiti ASAP!!

Otto has become a significant "named storm" and gaining strength.  Fortunately, it will likely spin northward in the Atlantic.  There is another disturbance between Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.  We continue to pray for the storm to spare Haiti and all of the islands in the path.  The last thing Haiti needs right now is a storm!  I truly believe that our prayers make a difference!

We continue to monitor Pakistan and await our "marching orders" to bring clean water there.  We'll likely make the flight to Haiti and then head to Pakistan. 

Yesterday was our daughter, Angelica's birthday.  Her main gift, an I-Pad.  She's a happy (and quite beautiful) young lady.  It's good to be home to celebrate these joyous occasions with my family.  Speaking of "joyous"....the message that our Lord put into my heart regarding the "Joy of the Lord" is growing.  It is so simple.  We can be joyous or we can be sad.  Joyous is better.  Asking our Lord for joy even in the challenging situations can dramatically change the outcome of any situation.  Truly, "The Joy of the Lord is our strength"!!  

Well, it's time to head to the airport and continue on the engine change.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 7, 2010 - Thursday - 8:15am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

I just read this article.  It captures the situation in the Tent-Cities quite well.  The description of humanitarian aid as "being paralysed" is quite accurate.  Please take a few moments and read it.  Meanwhile, the engine change continues and we hope to be returning to Haiti ASAP!  We have so much to do.  God Bless!

Haitians in ‘emergency’ conditions in tent cities

By Benedict Mander in Caracas
Published: October 6 2010 20:23 | Last updated: October 6 2010 20:23
Haitians continue to endure “emergency” conditions in the tent cities that sprung up around Port-au-Prince after a catastrophic earthquake almost nine months ago, and humanitarian efforts “appear paralysed”, according to a new report.

Refugees International (RI), a non-governmental organisation, is fiercely critical of progress in relieving the plight of the 1.3m displaced Haitians living in some 1,300 camps, many of whom were suffering from hunger, rape, intimidation and forced eviction.

“People are being threatened by gangs and women are getting raped. While coping with this crisis would be an enormous challenge for any agency, far more can be done to allocate camp managers and coordinate assistance,” said Mr Gabaudan.Michel Gabaudan, RI president, called on the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the multilateral body charged with coordinating the camps, to do more to protect the Haitians, calculating that more than 70 per cent of camps lack “proper management”.

The IOM says that only around 50 camps are occupied by more than 200 families, and they are all managed. “There are appalling conditions, of course there are, that’s exactly the point and that’s what we’re trying to mitigate all the time,” said IOM spokesman Leonard Doyle. He said that many camps consist only of a few people living by the side of the road and are “impossible” to manage.

At the heart of the problem is a lack of land available to build new shelters and relocate camp dwellers away from overcrowded and chaotic camps. This is due in part to the unwillingness of landowners to sell their property, but also because of the failure of the government and the international community to intervene more forcefully to resolve the situation.

A further barrier is the failure of countries to send funds pledged in March at a United Nations-backed donor conference for relief of the earthquake victims and to reconstruct the wreckage. More than $10bn was pledged overall, with the top 22 donors pledging $2.6bn excluding debt relief for the fiscal year 2010-11.

Five months on, just a fifth of that ($538.3m) had been distributed, according to a report released in late August by the Washington-based Center for Economic Policy and Research. Over $200m had been provided by multilateral organisations such as the IDB, the World Bank and the IMF. A further $238m had been sent by Spain, Japan and Brazil. But of the almost $900m pledged by the US, nothing had arrived.

Meanwhile, the chaos continues in Port-au-Prince and the work of aid agencies is stalled. Only 2 per cent of rubble clogging up the city has been removed and only 13,000 temporary shelters have been built – less than a tenth the number planned.

“It’s as if we are forgotten,” said one Haitian quoted in a recent report by the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, which called on the Haitian government, donor states and aid agencies to allocate more resources to meet the basic needs of displaced Haitians.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO VIEW THE LATEST AIR MOBILE VIDEO - CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe

October 6, 2010 - Wednesday - 8:31am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


#17 has formed (the 17th storm this season) and will likely move northward.  However, there is still quite a bit of instability to the south of Haiti.  We continue to pray.  I'll tell you this, we are just rejoicing at how many storms have missed Haiti, some quite narrowly.  This is just a mercy for these folks and again, for that we REJOICE!

Bit by bit we move closer toward completing the engine change.  I am definitely ready to fly again.  Patience and good mechanics make for safe flying.  It's very good seeing Ti Burik coming back to together again.  All I can say is, it will be soon.

Had a wonderful visit from Bill yesterday, the President of Airborne Ministries, the donor of the airplane.  Bill is a superb mechanic as well as pilot.  It was great showing him the progress on the mission plane. 

Don't forget about the upcoming Cinderella Ball, the annual Air Mobile fundraiser.  This is going to be a fun evening.  It all began with our little girl from Haiti, Dieunika.  During the time that she was going through her operations and recovery, she just fell in love with the Cinderella story.  Thus, the theme of this annual event.  It is on Friday, October 15th at the Air Mobile Headquarters located at:  8850 Grissom Parkway, Titusville, FL   32780.  Sure hope you can make it.

Back to the airport and getting that beautiful little mission plane back in the air.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - JUST IN - AIR MOBILE VIDEO!! CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe

October 5, 2010 - Tuesday - 10:44am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As you can see from this satellite image, Haiti is surrounded by storms.  We continue to pray for the safety and protection of literally hundreds of thousands of Haitians living "on the edge".  We are half way through Hurricane season and we just ask our Lord for mercy for so many that are so vulnerable!
Meanwhile, the engine change progresses on schedule.  Today, we hope to actually hang the exhaust system on "Ti Burik" (the mission plane).  Just glancing at the storms to the south and east of Haiti compels us to move diligently and quickly so that our aircraft will be airworthy and ready to fly.

Due to the unstable situation in Pakistan, we may be delaying our mission there.  Frankly, we're ready to go and actually eager to get there as we know the desperate need for clean water however.....we will yield to the wisdom of the folks "on the ground" in Pakistan as to when we should go.  Really appreciate your prayers on this matter.  As I said yesterday, we simply want to be in the right place at the right time!

Best get back to work on that engine change.  Thanks again for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 5, 2010 - Tuesday - 8:54am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL-Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Heading to the airport to continue the engine change.  Will write more from the hangar.

Air Mobile Joe

October 4, 2010 - Monday - 9:07am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL-Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


More problems in the Caribbean.  There is another storm brewing to the east and south of Haiti.  We'll keep a close eye on this one.  Of course, needless to say the death and destruction that would come should this storm strike Haiti would be terrible.  Please pray that this does not happen. 

This week we are working diligently on the completion of the engine change on the mission aircraft.  We hope to be test flying later this week.  Today, the exhaust system arrives and we'll be moving much closer to completion once that gets into place.  

We are following the news from Pakistan.  There is much tension between the U.S. and Pakistan.  We continue to pray for the Lord to lead each step of the way as we move closer to our mission there.  We are making good progress on the completion of the Voyagers for Pakistan.  The need for clean water following the devastating floods is great.  This is such a wonderful opportunity to share the love of the Lord!

Yesterday, following a super service at the Hospital where we are chaplains, we swung by and visited  Cherie (our daughter) and Kyle and baby Levi.  What a cute kid!!  What a precious family.  It's such a blessing to have children that love and serve the Lord!
Have some wrenches to turn and a plane to get ready.  Have to run for now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 3, 2010 - Sunday - 9:16am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

A very wise pastor once told me, "Son, God knows how to deploy His troops".  After writing the final entry yesterday, took a quick snap of the First Class section of the Atlanta - Orlando Delta flight.  I was assigned the absolute LAST seat on the plane and oh, by the way, it was seat 3C (First Class).  Now, that is just the beginning of the story.  Seated next to me was Dean Rodner (Dean - School of Architecture - Florida A&M - FAMU).  Here is the rest of the story.

After a brief introduction, we spent the next hour exchanging such valuable information that we pray will ultimately help so many desperate people.  We first began speaking about one the FAMU graduate students who started an outreach called "Hope Floats" -  A medical outreach using a barge and containers with a full clinic on-board.  Of course, I shared how the remarkable Vortex Voyager could provide all the clean water they would need.  

Then we went into the need for "Housing" in Haiti.  Of course, we discussed all of the ways we could work together on that.  Dean Rodner lives in Talahassee.  Next week, we'll be test flying the mission aircraft on multiple flights before taking it back to Haiti.  We'll work Tallahassee into the test flight pattern.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord "directs His troops"!  I further believe that lives will be saved because of this "strategic positioning".
After landing in Orlando, it was a quick dash to the Mims Mullett Festival.  There, Cindy and kids set up a working Voyager and then walked throughout the crowd in beautiful Medieval dresses to invite all to our upcoming Cinderella Ball  (October 15th).  Cindy and her "crew" have worked so hard to put all of this together.  We hope you can attend! 

Meanwhile, we threw a dead mullet in our dirty bucket of water and purified the water the water through our "miracle machine", the Voyager.  Spoke with many about our ministry and upcoming mission to Pakistan.  

From the Mullet Festival, Peter and I made another mad dash to Dogs-R-Us to watch the LSU - Tennessee game.  Wow, what an ending!  So many lessons there.  Tennessee really should have won the game, they played their hearts out but one "understandable" mistake (13 men on the field in a moment of confusion) cost the game.  LSU dodged a huge bullet.  Mmmm, I'm sure there are some great messages that could come out of that one.  

Now, it's off to Church and then our ministry as Chaplains at the Children's Hospital.  God Bless and THANKS for reading the winding, "down-home" report.  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe


PPS - JUST IN - AIR MOBILE VIDEO!! CLICK  SEPTEMBER HAITI MISSION  This 10 minute video will tell you a bit more about what we do.  Joe

October 2, 2010 - Saturday - 5:49am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Reagan International Airport - Washington, DC - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Looks like it's a "Go" for Pakistan.   Our team is building the Voyagers, the Visa is in hand.  The main issue now is timing.  For that, we seek the direction of the Lord as to the best time to go. 

Yesterday was spent in "mining" information regarding Pakistan and the conditions there.  Suffice it to say, we are obtaining quality information that will help us to know the time and locations of our upcoming mission to Pakistan.
It was so good having dinner with my dear friends, Tom and Lori.  Tom has access to some of that quality information that we require to maneuver these turbulent waters.  So good being with them last night!  The crab cakes at CJ's were superb.

Arrived at Reagan International bright and early this morning to "stake" the claim on that "Buddy Pass" seat.  Things are looking good.  Upon arrival in Orlando, it will be a quick dash to Mims, FL to attend the "Mullet Festival".  The mullet is a humble, delicious fish found throughout the Florida waters.  Today, we honor the humble mullet.  We'll also be demonstrating the remarkable Vortex Voyager.  

Cindy, Juliet, Peter and Dieunika will be walking through the crowds in Medeival Dress to promote the upcoming Air Mobile Annual Cinderella Ball (October 15th - Air Mobile Headquarters - 8850 Grissom Parkway - Titusville, FL   32780).  Hope some of you reading this can make it.  It's going to be a fun evening.

Next week will be dedicated to the completion of the engine change on Ti Burik (our mission aircraft).  We hope to have it in the air by the end of the week.  Well, we're getting close to departure time.  Have to run.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just boarded the flight and yes, got "bumped" UP to 1st Class.  Nice perk of the humble "Buddy Pass".  Joe

October 1, 2010 - Friday - 3:48am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Orlando International Airport - Orlando, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The situation in Pakistan is extremely volatile.  We're keeping a very close eye on the latest developments.  I phoned the U.S. State Department and asked if we could meet.  They agreed.  Also phoned the Pakistani Embassy in DC to coordinate my Visa.  So, here I am winging to DC.  It helps to have a friend that works for Delta (Delta Rose).  This greatly reduces the cost of flying however.....there is a slight price to pay.

When you fly on a "Buddy Pass", you fly "Stand-by".  There is always a risk that "you'll be left behind"....only to wait for the next flight.  Over the years, I've flown on "buddy passes" so many times it seems like a blur.  Frankly, I enjoy the challenge.  There's usually a way to "work around" getting bumped.  Oh, you may need to fly to Atlanta, then Detroit then to Dallas.  But, I've never failed to arrive reasonably close to the original schedule.  We have a little joke among the "non-revers" - What is the best seat on a buddy pass?  ANY SEAT!

Today, I'm sitting here a full 2 hours before the flight and in pretty good shape.  The flight this morning is not very full and.....there's even a possibility of being "bumped" up to first class.  Oh yes, that's one of the perks of the "Buddy Pass".  I can't tell you how many times I've flown first class.

Well, yesterday got confirmation that our exhaust system is being shipped.  We budgeted around $2000 for the overhaul, the bill came to $3600.  Also received news that our propeller is ready.  We anticipated $2500 for the prop and $900 for the prop governor.  The final bill - $4500.  We have learned over the years to hold steady and trust the Lord.  He always comes through!

In speaking with our maintenance crew, all is going well.  We hope to have "Ti Burik" in the air for a series of test flights by late next week.  Once we get the go-ahead, it's back to Haiti.  Must say, "it's time to get back to Haiti!"  We'll get there as soon as we can.

If you're in Central Florida, please consider coming to our Annual Cinderella Ball on Friday, October 15th.  We began this wonderful event in honor of the little Haitian girl, Dieunika, that Cindy and I are adopting.  Dieunika's story is a beautiful story of grace and healing.  Stay tuned for more details on this great event.

In the meantime, the Pakistan Voyagers are being built.  All is going as scheduled.  After our next Haiti mission, we'll head to Pakistan.  So, having said all of this, THANKYOU for your prayer, love and support.  God Bless You!

Air Mobile Joe


September 30, 2010 - Thursday - 7:21am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Tropical Storm Nicole has lost her punch, but not her rain.  As you can see from this satellite image, her tail or southern end is drifting toward Haiti.  We pray that the rains do not cause flooding.  Over the years, we have seen literally thousands of Haitians die as flood waters race through valleys and "sweep" everything in the path away.  We simply pray for this not to happen!  The next 24 hours will be critical.
We are making splendid progress on "Ti Burik's" engine change.  I must give one more "glamour" shot with the new engine in place and the new "Ti Burik" sign on her side.  This is truly a beautiful thing.  Read yesterday's blog regarding the naming of our bird.  We currently are awaiting the exhaust system and the propeller to complete the change.  We hope they will arrive early next week and....all necessary funds will be in place.  

Last night, I had the wonderful privilege to speak to a group named "Wingman".  This is a very cool, new organization for men to become better fathers, husbands and leaders.  Everything is on an aviation / aircraft theme.  The men were receptive and our Lord visited us.  It was a blessing to be there. By the way, the message was on "The Joy of the Lord".

We continue to prepare for our upcoming Pakistan mission. We pray for this country that has been so devastated by the recent floods.  We pray that we can get in and accomplish our mission of bringing clean water and share the love of God with these suffering people.

It's time to head to the hangar and continue the methodical engine change.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

September 29, 2010 - Wednesday - 7:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Tropical storm #16 is coming our way here in "Sunny Florida".  It's been raining like crazy for the last 36 hours and will continue for a few more days.  Yet our work on the aircraft goes on unimpeded.  So glad we have a dry hangar to work in!  I am so pleased that we dropped the engine in the engine compartment yesterday.  It's a BEAUTIFUL thing! Here, Rick and Jerry are just setting that "Zero" time Continental TSIO 360A down onto "Ti Burik".  And a very special thanks to Brian and Kerry Tanis!!!
Also, take a look to the right of the engine compartment.  We put our "Ti Burik" sign on "Ti Burik".  Now, I must tell you how we came up with the name, which means "little donkey" in Creole.  Every time we land at Port-Au-Prince, our aircraft is surrounded by a crowd of men all smiling and laughing.  At first, it could be pretty intimidating to a new passenger.  However....

I have known many of the men since they were teenagers, now, some of them are grandfathers.  Been flying into this airport for 30+ years.  Well, our little aircraft can carry a significant load and having been doing this for a long time, I know how to pack a plane full.  The little cargo pod on the bottom of the plane allows even more cargo.  As we unload, our team of men, who assist us in getting the cargo from the plane to our vehicle usually get a kick out of how much stuff this little airplane can carry, thus......the name "Ti Burik".  

The humble little donkey, carries huge loads long distances.  The little donkey has been used by our Lord many times.  Why, it was a little donkey that carried our Savior into Jerusalem. honor to the men that have assisted me faithfully over the last 30 years, we have named our little airplane "Ti Burik".  Now you know the story.  

Oh, by the way, Mike Long, who recently accompanied us in Haiti is the President of CSI Sign Company here in Titusville.  He provided the beautiful sign for our aircraft at no charge.  I've known Mike's Mom & Dad, Charlie & Donna Long for many years.  It was great having Mike join us on this last mission.  "He'll be back".  He's a solid brother and truly loves the Lord.  Thanks Mike, Charlie & Donna!

I must also tell you who designed and drew the sign - Lydia Prussel, who is Joe Prussel's wife.  Lydia is a very gifted artist.  She has also drawn many murals in Haiti in Ruuska Village.  Actually, I've seen Lydia's murals all over the world.  THANK YOU, Lydia, for drawing "Ti Burik".  It's going to be fun to land at Port-Au-Prince on our next mission and see the expression on the men at the airport.  It will be a blessing to them to know that they named our mission aircraft. 

Tonight, I speak to group of men in an organization called "Wingman".  I like the name!  This is an organization dedicated to helping men to become better fathers, husbands and servants of the Lord.  Please pray that our Lord gives me the wisdom to share the right message.  I believe it will likely be on the "Joy of the Lord".  This message has just been "percolating" in my heart.

Better head out and do what we can to get "Ti Burik" back in the air.  There's a lot of work for us to do in Haiti before we head to Pakistan.  As always, really appreciate your prayer and love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I had had to give you one more "glamour" shot of Ti Burik with her new engine and sign.  Joe

September 28, 2010 - Tuesday - 8:34am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As you can see from the satellite image, there are significant storms to the west and south of Haiti.  A few days ago, a "Renegade" storm destroyed 8000 "homes".  Granted, these homes are made up of sticks and plastic, but they are, none the less - homes to thousands of people.  That simple statistic represents nearly 40,000+ people stripped of the little shelter they had by an "unamed" non tropical weather "occurance".  This is a tough way to live.  Our hearts go out to those and the hundreds of thousands of other Haitians - "Teetering on the edge".  

We have received some response for our call for 20 tents.  This is not very many, but it is something and it will fit into our little airplane and.... it will provide housing for approximately 100 people!  By the way, today, we hope to be easing that beautiful new engine down into the engine compartment on "Ti Burik".  We are moving closer and closer to returning to Haiti (I can hardly wait!).

The assembly of Voyagers for Pakistan is moving along nicely.  Our immediate plan is to get to Haiti for a quick supply run mission and check on the "tent cities" that we have been working so closely with and then go to Pakistan.  It's going to be a crowded couple of weeks.  We are just thankful that we can do "something" to help, even though it seems like a "drop in the bucket".  

We also ask our Lord to multiply our simple little loaves and fishes as He did with the little boy on the hillside. Nearly 20,000 people ate from a few loaves and fishes given to Jesus in faith!  May our Lord open our eyes to His magnificent, creative power.  May we not become discouraged in the face of "overwhelming" odds.  May we ever turn to Him.  May we ever seek His joy in the midst of the battle.  

Will send some photos of the engine placement later.  God Bless!  

Air Mobile Joe

September 27, 2010 - Monday - 8:09am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


In the aftermath of the recent storms, we have received specific requests for tents.  On our first flight into Haiti (following our engine change), we could carry approximately 20 tents, as we have other designated supplies already slated for the flight.  Please consider helping with this. We can purchase light, quality tents for approximately $100 each.  This tent will be a home!

Today, we continue on the engine change on the mission aircraft.  All is going as scheduled.  We will be speaking with the company doing our exhaust system this morning.  I will be asking them to consider reducing the cost of the exhaust overhaul.  Please pray that our Lord gives me "favor" with them.

Yesterday, we conducted our weekly service at the Hospital where the Hurston Family serves as Chaplain.  The House was full.  The message was on "The Joy of the Lord".  This message is changing my life!  The simple truth is; there is an unlimited amount of joy available to us from the Lord and.....the "Joy of the Lord" is our strength.  There it is in a nutshell.  In order to have more "Joy" in our life, we simply need to "Ask" for it.  We cannot manufacture this joy, it is a gift from God.  Wow, what deal!

It's off to the airport and another day of preparing Ti Burik (the little donkey).  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 26, 2010 - Sunday - 8:57am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The tents are wearing out in Haiti, the tarps are tattered and worn and 60 mile an hour wind and rain wreaked havok for thousands of "homes".  The storm was not even a tropical system, it was simply dry, cold upper level air that became a strong storm.  Thank God that thousands of tarps have been passed out in the last 24 hours, but the need is so great.  Our Haitian brothers and sisters are going through such difficult times.  It is difficult for me to be in the U.S. and not in Haiti right now.  We must get that aircraft in the air soon!  Please pray for the estimated 8000 that lost their homes again on Friday from the recent storm.

Tomorrow, we plan to resume the engine replacement on the mission aircraft.  We have only to receive our exhaust system to complete the installation.  We found out that the overhaul cost is nearly twice what we thought it would be ($3700 instead of $1800).  We know that our Lord will provide for this difference.

Meanwhile, our "water mule" staff is building Voyagers for Pakistan.  We are so glad that we can go there and do something!  The situation in Pakistan is dreadful.  Many areas are still under water.  The daily routine of getting firewood for cooking and water for drinking is a huge task.  Disease is rampant.  What a precious opportunity to shine forth the love of the Lord by bringing a "cup of water" to those that are thirsty!
Yesterday, the Hurston family went to Tampa for a Tae Kwon Do tournament.  We are so pleased that Peter won his sparring competition.  This has been such an excellent means of discipline and training for him.  We are glad he is doing well.

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from my dear friend and brother Mark in Haiti.  Mark is the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  He was explaining to me how dreadful the storm was and that a tree fell on his car destroying it.  Mark shared with me that the joy of the Lord overwhelmed his heart.  These are the times that we need the joy of the Lord the most, during the trying and difficult times.  Early this morning I was reflecting on this truth.  Oh, the joy of the Lord is a gift and we can't manufacture it on our own.  As always, there is so much more that I want to say, but time has run out.  Must get to church.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

September 25, 2010 - Saturday - 8:12am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

A freak storm raged through a "Tent City" in Port-Au-Prince on Friday and killed 5 people.  This was not a named storm, but just an isolated storm.  This demonstrates the extreme vulnerability of over 1 million people. Please remember these multitudes in your prayer!

I am so pleased to tell you that we have received funding for Pakistan! We are now putting 25 Voyagers together for Pakistan and will be departing once all of the components arrive.  This is very good news!  So many are still suffering there from the recent unprecedented flooding.

Meanwhile, our progress continues with the mission aircraft.  Components are arriving and our team is working hard to get the aircraft airworthy!

Today, our son Peter is in a Tae Kwon Do competition in Tampa.  We are very proud of him.  He has a Blue Belt on his way to a Black Belt.  We're heading out the door right now.  God Bless and THANKS for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 24, 2010 - Friday - 8:39am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Another major storm - this one possibly headed to the U.S.  We watched, what is now Tropical Storm Matthew form just below Haiti.  We are praying for all of those in the path of this storm.  It could very well grow into a significant hurricane.  
Today, we are meeting with a delegation representing relief for Pakistan.  We will be showing them our facility where we manufacture the Vortex Voyager.  We are very glad that they are doing their "due diligence" on Air Mobile and our ability to "deliver" clean water world-wide.  

The engine change is going very well.  I picked up our Turbo System from ATC in Vero Beach yesterday.  We hope to get word on the exhaust system today regarding cost and shipping time.  As we monitor Tropical Storm Matthew, there is an increased desire to get our mission aircraft airworthy.  We don't know where our Lord will have us to go next.  We simply want to be ready!

The other morning I awakened quite early with some very deep thoughts regarding the "Joy of the Lord".  Oh,  has our our Lord been speaking with me regarding this.  The bottom line is:  we need more JOY flowing through our hearts and.....there is an unlimited supply available to us from Jesus!  There is so much more that I want to share, but it will have to wait a bit.  Have a mountain of stuff to do in a short period of time.  God Bless and...ask our Lord to pour out some of His joy on you today.

Air Mobile Joe

September 23, 2010 - Thursday - 8:31am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Just received a call a few minutes ago, from a local doctor.  He's been to Haiti with us and is truly a great guy!  Well, he just pledged to pay for our propeller overhaul!  Great news!!  Thanks, Dr. Steve!!

We should receive word this morning regarding the cost of the exhaust system.  We know that our Lord will provide every penny necessary to complete this noble project.  Our goal is to get our mission aircraft, "Ti Burik" (the little donkey), back in the air ASAP.  As you can see from the sat image, there is another system brewing just south of Haiti.  This one appears to be headed to the Gulf of Mexico.  As we have been doing with these storms, LET'S CONTINUE TO PRAY that they turn away and do no harm!
Today, we continue our quest of getting the engine change complete.  We spoke with Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) last night.  She's in the U.S. for a couple of days and heading back to Haiti soon.  Well, better run for now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

September 22, 2010 - Wednesday - 8:19am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe
Another good day of progress on Ti Burik (our mission aircraft).  We are blessed to have such a good maintenance team!  Both Rick and Jerry have spent years working on Rockets at Kennedy Space Center.  Their attention to detail and excellence is evident.  Here, Rick is preparing our "firewall" for the new engine.  All of our components that need refurbishing are in the hands of the refurbishers. The propeller is being overhauled.  All is going according to schedule. 
In looking at the weather around Haiti this morning, I breathe a sigh of relief.  There are storms all around Haiti, but none striking the island.  For that we praise God!  Right now, it is rather difficult knowing that if we needed to make a flight to Haiti, we can't (in Ti Burik).  We're just rejoicing that things are calm and there are no urgent needs.  We pray that our aircraft gets back "airworthy" soon.  So far, so good!

Yesterday, we delivered another Voyager designated for Haiti.  We got the unit to Joe Prussel who will be going to Haiti with a team in the next few days.  This Voyager will be going to Grand Goave. This mission already had a Voyager and was so blessed and impressed with how well the unit worked, they decided to get a second unit.  We love it when that happens!

We are working diligently on getting Voyagers into Pakistan.  At this point, we are assembling all of the components that we have in stock.  We simply need the additional funding to purchase the remaining components to complete the units.  We are hoping to receive the funding shortly.  Please continue to pray for this to happen.  So many in Pakistan need clean water right now.  By the way, this is such a good way to demonstrate the love of the Lord.  Our Lord Jesus said simply, when you give a cup of clean water to those in need, it is like giving Me the clean water.  This is good!

Well, the day marches on and I'd better get to the hangar and keep the parts "flowing" for our maintenance team.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 21, 2010 - Tuesday - 7:49am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Hurricane Forecasters hit the nail on the head.  2010 would be a busy season.  We are already up the "L's" in the Hurricane list.  We'll keep an eye on Miss Lisa and pray that she turns to the north and avoids Bermuda and people in general.  It's too early to tell what she will do.  
However, as we look at this satellite image, there is quite a lot of instability to the south of Haiti this morning.  I hope that this does not create a "trough" or wagon wheel rut for Miss Lisa to roll down.  When storms form and go WEST, it is very bad for the the Caribbean, with Haiti right in the middle.  Also, those bad storms work into the Gulf and wreak havoc there.  So......keep on praying for Miss Lisa to make that north turn and stay away from people!

There, that is Air Mobile Joe's Hurricane Editorial this morning and our prayer request for the day.  I am clearly reminded of our Lord's rebuke of His disciples that stormy day when they seemingly almost died in the terrible storm on the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus described His disciples as "O ye of little faith" because they did not rebuke the storm.  Mmmmm, there must be something to praying regarding storms.  May we all remember that valuable lesson.  PRAYER WORKS!

Speaking of PRAYER, we continue our engine change today.  As is usually the case, everything costs more than anticipated.  We need your help financially with this engine change.  We are getting very close to having to pay for certain phases of the change and we need help.  Please PRAY about helping us with this important project.  In the upper left hand of this "Blog" is a "DONATE" BUTTON.  Please ask our Lord what He would have you to do to help us.  I urge, only listen to Him in this matter, no more, no less.  THANKS!!

Oh, remember yesterday's blog?  A friendly flight attendant took the photo of Cindy and I in the New Orleans  International Airport.  We then went and "waited" for a seat.  We were the very last ones to get on the plane to Orlando.  The flight was completely full and our "Buddy Pass" is on a "Stand-by" basis.  Well, our good Lord made a way for us to get home to our kids!

I'm currently waiting for our computer geek, Ron, to come over to our home and reload software so that we can scan documents again.  Then, it will be on to the airport and continuing with that wonderful "Engine Change" on Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  God Bless & THANKS again for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

September 20, 2010 - Monday - 5:55am (Central U.S. Time) - New Orleans International Airport - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe
Thanks to a dear friend with Delta, Cindy and I slipped away for Mini Family Reunion yesterday.  We're at the New Orleans International Airport this morning awaiting our flight home.  It was so good getting together with all my cousins and our one remaining Aunt.  So many memories / stories / updates.  

While we were away, Juliet and Peter conducted our Sunday Chaplain service at the Hospital for the young people in Orlando.  Juliet reported that the "house" was full and the kids were such a blessing to she and Peter. Juliet delivered a short, but effective message.  She prayed with several afterwards. Cindy and I are so proud of our kids carrying on in our absence.

Today, we continue with the engine change on the mission aircraft.  All is going smoothly.  We hope to have the aircraft back in the air soon.  All is going well in Haiti.  We're also moving closer toward our relief mission to Pakistan.  We'll keep you informed as the mission develops.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

September 19, 2010 - Sunday - 3:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Up early this morning and heading to New Orleans on Delta Airlines.  Cindy and I are going to a Hurston "mini" family reunion.  Really it's a gathering of cousins.  Will be good to see the family.  We have a friend that works for Delta and got us some "buddy" passes.  Have to arrive very early to get on the "wait" list.  All should go well.  

We plan to return early Monday morning.  Juliet and Peter will conduct service today at the Hospital in our absence.  This is very cool.  Peter was 5 months old and Juliet 4 years old when we began as Chaplains.  They have literally grown up doing this outreach.  It's a blessing to have them cover for us today.  Please remember them in prayer as they share the Good News of Jesus.  Well, have to run for now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

September 18, 2010 - Saturday - 7:47am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Igor continues on the northward track, aiming toward Bermuda.  We are praying for the residents of Bermuda.  We are thankful that Haiti has dodged another bullet!  Should Igor have tracked westward, many, many Haitians would have been injured, lost what little housing they had or worse yet, perished.  We have reached the peak of Hurricane Season and it is far from over.  Let us continue to pray!
Yesterday morning, before departure for the airport, I had the wonderful joy to watch little Dieunika while Cindy was running some errands.  She recently had surgery and is recovering beautifully.  Together, she and I were doing some "chores", feeding our chickens and I snapped this cute shot.  She is such a blessing.  We are in the process of adopting Dieunika.

I then headed to the airport to help with the engine change on Ti Burik, our mission plane.  We have a great crew.  We are installing additional instruments to help keep an eye on that new engine.  Here, Rick and Jerry are laying out the new panel for the EI Engine Analyzers.  Everything is going smoothly.  
Later in the afternoon, I headed down to Vero Beach to bring more Turbo components to ATC (great turbo shop) for rebuild.  Then had dinner with a dear friend, Bill.  He taught me how to "capture" satellite images on the phone and review them for later analysis.  This is profound.  Up until now, I could see the satellite image of the enroute weather, but did not know how to keep them for future review.  This little "tid bit" of info is invaluable for future missions.  Thanks Bill!!

Today, we continue the engine change - will be meeting with a local magazine editor for an interview and....this evening, my son, Peter and I heading to "Dogs-R-Us" to watch LSU and Mississippi State slug it out in an exciting SEC football game.  

I also wanted to THANK YOU again for praying for our ministry and business.  This week was quite a roller coaster ride and....our Lord came through again for us!  Thinking about writing another book to share some of the miraculous stories.  Well, have to run for now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 17, 2010 - Friday - 8:22am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Igor continues it's march northwestward.  Thank the Lord it is turning to the north!  We do pray for Bermuda.  Also, terrible rip currents are expected all along the U.S. East coast.  Surfers - beware!  My dear friend and premier "Water Mule", Joe Prussel will be leading a team back to Haiti next week.  Their mission will be to work on the electricity grid in the village.  We are so thankful for the teams that travel to Haiti and help in such significant ways.  Joe will also be working on Voyagers while there.  The team will be traveling commercially.  
Yesterday, excellent progress on the engine change was made.  Here in this photo, Rick and I are about to lift the old "faithful" engine out.  I must say, the old engine served us extremely well.  We are so thankful for the additional life and 17 flights to Haiti it gave us!  Now, it's time for a brand new "shiny" engine to take it's place.  Mmmmm, I'm sure there could be some kind of deep spiritual lesson there, but......not today.

Meanwhile, we are making exciting progress on getting Voyagers into Pakistan.  It's too early to tell for sure, but it looks like a trip there is in our very near future.  We are so thankful for this.  The devastating floods have left that country reeling and millions in desperate need of clean water.  We'll keep you advised.

Yesterday, I requested prayer for our business and our region.  Your prayers are working!  I personally experienced an exceptional day of peace and clarity.  We have asked our Lord for wisdom in how to naviagate through these turbulent economic situations.  He is doing just that.  THANK YOU!

Time to head out to the airport and work on that precious little mission plane (Ti Burik).  Feel free to call (321-544-7757) if you have any questions or just need prayer.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 16, 2010 - Thursday - 6:12am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


A few hours ago, both Hurricanes Igor & Julia became catagory 4 hurricanes at the same time.  This has never occurred since we have been naming and tracking hurricanes.  Both appear to be on similar courses.....approach Puerto Rico & Haiti and then turn north toward Bermuda.  Bermuda is preparing for the worst.  We pray for protection and wisdom for those in the path of these deadly storms.  We are certainly thankful that it appears as if Haiti will be spared again.  Should the course change, many Haitians would be injured or killed.  Please continue to pray!

Yesterday, we made good progress with the engine change on our mission aircraft.  All is proceeding on course.  Our propeller is in the shop being overhauled.  Today, we hope to send out the exhaust system for overhaul.  These 2 items require the most time.  We pray that all goes well and we get them both back in a timely manner.  We are very eager to have the aircraft airworthy soon, as we always like to be prepared to GO as He directs us!

I was up very early this morning praying about the economic situation in our area, the Space Coast.  As you may know, we are right in middle of the Space Program here and there are huge budget cuts with NASA.  There is also a serious lack of direction for the Space Program from the government. This is causing a tremendous uncertainty and financial instability.  Many small businesses are in jeopardy of failure.  Serious layoffs have begun.  Many families are suffering.  

It is easy to become fearful.  I, too wrestle with these same fears.  My "day job", is president of Cartridge Source of America, a small business that Cindy and I started in a "mud hut" village in Haiti many years ago to support our ministry.  Our main business is at Kennedy Space Center.  Our business is slowing down.  We are facing many difficult and complex decisions. We need clear direction from the Lord into which way to go.  I respectfully ask for your prayer!

I know that many regions of our country are suffering from similar financial woes.  This is the time for us to put  our faith and confidence in the Lord as never before....and I personally must practice what I preach!  Well, those are my thoughts for the day.  

Now, it's time to get out there and as the Apostle Paul says in Philippians 3:13-14 - "Brethren, I do not county myself to have apprehended, but one thing I do, forgetting those things behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.  I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus"!  Well said, brother Paul.  God Bless and THANKS for your prayer!

Air Mobile Joe


September 15, 2010 - Wednesday - 6:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Haiti has storms to the East and the West.  We pray that Hurricane Igor will make that right (north) turn before reaching Haiti.  We also pray for the residents Bermuda - apparently in the path.  TS Julia is following Igor and now, Karl has formed to the west of Igor.  There is a lot of "instability" in the air.  It's a good time to "batten down" the hatches and prepare.

We are currently getting our aircraft prepared for the next mission.  Our maintenance team has agreed that it is time to change the front engine.  I must say that the current engine on the aircraft has far exceeded all of our expectations by safely delivering 17 round trip flights to Haiti (over 200 Flight hours!).  Now, we're putting that brand new engine on "Ti Burik".  

We are working as diligently and quickly as possible to get this bird back in the air.  Today, we pull the propeller for overhaul and the exhaust system.  We already have some of the turbo components overhauled, so we are on our way.

Do you recall the scripture that I quoted a few days ago - Romans 8:28 ("All things work together for the good to those that love God, those the called according to His purpose")?  Well, let me tell you about 2 additional examples.  

On this last mission to Haiti, I lost my favorite sunglasses (had them for over 3 years).  They were actually pretty scratched and old and needed replacement, but I was pretty "attached" to them.  Sometimes we just get that way.  This morning, I am meeting with  a very dear friend of many years, Dr. Sam Winn.  He has a brand new pair of quality sunglasses for me (as a gift).  Thanks Sam!

Also, you may recall several weeks ago, my son Christian and I were backing up and downloading a the latest operating system for my phone.  During the standard download, the complete data base was erased.  This was devastating.  The problem seems to be a "glitch" in the phone itself.  Another friend, who chooses to remain anonymous, provided a beautiful new 4G I-phone.  Now, I have communication like never before and with a reliable "back-up" system.  Ahhhh, what a relief.  So, even though there have been some "losses", there are certainly "GAINS"! 

We do need some help with the added expenses with the ENGINE CHANGE.  Please pray about assisting us on this.  You may even use the "Paypal" tab in the upper left side of this page or feel free to give me a call for the latest update and needs status.  My cell phone number is:  321-544-7757.  Getting this aircraft up and flying is very important.  As always, THANK YOU for you prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

September 14, 2010 - Tuesday - 5:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Igor is threatening to become a Catagory 5 storm.  It is huge and fierce.  I am relieved to hear that the Haitian Government is preparing to evacuate some IDP's (Internationally Displaced Peoples) to safe locations.  The killer Hurricane is forecast to make a north turn as did Earl, but these are only predictions.  If they are wrong, Haiti could receive another "deadly blow".  We pray that does not happen!

Yesterday, we began our "Post Mission" inspection on Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  Early this morning, I am heading down to Vero Beach with some Turbo components for overhaul.  Plan to have coffee with my dear friend, Bill Duncklee (Bill donated the aircraft to us in late January, immediately following the deadly earthquake).

Yesterday evening, met with a wonderful Pastor from Pakistan to discuss the terrible flooding and what Air Mobile can do.  Following that meeting, met with several doctors representing an organization gathering funds for help to Pakistan.  We were able to demonstrate the Voyager for their consideration.  We pray we have the opportunity to travel to Pakistan and help these suffering people.  Disease is a major issue following the unprecedented flooding that occured recently.

Spoke with Barbara yesterday in Haiti.  All is well.  Barb would likely join our team should we go to Pakistan.  Things are shaking all over the world.  It is the time to fix our eyes on the Lord.  We pray each day for our Lord Jesus to guide and direct our paths.  Well, better head down to Vero, don't want to keep Bill waiting.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 13, 2010 - Monday - 6:48am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Meanwhile, Haiti lies in the path of the storms.  The Atlantic is remaining true to the forecasts predicted earlier this year.  Storm after storm is rolling off the African coast.  Hurricane Igor may make a right turn as did Hurricane Earl.  Julia is right on Igor's tail.  Thus far, Haiti has been spared from a major hit.  We do continue to pray for mercy and grace!

We've been in touch with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and all is well in the Ruuska Village.  This week, we'll be gathering supplies for Haiti and performing our "Post Mission" inspection on Ti Burik (our mission aircraft).

This evening we'll be meeting with several groups who are putting together relief for Pakistan.  We'll be discussing the possibility of bringing in Voyagers to relieve the desperate need for clean water.  Please pray that our Lord leads and directs in this vital project.  Many lives hang in the balance as disease is rampant in many areas.  

Well, better run for now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 12, 2010 - Sunday - 7:18am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The forgotten laptop....It was just a mistake.  When our team departed for Haiti in the very early hours of  Monday morning, September 5th, my head was supercharged with flight planning, departure reports, weather briefings etc.etc. and I simply forgot my trusty laptop in the back of my 1997 Ford Escort.

I have more to write, but right now, going to have a delicious cup of coffee with my beautiful wife on our front porch.  Stay tuned.

Now, back to the blog (time - 8:25am), by the way, the coffee was delicious.  When our team landed in Haiti on Monday morning, I soon realized that the laptop had been "left behind".  About 20 of my usual "routines" were dramatically disrupted.  How would I communicate with my family, blog, check weather briefings, check on the company, look up critical information, etc. etc. etc.

Within minutes had a back up laptop (one that Air Mobile had brought in for Barbara).  It was ok, but did not have all my usual "favorites" or archived photos or quick, handy desktop programs.  It seems our Lord has a wonderful way of "stretching" us during intense moments.  Our team quickly prayed with me and bit by bit, made the susbsitute laptop begin to work.

Much could be written about all the "changes" and adjustments made over the next few days regarding the "forgotten" laptop, but the main one was to come and it involved a major function of ministry.  Let's go back in the blog to Thursday, September 9th.  
In this photo, Mike Long is looking at you and Tony and I are just setting up the "subsitiute" laptop to show the "JESUS" Film.  Dark storm clouds are brewing just behind us.  We are moving ahead by faith to show the film.  All was on schedule and it was then that we discovered that the "subsitute" laptop DID NOT have software to play the "JESUS" Film DVD.  So, even if the rain had not come, we still would not have been able to show the film.  What were we to do??

We called it "Plan B", but in truth, I believe it was "Plan A".  We sat in our mission truck with rain falling heavily, all of the film equipment thrown into the back of the truck and I felt defeated!  It was then that we noticed a steady stream of kids loading up into an old bus in front of us.  The idea came - GO & SHARE THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS with those kids.  Soon, that old bus was indeed rocking with the most beautiful praise music you can imagine.  Our team asked the Haitians to sing for us.  Man...did they!  It was like heaven!
Old and young all packed the bus out until there was no more room.  We quickly relocated to the front "gallery" of an old empty hospital administration building.  Now, I had to preach.  Well, the message that had been prepared for the conclusion of the "JESUS" Film just did not "fit" this new situation.  

Right there on the "Gallery", we asked our Haitian brothers and sisters to sing a little more.  Mike, Tony and Melissa loved the music.  I desperately flung through my Bible asking our Lord what He wanted me to share with these precious folks.  The Lord was good and gave me a message on the importance of "Testifying" of His goodness openly and freely.  The message was delivered.  

An invitation was given for those who wanted to accept Jesus for the first time.  Hands flew up everywhere.  No one (of us) was counting.  Our Lord was taking careful notes and writing names down in the Lamb's Book of Life.  Eternal transactions were made.  

Our Lord took "my mistake" of leaving that laptop behind and turned it into Romans 8:28 - "All things work together for the those that love God....those the called according to His purpose".  This morning, I just wanted to encourage you to pray through those mistakes (that we all make) and give them to the Lord and seek His will in every situation.

Now, it's time for the Hurston's to head to church and then to our U.S. "Mission" at the Hospital for the young people where we are Chaplains.  The Lord is good all the time and can take our mistakes and turn them for the good.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


PPS - LSU won last night.  Peter (my son) and I had a blast last night at Dogs-R-Us.  Joe

September 11, 2010 - Saturday - 7:20am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I awoke early this morning and spent some time reading the Bible.  Read John 16 and the last verse (v33) stood out to me "These things I have spoken to you that in Me you might have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  May we look to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith and our peace!  Please remember those that have suffered such terrible loss from the 9-11 attack.
Yesterday our team did go to the airport, loaded up in our mission plane (Ti Burik) and flew back to the U.S. The front engine performed splendidly.  We made good time and had a smooth flight.  We also gave another Haitian Air Traffic Controller, Banks, a ride back.  I love to do this as it gives additional training to the ATC's by allowing them to see what happens in the cockpit of the airplane.  It helps them to be better controllers.

This last mission was filled with wonderful interventions of our Lord.  We saw His hand moving in marvelous ways again and again.  Our team members, Mike Long and Tony & Melissa Baratta were just fantastic.  They were resilient and brave and we overcame obstacles and difficulties with joy and praise.  We saw our Lord come through for us over and over.  We also saw our Haitian brothers and sisters face storms and hardships with courage and resilience. This truly encouraged and inspired us.  But I think it is the children that gets to us the most.  We look forward to our next mission to Haiti.
We continue to pray that we can do something in Pakistan.  The recent flooding has caused monumental suffering and destruction.  We pray that funding will come in for us to bring some water purification systems there. We long to share the love of the Lord with those folks that are suffering so greatly.

Well, it's Saturday in the U.S. Hope to catch a little LSU football this evening.  My son, Peter and I,  "relish" going to Dogs-R-Us (a local Hot Dog joint) and enjoying some football and good hot dogs.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

PS - I had to share the photo (again) that was taken from our aircraft as we headed to Haiti on this last mission.  Please look in the middle of the photo and tell me what you see.  As this photo was taken, I was considering turning back to the U.S. After our team prayed, I felt certain that we should continue on to Haiti.  We had vital supplies and our Lord truly had some distinct plans for us on this mission.  Thank the Lord we did not turn back.  After we arrived in Haiti, while going through the photos, we found this astounding shot.  Our Lord shows Himself to us in wonderful ways!  Joe

September 10, 2010 - Friday - 5:19am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Another storm hit last night, but we kept marching on!  We scheduled to show the "JESUS" Film last night in the MDB Tent City (Michelle Bennet Duvalier).  By faith, we set up the screen and the sound system.  Ominous storm clouds were coming in from the east.  Over the years, we have had this occur many times.  

Some of you reading this blog have been with me on campaigns over the years and have experienced this same thing.  We have stood in prayer and seen the storms turn away.  Well, we did the same thing last night, except, the storms came.  We quickly gathered up the equipment, threw a tarp over the projector and computer and the Lord gave us "Plan B"!

After securing everything, our team sat in the mission truck and prayed.  We saw a bunch of kids seeking refuge in an old bus.  The plan emerged, just share the Good News of the Gospel with whoever would listen.  We had no problem gathering a crowd.  Soon the bus was packed with young and old alike.  Our "audience" began singing for us.  It was hot and packed and that old bus was just rocking.  
Someone suggested a larger location.  We carried our little generator and the light and the crowd followed and soon we were meeting on a large porch of an old empty admin building.  The Word of God flowed out, there was more singing and then an invitation was made for those who wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior.  Hands went up everywhere.  Bibles were given out and we packed up our improvised equipment and ministry and headed back to the village.  Ahhh, mission accomplished!
Earlier yesterday, we visited the "People in the Middle".  We met at Catastrophe's families "old house" #90.  The Leaders of the community were there to meet us.  We gave them food and had some encouraging prayers.  Some of the structures were damaged by the storm but.....PRAISE GOD, at least 60-70% of the residents had already left.
I failed to mention, that before going to the "People in the Middle", we passed by Caanan II and gave them some good food that would work well for the "New Canteen" set up to feed the children before school.  Also, about 40-50% of the tents were damaged.  So many with a smile and determination simply went about drying out their stuff and repairing the tears.  Amazing, resilient people.

Well, that about covers the day.  Barb is doing great and things are going very well in Ruuska Village.  Now, our team will head out early and who knows, it may be a good day to travel.  Please keep us in your prayers!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

September 9, 2010 - Thursday - 6:37am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday Haiti was hit with a terrible storm. The “disorganized” storm Gustav came together and met in Haiti. In the last 48 hours, our phones and internet have been malfunctioning, so we were unable to properly track the storm. As a matter of fact, we had the “JESUS” Film scheduled to be shown in the MBD Tent City. As the ominous storm clouds from the east raced toward us, we did not even have time to warn the residents of the tent cities in the area to “batten down the hatches”. Before we knew it, the winds were roaring and the rain was pouring into every opening of our buildings.

Our team joined together for intense prayer for the “residents” of the many tent cities in our area. We could only imagine what was happening.

Today, we will be going out with food and other provisions and assessing the damage. Last night, we prayed so hard for the storm to just fall apart, as it did when the Disciples were in the little boat and Jesus as sleeping. Our Lord simply rebuked the storm and it instantly dissipated. We prayed right along those lines. Soon after our prayer, the storm dissipated. Praise God!

Earlier yesterday, Mike and I headed out again on the little motorcycle. We went straight to the “People in the Middle”. Remember those folks that made make-shift dwellings in the median of the busy road? The first thing we noted is that over 60% of the folks have left. Thank the Lord!

Next, we searched for the little boy that we have been following, Catastrophe (he was born on January 12th, the day of the terrible earthquake). He recently had surgery thanks to the Adventist Hospital in Diquini (Nathan arranged the surgery).

We were told that Catastrophe's family had moved. We went to their new 'home'. It was close to the water and brand new construction of plywood and new roofing tin. It was beautiful by comparison. We hope this story is duplicated again and again. Folks who are living in desperate, dangerous situations will find good places to live!

We then visited Nathan and Amy at the Adventist Hosptial and thanked them for taking such good care of little Catastrophe.  From there, we picked up the other mission motorcycle.  It was Mike's solo motorcycle drive.  He did well.  We then returned to the Village to prepare for our "JESUS" Film showing.  It was then that the terrible storm roared in from the east.

We're now preparing to head to the tent cities to do an assessment and provide some much needed supplies.  Tonight, we plan to show the "JESUS" Film in the MBD Tent City.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love! 

Air Mobile Joe 

September 8, 2010 - Wednesday - 6:57am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe
With the help of friends who happen to be extremely good mechanics, we diagnosed the problem with "Ti Burik", our mission aircraft.  The staff at MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) treated us so well.  We spent the day together and methodically went through test after test until we completlely isolated the problem in our turbo system.  We have a safe and acceptable method to fly home and upon return, have the component overhauled.  Thank the Lord for good friends and excellent mechanics.
In order to get to the airport yesterday morning, Mike (one of our team members) and I jumped on our little mission motorcycle and dashed to town.  Mike had is phone video camera working as we ducked and weaved and squeezed through the mayhem of traffic. It's quite a video.  Mike was a great help throughout the repair and is a pretty tough and durable team member.

Meanwhile, Tony and Melissa stayed back in the village.  Melissa is a first rate RN and worked diligently on organizing the clinic. When word got out in the community, the sick lined up and Melissa had her hands full.  Tony documented the days events on video and even helped the workers pour concrete.  Barbara or better known at "Rambo in the Blue Dress" or "The General" oversaw the Village operations!  Barb is as spunky as ever!

By the time Mike and I returned from the airport, it was too late to show the JESUS film.  We'll try that tonight.  Please pray that our Lord holds back the rain for the event.  When we show the JESUS film,  the audience's faith grows because the pure Word of God goes out and they not only "Hear" the Word, but "See" the Word.  It is a powerful thing.

Oh, we got the satellite connection back up in Ruuska Village.  However, my personal cell phone went out yesterday afternoon.  If you're trying to phone me, be patient.  Cherie, my daughter and Alana, our bookkeeper are working diligently on it to get me back "Connected".  Better get on with the day, the sun has risen and people are stirring.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Quite a few of you have written about the "Beautiful & Encouraging" sunrise snapped by Melissa (scoll down to yesterdays blog for details).  I still get goose bumps when I see it.  Our Lord does show "SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS".  Joe 

September 7, 2010 - Tuesday - 9:43am (Haiti time) - Port-Au-Prince International Airport (MAF Hangar / Office) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Our computer connection in the village went down.  I am borrowing a computer from a dear friend, Bernard Celestin, so I only have a few moments to get this quick report out.

Here is what happened yesterday regarding the incredible photograph posted.  We were enroute to Haiti level at 13,000 feet.  There were multiple storms in the region.  Miami ATC (Air Traffic Control) was doing a superb job of steering us around the storms.  The front engine turbo (we had supposedly repaired it on Sunday) began to surge.  This did not pose an immediate problem, but caused concern. 

I considered turning back.  At the same time, I knew that the sun was about to rise.  This would give me an excellent view of where the storms were located.  Our team was in prayer.  Melissa, one of our team members snapped a series of photographs.  In answer to our prayer, the engine stabilized and the decision was made to proceed on to Haiti.

It was after arriving in Haiti and downloading the photographs that we found the photo that you see below.  Take a look and tell me what you see in the middle.  

Another factor in leading us to proceed on with this flight was that we had critical medication on-board along with other vital supplies.  We knew that we had to do all in our power to make it to Haiti.

Something else that influenced us to proceed on - the MAF Flight crew has some of the best mechanics in the world.  I knew that once we made it to Haiti, our aircraft would inspected and repaired by ¨the best¨!  

Well, here we are about to open up ¨Ti Burik¨ (the little donkey) and see whatś happening with that front turbo.  Please pray for us.

Also, tonight, we may show the Jesus Film should we find success in repairing the aircraft today.  Again, PRAY!

Well, have to run for now.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

September 6, 2010 - Monday - 12:57pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Here is a sneak preview of what we did today.  I will likely put this photo up more than once.  One of our team members, Melissa snapped this shot of sunrise this morning at 5:45am.  She did not know what was in the shot until a few moments ago.  We were cruising at 13,000 feet near Andros Island and praying for the sun to rise so that we could identify where the storms were.

I just downloaded this shot and take a look in the middle of the shot.  Do you see anything??  If so, e-mail me and let me know what you see (

We are on our way to the Adventist Hospital and to check on the "People in the middle".  Will write more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 6, 2010 - Monday - 2:43am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Titusville, FL (Space Center Executive Airport) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Our team gathers once more in preparation for ministry in Haiti.  We continue to pray for clear skies and smooth sailing.  We are tracking another disturbance to the east of Haiti.  We are just amazed and blessed at how Haiti has been spared thus far from so many storms that have formed in the area and avoided hitting Haiti.  We just keep on praying!

As we look at our route to Haiti, we can see that there are several build-ups around the route and we are seeking the best way to work our way around the weather.  Please pray for us as consider the day.  We'll write more later.

God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 5, 2010 - Sunday - 12:05pm (U.S. Eastern Time) - Titusville, FL (Space Center Executive Airport) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Things don't always turn out as planned.  As you might guess by the photo, that our team (Tony, Melissa & Mike) boarded our aircraft and headed off for Haiti early this morning.  While climbing through 6,000 feet, I realized that the front turbo was not kicking in. Quick decision - return to our home base and see what's up.

Soon, we had the aircraft apart and by Providence (thank you, Lord), we had a beautiful turbo controller in our hangar on one of the extra engines that Bill Dunklee donated along with the airplane.

We are now in the process of changing it and hopefully, Ti Burik (the little donkey) will be ready to climb up the lovely Caribbean sky and wing to Haiti.  Will keep you up to date.

Oh, I must tell you about something wonderful that happened yesterday.  Remember, Ken and a bunch of other volunteers (Danny, Roland, Kris, Mike) helped to straighten out our hangar.  I can tell you, it is a thing of beauty.  Very well organized and functional.  Thank God for friends with the "organizational" gift!!

Later yesterday afternoon, Terry Owen (of Florida Hospital) and his wife Susan showed up to get a Voyager for their upcoming mission to Ethiopia.  After a quick training and swapping mission stories, we had the joy of presenting the Voyager for Ethiopia.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord sends these units all over the world.

Well, back to turning wrenches and getting a little airplane ready to fly.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 5, 2010 - Sunday - 3:55am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Now what are we doing up so early?  Well, we're heading to the airplane and making sure everything is in order.  We've gathered our supplies and you never now where we'll end up.

The weather is quite nice this morning and the Caribbean looks clear.  We're so thankful for a reprieve for these folks.  Just a few days ago, a "monster" roared through these parts.

Better run.  Have people to see and places to go.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 4, 2010 - Saturday - 7:07am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


 The storms are past for now and we thank the Lord for His mercy!  If we ever err, may we err on the side of  "too much prayer"!  Truth is, we can't pray too much.

I must tell you about a dear friend of mine, Ken Baker.  Ken is one of these guys that has a garage that looks could be the poster child for Popular Mechanics.  Everything is in absolute perfect order.  Ken shared his gift with Air Mobile yesterday and helped clean up our hangar.

Today, we have a team of volunteers coming over to help make our hangar much more functional.  We continue to prepare for our nex mission.  Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

September 3, 2010 - Friday - 7:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Earl certainly demonstrates the power of nature.  We are praying for all in the path.  As we watch this storm, it reminds us of the staggering energy produced by such storms.  Finding a shelter in the storm is such a blessing!  Of course, there are a thousand "messages" that could be launched from that statement.  May we ever remain close to the Lord and seek His guidance and protection.

Haiti has had a reprieve.  Earl has passed dangerously close and there is more instability off the African coast.  We continue to pray.  Pakistan is just at the beginning of the "Rainy Season".  More rains are coming.  So many are suffering.  We simply want to help when and where we can.  For that, we continue to seek direction and funding.

We had a splendid day yesterday completing the "Exhaust" inspection repair on our mission aircraft.  It was very good to get in there and do "deep" inspections.  We will put everthing back together today.  Soon, "Ti Burik" (the little donkey) will be ready to fly again.  Not exactly sure when we will fly, but it will be soon.

As alway, thank you for your prayer and love!  A number of you phoned me yesterday and gave me your numbers.  Slowly, I am rebuilding my data base that was lost from an Apple Glitch.  If you have the opportunity, give me a call at:  321-544-7757 so that I can re-enter you into my phone list.  Thanks!!

Air Mobile Joe

September 2, 2010 - Thursday - 6:36am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We continue to pray that Hurricane Earl will stay offshore and turn more to the north east!  Many along the east coast are bracing for this deadly storm.  I am so thankful that we, in America, have excellent communications / notification mechanisms to warn people.  We also have "hurricane escape routes" and hurricane shelters and.....we use them.  Thus the low loss of life during bad storms.  Many of us also have insurance to repair the damage. For these things, we are thankful.

Of course this is NOT the case in many places around the world and particularly in Haiti.  Life is so intense and difficult, one usually has just barely enough strength, food / water to get through the day.  There is not a whole lot left over for stocking up, or even evacuation.  These are the areas that we are working diligently to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Speaking of helping....we got into the "Exhaust System" on our mission plane yesterday.  It came apart quite easily.  We have found a few pieces in side that need to be strengthened.  We're working on that today .  Meanwhile, we monitor and pray regarding the storms in our region and the terrible flooding in Pakistan.

Yes, there are times that these things are over-whelming, yet....we keep marching forward doing the little things that we can do, by faith!  We pray for those in "harms way" and ask our Lord to use us for His glory.  That is why I ask for your prayer so often.  Prayer is powerful.  A wise one once told me, "If we really knew that happened when we pray....WE WOULD PRAY MORE!"  Please, just take a moment and lift up those in need all around you.  Our Lord hears our prayers!  Gotta run go get some exhaust parts welded.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Had quite a "shock" last night.  I visited with my son, Christian to check on a wayward GPS system.  Christian is one of the best at diagnosing such problems.  Well, we hit a stone wall and my primary back-up GPS is just simply inoperative.  Just another challenge.  Well....then it got very interesting.

Christian noted that my my I-Phone had an old operating system.  He offered to upgrade it.  We went through all the prompts, including making a "back-up" to the system and pushed the button with supreme confidence that all would go well.  Horror of horrors!  The entire system was wiped out.  Everything!  The last 7 months of Haiti work, all gone.  So, I am rebuilding number by number.  If you think you are supposed to hear from me and don't, PLEASE give me a call at:  321-544-7757 and I will re-enter your number in my system.  You may also simply "Text" your info to me.

PPS - I know that some of you are asking, "What about a back-up"?  Well, we were supposed to have done that last night - it did not take.  When speaking with Apple Support, they just apologized profusely.  In other words, they have a major glitch in their system when I-Phone 3G systems are updated.  Beware!  Joe

September 1, 2010 - Wednesday - 7:11am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Earl has turned to the north and we pray - stays away from people!  There is another significant disturbance in the wake of Earl, Fiona.  We are so thankful that the people of Haiti have been spared.  I gave a friend a good word illustration of how high winds would impact those effected.

Imagine standing on a street corner and a high speed motorcycle passed by at 90 + MPH with a jagged, rusty, sharp piece of tin roof and struck you, even with a very slight, glancing blow.  Now, that is a picture of what the winds do to poorly built structures made up of discarded material such as the roofing tin.  It's not a pretty picture!  This is the reason we are working diligently to help arrange "Evacuation Centers" in Haiti!

I must take off my hat to the Hurricane Forecasters!  They called Earl's movement VERY ACCURATELY!  Also, as you look at the Satellite Image to the left, you can see that the storms are far from over.  Again, the Hurricane Forecasters predicted this Hurricane Season would be very active.  So far, they are right on the button!   The East Coast of the U.S. now stands in the path (The Outer Banks and Cape Cod). This is the reason that I am urging you to PRAY for our Lord to spare those in the paths of these storms!

Meanwhile, we continue to work on our mission aircraft, Ti Burik (the little donkey).  Today, we will be performing work on the exhaust system.  This is always tricky, because it is like working on "old plumbing".  One thing leads to another.  Please pray that all goes well and we have the trusty little bird up and ready for our next mission.

We continue to trust for the funds for Pakistan.  I read stories about the outbreak of disease, swarms of flies and devastated economy.  Again, please remember to pray for so many whose lives are so dramatically impacted by these terrible floods!  God Bless You!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 31, 2010 - Tuesday - 7:17am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As I write this blog, Hurricane Earl (Catagory 4 - 135mph!) is beginning the right turn (to the north).  This is a very close call for Haiti.  We pray that Earl does not "wobble" to the left or even track due west. We pray for all in the future path of this deadly hurricane.

Today, we do our "post mission" inspection on the aircraft.  We will do all to get the bird ready to fly back to Haiti immediately.  Earl is, if nothing else, a very serious wake up call.  Not that we have been sleeeping, it just brings to awareness how vulnerable the people of Haiti are at this time.

As you view the satellite image above, you can see another system just to the right of Earl.  Please continue to pray for Haiti during these critical hours.  Just imagine yourself in the position of over 1,000,000 souls in Haiti.  So many are living on the edge and "holding their breath" as these storms dance by.

We continue to follow the grim and desperate situation in Pakistan.  We pray that the funds come in for water purifiers.  Clean water is a matter of life and death to so many.  If you are new to this blog, please continue to read down to see how this story and many others have unfolded to this point.  Will report more on this later.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 30, 2010 - Monday - 7:54am (Haiti Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As we monitor Hurricane Earl, we continue to pray for a sharp "right turn" to the north and for the cool Atlantic to settle the storm down.  The Hurricane is growing in intensity and becoming more deadly by the hour.  We continue to pray for our Lord hold the storm away from populated areas.

Now, I realize that this may sound a bit crazy to some, however, we have strong precedent for such prayers in the Bible.  Jesus rebuked the disciples for not praying for the storm to settle down when they were crossing the Sea of Galilee. He was asleep in the boat when the terrible storm "blew up" suddenly.  The Disciples were afraid and finally awakened Jesus.  He simply spoke to the storm and it instantly calmed down.  Then...He rebuked the Disciples for not praying for the storm themselves.  Well, you can see from the image above, that "Earl" is a big, dangerous storm approaching Purerto Rico and Haiti.

Now, take a look at the "Projections".  The forecasters are calling for a "right turn".  We pray that they are correct.  Should even the fringe winds hit Haiti, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of homes will be instantly destroyed.  The reason....the "houses" are made of sticks and plastic.  The slightest wind will simply blow them away.  The problem - people are in them!

I have said this many times, but a very common material in construction is old, discarded roofing tin.  It is often rusty and has very sharp edges.  It would be like "shrapnel" exploding when driven by strong winds.  Folks, YOUR PRAYER IS IMPORTANT!  Please take a moment and lift up Haiti and all in the future path of "Earl" and the other storms that will come to this region.

This week, we will be preparing "Ti Burik", our mission aircraft, for the next mission.  We aren't sure when or where, but we know we will be going somewhere as our Lord directs.  We continue to monitor Pakistan.  The flooding is slowly engulfing most of the country.  As flood waters recede in one region, the water pushes into the next.  There is a deep concern for pregnant women.  Over 100,000 are already exposed.  The suffering in Pakistan is almost unimagineable.  PLEASE PRAY FOR PAKISTAN!  We are seeking direction regarding bringing in water purifiers.  Our main obstacle is funding.  Will write more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

August 29, 2010 - Sunday - 9:03am (Haiti Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, the Hurston's (Joe, Cindy, Peter & Dieunika) went to a baseball game.  The evening was absolutely gorgeous!  There was a mild breeze, beautiful stars and a stunning sunset.  The game started out quite well for us, the Manatees (our local team) blew to an 8 - 0 lead.  Ahh, life is good.  Even the hotdog was good.  Then....the "Thrashers" began to steadily come back.  In the 8th, they did the unthinkable, a GRAND SLAM and they took the lead in one fell swoop 10 - 8.  At the end of the game, we didn't even stay for the traditional fireworks.  It was late and time to go home.  Even in the loss, it was so good just being in America and enjoying (to some degree) a classic beautiful evening in our wonderful country.

Meanwhile........just to the east of the Windward Islands, here comes "Earl"!  It is a widely scattered very powerful storm.  Again, we PRAY for the hundreds of thousands of Haitians that are living in "tents" and sticks and plastic and old rusty pieces of tin roof.  The last 10 trips that we have made to Haiti have been primarily to secure a safe location for the residents of the tent cities just north of Port-Au-Prince.  We are making progress, but like most things, it is a PUZZLE with multiple pieces that must be put together in sequence.  At some point, should we not have all the pieces all lined up, we are going to have to plead for GRACE for thousands of folks to have a safe place to run and hide and ride out the storm......should the "track" turn toward Haiti.

We also pray for the hundreds of thousands of other island residents in the path of Earl.  This storm will likely wreak death and destruction!  As I type this blog, Earl is moving Westward at 10-15mph.  Please pray!

So glad we had a nice evening off.  Today, we continue to plead in behalf of the thousands of vulnerable folks.  Meanwhile, we continue to work toward getting clean water into Pakistan.  Several organizations are working diligently on raising funds for units for Pakistan.  I hope to communicate with them this weekend.

In the meantime, we work toward our next mission to Haiti.  Should Earl continue to move toward Haiti, Air Mobile will likely make one quick trip into Haiti to get as much supplies / provisions into place before the storm hits.

We're about ready to leave for our Church, Redeemer Presbyterian.  From there, we head to the hospital where we are Chaplains for young people.  Then, this afternoon, we will have a quick meeting with Nathan and Amy, the missionaries that we gave a ride to the U.S. to on Friday.  Whew, never a dull moment for the Hurston's.  God Bless and THANK YOU - THANK YOU for your prayers, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 28, 2010 - Satuday - 7:40am (Haiti Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Our appointment at the airport yesterday morning was with "Ti Burik" (the little donkey), our mission aircraft.  Had an interesting mix of folks flying back to the U.S., i.e. some missionaries that need a break, a veteran missionary, and a Haitian air traffic controller. We flew back at 12,500 feet.  Northeast of our route was a full fledged Hurricane (Danielle) and a couple of other storms brewing to the east of us.  We had an exceptionally smooth flight and landed at Fort Pierce right on schedule.

To those of you who drink Haitian coffee with us, we have good news!  We found Cafe' St. Marc.  This is, in my humble opinion, the smoothest, most delicious coffee that I have ever drank.  I first discovered Cafe' St. Marc in 1979 as a  "Rookie" missionary.  We searched diligently in Port-Au-Prince for the coffee to no avail. It has been on "back-order", but not any more.

When Fred and I came back from Gonaives, we passed through St. Marc and bought a good load.  When we loaded the plane, we filled in every nook and cranny of Ti Burik with the delicious coffee.

Upon return to the U.S., we met Cindy and the kids for a delicious seafood dinner at a famous local restaurant in Titusville.  It's so good to be home for a bit.

Fred and Cindy and I stayed up late yesterday evening discussing all the things going on in Haiti.  We're already planning our next trip in.  However, now, we're looking very seriously Pakistan.  The situation there is going from "bad to worse".  We're seeking the direction of the Lord!

The storms that are brewing in the Atlantic could wreak havoc and death in Haiti.  We continue to pray for our Lord to hold these storms back and protect all in the paths of these storms.  Will write more later.  God Bless and as always, thank you for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 27, 2010 - Friday - 5:58am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We drove half way across Haiti yesterday.  Spoke with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) about our findings and the "wheels" are in motion to get that runway re-opened.  Again, it is difficult to express just how significant this is for a community such as Gonaives.

This area is no stranger to "deep tragedy".  In 2004, over 3000 people WASHED AWAY in terrible flooding.  The storm was not even a hurricane!.  Then in 2008, thousands more washed away in a hurricane (I forget the name).  The water stayed up and did not drain for over 1 year.  Now, a little runway makes a huge difference in such cases.

Even if something as common as  medical situation arises, without an airport, one would face a 3-5 hour drive to Port-Au-Prince.  WHEN the airport is opened, this turns into a 26 - 28 MINUTE FLITE!  Now, that is the difference between life and death.  A long story short.....we're going to do everything we can to get this field reopened.  I personally PRAISE GOD for Mission Aviation Fellowship and their leadership.  It has been a wonderful privilege to work with these guys for the last 26 years.

After departing Gonaives, we had a relatively uneventful trip back to Port-Au-Prince.  Oh, we did find "Cafe' St. Marc" in St. Marc.  This is the best coffee in Haiti.  I met the young man whose family has done this coffee for 70 years.  For those of you who have Cafe' St. Marc on back order, we will be shipping on Monday.

On the way back, we checked on our tent-cities.  The little girl, Katy, is battling with fever again.  We'll try to get a medical team back into there.  Well, we've got an appointment at the airport this morning and don't want to be late.  Gotta run.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 26, 2010 - Thursday 7:52am (Haiti Time) - Gonaives, Haiti (Eben Ezer Mission) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday morning we headed out right on schedule and drove nearly 80 miles to meet with Pastor Michel Morriset (a dear friend and brother of over 26 years!).  Our first commission, analyze the airstrip in Gonaives.  It has been closed for several years due to extensive flooding.  After discussing the situation with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), I agreed to come and see the condition of the field.  GOOD NEWS!  The field is in amazingly good condition.

We drove down the runway  in our SUV multiple times reaching take off speed.  No holes or big rocks.  The field will only take a bit of cleaning up.  Pastor Michel has offered to coordinate the community to come and do this.  Having the airport opened again will be a tremendous benefit to the community.  The flight time from Gonaives to Port-Au-Prince is just under 30 minutes!

From Pastor Michel's mission (Eben Ezer) we headed up the mountain to the small town of Savane Ronde.  The road was very bad, huge mud stretches, several river crossings and tight turns with big drop-offs.  We arrived safely right on time.

Fred and I had a DELICIOUS MRE compliments of the U.S. Military.  While we were at Pastor Michel's mission, a U.S. Army convoy dropped 2 containers of left-over MEAL READY EAT (MRE) as a gift to the mission (and they gave us a few for our upcoming mission).  We really enjoyed them!  We had a few minutes to rest and prepare before the afternoon teaching session.

It has been many years since I have taught on the subject of Stewardship.  Here is how all of this came about.  Recently, Cindy was at the Immigration office in Orlando arranging documents for the adoption of little Dieunika.  She met a family from the Gonaives area.  One thing led to another and we scheduled to come and share come Bible truths regarding tithes and offerings.  I had to do some midnight-oil Bible studying to prepare for this seminar.  Our Lord helped me to put the message together.

Soon, the church filled up and we just had a great time.  It was so good just sharing my heart with these precious people.  We laughed a lot and point by point, the message was delivered.  I get the distinct impression, this will not be the last time I teach this series.  Many years ago, I taught this basic lesson scores of times all over Haiti.

Personally, I never cease to marevel at the resilience and courage of the Haitian people.  These folks have been through so many hardships and yet their faith in the Lord is intact and strong!

After wrapping up the afternoon teaching, we set up the Jesus Film in the local soccor field.  The setting was just beautiful.  The mountains and landscape just took my breath away.  The local community helped us in the set-up.  The kids sat and carefully watched our every move.  It's not very often that a "Big Screen Movie" comes to town. Particularly a movie  with a life-changing message!

As the sun set, we had the Jesus Film rolling.  This movie is the full depiction of the Book of Luke from Chapter 1 to Chapter 24 is in perfect Creole, even lip synched.  The audience sat giving their full attention to every word. What a wonderful just 2 hours, the entire life of Jesus is shown.  I have been showing the Jesus Film for nearly 30 years and it never gets old.  During the film, Fred and I walked through the crowd and reminisced about many past missions.  The stars were brilliant and the night was rather cool.  It was a wonderful evening.  At the end of the film, we prayed for many who wanted to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

After a long day, we settled into one of the homes in the community.  There was no electricity, but we were several thousand feet high in the mountains and it was rather cool.  We were up early this morning, had some strong Haitian coffee and headed back down the mountain to meet with Pastor Michel.  We arrived right on time and here I am borrowing his Internet WIFI and writing this blog.

The amazing thing is that every single day since the January 12th earthquake, we have managed to get a blog off.  Sometimes, the story behind just getting the "connection" is a story all in itself.  From time to time, some of you contact me and tell me that you read this blog everyday. I am amazed.  So often, I just ramble about the day.  At any rate, THANK YOU for taking the time to read it and......MOST IMPORTANT - FOR PRAYING!!  I am abaolutely convinced that what success we find on these missions is due in great part to PRAYER!  God Bless You!

We'll head back to Port-Au-Prince in a while.  We have about 4 afternoon meetings. Things have to work just right for us to accomplish all of our goals.  Gotta run!

Air Mobile Joe

August 25, 2010 - Wednesday 5:42am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Fred and I are up extra early this morning.  We're heading out to a village several hours north of here.  Have a plan to conduct a training seminar this afternoon and show the Jesus Film tonight.  Along the way, we'll be buying from VERY GOOD COFFEE!!  It's called Cafe' St. Marc.  It's my personal favorite.  Been drinking it for for over 30 years now.  It's strong, but.....extremely smooth!  We've been trying to purchase it in Port-Au-Prince the last few missions and have been unable to locate it.  Well, it's time to go "to the source".  We'll come back with the coffee!

Enroute, we'll inspect and photograph a runway for Mission Aviation Fellowship.  This runway went underwater some time ago and we're all eager to get it back up in operation.

We'll also, by God's Grace, deliver the "mail" of the Good News of Jesus.  We always love to show the Jesus Film.  Please be praying that our Lord holds back the rains for the film showing hours.

Our internet connection here in Port-Au-Prince has been down.  I've been using a VERY, VERY expensive Verizon Aircard to post the blogs the last few days.  When we get up north, we will face the same thing.  Please pray that we are able to connect.  Otherwise.....there may be no blog tomorrow.  For those of you who have faithfully followed this blog, you know we don't miss a day.  So Pray!

Well, it's time for us to load up and head out.  God Bless and THANKS as always for your prayer and love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Remember just before we departed on Sunday, I snapped a shot in front of the Ti Birik loading supplies and specifically Cheerios.  I said they were for "special" missionaries.  Well, here he is, Mark, the MAF Flight Director and a long and dear friend of over 20 years.  Enjoy the Cheerios, Mark!!  Joe

August 24, 2010 - Tuesday 6:39am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday we visited Caanan II and found a German organization there doing an extensive medical clinic.  It is so good to work together!  Our elderly patient, Daniel is doing so well.  I am glad that there are a number of folks working together on these challenges.

While entering into Caanan II, we stopped by little Katy's tent to see how the little one was doing. Little Katy is only 5 months old and was born in Cannan II.  Her mother and father are fighting so hard to keep her alive.  We pray for Katy and give help to her parents in their struggle to provide life to their children.  Fred was "taken" by Katy and her "support team" just got stronger!

Let me tell you a story about little Evie.  She is four years old and being adopted by a family in Indiana.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to go with Barbara to the U.S. Embassy / Consulate to arrange the paper work for these little ones to be adopted.  Yesterday morning was no different. 

We were up at daybreak to arrive at the Embassy by 7:00am.  We received the long awaited Visa for little Evie to be adopted.  The U.S. Consulate representative knows Barb well.  We all rejoiced that after over 1 year of tireless, detailed paperwork “it is done”!   We headed to the airport for Barb and little Evie to make the midmorning flite to America.

All was going like clockwork.  Barb had certainly done her job and so had the U.S. Embassy.  Suddenly my phone rang.  Little Evie had been rejected by the Haitian Immigration officials.  Little Evie had to be picked up at the airport and brought back to the “Village”.  Barb had to board the aircraft due to International connections. 

Little Evie spent the morning with me going on other “missions”.  She had 3 little crackers that she spread out through the morning.  While visiting another mission, little Evie was cared for by the directors’ wife and daughter.  She did not indicate the disappointment.  She and I just sang “silly little songs”. 

For you see, Evie and her sisters helped me tremendously immediately following the earthquake.  We set up 10 Vortex Voyagers simultaneously in Ruuska Village and offered water to ALL of our neighbors.  The little girls, like a musical water brigade went thoughout the neighborhood singing a little song I taught them.  It said, “Neighbors, neighbors, come and get free water.  You won’t pay a single cent for it…it’s free – it’s free!”.  It makes the cutest little song.  Little Evie and I sang that song all thoughout the morning.

When we returned to the village, all of the mothers and little kids ran out to our vehicle and were singing and yelling little Evie’s name.  It was as if a great “celebrity” had returned to the village.  Within seconds, Evie and integrated back into Ruuska….to await the day that she would board an aircraft and go to America to join a loving family that has waited so long. 

This message to Evie’s future American family – she is coming, she is in good hands.  When Barb gets back from her mission, she will straighten out whatever the problem is.  She had done this over 900 times before.

Today, we meet with folks with property to see if we can help arrange a “place” for some tent-city dwellers to go so that they won’t be “squatting” on others land.  It’s a long and complicated story.  As it nears completion, I will share more.  God Bless!  

Air Mobile Joe

August 23, 2010 - Monday 5:56am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Early this morning, I awoke to the sound of multiple explosions.  My first thought was, it is the result of  the political announcement yesterday barring Wyclef Jean from the Presidential election.  We have been through this many times over the years.  Just had a cup of coffee / tea with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  Her first comment, "Did you hear the fireworks this morning"?  I replied, "sure did".  She said they were beautiful.  I was confused.  Get this, THEY REALLY WERE 4:30am this morning!  Don't know what was being celebrated, but sure am glad it was not gunfire.  Now, how is that for good way to get up.

Yesterday evening, headed out to Caanan II to check our friends.  The little girl, Katy, who was born in this tent city, was over the illness that she has had for the last few weeks.  Daniel, the old gentleman who had been  "adopted" by the community looked absolutely fantastic.  Hundreds of kids ran around looking like little airplanes, because I fly very low over their community when we enter and depart Haiti.  It was good to be back.  We'll be checking up on them during the week.

On the way back to the "village" we checked on the other tent-city that is settled in the Hospital courtyard.  We'll be checking with them on possible new locations for their community.  The kids did the same thing, acting like little airplanes.  We may be inspiring a whole generation of "pilots" here!

It will be interesting to see what the political ramifications are regarding the Wyclef decision.  We'll see how the atmosphere is.  Have to get on with the day.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 22, 2010 - Sunday 3:41pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

My good friend of over 30 years, Fred Morrissette & I rolled down the runway at Space Center Executive Airport in Titusville, FL at 4:21am.  We climbed to 19,000 feet and made excellent time to Haiti.  We made a low pass over Ruuska Village at 8:05am and Barbara picked us up at the Port-Au-Prince International airport.  We headed straight over the Adventist Hospital and brought some goodies to the missionaries there and had an excellent time of prayer together.  We have been blessed by this hospital over the years and count it such blessing to just encourage the staff here.

After returning to the "Village", received a call from a group of Pakistani Humanitarians and we conducted a "live radio interview" from Houston, TX.  Together, we are working on raising funds for the flood vicitms.  We are very encouraged to hear that funds have already been raised for 6 units.  Looks like Air Mobile will be heading to Pakistan pretty soon.

In the meantime, we'll be very busy in Haiti this week.  We plan to travel up north of Port-Au-Prince to the Gonaive area and show the Jesus Film.  We will be meeting with another dear friend, Pastor Michel Moriset.  His name is pronounced like Fred's, but there is no relation.  Over the years, Pastor Michel has worked very closely with us and helped us bring a lot of clean water to thirsty and desperate people.  Well, it's good to be back in Haiti.  As always, we truly appreciate your prayer and love and support.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 22, 2010 - Sunday 3:24am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL (Space Center Executive Airport / Air Mobile Hangar)  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Here we are up and early packing the aircraft.  There is some weather enroute.  We're keeping a close eye on it.  As always, we pray for our Lord to make a way for us.  It will be good to be back in Haiti.  Should be there pretty soon.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 22, 2010 - Sunday 3:41pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

My good friend, Fred Morrissette & I departed Titusville, FL at 4:21am.  We climbed to 19,000 feet and made excellent time to Haiti.  We passed over Ruuska Village at 8:05am and Barbara picked us up at the airport.  We headed straight over the Adventist Hospital and brought some goodies to the missionaries there.

August 21, 2010 - Saturday 10:57am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL (Space Center Executive Airport / Air Mobile Hangar)  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

AHHHH - Good weather for the moment!

This satellite image depicts a quiet Caribbean, at least for the moment.  For that, we are very thankful!  We continue to prepare for our next Haiti mission.

Gathering tools, food and special supplies for special missionaries!  It's kind of cool to be able to bring in the hard to get goodies as well as the essential tools and supplies.  Little "Ti Birik" (the little donkey) carries a respectable load.

As we continue to monitor the situation in Pakistan, we PRAY.  We have such an excellent opportunity to share the love of God with so many.  We simply need the funds to go.  The need for clean water is growing hour by hour.  Just imagine yourself in the position of millions of Pakistanis.  If someone showed up with clean water, you would certainly appreciate this act of kindness and love.  It goes a long way!  We have special friends in Pakistan and so desire to  get back and help them.  We ask our Lord to "Open the Door"!

Well, today, we celebrate our grandson, Rythym Joseph Hurston's birthday.  Grandkids are GREAT!  About to head over that way.  So proud of my son, Christian and his beautiful wife, Ann Marie.  They have blessed us 3 beautiful grandchildren.  We are so blessed in this great country!

Will report more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 20, 2010 - Friday 8:34am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL (Royal Oaks Medical Center)  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Test flew "Ti Birik" yesterday and checked out a back-up GPS.  It worked beautifully.  Now, we have 4 GPS systems.  I invited 2 dear friends to come on the test flight, Dr. Winn and Ken Baker.  Dr. Winn has kept my vision 20/20 for the last 15 years and Ken is a faithful "water mule".  I demonstrated  how short the little aircraft can take off and land.  We were off the ground in under 500 feet and landed in under 500 feet.  It is an amazing aircraft!

Spoke with folks working in Pakistan  yesterday and we're still looking at making a trip there with water purifiers.  It is still raining in the region and the flooding is continuing.  The thing that is keeping us from going is finances.  We continue to pray for our Lord to open the door for us to go.  I remember our last mission to Pakistan in 2006 following the terrible earthquake.  We made many friends and perhaps changed some opinions about Americans and Christians.  We look for that opportunity again.  Please pray with us!

I'm currently in the doctors office and having the leg checked out.  I can function, but at the end of the day the leg is swollen and sore.  Just goes with the territory of a broken bone (broke the leg in April in Haiti due to motorcycle accident).  My doctor is a friend and fellow pilot, a good guy.  Need to keep the old body functioning well to do the things our Lord leads to do.

We're continuing to prepare for our next Haiti mission. After I finish at the doctors office this morning, will be heading to the hangar.  Would like to share some things that our Lord has been putting on my heart regarding "following Him".

Well, here I am "blogging" in the hangar.  By the way, the temperature got up to 124 degrees yesterday afternoon.  Have a little fan and a "spritzing" bottle.  Spending time in the hangar while in the U.S. helps me to identify with the folks that we are endeavoring to help.  The high temperature is a pretty graphic reminder.  However, just little mist of water and a fan makes it much more bearable.

I have a question.  Do weather disasters seem to be accelerating?  We in America have been experiencing some pretty extreme weather conditions.  Violent storms hit Michigan yesterday, remember the flooding in Tennessee recently.  We have very high temperatures in some regions and very cool temperatures in other regions.  Things just seem to be all out of whack wherever we look.  Of course the flooding in Pakistan is the worst anyone can remember.  As you very well know, we have been following the tropics knowing that even a small, unmamed storm could kill hundreds if not thousands in Haiti.  This is the reason we are working so diligently on securing a "safe" place for thousands to flee should a violent storm approach.

The question is:  What should we do?  A simple answer has been going through my mind and heart.  Earnestly seek the Lord and His direction for us.  For example, our Lord may be putting on your heart to "go get your passport".  The answer, "just do it"!  I do believe that the Lord is speaking to us, we just need to be listening.

Have more to say, but have to run to another appointment.  Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - My doctor gave the leg a "clean bill of health".  The bone has healed nicely however.....there will be swelling and pain for the next couple of years.  Again, goes with the territory.  We're just asking our Lord to touch it and even take the pain and swelling away!  Joe

August 19, 2010 - Thursday 8:18am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We continue to prepare for our next mission to Haiti.  We're also in communication with multiple organizations that are working in Pakistan.  Not exactly sure if we will go to Haiti before Pakistan or vice-versa.  We could go either way, but much depends upon how the funds are secured.  This is the reason we pray.  The most important thing is that we want to be EXACTLY where our Lord wants us to be, WHEN He wants us there. I urge you to join us in this serious matter.  Also, if you feel impressed to help us with a financial gift, please do so (our donate box is just to the left).  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 18, 2010 - Wednesday 9:40am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Space Center Executive Airport - Titusville, FL  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

"Ti Burik" passed the test again!  She's ready to go on the next mission assigned by our Lord!  I've been in touch with my dear friend of over 30 years, Fred Morrissette.  We have had many an excellent "adventure" in the Lord together.  Fred will likely join me on the next mission to Haiti.

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting with Harris Rosen from Orlando.  We discussed the need for permanent housing in Haiti.  All I can say about the meeting is that it was VERY encouraging.  You may recall that Harris via the Rosen Foundation, in conjunction with Air Mobile Ministries placed 232 Voyagers in Haiti.  I was pleased to report to Harris that we are working diligently to keep all of those units in top operational condition.

Late yesterday evening, I spoke with the Director of an organization doing extensive work in Pakistan.  We discussed the logistics and finances of getting Voyagers into Pakistan.  The need for clean drinking water is desperate.  Please pray that the finances will come in for this project.

Things are going well in Haiti.  We're gathering supplies for our next flight.  Just spoke to the Lady in the Blue Dress moments ago in Haiti.  She sends her best to anyone reading this little blog.  Snapped this shot in the "act of blogging" in the Hangar.  By the way, the hangar has become my primary office.  Love the smell of airplanes!

As always, we so appreciate your love and prayers and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 17, 2010 - Tuesday 7:43am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Today, we conduct our extensive "Post Mission" inspection on our mission aircraft.  It's good to have a competent, sharp maintenance crew!  It is so important to keep this aircraft "airworthy" at all times.  We are following a system just south of Haiti that is moving to the Northwest and may strike the southern peninsula.  We are praying for our Lord to hold back the winds and rains!

Meanwhile, the news from Pakistan is devastating.  Here is a clip from a story that came out this morning-
Pakistan's Floods Puts 3 Million Children At Risk
August 17, 2010
Rescue workers in Pakistan face another day of trying to provide clean water and food to millions of people displaced by flooding. The United Nations warns that more than three million children are at risk of diseases carried by contaminated water and insects. Khurram Masood, of Save the Children in Pakistan, talks to Linda Wertheimer about relief efforts.-

Yesterday evening, I spoke with several people who are working to get relief to Pakistan.  There is a very strong interest in getting Vortex Voyagers there.  We will be in communication with people directly in Pakistan today.  Again, the thought of "What Would Jesus Do"? keeps coming to me.  We are in serious prayer about this situation.

In the meantime, we continue to prepare for our next mission to Haiti.  There is no doubt that things are really shaking up in this old world.  It is time to seriously focus on Jesus and seek His clear and precise direction for our lives.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 16, 2010 - Monday 8:46am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Even though we are making frequent trips to Haiti (weekly), Haiti remains in our minds and hearts continually. We are so thankful that we can come and go with such frequency.  Even though our efforts often seem small, the recipients are so grateful!  Your prayer and love and support along with the mighty hand of the Lord enables us to do this.  We are so grateful for the privilege to do this.

We will be inspecting our mission aircraft and preparing for our next mission.

We are contacting friends in Pakistan and seeing what we can do to help in that dreadful situation.  Millions are homeless and have lost literally everything.  Disease is breaking out and so many are at risk.  The question that keeps coming to mind is:  "What would Jesus do?".  We seek His direction and await details to come from Pakistan.

God bless and as always, THANK YOU for taking the time to read and pray with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 15, 2010 - Sunday 5:54am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Just one more quick word about those "famous" lost keys.....Yesterday morning, our team met "Ti Michelle" (little Michael) by the airplane.  Had to take this shot.  I have known Ti Michelle for over 20 years.  He has washed our planes as well has helped us unload literally hundreds of times and...he is the one that found my keys several days ago and returned them to me!

He also helped named our current mission airplane "Ti Burik" (little donkey), because though it is quite small, it can carry a huge load a long distance.  Well named!  And another thought on being "Lost & Found".. Can any of you relate??

We pre-flighted the aircraft and departed Haiti.  We climbed to 14,500 feet and flew direct to Fort Pierce.  Again, the little aircraft flew beautifully.  We could see the thunderstorms beginning to form over Florida as we approached.  Glad we were able to get out early and beat them.  It's good to be home!

It was very good spending quality time with Kyle (my son-in-law) and his Dad, Mark.  They were busy figuring out the complex electrical system that has been "piece meal" installed in the village.  It does strange and sometimes seemingly unexplainable things.  These guys are definitely up to the job of "unravelling" the mess.  They also did some vital and much needed work on the suspension of the mission Toyota that we have affectionately named "Washington".

Looking back on this mission, my heart is warmed by the thoughts of the "Jesus Film" ministry we did on Friday night.  It has brought back so many memories of past missions.  It is still amazing to me that in a mere 2 hours, we can present the ENTIRE book of Luke.   That is a lot of scripture going forth.  I'm also so pleased that all of our equipment worked so well together.  It certainly won't be the last time we'll show the film.

It's Sunday morning in America and the Hurston Family, like so many are getting ready for Church.  What a blessed privilege this is!  So many do not have this opportunity.  Just be thankful!

One final thought....We have been following the situation in Pakistan.  This morning, the headlines stated that 20,000,000 are homeless!  Cholera has broken out and many are angry and afraid.  We are in communication with people there.  We are praying about helping.  Please join with us in prayer!  Thanks.  Better close out for the day.

Air Mobile Joe


August 14, 2010 - Saturday 5:54am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Many of you who know me, know that I have shown the Jesus Film over 400 times in 25+ countries.  What a magnificent tool!  In just 2 hours, the audience can "witness" (hear & see!) the entire book of Luke.  The Word of God is so powerful, as it goes forth in clarity and accuracy....things happen!  Last night, we experienced this again.  It's been a while since we have shown the film.  It is good to be back "in the saddle"!

Our location - Caanan II Tent City just out of Port-Au-Prince.  The crowd grew to approximately 750 and the attendees were spectacular.  The kids sat on tarps and little pieces of plastic.  They were incredibly attentive and respectful.  There were a few "deep" discussions around the edges.  Friends that we have made over the last few months would stop me and ask a question or make a comment.

Our Lord held the rain!  You may recall, on Thursday evening, it rained throughout the evening causing us to postpone until Friday evening.

Well, here we were, our small team, Joe, Lisa and myself (assisted by Pastor Volny).  The thought came to me.  Is there any place on earth I would rather be on this evening?  Hawaii, Colorado, North Carolina, Europe??  Absolutely not.  There is no experience like showing the Jesus Film, particularly on a beautiful night in a "tent-city".  On this particular evening, more, pure Word of God went forth in those 2 short hours than has probably ever been heard in that spot since the creation.

At the end of the film, an appeal was made for those who would like to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  So many hands went up and so many knelt in the dirt and prayed.  Our Lord knows exactly how many called upon Him!  Pastor Volny will take good care of each new "Believer".  We'll be sure to get more Bibles for them.

There are many that I would like to thank for helping us to get this far in our ministry, but I must pay particular attention to my good friend and brother, Bill Duncklee!  Bill not only donated the aircraft that we are flying, but the sound system and generator.  Only our Lord knows the worth and value of this donation.  Eternity will tell.  THANK YOU, Bill (Bill would not want me to mention any of this, but...I can't help myself!)

Today is a beautiful day for travel.  Let's see what happens.  Sure do love and appreciate each and everyone of you who takes the time to read this little blog.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 13, 2010 - Friday 6:53am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday, we were all over the place on the little motorcycle.  We checked on little Katy, the child born in Caanan II tent city.  She is doing better.  We also checked on Daniel, the elderly gentlemen that has no family except the people in the tent city.  They actually adopted Daniel.  He is a transformed man.  It is so good to see him responding to the medication and the love of his new "family".

Now folks, I know that we are speaking about one little girl and one old man, but that is the way we do it, just one precious soul at a time.  Of course, we pray our efforts touch many lives.

We met with tent-city leaders who introduced us property owners in the area.  The people that are living in these tent-cities want "a way out".  Apparantly, certain property owners in the area actually want the "tent-city" dwellers to come to their property.  There are many reasons for this.  I am simply joining together with them in prayer for our Lord to lead and direct as to where to live.

I checked on little Catastrophe, the little boy born on the day of the earthquke.  His surgery is being scheduled in the next week or so.  Catastrophe's family lives "in the middle of the road" on a very busy, dangerous thoroughfare.  From "the middle", we headed to the Adventist Hospital to see Nathan and Amy, the Assistant Adminstrators.  The fellowship and prayer was was great!

I had lunch yesterday with the owner of the Michelle Bennet Duvalier Hospital complex and further discussed how the folks living in his compound could be re-settled and the facility could be established as the Hurricane Evacuation Center for the area.  The conversation went very well.  We continue to pray for our Lord to lead.

Upon return to the village, Joe Hoskins (a Ruuska regular) and I worked on putting all of the pieces together for the "Jesus Film" set up.  As we were plugging everything in and testing the system, a torrential downpour occured.  After prayerful consideration, we headed out to Caanan II, and discussed the situation with the leaders.  We concluded to show the Jesus Film on Friday evening (tonight).  We PRAY that the rains hold back and we can show the film "under the starts".  Please join with us.

Today, we head out to more meetings with property owners.  We just found out that the property adjoining the MBD Hospital is owned by a Haitian Bank.  Now, this has great possibilities.  The bank may be interested in "micro financing" property ownership.  We have several other groups that want to help build "very low cost" housing.  The bottom line is we must try to get these folks out of these tents and other flimsy structures before the strong storms come.  We just keep marching and asking our Lord to direct each step of the way.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 12, 2010 - Thursday 6:27am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Haiti was absolutely surrounded by storms last night but......they did not blow up into dangerous storms.  It threatened us last night and there were some pretty spectacular light shows, bad storms!!  PRAISE GOD!!

As you look at the satellite image above, you can see that nearly every inch of Haiti was covered with storm clouds.  We truly believe that our Lord is holding back the bad storms.  As I always say, we Praise God for every day that Haiti does not have storms!!

Today, we will be in multiple tent cites meeting with leaders to discuss how permanent property can be secured for the residents.  Many of the land owners have shown great patience by allowing these "displaced people" to live on their land.  However, eventually, they have to move.  We are seeking "win - win" situations whereby the people living in tents may actually be able to buy a little land and build their own home.  That is everyone's dream.  Of course, our part is to be sure they have good, clean water.

Do you recall in my blog yesterday about the "lost keys"??  Just imagine losing a major set of keys that opens the door to your airplane when you are in a foreign country!  As you can imagine, my stress level was quite high.  On the other hand, the "joy" level went through the roof when the keys were placed in my hand.  Let me  share a bit more about the story.

As soon as I pulled up to the airport on the motorcycle, a couple of the airport workers whom I have known for many years, were smiling at me.  I simply said "keys" and instantly they all said "Ti Michelle" (Little Michael) had them.  Well, he was having lunch at a roadside stand.  Another worker led me to all of the usual hangouts.  Finally.....we found him eating goat and rice.  He smiled and said that he would have them back to me by 2:00pm.  It was now 1:15pm.  We arranged to meet at the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) hangar.  Still not having the keys in my hand, we were very close.  I liesurely walked over to talk to my dear friends at MAF.

Last week, while we were in Haiti, we were working on securing a new airfield on the southern peninsula of Haiti.  MAF really likes the idea for many reasons.  The location is ideal and will serve many isolated people.  During the time that I was waiting for "Ti Michelle", Mark, the program manager and I went over the strategy of the complicated process of airport approval.  Right on time, Ti Michelle showed up.  We jumped on the little motorcycle and weaved in between broken down houses until we came to his tent / shack.  There they were, THE KEYS!  Yes, it was a great feeling.  I gave Ti Micelle a few dollars.  He was very happy and so was I.  And, in the efficiency of our Lord, we are further along the way toward opening that new airport.

Today is  going to be a good day.  Please pray for our safety and effectiveness.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I am amazed at the folks that read this blog!  Just got a call from a guy in New Mexico that came to Haiti 14 years ago...reads the blog EVERYDAY.  From time to time, I hear from you out there.  It's very encouraging.  Joe

August 11, 2010 - Wednesday 3:56pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

The photo gives it away.  The pieces and personnel came together and at 3:55am this morning, "Ti Burik" rolled down the runway at Space Center Executive Airport (Titusville, FL) and climbed to 17,000 feet.  We made a "beeline" direct to Port-Au-Prince and landed at 8:15am Haiti time.  Perfect flight!  Praise God!

Kyle, my son in law and his Dad, Mark joined me on this mission.  All cleared quickly and efficiently except.... I LOST MY KEYS!  Have you ever lost a set of keys?  Well, this key ring had 4 keys that fit different things on the airplane and the little mission motorcycle.  Needless to say, I was very upset when we arrived at the "Village" and I could not find the keys.  We all prayed.  The thing is, I usually don't lose keys.  It's been 20 + years since I lost a set of keys.

Well, after getting settled in, I found an extra key for the little motorcycle and headed back to the airport.  Just as I was pulling up to the plane, my good friend, Steve from Sebastian, FL called.  I quickly explained my plight and he prayed that the keys would be found.  Guess what.....within 5 minutes of that prayer, we located the keys!  A guy at the airport that I have known for nearly 20 years found them.  Soon, we headed to his little tent / shack and there they were.  He brought them home to protect them.  I believe that Jesus gave a parable about something very valuable that was lost and found.  The joy is amazing!

On the way back to the mission, I stopped in 2 tent cities and told them that we would be showing the JESUS Film in the next few days.  Now, back at the mission, Kyle is cooking some spaghetti goulash.  We're all tired.  The village is surrounded by dark and ominous rain clouds, loud thunder is peeling, we're praying the storm will not cause injuries or death.  Will write more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 11, 2010 - Wednesday 2:26am (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

The pieces are coming together.  After some shuffling around of our team, we're getting very close to departure for Haiti.  I can't begin to tell you how excited we are about bringing in the the "film equipment".  As I mentioned, for many years Air Mobile has conducted outdoor films, mainly showing the Jesus Film in many countries.

This magnificent film (by Campus Crusade for Christ) depicts the life of Jesus from when the Angel appeared to Mary to tell her she was going to have a baby until the Ascension of Jesus back to heaven.  The movie is taken entirely from the Book of Luke. In a 2 hour period, the audience can see and hear the entire Book of Luke.  Needless to say, we are excited.  It will be good to get to Haiti with this wonderful tool.

The weather actually looks pretty good today.  Looks like Haiti got some significant rain last night.  Probably did some damage to the tent-cities.  We pray for them.  Well, time to get on with the day.  Will write more later.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 10, 2010 - Tuesday 8:39am (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday, Kris and I  rotated the tires on the aircraft.  I noticed in this photo the orange screen just in front of us.  This screen has been all over the world showing the Jesus film.  Well, it's on its way to Haiti.  On our next mission we'll be showing the film along with another film called the "The Hope".  We're very excited about this.

The weather is definitely heating up in the Caribbean.  There are several systems working very close to Haiti and will indeed cause great suffering.  Again, please remember to pray that our Lord holds the storms back.  We thank our Lord for every day that Haiti does not have storms!

As you can see from the screen and the films, we are adding a dimension to our ministry in Haiti.  We are working in a number of "tent-cities".  Now, we will be able to show outdoor evening films.  For many years, Air Mobile did this all over the world.  It's time to renew this outreach.

As we have been putting our "Film System" together, yesterday I consulted my dear friend Bill Duncklee regarding the best generator to utilize. What a blessing when Bill informed me that he had a brand new Honda Generator still in the box.  He said "come and get it".  I did.  Yesterday evening I drove down to Vero Beach, had a good cup of coffee with a very dear friend and was the recipient of a beautiful generator.  Our Lord is so good!

Today, we continue to monitor the weather and prepare for our next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 9, 2010 - Monday 6:37am (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We continue to line up supplies and personnel for our next mission to Haiti.  Today, I fly our aircraft to Orlando for some radio / communication work.  The last report from Haiti is - all is quiet in Ruuska Village.  The weather is still holding and no significant storms are working in the Haiti area.

While here in the U.S., have been in communication with the family that owns the property for the prospective airport on the southern peninsula of Haiti.  We continue to pray and gather data to help this much needed airstrip to proceed forward.  Better close out for now.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 8, 2010 - Sunday 7:46am (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Our "Post Mission" inspection went extremely well yesterday on "Ti Burik" our mission plane (she passed with "flying colors"!).  We hope to return sometime next week.

In reflection on this last mission, my mind is still whirling on the places we have been and things that are developing.  The increased tension that comes with an election year will certainly make our work more challenging and dangerous.

I count it such a joy to bring folks to Haiti, some for the first time.  A quick mission to Haiti can certainly impact and even change ones life.  It is almost like stepping onto a different planet.  So many things that we take for granted here in America are non-existent in Haiti, such as smooth roads, comfortable beds, running water, electricity and relative safety.

On this last mission, we had Greg and Cameron with us.  Greg had traveled the world prior to his 30 year career at Kennedy Space Center.  Cameron had little international experience. It was very good for me to observe the effect that Haiti had on both.  Greg immediately settled in and looked at effective long-term projects that he could use his experience and skill toward.  Cameron was "ready" for whatever the day brought and traveled all over Haiti with me on the back of a little motorcycle.  We saw a lot of territory together.

Both Greg and Cameron made excellent "water mules".  I feel confident that we could send them anywhere in the world to repair Voyagers.  This is most comforting, especially as "multiple" disasters occur.

I believe that both Greg and Cameron would say that Haiti is not for "the faint of heart".  It can be pretty tough and things can change quickly.  However, I believe that both would come back on a moment's notice.....and it would be a pleasure to have them back.

Now, as we look at our next mission, we pray about whom the Lord will send.  It's kind of cool knowing that these missions are both for the "Haitian Recipients" and....for the Missionaries.  Our Lord is very efficient in this manner.

Pray about coming on a mission with us.  I can assure that it won't be comfortable or that there won't be danger and that your eyes and heart will definitely be opened.  Speaking of your heart, it will melt and be broken multiple times.  But, our Lord will be with you each step of the way.  Still want to come??

Well, better get ready for Church.  Today, we're working on getting our Pastor to join us soon on an upcoming mission.  Then, this afternoon, we head off to our Chaplaincy work at the Hospital.  Going to be a good day.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe & Family

August 7, 2010 - Saturday 9:26am (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

So good to sleep in my own bed last night.  After our quick flight home, we immediately scheduled our "post mission inspection" for our trusty little mission plane.  Then our family went to the opening night of "The Wizard of Oz".  Our dear Juliet was the Assistant Stage Manager of the production.  This was the largest, most complicated show done at the Titusville Playhouse in anybodies memory.  Juliet and her crew did a SUPERB job.  Bravo Juliet!!

Today, we inspect our aircraft to have it ready for the next mission which will be very soon.  The "Political" situation in Haiti is really heating up.  Wyclef Jean (Famous Haitian born Hip Hop singer) has announced his intention to run.  This should be a very interesting election.  The streets of Port-au-Prince will become staging areas for many demonstrations as begun yesterday.

Here's a little "tid bit" of information about the Haiti Manifestations (Demonstrations).  Tens of thousands of pamphlets are printed up giving the details of when and where and sometimes why there will be a demonstration.  Then, at the end, the statement is made "if you travel out on this day, write your name on the bottom of your foot so that the coroner can identify your body".  Pretty intimidating.

Now, I do not say any of this to incite fear.  Simply laying out the situation so that good navigation through troubled water can be made.  For example, we DO NOT publish our exact travel dates to or from Haiti.  I may drop a few subtle clues, but never come right and say, "We are leaving on such a such date".  The reason is because the common area of attack is traveling to or from the airport.  Just a little wisdom to endeavor to prayerfully keep our teams safe.

It appears as if there are more than one kind of storm approaching Haiti, i.e. Meterological, Political, Violence.  All of these circumstances need our prayer.  God Bless and THANK YOU - THANK YOU for your prayer and love!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Praise God - The satellite image here shows that Haiti and the surrounding area will not have any major storms today.  Joe

August 6, 2010 - Friday 6:23pm (Haiti Time) - (U.S. East Coast Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We slipped out of Port-Au-Prince before things heated up this morning.  Prepared our "Ti Burik", climbed to 14,500 feet and flew direct to Fort Pierce.  All went well.

Just spoke with Barbara in the Village a few minutes ago and things did get pretty dicey in the city today.  A lot of shootings and road blockages.

Our team did so well on this last mission.  It was a pleasure having Greg & Cameron with us.  Maria went and worked in another orphanage in the area.  We're all thankful to be home safely.  As always, thanks for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 6, 2010 - Friday 5:42am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


This is a word that all Haitians know.  It means "Strike" and often involves roadblocks and violence.  PLEASE pray that Haiti remains calm today.... for today, a large "Manifestation" has been announced.

We were able to check on little "Catastrophe" yesterday evening.  Hopefully, he will have surgery on his umbilical hernia very soon.  The Adventist Hospital will gladly see him and any other children "In the Middle".  Thanks Nathan!

Well, we have a lot to do today and I only have a moment to report.  God Bless &  THANKS!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Will report later this evening.  Joe

August 5, 2010 - Thursday 7:54am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

245 “Hard” Kilometers on a motorcycle!

Yesterday, Cameron (our newest “Water Mule”) and I launched out on our trusty motorcycle and drove west to the town of Petit Goave (Ti Goave).  Our mission:  Evaluate some property for a potential airport.

Ti Goave has never had an airport, so this is new and complicated territory.  Here is the story.  First of all, for a long, long time, Cindy and I have been praying for the door to open for an airport in this region.  

Then several months ago, I received a call from Jean Michel, a school teacher from South Florida of Haitian birth.  He explained that we would like to see an airport in Ti Goave.  I instantly responded positively and thus began our journey that brought us to this point in time.

Arrangements were made for Cameron and I to meet the property owner to do a preliminary evaluation.  Now, the journey yesterday began at daybreak and took us over 3 hours of hard driving through “unimagineable” traffic, horrible roads, insane blockages from “never ending” construction, huge earthquake cracks, hundreds of near misses and more!

Along the way, I found the new location of Samaritan’s Purse Compound (named Jacksonville Beach).  Had to stop in and see my dear friend, Dave Phillips.  Dave and I have shared many an “excellent adventure” in the Lord together.  It was good to see Dave again.  I shared our plans for an airport.  He is very excited and we prayed together for this noble project.

Upon arrival at our meeting point in Ti Goave, we met Jean.  He owns the property.  Soon, we were looking at absolutely beautiful farm land perfectly positioned for trade winds.  The soil / water table appear acceptable.  This could work!  Now get this.  The airport will be 33.7 nautifcal miles from Port-Au-Prince.  In other words – An 18 – 20 MINUTE FLIGHT!

Just compare, 3+ hours of pure “hell” driving or… 18 -20 minute flight.  Mmmmm, the flight looks pretty good, especially if you need IMMDIATE medical care or a thousand other critical reasons.  This is a very cool project.  It will be a long journey to get to the end.  We are simply instruments in our Lord’s hands for the first few steps (and whatever else He has for us to do).  Now, the first step is done and we will endeavor to keep the ball rolling for His Glory!

After our meeting, we headed to visit another very dear friend, Charlie DeTellis of N.E.W. Missions.  We arrived in time for lunch and a delicious cup of coffee.  Had some great fellowship.  You may recall, several months ago, Cindy came back to this village after many years and met up with “best” friend in Haiti, Martha.  Well, we were able to see Martha and snap this shot for Cindy.

We then headed back to the “The People In the Middle”.  Met with the father of little Catastroph, the little boy born on the infamous day of the earthquake.  I was told that the little one was sick and needed medical attention.  I suddenly had an idea.  Remember our good friends, Nathan and Amy at the Adventist Hospital?  They are only about 1 kilometer from this location.  I wrote a note to Nathan on one of my business cards to take care of little Catastrophe for us.  Praise God!  We will check on him later today.

Late yesterday, Cameron and I rolled into our village after having put 245 “Hard” kilometers on the little motorcycle and….on our aching bodies.  It was good to be back at the mission.  I collapsed in a deep sleep around 7:30pm.

Today, more follow up on the airport with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  Please pray that this project goes through.  Many, many lives will be saved because of this airport.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 4, 2010 - Wednesday 5:47am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, we spent the day going to several tent cities and discussing "Disaster Planning" with the leaders.  At the moment, Haiti has clear skies.  However, there are large disturbances to the east of us and south of us. Our plan is simple. When a storm appears to be heading this way, my counsel is "fold up your tent" and flee to safety.  We discussed exactly how to do that.  Simply take the "tent" down, wrap the sticks and tarp very tightly and stake it to the spot where you live.  Gather your family, bring a cooking pot and run to safety.

In this photo, I am discussing the plan with Pastor Volny and Germain at Caanan II.  We are working diligently to arrange a safe place for them to run to.

Today, we are taking the motorcycle to a distant provencial city that was devastated by the earthquake.  The City leaders have expressed a deep interest in placing an airport in their town.  There has never been an airport in this city.  After discussing the potential plan with fellow mission aviators, we all agree that this would be a wonderful thing.  The position would give an excellent alternate should Port-Au-Prince close for weather or accident.  Please pray we find favor and that the proposed land will be suitable.

We will be passing by "The People In The Middle", the folks living in the median of the dangerous road.  We'll be discussing a possible location for these precious folks.  We'll be covering a lot of territory today, so please pray for our safety.  It's time to load up.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 3, 2010 - Monday 5:54am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Necessity is the mother of invention!  As many of you know, Air Mobile has maintained all Voyagers in Haiti (278 units) for the last 5 years at no charge to the operators / users.  This has been our joy.  It also shows us just how the remarkable water purifier is performing in all kinds of conditions.  We have a simple plan - keep between 5-10 units on-hand at all times.  When a clinic / orphanage / school brings in their unit that needs repair, we simply "swap" out their unit with a remanufactured unit.  It's quick and easy.

Well, yesterday was designated as both a Voyager Refurbishment Day as well as a "Water Mule" training day.  This is when we train new Voyager Repair Technicians with "on-the-job" training.  Greg & Cameron were the students yesterday.

Not only did we refurbish 10 Voyagers, we came up with a revolutionary way to renew the entire "circulatory" system in the unit (pump motor assembly, pre-filtration, lamp assembly, water ramp, etc.).  With a special chemical formulation and gradual cleaning, the Voyagers run like new.  It was a very very exciting day! And...yes, our newest Water Mules are now "Certified"!

Our "miracle" chemical is CLR (Calcium - Lime - Rust).  Since the earthquake, huge amounts of Calcium / lime has been released into the underground water system in Haiti.  Thus, our units were clogging up rapidly.  Our good Lord directed us to CLR and the day was spent in careful steps and gradual cleaning.  The "stuff" works!  Since we have placed 679 Voyagers in 38 countries, this new "cleaning" system will help Voyagers world-wide run better!

Also, yesterday, wonderful communications were made with property owners regarding the re-placement of several tent-cities.  There is a lot more to these stories and I can't share details at this time but.....some very cool things are happening.

Today, we have several more Voyagers to bring up and we are awaiting certain communications before we head out.  Oh, the weather is holding!  Storms are brewing all around and we are trusting our Lord to hold them back from Haiti.  As always, your prayers are so important.  THANKS!!

Air Mobile Joe

August 2, 2010 - Monday 7:48am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Yesterday afternoon we went out to see a piece of property.  We were told that the owner would welcome the residents of the tent-city in the empty hospital compound.  I requested the contact information for the actual owner of the property.  We will see.

In the meantime, we joined together and prayed for our Lord to lead and guide us each step of the way.  Folks, so many people have lost everything and simply want a place to live.  Today we will continue to pursue trying to help these people.  Will write more later.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

August 1, 2010 - Sunday 4:59pm (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti (Ruuska Village) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Early this morning, long before the sun rose, our little mission aircraft (Ti Burik) was winging to Haiti.  We climbed to 17,000 and flew non-stop to Port-Au-Prince.  We landed at 8:35AM.  What a wonderful thing to be able to depart a small airport in the middle of east coast of Florida and just over 5 hours later, land in Haiti.  I never cease to marvel at the freedom and ability our Lord has given us.

From the airport, we headed right to Caanan II, the large tent-city that we have been assisting.  The first one I asked for was little Katy (the little girl born in this tent city several months ago).  She is still not well and her mother brought her to a doctor in a nearby town.  We pray for this little one.  Then we checked on Daniel, the old gentleman that has no family and on our last visit, we found that he had congestive heart failure.  Our medical team had prescribed a medication that is working quite well.  Daniel is looking so much better.  You know, the needs are so overwhelming, yet our Lord directs to help when and as we can.  He gives us the strength and resources to help some.

We then headed to the "People in the Middle".  These are the folks that settled in the "median" on a very dangerous road.  As we drove down the road, I saw many of the folks whom we have visited and brought food and supplies to.  Many smiles and memories.  We then stopped in front of little "Catastrophe's" home, an 8X10 strip of tarps and sticks where he was born on January 12, 2012.  His mother brought the little one out to me.  He is looking good and growing beautifully.  His Dad came over and told me about a plan he and the community are developing to "escape" this dangerous strip of earth. I'll check back with him soon and hear his plan.

From there we stopped in to see our dear friends at the Adventist Hospital, Nathan and Amy.  Cindy packed some nice cool veggie goodies.  It was very well received.  Now, we're back at the "Village".  One of the other tent-city leaders is waiting for me as I write this blog.  We're heading over to look at another tract of land that the folks living in the "empty hospital" might be able to move to.  Please pray we find favor with the property owner.  Better wrap up for now.  Wow, it's been a long day isn't over.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

August 1, 2010 - Sunday 2:41am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Up early this morning.  Checking weather.  Praying for the storms to hold back.  Things are quiet in Ruuska Village.  Hope to see them soon.  We're rejoicing that our Lord has held back deadly storms from Haiti.  Meanwhile, we prepare as best we can.  Very busy this morning.  Will write more later.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 31, 2010 - Saturday 9:11am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We steadily move toward our next mission to Haiti.  Travel documents are coming in for our team members, supplies are arriving and funding is being secured for the flight.  The weather is still holding, Praise God!  Several large storms have formed in the area, but have not caused significant damage.

Today, we meet with several Haitian Pastors that are living here in the U.S.  We will be discussing getting clean water into their home villages.  Will report more later on the meeting.

Cindy has been working on a wonderful program called "SIX WAYS TO HELP HAITI WITHOUT SPENDING MORE MONEY!"  Over the next few days,  I will elaborate on each. Today we will discuss Haitian Coffee.  As many of you know, Cindy and I love coffee.  If you drink coffee, we have a wonderful suggestion for you.

Change over to Haitian Coffee from Air Mobile Ministries.  First of all, Haitian Coffee is some of the best in the world.  Next, our price is comparable to any other coffee.  Finally, when you purchase your coffee from Air Mobile, you support our efforts in Haiti.  Often when we fly back from Haiti, our little airplane is a lot lighter.  We can fill the airplane with Haitian coffee and help pay for fuel.  Do you like the idea?  Seems life a "win-win" deal to me.

We're nearly late for our appointment.  Have to run.  Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you go to and click on the "On-Line Store" you will find all of the details, plus our latest newsletter and more.  God Bless You!! Joe

PPS - Here is the link to "6 Ways to help Haiti" - .  Joe

July 30, 2010 - Friday 9:34am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

There is another disturbance forming to the southeast of Haiti.  Weather forecasters are keeping a very close eye on the development of this system.  Please continue to pray that Haiti will be spared from this storm.  The story that I posted yesterday demonstrates how even a small squall can kill people.

We are preparing for our next mission. The aircraft is ready and team members are getting their travel documents in order.  We are selecting critical medical supplies at this time.

Yesterday, I spoke with a very dear friend of many years, Fred Morrissette.  Fred and I have worked together in Haiti for nearly 30 years.  We discussed the best way to help "Tent-City" residents to find property and a permanent home.  A lot of good dialog took place.  On this next mission, there will be a lot research and efforts made along these lines.  We also discussed the "Hurricane Evacuation" plans we are developing.  It is so good when we can tap into years of experience for these vital projects.  THANKS for your prayer and love!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 29, 2010 - Thursday 8:34am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND READ THIS STORY THAT POSTED YESTERDAY EVENING!!   Apparently a small squall, nearly undetectable on radar hit Port-Au-Prince and dropped a lot of rain in a very short period of time.  The following story brought tears to my eyes.

Squall sweeps over Haiti tent camp, toppling brick wall that kills 2 boys asleep in tarp home

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Distraught parents mourned the loss of two children in a camp for Haitian earthquake survivors Wednesday, a day after rains caused a wall to collapse on top of a row of tarp homes.
The family's tragedy is another reminder of the perilous conditions of an estimated 1.6 million people living under tarps and tents on dangerous ground six months after the quake devastated Port-au-Prince.
Enrique Joseph, a 30-year-old policeman, was on the job downtown Tuesday evening when his cellphone rang with the horrifying news: After losing his home in the quake, he had lost his makeshift home — and his 8-month-old son, Kesnel, and a 2-year-old nephew, Kika Leus, were under the wreckage.
He raced back to the Terrain Acra camp in the Delmas neighbourhood, home to tens of thousands whose tarp homes blanket a hillside owned by one of Haiti's wealthiest families.
He was too late. The boys' lifeless bodies already were wrapped in sheets.
"If we knew the wall could fall, we would have moved," Joseph said, his eyes red with tears.
Little reconstruction has been done since the magnitude-7 quake pulverized the capital. Piles of rubble and thousands of collapsed buildings remain where they stood in January. Even transitional shelters remain a pipe dream for most.
Donors pledged $5.3 billion for two years of rebuilding at a March donors conference but less than 10 per cent has been delivered. On Wednesday, the U.S. Congress passed a bill to partially fund the administration's $1.15 billion pledge to Haiti and sent it to President Barack Obama.
The threat of hurricanes lingers halfway through the summer. The USS Iwo Jima amphibious assault ship is anchored off Haiti's north coast this week to train its sailors and Marines in case they have to respond to storm damage.
It took no more than an isolated squall that swept over Joseph's camp to soften the ground around a 10-foot retaining wall beside a tennis court.
Suddenly it gave way, sending bricks crashing onto blue and grey tarps. The boys were crushed to death in their sleep and the tattered remnants of the shelter filled with mud and rainwater.
"The material things don't matter. I lost my papers, I lost everything. But I lost my son. That means I lost my life," Kika's 25-year-old mother, Ketlanda Leus, said, rocking back and forth and weeping beneath a neighbour's tarp.
After carrying the boys' bodies to the morgue at Haiti's badly underfunded general hospital, Joseph returned to search for a new space to build another tarp home for his five surviving family members. The policeman said he is desperate to get out.
"Anything can happen, anytime, inside these camps," he said.

As you can see from this current satellite image, things are heating up.  PLEASE continue to pray for our Lord to hold back the storms and protect so many innocent, vulnerable people.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 28, 2010 - Wednesday 9:13am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Been on the phone since early this morning with our team members for our upcoming mission to Haiti. Have passport challenges, but things are working out. In an earlier "blog" I had reported how one of our team members actually drove down to Miami and got her passport the same day. It is remarkable that we can actually get a passport same-day! It is a bit "pricey" though.

Yesterday, we completed all inspections and test flew "Ti Burik". Now, we finalize our team and load and funds. Hope to be heading back to Haiti soon. In the meantime, the WEATHER IS STILL HOLDING - NO MAJOR STORMS IN THE REGION! We praise God for this.  Every day without a storm is a good day!

Also, during our inspection yesterday, I met a missionary who has been going into North Korea and preaching the Gospel.  He has heard about our ministry and specifically, the Vortex Voyager.  I was able to explain how bringing in "clean water" opens many doors.  We were able to demonstrate the Voyager to him.  He is now praying about raising the funds to bring in a Voyager.  Please pray that he secures the necessary funding.  Should you want to help with this Voyager, simply go to the "Donate" button in the upper left hand side of this blog.  Also, drop me an e-mail ( and let me know what you have done and we will designate your gift for the North Korean Voyager.  This brother shared that the Church is alive and well in North Korea!

God Bless!  Really appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 27, 2010 - Tuesday 7:21am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The day we received the Cessna 337 we dedicated it to our Lord for His service.  We asked our Lord to bless this aircraft.  He certainly has done just that.

From the very beginning, we had thought that we would need to change the front engine soon after putting the aircraft into service.  As a result of this we conduct extensive "Post mission inspections".  In other words after each flight to Haiti (approximately 1800  over-water miles!), we conduct detailed tests / inspections to determine the condition of the aircraft.  We pay particularly close attention to the front engine.  Now get this.....the front engine has gotten stronger and stronger each flight.  During this last inspection, the engine had the highest cylinder compression since we have acquired the aircraft.  We just marvel.  In the meantime, we have a brand new engine ready to go when the time becomes necessary.  Just thought I'd share this bit of good news with you.

While conducting the inspection / maintenance yesterday, our dear friend Rose (Delta Rose) delivered a wonderful shipment of medical supplies from Dr. Steve Badolato.  Again, our Lord is helping us to fill the airplane with supplies.  Now, we need to fill the aircraft with fuel.  Want to help??  Your gift will help us to get supplies right directly to the target.  We recently added a "DONATE" Button to the upper left hand side of this blog.  I simply ask you to PRAY about helping us and if our Lord gives you any amount to give, simply push the button and dial in the numbers.  Wow, that's pretty easy.  I remember the "old days" when we would send out a letter and enclose a self addressed envelope.  Remember those days?  The marvel of the Internet.

Meanwhile, the weather in the Caribbean is still calm.  For that, we are so incredibly thankful.  This season is projected to be extremely active.  We have already seen quite a bit of activity has stayed away from Haiti!  I certainly attribute this  in part to prayer!  In the Book of Matthew 7:7 Jesus gives us simple "Prayer Direction".  ASK & you shall receive, SEEK & you shall find, KNOCK & the door will be opened.  You and I have been doing just that.  Again, we just praise the Lord for each calm day!

Well, better wrap up this little "blog" for the day.  Still have to "leak test" the aircraft and test fly her.  We'll be heading to Haiti pretty soon.  Remember, we can really use help with the fuel.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 26, 2010 - Monday 7:41am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Jesus never promised that we would not have storms.  As a matter of fact, there are notable scriptures that deal with some pretty intense storms thoughout the life of Jesus.  It is for  that reason that we simply praise the Lord for each peaceful, stormless day.  As we reflect in this satellite image, we can see that the entire region to the east of Haiti is relatively quiet.  We look at this reprieve as opportune time to work in behalf of the million + people living outdoors who are in extremely precarious positions!

Today, we do our "Post mission inspection" on our mission aircraft.  We are not working any maintenance issues, so we're expecting all to go well.  I spoke with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) last night and all is quiet in Ruuska Village.  She is giving us a list of things to bring on our little "Ti Burik", (the name we affectionately call our mission plane - "little donkey", because it can carry so much for such a small plane).  Please join us in prayer that the funding, the people who are suppose to go and the supplies we are supposed to bring all arrive.  We hope to be returning to Haiti soon.

God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe



July 25, 2010 - Sunday 9:11am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Sunday morning - getting ready for church.  It's good to be home but.....sure do miss the Keys.  We truly had a couple of beautiful, reflective, restful days.  Now, time to get back to work.  This afternoon, we minister with the young folks in the Hospital.  We sure do love them.

As you can see from the satellite image, things are very quiet in the tropics and particularly in Haiti.  THANK GOD!  Tomorrow, we do our "Post Mission Inspection" on the aircraft.  We have no maintenance issues working on "Ti Burik".  We're gathering supplies and funds for our next mission.  The Lord is giving us time to get ready!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 24, 2010 - Saturday - 7:57am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Marathon, FL (The Florida Keys) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  Miss "Bonnie" took a slight right turn and completely by-passed us in  the Keys.  The day was stunning.  We even got the little boats out and went to sand bar.  It was just exactly like a post card.  There is absolutely something about "RE-CREATING".

We call this shot the "Calm before the Calm".  Our kids and little dogs, Rosie and Sam had a blast.  If you have never been to the Florida Keys - COME!  It's kind of like "driving to the Bahamas" and you don't need a passport or pass Immigrations / Customs.

Cindy and I had numerous conversations about Haiti, but in a much more relaxed setting than just "usual life".  It helps to get away and reflect from a bit of a distance.

Haiti, meanwhile, like us in the Keys also dodged another bullet.  Neither Bonnie, nor related / associated storms hit Haiti during the last 72 hours.  We just pray each day for our Lord to hold back the weather "one more day".  So far, so good!  It's difficult not to think about Haiti, but it sure helps thinking and praying about Haiti "in the Keys".  All is well in the Ruuska Village.  Just spoke with my daughter Cherie who just spoke to Barbara.

At the end of the day, we had a "Classic Keys Dinner" .  We're thankful that the storm by-passed us & Haiti and that the overall, Bonnie was not too bad.  Today, is our last day here in "Paradise".  It's been good just resting and reflecting on the goodness of God and enjoying His creation.  Finally, THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Kid & little dogs

July 23, 2010 - Friday - 9:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Marathon, FL (The Florida Keys) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Often, I awaken early in the morning, usually the sun has not yet risen, there are a few minutes to think, plan, reflect and most important, pray.  When this occurs in Haiti, the roosters have already been crowing long before the sun rises.  Usually, if in a tent, it's not very comfortable, yet the conditions are so far superior to our brothers and sisters all around us.  IF, however, it is in the U.S., the comfort is off the charts.  Now, my old body may be a little sore, but the conditions around me are vastly superior.  The bed is like sleeping in heaven, the pillows are soft and the air conditioning has kept the temperature to a near perfect level.  I don't hear mosquitoes buzzing around my head, nor feel the "pebbles" under my sleeping mat.  If one does not take a moment and "compare" the two pictures, it's easy "to just take what we have for granted".

Well, here are the Hurston's in the Florida Keys for a little get away (thanks to my precious Cindy).  It's nice. We're staying in an old 1 star place that takes pets, but is still quite nice.  We're riding out a Tropical Storm named "Bonnie".  Bonnie's not too bad, winds 45 mph.  This little place that we're in offers free use of small power boats.  All the boats are on the shore awaiting Miss Bonnie to waltz by us.  It's kind of windy and rainy and overcast.  Again, not a bad time to reflect on what we have.  Now, I have said all of the above to share a few thoughts on thankfulness.  What bothers me is that almost everytime I think about this, all kind of distractions come up in my mind.  Today, I'm going to spend some extra focused time "just being thankful" for all of our Lord's blessings.  Kind of like, "re-creating" on a stormy day.

As I study the current Satellite Image of both the Florida Keys and Haiti, it is obvious that there is much instability in the region.  I certainly realize that I must sound repetitive when speaking about what a storm would do to Haiti, but it is because so many images are in my brain of Haitians being "washed" away by heavy rains and winds.  Again, the simple fact is that should a storm hit, many will likely die.  Can't seem to get that out of my mind.  The winds are picking up.  Bonnie is almost here.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog written by a rambling, emotional missionary.  God bless you!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy, Juliet, Peter, Dieunika & Sam & Rosie (our chihauhauas) in the Keys

July 22, 2010 - Thursday - 6:57pm (Eastern U.S. Time) - Marathon, FL (The Florida Keys) - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We arrived in the Florida Keys bright and early, bypassing the heavy Miami traffic.  Our country is so vast, diverse and beautiful, from the Maine - to the Florida Keys to Alaska.  We're looking forward to a couple of days away.  It's ironic that Tropical Depression #3 is headed straight for us.  We'll have a ringside seat as the storm bears down on us.  It does appear to have by-passed Haiti again.  Praise God.  This is just a quick qet-away for us as we're speaking in our home church on Sunday.  God Bless and thanks, as always, for your prayer and love!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy .

July 22, 2010 - Thursday - 4:17am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


There is a time to pull back & "retreat".  My Cindy planned a little get away for us while I was in Haiti.  She's taken care of everything.  As I write this little update, we are on I-95 southbound to the Florida Keys.  Will report more later.

Air Mobile Joe


The photo above is a clue as to what we did yesterday.  After loading the plane, we re-positioned over at the main terminal of the Port-Au-Prince International Airport and there, waited for Marci Gonzales, NBC Journalist to come off of the airline bus.

Now, here is a little background on Marci.  She joined our first team into Haiti on the day after the earthquake.  Her reporting on the situation was incredible.  She also cared for little Mishna, the 3 year old girl that we flew back for urgent medical care.  US Immigrations took little Mishna into custody and that is a whole other story.

Well, Marci came back to Haiti to do a follow up story on the same day that we were departing for the U.S.  Thus, our clever meeting on the ramp at the airport for a good follow up interview on the status of Haiti six months later.  Marci will be staying in Ruuska Village with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and will likely come back with a great story depicting the plight of the Haitian people.  If you look in the background of the shot above, you will see our little mission aircraft, ready to go!

We did have a wonderful flight back to the U.S.  We flew at 14,500 feet and went directly to Fort Lauderdale International.  We gave Junior Cius, a Haitian Air Traffic Controller a ride back to the U.S. I always enjoy doing this, as it gives the Controller a clear picture of what happens in the cockpit.  It generally helps them to do their job better.  Junior has handled my flights many times, it was a joy to put a face to the voice on the other end.  Of course, that works the other way also, the Controller gets to match the face to my voice.  Over the years, I have always respected and appreciated the excellent job these Air Traffic Controllers do.

In reflecting on this last mission, there is great hope in the midst of tremendous suffering.  In this photo, my son Steve is standing by a small garden.

There is a lot in this shot.  In the midst of rag-tag tents and mud and suffering and sickness and whole host of other challenges that many of us would find absolutely unimaginable, there is hope.  Our Haitian brothers and sisters go on, day by day, with courage and often a smile.  The longer I am here, the more amazed I am at the tenacity and strength of these people.  Steve suggested that we pass out seeds to as many as we possibly can.  Now, with so many Haitians fleeing to the country side, i.e. the new rural tent-cities that are popping up everywhere, this is not a bad idea.

Now that I am back in the U.S., my head is swirling with ideas and images.  We are immediately working on our next trip into Haiti.  I would like to say that Tommy Blair was a tremendous blessing to us on this mission. Not only did Tommy do most of the photography, but his wisdom and encouragement were invaluable.  We are facing so many situations that are so delicate and often "life & death" matters.  Having men like Tommy Blair with us means so much.  A very wise Pastor once told me, "God knows how to deploy His troops".  Such is the situation here.  THANK YOU TOMMY!

Finally, today the weather for the Caribbean is looking grim.  There is a huge system that is brewing to the east of the Windward Islands.  This system has all of the elements to produce deadly storms and Haiti is right in the path.  As we've said over and over agian, PLEASE PRAY for our Lord to hold these storms back. Many are extremely vulnerable.  Even if this system does not reach Hurricane strength, strong winds and heavy rains WILL KILL PEOPLE in Haiti.  Over the last few years, we have seen thousands upon thousands of Haitians washed away by such storms.  God Bless You and thank you again for your love and prayers!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 20, 2010 - Tuesday - 5:39am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Tent cities are evicted everyday in Haiti. This is a harsh word / action and adds pain and suffering to a group of people who are already under a very heavy load. However....when given to the Lord with trust, an eviction can be a good thing! We are beginning to see such a thing in one of the tent cities that we are helping. There is so much that I want to say here, but must choose my words carefully.

Yesterday, we prayed with a group of folks who are being told to move. The people asking them to leave have every right to their property, as they are the owners. The owners have already been extremely gracious to allow the community to exist for months on their property, but now, it is time for them to move. We got caught right in the middle of the saga and are standing in prayer and love with the tent-city residents and completely understand the position of the owners of the property. We are seeing a wonderful plan unfold, but it is too early to give details. PLEASE join us in prayer!!

Our plans for the Evacuation Center are moving ahead. It is time now to write the proposal and pray that it is accepted. Meanwhile, the weather is holding, at least for today. Haiti is surrounded by storms, yet, no serious storm activity has hit Haiti as of yet. We pray that pattern continues.

Speaking of the weather, it could be a good day to travel. We will see. Time to get our team up and going. Have a full day ahead of us. Will try to report later this evening. Have to run for now. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 19, 2010 - Monday - 6:21am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

I am pleased to report that Daniel, the older gentleman in Caanan II is responding favorably to the medication we put him on. Of course, many are praying for him also.

Yesterday, we went to Pastor Volny’s Church in Divivier, a small community in the middle of the city dump. The little church, Eglise Tabernacle, quickly began to fill.

One of the groups from Barb’s Village wanted to attend and as they drove in to the yard, the excitement grew. It is so encouraging to the Haitian Church to meet, fellowship and worship with the U.S.Christians!

My message – the multiplying of the loaves and fishes (can’t seem to get that message off of my mind). We all have so little to give in the face of the overwhelming need , but in the hands of Jesus, the little we have can do so much! This young man was my illustration. I pointed out that the young lad could not carry big loaves or fishes.

From the service in the “dump”, we headed to our very critical meeting with the owner of the hospital. We actually met with the owners and the board to discuss our plan. The meeting was in-depth and insightful. As I suspected, a simple, straightforward plan, i.e. – storm approaches – people flee to empty hospital – storm leaves – people return to their dwelling…..becomes much more complicated.

We discussed the fact that the hurricane season lasts for months. That means that the facility is on “stand-by” for an extended period. Also, once the people “flee” to the facility, they will know the place and may return to “set up camp”. This is always a possibility. Good points were made. At the end, we agreed to back away and PRAY about it and see if we can come up with a comprehensive proposal that will work for all parties.

My hope and prayer is that a storm does not come in the meantime. We continue to pray and ask our Lord to hold back the storms. There are, of course more details that I am not at liberty to share at this time, but they all are going “right into the hands of Jesus”!

My son, Steve, and I went up to the mountain where he grew up as a little boy. It was good to have some very special time with my “first born son”. There was a light rain throughout the entire day, but no heavy downpours and as a result no flooding.

Today, we will be meeting with the leaders of both tent-cities and update them on the Evacuation Plans. We will also check on Daniel this morning. Also, there is a little baby girl, Katy, that we have been checking on, along with her mother Elda. There are so many that need help, we just help those that we can and ask our Lord to help us to help as many as we can. We will report more later. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 18, 2010 - Sunday - 6:18am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

When we arrived at Caanan II (the large tent city that we have been helping), Pastor Volny and Germaine told us about Daniel. He was elderly and had no wife, children or relatives. He was very ill.

For you see, Haitians see many, many deaths. They know when someone is about to die. They just know. We went to see Daniel. It was one small tent, just barely big enough to lie in. He managed to get his shirt on and come out very slowly. His breathing was very labored. After observing as many symptoms as possible, we went straight to the Village to see what medical personnel we had.

Soon, we had a team and medication heading back to see Daniel. After questions, the preliminary diagnosis....congestive heart failure. Meds were administered and we then all prayed for Daniel.

Now, let me tell you something very special about this whole episode. The entire leadership and scores of children are all "pulling" for Daniel. They know that they are his "family". From the moment I first heard of his plight, the care and concern shown by all was obvious.

In the natural, one lonely, broken, sick and possibly dying old man in a tent city of more than 5000 other "desperate" people. Who would care? The love of Jesus is flowing through so many hearts! Today, we will be back in Caanan II and checking on Daniel. Pastor Volny has asked me to preach in his main church in a nearby town. It will be an honor.

Yesterday, we had critical meetings regarding our plans for establishing a major Evacuation Plan for the thousands of tent-city residents in this area. Our main meeting did not go very well's not over. We will have another meeting today. PLEASE pray for our Lord's favor! I cannot give any more details right now.

I brought my son Steve and Tommy to downtown. Steve was crushed by the destruction. So many old and familiar buildings many dead. From downtown, we headed back out to the Gressier area. This is the zone that Cindy and I lived in for years. We are considering establishing an Air Mobile camp in this zone.

As we were enroute, my little sister Mary called. I asked Tommy to snap a photo of me speaking with Mary. We were driving through the "Tent City" that we have named, "The People in the Middle". These are the people living in the median of a very dangerous road. As this photo was taken, we were just passing the "tent" that little Catastrophe lives in. This precious little boy was born on the day of the earthquake and his family named him "Catastrophe".

All throughout the day, it rained. Rain is a good thing, but too much rain means suffering, danger and death. We pray. THANK YOU for joining us!

Air Mobile Joe

July 17, 2010 - Saturday - 6:06am (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

As we walk into the tent cities, often the children run up to us making like an airplane using their hands as wings. You see, each time we arrive into Haiti we circle over the tent cities. We are also training the "residents" on Evacuation Codes.

As you see the sat image above, Haiti is surrounded by storms. It is just a matter of time before a significant storm hits here! We pray and ask our Lord to hold back the storms.

We brought in a new portable sound system. We will be able to preach the gospel and do training to larger groups of people.

Today, we have very, very, very important meetings regarding the Evacuation Plans. PLEASE PRAY!

Air Mobile Joe

July 16, 2010 - Friday - 8:27pm (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

We departed Titusville, FL early this morning and climbed to 19,000 trying to find favorable winds that would allow us to fly to Haiti non-stop. Not today....35-40mph headwinds. We stopped for fuel in Great Inagua (193 statute miles north of Port-Au-Prince). The rest of the flight went without incident.

After unloading "Ti Burik" (the little donkey) we headed for a special delivery to some new missionaries. We brought them Romain Lettuce and grapes and cherries. Happy missionaries! Then off to Caanan II to meet with Pastor Volny. We will preach in his church on Sunday morning. We're still working on arranging the Emergency Evacuation of this tent city.

From Caanan II, we headed to the abandoned hospital tent city. We are planning to meet with the person responsible for the property. Please pray that all goes well.

As we drove through Port-Au-Prince, rain fell. Soon, after just light rain, the sreets were flooded and debris rushed down swirling and filthy. It is such a "race against time". We know that rains and strong winds will come and the sad truth is that people will be injured and some will die.

We then worked our way back to Ruuska Village. So good seeing Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress). She's been traveling a bit concerning her adoptions. There is amazing progress in the re-construction of the village. There are 2 teams of volunteers working so hard here.

I'm glad to have my eldest son, Steve, with me. He was only 4 years old when he first came to Haiti. It's many years since he was last in Haiti. We are looking forward to another great mission. Time to head to the tent with the little fan. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 16, 2010 - Friday - 4:34am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

"Ti Burik" (the Little Donkey) is ready to fly. We'll see how the day goes. The other day, I did something that I have wanted to do for a long time. Knocked the "rust" off my helicopter flying skills. It's been over 40 years! Took a little chopper up to see if I could remember how to do it. Kind of like riding a bike, the memories came back. One never knows when these skills might be necessary.

Will write more later today. As always, truly appreciate your prayers!!

Air Mobile Joe

July 15, 2010 -6:33am - Thursday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

We recently received 300 Creole Bibles and will be bringing them into Haiti on our next mission. We continue to gather up supplies. Today, we top off the Oxygen in the aircraft. Word from the Village is - a whole lot of building going on! Several large construction teams are making great progress on rebuilding Ruuska.

Have to run for now. Will try to report later this afternoon.

Air Mobile Joe

July 14, 2010 -7:28am - Wednesday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

Our aircraft is ready to go (passed "post-mission" inspection with flying colors)! We're gathering up supplies for our next mission. We had a wonderful interview with News Channel 13 out of Orlando. We are letting people know "that after 6 months, things ARE NOT better in Haiti. The situation there is extremely dangerous and volatile.

I read yesterday, that one of the tent-cities in the Port-Au-Prince area, had major flooding from a relatively small storm. Nearly 100 tents were destroyed. This is the situation. This is the reason we are working so hard to get back. Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

July 13, 2010 -6:51am - Tuesday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

Today, we are continuing our Post-mission inspection on "Ti-Bourik" (little donkey). This is the name we affectionately call our Cessna 337. When the aircraft loading crew converges on us at Port-Au-Prince International Airport, this is the name on all of their lips. For you see, our little plane always carries a full load when we arrive in Haiti.

We are thankful, both for such a fine aircraft as well as an excellent maintenance team. We expect all to go well today.

We will also be speaking with a local news channel on the "6th Month Anniversary" of the tragic January 12 earthquake. For just a moment, the world's attention is back on Haiti and their terrible plight. Please pray that we gain additional support for our life-saving projects.

The Caribbean is relatively calm again today. For that, we are extremely thankful. It gives us another day to prepare! God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

July 12, 2010 -9:22am - Monday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe


Haiti continues to "dodge bullets"! During our last mission to Haiti (we returned to the U.S. on Saturday afternoon), our Lord held back the storms. We are so thankful! Today, as I analyze the satellite image (above), for TODAY, the storms are being held back.

As Cindy and I reflect on this last mission, we are overwhelmed with joy at how, again, our Lord has opened the door to bring food and water to the hungry and thirsty. We are working diligently on arranging 2 large 40 foot containers to receive the donated food & bottled water. We will position these containers close to the abandoned hospital so that "when" the big storm does come, we can rapidly deploy these life-saving provisions to the thousands of fleeing "tent-dwellers". This is the plan. We believe that many lives can be saved by this "Evacuation Plan".

As we departed in our aircraft on Saturday, our daughter Juliet captured this shot of the thousands of tents scattered on the hillsides of Haiti. These people have no place to go when the bad storms do come. This is the reason we are working in advance to get things ready and prepare a place for them.

Yesterday, we ministered in the Hospital where we are chaplains. The "House" was full and the Word of God was delivered. We taught on how Jesus sent His disciples out in Matthew 10. Our Lord gave clear "marching orders" on how to go and share the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

We're looking to get back into Haiti as soon as possible to keep these plans moving forward. We continue to pray that the weather will continue to be favorable. Feel free to give me a call at 321-544-7757 if you would like to discuss our plans or if you have any ideas to share. God Bless.

Air Mobile Joe


July 11, 2010 -7:27am - Sunday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

We're back in the U.S. - have much to say. Will write more later.

Air Mobile Joe

July 10, 2010 -5:27am - Saturday (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

My dear friends of 30 years, Bobby & Sherry Burnette of Love A Child Ministries have agreed to help us with this vital project. Yesterday, we drove to their mission and laid out the plan of Emergency Evacuation. They liked it. Bobby said, “Joe, you get the container and I will fill it with food (270,000 meals)!! We also discussed bottled water in a second container. WOW!!

After laying out the plan and settling the provisions, we had coffee and told stories of past missions. We laughed a lot. God’s grace is amazing. When we first began, we were so “green”. Yet, we know, we still have so much to learn. Thank God for his grace and mercy!

Bobby loaded up our little vehicle with more food. Now, here is a “fish & loaves” multiplication story. Lisa, from Ruuska Village gave us 10 boxes (2,160 meals) of food for the “People in the Middle” (see yesterday’s blog). After our visit with Bobby, we came back to Ruuska Village with 15 boxes of food. We replaced the 10 boxes with 11 boxes & …….went to the Abandoned Hospital Tent City and gave out 4 boxes (864 meals). Now, that is Matthew 14 (story of Loaves & Fishes) in action!!

As we arrived in the tent-city, we immediately had a Worship Service. It was beautiful. The Haitians & Americans sang and worshipped our Lord together. I shared on the Miracle of the Loaves & Fishes and then each American shared their heart with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, Cindy set up a clinic and treated & prayed for the sick. Cindy is an Registered Nurse and has much experience with Haitian diseases.

At the same time, we distributed shoes and food and candy. Actually, we let the leaders distribute it and we watched. It was great. The people received the gifts with incredible joy and thankfulness. I wish you could have been there.

At the end of the service, we bundled up our team and headed back to Ruuska. Then Cindy & Juliet & I headed all the way across town to have a final meeting with Nathan & Amy of The 7th Day Adventist Hospital in Diuquini (just west of Port-Au-Prince). We had good fellowship and discussed the revitalization project of this hospital. Cindy and I have been blessed many times over by this hospital and pray for the leadership as they bring this hospital back to it’s full potential. We returned to Ruuska tired but very satisfied by how our Lord moved today.

I must tell you that Juliet Joy Hurston has been a tremendous blessing. She has taken the photos. Also, she particularly wanted to come on this trip to learn from John Torres, a master Journalist for Gannett. THANK YOU JULIET!!

Over the last few day, the weather here in Haiti has been remarkable. The storms have been staying away! Today looks like a pretty good day for traveling. We’ll see how it all turns out. We truly love and appreciate you and thanks again for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Juliet

PS - Here is a sample of Juliet's photo work! Joe


July 9, 2010 -6:27am - Friday (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

It’s amazing what a reasonably good nights sleep can do. Of course sleeping in a tent on a sheet of plywood with a 1 7/8” thick mattress offers certain challenges. However, if you are tired enough, the aforementioned accommodations can be quite nice (of course, the fan helps a lot!!).

After reflecting on yesterday, it is still hard to capture in words what we are seeing and experiencing. One thing stands out though, the courageous, tenacious spirit of these people. The Haitian people have been through so much, yet can still be kind, gracious and helpful. After living and working in this country for over 32 years, this still amazes me!

The children always draw us back. You see, leaving America and the comfort and convenience to enter into a chaotic, dirty, dangerous situation is not easy. It’s just the images of the kids faces and smiles and durability that draws us back time and time again. As many who read this blog and know Ruuska Village, you know exactly what I am talking about.

By the way, Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) has been in Argentina processing adoptions. We really look forward to having her back soon. Lisa has been doing an incredible job of running the Village. The teams that have been here have been simply wonderful. Last night, at the end of the very, very long day, we had the sweetest devotion.

Now, on to today. We’ll be meeting with a major relief organization to discuss “food” for the Evacuation Plan. This is, as I have said before, particularly challenging because there is not enough food for the current and immediate needs, but….we must press on with this plan as we believe that many lives are at stake. So many dwellings are made of old discarded tin and the results of strong winds would be catastrophic!

I know that I sound like a broken record asking you to pray over and over again, but it is so important. The coffee is brewed and it’s time to get our team going. Will try to give a little update this evening. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Juliet

July 8, 2010 -11:07pm - Thursday (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe


Today, we returned to the people that live in “median” of a very dangerous road. About 6 week ago, we brought in food for these desperate people. We came up short for about 90 families. Today, we began on the end where those families were. It was so good coming back and meeting our new friends.

We were very glad to find that little “Catastrophe” was doing well. This little boy was born on January 12, 2010, the day of the catastrophic earthquake. His Dad was very helpful to us and so pleased to show off his son.

The situation in this particular “tent city” is so precarious! All a child has to do is just step of the “door” and is in the very busy, dangerous street. We pray that these precious people find dwellings in a less dangerous location.

We had a time of prayer with some of the residents. We asked our Lord to "multiply" the little bit of food we brought to this desperate area. It was very sweet being back and we look forward to helping even more.

From the “People in the Middle”, we headed to the Adventist Hospital, close to this location. Very good seeing Nathan and his wife Amy. John Torres with Florida Today interviewed Nathan. Among the problems discussed, a national shortage of food. Many of the relief organizations are having a difficult time finding adequate food supplies. We prayed together and departed.

We headed to the place where Cindy and I lived for a number of years. It was the first time Juliet had returned there since being just 4 years old. Our home was destroyed by the earthquake and must be torn down. Yet, we would like to someday, set up an Air Mobile Base camp in this zone. Another matter for prayer. We had a delicious picnic lunch on the beach.

We then returned through pretty heavy traffic to Caanan II to give Pastor Volny and update on our progress with the Hurricane Evacuation plans. This is a solid brother and truly cares for the people in the community.

In spite of the generosity of a relief organization in providing a water bladder, it is still not keeping up with the demand. We discussed the possibility of drilling a well. This is another matter for prayer.

After a long day and many harrowing kilometers, we returned to Ruuska Village. The other team there told us about their day. We had a wonderful devotion. As I write this blog, I am drifting off to sleep. Time to get to bed. So much to do. We must have the power of the Lord to meet these challenges. As always, THANK YOU for your prayer!

Air Mobile Joe

PS – Early this morning, as we were headed to the “People in the Middle”, Rick captured this shot. We call it “Meals on Wheels”. Pretty graphic shot, but some of the things we encounter on the streets of Port-Au-Prince. Joe

July 8, 2010 -5:44am - Thursday (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

Up early and loading food for "the people in the middle". This is one of the desperate areas of extreme danger. Will give more details later today. Weather is still volatile all around Haiti but......the storms have been held back. We praise the Lord. Have to go for now.

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Juliet

July 7, 2010 -10:44pm - Wednesday (Haiti Time) - Ruuska Village, Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe

We did it. We flew to Haiti again. This time we had John from Florida Today, and Rick his friend and I am blessed to have Cindy and Juliet. We had a full plane. Bibles, food, toner cartridges, Voyager parts and more.

We rolled down the runway at 3:57am and climbed to 17,000 feet, broke out the Oxygen and flew direct to Port-Au-Prince in 5 hours 13 minutes. We landed at 8:10am Haiti time. We rented a small SUV and headed to Barb’s village and unloaded the supplies.

We gathered a team from the village and headed to the Tent City at the abandoned hospital. This whole community has one tiny little water source. While stateside I could not stop thinking about these 500 + people with no clean water. It was time.

We set up the Voyager, and began pumping very clean water out of that tiny little hole of dirty water. Once the unit was demonstrated, the presentation was made. The joy of the leaders was amazing. Their community, that has been plagued by sickness and disease has new hope. Clean water does that!

As we were doing the water purifier, Cindy and Juliet led the worship and ministry in the tent city with the team from the Village. The Lord is truly with us. Bringing clean water and the living water of the Word of God!

It is such a pleasure having Juliet with us. She loves the children and is such a huge help to us.

We departed that tent city and headed to Caanan II. We checked on the little baby girl that I had written about 2 weeks ago. She is still ill. We prayed for her. We then gave Pastor Volny an update on the Evacuation Plans. Things are moving on.

We returned to the Village and set up our tent, had dinner / helped John get a story back to Florida Today. It’s been a long day. As I sit and write this blog, I feel slight tremors. The earthquakes are not finished. Haiti is surrounded by storms. We simply pray and ask for mercy for this suffering country.

Better wrap it up tonight. We head out early in the morning. God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Juliet

July 7, 2010 -2:44am - Wednesday (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Joe Hurston - Air Mobile Joe


Had excellent meetings yesterday. Developing some flight training outreach in conjunction with our existing flights to Haiti. This can be a true win-win-win deal.

As you can see from the photo above, seat #6 is full of our little cargo for Haiti. Getting very close to departure for Haiti. Checking weather and should be heading that way pretty soon.

We just stand amazed at how our Lord has held back so many storms that have already formed all around Haiti and yet none have hit. For that we are thankful. It could be a pretty good day for flying. We'll see how the day turns out. Will write more later. God Bless & ........THANKS FOR PRAYING!!

Air Mobile Joe