Saturday, June 25, 2011


June 25, 2011 - Saturday - 6:54am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Wilmington, NC - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

TI BURIK IS BEAUTIFUL (From the inside out)!

Not only has Ti Burik gotten beautiful instrumentation and "longer legs" (extended fuel tanks), but now our little donkey has a gorgeous interior, thanks to Dodd Stretch of Air Tex and about 20 other donors!  Yesterday began with a gala event at the AirTex hangar.  The local City / Airport Officials and host of volunteers greeted us as we came for the "Unveiling" of Ti Burik.

After weeks of intense work, literally day and night, Dodd and his amazing team completed the gorgeous interior transformation.  Our little 41 year old airplane now looks like a 2011 airplane "from the inside". 

So many participated.  The two local newspapers were there along with numerous political and Aviation authorities.  I had a delightful time telling of the many "missions" that Ti Burik has been on and on the many that we have lying ahead.  Truly, this whole community opened their hearts (and their pocketbooks) to Air Mobile Ministries.  Praise God!

At the end of the day, it was farewell to Dodd and company.  We plan to get together at Oshkosh for the "Big Airshow" in late July (July 25-31st).  Again, I just have to say a huge THANK YOU to Dodd for embracing this project, and our ministry with "relentless" diligence and excellence!  God Bless You Dodd!!  

After a few tweaks on Ti Burik and careful checking of the weather, Chuck and I flew the little donkey to Wilmington, NC.  There were various thunderstorms all along the way and Air Traffic Control did a superb job of working our little mission aircraft around and through the stuff.  She flew beautifully.  Now, we're going to be delivering her to the Paint Shop in Sanford, FL.  

Had a beautiful sunset but could not fly back without stopping to see my long time friend and ministry advisor, Dave Walen.  Known Dave for many years.  Dave took Chuck and I out for some delicious seafood.  Very pleasant evening of just catching up and swapping stories.  Dave also opened up his home to us.  

Had a great night sleep and now, checking the weather, have some more thunderstorms to "Dance" around.  Next stop, Sanford, FL and the paint shop.  We're so thankful for all the folks who are helping us to get this little airplane in "tip-top" condition for the great work ahead.  

God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

June 24, 2011 - Friday - 6:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Ewing, PA - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

TODAY IS THE DAY TO SEE TI BURIK (and the beautiful new interior!)

Yesterday, "Southwest Chuck" and I boarded a Southwest flite to Philadelphia, PA compliments of SWA (again).  Just can't begin to thank SWA enough for all the help they have lent this mission and missionary since the Extreme Makeover.  From Philly, we rented a car and drove to Trenton, NJ.  Our mission here:  Bring a little donkey (Ti Burik) back to Florida to get painted.  

In just a few hours from now, Dodd Stretch, the owner of AirTex will come and pick me up to see the little beauty.  Must admit, have really missed the little donkey.  One supporter, Delta Rose, suggested I kiss the little donkey....think I will.  During this time that all the work has been done on Ti Burik, our mission to Haiti has continued thanks to the generosity of friends like Jamie with his C-206 and Stan Brock and his King Air.  Others have offered to help us anytime we need an extra airplane.  Wow!!  Again, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of so many.

By the way, one of Air Mobile Team members who was just in Haiti with us, "Tony Documentary", made it home (Niagra Falls) yesterday evening thanks again to Southwest Airlines.  While he was waiting for his flight, Chuck gave him a close up tour of a 737 engine.  We really appreciate the good work Tony does in capturing "our mission" on video.  He is very gifted in what he does.  Glad Tony made it home safe and sound last night.

Today, we're checking the weather and preparing for our flight to Sanford, Florida where Ti Burik will get the final Extreme Makeover touch, a beautiful paint job.  We now have plenty of fuel and will be able to make the flight non-stop.  However, have a few friends along the way and just may "drop in" on them.  We'll see how it all works out.  For you who read this little blog, THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

June 23, 2011 - Thursday - 8:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


From the group shot, you can see what we did yesterday.  We boarded Jamie's beautiful Cessna 206 and headed back to the U.S......knowing that this "Mission was accomplished"!  A lot more clean water is flowing in "hot spots" and we've moved significantly closer to getting the  Medor Airstrip opened and..... got a bunch of extra parts to keep the little mission motorcycle running for years to come and most important....was able to share the love of God.

The flight back was just beautiful.  We picked up some light tailwinds (any tailwinds are GOOD) and made good time back to the U.S. via Exuma International in the Bahamas.  All went just like clockwork.  About halfway back, we were hungry so we sent Tony (Documentary) to the back of the little plane to search for the "goodie" bag of jerky / trailmix.  He searched and searched and it wasn't there.  We left it in Barb's jeep.  Other than arriving a bit hungry, our flight back went smooth as silk.

On the way home, we swapped out Pilot positions and I had a wonderful time in the "back seat" just enjoying the islands.  The Caribbean is so beautiful and when one is "Pilot in Command", it's difficult to really take in the beauty of the "Islands".  Well, Derry, who is long time pilot (spent 12 years in Africa as a bush pilot and flew for the airlines here in the U.S. and is also an excellent flight instructor) was able to get some "stick time" as well as pass on some excellent instructional "jewels" to Jamie.

Now Cindy and kids drove up to Massachusetts several days ago to see her Mom. After landing at Space Center Executive Airport,  I stopped in at a famous Steak House (Paul's) in our area.  Hadn't eaten since Tuesday night.  Paul (the owner), too, is a pilot and came and joined me.  We swapped flying stories.  Though I insisted on paying for my Steak and Shrimp, he would hear nothing of it and the delicious dinner was "on the house".  Thanks Paul!

Another long day and a short night.  Back up this morning and working on getting Tony Documentary home.  Seems that his "Buddy Pass" on Delta is all filled up and he's stuck in Orlando.  Then comes Southwest Chuck to the rescue.  Just hung up and Tony and Chuck are meeting (as I write this blog) on the Southwest side of Orlando and Tony's getting my "get- out-of-jail" last buddy pass to get back home to Niagra Falls.  Was just on the phone with "Delta Rose" and we were chuckling at the Air Mobile Transportation Network.  It really works!!  You know, there are so many people that help us to do what we do, all I can say is "PRAISE GOD"!

In just over an hour, I'll pack my bags and head back out the door to fly from Orlando to Philadelphia to meet up with Dodd Stretch and AirTex.  The interior is being completed as I type.  Dodd has done a masterful job of bringing so many donors together to put in a spectacular interior.  Haven't seen it yet, the "Unveiling" will be tomorrow morning.  Can hardly wait.  Ti Burik is almost all "Made-Over".  The only thing we will lack will be the paint job.  The plan is to fly Ti Burik from Trenton, New Jersey (very close to Philly) back down to Sanford, Florida for the final "touch", the paint job.  

Well, it's time to re-pack those bags and head out the door to fly up the Philly.  As always, THANK YOU all for standing with us and above all PRAYING!  We are in this thing together and together, we are seeing great and wonderful things accomplished.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

June 22, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:29am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Jamie and I arrived at the airport early....before the clouds could build-up over Medor.  We did a series of "dry runs" over the strip to set up and just get comfortable with the approach into this strip nestled in the mountains.  We found some good landmarks and established headings, where to turn, where to drop the flaps and power settings.  The clouds cooperated and the visibility was clear.

As we were making the approaches and flying over Medor, my palms got "very sweaty" as I saw the road that we take to drive to Medor.  Folks, it is just as bad as I have described if not worse.  From the air, one can see just how treacherous it actually is.  We truly pray for this approval to go through for this strip.

We landed at Port-Au-Prince (P-A-P) and went to the Civil Aviation Department to meet with the officials.  Our plan was to actually fly several officials over the strip for them to see the strip personally.  The "Boss" who would make the decision on who would actually go with us got delayed at another meeting.  Jamie and I patiently waited until the clouds began to form over our strip and we had to "Postpone" the inspection flight until later.  Oh well, "cest la vie" as the French say (such is life).  We did accomplish something in that the officials know our willingness to bring them and we are definitely becoming more comfortable with eventual prospect of "landing at Medor".  As is often the case, we "Inch" toward a favorable conclusion.

We then made an important stop at the motorcycle shop that I bought our little mission motorcycle.  For over 6 months, I have been speaking with the owner about buying a wrecked bike that is the exact make, model and color of our little  bike.  For 6 months, the answer has been no, it's not for sale.  Well, yesterday morning, our Air Mobile Team (Jamie, Tony and Derry & I PRAYED that the owner would change his mind).  

Not only did he change his mind, but he actually sold it to me for HALF of what I was prepared to pay.  I bought it for $100!  The wreck only had 123.8 km on it.  The tires are just like brand new and so is the engine, the shocks, the transmission, the brakes and the list goes on and on.  Those parts would have eventually cost over $1,000!  Every now and then, we make a really good deal in Haiti and yesterday was my day!  Thank the Lord!

While Jamie and I were out and about flying and making deals, Derry was back at "The Village" working in the Tool Depot organizing and making neat hanging spots for tools.  Tony and Barbara were in town at the Embassy working on getting documentation for kids who are being adopted.  It was good day.

After dinner, we all collapsed from the heat.  It is very hot here and it's difficult to find a cool spot.  At night, thank God for electricity, I splash water on my body and then run under the fan and hope to get to sleep before the water evaporates.  It often takes a couple of "splashes and dashes" to accomplish that.  

Today, we have a very full day and must get on with it.  The coffee is on and sun is risen.  God Bless You and THANKS for your prayer and love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

June 21, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:22am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, Jamie (the owner of the beautiful Cessna 206) and I overflew the airstrip located in Medor, a community of 42,000 with a death-defying road.  Our plan was to bring some of the Haitian Civil Aviation Authorities with us on a subsequent flight.  However, clouds in the valley obscured vision.  So....we'll try again today.  It is so important that we continue to "Knock" on this door to get this runway open.  In Matthew 7:7, Jesus said, "Knock and the door will be opened".  One thing is for sure, if you don't knock, the door probably won't open on its own.  So, we're knocking!

The flight to Medor takes 14-16 minutes!!  The road to Medor by vehicle takes about 3 hours IF the road is not rainy or slippery.  That is the extreme danger of driving there.  On a recent journey to Medor, I must admit, I was REALLY scared a couple of times.  The steepness of the road is like a roller coaster and there were large rocks and red "slippery" mud.  At the bottom of the road, there would be a 90 degree turn.  IF, you were sliding, you would go right off a 1000 foot cliff and there are no barriers to stop you from sliding right off.  Folks, believe me, this community needs this runway.  Many, many lives will be saved.  So, I urge you to pray for us today as we meet with the authorities.

From the airport Jamie and I rode through Port-Au-Prince on the little mission motorcycle zig-zagging and dodging big trucks and busses.  Our destination:  The Adventist Hospital in Diquini, a community just west of P-A-P.  We met with the Directors, Nathan and Amy, dear and precious friends and wonderful, brave missionaries.  Always good to see Nathan and Amy.  Had a critical letter to deliver.  We discussed upcoming missions and the possibility of a Prosthetic Team to come and help with the many amputees as a result of the terrible earthquake.  

From Diquini we worked our way back to "The Village".  Remember I mentioned the possibility of some political unrest in yesterday's blog.  Well, there may be something to that "rumor".  Heard that a lot of folks are unhappy with some of the political appointments being made by President Martelly.  Again, please pray for things to remain calm and functional here in Haiti.  The last thing they need is a "Political Blow-Up".  As we drove yesterday, we were extra vigilant.

It is HOT in Haiti.  It's difficult to work in the afternoon, so we just tried to "chill out" for a bit by splashing water and sitting by a fan.  When the sun went down and things cooled off just a bit, it was off to our Rescuer Repair / Refurb depot.  So glad that the units that we  picked up on Sunday in Gonaives were in such good condition.  We had them right back up and going.  It is such a blessing knowing that our Rescuer Operators need only bring their unit to our "Depot" and swap it out for a refurbished unit.  This does truly keep the "Clean Water Flowing"!

While Jamie and I were out scooting around and flying, Tony and Derry were busy in the Village.  Here, Tony (code name:  Tony Documentary) is holding little Stevie, the latest arrival here.  The mother threatened to kill little Stevie if Barb did not take him.  Such things occur all the time.  That's why we're so glad Barb is here to "intervene".  Tony took to the little one and had a way of soothing him.  Derry made some much needed tool holders in the tool depot.

In this photo,these two little guys (sleeping on the floor) have been watching me rebuild Rescuers for as long as they can remember.  Anytime we're in the depot, they're in there with us "helping".  Well, at the end of this long day, as we were wrapping up (by the way, look at the line of Refurbished Rescuers!), I noticed our 2 little helpers were out cold.   Notice, one has a ceramic filter box as his pillow and the other is holding his water bottle that I kept filling throughout the evening.  We begin training "Water Mules" young here in Haiti.

Well, the sun is up and it's time for another day in "Paradise".  Have a lot of stuff to do.  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 20, 2011 - Monday - 6:45am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Air Mobile team was up and on the road bright and early yesterday morning.  But before we could "hit the road", had to repair our spare tire.  Had 4 holes in the tube due to a rusty old nail.  Our tire repair man used an old piston, a part of a leaf spring, some diesel fuel and tiny pieces of a patch kit.  He "vulcanized" 4 beautiful patches on some pretty big holes.  Now, we were ready in the Old Toyota that Barb affectionately named "Washington" because the old truck can "Swim" (it's crossed many a river just like George Washington did when he crossed the Deleware).

The 3 hour road trip up to Gonaives, Haiti was uneventful and smooth.  For the first time ever (that I can remember), the road between Port-Au-Prince and Gonaives is in amazingly good shape.  Our mission was to deliver precious Rescuer water purifiers to a good friend, Pastor Sain Surin.  Derry, one of our "water mules" had introduced me to Pastor Sain Surin several years ago.  Now, with help of a Church in Ohio (Pastor Zach with us in this photo), funding had been arranged for 5 Resucers for this region! The timing is perfect as the rainy season is bringing more Cholera.  This region is where Cholera originally broke out last year and took over 5000 lives and infected over 300,000!  Clean water is the best treatment and PREVENTION of cholera!

On the way out of town, we stopped in and met with another dear and old friend, Pastor Michel Morrissette.  I have know Pastor Michel for 27 years.  We have many, many good memories, mixed with heartache and victories.  Gonaives has been hit by so many disasters, mainly due to massive flooding.  I had asked Pastor Michel to gather up any Resucers that needed repair and refurbishment.  We picked up 4 units.  Thank God, we'll be able to put those units back into service to save more lives!

From Pastor Michel's we inspected the runway at Gonaives.  The strip is awaiting final authorization from the Civil Aviation Department for it to be re-opened.  Fortunately, I plan to meet with the Director of Civil Aviation to discuss the runway in Medor ( I spoke of this in the blog several weeks ago).  We are praying for FAVOR with the authorities that we might get this much need airstrip re-opened.

We were now on a serious mission to get back to Port-Au-Prince before dark as the road, though beautifully repaired, is quite dangerous at night.  We bid Pastor Michel farewell and headed down the road to meet one more pastor.  I have also known Pastor Enock for over 30 years.  He is, in addition to having his Doctorate in Theology, the Chief Air Traffic Controller at P-A-P.  He invited us to visit the Seminary that he started in Des Dunes, a small coastal town nestled among rice paddies.  Pastor Enock went on to explain, the extreme need for clean water in this region.  Air Mobile would very much like to place a unit here and we would like to ask you if you would like to help us fund it?

From Pastor Enock's Seminary, we made the final push to get back to "The Village".  The last stretch of road was a bit strange.  We saw some burning tires and what appeared to be a "Manifestation" (a riot), but not sure of the nature.  Haven't heard any news of political problems, but burning tires usually indicate that someone is not happy.  We pray for the country and the political situation.  Haiti needs to focus on rebuilding, getting clean water and medical attention to the hundreds of thousands still living in tents and getting ready for Hurricane Season that is upon us.  Again, WE PRAY!

We arrived (after dark) in the "Village" to a delicious dinner.  Whew, it was a long but very productive day.  We covered a lot of territory and our Lord brought us back safe and sound.  It was, for our team of "Fathers", a very good Father's Day.  

Today, we have some very serious meetings.  Again, I would like to ask you to pray for us as we seek favor and "Open Doors" to bring in help and relief into very hard to reach areas.  God Bless and THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

June 19, 2011 - Sunday - 7:14am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Our team gathered at the Space Center Executive Airport early yesterday morning and would be a good day to fly to we did!  Oh, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY...from Haiti.

Earlier, Jamie flew his beautiful Cessna 206 over on Friday evening.  We fueled it and prepared for our next mission to Haiti.  This aircraft is much like Ti Burik in that it can carry a respectable load over a long distance and land on a very short strip.  We are so thankful for Jamie's willingness to "join the team of water mules"!

We spent several hours loading the 206 and we "topped off" our load with much needed diapers for Barbara in "The Village".  In addition to diapers, we had a sump pump, Rescuers parts, 6 Rescuers, hamburgers, tomatoes, buns, gloves, toner cartridges, motorcycle parts and a bunch of diapers.

We checked the weather and saw that there was some "stuff" out there, but....looked like we had a nice little corridor (prepared by prayer and the grace of God), right down the middle.  So, early yesterday morning, our newest little water mule airplane lumbered down runway 18 at Space Center Executive Airport for Haiti via Exuma International in the Bahamas.

We flew the initial leg at 15,500 on Oxygen.  Jamie's plane, like Ti Burik, is turbo-charged allowing us to fly high and either find favorable winds or at least avoid headwinds, as was our case.

We fought some pretty strong headwinds and what would normally be a 6 hour flight in Jamie's 206 turned into a 7 hour flight.  So glad for fuel at the half way point.  Well, at about 11:30am local Haiti time, we landed in some pretty gusty winds at Port-Au-Prince International Airport.

After securing the 206, we met Barbara,who recently had back surgery.  She decided to "recover" in Haiti.  Let me tell you, those who know Barb, understand why we call her "Rambo in the Blue Dress".  She is one "tough cookie".  But, please remember to pray for "Rambo" for a full and complete recovery.  Well, we headed to the Village and unloaded our supplies.  The ladies were glad for all those pampers.

We then headed up the road to Samaritan's Purse and delivered the cartridges.  We save them between $40 and $80 per cartridge.  What a sweet deal.  Bringing these cartridges also helps us pay for some fuel.  Love those "win-win" deals.

Without giving too many specific details of our itenerary over the next few days, we'll be all over the place bringing in clean water and the Good News of Jesus.  We have some interesting "characters" with us on this team.  Over the next few days, I'll tell you a bit about them.  But, for now, it's time to go work on a truck, get some breakfast and head out with some Rescuers.

God Bless and again, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY from Haiti.  We truly appreciate all of your love and prayer and support. 

Air Mobile Joe

June 18, 2011 - Saturday - 3:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Had a good friend fly in yesterday, Tony.  Tony has traveled to Haiti with us before and does a superb job of documenting what's going on.  As a matter of fact, I've code named him "Tony Documentary".  He hadn't seen our home yet, so we thought it would be a good idea for him to lend his talent and resources to us for a few days.  He's a great "Water Mule".

Recently, we lent our hangar to my good neighbor, brother and friend, Tom.  Tom recently purchased a beautiful old Cessna 210.  It was time for his "Annual" Inspection, and he needed a good place.  Since we recently secured a second hangar, things worked out and Paul, our mechanic did the inspection.  It was time to test fly the bird after the Annual, so Tom asked me I'd join him.  All went very well and now his "Bird" is back on line.  Tom plans to join us on our missions to Haiti in the near future.  

Then, yesterday afternoon, Jamie flew his Cessna 206 over.  Wow, what a gorgeous "work-horse".  The C-206 and Ti Burik (our beloved C-337) will get along splendidly.  Jamie has offered to make flights for us on an "as needed" basis.  With Ti Burik still up in New Jersey getting that new interior installed, this is a good thing to have a couple of planes readily available to keep clean water flowing!  We look forward to utilizing Jamie's C-206 in the near future.

Well, we need to get an early start today.  The pieces are coming together for next mission to Haiti.  Have a full day ahead of us.  Better run and get things going. God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love, support and encouragement.

Oh, before I go, would like to share a recent e-mail we received from a missionary in Haiti.  With your help and love, the things spoken of in this e-mail have been made possible.  Here you go:

Dear Joe:
This is Mickey Salvant with New Hope Haiti Mission. Your ministry has been such a blessing to us with our water unit which functioned perfectly for over 8 years. When we needed repairs to out unit we were blesses to find out that you had an office just down the road from Santo. Instantly your staff traded out our unit for another. Thank you so much. After that news I began to speak to some local business men about the need for an additional unit that we could go on the road with during ministry trips or that we could provide temporary clean water in case of emergency. Well, several local business men donates enough money for us to purchase a new unit. Again, we were blessed not only with a new water purifier but also I was blessed to visit your Haiti office and ministry center. Your staff was great and very helpful. You are Helping the people of Haiti to make the move from survive to thrive and from a life enduring to prospering. Isn't that what God wants for all of us. Well, your ministry is doing just that. We at New Hope Haiti Mission pray that God will continue to meet your every need. 
Every drop of clean water brings hope, a chance to thrive.

Mickey Salvant
New Hope Haiti Mission

Folks, this is so encouraging.  It is such a blessing to bring clean water with the help and in the Name of the Lord.  Well, have to go now.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 17, 2011 - Friday - 8:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

400+ MILE ROAD TRIP (Wingin it) - MET GRAHAM POWER (Founder of Global Day of Prayer) & "DELIVERED THE MAIL" TO YOUTH CAMP

At about 1:30am this morning Cindy and I rolled back into our driveway home.....ahhh!  Long and fruitful day.  The day began with an amazing conference.  So glad Steve Strang (Founder and President of Charisma Communications) invited me to attend.  Our guest speaker was Graham Power.  Graham is a South African businessman that has spear-headed what has become, the largest Christian gathering in History, The Global Day of Prayer.  What a tremendous testimony.  He imparted so much wisdom and encouragement to us.  He also brought forth a remarkable message on Ethics.  My heart has been challenged!

From the conference, Cindy and I began our next journey on the Gold Wing.  Stopped at  dear friends' and fellow "Water Mules", John and Lisa Moeller's beautiful home.  Known the Moeller's for many years.  After getting our routing all situated, and sharing a cup of coffee and delicious strawberry short cake, we meandered through the heart of Florida for Camp Kulaqua.  

Notice in this photo, just behind Cindy sits an Air Mobile Rescuer.  Now, this is cool, as our very first road trip involved our water purifier, officially making our Gold Wing part of the "Water Mule" team.  Must come up with some kind of an appropriate name.  Also, notice in the back-ground....John's beautifully restored 1972 VW Beetle.  We had a lovely, uneventful trip to Camp Kulaqua.

There, we met Pastor Tom who has been coming to this camp since he was a teen-ager.  One of the first things he showed us was "Big Dan".  This is, without a doubt, the biggest Cypress Tree I have ever seen.  It is one of the largest in the world.  It's named Big Dan, because it is estimated that it was around when Daniel the Prophet walked the earth (over 2600 hundred years ago!).  You never know what you'll find in the deep woods of Florida. Just had to share this shot.

Now, Pastor Tom had been sharing excerpts from our book, "Run To The Roar" with the young people.  He had also been teaching on the importance of telling the truth.  His subject today dealt with "Little White Lies" (how they are just flat out lies).  I am reminded of the conference that I had been in earlier with Graham Power on ethics.  What a good thing it is when our Lord teaches us in so many ways.

Well, Tom and I had "conspired" to give the kids a treat.  After Cindy and I arrived and after seeing "Big Dan", we quietly joined the group of young people and staff. We just quietly sat in the back as Pastor Tom settled into his "Story Telling" mode.  None of the kids knew who Cindy and I were.  So, as Tom told the story about Dorothy Erdman (a missionary who died and......came back) he purposely got the story all wrong (by design).

Suddenly, I yell from the back, "Hey, that's not how it happened" .  Tom asked "Who are you?".  My line, "I'm the quy that wrote the book, I ought to know what happened to Dorothy".  The kids were gripped by the drama and then burst into applause when they realized that the "Guy that wrote the book" was here to share with them.  Cindy and I had a blast telling story after story out of the book.  Then.....

We got to the need for clean water around the world and things that we can do about it.  In just a moment, the Air Mobile Rescuer was set up and pumping clean water from "very dirty camp water".  The kids were fascinated and soon lined up one by one to take a taste of clean water out of this "Miracle" machine.  

We were able to able to encourage these children to consider missions and helping other thirsty children around the world.  How many of you reading this, have had wonderful, inspiring experiences at Summer Camp?  

We pray that our Lord will take our message of taking the Good News of Jesus to a thirsty world and raise up dynamic Christian leaders from these "little ones".  Jesus has a very special place in His heart for Children!

After the demo, Cindy and I decided to crawl back on the beautiful old Gold Wing and "Wing" it home.  It was cool and the moon was full and we just cruised all the way back to our beautiful "Extreme" home and rolled into our driveway at 1:30am (this morning) after driving over 400 miles!  I'm on my second cup of coffee. 

We've got a couple of strategic "Water Mule" team members flying in today.  We're preparing for our next mission to Haiti and have a lot of stuff to get ready before we can depart.  Time to get on with the day.  You are so special to us in so many ways, but the most important is your PRAYER!  While on the subject of PRAYER, please remember to PRAY for the folks in Arizona and New Mexico.  The huge, historic wild fires are being fed by low humidity, extreme high winds and "hell-like" heat.  We need a miracle.  Let's pray for RAIN IN JESUS NAME!!  AMEN!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Cindy gets her last "Rabies Shot" today.  She's doing much better now, thanks to your prayers during this challenging time (read about the "Rabid Raccoon Attack" in earlier blogs).  Joe