Sunday, August 18, 2019


8-18-19 Sunday 7:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Began the day early, by going to our son, Christian's home to see Joseph Rhythm on his 13th Birthday.  What a fine young man.

Then it was back to the Vet to give our latest member of our home, Little Benjie Bear, his check-up with shots.  What a cutie!!

It was back home and got Cindy and Ari and it was off to Cindy's Dad, Ron's home to celebrate his 82nd Birthday.

It was Ron who introduced me to Cindy.  THANK YOU, Ron!!

Ron still goes to Haiti on a regular basis.  We've shared our love for Haiti and missions over the years.  

Love you Ron!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Well, we're getting ready for Church and then on to the hospital where we have the Privilege to share the Good News of Jesus with those who are suffering.  What a JOY!!

As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this road of LIFE with me.  So appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-17-19 Saturday 7:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In just a while, I'll be going to a Birthday Party for my 13 year old grandson,  Joseph Rhythm Hurston and then to another party for Cindy's Dad, Ron Perron who turns 82 today.  

A nice day to celebrate life.

In between, will be taking a little dog named Benji to the vet to get his check up and shots. 

Cindy recently gave me this precious little one to me.  Every man...should have a little dog.

A lot going on today.  Time to head out to go "PARTY"!

THANK YOU, as always, for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-16-19 Friday 5:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're moving ahead and believing our Lord for the very best.

BTW, I'm truly enjoying the diet change.  Yes, I'm from Louisiana and though the food from there is quite's not particularly healthy.

But, my Momma usually had a little garden and loved to grow greens.  My father, who was born in Tampa taught us that fruit was like a desert.  

I've been on this fruit and vegetable diet now for nearly a week and am already beginning to feel better.  

Of course, once the results from the tests are in, we'll know better the course to take.  But, regardless of the results, I'm going to stick with this diet.  It just makes sense.

Oh, I'm relieved that coffee has not been identified so far.  It's staying under the radar, so to speak.  I'm sure all of these studies showing the anti-oxidant benefits of coffee will keep it on the "good" list.  

So, on this lovely, warm day in Florida, the march goes on.  We're planning another mission flight in the RAM (Remote Area Medical) Cessna Grand Caravan.  

The destination has not been finalized.  Will keep you up to date as the schedule firms up.  It'll be good to be back in the cockpit!!

Time to get to work.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-15-19 Thursday 6:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cape Canaveral Hospital sits right in the Banana River, just minutes from famous "Cocoa Beach".

Cindy and I showed up right on time for a day of "Testing" (CT Scan / Bone Scan).

The purpose is to seek out and identify any cancer that might have spread to other areas of my body.  

A pretty serious "mission".  We need to know what we're dealing with.  

In between the tests, we had a couple of hours break.  

So...we took a quick ride to Cocoa Beach and just took a nice little stroll.

There is something tranquil and peaceful and enduring about the gentle surf and warm sun and sand.

After the tests were complete, I called my Doctors office and told them to be on the look-out for the results.

Now, this is the hard part....WAITING.  The truth is, we don't KNOW what they will find.  We certainly PRAY it is nothing, but....the hours tick by slowly.

My Doctor is out of town and will not be in until Monday.  So...between now and Monday we WAIT and PRAY.
One thing is for sure, our Lord KNOWS!  And I place my life and future and all that I am in His Hands!

For now, I'm THANKFUL to have good medical facilities with excellent equipment and for Medicare Insurance. 

I'm especially THANKFUL for a sweet wife who loves me and for all of my Brothers and Sisters who have joined me on this walk through life.  Again, I PRAY...THY WILL BE DONE!!

Today, there is a pile of stuff to do.  Calls to make, missions to plan, water purifiers to place and so much more.

I know that I say this every single day, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-14-19 Wednesday 6:11 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The road from the Mountains of East TN to Florida was clear.  Made good time (11 hours) over the 720 miles

Going to miss those old Smokey Mountains...for now.  But, it's good to be heading home. 

I NEVER take the SAFE journey for granted.  THANK YOU, LORD & THANK YOU for your prayers!

Cindy and I will be going to the Hospital today for a series of medical tests to determine if the cancer has spread into any other areas of my body.  We PRAY that it has not.

I'm very grateful to have you on this journey with me.  I sincerely believe that we will see our Lord do GREAT & WONDERFUL things with this latest challenge.

Time for that last sip of coffee before those tests.  

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe   

8-13-19 Tuesday 5:55 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Up early, hear the coffee pot in the final gurgle and ready to fill the thermos.  About to head south to Florida.  

This has been a wonderful "Retreat".  I'm so THANKFUL that my Cindy encourages me to come up to the "Cabin" from time to time and get in "closer" touch with Jesus.

Tomorrow, I'll be in the Hospital for a full day of tests.

I can say, "It is well with my soul".  There are so many instances where our Lord heals the sick in the Bible.  I have made my request and I'm standing on His Word and His Promises.  

While here at the cabin, I've made a decision to make a significant change to my diet.  Yes, it would have been good to have done this years ago....but I'm pretty hard-headed and sometimes it takes a "wake-up call" to make necessary changes in my life.

The truth is, I really do like fruit and vegetables.  Grew up on them.  But...I also like Andouille Sausage, and crawfish and grilled steak and....the list goes on and on.

So...let's see what good things will happen when I replace some of those things that are really not good for us, with healthful, organic things.  I won't hurt and will likely help.  

BTW, I love "Juicing" and it actually tastes great!!

It is so often PRAYER along with some GOOD DECISIONS to stop doing destructive things that yields positive results.

So, again, here we are on a journey to healing but the main thing is...I'm in His Hands!!

Speaking of "Journey", it's time to do the final load, close up the sweet little "Retreat Cabin" and Hit the Road for this 12 hour journey home.

Yesterday, I came across a flock of turkeys here at the cabin.  One thing is for sure, one would not "starve" here.  This land is so rich and bountiful!!

Time to start driving.  As always, THANK YOU for your INVALUABLE PRAYER, LOVE & SUPPORT!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-12-19 Monday 8:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, this is my last day at the "Retreat Cabin".  Will be on the road to Florida in the morning.

Once back in Florida, I'll be having a battery of tests done to determine the "status" of the cancer that has been identified in me.

Been loving the Jack Lalane Juicer and intend to put more good food into my body (I've been bad).  

Yes, I'm definitely changing my diet...more fruits & vegetables.

Of course, I'm praying for our Lord's healing.  

Also praying for my doctors to have great wisdom and guidance.

Time to sweep the cabin and tuck things away.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-11-19 Sunday 6:44 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As you know, I drive a Ford Escape.  Yesterday, it did something quite "Bizarre".  I came to a stop and put it into Park. began to roll backwards!!  I put on the emergency brake and attempted to get it out of Park.  It was jammed.

I was stuck at the base of a mountain with no wheels...and a lot of things to do.  I PRAYED for wisdom!  

BTW, this could have been quite a serious situation if...after putting the car into Park and would have attempted to get out of the car as it was rolling backwards, I certainly could have been injured, or even rolled over.

So, I called AAA (been a member since 1998) and requested a Tow to my local mechanic.

While speaking with the Tow Driver, he asked what it was doing.  I explained the strange events and he laughed & said...maybe he could help.

When he arrived, he put his hand down into a bundle of wires and hoses and got the car to start and then made it able to "Drive"....with the shift lever still in Park.  

The transmission linkage cable had come undone.  

My regular mechanic was unable to work the Escape into the schedule.  Again, I  PRAYED and asked our Lord to lead me.  The Tow Driver suggested we go to the Local Ford Dealer.

My mind quickly thought....can they work it in on a Saturday, will it cost a fortune, do I need to rent a car?  Again, I PRAYED.  

I followed the Tow Driver to the Ford Dealer.  Amazingly, they took the Escape right in and 30 minutes later gave me the keys and said..."NO CHARGE"!  I was ASTOUNDED!! 

Apparently, it was a "RECALL" item and I was on the road again.  THANK GOD for a knowledgeable TOW Driver and an OPEN Ford Dealership.  

I'm ever reminded of the old adage....A.S.A.P. - ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER!!

What could have been a "DISASTROUS & FRUSTRATING" day, turned out to be a wonderful testimony of answered prayer.  PRAISE GOD!!!

So, on this glorious Sunday morning, getting ready for Church.

THANK YOU, as always, for your invaluable Prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-10-19 Saturday 5:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Last night, my phone rang.  It was Savannah.  She had been burned while opening a charcoal grill.  She had no insurance and was hesitating to go to the E.R.  I told her to GO!

Our Lord had arranged for me to meet Savannah and her friend, Shawn, the evening before.  NO ACCIDENT!

While driving to meet her at the E.R., I got pulled over by a Tennessee Trooper.  

I showed him my Chaplain Badge and explained the reason  I was doing 78 mph in a 55 mph zone.  

He gave me GRACE and minutes later I arrived at the E.R.  (I should not have been driving that fast).

Savannah and her friend Shawn were planning a nice grilled steak dinner when it happened. It was a freak accident.  When she opened the grill and introduced more O2, it just burst into flames.  

Savannah has 1st & 2nd degree burns on her hand and arm, but will be alright.  THANK GOD for Emergency Rooms!  We have so much for which to be THANKFUL.

BTW, the cost of all of this was quite reasonable and we were able to help. I'm also THANKFUL for the good roads and a medical system that will help those in need and...for Troopers who have some GRACE!  

PLEASE remember to PRAY for Savannah.  One never knows what the evening will hold. 

Up early to go check on Savannah and buy her the meds she needs. All of the pharmacies were closed late last night.

What will the day hold?  Only our Lord Jesus knows.  I'm just staying close to HIM!  

THANK YOU, as always, for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

8-9-19 Friday 6:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It seems I've been a "Journaler" pretty much all of my life.  Don't exactly know why, but I just do it.  

Since the terrible and deadly Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010, I've written a daily Blog every single day!  

Some of you have been on this journey with me since the beginning of this blog chain.

We've been all over the world together following devastating disasters i.e. earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes, flooding, fires, war and on and on.  

We've spent quiet and peaceful time at this little retreat cabin together and had some wonderful laughs and joy and sadness together.

We've been able to deploy over 1300 Air Mobile Rescuer water purifiers in 47 countries.  We've brought a lot of CLEAN WATER to the thirsty following terrible disasters.  Wow...we've covered a LOT territory together!!  

With your love, prayer and support and above all with the GRACE & POWER of God, we've been able to bring clean water, love, hope and the GOOD NEWS of JESUS around the world.

I suppose I can say that my life is pretty much an "open book".  Now that I'm wrestling with cancer, my hope and prayer is to continue on this journey together.  I need your prayer!!  

My PRAYER is for our Lord to HEAL me. But, whatever comes to pass, my highest PRAYER is for our Lord's will to be done in my life.  

My life is in HIS HANDS!

If you're new to this "Rambling Blog", WELCOME ABOARD!

If you'd like to know how we've gotten here....just read on down to the beginning of the month (the bottom of this page). 

Then, if you'd like to go back a bit further, just click on "OLDER POSTS" and  you can go back as far as you'd like.  It's a story (testimony) of GOD'S AMAZING GRACE & GREAT LOVE!! 

I know I say this every single day, but I do mean it with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable PRAYER, LOVE & SUPPORT!!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Here's news on the status of the Hurricane Season - ABOVE NORMAL HURRICANE SEASON EXPECTED WITH END OF EL NINO SAYS NOAA  

We're getting READY at Air Mobile.  Folks will likely need CLEAN WATER!!


8-8-19 Thursday 6:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now, it doesn't take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure out that our "Diet" has a LOT to do with our health.  I've known this all of my life.  

But....I've not eaten very well for most of it.  Yes, I eat a lot "junk" food and I especially love sausage and other things that are not very good for you.  

The truth is, there are a lot things that we eat that actually cause cancer. addition to "Waiting on the Lord" and PRAYING & BELIEVING, which are GOOD things to do, I'm going to change my diet and begin to eat healthier food and do the things that I can do to beat this cancer.  

I'm also seeking the best medical advice that I can get and will be PRAYING for my doctors to have great wisdom from God!

Yesterday, I went to Walmart and picked up a good "Juicer".  

As a little boy, I remember Jack LaLanne "preaching" about diet and natural fruits and vegetables long before it was popular.  

Last night, for dinner I had "Juiced" apples, carrots, grapes, blueberries turnip greens, peaches and a few other things thrown into the "Juicer".  


Now, I know me.  I'll "hit & miss" at things.  I'm likely not to go "radical" on this. But will add to my diet, good juiced things.

Cindy is an amazing cook and knows all about good diet.  When I'm home, I eat pretty good.  

Even when we were in Costa Rica last week, Cindy went to the local market, bought a bunch of vegetables and made delicious meals.  Love my Girl!! 

It's when I'm out and about that I stumble into McDonalds or Burger King or Wendy's or Taco Bell, etc, etc.

I'm saying all of this to let you know that I'm not only going to PRAY about this, but I'm going to do some things that will help the HEALING process.

So, on this magnificent day in the Mountains of East TN, I go forth doing chores, listening to the Word of God, "Waiting on the Lord" and planning my next "Juicing" ingredients and what healthy thing I can cook.

Meanwhile, the "Journey" goes on and the battle continues and with our Lord's help and grace and guidance, I'll put up a good fight against this cancer and hopefully, win the battle.

And, I'm so glad that you're with me on this trek through life.  Your prayer, love and support are vital and truly appreciated.  GOD BLESS YOU & THANKS AGAIN!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-7-19 Wednesday 7:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and "Company" made it safely back to Florida. THANK YOU for your prayers!!

In the meantime, here at the "Retreat Cabin", I love spending time just "WAITING" on the LORD.

The Psalmist David got it right....

"WAIT on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: WAIT, I say, on the Lord".

It is evident in the Word of God, David greatly influenced Isaiah...

"But those who WAIT on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles".

Yes, WAITING ON THE LORD is a good thing to do.  I'm so THANKFUL to have this opportunity to do just that.

Even though I have calls into countries that need clean water and am awaiting text messages and e-mails, I'm still able to sit and "wait on the Lord".  Now, that is cool!!

In between, I'm able to LISTEN to the Word of God on YouVersion.

So, as I go through this day, here at the "Retreat Cabin", I'm holding tightly onto the Hand of Jesus.

What a way to spend the day!!!

As I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-6-19 Tuesday 6:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy, Ari and Peter, along with Andy & Honey (our dogs) and Pippin and Maple (our Sugar Gliders) are heading back to Florida.

Yes, Peter really is that tall!

Pippin & Maple are in the little blue pouch around Ari's neck.  And...we think that Maple may be in the "family way"!  

Ari begins school tomorrow and Cindy is expected back at the Hospital on Thursday.  

As for me....I'll be at the "Retreat" Cabin for a few days, spending some quality time with Jesus.

I have some medical tests scheduled for next week, so thought it a good idea, and my Cindy agrees, to spend some quiet, sweet time at the Cabin with Jesus.

These last few days at the cabin have been great!  Last night, Peter's friend, Mike and our new friend Kaitlin came for dinner.  

What a JOY having friends and family for good food and sweet fellowship!  I love hearing the kids laugh and joke.

Now, that they're on the road (and please remember to pray for them to have a safe journey back to Florida), it's just me and Jesus.  

The cabin is so incredibly peaceful and my Jesus is so close.  I love it!!

I'm also extremely thankful, that from this cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee, I can conduct ministry business.

For example, in just a few minutes, I'll be on conference call regarding a possible outreach to Guinea West Africa.  Thanks to the internet, I can communicate all over the world.  For all of these benefits, I'm THANKFUL!!

So, as I meander down this road of life, it means so much to me to have you with me.  Your prayer, love and support is so APPRECIATED!!  THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-5-19 Monday 7:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy makes an insanely delicious relish.  It's especially good with fresh home-grown cucumbers & ingredients. 

Fresh relish on a good hot dog or even a hamburger just supercharges the taste. 

Now, I mention "relish" because that is what I'm learning to do  more and more with life around me.

So often, things whiz by us so fast, it's difficult to take even a precious moment and "RELISH IT"!

Here in the mountains of East TN, most of the roads are winding and extremely scenic. 

Just taking a deep breath and widening one's vision, even just a bit, can make a 45 minute drive to a local co-op quite pleasant.

For example, the other day Cindy and I were driving to Rogersville, TN and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted this (a Mini Cooper and 2 Triumph TR-3's.

I, immediately turned around and got a nice close-up of these classics.  BTW, a real flash-back to my own childhood love for "classic" British cars.

OK, I'll admit since the recent biopsy and discovery of cancer, does cause me to slow down a bit and just take in the beauty and wonder and sweetness of the moment.

Now, I'd like to say here and now, I'm trusting our Lord for complete healing....whichever way HE chooses to accomplish my prayer request.  The bottom line is....THY WILL BE DONE!!

I'm reminded of Matthew 7:7 (one of my FAVORITE Scriptures)....

ASK & YOU SHALL RECEIVE.  Our Lord Jesus didn't put any limits on that verse.  He tells us to simply ASK. 

He also adds to that wonderful verse, SEEK & you'll find and KNOCK & the door will be opened.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.  And....I'm so blessed that you're walking along this path with me.  Your prayer & love is vital!

May I encourage you to consider slowing down just a little bit to take the time to smell the roses.   

Or enjoy the journey, even it's a quick ride to the store.  There is so much in this life to enjoy and none of us knows how much time we have on this earth.

THANK YOU, as always for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-4-19 Sunday 8:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I love sitting on the porch of the "Retreat Cabin" and talking to my sweetheart.  

Cindy and I have faced many challenges over the years.  

When one travels the world following disasters, "Challenges are a plenty".  

Oh, just living on this fallen earth with so much sin and suffering, there will always be challenges.

Now, I'm facing a challenge in my body (cancer) and am going deep into my own belief and trust in my Lord.  

I can say with all of my heart...."It is well with my soul".

We're on our way out the door to Church here in the mountains of East TN.  God is GOOD...ALL THE TIME!!

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-3-19 Saturday 6:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - In the Mountains of East TN  (Air Mobile "Retreat Cabin") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We have a few days before Ariana goes back to school and Cindy has a few more Vacation Days from the Hospital, so...... 

We loaded up the Escape and Altima and headed to the Hills of Tennessee (sung to the song of the "Beverly Hill Billy's).

Well, since this "rambling blog" is mostly "Stream of Consciousness", I was just singing the Beverly Hillbilly's theme song and it "spilled" over onto the blog...LOL.

We're up early, had our coffee and will be heading to Walmart (about an hour away).  

Then, it'll be into the fields.  Have fallen trees to cut for firewood and high grass to mow and things to fix.

It's crisp and cool on this lovely August morning.  Can't begin to tell you how much I love this "Retreat Cabin". 

I do believe that coffee taste better up here and we're just a bit closer to the Lord.  PRAYER is just sweet here at the cabin.

Now, I know that our Lord is everywhere and PRAYER works wherever we are.  

But....there's just something wonderful about this "Little Retreat Cabin".

Time to head to the fields and get to work.  

THANK YOU, as always, for your prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-2-19 Friday 6:44 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Titusville, FL  (Air Mobile "Home Base") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a perfect flight from Liberia, Costa Rica then to Houston then to Orlando.  Got home around 9:30pm. 

While at the Houston Airport, Cindy and I got in a couple of games of Rummy.  Love that game.

Cindy is extremely hard to beat, but  I love trying.  Our score was 1 to 1.

We then boarded the flight back to Orlando.  Our pilots did a superb job of threading the needle through some pretty strong storms. 

We landed right on time.  THANKS UNITED!!

This morning, we're unpacking, washing our clothes, re-packing and then....heading up to Tennessee. 

We've got fields to mow, fallen trees to cut for firewood and a host of chores to do.  I'll be operating out of our TN Cabin for the next week or two.

Still can't get over what a restful, inspiring, sweet time we just had in Costa Rica.  Our Lord is so GOOD!!!

THANK YOU, for your precious prayer, love and support.  Time to hit the road for the 12 hour trip to the TN Cabin. 

Air Mobile Joe

8-1-19 Thursday 2:46 AM (Central American Time) - Tamarindo, Costa Rica (Air Mobile "Get Away") - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After 4 amazing days here in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, it's time to head back to the U.S.

Costa Rica is absolutely INCREDIBLE!  We hope to come back someday.

The beach and the whole atmosphere has been sweet.

Among the many blessings in Costa Rica is their COFFEE!

Costa Rica is known world-wide as producing one of the best coffees on the planet.  I tend to agree!!

We visited the Tamarindo Coffee Roasters and we're just THANKFUL to our Lord for giving us this wonderful little bean!

Then, it just so happened that this restaurant, with a unique name....EAT AT JOE'S...served good food at a reasonable price.

Seems that is the story over much of Costa Rica. That's why it's an extremely attractive spot for American retirees.

No, we're not quite there yet but....will certainly consider it when the time is right.

Well, we ended the day with the famous Tamarindo sunset.

Here, Cindy, Ari and Somebody else's dog enjoyed the spectacular show.

So, it's time to pack up and meet our driver at 3:45AM for the hour + ride to the Liberia Airport.

I am especially THANKFUL for this little "get-away".  Cindy, Ari and I have had a glorious time of simply enjoying the beauty and wonder of our Lord's creation.

My faith has been strengthened and I'm standing for a COMPLETE HEALING in my body.

As I say every single day and truly mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe



Air Mobile Joe