Thursday, July 26, 2012


7-26-12 - Thursday - 5:34am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Headed out early on the Little Blue Motorcycle.  Had a meeting with Samaritan's Purse (SP), but arrived during their "Devotions".  So....headed up to Global Outreach to see what David Heady was up to.  Found him on his trusty "4-wheeler".  Called out, "Hey....ASAP".  Soon, he and I were having a marvelous time of prayer.  Nice way to spend an early morning in Haiti.

After prayer with David, had my good meeting with SP.  Meanwhile, "back at the Village", Roger, film maker, was finding out more about "life in Ruuska" and what makes Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) tick.  I'm sure he got some good and interesting footage.

It was time to head to the airport to check on Ti Burik, as it had been quite windy the last few days.  A couple of weather systems have been trying to "brew".  The Little Donkey was all secure.  Had another tentative meeting set with the Director of Airport Operations, Mr. Ernst.  Have been working on getting a permanent Airport Access Badge.

Now, have known Ernst for over 30 years.  Our meeting was cordial and productive.  He further directed me in the quest for the Clearance Badge.  At the end of the meeting, I took a moment and THANKED him and his fine office for giving Air Mobile AMAZING FAVOR.  

Let me explain.  When we arrive at Port-Au-Prince, we present our documentation and then immediately process to General Aviation.  We are treated as a pure "Humanitarian Flight".  That means that our "Clearance Time" is less than a minute. Folks, THAT IS FAVOR!  I thanked Ernst again and he thanked me for the work Air Mobile does!

On the way out of town, stopped at OFNAC and had a follow up meeting with the Legal Counsel, Aisha.  There, we discussed again the extreme need to get those new radios.  She explained that the process was slow, but....moving in the right direction.  Thank the Lord!

Now, it was time to get a few more Air Mobile Rescuers up.  Had saved the most difficult for last.  These needed a "Heart Transplant".  With eager joy, I tore into the task.  Put it all together and it leaked.  I tried everything to stop the leak, but just could not.  Spent hours pulling every trick out the play book.  Still, it leaked.  

The Cause:  A tiny O-Ring.  No where did we have new ones.  Every one we had was years old and had been "in place" getting hard and losing shape....kind of sounds like us.  Barb even suggested putting them into boiling water and spraying WD 40 in the brew.  Nothing worked.

Oh well, just means we have to bring new O rings on our next mission.  Fortunately, we had brought our inventory up to an acceptable level.  Finally, called it a day.  Barb and I played a little Yahtzee.

Up bright and early this morning for another day and another adventure.   Had that second cup of coffee and about to head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support.  May you be extremely blessed with His Favor today!

Air Mobile Joe

Monday, July 23, 2012


7-23-12 - Monday - 7:45am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had been following the Caribbean weather for the last few days.  We were loaded and ready to go.  Called Miami Flight Service while looking at Satellite Image on the I-Phone.  Saw a way to "thread" along the southern boundary of the Bermuda Triange (known to spawn very strong storms).  So....we launched.  

Our intrepid crew, Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and Roger Miller (not the Singer) of NBC TV Director Fame.  Roger is making a mini-documentary of the work Air Mobile does along with others like Barb's Mission.  Glad to have them along.  Ti Burik was packed to the gills with vital supplies and critical Rescuer components.

We rolled down runway 18 at Space Coast Regional Airport at 4:16am and eased into the cool morning air in about 1500 feet thanks to those handy new "Winglets".  Picked up our IFR Clearance and climbed to 15,000.  The air was smooth as silk but we could see the brilliant lightening flashes ahead.  

Between the Nexrad Radar, thanks to Sirius Satellite, and Miami Center, we worked our way around everyone of those bad boys.  We slipped along the east side of them.  As I said earlier, those storms were clustered right along the "southern boundary" of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.  You know, every time we fly to Haiti, we "tread" along that line.  When there are storms there, we "stay away from them"!  In this shot, you can see them off our right side.

Roger and Barb were all "nestled" into Ti Burik.  There was not very much room.  Barb did some last minute shopping.  When I told her that we'd likely have to leave some of the stuff behind, she offered to carry the balance on her lap.  Somehow, we managed to "stuff" every last diaper and baby formula box on-board.  Roger had his "handy cam" out along the way and captured some magnificent footage.

Folks, in addition to "dancing" around those storms, we had horrendous headwinds.  At times, they exceeded 50 knots.  In this shot, they had decreased to 46 knots.  What that meant, was a "Record Flight".  It turned out to be the longest flight in Ti Burik's history, 6 hours and 12 minutes!  Thank God for those extra fuel tanks!!

We made our traditional low pass over the Village and landed after a very, very long flight.  There was an American Airlines 737 at the Intersection waiting for us to land.  Landed quickly and short to accommodate.  We chatted a bit.  I asked if he had flown out of Miami this morning.  He did.  We discussed those storms.  He, too, had to deviate hundreds of miles out of the way to avoid them.  I chuckled that the length of time Ti Burik took, he could have flown to Europe (6 + hours).  

Well, here we are, safe and sound in Haiti.  It's quite hot, but the fans are working.  Today, we have a full day.  Time to get this Little Rambling Blog posted and head on out.  As always, THANK YOU - THANK YOU, for your faithful prayer, love  and support.  May you be blessed this day!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-22-12 - Sunday - 2:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a good day preparing for our next mission to Haiti.  We were visited by Astrid, from Germany.  She has adopted 4 children from Haiti, thanks to the heroic efforts of Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  

We've been blessed with a good amount of supplies for Haiti, i.e. baby formula, diapers, children's shoes, etc.  Our Little Donkey can't carry it all.  So, I had Barb and Astrid sort through the supplies to determine what would be most needed for our next flight to Haiti.

By the way, Ti Burik is flying just great.  We have all of the Avionics installed and the new Winglets are a great benefit.  Again, we're just so thankful for this remarkable tool that helps so many.

We're up bright and early.  Have a full day ahead of us.  We'll be continuing our preparation for that next "Mission".  

Please continue to PRAY for all of those that are experiencing  such deep grief as a result of this horrid evil act of violence.  Some things we simply don't understand.  We just hold onto His hand and trust Him.

Well, time to head out.  We pray that you are extremely blessed this day.  May we all experience and extra dose of His grace today.  As always, I mean this from my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

7-21-12 - Saturday - 9:33am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


We, like many across America and around the world, are shocked by the terrible events that occurred in Aurora, CO.  It is ironic, that Cindy and Peter went to our local theater and watched the Opening Night Showing of the New Batman Movie.  How easily things can happen to any of us.  Though, this is a difficult thing to deal with, Jesus is our ever present help.  He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

In the early hours of this morning, I awoke with the tragedy on my heart and just could not sleep.  That is why this little "rambling" blog is posted a bit late this morning.  I simply read the Word of God.  Even had Communion and just called upon the Lord to strengthen me.  I suspect that the terrible events have affected you also.

As I reflected on the situation, I thought of His Joy.  I must admit, it was not something that was sweeping over me.  Instead of receiving a full measure of His Joy, our Lord simply put His hand on me.  I knew His presence was with me and I prayed for all of those who were in the theater that night.  The families that lost loved ones, the ones wounded, the survivors, the first responders, the medical personnel and all those who have been so deeply impacted by this terrible act of violence.  May I urge you to do the same thing...even as you read this little blog.  It is difficult for us to imagine what they all must be going through.  Please join together with me and PRAY!

Well, life does go on and we must keep moving forward in Him!  Yesterday, brought our precious little Ariana to the Dentist to get "Braces".  Yea.  When we received this precious little one from Haiti, her baby teeth were in very bad shape. time went on, as her teeth grew out, they were not very straight.  We had to wait for her to get just a little older.  Well, yesterday was that day and true veteran of Dentistry, Dr. Ruppert, put in a beautiful set of braces.

Now, our Ariana has beautiful "Pink" Braces.  She was so brave and Dr. Ruppert was very impressed.  Ariana has experienced so much in her young life.  Cindy and I are just blessed that our Lord has entrusted this precious little girl to us.

Had another big blessing yesterday.  Went to Orlando and picked up our intrepid Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  She'll be with us for a bit.   Today, we'll be getting things organized for our next "Mission to Haiti".  

Well, better get this "late" blog posted.  As always, we are so appreciative to you for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Let us remember to pray for all of those who have been so deeply wounded by the Colorado attack.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-20-12 - Friday - 8:09am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a wonderful opportunity to speak to "Packed House" for the Newcomers.  This is a wonderful Ladies Club in our area.  Can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy sharing our "Story" of God's Grace & Love.  Told of the day I met Rolf, the Inventor of the Vortex Module, the heart of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  So often, simply telling our story brings great encouragement and joy.

Speaking of JOY, had another meeting with a dear Pastor friend of mine.  He was sharing how "ready" he was to see some fruit from his years of ministry as a Pastor.  Oh, he's seen our Lord do wonderful things, but he shared that it seems that when he takes one step forward, there will be two, maybe three steps back.

I thought about this and suddenly I recalled the early morning encounter (several years ago) that I had with the Lord where "overwhelming joy" came over me.  My circumstances had not changed and Cindy and I were facing huge challenges and yet....the JOY of the Lord just came over me.  It was His Joy!  

I shared that story again with my Pastor friend.  It was as if I was sharing some GOOD NEWS, very good news indeed.  After our conversation, we prayed together and asked our Lord to just give us a good measure, huge measure, of His joy.  So often, we simply need to ASK.  During difficult times, seems it's easy to forget to simply ASK.  May I encourage you today to ask our Lord to give you some of His joy.  He surely will!

Thought I'd share this shot of our Air Mobile Board Meeting.  We have Barbara Walker (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and Joe Polozola, the one who told me about Jesus nearly 40 years ago.  Across from Barb and Joe, sits Tommy Blair and on the phone via Tel-Con is Dave Walen.  We are so blessed to have such on our Board.

Expecting Barb to arrive today.  She's been over at Sea World in Orlando with family.  We'll be working on the next "Mission" to Haiti.  

Time to head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  Remember...."This is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE & BE GLAD in it"!!

Air Mobile Joe    


7-19-12 - Thursday - 7:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Peter and I were just doing some good clean up work on the "Old Bounder" (remember....wax on - wax off....Karate Kid) while awaiting the UPS Red Shipment with the parts to test the "Heart" of the Rescuer.  By the way, Peter is one belt shy of getting his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

We saw the "Brown Truck" pull into the driveway - the much anticipated parts were on-board!

Checked the contents and they were the correct size...this time.

Left Peter in charge of putting some more wax on to help the "beautification" project of the old motor-home.  Meanwhile, I dashed over to John's Machine shop.

There, Richard was waiting for me and we pressed the small, but critical component into the "Heart".  Must admit, my heart was racing.  The parts would be our very first "Injected Molded" component that Air Mobile had produced to keep clean water running around the globe!

Then scooted across the Indian River, just south of NASA & pulled into our Air Mobile / CSA HQ and began assembling the components for the "Big Test"!  Then switched the Test Rescuer On.  The water swirled and the system pressurized.  As the water flowed, checked carefully for any leaks.  

After several minutes of operation, I'm glad to announce that the unit performed exactly as designed and PASSED THE TEST!  Air Mobile officially has full replacement "Hearts" for the Rescuer!  YEA!!!

The timing could not be any more perfect.  We were down to the last few replacement pieces.  This particular piece has held up remarkably well, but after years of exposure to Ozone / UV and bouncy roads and extreme temperatures, it simply "breaks down".  NOW, we can send replacement components globally and keep that precious, life-saving clean water flowing!!

 Today, will be calling the Injection Molder and asking him to make us 250 "Hearts".  

Yesterday afternoon, we were joined by some very dear friends and "Partners in the Ministry", our Air Mobile Board of Directors.  We spent the next few hours in PRAYER and discussing and "Charting" the course for Air Mobile for the days ahead &....CELEBRATING the new "Hearts" for the Rescuer!  We had a very good Board Meeting!

Good to have our intrepid Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) in town.  She'll be with us for the next few days.  We'll be going through the supplies for our next "Mission" to Haiti.  

This morning, I have the distinct privilege to speak to a group of Ladies in Cocoa Village.  It is always a blessing to share the goodness of the Lord and how He has enabled us to bring clean water, and His love, to the thirsty and desperate.  A very cool job!!

Time to go check those chickens and get ready to go speak.  Again, can't begin to tell you how excited.....and relieved to have those critical replacement components for the Rescuer.  The Lord is Good!!  Pray you have an extremely blessed day always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-18-12 - Wednesday - 7:38am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was a joy having Tony and his wife, Melissa over to do some filming for an upcoming Documentary.  Several times, as Cindy and I told our story(s) yesterday during the filming, I was moved to tears upon recalling incident after incident of our Lord's Amazing LOVE and GRACE!

We're thankful for the opportunity, to share with others, the Goodness of God!  We pray that this upcoming Documentary accomplish exactly what our Lord wants!

After the filming and a pleasant lunch, dashed back to the house to meet another old friend, Richard (The Electrical Genius).  Richard can fix about anything electrical.  We're going through all of the systems on the "Old Bounder" to get the "Life-Boat" into good order.....before the next disaster.  Of course, with the weather here in Florida, it is not a matter of IF but WHEN!  Forecasters are predicting an active Hurricane Season and we've already seen a fair amount of activity.  

So, while awaiting that UPS Red shipment (the components necessary to test the "Heart" of the Rescuer), thought it wise to use the time to get a tool that we already have, the "Old Bounder", into shape.  We'll continue doing that today while awaiting the "Brown Truck" to pull into the driveway.

Another friend and fellow "Water Mule", Joe Prussel sent me a wonderful devotion today by Jon Courson and thought I'd share it with you - Here it is:  SEARCHLIGHT - MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT  This Devotion so clearly and beautifully presents: It is not "Things" that we need, but "Someone".  May we all press in closer to Jesus today!

Later this afternoon, we'll be having an Air Mobile Board Meeting.  So glad to have Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) in the U.S.  Barb is one of our Board Members.  So glad to have wise and capable folks helping us to steer this ship!

While awaiting Richard, the Electrical Guru, Peter and I will be putting a Polish on the "Old Bounder".  Time to head out  for the day.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!! May you blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-17-12 - Tuesday - 7:34am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe

1/8" OFF 

Began the day yesterday on schedule.  Called my good friend, John, the Machinist.  Went to his shop and he had Richard "press" the small piece right into place.  John helps us with other parts to the Air Mobile Rescuer.  So glad to have "local" folks helping us to build this "life-saver".

Within minutes, Richard had the component pressed in and ready to GO for "Testing".  It felt kind of like a NASA thing.  John and I agreed that we didn't need to manufacture "Tooling" for this operation.  We'll simply bring the "Heart's" over to John and he'll press them in for us at a "great price".  Left John's place eager to test the "Heart".

Dashed straight to our Air Mobile office and laid out the pieces.  To my great disappointment, found that the components we "pressed" in were the wrong size....a mere 1/8" too small.  An eighth of  an inch is a very tiny distance, but when dealing with the "Heart" of the Rescuer, it just would not work.  Not exactly "Back to the drawing board".  Simply had to make a call, explain the "mistake" and re-order the right size component.  Within minutes, it was done.  Now, we have a 24 Hour Delay.  Again, doesn't that sound like a NASA Launch Delay.  Yes, we all make mistakes and I am totally responsible for this one.

Received a call from my son, Christian and he invited me to lunch.  Like the "Commercial" says, "Gotta Eat".  It's always a joy to have lunch with my son, Christian.  I gathered up wrong pieces and headed over to the Port Canaveral and we had lunch on the water.  He certainly understood the error.  We had a great lunch and then prayed together.  We discussed the need to "Prepare" for the days ahead.

We'll be expecting the "UPS RED" package to arrive today and the "Testing" will resume if....the order got processed in time.  Sure will be glad to process this piece and get the production going so that we can fully support the "Units" in the field.  Praise God!!

Well, time to head into this day.  Have some dear friends from Niagara Falls coming by this morning, Tony and his wife Melissa.  Tony is a "Film Maker" and is doing a bit of a documentary on "Rambo in the Blue Dress" and the "Pilot" and how, by God's Amazing Grace, Children get rescued....and clean water gets flowing.  

THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe  

7-16-12 - Monday - 7:52am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The massive "X" Class Solar Flare arrived at Planet Earth over the weekend giving many in the Northern Regions spectacular displays in the skies.  We are so thankful that the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) did nothing more than give nice shows around the globe.  

Believe me, Solar Weather Watchers are keeping a very close eye on the sun, as there have been 2 massive Solar Flares within the last week and a half...and the "Season" is just beginning.  Solar Forecaster are stating that this intense solar activity will continue on well into 2013.

Of course, as previously mentioned in this "Rambling Blog", one of the main dangers of a massive CME striking the earth, are the damaging effects on our communication / navigation satellites and our power grids.  We can't do anything to stop such an event, but we can certainly prepare for such an event.  Again, glad the earth "Dodged A Bullet" this time.  We pray for our Lord keep His hand upon us.

We feel it is very important to keep on course regarding the Air Mobile Rescuer, a true "Life-Saver" in the event of any kind of natural (or man-made) disaster.  One of the first things necessary following disasters is fresh, clean drinking water.  Our wonderful little machine provides just that.  As a matter of fact, a single Rescuer can provide clean, safe drinking water to over 500 people per day (running it only 10 hours a day).

So, today, we'll be meeting with a Machine Shop owner, a good friend, to make a special tool to enable us to insert a critical component into the "Heart" of the Rescuer.  Once we have tested & qualified this piece, we'll give the go-ahead to our Injection Molder to make 250 of these vital parts.  Ahhhh, been waiting and praying and preparing for a long time for this to happen!!  Many of you have prayed with us for this to happen.  Well, we're almost there.

Oh, we did take our "Old Bounder" to Church and then to Orlando for our Hospital Ministry yesterday.  So good to take her out on a little road trip.  Should a disaster occur, we'll have a "life-boat" to crawl into.  Of course, we'll be tweaking it and continually prepping it for "action".  Cindy and I are so thankful that we bought the "Bounder" all those years ago.  It's been an amazing gift to our family over the years.  If you look closely, you will see an LSU plate on the front.  

Well, it's that time.  Already had that second cup of coffee and I'll be heading over to the Machine Shop and talk to John, the owner about a new tool to help clean water to flow into needy and desperate areas.  This is a "Noble Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support & remember......A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer)!! 

Air Mobile Joe 

7-15-12 - Sunday - 7:17am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


When one "stacks" up the Weather News from just the last few weeks, it's pretty impressive.  The reports indicate that weather & other natural phenomena are pushing the "envelope" of the norm.  You know, it's as if, we here in Florida, were seeing big storm after big storm forming in just a matter of weeks...probably time to go buy a "generator or something".

Now, folks, I don't want to sound like an alarmist or some whacko, but it's probably a good time to "think through" emergency plans and have some extra food, water, batteries etc. around....just in case.

About 10 years ago, we bought an old motor-home.  It was 10 years old when we bought her and we got it for a "stupid" low price.  Oh, we really love the "Old Bounder".  Some of you may recall, that prior to the Hurston Family being blessed with a new "Extreme" Home, we lived in the "Old Bounder" in a parking lot.  We have a lot of good (and not so good) memories.  The bottom line is - "The Old Bounder" has been and still is a great vehicle.

Yesterday morning, Peter, Ariana & I pulled the "Old Bounder" out of our back yard and brought her to the car wash.  She ran like a top.  After knocking off a lot of dirt, she also looked pretty good.  We spent the entire day going through all the systems, doing a little re-wiring, a lot of inspections and just good old-fashioned cleaning.  At the end of the day, we made excellent progress on getting the "Old Bounder" ready for action.  The inside cleaned up real well also.

This is our thinking on the matter.  A motor-home, with all systems working provide a full back-up to everything we would lose in some type of "disaster" and it's "mobile".  

Even as I've been encouraging you to think & pray about what to do in a "disaster", so are the Hurston's.  Our plan is to keep the "Old Bounder" fueled, charged and stocked and ready to go on a moment's notice.  So, look around at the resources that you have at hand and ask the Lord to show you what you can do to be a little better prepared for the days ahead.

Well, it's Sunday morning.  Time to head out to Church and then to the Hospital to minister with those young people.  We're even thinking about taking the "Old Bounder" out for a ride. We certainly thank you for your love, prayer and support and pray you have an extremely blessed day today.

Air Mobile Joe

7-14-12 - Saturday - 6:39am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Apparently, NASA & NOAA had differing opinions on when the latest CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) would actually arrive here on Planet Earth.  On Thursday, a massive Solar Storm created, what is the equivalent, of "billions of nuclear bombs" blown into space, and a CME hurtled toward Earth.  The forecasters are not expecting any "major disruptions" from this event, but are keeping a very close eye on it nonetheless.  Note the "Visualization of a solar flare and the wave of charged particles known as a Coronal Mass Ejection (NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory)"

Just as NOAA and the National Weather Service have differing opinions on when and how strong a Hurricane will be when it makes landfall, so too, NASA & NOAA gave differing ETA's for the incoming CME.  NOAA said about 1:00am and NASA said more like 5:17am.  It will be interesting to see what time the CME actually arrived here on Planet Earth.  Did any of you, in the Northern regions, see any cool Aurora's?  As I write this "meandering blog", the electricity is still on and my phone still works.  GOOD &....PRAISE GOD!! For more on this "unfolded story" click here: SOLAR STORM "INCOMING" - FEDERAL AGENCIES PROVIDE CONFLICTING / INCONSISTENT / CONFUSING INFORMATION

In doing a bit more study on the effects of  Solar Storms, discovered, that in 1989 a series of Solar Storms caused quite a bit of havoc in Canada.  You may read more about these occurrences by clicking here:  1989 Wikipedia Geomagnetic Storms .

Now, after all of this on the latest Solar Storms, it brings us back to the reality of what we would do should a massive Solar Storm "knock" out our Electrical Power Grid.  The results would not be pretty.  Without electricity it would be very difficult to buy food / water / fuel / supplies, etc.  And this brings us back guessed it.....ASAP (Always Say A Prayer).  

It kind of reminds me of that song from WWII, "Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition".  We need to PRAY & PREPARE.  But what would our Lord have us to do today?  That is where we need to simply take a moment, in quiet reflection and listen to His direction.  Believe me, Folks, this is a good thing to do and the more we do it, the more we hear His voice.  The more we hear HIS voice, the more peace, strength, wisdom and direction we receive.  

Along those lines, we're moving forward on testing the new components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Been awaiting some components that will allow us to "Pressurize" & leak check the new "Heart" of the Rescuer.  Finally, the "Brown Truck" (UPS) arrived with the little bag of components that will allow us to move forward in the process.  It is amazing how one "little bitty" piece can stop an entire operation.  We searched diligently for these components.  I even asked you to join together with me in prayer and we found them.  Again, PRAISE GOD!

Inserting those little pieces is a bit tricky and I'll have to call upon some "Machine Shop" friends to help us to fabricate a "jig" to insert the pieces in perfectly perpendicular so there will be no leakage.  Looks like we'll have to wait til Monday morning to continue our good testing.  

Cindy and I believe that "time is of the essence" on getting the Air Mobile Rescuer components all together so that we can produce an "unlimited" number of these "miracle machines" (that can take the most contaminated water and make it very, very clean).  This is extremely important, as you know, during "natural or man-made" disasters.

So, our quest goes on.  The sun has risen, the roosters are crowing, and the coffee pot has another cup for me.  Time to head out and see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support.  Have a blessed day!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - The effects of this latest CME will be felt throughout the day.  You may even see some Aurora's this evening.  Keep an eye out and stay tuned.....


7-13-12 - Friday - 7:27am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, our beloved Sun had another huge Solar Flare, considerably larger than the one last week.  There is no question that we are entering into an extremely active "Solar" period.  Just a bit of history here - In 1859, a huge solar flare hit the earth and it knocked out the telegraph systems across the U.S. & Europe (even shocking some operators!)   

Then, of course, we did not depend upon technology as we do today.  Should such an occurrence, such as the 1859 event, happen today, our electrical grid could be down for 6 months or more.  We certainly PRAY that the earth is spared from such.....If you'd like to read a bit more about the 1859 Super Solar Storm click here - SOLAR STORM OF 1859

Back to the Solar flare that occurred yesterday - this one may indeed be headed to earth & the Solar Weather Forecasters are not expecting any "catastrophic" events.  Again, we certainly pray that will be case.  To read more about yesterday's Solar Flare, click here - 'Extreme' solar flare erupts, looks like storm is headed to Earth

Now, we're not sharing these "tid-bits" of news to induce panic, we simply want to bring our attention to what is going on in the "Heavens".  Above all, it is good for us to PRAY and ask our Lord for peace, strength, direction & protection.

Yesterday was spent with my good friend Carl, a Scientist who worked at Kennedy Space Center for many years and prior to NASA, worked directly in Solar Energy.  We were testing a new Solar Panel array that we recently received for qualification / testing as a possible energy source for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  So, while that big Solar Flare was happening, we were testing solar panels.  Kind of ironic.  

Actually, the panels that we were testing are the lightest and most powerful, efficient panels we've ever tested.  For their size and weight, they really put out the wattage.  We were on the phone with the guy who sent us the panels and getting good information from him "live" during our testing.  It was a very "cool" afternoon!  I'm very humbled to have such "smart friends".  It goes back to that old saying, "God knows how to deploy His troops!!"

We've yet to receive those components that will enable us to continue our pressure / leak testing on the newly manufactured "Heart" of the Rescuer.  Hope to get them in today.  In the meantime, we continue to prepare for our next mission and qualify components / systems for the Air Mobile Rescuer.

So, it's that time to head out and see what new thing / adventure our Lord has today.  We pray you have a blessed day and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


7-12-12 - Thursday - 6:45am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


For the last few days, been sharing about the tumultuous times we're living in, specifically looking at the recent Solar Activity.  Now, the Sun is a big object, and there is really nothing we  can do to stop those solar flares, except to Pray, and that does work!  However, other than prayer, the best thing to do is to prepare in some measure and this should be for all of us, a lifestyle.  

The fact is:  "Stuff Happens".  Whether we will deal with a massive solar flare, or a big storm or an earthquake, and the list goes on and on, if we "stick around", something will happen that will impact our lives.  So what do we do?  May I offer a "Thought for the Day"?  WALK IN GRACE.  God's Grace is AMAZING!

Our Lord loves to pour out Grace upon us.  The way to receive MORE of God's Grace is through humility.  James 4:6 says, "But He gives MORE Grace.  Therefore, He says, 'God resists the proud, but gives GRACE to the humble'."  My Lord is constantly working on me in this arena.  

So, back to facing the future and pondering the "stuff" that lies ahead, Walking in God's Amazing Grace gives us, peace, strength and direction.  Folks, as I write this "rambling blog", of our walk through this life, I too, cry out for More Grace.  Yesterday, we looked at Matthew 7:7, "ASK & you shall receive, SEEK & you shall find, KNOCK & the door will be opened".  May we ASK, SEEK & KNOCK for more of God's Amazing Grace today!

Speaking of Grace, yesterday, a big truck arrived at our Air Mobile Hangar and there was a pile of diapers for Haiti.  I love it when our Lord pours out His grace upon us.  We love to bring diapers into Haiti because they are quite light and they pack beautifully into Ti Burik.  It's also cool to see the joy on the ladies faces in the Village when we unload them.  Something so simple as a diaper can bring such joy.

Our much awaited components for the Air Mobile Rescuer have yet to arrive.  We are looking for them today (hopefully) and we'll be able to continue our testing on the "Heart" of the Rescuer.

May you (& I) experience new levels of God's Grace today.  We can't really "overdose" on Grace and our Lord has plenty for us.  All we have to do is "Humble ourselves & Ask"!  Time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!! As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  You are a great Grace to this ministry!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe    

7-11-12 - Wednesday - 8:11am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just thought we'd follow-up the Sun Flare story with another story from Space.Com to give a bit more insight into this situation.  The main danger of these massive solar flares is disrupting communications and possibly knocking out our power grid.  The consequences of such an occurrence leaves us in a pretty vulnerable position.  Here is the link: SUN ERUPTS WITH STRONGEST SUMMER SOLAR FLARE YET!

Of course, the recent storms in the Mid-West and the Northeast U.S. did massive damage to our electrical grid knocking out power to 4.5 million.  The Grid is just now being restored.  

One of the things I have learned from years and years of flying is, "don't go into denial".  In other words, if a little "blip" happens, i.e., the engine give a momentary miss, or such, something is probably going on and it will likely "not go away".  That is where one must pay very close attention to all of the instruments.  One must think through the emergency procedures and be willing to do what is necessary to protect the crew/passengers and the aircraft.  In short, I believe the sun is "talking" to us and we'd best keep an eye on what is going on.

Over the years, Cindy and I have had the wonderful privilege to live in areas where we would have to generate our own electricity, purify our water and find food and resources where such is very limited.  This has been invaluable training for us.  We love America and the wonderful conveniences that are so close at hand.  Often, just sitting here at the computer, one can order about anything, from Pizza to an Automobile and everything in between.  

What would happen if, suddenly, we lost that ability.  That is where we need to "ponder" and "plan".  That is where we need to break out the very most important CHECKLIST of all.....Alright, I KNOW I'M REPEATING MYSELF, but some things need to be repeated.  Just like in Flight Training.  The Student goes over the procedures again and again and again until....we get it!  That is why, we urge you to go to the Lord in prayer first and ask Him how to prepare based upon where you are.  HE knows exactly where you are and what your situation is. Remember, "Don't go into Denial" or say, "What's the use, what can I do"?.  Don't do that because, He has a Plan for you!

Don't know why our Lord keeps giving me this theme to share with you, but I must be obedient to His prompting.  Again, the bottom line is:  Things are shaking in this old world and it would be good to PREPARE for the days ahead.  There, my encouragement to you for the day.  Simply PRAY and ask Him to guide you and lead you.  Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:7 - "ASK & you shall receive, SEEK & you shall find, KNOCK & the door will be opened to you".

Heard from our Juliet this morning. She had Cindy and I roaring with her funny stories from "the field".  She has been having a remarkable time of ministry in Houston.  She is a Counselor for some Inner-City kids that are spending some time in the "country" at a great summer camp.  Yesterday, the girls were the only ones to catch some fish.  We're so blessed by our Juliet and her heart to serve.  Remember you can follow her on Facebook (just search for Juliet Hurston).  Remember her in your prayers.

Well, it's that time....need to head out to the airport and await that truck bringing in a big load of diapers (thanks to Mitch, the Donor!) for Ruuska Village in Haiti.  We use the diapers to "top off" the Little Donkey.  We stuff them into every nook and cranny.  They "tighten" up the load and keep things from shifting & Barbara and the Ladies in the Village really appreciate the diapers!  

We're also expecting the little "Piece" that will allow us to continue our critical pressure testing on the "Heart" of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Will be glad to get that in-hand and finalize our testing so that we can have the Injection Molder make a nice batch of replacement pieces for the Rescuers in the Field.  By the way, want to invest in this project??  We could really use some help with finances to help us "build-up" an emergency inventory of components.  IF our Lord prompts you to do so, it's easy.  Simply click on the "Donate" button in the upper left hand side of this blog.  

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support.  We truly appreciate you!  May you be blessed today.

Air Mobile Joe  

7-10-12 - Tuesday - 8:11am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I read this article this morning regarding the increasing strength of solar flares and how they can directly effect us and we thought it would be good to share it with you.  Here is the Link: ARE WE SAFE FROM THE SUN? 

The recent storms in the Midwest and the Northeast U.S. have clearly demonstrated how vulnerable we are to nature.  The storms did very serious damage to the electrical grid leaving literally millions without electricity and still hundreds of thousands are still without electricity.  

A huge concern for us all is, what would we do without electricity?  The answer is to PREPARE.  I know, for many reading this daily "rambling" blog, just getting through the day and providing enough food and keeping the electricity that we have "on", is a challenge.  So, "what can we do"?

First of all, let's go back to basics and remember, A.S.A.P.  We should ask our Lord what He would have us to do today to PREPARE for the days ahead.  The time to PREPARE is not AFTER the disaster, but BEFORE.  I do not know what our Lord would say to you.  I simply encourage you to get into a position to where HE can speak into your heart and direct you.

Yesterday, we found a "Piece" that will enable us to move forward with the critical testing for the newly manufactured component, the "Heart" of the Rescuer.  THANKS for praying for us.  We should be getting it in soon and we'll continue our "Quest" to clearing the way to manufacture an UNLIMITED number of Rescuers.  We sincerely believe that the need for CLEAN WATER is only going to increase.

Should we lose electricity, the municipal ability to clean water becomes limited and water sources that we have depended upon may no longer be available (i.e. our tap water).  Our Air Mobile Rescuer is simply a piece of the puzzle to survival.  Whether or not you utilize the Rescuer or have some other means of cleaning water, be sure that you always remember to have a source of clean water.  From our deep relief experience world-wide, this is often the number one problem following most disasters.

Today, we continue our mission to get that "Supply Chain" in order to both build and support  Rescuers around the world.  Folks, one can sense that many tumultuous things are occurring around the world.  NASA Scientists are predicting that Solar Flares are on the increase & that they will peak in 2013.  Again, may I encourage you to simply bring this matter to the Lord and ask Him what He would have you do.

Well, it's that time.....let's see what our Lord has for us today.  I so appreciate you and your prayer, love and support!  May you be extremely blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe  

7-9-12 - Monday - 7:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The folks in the Northeast and Mid-West U.S. will finally get some "cooling" relief today thanks to changing Upper Level winds.  

Wow, talk about a scorcher.  This situation gets very, very uncomfortable when one loses electricity.  Millions lost their power during the recent, violent storms.  

Having spent a lot of time on the mission field in areas of limited or no electricity, I can certainly relate to what many experienced during the recent, record breaking, heat waves.  Of course, for many, this was completely unexpected and came on suddenly.  This makes matters so much worse.  My heart goes out to those who have suffered so much in recent days.

As we look at the tropics, things are quiet today.....we pray that continues.  Weather plays such a large factor in all of our lives.  

From experience, over the years, from flying, to being on the sea, to standing in many, many foreign fields, we've prayed for our Lord to both hold the rain and send the rain.  The truth is, "Our Lord does answer Prayer".  He may not always answer us when we want Him to, but He does answer prayer!!

Oh, we have so many stories of Divine Intervention regarding weather.  I recall standing in areas of extreme drought and praying and asking our Lord to send the rain and within hours, it would rain.  Or standing on the edge of a field with thousands of folks awaiting the outdoor showing of the Jesus Film with rain threatening, and our Lord would hold back the rain until the film is finished and the folks would get home and then the rains would fall on the parched earth.

Now, regarding flying, we have so many stories of our Lord making a way through and around storms.  The bottom line is:  A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  Now, I know we may seem a bit "foolish" to those who do not believe.  But, what have we got to lose by praying?  Nothing!  So often, we simply need a reminder to simply pray!

Well, today, just thought I'd share some thoughts on "The Weather" and what we can do about it - beginning with PRAYER!  Today, will be securing some parts that will allow us to continue our testing of the newly manufactured components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  By the way, in addition to PRAYER, we need also to be PREPARED.  Of course, this is a big subject and will only mention that CLEAN WATER is vital during any disaster.  I know you know that, but had to mention it.  

Let's see what our Lord has for us today.  Trust and pray that you have a blessed day and THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    
7-8-12 - Sunday - 7:11am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was blessed yesterday to meet Pastor Renato and his son-in-law, Marcus at the Air Mobile Hangar.  Pastor Renato is also a pilot and very interested in increasing his flying skills and using them for the glory of God.  We had an excellent meeting.

During our conversation, we discussed the vastness of Brazil and how many areas are desperate for clean water.  I simply love it when our Lord puts us together with Folks who love the Lord and have a desire to serve Him and help others.  

Was also able to do some good research in the quest to find those pieces necessary to continue the testing for the new components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.

After our meeting at the Hangar, Pastor Renato and Marcus followed me to our "Extreme Home".  Was able to demonstrate the simplicity and power of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Look forward to working together Pastor Renato and Marcus in the future to bring clean water to a thirsty world.

It's good to be back in town and able to go to the Hospital to minister with the young people today.  Our great friends, the Menendez's have covered for us as we've been traveling.  Pray you have a blessed day today.  So appreciate your love, prayer and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Juliet made the first flight of the day (yesterday morning) and is already deep in ministry in Houston.  Thanks for praying for our dear Juliet!  Joe

7-7-12 - Saturday - 8:44am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is difficult to express my deep joy at having this critical  piece, the "heart" of the Rescuer, in hand to be testing it.  For you see, having an "unlimited" number of components not only allows us to manufacture unlimited quantities of Rescuers, but it allows us to fully support every unit ever deployed!

Truly, our Lord has come through "Right on time"!!  We were down to just a handful of modules and virtually out of replacement components for the field.  Must admit, was getting a bit nervous.  But, this again, is such an important lesson for us all to learn.  To simply trust Him and seek His direction.  The story of how we secured the "molds" to make this component is nothing short of a miracle!!  

The initial testing of the "heart" went well.  As is usually the case, as we went deeper into the testing, we found one little component necessary to conduct full pressure tests.  This piece is an "Off The Shelf" part and should be able to secure it early next week.  The quest goes on!

Early this morning (3:00am), Juliet Joy and I headed to the airport with a Southwest Airlines Buddy Pass (FREE).  When one flies in this manner, "The early bird gets the worm".  In other words, arriving long before flight time dramatically increases ones chance of getting a "coveted" seat.  Our dear Juliet is embarking on an Amazing mission that will take her all over the country serving our Lord!

Her first stop, Houston TX to work in a ministry that Cindy and I have known for many years.  It was started by a dear brother, David Ellis, for extremely disadvantaged children.  David has gone on to be with the Lord, but his dream and vision live on.  I recall that David came to Haiti just after our Lord gave Cindy and I Juliet.  Somehow, I believe that David is smiling in heaven.  

It was with both joy and sadness as I watched Juliet walk away with her one little carry-on bag.  Cindy and I are so proud of Juliet for her many gifts, but most of all, for her deep love of the Lord and her ability to reach out to others in need.  Please remember Juliet in your prayer.  May I encourage you to "follow" Juliet on Facebook.  Just go to Juliet Hurston and you'll surely find her.

Today, will be back at the Hangar tracking down components for the Rescuer.  Will also be meeting with a Pastor from Brazil who is very interested in what we do. Love meetings like that.  

A bit late posting this morning, because after dropping Juliet in the wee-hours, headed home and just went back to sleep.  Still recovering from that 3238 mile driving journey that we recently made.  

Pray you have a blessed day and as always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support and.....remember "A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  It is unlikely that we're praying too much, chances are, we need to pray a bit more.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-6-12 - Friday - 6:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, Bill Duncklee and I took The Little Donkey up and did some flight testing to see just how much the new Winglets would help the performance of Ti Burik.  All I can say is WOW

 A very important factor with any aircraft is, what is the Stall Speed?  This is the speed at which the aircraft quits flying.  In other words, just how slow can you go?  This is critical during landing, because the goal is to slow the aircraft down to a safe speed and ideally, touch the runway at or slightly above the stall speed.  This will determine just how much runway is required to safely land.

Bill and I took off Space Center Regional and decided to make a low pass of the SLF, Shuttle Landing Facility.  Since the Shuttle Program has been discontinued, one can now, with permission, fly right down the runway.  It is still a bit sad realizing that Space Shuttles will fly no more.  

After that nostalgic low pass, we headed to the practice area just west of Space Coast Regional Airport.  We climbed to 3,500 feet to perform some flight tests.  Were also able to check out the new features on the Auto-Pilot and all functioned just perfectly.

Then we set up slow flight to simulate a landing.  We lowered the gear and deployed the flaps.  Ti Burik flew slower and slower.  She passed the point where she would normally stall and just kept flying.  The nose rose higher and higher and still, she flew.  Finally, at 47 knots there was a gentle, very predictable stall, and we were able to recover beautifully.  WOW again!  Those new winglets have decreased the stall speed by at least 5 knots!  Folks, that is remarkable and will enable us to land on even shorter runways.  THANKS again to Owen Bell for the generous donation of those winglets!!

When we came in to land, we noted that just before touchdown, the aircraft was more responsive, with greater aileron control, at the slower speeds.  Another major benefits to those winglets.  Ti Burik can now fly SLOWER with greater control and safety and get into shorter strips to bring clean water to desperate and thirsty people in "hard to reach areas".  PRAISE GOD!

Today, will be testing those new "bottom caps", or better known at the "Heart" of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  You may recall that we received those sample units just as we were leaving on our epic 3238 mile journey.  Well, it's time to "get to work" and get those vital replacement components qualified.  So, my work is cut out for me today.  

Oh, yesterday, posted a Sat Image of a line of pretty intense storms heading for Haiti.  Requested prayer...remember ASAP (Always Say A Prayer).  Well, the storms simply dissipated as depicted by this Satellite Image taken this morning.   (Scroll on down to yesterday's blog to see the Sat image of those intense storms headed for Haiti).  Our Lord does answer prayer!!

Also, good news on the Colorado Wildfires - RAIN has cooled the fires....we give God the Glory for sending those rains!!  So often, when we are faced with challenging and dangerous situations, we forget to pray.  That is why we keep posting ASAP!  It is a reminder for us all to GO TO PRAYER FIRST! Well, time to head out the door and do that testing.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe     

7-5-12 - Thursday - 8:46am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


About 11:00pm last night, the "road weary" Hurston's pulled into the driveway.  It was nice to be home!  During our journey, we rolled over some blistering hot, "beat up" territory and we accomplished our "Mission(s)".  Praise God for traveling mercies.

What began as a fun, "get-away" trip to the mountains grew into an emergency run to check on Cindy's Mom.  The report that we received was, "you better get over here now....".  So glad we did.  We sure did a lot of praying along way and often remembered, A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  We are very pleased to report that Cindy's Mom is doing much, much better.  Please continue to lift her up in your prayer.  Thanks!  We are still "blown away" with joy for our Juliet Joy and the new "Mission" that she is embarking on!!

We almost "lived" in the little red Ford Escape over these last few days.  We averaged driving over 600 miles a day.  That did not leave us very much visit time (out of the vehicle) and we had an amazing time visiting.  We were joined by our good friend Teresa Suarez and we really became "family" on the trip.  Peter and Ariana did incredibly well considering they were in the back seat for a long time.  

As we traversed a significant portion of our beautiful country, we heard many newscasts talking about terrible storms, millions without electricity, scorching heat. epic wildfires and the list goes on and on.  There were many "political bombshells", from Obama-care to Iran's 'Saber-rattling'.... much talk about "Apocalyptic" signs everywhere one turns.  

Of course, we discussed many scriptures and what and how we would handle "Disaster".  The amazing thing was how we experienced "the peace that passes all understanding".  Overall, we had an incredible trip and our love and faith in Jesus has grown.  

Folks, there is no question that our old world is shaking.  All one has to do is read Matthew 24 where the Disciples asked Jesus 3 questions in verse 3.  "Tell us, when will these things be, what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?"  Jesus answers all three questions with sign after sign after sign.  Jesus talks about great deception, wars and rumors of wars, great signs in the heavens and on earth and the list goes on and on.  

Now, is a good time to prepare and look to the future with prayer, direction and faith.  I know that the pressures and stress in this life are great.  

Many of you, like Cindy and I, work real hard everyday to simply provide for our family and keep food on the table.  That is why it is so important to take time out each and every day and PRAY and seek His direction each step of the way.  That is why that little acronym (A.S.A.P.) means so much to us and we keep sharing it with you.  It truly helps me, all throughout the day, to take a moment and pray.  Even though things are very tight, each time Cindy and I step out, in faith, on a mission, our Lord is there and He provides for us as we go forward in Him!

We do not know what the future holds but.....we do know Who holds the future!  Remember that wonderful scripture in John 16:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me,   you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation;, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  May I encourage you to draw closer to Jesus today.  You will not regret it.  

As you can imagine, there is a mountain of stuff that has built up for me to do.  In looking at the tropics, Haiti is about to be blasted by some bad storms.  Been in touch with Barbara and things are quiet in the "Village".  We're gathering more supplies for our next mission.  

Today, will be meeting with Paul, our aircraft  mechanic to do our "Post Mission" inspection on Ti Burik, the Little Donkey.  She sure is flying nicely.

Well, it's time to head out the door and see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, want you to know just how much we appreciate your prayers, love, support and encouragement.  We truly need each other for the days that lie ahead.  May you be extremely blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe

7-4-12 - Wednesday - 9:21am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Somewhere in Virginia on I-81 - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


We were in Boston yesterday evening, the City so rich in American History.  We missed the famous fireworks by several hours.  Even though we are going through some very hard times in America, we are still the greatest nation on the earth and we're thankful to the Lord.   Let us PRAY for our nation and our leaders.

Cindy spent most of yesterday with her Mom, Helen.  The Nurse, who is responsible for Helen's care said it was the best she has seen her since she was admitted.  Cindy was also able to get all of the latest on her condition and discussed good strategies for her care.  We're so thankful that our Lord opened the way for us to be here for Helen.  THANK YOU for praying for Helen!

We then traveled to Boston and met Juliet just after her meeting for the position with City Vision.  We also met with the Director.  After the meeting, it was agreed, that after prayer, the final decision would be made.  We took Juliet out to the "Northside" of Boston, famous for great Italian food.  As we were sitting at the meal, the phone rang.  It was the Director.  The Decision was made - Juliet was accepted!  Praise God!!  There were tears of joy around the table.  For Juliet, this is a dream come-true!

Late last night, we hit the road for the final run home.  We're somewhere in Virginia and the little wheels just keep rolling.  We rotate out drivers every few hours.  Peter and Ariana have been great traveling companions.  We're having such a good time spending some quality time in tight quarters.  We'll have traveled over 3000 miles over the last 5 days.  We've seen the Lord do such great things.

We're projected to arrive very late this evening.  Please remember us in prayer as we travel the road.  We also got news that the Colorado fires are nearly under control and that the weather is cooperating.  Praise God!!  May you be blessed today and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-3-12 - Tuesday - 7:40am (U.S. Eastern Time) -Worcester, MA - Vrooman's 3-'Decka' - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Hurston's & Teresa trekked across the U.S. from the Southeast, Tennessee, to the Northeast, Massachusetts, yesterday on a mission to check on Cindy's Mom (who does need our prayer).  As we traversed our country we could see evidence of the terrible storms that have devastated the power-grid in the Northeast.  There was only one place that could not take our Debit card due to the outages.  There was ample fuel and no real back-ups all along I-81 to I-78 to I-95 to Worcester.

We showed up in Millbury (a suburb of Worcester) and spent some good prayer and visit time with Cindy's Mom, Helen.  Afterwards, we had a lovely meal at a place called The 99.  Then we showed up at our friend's, the Vrooman's.  Cindy first met Diane Vrooman when they were teen-agers and they all went to Haiti in 1984.  The Vrooman's are still missionaries in Haiti and are there at this time.  

Well, they have a "3-Decka" in Worcester and it's our place to stay when we come here.  So good having friends and family along the way.  Love the New England accent (pauk the cah - translated "park the car") and, they smile at my easy "Southern" drawl.  

Now, we have an added bonus.  Remember our Juliet is up here in Boston working out the details of her "Intern / Training" with City Vision College? Her interview will be taking place this morning and....we pray all goes well! 

Well, today, we'll be having lunch with Juliet in Boston just after her interview. Then we'll put her on a flight back to Orlando (City Vision College paid for her round-trip ticket). Then, we'll point our Little Red Ford Escape toward Florida and begin our long trek back home (over 1000 miles).  Juliet and her dear friend Liz (from the Woo Church) sent this shot to us this morning.  We are so glad to see our precious Juliet walking so closely with Jesus!

You know, one year ago today, we were right here in this same 3 Decka visiting Cindy's Mom.  I remember the Fourth of July celebrations had begun a bit early and this old 3 Decka was rocking from the "explosions" of fire works.  

These folks up here in the Boston / Worcester area know how to celebrate the 4th with some very serious fireworks.  I thought, for just a moment, that we were under attack until I saw the spectacular display of fireworks in the sky.  Well, here we are again.  We'll see the fireworks along I-95 heading south this time.

We are so thankful for the excellent "traveling mercies" that we've experienced so far and we pray for our Lord to pave the way with grace & protection until we roll into our driveway (sometime tomorrow).  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-2-12 - Monday - 5:50am (U.S. Eastern Time) - I-81 Somewhere in Tennessee heading to Massachusetts  - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our time in the "Mountains of Tennessee" have been cut short by the need to traverse the U.S. from the Southeast to the Northeast.  We're currently on the road since 3:25am headed to Massachusetts to check on Cindy's Mom, Helen.  We sincerely request your prayer for Helen.  We hope to arrive there late this afternoon.  Cindy is currently "behind the wheel" taking this leg of the journey.  We have nearly 900 miles to cover today.  

We'll also be able to see our Juliet who arrived in Boston yesterday to begin her new ministry with City Vision College.  She actually will not formally begin there for another month, but they wanted to meet Juliet and interview her to help place her in the best position for study and ministry.  We're so excited for Juliet and can see the Hand of the Lord so richly in her life.

We really enjoyed our time in the mountains and appreciated staying at Teresa and Richard's little cabin on Possum Trot.  In this shot, notice the little white church just behind us.

Now, we're following in the path of the recent storms that have knocked out the power in DC and beyond.  Last night, we had another line of storms "rattling" our windows in the cabin.

We've been out of touch with the news for the last few days due to limited cell phone / internet service.  Was surprised to see "DC in the Dark".  These, are all the more reasons, for us to be thinking about means of preparing for the Disasters....that will come.  It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

In all these things, our Lord told us clearly that hard times would come of good cheer, He has overcome them all.  This is the reason for us to simply fix our eyes on Jesus and follow Him!  In Christ, we are more than Conquerors!

The sun is just rising on the horizon.  We're all tucked in and moving nicely down the highway.  We pray for a safe journey and for Cindy's Mom.  We can only imagine the difficulties that millions are facing without electricity as a result of those terrible storms.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-1-12 - Sunday - 5:44am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Sneedville, TN  -A Cabin in the woods - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


We loaded up in our Red Ford Escape and trekked across the Southeast U.S., through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and finally into the Northeast corner of Tennessee.  The traffic was horrendous and the temperature was "blistering".  But, we (Cindy, Peter, Ariana & Teresa) sang and joked and praised the Lord all along the way.  My Cindy is off work until next Thursday, so...we're having an exploration adventure in the mountains.  Can't seem to get enough of these mountains lately.

The sun is just beginning to rise and the whooper-will are singing.  It is like a symphony of birds here at Teresa & Richard's cabin in the woods.  Cindy and I have been talking a lot lately about all of the flooding that we've seen over the years and how many coastal regions that we've witnessed first-hand, being completely & utterly destroyed (with terrible loss of life).  

We love Florida, but much of our home state is just barely above sea-level (like under 50 feet).  We've often thought (and prayed) about finding a bit of property at a higher elevation.  Can't seem to get this off our minds so....we're looking and praying and believing for our Lord to lead us to a piece of property that we can have as a place of refuge should "higher ground" be necessary.  

So, today, we'll be out exploring and looking and praying.  Cindy and I are so glad to have our kids with us as we look around.  

Oh, I am operating on the most microscopic bit of a signal as we're tucked between some mountains.  Somehow, managed to find just enough to connect and get a little "blurb of a blog" out.  

Back home, our dear friends, Alfred & Lisa Menendez are conducting our service at the hospital for the young people.  Juliet will be heading up to Boston for an interview with the Ministry where she will be in training and service.  Please pray for our dear Juliet as she "strikes out on her journey" for Jesus.  We are so proud of her!

Time to get the family up and head out to see what our Lord has for us today.  May you be blessed and "stay cool", the temperatures around the country are off the charts.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

6-30-12 - Saturday - 4:34am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


After years of prayer and more grace then one can imagine, Air Mobile received the first injection molded "Heart" of the Rescuer.  Thanks to the kindness and generosity from a donor (Lester), we received the molds to make this critical component of our portable water purifier.  Yesterday, we received the first 5 "bottom caps", or better known as the "heart" of our unit.  We'll begin testing those components to assure top quality.  

Folks, I can't begin to tell you what this means to our ability to manufacture the unit, but also to replace parts that break-down in the field.  The timing is perfect as our inventory of parts was at the "bottom of the barrel"!  

You know, it's just like the blog from yesterday referring to our Heavenly Father knowing what we need and when we need it!  I am learning to TRUST Him more and more every day!  I am reminded of another scripture, "His eye is on the sparrow" and I know He's watching me and you!!

Meanwhile, the fire-fighters working the Waldo Canyon Fire are steadily gaining ground. The blaze is 25% contained and light winds and cooler temperatures have been assisting in this monumental effort.  The 32,000 residents that had been evacuated have been allowed to return home.  Let's keep PRAYING for all of those that have lost homes and for those brave fire-fighters!

Well, this morning, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and our dear friend, Teresa are striking out on a "road trip" to Tennessee.  Cindy and I have been looking at some property up in the beautiful Smokey Mountains and thought it was time to show it to the kids.  

For many years, Cindy and I have dreamed of having a "cabin in the woods".  We believe it is time to begin to move those dreams closer toward reality.  Once we get our kids all fired up and praying about the matter....who knows what will happen.

As you know, one of the "down-sides" to being in the mountains is limited cell phone coverage.  So, one of the things we'll be looking for is a spot with a signal so that we can continue to post our little rambling daily blog.  So, for the next few days, we'll be a bit "spotty" about the blog, but will work hard, as we do when we travel the world, to get a little report out daily.

Time to load up and "head for the mountains" in our little red Ford Escape.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe     

6-29-12 - Friday - 7:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


While picking up some much needed "baby" supplies from the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC), Vickie asked me if we needed books.  My immediate response, ABSOLUTELY.  For you see, on our last mission to Haiti, it was decided that we needed to start a library and yes, we need books.  The books being offered by the APC were just perfect, as many dealt with Children's Health & Children's Stories, etc.  

Again, I love it when our Lord gives us just what we need when we need it.  One of my biggest challenges in my walk of faith is to simply trust our Lord to meet our needs in His way and in His time.  Our main duty is to TRUST HIM!

I am reminded of the simple, beautiful parable that Jesus gave regarding the little birds of the field, how they neither sow nor reap and yet our Heavenly Father provides for them.

Yesterday was the first day since the terrible wildfires have "ignited" in Colorado that the "Red Flag" was NOT posted.  This indicated that the weather was "cooperating" with the firefighters. The winds calmed down  enabling a bit of containment on a number of the fires.  

Please keep praying for those valiant ones fighting those fires and those hundreds of families that have lost their homes and the 30,000+ that have evacuated those raging fires.

I have some serious "Prayer Warriors" coming by the hangar this morning.  Love it when we PRAY!

Also, am expecting our very first "Injection Molded" components to arrive for testing for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This is a great thing and a true answer to many, many prayers!  We are getting our "Supply Chain" into order that we might produce an "unlimited" number of Air Mobile Rescuers.  THANK YOU for your faithful prayer for this noble project!

Time to head out for another day that our Lord has made.  We will REJOICE & BE GLAD IN IT!  May you have a blessed day and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-28-12 - Thursday - 6:32am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finally - Debby has exited Florida and the beautiful weather, that we love here in Florida, has returned.  So nice seeing those blue skies this morning.  

Meanwhile, Colorado struggles with massive, fast moving wildfires.  There is some containment as thousands of firefighters are waging a valiant battle.  

Some rain did fall yesterday on the region, cooling things off just a bit, but still temperatures were still over 100 degrees in a number of areas.  With the rains, came lightening strikes that started several new fires.  Still, we pray for rain (and cooler temperatures) to help the firefighters put out those flames.  We also are on "stand-by" to travel to the region with Air Mobile Rescuer Portable Water Purifiers if the need arises.  We continue to monitor the situation very closely.  Above all, A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer)!

Back on the home front, yesterday, received a call from the Alternative Pregnancy Center in Merritt Island.  They have more baby supplies for Haiti.  The last time they called, we were just getting ready to depart for Haiti and desperately needed more baby food / diapers/ etc.  The timing was absolutely perfect.  We loaded the supplies in our vehicle and then put them right into Ti Burik and flew them directly to Haiti.  Now, it is time to build up those supplies once more.  I am so thankful to our Lord for continually "Meeting the need"!

If you'll notice in the Tropical Report above, there is a Tropical Wave in the Southern Atlantic heading toward the Caribbean.  We're keeping a close eye on that system.  As we saw, with Tropical Storm Debby, the waters are quite warm and conditions are right for major storms to develop.  It is not a matter of IF the storms will come, it is simply a matter of WHEN the storms come.  Now is the time to PREPARE for the storms that lie ahead!

Well, it's that time....need to head out and see what our Lord has for us today!  My simple prayer is that I walk on the path "hand-in-hand" with Him today.  Please remember to pray for those that are cleaning up following Tropical Storm Debby and for those that are facing the raging fires in Colorado.

As always, I so appreciate your faithful prayer, love and support for this ministry.  May you have a blessed day!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're new to this "Rambling Blog" and feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  If you want to see how we've arrived at this "juncture of the journey", simply read on down to see how we've gotten here.  God Bless!  Joe

6-27-12 - Wednesday - 7:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Debby is slowly working her way across Florida and leaving flooding in her wake.  We are thankful that Debby has  claimed very few lives during her slow trek across our state and indeed, water levels that had been quite low, have been restored in many areas.

As Debby prepares to exit Florida, there are still dangers from heavy rain & the threat of tornadoes.  We continue to pray for those in her path.....and those in her wake.

Yesterday, I watched the radar very carefully and found a nice pattern "between the bands".  We needed to get Ti Burik to Orlando for one last Software Upgrade to make our newly installed Auto-pilot fully functional.  When the time was right, I dashed over to Orlando (about a 12 minute flight) and landed just as another band was approaching.  

Our good friends and excellent avionics technicians, Troy and John Webb did their software magic.  In this photo, Troy is in Ti Burik downloading the software and notice the "Bands of Debby" in the background.

Once the software was downloaded, we looked at the weather radar and determined another "break" in the "Bands" and I dashed back to Space Center Regional just ahead of another downpour.  Mission accomplished.  The full Avionics package is now COMPLETE!  Praise God!!

Florida is getting it's share of rain and Colorado is dealing with massive, unprecedented wildfires.  PLEASE join together with us and let us PRAY FOR RAIN for Colorado to help them deal with these raging fires!  Remember:  A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  We are monitoring the situation very carefully.  

Our Air Mobile Rescuer may become an important factor to help the firefighters in isolated areas.  The Rescuer could purify any water available to allow the firefighters to penetrate deeper and fight the fires.  Having a Rescuer would mean that they would not need to carry their own drinking water, but purify available water "on the spot".  We are on Stand-By to travel there with units if the need arises.  We simply need to have the units funded to do so.  Please consider helping us by funding some units in advance.  Thank you!!

Late yesterday evening, I met a new prospective "Water Mule", Steve Bales at the hangar.  Steve has worked at Kennedy Space Center for many years.  He has followed Air Mobile and his son, Asher, and my son, Peter, are good friends.  It was such a blessing to hear Steve share his heart to serve the Lord.  He is offering his skills and abilities and above all, his willingness to serve our Lord to Air Mobile Ministries.  We are blessed to have such folks so willing to help!  Welcome aboard, Steve!

Today, will be having lunch with my Pastor, Gary Ginn.  Always a joy to get together with Gary.  We're also getting components together and lined up to build more Rescuers.  As I mentioned earlier, we need funding so that we can order the parts to have the units ready to go as the needs arise.  

As you know, I say very little about "fund-raising" in this blog, but the reality is, we need money to keep the clean water flowing to desperate people.  May I encourage you to join together with us in PRAYER regarding this matter.  Perhaps our Lord will show you good ways for us to raise the much-needed funding.  Feel free to share your ideas with me.  You may call me at:  321-544-7757 or e-mail me at:

As always, I sincerely thank you for your precious prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you feel led by our Lord to make a contribution to Air Mobile Ministries right now, you may do so by clicking on the Donate Button in the upper left hand of this blog.  Thank you for your consideration.  Joe 

6-26-12 - Tuesday - 7:39am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Here, in what is usually "Sunny Florida" aka "The Sunshine State", it's been pretty rainy and overcast for the last few days and looks like it's going to last a few more days.  The good side of all of this is that lakes, streams, rivers and our aquifers are being replenished.  There is always something to be THANKFUL for...if we look for it.

The Forecasters now pretty much agree that Debby will likely "slog" across Florida on an easterly course.  We, here in Central Florida, will be having Debby with us right to the weekend.  Oh well, such is life....a little rain must fall.  

By the way, to show the complexity and difficulty in "Projecting" storm paths, just scroll down 2 days to 6-24-12 and take a look at the "Projected Path" of Debby.  It is a full 180 degrees from the current path!

Back to being THANKFUL, I'm reminded of that wonderful scripture in I Thessalonians 5:16-18.  Here it is:  (16) REJOICE always - (17) PRAY without ceasing (18) In everything give THANKS for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Now, this is a good formula for peace and joy in the Lord.  By rejoicing, JOY will come into our lives.  By praying, things will go better (remember:  ASAP - Always Say A Prayer).  By giving THANKS, we are reminded of the goodness of our Lord.  Just thought I'd share with you what our Lord has been putting into my heart this morning.

Today, I'm going to look for a "break" in the windy showers and endeavor to slip over to Orlando Aircraft Services.  We have one more piece of software to add to our new avionics package to bring our new auto-pilot up to full capability.  I've shared this with you before, but I can hardly grasp all of the amazing upgrades done to our precious "Little Donkey", Ti Burik.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Will be around for the next few weeks. Feel free to give me a call if you'd like and update on what's going.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe (Cell - 321-544-7757)


6-25-12 - Monday - 7:28am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, our trusty Midland Weather Radio sounded the siren for severe weather.  Tornadoes had been spotted within a few short miles of our home.  For the next 6 hours, the alarm went off every 15 minutes with alerts as wave after wave of "bad weather" roared by us. 

At one point, it appeared that the cluster of storms that contained the reported tornado(s) was heading straight for our home.  Cindy and I stood on our rear balcony and watched and PRAYED!  

We monitored the exact movements on our computer.  As the storm cell approached us, we both saw it split and our home lie in the "clear area" between two big cells.  We stood out there and "Praised Him in the Storm" as the violent weather scooted by us.

Tropical Storm Debbie has stalled and moving VERY slowly northward.  Projections have this storm "hanging around" Florida for a couple of days.  The Panhandle is getting drenched.  It is difficult for the Forecasters to figure out just where Debbie is going.

Earlier, yesterday afternoon, Cindy and I and the kids came home from Church.  The Worship Team Lunch had been cancelled due to weather and we found ourselves with a quiet, lazy afternoon.  

We soon broke out the Scrabble Board and commenced to play one of our favorite games.  We both had 2 - 7 letter words which drove our score way up.  We were neck and neck until the last play.  I won this one, but the overall score between us is a "dead heat".

Well, it's time to head out into the rainy, windy weather and take down the "To-Do List".  We pray you have a blessed day and if you're in the path of Tropical Storm Debbie, "batten down the hatches.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

6-24-12 - Sunday - 6:52am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Again, so glad we were able to "slip" out of Haiti and into Florida before Tropical Storm Debbie.  Looks like she (Debbie) will grow into a Hurricane and strike somewhere along the Gulf Coast.  In the meantime, Florida will be getting some much needed rain and some winds, but not too bad.  I'm just relieved that our Little Donkey is safe and sound in the "barn".  

A lot of forecasters have Debbie making a turn to the west and hitting in the Texas area but....the jury is still out.  The conditions are certainly ripe for Debbie to become a Catagory 1 Hurricane and frankly, just like a spinning "top", it can still wander in many different directions. 

I received a call from my very dear friend (and brother-in-the-Lord), Joe Polozola.  Many, many years ago, Joe surrendered his life to Jesus.  Then, he "came after me" with his faith.  He was relentless and one day, I too, surrendered to Jesus.  It was the best decision I have ever made.  

Peter and I headed to the airport to do some "post-mission" inspections on Ti Burik and Joe met us there.  We had a small break in the weather and decided to take the Little Donkey "around the patch".  Of course, our "Patch" is right next to Kennedy Space Center.  So, after lift off, we requested permission to fly down the SLF (Shuttle Landing Facility).  In this shot, the huge Vehicle Assembly Building can be seen just to the left of my compass.  We were allowed to "buzz" the 3 mile landing strip "at or above 100 feet".  We did.  So nice flying low over this part of Space History.

After a smooth landing we headed over to our favorite hang-out, Dogs-R-Us and had a delicious lunch.  It's always good spending time with Joe.  I am so glad he "stuck" with me all those years ago and that, even though, I was EXTREMELY hard-headed, finally relented to the Good News of the Gospel and surrendered my life to Jesus.  THANKS again, Joe, for sharing Jesus with me!!   

Afterwards, I gave Peter some more driving lessons.  He recently turned 15 and got that highly-coveted "Drivers Permit".  Peter already has a good handle on flying and looks like he's going to turn out to be a pretty good driver also.

We had a good day and headed home.  Our daughter, Angelica (Gel) was making a big pot of Home-made Chili.  By the time Cindy got home from work (at the Juvenile Detention Center), it was done and WOW, Gel, out-did herself on that Chili!  Ahhh, nice to be home.  

Today, we're getting ready to head out Church.  On the last Sunday of each month, we have "off" from the Hospital where we've been Chaplains for over 14 years.  However, after church, we'll head home and our Church Worship Band will be having lunch at "The Hurston's".  Should be enjoyable.  Time to head out the door for Church.  Truly appreciate your love, prayer and support.  May you have an extremely blessed day!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-23-12 - Saturday - 6:52am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Headed to Port-Au-Prince International early yesterday morning.  Had been keeping a very close eye on the developing storms in the Caribbean.  It was time to head back to the U.S. and we needed our Lord to make a "Path" through and between the storms.  HE did!!

I knew that time was of the essence, because the conditions are ripe for a significant storm to "blow up" in the Gulf of Mexico, thus creating a lot of havoc for the whole region.  The weather is "brewing" in the Gulf as I type this blog.

Our team prayed for a safe journey and my sole passenger, Mallori and I rolled down Runway 10 headed for Florida.  Mallori just completed 2 months of service in Ruuska Village.  

I know Mallori's family quite well.  They have adopted a number of children from Haiti.  As a matter of fact, right after the earthquake, I flew Mallori's Dad and four orphan's whom they had just adopted.  The weather was very challenging on that flight also.  Had to make a precautionary landing at Exuma and wait out a pretty bad storm.

So, as we climbed to our cruising altitude of 10,500 feet, we watched the weather very carefully and prayed for our Lord to clear the way.  It was amazing!  We saw the weather move from west to east right before our eyes and we slipped right between the storms and Ti Burik flew just as smooth as silk!  I love it when our Lord does that!!

As we approached south Florida, the Nexrad Radar became active.  This does not work until we get several hundred miles from Miami.  This wonderful device downloads radar images on a regular basis, thus showing us exactly how to work around the weather.  South Florida was firing up and there were storms all over the place, but again, the most wonderful path opened before us.  We landed at Fort Pierce at exactly our forecast time.

From Fort Pierce, we slipped on up to Titusville dodging little rain showers all along the way.  Ahhh, we made it and put the Little Donkey in the barn and headed to Corky Bell's, a great local seafood restaurant.  Juliet, Peter and Ariana joined us for a nice celebration meal.  We got back to the U.S. as Debbie is forming.

Early this morning, Juliet drove Mallori to Orlando where she will catch a flight home to their farm in Minnesota. I know Mallori's Mom and Dad will be glad to have her home.  Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) and all of Ruuska Village miss her already!!  

It's good to be home.  Cindy and I had a pleasant evening catching up.  Time to go check those chickens of ours and then head to the airport to process mail and arrange for Ti Burik's maintenance.  Praise God for a safe and successful journey!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

6-22-12 - Friday - 6:27am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  -Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a wonderful day of repairing "Rescuers".  At the end of the day, had 10 units up and going.  This sets our repair inventory with a little buffer.  Now, what this means is that if an "Operator" comes in with a malfunctioning unit, we simply swap it out with a refurbished unit.  In this way, we're able to "support" and keep the 323 units going in Haiti!  Yea!!  That represents a lot of clean water and it fights Cholera!

We're still believing for that lost purse to be returned.  Thought I'd go to the airport and check in and see if there was any news. While preparing, the phone rang.  A "Rescuer" was down.  We arranged to meet at the airport and do "The Swap".  I love it when a plan works.  Within 1 hour of Bryan's call, he had a fresh, refurbished unit in hand.

Upon return to the "Village", it was a joy to see the great gift that our team made for Barbara from scrap wood and some creativity.  The Lord has really blessed Ruuska Village with such good folks coming to lend a hand!

Praise God!  We're keeping a real close eye on the weather.  There is a significant storm brewing in the Gulf.  We'll be watching it.

Well, it's that time to head out for the day and another adventure.  Have to run.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-21-12 - Thursday - 6:26am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  -Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Some of you new readers to this rambling blog, may feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  Simply read on down to see how we've arrived at this juncture of the journey.

Before leaving our village yesterday morning, I shared with the team that is here, how our Lord can even return stolen chickens (fat Rhode-Island Reds) with prayer.  So, while weaving my way through the Port-Au-Prince traffic on the little blue motorcycle towards the airport, this missionary continued to pray for the person that is holding that wallet.  

The first meeting of the day was with Director General Flambert, the head of OFNAC (The Civil Aviation Department of Haiti).  We have had multiple meetings regarding the replacement of the old, worn out radios (ATC) with new, state-of-the-art radios.  We were joined by Aisha, the General Counsel for OFNAC.  Our meeting went very well and it boils down to securing the funding for this much needed upgrade.

We discussed several good options and our "quest" for new radios continues.  This upgrade will significantly increase the safety of each and every flight coming in and departing Port-Au-Prince.  Please join us in prayer that this deal finalize soon.  We are all aware of the Hurricane Season that has already produced 3 named storms in the first 3 weeks of the season.  As this Satellite Image depicts, there is tremendous "instablility" in the region.  Time is of the essence on this project.

From the OFNAC Headquarters, it was to the General Aviation area.  There, I met with the Lead "Baggage Handler".  We both agreed that we had seen a "new face" around Ti Burik, our Little Donkey when we arrived on Monday.  Our search for Barb's Purse continues and the PRAYERS are still being offered.  Remember, "With God, ALL things are possible"!!

It was very good to see my old friend, Dave Carwell, the General Manager of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Haiti.  I've known Dave for over 20 years.  He recently returned to Haiti, following the birth of new son.  Folks, he is a very handsome young man.  Mother and Baby are doing just fine.  

Dave and I had lunch together and discussed the latest developments with the OFNAC ATC Radios.  You see, Dave and his crew of pilots have to fly every day with these old, antiquated radios.  MAF is pulling for the success of this contract.  I also shared with Dave about Barb's purse.   We PRAYED together for it's return.

From lunch, had one more meeting with OFNAC to provide them with more information regarding "Financing Options" then headed back to the Village.  It was a good day.  We continue to pray for a miracle for the return of Barb's purse.  Always thankful for safe journey's.  Haiti is a very tricky place to drive and the little motorcycle affords great "flexibility" in tight traffic, but also affords significant danger.  I praise God every time I make it "there and back" safe and sound.

Well, it's a new day.  The roosters are crowing, already had that second cup of Java and time to head out to a new adventure.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  May you have a blessed day and don't forget ASAP (Always, Say A Prayer).

Air Mobile Joe

6-20-12 - Wednesday - 7:26am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  -Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


No, we have not found that missing purse....yet.  But, we are still believing our Lord for a miracle.  While sharing our plight with some MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) pilots and staff, I was reminded of a remarkable story of something "lost & found". Many years ago, I had 10 laying hens in Haiti.  They were beautiful, fat Rhode Island Red hens and gave 8-10 eggs a day.  Oh, I loved those chickens.

One day, I awakened to silence.  I immediately went and checked our hens.  There were 5 cages (2 hens per cage).  All five doors were opened and the hens were gone.  Now, when one loses a fat chicken in Haiti, I can assure you, the chances of them ending up in somebody's pot is EXCELLENT.  

Well, we PRAYED!  I mean we prayed real hard and asked our Lord to convict the thief and return those chickens.  I must admit, I truly loved those chickens and simply did not want to lose them.  But, somehow, I did indeed manage to pray for the thief (but not very hard).  I just wanted my chickens back.

That evening, my faith was lagging, but still, I believed for a miracle....even though, knowing that by evening, the chances were real good those chickens were already stewing in pots somewhere.  With a sigh, I drifted off to sleep.

Early the next morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, I headed to the "scene of the crime".  Rounding the corner I was see all 10 hens in the yard by the cages!  Now folks, this was a MIRACLE!  I can assure you, upon arrival into Heaven, I will ask our Lord what happened and how those chickens came home!!

Yesterday, I went to the airport and checked again in Ti Burik for that lost purse.  It was simply not there.  I met with the "Lead" handler for incoming aircraft (a dear friend), and told him the whole story and what I suspected happened.  He listened carefully and agreed to help us find the purse.  We then prayed together.  From there, I headed over to MAF and we prayed together.  Now, as I share this story with you again, we're praying together.  Remember, WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!  Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:7, "Seek and you shall find"!!

Earlier yesterday morning, I met with Engineer Cesar of OFNAC (Civil Aviation - Haiti).  We discussed what would happen if a hurricane or even a strong storm hit Port-Au-Prince.  For you see, the temporary "Control Tower" is an old portable trailer located in the middle of the airport right next to the runway.  A strong wind would simply "blow it away".  Haiti needs new Air Traffic Control radios NOW!  We are moving closer and closer to finalizing this transaction.  Again, I ask you to pray with us that it happens quickly!  

On Monday, I went out to check with Missionary Dave Heady on the drum unit that I recently brought in for Pastor Kelly.  Pastor Kelly is a prolific writer and his printing operation had ground to a stop because he could not find a replacement drum for his printer. Well, we prayed and our Lord led me to, what I believe, may the only person in the U.S. that refurbishes those drum units.  We exercised Matthew 7:7, "Seek & you shall find".
We found the drum unit, delivered it and now Pastor Kelly is printing books again!

It's time, have already drunk that second cup of coffee and time to head out for another "Adventure in the Lord".  We'll see what our Lord does will be good, because He is good!!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  May you have a blessed day and remember to: ASAP (Always Say A Prayer)!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-19-12 - Tuesday - 8:27am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  -Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The "Intrepid" Barbara and I boarded Ti Burik (our beloved mission aircraft) and headed to Haiti yesterday.  We knew that there were storms along the way and we'd need to work around them.  Had been following and analyzing the weather for a couple of days.  It appeared as if our Lord had made a perfect path for us.  

We headed to the Space Center Regional Airport early yesterday morning and met Roger Miller, the retired NBC Director.  Roger is putting together a nice presentation documentary on Air Mobile.  Our Little Donkey was loaded to the max.  We prayed for a safe journey and then I took one more shot of the weather on my phone.

As we rolled down Runway 18, I could definitely feel the positive effects of the new winglets that Owen Bell recently installed (THANKS again Owen!!).  Our take-off roll was a bit shorter and the climb rate quicker.  We worked our way to 15,000 feet.  Caribbean sunrises are spectacular.  The colors will take your breath away.

As we flew south, the weather began to get worse.  In order to avoid some major build-ups, I requested a routing that took us into Cuban Airspace.  Miami made the request and the Cubans allowed our Little Donkey to get pretty close to Cuba to avoid the storms. Overall, the flight was amazingly smooth, we simply fought some pretty strong headwinds.  In this shot, "MTPP" represents Port-Au-Prince.

Upon landing, we were surrounded by the usual "helpers", men whom I've known for many years.  I noted that there were a few new faces.  As the door opened up, a few items "must" have fallen out of the plane.  As Barb oversaw the unloading on the outside, I was on the inside, she noted that her purse was not there.  It contained her passport, all of her Haitian ID's and money to repair the village generator.

We stopped everything and discussed the situation.  I distinctly remember seeing the purse on the back of her seat when we boarded.  Now, it was gone.  Perhaps, when we closed the door at Space Center Regional, it fell out on the ramp by my hangar.  I immediately phoned Roger Miller and asked him to go check the ramp.

He did and even got permission to inspect then entire taxi-way.  No purse.  It appears that the purse was taken by one of the "helpers" at Port-Au-Prince.  We're praying that wherever that purse be returned.  Every one of those dollars has been prayed in and the village needs that generator. Barb needs her Passport and other ID's.  PLEASE take a moment and PRAY with us.  

Recently, I requested prayer regarding a manufacturer for a critical component for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  You did and within minutes, I made contact.  There are so many stories that we all could relate concerning answered prayer.  Well, here is another one.  I will be "back-tracking" today and looking for that purse.  Please join together with me that I find it.  Believe me, it will be a miracle!!

Time to head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  Remember to:  A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  

Air Mobile Joe
6-18-12 - Monday - 2:57am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I scan the weather in the Caribbean this morning, there is quite bit of instability and we're  keeping a close eye on it.  We'll be heading to the airport early this morning to check our load and do some additional inspections on Ti Burik.

We had a remarkable day yesterday in our Church and the Hospital.  What a blessing to deliver the message of the "Love of the Father" to the young people, many of whom do not even know who their fathers are.  

It's going to be a very brief message this morning and we'll remember to :  A.S.A.P. throughout the day (Always Say A Prayer).  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support. God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-17-12 - Sunday - 7:16am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


I'm thankful to be a father (to my 8 children).  It is good to take a day and honor Dad's.  It's a tough, but extremely rewarding job.  A recent book brings to light the importance of Fatherhood.  Statistically, children that grow up without a father, are 2 to 3 times more likely to become involved in drugs, drop out of school, long-term unemployment, commit suicide, etc.  Fatherhood is a gift from God.  Again, I am blessed and thankful to be a father to my precious children!

Today, we'll be going to church and then to the Hospital to minister with the young people.  Many of the children, whom we minister to, do not even know their fathers.  Again, it's such a joy to minister the love of the Father.

To the Dad's reading this blog, I salute you!  May this be a blessed day in your life and may our Heavenly Father empower you to be a better father day by day.  I certainly pray that simple prayer for myself.

We're looking  at the weather in the Caribbean and see that there is a "stirring of the storm pot" in the region.  Haiti has been getting a fair amount of rain and this is increasing the cases of cholera.  We're preparing for our next mission and gathering parts and supplies to stand against this dread disease.

It's that time....ready for that second cup and spending a bit of time with my beloved Cindy.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  


6-16-12 - Saturday - 7:16am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our intrepid Barbara Walker (AKA - Rambo in the Blue Dress) and the other Barbara Walker (Retired Air Force / United Airlines Captain) and I met to discuss the best way to utilize Air Mobile Volunteers.  The Lord has  blessed Air Mobile with 2, highly capable Barbara Walkers!  When we began our meeting, we were reminded to  A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).

Nearly a year ago, Cindy and I met with Barbara Walker (AKA - Babs).  Babs has a rich background in aviation, having flown heavy Air Force Transports and then went on to fly for United Airlines.  Babs is highly gifted in organization and coordination.  We are very thankful to have Babs on-board helping to both organize and utilize the "Troops our Lord sends our way"!

As we were meeting, our building was being inspected by Space Coast Fire & Safety.  My good friend and neighbor and brother, Tom Spina, the owner, sent Joe (one of his excellent technicians) over to finalize the inspection to satisfy our Fire Marshall.  After the inspection was completed, I was presented with the invoice - NO CHARGE!  Thanks, Tom!!  Again, where would we be without so many folks standing with us??

We then called in our local Fire Marshall and he gave his stamp of approval on our building.  We praise God for the excellent relationship Air Mobile has in our local community.

After those good meetings, Barb and I headed over to the airport to prepare for our next flight to Haiti.  She was blessed to see how many vital supplies have been donated and received from our generous donors.  The Lord is so good.

We then dashed back to the house to meet Bill Duncklee (the donor of Ti Burik).  Bill has many gifts, and among them great patience!  He and I sat down for hours and did some major re-organization and updates to my I-Phone 4 (Bill also donated the phone to me last year!).  Every time Bill and I get together, my life is improved!  He has incredible technical skill and ability.....and patience with Air Mobile Joe.  

You know, as I look back on the day, it is amazing how blessed Air Mobile is to have so many folks that stand and work together with us to bring clean water to thirsty and dying people!  My heart simply overflows with gratitude!!

Well, it's time to head out on another adventure.  We'll see what our Lord has for us today!  As always, THANK YOU for your gracious and precious prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe       

6-15-12 - Friday - 8:18am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a most encouraging and productive meeting with The Harris Corporation regarding the Haiti Upgrade of their Air Traffic Control Equipment.  We've been working on this project for over 6 months and we got a bit closer to success yesterday.  We developed a new strategy that will, hopefully, bring this deal to completion.  Enroute to the meeting, I was reminded by the yellow sticky on my rearview mirror.... to PRAY!  

Following the Harris meeting, headed back to the Hangar / Office.  Again, it's so good seeing the Little Donkey in the "barn".  As a result of your generosity and love, we're getting our next load of formula / diapers / medicine/ Rescuer parts and a whole host of other supplies ready for our next mission to Haiti.

Been working on one small brass insert for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Upon arrival at my office,  saw the yellow sticky reminder on the door A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  Sat down at the computer and simply prayed and asked our Lord to show me where to find this vital piece "of the puzzle".  Within minutes, I was on the phone with Bruce and the order was made.  WOW!  Folks, what a difference a simple prayer makes!!

So far, on this day, we made significant progress on "unlocking the ATC Haiti" door and added another piece to completing the Air Mobile Rescuer "Puzzle".  Praise God!

As I was heading home the phone rang.  It was Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  She was "non-revving", flying for free on Stand-By and headed to Charlotte, NC and then, if they had a seat on into Orlando.  

About 10:00pm last night the phone rang, Barb would arrive around midnight and spend a few days with us.  Well, she made it in.  It's always good to have Barb around.  We'll be having an Air Mobile strategy planning meeting this morning.  

Time to get ready and head out.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 


6-14-12 - Thursday - 6:57am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is always such a Joy & Privilege to tell the Story(s) of our Lord's goodness.  Yesterday, I spoke to a group of Senior Believers called the OWLS (Older-Wiser-Loving-Saints) at Space Coast Assembly of God.  This is the third time I've spoken to them and they just love to hear the stories of God's Amazing Grace.

There is such power in simply "Testifying", as a Witness of what our Lord has done.  I shared the story of the brutal attack and attempted kidnapping that occurred several years ago in Haiti to myself and a small mission team.  Though our situation was quite grim and seemingly hopeless, our Lord made a way for a miraculous escape, and of course, we lived to tell the story.

After sharing with the OWLS, headed to the airport, to my favorite little office in the Hangar and continued to seek out the remaining parts and components for our Air Mobile Rescuer.  We are getting so close completing the list of items to fully manufacture the Rescuer. 

Today, I'll be meeting with top Executives with the Harris Corporation to discuss the progress we are making on the contract to replace the Air Traffic Control Radios at Port-Au-Prince International Airport.  

We are making good progress on this project and very close to closing the deal.  Please pray all goes well today in this meeting.  The replacement of these radios will dramatically improve the safety for all aircraft coming into and departing Haiti.  It will also provide some much needed income for the Hurston family!

I must tell you, while sitting in my precious little office in the hangar yesterday and....having Ti Burik in the barn right next to me....ahhh, it was a good feeling.  Folks, I am so thankful to have the glorious opportunity to fly aircraft for our Lord.  And to have such an amazing aircraft as Ti Burik makes it all the sweeter.  

Since the Extreme Makeover Home Edition blessing, we have been continually improving this aircraft.  Now, with the new winglets, the only thing left to do is to put the finishing touches on the paint job.  Then, the Extreme Makeover on our Little Donkey will be complete!

It's that time....time to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made and see what adventure lies ahead.  Remember, A.S.A.P. - (Always Say A Prayer) throughout today will go better!  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-13-12 - Wednesday - 7:05am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy, Teresa and I left the little cabin in the woods and worked our way to Knoxville Airport yesterday morning.  I'd been tracking some storms and knew that we'd need to do some "fancy maneuvering" to get around them.  So, after fueling our Little Donkey, we took off headed to Florida.

We filed an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and climbed to 13,000 feet.  Air Traffic Control was just great helping us to work our way between some pretty serious storms.  At one point, as we were approaching Jacksonville, we heard reports of wind shears and micro-bursts.  We flew just outside of the "turbulent boundary" and slid by "smooth as silk".  Thank God for good instruments and good controllers!

Oh, on the way to the Knoxville Airport, we passed this cabin.  In addition to spectacular vistas, and clean mountain air and glorious season changes, Tennessee does have it's share of bears wandering the hills.

It's good to be home.  This morning, I'll be speaking at Space Coast Assembly of God and sharing stories of God's Amazing Grace!  It's always a JOY to share the goodness of our Lord!

A bit later this week, our intrepid Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) will be coming down to Florida to spend a few days with us.  She has had successful surgeries and "Ready for Action".  We're getting a full load for, we'll be heading back there pretty soon.  

Time to get ready to "Share the Good News" this morning.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

June 12, 2012 – Tuesday - 6:41am (Eastern Time) – Sneedville, TN – Richard & Teresa’s Cabin – Report prepared by: Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Cindy and I picked up our dear friend, Teresa.  She flew in to Knoxville yesterday to spend a little time with us and to show us some of the great places in the “Hollers” of rural Tennessee.

We had a beautiful drive over to her “neck of the woods” and we visited a number of lovely homes that could be available at a reasonable price.  Cindy and I have always dreamed of having a “Cabin” in the woods.  So…we took advantage of coming to get “Ti Burik”, our little mission aircraft, to take a look around and see what the market is like over here.

I can tell you, there are some real deals.  One can get a nice little cabin and anywhere from 5 – 25 acres for under $100K.  Now, in order for Cindy and I to secure a piece of property, we’d need our Lord to bless us with some extra dollars. 

Cindy and I have always operated in the Mark 11:24 realm….”What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it and you will have it”.  So, we’re getting ready for that blessing.  When it comes, we’ll be ready. 

We also took advantage of the picking up of the airplane to simply get away for a few hours and pray and just have some precious time together.  We need that from time to time.  We can see, from just watching the news, that this old world is just getting crazier and crazier by the day.  The most important thing for us is to “hear the Lord and follow His direction daily”.  That’s pretty simple and straight-forward theology.

I’m sitting on Teresa’s front porch.  A heavy mist has enveloped the mountains, but I can hear dozens of different birds singing.  Have a nice, hot cup of coffee and I’m writing my daily “wandering blog”.  What a nice way to start the day. 

We also have no cell phone or internet coverage here in the “holler” in the mountains.  That’s actually kind of nice.  When we head out this morning, we’ll stop behind the local Library and pick up the WIFI signal there and will  “Post this blog”.  Should be around 8:45 – 9:00.

Should the weather cooperate, we’ll head south to our home base.  Time to wrap it up and get ready for one more nice little drive through the mountains to Knoxville and our awaiting Little Donkey (with the new Winglets). As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-11-12 - Monday - 6:11am (US Eastern Time) - Knoxville, TN  - Courtyard Marriott Hotel - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Southwest Airlines did it again.  Cindy and I arrived at Orlando International Airport early yesterday and boarded the first flight of the morning to Nashville, TN....for free.  Southwest and Southwest Chuck are the best at helping us to "move about about the country freely".  THANKS again, Chuck & SWA!!

After a quick, on-time flight we landed in Nashville and called the courtesy car from Signature Aviation and awaited the "Master of the Skymaster", Owen Bell.  Upon arrival, we rolled Ti Burik out of his barn and admired the beautiful new "Winglets" in the overcast sunlight.  Owen did this incredible installation at NO CHARGE!  Thanks Owen!!

Cindy and I then headed for Knoxville.  Along the route, the visibility began to deteriorate and the mountains were looming, so we made a precautionary stop in Crossville, TN.  

Now, to all pilots reading this, Crossville, TN will certainly ring a bell.  Ever see a copy of "Trade-A-Plane" lying around the local FBO (Fixed Base Operation)?  This yellow newspaper has been around for 70+ years helping pilots buy and sell airplanes.

The Airport Manager, Chris, was very courteous and gave us good counsel about the mountains and the local weather.  Oh, Ti Burik landed like a dream.  Not only did we cruise faster, but we were able to land at a slower speed.  

You see, those "Winglets" do amazing things to the performance of an aircraft.  They truly "Speed it up & Slow it down".  These are good things.  They cause the wing to be more efficient.  Thus increasing the cruise speed and decreasing the stall speed.  This means that one gets to the destination quicker (using less fuel) and can land at a slower speed (shorter runways).  

WOW, a true "Win-Win" situation.  Pilots like that!  Cindy and I took off (in a shorter distance) and zipped to Knoxville, TN.  We taxied to TAC Air.  They gave us a very good price on fuel and arranged for a super corporate rate at the Courtyard Marriott right across the street.  

We checked in and stepped right outside to Ruby Tuesday's, a short walk away.  As we strolled for lunch, we could see our "Little Donkey" across the road.  The Winglets certainly give it a distinctive look.

The day began real early and after a good dinner and a couple of movies, Cindy and I drifted off to sleep.  Up early this morning and awaiting our dear friend, Teresa, who is flying in from Orlando this morning.  We'll be doing a bit more exploring of the mountains for the next day or two.  Looking forward to the another relaxing get-away before we head back into the "fray" of bringing clean water to the thirsty.

Have a blessed day.  Time to head over to pick up Teresa.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Remember to "ASAP" today.  Can't do too much praying!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-10-12 - Sunday - 3:45am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I are up very early this morning.  We'll be boarding a Southwest Airlines flight to Nashville and there, we'll get our precious Little Donkey.  Owen is all through with the "Winglet" installation.  

If you've flown Southwest Airlines (SWA) lately, you'll notice that almost all of their 737 Fleet has "Winglets".  This conversion cost SWA Millions of $$, but it is worth it because of the improved performance and fuel savings.  So, we're in good company with our 'winglets'.

Looking forward to the increased performance in Ti Burik.  This will definately save us fuel and get us to on our "Mission" a bit quicker.

Well, it's time to head to the airport.  May you have a blessed Sunday.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-9-12 - Saturday - 6:34am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


My son, Peter, and I picked up the molds for a critical component of the Air Mobile Rescuer and delivered them across the state, where they will be manufactured!  This is a major step forward to clean water for desperate people!

We arrived bright and early at Knight's Armament, where we met Sylvain.  They have been storing the molds for us and helped us to secure a good injection molder who can make the pieces for us.  We are extremely thankful to Knight Armament for their invaluable assistance on this noble mission.

We then loaded the precious molds into the truck.  Ahhh, we have prayed so hard for this to happen.  It is such an answer to prayer!  I would also like to thank Lester Grey who has graciously put these molds into our hands.  Soon, we will be able to provide replacement pieces world-wide!

Peter and I then hit the road for Tarpon Springs, FL.  Note the little yellow sticky above the rear-view mirror.  Yes, it does say:  A.S.A.P. - (Always Say A Prayer).  We had some very good discussions on Prayer and many other things.  It was good to have Peter with me on this epic, historic journey, he's a cool kid! 

Oh, do you recall in yesterday's blog, I mentioned that U-Haul gave us some grace on the mileage?  Well, when we picked up the truck, the young man gave us an even better rate, reducing the cost of the truck by an added $56.00.  Peter and I rejoiced at how our Lord was simply blessing this mission today!  Thanks also to U-Haul for giving us such a good deal.

It was good to meet Chris and Billy, the owners of Harbour Tech Plastics who will be making these components for us.  They seem extremely capable and they're eager to join us on this mission!

Peter and I then headed back home.  As we drove down Hwy. 19, I realized that we were very close to WTGL Channel 22 and my very dear friend, Bob D'Andrea.  I picked up the phone and told the receptionist that I was about 10 minutes away and asked if Bob would be available to see an old friend.  

Minutes later, Peter and I rolled into the Channel 22 parking lot and there was Bob out front to greet us.  We shared some wonderful stories with Peter.  God has blessed Bob's ministry mightily.  He now owns 18 TV stations and broadcasts the Good News of Jesus globally.  We prayed together and Peter and I then headed back home.  Talk about a good day.

One more thing, found another super article on the "Good Things" about coffee.  Here's the link:  "Three Cups of Coffee A Day PREVENTS Alzheimers" .  I only share this with you because I really love my coffee.  It's good to know that there is truly some good in this wonderful gift from our Lord.  According to the study, 3 cups a day has a profound effect on preventing Alzheimer's.  So, enjoy that cup of coffee today.  

Time to head out and continue to prepare for our next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-8-12 - Friday - 5:57am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Received a call from Vicky of the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) an outreach of First Baptist, Merritt Island.  The question:  Do you need more baby food, diapers, toys, blankets etc. for Haiti?  My answer:  Absolutely!  I dashed right over!

I so love it, when our Lord sends, not only the troops, but the supplies in His perfect timing.  The APC blessed Air Mobile with some wonderful baby supplies and gifts.  They filled my Ford Escape to the brim.  These supplies will be on our next mission to Haiti!  THANK YOU, APC, for sharing some of your blessings with mothers and babies in Haiti!!

As I was driving from the APC to the Air Mobile office in the hangar, I was reminded of A.S.A.P. - (Always Say A Prayer). Do you recall, in yesterday's blog, that I asked you to pray that a certain "supplier" would get in touch with me?

I have been attempting to contact this organization since March.  We've just failed to connect.  Well, after picking up those wonderful gifts, my phone rang.  It was the manufacturer.  

We had an incredible conversation, during which, I have the distinct impression that this is indeed the one to make the critical components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  By the end of the conversation, we had agreed upon all of the critical terms of the agreement.

Approaching my office door, I was reminded again to ASAP.  Since "Contact" has been made, and terms have been agreed upon, why wait?? 

By the way,  I'm putting those little yellow stickies everywhere.  Again, I don't believe that we can pray too much.  Of course, many of my prayers are simply, "Thank You, Jesus" or "Jesus, I need your help on this one".  Prayers don't have to be long, drawn out affairs.  Many times, my prayer may simply be, "Jesus!"  At His Name, every knee should bow, every tongue confess that, 'Jesus is Lord'! 

So, I sat down at my computer, where I was reminded again to ASAP and began working out the details of the journey.  Chris, one of the owners of the company that I had just contacted, and I agreed that I would deliver the "molds" to his facility tomorrow (today).  I needed a truck, as the molds weigh over 3000 pounds.  So, I called U-Haul.  

Was connected with the National Call Center, though I had called the local number.  We worked out a fair price based on the projected mileage (or so I thought).  After putting the address into the GPS, it revealed that it was nearly twice the distance and this would literally double the price of the truck.  Got back on the phone and the National Call Center urged me to go to the local U-Haul office and request some "Grace".

While driving there, was reminded again to ASAP (by the sticky on my rear-view mirror).  Upon arrival, I simply told our story about what we do. The young man had heard all about the Extreme Makeover of our home and knew what Air Mobile did.  He smiled and simply doubled my no extra charge!  

Folks, I love it when our Lord answers prayer!  You know, there is another scripture that says, "You have not....because you ask not".  So many times, in our busy day, we simply fail to ASK our Lord.  That is why these little yellow stickies are so valuable.  They simply remind us that HE is there with us and is an ever present help and loves us very much.  

Wow, what a beautiful, simple message.  It's time to get Peter up, as he will be driving across the State with me today.  Always enjoy having him along.  I'll bring my little yellow sticky pad and put one on the rear views of the truck to remind us throughout this day to ASAP.

Certainly nothing complicated about this theological exercise.  Now, I must tell you, I sincerely believe that your prayer contributed to my phone ringing yesterday!  We have long needed these particular components to keep clean water flowing and today, we are making major strides toward that goal!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious & powerful prayer, love and support!!  May you blessed today and remember....ASAP!

Air Mobile Joe   

6-7-12 - Thursday - 6:48am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


"But seek ye first, the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will added unto you".  Jesus was comforting His disciples in Matthew 6 with these words.  The Disciples were dealing with some anxiety regarding what they would eat or drink or how they were to be clothed and Jesus uttered these words.  Remember the little saying, "ASAP"?  Always Say A Prayer.  This simple truth will surely help keep us on track of following our Lord.

Jesus goes on to tell His disciples, "Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about it's own things.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble".  

We are designed to handle "One Day At A Time".  Now, He may direct us today, to prepare and do things for tomorrow and the next day, but the key is to hear Him today for the things that we are to do today.  I must remind myself of this daily.   That is why I'm adopting that little phrase more and more....ASAP.  It simply helps keep me on track.  

The truth is, I don't pray enough.  None of us probably do.  But.....we can pray more and more and seek "His Kingdom" more and more each day.  As we learn to do this, our days will surely go better and so will our tomorrow and the day after that and so on.  Remember, the Word urges us to "Pray without ceasing".  In other words, we really can't pray too much.  Again, if anything, we probably don't pray enough.

Just thought I'd share a bit about what our Lord is dealing with me about....PRAYER!  Yesterday was a good day.  Began the day with a meeting with a bunch of folks in our area that have become unemployed as a result of the major shut down at Kennedy Space Center -NASA (around 8000 lay-offs!).  Heard some very good counsel about how to re-engage, re-ignite business.  I was even invited to share my story in the future.  Our "business fuse" has been lit, but has not ignited....yet.  But, we are praying and planning and planting and seeking!

We're also making steady progress on building our "Supply Chain" for the parts for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We're getting closer and closer to finalizing the manufacture for the remaining components to complete the unit.  Been having a hard time contacting a certain prospective supplier, please PRAY that we make contact today.  Above all, please pray that our Lord leads us to the best one for the job.

Spoke with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) yesterday.  She recently had eye surgery in New York and it went very well.  She has one more surgery and then she'll be ready to head back to Haiti.  The report from the "Village" in Haiti:  All is quiet.  We're thankful for that.

Also spoke with Owen Bell of Aviation Enterprises.  Our Little Donkey, Ti Burik, is almost ready for pick up.  Owen recently installed "Winglets" on our C-337 and this modification will give us more speed, range and better performance.  Yea!!  Look forward to picking up Ti Burik early next week.

Today, I'll continue to "Hold Steady" and seek His direction for!  We often get into trouble when we either take off on our own or when we try to do tomorrow's stuff today.  Oh Lord, may I simply walk on the path You have set for me.  I'll also remember to REJOICE in this day.  After all, it is the day that You have made and I'll REJOICE & BE GLAD in it.  

Wow, I sure felt "preachy" today.  Thanks for riding down the path with me.  May you have a blessed day always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-6-12 - Wednesday - 6:54am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


We were very blessed to have the talent of Roger Miller for the day.  Roger has a long, rich history of Directing Television Programs (from 1953!).  A local Pastor and good friend, Dave Murton, suggested we contact Roger and ask if he could make a Video explaining what Air Mobile does.  We began the filming yesterday.  What a blessing!

By the way, some of you "old timers" remember Roger Miller the singer.  Remember, "King of the Road"?  We have a ways to go to complete this mini-documentary of Air Mobile, but we made a great start yesterday.  Roger is also "On the Road" to becoming an Air Mobile "Water Mule"!

Again, we are so appreciative for the many talented folks who stand with Air Mobile to bring clean water to a dying and thirsty world.  Our many, talented and gifted Volunteers are the strength of Air Mobile.

One of our other great "Water Mules", Doug Augustine, who is currently up in Wisconsin, made a comment about "My Little Office in the Hangar".  It's good to know that Doug is keeping an eye on what's going on in Air Mobile by checking the blog.  We truly appreciate and miss Doug when he's away.

Today will be spent in meetings on plans to re-build our business (Cartridge Source of America) and taking care of taxes (love that).  We are continuing to gather supplies for our next mission to Haiti.  Time to head out the door.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, lover and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-5-12 - Tuesday - 7:25am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Folks, I can't begin to tell you how much I love my little office.  Here's the deal.  When you see a row of hangars, the end hangar will have a little "notch", or added space.  It's the nature, of the architecture, of the T-Hangar.

Air Mobile has an "end" hangar and Southwest Chuck and a team of Southwest Airlines aircraft mechanics built Air Mobile Joe a little office in the "notch" of the hangar and it's just like a little slice of heaven for me!

As one approaches the "Office", it is quite humble on the outside (and the inside also), but it has everything one needs.  Just outside is the microwave and the frig.  Up on top, is the storage area for the critical supplies for our "next mission", i.e. formula, diapers, food etc.

As one enters the door of "my little haven", though it is quite small, it is equipped with a great coffee pot (Keurig), a picture window, walls of charts, aircraft maintenance manuals and more.

Here's a better shot of the appointments and notice the great picture window.  I will often open the hangar doors and I'm looking right at Runway 18/36 at Space Center Regional Airport.  

Ahhhh, it does not get much better than this.  It's particularly gorgeous during the sunset as the beautiful picture window is looking directly west.

Just thought I'd give you an expanded view of my great little office.  Currently, our Little Donkey is up in Nashville getting those wonderful "winglets" installed by Owen Bell. 

Just spoke with Owen yesterday, and we hope to go pick up Ti Burik early next week. Now, when the Little Donkey is in the Hangar, right next to my favorite office in the world, life is especially good for Air Mobile Joe!

This morning, Cindy and I will be meeting with Roger Miller.  Roger is a rather "famous" Director who has won many Emmies.  He has graciously offered to help Air Mobile "Tell the Story" of what we do.  We'll begin "shooting" this morning.  Looking forward it.  Well, it's that time.  Heading out to feed the chickens and collect the eggs.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I keep thinking about:   A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer)!  Remember, throughout this day, pause and A.S.A.P.  No matter what you are doing, it will go better with PRAYER! Air Mobile Joe


6-4-12 - Monday - 7:43am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was up very early this morning pondering the events of Sunday.  Our family had a very pleasant day of attending church and then going to the Hospital to minister with the young people & staff in Orlando.  At the end of our service, two young ladies came up for prayer.  This is not uncommon following our service.

Their question was simple.  "What must we do to be saved?"  Again, we have been asked that many times over the years, but I found myself reflecting upon the simplicity and beauty of the Gospel in the early hours this morning.  Of course, we shared with the two young ladies the basics.  We are all sinners.  The wages for sin is death, but......the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.  This is basis of our ministry.  Both young ladies did pray to accept Jesus as their Savior....Praise God!

We have the glorious privilege to share the Good News of Jesus with a lost and dying...and thirsty world.  We have the "Living Water" of the Gospel.  Again, I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am to be able to go and share this Good News with so many.

After we returned home, we had some dear friends over.  Sam Winn, my eye Doctor of many years, had some friends he wanted to introduce us to.  We discussed many things, but ended up showing them the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  

As I was pondering the events of yesterday in the early morning hours, the depth and seriousness of what we are doing with this amazing machine weighed upon my heart.  We are so close to completing all of the components to be able to make an "unlimited" number of Rescuers.  May I ask you to pray specifically for me this week, to finalize the last three molds.  By doing this, we will be able to have an unlimited supply chain to keep clean water flowing around the world.

It's that time....need to head out to the airport, to my little office in the hangar and see what our Lord has for me to do today.  Oh, I pray for His guidance and direction.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!  May you mightily blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-3-12 - Sunday - 8:18am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


I awakened in my own bed, with the birds singing outside with the smell of fresh coffee.  Nice to be in town on a Sunday morning.  We'll be heading to church in a few minutes and then doing our ministry at the Hospital for the young people.  

Yesterday was a laid back day. Peter & I first dropped Ariana at Holly's birthday party.  It was fun watching the girls get together after their recent graduation from Kindergarten.  Ariana has such an infectious joy.  She spreads it everywhere she goes.

Then Peter and I headed to the airport.  It's time for him to prepare for his driving permit.  So we took advantage of the perfect training area, the airport.  There are a cluster of hangars and neat driving obstacles.  Peter has a good touch behind the controls.

I believe he'll be a good driver.  Speaking of training, I spoke with my flight instructor, Glen.  He's going through a physical challenge and can use your prayer.  His prognosis looks good and we should be back in the cockpit together soon.  I'm eager to get back into the training mode again.

The "Winglet" conversion on Ti Burik is going well.  The Little Donkey should be ready for pick up sometimes later this week.

Here's a file photo of what the "Winglets" will look like.  I am so pleased that Owen Bell has donated this great conversion to Air Mobile.  Once complete, we will fly & climb faster and stall at a slower speed.  These are GOOD things for airplanes.  The increased speed means better gas mileage and the slower stall speed means more safety.  Again, THANKS, Owen!! 

Also spoke Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  The doctors decided against surgery (which is a good thing) and she doing well.  Checked on the 2 young ladies that we brought into Haiti last week (Jodi and Melanie), and they're doing well with Mallory.  All is quiet in the "Village" in Haiti.

So, the Hurston family is getting ready to head out the door to Church and Chapel.  It's a beautiful day, one that our Lord has surely made.  We pray our Lord's richest blessings upon you!  THANKS, as always for your precious love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

6-2-12 - Saturday - 7:21am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our "Extreme" Home was filled with music and laughter last night as Peter celebrated his 15th birthday with some friends.  Cindy and I had a blast watching the kids enjoy themselves.

Earlier, I had the wonderful opportunity to present the remarkable Rescuer to Adrian from Switzerland.

He had seen the good article in AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association) magazine and wanted to know more about the Air Mobile Rescuer.

He is also an aspiring pilot and was in the U.S. increasing his flying experience.  So, we got together yesterday at the Air Mobile Hangar and I demonstrated the Rescuer for him.  Adrian had spent 13 years in China as a Missionary and has plans to utilize aircraft in both Eastern Europe and possibly China to serve our Lord.

Please pray that our Lord leads Adrian in his mission and the possible usage of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  He was very impressed with the simplicity and strength of the Rescuer.  I love to see the Hand of the Lord arranging and deploying His troops!

Time to get ready for the day.  Will be bringing our precious Ariana to a friend's birthday party and still tending to a lot of "catching up" paperwork / e-mails etc.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


 Air Mobile Joe  

6-1-12 - Friday - 7:15am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The surprise gift that Cindy and I bought for Peter in Nashville (Music City) was a "Banji-tar".  This is a very unique instrument that combines the Banjo and Guitar, thus the "Banji-tar".  Our Peter is truly a gifted musician and can play about any instrument we give him, so Cindy thought it'd be good to have the joyful sound of the Banjo in our home.

Someone said, it's hard not to smile when a Banjo plays. It's true.  As soon as Peter saw this wonderful instrument he picked it up and began "picking" out some amazing tunes.  We all just sat and smiled.  Now, we'll have even more joy in our home thanks to this great gift.

Tonight, we'll have a house-ful of Peter's friends for the formal birthday party.  I'm sure there will be some great "Pickin" going on.

Earlier yesterday, I met with the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Energy for the Philippines.  It was a great honor to meet with this gentlemen along with other Scientists and  Aerospace / Energy Engineers.  After receiving the invitation to join this group, I went through the hundreds of photos we took during our mission to the Philippines following 4 deadly Typhoons in 4 weeks.  I selected a number of the gripping ones and prepared a pictoral packet to explain our work and the incredible Air Mobile Rescuer.

When I was introduced to Mr. Ramon Allan Oca, I presented the packet and a copy of "Run to the Roar".  We spent the next few hours together and discussed many aspects of energy and clean water.

We then went to the Space Life Sciences Lab located at Kennedy Space Center.  There we met a number of leading Scientists.  I was very pleased that we met with Griffin, the Scientist that has been testing the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Griffin has provided us with great information about the performance of our unit.  I recalled a quick phone call made to Griffin just after the terrible Japan Earthquake last year.  My question:  Griffin, what effect does our unit have on Radiation? It was good to know that the carbon filter on the Rescuer significantly reduces the effects of radio-active iodine, a major problem in the Fukushima Power Plant.  Cindy and I worked closely in that region.

Again, we hope to have the Air Mobile Rescuer in outer space one day.  We concluded our great meeting.  I assured Mr. Ramon that when we return to the Philippines, we'll look him up. I love it when our Lord puts meetings like this together.

From my NASA meeting, dashed home to take Peter out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. Well, it's that time.  Ready to head out the door to see what our Lord has for us today.  Oh, later this afternoon, I'll be meeting with a Swiss Missionary that is working in Africa.  He has great interest in the Rescuer.  I always, enjoy sharing this remarkable machines with folks "in the field".  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!  God bless and remember:  A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer)!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-31-12 - Thursday - 7:13am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


After being in Haiti last week, and then slipping off "to the mountains" for a few days, yesterday, was spent "taking care of business" (paying bills, making calls and responding to e-mails).  Will be doing the same today.    

Air Mobile has also been invited to a meeting this afternoon at NASA, meeting a high ranking official from the Philippines who is interested in water purification.  NASA has long been interested in the technology that we utilize in the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We hope, one day, to see our "miracle" water machine in space!

Today, we celebrate our son Peter's 15th Birthday.  I remember all too well, Peter's first day on this earth.  We almost lost him, but God.......had other plans.  Now, he is 6' 2'' (and still growing), loves the Lord and is a very gifted musician.

Peter also has demonstrated exceptional flying skills.  It is enjoyable watching him grow up and find the path our Lord has for him.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!

Well, it' that time.  Need to get ready for the NASA meeting and get out the door.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - REMEMBER:  A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer).  As you go through this day, just take a moment, from time to time, and simply breathe a prayer.  I would suspect that your day (and mine) will go better, if we pray often.  Joe

5-30-12 - Wednesday - 8:39am (US Eastern Time) -Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


I would like to give you a beautiful recap of a sweet little get-away with photos and all.  During our 3 day adventure in the mountains of Tennessee / North Carolina / Virginia, we found out that AT&T (and most other carriers) have a hard time getting their cell phone / internet signals down into mountains and valleys and hollers.  For most of our little retreat, we had no coverage.  I must tell you, that wasn't so bad, but it's very difficult on a "Daily Blog Writer" such as Air Mobile Joe.

So, here's a compilation of shots telling you about our sweet retreat to the mountains.  Cindy and I got up early on Sunday morning and headed to the airport.  We knew we had to get in the air real soon, as Tropical Storm Beryl was bearing down on the Florida Coast. 

We rolled down Runway 36 at Space Center Regional at 4:29am and quickly climbed to 16,500 and our Little Donkey was flying like a dream.  It was cold up at that altitude and we were fighting a 40+ knot headwind because of Beryl.

We stayed just to the west of the storm and had an incredibly smooth flight.  Our Nexrad (on-board XM Radar) showed us exactly where to "tread the line".  We did not feel a single bounce all along the way and we had plenty of time to enjoy the flight as the headwinds really slowed us down.  

But I must tell you, a nice cup of coffee at 16,500 feet with your Sweetheart snuggled next to you and a spectacular sunrise is a beautiful thing.  We were headed to the mountains for a much needed get-away.

We landed at Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Bristol, TN at 8:00am.  We left Tropical Storm Beryl behind and began our next adventure.....exploring the mountains.  

We've always been interested in this section of the country and now we had a few days to just wander around and take it in.  We had scheduled to meet with Owen Bell of Aviation Enterprises on Tuesday.  So we hit the winding road and left much of cell phone signal behind.

We spent our first night at the Mountain Harbour Bed & Breakfast.  This place is right on the Appalachian Trail and a constant stream of hikers came through.  We met some very interesting folk.  The Owner, Mary and her husband have done an amazing job with this place.  Cindy and I had begun the day at 2:00AM, so as the sun set, we collapsed.

The next morning, Mary treated us, and a whole host of Appalachian Trail hikers to a spectacular, world-class breakfast.  With a good cup of coffee and the cool mountain air, this was a great way to start the day.

We then linked up with a dear friend, Teresa Suarez.  She and her husband, Richard, recently bought a great little cabin in the woods.  Teresa showed us place after place.  If Air Mobile ever decided to put a location in the mountains of this "neck of the woods", Teresa would be the one to show us the ropes.  She is a veteran, experienced realtor.

Cindy and I spent Monday night at Teresa's little cabin in the woods.  It was so nice sitting on the front porch, listening to all the night sounds and watching the "lightening bugs" flash like little stars in the cool mountain air.

Early yesterday morning, Cindy and I headed back to the Tri-Cities Airport and headed over to Nashville.  We observed a line of pretty fast-moving thunderstorms approaching Nashville so.....we landed about 50 miles east at the Upper Cumberland Gap airport and waited for the storm to pass.  Had a great lunch then headed on over to Nashville.

There, we were met by our good friend, Owen Bell.  Owen has developed and engineered winglets for Cessna 337 that improve the speed, climb and take-off / landing performance.  Now, folks, Owen agreed to install these great devices on Ti Burik at NO CHARGE!  God Bless Owen Bell!!!

From the airport, Owen drove Cindy and I over to meet Jan.  This was a divine encounter.  We had planned to buy a special Birthday gift for our son, Peter, and Jan had just what we needed (can't tell you what the gift is, in case Peter reads the blog).  Cindy had located the gift several days ago and we went to Nashville (Music City) to get the thing....but our Lord had additional plans.

The minute we met Jan, we knew that our Lord had sent us on this mission.  Not only did we get exactly what we wanted, at a super price, we were able to share an encouraging word and pray for Jan. I believe that this will not be last time we see Jan.

Owen then took Cindy and I to his spectacular home (on 56 acres in the heart of Nashville).  Owen's wife, Marla, who is also a nurse (like Cindy) joined us.  We had some great fellowship, a delicious Mexican dinner and then headed to the airport.

There, "Southwest Chuck" and Southwest Airlines gave Cindy and I a FREE ride back to Orlando.  Our Juliet picked us up at 12:25am and we headed home.  And, this morning, I've written this epic "Blog" with photos and all.  I sure missed the daily blog.  Now, it's past 9:00am and time to head out the door to more adventures in the Lord.  THANK YOU for wandering all the to the end of today's long and detailed blog.  As always, THANK YOU also for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-29-12 - Tuesday - 8:43am (US Eastern Time) - Johnson City, TN - Tri-Cities Airport - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe

BEEN DOWN IN THE "HOLLER" incommunicado....

Tennessee is BEAUTIFUL but.....has terrible cell phone reception!  Cindy and I have spent the last few days wandering through the valleys and hill tops and down many a winding road.  We linked up with our dear friend Teresa and she has been showing us so many "breath-takingly" beautiful places.  But, as I said, the cell phone coverage is terrible.  

Well, this morning, we're back at the Tri-Cities Airport and we're about to fly to Nashville to go see Owen Bell, the "Master of the Cessna 337".  We'll be installing some new wingtips (winglets) that will help our Little Donkey to climb faster and more efficiently.  This will both save fuel and money.

Even now, our internet hook up is very, very slow and I have  bunch of photos I'd like to share with you, but we can't take the time time do it as.....there's a line of thunderstorms heading to Nashville and we want to get there before they arrive!

So, I'll have to wrap this up again and write a proper report when we get to Nashville.  We have some great shots to share.  I must say, getting away for a few days with my Sweetheart has been sweet!  We need this from time to time.  

Well, time to go "kick the tires and light the fires" on Ti Burik.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

5-28-12 - Monday - 7:13am (US Eastern Time) - Roan Mountain, TN - Mountain Harbor B&B - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe

I only have a very limited connection, as Cindy and I are deep in the Tennessee Mountains.  We got up very early yesterday and flew Ti Burik to Johnson City (Tri-Cities) Airport.  We'll be a few days in the mountains and then dropping our beloved Little Donkey with Owen Bell of Aviation Enterprises.  Owen will work some more of his "Aviation Magic" on Ti Burik.  This will help this little airplane to be even more amazing.

The signal is so weak, I cannot even download photos via e-mail.  No phone service or texting either.  We'll be in a better spot later and I may update today's blog.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.

By the way, Cindy and I are having a blast.  It's kind of nice being "somewhat" out of touch.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

5-27-12 - Sunday - 3:06am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The 2012 Hurricane Season does not officially begin until June 1st, and yet, here is the second named storm of the season.   This one is heading right for North Florida / South Georgia.  It is not a high wind storm, but it will surely bring some wind and rain.

We're keeping a very close eye on Beryl, as Cindy and I are planning to bring Ti Burik up to Owen Bell in Tennessee.  We'll scoot out early this morning, just ahead of the rain.  We, in Florida, need the rain and we pray that Beryl does not bring any damaging surprises.

Owen knows the Cessna 337 as well as anyone on the earth and has engineered many great modifications for the Skymaster.  As a matter of fact, Owen installed the long-range fuel tanks.  This time, he's adding some "winglets" that will allow our Little Donkey to climb faster & fly further.  We're so thankful for Owen and Aviation Enterprises!

Yesterday, while getting Ti Burik ready for the flight, I was paid a surprise visit by my good friend, Bill Duncklee.  He's been going through the Velocity (the recent donation to Air Mobile) and getting it ready for service.  I'm really glad to have Bill doing this, as he is, without question, one of the best aircraft mechanics and pilots I've ever worked with.  Bill and I have a lot of great ministry ahead of us.  You may recall that Bill donated Ti Burik to Air Mobile shortly after the 1-12-10 Haiti Earthquake.

Finally, may we remember our Veterans and those that have given so much that we might freedom in this great country and those who are serving around the world.  We're so thankful for America & may GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Well, it's that time. Cindy and I are headed out the door to spend a couple of days in the mountains.  As always, may you be blessed this great Memorial Day weekend!

Air Mobile Joe 


5-26-12 - Saturday - 6:31am (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, we headed to the Port-Au-Prince International airport.  We met with William Destin (who snapped this shot).  Recently, a WWII Veteran, "TBM Jim" arranged the donation of some little baby caps and we took this shot to encourage the donors (Knights of Columbus - Maggie Valley, NC).  Was giving Barb a ride back so that she can get some more medical work done.  Then the three of us boarded our Little Donkey and headed toward the U.S.

We knew that we would be facing a line of storms.  Our cruising altitude was 12,500 and we encountered moderate headwinds.  As we approached Great Inagua Island, I heard the MFI (Missionary Flights International) DC-3, N200MF.  We discussed the best way to get around the storms ahead.  MFI had on-board radar that would allow them to really work well through the storms.  Our radar system does not activate until we closer to the U.S.

We could hear many airliners doing major deviations around the weather.  So, just before hitting the storm line, made a precautionary landing on Exuma Island (Bahamas). Took a long look at the weather (on my I-phone) and found a beautiful little opening that happened to go right along our route.  I burned the image in my mind and we took off.  I gingerly picked our way through the weather until we broke out on the other side and had a smooth rest of the trip into Fort Pierce.

Upon landing, we headed to a family get together at a local park.  It is good to be home.  In this shot, all of my seven grand kids are spread out on the blanket and our little Ariana is their Aunt.

Then we got the group together for a wonderful family shot.  We worked hard to get home in time for our family get together.

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend.  Looking forward to spending some sweet time of rest and relaxation.  

Really appreciate your prayer, love and support on this last mission to Haiti.  Was able to accomplish a lot, though the needs are quite staggering.  We do what we can to help as many as we can.  

My Cindy has already headed to work.  Time to get Barb to the airport so that she can get the medical care she needs.  Be blessed!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-25-12 - Friday - 5:23am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Home Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Barbara and I headed over to "Love A Child" ministry to pick up some food.  The young people in our Village made some signs of appreciation which we put on the Village Truck, affectionately named "Washington".  

For you see, there is a wonderful spirit of cooperation and sharing among the Mission Community in Haiti.  We have been part of this for years and I'd like to tell you a bit about it.

After we arrived at "Love A Child", a team of volunteers helped to load up box after box of extremely nutritious food into the truck.

Now, I've known Bobby and Sherry Burnett, the Founders of "Love A Child" for over 34 years.  When we first met in Haiti, we were "Rookie" Missionaries.  Oh, do we have some stories to tell!

But the wonderful thing about all of this is the love and grace and cooperation among us in the huge battle of fighting hunger and disease in Haiti.  "Feed My Starving Children" has graciously donated huge amounts of this excellent food and "Love A Child" shares it with the Mission Community.  It is such a wonderful example of the Christian love!

As Bobby, Sherry, Barb and I reminisced and laughed, vehicle after vehicle showed up to load their donated food.  We often hear stories about missionaries fighting and squabbling about silly things.  Well, this is a beautiful story of folks working together for a common cause to bring Glory to God!

As we drove back to "The Village", we encountered a couple of "Potential" road-blocks.  We simply prayed and passed right through them.  We arrived back in the Village, with all of the food and it quickly went into the Food Depot.

We've been keeping a close eye on the weather and those clusters of thunderstorms between the U.S. and Haiti.  We're praying that this hurricane season will spare Haiti, Caribbean and Florida!  

Remember A.S.A.P. - Always - Say - A - Prayer!!  Hurricane season is almost upon us and there is already quite a bit of atmospheric instability in the region.

Another Rescuer will be heading out to another Orphanage (that cares for extremely handicapped children).  My little helper is sitting on the case with the unit that will be heading out soon.

Here we are, bright and early and ready for that second cup of coffee and another day that our Lord has made.  What will He have for us today?  Another adventure, I'm sure.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-24-12 - Thursday - 6:24am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Home Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


After spending a couple of days in the Rescuer Refurb Depot, managed to get 10 units up and working and "ready for action"!  In this photo, Kevin, one of the kids in Barb's Village awaiting adoption, had helped me tally the number at 9.  Later, managed to get #10 up and going.

Now, here's the beauty of our system.  If any Rescuer operator in Haiti shows up at our gate with a Rescuer that is not working, we simply "swap" out the inop unit for a refurbed unit.  They go back to their village with a fully overhauled unit.  In that way, we keep the clean water flowing. does not cost a penny.  We have been able, with your help, to offer this remarkable service for over 8 years!  

To date, we have 322 Air Mobile Rescuers in operation in Haiti.  That is a lot of units.....but not nearly enough.  With your prayer and help, we can get many more units out fighting cholera and other dread water-borne diseases.

Today is a new day.  We'll see what our Lord has for us.  One thing is for sure, it won't be boring.  Time for that second cup of coffee and "into the field".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!  God bless!

Air Mobile Joe

5-23-12 - Wednesday - 6:06am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Home Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


I must tell you how much I enjoy repairing Air Mobile Rescuers.  I know that may sound a bit strange, but it is true.  We have an amazing machine.  Some of the Rescuers that I work on have been in operation in Haiti for nearly 8 years!  They kind of remind me of the old Timex Watch Commercial....."they can take a lickin and keep on tickin".

I spent the day, yesterday, in the Air Mobile Rescuer Refurbishment Depot getting machine after machine up and going.  Took some time to introduce the Rescuer to our 2 newest volunteer / recruit / "Water Mules" in training, Jodi and Melanie.  

One of the main functions that I perform when coming to Haiti is to keep our Rescuer Refurb Inventory up to level.  Over the years, we have established the number necessary to support the 322 units that we have in the field.  

Now, as we see the Hurricane Season rapidly approaching and the current "Rainy Season" has already begun, it is all the more important that we have as many units functioning as possible.  This satellite image, taken a few minutes ago shows a serious line of thunderstorms between Haiti and the U.S.  There is a significant "instability" in the Caribbean which lends itself to "storm making".   The weather is definitely "brewing".  

The fact is, we need more units "In the Field".  We are receiving requests daily for Rescuers.  We simply don't have the funding to supply the units.  Again, may I ask you pray with us that the funds will come in for this project.  Perhaps you know of organizations, or churches that would want to get behind this program.  We know that the "Rainy Season" is already causing a spike in cholera.  

In the case of isolated areas, such as Medor, the main thing for us to do is to get Rescuers into the region.  Even if medical personnel or equipment cannot get in, the Rescuer can fight cholera by cleaning up the water.  The little machine can help save the lives of those already infected by offering a clean source of water.  By the way, we did place an Air Mobile Rescuer in Medor last year.

Well, the sun has risen, the second cup of coffee is brewing and it's time for me to get back into the Refurb depot to get a few more units up and going and ready for "battle"!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

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5-22-12 - Tuesday - 7:25am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Home Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, had early morning meetings with OFNAC, the Haitian Civil Aviation Department.  The first meeting was with Mr. Dumas (Director of Airport Safety).  He is a good guy and flew the same kind of aircraft as Ti Burik (Cessna 337).  We always have a good time when we meet.

Our meeting was about the next step to get Medor open.  This is a VERY isolated community in the mountains north of Port-Au-Prince.  42,000 people live in the region and the road to Medor is, without question, the most dangerous road I've ever driven....and I've driven some VERY dangerous roads.  

My good friend and fellow pilot, Stan Brock, the Director of Remote Area Medical (RAM) has been working very hard to get this runway open for nearly 2 years.  The main problem is simply getting into there to do the inspection.  We're working on various solutions.

You may recall, we're also working to get all new and updated Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radio equipment into Haiti.  Mr. Dumas was very encouraging about the next step to complete that transaction.  We are very close. 

My next meeting was with Mr. Flambert, the Director General of OFNAC.  Mr. Flambert is a pilot and has flown large aircraft all over the world.  He is VERY knowledable about aviation and keenly aware of the need for the new ATC equipment.  He too, gave a very encouraging report that the transaction is about to close.  Again, remember - A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer).   PLEASE pray that this goes through, as it will significantly increase the safety for all Incoming and Outgoing aircraft into Haiti.

I would also like to ask you to pray for the Flambert family, as recently, their home was struck by lightening and it burned to the ground.  They lost everything.   Haiti has been having very heavy storms, indicating the rainy season and the beginning Hurricane Season.  Our efforts to get Medor open and the new ATC equipment is vital for safety and to save lives.

From those meetings, I went to check on our Little Donkey, Ti Burik.  I also met with the pilots at MAF and we had prayer together for these transactions to come to pass.  Folks, we can never pray too much!

Then, had another meeting with Mr. Renaud, the Operations Director of AAN, another Aviation Department.  I've known Mr. Renaud for over 30 years.  I put in a request for an Airport Ramp Badge.  It should process with no problem.  It's always good to see Mr. Renaud.  He, and AAN have been wonderful in facilitating the Relief efforts of Air Mobile!  Surely.... "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!

After the meetings, headed back to the "Village" to find the new recruits, Jodi and Melanie, hard at work.  Barb, whom we also refer to as "The General" had assigned them to the clothing depot.  There's always a lot work to do and Barb knows how to direct the troops!

Today is a "Rescuer" day.  Will be working in our Refurbishment Depot getting Rescuers up and going.  We like to maintain an inventory of refurbished units on-hand so that if any operators in "the field" have a problem with their unit, they can simply come in and swap it out for a refurbished unit.  This system has worked very well for over 8 years.  We praise God for the privilege to be able to help keep the clean water flowing for the Glory of God!  Clean water chases cholera away!

Time to have that second cup of coffee and get some Rescuers up and working.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  May you have a blessed day!

Air Mobile Joe  

5-21-12 - Monday - 6:41am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Home Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Headed out of the Village early yesterday on the Little Blue Motorcycle in search of Pastor Volny.  To those of you who have followed this meandering blog for a while, you may recall that Pastor Volny had worked in the large tent City, CaananII immediately following the earthquake.  

About 6 months ago, he became ill and I sought to get him surgery.  Then, I lost contact with him.  Each time I came to Haiti, I would search for the Pastor to no avail.  Yesterday, I had a feeling that I would find him....and I did!

My search led me to a Church, located in a huge "land-fill dump".  The Church is made up of bits and pieces of scrap found in the dump.  I heard the sweet sound of Haitian Praise from inside.  As I peeked in, I asked one of the Elders where Pastor Volny was.  He simply smiled and pointed.

There, sitting in the front of the Church with his old Accordian, sat the Pastor adding the "organy" sound to the Praise.  He saw me and simply smiled.  I found him and he looked quite well.

In between songs, he gave me an update on his condition.  The urgency of the need for surgery had subsided and he was doing quite well.  He, of course, attributed the progress to prayer and I rejoiced with him.  

Now that I know where to find the good Pastor, will be able to check on him from time to time.  He asked me to greet the Church which I did with great joy.  I also told his little flock, how our Lord used him immediately following the earthquake.  His congregation had actually sent him to Caanan II to serve as Chaplain to the thousands of displaced Haitians.  What a joy to share the good report.

I had actually lined up the Pastor's surgery with my great friends, Nathan and Amy at the Haiti Adventist Hospital.  From the Church in the Dump, I headed over to see them.  Upon arrival, I told them the good report on Pastor Volny and we will continue in prayer for the healing to be complete.

Oh, what sweet fellowship we had.  Nathan and Amy have done an amazing job of transforming this hospital over the last year.  Usually, when I visit them, they are in the "middle of the battle" of a thousand crisis'.  But today, we were able to sit and laugh and just relax.  It was a blessed, calm day.

As we wrapped up our visit, I was introduced to an abandoned baby named Davidson.  He was brought to the hospital because he was very, very ill.  Marc, a Haitian-American Nurse told me the whole sad story.  The good news is that little Davidson is doing better but he needs a home.  

A number of folks have already expressed deep interest in adopting Davidson but....the process is very complicated, costly and long.  However.....I do know someone who can help - Rambo in the Blue Dress!  This is Barb's specialty.  I gave Marc Barb's number and encouraged her to call to get some "Navigational Direction" of steering little Davidson to a good home.  

I began the day to "Search" for Pastor Volny and now have begun a "Rescue" of little Davidson.  I love it when our Lord does this!!

When I got back to the "Village", I opened my e-mail to find some good shots of the Rescuer that we recently placed in Joel's Orphanage in Cabaret, just north of Port-Au-Prince.  The unit is working great and I truly appreciate the shots that Joel sent of the kids drinking clean water.  Praise God and THANK YOU for your precious prayer, support and love that allows me to grand privilege to do this!

Jodi and Melanie are fitting right into the Village.  They've joined up with Mallory and are having a ball working with the kids.  They will be a great blessing to Barb. 

Well, here I am in Haiti with another day to serve the Lord.  What will happen today.  We'll see.  God bless and thanks again for your prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe

Air Mobile Joe