Saturday, November 5, 2011


November 5, 2011 - Saturday - 8:37am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


This little daily, rambling blog has taken us on many a journey all over the world and dealing with a wide range of crisis'....some life and death.  I began telling the story of little wounded chick yesterday.  My son Peter found this tiny little speck of life, truly on it's last lap of it's very young life, outside of our Extreme Chicken Coop.  That was rescue 1.  When he put the tiny little gray puff back into the Coop, a hen began mercilessly pecking it.  Peter quickly rescued the little chick again.  Rescue 2.  The little one was wounded and in shock.  Then began our Intensive Care to keep "Lil Smokey" alive!

I am very pleased to tell you that "Lil Smokey" is still with us this morning.  The little one has been steadily gaining strength.  We've all fed it and held it.  We even get up in the middle of the night to be sure.  The little spark of life in this one just cried out to us...."I want to live"!  So, against incredible odds, this little chick lives.  Mmmmm.....sounds like so many places Air Mobile many wounded and seemingly on their "last lap".  But, in comes God's AMAZING GRACE!!  I'm so glad that Peter found that little wounded chick.

Yesterday, we made good progress on our Little Donkey, Ti Burik.  We're getting ready for our next mission.  Yesterday, we received a Solar Panel System that we'll be testing out in Haiti when we next travel there.  The Solar Company has made us a very good price on 2 - 28 Watt Panels.  We have wanted to have a good integrated Solar System added to the amazing Air Mobile Rescuer.  Will keep you updated on this exciting project.  Oh, the group that funded this Solar Panel System has also funded another Rescuer for Haiti!  More clean water to thirsty people.  This causes our Lord Jesus to smile!!

So glad that the weather in the Tropics is still quiet.  We simply Praise God for each calm day in the Tropics.  

This evening, Peter and I will be headed off to our favorite Saturday evening "Hang-Out", Dogs-R-Us.  This is going to be the "Game of the Year" (so far).  #1 LSU against #2 Alabama.  These 2 teams are so close in their strengths.  We can hardly wait.  In just over 10 hours, the football will be kicked off and an amazing game will be played.

Well, it's time to head out the door for the airport.  Will be stopping by our great friend and "electronic genius", Larry.  He's testing and "tweaking" our sound system that we use in our Chaplain outreach.  In addition to Larry's many talents, he is a sound system expert.  Again, I praise God for so many friends who help us on this journey.  I praise God for you for joining us on this winding, amazing journey of reaching out to those in need with the Love of God.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

November 4, 2011 - Friday - 5:38am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, while I was returning from a very productive meeting, Peter phoned me.  He was checking out our new baby chicks that had recently hatched in our Extreme "Chicken Coop".  Apparently, one of the new born chicks had somehow, managed to get out of the coop.  It was tiny and far away from the mother hen.  Peter gently picked it up and placed it back.  One of the hens began pecking at it.  Peter quickly retrieved it from harms way.  Now, in a matter of moments, Peter had saved this little chicks life twice!  The phone lines were burning between he and I in the quest to save this little wounded chick.

I even phoned a top NASA guy, Jim, who has helped us countless times with "Chicken advice".  Peter secured a new home for the little chick and by the time I got home, the little guy was "hanging on by a thread.  By the time Cindy got home, she inspected the wounds and determined that this little chick "wanted to live".  Though very weak, there appeared to be a spark of life in the little creature that "shouted", I want to live!  I kept thinking about a wonderful song about the love of God, "His eye is on the sparrow....and I know He's watching me".

Well, we determined that we needed a  heat lamp.  So, late yesterday evening, while Peter and Cindy took turns holding the little wounded chick, I was at Home Depot buying a "heat lamp" to keep the little one warm.  It seems to be working.  As of early this morning, the little chick is still alive.  You know, we don't know if the little fellow is going to make it.  But what we do know is....we've given it a chance to live.  I'll keep you up-to-date on the "Plight of the Little Chick".

On to other news.....Yesterday morning, I met with our faithful and excellent aircraft mechanic, Paul.  We went through a routine list of inspections and "little squawks" on Ti Burik.  Thank God, we have "no show-stoppers".  So we unbuttoned the little donkey and began our systematic inspections and minor repairs.  This will continue on today, as we're getting ready for our "next mission".  Seems like we're always in the process of the "next mission".  This is a good position to be in and one that we are blessed to be in.  Thank the Lord for the strength, the desire and the will to keep on marching ahead into His Kingdom!

Just before noon, I headed home, changed into "meeting" clothes and met our new and dear friend, Doctor Ludner Confident (nice name).  Dr. Confident was born in Haiti, studied medicine and has become a very successful doctor in the St. Petersburg, FL area.  Dr. Confident has a "Vision" for Haiti.   As he shared it with me about 6 months ago, I "saw" it with him.  Since then, we've been working (and praying) together to see this "Vision" come to pass.  Dr. Confident wants to develop the area where he was born, Petit Goave.  

Our meeting yesterday was with a representative of Harris Rosen.  Harris owns and operates multiple "Five Star" hotels in the Orlando area.  Harris has funded hundreds of Rescuer Water purifiers for Haiti.  Harris is a friend of Haiti and thank God, a friend of mine.  I thought it was time to get Dr. Confident and Harris Rosen together.  

After our meeting with the Representative, as we were walking through the palatial lobby of the Rosen Centre Hotel, who did we see standing in the lobby???  Yes, Harris Rosen.  So, we accomplished phase II of the plan, actually getting Dr. Confident and Harris Rosen to meet face to face.  May the "Will of God" be done in this new "connection".  By the way, after the "chance" meeting in the lobby, Dr. Confident and I rejoiced in our Lord's way of "deploying His troops"...with perfect positioning and timing!!

It was on the way home from the very successful meeting between Dr. Confident and Harris Rosen that my phone rang from Peter.  Well, got up early this morning, checked the little chick and am now writing this daily, wandering blog that has taken us so many places, from little wounded baby chicks to the earthquakes in Japan and tent cities in Haiti and hundreds of places between.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down these paths together with me and above all for standing together with us with your love, prayer and support!

In just a bit, I'll be heading back to the airport to see how Paul is doing on our "squawk" list.  I'll also be visiting our local Unemployment Office to check out my benefits.  I've paid Unemployment taxes for years.  Though, I'm a bit hesitant to tap into this system that I've paid so much money into, I must take care of my family.   

As many of you know, I recently "laid myself off" from CSA to lighten the overhead load on our "struggling" company (kind of like the little baby chick).  We're doing all we can to keep the company alive.  So far, our plan is working.  The formula is simple.  CUT SPENDING (Lower overhead) - INCREASE SALES (and profitability).  REDUCE DEBT (by paying down the debt).  There, the formula for "Saving" a business (or a Country).  Enough of my political illustration, but a real life saga being played out in my own life.  Gotta get ready for the day.  God bless and THANKS again!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just checking the Tropics....things are pretty quiet, "No Significant Tropical Systems".  Thank God, certainly pray this Hurricane Season simply ends quietly and peacefully!!

Air Mobile Joe

November 3, 2011 - Thursday - 7:29am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was spent with Al and Mike from AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association).  We are blessed to be covered by this fine Organization.  I have personally been a member since 1982 and have long admired and appreciated AOPA's Advocacy for Pilots and Aviation.  We're not sure what Issue our story will appear, I'll advise. 

Of course, I spent the day "Recruiting" Al to be a "Water Mule".  Eventually, we'll get Al on a clean water rescue mission.  I was blown away by Al's knowledge and experience in Aviation.  Al's affection for our Little Donkey, Ti Burik grew rapidly as he learned more of our story and what this amazing little airplane does.

When these folks do a story, they do a story.  Our interviews ranged from our hangar, to our Extreme Home and back to the airport for a sunset shots.  They didn't miss a thing.  Again, we're thankful for the exposure that our ministry will receive, thanks to AOPA!

Remember, I shared the story yesterday about the need for Baby Formula in Haiti?  I received another communication yesterday from a doctor in South Carolina who has an airplane & is willing to fly to Haiti.  Well, we're scheduling him to stop in Titusville, pick up Baby Formula, diapers, medicine and vitamins and fly them to Haiti and.....go check out a bunch of kids!  Now, that's another good example of our Lord "Connecting the dots"!  I love it.  You know my favorite line, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!"

Well, it's time to head to the airport.  Going to be doing an inspection / routine maintenance on our beloved Ti Burik.  We're getting ready for that next mission.  God Bless and as always, THANKS for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


November 2, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:32am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe

WELL TIMED BABY FORMULA - A VISIT BY AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association)

The timing of the Lord - WOW!!  I recently received a call from an Airline Flight Attendant who is part of a group that flies needed supplies into areas of distress.  This Jet Blue Attendant wanted to get some baby formula into another Haitian orphanage.  I agreed to help.  Then the phone rang.  It was local Alternative Pregnancy Center that had some extra baby formula.  I connected the dots.  

Yesterday, picked up a nice load of formula and will work on getting it right into the needy orphanage.  I love it when our Lord puts things together! By the way, the Flight Attendant was referred to me by "Delta Rose", another great flight attendant and "Water Mule"!

This morning, I'll be meeting a writer and photographer for AOPA.  This great organization, of which I've been a member since 1982, is doing a story on our "Little Donkey", Ti Burik and the work that Air Mobile does.  We're so thankful for the opportunity to tell our story.

There is much more that I would like to write this morning, but time will not allow it.  Have to get those kids to school and meet the AOPA guys.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.  

Air Mobile Joe

November 1, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:39am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


About 6 months ago, I received a call from Mike.  Mike was in the U.S Airforce as a young man and for a short period after getting out of the military worked as an aircraft mechanic.  As a result, he a had a few "old Cessna Manuals".  He called and asked if I were interested.  My immediate response was "Yes" - these books are often hard to find.

Well, time went on and we could not coordinate our times to meet until yesterday. When Mike unwrapped the two old and perfect condition manuals I instantly thought of my good neighbor and friend, Tom.  I called him right on the spot and verified what I suspected.  Tom, with my help and encouragement bought a beautiful 1962 Cessna 210.  He's been slowly and carefully restoring it.

He and his mechanic, Paul (who is also my mechanic) have been using a copy of a copy of a copy of the original Service Manual.  The Manual that Mike graciously presented to me is in pristine condition.  We particularly marveled at the hydraulic section where the system was beautifully color-coded.  All I can say is "What a blessing".  Again, I love it when our Lord not only deploys his troops, but also deploys "Service Manuals"!

I carefully loaded the precious manual in my car and at the end of the day, stepped across the street and presented the beautiful "Original, Pristine" 1962 Cessna 210 Service Manual to my great friend and neighbor and fellow pilot, Tom!

Now, folks, this may seem like a little thing, maybe just a "coincidence", but I sincerely believe it was an act of Loving God who knows where we are and what we need!  

Well, shortly after the meeting with Mike and the "Old Manual", I headed out to Kennedy Space Center.  It was a bit of a sad day.  It was the official end of the ODIN (Outsource Desktop Initiative NASA) contract.  Our company, CSA, has been the sole source provider of toner cartridges and printer support on this contract for nearly 13 years.  Yesterday, it ended.  I met with many of the good folks that we've worked with since the very beginning of this contract.  Overall, it was a good run.  12+ years is long time to hold a contract.  We were all sad, but thankful.

Normally, I would turn in my Security Badge.  However, my good friend Mark, in Security, has agreed to "Sponser" me for a period of time.  This will enable me to maintain a number of small accounts that we still have out at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  I was also very pleased to hear the announcement by the Boeing Corporation.  Boeing will be designing and building a 7 Man Space-Taxi to service the International Space Station (ISS).  Having the Badge will enable us to continue to seek out and secure new business at KSC.  Thank the Lord for good friends in "high & strategic" places!

More good news on Air Mobile Rescuer Parts - one of our prospective suppliers of components for this "life-saving" water purifier verified that they would be able to get much, much needed components to us in about 4 weeks!  Whew, we've been sweating out those parts.  PLEASE join together with us and PRAY that this supplier comes through and does not run into any "snags".  We really need these components!!

As we look at the tropics, ALL IS QUIET!  We're thankful.  Don't want any more "Late season storms".  On the other hand, the Northeast U.S. had a record shattering "Early Season Snow Storm".  Literally millions were without electricity.  Slowly, the power is being restored.  As I shared, our dear Juliet, was up there right in the middle of it all.  She shares that she much prefers warm weather.  We're looking forward to getting our Juliet back down here to "mild Florida" just after Thanksgiving.  She has been serving the Lord up in the frigid Northeast in a wonderful "Inner City" Church.  We're very proud of our Juliet!

This morning, I'll be picking up a load of Baby Formula from a local Crisis Pregnancy Center.  They wanted to share some of their "blessings" with us.  Talk about perfect timing.  I just heard from a group Flight Attendants (yesterday) that want to get some formula into a particular orphanage in Haiti.  Again, looks like our Lord not only deploys His troops and Service Manuals, but includes Baby Formula.  I love to be part of His plan!

There is a wonderful scripture that states that "His eye is on the sparrow....and I know He's watching me".  No matter where you are, or what you are going through....know this - He knows were you are and He's an ever present help in time of need.  May you be blessed this day!  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 31, 2011 - Monday - 8:42am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Been up early and answering inquires for more Air Mobile Rescuers.  Looks like we're getting another unit for an orphanage for severely handicapped children in Haiti.  Just spoke with the brother who will be arranging the funding.  This orphanage is very close to our home base in Haiti.  Love calls like that!  Nice way to start the day, that is, by the way, rainy and overcast here in, what is supposed to be, "Sunny Florida".

Looking at the news from the Northeast, a little rain is better than bitter cold, many downed trees and massive power outages.  Our little Juliet is up there working real hard to stay warm.  We need to pray for those that are experiencing this terrible winter storm so early in the season.

In just a little while, I'll be heading up the hangar to meet a brother who is donating a bunch of Cessna Manuals to Air Mobile.  These are very valuable, especially, if you need one for your aircraft.  We're always eager to help.  Will see what we get.

We're always working on our "next mission".  This week, we'll be gathering supplies and arranging for our next flight to Haiti.

Yesterday was such a blessing.  We went to Church and than came home.  Had an easy lunch and just "chilled out".  Cindy and I were able to play a game of scrabble.  We love the game, but so rarely have a couple of hours of free time to play.  The last Sunday of each month, we are off from our Chaplain duties at the hospital for young people in Orlando.  So, we had the afternoon off and we took advantage of it.  Sometimes, it's good to just "rest".  

Well, it's time to get ready to head out to the airport.  We pray that this be an amazing day for you in the Lord.  Remember, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it!"  Thanks, as always, for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

October 30, 2011 - Sunday - 9:05am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Our daughter, Juliet, is up in Massachusetts and experiencing an historic snow storm!  Literally millions are without electricity as the massive storm caused many trees to snap breaking power lines.  Our Juliet has been up there working in a wonderful church that is reaching out to so many.  She's also experiencing what a harsh winter is like.  She may be wrapping up her mission up there around Thanksgiving.  We'll be so glad to have her home and.....she has a new appreciation for Florida (and the mild weather).

Peter, Ariana and I had a great day of chores around the house and casually watching football.  Ariana prefers princes and princesses to football, but managed to keep herself occupied while Peter and I went from game to game.  It was fun watching her imagination at work.  Cindy had a long day up in St. Augustine giving flu shots.  Overall, we had a wonderful day of rest and relaxation.  Nice to "charge the batteries" with such a day.

We're up and getting ready to head out to our Church.  This is the last Sunday of the month, so there will be no Chaplain service at the Hospital.  Looks like we're going to have the "day off".  This will be nice for our family.  Next week is shaping up to be quite busy.  We pray you have a blessed day!  THANKS for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

October 29, 2011 - Saturday - 7:31am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


I'm thankful that, what once was Hurricane Rina, is now just some scattered rain showers.  Looks like things are kind of calm in the tropics for now.  Thank the Lord!  

Now, the Northeast U.S. is another story.  They're getting a major snowstorm.  New York City has had the first snow-fall this early since the Civil War.  Our dear Juliet is up in Massachusetts working in an Inner City Church ministry and she's freezing....brrrr!

Yesterday evening, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I went to a very special concert with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith.  What a nice way to end the day.  I am so thankful for evenings like this.    

These 2, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, have certainly used their "Talents" for the Lord.  What gifted musicians and song-writers.  We were blessed and the house (Calvary Church in Orlando) was certainly filled with Praise and Joy and so were we.

Earlier in the day, I passed by Larry's (our electronic genius) Lab and brought him some DC Ballast Boards from Haiti.  We have designed the components from the water purifier to be completely "remanufactured" and not thrown away.  By using this system, we enable our units in the field to be repaired.  In many 3rd world applications, the operators are very creative and can keep an Air Mobile Rescuer in operation for years and years.  

The bottom line is:  clean water keeps flowing and lives are saved every day!  We are so thankful to Larry for helping us to spear-head this initiative by providing us with the expertise and the ability to "gather all the parts" to keep these units in operation.  THANKS LARRY!!

Early this morning, my precious Cindy took off on a rainy road to St. Augustine, FL where she will be giving Flu Shots at a Wal Mart.  We're so thankful for this work, though it is part-time.  It is filling in her schedule until her position with the Juvenile Detention Center opens up.  Even while I was in Haiti recently, we've been in good communication with the large Corporation that is interested in increasing business with our cartridge company, CSA.  We're believing for that business to increase so that we can get CSA COMPLETELY OUT OF DEBT!  In this current economy, that is a "tall order", but.....with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Today is going to be a great day for College Football, but....the 2 Titans, LSU & Alabama (Ranked #1 and #2 respectively), will not square off until next week.  So today, Peter, Ariana and I may wander into our favorite Saturday afternoon hangout, "Dogs-R-Us" and just pick up a couple of games and await the real game that will occur next Saturday.  Ahhhh, nice way to spend a rainy Saturday in America.

Well, I certainly hope and pray that you have a great day!  We truly do appreciate your love, prayer and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 28, 2011 - Friday - 9:03am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


I love the Little Donkey, Ti Burik!  Early yesterday morning, we loaded her up and headed back to the U.S., our mission to Haiti successfully completed.  This time, we were able to bring back Missy, a long-time volunteer in "The Village".  All of the new Avionics, graciously donated to us as a result of the Extreme Make-Over and the kindness of Garmin performed beautifully!  In the window on the right, you can see our Route that is taking us right next to Cuban Airspace.  We are level at 12,500 and cruising at 170 knots (195 mph).  It was a splendid day to be flying in the Caribbean.

Here's a good shot of the "Front Office" of our little donkey.  I am still astounded at all of the incredible upgrades and instrumentation we now have.

In reflecting on this last mission; we were able to deliver vital supplies including medicine, Oxygen, food, computers and a whole host of specialty items that are either difficult of impossible to get in Haiti. 

We were able to get a total of 9 Rescuers refurbished and ready to go for any of the 314 operators in Haiti.  We were able to do some serious "Water Mule" recruiting with Jim and Vicki (see the last few days' blogs for how we connected in Haiti).  We had very good meetings on assisting Haiti ATC to move toward getting much needed Communication / Navigation equipment.  And we were able to move a volunteer back to the U.S. - Missy.  Our little donkey is being put to very good use!

It appears as if, what was Hurricane Rina, is now Tropical Storm Rina, is diminishing.  We are so thankful.  Storms can do so much damage.  We praying that this current status continues and that the storm just simply goes away.

When Missy and I landed, we were met at Space Center Executive by Lisa, another "Water Mule".  Lisa offered to drive Missy to Orlando to catch a train home.  This act of kindness saved me from about 3 additional hours of driving.  We're so thankful for the many volunteers that help us so often.

Cindy, Peter and Ariana met me for dinner.  When we got home, Cindy went right to work and made "home-made woopy pies".  Ahhh, folks, it's good to be home...for a little while.  This morning, I've been on the computer and on the phone tending to many, many business details.  That's why this blog is just a bit late getting out this morning. 

I must tell you, last night, after dinner I collapsed from exhaustion.  But....about 1:30am woke up.  Went downstairs and opened up the Word of God.  I went right to the story of when Jesus called Nathaniel to follow Him (John 1:47-51).  Nathaniel was amazed that Jesus saw him under the fig tree.  Jesus simply said, "You haven't seen anything yet"!  Our Lord spoke to my heart and said the same thing.  "We haven't seen anything yet"!  The best is yet to come.  As I shared in yesterday's blog, as we AVAIL ourselves to the Lord, He will use us for His glory!  May you be blessed today and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe      

October 27, 2011 - Thursday - 5:20am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday began with a transfer of a computer and school supplies to young man who has an English School in Jacmel.  Recently, I was contacted by a group of Engineering Students who had befriended Max, the Director of the school.  They had asked if I could get some supplies into him.  Well, we did.  Max showed up right on time and we were able to put these good supplies and tools into his hands.  Nice way to start the day.

Then, I headed into town on the little blue motorcycle to meet with another Engineer for ATC (Air Traffic Control).  This time, I had a full "Work-Sheet" for him to fill out.  This will help to move Haiti toward securing much needed Communications Equipment.  During our meeting, we discussed the fact that the airport could be the most beautiful in the world, but if the In-Coming and Out-Going Aircraft cannot communicate, then we have nothing.  We're all in agreement to get some good communication equipment into Port-Au-Prince ASAP!  Please pray this happens QUICKLY!

While awaiting the documents to be completed, I headed down to the General Aviation part of the airfield.  Was pleasantly surprised to meet my old and dear friend LaPaix (The Peace).  LaPaix maintained our mission aircraft in Haiti for many years.  He is an EXCELLENT mechanic.  So good to see him again.  We also discussed the deep need to get an airport into Petit Goave.  We've been working on that project for some time.  Come to find out, LaPaix knows the Mayor of Petit Goave quite well and knows where there is some good land.  Again, I love it when our Lord puts things together!  The timing of this meeting could not have been any better!

Returned to the Aviation Department and picked up all the documents necessary to keep the "ball rolling" for good radios!  On the way home, swung by Caanan II and spoke with one of the community leaders to check on how things were going.  We love this Tent City.  I am seeing more and more permanent structures going in.  Soon, it will be a "nice little 'subdivision' just outside of town.  One thing about the Haitian People, they can "adapt" to almost any situation and turn very bad deals good when....they trust the Lord!  This is true with us all.  

Upon returning to the "Village" I found Maggie faithfully sewing.  On Sunday, I flew Maggie in to assist Barb in whatever ways she can.  Come to find out, she knows how to sew. addition to rocking babies and helping to cook, she's using her gifts for the Lord.  That's what makes this community so wonderful.  Our Lord uses our "Talents" as we avail ourselves to Him!  I believe that our Lord is much more interested in our AVAIL-ability then our Ability!  We simply need to make our selves available to Him!

I am reminded of the young man that only had a few small fishes and a few little rolls.  In the hands of Jesus, this meager "offering" fed a multitude.  So it is with us.  As we give the Lord "ourselves", He will multiply it in miraculous ways!

Last night, Hurricane Rina weakened to a Catagory 1 Hurricane.  We're praying for that storm to simply "diminish".  Why not?  Our Lord said to "ASK & we will receive" (Matthew 7:7).  Again, we pray for all those that are in the path of this late season storm.

Well, the sun has risen and I'm about to sip my second cup of coffee.  We will see how our Lord can use us today....for His glory!  We thank you for your faithful love, prayer and support.  We pray that this be an extraordinary day for you.  Avail yourself to Him!

Air Mobile Joe

October 26, 2011 - Wednesday - 6:41am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


The day began with working on Air Mobile Rescuers.  Frankly, I love doing this.  It is one of the most rewarding things I can do for Haiti, that currently holds the dubious record of the highest Cholera rate on the planet.  Each and every one of the 314 Rescuers that we currently have in operation in Haiti should be running to its maximum capability.  The way for that to happen is by good maintenance and support.  That is our mission in Haiti!

Our system is simple.  When a Rescuer fails to function properly and all trouble-shooting efforts fail, then the operator is to return the unit to our Refurbishment Center here in Bon Repos, Haiti.  A replacement unit will be provided on the spot AT NO CHARGE!  Air Mobile has provided this service now for over 7 years.  We intend to keep on doing this.  In this way, we partner with literally hundreds of organizations throughout Haiti to keep CLEAN WATER FLOWING!  This is our way of obeying the simple command given by Jesus in Matthew 25:35 "I was thirsty and you gave me to drink.....when you've done it unto the least of these, my brethern, you've done it unto Me".  

You may recall from yesterday's blog that I met some new, prospective "Water Mules" at the Samaritans Purse compound.  Well, I invited them by our facility and offered to "teach" them a bit more about what we do.  Within hours of the call, Jim and Vicki, from Merritt Island, FL were in our little Refurb facility here in Bon Repos.

Let me tell you, I truly believe that we have a couple of new "Water Mules" in the making here.  I love the way our Lord puts us together!

Well, I continued on throughout the day repairing Rescuer after Rescuer.  We currently have our inventory back up to 9 Units ready to go.  Later today, I hope to get unit #10 up and going.  Meanwhile, we were awaiting a couple of Pediatricians to come and check a bunch of very needy and ill children from a local orphanage.

Now, let me tell you what this photo represents.  These 9 units, if operated about 10 hours per day would give between 4000 - 5000 people all the clean drinking water they need for the day....every day for months and even years!!  Do you see why I get excited about this life-saving project!!

The Doctors arrived and went right to work.  Barbara had already had extensive blood-work done on each child.  You may recall, that last week Barbara heard about a neighboring orphanage whose funding had been "diverted" and the children were in pretty bad shape.  Many were very malnourished and had skin diseases and little or no food.  We quickly donated a Rescuer to them so that they could clean up the water.  But they needed more, immediate care.

Barbara connected with Dr. Clark in Michigan who agreed to fund the blood work so that when the Doctors arrived, they would have good info on each child.  This helped tremendously.  Before the Doctors headed over to the orphanage, they checked a few kids that Barbara had.  One little girl, Betty was very special to us all.  Betty has some type of stroke and can only use half of her body.  The Doctors' report will help Barbara get a Medical Visa for little Betty.  She truly touched all of our heart's.

From our Village, the Doctors went to the neighboring orphanage.  There 17 children awaited us.  The local Directors of the Orphanage had done as good of a job as they could with the limited resources they had.  They were so thankful for our help and the doctors who came out of kindness and love to care for the children entrusted to them.

This is such a good example of the Body of Christ working together.  I had asked our very good friends, Nathan and Amy from the Adventist Hospital of Haiti if they could "loan" us a couple of Doctors for the day.  They did and now 20 children have so much more of a chance at life!  Thank God!  It was a good day.

We're watching Hurricane Rina.  The storm is steadily gaining strength.  The projected path has it making a strong easterly turn directly for Cuba and possibly into Florida.  We pray that the storm simply diminishes and we pray for all in the path of this late season storm. 

Today is a new day and one filled with excitement and adventure.  We're expecting our Lord to do great things and simply use us for His glory!  You are such an important part of what we do.  Your prayers, love and support help us to keep marching ahead for our Lord.  THANKS!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 25, 2011 - Tuesday - 5:58am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, we got Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) headed to Argentina with baby Missy.  Read yesterday's blog for the details (simply scroll down).  Then, the grown up Missy and Maria and I had a beautiful flight from Santo Domingo back to Port-Au-Prince.  I pointed out where the 10,128 foot mountain is just to the right of our route.  That is the highest geographic point in the West Indies.  

As we approached the border between the Haiti and the Dominican Republic, I had a very difficult time communicating with the Port-Au-Prince Control tower.  This is the very reason we're working so hard to try to facilitate Haiti getting some new Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment. 

Upon landing, we headed back to the "Village".  Upon inspecting Rescuer units that need refurbishing, I discovered that we had 5 in inventory (ready to go) and 5 that will need some attention.  Will work on those units later this week.  May even train some new water mules!  Will tell you more about that in a bit.  

After a good lunch, I headed back to the airport (on the little blue motorcycle) to meet with Pastor Enock, my dear friend of nearly 30 years.  Enock is the Senior Air Traffic Controller for Haiti.  We discussed the current status of the ATC equipment.  We've still got some work to do to help bring some good equipment here to Haiti.  Folks, this has been a personal goal of mine for many, many years.  You see, better communication / navigation equipment means safer flying.  I stopped earlier at the airport and met with my other good friend, Dave C - the Director of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  We're praying together for the much needed upgrade!  PLEASE join together with us that Haiti secures good ATC equipment!

Having finished those meetings, I headed back to the "Village".  Along the route, there is an intersection right at our beloved Tent City, Caanan II.  Oh, I failed to mention, while going to the airport earlier, I stopped in and checked on Pastor Volny.  You may recall that Pastor Volny was in need of surgery.  The report I received is that he had the surgery and is recovering nicely.  Praise God!  I first met Pastor Volny immediately following the terrible earthquake (1-12-10).  He is the "glue" that holds the tent city together.  His calm and loving care for his new "flock" is evident.  I am so glad he'll soon be back.  Please join together with us for his full recovery.

Well, back to the intersection.  I could turn right and head back to the Village or turn left and head up the road a bit to the Samaritan's Purse (SP) Base Camp.  I turned left.  I checked in with Sara who handles purchasing for SP to see how their toner cartridge inventory was holding up.  She informed me that SP is consolidating and that soon the base camp will move to another part of the country.  She then asked if we could use some t-shirts.  SP had been the recipient of tens of thousands of them.  We went to take a look at some samples.  

It was then that a couple walked up that looked familiar, Jim and Vicki from Merritt Island, FL.  What a small world.  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord puts folks together.   They had heard about the Extreme Blessing and had wanted to get together with Cindy and I and learn more about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Well, here we were, standing next to Container on the Samaritan Purse Compound in Haiti.  Our Lord surely knows how to "Deploy His troops"!  

I look forward to showing them more about the Air Mobile Rescuer and possibly working together with them.  That is how our Lord sends us "Water Mules".

We've been tracking what was a bad storm down in the Caribbean between the Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba.  Well, yesterday, the storm blew up into a full, powerful Hurricane named Rina.  Winds are over 100 MPH and expected to gain strength.  The current projected route has Rina headed back over Cuba and possibly into Florida.  Again, "the season ain't over yet".  We pray for all in the path of this storm!  Batten down the hatches!

Several days ago, I shared with you that Barbara had discovered a near-by orphanage that had some very serious needs and that many of the children needed immediate medical attention.  Well, Barb got blood-work done on all the kids and today, thanks to our great friends, Nathan and Amy at the Adventist Haiti Hospital, several Pediatricians will be coming by to check on all the children.  Again, our Lord truly knows how to deploy His troops!

The sun has risen.  I've already had 2 cups of coffee.  It's time to get on with this day.  I wonder what our Lord will do...I know it'll be good!  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 24, 2011 - Monday - 6:38am (Dominican Republic (DR) Time) - Santo Domingo, DR  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, we headed to Space Center Executive Airport in Titusville, FL.  Finished loading and topped off all those fuel tanks.  My passenger, Maggie, who will be working with Barbara in the "Village" for the next few weeks.  Our load included vital medicine, diapers, shoes, food, O2 Tanks, school supplies, another Rescuer and more.  

We rolled down the runway 36 and snapped into the  cool morning air and aimed for Haiti, my first stop of the morning.  The weather was spectacular (love these kind of mornings).  Watched the gorgeous Caribbean sunrise.  It was chilly up at 19,000 (below 20 degrees) and the air was dry, so no ice this time (last flight I picked up some ice enroute).  Now, if you notice in the lower left of this Satellite image, there is a bit of weather beginning to form between Mexico and Cuba.  The system may make into the Gulf of Mexico.  We're watching that late season storm.

We made excellent time to Haiti - 4 hours 35 minutes.  So nice to be able to go non-stop.  So appreciative for those extra 8 fuel tanks installed, thanks to Extreme Make-Over.  Upon landing, we quickly unloaded our precious cargo and re-fueled our Little Donkey.  Out came Barbara and Baby Missy (Melissa).  Little Missy is on her way to her new home in Argentina.  Barbara has arranged for so many desperate children to find new, loving homes. So glad to be part of this mission!

Our next Destination:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  We took off in good time and worked our way between 9000 foot mountains.  The clouds were beginning to form and had we have waited a bit longer in Port-Au-Prince, we would have seen some pretty heavy build-ups.  We made good time to Los Americas, the International Airport just outside of Santo Domingo.  We were met by a courteous ground crew.  They were the same ones that handled us the last time we were here.  Back in December 2010, Haiti had "come apart" with political violence.  We were part of another "Rescue in the Mountains".  Flew out some critical personnel and got them out of harms way.  That's another story.

Since Barb's flight to Argentina was not scheduled until the next morning, we had a nice evening at a close-by hotel.  We were joined on the flight to the DR with another Missy (Barb's faithful side-kick) and Maria from the Netherlands.  It was so cool watching Baby Missy "come alive".  

Hour by hour, you could see this little one "sparking to life".  It seems that Baby Missy somehow understood that her life was about to change dramatically (for the better).  I love watching Barb interact with these little "Rescued" ones.  Not sure, but I believe that Barb has arranged for over 1000 children to find new homes.  I will not elaborate on the conditions that Barb found little Missy.  Suffice it to say, that today, Missy will find a new life with new hope.

Well, it's time for some delicious Dominican Cafe' Con-Leche, some of the best in the world!  Have a lot of stuff to do today, ranging from sick babies, to clean water, to better Air Traffic Control equipment and the list goes on and on.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 23, 2011 - Sunday - 2:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Southwest Chuck and I went to Sanford, FL and picked up our Little Donkey, Ti Burik.  It's "almost" finished.  The only thing we're lacking is a few stripes.  We'll get those later.  For now, it's time to look at our next mission to Haiti and beyond....

We've been gathering supplies for our next mission and we'll be heading back to Haiti very soon.  We're awaiting the best time to depart.

When we got back to the our hangar, we were blessed to be visited by a few dear friends, Mark and Ken.  They had their children with us and it was nice to show them the airplane.  We've got future "Water Mules" in the making! Air Mobile is able to do what Air Mobile does because of so many dear friends who stand with us.  We were also joined by my son, Christian and Peter (who snapped the shot)  We're blessed!

We inspected Ti Burik and topped off the O2 (Oxygen Tanks).   She's ready to go.  Thank the Lord for this incredible tool!

We then headed to our very favorite hang-out on Saturday afternoon, "Dogs-R-Us".  What a great day of football.  LSU and Auburn battled it out and LSU came out on top.  There were a number of upsets yesterday....Oklahoma - Wisconsin.  It was so good to be joined by my daughter-in-law Nikki and my daughter Cherie.  Had Christians kids with us.  Nice to be able to share some good wings and great football with family.  Ahhh, for moments like these!

Well, it's time to head to the hangar this morning.  Have some prepping to do for our next mission.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe     

October 22, 2011 - Saturday - 7:28am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, Cindy and I coordinated to meet up with our kids for an early dinner while awaiting Tae Kwon Do class for Peter (he's about to get his brown belt).  The phone rang (usually does during dinner) and it was Vince.  Now, Vince is a deep "water mule" and has funded a number of Rescuers around the world.  He said he'd like to fund another unit for Haiti!  Wow, what a blessing!  I was immediately on the phone with Curtis at Headquarters and we just happened to have one unit that was just built.  More clean water for Haiti!  More clean water to fight Cholera!

By the way, the number of "Reported" Cholera cases is expected to top 500,000 by the end of the year.  Again, it is so good to be able to do "something" to help.  Yes, one small Rescuer can provide water for around 500 people per day.  In the "big scope", that does not sound like very much.  However, to date, this unit that will soon be in Haiti will bring the total number of Rescuers to 314!!  Now, when you multiply that....those little drops in the bucket are beginning to add up!  THANKS VINCE!!

In just a few minutes, "Southwest Chuck" will be at my home.  We'll be driving to Sanford, FL to pick up a "Little Donkey" that is ALMOST finished!  We are only lacking a gold stripe and a few other small details.  You see, it's time for us to head back to Haiti.  Can't say when we'll go, but I can tell you, it will be soon.  Once this next Haiti mission is complete, then, we'll put that pretty little donkey back in the paint shop and get the final touches added.

This afternoon, I'll be joined by Peter and Christian guessed it, "Dogs-R-Us".  It's going to be another "shoot-out" between 2 very, very good Southeast Conference football teams.  Of course, my beloved LSU Tigers (Ranked Number 1) and the Auburn Tigers (Last year's National Champions).  

Well, Chuck just got here and it's time to head out to retrieve a Little Donkey from the Paint Barn.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 21, 2011 - Friday - 7:43am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


It was good to meet Carolyn and Shannon Wisdom yesterday.  They live on the St. John's River here in Central Florida and felt it was important to be "ready".  We all agree that clean water is essential in any kind of an emergency.  So glad that we could get this great tool into their hands.  Now, they will have the ability to provide clean water for their family and neighbors in the event of a disaster.

The news of Muammar Qaddafi came as a relief to many.  What soever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  Sober and true words.

Today, will be checking on our Little Donkey and that long awaited paint job.  We've had several delays on this final phase of our the Extreme Make-Over of Ti Burik and we're so close.  Will get a report back later today.

Time to get on with this day, that is, by the way, quite chilly here in "Sunny" Florida.  It's in the 40's this morning brrrr.  May you be blessed today and may we all sow good seeds in good soil.  THANKS for your love, prayer and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

October 20, 2011 - Thursday - 7:06am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Living on the "edge".  Was the last "non-rev" (non-revenue or free) passenger on the flight from Chicago to Orlando.  This has happened so many times and yet, we seem to make the flight almost every time.  The times I don't get on-board a particular flight, there is usually someone our Lord wants me to meet.  Flying on Southwest Airlines Buddy Passes is a grand adventure and I'm so thankful for the ability to move "freely" about the country.

Mark got his ticket with "points" so he had a guaranteed seat and "by faith" saved a seat for me.  Just minutes before departure, I came on-board and joined Mark.  He had picked up a few genuine Chicago Hot Dogs (our breakfast) and we composed a follow-up letter to Matt whom we had just met.  As Mark and I reflected on our trip to Chicago, we're very thankful for "favor" and we're hopeful that our efforts will yield a wonderful expansion of business! In this way, Air Mobile will be  blessed because CSA manufactures the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

We had another excellent flight and landed in Orlando a few minutes early.  Once on the ground, I headed right into meetings.  First with the Department of Revenue for the State of Florida.  I am so thankful for Cheryl.  Cheryl has handled our account for years and just been great.  We had some forms to straighten out and some documents to sign.  It helps to have someone that you know and happens to be extremely helpful within the Department of Revenue.  

From there, I headed up to see our great friend and my Doctor, Steve Badolato.  Steve has been gathering much needed medications for Barbara and Ruuska Village in Haiti.  And...Steve presented to me 2 Oxygen bottles and all affiliated components.  We have never had Oxygen available in the village.  Now, we will!  This is so important.  The fact that Steve donated 2 tanks means that our little Donkey will likely always be carrying an empty bottle back to the U.S. and a fresh O2 bottle back to Haiti.  This gift will save lives!!  THANKS AGAIN, STEVE!!

I found out from our payroll company that I am now eligible for unemployment (you may recall that I just laid myself off from CSA to reduce overhead thus helping the company stay alive).  Now, I've never collected unemployment in my life.  I've certainly paid into the system for many, many years.  Pray with me as I look into this benefit offered by our government.  

In the meantime, Cindy is working very hard.  Early this morning, she departed before sunrise for another day of giving Flu Shots at a Walmart about 60 miles away.  We're awaiting her start date at the Juvenile Detention Center.  She was recently hired, but has not been given her start date.  

As we look at the weather in the Tropics, there seems to be another area of disturbance off the coast of Africa.  There are a lot of "low pressure" areas ahead of these storms.  These could grow into more bad weather for the islands.  The season is not quite over.  Let us continue to pray that these storms will not injure folks or destroy property.

A bit later this morning, will be having some folks come by the house to pick up another Air Mobile Rescuer.  So glad to be able to both train and meet these folks.  Will also be meeting another dear brother who was in Haiti back in 1980 and arranged a "Live Satellite Uplink" to broadcast some great Crusades globally.  He was way ahead of his time.  Will be good to swap war stories.

Time to get on with this wonderful day that our Lord has made.  As I always say and mean from my heart, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe        

October 19, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:28am (U.S. Central Time) - Midway International Airport - Chicago, IL  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Thanks again to Southwest Airlines, was able to wing up to Chicago with my good friend Mark yesterday.  All went like clockwork (thanks again for the Buddy Pass, Southwest).  There, we met with Matt.  Have known Matt for many years.  We had a great time discussing the possibilities of expanding our business.  Matt was very insightful and helpful in assisting us with good business navigational data.  We simply want to have the opportunity to speak with the right people about our capabilities.  Indeed, we planted good seeds in good soil and we're expecting a good harvest.  It's all in the Lord's hands!

Spoke with the paint shop yesterday.  I can assure you, as soon as that little donkey is set free from the "paint barn", she will turn toward Haiti.  We've got a lot of stuff going on.  We're very encouraged that the orphanage we spoke with you about, is going to get some desperately needed medical help.  Barbara will be trying to get some of the kids to blood tests today.  These children have been through "hell" and need our prayers and love and support.  In a recent report, we shared that our Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) uncovered a tragedy taking place in a neighboring orphanage.  We've been working together since, to help give these children a chance.

In just a few minutes, I'll know if the 6:00am flight from Midway to Orlando has "one extra seat".  That's all I need just one seat) to get home this morning.  Will know shortly.  Taking a look at the weather, Florida is getting some of the storm that we've been tracking.  Right here in Chicago, it's kind of cold and rainy.

You know, it's so important to just keep marching ahead.  One thing I am coming to learn, "The Economy of the Kingdom of God" operates separately from the "Economy of this old world".  The most important thing for us to do is keep our eyes on the Lord and seek to do what our Lord want us to do.  Then, we leave the results up to Him.  We are believing Him for the very best.....and we keep on marching!

Hopefully will be boarding a Southwest flight to Orlando in the next few minutes.  Pray all goes well and THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 18, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:57am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Orlando International Airport  - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here we are about to board Southwest Airlines (thanks Southwest!!) to go meet with a very large company in the hopes (and prayers) of growing our business (CSA).  Many years ago, we began doing business with this company.  It is now time to GROW the account.  Mark, my good friend and alliance partner will be in meetings this morning with the Federal Account Manager, whom I've known for over 10 years.  PLEASE pray our meetings go well!

Yesterday, had the wonderful opportunity to tour the Regal Marine Industries facility in Orlando.  Wow, what a place.  Regal was started by a small group of businessmen in 1968.  Early on, they dedicated their business to the Lord.  Their story is absolutely amazing.  We were invited to tour the facility by Gene Kandel, one of the original founders of Regal.  Gene asked Sid Wright to join us.  Sid was the Chief of Staff for Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.  I asked Dennis West, a long-time water mule to come along.  We had a marvelous time and above all, prayed together for wisdom and favor regarding the manufacturing of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  It was a great meeting.

Our little mission aircraft is still being painted.  We patiently await the completion of this.  Hopefully, it will be soon.

Also heard great news last night regarding the orphanage I spoke with you about yesterday.  Barbara Walker uncovered this tragedy and we have pulled together to get a good medical team over to help 20 children that are in very bad shape.  The pieces are coming together and we're so thankful.  Will report more later.

Time to board our flight for Chicago.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

October 17, 2011 - Monday - 5:53am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL (Air Mobile Base) - Report prepared by Air Mobile Joe


Here's a preliminary report on Cindy's Dad, Ron, who was admitted to the hospital on Saturday evening after experiencing chest pains.  So far, the tests are negative (this is good).  A few more tests today and then, hopefully Ron will return home.  We are so thankful for your prayers!

The tropical low that is headed to the Gulf of Mexico could become a late season named storm.  We're keeping a close eye on it.  It is bringing high winds and a lot of rain to Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is slow moving and gaining strength as it drifts slowly into the Gulf of Mexico.  We pray for those in the path of this storm, including us here in Florida.  It may be "knocking on our back door".

This morning, I'll be meeting with the Regal Marine Industries in Orlando to discuss the possibility of some manufacturing help with key components for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  You may recall, last week, I met with my friend of many years ago, Gene Kandel.  Gene and two other partners started Regal Marine Industries in Orlando in 1968.  They dedicated the company to the Lord.  Now, Regal is one of the largest Private Yacht companies in the world.  Our Lord has truly blessed this company.  During my recent meeting with Gene, he suggested a Plant Tour.  We'll also be seeking manufacturing advice and assistance.  Please pray all goes well with this meeting.

I received an urgent call from Barbara Walker in Haiti yesterday.  There is an orphanage very close to Barbara's Village that is in dire straights.  Apparently, the support for this orphanage has fallen off and the 20 children are in desperate need of food and medical attention.  Barb is sharing her food and we're seeking some immediate medical assistance for the children.  We're contacting our friends in Haiti to try to get a medical team over there as soon as possible.  In the meantime, Barbara has arranged for the children to get immediate lab work so that when the medical team arrives, they'll know better of what they are dealing with.  Please remember this urgent matter in your prayer.  I am so glad Barb found those children!  I'll keep you informed on the developments.

While in Orlando today, I'll swing up to Sanford and check on Ti Burik and see how the paint job is coming.  We hope to have it all done this week.  I must tell you about another meeting coming up.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, my good friend Mark and I will fly up to Chicago to meet with a multi-billion dollar company regarding expanding our cartridge business with them.  We'll be meeting with the Federal Account Manager, who is a long-time friend of mine. Please pray all goes well with that meeting.  You know, in spite of grim economic news on all fronts, with the help of our Lord, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  We are expecting great things!

Well, it's time to head out the door for that meeting with Regal.  Again, please pray all goes well.  As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe