Monday, January 31, 2011

The rescue continues

January 31, 2011 - Monday - 8:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Since early this morning, been up thinking about what is going to happen when the Extreme Makeover Home Edition program airs on February 13th.  Many details to attend to.  Hope we have the website strong enough to handle a flood of 'hits' and the phone lines able to handle a bunch of calls.  We're taking this time to get everything into position.

Just checked on our mission aircraft, Ti Burik and all is proceeding on course.  Frankly, if the tanks were in and the avionics all in place, I'd fly to Haiti tomorrow morning.  Just have to be patient and let these wonderful, incredible modifications be installed properly.  Our shop, Orlando Aircraft Services has been working on Air Mobile aircraft for nearly 30 years.  They really know what they are doing.  We just want to get back and bring the help where it is needed most.

This time in the U.S. is being very well spent.  We've been learning all about this new home.  Just learning all about the appliances, solar power, sprinkling system, alarm system and the list goes on and on, is quite a job (but one that we're really enjoying!).  We've had a steady line of people seeing our home.  So many have helped to build this gorgeous home with so much love.  We're getting many stories telling how this all came down.  It's still hard to believe that they built this beautiful place in 106 HOURS!!  Amazing what folks can do when they work together (powered by a lot of love).

In the midst of all of these blessings, Haiti is ever close to our hearts.  Hillary Clinton visited Haiti yesterday and urged the government to take the recommendations on the run-off elections.  We pray for the leaders to have wisdom and guidance from the Lord.  The situation is still extremely volatile and could explode any minute.  We pray!!

The situation in Egypt is still total chaos.  Now, thousands and thousands of folks are stuck at the airport.  Again, been there...done that.  Matter of fact, often been the pilot with the little bitty airplane just outside able to bring just a few folks out.  Hard to choose who to bring.  Have had to make those decisions many times.  Just recently in Haiti, in late December, had to "rescue" a number of folks when Haiti blew up. 

Recently had calls from folks wanting to go to Haiti and have had to remind them "how quickly things can change".  The situation can be calm and peaceful and a simple bit of information, even a rumor, can cause things to get crazy real fast.  My simple counsel is:  be ready for things to fall apart.  Don't assume they will remain calm when you are there.  Picture the worst case scenario and ask the Lord if He wants you to go.  If the answer is "yes", then by all means go.  But don't ever "assume" things will remain calm.  Certainly pray that they do, but be prepared for the worst.  

Today, many calls, planning, learning and preparing.  We love you all and can't thank you enough for your love, prayer and support.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe 

January 30, 2011  - Sunday - 8:28am (Eastern U.S. Time) CocoaFL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

Got up bright and early this morning, wrote an entire blog and due a mysterious glitch, the entire blog was erased, deleted, just disappeared.  So, here we go again.

Haiti may be getting a bit of a "breather" regarding the highly disputed elections.  The run-off election is scheduled for March 20th and the results will be posted by April 16th.  This should allow life to proceed on without the volatility of election violence for a bit (hopefully).  Most reconstruction has been at a standstill due to the threat of violence.  Of course, there are several "trip-wires" to this, mainly with the possible return of Aristide.   This will surely cause a lot of political activity to erupt.  We pray peace prevails and that relief / medical / reconstruction can continue.  The official number of Haitians who have been stricken by Cholera is over 200,000 and the death toll over 4000.  We are diligently moving toward our next mission to Haiti.  Please PRAY for Haiti.

The Egyptian government is collapsing as I write this blog.  Wow, this whole thing has happened so rapidly.  The police have disappeared in many areas leaving the streets open to gangs, looting and anarchy.  Yesterday, 97% of the internet ceased operation.  This is the first time in internet history that such drastic actions have been taken.  Most cell phone service collapsed.  This has crippled emergency and medical service.
Many tourist are trapped.  I can only imagine what this must be like.  Been in similar situations and it is very challenging and frightening.  This is surely the time to lean heavily upon the Lord for protection and guidance.

This chaos is not limited to Egypt.  Just last week Tunisia overthrew the government.   Yesterday, thousands demanded the Prime Minister of Jordan to step down....Huge anti-government protests in Albania and new protests erupt in Yemen.  It is as if a flame has been lit and is traveling rapidly.  Folks, this is the time to PRAY & TRUST THE LORD!

As we sit in the comfort of our beautiful new home, we know that our Lord has blessed our family so that we can serve Him with more strength and resources.  As we see the turmoil and strife and violence in the world, we are more dedicated than ever to doing what we can to help those that are suffering.  Our main area of help is directed toward Haiti, however, our prayers are unlimited in scope and power!  This is the time to pray and seek His our world shakes and so many are so vulnerable.

Yesterday, our little princess Ariana went to our pastor's daughters birthday party.  I am reminded of the little town that Ariana was born in, Tiburon.  Been is at the extreme most western tip of Haiti, very isolated and needy.  This little one was born with a terrible condition and nearly died many times.  But, by God's grace, she came to us.   In this photo, Juliet is making a pretty little girl even more pretty.

On December 23, 2010, Ariana Grace Hurston, officially became our daughter.  We adopted her into our family.  Again, this is such a wonderful picture of how our Lord has made "adoption" available to us through Jesus.  Folks, this is the wonderful and beautiful message of the Gospel...."For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life".  

Well, it's time to get ready for church and for our service at the hospital.  We love and appreciate you so much.  God Bless You and THANKS for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 29, 2011  - Saturday - 9:54am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As you may know, the Hurston's have recently received a huge BLESSING!  However, just prior to that announcement through the "Bullhorn" (when Ty Pennington yelled "Good morning Hurston Family), our living conditions were pretty challenging. a moment, our conditions changed.  In many ways, this is what happened  many years ago when I asked Jesus to come into my life.

From the moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord, things began to change.  All of my problems did not go away, but one by one, I faced them with the Lord.  That was nearly 40 years ago and He has been absolutely faithful.  This is the area of my life where trust has simply grown and grown over the years.  From time to time, I am reminded of my conditions before I accepted the Lord.  I lacked hope and was simply "lost".  It is during those times of comparison, that I realize the great wonder and grace of our Lord!  

Of course, during this walk with our Lord, sometimes, we go through difficult times.  These are the times to simply keep walking and trusting our Lord.  These are times to -  "Be not weary in well doing" as spoken in the Book of Galatians 6:9, for...."We will reap a harvest IN DUE TIME".  Another translation says, "We will reap a harvest IF WE FAINT NOT".  May I encourage you to keep your faith in the Lord through the good times, the bad times, the challenging times, the seemingly hopeless times.  He loves you and will never leave you or forsake you!

I pray our Lord touches you in a special way today.  We need guidance and direction today.  Let us pray one for another. 

Air Mobile Joe 

January 28, 2011  - Friday - 8:33am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As I read the headlines today, Egypt is on the brink.  Protesters are demanding the long-term leader (3 decades), Hosni Mubarak resign.  Recently, similar protests erupted in Tunisia.  It is as if  a fire has been lit and a strong wind is blowing it.  This is the time to call upon our Lord, hold steady and seek His direction and guidance.  Please remember to pray for these turbulent nations and times.

Things are "teetering" in Haiti, as each bit of news (regarding the recent elections) strikes sparks and easily could ignite that flame.  So many people are searching for answers (and solutions).  So many are angry and confused.  I don't want to oversimplify this situation but....we, in our own small way want to offer some clean water.  This seems to cool things down.  I am reminded of the simple beautiful words of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 25, "I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink".  

We are putting our "next mission" together each day.  We are gathering parts to make more Rescuers.  Yesterday, I was speaking with Larry, who has lent us his genius regarding the electronic components.  We are continually gathering more parts as the funds come available.  Our little mission aircraft is getting closer to being ready to leap in the air with life-saving parts and personnel.

Regarding the current cholera situation, I will quote Dr. Crandall, who recently traveled to Haiti: "“Cholera is going to be there for years,” he said. “It’s not going to be something that is going to disappear. So we have many people that are dying. This form of cholera is the most virulent form, the most toxic form. You can die within four hours, so these people are in desperate need of treatment.”  This is the reason we are diligently seeking to get back to Haiti and do all we can in our "little corner of the world".

Today, I have asked our key advisors over to our new home and we'll be praying and seeking His direction for the days ahead.  Folks, a number of you who read this little "rambling" blog came and helped to build our new home.  All I can say is....this home must look something like I would find in heaven!  It is so beautiful and made with such love and is just exactly what Cindy and our children wanted.  It is truly a gift from people who love us.  This love comes from the Lord!  Again, THANK YOU!!

Well, it's time to get ready for the meeting.  Love you!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 27, 2011  - Thursday - 10:40am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Was up at 4:00am getting our intrepid Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) on an airplane headed back to Africa for phase 2 of her mission of bringing clean water to desperate people.   Looks like the heavy winter blizzard may hamper the flight, but she'll get through in His time.

Now, here is bit of inside workings from an "Extremely" grateful recipient of a new home....Any new home will have a punch list (the remaining little things, or the things that don't quite work right).  Our principal builder, "Lifestyle Homes" has been FANTASTIC!  We've been working through the list and everyone has been incredible.  

Today, we've got electricians, carpenters, solar experts, audio / visual guys,  all working on "tweaking" this beautiful home.  I am still totally amazed that this house went up in 106 hours!!!   Be sure to remember to watch the airing of this episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition on February 13th on ABC. 

As I have been speaking with the various contractors who worked on this amazing project, the stories of the incredible unity and just overall joy on this job keep coming back.  It seems that so many people have been touched by the wonder and joy of giving and helping others.  In this case, the recipient was the Hurston family.  We are just so grateful!

We received news this morning of some mysterious deaths in the northwest region of Haiti.  There is talk of Polio, but this is not confirmed.  The victims died in a paralytic state following cholera.  PLEASE continue to pray for Haiti.  The people are so vulnerable to disease.   Good progress is  being made on the aircraft.  Just spoke with the shop.  We're all working together to get back to Haiti asap!!

Better wrap up this blog.  Been "extremely" busy this morning, thus the late issue.  God Bless and THANK YOU again for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 26, 2011  - Wednesday - 8:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I am so pleased to hear that one of the Presidential candidates has elected to drop out of the race in Haiti.  The #2 Candidate, Jude Celestin, dropped out, thereby, possibly averting a very, very explosive situation.  There are many, many details that we do not know, however, this appears to be a good move.  Now, the run-off between Mirlande and Michel may take place soon.  We just pray for this to take place soon and peacefully.  Of course, the situation with Jean Claude Duvalier and Aristide is ever present and could cause things to get "crazy" quickly.  We simply pray.

The news regarding the Cholera death toll stabilizing in Haiti is encouraging.  However, the report is tinged with doubt, as the dreadful disease may simply be taking a "breather" and could re-ignite anytime.  We pray that is not the case.  All over the country, health workers / missionaries are working tirelessly and courageously to fight this deadly disease.  We pray for them and we pray to get back to Haiti as soon as we possibly can.  

Of course, we are patiently (and very thankfully) awaiting the completion of the installation of the long-range fuel tanks in Ti Burik, our precious mission aircraft.  The first set of tanks for the right wing have been completed and shipped and being installed as I write this report. The other set of tanks should be completed by next Monday.  Just another word on these tanks; this incredible modification will increase or capability dramatically, giving so many good options to each mission.  My heart is just overflowing with gratitude for this gift.  A bit later, I'll send some shots of our instrument panel.  Now, that is a whole other story.

Last night, we had another terrible storm blow through here.  We had terrible winds that blew things everywhere, but we did not sustain any damage, thank God.  You know, life deals out storms for all of us.  There are many kinds of storms.  One thing that Cindy and I have been learning is to "hold steady" in the storm. Many times, simply calling upon Jesus brings great peace in the midst of the storm.  Lately, since this amazing notoriety (The Extreme Gift), our life has been jam packed with calls, invitations, opportunities, challenges.  Throughout the day, I will just separate myself from the "whirl" of activity and spend a few moments with the Lord and simply breathe His Name.  Ahh, the peace of God comes.  

Late last night, I went to the Orlando International Airport and retrieved a very tired missionary, Barb in the Blue Dress.  She just returned from a whirlwind trip to Africa deploying water purifiers.  I brought her to my daugther, Cherie's home in the middle of the night.  Good to have Barb back with us for just a little bit.  She'll be off on another "Adventure" in a day or two.  We praise God for such brave and capable servants.

Heard from another dear friends via a beautiful letter, Jay Clark.  He was the principal of elementary school attended by my older children years ago.  His letter was inspiring and encouraging.  He included this little card that I thought to pass on to you -


     God's grace to keep me,
     God's wisdom to guide me,
     God's strength to sustain me,
     God's eye to watch over me,
     God's ear to hear me,
     God's hand to hold me,
     God's word to instruct me,
     God's angels to minister to me

May you take these words into this day.  This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.  We love you and are so thankful that you have come into our life to stand and pray with us as we march forward into a hurting and thirsty world.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe


January 25, 2011  - Tuesday - 8:24am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Here's a quick report from Haiti.  The Cholera death toll is stabilizing, but can erupt any minute.  Of course the political situation is extremely volatile.  I'm currently visiting with some dear friends from many years ago, so this is very brief.  Will write more later.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

January 24, 2011  - Monday - 9:29am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Recently I received a call from Clay, Alan's brother.  Sad news.  Alan went on to be with the Lord that morning.  I cried.  Today is Alan's funeral.  Now, I'd like to tell you a bit about my dear friend.  Alan loved the outdoors, always had.  One day, while swimming in a lake, here in Florida, he was attacked by an 11 foot alligator.  A fierce life and death battle ensued.  Alan escaped the death grip, but gator swam away with Alan's arm.  This never slowed Alan down a bit.  Did I also mention that Alan was a genius.  He mastered computers when a computer was for the elite and rich.  He never lost his love for the outdoors and nature.

Years later, while hunting, right here in Canaveral Groves, a diamond back rattle snake hit Alan.  It was another life and death struggle.  Alan, against all odds managed to limp, crawl out of the woods.  He collapsed on a road in a coma.  We all prayed for Alan and miraculously, he came out of the coma days later.  Again, Alan "cheated death", but always gave God the glory for bringing him back.

Then, several years later, a freak explosion nearly killed Alan.  It did not look like Alan would survive this one.  But he did.  Among his losses, his sight.  Alan's brilliant mind went into high gear and Alan could see things with his mind.  Though he lost his sight, he never lost his vision!  

Meanwhile, his precious wife, Jenny and Cindy became friends and we all shared many precious "home-school" moments and events together.  Our kids became friends and our love and respect for Alan and his wonderful family only grew.  Alan continued to amaze us all with his attitude to live and overcome obstacles.

The phone call last Wednesday was indeed a shock.  Alan recently was stricken with a rapid, fatal form of cancer.  He followed all that was happening to the Hurston family from the hospital and rejoiced in our blessings.  Then, suddenly, he took a turn for the worse and 2 days later went to be with Jesus.  Alan is now in heaven and is completely restored.  We are sad, because we will miss Alan, but we are rejoicing that Alan is now with the Lord.  Please remember to pray for Jenny and the children during this difficult time.

Just checked on the progress of Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  The extended range fuel tanks should be arriving for installation tomorrow.  This will be for the left wing.  The other tanks for the right wing should arrive next Monday.  I "patiently" wait.  Believe me, just as soon as that little airplane can fly, we'll be headed back to Haiti.  

Oh, I'd love to share photos of the inside of our new home, but I can't.  Not until the air date, February 13th.  Of course, you'll be able to see the inside then.  The Extreme folks want the inside to be a secret until air date.  So, if you come visit us before then, NO CAMERAS and help us keep the secret.  

We are getting so COMFORTABLE in this new home.  It is just spectacular.  We have never even imagined anything like this. I must tell you, "it is like a bit of heaven on earth".  Our Lord is so good!!  We are just so thankful to so many that made this possible.  Well, better get on with this day.  Heading out the door to the funeral.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 23, 2011  - Sunday - 8:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Received a great report from Barb in Africa.  She stated "WOW this is the greatest country I have ever been in!!!!!".  Everyone is being so helpful.  Her bags with the water purifiers should arrive today.  Thank you for praying.  Please continue to do so.  Barb has a lot of miles and countries to go in the next few days.  

The news from Haiti is ominous.  Everyone is bracing for a "big blow up", thus the serious travel warning from the U.S. State Department yesterday.  We continue to gather up supplies and goods.  One of our dear friends is collecting good used soccer equipment.  This, among the much needed medical supplies and water purifiers, helps the young have a bit of joy.  

Had a steady flow of friends and neighbors by yesterday.  So good sharing this wonderful gift with them.  Also, managed to spend a little down time just reading a great book, "Fate is the Hunter" by Ernest Gann.  Man, what a super book written by a great pilot.'s just good to chill out a bit.

Well, we're getting ready for church and the chaplain outreach today.  Got to go.  LOVE YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 22, 2011  - Saturday - 9:34am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I called our great friend and "water mule", Mike Long, President of CSI sign and asked if he could help us to express our deep gratitude for this amazing gift and outpouring of love from our community.  Here is what he came up with.

Here is the home that was presented to us on January 14, 2011.  Oh, it's a long and wonderful story filled with grace, faith, endurance and so much more.  As the sign says, "We are so THANKFUL"..  Be sure to watch the Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode on February 13th for the.....REST OF THE STORY.

Received a call regarding intrepid Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  She made it to Africa, but not without complications.  A portion of her ticket got snagged.  She had to come up with the money on the spot to get from Paris to Africa (not disclosing exact location) and managed to deploy one Air Mobile Rescuer.  Thank God she "carried" one on board the aircraft as a carry-on piece (that's how small and portable they are).  For you see, her bags are lost!!  Of course, they contain the other water purifiers.  

Now, she's awaiting word on her precious luggage and getting replenishment funds to keep moving on this "Amazing Journey".  PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY that all goes well and the luggage is found and the funds get through so that she might continue on this vital mission.

Yesterday, I received a call from a group from Jensen Beach, FL, planning a mission to Haiti next week.  We discussed the water purifier and they asked my opinion on their upcoming mission.  I strongly urged them not to go at this time.  Knowing the political volatility, it could be extremely dangerous for the team. 

After much council and discussion and prayer, the team opted to postpone the mission.  Less than an hour later, the U.S. State Department issued a TRAVEL ADVISORY strongly urging U.S. Citizens not to travel to Haiti at this time.  The advice I had given them was clearly confirmed.  Having said all of that, again, I urge you to pray for Haiti and the missionaries / relief workers laying their lives on the line to help others.  

Now, on to other things - here is "AN EXTREMELY FOWL STORY".  No, it's not FOUL.  Several years ago, we did a science project with Peter.  We incubated some eggs.  Well, when we first saw the little chicks, it was "love at first sight".  Of course we raised them and ended up keeping them.  We built a simple, humble little chicken coop and for the last couple of years, enjoyed fresh eggs as well as beautiful chicken encounters.  Our kids particularly love each and every one (as do Cindy and I)  

So, when the "Extreme Folks" came along and began to learn our story, the chickens were a significant part of our family.  We were so blessed to see what what they did.   I am a pleased to tell you that the chickens are "extremely" well adjusted in their new "Extreme" home and have been laying delicious eggs for our family.

I am reminded of a beautiful  song, "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He's watching me"  inspired by the words of Jesus in Matthew.  Well, His eye is on the chickens also and we know He is watching us!

Today, we continue this wonderful walk with our Lord, REJOICING in His goodness.  Thanks as always for your faithful love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 21, 2011  - Friday - 7:57am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Barbara Walker is winging to Africa as I write this blog.  With an amazing bit of logistical "juggling" and last minute scheduling, my daughter Cherie (along with baby Levi) and I met Barbara (better known as Rambo in the Blue Dress) at the Orlando International Airport yesterday afternoon.  She had just flown in from Haiti.   Notice in this photo, Cherie is packing the "trademark" Blue Dresses.  Barb is easy to identify world-wide.  She is the "Lady in the Blue Dress".

We quickly re-arranged her baggage to include 4 Rescuer water purifiers.  Again, this wonderful gift came from the Bank of America thanks to the amazing kindness of ABC and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  We are simply overwhelmed and humbled by being selected to be the recipient of a new home and.....SO MUCH MORE!  These 4 water purifiers will provide over 2000 people PER DAY with clean, life-giving water.  PLEASE remember to pray for Barb as she delivers and trains the blessed recipients on these wonderful machines.

I must also add, that Delta Airlines waived the overweight charges and even bumped our intrepid "Water Mule" up to First Class for the first leg of her long journey.  THANKS Delta and particularly "Delta Rose"!!

After we got the precious cargo all checked in, we had a little bit of time for some "Technical Training" for Barb.  Cherie went over the operation of the new video camera and how to download the footage into  the little blue laptop (Barb picked the color).  

In the meantime, it seems everywhere we go, folks in our community recognize us.  We just can't say how blessed we are to live in such a loving, giving community.  Our county, Brevard, like many counties across America, is in deep financial trouble.  As you may know, one of our major industries is "Space".  With all of the cutbacks, the space industry has taken a terrible hit.  In spite of these grim facts, literally THOUSANDS of volunteers showed up and gave so generously to help this missionary family.  Perhaps, you will better understand why we just can't thank our community and neighbors enough for this amazing gift.

Well, the second cup of coffee has been consumed and it's time to get on with this day.  Who knows what may happen?  One thing is for sure, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."  God Bless and THANK YOU again for your prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 20, 2011  - Thursday - 8:08am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Details were finalized yesterday....4 more water purifiers are headed to Africa today!  Our intrepid, number one "Water Mule", Barbara Walker...more commonly known as "Rambo in the Blue Dress" has departed Haiti and winging to Africa to deliver water purifiers into desperate areas.  This is, by the way, a gift from Bank of America via the Extreme Makeover folks.  Wow, the blessings just keep on flowing. PLEASE pray for Barb as she jets half way around the world to bless many!

This does not really surprise me at this point...Aristide (former President of Haiti in exhile) is requesting permission to return to Haiti.  As all of these crazy, bizarre moves are playing out, people are dying.  Hundreds of thousands (maybe more) are at risk from Cholera infection.  The death toll continues to rise and the infection is spreading at lightning pace.  Right in our own back yard (Haiti is only 900 miles from us here in Cocoa, Florida!!), a deadly drama is playing out. 

We are so thankful for all of these recent blessings upon our family.  We believe that our Lord is and will use them to further the Kingdom of God and bring relief, help and love to many.  So, in the midst of all of these blessings, we're moving forward!  Just thought of this line, and I say it in a very positive way.  Ready, here it is:  NO REST FOR THE BLESSED!  Of course in the Lord, there is a very special rest.

The aircraft is receiving much needed modifications, extended fuel range and state of the art navigation/communication upgrades.  We're gathering supplies and getting components for more water purifiers for the needy.  All I can say is PRAISE GOD for His goodness.  So many have stepped forward and helped us recently.  It's just so humbling and sweet to receive so much love.  Our family is blessed beyond measure.  Can't tell you how happy our children are.  Cindy and I hardly know what to say.

Got up this morning and cooked an old-fashioned breakfast (grits, eggs and Lousiana hot sausage).  Peter and I share a deep love for this.  Now, we don't do it very often (have to watch that cholesterol), but from time to time, sure is delicious.  By the way, the kitchen in our new home is "FIRST CLASS"! 

Today, the mission goes on.  We'll be meeting Barb at Orlando and handing over the water purifiers and other vital supplies as she heads to Africa.  As always, thank you for all your love and prayers!  

Air Mobile Joe

January 19, 2011  - Wednesday - 7:01am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning and just trying to take it all in.  Yes, it's kind of like waking up in paradise.  Sitting here enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.  Again, can't give any details of this wonderful home until the show airs on February 13th, but suffice it to say - IT IS AMAZING!

Yesterday, I was continuing to enter back into reality.  Bill Dunklee (more about Bill Dunklee later) and I  were able to fly our mission aircraft, Ti Burik, over to the shop that will be installing the extended range fuel tanks.  Also, I would like to tell you a bit about this shop.  The ABC folks went into a phone book and "randomly" picked a shop to do the avionics and fuel tank work.  Little did they know, that John Webb, the owner of Orlando Aircraft Services, has been doing all of our avionics work since 1982!!  Folks, there are hundreds of shops ABC could have chosen.  They had no idea.  However.....we know Who was behind their choice.

Not only that, Orlando Aircraft Services,  donated HUNDREDS of man-hours installing our beautiful "Glass Cockpit".  Yesterday, I was able to thank each and every person who worked on our aircraft and will continue to get this great little aircraft back in the air.  It was a precious meeting.  I would like to give a very special thanks to John and Troy and all of their crew for, first of all agreeing to do this wonderful work and continuing to get our aircraft into shape to do GREATER service for our Lord!  Truly, we will be able to fly further and go deeper into our life-saving mission of bringing clean water to desperate people!

Speaking of....Haiti is still teetering on the edge.  After questioning by the Authorities, Jean Claude Duvalier was released but charges will like be pressed.  Things are still relatively calm, but we know how quickly that can change.  Spoke with Barbara several times throughout the day and all is safe in the "Village".  We continue to pray and plan our next mission.

We may be sending some Rescuers half way around the world, details are unfolding today.  Please pray our Lord guides and directs each step of the way.  Will tell more later.  Well, it's time to get on with this wonderful day that our Lord has made!  Rejoice and be glad in it!  We love you and THANK YOU for your prayers, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


January 18, 2011  - Tuesday - 7:21am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Getting a brand new home is a wonderful thing and at the same time there is a lot to learn.  EVERYTHING is new and with that there are instructions to learn how they work.  Spent hours going over all the new systems and "tweaking" out a magnificent home that was built in 106 HOURS!!!!  Sure hope you can see the show on February 13th.  We're very eager to see it because while all of this was going on...we were completely incommunicado in San Diego.  Did not see a single thing that was happening.  

Throughout the day, kept getting reports from Haiti.  Spoke with Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) several times.  Things are quiet for the moment, but we know that the situation can explode at any moment.  Apparently, the sudden return of Jean Claude Duvalier has taken many by complete surprise.  At this hour, he is holed up in a hotel and not talking to anyone.  Meanwhile, the dread disease of Cholera continues it's deadly course.  At least, again, for the moment, relief and help can move.  

Many prospective relief workers are certainly carefully considering whether or not to even go into Haiti at this time.  So.....again, the people most vulnerable, the elderly, the children and the ill suffer.  Please, please remember to pray for Haiti.  

We are moving toward our next mission, though a flight to Haiti in Ti Burik will be delayed a bit.  We have been blessed with EXTENDED RANGE, by adding 40 gallons of fuel.  This modification takes a while.  The tanks are being assembled at this time.  They will then be shipped down here and the installation will begin once they arrive.  We patiently and prayerfully wait.

I have been reflecting on a wonderful scripture found in Galatians 6:9.  "Be not weary in well doing for we will reap a harvest in due time (if we faint not)".  During this trial, during this extensive damage to our home, our family has had to endure hardship.   Yet, this scripture remained a mainstay for us as we "marched" through day by day.  Oh, there were hard days and discouraging days, yet, we all felt the hand of the Lord sustaining us through those "rough patches" of road.  

Little did we know the blessing that was awaiting us.  We were so surprised when Ty Pennington yelled through that famous bull horn, "Good Morning Hurston Family".  May we encourage you hang in there and find good each day to do.  Our Lord will sustain you and at some time, appointed by the Lord, there will be a harvest!!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 17, 2011  - Monday - 7:53am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Hurston Family spent the second night in a beautiful new home provided by the love and care of many.  Personally, it verified to me that it "was not a dream"!!  This has really happened to our family. 

If this is your first glance at the blog, read the blog from yesterday and I give a quick overview of some of the most amazing events that have ever happened to our family.  Our precious Lord is still in the "Miracle Business"!

The best two things I can say about all of this is THANK YOU & AMAZING GRACE!!

In addition to receiving a beautiful new "Dream Home", The "Extreme Makeover Home Addition" folks are adding a few upgrades to Ti Burik, our mission aircraft.  

Today, we'll be coordinating the activities regarding the upgrades.  Over the days ahead, we'll be showing the wonderful things and blessings being bestowed upon us and Air Mobile Ministries.

Yesterday evening, we had our whole church family over to our new home as well as a number of our wonderful neighbors who witnessed the "Miracle" first hand.  We had a wonderful time last night.  For now, it's time to "get back to work".

I read the news last night about the return ofEx-President Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti.  Just when you think things can't get any worse.....This new, unexpected turn of events is sure to create a more volatile situation.  the need for supplies and relief / health workers to move about the country is paramount.  The death toll from Cholera is approaching 4000 (recorded cases) and the number of infected is close to 200,000!  Help is needed immediately in so many areas.  

This is the reason we're working diligently to get the aircraft all settled and gather much needed supplies and get back to Haiti ASAP.   As always, we so appreciate your love and prayers and support!  Just look at what our Lord has done with our new home.  Wow, still can't get over it. 

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We're quite limited as to what photos we can share until the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" show airs on February 13th, but we'll share what we can with you.   Joe  

January 16, 2011 Sunday - 7:33am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


First of all, it is so good to be back.  We'll be resuming our Daily Editorial Blog today.  Haven't had that first cup of coffee with my sweetheart, so I'll get back to you with the wonderful details about where we have been and what blessings have befallen us.   God Bless!

Ahhh, something about that first cup of coffee.  Today,  I'll begin telling you about a remarkable story of struggle and grace.  This story begins with an emergency trip that the Hurston family made to Massachusetts to visit with Cindy's Mom, who was quite ill, in early June of 2009.   We were returning to Florida when we received the phone call.  Our home had been completely flooded by a water leak.  

When we walked into our home we had no idea of the depth of the destruction.  That would unfold in the days ahead.  Our insurance had just been changed to a "Hazard Only" policy and we had been shopping a new policy when the $.39 PVC connector had let loose and released a flood of woe.  

We immediately began the process of getting our home back into order.  Then the delays began.  I will not bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, our home did not just come back to together.  As a matter of fact, things went from bad to worse.  We had no provision to pay additional rent while all of this was being sorted out.  We did have an old motorhome that served us well as a temporary refuge.  Life went on and so did the struggle to get enough money from our insurance to put our home back together.

What items we were able to salvage, i.e. clothes and furniture went into storage.  Days led to weeks then to months.  We mentioned our plight to our friends and valiant efforts were made to work with what funds we had, but the deeper we dug into our home the more damage we found.  We finally reached a point where we were just "stuck".  

Then January 12, 2010 came and a desperate phone call came from Haiti at 4:53 pm.  It was from  Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  She was under a table with debris falling on her.  The earthquake had just occurred and she lunged under the table to safety and dialed in my number.  When she spoke to me I could hear items crashing and people screaming.  I promised to get to Haiti ASAP.

Our Lord heard our prayer by the next morning, we were winging to Haiti in a friend's borrowed airplane.  I will never forget that day.  It was my birthday and the images, sounds, smells will ever be with me.  When I think of that day.... I cry.

At about 12:03am, January 13, 2010 I wrote my first Haiti Earthquake blog.  By our Lord's grace and many miracles, I have been able to blog every day until January 7, 2011 when the Hurston Family took a much needed vacation and entered into a whole new arena of Grace and Blessing!

Many of you reading this little blog today have wandered down this winding road of miracles, heart-ache, suffering, grace and a lot of clean water to desperate people delivered by the Love and grace of Jesus to many people.  You have shared so many prayer requests and you have given so many times to keep our little mission going forward.

During this whole year, our struggles with our home paled in comparison to all we had seen and had been doing in Haiti.  We did, after all, have shelter, running water, food.  Yes, it was quite primitive by U.S. standards  and our losses compounded and we were still "stuck" regarding our home and the insurance.  We could not move forward.  In light of the terrible destruction and the on-going tragedy in Haiti we simply could not ask our volunteers to come and help us.  We needed all the help directed to Haiti.

Someone dear to us had suggested that we write the Extreme Make-Over Home Edition folks and tell them our situation.  Cindy sat down and wrote all that had happened to us.  We prayed and asked our Lord for a miracle.

On January 14, 2011.  We stood in front of where our old, broken home and had been and a large, jubilant crowd yelled behind us..."MOVE THAT BUS"!!   As the famous bus rolled The Hurston Family staggered in indescribable joy and overwhelming thanksgiving and saw our brand new home.  Oh, there is so much more that I could say.  By the way, Ty Pennington and the entire design team are wonderful!

We slept in this incredible gift of a home, built with such love and care, last night.  I'll be posting some photos of the outside.  Can't give any details of the  inside until the show airs on February 13, 2011.   Be sure to watch it and tell all of your friends about it.  It is a story of AMAZING GRACE!

In future blogs, I'll fill in a few more details of how we have gotten here.  It's so good be back on-line and sharing my heart with you.    It's time to get to church this morning.  We'll be at our beloved hospital this afternoon as Chaplains to the young folks.  God Bless and THANK YOU for standing with us.    

Air Mobile Joe

January 7, 2011 Friday - 6:33am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I only have a minute to dash a quick final word until next week.  Sure going to miss this little daily blog, but sometimes a break is a good thing.  There is a possibility that the Hurston family will be going away to an "undisclosed" location for a little "get-away".  Still can't give the details, but it sure is exciting.  We really would appreciate your prayers for us.  We do look forward to returning refreshed and renewed.  So, until January 13th / 14th....God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy and Kids

PS - Since I won't be updating this for a week or so, you might want to meander "backwards" down the blog to see where we've been.  I know that a number of you read this little blog everyday, but for those who are new, it's a good way see how we've arrived at this "chapter" of the journey.  Joe 

January 6, 2011 Thursday - 8:17am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


In all our years of ministry / relief work, we've never had one like this!  So many emotions, it's difficult to express all that is going on.  This daily blog has been such a relief for me personally.  It's been like a "relief valve" in more ways than one.  Many of you, reading this little "daily journal journey" have traveled over some rocky, sad, joyful, frustrating, inspiring ground.  See what I mean.  When trying to describe it, a whole flurry of emotions come out.

Together, we've embarked on 22 missions to Haiti in the last 11 months.  Our Lord has provided us with a wonderful "workhorse" or better, little donkey airplane that we've affectionately named "Ti Burik".  We've loaded life-saving supplies, key personnel, critical tools and many other "blessings" to the Haitian people and the people helping the Haitian people.  We've been able to get into Haiti when others could not.  We've threaded our way through and around serious political turmoil,  terrible tropical storms and even hurricanes.

Our little airplane has flown down low over many tent-cities bringing hope and recognition to tens of thousands.  For you see, when "Ti Burik" zooms overhead, the residents of the tent-cities know that someone cares about them and they know that low pass is done for them.  

A number of you reading this blog have come with us on these missions.  You've met me at the airport at 3:00am, done the final loading, final top off fueling, squeezed into our little airplane, witnessed a magnificent sunrise, sucked on Oxygen, fought headwinds and enjoyed tail-winds.  You've slept in tents, been shaken by earthquakes, been bitten by mosquitoes and had your heart touched so deeply that you will never be the same. You've seen traffic jams, road blocks, riots and ridden on little motorcycles.  

I know for a fact that many of you have prayed with us, deep and meaningful, effective prayers that have gotten things done!  We've seen prisoners set free, broken lives mended and hope given in the midst of deep despair.  We've seen Jesus moves in spectacular ways!

Just the fact that I've been able to find a computer and a connection EVERY SINGLE DAY since January 13, 2010 is nothing short of MIRACLE.  Could probably write a book just about that alone.  So much I could say.

Well, with great difficulty, for the next couple of days, the Hurston family is going away.   We will not be updating this blog until JANUARY 13TH, my birthday.  Can't give any more details.  However, I want you to know, that this blog, from the very beginning has been a "labor of love".  So glad I could share it with you.  Please remember us in your prayers this next week.  I know that our Lord is doing something wonderful and we are EXPECTING GREAT THINGS AHEAD!

Now, this is important, I will give one more quick update this evening.  Please check back with us!  We love you and thank  you so much for being with us this year.  2011 is going to be one more spectacular year!!!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy and Kids

January 5, 2011 Wednesday - 7:26am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL -Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As Haiti approaches the one year anniversary of the terrible earthquake of January 12th, the situation is just a mess.  The election debacle grows messier by the day.  It appears the officials (and the international community) are simply delaying the inevitable.  There are no easy solutions.   For the moment, violence has not broken out and for that we are thankful.  The cholera death toll has surpassed 3500 and continues to mount.

Yesterday, I met with our chief mechanic on Ti-Burik, our mission aircraft.  He will be installing the rear engine analyzer over this next week.  This device gives us incredible information on how the engine is performing.  For those long, over-the-water flights, this is very valuable information.  The aircraft is flying wonderfully.  

Our Air Mobile / CSA move is complete.  I wish to offer a huge thanks to all of the volunteers and staff who did an extraordinary job.  Moving is never easy and this one was particularly tricky, but we did it.  We are seeking additional funding for more Air Mobile Rescuers.  Meanwhile, we await our "Marching Orders"  from the Lord.   Your prayers and support have made a huge difference in this ministry.  THANKS!!

Air Mobile Joe  

January 4, 2011 Tuesday - 7:29am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Why would anyone miss Haiti?  It is dangerous, unpredictable, very dirty,  full of disease and the list goes on and on.  Good reasons for not wanting to go there.  Then why would I be missing it so?  It's the people, especially the children that draw me and my family back again and again.  

It's the little gardens planted in the tent cities among squalor and tattered tarps.  It's the kids making a "soccer ball" out of old rags or making the "airplane flying movements" with their little outstretched arms when they see me ride up on my little motorcycle.  It's the little shops that spring up everywhere selling cold drinks to frying plantains.  It's the resilience to keep moving on in the midst of staggering and unbelievable destruction.

It's also the depression that I often see creep into a community and begin to take it over.  The times when we can come in and bring even a little help, like blankets on "cold" and rainy nights or a little food for the very ill, the very poor and desperate ones among the poor and desperate.  By the way, this is my eldest son, Steve, in the photo with this little garden in Caanan II.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I can't go back to Haiti for a while.  Oh, there are good reasons for this.  Must complete the move and finish all the "wrap up" details.  For now, I must patiently tend the business at hand and pray for our beloved Haiti from afar, though Haiti is never far from me or my precious family.  I am so thankful that my wife and children share this love for this desperate little country.  

Well, so much for reflections this morning.  Have to get to work and continue the "move" and work on details of supplies and Rescuers for our next mission.  God Bless and thanks for bearing with my meandering blog.  

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Today is my son, Christian's birthday!  29 years ago today, Christian was born in Haiti.  Today, he is a fine young man, a loving father and good husband and truly loves the Lord.  I am very proud of Christian.  Happy Birthday son!  Dad


Well, here we are, the first "work day" of the New Year.  We pressed through this "Holiday" weekend moving and moving.  We just have a few things to wrap up at the old building and then the tedious process of unloading, un-boxing and settling in to our new facility.  

News from Haiti is that all is relatively quiet this morning.  For that we are thankful.  We continue to pray regarding the accelerating death toll.  So many things to pray about and especially that the political situation in Haiti does not "explode".

Yesterday, we ministered to a "full house" at the hospital.  Cindy continued on with the message out of Philippians...."Forgetting the past and reaching forward to what lies ahead".  This is a good message for us all.

A dear friend, Roy, wrote me this morning regarding a critical situation with a remarkable aircraft, the Quest Kodiak.  Apparantly, this organization that has been created by various mission organizations to build and provide an amazing "mission aircraft" is in immediate need of a financial miracle.  I do not know any details other than the fact these folks need a major miracle today.  I know enough about the Kodiak to say this is a truly incredible tool.  Please join us in prayer.

Well, have to get on with this day.  As always, thank you for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe    

January 2, 2011 Sunday - 8:26am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Before we move into today's blog, Cindy just shared this with me and I would like to share it with you.  CLICK HERE FOR NEW YEAR STRENGTH!

As we prepare and move into 2011, it is with the knowledge that things are not getting any better in Haiti.  The cholera epidemic is taking a very dangerous turn.  The death toll is rising at an alarming rate.  Let me give you some numbers to put all of this into perspective.  We have been monitoring the daily death toll.  It has been fairly stable at about 30 deaths per day.  Several days ago, the number jumped up to 100+ per day.  We pray that this is not the trend!  Please join with us in prayer regarding this serious matter.

As this occurs, there are thousands of "Unsung Heroes" in every province of Haiti fighting to keep people alive.  They are from all walks of life.  Many are literally "laying their lives" on the line to help save others. Let us remember them today in our prayer.  We heard from "The Village" (Ruuska).  All is quiet, but that little "island" of is surrounded by unrest and tension.  Please remember the Reach Out To Haiti staff and volunteers today also.  

Yesterday marked the 207th Anniversary of Haiti's Independence from France.  The Haitians celeberate this day on January 1st.  The day was marked with several protests against President Preval demanding his removal from office.  His term ends in just over 1 month.  

The election debacle is at a "Stalemate" with the international community endeavoring to buy some time to post-pone the protests / riots that will surely happen once the announcement is made regarding which candidate can run against which candidate.  It's a mess and also needs our prayer because....with all of this potential violence and disruption, it will be extremely difficult for help to get to the needed places.

We are in the final wrap up phase of our big move into our new Headquarters.  Cindy and I spent New Years day cleaning and getting our old building in shape to turn back over.  Then Peter and I went to our favorite "hang out" for a little football.  Watched a couple of Bowl Games.  Nice to just "chill out" with Peter.  We need that time.  

Today, we're off to our home church (Redeemer Presbyterian) then to the Hospital Chapel service this afternoon.  By the way, if anyone in our area would like to join the Hurston Family in some neat ministry among young people who are "locked up" in a facility, please give us a call.  We would love to share this ministry with you.  We just completed 13 years as Chaplains at this hospital.  It's been great.  Peter was just an infant when we began and "little Juliet was only 4 years old.  They have literally grown up ministering to young people.  It's been good for all of us.  If you're interested, give me a call at:  321-544-7757 (but don't call me in church - between 10:00 and 12:00 today).  Thanks.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

January 1, 2011 Saturday - 8:36am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Well, here it is....2011.  We move forward.  So many opportunities to serve and help.  Together, we pressed through 2010 and saw and did things that many times, took our breath away.  We have seen our Lord come through so many times in seemingly impossible situations.  

I can only imagine what 2011 holds for us.  One thing is for sure, our faith has been stretched again and again.  Just the fact that I am able to sit at my little laptop and write this blog is nothing short of a miracle.  So many times, over the course of this year, I could have gone on to be with the Lord.  Suppose He's not through with me yet.  

The Hurston Family has grown by one little girl, Ariana Grace Hurston.  Though she is quite small in stature, she stands very tall in our family.  We are so thankful for this blessing.  If you haven't met her yet (many of you have) I hope you get to meet her this year.  You'll see what I mean.

My family has been amazaing this year.  Time and time again we launched mission after mission to Haiti.  Words fail me to describe how strong and resolute Cindy and all of my children have been.  A number of times we traveled together (not all at the same time, Ti Burik could not carry everyone at once) and worked together.  We have so many memories to share.   Our adult children and wives, Steve, Ben, Cherie and Christian (not in this photo) have stood with us so firmly in this noble venture.

Last night, we wrapped up our lease on our old building located at 8850 Grissom Parkway in Titusville.  The property owner, Dr. Florence Alexander has been so gracious to us over these last 5 years.  We pray our Lord's very best for her and her husband, Stanley.  Now, we move on in our new facility.  We are very excited about all that lies ahead.  

I hope that some of you will be able to join us as we continue our mission to Haiti.  Some of you have already joined us and we look forward to having you back with us.  Above all, so many of you have PRAYED with us over this last year.  Without question, our Lord has provided us with the best Volunteers on earth.  Wow, you have all been amazing!  

Again, I can't begin to tell you how precious your love,  service and prayer has been.  Another wise man once said - "PRAYER IS STRIKING THE WINNING BLOW.....SERVICE IS JUST GATHERING UP THE RESULTS"  The battle begins in the prayer closet.  I know for a fact that we have praying volunteers! Please continue to pray and believe with us.  We pray our Lord's very best for each of you.

Air Mobile Joe & Family

December 31, 2010 Friday - 5:59am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I was awake very early this morning...praying.  Checked the news and was quite distressed to find that the Cholera deaths have taken an alarming rise - the "official" death-toll is now 3,333.  Yesterday was the highest single day of recorded deaths since the Cholera outbreak began in mid October.  Haiti needs help!

Yet, things are extremely difficult in Haiti.  The recent arrests of several missionary / aid workers causes many who want to help, to re-evaluate their plans and....understandably so.  This is the time to really ask the Lord if Haiti is where He wants you to go.  If the answer is "Yes" then go by all means.  Just know, that working in Haiti, there are many risks and the situation is extremely unpredictable.  PLEASE pray for the safety and protection of the thousands of relief workers / missionaries currently working in Haiti trying to make it a better place. 

The Provisional Election Committee in conjunction with the International community of Election "Experts" are simply going to evaluate the methods used for the highly disputed "Recount".  They have stressed that they will not be doing the recount.  They don't want to touch that "hot potato".  Most are now saying that the "first round" election was so completely flawed that it should just be thrown out and the entire election be redone.  It is said that if the U.N. and the International community allows this election to stand, all credibility will be lost.  At any rate, the "Statemate" continues.

Now, with this recent alarming spike in the death-toll, international relief is more urgent than ever.  The roads must be kept clear, the airlines must fly and relief supplies must be allowed into the country.  If history repeats itself, all of the above will be stopped and hampered should election violence break out.  Again, this is a matter for serious prayer.  Haiti is "time-bomb".  Let's ask our Lord to intervene!!

We had a wonderful day, though grueling and long, of moving.  Many volunteers showed up and we continued the process of "squeezing 10 pounds of stuff into a 7 pound bag" so to speak.  We have so much stuff and need our Lord's wisdom to know what to keep and what to either give away or scrap.  We are in the final stages now and again, PLEASE pray that we will have wisdom in this matter.  So many volunteers have helped.  We did get our container into place as Peter was helping Doug put the finishing touches on our new ramp.

As we close out 2010, I am thankful for so many that have stepped up and prayed, volunteered, traveled to Haiti with us, supported us financially and just simply stood by us as dear and precious friends.  This has been one tough year.  Our Lord has been with us each step of the way.  We have seen so many miracles and break-throughs and so many heart-breaking situations.  

To all of you who have stood with us, we at Air Mobile offer our most sincere THANKS!!  We pray our Lord's very richest blessings upon you in 2011.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


December 30, 2010 Thursday - 7:11am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


In yesterday morning's blog I wrote about relief worker, Paul Waggoner.  I was in Haiti when he was arrested and happened to be working with another case involving another American that was arrested the day after Paul was arrested.  In our case, the Missionary was completely innocent of the charges and still it took 3 days and a lot of prayer and a good legal team and the American Consulate to resolve our situation.  

We were aware of what was happening with Paul Waggoner, but unable to help other than PRAY.  As his case went on, we just continued to pray for the truth to be made known and....for wisdom, justice and grace to prevail.  I cannot begin to tell you how joyous I was to read the news last night that Paul was freed yesterday afternoon!  Apparantly, after 18 days, the evidence came to light and all charges were dropped.

Paul is not sure if he will come back to Haiti.  I suspect he probably will.  He has expressed concern that other relief workers / missionaries may take what happened to him and either not come to Haiti or leave Haiti.  I pray that does not happen.  Haiti needs all the help it can get and.....the relief workers / missionaries ALL THE PRAYER THEY CAN GET!

This is the reason, I so often urge you to pray for us and others as we help this desperate country in this desperate hour.  Literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions are on the very edge (like a "razor's edge) between life and death.  So often, the victims are children and the elderly.  This is the reason we keep going back.  We know that often, though our help is relatively small in the big scope, we ARE able to help in some capacity.

Your involvement with our ministry is significant.  Your prayers  and help do so much to help us to go.  Take yesterday, a number of volunteers showed up with small and not so small trailers.  Load by load, box by box, we continued the move to our new facility.  Voluneers like the Scarborough family showed up.

I first met Jason Scarborough 20 years ago.  He was just a teenager and wanted to work in our ministry.  He did for a number of years.  Jason went on to marry Cindy and then joined the US Airforce.  After serving for a number of years and rising to the rank of Captain, he felt led by the Lord to come back to Titusville.  There, we re-connected.  Recently, he sent his son, Garrett to Haiti with me.  What a fine young man, just like his father.  He has all the ingredients to become an exceptional missionary, or whatever our Lord has for Him to do.  

Yesterday, Cindy showed up with her kids and they moved load after load of relief supplies to the Air Mobile hanger.  Her children are such hard workers and have the same attitude as their mother and father.  Their daughter, after seeing "Ti Burik" recently made this beautiful work of art.

Finally, we continue to pray for Haiti.  When the election results are made public, there will likely be another wave of violence.  We pray that does not happen, as many more will die.  Haiti is just 2 days away from closing out the worst year in their history.  We PRAY that 2011 be a better year!  

Today, we continue our move.  Have more volunteers on the way.  Yesterday, we had to purchase a 40 foot storage container as our new facility is quite a bit smaller.   Have to get over there to meet it this morning.  Not quite a cold as yesterday.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  I'm often reminded of the fact that if we really knew what happened when we prayed.....WE'D PRAY MORE!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

December 29, 2010 Wednesday - 7:32am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Whoa, what's wrong with this picture - 26 degrees in Cocoa!  Records are shattered everywhere, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions are stranded world-wide - it is cold, very cold!  As I'm writing this blog this morning, I'm shivering....the heater's having a difficult time with this kind of temp.  So thankful to have a home and blankets.  I can only imagine what the homeless, those living in the woods, those under bridges must be going through.  Let's take a moment and pray for those who are shivering, suffering, searching... Dear Lord, touch those in need as only You can, Thank you!

Regarding Haiti - It seems the truth is; once the Provisional Election Council releases the results of the recent "Recount", the country is going to explode.  The country is on the "horns of a dilemma".  No matter which way they rule, people are going to be very unhappy.  Seems the problem goes back to the original election held on November 28th.  There were SO MANY irregularities, ballot stuffing, confusion, corruption that no matter how many times they recount or how many observers there are, the ballots are still questionable and will likely not be accepted by many or any of the candidates and especially, not by the people.  So, the problem is huge and the clock is ticking and no one knows exactly what is going to happen.

I regularly get calls from teams who want to go to Haiti and want advice as to the conditions.  It is very difficult to say what will happen from hour to hour.  Truth is....things could explode any moment.  Meanwhile, CHOLERA marches on.  The death toll continues to rise at an alarming rate.  The official death toll is near 2800 but the true death toll is likely much higher.  Even the official results indicate that the battle is far from over.  Air Mobile is gathering supplies and equipment for our next mission.  We still need help with our move.  

Now, regarding Paul Waggoner.  We recently had a situation that regarded a missionary "falsely charged" and released by our Lord's amazing grace.  We were actually very close to Paul Waggoner, though we did not see him, missed his first court appearance by only a few hours.  The exact same U.S. Consular officials that are currently helping Paul, helped us.  Their main job is to see that the Judicial process is adhered to.  

In our case, we had a good legal team and with much prayer, the Judge heard the evidence and our missionary was released.  We felt that we were teetering the edge throughout the entire process.  I cannot give details, but suffice it to say, it was very close, though our missionary was ABSOLUTELY innocent.  During the time our missionary was in jail, we literally prayed DAY & NIGHT.  Kind of know how the early Christians felt when some of the leaders were in jail.  

I urge you to take another moment and pray for Paul Waggoner.  As I read more and more about the case, the more "bizarre" it becomes.  From many eye witnesses, Paul did not even treat the child that has been allegedly kidnapped and now, "turned into a Zombie" by Paul.  The case gets stranger and stranger every day.  The sad fact is that the case could go on and on for months or even years.  Meanwhile, we have seen the jails.  Over the years, have ministered with a number of prisoners in jail.  It is not pretty.  So, I urge to pray for a good and speedy resolution to this case. Pray for Paul to be protected during this time.  May the truth be known and good judgement be administered all with our Lord's wisdom and grace.

Well, it is time to bundle up and head to the new Headquarters building and continue the "Big Move".  We must get this done soon.  I know it's cold, but if you live in the central Florida area and have a few free hours, we could really use the help.  Give me a call at:  321-544-7757 and we'll talk about how you can help.  I must THANK all of the volunteers who have helped us thus far.  You've been great!  We just have a big job to do and not a lot of time to do it.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 28, 2010 Tuesday - 7:48am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Woke up to 28 degrees in Cocoa, FL.  Now that is COLD for Florida.  Have some hearty volunteers who will be helping us move the Air Mobile / CSA office today.  Again, we are so thankful for folks who help, especially on a real cold morning here in sunny Florida.

The death toll continues to mount in Haiti from Cholera.  There has been no stabilization, about 40 people PER DAY are dying.  The death toll is now "officially" 2700, though I suspect the number to be higher.  Having worked in all 10 provinces of Haiti over the last 32 years, I know how isolated so many villages are.  For many Haitians, this is just "one more mountain to climb".  One more battle to fight, one more day of staggering struggles.

After 32 years of living and working in this country, I can tell you - these are some of the toughest people on earth.  No matter how many times they are knocked down, they keep getting up, though some don't - they just die.  But the survivors pull themselves together, often with a prayer and manage to put one foot in front of the other and go find some food, or get to the market to sell what little they have or head to their field and work their meager crops.  The dread disease of Cholera is new to many, is just one more obstacle to overcome. 

In Port-Au-Prince it's more complex.  What systems they had prior to January 12, 2010 have changed dramatically.  Hundreds of thousands had a place to live and a place to "work".  It was far below many standards around the world, but still, many "managed" to get by.  Today, all of that is changed.  Over 15% (1.3 million people!!!) of the population lives outdoors  in deplorable conditions.  Shelter, food and water, much more difficult to find.  Yet, they keep moving forward.  I have spoken with hundreds about their conditions.  They manage to find a smile tell me about how they are learning to "re-manage" their lives.  Often, I am moved to tears (inside) and marvel at the pure resilience.

Yes, from time to time people "blow up" in anger and frustration.  Usually, it does not last very long because most don't have very much extra energy.  What strength they have must be applied to getting enough food / water / medical care etc. for the day.

I am reminded of the many mornings that I have awakened quite early to the sound of singing and praise.  It usually begins about 4:30 in the morning.  The sound is sweet and intense.  The Haitian people know how to call upon the Lord.  Their praise permeates the whole area.  It reaches deep into my heart.  This is probably why I have "managed" to get back to Haiti 22 times this year.  So many missions have begun the launch preparation without enough money for fuel and an empty "little" mission plane.  But, it seems, just like my Haitian brothers and sisters, by the time it's time to "crank" up the engines, there is enough.  It so often comes through at the very last minute.  I never cease to marvel.

Well, I've rambled on a bit today.  There is so much more that I want to say.  Over the next few days, I may ramble a bit more and share some of the "treasures" that our Lord has given to me over this last year. Better get out in this very chilly morning and join our volunteers and get our Headquarters moved.  We're getting ready for 2011....I suspect it's going to be quite a year.  God Bless and THANKS again for your prayer, love and support.  

Air Mobile Joe

December 27, 2010 Monday - 7:32am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


All this week, our team of staff and volunteers will continue the move from our present facility located in Titusville to our new headquarters in Merritt Island.  It is only about 14 miles away.  Over the Christmas weekend, we have had several calls from volunteers offering to help.

Volunteers are such a blessing!  Take Doug for example.  He is a retired policeman from Wisconsin.  Does the "snow-bird" thing.  Doug first came into our life immediately following the donation of "Ti Burik" our mission aircraft (February 2010).  We needed a "ride" to Arkansas to go pick the pretty little bird up.  Doug stepped right up to the plate without hesitation.  After he returned to Wisconsin, he stayed in close touch with our ministry.  

Then, right on time, he showed up again to help.  Doug is joined by multiple other volunteers from all walks of life.  I am reminded of that wonderful quote from that dear old pastor of many years ago - "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".  He certainly does! 

Our new facility is actually an old church that was originally stuck in the middle of orange groves here on North Merritt Island.  The area took quite a change when Kennedy Space Center was built here in the early 60's.  We'll get a bit more history later.

As we close out 2010, my heart just aches for Haiti.  Over 15% of the entire population is living out of doors in tents and make-shift tarp/tin/ stick shacks.  The lack of clean water and medical care has made the nation vulnerable to so many diseases.  Of course, Cholera is rampaging across the country.  150,000+ have become infected.  There is no quick fix for this disease or it's rapid spread.

Air Mobile plans to continue to stay right in this battle.  Early this morning, long before the sun rose, I was mentally "pre-loading" our little mission plane for the next flight in.  Not exactly sure when that will be, but it will be soon.  We must get this Headquarter move made.  We're also working on funding more Air Mobile Rescuers (our remarkable water purifiers).  So much to do and.....we can do it with the help of our Lord and your prayer, love and support.  We are so thankful for those who help.  

Well, better get on with this day.  God Bless and THANKS again!!

Air Mobile Joe


December 26, 2010 Sunday - 8:51am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Ariana Grace Hurston had a beautiful Christmas.  Just one little girl adopted into a loving American family.  This is a story told again and again....a story of grace and rescue.  In so many ways, we can all relate to this story as we remember how our Lord came to this earth and rescued us.  This is what Christmas is all about.

As we approach the end of 2010, so many thoughts whirl through my brain and my heart.  It has been one devastating year for Haiti.  I do not know of a single country that has faced so many staggering blows in such a short period of time and.....the battles are far from over.

By our Lord's grace and many amazing "connections" I have managed to "blog" every single day since January 13, 2010.  Actually, my first blog was posted just after midnight on the morning of the 13th.  Several hours later, we were on our way to Haiti in a friends borrowed airplane.

Over next few days, I would like to share some of the insights and emotions of this last year.  But, for this morning, I'm almost a little late for church and have to get moving.  

For you, many of you have "stuck" with this somewhat crazy blogger for the year.  It has to have been a somewhat wild ride for you.  Believe me when I say, "your prayers and love and support have made a tremendous difference in my life and many others that we have been able to reach and touch in 2010.

Stay tuned for more "adventures".   God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 25, 2010 Saturday - 8:46am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The Hurston children had us up before the sun rose.  Little Ariana got a Barbie Bike.  She particularly loves Rapunzel this year.  We are so blessed! 

The Hurston's

PS - We spent yesterday evening at the home of my son Christian and Ann Marie and their beautiful children.  Cherie, Kyle and Levi were there along with Ben from Tallahassee.  So good being with family!!

 God Bless.  

Air Mobile Joe

PPS - Ann Marie took the photo.  She is a very gifted photographer.  Joe 

December 24, 2010 Friday - 7:25am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I well remember the night in March 2008 when Cindy and I picked up little Ariana at the Orlando International airport.  Barb had done all she could to keep the little one alive.  Ariana was frail and afraid.  We brought her home with us to care for her in preparation for her series of operations that would  change her life forever.  

I remember her speaking in Creole as Cindy gave her a bath.  Her comment...."dlo-a pa fret" in wonder.  It meant..."the water, it is not cold".  It was little Ariana's very first "warm bath".  We cried.  She has come so far since that evening.  Her English is perfect.  At 5, she is reading and beginning to write.  Her sense of humor is hilarious.  She is charming and somehow, knows deep down inside "from whence she came".  She has incredible compassion and love.  

Yesterday, at 11:10am, in a Judge's chambers in Jacksonville, FL,  Ariana officially became a member of the Hurston family.  Though, there was no doubt in her mind or ours, that prior to the proclamation, she was our daughter!

After the Proclamation, we took Ariana out for a Celebration lunch.  We stopped in St. Augustine at a Ruby Tuesday's.  I could not, not tell the head waiter what had just happened.  All throughout our delicious meal, waiters and even customers came up to offer congratulations.  I cried several times.

Ariana did go through a series of very serious surgeries.  An anonymous donor(s) came up with many, many thousands of dollars to make these surgeries possible.  Cindy and Ariana became so close during this long and difficult ordeal.  We are so pleased to tell you that the operations were a complete success.  The love between Cindy and Ariana is amazing.  

You know, in the big scope of things, it is "just one little life".  So easily overlooked, or could just "fall in the cracks".  But to the Lord, Ariana is precious beyond comprehension.  To Cindy and I, she is precious beyond words.  So, today, Christmas eve in Cocoa, FL, as I write this little blog today, I am just thankful and even more aware of how our Lord Jesus reached down and touched me, so lovingly so many years ago.  May we ever remember and be aware of just how much He loves us.  So much so, that He came down to the earth as a newborn baby to ultimately give His life for us.

Meanwhile, back in Haiti, things have taken an ugly turn.  There has been a rash of "Lynchings".  The anger and fear is being directed at Voodoo priests.  They are being accused of deliberately spreading the cholera.  The death toll is at least 45 and growing.  Cholera spreads through poor sanitary conditions and infected water and food.  Many Haitians are desperately seeking answers as to why so many are sick and dying.  Often, the local voodoo priests control the water sources in rural areas.  This is likely the reason many are suspect of spreading the disease.  Again, it is situations like this that we  often implore you to pray for Haiti.  PLEASE remember do so, even as you read this little report.

All is well and quiet in the "Village" in Haiti.  Barbara is slowly getting her voice back.  Today, we will continue to move Air Mobile / CSA into our new facility.  We will be doing so next week also and still could use some help.  We thank God for the volunteers who have stepped forward.  So many times, I thank you for your prayer, love and support.  It's a fact....we could not do what we do without so many kind folks helping us.  THANK YOU and may this be the most Blessed Christmas you have ever had!

Air Mobile Joe

December 23, 2010 Thursday - 6:19am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Nearly 3 years ago, Cindy and I facilitated the operation for a little girl from Haiti with a critical medical condition.  We gladly accepted the mission.  After the successful operation, we brought little Dieunika back to Haiti.  With tears, her parents asked us if we would consider adopting their daughter due to their desperate condition.  After many tears and prayer, we agreed to do this., we will stand before a U.S. Judge who will declare that little Dieunika San Vil will officially become Ariana Grace Hurston.  It is going to be a joyful day.  

Yesterday we made great progress on moving the Air Mobile / CSA Headquarters to our new building.  The more we settle in, the more we love this new facility.  The building was originally built as a church, one of the first churches in this area.  But more history later.

We had a wonderful Christmas party for our CSA staff and AMM Volunteers yesterday at the end of the good day of moving. 

Then Juliet Joy and Peter blessed us with beautiful music.  Peter began playing the guitar on his birthday (May 31st) and he now he plays beautifully.  He is very gifted and talented.  Juliet has a beautiful voice.  They sing very well together. 

Cindy, Ariana and I are getting ready to head up to Jacksonville, FL this morning and meet "The Judge".  Glory be to God!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  We so appreciate you!!  Joe 

December 22, 2010 Wednesday - 6:54am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Cholera deaths are falling in Port-Au-Prince, but in the provinces, the scourge marches on.  Relief agencies are stocking up on supplies and particularly "re-hydration" solution.  As the cholera epidemic continues to grow, it is essential that this solution and clean water be available.  Just prior to our departure from Haiti, we made strong moves toward "training" as many on the use of the Rescuer as possible.  Once the election results are made public, it is certain that violence will break out.  No matter which way the "recount" goes, many, many will be very unhappy.  We brace ourselves and PRAY!

Yesterday, we continued the move into our new Air Mobile / CSA facility located at 6250 North Courtenay, Merritt Island, FL.  After much prayer and thanks to our dear friends at Teen Missions, we were able to secure a beautiful facility right next to (just south) Kennedy Space Center.  We are among orange groves.  The place is beautiful.  

The main building is actually a church (I'll give a little history in another blog).  There is adequate space for us operate Cartridge Source of America (CSA) and Air Mobile.  Volunteers have been helping us move.  Seems a number of you have read this blog and given us a call offering to help.  THANK YOU!!

Today, we'll be doing the same thing.  Been working on something else and need your prayer.  Air Mobile Ministries is a 501C-3 Non-Profit organization established in 1984 as a Church Affiliated Mission Society.  We've conducted ourselves in this manner since our inception.  We've made this known very clearly to the IRS.  Seems now, this status is being questioned (after 26 years!).  NOTHING has changed in our operation except we've been reaching out and doing more than ever.  Been working with some helpful IRS agents.  Our exemption is still in place, but over the next few days, we must prove " we are, what we are".  

If you are a pastor / missions director and reading this blog, and support / sponsor this ministry, I could use your help in this matter.  Please give me a call (321-544-7757).  We need prayer and wisdom.   In matters like this, we must join together and PRAY!

Spoke with Barb (Rambo in the Blue Dress) in Haiti last night.  She has laryngitis and could barely speak.  All is calm in the "Village" though there is tremendous tension regarding the upcoming election results.  Please remember them in your prayers!!

Well, the sun has risen and it's time to "Get Moving"!  God Bless and THANKS - THANKS for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

December 21, 2010 Tuesday - 5:47am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


By the way, from the photo, you can see what we did yesterday.  We quietly slipped out of Haiti.

 Several weeks ago, I first learned about Richard, a 3 month old baby boy born with club feet.  This condition would make his life extremely difficult in Haiti.  Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) immediately began working with the U.S. Embassy to arrange a medical visa for the little one, after a wonderful family in the U.S. began working on arranging care and surgery for Richard.

On Sunday, it all came together and Air Mobile was given the wonderful privilege to fly little Richard to America.  That same evening, we called the Vice Consul of the U.S. Embassy and advised him of our plans to fly Richard to the U.S.  

Early Monday morning, we processed Richard through Haitian Immigration with absolutely no problem.  All were gracious, kind and very happy for Richard.  

Lisa, from Reach Out to Haiti, accompanied the little one.  He was a perfect passenger in Ti Burik (our little mission airplane).  Somehow, it seemed he "knew" what was happening.  Our flight went beautifully, though we fought 30 -50 mph headwinds.  This necessitated a fuel stop at Exuma International airport in the Bahamas.  

Following an uneventful flight we arrived in Titusville.  There we met the host family (John & Kendra)  that will be caring for Richard and arranging for his "life-changing" surgery.  The little one traveled so well and seemed to win everyone's heart whom he came in contact with.  Cindy reminded me of the "Little Orphan Annie" song, "I'm going to like this place". 

I've been through a wide range of emotions the last few days.  On Sunday morning, we learned about the "Old Daniel" passing away (read yesterday's blog below for details).  Then on Sunday night, I was called upon to help get "Little Richard" the help he needs.  The two events balanced one another.  Life goes on.

Leaving Haiti was difficult, it usually is.  I have missed my family quite a lot, as we had back to back missions to Haiti following the recent political unrest  and the need to rescue quite a few missionaries.  We thank God that we have been able to help during these turbulent times....and they are far from over.  

As we departed Haiti yesterday morning, we knew that the "powder keg" was about to blow.  Once those election results are published, a lot of people are going to be very unhappy.  Violence, death and more suffering will likely follow.  We pray for our Lord to intervene and bring His peace and love to this ravaged country.  Haiti is about to conclude 2010, without question, the worst year in Haiti's turbulent history.  Our hope and prayer for Haiti is that many will look to and call upon the Lord for help.

Yesterday evening, my son Peter and I met Curtis, our Operations Officer for our Company (CSA) at our new location in Merritt Island.  We are relocating both CSA and Air Mobile Ministries to a beautiful facility right next to Kennedy Space Center.  My wife Cindy (who is doing a "Heroic" job) and the CSA / AMM crew and volunteers have begun this move.  Everyone is working so hard to make this move.  We are very excited about the new location and believe that our Lord will bless our endeavors.  If you are reading this blog and live in the Central Florida area and would like to assist us with this move, please give me a call at:  321-544-7757.  WE CAN REALLY USE SOME HELP!   We have a full day ahead of us. 

We could not do the things that we do without a lot of prayer support and volunteers and above all, God's Amazing Grace & Joy!  We so appreciate you.   Thanks again!!

Air Mobile Joe 


December 20, 2010 Monday - 6:07am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, a small Air Mobile team departed on motorcycles for Pastor Volny's church located right in the middle of a huge dump / land fill.  So good to see Pastor Volny and to share with his church, was with sadness to learn that "Old Daniel" had passed away on Saturday.  He fought the good fight and we, his "adopted" family had stood with him until the end.

I have been blessed and moved by the love and care that the leadership of Caanan II had shown toward Daniel, who one day wandered into the tent city, very sick and all alone.  The community became his family and so did I.  We trust that Daniel is in a better place today.

Our mission with Pastor Volny - train more of his leadership on the care and operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  They were good students.  The water source in their community was quite contaminated and the Rescuer will do much to PREVENT cholera as well has maintain health.  The "students" grasped the operation and value of this wonderful machine and recognized the tremendous gift of clean water.

From Pastor Volny's community, it was back to Caanan II.  This community has over 5,000 residents and we felt it important to train more operators on the Rescuer.  There have been cases of cholera showing up in the tent city and we feel it is very important to help prepare the residents for the days ahead.  

Sunday was a quiet day on the road.  Usually, riots don't occur on Sunday.  We're thankful for every quiet day in Haiti.

We have a full day today.  As always, need and truly appreciate your prayers.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 19, 2010 Sunday - 7:54am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Got a lot accomplished yesterday.  Began with getting parts for the little mission motorcycle (following the accident).  Then it was on to the airport where I met a team of midwives who needed a ride to Jacmel.  The trip by road takes over 3 hours if....there are no road blocks, however,  by Air Ti Burik - just under 20 minutes!  We got them delivered on their way to the birthing clinic just outside of Jacmel in record time.  Thank the Lord.

The Organization of American States (OAS) has urged President Preval to delay the election results so that the international community can further review the results.  This action has caused a number of political groups in Haiti to "hit the streets" again with blockades and protests.  We managed to maneuver around a number of them yesterday with no incidents.  There are also talks about certain strikes occurring including the restriction of diesel fuel.  This always causes major complications.  Again, we PRAY for peace and sanity to prevail.

Then it was off to Caanan II to go over the operation of the Rescuer.  Immediately following the earthquake, we donated a unit to Pastor Volny for use in Caanan II as well has in the community where his church is located.  Shortly after the donation, the French organization, ACF delivered a large water bladder and has been providing clean water to the community ever since.  With the recent outbreak of Cholera, we thought it prudent to go back over the operation of the unit with the leaders in the community.

We found a new way to set up the Rescuer and operate it utilizing the mission motorcycle.  This is the first time we have done this technique.  It worked beautifully.  We mounted the Rescuer case on the seat with parachute cord.  This made a very stable platform.  Then, of course, we powered the Rescuer with the battery on the motorcycle.  This provides an excellent source of electricity.  When the battery runs down, we simply start the motorcycle and recharge the battery.  

During the demonstration, I asked the kids to get me a big pile of mud close by.  We fully contaminated the bucket of water and ran it through the Rescuer.  Out came pure, clean water.  The demonstration was a complete success.

We wrapped up the day and headed back to our base.  Tired, satisfied and JOYFUL!  Last night I went to bed reading all about the history of the Book of Philippians.  Some consider this little book the most tender and delightful book written by the Apostle Paul.  I agree.  

Today will be full of wonderful challenges and we pray victories.  Hope and pray you have a great day!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 18, 2010 Saturday - 6:25am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Haiti experienced a rather uneventful day on Friday.  Traffic moved somewhat freely, no reported outbreaks of violence.  Thank God!  Every day like this let's people get back to some normality and allows relief supplies and personnel to move to the greatest needs.  Speaking of supplies / personnel... less than 10% of the promised aid and help has reached Haiti.  

There are many reasons for this, some quite understandable, but the true victims are so often the weak and sick and particularly the children and the elderly.  In many cases, it would be better if the promises were just never made.  Far better that than broken promises.  Well, the thing that I continually marvel at is the ability of many Haitians to, as I said yesterday, just pick up the pieces and get on with life.  I know that our Lord has much to do with this.

Early yesterday morning, I met with Stan Brock and Jim of Remote Area Medical (RAM) at the airport.  Our mission - overfly and film the prospective new runway at Mador, an extremely isolated community in the Central Plateau region.  This is the area that RAM had brought in a medical team several weeks ago and Air Mobile assisted in airlifting them out via helicopter and Ti Burik due to political violence following the elections.  

We are, under direction of Bernard, preparing the study to submit to the Haitian Government for, hopefully, rapid approval of this vital runway.  From the air, the strip is beautiful.  We made numerous low passes and began setting up the "Approach Procedure".  I am blessed and honored that our mission aircraft, Ti Burik, made these first preliminary flights.  This runway will allow vital access  for medical and emergency care as well as help to develop the whole region.   Please pray again for rapid approval.

Now, in earlier reports, we have spoken of several delicate and complicated negotiations going on.  Still can't give any specific details but....yesterday we had a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH VICTORY!  I truly thank you for your prayers!  We are so thankful to our Lord for intervening.  

Late yesterday evening, met the RAM flight crew at the airport to assist in getting the grand old lady, the 66 year old DC-3 (C-47) ready for another mission.  This one will carry the RAM flight crew back to their home base in Tennessee.  Toward the end of the evening, this missionary was just beat.  Stretched out under the engine (not directly under or I'd be splattered with oil) when the mechanics prepared her for flight.

I must tell you one of the wonderful benefits to doing this kind of international relief work.  It is the incredible fellowship and cooperation between the organizations.  It is very cool to show up in some distant, isolated, ravaged country and find old friends.  In this kind of work, the "world gets rather small".  It is so often through overcoming obstacles that we come together and help one another to help others.  

The RAM flight crew fired the old bird up and ran the engines up in preparation for the early morning flite back to Tennessee.  The bird is beautifully equipped.  There is something absolutely marvelous about hearing those old "round" (radial) engines fire up.  To a pilot, this is like beautiful music.  Glad I could be there to experience it.  

After getting the flight crew all cleared and situated, it was back to our base on the little motorcycle.  No incidents on the road, light traffic no attacks.  For that, I am thankful.  

In just a few minutes, I should hear the old DC-3 fly overhead headed back to the U.S.  Then, it will be off to another day.  Will be assisting a team of midwives to get to a "hard to reach" area of Haiti.  Will also be assessing their need for clean water and another prospective location for a Rescuer (when we get more into country). 

 Have that "Joy" thing working this morning.  The beauty of the "Joy of the Lord" is that we can have all that we want.  We simply need to ask for it.  With that wonderful thought and truth, I'll sign off.  God Bless and remember, "this is the day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it!!

Air Mobile Joe    

December 17, 2010 Friday - 5:45am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Port-Au-Prince streets were somewhat normal yesterday.  Many wait for the next news on the elections but life goes on....It is early, the sun has not yet risen and as I sit and write, there are 2 church services going on within earshot.  Been going on for the last hour.  I have been amazed at how so many Haitians just pick up the pieces and keep on marching forward overcoming staggering odds.  This is a remarkable gift from God.

It is interesting to read the reports on the Cholera outbreak.  There are numerous studies on where and how cholera arrived into Haiti.  The overall conclusion is that it was brought in by someone from afar, perhaps Nepal.  There are many angry denials and accusations flying around.  The fact is, it is here and must be dealt with.  Thousands of foreign aid workers, along side Haitian health workers are working tirelessly everyday to combat this dreadful disease.  Fortunately, it is relatively easy to treat.  There are many regions that are isolated and difficult to reach.  These are the areas that we are focusing on.

Air Mobile is working with other organizations to gain access into the more remote regions.  Today, we will continue to do so.  We are also seeking out organizations who can benefit from the remarkable Rescuer (Voyager) water purifier.  We are training operators on the effective usage and maintenance on the unit to keep the clean water flowing.  This is so important in the treatment and....the prevention of cholera.  

The work team here in the village continues to perform wonders with welding.  Several of the newly constructed buildings now have metal stairs leading to the second floors.  These guys work fast and well.  We are so blessed to have so many volunteers willing to come down and work beside us.  We're just thankful to the Lord.

Before the church service began around 4:30am, I was already awake reflecting on "The Joy of the Lord". What a rich and powerful message and gift from the Lord.  The Joy of the Lord truly gives unimaginable strength in the darkest and most difficult times.  As I have shared numerous times, the situation in Haiti can be overwhelming and our efforts can seem so small in the face of the staggering needs.  This is where the "Joy" kicks in and gives strength for the day. We simply do what we can do and trust the results to Lord.  His Joy helps bring us through the day.  Many times we may never see the results of our efforts.  Again, that is where the joy comes in.  I pray you experience great joy today.

Well, the sun is just rising and must get on about the day.  It's going to be a good day and most likely, quite interesting.  Thanks as always for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

December 16, 2010 Thursday - 6:32am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We were all over Port-Au-Prince yesterday.  The streets were gripped by gridlock, but there were no notable protests.  Former President Clinton flew over from the Dominican Republic and urged world leaders not to cut off the foreign aid.  Haiti is struggling to proceed to the next level of the election process.  The people eagerly await the decisions.  There is mistrust and fear that things will erupt again.  The Cholera death toll took a higher jump yesterday.  The battle still rages, though it is not in the news.  But, yesterday, people just went about their business trying to prepare for what lies ahead.  

We are awaiting our next shipment of Rescuers (Voyagers) that are being constructed at this time in the U.S.  We are selecting locations for them.  We've been involved in some delicate negotiations that will effect several vital projects and missions.  Please pray for wisdom, direction and favor (can't give any details at this time).

During several long waits yesterday, there were multiple opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.  Also able to pray with a number of officials.  Seems so many are turning to the Lord during these trying days for Haiti.  It was then that I reflected on the book of Philippians written by the Apostle Paul while he was in prison.  I found s0mething new.  

For many years, I have stood on the scripture (Philippians 4:6-7), "be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God; and then, the peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus".  Now, that is a wonderful scripture to reflect on particularly when things are NOT going well.  When we are facing complicated and difficult circumstances (like several we are facing right now in Haiti), it is time to reach up and ask the Lord to give us His joy!

But....I saw something that I had not noticed before in this wonderful scripture.  The verse just before says, "REJOICE in the Lord ALWAYS and AGAIN I say REJOICE".  That really hit me yesterday.  It goes back to the Joy of the Lord being our strength.  In other words, when things are not going well, seemingly impossible circumstances are before us, when things are just overwhelming....REJOICE & AGAIN I SAY REJOICE!

Well, as the day pressed down upon our team yesterday, frustrations were everywhere, negotiations were languishing, and the atmosphere seemed to be charged with anger and discouragement, the JOY of the Lord began to rise in my heart.  Soon, we were sharing the good news of Jesus and truly, I can tell you the Joy of the Lord was rising in our hearts.  It seemed to penetrate into the hearts of a number of the Haitian officials.  The day ended late yesterday evening and our small team headed back to our camp rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.  I pray this simple testimony helps you today.  

No matter how overwhelmed or discouraged you may become, remember to simply REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS AND AGAIN, I SAY REJOICE!  You will find the day will go better and you will find new strength to face whatever you might be facing.  

Well, today, the negotiations go on and we are confident that the victory will be ours.  Thanks as always for your prayer and love!  God Bless.

Air Mobile Joe


December 15, 2010 Wednesday - 6:18am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning I headed out on the motorcycle.  I saw a dead body, a woman of perhaps 40 years old. She had obviously been struck by a vehicle in the night.  She had yellow gloves on that indicated that she was working with cholera cases.  A very sad scene.  I just stopped and reflected that this victim most likely left children, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins.  In a few moments there was a group of us and it was time to pray.  We all gathered in a circle and prayed for those whom she had left behind.  Even the Haitian police and U.N. officials joined us.  It was sad and sobering moment.  I too realized how fragile we really are.  We simply need the Lord.  Little did I know how this day would end.

From the accident scene, it was on to the airport.  Made final preparations on "Ti Burik" to be sure the little aircraft was ready.  Spent some more prayer time with my dear friend Mark with MAF.  We too prayed for the family of the woman.  Oh, I want you to know that I heard from Pastor Volny (refer to yesterday's blog below).  He had indeed been ill, but has recovered.  He is currently in a Church convention.  We're hoping to get together to go see "old Daniel", the gentleman whom we have been following and helping from the tent city.  This was an answer to prayer.  The Tent City, Caanan II truly needs Pastor Volny's solid and Christ-like leadership.

From the airport, I headed to an "Oasis" in Port-Au-Prince, the Visa Lodge to await word from Captain Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical.  He was scheduled to come in from the mountains following the successful medical mission.  We had evacuated 10 team members out on Saturday and Stan had stayed behind to finish up the operation.

While awaiting the call from Stan, I had the privilege to meet Dr. John Carroll.  John has been working in a Cholera Clinic since Thanksgiving.  He had slipped away for some peace and quiet at the Visa Lodge.  Soon, we were comparing notes and discussing strategies.  John specializes in heart patients and has helped many over the years to get life saving surgery in the U.S.  I hope we can help John to find some willing hospitals.  He currently has 15 patients that need surgery.  In this shot, you can see a black pillar of smoke indicating tire burning and unrest.  John indicated that there is no slow up in Cholera cases.  It crosses all boundaries.  I am thankful for willing servants such as John who reach out to help so many.

I just received a request from my dear friend, John Vrooman this morning.  The main Cholera Clinic in Les Cayes is in desperate need of medical personnel.  Again, the Cholera scourge marches on passing over all political boundaries.  Haiti so needs our prayer!

Captain Brock arrived right on schedule.  We headed to our base camp.  The traffic was horrible.  Tempers were flaring, gridlock was everywhere.  The Haitian people are so angry and frustrated with the election results.  After numerous "near misses" we made it back to our base.  Ahhh, now some rest or so I thought.  

Suddenly, received a call for help for a missionary in distress in town.  Without thinking, I dashed back out on the little mission motorcycle.  I passed the body of the woman who had perished earlier.  Apparantly, the officials were waiting for family to come and claim the body.  Another sobering reminder of the danger on the roads.  Another prayer for protection.

After doing what I could to help the missionary, it was time to head back.  That's when the "freak" accident occurred.  I was on a nice, wide stretch of road.  Suddenly, the on-coming vehicle began veering directly toward me.  The road was slick.  I moved to the right.  The vehicle kept coming directly at me.  I had no choice, I slowly veered to the left to avoid a head-on collision.  Then it happened, the vehicle followed my movements and veered with me.... no choice now, out of room.  I laid the bike down made a full 360 degree spin and slammed into the car.

Never lost consciousness....slowly got up, all was in tact.  The little motorcycle has excellent protection.  The bars on the front and the back kept me from harm.  The motorcycle is pretty beat up.  Does not shift well but was driveable.  After exchanging a few unkind words with the driver (not very Christ-like), I limped off the road.  Managed to get the little motorcycle started and got back to our base camp.  Praise God for His Divine Protection!!

Well, it's another day.  Not too sore, but still know that I was in an accident that surely could have killed me.  I suppose our Lord is not through with me yet.  The mission goes on ALWAYS, THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYER, LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 14, 2010 Tuesday - 6:51am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was an unusually "cold" rainy day in Haiti.  The rain just kept falling.  Reports from "the street" were that several groups wanted to light fires, but the rain kept putting them out...a mercy from the Lord.  Instead, they just threw rocks, but not with much force.  Yesterday was relatively calm in this ravaged country.  The potential for war to break out at any moment is great.  The candidates are not pleased at all with the Provisional Haiti Election Council and the recent rulings.  We pray! 

I headed to the airport on the little motorcycle and fueled "Ti Burik".  Always a good idea to have the little plane ready to go on a moments notice.  Was able to assist our good friends, Nathan and Amy (Adventist Hospital) to get a few Doctors out on the local small airline.  Also had some deep quality time in prayer with Mark, the Director of Mission Aviation Fellowship.  Excellent fellowship and insight.

While we were in discussion, the weather closed in on several of the remote strips that MAF flies to.  One of the pilots', who was already airborne had to return.  A wise decision by any pilot.  It was very good observing the MAF team in action.  Extremely professional and safe.  MAF is such a quality organization.  It's been a joy working together with them for the last 25 years.  

I shared with Mark my concern about the "depression" taking over Caanan II.  We prayed regarding the situation.  I explained that Pastor Volny has not been in the tent city the last few times I have checked on them.  The report that came to me was that he was ill.  After prayer, headed to his church that is actually in a land-fill / dump area.  Met with several of the leaders of the church and left a message for him to call me.  Also, once I have found him, we could go together and visit with Daniel who is in the hospital that is in a very "hot" part of town (where politics often turns violent).

Left a message requesting the Pastor contact me ASAP.  From there, back to our base camp.  Barbara had an excellent idea.  Bring blankets and food to Caanan II.  Haitians don't like cold rain because it is so unusual.  We gathered up a truck load of blankets and food and headed to Caanan II.  We brought  some of the team members who have been doing wonders with welding in the village.

We were met with smiles and anticipation.  Immediately, the ladies lined up ready to receive their "domi douce", the creole word for blanket.  It literally means "sweet sleep".  The blankets were beautiful and soft and warm.  Many had come to us from Samaritan's Purse.  Today was THE DAY to pass out these blankets.  It was miserable cold and rainy.

Then we passed out the food.   By the way, this food came from my very dear friends Bobby and Sherry Burnett of Love a Child - THANK YOU, BOBBY & SHERRY!!  The food distribution quickly got "crazy" because of the rain and fear that some would not get any.  I simply sat on the tailgate and stopped all the food from being "distributed", it was getting wild.  Just stopped everything and began to pray.  Then I asked the prospective recipients to join me.  It took a while, but soon I would say a phrase of prayer and the recipients would join me.  Things calmed down.  

Now, we were down to 3 boxes of food.  I asked the crowd how I should finish this up. The unanimously named one of the 3 leaders in the community to receive the food and distribute it.  That was a great answer.  It also let me know that the leadership in this community was still somewhat intact.  The end of the distribution went peacefully.  Thank the Lord.  

As the sun set, we headed back to our base.  It was a long day, but good day even though it was rainy, dreary and "relatively" cold.  We were able to help just a few in one tent city among thousands with a little comfort and love.

Today, we will face more challenges and seek His direction for the day.  God Bless and THANKS as always for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe     

December 13, 2010 Monday - 6:42am (Haiti Time) - Undisclosed location - Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Back in Haiti from the Dominican Republic.  While I was approaching landing at Port-Au-Prince, heard the call sign for the aircraft flying Sarah Palin.  We exchanged a few kind words.  Upon landing, and getting a fine lunch prepared by Lisa, it was off Samaritan's Purse and bringing in a critical load of supplies for them.  They were all still "a-buzz" about the special visitor.  The main theme of her visit was "Don't forget Haiti".  This is certainly a dark and challenging hour for Haiti.

The word "on the street" has been that Monday (today) would be a very violent day.  Late yesterday evening the Provisional Haiti Election Council offered to re-open the election process to Appeal.  This action gives all of the candidates the opportunity to legally challenge the results of the election.  This may avert a major outbreak of violence.  We pray that the violence is averted.  So many suffer for so many reasons when violence breaks out.  Truly, Haiti is walking a "tight rope".

We have been in touch with numerous missions who are seeking to evacuate their American / Foreign staff members from Haiti.  It is very difficult to move around the country.  One never knows when a violent protest will erupt.  The usual technique is to block the road with burning tires.  Then "anything" can happen.  

While all of this is going on, tens of thousand are languishing with cholera.  The tragedy is - critical supplies and medical personnel are unable to move.  This was demonstrated by the 10 member medical team that we had airlifted out of the isolated mountain community then flown to the Dominican Republic where they easily caught flights back to the U.S.  There were a few flights that "snuck" into Haiti yesterday, but regular service has yet to be restored.

I see from the weather reports that much of the U.S. is gripped by a terrible freeze, even down in "Sunny Florida".  It's even been a bit cool in the evenings here.  Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) just pulled out a large stock of blankets.  We'll be bringing those, along with food into the tent-cities that we've been helping.  Yesterday, while enroute to Samaritan's Purse, we stopped in Caanan II.  Haven't been able to get word on Daniel (the older gentleman that we have been helping).  Hope to get his status today.  But there is something else.

The last few visits to Caanan II, I have sensed a depression among the residents.  The strong leadership that we have been working with is breaking down.  The "tents", once bright blue are now dirty and tattered.  The little gardens that were so beautiful and fruitful just a month ago, are dried and dying.  The people are tired, frustrated and hurting.  Cholera has been slowly creeping into this camp.  We are so thankful that Caanan II does have an excellent sources of water provided by ACF, the French relief organization.  Pastor Volny does have a Rescuer and has the ability to purify water as needed.

I just received these shots from my Cindy in chilly Florida.  Peter and Juliet sang in our church, Redeemer Presbyterian,  yesterday morning.  They did a wonderful job.  Then our little Ariana was one of the Christmas angels.  Sorry I missed the performance.  So glad we can capture the moment and text them.  Amazing and wonderful technology for staying in touch.

Today, we'll be laying low and on stand-by to fly if needed.  I'll be in our "refurbishment center" preparing Rescuers for service.  Kyle and the construction team have been making splendid progress on the village.  Metal stairs are being put into place.  We have one team member, Jake, who is an "artist" when it comes to metal work.  He believes in "functional art".  He does great work along with the rest of the team.  We are so thankful again for how "our Lord deploys His troops".  Have a blessed day, stay warm and thanks again for your faith prayer and love!!

Air Mobile Joe

December 12, 2010 - Sunday - 7:35am (Santo Domingo Time) - Los Americas International Airport, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe

After a very long, hard day of flying and helping weary & yes, concerned (for their safety) relief workers it's back in the saddle again. Will be back in Haiti sometime soon. Oh returning to Santo Domingo (the Dominican Republic) yesterday (2 times) brought back so many memories. This is a stunningly beautiful country. Yesterday, I mentioned that a dear old friend from Louisiana "just happened" to have a helicopter in Haiti and "available" for this rescue operation . Well, it was no accident. A wise old pastor once told me "son, God knows how to deploy his troops".

 It's funny, last night when we landed in Santo Domingo, that same chopper was here on the ramp. Just spoke with the pilot & crew and thanked them again for the rescue. Have to fuel Ti burik and get on with the day. As always Thank You for prayers and love!

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