Friday, August 30, 2013


8-30-13 Friday - 6:53 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The UK Vote to NOT attack Syria has put the Obama Administration foreign policy into "disarray".  The White House is hesitant to proceed against Syria unilaterally putting the "immenent" attack on "Pause".  Here's more on these breaking developments - OBAMA SYRIA PLANS IN DISARRAY AFTER UK VOTE

While here in the U.S. an NBC pole shows that 80% believe that Obama should have Congressional Approval before any such action.  It appears that the foundations for attack (compelling evidence is not so compelling).  At any rate, a "Pause" seems to be a good thing for now.  Here's more on the poll - 80% OF AMERICANS SKEPTICAL OF SYRIA STRIKE

Perhaps we can breathe a little easier knowing that the U.S. will likely not go to War today.  However, this situation is still quite fluid and I urge you to continue to PRAY for wisdom and divine guidance to prevail.

Been keeping an eye on the Caribbean.  It has been exceptionally calm for the last few weeks.  There are a couple of systems that have a slight chance of development.  We're very thankful for this calm (hopefully not before the storm).  Here's the link - TROPICS WATCH

Still operating at about 50% power on my leg, that is slowly being healed.  Again, this "limited mobility" is allowing for some additional study of the Word of God and a bit more prayer time.  Of course, we can pray "on the run", but it's usually not very focused prayer.  So even though I'm in a bit of pain, it's working together for the good...Romans 8:28.

As always, we're so thankful for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today and remember to keep praying regarding the situation in Syria.  Things can change very fast.

Air Mobile Joe

8-29-13 Thursday - 7:01 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Perhaps it will be just a "Shot across the bow" to let the world know that the U.S. is serious about the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  

However, what was "conclusive" evidence that the Syrian Government, did indeed, gas it's own people, may not be so "conclusive".  Again, let us PRAY for our Lord to lead and guide in these volatile waters! INTELLIGENCE ON CHEMICAL WEAPONS "NO SLAM DUNK"  

Meanwhile, Israel is stocking up on Gas Masks....just in case.  Threats have been made, that if, the U.S. bombs Syria in any way...Israel will "burn".  Believe me, Folks, these are serious issues.   
The Bible is full of Prophesies on End-Time events that specifically name Damascus.  Here is an article that came out yesterday - THE DESTRUCTION OF DAMASCUS: SYRIA AND BIBLE PROPHESY

Meanwhile, not only is the U.S. sending warships to the region, so is Russia.  There is a lot of very strong rhetoric going on.  Here is more on what the Russians are doing - RUSSIA SENDING WARSHIPS TO THE MEDITERRANEAN

I am reminded of the Words of Jesus, when the Disciples asked Him to teach them to Pray.  The simple "Our Father" was the answer.  THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!

It is good to know that He hears our prayers.  Again, may I urge you to join together with Cindy and I today, that the Will of God be done today regarding these matters.

The healing taking place in my leg is allowing for about 50% mobility.  It's good to be able to operate from the home base.  Of course, the most effective thing any of us can do is PRAY.  S.D. Gordon once said - "Prayer is striking the winning blow....service is just gathering up the results".

Now, it's time for me to go take care of those precious chickens...that give us delicious eggs every day and head out into this day.  We'll see what adventure lies ahead.  As always, THANK YOU for standing together with us with your prayer, love and support.  Let us remember to pray for the volatile situation in the Middle East.

Air Mobile Joe

8-28-13 Wednesday - 6:19 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


That is the question of the day.  Our Country appears to be on the "horns of a dilemma".  On one side is Syria, Iran and Hezbollah - on the other side is Al-Qaeda.  

Folks, I strongly urge you to join together with me in prayer on this matter.  There are many things that we do not know, but.....I know Who does?

If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God Who gives to all men liberally.  The U.S. Government certainly needs clear direction from the Lord on this matter.

Now, here's the quick story of how a sore leg and "limited mobility" is bringing this "fast-moving" missionary closer to the Lord.  There is a wonderful scripture found in Romans..8:28 - "And we know that all things work together for the good to those that love God and those called according to His purpose".  

As you may know, this "pain in the leg" (and other parts of my body) has slowed me down considerably.  It has allowed some "down" time.  What a wonderful time to pray and read and study.  Our Lord knows exactly "where we are and what we need".  I shared yesterday, how an old friend, Fred, from Louisiana sent me a couple of books.  Wow, are they hitting the target!

I know that, often, in the "whirlwind" of our activities, our Lord simply wants us to "Rest in Him".  It's so easy to get caught up in the needs around us and neglect that quiet, prayer, study and "fellowship" time with the Savior.  So, this "Pain in the leg" is "working for the good" as per Romans 8:28.

Now, I certainly believe in the power of God to heal and am standing on firm promises from the Lord for complete and total healing.  And, slowly, my leg is, indeed, getting better.  Rest, often does remarkable things for us, particularly when we Rest in the Lord.  

I just noticed something.  The Scripture that our Lord put on my heart for the day is, Romans 8:28 and it just happens to be August 28th (8-28).....kind of funny... and I'm not reading too much into that.....just saying.  

Yesterday, my good friend, Brian came by and we had some wonderful and productive fellowship.  Brian is an excellent Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).  I had reached a "Plateau" in my study for the CFI Check Ride.  I discussed it with Brian and bingo, we pushed right over that "flat spot".  I love it when our Lord does that!!

Again, it's a perfect example of how our Lord "Deploys His troops".  He certainly sent Brian my way yesterday and He used my friend, Fred, to send over books I needed to read.  The bottom line is:  HE LOVES US and truly cares about us and wants to spend time with us in fellowship.

It's time to go and feed those chickens.  Will be out running a few errands today and "Resting" in the Lord.  So, that's how a sore leg is bringing me closer to the Lord.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support and for bearing with me as I ramble down this winding "blog" road.

Air Mobile Joe

8-27-13 Tuesday - 6:33 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Those Words were spoken by Jesus, to His Disciples just hours before He went to the cross in John 14:1.  Jesus knew that some very bad things were about to happen to both He and the Disciples and....He knew "The Rest of the Story"!  

So those Words, that He spoke in a very "dark" hour, have been repeated millions of times to bring peace,  encouragement and faith when we need it most.

From time to time, I must simply hang on to Jesus to help me get through the day.  Such was yesterday.  Of course, I've been just a bit "laid up" with an aching leg, so my "Mobility", for which Air Mobile is named, has been a bit restricted.  Along with that, add pain and then read the headlines and yes, it can be rather discouraging.

While out yesterday, received a package from an old "High School" friend, Fred.  Fred was a "Football Star" and had quite a name.   With the same fervor for football, Fred came into the faith.  Recently, he and I have been communicating and it's been a huge encouragement to me.  Well, he sent 2 books.  

First, the simple story of our dear Pastor, Brother Roy.  Now, I've quoted Brother Roy so many times....."God knows how to deploy His troops" and "by the inch, it's a cinch" etc.  I read his simple testimony "cover to cover".

The second book, "Unveiled" is just what I need.  After pouring through these books, ended the day with...The Book of Revelation.  Now, that's quite a book and has brought great mystery to many, but....I went through the entire book and GOT TO THE END & GOD WINS!

Sometimes, just slowing down and sitting quietly can reveal so much.  As you, who ramble down this winding path with me, know, Air Mobile Joe moves around a lot.  

Oh, it's not bad to bring clean water and the Good News of Jesus to the thirsty and the lost.  Or fly in a plane-load of supplies to missionaries, or work on "bad communications" (ATC Haiti).  These are good things and greatly appreciated, but...sometimes, it's good to just slow down and walk and talk quietly with Jesus.

If we look at the headlines only....things are getting pretty sticky in this old world.  Just saw that the U.S. has declared that WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (WMD) have been used in Syria.  Does this mean war?

Meanwhile, Russia and China are WARNING the U.S. NOT to attack.  Believe me, these are serious things that are going on.  Here's more on this developing story - RUSSIA / CHINA WARN U.S. AGAINST ATTACK ON SYRIA

So, what does all of this mean?  Well, Jesus IS COMING BACK to earth.  We are, indeed, one day closer and, in the end, GOD WINS!  I am on God's side and simply want to serve Him today.  

Jesus also says in John 14:27.....

As you go forth into this day, may you have HIS PEACE!  THANK YOU again for wandering down this path with me.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-26-13 Monday - 7:12 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I'm very glad to report that the "rest" (limited mobility) I've been taking, has had a very positive effect on my leg.  Seems that there has been a pretty strong "inflammation" going on, and I've just kept going & going (like the Energizer Bunny) and not allowing it to "cool down".  THANK YOU for your prayers!!

So, I'll head into this week with a partial schedule and try to knock out errands and running around by noon and come home and just continue limited mobility for a few more days.  Thank God for "Virtual Offices".  

With a lap-top and a "Jail-broke" I-Phone (creating a hot-spot most anywhere), one can work at "Home or Abroad & about anywhere in-between" pretty easily.  Mmmm...sure would hate to lose the computer or the "hot-spot".

The question arises....what would we do if we lost communication / connection via the Internet?  I can tell you, we would have to go back to BASICS pretty quickly.  Water, Food, Shelter.  If the problem is wide-spread, the consequences would be devastating, particularly to the modern Western World.  We depend upon computers / internet for almost everything (from soup to nuts) Water, food, fuel, transportation, etc.... you name it.

That is one of the reasons we have an Air Mobile Rescuer set up on our kitchen counter and we get all of our drinking water from it.  

If we had a "grid breakdown" caused by any number of factors (weather, solar-flare, man-made), between solar and batteries, we could produce fresh, clean drinking water for our entire neighborhood IMMEDIATELY for weeks and months if necessary.  Talk about make friends fast!!

Think about what a blessing that would be.  You could send messages to all your neighbors and tell them that, all they have to do is show up with a vessel and you'll fill it for free with fresh, clean drinking water.

I have been asked, "Aren't you worried about someone coming and stealing your Rescuer?".  That is a very good question.  As you know, we've been deploying these "Miracle" machines around the globe for nearly 10 years now.  We've been to some of the most devastated places on earth where things are really desperate.

Guess what? The recipients of the water become our protectors!  That's just the way it works.  Since we know how to make the unit run and keep it running, an "Army" of folks surround us and make sure that we are well taken care of.  

Now, when I say desperate places, I'm referring places like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Burma (Myanmar), Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Haiti, various African Countries and the list goes on and on (42 Countries and still counting).  BTW, we have yet to have a single Rescuer stolen (read next paragraph) or have been directly attacked for giving out clean water.

There was an ambush / attack, a number of years ago in Haiti, and our truck and all the contents were stolen.  But the thieves did not even know what the "Rescuers" were and...we managed (by a miracle) to find the thieves and get the Rescuers back and successfully deploy them to their intended locations.

Since I'm "hanging" around the house and looking at the "Rescuer" on the counter, and thought I'd write about it today.  Are you thinking about getting one (the unit comes complete with everything you need)?  

You can now buy them on-line or call us directly.  Even if you don't have the money for a Rescuer now, but want to know more about the remarkable unit, feel free to give me a call.  Would love to tell you all about the unit.  My cell is:  321-544-7757 or you may write me directly at:

Now, it's time to head out and run a few errands and hopefully, get back to the house around noon and let the old leg rest.  As always, we are so THANKFUL for you and your faithful love, prayer and support.  Don't forget to pick up phone and give me a call if you'd like to discuss the Air Mobile Rescuer, or any other thing we do or, just need someone to pray with you.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-25-13 Sunday - 7:26 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Several years ago, we had a run in with our Local Government (City of Titusville) where they evicted a Church that was in our building and said...."there will be no worship in your building".  We drew a line in the sand and went to war.  

Remember that old song, "I fought the law...and the law won"?  Well, in our case, THE LORD WON!  It took a long time and cost a lot of money, but the City backed off and we won the right to conduct services in our building.

Well, that brings us to a story about a Church in Missouri that has been baptizing converts in the same river for over 50 years.  The Government put in large boulders blocking access and required a "Permit to Baptize".   

Thank God this group didn't just lay down but stood and fought and WON!  Here's the wonderful story - FEDS DROP DEMAND FOR BAPTISM PERMITS

We are seeing our rights to worship God and follow our deep convictions being attacked every day.  Folks, BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN GOOD FOLKS DO NOTHING!

I'm glad again those folks in Missouri stood up and won the battle to "Baptize when the Holy Spirit" moves (and not have to wait for days for a permit!).

By the way, I remember when a dear friend asked me to Baptize him.  I was very busy and said we'd get around to it.  Shortly, thereafter, he flew into a mountain in bad weather and was killed instantly.  Never forgot that story and am so sorry I didn't drop everything and go Baptize my friend.

Had to show you the latest on our newest Grand-Daughter Amelie Joy along with her beautiful Grandmaw, my Cindy.  I wonder what's going through little Amelie's mind?  

Please, bear with this proud Grandpaw....Mmmmm, the joy of being a Grandparent!!

It's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for Church.  Been resting my leg and it's getting better.  Sometimes, we need to just slow down a bit and let the "inflammation" cool down.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

8-24-13 Saturday - 6:36 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes, an old injury will raise its ugly head and hurt like heck.  Such is case with my leg.  On a recent trip to Haiti, I was "scooting" around on the little blue motorcycle in Port-Au-Prince.  

Suddenly, the engine died and I pulled in the clutch to ease out of the line of traffic.  There was a convoy of huge UN trucks and equipment approaching.  

As I eased out the clutch to try to restart the engine, the back wheel locked up and suddenly, the little bike was side-ways and going down....that would have put me under the wheels of the giant on-coming equipment.

Without thinking, my right leg shot out, struck the road and corrected the slide.  Whew, dodged a huge bullet.  By the time I got back to the village my right leg was screaming at me.  After a few days, the pain seemed to go away but....over last few weeks a pain will hit the leg that brings tears to my eyes.

Thank God for good doctors!  Dr. Steve Badolato has seen me, on a moments notice, more than once.  He and Millie adopted a little girl from Haiti, Lensa, that was severely burned.  Lensa and our Ariana are very good friends (and Steve, with a great team of doctors and with the Grace of God, put Lensa back together!).

Steve is moving in on the injury and we're thinking it goes back to the "near miss" on the motorcycle.  The main element in good healing is "REST".  That's rather dificult for me to do. Please pray that I be a good and "patient" patient.

Well, yesterday, taking advantage of hanging out around the house and resting the leg, I pulled out my Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) "library" and continued to study for that CFI Check Ride.  It's really quite cool, as I'm going way, way back to the very basics and fundamentals of flying.

This morning, I'll be joined by my good friend and excellent pilot, Brian Tanis.  We'll be going over the elements that I've become a bit rusty on.   What is that saying, "iron sharpeneth iron".  

You know, I've been flying for nearly 50 years and that is all the more reason I so appreciate this extra training and getting very current.  

As far as flying goes, I have no real problem with that, but....teaching someone else to fly is another matter.  Taking the knowledge that I have, and use everyday and "articulating" it clearly to a student, is a bit tricky.  

So, I'm having go back over all the stuff I do, and re-learn it, step by step, so that I can teach it clearly.  This has not been tedious.  It's actually rather enjoyable and I'm relishing it.

I'm very pleased to report that mother and baby, Cherie and Amelie, are doing very well.  Wow, the wonder of it all.  Here, Amelie is only a few hours old.  Again, I'm so proud of my daughter, Cherie, for giving us such a beautiful grand-daughter!

Now, here's a good word from our dear brother (and Super-Hero), Chuck Norris on Coffee.  Another great article on the benefits of coffee...the key word is:  "Moderation".  It kind of like water.  Water is good, but too much water will drown you.  A couple of cups of coffee daily does indeed have strong benefits.  Here's the article - CHUCK NORRIS GIVES HOPE TO COFFEE LOVERS

So, if you haven't had your cup of coffee yet, go and enjoy moderation.  Be blessed and THANK YOU again for your precious love, prayer and support!! 

Air Mobile Joe

8-23-13 Friday - 7:03 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We all experienced great joy when beautiful Amelie Joy came into this world yesterday morning.  Our lovely daughter, Cherie gave birth to this precious 8 pound, 15 ounce (not so) little girl.  Congratulations, Cherie, great job!  Little Amelie makes our 8th grand child.  Oh, the joy!!

She's only a few hours old when this shot was tell me, isn't she cute!!....spoken like a true Grandpaw!

In life, there is birth and there is death and sometimes, there is life from the dead.  Take a look at this story about an Ohio man that was dead for 45 minutes, and after his son says, "Dad, you're not going to die today"....comes back to life!  Here's the amazing story as told on CNN - FATHER COMES BACK TO LIFE AFTER SON SAYS.. - be sure to click on the interview in the story.  All I can say is...."WOW"!  Thank you Jesus for this bit of GOOD NEWS!

Yesterday, my good friend, Brian came by.  He's in from Oklahoma and we've been discussing his helping to develop a Missionary Flight School.  While we were going over the progress I've made in preparation for the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) check ride, the phone rang.  It was Vicki from Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC), an arm of First Baptist Merritt Island.  She had baby food for Barbara in Haiti.

Again, our baby food supply had dwindled to nothing, and as usual, Vicki was right on time.  Brian and I jumped in the Ford Escape and dashed right over  and filled the back up with precious baby food.  

The folks at APC pass on all of their excess to us and we're so thankful and so is Barbara for their generous hearts!  Thanks again, Vicki and APC!  BTW, baby food is very expensive and often hard to find in Haiti.

In reflecting on yesterday's blog about so much "Bad news" and the deep contradictions contained in them, it's good to get GOOD NEWS!  And of course the best news of all is that Jesus loves you and gave His life for you!

So, it's time to go out and feed our chickens.  You know they give us nearly a dozen eggs a day.  Something really good about really fresh eggs.  Just another gift from our Lord!

Am going to be hanging out at the house today.  Been having some pain in my leg (possibly caused by a recent Haiti injury) and my good Doctor, Steve, has suggested I take it easy for a few days.  Now, with the Doctors' Orders, I'll do just that.  Will also be doing some extra study in preparing for the CFI Check Ride.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!  Be blessed today and rejoice in the Lord...for He is good!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-22-13 Thursday - 7:03 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I must admit, just reading the headlines, can be quite confusing.  Al Gore states that doubters of "Global Warming" are worse than "Racist, Supporters of Appartheid, Homophobes etc." and the Summer of 2013 - 2899 COLD as opposed to 667 HEAT records have been set.  

So what is it?? Are we getting cold or are we getting hot.  It seems that it's much easier to TAX us more if we are getting hot...oh my, this is confusing.

In another headline from Syria, somewhere between 136 - 1300+ have died from what appears to be a chemical attack and yet the Syrian Government says that the accusations of a Chemical Attack are "Absolutely Baseless".  So what is it?

In another startling statement from Obama...."NSA is NOT spying on U.S. Citizens" and yet mountains of evidence keeps coming out that, that, is exactly what is happening.  So what do we believe??

Folks, these are just a few of the apparent "Conflicts" in the headlines.  I keep going back to the Bible reading what Jesus says will happen in this old world.  As you know, from one of my favorite Scriptures on the subject, Matthew 24, there will be many catastrophic things that will happen in this world.

Jesus tells us that there will be "Great Deception" during this time.  There will be wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, seas will roar, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give it's light and stars will fall from heaven... and the list goes on and on.  Here is a link...if you have a few moments, just read what Jesus says - MATTHEW 24 NKJV

The GOOD NEWS is that Jesus is coming back and the Kingdom of God will arrive in it's fullness and there will be peace and joy beyond our comprehension.  Now that I BELIEVE!

So where does that leave us today?  May I urge you to seek Him with all your heart.  For again,  BEFORE Jesus returns, things will get bad, real bad (Great Tribulation) but....Jesus promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  The bottom line is:  Keep your eyes and heart fixed on Jesus.

As for me and my family, we're going to serve the Lord and seek to help as many folks as we can along the way.  That is another reason why I'm so thankful to have you standing with us with your prayer, love and support as we walk on this journey and adventure together! 

Today, I'll be doing some more flight training with a dear friend, Brian Tanis.  Brian and his wife, Kerry, are looking to move from Oklahoma to Florida.  We're working on creating an excellent Flight School to train Missionary Pilots.  We'll need more, well trained pilots for Christ in these end days.  We need airplanes & pilots to fly CLEAN WATER & THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS to needy areas.

BREAKING NEWS - Our daughter, Cherie, is in hard labor and just about to give birth!  Please pray that all goes well!!!

Well, it's time to head out into this day....that our Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe   

8-21-13 Wednesday - 6:58 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just came across this article on Coastal flooding and the need to Prepare.  Superstorm Sandy is a grim reminder of the weather changing.  Places that "normally" don't get hit by hurricanes may be the next targets.  So what can we do?  PRAY - PLAN - PREPARE!  Here's that article - GET READY FOR FLOODING / SEA RISE

Just as the record-setting flooding hit Manila yesterday, (which is now receding), we can see the weather, globally, is becoming more EXTREME!

I have shared with you before, the Parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25.  5 were wise and 5 were not.  The 5 wise simply had some extra oil (they likely bought it when the markets were still open and the price was reasonable).  If we "wait" until midnight (the darkest hour), we will likely not find what we are looking for.  This is good counsel about PREPARING!  "GOT OIL"??

Of course, the best and most precious oil we can have is the oil of the Holy Spirit.  This is why I encourage PRAYER FIRST.  By going to our Lord and seeking wisdom and guidance, we can best PLAN & PREPARE.

By the way, we conducted a thorough "Post Mission" inspection on Ti Burik yesterday, (our Little Donkey) and all is well.  Ti Burik is ready for the "next mission".

Then, delivered an Air Mobile Rescuer to the local businessman, who is "preparing" for some rough days ahead.  By the way, he, along with Cindy and I live right on the coast. The article above is a wake-up call to all who live along coastlines.  Of course, the Extreme Weather that we are experiencing goes far beyond the coasts.  All the more reason to do something today to prepare. 

Often, good preparation can be doing the "little things", like picking up some extra oil, or simply PRAYING and asking our Lord what to do, today.  I remember the words of a very wise Pastor (Brother Roy), he told me one day, many years ago, "Son, by the inch, it's a cinch, by the yard it's hard". 

So, here we are, ready to head out for another day that our Lord has made.  What adventure lies before us?  Only our Lord knows!  Pray you have a blessed day and do think and pray about ways you can prepare for the challenges that lie before us all.  

We so appreciate your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-20-13 Tuesday - 6:39 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Record setting rains (23.6") have flooded half of Manila, a city of 12 million people.  Recall in 2009, Air Mobile traveled to the Philippines following 4 Typhoons in 4 weeks.  This unprecedented rainfall has EXCEEDED the flooding caused by those consecutive typhoons.  We're monitoring this situation very closely.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Trami is heading toward Taiwan and China carrying a heavy load of rain.  This slow moving Storm is expected to reach Typhoon strength later today.  The flooding in the Philippines is not directly related to Trami.  Here's more on this "Extreme Weather" - TROPICAL STORM TRAMI - PHILIPPINES RECORD SETTING FLOODING

The best thing to do is.....brace yourselves for more "EXTREME WEATHER".  Recently, parts of the U.S. have experienced record cold temperatures (Atlanta a few days ago).  There is no question that unusual weather is happening all over the world.  Whether it will be record heat or cold or flooding or drought or hurricanes or wild-fires, these "extreme" weather events are causing catastrophic results around the globe.

It is a very common thought among us humans to go into a measure of denial and say.... "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" (N.I.M.B.Y.).  That kind of stuff happens "over there", but it won't happen here.  This is a dangerous way to think! 

Again, I urge you to consider thinking about "Emergency Preparation".  Now, that doesn't mean that we have to get all fully prepared TODAY, but simply let the thought go through your mind and heart and do "something" today toward preparing your family for some "rough days ahead".  Above all, I urge you to "Pray about it" and ask our Lord what He would have you to do TODAY!

As you very well know, we, at Air Mobile, deal very clearly and deliberately with delivering clean water to disaster areas.  We have found, after doing relief work for nearly 40 years, that often, the number 1 need following disasters is CLEAN WATER.  Disasters have a way of messing up the clean water supply. 

Over the last 10 years, we've been focusing on clean water delivery and the Air Mobile Rescuer is the result.  We've had the blessed privilege to deliver over 800 Rescuers into 42 countries.  We've learned so much about the challenges and the solutions to these "life and death" situations.

This amazing machine is often called a "Miracle Machine".  The fact that something so small and simple and powerful and efficient can deliver so much clean water to folks in desperate need, still, just blows my mind.  Because we are often "in the field" deploying these units, we have been able to make continual improvements to cause this remarkable machine to work even better!

If you'd like to learn more about the Air Mobile Rescuer simply go to:  AIR MOBILE RESCUER

Yesterday, I was getting an Air Mobile Rescuer ready for a local business man who has a heart to help others.  Will be delivering it to him today.  Will also be meeting with Paul, our aircraft mechanic and doing a routine inspection on Ti Burik following our last mission to Haiti.  We work hard to keep that little work-horse (or should I say..."work-donkey") ....ready to go!

I know that I say this often, but....I LOVE MY JOB! We're also so THANKFUL to you for standing with us with your love, prayer and support.  Time to head out.  God bless you!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-19-13 Monday - 7:39 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was time to leave Haiti.  The weather would be just a little challenging, as a Tropical Disturbance has been growing in the Gulf of Mexico and was spilling over Cuba.  So glad that Ti Burik (The Little Donkey) has plenty of fuel to allow some "dancing" around the storms.

Barbara needed a ride back to the U.S. and would be spending a few days with us. We headed to the airport, bright and early and "unannounced".  As you know, we do not "broadcast" our travel itinerary for security purposes.  Had already fueled Ti Burik, so it was a quick load and taxi to the main terminal.  

I must tell you something very good about the Haitian Government.  We often hear about all the wrong or bad things a Government does. Well, there is one GOOD thing that I would like to tell you about.  Since the terrible earthquake, the Government of Haiti has granted to Air Mobile Ministries, "Humanitarian Status".  What this means is, an "expedited" entry and departure.  It only takes a few minutes to process.  All I can say is...THANK YOU LORD & THANK YOU HAITI!

After our rapid clearance, the control tower cleared us for take-off.  The Controller told me he was eager to get the new ATC equipment.  I pushed the throttles forward and after a short roll, Ti Burik was in the air headed home.  Right after take-off, we encountered some build-ups in the mountains and an American Airlines 737 was descending along our route.  We worked out spacing.

Once clearing the north shore of Haiti, we could see the angry storms to the west of our route (over Cuba).  A few them "spilled" over and we had to do a little "dancing around".

We actually found some tailwinds between 11,000-12,000 feet and settled down to a nice, quick flight back to Fort Pierce.  We managed to average around 200 mph.  As you may recall, last week while coming to Haiti, we had headwinds about the same strength.  I like it when things "balance out".

Overall, the flight back was smooth as silk and rather quick, thanks to those tailwinds.  When we got to the house, Cindy was glad to see Barbara.  We'll be taking her shopping and hopefully, she'll get a little rest at our home.

So, the adventure continues.  Have a mountain of stuff to do.  Am very thankful for a successful trip to and from Haiti.  We hope to get the Air Traffic Control Contract finalized with a few more Haitian Signatures and then we can begin building the all new Communication System.

As always, THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support.  It's good to be home!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-18-13 Sunday - 5:27 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The afternoon was stifling, my leg was hurting and I just felt weary.  Had some free time (a rarity), so just laid under the fan, emptying spritzing bottles creating a mini-temporary air conditioner, bringing momentary bursts of relief.  Discouragement was hanging around wanting an entrance.  Better get up.

Found Barbara and Luana having a Coke.  Joined them and I then I saw her.  She was a Grandmother of an adopted child.  She limped into the "Village" with a make-shift cane (made from a metal, round table leg).  Each step was an agonized effort.  She had come for some supplies that Barb graciously provided.

It was a big load, more than she could possibly carry.  I simply sat and watched the drama unfold.  How would she get that back to her "home"?  My mind was dull with pain when Barb suggested, "Hey, want to do a good deed"?  My unspoken answer was "no"....I felt miserable.  Then, against all of my natural desires, I blurted out, "Sure, where does she live"?

Soon, we were headed to her little, rented house in the middle of a mud field.  Recent rains left the path nearly un-passable.  As we pulled up, we were greeted by an Aunt and 3 or 4 kids and lots of smiles.  It was a simple act, but all the way back, I visualized this Grandmother taking each excruciating step with that heavy load.

The pain in my leg seemed to disappear and so did the discouragement.  Now, folks, I'm not telling you this story to say, "look at what a good deed I did".  I share it to encourage you.  When you feel down and are hurting, try to find someone to help.  That very act will "chase" discouragement right away.  Remember the words of Jesus, "Give and it shall be given unto you".

Earlier, we went to Love-A-Child, the mission operated by Bobby and Sherry Burnette.  Yesterday, we spoke a bit about this couple (just scroll down for that story).  

Well, they donate hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and supplies every month to the missionary community, who in-turn donate it to the needy folks around them.  They loaded down Barb's van with vital, nourishing food.  Again, the principle was laid out by our Lord Jesus, "Give and it shall be given unto you".  Bobby and Sherry demonstrate that with their lives.

By the way, up early this morning and there is no pain in my leg.  We'll see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-17-13 Saturday - 6:24 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First met Bobby and Sherry Burnett in 1978.  They were building an orphanage in the Leogane area (just west of Port-Au-Prince).  Looking  back, it's amazing how little we knew...and how much we "thought" we knew.  We were "Rookies" for sure.

Over the years, we have stayed in close touch and we often laugh so hard at those early days and our many "learning" experiences.  Oh, we've walked through a lot of valleys and managed to get on a couple of hill-tops and through it all, our Lord is faithful and so patient!

Yesterday, we went to see Bobby and Sherry to share a gift that we had received with them.  Recently, Barbara had discovered that they needed some "clean water" in a certain area of their work.  We had an Air Mobile Rescuer that had been funded already.  So...we delivered a Rescuer to meet the need.

As I set up the Rescuer to demonstrate the simple operation, I decided to give a good picture of how well the unit works.  I pulled off my shoe and sock and then put my sweaty, dirty foot in the bucket that we were drawing water from. 

Then a passing Haitian worker came by and I asked him to remove his sandals and "stand" in the bucket with me.  Now, we had 2 dirty feet in the bucket and with great joy, after running the water through the Rescuer, I drank a "big gulp".

Bobby came right up and...with just a bit of hesitation took a sip of the Rescuer water.  Sherry was looking on and making sure that Bobby was alright.

Well, we've been on so many adventuress together over the years, here was one more. Sherry, then stepped up and took a sip of the "foot dirty" water, now, very pure after passing through our "Miracle" Machine.

Now, Bobby is a pilot and has packed many a mission aircraft. As I explained that this little "Miracle" machine only weighs 20 pounds or the same as 2.5 gallons of water, he quickly did the calculations.  He compared carrying a Rescuer to carrying in bottled water and it hit him....just what an amazing machines this is!

Further explaining that it takes the same amount of electricity of one little 60 watt light bulb, and yet can provide fresh, clean, drinking water to a whole village!  Needless to say, they were "Sold"!  We discussed ways that we can work together to get clean water all over Haiti.  I love it when our Lord puts a plan together!

So, at the end of our good meeting, I had the joy of presenting to Bobby & Sherry, the founders of "Love A Child" ministry, an Air Mobile Rescuer.  It will be interesting and exciting to see where this seed of God's grace and love will take us!

It's early, and the roosters have been crowing since around 2:00AM.  Time to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-16-13 Friday - 6:59 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After navigating through some challenging "Connection" problems yesterday and posting my daily "rambling" blog, headed out to the airport for some critical meetings.  The first meeting:  PRAYER with my long time, and dear brother Dave Carwell, Director of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).  

Have known Dave for over 20 years and we have prayed together about so many things and....we've seen our Lord move in great and marvelous ways so many times!  Over 2 years ago, we began praying diligently about the deplorable "Communication" problems at the Port-Au-Prince (PAP) International Airport.

Here is the problem:  PAP is a major Air Traffic Hub in the Caribbean.  Many aircraft going between South / Central America and the U.S. fly right over Haiti.  In addition, there are numerous Commercial and Humanitarian flights coming in and out of PAP daily.  The existing Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios have been on their "last leg" for years.  Frankly, it's a miracle that they are working at all.

Now, back to Dave and I and our "earnest" prayers for this situation.  We are all affected and the Air Traffic Controllers, try very hard to sort out the daily "traffic jams", but with bad radios, it's very difficult to do.  

Of course, as you, who "ramble" along this road with me know, several years ago I approached the Harris Corporation with the problem and requested to be their Agent for Haiti.  They agreed and our journey began on getting all new ATC equipment.  By the way, Harris is a world-leader in Air Traffic Control Systems.  

Note:  In June, we installed "Last Resort Radios" to help the situation but....they are "Last Resort", a temporary fix.

Have met with and moved this project forward with 2 Director General's of Civil Aviation. 

Back to yesterday.  We are so CLOSE to finalizing a major step forward toward our goal.  Had to stop in and have some quality PRAYER TIME with my dear brother and friend, Dave.  Told him I was about to sign a major Contract and we both came up with the idea....sign it with an MAF pen!

After getting the pen, I dashed over to meet with Engineer Cesar of OFNAC (Haiti Office of Civil Aviation).  He has been commissioned to arrange all of the final details of the next phase of the new ATC equipment.  We spent the afternoon putting the final touches and keeping the lawyers in the OFNAC and Harris camps happy.  

Finally, at 3:30pm, yesterday, I signed in behalf of the Harris Corporation to commence. The Director General will sign for OFNAC on Monday.  We are definitely a step closer to solving a major problem and helping the airways to be much, much safer! 

Folks, this has been a long and winding journey, but we are indeed very close to a significant conclusion.  I ask you again, to join together with us that it come to pass as planned.  So appreciate having you in our "Prayer Camp".  

Well, the sun has risen and about to have that second cup of coffee.  Will be visiting with some more missionaries today and helping to bring clean water where desperately needed.

May you be  blessed today and, THANK YOU again for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

8-15-13 Thursday - 7:26 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One of the "behind the scenes" things that goes on most every morning, particularly, when traveling abroad is "The connection".  Folks, there are times that my faith is tried "severely" when trying to "grab" an internet connection to produce and post this little rambling blog.

I say very little about this, but....sometimes it is a major challenge to "connect" and post.  Well, over the last few missions to Haiti, my I-Phone and it's "relationship" to the numerous Carriers here in Haiti have been having difficulties communicating with my phone.  

Reminds me of a famous line from "Cool hand Luke" (an old Paul Newman Movie).... What we have here is...a Failure to communicate.

My little improvised "Hot Spot" came to a screeching halt last night.  I phoned AT&T International Support and spent 1 hour 45 minutes on the phone with them.  Yes, it was hot and yes, I "Spritzed" myself numerous times to both stay awake and stay sane.

Finally, it looked like the patient technician and I had gotten my "connection" back.  Finally got to sleep after midnight.  

But, got up bright and early this morning and the same thing. Would get a connection and after about 1 minute and a half, it drifts away leaving the blog "hanging in mid air".  

So, left my little room, with cup of coffee in hand, and got close to the Village Router and connected.  Thus this blog.  Now, I don't mind "borrowing" the Village Router for emergencies, but...sure would like to get my own little "hot spot" going, as we travel all over the world and need to have that "mobile" connection.  Please pray that we resolve the issue today.

Now, this situation was particularly frustrating because Cindy had sent me a great You-Tube on Peter's Mission Trips this summer.  I tried again and again to watch it and my faulty connection just wouldn't let it happen.

FINALLY, I saw Peter's You-Tube just a few minutes ago.  I'd like to share it with you - PETER HURSTON'S SUMMER MISSION - We're very proud of Peter and have seen him grow in so many ways this summer...He's 6'2" & still growing.

I'd better "Post" this blog before we lose electricity in the "Village".  Sometimes, it's good to look behind the scenes and know what goes on like the "cold showers", "spritzing" air-conditioner and spotty and weak connections.  Time to head out and see what our Lord has in store.  Truly do appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-14-13 Wednesday - 7:19 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Days begin early in the "Village" in Haiti.  Often, just lie there with the fan blowing and sound of roosters and pots clanging and kids making a tapestry of sound unique to Haiti.  Of course, after a time of prayer and asking our Lord to simply lead & protect, splash a little water on my face and begin the wonderful process of making that first cup of coffee.

Just looking out the back window, one can see the everpresent mountains and still, rubble from the terrible earthquake.  The views are quite spectacular on this island, once called "The Pearl of the Antilles" by Christopher Columbus for it's lush rich beauty.  A lot has happened since those early days of discovery.

Our dear Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress") has relentlessly carved this "Village" out of hard rock and a pile of challenges.  Yet, her hard-headed determination has paid off in so many ways.  Cindy and I have 2 little girls (one is not so little anymore, Juliet), who likely would have died had Barbara not found them and rescued them and then blessed us with them.   

Over the years, Barb has found and rescued over 1000 children and still counting.  Now, Barb is very efficient and practical.  Though the "Village" has many of the conveniences of home, i.e. reasonably reliable electricity (thanks to 2 big generators) and the Internet (fairly reliable), plenty of beds and fans (more on those later), there is NO running water.

This is because the hard ground makes drainage very difficult and Barb practically opted out of running water from the very beginning.  So...shower in a bucket.  The "cool" water cascading down at the end of the evening literally "takes one breath away".  I have a secret to take the "chill"off thanks to my faithful little Keurig (coffee pot).

Haiti is, as you can imagine, quite warm.  Oh, did I tell you, there is no Air Conditioning (in the conventional sense).  Well, while lying in a pool of sweat one evening (had a fever), our dear Lord gave me an "Epiphany".  The humble "spritzing" bottle.  Now, folks, believe me when I tell you, "THIS THING WORKS"!

Simply point the spritzing bottle at the fan (when you are lying in bed, stuck to the sheets from the heat, and pull the little trigger for an amazing burst of cool, refreshing bliss.  I'm serious.  Those water droplets eject from the nozzle and travel toward the spinning fan blades and get about half way there and turn around, breaking up into a very fine mist.

By the time they hit your body, they have accelerated and cooled the surrounding (microscopic) atmosphere and it's hard to describe how this feels exactly like the cool breeze created by a conventional air-conditioner.

Wow, am I rambling or what.  Just thought a description of the "Village" might be of interest to you.  Since I come here every 3-4 weeks, just didn't want you to think I was sitting on a tropical veranda sipping mint juleps. 

Well, yesterday began with an easy morning.  Did have an appointment with the Haiti Minister of Health to further discuss the new runway in Medor, but the appointment got postponed.

So, I took out my faithful little Haojin 125 Motorcycle and decided to go check on some neighboring missionaries, the Heady's.  They formed a great mission, Global Outreach about 30 years ago.  They bring clean water through well-drilling and preach the Gospel every step of the way.

Had a pleasant little ride along the spectacular coast-line to the little village of Ti Tayin.  Was just visiting with Judy, David had run to town, when a mysterious phone number popped up on my phone.  A quick call back to OFNAC, the Office Civil Aviation.  The Director General needed a modification to the Air Traffic Control Contract IMMEDIATELY!

It was off and running.  Bid farewell to Judy and "dashed" to town on the little blue motorcycle.  Now, one day, I'm going to hook up one of those little helmet mounted cameras and take you for a ride.

It's kind of like those "cool bucket showers", the ride will literally take your breath away. Made it to the International Airport in about an hour.  To take this same journey in a car would have taken 2-3 hours.  That's the reason I often dash around on the little blue motorcycle.

Now, here we are already into another beautiful day that our Lord has made.  Have some plans to visit some other missionaries for some sweet fellowship and will check on their clean water supply.

As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support.  Be BLESSED today!

Air Mobile Joe

8-13-13 Tuesday - 6:37 am (Haiti Time) Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As reported yesterday morning, I did go to the airport, very early, and didn't see a single Meteor from the shower (Perceid) but....there was a Little Donkey (AKA - "Ti Burik"), all loaded up and fueled and ready to go, so....

I crawled into the cockpit, fired up the Continental TSIO 360 Engines, clicked on the Runway lights with the transmitter, called my position and intentions,  taxied out to Runway 18, breathed a prayer, and at 5:12 am eased the throttles forward and after about 1000 feet Ti Burik (thanks to 420 horsepower) leaped into the air and we were on our way to Haiti.

Winds were forecast at about 20+mph for most of the flight route.  Chose 11,000 and found a "Sweet Spot" with headwinds between 12-14 mph.  

Ahhh, can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy doing this!  What a blessed time to reflect on the Lord!

Settled down for the 5 hour flight and awaited was to about to come, another spectacular Caribbean sunrise.  Believe me, the camera doesn't begin to capture the burst of colors of gold and green and blue and so many other shades of warm wonder.

Saw the Haiti Mountains on the horizon.  Contacted Port-Au-Prince and spoke to them on the "Last Resort Emergency Radios" that we recently installed.  

By the way, we are getting very close to finalizing the all new Air Traffic Control Equipment contract.  PLEASE continue to pray that all comes to a good conclusion.  This will greatly increase the safety for every in-bound, departing and transiting aircraft that flies into, out of, and over Haiti!

Landed Port-Au-Prince exactly 5 hours after departure.  Was met by my faithful "ground crew" and we all laughed at the amazing load that the "Little Donkey" can carry, including the new (little) refrigerator for Barbara.

After unloading and securing the shipment, headed right into a meeting with the new Director General (DG) of Civil Aviation, Leopold Roumer.  Was joined by several members of the American Embassy.  The reason for the meeting:  To formerly request permission from the new DG to proceed with the completion and implementation of vital airstrip in a very isolated part of Haiti.

All I can say is....the meeting went VERY WELL, and we were cleared to proceed to the next step of inspection.  This project has been sitting "on hold" for nearly 2 years.  This is a major "Break-through" for the people of Medor!!

After the meeting, headed back to the "Village" and promptly laid down for a nap.  These early morning departures and intense meetings will really "take the wind out of your sails".  After a pleasant dinner of hot dogs, pork & beans and then mac & cheese, Barbara and I settled down to couple of roaring games of Yahtzee (I won both of them....highly unusual).

Well, got up bright and early this morning, "captured a signal" and am writing this "rambling blog" from Haiti.  Have some Air Mobile Rescuers that need attention and several missions to visit who need clean water.  We can do something about that!  With your prayer, love and support, we'll proceed into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  THANK YOU for standing with us!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-12-13 Monday - 3:23 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Got up early this morning to catch some of the Pereid Meteor Showers....but haven't caught very many.  Will head over to the airport where it's quite dark and maybe will see some of those little, bitty tiny, chunks of rock slam into our atmosphere.  Love to see the sky light up the cool, quiet of the early morning.  Here's more on the "Show" - PERCEID METEOR SHOWERS

Meanwhile, been keeping a close eye on the tropics and we're being  blessed with calm and quiet.  Has something to do with the warm, dry air at the mid levels.  Keeping those storms at bay.  But...the Philippines is about to be slammed by Typoon Utor with 150 mph winds.  Looks like the Island of Luzon will take the brunt of this one and Manilla will be spared.  Praying for those folks on Luzon!  Here's more on the Tropics and Typhoon Utor - TYPHOON UTOR BEARING DOWN ON THE PHILIPPINES

Think I'll head out early this morning and try to see some of those meteors.  Great time to pray and reflect over a good cup of "Joe" (well named).  Really appreciate your love, prayer and support.  If you're up early this morning, go see some meteors.

Air Mobile Joe

8-11-13 Sunday - 7:12 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We've been looking at the "Extreme Weather" events that are coming upon the earth. Yesterday, I wrote a bit about Temperature extremes.  Today, it's powerful "Flash Flooding" from Colorado to Atlanta and more rain is expected today.  One thing about's sure to change.  However, we are seeing events that are noteworthy.  Could these things be caused by what's going on with the Sun?  

I'm not a weather expert, nor claim to be.  The fact that I often fly a small twin-engine airplane (Ti Burik) in and out of the infamous Bermuda Triangle (known for "Extreme Weather"), does lead me to pay very close attention to the weather.  So, bear with me, as I bring out strange or unusual weather changes and patterns as they occur.

The thing about a "Flash" flood is the suddenness of it all.  Ok, it starts raining.  How long will it last? Then, with little or no warning....a wall of rushing water hits you or your vehicle or your home.  It just happens.  Here is some very gripping footage of "Flash Flooding" in Colorado.  DEADLY FLASH FLOODING IN COLORADO .

Flash Floods are hard to "Prepare" for.  That's why it's a pretty good idea to "Keep an eye (or ear) on the weather.  Particularly, as we're going through some rather "Extreme" changes.

Some experts say that the "Solar Pole Shift" may, indeed, be causing some of these unusual events.  That's the main reason that I'm keeping a close eye on these things....and sharing them with you.  This is also a very good reason to "Stay Tuned with the Lord"!

The most important thing is to be AWARE that weather is going "Extreme" and it my occur in your "back-yard".  IF you don't have a Weather Radio, may I encourage you to get one ASAP (As Soon As Possible).  Of course, had to differentiate the Acronym, as it usually refers to A-S-A-P (Always Say A Prayer).  

Now, if you're on your way out the door to Church this morning, perhaps you could swing by a Radio Shack or some such store and pick up an expensive Weather Radio...if you don't have one.  

It could save your life (and your family) one day.  Radio Shack has not asked me to say this, I just know that they always have them in stock.  You don't need an expensive one either...unless you have some extra bucks.  The bottom line is just get something that can "Warn You", if extreme or bad weather is heading your way.

Got a call from Barbara, down in Haiti, yesterday.  She needs another little Refrigerator.  This little jewel, in the shot, just barely fits in our Little Donkey.  We're getting ready for our "Next Mission".  Now, we need some baby food and diapers.  Wonder how our Lord will provide for those today?  Time to head out the door and see what adventure lies ahead.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-10-13 Saturday - 7:38 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Triple digit temperatures are popping up all over Europe ranging from 105 - 113Degrees (and even higher)!!

Heat Wave deaths can be "Fast, Sudden & Devastating" according to this new report - HEAT WAVE DEATHS....DEVASTATING!    

Meanwhile, we in the U.S., have been experiencing mild and even unseasonably cool temperatures.  Last week, I reported over 1100+ "Cold Temperature" records being broken.  It even got down to 50 degrees in Tennessee on July 29th! 

While speaking with a leading "Tracker" of Unusual Weather Events yesterday, he confirmed that the Solar Pole Shift may be partially responsible for these Weather Extremes.  According to my source, this 11 year Solar Pole Shift "Cycle", has gotten "delayed" at the Equator of the Sun.  This greatly reduces the "normal" magnetic pull of the sun, thus causing certain extremes, in this case, temperatures, to happen.

According to NASA, the "Solar Pole Shift" may be complete in a few more months, but some experts believe that it could be quite a bit longer (like up to a year).  Now, what does all of this mean??

Do you recall the old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines"?  Well, this is a good time to "Prepare" for some Extreme Weather.  It could be in the form of high / low temperature, or flooding or drought, or wild-fires or very bad storms, hurricanes etc. etc... 

So, how in the world do we prepare for so many variables?  Well, I have a suggestion.  Begin with PRAYER.  Remember one of my favorite sayings...A.S.A.P. (Always- Say-A-Prayer).  

I don't know where you are at this moment, but our Lord does.  Likewise, I don't know what you may be facing, but our Lord does.  He knows the beginning and the end.  He will guide us and lead us if we call upon Him.  That is why PRAYER is so important!  Remember, Jesus promises to never leave us or forsake us!

I bring these things to your attention so that you are aware of some of the things that we all may facing, as in the case of Europeans who are facing Extreme Heat.  Some in the U.S. have been facing flooding.  Recently, the Caribbean has been calm, but forecasters are warning us to watch out, as that may be changing next week.  Wherever we are, we will likely be facing some pretty challenging stuff sooner or later.

As we pray, let us to be sensitive to HIS leading.  He will show us what to do and how to prepare.  Above all, let us put our trust and confidence in Him! Our Lord is a very-present help in trouble...fear not!

Wow, I got pretty "preachy" today.  It's time to get on out and prepare for our next mission...wherever that might be.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're new to this "Rambling Blog", and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the story, you have.  Simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this "juncture of the journey".  Also in yesterdays blog (just below) you can see the NASA Report on the Solar Pole Shift.   Joe

8-9-13 Friday - 7:23 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this story several days ago and just had to share it with you this morning.  A terrible accident caused by a drunk, hit & run driver was about to turn fatal when...a "mystery" priest shows up prays &....then vanishes and does not appear in any of  the many photos.  Here's the story - THE "RIDDLE" OF THE MYSTERY PRIEST

The good news is that the young lady, Katie Lentz, in the car, not only survived but is recovering wonderfully.  The Bible says that we do indeed have "Angels" among us.

Have you heard about the Sun's Pole Reversal?  It happens every 11 years and is part of the normal Solar Cycle.  But with all the talk about the Earth's Possible Pole Shift, thought you'd be interested in this explanation from NASA - SUN GETTING READY FOR A "POLE SHIFT"  (Note:  The video in this story is quite interesting)

We are following this story quite closely.  Even though it is part of a regular cycle, the event can cause some pretty significant things to happen, such as Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP's) and other types of Solar Storm events.  As we do so often, let us PRAY for protection and wisdom as this upcoming pole shift occurs.

Well, we had an uneventful trip home yesterday.  Peter did a lot of the driving.  He's getting ready for his big "Drivers License" test and ride.  He has his Learners Permit.  It's good to be home.  Both Peter and Ariana will be enrolling in their classes today.  School officially begins on August 14th.

So, it's time to go have a cup of coffee with my Honey and enjoy this beautiful Florida weather.  Do miss those misty cool, Tennessee mornings, but our beloved Florida has it's own unique and wonderful beauty.  Truly do appreciate you and your precious love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

8-8-13 Thursday - 7:15 am (Eastern U.S. Time) I-95 Somewhere near the South Carolina . Georgia Border - Air Mobile "Escape" (Ford) Vehicile - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, as we were getting ready to depart the beautiful mountain retreat, that is EXACTLY what happened  to me.  Got stung about 10 times.  Man, were those bees angry!  Before I knew it, they were all over me, in a flash and each sting hurt "like the Dickens"!

I yelled up to Cindy to start mixing the Baking Soda and Vinegar.  Have you ever used that? Believe me, it works!  Of course, Cindy gave me 2 Benadryl immediately.   

OK, it's not a very glamorous shot.  I just crawled up on the kitchen counter and just kept "slathering" the baking soda/vinegar paste all over the bites.

Wow, I mean those little critters had a serious attitude and were absolutely determined to inflict as much pain on me as possible.  

As I sat there with white, pasty baking soda / vinegar mixture all over me, I thought back to the moment I came under "attack".  Would like to say the very first words out of my mouth  was, "Jesus, help me".  Well, it wasn't.  As a matter of fact the first word was an expletive of which I'm not particularly proud.  OK, confession is good for the soul.

Have often heard that when we get "squeezed", what's in us will usually come out.  Now, the good part is, as soon as I heard myself saying a couple of inappropriate words, my language changed and I did indeed ask Jesus to help me.  I guess the Lord still has quite a bit of work to do in me.  So glad for His Amazing Grace! 

After the unexpected "attack" and disruption, we continued to pack up and bid farewell to the Smokey Mountain Cabin.  We hit the road a bit later than projected, but we have some buffer in the schedule.  Peter has a "Concert" on Thursday afternoon.

Along the way, the mountains and the clouds (I'm sure, one of the reasons for the name:  Smokey Mountains) just took our breath away. 

I was a little drousy from those 2 Benedryls.  The Baking Soda/Vinegar paste really did the trick and made the pain quite manageable.  Remember that and be sure to pack it in your "Bug-Out" bag.  You'll be glad you did.

Peter was a big help driving our Ford "Escape" allowing me some snooze time.  We drove until close to midnight and plan to arrive home this afternoon in time to get Peter to his Concert.

You know, we never know what the day holds for us.  Sometimes, we just, out of the clear blue, "get attacked by a bunch of angry bees".  Our reaction may not always be pretty, but....Jesus promised to never leave or forsake us.  So glad for that GOOD NEWS!

So, it's getting time for us to get in our little Ford Escape and hit the road.  Who knows what grand adventure lies before us.  Sure am glad to have you standing with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

8-7-13 Wednesday - 7:19 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I have been working like crazy on the little cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Our latest project was staining the deck.  Oh, it is with great regret that we must leave this beautiful refuge.

With the help of a pressure washer, we were able to remove years of mildew and grime.  Now, the deck is clean and we were able to put down a nice layer of Thompsons Deck Seal and Stain to protect it and make it beautiful.

Hmmm, in many cases, that's what our Lord does with us.  He can take our sins and wash us in His blood and seal us with His Holy Spirit. AMAZING GRACE! (Pretty gripping "Before & After"!

Back to our departing this slice of paradise....School starts next week and we just have so much to do back in Florida.  I'll be heading back to Haiti quite soon.  By the way, heard from our intrepid Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress").  All is quiet on the Haiti front... for now.

Also, there is a huge Saharan Dust Cloud that is crossing the Atlantic and keeping the tropics calm.  Apparently, those micro size sand and dust particles make it hard to form a hurricane.  Thank God for the Saharan Dust.  Here's a link on the Dust Cloud - MASSIVE SAHARAN DUST CLOUD COVERS ATLANTIC

Well, we'll be packing up and heading back to Florida later today.  Sure going to miss the misty, cool, glorious mornings here in the Smokies.

Oh, here's a shot of some turkeys in our garden.  The corn is growing and will be ready to harvest soon.  Our good neighbors are keeping an eye on things and we'll have a nice 'mess of corn' when we next get up this way.  One thing is for sure, one would not go hungry in this neck of the woods.

Now, it's that precious time.  Cindy and I are headed for our newly cleaned and stained deck and about to enjoy some coffee together.  Ahhh, life is good and our Lord will surely have some more adventures for us today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

8-6-13 Tuesday - 7:31 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this story about Billy Graham and other Christian leaders and, as Graham says, he is praying for America to experience another "Great Spiritual Awakening".  All Cindy and I can say to that is, "AMEN & LET IT BE"!  Click here to see the article - BILLY GRAHAM'S WARNING FOR AMERICA

I don't know about you, but the News can be quite disturbing and frustrating.  We feel as if our Political Leaders are making so many wrong decisions and embracing and promoting the wrong things.  Often times, it seems that our Spiritual Leaders are just sitting "quietly" in the back-ground and saying nothing.  Do you sometimes feel that way also?

As we're wrapping up our time here at the "Retreat" in the Mountains of East Tennessee, we know we're going back "into action".  Oh, we've been quite busy up here and have made some wonderful ministry contacts and so many new friends.  We've also had the opportunity to get some rest and reflect on the condition of our nation and the church and our own lives.  We need more of Jesus and YES, Jesus is the answer.  We certainly join together with Billy Graham and others and PRAY for another great "Spiritual Awakening" in America.

Our Lord has used America in so many great ways in days gone by.  But, it does indeed appear, that in so many ways, America has "lost it's way".  Please join together with us and others that America will find it's way and humble itself and seek the Lord!  Jesus is the truth, the life and the way!

Well, it's that time.  The sun has risen and Cindy is waiting for me on the porch of the cabin.  We'll share a cup of coffee and see what our Lord has for us today.  May you be blessed and THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support.  Let's believe God today for that "Great Spiritual Awakening" to continue today!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-5-13 Monday - 7:21 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awoke this beautiful August morning in the mountains of East Tennessee to a brisk 54 degrees.  Seems like July/August are usually pretty hot months, but not so here.  And not so in the Arctic, which ended the Summer a few days ago.... 45 days ahead of schedule.  

As we know, there has been concern about the Arctic melting.  Well, all of that has changed and the ice is reforming.  The Global Warming folks can breathe a  little easier knowing that the ice is returning.

An unusual dip in the Jet-stream is bringing unseasonably cool weather to the Midwest and the Southeast.  This is certainly a relief and a pleasant break from bitter summer heat.  As for us, we're just going to enjoy.  Here's some more on the "Cool" Weather ahead - "COOL" AUGUST

We're wrapping up our little "Retreat" here to the mountains and will be heading back down to Florida a little later this week.  Sure going to miss these cool, misty, Smokey Mountain mornings!  

Our Peter led worship again at the sweet little Church that our Lord brought us to.  This will be the last service we'll attend for a while.  Going to miss the good messages and the great fellowship.  This has been one of the great blessings we've experienced up here.

After Church, we headed to the cabin and stopped along the way to visit with our dear friends, Bill and Judy.  Bill is the County Clerk of Court and Judy works at his side.

Upon arrival at the cabin, another neighbor, Jerry showed up with about 10 pounds of fresh beef.  We spent hours on the porch just talking about life, the direction of our country and the need for prayer.  

Peter spent the afternoon bowling in the "big" town of Rogersville with a new friend, Cody.  Cindy went and visited with her new friend, Jimmie, who introduced us into this church, Father's House.  What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Just heard my Cindy come down and it's time to go sit under a blanket on our front porch and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee made in our newly acquired 60's Vintage Faberware coffee pot that we found in the "Cherry" House.  Ahhh, life is good!

We pray that you have a blessed day.  We truly appreciate your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

8-4-13 Sunday - 7:26 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our new friends, Wally and Lydia own a beautiful old tractor (Massey Ferguson) and the keys are always in it and it's available to us anytime we need it.  Wally has also planted a very nice garden on our property.

It's good to have friends like Wally & Lydia.  We chuckle at the memory of "Green Acres" (any old-timers reading the rambling blog will recall the classic TV show from the 60's).  

Wally is very handy and we worked on a very cool project yesterday.  Our cabin has an open ceiling and we found a way to deck part of it and make a great office overlooking the mountains.

Once it's finished, we'll have the perfect writing spot for this rambling blog and...Book 2 in our Series.  We've already written
"Run to the Roar" and I suspect the next  book will be about "Dancing with Storms" or something like that.

Cindy and I were just having a cup of coffee and discussing just how wonderful this little retreat has been this summer.  We've been busy and made some great friends and found a wonderful church up here in the mountains of East Tennessee's getting to be time to head back to Florida.  School will be starting next week.

We are so glad that our Lord has provided this wonderful "refuge" from storms.  We have the ability to live, basically without electricity, up here and there is plenty of food and water and...firewood.

As we study the Bible, we can see that things are NOT GETTING BETTER in this old world.  The weather is certainly doing some odd things.  So much for "Global Warming".

This July has had unprecedented COLD temperatures!  We've felt the cool temps here in the mountains of East Tennessee and the Arctic has had the shortest summer on record.  Here the link - UNPRECEDENTED JULY COLD

There is also something going on with a major Terrorist Threats world-wide.  US Embassies are shutting down throughout the Middle East.  There is also a very serious Travel Advisory for all U.S. Citizens traveling in the region.  There is something "brewing" and we should PRAY!

Of course, if you're planning to travel to those regions, pay special attention and be vigilant and again, above all:  PRAY and ask our Lord for His direction and protection!  Here's more on that significant threat - MAJOR TERRORIST THREAT

So, it's time for us to head to Church and Peter will be leading again in worship.  We're so thankful that Peter could serve in this capacity.  We have seen Peter grow in the Lord and in "stature" (he's 6'2" tall!).  Time to go and just want to say again, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-3-13 Saturday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


If you read this blog, even occasionally, you know how I often quote the old Pastor that once told me, "Son, God knows how to deploy His troops". Over the years, I have "re-quoted" that many, many times.  Such was the case here at the cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Cindy has a MacBook Pro laptop and loves it, but....recently, it went "crazy" and refused to stay on.  It would come on for a moment and then shut down.  She borrowed my computer and described the symptoms and the advice...go to a Mac Store.  Well, I'll tell you, there are no Mac Stores within 100 miles of our little mountain cabin in the mountains.  We needed help.

Now, Cindy has, like many of us, many important things on her computer, i.e., e-mails, photos etc., etc.  But there was one document in particular that we we both knew we had to do all in our power to recover.  Yes, we prayed.  We prayed hard.  The document that Cindy wrote on "Mother-hood" had to be recovered.  

Up our driveway, right to our cabin drove a true Apple / Mac expert.  Our dear friends Gordon and Nancy showed up to spend a couple of days with us.  Before their bags were unpacked, Gordon went to work on the "Crazy Mac".  Gordon is not kind of guy that gives up.

We even drove to Middlesboro, KY to find a special cable and an extra hard drive.  By the way, that takes us through the famous Cumberland Gap.  

Found out that Daniel Boone hung out here and escorted many a pioneer through that tricky pass.  We explored the actual entry to the Pass but had to get back to allow Gordon to do his magic on the Mac.  We'd come back another day.

We headed back to the cabin and Gordon was now on plan "E" having already eliminated Plans "A - D".  Nothing seemed to work.  He was now into the 12th hour and still, the "door" seemed to be locked.

It was now dark.  Gordon was working on the porch when a wandering skunk left a pungent deposit in the air.  The skunk odor was so strong, it stung ones eyes.  Still Gordon worked and refused to come in because...he was on to something.  We continued to pray!  

A while later, he walked through the door with smile on his face.  He said, "Check your e-mail" and there it was....Cindy's Document on Motherhood.  He had managed to unlock the hard-drive and extract the data.  We all thanked God for sending His troops to our little cabin in the woods.

On Thursday, it was our little Ariana who saved the day by finding the "running water".  Yesterday, it was Gordon who saved the sick Mac and the critical, priceless information.  What will happen today??

So, it's a crisp 55 degrees and it's time to go join our friends out on the porch of the cabin.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-2-13 Friday - 7:03 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


You may be familiar with the word..."Assume".  We all do it and there are indeed variations and breakdowns to the word, i.e. - ass-u-me.  So, yesterday, told you the story about the "dead water pump".  We were without water for the day at the cabin in the mountains.

Of course, we pulled out our Air Mobile Rescuer and dipped water out of the pool and life went on, though with a few inconveniences.  We all pitched in and carried water buckets and kept the flow going.  But it was manageable.

Of course, I had called a local pump & well company and help was on the way.  Washing dishes was a bit of a challenge, but we worked out a pretty good system and awaited the local pump expert to come and identify and hopefully solve our water problem.

When Rick arrived (the local pump guru) we were glad.  He and I crawled under the cabin and tested the circuit.  I held the flashlight and Rick read the instruments.  Ugh, current was going to the pump and it was not running.  This was bad news.  

The well is actually 469 feet and at the bottom was the pump.  The whole thing would have to be lifted and the very expensive pump replaced.  This is a costly operation.  I asked Rick if he could "sharpen" his pencil.  He'd see what he could do.

He could get a crew and truck up in the morning.  Oh well, life goes on and our Lord will provide.  Little did we know... how well He would provide and how he would use a little girl with a curious mind and a helpful heart.

We all rejoiced despite the "costly" news.  We quoted Romans 8:28, "All things work together for the good, to those that love God and those called according to His purpose".  I was at the sink washes dishes when the news came in....the WATER was flowing.  The pump was working!!

Cindy proclaimed that it was our little Ariana that made the "miraculous" discovery.  I had tried multiple times throughout the day to see if the pump was working.  Each time, after turning the handle on the spigot...nothing, not a drop of water.

Well, Ariana was helping one of our great friends, Charlene, to wash something and she said, "here I'll just get you some water" and she turned the was after Rick and I had been under the house and made the diagnosis that the pump is dead (or so we thought).  

When the water flowed again, it meant that the pump was indeed not DEAD.  Rick and I had apparently cycled the switch and the instruments indicated the seemingly "BAD NEWS"....dead pump.  Neither of us went back up and checked to see if the water was flowing.

IF  Ariana had not "tried" the handle, we would have "pulled 469 feet" of well pipe up and replaced a pump "that was till alive".

THANK YOU ARIANA...for  being helpful and curious.  You saved the day and saved us a significant amount of money!

So, at the end of this fine day, Dan and Charlene "hit the road" to head back to Baton Rouge.  Again, I've known Dan since High School, and it was so good having he and Charlene with us for a few days.

Late, yesterday afternoon, 2 more of our dear friends, Nancy and Gordon arrived to spend a few days with us in the mountains.

The adventure and wonder continues on.  It's time to go join our friends out on the porch of the beautiful cabin in the Smokies.  Pray you have a blessed day avoid "assuming" too much.  Things are not always as we think they are.  Again, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-1-13 Thursday - 7:48 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're getting an actual "Survival Exercise" here at the cabin.  We have a deep well (430 feet) and late last night, the water just quit.  Checked the breaker on the pump water pressure.  So, broke out the  Air Mobile Rescuer and went to the above ground pool (our emergency water source), dipped a few buckets of water and....VOILA - clean water. 

Earlier yesterday, we bid farewell to our dear friends, Joe & Diane Polozola who headed back to Florida.  Oh, we had such a good time with them.  I am so thankful that Joe took the time to tell me about Jesus all those years ago.  Don't want to even think about where I'd be without Jesus!

Then, yesterday evening, our son Peter, preached his very first, full-sermon to an adult audience.  Now, Peter's been preaching for a while, but to young folks in youth rallies and such.

Wow, did he do a good job.  The title of his message was, " we go to church?".  It was a solid 4 point, clear message.  OK, we're pretty proud of Peter and above all, we're glad to see Jesus using him to share His love.  Go Peter!!

Well,  back to our "Water Crisis" here at the cabin.  Have already called a well drilling / repair company and hopefully, we'll get them out today. 

In the meantime, we're doing just fine.  One of the things we liked about the Tennessee cabin (oh, there are a lot of things we like about this little retreat), is the large, above ground pool.  Cindy and I knew that this would, indeed, be an excellent source of water in the event of an emergency or, in our case, simply a well pump that is not functioning.  

So glad we have a Rescuer on hand.  Now, a rather serious situation...NO WATER, becomes a very manageable situation.  It brings us back to "being prepared".  

Well, everyone is stirring and it's time to go have that second cup of coffee (thanks to the Rescuer) on the porch of the cabin.  THANKS, as always for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-31-13 Wednesday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We have an old, broken down house on the property of the Tennessee Cabin.  We were told that there was some "nice" furniture inside of it, specifically, a cherry-wood bed.  Our little Ariana calls it the "Cherry House".

Every time we come up here, we go looking for "treasure" in the Cherry House.  Oh, by the way, Peter calls it "Jacobs Cabin" from the series, "Lost".  It's a pretty scary, and at the same time interesting place, for sure.

Yesterday, we found some amazing "treasures"!  The first thing we came across was a Faberware Coffee Pot, along with the power cord.  I recall finding the exact same kind of pot in Haiti and it made, seriously(!), the best cup of coffee I have ever had.  

This old beauty, still had coffee grounds in it from....who knows when.  Believe me, it was nasty and old and looked pretty hopeless.  I "saw" the treasure's what came out of the "rubble".

Have already made several pots of coffee and everyone agrees that the the coffee is exceptionally good.  I remember how delicious my Haiti Faberware coffee was and now, can have the same delicious coffee here in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Our Lord is GOOD!!

Next, we found a lamp, with a small table.  You can see it behind Ariana and I, but I wanted to give you a close up shot.  Not only will it provide a perfect reading spot, it actually fits with the right color and style.  Who would ever think that such beauty could come out of an old broken down house??

Along those same lines, Cindy found this amazing lamp in the "root cellar" under "Jacob's Cabin".  Oh, there were spiders and stickers and broken glass and there, in the midst of it all lie this incredible lamp made by "Dynasty Classics".  Of course, it did not look like this when Cindy first brought it to me. 

We also found a wonderful "bedside" table that Diane put her touch to with olive oil and care.  She made this great little table come alive and yes, it fits perfectly next to our bed.  

It brings to light the old saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover".  Who would have thought that such beautiful and wonderful things could come out of that old cabin?

Well, the journey and the adventure and the "treasure hunt" continues today.  Who knows what we'll find today??

It's kind of cold and rainy here in Tennessee.  Hey, did you know that 1122 record COLD Temperatures have been broken this week??  Here more on this "strange" weather - 1122 COLD TEMPERATURE RECORDS BROKEN!

Time to go join our "Old Friends" (known them for 45 years!!) out on the front porch and have enjoy some delicious coffee. 

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  Be on the lookout for "Hidden Treasures" today. You may be surprised at what you find.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-30-13 Tuesday - 6:49 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When you're in mountains of Tennessee with some old friends, including one who introduced you to Jesus 42 years ago, the conversation seems to always come back to Jesus.  This is a good thing.   So, it's like "Jesus in the mountains".

Yesterday, we went to Kentucky to do some shopping and brought a van in for repair and fixed steaks for the Pastor of Father's House Church along with his family but....the conversation kept coming back to Jesus and His faithfulness and grace and love and compassion and....and...we just kept talking about Jesus.  

The more we talked about Him, the more of His presence we all sensed, for He said, "If any two or three are gathered in My name, there am I in the midst of you" (Matthew 18:20).  The more talked about Him...the more we talked about Him and by the end of the day, we all knew that we had been with Jesus!

So, here we are on another "chilly" morning in the mountains of East Tennessee (it's 51 degrees) and we have another day to ponder our Lord and just hang out and do a few chores and fix a few things.  

Now, I know that Jesus is in me and that He will never leave me or forsake me, but....there is something about when we focus on Him and share Him with others and tell stories of His goodness that His presence just seems to become more pronounced.  I know that when we leave these beautiful mountains, our "tanks will be full" and we'll be able to carry the message farther and with greater clarity.

Today, we'll experience more of Him!  I hear folks stirring, so it's time to get on with this glorious day that Lord has made.  Wherever you are, or whatever you're doing, may I urge you to ponder'll be gald you did.  So glad that you're "wandering down this meandering blog with me".  Truly appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-29-13 Monday - 6:53 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Wow, 50 degrees in the middle of summer.  What a "refreshing" start to a lovely day here at the Cabin in Northeast Tennessee.

Just checking the weather and can see that it looks like we're in for a bit of cool least for today.  Yesterday, it was close to 90 degrees.  Love the "diverse" weather!

Oh, we had so much fun yesterday visiting with dear friends from the past.  We began the day by going to a little church named "Father's House".  It was just sweet.

Here in this shot, we have Joe and Diane Polozola, joined by Dan and Charlene Andrews, along with the Hurston's.  

Again, it's amazing that we've maintained our friendships since 1967!  We've seen a lot of changes and so many miracles by the Hand of God in our lives!

We were  blessed by Peter, who led Worship. After service, Jimmie and Bobby invited us to their home for a cookout (Jimmie is standing behind Peter in the blue blouse).  It was just such sweet fellowship, good food and a lot of fun.

After returning to the Cabin,  we were reflecting on the good service and solid message and how good it is to just return to our "First Love".  We spent hours just talking about the goodness of the Lord.

It's go good to be able to "Retreat & Reflect". Looking forward to a few more days of just "Chillin".  It's pretty easy to do on this very cool morning (50 degrees!) in the mountains of Tennessee.

Love you and so appreciate your precious love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy and (old) Friends!


7-28-13 Sunday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Joe Polozola and I met in the 10th Grade at Baton Rouge High School (1967), that's an "old" friend.  Soon, he introduced me to the beautiful Diane, who later became his wife.  Yes, we have "history" and "thousands of stories".

So, the 750 mile journey from Cocoa, FL to the Northeastern tip of Tennessee was filled with laughter, music from the "Sixties" ( a lot of Beatles) and  many old and sweet memories.

The Story that we always go back over is how Joe introduced me to Jesus. Each time, I get more details about what was going on with he and Diane as they were planning and implementing the strategy to tell me about the Lord.  Oh, it was a fun trip!

We had rain all along the way.  The Lord gave us traveling mercies and about 1:00 am we rolled up to the "Retreat Cabin".  After we got settled in, my Cindy and I stayed up another hour just catching up and quietly chuckling.  We have people sleeping all over the place.

So, I'm up early this morning.  Noted that the temperature was a brisk 58 degrees and "Smokies" are living up to their name.  The clouds are rolling in and the hummingbirds are about to get some nectar. 

Well, we have another couple with us here in the cabin, Dan and Charlene.  I met Dan the year after I met Joe and Diane at Baton Rouge High.  Again, this is a reunion of "Old" friends.  Dan and Charlene and I just had a cup of coffee on the porch of the cabin.  Yes, we're all going to have a great time over the next couple of days!

Time to put the second pot of coffee on, as we  hear stirring up-stairs and around the cabin.  We'll all be going to the little church, Father House, that Cindy and I and Peter have been working with.  Peter will be leading worship again.  Oh, it's going to be a good day!

Time to get ready for church.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious  prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-27-13 Saturday - 6:38 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Folks, if you can possibly get to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex, I  urge you to do so.  The new Atlantis display will take your breath away!

Had the opportunity to host Chief Engineer Cesar from Haiti.  His only regret was that we did not have more time to spend there, exploring.

Back to the Atlantis.  As we entered the new display, there was a progressive presentation explaining how the Space Shuttle came about.  It is very well done.

Then, we moved closer and experienced a simulated launch and then.....the mist clears and the screen disappears and there it is - the actual, real-life Space Shuttle Atlantis.  I cried as I saw again, up-close, this amazing flying space machine.  You have to go see it, if at all possible.

Now that the business meetings are over between the Government of Haiti and the Harris Corporation, it's time to head back up to Tennessee to continue our "vacation" in the mountains.

My Cindy, who is up in Tennessee, has been hosting friends who are just enjoying the Cabin Retreat.  This morning, my best friend (for life), Joe Polozola and his wife Diane, will be coming over to pick me up and we'll head to Tennessee.  You may recall, it was Joe, that introduced me to Jesus 42 years ago.

It looks like Tropical Storm Dorian is continuing to weaken.  So glad to hear that.  However, it is projected go right over Haiti and the mountains will further weaken the storm.  There will be a lot of rain and we pray the flooding does not turn deadly.  

I recall, a number of years ago, that an "un-named" stormed caused massive flooding and 3000+ Haitians lost their lives.  So, let us be vigilant with our prayers and PRAY that those in the path of Dorian are spared.

Well, it's time to pack up and head to the mountains with my dear friends, Joe and Diane. As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-26-13 Friday - 7:06 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


What a day!  What a joy it was to be with the Director General (DG) Leopold Roumer from Haiti and Bill Conner, Special Counsel to the CEO of the Harris Corporation yesterday.  

Several years ago, our Lord put it into my heart to see Haiti with "First Class" Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment and yesterday, we certainly moved much closer to seeing this become a reality!

In this photo, from left to right, is "yours truly", then Bill Conner, Leopold Roumer and Engineer Cesar.

Our meetings began at breakfast and ended over dinner late yesterday evening.  It was such a blessing to have Bill Conner join us in the middle of those meetings. The Harris Corporation is, in my humble opinion, the Leader in high quality, very reliable ATC Systems. 

Over the last few years, I've shared "bits and pieces" of this journey with you and you've prayed with me, multiple times, for clear and excellent ATC communications to be achieved in Haiti.  We are very close to completing this mission.  Again, I ask you to join together and pray with us as we approach the finalization of this deal.  We made amazing progress yesterday.

Meanwhile, it appears as if Tropical Dorian is weakening.  We like to see that!  Let us pray that, that just continues to happen!  You can see from the projected path, many islands will be affected but winds are forecast to decrease to 45-50 mph.  There will likely be a lot of rain and possible flooding.  Here's more on TS Dorian - IS TS DORIAN WEAKENING?

Back to the Haiti ATC situation for a moment.  There have been many times, along this "winding road", that it appeared as if the "deal" was dead.  But time and time again, we prayed together for Haiti to receive excellent equipment.  I am not exaggerating when I say that aviation safety is at stake.  The current situation is critical and again, it is hard for me to express the joy that I am experiencing knowing that a real solution is about to happen.  I so appreciate your standing together with us!!  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Well, today, we're going to give our special guests from Haiti a tour to remember. We'll be going to Kennedy Space Center to see the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis, that was recently put on display.  Over the years, I've personally been on-board this amazing Space Craft multiple times when it was still flying.  It will be good to see it again, up close!

So, it's that time.  Need to go take care of the chickens and get out the door to go see the Atlantis.  God bless and THANKS again for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

7-25-13 Thursday - 5:39 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Thank God for Allegiant Airlines.  Now, I know this airline has received some pretty bad press lately due to leaving passengers to "sweat it out" for hours on the ramp, but Allegiant has been good to me!  

They offer "dirt cheap" fares between our Tennessee Retreat Cabin and our Home Base in Cocoa.  The flight is typically 1 hour 11 minutes and costs a whole lot less than the gas to drive (driving takes 12 hours!).

Have some very important meetings to attend between the Haitian Government and The Harris Corporation, today, here in Florida.  Yes, your prayers have been working!  We are moving ever closer to finalizing the contract to provide all new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communication Equipment to the Government of Haiti.  You may recall, that we recently installed "Emergency Last-Resort" radios at Port-Au-Prince. 

Believe me, we will all "breathe a little easier" once the new ATC equipment is installed.  Again, this is a NOBLE MISSION!  Please continue to PRAY that the meetings go well today.

Meanwhile, we're keeping a very close eye on Tropical Storm Dorian.  This compact, well defined storm, is barreling toward the Antilles and will impact many islands along the way, including Haiti, the Bahamas and evenutally, the U.S. East Coast.  The elements are in place for TS Dorian to strengthen and become a serious storm.

As a matter of fact, there will be stormy weather from the Caribbean & all the way up the U.S. East Coast to Maine.  Here's more on latest Forecast (remember, there is a short commercial before the forecast) - WATCHING TROPICAL STORM DORIAN

So, it's time for me to head out to Melbourne, FL, the Headquarters for the Harris Corporation.  Again, I ask you to please pray that all goes well today.  The skies will be much safer over Haiti once this new equipment is installed!  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-24-13 Wednesday - 7:24 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We decided to go shopping in Kentucky and as we approached the Kentucky line we saw the wonderful Cumberland Gap Tunnel.  This marvel was completed in 1996 and replaced "Massacre Mountain", a very dangerous, winding mountain road responsible for many traffic fatalities.  

Just on the "other side", we found Walmart and every kind of restaurant and hardware store one could imagine in Middlesboro, KY and all about 45 minutes from our Tennessee Cabin.

After "loading up" with supplies, headed back to our cabin.  Not quite like the Pioneer days and the Covered Wagon, but remotely similar. 

The local church, we've been attending, has tapped into Peter and asked him to lead worship for as long as he's here. They even asked him to preach next Wedneday to the young folks.  Love to see his talent used by our Lord.  

Cindy and I kind of chuckled that Peter got invited to preach before me.  Kind of like "passing the torch".  Kind of cool.  So, from our trip to the "Big City" we dropped Peter for band rehearsal.

On the way home from rehearsal, stopped in to see our great neighbors, Bill and Judy.  Bill is the County Clerk of Court.  Of course, he loaded us down with fresh vegetables right out of his garden.  I'm going to tell you, Folks are just like that in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Cindy and I have been "kicking an idea" around about having an old-time "Jesus Fesitival" on our property sometime next year.  We may call it, "Let the River Flow".  Now, it's very preliminary, but we keep putting the pieces together prayerfully and it just may happen.  We get a deep sense that it's what our Lord would have us to do.  Will keep you informed as we progress along the road.

The birds are singing and we've already had a refreshing rain.  Time to see what this lovely day holds for us.  Sure do love and appreciate you.  THANKS for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy


7-23-13 Tuesday - 6:40 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now, with high-speed internet at the Cabin, we can expand our "outreach" in this beautiful neck of the woods here in the Smokies of East Tennessee.

As we shared yesterday, Peter led worship at Father's House Church, because they recently lost their beloved Worship Leader.  

In the interim, Cindy suggested to Jimmi, (in blue to Cindy's right) that they download some songs and put them on the overhead projector.  This will be a tremendous help until our Lord sends a Worship Leader their way.

Now, this may sound easy (doing the downloads) to some, but Jimmi is yet to get the internet in her neck of the woods so....we spent a good part of the day downloading software and music onto to her laptop.

After they left, Cindy continued to down-load worship song after worship song.  As a matter of fact, at midnight, Cindy was still at the table downloading a beautiful "Library" of music for the Church without a Worship Leader.

We have used this method of bringing beautiful worship music to the Hospital for young people in Orlando for years.  It really works well when you don't have a Worship Band.  So glad that we could share this wonderful bit of technology and knowledge with The Father's House Church.

Not sure if July is the "Rainy Season" here in East Tennessee, but....we're sure getting a lot of rain.  It's soft, gentle and steady all throughout the day.  Our crops really love it and it certainly creates the environment for a lazy day. 

Now that we have internet and phone here in the "Retreat Cabin", we can conduct business quite well.  Received an e-mail from my "Harris Boss".  You may recall that I am working with the Harris Corporation to bring all new Air Traffic Control (ATC) to Haiti.

Well, I needed to contact the Haiti Director General's office and request some critical information.  It was nice to get the e-mail and then just pick up the phone and make the call.  Oh, "THAT WAS EASY".

Before the internet got here, I would have had to "hoist" my phone up in the tree and maybe....catch a random signal to get the e-mail and then, get in our Ford Escape and drive down the valley until I found a strong enough signal to make an international call., click, dial, talk.  Wow, love it!

So, now the cabin has become the Air Mobile Tennessee Office. That is good and maybe a little bad.  It's good to be in touch but it can also bring a lot of added activity right to our peaceful cabin.  

It all takes balance and prayer.  In the meantime, we'll seize the precious moments on rainy days and maybe play cards or just sit on the porch and witness the hummingbirds do amazing flying feats and watch the clouds roll through our valley.

In just a few weeks, school will be starting back down in Florida, and we'll have to pack up and head back down there.  I know we'll miss these misty mornings and breath-taking mountain views.  We'll just have to enjoy the moment and praise God for His goodness.

Today, we have some supplies to get and errands to run.  We'll head into Kentucky where there is no Sales Tax.  Where we are, we can shop in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky or of course, Tennessee.  Just depends upon which mountain road you take.  Love choices!

Since Cindy was up late downloading all that worship music, she's sleeping in, just a bit.  The sun has just risen and in just a little while, we'll share a delicious cup of coffee on the porch and watch the raindrops fall.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

7-22-13 Monday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Up early, on the porch of the "Retreat" and the questions arise, "How does a hummingbird... fly & Why are they called 'The Smokies'?? -

Aeronautical engineers are still astounded by the fact that the hummingbird can fly at all. Just a few minutes ago, I captured this "live" demonstration of the amazing hummingbird and why these lovely mountains are called "The Smokies" - "LIVE FROM OUR FRONT PORCH...THE HUMMINGBIRD AND THE SMOKIES

BTW (By-the-way for the old folks reading), it you'd like to learn a bit more about the amazing hummingbird click here - THE WONDER OF THE HUMMINGBIRD

Oh, Folks, this place simply takes ones breath is so beautiful.  The wonder of our Lord's Creation surrounds us and I understand why it is called "RE-CREATION".  Taking a bit of time and getting away also is wonderful way to RE-CHARGE our batteries.

Seems "Ministry" is never far away from us.  Yesterday, we had the blessing to have Peter lead us in worship in a small church (Father's House) that just lost it's Worship Leader.  We were so glad that Peter managed to get "the last seat" on that flight from Atlanta to Knoxville on Saturday evening.  The Church was blessed by Peter's sweet gift of music and worship.

This morning, we will be meeting with one of the Leaders of the church and will be sharing how to download music and eventually get it on the overhead projector.  This will help them until our Lord leads a Worship Leader their way.  Interested??  Simply write me an e-mail if you know someone in upper Eastern TN and wants to share their "worship-leading gift" with a sweet Church. My e-mail is:

Our Ministry seems to never take a "Vacation", but we are indeed enjoying the "Re-Creation".  Often, just taking a few moments out to "smell the roses" or watch a hummingbird fly or witness the clouds roll through the valley brings such great joy to ones weary soul.  Of course being surrounded by such breath-taking beauty helps one to ponder the wonder and beauty of our creation and the absolute majesty of God.

So, now it's time for my precious Cindy and I spend some time on the porch, savoring a delicious cup of coffee and simply taking in the beauty.  Ahhhh, RE-CREATION!

As always, we so appreciate your prayer, love and support.  We pray you are extremely blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

7-21-13 Sunday - 7:44 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Eastern TN - Air Mobile Retreat Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, our Peter boarded a Delta Jet in Houston enroute to Knoxville via Atlanta.  He got "stuck" in Atlanta due to severe thunderstorms.  Many flights were cancelled.  You see, Peter was flying on a "Buddy Pass", thanks to our Delta Rose.  Flying on a "Buddy Pass" saves a LOT of money, but does make it rather difficult to find a seat in such cases.

Meanwhile, I boarded an Allegiant Jet in Sanford (Orlando) headed for Knoxville.  We too had significant T-storms and our Allegiant Pilots did a superb job of dancing around them. Just before our plane took off, Peter and I were in communication and we prayed that our Lord would open up "just one seat".  Cindy and Ariana were eagerly awaiting news. 

My flight landed and we continued to pray that Peter would make it in when....the text came through "On Plane".  PRAISE GOD, our Lord did it again.

You can imagine our joy when our 6'2" 'Baby' walked through the arrival gate in Knoxville!  We're looking forward to our time here in Tennessee! 

So, here we are on Sunday morning.  Had our delicious coffee on our front porch.  Wonder why they call these the "Smokey" mountains??

Our Peter will be leading worship this morning in "Father's House Church", a sweet fellowship in our neck of the woods.  

It's time for us to head out.  So glad that we have a relatively strong internet signal here in the Cabin.  Stay tuned, for...the Adventure Continues!

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe

7-20-13 Saturday - 7:41 am (Eastern U.S. Time) Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After carefully analyzing the weather satellite images, the decision was made to "Slip" between the storms and head home. Usually, storms will calm down a bit in the evening and the early morning.  This latest round was still "alive" on Friday evening.  So....we prayed and...things looked better in the morning as the Sat image to the right depicts. 

After a thorough pre-flite, Bryan and I boarded and headed back to the U.S..  We could see build-ups all along the way, but again, our Lord gave us a perfect path right between the storms.  

The flight was smooth and quick.  We had a nice little tailwind and averaged about 200 mph for the entire flight home.

We cleared Customs at Fort Pierce and made the last little jog back to Titusville.  Upon landing, the left main went flat.  Yes, from time to time, even airplanes get a flat.  It appeared as if the tube had gotten pinched and, our Little Donkey still managed to get us off of the main runway and onto the taxi way and clear of all traffic. 

Now, our favorite FBO (Fixed Base Operation), Space Coast Jet Center heard the saga play out between the Control Tower and myself and immediately began mobilizing.  

They actually had a Cessna 337 tire (same model as Ti Burik) already mounted and ready to go. Within minutes, Steve with Space Coast, and a mechanic were on the scene and a few minutes later, Ti Burik was back in hangar.  Thank God for good friends and well equipped operations.  Again, our Lord deployed his troops and equipment!! 

After arriving home, checked the weather and guess what, those storms had returned with a vengeance   Most of Florida was covered with storms and I went to sleep with the wind howling and thunder crashing.  Thank the Lord for that perfectly timed flight home.

As you may know, our son Peter, has been in Houston working as a Staff Member for an outreach to young kids in the "Hood".  Their Motto is:  "Something Good in the Hood - Jesus"!  Well, his mission has come to an end and thanks to our dear "Delta Rose", Peter will be flying from Houston to Knoxville on a Delta Buddy Pass.  THANKS again, Rose!!

Later, this afternoon, I will be boarding an Allegiant Air flight from Orlando to Knoxville and Peter and I will arrive at almost the same time and my beloved Cindy will pick us up and.....we're heading to the Cabin in the mountains of Tennessee.  Oh, we're looking forward to spending some "chill-out" time just taking in the beauty and grandeur of our Lord's handiwork.

Oh, we now have high-speed internet in the cabin, so, no more "hoisting" my cell phone up in the tree to get a signal.  Should be able to get the "rambling" blog out without any "communication" difficulties.  

So, here we are,  just finishing one mission and about to start another one.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-19-13 Friday - 5:18 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One thing about the Caribbean, the weather can "ignite" like a bomb.  Yesterday, evening, we saw this very thing happen.  The dark clouds began to gather to the east, the winds gained speed and then the "howling" began.  All throughout the evening, I would awaken and pray that our Little Donkey wouldn't "blow away".

We're keeping a very close eye on this weather, as it may actually "grow" into a system.  In the meantime, thought it a good idea to go and fuel "Ti Burik" earlier yesterday.  Sometimes, very strong storms can bring such services to a halt.  Things were "stacked up" at the airport and had to wait for the fuel took a little nap.

Was able also, to put in a couple of hours in the "Depot".  One by one, these remarkable water machines were "REFRESHED & READY FOR SERVICE".

Barbara (AKA - Rambo in the Blue Dress) came in to inspect the current inventory level.  10 Rescuers,, just like "10 Soldiers", are ready to go.  This is the number we like to achieve.  This will provide replacement Rescuers for the 331 Operators spread throughout Haiti.  I breathe a bit easier when we reach this number.

You may recall, the pledge we made to "maintain" every Rescuer that we have placed in Haiti at NO CHARGE.  That's what this inventory of units is for.  So, all any operator in Haiti has to do is bring their unit in and "swap" it out, on the spot with a "Refreshed Rescuer".  This keeps that clean water flowing!

Just doing some quick math, each Air Mobile Rescuer can purify enough drinking water for about 500 people per day.  Barb is sitting next to machines that can provide fresh, clean drinking water to about 5000 people per day!  Now, that is amazing!

Earlier, took this shot in the "Village".  The young lady with the gallon jug, has been in Village for nearly 4 years and I so recall her being my "assistant" in delivering clean water to our community immediately following the 1-12-10 earthquake.

You know, it's difficult for me to express to you just how much I LOVE MY JOB!  The idea that we can, together, do something that just bring clean water to the thirsty still blows my mind.

So, we'll continue to "batten down" the hatches around here and brace for some stormy weather.  Have a full day today, so it's time to brew that 2nd cup of coffee and get ready to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  

As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-18-13 Thursday - 7:22 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes, installing a simple device, can make one's life a bit easier.  Such was the case yesterday.  Here's a bit of background.  Last month, we installed Emergency, "Last Resort" Air Traffic Control Radios at Port-Au-Prince (PAP) International Airport.  Everyone was very pleased and breathed easier, however....the new microphones were very heavy.

Now, when you have to hold a "heavy" mic for hours, that gets old. So, I promised the Controllers some "relief" on my next trip in.  The simple "Gooseneck" would solve the problem.  Arrived bright and early yesterday to install the solution.

First went to the PAP main control facility & installed the gooseneck.  It took about 5 minutes.  

After some minor adjustments and getting that "heavy" mic, just in the right position, the Controller pushed the button and spoke to American Airlines with very little effort.  Yes, they were happy campers!

Many of these Controllers are like family to me.  Have known them for many years.  Have flown a number of them in the Little Donkey when they need a ride to the U.S.

Then it was off to the Temporary Control Tower that sits right next to the Runway.  Again, a quick install and now, more happy Controllers.  Sometimes, just a simple act can lighten a heavy load.

From that little mission, it was next to the new Director General's (DG) Office.  Just so happens that we've known each other for years.  DG Roumer will do an excellent job.  Now, we're working hard to complete the original Proposal.  

Please join with me in prayer on this serious request, as all new ATC Equipment will dramatically improve the safety at PAP International!

Just moments ago, received an e-mail from Kenya, Africa.  You may recall, several weeks ago, we sent 5 replacement Ceramic filters and a carbon filter to a brother, Simon, who is operating an Air Mobile Rescuer there.  It was a great joy to get the message that the little box (that represents 50,000 gallons of refreshing, clean water) arrived safely.  Love it when a plan works!!

Today, will be back in "Joe's Depot" working on keeping "Refreshing" Clean water flowing to thirsty folks.  So, it's time to head out into this beautiful day.  THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-17-13 Wednesday - 6:39 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Typically, when an Air Mobile Rescuer comes into "Joe's Depot", it needs simple service, like a filter change or a fuse replacement.  Better said, it needs "Refreshing".  Must admit, this is one of my very favorite jobs...getting Rescuers up and going.  This is how I spent yesterday.

A flight to Haiti, is usually "launched" when our inventory of "Refreshed" Rescuers gets down to a certain level.  We reached that level and flew to Haiti.  We were down to 2 Air Mobile Rescuers.  

We currently have 331 Air Mobile Rescuers in operation throughout Haiti.  About 9 years ago, I made a pledge to the Lord.  It was simple.  Air Mobile would keep ALL of the Rescuers in operation, in Haiti, AT NO CHARGE for as long as the Lord provided the resources to do so.  Guess what??

After all these years, we have kept that Pledge and so has our Lord.  Your prayer, love and support have  been invaluable in this pursuit.  Providing CLEAN WATER to the thirsty is very serious business with Jesus!  Read Matthew 25 to hear His Words, "I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink".  The Disciples asked, "When did we ever see you thirsty?"  Jesus replied, "When you've done it unto the least of these, my brothers, you've done it unto Me".

Those Words drive Air Mobile to travel the world and bring clean water to the thirsty.  So, back to the Air Mobile Joe's "Refreshing" Depot.  Spent the day both refreshing Rescuers and training Bryan, our newest "Water Mule" on the simple and elegant operation and design of the Rescuer.

By sunset, our Inventory Level grew to 8 Rescuers and the journey goes on today.  Folks, again, I love working on these "Near-Miracle Machines".  The idea that something so small and efficient can bring very clean, refreshing water to so many, still amazes me.

The roosters are crowing....have been since about 4:30 this morning, the coffee has been consumed (notice the Keurig Coffee Pot on the little Refrigerator box).  My bedroom in the Village, this time, is in the School room. 

So, it's time to hit "The Depot" and keep that Clean, Refreshing, Water Flowing for thirsty folks.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us and helping us along the way on this noble mission.

Air Mobile Joe 

7-16-13 Tuesday - 7:09 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The pieces were in place.  The Little Donkey was all loaded and fueled. The only obstacle left was, the weather.  After careful consideration and prayer, saw a perfect corridor to get to Haiti.

Early, yesterday morning, Bryan and I had a word of prayer, crawled into Ti Burik, cranked up the engines, illuminated the runway lights and pushed the throttles forward.

After a short roll (the Donkey Trot), we were in the air headed for Haiti.  We quickly climbed to 17,000 feet and settled down to a beautiful flight.  Just off to our right, near Miami, the storms were roaring and we could hear many airliners "diverting" around the weather.

Our path was smooth as silk.  There is moment, just before the sun rises that the clouds have sparkling outlines with so many shades of orange, pink, blue, silver.  It is a glorious moment and one knows that a grand arrival is about to take place.

Then, in a moment, the sun "bursts" over the horizon and announces, I'm here!  Each and every Caribbean sunrise is a masterpiece.  So glad that we can witness them!  It is a time to simply "Praise God"!

We were headed directly into another "Adventure".  Throughout the 5 hour flight, we could hear those airliners diverting and working around the storms, but our route was smooth.  Had only a slight headwind.

Bryan suggested that we paint the Oxygen "masks" black so that they look like mustaches.  Probably not, but it would make a funny shot.

As we began our descent, made contact with Port-Au-Prince Control and spoke over our new Emergency radios that we installed on our last trip to Haiti. The communications sounded great!

We made the low pass over the Village to let them know we were here.  Landed on the long runway and rolled to the Main Terminal.  Had our Humanitarian Clearance and unloaded the little donkey.  

It is difficult to "Capture" the load, but our Haitian Staff, who assists us in the unloading, "Sing songs about the legendary "Ti Burik" and the Miracle Loads".  I have known some of our ground crew for over 30 years. We are like family.

Tim, a frequent visitor to the "Village" arrived and we loaded our precious cargo.  Made a quick stop at the Department of Civil Aviation to find out that the Director General (DG) had been replaced.  This is a common occurrence in Haiti.  So, I scheduled an appointment with the new DG.  We're in the process of replacing all of the Air Traffic Control Communication equipment.  Those radios that we recently installed are for "Last Resort".  We need to complete this project and help Haiti to have excellent communication equipment.

As soon as we arrived in the "Village" Barbara put Bryan (a medical student) right to work checking on some of the kids.  

My work is cut out for me over the next few days.  Have some Rescuers that need attention.  Will also be in meetings with Civil Aviation moving that contract forward for the completion of the vital ATC Communications equipment.

Been checking the news from the U.S. this morning and there is plenty of "fall-out" from the Zimmerman Verdict. Again, we PRAY for peace and calm to prevail. 

So, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  We truly appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-15-13 Monday - 3:15 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now that the George Zimmerman Trial is over, life goes on.  Must admit, toward the end, took it everywhere with me via Radio on my phone.  There is a lot of tension over the verdict, so again, I urge you to join with me and PRAY for the "Peace of God, that passes all understanding, to keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus".

Recently met a young man, Bryan.  Bryan is a Medical Student and went to Haiti last year.  He's offered to volunteer, so we put him right to work.  Recall, from yesterday's blog, how our Little Donkey (AKA - Ti Burik) can carry such vital and diverse loads?  

Our intrepid, Barbara, put in another request, to add to the rakes, and bug spray and propane torches (tough to get those things on a commercial airliner).

Can you tell what it is?  Here's a close-up.  Yes, it's a Refrigerator / Freezer.  OK, it's not very big, but Barb wanted another refrigerator, so we got it for her.

We'll work that into our load for the next flight to Haiti.  Things have been rather calm in Haiti lately and according to Barb, all is well in the Village.  We're thankful!  

So, it's time to get on with the day and continue to get ready for "The next Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for standing together with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

7-14-13 Sunday - 8:33 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, at 9:59pm (ET), the Verdict was read, "Not Guilty".  This is a very sad and tragic story. We have prayed, from the very beginning, for the truth to come out.  As the evidence was carefully reviewed, the Jurors concluded that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense.  We pray for calm and we pray for the Martin family who lost their son, Treyvon.

This blog is a bit "late" this morning, because after the Verdict, I had a hard time going to sleep.  The details of the case just kept going through my head.  

There were so many "what ifs" in this sad story.  But the facts are, it unfolded the way it did, and both families, will never be the same.  I find myself simply praying and asking our Lord to bring good out of this sad story.  

Meanwhile, we continue to get ready for the "Next Mission".  Spent the day looking at the weather and gathering supplies for Haiti.  Florida is having a lot of storms due to the remains of Chantal.

The beautiful thing about flying a Little Donkey, is that we don't have the "restrictions" that the airlines have.  

For example, Barbara (AKA - Rambo in the Blue Dress) phoned from Haiti yesterday and asked, "Hey could you add a couple of small propane torches to my 'wish list'?"  She went on, "I also need 3 gallons of bug killer and a couple of rakes.".  Imagine trying to get those things on American Airlines.  Ahh, the beauty of flying a "Little Donkey".  

Of course, in addition to these "exotic" requests, we have baby food / formula, new little shoes, medicine, diapers, Rescuer parts (to keep CLEAN WATER flowing) and so much more.

Today, we look at the weather and behold, things seem to be calming down in the Caribbean....for the moment.  Now, all we need is the "Go Ahead" from the Lord and soon, we'll be heading back down to Haiti.  

Have some more things to take care of before doing that.   So, on this beautiful day, that our Lord has made, we'll rejoice and be glad in it.  

PLEASE PRAY that folks accept the "Verdict" and move on with their lives.  I know for some, this verdict is a bitter pill, but it is, what it is.  Above all, remember, PRAYER IS POWERFUL.  Let us pray that the peace of God, that passes all understanding, will keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  

God bless and as always, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-13-13 Saturday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Most of us here in Florida and around the U.S. have been following the Zimmerman Trial and yesterday brought us very close to a verdict.  All the final arguments have been given and the fate of George Zimmerman is in the hands of the Jurors.  May I take this opportunity to ask you to PRAY for them?  

Indeed, these are weighty matters and our prayer from day one, has been for the truth to come out and for justice to be served.  Now....we wait.

There is quite a bit of "rumbling" going on and protests have already begun.  Again, please PRAY that peace and reason will prevail.

Came across this story and just had to share it with you.  It is about the death of a little girl and when hope was lost, a compassionate nurse placed the lifeless child in the Chapel on the altar and....Read the rest of story here - DEAD BABY COMES BACK TO LIFE 

As I look at the things that are going on in the world and in our Country, my heart is heavy and it is easy to become discouraged.  So many battles are raging right now, including the "Verdict" that may come today and with that verdict, whichever way it goes, there will be consequences.  I am reminded of the Words of Jesus  "....but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"!

Sometimes, do you feel as if our Country has "gone over the line" and the news from around the world simply becomes overwhelming?  If so, may I encourage you today, to "Keep the Faith".  Place your burden, whatever it is, on the Altar, and trust God.  

OK, must be honest and tell you that I am preaching to myself today.  The story of that little girl coming back to life "on the altar" came at the right time. 

Spoke with Barbara, in the Village in Haiti yesterday and they fared well through the storm. Barb gave me things to add to her "wish list" for the our next flight in.  Been keeping a very close eye on the weather.  We're still having a lot of storms as the remnants of Chantal mix with the warm gulf and stir things up.  Glad those high-speed upper level winds are keeping her from "re-forming".

So, today, we'll continue to gather supplies and watch and wait and above all, PRAY.  As always, we're so thankful for your prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-12-13 Friday - 7:57 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Looks like we're in for a stormy and rainy weekend here in Florida and the Southeast.  The remnants of Chantal are moving over the Bahamas and just to the east of Florida.  The "elements" may combine and bring life to Chantal. We're keeping an eye on that.

Of course, with all of this stormy weather, it's difficult to fly but....managed to get one quick flight in yesterday.  Here's the story.

Made an exploratory trip down to Vero Beach yesterday.  Had a possible "line" on some good supplies for the homeless and Haiti.  My good friend and brother, Bill Duncklee lives in Vero, so a meeting was quickly arranged.

After getting the facts about the supply chain, we headed to the airport that was just minutes away and pulled out the "Velocity".  Bill has worked tirelessly on turning this aircraft into a very capable tool for our Lord.  Not only is it fast and efficient also has a "Message".

We saw some weather, just to the south of the airport, and Bill asked..."Want to do a little 'Beach Evangelism'"??  I smiled and said, "Let's do it".  Bill eased the throttle forward on the powerful 300HP Lycoming and like a flash, the Velocity leaped into the air.  We headed for the beach to share a "Message".

We leveled at a thousand feet and made the run down the beach.  Now, the Velocity has a very unique sound, particularly with that big engine.  Folks on the beach will instinctively look up.  And...what do they see??

Bill was inspired to deliver a simple, powerful message every time he flies the Velocity.

So, here comes this strange looking, unique sounding aircraft (almost looks like a UFO) and in big letters, right on the bottom is - JESUS SAVES!  Good job, Bill of "delivering the mail"! 

That weather that was just  south of the airport, held off for long enough for us to get in a little "Beach Evangelism".  Love it!!

We landed, put the little Evangelism Tool away and headed to a great Organic Restaurant close by.  We had a delicious chicken-salad dinner and I quickly snapped a shot and sent it to Cindy.  She loves it when I eat "good".  She wrote back that she was proud of me and thanked Bill for helping to keep me on a healthy eating path. 

Well, today the George Zimmerman Trial is coming to a close with the Defense giving the final arguments.  

There were some real 'fireworks' in the Court Room yesterday between the Defense and the Judge.  The trial moves forward and we should have a Verdict very soon.  Again...we PRAY for peace and reason to prevail... regardless of the Verdict. 

So, we'll weather out storms, continue to prepare for the "next mission" and PRAY!  THANK YOU again, for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-11-13 Thursday - 7:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The "Former" Tropical Storm Chantal was downgraded yesterday evening to a Tropical Wave.  Haiti dodged a major bullet as the remnants "skirted" the southern peninsula just dropping a fair amount of rain.  No reports of deaths at this hour...thank God!

The tropical wave will likely move along the forecasted path and bring more rain to Florida and the southeast through the weekend.  

We have another "Storm" brewing here in Florida as the Zimmerman Trial nears completion.  I must's been quite interesting following it.  

There is a lot of talk and speculation about what will happen if.....Some are expecting rioting if Zimmerman is acquitted.  

As the evidence comes forth, the case seems to be leaning toward....acquittal.  Many speculated on the early information but....soon, the Jury will decide.  We are PRAYING for peace and reason to reign REGARDLESS of how the verdict falls.

As I have shared before, we've been gathering parts and supplies to prepare as many Rescuers as we can for "whatever" the future holds.  We know, that following most any disaster, CLEAN WATER is paramount.

Had something happen yesterday that just brings such encouragement to my heart. The Air Mobile Rescuer is built on a Stainless Steel Chassis.  This gives the unit great strength and durability.  

Did you know, that we have never had a single chassis failure in nearly 10 years of operation around the world?  Well, the company that makes our high quality chassis' has done so at NO CHARGE!

Just yesterday, I thought, it's time for more Chassis'.  Was about to place another "order" when I pulled in the driveway and there...was a shipment of Chassis' just delivered.  Again, our Lord knows how to "deploy the equipment".  THANK YOU, JESUS &  THANK YOU, ROYAL SHEET METAL!!  I never cease to marvel at the "Hand of God" on this noble project!

So, I wonder what our Lord will do today?  We'll just see.  It's time to go feed our sweet chickens and get out the door on another adventure.  We truly appreciate you and your faithful prayer, love and support.  May you be extremely BLESSED today!

Air Mobile Joe

7-10-13 Wednesday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Chantal has been "racing" across the Caribbean and is just southeast of Haiti. Looks like she'll make the turn to the northwest and drag right across the southern peninsula of Haiti.

This storm is a heavy "rain-maker" and that means flooding.  Haiti's southern peninsula has been "swiped" by many a west bound storm and the flash flooding often leaves death and destruction in it's wake.  Please PRAY for those in the bulls-eye of this storm.  We can also PRAY for this storm to just keep a westerly course and avoid ravaging that southern coast of Haiti & that it "just falls apart"!!

Then....according to the forecasters (and they are quite good), Chantal looks to go right over Cuba and head right to our door and on up to Georgia / South Carolina.  Fortunately, the winds are not very strong and our infrastructure can handle rain a bit better than Haiti. So, we're now, "battening down the hatches".  Another good reason to check that Hurricane Checklist.

We have been gathering supplies for our "next mission" and...."Right on Schedule", I get a call from Vicki at the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) on Merritt Island.  She was pleased to tell me that they have more baby food and supplies for the orphans in Haiti.  

Of course, I dashed right over and picked up the precious gifts.  It's funny, when she called, I just "happened" to be less than 10 minutes away.... Love the way our Lord deploys His troops and His resources!

From the APC, headed to our little plant on Merritt Island, to bring some more parts for "Rob the Rescuer", our Premier Water Mule.  Here, Rob is testing the Rescuers. We're getting them ready for Action!

So, on with this day.  We'll see just what our Lord has for us to do and what adventure will unfold.

We truly appreciate you and your prayers.  Please, again, remember to pray for those in Haiti that are being "lashed" by Chantal as I type this blog.  Your prayer ARE effective. A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A - Prayer).  You know, often, when disasters occur or are occurring, we have a tendency to just "wring our hands" & say, "awww, that's too bad".  

Remember, we can always PRAY and prayer works because we serve a loving God who hears our prayers!  Love you and have a blessed day!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-9-13 Tuesday - 7:24 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Looks like the Forecasters are in unity on this storm.  Tropical Storm Chantal is moving very quickly across the Caribbean (26 MPH) and headed for a "collision" with Hispaniola where those high mountains will likely weaken and partially disassemble her.

Of course, this storm will bring a lot of wind and rain.  We've seen "un-named" storms kill thousands in Haiti with major flash flooding.  So...we PRAY for those in the path of this storm.  Here's more on TS Chantal - CHANTAL BARRELS INTO THE CARIBBEAN

Recently, we received an e-mail from the Hougland Family who live in Hong Kong.  They had seen the Extreme Makeover show on our family.  Their eldest daughter, Alyssa who is 12, was so moved by the Lord that she, for her birthday, did not want any presents, but all gifts should be made to Air Mobile.  Wow!  What a sweet heart and what a precious family.

Todd, the Dad is from Merritt Island and they are here for a visit so...we got together yesterday at the Hangar. When they arrived, Paul and I were just about to "run-up" Ti Burik and continue on our routine Inspection.

It was such a blessing to meet this precious family and spend a little time with them.  I'm humbled and grateful for such love and support!!  THANK YOU, HOUGLANDS!

I have a question.  How many of you use your phone as your Bible?  Many are doing it and Cindy and I often have our phones out during service following the scriptures with the latest Bible Apps.

All of this is fine and it works quite well but...may I encourage you to keep the Old Book around.  We can become so dependent upon our gadgets and...gadgets can break, or batteries can run out or...any number of things can happen to cause them not to work.  The Old Book works every time.

Let me tell you about something that happened last night.  I was laying in bed and just pondering the goodness of the Lord.  As one looks at the goodness of God, it is easy to see our selves and how we are still a "work in progress".  The Holy spirit was surely working in my heart.  I saw things in me that were not good and oh, just realized again how much I need the Savior.

Suddenly, I remembered my Old Black Bible and quickly went downstairs to get it.  I felt that the Lord had a clear message for me.  

Alright, here's another question.  How many of you, from time to time, just open the Bible to see if there's a "Message" for you?  I must admit, I occasionally do it.  By the Way (BTW), it's hard to do this with an I-Phone. 

Well, back to last night.  I went and got the Bible.  Went back upstairs.  Just held it for bit and then opened it up.  There was a very precious message from Jesus to me right there.

I opened up to John 15:16...."You did not choose Me, but I chose you...."  Oh, what a great Word from the Lord.  Yes, God is good and I'm so thankful that He loves us so.  

OK, now a wise Pastor once told me, "Joe, don't depend upon 'Bible Roulette' to get messages from God".  In other words, just read and study the Bible and yes, from time to time, He'll just speak to you in a special way when you randomly "open" the Book.
The key is to "Abide" in Him for He is the Vine and we are branches". 

It's also good to realize that in John 15, Jesus was with His Disciples at the Last Supper and was only hours from being Crucified. There, around the table sat Judas and Peter and all the rest who abandoned Him and yet....He loves us so.  Yes, it's good to remember that....We did not "Choose Him", but He Chose us" and that great love penetrated our lost heart and drew us to Him.  

Well, here I go again, getting a bit preachy on this Tuesday morning.  Just had to share that sweet message with you.  Now, it's time to go feed those chickens and get on with this day.  I pray that you are extremely blessed.  THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-8-13 Monday - 7:51 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just checking the weather this morning and "The Season" is heating up.  Far out in the Eastern Caribbean, Tropical Storm Chantal is "steaming" across the ocean at 26 knots.  Looks like Haiti and the Keys will be in the path but....there are a lot of factors that can keep this from becoming a "killer" storm.

There are upper level winds and land masses that may effect the formation and cause this storm to not be, very strong.  We certainly pray that is the case.  Here's more on TS Chantal - WHERE IS CHANTAL HEADED?? (Note:  When you click on the link, there is a "commercial" and then the weather report)

The Service yesterday at the Great Outdoors Community Church went well.  It was such an honor and blessing to share the Gospel and give a Ministry Update with these precious folks.  This Church has stood with Air Mobile so many times over the years and helped us to "Get on the road" to numerous disasters with their prayer, love and support!!

Must tell you a bit about the name, The Great Outdoors Community Church.  My good friend from High School, Dan, called last night and asked, "What's the deal with the name??"  I explained that the name of the Community where the church is located is the "The Great Outdoors" Premier  RV & Golf Resort.

So, today, will be back at the hangar completing that Routine Inspection of our Little Donkey.  We'll be gathering supplies for our next mission and of course, keeping a very close eye on Tropical Storm Chantal.

Realizing the changing pattern of Hurricanes...remember Sandy, brings up the point of gathering those "Emergency Supplies" and checking out the Hurricane Evacuation Routes. In other words, making a "Plan" for....what if??  Remember, there are a lot of variables and very bad weather can certainly mess up your day.

So....give some thought and prayer today about your supplies and perhaps pick up a few things, today, to add to the "Emergency Kit", i.e. batteries, flashlights, candles, food and of course, a means of getting Clean Water.  Remember that old saying that a very wise pastor once told me, "Joe, by the inch, it's a cinch, by the yard, it's hard".

It's time to go feed those sweet chickens and head out the door into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  Be blessed always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe  

PS - If you're new to this "Rambling Blog" and feel like you've jumped right into the middle of the have.  Simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey.  God bless and WELCOME ABOARD!  Joe

7-7-13 Sunday - 6:02 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


You probably heard about the tragic and yet miraculous crash at San Francisco.  A Korean Airliner (Boeing 777) seems to have "clipped" the seawall on short final, completely severing the tail section.  Eyewitnesses turned in horror of the scene not expecting any survivors and yet....

At this hour, the death toll is 2, with 181 Hospitalized, 49 critical out of 313 souls aboard.  We are deeply saddened for the loss of life but at the same time, amazed at so many survivors!  Of course, it could have been so much worse.

One never knows what the day holds, but we do know Him who does.  Those folks were within seconds of a lovely flight being completed when suddenly, there was a loud bang and an explosion and fire and debris and a quick exit.  I'm sure that many are just thanking God for being alive.  PLEASE PRAY for the victims and the survivors.

Flying is still one of the safest forms for transportation on this planet and yet, it is very serious business and can change in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.  We, of course, depend heavily on aircraft to deliver clean water to a thirsty world.

Was actually at the airport working on our Little Donkey, AKA "Ti Burik" when the news of the crash came in.  Of course, we followed it prayerfully and again, we're so thankful that it was not so much worse.

Ti Burik is undergoing the routine maintenance.  Last weekend, I flew through some heavy rain and this has a tendency to "remove" any loose paint.  If you look very closely, just behind the propeller, you will see an area where the paint was "removed".

I quickly phoned my good pilot neighbor, Keith and asked for his expertise with this matter.  Keith is an Engineer who specializes in chemical bonding and paint adherence.

Within minutes, he was here and we were "prepping" the Little Donkey for a little paint touch up.

And soon, we had a happy, smiling Little Donkey with those "exposed" areas all covered up with a nice coat of paint.  Thanks, Keith, for sharing your expertise with us!!  Seems like our Lord did it again...."Deployed His troops"!

In just a little while, will be heading to The Great Outdoors Community Church to share some "Good News" about the soon return of Jesus to this old world.  Folks need Jesus, to navigate through the turbulent days ahead.

Please pray for me that I "deliver the mail" and bring a message of hope and awareness of the seriousness of the times we are living in and the great Hope that only Jesus can bring!!

As always, I'm so THANKFUL for you.  We so appreciate your standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-6-13 Saturday - 7:08 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It took Cindy and I 13 hours to drive to Tennessee and the flight home, yesterday, on Allegiant Air, 1 hour 15 minutes costs much less than the fuel to drive.  Had a perfect flight and my life-long friend, Joe Polozola gave me a lift home.  You may recall that Joe introduced me to Jesus 42 years, that's a real friend!!

As usual, hit the ground running.  Checking on things, bringing supplies that were received during our absence to our facility where more Air Mobile Rescuers can be made. Ended this day with a visit with Christian and Ann Marie and their sweet kids, Christian, Rythm and Selah. those Grandkids!!

Today, Paul, our excellent mechanic and I will be getting our Little Donkey, Ti Burik, ready for the "next mission".  We'll be doing a routine inspection and oil change today.  The little bird is flying beautifully.

Will also be preparing for church tomorrow.  Have been asked to speak at the Great Outdoors Community Church in Titusville, FL.  We love those folks.  They have rallied to our side so many times over the years and helped us to "GO" and bring God's love and provision to so many that have suffered such terrible losses.

After getting home yesterday evening, just scanned the news.  In some's nice to be able to have such "access" to strong signals and bring up news stories from around the world.  Remember...I'm a "news junky".  

In other's nice to NOT have quite so much access.  Remember this shot taken a few days ago, of a desperate "news junky" (me) trying to find a signal while at the cabin in Tennessee??  

Yes, that's my cell phone hoisted just a bit higher to try to capture some of those elusive "signals" that rattle through the "holler" in the hills.  Sometimes, we just have to give our brains a "rest".

Yes, one does spend a bit more time in the Word and visiting with family when the "access" is a bit limited. I am confessing my faults to you, who "ramble" down this winding road with me.  

My simple prayer is...."Oh Lord, help me to balance my time with your direction.  Please lead and guide me this day". 

It wasn't that long ago that we did not have the "Information Highway".  There were only a few "News" Channels and life was bit simpler and less crowded.  Those days are least for now.  

I hear the chickens calling. Time to head out into this beautiful day.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  

Air Mobile Joe

7-5-13 Friday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Knoxville International Airport, Knoxville, TN - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just arrived at Knoxville International Airport and will be catching a flight back to Orlando in a few minutes.  Have been invited to speak on Sunday morning to the Great Outdoors Church congregation.  I love this church!  They have stood with Air Mobile so many times over the years, sending us out into disaster after disaster with their prayers and support!

Found a very inexpensive flight on Allegiant Air from Knoxville to Orlando.  Cindy and Ariana along with our dear friends, Patti and Olivia will be "holding down the Fort" until I can get back.  Our son, Ben, will be joining the crew soon.

Yesterday, we went exploring.  We heard that there were some beautiful "Falls" close by.  So we took a little ride and found Ellrod Falls.  No signs, no big fanfare, just some stunningly beautiful falls in the mountains of Tennessee.

This photo captures the bottom of the falls, there are two levels above this.  They were simply beautiful.

Been catching bits and pieces of the news.  Being in the mountains, though, quite beautiful, does not lend itself to strong internet coverage (we're working on that).  Just saw that Egypt has tremendous turmoil with the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood.  There is great instability in that region.  Please pray for those that are in harms way there.

Well, they're calling my Flight.  Have to run.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-4-13 Thursday - 7:48 pm (Eastern U.S. Time) - Baptist Church Parking Lot in extreme Northeast tip of Tennessee - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First of all, Cindy and I wish you a very happy 4th of July.  Though our country has many problems, we're truly happy and blessed to live in this country.  Thank God for America!!

I come to you this morning from another Baptist Church Parking Lot....that just happens to have 1.5 bars of signal, allowing me to write this little blog.

By the way, did you read yesterday's UPDATED blog published at 1:25pm?  Just read on down.  Tell a story about some loose lugs and a perfectly positioned Lug Wrench.  It's quite a story of "perfect timing & the Lord's protection".

This morning, as I sit in this parking lot with a Baptist Church behind me, an old cemetary ahead of me and the grand American Flag flying in the background, there's a light rain and it's kind of chilly....for July.  

Thoughts of just how this country came into existence by a group of folks who valued freedom and liberty to believe and live to serve the Lord in the way that seems right to them.  I like that.  

This morning, during my devotion time, I simply opened my old black Bible and it fell to I John 2:24-29.  This portion of scripture deals with allowing truth to abide in us and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us.  Such a powerful and vital message today.  Again, may you be blessed today and take a moment to thank the Lord for this country and the freedoms that we enjoy.

Of course, yesterday, I wrote about those loose lugs on our little trailer.  Didn't tell you what we had in the trailer.  We had loaded some supplies and some solar panels etc., but our main load was, 2 old sofas.  They fit into that trailer perfectly. 

Those sofas were likely destined for the trash pile.  Cindy's Dad, Ron had bought some new living room furniture and 2 sofas came up in conversation recently.  As I looked at them in his garage, it looked like they'd just fit in that little trailer and they did, by about 1/2".

Well, that was the load that we were carrying when those lugs "nearly" came off.  Just as we didn't know if they'd fit in the trailer, likewise, we didn't know if they'd fit in our tiny living room of our Tennessee mountain cabin.

After unloading them yesterday, Cindy and Ariana went to work on cleaning them up.  The sofas made the journey just fine and....when we went to put them in the living room, guess what?  They fit to perfection.  They just look like they belong right there in that little cabin in the mountains. 

So glad that they didn't end up in the landfill.  We'll enjoy them for years to come.  Those 2 old sofas were given a "Second Chance".  Sounds like what our Lord does for us....when we open the door and invite Him into our lives!

Enough of all this chatter about loose lugs and old sofas.  We truly wish you a very Happy 4th of July and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

7-3-13 Wednesday - 1:25 pm (Eastern U.S. Time) - Verizon Store in Downtown Sneedville - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After my very "abbreviated" blog this morning, thought I'd tell you a very cool story that happened in the mountains of Tennessee.

Thanks to a very kind lady in the local Verizon store in downtown Sneedville, have a strong signal and can include some neat shots. 

Just for you to know, this morning, tried everything to get a signal, including hoisting my phone up in a tree...still, no signal.

Managed to get a microscopic signal in a Church Parking lot earlier, but not enough to tell you this wonderful story.  Here we go...

Yesterday, Cindy, Ariana and I were in the "Escape Wagon" and all was well.  We had just left Ashville, NC and were on a stunningly beautiful section of highway through the mountains (I-26).  Had just entered into Tennessee.  

We were winging along between 65-70 mph and began to feel the slightest little shimmy. My first thought was the brakes were just heating up.  

I felt something inside of me say, "Pull over RIGHT NOW"!  Eased off the highway and rolled to a safe stop.

Went to inspect all of the tires.  The Escape tires were just fine.  Headed to our little "Covered Wagon" and....there they were.  Every single lug nut was loose, real loose.  One lug was about 1 turn away from flying off.  I just shook my head and breathed a word of thanks to the Lord.  But....the story is just beginning.

First of all, both tires were about to come off of the trailer.  I had to tighten those lugs and began the long, tedious process of unloading the Escape to "dig" out my lug wrench.  Didn't even know if it would fit.  

Cindy said, "Hey, ask that guy over there, if he has a lug wrench.  There was only a shallow ditch and about 250 feet away I saw who Cindy was speaking of.  He was working on a 1958 Mercedes Benz.  

So, I yelled, "Hey, you got a lug wrench"??  I saw him nod, yes, and soon, he was headed to the fence with the lug wrench.

We exchanged a few words and I headed right over and tightened every lug nut.

When I headed back to return the lug wrench, we began speaking about the Lord and how good He is.

Soon, he was inviting me to Church, for you see, he is the Pastor of Faith Baptist in Erwin, Tennessee!

Yes, here we go again...."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"! 

I told him about the Extreme Makeover Home that our family received and he saw the Episode.  We just marveled again at how good our Lord is.

Remember when I felt that very strong impression to PULL OVER RIGHT NOW?  If I would have rolled another 100 feet, Cindy likely would not have seen Pastor Jeff working on that old Mercedez Benz.

Looks like we'll visit Faith Baptist one day and Pastor Jeff and I will have a blast telling the story of how we met.  We truly believe that this was a "Divine appointment" and we saved our little wagon from some pretty serious damage.  Praise God!

Oh, the reason that I'm in downtown Sneedville is that I'm getting those brakes checked on the Escape.  It's raining and it's time to head over to see if my good friend, Roger, has got the job done.  You may recall, that several months ago, Roger repaired the brakes on the Old Bounder.

Don't know that time I'll get the blog out tomorrow.  Will likely have to go hunt up a signal as I did this morning.  So, if it's a bit late, just check back.  No telling what we'll have been up to. One thing that I can certainly say is...THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-3-13 Wednesday - 9:31 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Northeast Tennessee - Baptist Church Parking Lot - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, we arrived safe and sound into the Northeastern tip of Tennessee.  We don't have a "signal" at the cabin so....I've driven down the winding mountain road watching my phone "like a hawk" until I got a bar and a half.  Pulled into a Baptist Church Parking lot and have the computer hooked up with an inverter and the phone hanging out the window to write this little blog.

Oh, do we have a story for you, but the signal is so weak I can't download the photos to tell you about another "Journey Miracle".  It's a very cool one.  I might be able to find more signal later today and will tell you the story.  It's VERY cool!!!

I'd better sign out for now and I promise, if able, will write more later and tell you the "Lug of a story"!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-2-13 Tuesday - 7:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Motel 6 off I-95...somewhere in South Carolina - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I felt like a "Pioneer Couple" as we loaded and wrapped our little trailer and secured the load of sofas, solar panels, food, clothes and more.  Of course, we drive a Ford "Escape", thus our "Escape Wagon".

We have a new friend in Tennessee who is also from Florida.  Last time we saw her, she made a simple request..."I'd love some sand from Cocoa Beach".  

We were headed out of town when the memory "floated" back to me, so, we turned around, headed to the beach &...Cindy and Ariana filled a big baggie of the precious sand for a friend.

Now get this...we were headed northbound on U.S. 1 in Cocoa when a late model black Ford Explorer came along side of us.  The driver, a young lady, was making hand signals.

I rolled down the window and I heard her say..."you lost your license plate on the trailer".  Whoa, now that's serious.  It's an instant violation and most any law enforcement officer would pull you right over.  

We instantly turned around and began heading back when....the lady in the Black Explorer showed up again.  Now, the directions got much more specific.  She said the plate came off about a mile back in front of a large flea market.

We just took a moment and THANKED her profusely for doubling back to give us that critical info, otherwise our search could have covered miles.  She smiled and said, "I guess I did my good deed for the day".  We told her that she surely did.

Well, we went back to the exact location and...there it was...all crumbled up but still intact.  We quickly rode to the airport and pulled up to the "barn" where Ti Burik resides.  Grabbed a two by four and commenced to flatten out the plate.  Kind of felt like a "prisoner".  Do you recall that most license plates are made by prisoners?

The plate was now, "almost", good as new.  I mounted it with very large washers and tightened it down to withstand a hurricane or an earthquake.

You know, something like losing a plate could ruin your whole day. We just rejoiced in the Lord for that Good Samaritan that took the time to tell us about the loss and then took the time to come back and give us very specific information.  Praise God for....yes, "Deploying His troops"!

With that bit of joy, we headed out of town for Tennessee.  We left some very wicked weather behind.  Didn't roll out of the very strong thunderstorms until just north of Jacksonville.

Oh, must tell you something else that happened on this new journey.  Just south of Jacksonville, Cindy and I both saw an older red Jeep Cherokee lose control.  It was just in front of us.  The roads were very wet and that old Jeep suddenly made 2 complete 360 degree turns (a true "720"!) and then headed back north, slammed into the median, hit the rail 2 hard times and finally after dissipating all of that energy came to a stop!  As soon as he started spinning both Cindy and I both said "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus".

We saw the driver sitting up and looked quite bewildered and immediately (within 15-20 seconds) we called 911.  Made a full report and continued on our journey.  Folks, this was very close.  If we would have been another 3-4 seconds faster, we would have been tangled up and likely seriously injured or worse.

So....we rejoiced again, prayed for that driver (he did not appear to have been injured, just shaken up).  A few minutes later, a State Trooper called us and asked again exactly where this occurred.  We gave the exact mile marker and he said they were just minutes away. 

We continued on our journey to the Tennessee Cabin and rolled until about 10:00pm and found a Motel 6 and yes....they left the light out for us.  Didn't think they had $39.00 rooms anymore, but they did.  

Well, we're up bright and early.  Just had a "wicked" cup of coffee (not very good, but loaded with caffiene) and soon, we'll be back on the road in our little red "Escape Wagon".  We'll see what our Lord has for us today.  

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!  Remember:  A.S.A.P. (Always-Say-A-Prayer).  One never knows who that prayer may be for or what is going on.  We love you and truly THANK YOU for standing with us!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

7-1-13 Monday - 7:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Over the years, I have flown throughout the Caribbean thousands of times.  Some of the flights have been long and others very short flights between the islands.  Of course....there are plenty of stories to tell about this beautiful, exotic, and sometimes...very strange region of the world and today, I'll tell you about one that happened...yesterday.

The day began early with me heading to the airport and Cindy and Ariana to Church and the Hospital.  Had been following some weather and it looked like an early departure and some good info from the on-board Nexrad Radar would bring a good and safe conclusion to this day of flights.

Met my new friends, who needed a ride to Marsh Harbor, at the Melbourne Airport, right on time.  Could see some weather building but worked right between them and the Little Donkey didn't even bounce.  It was smooth as silk and we landed right on time.

Once we cleared Customs and Immigration, was able to tell the Officials about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Explained how, last year, we were able to help the residents on Cat Island with clean, drinking water.  

Everyone Bahamian knows that Hurricane Season can and often brings destruction, suffering and sometimes death.  These ladies were very excited to know that Air Mobile could be there to help.  Of course, clean drinking water becomes a "non-negotiable"!  The Air Mobile Rescuer delivers clean, purified drinking water!!

Was ready to depart, and a scan of the weather to the West, indicated that, getting over to Walkers Cay, would be a challenge.  So glad that Ti Burik had PLENTY of fuel.  Extra fuel is very much, ones' friend, when "working around weather".

Was able to speak with the folks on Walkers Cay and did let know that I was coming but...the weather was going to be a challenge.

While programming in the flight, something "strange" happened.  One of my GPS System (Garmin 430) did not have Walkers Cay in the database.  I quickly went to the #2 GPS and ahhhh, there it was.  So with that, made the final pre-flight and boarded the Little Donkey.

Pushed the throttles forward and made a quick roll down the runway at Marsh and was soon working between some pretty significant cells.  So glad I had the extra fuel.  According to my GPS, was only 30 miles away but just could not find a way through those wicked build-ups.  

Had Freeport off to my left, and saw just the slightest path to the Freeport International Airport.  Have "ducked" into this airport on more than one occasion over the years.  The Immigration lady was very gracious and pointed me right to good Weather Radar computer. For you see, my on-board Nexrad Radar was just out of range in this region.

After looking at just what the weather was doing, it was obvious that "time was our friend" and just by waiting a bit, there would be a good path to Walkers.  I phoned our folks on Walker's and gave them the update.  They were safe and comfortable.

I then went back to the Immigration lady and told her all about the Air Mobile Rescuer and how, if a bad storm hit, we could help with clean water.  She was very glad to know that and would pass our information on up "the chain".  

Had a quick lunch of beef jerkey, trail mix and gatorade.  The weather was cooperating and soon, I'd be headed up to Walkers to pick up the folks.

Paid the landing fee and hopped in Ti Burik and headed to Walkers Cay....or so I thought...

Remember the #1 GPS not having Walkers and the #2 having it?  As I departed Freeport and told the Air Traffic Controller was headed to Walkers he inquired about my heading.  I explained that I was on a 348 degree heading.

He quickly told me that Walkers was on a 024 degree heading, a full 36 degree difference.  It dawned on me that the GPS was simply wrong and... had I have continued to fly on that course, would have never found Walkers.  Besides the weather was very nasty on the 348 degree heading.

Now, it was time to go back to the basics and do some "Old Fashioned" Dead-Reckoning Navigation.  The visibility was very poor and was down to 1000 feet.  Being down so low, makes island searching very difficult.  Held a steady course to the north, northeast and compensated for the time I flew on the 348 degree heading.

There, just ahead I saw a chain of tiny islands.  Oh, did I mention that Walkers is so tiny, that the 2500 foot runway (very short) is nearly the entire length of the island.  So....I was looking for a very tiny needle in the huge hay-stack with very poor visibility.

After passing the first Island, flew to the next.  No, not Walkers.  Then....I saw an island with a runway.  Yes, it was the full length but....there was something very different about this island.  For you see, I have been to Walkers years ago and this certainly did not look like Walkers Cay.  Note:  This shot of Walkers was taken some time ago....before the destruction.

It seemed deserted and all broken up.  I had recalled a beautiful dock and small businesses.  The broken down dock seemed abandoned and there was no sign of life.  Was this Walkers??

I had to find out.  Set up a landing to the east and approached at a slower speed because the runway was very short.  Had a very strong north-south crosswind (20+ knots).  Touched down, there was a lot of water standing on the runway and it was in very bad shape.  

Was this Walkers?  Just saw broken buildings and no sign of life.  Rough roll and then, at the end saw the gradual 90 degree turn.  Yes, this was definitely Walkers and I must admit, the thought went through my mind...had I slipped through a time "warp" (OK, that's a little dramatic, but it did cross my mind).

Continued to roll and....there they were, my 3 passengers for a ride back to the U.S..  I breathed a deep sigh.  It's been awhile since I've had to call upon old "dead-reckoning" skills. I breathed a quiet and very sincere prayer and thanked the Lord for leading me through the storms to this tiny island.

When I opened the door, Melissa, asked me if I recognized Walkers.  I told her, had my doubts.  She explained that Walkers had  been hit by several hurricanes and was surely not what it used to be.

I spoke with sole Bahamian official about the offer of Air Mobile to come and help following another hurricane.  She gladly accepted my literature.  Soon, we were in the air headed to Fort Pierce.  Had 2 good GPS's telling me exactly where Fort Pierce was and the Nexrad on-board radar was working like a dream.  Danced and worked between a couple of cells and soon landed at Fort Pierce.  Another deep sigh and prayer of thanks.

After clearing, my grateful passengers headed their way and I jumped in Ti Burik and aimed toward Titusville.  Whoa....there were storms everywhere except....a perfect path right to my airport.  There were storms to the left and storms to the right, and about a 1 mile wide path that was perfectly clear.  Thank you, Jesus!!  

Landed and before I could get Ti Burik in the barn, it hit.  40+ mph winds and driving rain.  Had to close the doors and just ride it out.  Again, thanked the Lord for safe flying today.  

Called Cindy and we simply rejoiced.  It was good to be home.  She and Ariana had a wonderful outreach at the Hospital.  Folks, you know how I always THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Yesterday, those prayers went into "Overtime".  THANKS AGAIN!

Today, we're headed to Tennessee to our cabin in the mountains.  The Journey and the Adventure continues.....God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-30-13 Sunday - 6:03 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been following the weather pattern in the Tropics and the elements are forming for an active season.  Fortunately, a pretty strong Jet Stream is helping, making it difficult for storms to get a foot-hold and grow.  So....

Thought it would be a good idea to fly to a couple of islands this morning and talk to the officials about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Here's a link to the current Tropics Weather - TROPICS OUTLOOK  

Several years ago, we flew several Rescuers into Cat Island (in the Bahamas) following a nasty storm that knocked out the electricity and....the water treatment plant.  They were down to a few gallons of clean water when we arrived with a couple of Rescuers.  We kept the clean water flowing until the treatment plant got back up and going.

My good friend, Marlin, asked me if I could help get some friends to and from the islands, so the timing is absolutely perfect for the presentation of the Rescuer.  By the way, Marlin "loaned" me his beautiful Cessna 402 to make that flight into Haiti the day after the terrible earthquake.  Marlin and I have been dear friends for over 20 years and it's always a joy to "return the favor".  If all goes well, should be back by mid-afternoon, before....those afternoon storms can take hold.

Need to get out early this morning and beat those storms.  Please pray that all the flights go well today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe
6-29-13 Saturday - 6:50 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It wasn't that long ago, that winter just kept going and record snow falls were occurring right into June and now.... SCORCHING record-challenging HEAT!  Places like Phoenix - 119, Las Vegas - 117, Death Valley - 129 are approaching all time highs yet....

It has been hotter in the past, but not by much.  Here's more on this Atmospheric Blast Furnace - MAJOR HEAT WAVE BUILDING IN THE WEST

I'm keeping my little "Spritzing Bottle" handy.  If you scroll back down this "Rambling" Blog to June 16th, wrote a little tribute to the humble "Spritzing Bottle".  This simple device can really cool you down when the heat is blazing!

Should the electricity go out in your area (due to the excessive heat), keep (or convert) a spray bottle handy and just spritz yourself and your loved ones.  That simple act will take the wicked edge off of this terrible heat and certainly help you sleep.

I heard back from Pastor Simon in Kenya and he is looking forward to those Ceramic Filters arriving.  PLEASE pray that the Postal Service does an extraordinary job of getting those filters to their intended destination in record time!

Had the joy of meeting with Jennifer, the School Teacher, who often spends her vacations in Honduras working in an orphanage.  We were able to provide her with enough extra Ceramic Filters for another 40,000 gallons of clean water for those precious children.

Was able, also, to train Jennifer on the means of upgrading the Orphanage Rescuer with the latest modification, the "T-Mod".  This simple upgrade allows one to clear the critical venturi area of build-up and keep clean water flowing with a simple "injection" of CLR (or vinegar).

Earlier this year, while I was in Haiti, Jennifer called me from Honduras with a "clogged" venturi.  Was able to talk she and Marvin (another Honduras Volunteer) through the process of clearing the venturi though a complicated disassembly procedure.

It was during that time, that, after much prayer, our Lord gave me the "T-Mod" idea and now, we're upgrading Air Mobile Rescuers around the globe with this simple and very effective modification.

Now, the venturi can be cleared in less than a minute with NO DISASSEMBLY!  Thank you, Lord for giving the answer!  I believe it is in the Book of Proverbs that, indeed, our Lord gives us "Witty Inventions".  THANK YOU, JESUS!

Earlier yesterday, had a young man, Brian, over to the hangar.  We worked on cleaning up and shining Ti Burik for "the next mission".  Am so thankful for folks who simply want to help.  Brian, a medical student, has been to Haiti and stayed in "The Village".  He looks forward to going back again.  We'll see if we can "arrange" that.

You probably have heard all about the George Zimmerman Trial.  As you may know, the unfortunate killing occurred very close to us here in Florida.  The news media has been following the trial very closely.  Our simple PRAYER is that the TRUTH will come out and that proper Judgement will occur.

Well, it's Saturday morning.  Cindy and I will be heading over to see her Dad, Ron who lives just south of Orlando.  I like Ron a lot, as he was instrumental in introducing me to his beautiful daughter.  

Ron recently had surgery and had a very close call.  We're thankful for "Divine" intervention.  My Cindy was right there with him and helped stop very dangerous "Post-Op" bleeding.  Surely our Lord deployed his troop (Cindy) with perfect timing!

Time to join my Sweetheart, for that delicious "Second Cup" of Java.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

6-28-13 Friday - 7:57 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Pastor Simon in Kenya needs some replacement ceramic filters to keep his Rescuer pumping clean water and so does Jennifer in Honduras.  I love requests for replacement filters because....that means that the Air Mobile Rescuers are doing their job!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to send enough filters to Pastor Simon to purify around 50,000 gallons of water.  Wow, such a small box that can so much.  I love it!!

OK, here's a bit of math for you.  Water weighs 8+ pounds per gallon.  Then, 50,000 gallons of water will weigh a bit over 400,000 pounds.  So, that little bitty box that I am holding up and pointing toward Africa will help those Rescuers purify A LOT OF WATER!  It's kind of like David against Goliath.  We currently have 813 Air Mobile Rescuers in 43 Countries bringing clean water to the thirsty.

Likewise, Cindy and I will be meeting with Jennifer, a local school teacher, who takes her summer vacations in Honduras working in an orphanage.  We'll be putting enough filters in her hands today to purify around 40,000 gallons of water and....she'll be able to put those filters in her carry-on baggage for her flight to Honduras.  Now, that's cool!!

You see, once an Air Mobile Rescuer is in place, the main maintenance is cleaning the ceramic filter with a Scotch Bright scrubby.  From time to time, that filter simply has to be replaced.  We have worked very hard to keep the operation of the Rescuer simple and economical.

Here, in this shot, Cindy is holding a replacement ceramic filter.  Funny to think that she has potentially 80,000 pounds of water in her hands.  Notice the Rescuer on our kitchen counter in the background. We just got another "Boil-Water" alert in our area.  

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have my Cindy full-time with Air Mobile.  She is adding so much to the "Outreach" of this ministry.  Yesterday evening, we met with a team of students who want to take Air Mobile as their project this year.  They want to "get the word out" about the Air Mobile (Near-Miracle) Rescuer.

Another benefit of having my Cindy full-time with Air Mobile is that I get FREE haircuts.  So, here we are facing another beautiful morning here in sunny Florida.  The mornings are great, but those nasty thunderstorms show up nearly every afternoon.  It's best to get out in the morning and get the "heavy-lifting" done early.

We are so thankful for the many open-doors before us and for you who stand so faithfully with us on this noble mission!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-27-13 Thursday - 7:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Still reflecting on yesterday's blog regarding "BAD NEWS VS GOOD NEWS".  After reviewing the news's a good time to fix our eyes on Jesus and simply realize that these things have been prophesied.  We are truly seeing things unfold before our very eyes.  The GOOD NEWS is that, Jesus wins in the end...for every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that:  JESUS IS LORD!

So....what do we do?  Get to work and do our job of building the Kingdom of God.  You know, every day is quite busy with us, but some days are busier than others.  Such was yesterday.

Literally, hit the ground running.  Began the day by calling Richard, our resident Electrical Genius.  Richard is from the "Old School" of electronics and knows how actually repair things and not just swap out parts.  This guy knows his stuff.

After every road trip in the "Old Bounder", there are little "tweaky" things to check and repair.  We work very hard on keeping the Bounder in tip-top shape and road-worthy, as we never know when this will become a Rescue has many times in the past.

Richard came right over and did his "magic".  Again, we're so THANKFUL for partners like Richard.  We don't have to know everything, but it's good to have friends who do.  Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!

We're building as many Air Mobile Rescuers as we possibly can.  We're taking every penny of money we receive and putting it into extra parts to build Rescuers.  

We have so many advantages in this "age" with our computers and "hot-spot" connections from our phone. Even while awaiting a routine oil change in our Ford Escape (interesting name), was able to order multiple components for Rescuer.

Every now and then, I just sit back and realize how fortunate we are to have such good roads (been on many a bad & treacherous road), and advantages as cell phones and vendors who ship...often same day and with a few clicks on computer...voila, the order is placed and the parts are winging our way.

After multiple meetings and errands, running all over the place, I linked up with Rob, our Premier Water-Mule.  Rob is the best Rescuer Builder we have.  Here, he's building the next 6 Rescuers...a 6-Pack.

Ride with me for a minute and let's go over just what these 6 "Near-Miracle" machines can do.

First of all, the units are extremely portable and quite light.  These 6 units weigh 20 pounds each or 120 pounds total or about the same weight as 15 gallons of water.  

But what we will these units do?  They will produce (all 6 combined) between 120 - 150 gallons of clean water PER HOUR!  That will provide very clean drinking water for 240 - 300 people per hour.  Run those little "Jewels" for 10 hours and 2400 to 3000 people will get clean drinking water every day for a long time.

Folks, every now and then, I just have to sit back and reflect on what we are doing.  When the "chips are down" and clean water is desperately needed, we can "Deliver the Mail".  Thank God for such a device!!  I sincerely believe that we have the most powerful, simple to use, efficient portable water purifier on the planet!!

Today is going to be busy.  Will begin by sending 5 Ceramic Filters to Africa to keep clean water flowing and will continue to order and organize more more parts for more Rescuers.  Also will be gathering supplies for our "Next Mission".  Wonder where that will be?  Our Lord knows.

So, it's that time.  Need to go feed those sweet chickens, that give us delicious eggs every day and have some precious time with my Cindy over our 2nd cup of coffee.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're interested in an Air Mobile Rescuer, or just want to know more, feel free to give me a call at:  321-544-7757 or you may click here to see a little presentation on the set up of the unit THE AIR MOBILE RESCUER  Joe

6-26-13 Wednesday - 6:26 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Alright, I'll admit it...I'm a bit of "News Junkie".  Believe it really began in my first mission term many years ago (1978).  I was asked to help "gather news" for the Christian FM Radio Station (Radio Lumiere) in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti .  The means of doing this was by scanning Short-Wave Radio at the top and bottom of each hour.

First, would identify the main stories and then hear all of the different "slants" ranging from the VOA to the BBC to Radio Moscow and then hear what the French & Germans & the Chinese, etc. thought about it.  After that, would write a 3-5 minute news cast.  It was rather "heady" stuff, as by simply changing the inflection in my voice, I could "steer" the direction of the story.  

(That's not me in the shot, just a file photo of a guy gathering news.)

At any rate, I still like to hear and analyze the news today and with the internet, the sources are virtually unlimited.  

Since first being saved in the early 70's, the Good News that Jesus is coming back to this earth was indeed a MAIN STORY in the Church.  Books like the "Late Great Planet Earth" dominated the bookshelves and the minds of many Christians. putting together the "News of the Day" and comparing that, with what the Bible says, about the Second Coming of Jesus, the "News" gets rather interesting.  Thus, my frequent references to the "Signs of the Times" in this rambling blog.

Now, I must admit, the NEWS can be rather depressing.  It seems like the direction of the world is completely contrary to the Word of God.  IF one only "feeds" on the news of the world, than one can easily become discouraged and hopeless.  But....there is GOOD NEWS!

Jesus said that these things would happen.  As a matter of fact, in a Chapter that I often quote, Matthew 24, Jesus listed the exact picture of what the world would look like before His return to the earth and guess what?  Those very things are coming to pass with perfect and startling accuracy.  Here is a link to Matthew 24 - MATTHEW 24 (NKJV)  May I urge you to take just a few minutes and read it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The GOOD NEWS is that God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son (for our sins) and whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  Now, that my friends, is VERY GOOD NEWS! (John 3:16).  For you see, Jesus did not come into this world to condemn the world, but to SAVE the world!

Now, if you find yourself becoming discouraged and a bit depressed by the direction of the world, REJOICE, for His coming is one day closer and our Redemption draws near.  If you have never asked Jesus to come into your life, there is no better time, than to do it right now. 

Jesus said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with Me".  Jesus loves you more than you could ever know and wants to come into your life!

As a matter of fact, if you've meandered down this rambling blog today and find yourself needing to just talk to someone, please, pick up the phone and give me a call.  I'd love to speak with you.  My cell phone is:  321-544-7757.

Wow, did I get "Preachy" today or what!  Sometimes, the message of Jesus and hope just bubbles up inside of me and I must share it.  So, on that note, it's time to head out the door and get ready for the "Next Mission".... wherever that may be.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-25-13 Tuesday - 7:08 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, I went up to take a little "nap" and ended up sleeping the whole afternoon.  Those "long-legged" road trips will really take it out of  you. 

Upon getting up, realized that Cindy and I were nearly late to attend the "Space Coast Preppers" meeting.  We only just learned of this group and thought it'd be good to attend a meeting and get to know some of our neighbors who also see the need to Prepare.  Here's a link - SPACE COAST PREPPERS

As we went around the room introducing ourselves, it was good to see such a group with such diverse skills and knowledge from the many uses of a Machete to canning to solar to preparing "emergency packs' to carry in the vehicle to the "Miraculous Moringa Tree", and the list went on and on.  Wow, this combined knowledge can truly prepare one for almost anything.

The Director of the group, Brian, asked if I'd like to share about what we do.  Kind of like saying "Sick-em" to a dog.  Just happened to have an Air Mobile Rescuer in the car.  Soon, I was presenting the 4 main points of our "Near-Miracle" Machine.

Oh, I love to tell the story of the how we came upon this remarkable technology (our Lord put Rolf Engelhard and I together 23 years ago).  The Rescuer has 4 main points:

1)  It's very portable (weighs only 20 pounds)
2)  Very simple (set up on 1 minute)
3)  Very powerful (kills Bacteria and Virus with no chem)
4)  Very efficient (20-25 gallons per hour on 54 watts!)

There is no other portable water purification system out there that can do what the Air Mobile Rescuer does.  Yes, I love to tell the story!

After the meeting, we visited with so many nice folks.  It's meetings like this that strengthen us and allows us to share with one another our knowledge and skill for the days ahead.  Remember, Folks, it's not IF disaster will strike, it's WHEN!

We here, in Florida, face Hurricane Season every single year.  Again, it's only a matter of time before one of those "bad boys....or bad girls" come our way and wreak havoc.  We have to face the choice of "to evacuate or not to evacuate....that is the question".  We know the staggering destructive forces and....the Season has already begun.  

We have also learned that Hurricanes are not limited to the "South"...remember Sandy?  Around the Globe, weather is wreaking havoc from tornadoes, to wild-fires to flooding to "clustering" earthquakes to volcanoes and the list goes on and on.  

Should we fear these things??  Well, a little healthy respect and yes "fear", can lead one to do something, like...PREPARE.  It's not a bad thing to do.  Remember when you were in school and the "Fire Alarm" would sound and we'd go through the routine of the Fire Drill?  It's just a good practice to go through the "What If" scenario.

"PREPPERS" are often mocked by the media.  You know, I just don't understand that...but as we very well know, the Media often "puts their money on the wrong horse".  

So, we don't feel too badly by a little "mockery" from the media. The bottom line is:  do what you have to do to protect your family and your loved ones and as many of your "neighbors" as you can.

And, above all, PRAY and seek our Lord's guidance in this matter.  I know that I often sound like a "broken" record about preparing, but folks, when the "stuff" hits the fan, you'll be glad you did.

So, it's that time.  Need to head out into this beautiful day and see what the Lord has for us to do today.  We truly appreciate your prayer, love and support.  Thanks again for praying with us on this last journey, He certainly kept His hand on us.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-24-13 Monday - 8:26 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After traveling almost 3000 miles to deliver Peter to a great mission (CAC in Houston ...working with kids in the "Hood") and checking on Juliet who is working with the homeless in San Antonio, we rolled into our home driveway around 2:30 this morning.  

Mission accomplished  (for the moment).  Our Old Bounder (now 21 years old) held up well and we now have 2 new tires on the old coach.  We sure met some good folks & "dodged a few bullets" along the way.

We're moving a little slowly this morning, just "road weary".  Was thinking about David, the homeless guy we met yesterday morning and just praying for him (read on down to yesterday's blog to learn who David is).  I can still see that "Star of David" tatooed on his forehead.

Oh, we had such a lovely time yesterday "In the Garden" (Bellingrath Gardens) in Theodore, Alabama.  Sometimes, a leisurely walk in a beautiful garden does the heart good.

If you've never visited Bellingrath Gardens, we strongly urge you to do so.  By the way, our precious Ariana took this shot of Cindy and I.

It's very cool to see Ariana responding to Peter and Juliet's heart to serve.  She has such a tender and compassionate heart and loves to help others.  We're so blessed that our Lord put Ariana into our lives!

In "Reflecting" on this journey, Cindy and I saw the hand of our Lord again and again.  We're so thankful that Peter and Juliet are giving of themselves to help others less fortunate.  

I'm reminded of that left front tire on the Bounder that held together until we actually got into a safe area and "let loose" and of course, we'll continue to pray for David, our homeless guy we met and prayed with along the way.

So often, we simply "blow" through the day and miss all that our Lord is doing in our lives.  May we simply slow down a bit (I'm really preaching to myself here), take a breath and look for our Lord and His handiwork in our and others' lives.  Let us Seek HIM and surely we will find HIM!

We have a very busy week ahead of us.  It's good to be home.  We'll be getting some Rescuers ready for some Rescues.  So, will wrap up this little wandering blog and say, THANK YOU for meandering down the road with us.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-23-13 Sunday - 6:26 am (Central U.S. Time) - 1st  Baptist Parking Lot enroute to Bellingrath Gardens - Air Mobile  "Mobile Unit" (Old Bounder) - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We slept in a Church Parking lot last night after....being "evicted" from the Bellingrath Gardens Parking lot around 1:00am.  It was kind of exciting...sorta.

As you know from yesterday's blog, we had a flat tire (beautifully timed).  Things like this throw one's "schedule" into a tail-spin.  Cindy and I had planned to visit Bellingrath Gardens, a beautiful, place in Alabama.  

We waited for over 5 hours for the right equipment and technician to arrive to lift our Old Bounder's drooping left front...tire.  Did our Lord send the right man?  Yes!  Ed showed up and not only did a great job, but offered to help me get 2 new replacement tires at about 40% off the regular price.

I love it when...."Our Lord deploys His troops"!  Ed was a true gift and God-send.  Ed also loves the Lord!

While we were awaiting Ed, Ariana got up close to a (fake) Louisiana alligator.  It took her a while to approach the critter, but she did overcome her healthy and natural fear and attempt to ride it.

We had originally planned to arrive at Bellingrath Gardens in the early afternoon and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this wonderful place.  

We rolled into the parking lot around midnight thinking....they wouldn't mind if some customers arrived "a little early".

So, we settled in and went right to sleep.  Around 1:00am there was a loud banging on the door and someone yelling at us.  Rather startling, I must admit.  The Security Guard informed us that there was NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING.  I explained about our flat tire and delay and....there was just no Grace left for us.  We had to move.....kind of like being evicted.

Bleary eyed, I crawled back in the drivers seat and Cindy and I "wandered" down the road until we found this big, beautiful Church Parking lot.  We eased into the back corner, pulled the curtains and went right to sleep. 

It's 6:40am and I'm hoping no Deacons arrive for early morning prayer and chase off the "wandering" Bounder.  I'll slip down another cup of fine coffee and head on back to Bellingrath for our early morning "Garden Tour".   Ahhh, the adventures of the wandering missionaries.

With that, we pray that you have a blessed day and as always, (and we really mean this), THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

UPDATE:  This just occurred a few minutes ago and we thought it good to share it with you.

When we departed on this mission last Tuesday, Cindy made 2 bags for "Homeless" people that we may encounter along this journey.  We would look for someone standing at an intersection with a sign, or some other means of identifying someone in deep need.

It seemed that we were going to bring those bags home...for after over 2000 miles we didn't see a single person along our route until...this morning.

After our abrupt Eviction last night from the Bellingrath Gardens Parking Lot, we "wandered" into the First Baptist Parking lot.  After the blog and coffee, Cindy took our two dogs, Rosie and Sam for a little walk.

As she came back into the Bounder, there was smile on her face.  She said, "take a look"...there on the steps of the First Baptist Church lie David and his bike and his sleeping bag.  I walked up and softly said, "Good Morning".  He was startled and quickly began gathering up his meager possessions.

I told him to relax, we had some "goodies" for him.  He began to tell me his story.  His name is David (he had a Star of David tatooed right between his eyes) and that he was originally from England.  Didn't say how he got to the U.S., but had been in the Amish Country of Pennsylvania.  

Had nearly died several times from the cold.  Rode a Greyhound down to Alabama and had been hanging out "in this neck of the woods" for a while.  Rode a beautiful bike donated to him by a guy that works for the Alabama Power Company.

Here's something cool.  Cindy felt led to make a Nutella & Fluff Sandwich, an English Favorite.  Little did we know that David was from England.  Also in that "Goodie Bag" was a Bible, a Journal and breath mints and other nice things for someone "traveling".

After a while, I asked David if he would like to pray.  He quickly agreed and asked if we could pray the "Our Father".  He led....beautifully and from his heart.  

You know, out of all the places we could have parked, we chose this place.  Now, you too know about David and can pray for him and so many other Davids' that are out there.  May we all be sensitive to His leading and reach out to help others.  Cindy and I are humbled and grateful that our Lord led us to David.

Well, it's really time to move on down the road on this grand Adventure.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

6-22-13 Saturday - 6:53 am (Central U.S. Time) - Atchafalaya Visitor Center on I-10 - Air Mobile  "Mobile Unit" (Old Bounder) - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, if we're going to have a flat tire, this is the way to do it.  We rolled just over 600 miles yesterday and the tire held up just fine.  We pulled into a beautiful rest area, The Atchafalaya Visitor Center round midnight.  We were really tired and went right to the middle of a Louisiana swamp.  

Awakened this morning to flat tire.  It could have been so much worse.  Yesterday, we crossed one bridge that was extremely narrow with very flimsy guard rails and I thought....sure am glad we didn't have a flat here.  It was shortly after that that the left front tire went we slept.  Now, that was good timing.  Thank the Lord for his protection!!

While awaiting AAA (thank God for our long-standing membership), I'll just rattle out our daily, meandering blog.

Yesterday, we bid Peter farewell at the Children's Activity Center where"there's somEthin good n the hood" (& it's JESUS!).  This will be such a great experience for for him for the next two weeks...we'll really miss Peter.  I still chuckle at how Peter "towers" over Cindy.

Before we headed out, we demonstrated the Air Mobile Rescuer to Pastor Scott.  He shared that he felt that the "CAT" Trucks would be used to help bring relief following disasters.  We all agreed that Clean, Purified Water was one of the very best things we can do to help others in time of need.

We stood together and prayed for one another and asked our Lord to use us for His Glory!

We then drove back to San Antonio (200 miles to the West) where we dropped our Juliet back at the Strong Foundation.  She'll be there for the summer working with the homeless.  We're very proud of Juliet and thankful for her heart to help others.

Now, it was "Homeward Bound" (1250 miles to the East).  We drove a total of 638 miles when we pulled into this beautiful rest area and was slowly and gently and safely "let down" by that left front tire.  Again, thank you Lord!

While we're awaiting AAA, we'll go explore this beautiful Visitor Center.  Surely, "All things work together for the good, for those that love God and are called according to His purpose" Romans 8:28.

The Journey...and the Adventure continues and within a few hours, we hope to be rolling on home.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-21-13 Friday - 7:03 am (Central U.S. Time) - Houston, TX (CAC) - Air Mobile  "Mobile Unit" (Old Bounder) - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


YES, there is "Somethin GOOD in the hood" and His name is JESUS!  So glad that we can be part of the outreach of this great ministry!

It  just felt good not to be "rolling" down the road for a day.  We spent the day visiting with our dear friends at the Children Activity Center (CAC).  

The Director, Pastor Scott, took precious time to bring us up to speed on all the CAC has been up.  Cindy and I recall so well, when we first met David Ellis, the Founder while we were serving in Haiti nearly 20 years ago.

David shared his vision of bringing the Good News of Jesus to children into the "rough" areas of town.  At the heart of his vision was a truck called the CAT (Children Activity Truck).  This "tool" brings Church right to the Kids with a "Sidewalk Sunday School".  Wow, how this simple vision has grown!

We just "hung out" in the Parking Lot for the day and rested and spent time with the young people, who come from all over the U.S., to help in this precious ministry.

I have the distinct feeling that David is rejoicing in Heaven, knowing that the vision that our Lord put into his heart all those years ago, is springing forth with fruit everyday!  Praise God.

And...for the next few weeks, our Peter will be part of the "Action".  This experience will be so good for him.  Cindy and I know what an impact, Juliet's time spent here last year made in her life.

Meanwhile, our little Ariana has already made a life-long friend here at the CAC .  They had a blast swimming in the baptisimal pool and just hanging out together.  Cindy and I have the feeling that Ariana will return here one day to serve others. 

So, it's getting to be time to crank up the engine in the "Old Bounder" and aim toward San Antonio to drop our Juliet back at the Strong Foundation, a ministry outreach to the homeless.  We have a lot of miles ahead of us.  We're about to be "On the Road Again".

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support....and meandering down this "Adventure" with us.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-20-13 Thursday - 7:11 am (Central U.S. Time) - Houston, TX (CAC) - Air Mobile  "Mobile Unit" (Old Bounder) - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The "Old Bounder" lived up to it's named as we " bounded" across the Southeast U.S. from the Alabama  / Mississippi border through Houston and on to San Antonio and back to Houston again.  

Rolled into the parking lot of Children's Activity Center (CAC) around midnight.  Mile after mile, the old coach rolled on as we averaged just over 60 mph for about 1000 miles (this shot was taken just a few minutes ago of Cindy and Juliet,,,& Rosie and Sam).

Juliet has been on "Assignment" with City Vision College in San Antonio at a wonderful outreach (Strong Foundation Ministries) to homeless families.  

We made a quick pass by the Alamo in downtown San Antonio before hitting the road for the final phase our journey back to Houston where Peter will be for the next few weeks.

So, here we are at the Children's Activity Center, an organization started by our dear friend, David Ellis (who has since gone on to be with the Lord).  

We'll be spending the day here and Juliet, who spent several weeks here last summer, will be meeting with her great friends in this ministry.  The CAC reaches out to children in the "inner city" and brings joy and the Good News of Jesus.  We're so glad that Peter will have this opportunity to serve and share.

Was just checking the Earthquake Activity in the Caribbean near Haiti.  As I've shared in the past, leading Seismologists have stated that another major earthquake is imminent for Haiti.  

Thus, our following of the quake movements in the region.  Wow, there has been a steady increase as demonstrated from this chart depicting 53 quakes in the last week and 13 yesterday.  We're both, watching and praying and asking our Lord to spare Haiti and the region from another earthquake.
Remember, the January 10, 2010 killed over 315,000 Haitians!

Our day is set before us.  So glad that our kids have a heart to serve others.  Looking forward to what our Lord has for us.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-19-13 Wednesday - 6:21 am (Central U.S. Time) - I-10...Somewhere in Mississippi - Air Mobile  "Mobile Unit" (Old Bounder) - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When I departed Haiti on Monday, it was obvious that there was a lot "instability" in the atmosphere ranging from Cuba to Central America to Florida.  There is a Tropical Depression that is growing in the Southern Gulf and Florida is getting it's share of storms.  More on some "wicked" storms in a minute.

We loaded up the "Old Bounder" (AKA "The Air Mobile "Mobile Unit") and hit the road yesterday morning.  We just love the Old Bounder, it's like a member of the family.  We've had so many pleasant memories from journeys to the tip of Maine to the Grand Canyon to the Florida Keys....and so many place in-between.

We weren't on the road very long before I noted that engine was beginning to run just a tiny bit warmer than usual.  So, when we got near Jacksonville, began pulling into places looking for a good mechanic.

By the way, it's so nice to have so many choices and....the ability to just pull over and check things out.  Can't do that in Ti Burik at 17,000 feet.  I had a smile on my face as I pondered these things.

Finally ended up at Cummins Diesel Facility and got a mechanic who went to part of the problem in a matter of moments.  The radiator on the rear of the coach has gotten clogged up with dirt and debris and this was simply blocking the air flow, thus causing the engine to "ever so slightly" heat up.  BTW...look how tall Peter is getting (6'2" and still growing!)

We returned to the road and the temperature came down to a very acceptable level was still up just a few degrees.  Will keep an eye on that.

As we approached Tallahassee, could see some very large storms "brewing" ahead.  As we got about halfway through the Florida Pan-Handle, "all Hell broke loose".  Lightening began to shatter the air with a couple of close hits that "rocked" the Old Bounder and rain so heavy that the roads looked like rivers.

We simply slowed down, put on the 4-way flashers and pressed through.  With the way that lightening was hitting all over the place, didn't want to stay in one place too long.  Of course, we were constantly scanning for "Funnel" activity.  Remember those famous "Tornado Chasers" that caught in Oklahoma with a fatal ending?

We finally found a very inviting Rest Area, just over the Alabama - Mississippi line and pulled in.   The most violent part of the storms had ended.  Turned on the fans and fell into a deep sleep.

Up early this morning, had that first delicious cup.  Cindy getting ready and the blog is about finished....for now.  Will be rolling down the road in a few minutes.  As always, THANK YOU for trekking down this "Rambling Blog" with us and above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy

6-18-13 Tuesday - 6:19 am (Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Began watching the Caribbean weather (WX) several days ago and it wasn't looking good.  The "Mission" to Haiti had been extended by a few days to give more time to "keeping clean, purified water flowing".  With the mission accomplished (10 Air Mobile Rescuers in inventory & new ATC Radios installed), it was time to look at making that flight back home.

On Sunday evening, it didn't look good.  Quite a large system was developing over Cuba and extended to Haiti and right along my route of flight.  So....we prayed and asked our Lord to make a way for the Little Donkey (and Air Mobile Joe) to get home to Cindy and the Kids.

I shared, in yesterday mornings blog, about the little girl in Tanzania who is fighting for her life with Cerebral Malaria.  Well, as best I can tell, she is still with us and and I urge you to continue to pray.

I awoke quite early to check the weather.  Good news, it seemed to be breaking up a bit and if.....I could get out rather soon, there would be a good chance of a successful journey home.  A quick pack and load and a dash to the airport.

Did a pre-flight inspection, loaded in record time, breathed a word of prayer and asked our Lord to hold back the bad weather and give a "safe path" home.

Pushed the throttles forward at Port-Au-Prince....after getting Take-Off clearance on those brand new Emergency Radios that we recently installed, rolled down the long runway and in less than a 1000 feet, the Little Donkey leaped in the air and we were headed home.

Had a broken layer below and a solid layer above and right on my 12,500 level it was clear and smooth.  On each wing, there is a little mirror that allows the pilot to see the aircraft from front to back and check the landing gear.  In this shot, you can see the mirror and that is Cuba way in the background.

Here is a "Close-up" zoom on the mirror and you can see the Little Donkey quite clearly.  Just thought I'd give you a real glimpse of what it's like in the cabin of Ti Burik.

Back in the cockpit, the Garmin G-500 tells the pilot a whole lot of information.  The winds were light as you can see, we're doing 190 mph (GS) over the ground and our true airspeed is 191 mph (TAS).  Our Lord, by the way, did hold off that bad weather and we were scooting right through the "Bermuda Triangle" between layers and the air was smooth as silk.

Here's a better view of the Instrument Cluster that, again, our Lord blessed us with.  You may recall, that among the blessings that our family / ministry received from the "Extreme Makeover" folks, was a makeover on Ti Burik, our Little Donkey.

Any pilots reading this blog will simply say...."WOW"!  Can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for all the blessings we've received in order to accomplish the "Mission of bringing Clean, Purified Water" to the thirsty!!

All throughout the flight home yesterday, and made very good time, I thought of, and prayed for that little girl in Tanzania with Cerebral Malaria.  

I recall so vividly how, I, in a delerium, in a pool of sweat (my fever hit 106.9!) and excruciating pain cried out to the Lord to save me and deliver me from Cerebral Malaria that nearly ended my life 33 years ago.  Thank God, He did.

Landed in Fort Pierce, FL and cleared Customs and then made the quick 20 minute flight to our home base in Titusville.  

Met Cindy, Peter and Ariana for a delicious lunch and this morning... we're hitting the road in the Old Bounder to bring Peter to Houston where he will be working with "Inner City" kids for a couple of weeks.  We'll also go see Juliet who is in San Antonio working with homeless families.

We love road trips and we're so thankful that our kids want to reach out to those in need.  So, for the next few days, we'll be coming to you from "On the Road in an Old Bounder".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

6-17-13 Monday - 5:34 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awoke out of a sound sleep.  Just felt the "quickening" to check my e-mail.  Heard from a new friend, Al.  He told of a little girl (a Missionary's Daughter) in Tanzania that is fighting for her life.  She has Cerebral Malaria.

Instantly began to pray for this little girl (don't know her name, but I know Who does).  For you see, many years ago, I, too, was stricken with Cerebral Malaria and nearly died.  My fever peaked at 106.9 degrees.  It is extremely dangerous.  

I simply prayed for this little girl throughout the night.  May I ask you to please pray that our Lord heals her.  The fatality rate from this type of malaria is between 25-50% and often exceeding 30%.  THANK YOU!

Yesterday, had a very good day in the Air Mobile Depot bringing Rescuers back to "Life" and ready for Action.  Upon arrival into Haiti, I found that 10 units needed attention.  I recruited one of the Volunteers, Ron, here in Village.  Ron is an Electrician by trade.

We did a little "McGyvering" to bring some components back to life.  I love doing this type of work, as it helps to build techniques that I can pass on operators in "bush" on using simple things to help repair a Rescuer to keep clean water flowing.

I am pleased to say, that we now have 10 Air Mobile Rescuers "Ready to Go"!  Now, if any of our hundreds of operators in Haiti are having problems with their Rescuer, all they have to do is simply bring it into the "Village" and swap it out on the spot.

Here's a shot of the Weather in the Caribbean last night.  There's a general "disturbance" throughout the region and it's a good things that we're "stocking up" on the ability to make clean water. 

The sun is about to "peek" over the mountain and it's time to head out into this day and see what the Lord has for me to do today.  May I encourage you to please continue to lift up the little girl in prayer in Tanzania who has cerebral malaria.  With God, all things are possible.

I truly praise God for you.  THANK YOU again for standing with us with your love, prayer and support!!  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-16-13 Sunday - 6:58 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


To all the Dad's out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  I had planned to be back in the U.S. by today but....sometimes things take a bit longer than planned.  So, here I am, on a beautiful morning in Haiti.  The sun has just peeked over the mountain and the coffee is good!

Every time we come to Haiti, the goal is to have a certain number of Air Mobile Rescuers up and ready for "Action".  We maintain a certain inventory that makes a replacement Rescuer available to any of our 328 units in the field.  Got close to the level,  but didn't quite get there.

So, I spoke with Cindy yesterday, discussed the situation and we both agreed that I'd stay until the "Mission" was complete.  You may recall, the first 4 days of this journey were involved with getting the Air Traffic Control radios up and going at Port-Au-Prince International Airport.

In the course of refurbishing Rescuers, I came across #141.  Now, we brought this unit into Haiti in  2006 in the midst of hurricanes and flooding and it even survived the 2010 Earthquake.  

This faithful unit needed some tender, loving care and...after a little repair and up-grade and a tweak or two, Voila, good as new and ready for years more of service of bringing in clean, purified water and saving lives!

Haiti is hot and the nights or even hotter.  We, here in the Village, have neither Air Conditioning or running water.  So, one's shower is with a bucket of cold water, and that is quite "refreshing". Sometimes, it takes one's breath away.  

That cool, "refreshing" shower makes the first few minutes of laying under a fan quite nice wears off with the buzzing of mosquitoes and a gradual rise in body temperature.  

Then, one evening it hit me.....a "Spritzing Bottle".  It was like an epiphany.  A gentle spray directly into the fan and AHHHHH, just like the most refreshing air-conditioner one can imagine.

Those tiny water droplets leave that "Spritzing Bottle" and never make it to the fan blades...they reverse course, gain speed and strike your body with micro bursts of refreshing's glorious!

I mean, Folks, it really works!  One can simulate a cool, morning breeze right in the midst of sultry, humid, mosquito buzzing, stifling heat.  It's truly a wonder.  Now, I don't travel WITHOUT my faithful Spritzing Bottle.  Just thought I'd share that tid-bit of comfort and joy with you.

Today, I'll be back in the Air Mobile Joe Depot working on the remarkable Rescuers knowing that each unit in inventory means that clean, purified water will continue to flow to those that desperately need it.  

This simple act, I believe, causes our Heavenly Father to smile.  Remember, when Jesus returns to this earth, some of the first words out of His mouth will be..."I was thirsty and you gave me to drink...when you've done it unto the least of've done it unto Me" (Matthew 25:35).

Well, with that, I bid your farewell today.  May you be blessed and truly, from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-15-13 Saturday - 7:28 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


 Headed into town yesterday to make another "Radio-Check" with the Port-Au-Prince Control and ran into a dear friend, Jason, and fellow pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  Upon approaching his Cessna 206, saw a gentleman being "wheeled" away rather quickly in a wheelchair.

Jason was still a bit "breathless".  He quickly explained that he was on a routine flight to Jacmel (a town on the south-side of the island and only about a 20 minute flight), when his passenger, right at the airport, had a full stroke.  Thank God Jason was there.  

He quickly mobilized and within minutes had arranged an Air Ambulance Flight for the patient / passenger and within minutes had him back in Port-Au-Prince for the perfectly timed "Rescue".

Truly, our Lord knows how to "Deploy His troops"!  By the way, Jason was able to communicate with Port-Au-Prince from further out and this helped the Rescue to come together more quickly....thanks to those new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radios!  I did not get the name of the "stricken" passenger, but please remember to pray for his full and complete recovery.

From the airport, it was back to the Air Mobile Refurbishment Center, right in Ruuska Village.  I had some Air Mobile Rescuers that needed tender loving and care and attention.  Though this is a nearly "miraculous" water purifer, it does need routine maintenance....kind of like getting your oil changed and your tires rotated.

As I've shared so many times before, I love doing this.  These little units clean right up and function again "like new" with a bit of care....and replacement parts.  This is one of the main reasons Air Mobile comes to Haiti so keep the clean water flowing!  This simple "mission" has saved countless lives over the years.  

We have 327 Air Mobile Rescuers spread throughout Haiti and....yesterday, we made it 328 Rescuers!  Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress") recently met Chuck Martindale, another missionary running an Orphanage.  Soon, Barb "qualified" Chuck to receive an Air Mobile Rescuer.  We arranged to meet yesterday for the training and presentation.  Oh, THANK YOU again for your generosity in funding this "Life-Saver"!  

(CORRECTION:  Chuck and his wife run 2 schools, one with 400 students and the other with 200 students and sponsor 4 Churches and have a feeding program.  I mistakenly stated that they had an orphanage...ooops - Air Mobile Joe)

Chuck's Mission is just north of Ruuska Village, but off the road and back in a ways over "bad road".  For years, Chuck has transported "Culligan" water in 5 gallon bottles, often 15 bottles at a time.  This weighs almost 800 pounds, puts extraordinary wear & tear on his vehicles, cost money and takes a lot of time.  

Chuck was a good "student" as I trained him on the simple operation of the Rescuer.  Then, I got to the part I love....presenting Air Mobile Rescuer #328 to Chuck and his "kids".

Chuck departed and headed straight home and within an hour of arrival, was making very, very clean water out of very dirty water.  And.....his Kids loved the taste!

Sometimes, I feel so blessed just to be part of this.  Our Lord is so good!

Well, today, have some more Rescuers that need that special love and attention.  So, you know where I'll Joe's Depot working on getting more clean water where it is desperately needed're there with me with your love, prayer and support!!  THANKS AGAIN!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-14-13 Friday - 6:39 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I am so THANKFUL that those ATC (Air Traffic Control) Radios are all in-place and working beautifully.  We put the final touches on the installation yesterday and did periodic "radio-checks" from different positions and we can say, "Mission Accomplished"....for this phase of the job.  There's more to come in the days ahead.

Today, we'll be shifting our focus to "making" clean water.  We do this by refurbishing Air Mobile Rescuers.  Our little "Miracle" machine can take very contaminated water and make it very clean.  In many ways, this is what our Lord does for us...when He "cleans" us up with His forgiveness.  Mmmmm, there's a powerful message there.

I'll also be meeting with a missionary who has an orphanage just north of us.  They struggle to get clean water for their kids.  I believe that we can do something about that.  Again, Folks, I LOVE my job!!

So, we'll be busy and having a good time at the same time.  Even though we face many challenges, the Lord is with us and helps us with each and every one.

This article on "Hunger" in Haiti came out several days ago.  It's one of the main reasons we come to this country so regularly.  The problems are staggering and often, it is difficult to "wrap your arms around them", but we do what we can.  Our job is to help to bring clean water and help in any way we can.  Here's the article -  2 OUT OF 3 PEOPLE FACE HUNGER IN HAITI...PROBLEMS MOUNTING

Yesterday, after completing the ATC Radio Installation, we met up with  Barbara (affectionately known as "Rambo in the Blue Dress") for lunch.  She asked me if I could pick up a couple (Ron and Mindy) coming in to pick up their kids.  It was my pleasure to do so.  

This family lives in Minnesota and are in the process of adopting two teen-age girls.  I remember when Barbara "took these girls in".  They had come from desperate situations and needed a "safe" place to stay. Barbara gave them just that.  Now, they're going to a loving home in Minnesota.  A "true rescue".

So, here we are, with this beautiful day before us, facing staggering challenges, serving a mighty God, who gives us strength, as we allow Him to flow through us.  It's time to head out and see where our Lord will lead.

As always, THANK YOU for standing so firmly with us with your prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-13-13 Thursday - 6:52 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We faced a number of challenges yesterday during the final installation of the three Emergency ("Last Resort") radios, but one by one, we overcame them and at the end of the day...we had 3 brand new radios in operation at Port-Au-Prince International Airport!

Donald, the Harris Engineer, and I, first tackled the installation of 2 new radios in the Temporary Control Tower that is located right next to the runway.  We had to build and mount 2 new Antennas and then install and test the radios.

Alcy, one of the Haitian ATC Controllers liked the range and quality of the new radios.  I then took the Microphone and spoke with a fellow Missionary Pilot for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).  He was astounded at the clarity and range.  Praise God, these radios will truly help to increase the safety margin for aircraft coming in and out and flying over Haiti.

By the way, that Control Tower is, as I said, right next to the Runway.  Well, several weeks ago, a Brazilian Air Force 707 was taking off and lost control (due to a runaway turbine) and veered off the runway destroying the aircraft (fortunately, there were no injuries).  

But, imagine if that had occurred just a little further down the runway and to the more tower, no more controllers. Thank the Lord for protection!

Donald and I, next climbed on the roof of the main Control Center for Port-Au-Prince ATC and found the perfect tower to mount the antenna on.  After a quick and secure installation, we headed down into the Control Center. 

The relatively small, but very powerful radio beamed a clear signal out further than before and again, we had some happy controllers....and pilots!

Now, these radios are only a Temporary fix.  The Harris Corporation, whom I am representing, has a much more extensive contract to redo all of the radios and VCS (Voice Control System).  We are eager to complete the job....but for now....the situation is much more under control and considerably safer. 

As many of you may know, I do not draw a salary out of Air Mobile.  I work as a "Tent-Maker" as did the Apostle Paul.  Of course, Cindy and I seek "jobs" that work well and enhance our ministry.  Such has been the case with these radios.

I truly want to THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer and love.  We'll be wrapping up this portion of the mission today and then beginning the task of getting some Air Mobile Rescuers ready for "Action"....making very dirty water very clean.

So....the adventure continues. The sun has just risen and it's time to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-12-13 Wednesday - 6:39 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Who remembers that famous line from "Cool Hand Luke"?  "What we have here is...a failure to communicate"!  By the way, Paul Newman was brilliant in that classic movie.  

For some time, we've been working on getting new, state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communication Systems for the airports in Haiti.  Well, I am very pleased to tell you that on Monday morning, Ti Burik landed with the beginning of Port-Au-Prince's ATC Communication upgrade!

Harris sent Donald, a top Communications Technician down to do the install.  This first phase will involve putting in Emergency or "Last Resort" radios.  This will keep the Communications lines open between Aircraft and Port-Au-Prince Control.  All I can say is "PRAISE GOD"....along with all of the pilots who are flying in & out & over Haiti!!

We had a very successful first day.  The Port-Au-Prince Officials were great.  We got "Badged" and actually assembled the first of 3 Communication Antennas.  We'll be continuing on this project throughout the week.

Just had a this case (ATC) one WANTS the Government to monitor...& respond to "Communications".  Just thinkin....

In the evenings, I'll be working on keeping "Clean Water" flowing.  Have a number of Air Mobile Rescuers that need routine maintenance and repair.  

Also, we'll be deploying a number of Rescuers on this trip.  Been in touch with a local orphanage that has a desperate need for clean water.  So glad that we'll be able to help.

Well, the sun has just risen and it's time to "get to work".  Mmmm, Communications / Clean Water....very important functions.  Please pray that all goes well and we continue to make good progress on these vital projects!

As always, truly appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-11-13 Tuesday - 6:38 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now, I'm going to tell you, there are very few things as beautiful as a Caribbean Sunrise.  

Yesterday morning, we caught the sun "peeking" over the horizon, bathing the sea in the most magnificent colors of 'dreamcicle' orange and green and blue and colors that I've only imagined.  Those sunrises still take my breath away....fortunately, I was breathing oxygen at 17,000 feet.

Yes, yesterday morning, we loaded up our Little Donkey and headed to Haiti.

I had Stan Smith with me, a dear friend who sincerely loves our Lord.  He needed a ride to the Dominican Republic and it worked out well for him to get there via Haiti.  I had been "eagerly" awaiting replacement Emergency Air Traffic Control Radios for Haiti.  

Thanks to Fed Ex and some very special permission, we were able to get those desperately needed radios right off of the Fed Ex aircraft in Orlando.

We then dashed to our home, picked up our old Bounder motorhome and headed to the airport.  In this way, immediately after the final load, we could just catch a "few winks" of much needed sleep and then get out first thing in the morning.

Stan and I were up around 2:50 am, did a final load, top off those 14 fuel tanks, had a serious word of prayer and eased out onto runway 18 at Space Coast Regional Airport.  

Pushed the throttles forward and quickly leaped into the cool, morning air headed for Haiti...and that magnificent sunrise.

There was one "Bully" along the route.  Right in the middle of the airway, between the Bahamas and Cuba lie a rapidly increasing cluster of thunderstorms.  

As we approached those "bad boys", we began to pick a light layer of ice from the rain that was swirling around inside that ball of storms.  If I went to the right (west) of it, we'd be "all over Cuba", so....I eased around to the left (east) and slipped right by that big Bully.

The rest of the flight was smooth as silk.  We flew over the "Village" letting Barbara know we'd be at the airport in about 10 minutes.  As I contacted Port-Au-Prince Control, I let them know that new radios were on the way.  They were very happy to hear that, as it will make their job of communicating with aircraft much easier and above all SAFER!  These new radios will, hopefully, minimize "Can you hear me now??"

We quickly cleared Customs and Immigration and unloaded our precious cargo of ATC radios, Air Mobile Rescuers, baby food, diapers, a new computer for Barbara, little tires (for the 'water wagon'), medicine, food and....the list goes on & on of much needed supplies.

Later, Stan and I picked up our Harris Technician, who will be doing the install and then we put Stan on a late afternoon flight to the Dominican Republic.  All worked like "clock-work", a rarity in Haiti where thing can so often "go astray".  

As you know, we've been following that steady "staccato" of earthquakes that have been occurring to the east of Haiti (in the Dominican Republic / Puerto Rico / Virgin Island region of the Caribbean).  Though these quakes have not been very strong (2.5 - 3.5), they have been increasing in frequency.  This morning was no exception.  The weekly number has increased from an average of 38 to 45 quakes.  

As I've mentioned, leading Earthquake Experts, have been predicting a major earthquake would occur in Haiti from the east.  At this point, folks, all we can do is PRAY and position as much help in advance as we can.

After finally getting to sleep in my little room in the "Village", I was awakened by a lot of dogs barking and...what I felt may have been a slight "tremor".  Not sure if it was an actual earthquake or not, or just my imagination.  I lay there for a while and simply prayed.

So, it's definitely time for that second cup of delicious coffee and then head out into another adventure in Haiti.

Thank you, thank you(!!) for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-10-13 Monday - 3:56 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Here we go again.  More thunderstorms, lots of rain and wind, but....a low threat of Tornadoes.  Thank the Lord!

Those in the red zone may get your power knocked out by those strong thunderstorms, so be alert.

Been keeping an eye on the Caribbean and likewise, thank the Lord, things are relatively quiet down that way.

Been in touch with Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress) and things are going well in the village, though they're getting a bit low on some supplies.  Will need to look at getting back down that way pretty soon.

Up bright and early this morning.  Have a couple of urgent projects going that have to do with Communication.  Been making good progress on getting some better ATC radios into Port-Au-Prince. They really need some new equipment and again, thank the Lord, we're making progress.

So, it's going to be a short rambling blog today.  Have to run always, THANK YOU for standing so firmly with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-9-13 Sunday - 7:46 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now that Andrea has left and the Gulf and the Caribbean are relatively calm, there's not much bad weather that I can write about this morning.....ahhh, feels nice.  Wow, the last few weeks have been filled with tornadoes, tropical storms, lots of rain, wind, hail and destruction and sadly, death.  It's nice to have a little break.

We are tracking some severe weather in the upper mid-west, but tornadoes are not likely.  We'll keep an eye on that system that's moving eastward.  Here's more - SPOTTY DAMAGING WIND - LOW TORNADO THREAT

Now, I don't want to minimize the potential threat of those upper Mid-west storms that are moving eastward, comparison to what the region has been going through for the last few weeks, it's almost like "good weather".  We certain PRAY that there are no out-breaks.  Stay alert.

This morning, had, some thoughts on "Preppin".  How much can one prepare for "disaster" ahead?  That is a good question.  Do we ever reach a level where we have "enough" stuff laid up?  I believe that, with Cindy and I, it's more of a "life-style".  Between weather and other factors that we can't control, there are new threats everyday. Also, the "stuff" that we lay up, needs to be rotated.  So, it's pretty much an on-going thing.

But suppose "nothing" happens?  First of all, "stuff happens".  It's not IF, but WHEN.  Next, it's very nice to be (even somewhat) prepared when things do occur.  It's nice to be able to reach out and help those around you.

I know that often people think we're a little crazy...but that's OK.  I'd rather be a little crazy and a bit prepared than not to be.  So, it's worth a little ridicule. 

As you very well know, one of the things that we do is CLEAN UP DIRTY WATER.  This is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!  You have to have it.  Folks around us know that they can get clean water from us.  Well, you might ask, aren't you worried about someone stealing your clean water machine (Air Mobile Rescuer)?  That's another good question.  

After bringing clean water to many disasters around the world for many years, we have yet to be attacked for our Rescuers.  We currently have 810 Air Mobile Rescuers operating in 42 Countries. We've responded to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, erupting volcanoes and every type of violent weather...even war on more than one occasion. 

The recipients of the clean water put a "Shield of Protection" around us and we've yet to be attacked "directly" for our clean water.

Now, you might ask, "Well, don't you trust the Lord"??  Of course we do.  That's the very reason that we do what we do.  And, remember one of my favorite sayings, "God knows how to deploy His troops"!

You see, following any disaster, clean water is needed immediately.  Now, you can move in clean water in water  bottles and big trucks or.... you can clean up the dirty water that's already there.  Our highly portable, very powerful water purifier does an incredible job of cleaning up the dirty water.  If you're new to this blog, you may learn more about the Air Mobile Rescuer by going to:  LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AIR MOBILE RESCUER   

Yesterday, I was having some fun.  We've had a couple of Rescuers operating in an Orphanage in Russia for the last 6 years.  The units have  been the mainstay of clean water for those precious children.  Recently one of the units, after years of service, was sent back for service.

Now, you guys know, after reading this rambling blog for a while, that I love working on these "Near-Miracle" Machines.  So, after a little tender loving care and routine maintenance, that Russian Rescuer is good as new and heading back there today.  I love my job!!

It's that time.  Need to get Peter to church for Band Practice.  Thanks for wandering down this meandering blog today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-8-13 Saturday - 7:10 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Andrea has left major flooding from Miami to Maine but...thankfully has been down-graded to a Tropical Disturbance.  

The winds remained around 45 mph for the entire route up the East Coast, so wind damage has been minimal and very few injuries have been reported. Thank God!  Here's more on Andrea - THE LATEST ON THE "FORMER" TROPICAL STORM ANDREA

The Midwest can be facing some pretty intense Thunderstorms with the possibility of Tornadoes thanks to a "Quick-Burst" of energy created by a dipping, fast-moving Jet-Stream.   

This region of the country has faced these elements many times this year, at times with fatal results.  If you live in the region, "Be on the look-out".  We'll be praying for you.  Here's more on those possible Storms - ANOTHER ROUND OF STORMS??

Often, in the course of any Government, a lot of POWER can do very bad things to people.  Simply look at HISTORY.  The story is repeated again and again.  Lord Acton, a British Historian said it quite well - 

Lord Acton, a British historian

This arose as a quotation by Lord Acton, a British historian of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

I wrote yesterday about the recent Revelations concerning the "Snooping, listening /watching" millions & millions of U.S. Citizens without cause (simply read on down to yesterday's Rambling Blog).

By gathering such vast amounts of "information" on folks, the Government gains tremendous leverage on each and every one of us.  This is quite disturbing and could leave one feeling frustrated, angry and even helpless.  

Well, I have GOOD NEWS and I spoke about it yesterday and I'll repeat it again today.  SOMEONE is watching them!  And that SOMEONE is the Lord.  Whether one believes in HIM or not does not negate HIS existence.  

And yes, each and every one of us will stand before HIM one day.  Our Lord is a Just and Good God.  That is why HE sent Jesus to make a way for us to be with HIM forever in Heaven.  We do, indeed, have an ADVOCATE (Attorney) Who will stand before the Father and plead our case.  

Face it, we all need a Savior, because we're all a mess (even those that may be "snooping" on us).  So, my conclusion from all of this is quite simple.  Jesus is standing by (remember, He said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him and he with Me" - Revelation 3:20)

The beauty of all of this is, Jesus wants to save us and is ready, right now, to come in and do so.  All we have to do is ASK!  Do you recall one of my favorite, of all times Scriptures?  This verse in Matthew 7:7 shows the heart of God toward us.

So, if you're dealing with some of the emotions that I've been dealing with, consider taking it to Jesus.  He is willing to be your Attorney and Savior!

Now, here's some more good news.  Not as good as the Gospel, but another demonstration of God's love for!!

Just found this great report on coffee and how it helps keep us sane and live longer.  Mmmmm, I like that!  Enjoy the great report - THIS IS YOUR BRAIN...ON COFFEE!!

OK, after a little "Rambling & Preaching", it's definitely time for me to get out the door and get ready for..."The Next Mission".  Not quite sure where it will be, but, I've got a feeling it's going to be soon.  

Cindy and I really, really appreciate you taking the time to read all the way down to the bottom of this rambling blog.  We truly appreciate your love, prayer and support in helping us to bring Clean Water and Good News to a Thirsty World!

Air Mobile Joe

6-7-13 Friday - 7:44 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Andrea "raced" across Central / Northern Florida bringing a lot of rain (much needed in many areas) blowing down some trees...and, THANK GOD, no reports of injury or serious damage. Here's more - TROPICAL STORM "ZIPPING" UP THE EAST COAST

Andrea is a very fast moving Storm and will be in the Northeast by tomorrow morning and there are still Tornado "Threats" from Andrea.  These threats of Severe Weather extend into the Midwest.  Here's more - WEEKEND SEVERE THREATS 

The recent "Revelations" about massive gathering of Data from phone records (etc.) has many Americans very upset.  I must admit though, I'm not really surprised.  Over the last 40 years, having traveled to nearly 50 countries. For many around the globe, this is S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).

It's best to "assume" that your conversation is being "monitored".  It's best to "choose your words carefully" and also avoid saying things that could be misunderstood.  

For example, we often bring in medical supplies in our little airplane to foreign fields.  A donor may say, "Hey, Joe, I've got some great "drugs" for you to bring in".  I'll quickly say, "Do you mean medications?  Give me more details and explain exactly what you've got to donate".  

I've known for some time, that certain "Key Words" get flagged and bring additional scrutiny.  I simply try to communicate the TRUTH clearly.  That brings us to a very key word: TRUTH!

Even though our conversations and movements may be monitored, I KNOW Who is watching those who are watching us (even though they may be doing it in "super-secret rooms").  Hmmmm, and HE will demand the full truth from us, as we all will stand before Him one day and give a full account for all of our actions.  Something to think about!  

By the way, you will want Jesus as your Defense Attorney on that day!!  Now, here is some very, very GOOD NEWS!  We have ALL sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  This is a big the wages for sin is DEATH....but....the Gift of God is, Eternal Life through Christ Jesus.  

HE paid the penalty for all of our sins.  Now, that, my friend is very, very GOOD NEWS!  If you have not secured an "Attorney", may I urge you to secure Jesus as your own personal Attorney (and SAVIOR) today.  There is no better time than now.

So, I got a little "Preachy" this morning.  It is truly something to think about and pray about. Speaking of prayer, Cindy and I so appreciate you and your faithful prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed to day.

Air Mobile Joe

6-6-13 Thursday - 7:57 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our little Radio Shack Emergency Radio sounded this morning warning of severe weather coming our way.  The cluster of storms in the Gulf, that we've been tracking, became Tropical Storm Andrea and she's heading our way.  Winds are forecast to be around 45 MPH (after land-fall), but there will be a whole lot of rain and that means flooding.

Ms. Andrea is projected to drag over Florida and right up the East Coast to Maine.  Winds are currently 60 MPH and there are TORNADO THREATS all along the path, of this first "Named Tropical" storm of the 2013 Hurricane Season. Here's more - TROPICAL STORM ANDREA TAKES "AIM" ON FLORIDA

Cindy, along with our Pastor, Gary decided that it would be good to reach out to our local orphanage, Country Acres, in Titusville.  Yesterday evening, we met, put together some neat "Gift Bags" that included a Bible, a Journal, candy and other goodies and we had a wonderful time of outreach and sharing the love of Jesus.

Peter played guitar as we sang sweet worship songs and Gary shared on God's unfailing love.  Cindy and I were encouraged to meet a young man with whom we have ministered in the past at the Hospital in Orlando.  It was a very precious evening.

Well, this morning, it's raining very hard, here in Cocoa,  and we're getting wind gusts of around 35 MPH.  In a few minutes, Cindy and I will "brave" the storm and head to the dentist, where Cindy will be getting a bit of dental work done.  Please pray all goes well.

Meanwhile, we continue to monitor those earthquakes that are continuing to occur with rapid regularity in the Caribbean... & inching closer to Haiti.  Remember, Haiti lost 315,000 people(!!!) in the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  

The majority of the quakes are small (2.5 - 3.5), but they are increasing in intensity, as can be seen by this snapshot taken from -

We know, from deep experience, that whatever the weather or nature throws at us, we're going to need CLEAN WATER!  Whether it's an earthquake or a hurricane, or a tornado, or flooding, etc..., folks will need a way to get clean water.  

I am so thankful to our Lord for giving us the wonderful tool, the Air Mobile Rescuer!  This simple and powerful water purifier can provide fresh, clean drinking water to 500+ people per day.  To learn more about the Air Mobile Rescuer water purification system go to:

Several days ago, I mentioned that we've been getting "free buckets" from our local Winn Dixie.  Of course, we have to clean them and this is a job that our Ariana loves.

We, primarily, use these buckets to store food but...they can also make great water buckets.  Cindy and I have been gearing up for the "next storm" right here at home.  

We've been gathering these buckets and will have them available for our neighbors, in the event of a severe storm that could cut-off our clean water supply. just so happens that Ms. Andrea is currently knocking on our back I type!

Again, it's another reason to have a means to clean that dirty water up with a good water purification system.

OK, enough of all of this about "water purification".  It's time to get out the door and head to that dentist office.  Again, please PRAY that all goes well with my Cindy.

We so appreciate you and your prayer, love and support.  May you be extremely blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-5-13 Wednesday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Weather forecasters are continuing to monitor the Tropical Disturbance (Invest 91-L) in the Gulf of Mexico.  High level winds may prevent this storm from growing into a Hurricane (would  be named Andrea). 

Regardless of whether it becomes a Hurricane or not, this storm will bring high tides and high winds and a lot of rain to Florida.  We'll be monitoring this storm very closely.  Here's more on "Invest 91-L" - TROUBLE "BREWING" IN THE GULF

The Plains States are "not out of the woods". More Severe Weather is expected today.  According the The Weather Channel, it looks like it will be the "Garden Variety" of Thunderstorms, some severe, but...Tornadoes are not expected.  Thank God!  This area has been "hammered" the last couple of weeks.  Here's more on the Thunderstorm Forecast - SEVERE THREAT CONTINUES

By the way, that deadly El Reno, OK Tornado ended up being the "Widest Tornado in Recorded History" and was bumped up to an E-5 on the scale.  

There is no question, that this region has been through "hell" the last couple of weeks and the bad weather is not over with yet.  Again, I urge you to Pray for those folks and ask our Lord what you can do to help.  Here' s more on that "Record Shattering" tornado - WIDEST TORNADO IN HISTORY

Yesterday, we noted that there has been a "Swarm" of Earthquakes in the Caribbean.  There have been more quakes since then.  These quakes are occurring in the Puerto Rico / Dominican Republic area....just East of Haiti.  Geologists had stated that another serious Earthquake could strike Haiti again in the near future.  Now, again, I'm no expert on earthquakes, but....we can PRAY!

I'm just thankful that we have access to data that can give us warnings and simply let us know what is going on in certain regions of the world.  This good information can direct us HOW to PRAY!  Let us PRAY that nothing comes of these swarming quakes in the Caribbean.  

This "Snapshot" of Quakes indicate how many quakes have occurred in the last 24 hours.  It looks like a "swarm of bees" just the east of Hispaniola.

Several weeks ago, I went on a "Quest" to find the perfect syringe to inject CLR (Calcium-Lime-Rust) into a critical area of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This process clears out accumulated debris that restricts the flow of clean water.  Well, I wrote the Walgreens Company and requested help.  

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a local Walgreen's Manager, Wayne.  He offered to provide us with the exact syringe that we needed at NO CHARGE!  Thanks Walgreens for joining Air Mobile in bringing clean water to those in need!!

So, it's that time.  Need to head out into this rainy, windy day and prepare for the "Next Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-4-13 Tuesday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


On June 1st, Hurricane Season officially started.  We're looking at tropical disturbance in the Gulf, "Invest 91-L" that is "brewing" into what could be a pretty serious storm.  

The Gulf of Mexico has been "feeding" a lot of moisture into the Plains (colliding with the dipping Jet Streams) increasing the ferocity of the Tornadoes.  Now....a Hurricane just may be forming.  We're definitely keeping an eye on this one.  Here's more - POTENTIAL FIRST STORM "NAMED"

The National Hurricane Center has just updated it's projections.  They're calling for more "Named" (18) and an increase in "Catagory 3+" (4).  This is going to be a "busy" and DANGEROUS Season.  Best start working on that Prep List.  As we know, those Hurricanes can affect the U.S. from Texas to Maine.  That's a lot of folks possibly in "Harms Way".

And, the Plains States are still not out of the woods.  More Severe Weather is expected today with a lot of rain causing flooding.  Add to this, strong winds and potential hail.  

It's going to be a pretty miserable day for those who have already had such terrible weather.  Here's more - STORMY TUESDAY FOR THE PLAINS

Earthquakes have been relatively calm for the last few weeks but....been following an increasing number of Quakes in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  They are not very strong (2.5 to 3.5) but...the number is increasing.  

Of course, just to the West of this cluster is Haiti.  We all remember what happened on 1-12-10....315,000 people died!  That is a day I'll never forget!

Again, what can we do??  Hurricanes, Severe Weather (Tornadoes), Earthquakes....Of course, we can PRAY and as we know, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS...starting with US!  Next, we can PREPARE.  This is always a good idea.  Also, we can think about ways that we can HELP others.

Right now, Air Mobile is gathering as many supplies and parts as our finances will allow.  We sense it is very important to GET READY for some pretty rough weather ahead.  So, with that, it's time to head out the door and get ready for the "Next Mission".

We truly do appreciate you and we're so THANKFUL for your prayer, love and support.  If you live in Plains States, keep a very close eye and ear out for "Warnings".  We, down here in Florida will be getting a whole lot of rain and possible winds throughout the week.  So, be blessed and stay safe.  

Air Mobile Joe 


6-3-13 Monday - 6:53 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


3 Veteran "Storm Chasers" perished while attempting to place critical information "sensors" in the path of the recent, violent Oklahoma Tornadoes.  They didn't make it.  It is a sad day for Weather Forecasters (and us all) who owe so much to these brave men. 

Please note, these men were not being "foolhardy", they were doing their job to help keep us safer.  Please pray for their families.  Thank you!  Here's more on this tragic story - WEATHER COMMUNITY REMEMBERS 3

All of the ingredients that made up those violent and deadly storms are present again today. More dangerous weather is coming to the Plains and Oklahoma is right in the "Bulls-Eye"! 

If you live in the red area, stay very alert.  These storms are fierce and extremely unpredictable. Though forecasters are predicting spotty, damaging wind and hail, be on the look-out, as these storms can grow very rapidly.  Here's more - SEVERE WEATHER MONDAY / TUESDAY

And....the weather is expected to get worse tomorrow (Tuesday).  So monitor your local weather closely and don't hesitate to "get out of the way" if at all possible. 

Again, these storms can become deadly, so quickly, as has been demonstrated by the recent deaths of the "Veteran Storm Chasers".  In yesterday's report, I shared how other Storm Chasers got "caught" and barely escaped with their lives (here's the link to that "near miss" - STORM CHASERS "NEAR MISS"!

Here's a very good article on what to do "BEFORE THE STORM".  In other words, PREPARE & HAVE A PLAN!  - TORNADOES: "BEFORE THE STORM".

Yesterday, after Church and our Chaplain Ministry at the Hospital, we headed home and kept "nibbling" away at clearing out and arranging our garage.  Ugh, this is not a fun job but....we kept coming across "treasures" and that kept us slugging through the chaos to attempt to create some order.  

We found a great job for Ariana.  We've been getting the used (often, very dirty) buckets from our local Winn- Dixie.  They are great for storing food and other valuables.  It is a very messy job, cleaning up those used,...but FREE buckets and Ariana, with a little training, had a blast cleaning up those buckets.

Let me give you one other "tip".  As you know, from reading past blogs, we have a food dehydrator.  On Friday, we celebrated Peter's 16th Birthday.  Well, he wanted Chinese food.  We had a huge amount of extra Chinese Fried Rice left over.  

Hmmmm, Cindy looked at the giant tray of delicious fried rice and thought....maybe I could dehydrate that extra Fried rice.  Well, she tried it and it worked just great.  So, in "hard times", with a little water & heat, we could have that delicious "Fried Rice" again, already seasoned and ready to go.

Now, back to "Preppin".  By these 2 examples, Preparing does not have to be expensive.  Get some storage buckets from your local Food Market and invest in a bit of labor to clean them and voila, FREE storage containers.  Don't throw out that "Fried Rice" (or whatever) after you're tired of left-overs...Break out the dehydrator and preserve that food that you already paid for.  

And....realize that Disaster could come "knocking" on your door SUDDENLY.  Be prepared and have a plan.  There, that's my "Preaching" on my Blog Soap Box for the day.

So, with that bit of advice, I bid you farewell and may you have a blessed day always, THANK YOU for meandering down this winding "Blog Path" today.  We truly appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-2-13 Sunday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Be on the lookout!  Those storms that brought such death and destruction to Oklahoma yesterday are headed east.  

The Tornado threat has diminished just slightly, but these are some violent storms and will be packing plenty of rain, lightening, wind and hail.  Monitor your local weather closely.  Here's more - TORNADO THREAT HEADS EAST

With all of this "Bad Weather" breaking out everywhere, I failed to mention the Arizona Mom that got "thrown in jail" in Mexico.  She has an incredible story.  Well, she was released yesterday...after much prayer! - Here's her story - ARIZONA MOM FREED FROM JAIL!

Yesterday, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I spent hours "working on our garage".  Boy, was it a MESS!  Since the Extreme Makeover, we had a ton of boxes with "stuff".  We'd been just maneuvering around the chaos and yesterday, it just became too much and we "attacked".  We've still got a long way to go, but the process has begun.

We worked until 11:00pm last night and slept-in this morning....til 7:45.  So, this blog is a bit late and quite short as it's time to get Peter to Church for band rehearsal before our Service.  Then, it'll be off to the Hospital to bring "The Good News" to those young people, the simple message of the Love of God!

If you're in that massive line of Thunderstorms, "batten down the hatches", stay alert and above all PRAY!  PLEASE, take the weather warnings seriously!

Chasing Tornadoes is DANGEROUS business!  This photo demonstrates how quickly things can change and how a Tornado can literally "suck you in".  Again, monitor the Weather Channel and your local  Weather Alert frequency and don't get "Caught by a Tornado"!!  

I know that I say this everyday, always, we so appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

6-1-13 Friday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our hearts break for the folks in Oklahoma, going through more treacherous weather as I type this blog.  PLEASE take a moment and PRAY for those that are enduring such hard-ship and danger.  This is still unfolding - here's more: OKLAHOMA TORNADOES - 5 DEAD / MANY INJURED

These deadly storms contain deadly winds, grapefruit size hail and major flooding.  The conditions are simply terrible.  Again, PLEASE take this moment and ask our Lord to give those in the storm protection and mercy!  Here is a "Live" Feed to what's going on - LIVE STREAM FROM OKLAHOMA

Just saw this YouTube of a Tornado Chaser "caught" and struck by debris - it's very graphic and shows what's it's like to skate on the edge of the storm - YOU-TUBE - "CAUGHT" BY A TORNADO!

Yesterday, a giant Asteroid, "QE-2" sailed by Planet Earth.  Doesn't appear to have any connection to the bad weather in Oklahoma (but again, I'm no Scientist).  That region gets Tornadoes with or without giant Asteroids.  

But this "Big Boy" passed relatively close to our good planet.  QE-2, making another "Close Encounter" from large rocks in Space slinging around out there (remember in February?).  Here's more - GIANT ASTEROID "SAILS" PAST EARTH ON 5-31-13

Well, while all of this was going on, we celebrated our son's 16th Birthday.  Peter, as you may know, loves music, so this year, we got him a very "small" guitar (ukulele) and a very "large" Bass Fiddle.  Talk about extremes.  At any rate, he had good friends over and we just had a blast last night.

We're just thankful that our Lord sent us Peter 16 years ago!  Now, just to show you how Peter has grown.....Cindy 5'2" - Peter 6'2"!  My, how those kids grow!!

So, as we go into this day, we'll be monitoring the situation in Oklahoma and beyond and praying for those folks in the path of those terrible storms.

We'll be gathering supplies for our "Next Mission" and awaiting His "Marching Orders".  

As always, THANK YOU for your love, prayer and support.  

Air Mobile Joe

5-31-13 Friday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The severe storms just keep on coming.  Oklahoma had a number of "near misses" yesterday and the threat continues today and OK is on the "Tail of the line".  Please remember all of those folks in path of these storms.  Remember, our prayers DO make a difference!!

These storms are slowly "trudging" toward the northeast and millions of folks are "along the route and will be having severe weather today.  Here's more on the Thunderstorm Forecast - SEVERE THREAT FRIDAY 

Yesterday, in the course of my day of "preparing" for the "next mission", I stopped into our local Walgreens and spoke with the Pharmacist about the need for the small, very special, "Oral Syringe".  You may recall that this little "tool" is perfect for clearing debris (primarily calcium) out of a very "hard to reach" part of the Air Mobile Rescuer.

The gracious Pharmacist was glad to assist Air Mobile to bring clean water to the thirsty and blessed us with 25 of these special little tools.  I love it when folks become "Water Mules" with Air Mobile.  Thanks Walgreens and the generous Pharmacist!

The day continued with picking up more DC Ballast Boards from Larry, our very own "Mr. Wizard".  Now, I'm really dating myself.  Who remembers Mr. Wizard?  The photo to the left is the original Mr. Wizard...we have our very own, Mr. Wizard.  

Well, Larry cannot only fix about anything, but he's in charge of the electronics for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Again, this is such a perfect example of how our Lord deploys His troops.  We're so THANKFUL for Larry!

Now, 16 years ago today, our Lord sent another precious gift our way, our son, Peter!!  Peter is such a blessing and a great help to us in the ministry.  Peter is gifted with musical ability and he's becoming a pretty good pilot.  Again, we're so thankful that our Lord blessed us with Peter!!  Happy Birthday, son!!

So, here we are, ready to head out into this beautiful day.  Will be continuing to prepare and get ready for what our Lord has for us.  As always, THANK YOU for your pray, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

5-30-13 Thursday - 6:31 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


More severe weather headed to Oklahoma and beyond.  Those "ingredients" just keep coming back and the danger is very high for more bad weather right into this weekend.  

Again...good advice is to PRAY & PREPARE & STAY ALERT! - Here's more on this latest Tornado Threat - SEVERE OUTBREAKS THURSDAY

Just came across this in-depth article on the lack of Preparedness by the U.S. for an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) event.  These "bad boys" can be man-made or simply show up on our doorstep, compliments of the sun.  

Either way, the effects are the electricity from our fragile power grid and with know the rest of the story and it's not pretty.  

Now, this report is from a "Military Stand-point" making it all the more alarming (our lack of preparedness)  The bottom line is:  we can't depend on our government to protect us and take care of us should an EMP strike home.   Here's the article - US ILL PREPARED FOR EMP "EVENT"

Now, I'm not trying to be a "Prophet of Doom".  Having done relief work since 1967, and having seen a lot of destruction and knowing "that it can happen right here", it is paramount that we think about, "being prepared".  It is human-nature to think, "well, it may happen over there's not gonna happen here".   

However, I'm reminded of those 10 Virgin in Matthew 25.  Five were wise and five were foolish.  The only difference between the 2 groups is:  The five wise Virgins went and bought some extra oil when the stores were open (and the price was probably cheap).  The foolish didn't think they needed any extra oil.  This is a good lesson and one that we should ponder and certainly pray about.

Along those lines, today, will be gathering supplies and getting ready for our "Next Mission".  Don't know exactly when that is, but I know Who does!  So, it's always a good idea to ASAP and seek His direction.

Yesterday, had the opportunity to share some of our books, "Run To The Roar" with Cindy, a member of the The Great Outdoors Church (TGOC).  This church has helped Air Mobile many times to deploy Rescuers.  We truly appreciate this great church.  Cindy is also a member of the Missions Committee.

Then, I headed over to Orlando to pick up a Rescuer that needed some good old- fashioned maintenance.  This Rescuer has been in operation in Russian since 2008. With a little love and care, we'll have that unit up and running good as new and by mid June will be back in service in Russia.  I love my job!!

So, today, about to head out and see what our Lord has for us to do today.  We truly do appreciate you and your faithful prayer, love and support.  May you be extremely blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe  

5-29-13 Wednesday - 7:29 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Folks in Oklahoma and beyond are in the "Cross Hairs" of more Tornadoes today.  The ingredients are all there for very, very bad weather.  We continue to pray for those who are endeavoring to put their lives back together after the ferocious tornadoes of a week ago and comes more.  

These threats extend from San Antonio (more rain) to Minneapolis and even into the Northeast.  Folks, this is some bad weather!  Here's more info - SEVERE WEATHER FROM SAN ANTONIO TO MINNEAPOLIS

This weather cycle will continue into tomorrow, so again, be sure to check your local weather and STAY ALERT!  I know that I mention this often, but check your EMERGENCY KIT and be sure that you have extra food, water, batteries, medical supplies etc. on-hand. 

Of course.....ALWAYS SAY A PRAYER!  As we seek our Lord's protection and guidance, He will lead the way.  That's why it's always good to....A.S.A.P.!

For the last year and a half, we've had a wonderful Church with my dear friend and brother, Pastor Eric Marshal, rent our building on Merritt Island, FL.  

Well, Eric and his wife have decided to move to Tennessee (I can understand that) and our building will be available for a new Congregation.  If you know anyone looking for a beautiful, sweet church building, please send them our way.  I'll be posting some pictures and giving more details in the days ahead.

Today, will be going to pick up a Rescuer that has been in operation in the Ukraine.  The unit needs some attention, kind of like bringing your car in for an oil change and tire rotation.  We love to refurbish these faithful, life-saving machines!  

Will also be meeting a lady, from the Great Outdoors Church, who wants 3 more copies of our book, Run to the Roar.  

To those of you who are new to this "Rambling Blog", you may not know that I've written a book telling incredible stories of God's Amazing Grace.  If you'd like a copy, simply email me ( or call at - 321-544-7757.  Would love to get you a "signed" copy.

So, it's that time.  Need to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

5-28-13 Tuesday - 5:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The pattern keeps repeating....more severe, dangerous weather ahead.  The dipping Jet Streams and the moist Gulf air keeps joining up causing very bad weather for many.  

And the pattern will continue through the week and get progressively worse.  Hang on and stay alert!  Here's more - SEVERE WEATHER AHEAD! POSSIBLE TORNADO OUTBREAKS!

Meanwhile, down in Chile, a very active Volcano is about to blow.  Chile and Argentina are on "Red Alert" as Volcano Copahue is showing signs of a major eruption.  Evacuations are taking place and aircraft are being diverted around this volatile volcano.  More on that Alert - CHILE / ARGENTINA ON "RED" ALERT

You may recall, several days ago, I reported on a flurry of earthquakes following that very powerful Quake (8.3) off the Russian Coast.  The "Daily" number of Quakes peaked out at 86.  The average daily number (according to my observations) is between 25-30.  The number of Daily Quakes have been subsiding and today, it's down to 19.  

We're thankful that the earthquakes are "calming down".... for the moment.  Could this Volcano be releasing pressure?  Again, I am no Scientist and am simply making observations.  Just keeping "an eye" on these things & above all, PRAYING!

Certainly, here in America, these violent storms are wreaking havoc.  We continue to PRAY for the folks in Oklahoma and now, that region is in the "Bulls Eye" for more bad weather with the possibility of more Tornadoes.  The name, "Tornado Alley", is fitting.  

Now, can our PRAYERS make a difference?  I've been walking with our Lord for over 40 years and with all my heart, I can say..."YES".  When Jesus said these wonderful words in Matthew 7:7, "ASK & you shall RECEIVE, SEEK & you shall FIND, KNOCK & the door will be OPENED", He did not say.....except for weather situations!  As a matter of fact, we find Jesus Calming Storms.  

So, when I encourage you to pray with us about these matters, know that our prayers do make a difference!  Now, here's a reminder - A.S.A.P. - ALWAYS - SAY - A - PRAYER!

May I encourage you to, right now, take a moment and PRAY with us for all of those who are suffering following those terrible Tornadoes that hit Moore, OK and those in the path of storms that are coming and those in the path of that erupting volcano.  Please ask our Lord to show mercy and calm the storms and guide and direct and protect.  Amen!

Time to go feed the chickens and meet a brother at our Air Mobile Building in Merritt Island.  I have some things to share about this building and will tell more later.  So, again, I come to you and say, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious and powerful prayer, love and support!  

Air Mobile Joe        

5-27-13 Monday - 7:23 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


All across America, we will gather to honor our fallen heroes.  Both Cindy and I have "casualties" of War in our Families...along with many of you.  May we remember them today and thank God for our country, for whom they gave their lives.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

The Weather across America is challenging.  More elements are gathering, due to a dipping Jet Stream, that could bring Tornadoes again to the Midwest.  PLEASE continue to PRAY for those that were struck by the violent tornadoes in Oklahoma.  

By Wednesday, they could be looking at Tornadoes again!  Here's more on those threats - SEVERE WX THREATS TO MIDWEST

Meanwhile, there has been major flooding in San Antonio and more rain is expected.  Hundreds have been evacuated and several have lost their lives.

And to add to the unusual weather, the northeast is having "unseasonable" cold and even snow in the mountains.  Imagine...a White Memorial Day!

As many of you know, Cindy and I have been Chaplains at a Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando.  Most of the "Clients" are young people who have been "Court-Ordered" into the facility due to various crimes.  We have been doing this for 16 years, and for us, it is a true "Labor of Love".  

However, we cannot take any photographs and give few details of our ministry there due to strict "Confidentiality Laws".  So, we just go there week after week and share the Good News of the Gospel. We have dear friends that often come with us and lend a hand.  This is such a precious part of our lives and our children have grown up reaching out to young people in trouble.

Yesterday, we had a very pleasant surprise.  We were joined by Lalo Gunther, a former Gang Member, who spent years in Prison and WOW....What a transformed young man!  

He quietly shared his story of God's Amazing, Transforming Grace!  There was not a dry eye in the house.  A number of young people raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Praise God for sending Lalo our way yesterday!  Here's Lalo's story - THE LALO GUNTHER STORY

Today, we'll likely go to the Beach and just have a Chill-out day and we'll remember those that gave their all for our freedom.  May you be blessed today and THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-26-13 Sunday - 6:18 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Memorial Day began toward the end of the Civil War as a means of honoring and remembering those that gave their lives for our country.  Most all of us, reading this blog, have some members of our families, who have given their lives for our freedom.  May we respectfully remember them (and so many others) on this Memorial Day.  

If you're a little rusty on the history of Memorial Day, as was I, here's a pretty good link telling a bit more of the History - MEMORIAL DAY BACKGROUND

Cindy and I returned home yesterday evening from our little "Retreat".  It was nice to just get away and relax and laugh.  This is good for the soul.  

In checking the earthquake count this morning, I see that the number of quakes have stabilized to the normal, Daily number of around 30 (remember, yesterday, it jumped up to 85!).  Glad to see that number come down.  California is still getting those quakes in the upper northeast part of the state, but those too, are slowing down.  Thank God.  

Have you ever been in an earthquake?  They can be pretty alarming.  When the earth begins to move under your feet, that can be pretty frightening.  We generally think that the earth is a pretty solid place.  Not so in an earthquake.  

Cindy and I have been in many earthquakes over the years, because of the nature of work that we do.  We generally rush to major earthquake areas and they are nearly always followed by many "aftershocks".  Some of those have been very strong.  Believe me, earthquakes can be very scary!  Earthquakes have brought us closer to the Lord....He is our solid rock!

Well, it's Sunday morning and time to get ready for Church and then to the Hospital in Orlando to minister with those young people.  We pray you have a blessed Memorial Day and thanks again for your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

5-25-13 Saturday - 7:09 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Daytona Beach, FL - River Lily Inn - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We're coming to you this morning from Daytona Beach.  Cindy & I decided that it was time to get away for a little while and just relax.  Ahhh, we couldn't have found a more beautiful place to do that than here...The River Lily.   Sometimes, we just need to disengage and simply rest.

Just outside our room is this balcony.  The temperature must be, what the temperature is... in heaven.  It's absolutely perfect.  There is a lovely breeze and the rich, melodious wind-chime is helping to create a surreal and gorgeous atmosphere.  The sun has just risen, and for the moment, life is exceptionally good! 

Breakfast will be served in a while and later, we plan to just explore this part of Florida.  Ever been to Daytona?  If not, you should try to get here and just enjoy one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.  There, that's my pitch for Daytona.

Yesterday, I reported on a rapidly increasing number of earthquakes.  Wow, the number is off the charts.  Since that 8.2 Quake off the coast of Russia (north of Japan and west of the Bering Sea) yesterday, there has been an extraordinary number of quakes.  

For the last few months, I've been tracking the number of quakes of 2.5 or greater over a 1 week period.  Normally, that number is between 150-200.  I was shocked this morning to see it jump up to 396 Quakes around the globe.  Folks, that is a lot of earthquakes.   

Yesterday, I also noticed that in addition to that very powerful 8.2 quake, that California was being hit with an inordinate number of quakes.  Well, it was not a surprise to see, that among that "swarm" of quakes, was a 5.7 Quake, the strongest quake to hit California since 2008.  Here's a link to the CA Quakes - 5.7 CALIFORNIA QUAKE - STRONGEST SINCE 2008  

So....what does all of this mean?  I don't really know, but I noticed another Headline:  PLANETARY ALIGNMENT PEAKS WITH CELESTIAL SHOW THIS WEEKEND .  Could there be a correlation??  Possibly.  I know that when planets align, strange and extraordinary magnetic pulls occur.....often causing earthquakes.

I am no Scientist, nor do I claim to be.  Just looking for those signs, as our Lord Jesus urged us to do.  I remember when He rebuked the Religious Leaders of the day because they could not read the signs of the times.  Don't want to fall in that "rebuke" category.

Well, it's time for breakfast at the River Lily Inn.  Enough of all this talk about earthquakes and "Signs" & such.  Sometimes, it's just hard to get away from all the stuff going on around us.  

The bottom line is:  Jesus is Lord & He is in control.  So, with that, we'll simply put our trust and faith in Him and seek to follow Him very closely today.

As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this "Wandering Blog" with us.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy    


5-24-13 Friday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, the 2013 Hurricane Season is upon us and it's shaping up to be a busy one.  Forecasters are calling for an increase in "Intense Hurricanes" from 2 last year to 4 this year.  Remember, all it takes is one to ruin your day.  We'll be keeping a close eye on the season as they develop.  Here's more on the looming season - HURRICANE SEASON OUTLOOK

I get a notice of any earthquakes of 5.0 or more via e-mail.  Noticed an 8.2 quake this morning off the Russian coast.  That is one powerful earthquake.  As you know, we track a number of things, i.e., Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Weather...Scandals etc.  

This earthquake has gotten my attention because, 1 - It's very powerful & 2 - there has been a significant "swarm" of quakes in the last 24 hours.  Normally, we'll see 25-30 quakes of 2.5 or more in a 24 hour period.  Well, we've had 86 quakes of 2.5 or more in the last 24 hours. That's a lot of quakes.  If you're wondering, the Sea of Okhotsk is north of the Sea of Japan and west of the Bering Sea.

BTW (By the Way.. in text talk), if you'd like to track Earthquakes, here's a very good link - USGS EARTHQUAKE MAP

Not sure what all of this means, but again, in Matthew 24, Jesus said that there would earthquakes (& other signs) in various places just before He returns.  So, we're just keeping an eye on the things that He said to keep an eye on.

Yesterday, had the opportunity to demonstrate the Air Mobile Rescuer to Tim and his wife Chasey.  Tim is heading to South America this weekend on a mission trip.  A good friend and Pastor, Ken, put us together.  I love to tell the story of the "Rescuer".  Tim is praying about possibly securing one.

Since yesterday was my Cindy's last day of work at the "Jail", we decided to slip away for a little "Retreat".  Looking forward to that!  Sometimes it's good to just get away to pray and plan. 

So, it's time to check those chickens and head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  We're rejoicing!

As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-23-13 Thursday - 6:14 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As many of you know, Air Mobile Joe follows "Solar Flares" because those "bad-boys" can do a lot of damage.  Well, there has been a mystery among astro-physicists for some time about why those Flares and CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) do certain things.  

Well, after a lot of cooperative research, they've found the "Culprit" - TURBULENCE.  Here's a story that just came out yesterday explaining more - Magnetic Field Misbehavior in Solar Flares Explained: The Culprit Is Turbulence

This recent "break-through" should help scientist to better identify and predict the actual effects that Solar activity may have on the earth.  Glad they found that nugget of truth.

The remaining effects of those terrible tornadoes that decimated Moore, OK are headed to the Northeast.  The storms have lost a lot of energy, but certain threats still remain.  Be sure to keep a close eye on the weather today.

There's another storm system forming in the west again that could impact Texas.  Here's more on those systems - THUNDERSTORM FORECAST TODAY

Were you able to catch any of the IRS Hearings yesterday?  I was able to get them on my phone and carried it with me (streaming the hearings live) all throughout the day.  The amazing thing is that both Parties, Republican and Democrat are in unity on this (that's amazing!).  

The bottom line is:  The IRS really messed up by targeting groups for Political reasons and that targeting did very serious damage to the Election Process.  So glad that these actions are coming to light and that the TRUTH is finally emerging.  Let's keep PRAYING!!  More hearings today.

Boy, do we have some happy kids!  Peter and Ariana had their last day of school yesterday.  The Summer begins!!  And...after much prayer, Cindy's last day at the "Jail" is today!  She turned in her resignation 2 weeks ago and today is the day.  I personally am looking forward to having my Cindy "full-time" with Air Mobile.  

We're very thankful for the good job that she had as the Head Nurse at the Brevard Juvenile Detention Center, but we believe that she will be much more valuable helping Air Mobile (and me) to get clean water out into the world.  Thank you for praying for the Lord's provision for the Hurston Family.

So, after that delicious, second cup of coffee and feeding our sweet chickens (we have 17 hens that give us nearly a dozen eggs a day), I'll be heading to the airport and continuing preparation for our "Next Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-22-13 Wednesday - 7:29 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Following the disaster, lies the long and difficult road of rebuilding.  PLEASE PRAY for those in the wake of those incredibly powerful and devastating storms.  Please watch this link - OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS COME HOME TO PICK UP THE PIECES

Those storms are marching East without quite as much intensity, but still dangerous.  Keep a close eye on the weather and be alert.  Things can change so fast.  Here's the latest - SEVERE INGREDIENTS

I came across this article yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  It deals with massive black-outs and how would we survive.  It goes into great detail about the nature of EMP's (Electro Magnetic Pulse).  It's a good read - WILL YOU SURVIVE WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT?

This is one of the reasons I follow the Sun Activity so closely.  A Solar Flare / CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) can cause major problems to our "fragile" power grid.  I know that these are not particularly pleasant thoughts, but it's good to equip ourselves with knowledge and at least begin making a plan for the "What if...." scenario.  Believe me, you'll be glad you did.

We had a good day yesterday building Rescuers.  Rob, our Premier "Water Mule" was building away.  We're ordering parts with every penny of extra funds we have and we just build Rescuers as quickly as we can.  We know that each and every one of these units will save lives and bring Glory to God!!

Yesterday, the testimony from the IRS heads continued and folks, this is ugly.  May I urge you to continue to PRAY that the truth comes out.  Jesus said, "You shall know the truth & the truth will set you free"!

So, it's that time.  Need to go feed those wonderful chickens and get Peter to's the last day of school!

As always, thank you for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-21-13 Tuesday - 7:02 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The news literally takes one breath away.  This massive, deadly tornado hit the elementary school with a direct hit and the results.. almost unimaginable.  Many children dead and hundreds injured and the storm is still moving!

Here is some staggering footage of this monster tornado.  It is difficult for me to even type this - PLEASE PRAY for those whose lives have been shattered by this deadly storm - HIGH DEFINITION FOOTAGE OF DEADLY OKLAHOMA TORNADO

The death-toll is rising and desperate parents are searching for their children in the debris.  Again, I urge you to PRAY!  Here's more - IN TORNADOES WAKE...WORRIED PARENTS SEEK OUT KIDS

The THREAT continues today.  All of the ingredients are there for more dangerous, potentially deadly storms.  Keep a very close eye on the weather if you live in this region! - Here's more on this clear and present threat - SEVERE THREAT CONTINUES INTO TUESDAY

Folks, again, I urge you to PRAY & seek out ways that you can help those that have been ravaged by these deadly storms and those that are still in the path.

We'll continue to monitor this unfolding story and seek direction as to what we can do to help.    How quickly our lives can change!  I find myself just pressing in closer to our Lord and leaning on Him for guidance and protection.  

Today, will be continuing to prepare as many Air Mobile Rescuers as we can.  Time to get out the door and get Peter to school.  

THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

5-20-13 Monday - 6:12 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Deadly tornadoes tore through Oklahoma wreaking havoc.  These tornadoes "Scoured" the earth.  The number of injured is 21 and growing as folks dig out.  Here's more - TORNADOES "SCOUR" EARTH

And...this deadly weather is far from over.  The line of storms are following the "dipping jet-stream" and moving to the Northeast headed to Illinois and beyond.  Here's the link showing who's in the path of these deadly storms - SEVERE WEATHER CONTINUES

And...all of this bad weather is not just hitting here in the U.S., but it's global.  Check out these photos from around the world depicting flooding, tornadoes, extreme heat, extreme cold and more - DEADLY WX AROUND THE GLOBE...BAD WEEK

So, this morning, Cindy and I sent out an Update Letter to our Air Mobile List titled "What's Happening".  Did you receive it?  If it doesn't come into your inbox today and you'd like to receive it, just send me an e-mail and we'll get you on the list -

Here's the link - WHAT'S HAPPENING??  This report gives an overview of the global events and also explains very clearly how important clean water is and what you can do to help solve that problem.  

It's Monday morning and I'm sure the "Storms" on Capital Hill will continue.  Last week ended with devastating testimony regarding the IRS (made my blood boil).  There's also more revelations about what happened in Benghazi and it's not pretty.  Already this morning, it's learned that the Department of Justice did some pretty serious "snooping" on a Fox reporter.  This ties into the AP Scandal of the seized phone records.  So, we have multiple storms going on, both in the political arena and weather-wise.

Oh, the Sun was quiet yesterday with no more serious Solar Flares or CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections).  Thank God, that very turbulent, volatile region of the Sun is passing and we're in the bulls eye.  We pray that things remain calm.

I am reminded of another wonderful scripture found in John 16:33 - The words of Jesus at the end of the Last Supper to His disciples, "In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world".  The fact is "Jesus is Lord" and as we put our trust and faith in Him, He will guide us and lead us each step of the way.

Well, it's time.  Need to feed the chickens and get Peter to school.  Will be working on getting more Air Mobile Rescuer ready for "Action".  Be sure to check your local weather today and be ready to move into a safe position if you're in the line of dangerous weather.  

Also, please take a moment and PRAY with me for our Lord to guide and for all of those around the globe that are dealing with this strange and violent weather.  Also, please PRAY for our leaders and our government.  Let us PRAY that the truth be told, for as Jesus said, "You shall know the truth and truth will make you free".  Ultimately, the most powerful thing we can do is PRAY - BE A PRAYER WARRIOR!  

We are so thankful to have you with us on the "Rambling Blog Journey".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

5-19-13 Sunday - 5:44 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


That very active portion of our Sun that's been spewing out those X-Class (very powerful) Solar Flares last week, is now turning toward our beloved Earth and....just shot out another massive solar flare with a huge CME (Coronal Mass Ejection).  

Billions of tons of radio-active particles are coming our way. Hopefully (and prayerfully), our atmosphere will protect us.  The experts are not expecting any significant damage.  

Meanwhile, we're following these events closely, as the old Sun has definitely awakened.  The "Active Region" (AR1748) is certainly "cranking" out the Solar Flares.  We'll be in the "zone" for a while and this 11 Year Solar Cycle has a long way to go.  Again, please just pray that our Lord protects us.  Here's more on the latest developments - SOLAR FLARE UNLEASHED MASSIVE ERUPTION TOWARDS EARTH 

Those violent storms that struck Texas last week have moved eastward and yesterday unleashed a massive amount of rain on Alabama causing "Flash Flooding".  4-6" of rain fell very quickly creating this problem.  Here's a link to more - FLASH FLOODING HITS ALABAMA

Meanwhile, north of all that flooding, in the Plains, a large area of violent weather is coming with the threat of major rain, large hail and tornadoes.  Today is going to be a rough day for this region.  If you live in the area, keep a very close eye the developments.  Here's more - SERIOUS TORNADO THREAT ON SUNDAY

I'm glad that Washington takes the weekend off.  All this "Scandal" stuff is pretty upsetting and it's nice to not have any hearings or more revelations at least for a day.  Come Monday, that "hotbed" will resume.  

I don't know about you, but these latest scandals have really confirmed some things that we felt were happening.  I haven't mentioned this yet, but in 2010-2011, Air Mobile had to jump through a bunch of "hoops" to maintain our Tax Exempt Status.  I do believe that this was related to these latest revelations of scandals.

It's Sunday morning and time to go have that wonderful cup of coffee with my Sweetheart.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

5-18-13 Saturday - 6:30 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The GOOD NEWS is; it's not going to strike earth, but it will be another "close call"!  A massive Asteroid measuring 1.7 miles across will do a close "fly-by" on May 31st.  In the event it were to strike our planet, it could lead to extinction.  Thank God it's going to be just a "close-shave"!

I am reminded of a Scripture (Acts 2:19) - "There will be wonders (signs) in the Heavens"...Here's more on that story - MASSIVE ASTEROID TO GIVE EARTH A "CLOSE SHAVE"

This weekend, dangerous weather, with tornado threats, mount as the elements are coming together to give a very rough ride over a large area.  

If you live in or around this wide swath, be sure to stay tuned to your local weather and be prepared for some violent storms beginning today and going through Monday, as, again, this threat covers a lot of territory!! Here's more - VERY DANGEROUS WEEKEND TORNADO THREAT!

Do you recall those 4 Major Solar Flares that I reported on earlier in the week?  Well, the area of the Sun where those have been occurring is now rotating toward our good Earth.  We're right in the "Line of Fire".  

Thankfully, the Sun has "calmed" down just a bit and there have been no reports of flares within the last few days.  Let's PRAY that it stays that way.  Here's more on that situation - HUGE SOLAR FLARES THIS WEEKEND?? 

Whoa, did you hear the IRS Scandal Testimony yesterday?  Last night, I watched the whole thing on C-Span and was sickened by just how brazen the IRS has become toward Conservative Groups.  

Folks, this is not good and....I am so THANKFUL that these events are coming to light.  This type of intimidation is very, very bad for our country.  Please join together with me and PRAY that this type of activity cease and desist immediately!  

Representative Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania "hit the nail on the head" with his powerful speech.  May I urge you to take a few moments and listen to it...I think you'll agree with me - STANDING OVATION AFTER "RIPPING" IRS COMMISSIONER - BRAVO, Congressman Kelly for standing up for us and speaking so clearly!!

Well, it's Saturday morning and we have a busy day today....gathering supplies and doing chores around the Hurston home.  

I know that I bring a lot of "stuff" to your attention in this "rambling blog".  I don't do it to depress or discourage you, but to urge you to PRAY with us about these matters.  

Prayer is so important and does indeed impact our circumstances and our world.  Truly, Prayer Changes Things (starting with us)!  

So, it brings me again, to tell you just how much we appreciate your prayer, love and support.  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-17-13 Friday - 6:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's come a bit early and we have our first Named Storm of 2013 - Alvin.  The Forecasters are predicting a busy Season with up to 5 Major Hurricanes.  We pray they are wrong.  Alvin is in the Pacific and strengthening.  We'll be tracking this, the first Named Storm of the year.

Violent Weather hammered Granbury, TX  leaving death (16), injuries (hundreds) and major destruction and those storms are still moving to the East.  There's another system that has the ingredients to bring violent weather to the Mid-West.  Keep an eye on those bad boys.  Here's a link to more - SEVERE WEATHER THIS WEEKEND

The Sun is certainly "Brewing" and "Spewing" out Solar Flares.  I just found this story on a "Worst Case Scenario" regarding Solar Flares.  It is worth reading - WORST CASE "EMP" SCENARIO

The current series of Solar Flares are already interfering with High Frequency (HF) Communications and causing some GPS problems.  So, we'll certainly keep this situation in our prayers and put our trust in the Lord!

The unfolding Saga of the recent IRS Scandal is certainly disturbing.  There is a lot of finger-pointing and denial.  This story, from ABC(!) is pretty alarming regarding the IRS and ObamaCare.  Folks, we truly need to both pray about this situation and contact our Representatives.  Here's the link - IRS OFFICIAL IN CHARGE.... 

Meanwhile, we are simply working on preparing for our "Next Mission".  We're building as many Air Mobile Rescuers as possible and gathering supplies and making sure all of our vehicles are fueled.  

If you missed this yesterday, here is a video that Cindy and I just put together.  Now, I warn you, it's not very "Professional" and the sound fades in and out and at times, the top of my head is cut off, but it is a "straight from the heart" description of the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  Please take a minute and watch it.  -  AIR MOBILE JOE TELLING ABOUT "NEAR MIRACULOUS" MACHINE

Well, here we are, that time of the day.  Need to dash out to feed the chickens and then get Peter to school, meanwhile, gulping down my second cup of coffee. As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-16-13 Thursday - 6:54 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The death toll is rising and hundreds are injured in a violent tornadoes that ravaged parts of the Dallas area yesterday.  Granbury, TX was hardest hit.  Folks are still digging out of the rubble.  Please remember to pray for those that have been hit so hard! 

This line of storms spawning these terrible tornadoes produced GRAPEFRUIT size Hail.  Wow, that's huge! Imagine what kind of damage that can cause!  You really don't want to get hit by one!!

And the storms are far from over.  They're moving to the east and still packing a punch.  If you're in that line, stay alert, have a plan and PRAY! 

One family, whose home was completely destroyed, jumped in the bathtub and put mattresses over them.  That's what saved their lives!!

Yesterday, I reported that 3 major "X" Class (very powerful) Solar Flares erupted.  We just had another one.  Now the number is 4 and the Sun is rotating toward the earth.  

Can the Sun continue to blast out these massive Solar Flares?  We don't know, but we can keep a very close eye on the activity and prepare.  Remember, these powerful flares are already disrupting certain communications and could damage our power grid.  Here's more on this latest series of Solar Flares - SUN UNLEASHES 4 POTENT SOLAR FLARES

And, it's going to be a long, hot summer for the White House.  The Scandals just keep on coming.  The Hearings on the Hill yesterday simply magnified some pretty damaging stuff.  From the IRS (just keeps getting more and more bizarre) to Benghazi to the AP wire-taps (and the list goes on!).  

I've been around for a while and don't recall so many "explosive" scandals hitting so hard and so fast.  Things are sure "Shaking" in Washington.

Speaking of "Shaking".  There has been, in the last 72 hours, a dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes.  Could these Earthquakes be related to the Solar Flares?  Don't know, but the fact is, they are both occurring at the same time.  Here's more on this latest "Swarm" of Earthquakes shaking this old Earth - SWARM OF EARTHQUAKES OVER THE LAST 72 HOURS

So, again, what can we do?  Well, the very best thing for us to do is PRAY!  Then, if we're in the path of those storms, monitor the weather very closely.  You may want to go FUEL your car in the event you need to move out of harms way.  Of course, check your "Bug-Out" bag.  If you don't have one, you might want to start gathering some stuff and begin one.  But remember, the most important thing is to PRAY!  Our Lord is an ever-present help in time of need!  

The Solar Flares could easily disrupt Communications & Navigation & and so much more.  Regarding Communications, my great friend, Joe, who introduced me to Jesus 41 years ago, and I were doing some testing with some hand-held radios yesterday evening.  

In the event we lose our Cell Phones (perish the thought!), we will need to be able to communicate with one another.  We're finding some pretty cool radios and I'll share more as our testing becomes a bit more complete.

Wow, what a "heavy" blog today - TORNADOES - SOLAR FLARES - EARTHQUAKES - MAJOR POLITICAL SCANDALS - Folks, yes, we need to PRAY!  Remember - A.S.A.P. (Always-Say-A-Prayer).  And, as always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

P.S. - The other day, Cindy and I made this little video telling a bit more about the "Near Miraculous" Air Mobile Rescuer - You have to listen closely, as the volume gets pretty low (didn't wear a microphone) - AIR MOBILE JOE TELLING ABOUT "NEAR MIRACULOUS" MACHINE

5-15-13 Wednesday - 7:39 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday our Sun blew out 3 major, "X" Class Solar Flares.  Fortunately, the Sun was not facing the earth, however.....the Sun is turning our way.  We need to keep a very close eye on what may be coming.  Here is a link explaining more - SUN "BLASTING" OUT SOLAR FLARES...FACING EARTH SOON

Of course, these "X" Class Solar Flares are extremely powerful and they are gaining in strength.  They are accompanied by Coronal Mass Ejections (CME).  This sudden and increasing activity, could send tremendous trouble to us here on earth.  One of the major problems could be damage to our "Power Grid".  Folks, without electricity...we are hurting!  So....just another reason for us to PRAY!

Meanwhile, the Scandals just keep on coming.  The President is denying any knowledge of any wrongdoing along with the Attorney General.  There are Investigating Committees forming as I type this blog.  A good friend of mine, Mark, sent me this YouTube of Judge Jeanine sharing her thoughts on Benghazi.  May I urge you to take a look - it is very compelling - JUDGE JEANINE ON BENGHAZI

And Folks, this is the "tip of the Iceberg".  It is difficult to keep up with the "Revelations" that are coming out of Washington.  From the IRS to the Department of Justice to now, the EPA targeting certain groups (mainly Conservative).  This is not pretty and truly, another reason for us to PRAY!

Well, there is so much more that I want to share, but it's time to get Peter to school and meet our mechanic, Paul to go over a few maintenance items on Ti Burik.  So, until next time....THANK YOU, THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us with your prayer, love and support.  We truly need each other!!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-14-13 Tuesday - 7:39 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Saw this headline this morning and it appears that there is a "wave" of scandals hitting the White House all at one time.  From the Benghazi Probe, to the IRS to the Department of Justice (DoJ) to the Gosnell Verdict (Guilty).  Often, it seems that disasters come in "multiples" and that appears to be the case with the President.

What makes these circumstances different is that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is reporting on each of these scandals.  So....

What does all of this mean?  It means that the leadership of our country is in some pretty deep trouble. Each of these probes are extremely serious and any one could spell disaster.  It is extraordinary that they all are hitting within hours of each other.  Folks, I strongly urge each of you to PRAY for our country and that truth and justice will prevail.  Here is the link to the story I referenced above - SCANDAL SWEEP CAPITAL HILL or WHEN IT RAIN.....

Yesterday evening, Cindy and I had the opportunity to be with friends and talk about the need to have clean water, particularly following disasters.  We had a house full of folks and just had a wonderful time sharing some of our experiences and the joy of bringing clean water to thirsty people.

Meanwhile, we're getting "Ready" for the days ahead.  Spent time at our assembly facility yesterday and we're building as many Air Mobile Rescuers as we can.  We know that it is not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" will the next disaster strike.

Speaking of "Disaster", the Sun unleashed the strongest blast of 2013 as we continue on the solar cycle.  These blasts are expected to increase through the end of this year.  Here is a good link on that situation - SUN UNLEASHES STRONGEST SOLAR FLARE OF 2013...SO FAR  

Another friend, Elizabeth just sent this additional story on the Sun's recent activity - SUN UNLEASHES 2 SOLAR FLARES IN LAST 24 HOURS

So, here we are, ready to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  Time to get Peter to school and see what the Lord has for us to do today.  As always....THANK YOU for standing with us and "rambling" through this "rambling blog".  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

5-13-13 Monday - 6:56 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First of all, THANK YOU for your prayers, as I am feeling much better and quite rested following several days of "just taking it easy".  I'll approach this week, "not at full speed" but will be up and about.

This evening, we'll be at our friend's home, (Gordon and Nancy), demonstrating the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  Recently this couple secured a Rescuer, that they might be able to help others in time of need.  

This evening, Cindy and I will be delivering their unit and demonstrating it to some of their friends also.  Water is one of those "non-negotiables"!  Following most any disaster, one of the first things to go is "fresh, clean water".

So, we'll have a "Water Party".  I love doing this.  Air Mobile has placed over 800 Rescuers in 42 Countries and has gained considerable knowledge about "what happens following a disaster".  

As a result of that knowledge, we're continually improving the Rescuer and "learning new tricks" on beating and destroying "water-borne bacteria and viruses".  These Enemies kill millions and millions of folks around the world.  This is a Noble Mission!'s Scriptural!  Our Lord Jesus urges us to bring clean water to the thirsty.  Of course, He is speaking of real clean water and "Living Water".  As we share clean water to those in need, we have an incredible opportunity to speak about the love of God, the Living Water!  

Read Matthew 25:35 & 42, "I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink". Often, while traveling the world and bringing clean water to those in desperate need, I am asked, "Why are you doing this?".  The answer is simple, "Jesus told me to do it".

I once traveled to Pakistan with the former Surgeon General of Pakistan.  Dr. Sheikh told me again and again how simply cleaning up the water would empty out most hospital beds around the world.  Contaminated water is a global problem and we can do something about it.  We praise God for giving us the gift of the Air Mobile Rescuer and being able to share it with others!

So, it's that time.  Need to head out (gingerly) and see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-12-13 Sunday - 7:52 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is a good thing to take a day (should be done much more often) and simply honor our Mothers.  Without question, our Lord did a beautiful thing giving us mothers.  

This is a wonderful day to think about and in some way, show our love and respect for our Mothers.  So, to all of the Mother's out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  And to my Cindy, an absolutely AMAZING MOTHER, Happy Mother's Day, Honey!

Yesterday, Peter and Ariana and I met Vickie and her Husband at the airport. Vickie is the Director of Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC), an outreach of First Baptist Merritt Island.  

They had a wonderful load of baby food for the kids in Haiti.  From time to time, there will be an excess of supplies dontated to them (arranged by our Lord) and Vickie calls me.

I am amazed at how beautifully her calls are timed.  Just about the time we need more supplies for Barbara and the Kids in Haiti, the phone rings.  Our Lord is so good at strategic deployment!  Thanks again, Vickie and APC! 

And, THANK YOU for praying for me.  I'm definitely feeling better, though, I'll stay home from Church today and continue to 'get  better'.  Many times, prayer & rest & plenty of water does wonders to bring us back to help.

So, may you have a blessed Mother's Day today and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-11-13 Saturday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I don't get sick very often (thank God), but the last 24 hours have been a bit rough...have kind of flu-like symptoms.  Stayed home yesterday and just rested.  Feeling a bit better today and....

Have to meet some very kind folks at the airport this morning.  They have a full pallet of wonderful Baby Food for Barbara's Kids in Haiti.  So, have to gather up my strength and head out in a few minutes.  Then it'll be back home to continue to rest and recover.

Been following the Benghazi "disaster" in the news and the "Main Stream Media" seems to picking up bits and pieces of this tragedy.  Again, "Attacks Happen", but...when the situation is not handled well and then apparent lies are told to "cover it up"....this is not good.  Looks like the matter will be around for a while.

Again, what can we do?  Well, first and foremost, WE CAN PRAY!  Let's pray that the TRUTH comes out and then let responsibility be assigned and let the Will of God be done!  The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders and that is exactly what we should do.

Time to head to the airport. Would appreciate some extra prayer for me today to "kick" this flu thing.  Truly do appreciate you and THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-10-13 Friday - 6:41 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I came across this interesting story about Benjamin Franklin and the famous Evangelist, George Whitefield, and thought I'd share it with you.    Of course, there's much more to the story.  Here's the link - UNLIKELY FRIENDS BECOME AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES

It is interesting how these 2 were raised and the directions they took in life.  I chuckled at how they came together and how George Whitefield's powerful "preaching" emptied out Ben's pocket.

You may recall, that several months ago, after much thought and prayer, came up with a very cool way to clear out a deeply embedded component (the venturi) of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  By utilizing this new system, one does not have to disassemble the Rescuer to clean out this critical component.  By "injecting" some CLR (Calcium - Lime - Rust) directly into the venture, debris is cleared out.  

Well, we found the most perfect tool to inject the CLR, a simple oral syringe from Walgreens.  I spent over an hour going from department to department deep inside of Walgreen's attempting to find someone that could either donate or sell this great tool to Air Mobile.  

The problem is, Walgreens does not sell the little "jewel".  They give them away, in the same way that "Wendy's gives a spoon so that you can eat a Frosty". 

Well, didn't find the answer.... yet, but will continue to search.  With our Lord's help, we'll find an unlimited source of these precious tools so that we can "keep clean water flowing"!

Yesterday evening, had a great training session with my flight Instructor, Glen.  Glen is a great instructor and seasoned pilot.  We really have a good time digging deep into the fundamentals of instruction and the principles of aeronautics.  We further discussed him becoming a "Genuine Water Mule" and even taking flights in Ti Burik for Air Mobile from time to time.  An no, we didn't do any loops.  

I'm glad that I can take my time and really relish the training.  As you probably know, been flying for nearly 50 years, have thousands of flight hours and many flight ratings, but this most recent pursuit of the Certified Flight Instructor Rating has turned into a real joy.  We're steadily moving closer to that "Check Ride".

For some time now, you've been praying with us about Haiti getting new Air Traffic Control Equipment.  Well, I'm very pleased to tell you that yesterday, The Harris Corporation, whom I represent in Haiti, received the first funds from Haiti to get that new equipment!! THANK YOU for PRAYING with us regarding this much needed upgrade.  Air Safety WILL improve in Haiti as a result of this!

And, as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  Together, we are seeing lives saved and lives changed by the Love of God!!  Time to head out into this day that our Lord has made!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-9-13 Thursday - 6:21 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Have you been following the Benghazi hearings?  It does appear as if this tragedy, where 4 Americans, including an American Ambassador were brutally murdered is under very careful scrutiny again.  

Attacks "happen" but....when the description of what happened is so completely and even blatantly wrong, then, there are major problems.  

The TRUTH does seem to be unfolding and the consequences of the misinformation could be very serious for this Administration.  I am reminded of a scripture by Jesus, "The TRUTH will set you free". 

It was difficult to listen to the testimony, particularly when it became clear that forces could have been dispatched and possibly "rescued" those under this clear and well orchestrated attack.  

Further, it was evident that those that testified yesterday, told a story that was dramatically different than the story told by Government Officials, immediately following the brutal attack.  The search for TRUTH will continue and may I urge you to PRAY that our Lord leads and guides us through this situation!  Here is a link explaining more details - 5 KEY THINGS TO TAKE AWAY FROM BENGHAZI HEARINGS

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege, to share with a group of Ladies, the beauty and effectiveness of bringing clean water where the water is very dirty.  This group of Methodist Ladies have funded 3 Air Mobile Rescuers for Haiti.  We have placed those units in orphanages and they are producing clean and life-giving water every day!  Thank you, Ladies!!

Today, will be putting more Rescuers together and getting ready for our next mission.  

This evening, I'll be back in Flight Training with my Instructor, Glen.  Looking forward to getting back in the "saddle" and getting ready for that CFI Check Ride!

So, I hear my chickens calling me and it's time to get out the door to get Peter to school on time.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-8-13 Wednesday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, I will be speaking to a Ladies Group that funded 3 Air Mobile Rescuers for 3 Orphanages in Haiti. What a joy to bring them the good report that their efforts are bringing clean water to thirsty children!  It is a simple act of love and obedience to our Lord.  This is the fun part of my "job"!  What a beautiful way to share the love of God!

Had a wonderful meeting with a dear friend, Art, who is also the VP & General Manager of a major manufacturer right here in Titusville, FL.  Gave him a good report on the progress being made with the Air Mobile Rescuer and also confirmed our possible future need for his help when our production reaches the level that we need a serious manufacturing partner.  We aren't there yet, but we are hopeful that that day is coming!  This means a lot more clean water will be flowing to thirsty and needy folks!  

Yesterday evening, got home and "hit the books".  Have really been enjoying studying for that CFI Check-Ride.  So glad that I can take my time and study well.  Even though I've been flying for over 40 years and have thousands of flight hours, this studying has been so insightful and helpful.  Yes, it is possible to "Teach an old tricks"!

So, time to head out the door, into this "Day that our Lord has made" and will rejoice in it and be ready for the next adventure.  Folks, I know that I say this every day, but it is so true - THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-7-13 Tuesday - 7:33 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Began yesterday with a stop by Prison Book Project headed by my good friend Ray Hall.  As always, they have Bibles for our young people with whom we minister every Sunday.  In a sense, these young people are "Court Ordered" into this Hospital and it is a "locked down" facility.  Ray and his trusty side kick, have always provided Bibles to us for this ministry.

As I was leaving, Ray, who had been on an errand, walked back through the door.  It's always good to see my brother and dear friend.  Over the years, Prison Book Project has provided literally thousands of Bibles for the young people who are "locked up".  It is such a joy to bring the Word of God to them and to work with such a precious and dear friend as Ray Hall.

After departing Prison Book Project, the phone rang.  It was Karen, a Medical Missionary, who is working in Indonesia.  Her Rescuer needed some "attention".  We discussed the probable fix and I agreed to send her some extra parts and filters and...the new Venturi Port modification.  Karen shared with me just how vital the Rescuer was to her outreach and team and neighbors.

While speaking with Karen, I arrived at our Air Mobile Rescuer Plant on Merritt Island and there, found Rob, our Premier "Water Mule" building Rescuers.  We are working hard to get as many Rescuers ready as possible for the days ahead.  

I truly appreciate Rob's quality work and dedication to this vital project of bringing clean water to thirsty people!  While there,  I gathered up the parts for Karen and shipped them right to her.

Today, I'll be meeting with a local business who will be assisting us in building a vital component to the Rescuer.  Am so THANKFUL for so many who assist us in putting this "Miracle Machine" together.

So, it's that time.  Need to get Peter to school and see what adventure our Lord has for me today.  Truly do appreciate you and your prayer, love and support!  Be blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe


5-6-13 Monday - 6:52 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tensions are elevated as Israel struck inside Syria for the second time.  This time, they attacked a convoy of weapons from Iran headed to Hezbollah.  Folks, we need to pray about this as it could ignite much wider warfare.  Here is a link to more - ISRAEL STRIKES SYRIA

Meanwhile, there are ingredients forming that could create some pretty intense thunderstorms and possible tornadoes.  We are watching that area very closely.

Today and Tuesday, there will be lots of rain in the Southeast, but by Wednesday and through the end of the week, there is a strong possibility of major Thunderstorm activity with hale and possible tornadoes.  Here is a link to more - STRONG THUNDERSTORMS WITH TORNADO THREAT THIS WEEK

We've been following (& praying! about) those intense wild-fires in Southern California and the fire-fighters have been helped by cool, moist air, thus calming those raging fires.  

The fires are now 75% contained.  There is even the possibility of rain today.  Many residents had "very close calls" with fires reaching right to their backyards.  No homes have been destroyed and no injuries.  Thank the Lord!!

Those folks are still "not out of the woods" , so, let's keep praying for our Lord to "Cool this Crisis".  Here's more on that So-Cal story - COOL MOIST AIR CALMS SO-CAL CRISIS  

Likewise, let's continue to pray for "The Peace of Israel", as that crisis is also "heating up" and there's plenty of "tinder" to ignite a major fire in that region of the world.  Here's another link telling a bit more about this "volatile" situation - ISRAEL STRIKES SYRIA

So, this week, we'll be continuing to build Air Mobile Rescuers and gather more supplies for our "Next Mission".  We'll be keeping a close eye on that weather and will surely be praying about the situation in the Middle East.

Time for that wonderful, second cup of "joe" and getting Peter to School on time.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!! Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-5-13 Sunday - 7:16 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe 


Would rather be safe than sorry.  Yesterday, I fueled up all of our vehicles, just as a precaution.  It was a relief to finally see blue skies late yesterday afternoon,

The weather, as of late, has been nothing short of "very strange".  That makes forecasting difficult when the unexpected keeps happening.  Well, it looks like things may be settling down just a bit, but we're still keeping a very close eye on things.

It's always good to have Ti Burik, our Little Donkey ready to go.  Had a good meeting with Paul, our mechanic, and went over our last flight to Haiti.  The little airplane flew beautifully and we're not working any maintenance issues.  Thought it a good idea to "top it off" and be ready for "the next mission".

Saw this story on a little girl's tragic loss and how she is dealing with it.  Thought I'd share it with you - by the way, this story was on The Weather Channel - ANGELS WATCH OVER TORNADO VICTIM

Next week, there are some "Serious Ingredients" that could produce major Thunderstorms and possible Tornadoes.  Again, we'll keep a very close eye on the weather coming toward us next week.  Here's a link - TORNADO THREAT IN COMING WEEK

Well, it's Sunday Morning in the Hurston Home.  Time to get ready for Church and then to the Hospital to minister with those young people.  We pray you are blessed today and THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-4-13 Saturday - 6:17 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


With all this "weird" weather going on and serious talk about "Climate Change", it makes it rather difficult to accurately forecast just what is coming down the pike.  So....what can we do?  This weekend, I've decided to fuel up every vehicle we have, including all of my extra gas cans.

First of all, putting the fuel in the tank(s) means that IF the weather continues to do weird things, at least we can re-position, if necessary.  Next, we're going to use that fuel anyway, so why not simply fill-er-up.  And last, even though the cost of fuel is "pricey" it will only get "pricier" if evacuation becomes necessary.  So, today, will be spent "fueling".  Oh, been "racking up" discounts on our Winn Dixie card and we're up to almost $2.00 per gallon off!!

Winter Storm Achilles has dealt a final blow to Minnesota and beyond.  Going from the 80's to snowing in 24 hours is just plain weird!  Take a look at this link - 80'S TO SNOW TO RAIN 

Add caption
In place of all that snow, there is coming a lot of rain.  It will extend from Minnesota down here to Florida.  Of course, the snow will be melting and this will certainly increase the possibilities of major flooding.  Be checking for Alerts in your area.  Here's more on all that rain - RAIN - STORM WATCH

We're hearing more and more comments from Weather Forecasters to just plain folks saying, "never seen anything like this".  Well, that's why I'm fueling up and continuing to buy provisions as we're able.

Oh yes, WILDFIRES  have "exploded" in Southern California and firefighters have their hands full.  The fires have TRIPLED in size overnight!  We're praying that that the winds and temperatures will decrease allowing them to "get a handle on this threat" - here's a link to that story - WILDFIRES "IGNITE" IN SOUTHERN CAL

So, got my work cut-out for me today.  Will be fueling and stocking up and keeping a close eye on the weather and praying....remember the wonderful acronym?? A.S.A.P. (Always-Say-A-Prayer).  

Don't particularly know why I felt it so important to simply fuel up, but would rather be obedient to that "Gut-Feeling" and hopefully, be pleasantly surprised that we don't need to evacuate. 

Time to hit the gas pumps.  Hope and trust that you have a blessed day always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-3-13 Friday - 6:08 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Will this winter ever end??  Eventually....but not before many, many records are broken.  Sure hope that snow melts slowly and not suddenly, allowing time for gradual run-off.  We can sure pray for that!  Here's a bit more about this "freak" Winter Storm named Achilles - HISTORIC WINTER STORM - ACHILLES & more WINTER SNOWFALL RECORDS!!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to meet with Craig.  For some time, Craig has been managing to get into North Korea to share some clean water and the message about our Savior, Jesus.  Go Craig!

His Rescuer needed some "tweaking" and we took the opportunity to "Upgrade" the unit with the new "Venturi Cleaning Port".  This simple modification saves hours of time and keeps the Rescuer running without the need for a complete breakdown for cleaning.  So glad to spend some time with Craig yesterday, a very brave and noble "Water Mule" for Jesus!

So thankful that we can simply go "in person" or pick up the phone or go on-line and place orders for Rescuer Parts.  It was not always that way.  Some of the parts for this "Miracle" machine had been unavailable, but with prayer and persistence, we can now order any part we need to both build these units and keep them running around the world.  PRAISE GOD!

Well, yesterday, our little girl, Ariana, turned 8 years old!  This precious little one is growing up so fast and so beautifully.  Ariana, who was truly rescued from Haiti, has such a sweet and giving heart.  She had a wonderful Birthday party yesterday evening.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIANA!!

So, it's that time.  Need to feed those sweet chickens, who give us fresh and delicious eggs every day, and have that second cup of coffee and get Peter to School on time.  Will also be working on getting more Rescuers ready for Action.

As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-2-13 Thursday - 7:37 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


OK, the weather has definitely been a little crazy lately.  Talk about a long winter and now, Winter Storm Achilles is dumping 13" of snow in May.  Folks, that's just a bit weird (they say "wicked weird" in Worcester).  Here's a link to the latest update on these Winter Snow Storms in May! - MAY SNOWSTORMS!!  Here's a second related story - WILL IT EVER STOP SNOWING!!

So, I spent yesterday on the phone ordering parts for Rescuers!  We're putting all of our resources into getting as many Rescuers ready for action as possible.  Between the "weird" winter weather, the violent thunderstorms, we sense that we'd best "be ready".  Who knows what the next weather pattern will be like?  Who knows??  Our Lord certainly does.  That is why I want to be sensitive to His direction for the days ahead.

Speaking of the Lord, did you read about the possibility of "Court Martial" for sharing ones Faith in the Military?  Folks, things are getting out of hand.  The last time I checked, there was Religous Freedom in America.  

Seems like that precious freedom is in serious jeopardy.  It is ironic that our Military, who fights for our Freedom of Religion is in danger of losing the very freedom they are fighting for.  This developing situation needs our PRAYER!!  Here is an interesting story on this matter - COURT MARTIAL SOLDIERS WHO SHARE THEIR FAITH!

Well, it's a rainy morning down here in "Sunny Florida".  Glad there's no snow!  Time to go feed those wonderful chickens and get out the door.  Have parts to order and need to get ready for that next mission. As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-1-13 Wednesday - 7:07 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had some friends over to our home yesterday evening and shared all about the importance of clean water and just what an invaluable tool the Air Mobile Rescuer can be, particularly in emergencies.  Oh, this is a story I love to tell!!

Last week, Gerald and Cynthia decided to purchase an Air Mobile Rescuer, so they came by and picked up their unit.  Now, they will have the ability to share clean water with their family, friends and neighbors.

Whoa!  When is winter going to end?  Another significant snow storm is heading to the midwest.  Now, Folks, all that snow is going to melt and rivers are getting very swollen but....all that water will, hopefully, relieve the drought-stricken areas (I'm the eternal optimist).  I'm sure "Global Warming" has something to do with all of this (sic).

So, about to have that second cup of coffee with Cindy and simply rejoice in this day that our Lord has made.  Will be busy gathering more supplies and parts to keep the clean water flowing.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-30-13 Tuesday - 6:31 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


You know, it's good to be home.  I love my Country but....sometimes the news simply grieves my heart.  I recently read a story about a German couple simply wanting to "Home-School" their children and fleeing to America for the freedom to do so.  They may be deported.  

I read about "suspected" terrorists being allowed to come in and go out of our country with seeming freedom and the list goes on and on.  It seems that, often, our leaders simply "put their money on the wrong horse".

I read about  major News Networks that covered hundreds and hundreds of trials and yet not one word about the Gosnell Trial...the horror of late term and partial birth abortions.  Not ONE WORD about this most brutal and horrifying practice of killing babies born alive.

Yet, in spite of these stories, still, I am so thankful for a country where we can do good and help one another.  This is what has made America great in days gone by.  I am so thankful for generous and caring folks that will help Makenson with surgery that will forever change his life.

Meanwhile, after immersing myself in these stories that leave me feeling sad and often angry, I must pick up the pieces and keep marching with Jesus.  Our mission:  bring clean water to replace the dirty and contaminated water and introduce folks to the "Living Water" of Jesus.

So today, as we did yesterday, we'll tell others about the wonderful little machine called the Air Mobile Rescuer and hopefully help those who are thirsty and ill find life and health and hear the Good News of Jesus.

It's that time.....ready for that second cup of coffee.  Will have a glass of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables with my Sweetheart, Cindy, and get Peter to school on time.  Then, we'll be gathering more part for more Rescuers and more supplies for our next mission.

As always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

4-29-13 Monday - 6:49 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Some of you may recall the story of Sock Monkey and his journey to Haiti to meet a little boy in desperate need of surgery.  

Well, yesterday, the "journey" continued.   Bright & early, we picked up Makenson & Jane (Jane would escort Makenson to the U.S.) from the Orphanage where Makenson lives.

Makenson held tight to "Sock Monkey".  Several months ago, another little boy, Bruce, who was very familiar with pain, donated his beloved "Sock Monkey" to help ease the pain of chronic disease and suffering.

We headed to the airport and after preparing Ti Burik for the journey, filing our flight plan and submitting the necessary-paper work to the Haitian Officials, Jane and Makenson boarded, ready for the adventure. 

The winds were more favorable at lower altitudes, so we settled down to a cruising altitude of 12,500 feet.  The Little Donkey "knows" this route quite well.

By the way, Ti Burik flew beautifully and the fuel flows to both engines was absolutely perfect.  I'm so thankful for this wonderful tool that enables us to transport such precious cargo!!

Makenson and Jane enjoyed the flight and I'm thankful for smooth skies and a very modest tailwind for most of the journey.

After 4 hours 21 minutes, we landed at Fort Pierce International airport.  Folks, this has been a long journey to get Makenson here.  

Our intrepid Barbara (AKA: "Rambo in the Blue Dress") worked many hours to get all of the paperwork in order for this Medical Visa.

Once inside Customs, the Officials went over all of the Documents and found everything in perfect order.  Makenson patiently waited on the Customs Forms Counter as we worked out all of the details...never letting "Sock Monkey" out of his sight.

Makenson is nearly 10 years old and yet the size of a 3 year old.  We are hopeful and very prayerful, that the surgery will help this condition (Scoliosis).  Please remember to PRAY for Makenson!

We then boarded back into Ti Burik for the short 20 minute flight to Titusville, our home base.  There we were met by Jama, the precious Lady who has agreed to care for Makenson during his series of surgeries.

When Makenson drove away, Jane cried, as she has cared for Makenson for the last year.  He is a very, very precious young man and we know our Lord has serious plans for him!

It's good to be home. So glad that we could help to get Makenson here to the U.S. where he will get excellent medical care.

This week, will be preparing more Rescuers for the "Field" and preparing for our next mission.  Again, where would we be without so many standing with us??  THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-28-13 Sunday - 5:21 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile "Base" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is a good feeling to get the Rescuer Inventory back up to level.  The remarkable little water machines just "keeps on ticking", like the old Timex commercial (now I'm really dating myself)!

Yesterday, was able to get 10 Rescuers ready for action.  What a blessing these little machines are to so many.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us this gift to share with so many others!  The gift of CLEAN WATER!

Met with 2 young men from the Les Cayes region (southwest of Port-Au-Prince).  They came to get a unit that was funded by a farmer from South Dakota.  It was a pleasure to meet Ronald and Altenor and train them on the simple operation of the Rescuer.  At the end of the training, Ronald said this was the gift of LIFE!  He's so right!

Up bright and early, the sun hasn't quite risen and already on my second cup of coffee.  Sure do love the quiet peace of the early morning.  It's a wonderful time to simply reflect on the goodness of God.  Am truly grateful to the Lord for the privilege to bring clean water in His Name!

Am also reminded that Air Mobile could not do what we do without so many standing with us.  Again, I THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support.  May you be extremely blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-27-13 Saturday - 7:33 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile "Base" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Spent yesterday bringing Air Mobile Rescuers "back to life".  You know, it was over 9 years ago that we brought the first Rescuer to Haiti.  Those original units are still in operation!  

Carefully and methodically, was able to get 8 units back in operation.  Over these last 9 years and with the growth to 326 Rescuers in the field in Haiti, we have learned just what our inventory level needs to be to offer a full, refurbished replacement unit to any of our hundreds of operators throughout Haiti.

I must tell you, I really ENJOY working on these "miracle" machines.  I still marvel at the genius of my dear friend and brother, Rolf Engelhard, who invented the remarkable water machine.  Over the years, we have worked together to create a true "Rescuer".  For you see, when the water runs out, people hurt and die very quickly.  We are truly on a noble mission!!

Now, I have explained our system before, but it bears repeating.  9 years ago, I made a pledge to keep every unit running in Haiti at no charge...for as long as I can.  With your help and prayer and support, we have been able to do just that!

When a Rescuer stops working and the operator cannot get it going again, the operator is directed to bring the Rescuer to our facility and he is given a refurbished replacement Rescuer immediately at NO CHARGE.  This is our way of keeping the clean water flowing.

Then, we simply refurbish the unit.  This is why I so appreciate the genius and the design of this machine.  Truly, Rolf did an amazing job, when, as he puts it, our Lord gave him this idea.  Well, THANK YOU JESUS for inspiring Rolf!!

So, the sun has risen, time for that second cup of "Joe" (I like that name for coffee).  Then, it'll be back to the "Water Trenches" to bring up a few more Rescuers.  As always, THANK YOU for standing and praying for us on this grand adventure!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-26-13 Friday - 7:59 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile "Base" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Jumped on the little blue motorcycle and headed into town for some critical meetings with the Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC).  The Goal:  BETTER COMMUNICATIONS....between Air Traffic Control & Arriving / Departing Aircraft.  This is a noble mission.  Often, commercial airliners are descending at 300 mph (5 miles per minute) and it's very important to talk to them as quickly and clearly as possible!

Well, can't give any real details regarding the meeting but...they went quite well.  We are getting very, very close to finalizing a contract that will assure very high quality "Communications".  Please pray with us that this comes to pass very, very soon!!

From the airport, headed to the American Embassy to pick up a Medical Visa for Markenson.  You may recall the story of this brave little boy who has a very serious bone disorder.  

Also, how another boy, who also knows very serious pain, gave his beloved "Sock Monkey" to Markenson.  I had the distinct privilege to pick up Markenson's Visa enabling him to travel to the U.S. for surgery.  Praise God!!

From the Embassy, it was back to the "Village" to begin working on Air Mobile Rescuers that need some "attention".  Among the supplies that the Little Donkey carried in on Wednesday was 500 reading glasses.  Our friend, Lamothe, picked them up and shared some of these beautiful glasses with Barbara and those in our community that "don't see clearly".  What a blessing!

Meanwhile, I continued to go through our units and diagnose the fix to get them back to purifying water.  Another noble mission!  You may recall that we have 326 Rescuers in Haiti and have pledged to maintain each and every one of them at NO CHARGE!

Then the phone rang and it was Father Walin from Hinche.  He had just landed from the U.S. and could pass right by our Refurbishment Facility on his way to the Central Plateau.  It was a pleasure to meet Father Walin and explain the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer to him.  

We have some mutual friends in the U.S. who are interested in funding several units for his mission and this meeting allowed me to explain the operation to him.  We do look forward to helping Father Walin to bring more clean water to the Hinche Region of Haiti.

So, today we will see what our Lord has for us to do.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


4-25-13 Thursday - 6:50 am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile "Base" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, after spending some quality time in prayer, decided to see if a certain "Little Donkey" was up for a flight to Haiti (Ti Burik had been packed since yesterday, just awaiting the call to duty).  All of our tests had been done and the weather was beautiful so....

Headed to the airport and "topped" off the tanks (all 14 of them) and pulled Ti Burik out into the early morning.  The sky was clear and the winds were favorable.

Cranked up the engines and monitored the fuel a hawk.  All was rock solid.  Pushed the throttles forward, made a quick run down the runway, reaching 70 mph and eased the nose up and voila...airborne...ahhh!  Can you tell I love to fly??

The climb to 17,000 feet was absolutely perfect.  All systems performed as designed.  Love flights like that!  Right on time, the sun peeked over the gorgeous Caribbean waters and broke forth with a glorious light.  There are very few things as beautiful as a Caribbean sunrise.

Had a very slight tail wind and zipped on to Haiti in relative "comfort" averaging about 200 mph.  Had my coffee, some trail mix and tasty beef jerky.  Flying alone is very special to me.  It is a lovely time to think and pray....just a continuation of the earlier prayer time that I had begun the day with.  

Folks, we simply can't pray too much and the truth is....we often don't pray enough.  I know, I'm guilty.  That's exactly why I have sticky notes all over the place reminding me to...A.S.A.P. (Always - Say - A- Prayer).

Once beginning the descent into Port-Au-Prince, made repeated attempts to contact Port-Au-Prince Control to no avail. Only with the help of another aircraft (American Airlines) was I able to relay my position to the Controllers.  Those radios are getting worse...that's part of the reason for coming to Haiti.

Upon landing and unloading, Barbara picked me up and brought me straight to the Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) to meet with Director General Flambert.  We are getting very close to a signed contract to get all new radios.  Many, many pilots will be thankful should we accomplish this feat in a very timely manner.  Please PRAY with us that all goes well.

After that meeting, headed back to the "Village".  Saw that a number of Rescuers were awaiting refurbishment.  That's also part of the reason that it was time for me to return to Haiti...keeping that clean water flowing.  

So...for the next few day, Air Mobile Joe will be busy, between the airport and the refurbishment depot.  Now, the sun has just risen, the roosters have been crowing for hours and just starting that second cup of coffee

Time to head out and see what our Lord has for me to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-24-13 Wednesday - 2:33 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


More rain on saturated ground is expected today in the Midwest further aggravating rivers that are already at flood stage.  Best bring your umbrella and pack some sand bags...floods are coming!

The Illinois and the Mississippi Rivers are rapidly rising and people are bracing for a brutal spring as all that snow from all those winter storms is melting. 

Of course, flooding does very bad things to local water supplies.  So, best stock up on food and water if you're in the affected regions.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to prepare for our next mission to Haiti.  Received an encouraging phone call yesterday regarding Haiti's need for new Air Traffic Control Radios.  Been working on getting some brand new equipment into Haiti to assist in helping pilots to better communicate with the tower.  

Well....looks like we may be moving forward with some new equipment.  Will be meeting with the Authorities when we next go there.  Please PRAY all works well, as safety will be increased dramatically with new equipment!!

Love getting up early and having some quiet time to reflect and pray.  You know how I love coffee...well, it tastes better in the early hours of the morning (of course, it tastes good all throughout the day), but early mornings are a blessed time to reflect and pray.

Pray you have a blessed day today and as always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-23-13 Tuesday - 6:48 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I met a wonderful couple (Fred & Joyce) 35 years ago.  Fred was a  highly gifted photographer.  Recently, their daughter, Audrey (also a great photographer), contacted me and offered to fly to Haiti to document our work there.  So...on Sunday, we loaded our Little Donkey with much needed supplies for Barbara and the Village.

I kept a very close eye on the weather, as there were storms along the route.  Finally, I saw a clearing that would give us a safe path to Haiti and the little Donkey was all loaded, fueled and ready to go.

So, very early yesterday morning, headed to the airport and prayed for a safe journey to Haiti.  I knew that the weather could close in, but determined it was worth a shot.

Pushed the throttles forward and rolled down the runway.  Began working between the cells and talking with Miami Center about the conditions.  Then, the weather began to disintegrate and the path was closing up so....turned the Little Donkey around and then it happened....

The rear engine simply quit.  I immediately tried to get it to re-start to no avail.  We had plenty of altitude and the front engine carried the load beautifully.  It's days like this that one is very thankful for a TWIN-ENGINE airplane.  All systems worked just as designed.  

Seeing the home field was a lovely sight.  Came in for a smooth and safe landing.  Within minutes, our mechanic, Paul, arrived.  We started the rear engine on the ground with absolutely no problem.  We pulled the cowlings and did an extensive inspection.

We then took up the Little Donkey for a test flight and climbed to 14,000 feet simulating the exact conditions of the earlier flight.  The rear engine performed to perfection.  Upon landing, did another inspection and all checked out perfectly.

Today, we will perform some more tests and will make that flight to Haiti when the time is right.  Many times, we simply don't understand why things happen, but we hold very tightly to our Lord's hand and seek His wisdom and direction.

After all the dust of the day settled, I thought through the events that occurred earlier and was so thankful for all of that flight training that I've been doing recently.  Most of the training deals with engine failures.  Again, our Lord knows how to deploy and direct His troops!

Paul and I are confident that we will discover exactly what happened with our Lord's help.  So, I ask for your prayers again I do everyday.  THANK YOU again for standing with us!!  I pray you have a blessed day today!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-22-13 Monday - 2:46 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning...couldn't sleep & thought I'd check our "Quake Sheet".  Wow, up to 291 in the last 7 days and the last flurry occurring in Alaska.  As a matter of fact, Alaska just had 2 in the last 5 minutes.  

Now, I've only been "trending" on this site for the last month or so, but there is no doubt that the number of quakes has been steadily increasing.  Will continue to monitor this increasing quake activity.  If you'd like to go this site directly, here is the link - USGS QUAKE SHEET

China is continuing to dig out of the very strong quake that has caused massive damage and tens of thousands of injuries and is requesting help.  The death-toll is steadily rising.  We're certainly praying about that situation.

I spoke with Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress") yesterday evening and they had a LOT of rain yesterday that caused quite a bit of flooding.  Barb added a new Sump Pump to her "Wish-List".  We hope to be getting down that way pretty soon.

I love getting up early.  It's a nice to time to pray.  Things are quiet and peaceful and this makes a good time to "Listen" to the Lord and see what He has to say.  I'm reminded that the Psalmist David also liked to get up early.  He probably wrote quite a few of his "hit" songs in the early hours.  Wonder if David drank coffee?  Mmmm, will have to ask him when I reach "the other side".  

Certainly do pray that you have a blessed day and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-21-13 Sunday - 7:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The death-toll has been steadily rising and the number of injured is over 11,000 from the deadly earthquake that hit China.  And...the region is still shaking from a steady series of strong after-shocks.  

The 7.0 Earthquake caused land-slides, roads to be cut off and loss of communication to a region of China that suffered a massive quake 5 years ago that killed over 90,000 people.  Here's a link to more details of this terrible earthquake - 7.0 EARTHQUAKE - CHINA / SICHUAN

Recently, I have been sharing with you how earthquakes globally appear to be increasing in intensity and frequency.  We follow at U.S.G.S. report that gives a very good snapshot of what is going on.  Yesterday, I pointed out that there have been 268 earthquakes in the last 7 days.  Well, that number has increased to 285 with the last "rapid-fire" quakes occurring in China.  Here is that U.S.G.S. link QUAKE SHEET - USGS - May I urge you to join with Cindy and I to pray for those that are suffering from this powerful earthquake.

The U.S. Midwest is being inundated with major flooding.  The harsh winter snows are beginning to melt.  Brace yourselves!  Here's the link for more details - MAJOR FLOODING TURNING DEADLY

We are certainly following this situation closely and praying for all those folks in the path of those rising flood waters.

Yesterday evening our home was filled with over 100 folks wanting to support Kayla, a young lady dedicated to serving the Lord.  Kayla wants to become a Missionary Doctor and is heading to Africa this summer on a mission to Malawi.

All this past week, Kayla and family and friends did an amazing job of "sprucing" up the Hurston Home for this great event.  Cindy and I are so blessed to be part of this young ladies' pursuit of serving our Lord.  

We were all blessed by the great turn out.  A super Rap Team, Heza Kim came and exalted the Name of Jesus.  Overall, we just had a great time!

Well, it's Sunday morning and time to go feed those chickens and get to Church. As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-20-13 Saturday - 7:29 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The search ended yesterday evening when an alert homeowner noticed "something wrong" while checking his boat.  This led to the capture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  Thank God!!  

All of Boston and the rest of the U.S. breathed a sigh of relief.  This massive man-hunt, that paralyzed Boston, has come to an end.  The Suspect is in critical but stable condition.  Again, we are so thankful that this drama has ended!!

The terrible flooding that has been expected in the Midwest has begun.  Flooding is breaking out throughout the region.  There has been very heavy rain and.....more winter weather on the way.  We have known that massive flooding will be inevitable.  Many are in the path of some very hard days ahead!  Here is a link capturing some of the flooding that has already begun - AMAZING IMAGES OF MIDWEST FLOODING  

In other news, China was jolted by a powerful Earthquake (6.9) that took place along the Longmenshan Fault.  You may recall, 90,000 died when 7.9 Quake struck the same region in 2008.  Early reports state that dozens are dead.  Here is more info - POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE ROCKS CHINA - DOZENS DEAD 

We track earthquakes in many ways, but the Quake Sheet to the right gives a pretty good "snap shot" of what is going on around the world.  The number of quakes in the last week (2.5 or greater) has been quite high, currently at 277 with the last flurry of quakes occurring in China.  If you'd like to see this report, go to:  U.S.G.S. QUAKE SHEET

Yesterday, I picked up a gift from the Great Outdoors Church in Titusville, FL.  The Missions Committee had agreed to fund another Air Mobile Rescuer for Haiti.  Can't begin to tell you what a joy it is deploy another Rescuer in Haiti!!

Just before going to the Great Outdoors Church, I met with Michelle.  Michelle and her Husband wanted to help out in Haiti, so they bought a load of canned goods for Barbara and the Village.  And...received a call from the Alternative Pregnancy Center in Merritt Island and they too had some more baby food for the Village.  What a blessing!!

Well, tonight is the night for Kayla who wants to be a Missionary Doctor.  She is planning to go to Africa this summer and is having a Fund-Raiser at our home.  It's going to be a great evening and we hope you can come!!

The event begins at 6:00pm.  Our address is:

The Hurston Extreme Home
5560 Fan Palm Ave.
Cocoa, FL   32927

Time to go feed those chickens and get ready for this evening.  PLEASE remember to PRAY for the Boston Marathon victims and the folks down in Texas as well as those that are facing massive flooding as I type.  

And....THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-19-13 Friday - 6:43 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Things are moving fast and there is a lot information coming out about a "shoot-out" in Watertown, a suburb of Boston.  Apparently, 1 "Suspect" has been shot and killed and the other is "on the run".  At least 1 Police Officer is dead.  The drama is unfolding as I type this blog.  Here's a link to more details - 1 Boston Bombing Suspect Dead - the other on the run

The suspects have been identified - AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US at least 1 year.  Again, this story is unfolding....

The Town of West, TX is picking up the pieces and still in shock from the terrible explosion that happened on Wednesday night.  The death-toll has yet to be determined.  It is known that 3-5 First-Responders are among the dead.  Here's more info - PLANT EXPLOSION DEATHTOLL...STILL UNKNOWN 

Again, please PRAY for those folks that have endured this catastrophic explosion.

Meanwhile, the "Flooding" has begun!  All that snow from all those "Named Winter Storms" is beginning to melt.  Major flooding is inevitable.  Sinkholes are forming and here is some dramatic footage of a car actually being "sucked into" a hole - MAJOR FLOODING - SINKHOLE OPENS UP - SUCKS IN CAR

So, what do we do?  Keep our eyes fixed on our Lord, take one day at a time and seek to walk closely with Him each day.  Stuff happens in this world and He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

We continue to gather up supplies and build as many Air Mobile Rescuers as or resources will allow.  We, like many, are keeping a close eye on the news and praying for the victims from the Boston Marathon Bombing, the town of West, TX and now, the folks in Illinois and beyond dealing with major flooding. always, we're so thankful to you, who stand with us with your prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-18-13 Thursday - 6:35 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, a massive explosion rocked the town of West just north of Waco, TX.  It was likened to a "nuclear explosion" and registered as an earthquake on the Richter Scale.  The death toll is rising (currently at 70 - unconfirmed) and the injured are into the hundreds.  

A five-block area surrounding the plant was leveled and likened to a "war zone".  PLEASE PRAY for those that fighting for their lives!  Here is an excellent link telling more - TEXAS EXPLOSION "LIKE NUCLEAR BOMB"

No cause of this explosion has been determined as the situation is still in a search and rescue mode.  Again, PLEASE PRAY for so many that have been affected by this terrible explosion!

Meanwhile, the search for the Boston Bomber(s) goes on.  We had several announcements that an arrest had been made, but those stories have been "walked back" and the search still goes on.  Officials are saying that an arrest is near.  We PRAY that these monsters are brought to justice.  Here is a link to the "Suspects" - FEDS HAVE MEN IN "SIGHTS"!

Because of the work that Air Mobile does, we follow earthquakes very closely.  Here is an excellent source for daily earthquake activity around the globe - EARTHQUAKE - QUAKE SHEET USGS .  

This single report tells a great deal about what is going on.  Japan has been having a tremendous amount of activity in the last few days and so has Oklahoma and many places in between.  It is interesting to note that 260 earthquakes (2.5 & greater) have occurred over the last 7 days.  There is definitely an increase in activity around the globe.  Something worth monitoring.

Today, I'll be busy getting supplies and equipment as well as getting ready for the grand event taking place at our home this weekend.  We are helping Kayla, a young lady that wants to be a Missionary Doctor, go to Africa.  The event will begin at 6:00pm on Saturday evening.  Hope you can make it.  Here is our address:

The Hurston Home
5560 Fan Palm Ave.
Cocoa, FL   32927

So, it's that time....the chickens are calling me and the 2nd cup of "Joe" has been consumed.  PLEASE REMEMBER to pray for the Boston Bombing Victims and those that are suffering from the terrible explosion down in Texas.  

As always, THANK YOU so much for your faithful prayer, love and support!! Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-17-13 Wednesday - 6:59 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Massive 7.8 to 8.0 Earthquake in the Middle East was felt from New Dehli to Dubai.  Check that out on the map!  This Quake has been reported as the most powerful Earthquake to hit Iran in 50 years! And....there's likely more to come!  Here's a good link explaining more on that quake - WHAT CAUSED THE LATEST QUAKE?

Then Oklahoma get shaken by series of powerful Quakes and just this morning, Japan had 10 strong quakes and they're still counting.  Take a look at this "Quake Sheet" to see the Rapid-Fire Quakes in Japan - USGS EARTHQUAKE MAP

Meanwhile, the "Trail" on the Boston Marathon Bomber has reportedly gone "Cold".  The "Plea" from Authorities for help to identify the monster(s) that did this, is being made.  It is said, "someone knows who did this".  I agree and above all, our Lord knows EXACTLY who they are.  Please PRAY that they are caught and brought to justice!  It's still hard for me to comprehend someone bringing such wanton carnage to innocent victims.  Now, that's just wrong!

Spoke with Barbara (AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress") in Haiti last night.  All is well and she's giving me her "Wish-list" for my next flight in.  Today, we're gathering supplies.  Also, we're securing more parts and components for Air Mobile Rescuers.  We just keep our unit set up on our Counter.  Been drinking Rescuer water since the report that E-Coli was found i our City water.

So, here we are, keeping an eye on the "Rash" of Earthquakes shaking this old world and marching forward doing we can today, today.  Jesus tells us to "Come unto Me, I will give you rest".  

Time to get out the door and see what this beautiful day has in store for us.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!! God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-16-13 Tuesday - 6:32 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


BREAKING!! (7:34am ET)  Just in, very powerful earthquake just struck in Iran / Pakistan 7.8 to 8.0? - The Quake has been felt in Iran / Pakistan / India and the Gulf Region.... developing!!  

Strongest Quake in Iran in last 40 years - VERY STRONG QUAKE ROCKS IRAN / PAKISTAN - DEATH TOLL RISING 

Here's the initial USGS Report - USGS IRAN / PAKISTAN QUAKE 7.8 -




Orginal Blog from this morning below....

Cindy and I both received an urgent text from Juliet, our daughter, who is living in Boston.  The news hit the local channels immediately and Juliet shot the message right to us.  What can one say??  This is insanity and cruelty beyond comprehension.  Please take a moment and PRAY for the victims and the thousands who were directly impacted and for those who are fighting for their lives as I type this blog.

Be sure and know that our Lord knows exactly who did this and will bring this (or these) to justice.  I pray that the authorities find the perpetrators quickly.

As this horror was happening, I was meeting with David who has a heart to help children in Rwanda  Africa.  We had spoken several months ago.  Yesterday, we met, and at the end of the day, he had an Air Mobile Rescuer for those children.  Praise God!  

I must tell you a bit about how this all came about.  Dave was on a flight and met Christine, a local teacher here in Titusville, FL.  Dave was telling Christine about his work in Rwanda and made inquiry about the desperate need for clean water.

Christine told Dave all about the Air Mobile Rescuer.  I love it when our Lord puts a plan together.  It was great to meet both Dave and Christine last night.  The Children of Rwanda will be blessed because of a man who has a heart to help and a teacher who knew about our Rescuer.  Thank you, Jesus!  Surely....our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!! 

Oh, by the way, this Rescuer will be going to the 42nd Country where one can find Air Mobile Rescuers!!

Earlier, yesterday, Paul and I completed the Inspection on Ti Burik, our Little Donkey and then took it up for a very successful test flight. So good to have this valuable tool back on-line and ready to go!  Thanks again, Paul!

Well, it's time for that second cup of coffee and our chickens are calling for me.  

Folks, my heart is just broken for those innocent victims in Boston.  It is difficult to even imagine what goes through one's mind that would lead them to do such a horrific thing.  Please remember to pray!!

And as always, I THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support.  May you blessed today!

Air Mobile Joe

4-15-13 Monday - 7:04 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I'll begin this morning with a report on a rash of violent storms that struck"right in our own backyard" last night!  When Cindy & I came from Orlando, yesterday afternoon, following our ministry at the Hospital, we knew that there was some "wicked" weather in the area.

We had a wonderful team of young people over at our home who were "supporting Kayla", a young lady who wants to be a Missionary Doctor.  

Well, Kayla is having a fund raising event at our home next weekend, so they all converged on the Hurston Home to lend a "gardening hand".  We kept a very close eye on those storms.

Just as the last volunteer was leaving the wind and rain began.  Over the next few hours, our "Weather Radio" was sounding the alarm about every 15 minutes.  We were counting on the electricity being knocked out, so Peter "whipped" out a sandwich and we closed the refrigerator tight.

Of course, I had been monitoring these violent storms and the screen was "Red" indicating very intense storms...coming our way!

Suddenly, a tornado was reported just to the southwest of our home (about 5 miles) and heading straight for us.  We kept running our "Rescuer" (notice it on the counter next to the stove) filling as many vessels as we could.  Several times, the electricity "flickered off", but came back on...a good sign.  

We PRAYED and then the tornado actually began making a slight right turn into an un-populated area, where a lot of alligators reside.  I lit a candle and watched the radar "like a hawk".  

We had already cleared out our "tornado escape hole", a perfect hiding place to go in the event of a tornado.  We watched, prayed & prepared.  The violent storms missed our home by less than a mile.  Praise God!!

This morning, I see that a powerful earthquake shook Japan last night.  This is the same area that a powerful quake hit in 1995 and killed 6400 people.  The area is still shaking and there is concern that more quakes are to follow.  Here's a link to the story - STRONG QUAKE SHAKES JAPAN

WOW!  Those "Named Winter Storms" just keep on coming.  "X" for Xerxes marks the Northern Plain States with more "Blizzard like conditions" and lots and lots of snow.  And...right on Xerxes heels is Yogi, another snow maker!  Just like I mentioned yesterday, that snow will melt and floods are very likely.  Here's the link on Xerxes and Yogi - HERE COMES YOGI!!

So, what are we going to do today??  Keep on keeping on.  Paul, our mechanic, and I will be doing an engine run up and possibly test- fly Ti Burik, our Little Donkey.  

We have more parts to order for "Rescuers" as soon as some money arrives (we pray some comes today) and we'll go over our "Emergency Procedures" in our own home and fill in any weak links we detected from last night's Tornado Scare.

So, there you have it.  Time to go feed the chickens and head to the airport.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  Be blessed today and....keep an eye on the weather!

Air Mobile Joe

4-14-13 Sunday - 6:40 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As all that snow melts, water is going to rise in many regions of the midwest.  A gradual melt will allow the rivers to "handle" all that extra water.  We'll definitely be keeping a close eye on these event as they occur.   And...."the snow ain't over yet".  Folks up in Bismark are getting more snow as I type.

Of course, there is also the possible benefit of the drought stricken areas getting a fresh replenishment of water....just hope and pray it doesn't come "too suddenly".   

Fargo and the Red River area are likely to be most effected.  However, everyone "downstream" will likely feel the effects.  Here's a pretty good link telling more - "LOOMING" FLOOD THREAT...DELAYED

Another "Looming" threat is from North Korea.  No launches as of today, however, the big Celebration of the Nation's founder, Kim Il Sung has begun and who knows what may happen next.  

We know that there is much going on "behind the scenes" and we pray that no "trip wires" are activated.  This is indeed a very volatile situation.

Just saw this story on Fort Greely, our last line of defense.  It is interesting to note that our Missile Defense System has a 50% Success Rate.  All the more reason to PRAY for sanity to prevail.  Here is the link - FORT GREELY - LAST LINE OF DEFENSE

Had a good day yesterday.  Paul mounted that nose wheel on our Little Donkey and we hope to "button" it all up on Monday and perhaps do a Test Flight. Will be good to have Ti Burik back "on-line" and ready to fly.

Well, here we are on Sunday morning. About to take Peter to Church for early Worship Team practice.  We're looking forward to Church and then ministering with those young people in the Hospital in Orlando.

THANK YOU, as always, for your precious prayer, love and support. We pray that you are blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-13-13 Saturday - 6:29 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finally, that line of Thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes has crossed the U.S. and headed out to sea.  Eastern Mississippi is cleaning up after deadly tornadoes touched down bringing widespread destruction.  Here's a link to the Mississippi Tornados - MISSISSIPPI AFTER A DEADLY TORNADO  And....

Looks like we can expect more of the same next week.  The same ingredients (Cold Air meeting Warm, Moist Air) are at play, bringing us what could be a "Replay" of a Stormy Week.  We'll be watching the weather carefully & PRAYERFULLY!

Meanwhile in another "Storm" over on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea has stated bluntly that "Nuclear War is UNAVOIDABLE".  

Now, Japan is in the "Cross-hairs" and has been threatened, that if absolutely any measure is taken to interfere with a missile launch, a devastating, deadly response can be expected.  Here is a link telling more - NORTH KOREA TARGETS TOKYO 

Those are very powerful words coming from the young leader.  Now, Folks, there has been a great deal of tension for the last 60 years....but this level of language is certainly alarming & sobering.  The questions is:  Can North Korea DELIVER on these threats??

Again, the best response that many of us can have is:  to PRAY!  Our world history verifies that WAR can certainly break out with the "right spark".  Let us pray that calm and sanity will prevail!!

Well, on to other's that time.  Need to go feed our chickens and then get to the airport to meet with Paul, our excellent mechanic, who will be putting the final touches on our Little Donkey, Ti Burik.  We are getting close to wrapping up this Annual Inspection.

You know, in the middle of this "Crazy World", life goes on and we must keep marching ahead and seeking direction from our Lord each day.  So often, I simply pray the "Our Father".....'Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven' and ask Jesus, "What do you want me to do today"?  Again, it's good to know HIM who holds the future.

So, just finished my second cup of coffee and it's time to head out into this day.  May you be blessed today and truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for standing with us with your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-12-13 Friday - 6:03 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


That long line of bad weather is about to hit the East Coast and then "Exit"...good riddance.  Looks like, we down here in "sunny" Florida, will be facing those same severe threats that have moved across the country.

So glad our Little Donkey is inside a hangar, in the event some nasty weather comes our way.  Here, Paul is putting the final touches on our Annual inspection.  I need to get a couple of replacement bolts and we should be test-flying Ti Burik pretty soon.

The Pentagon announced yesterday that, indeed, North Korea "likely" has the capability of arming a missile with a Nuclear Device.  Though, "probably" not able to strike the Continental U.S., still this is a very dangerous combination.  There are literally millions in the range of a North Korean Nuclear Missile!  We continue to PRAY for this mess to settle down! Here is a link explaining more - THEY HAVE NUKES

There are so many things in this life that we have no control over....except through PRAYER.  It is good to know the One who holds the world in His hands.  Now, that is a good connection to have!

So, we go forth and do what we can, for...this is the day that our Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Time to go feed those chickens, get Peter to school, get those bolts for our Little Donkey and see what else our Lord has for us today.

We pray you are blessed today and as always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-11-13 Thursday - 6:11 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Indiana had 2" hail, ice storms in Michigan, 12" of snow in Minnesota and the temperatures sky-rocketed in south Texas to 108 degrees.  Now, there are some EXTREMES!  Just more of the "mixed-up" weather we've been experiencing.

Typically, when very hot air hits very cold air and there is moisture connected bad things happen.  We're certainly seeing those ingredients in the "mix".  Just another reason to "batten down the hatches and be on alert"!  Here is good report on these looming thunderstorms - SEVERE WEATHER CONTINUES EASTBOUND

And to add to the intrigue today, just received this info on a significant solar flare that just occurred (thanks Elizabeth).  We're standing by to see if this will effect communications / navigation.  Here is the link to this event that just occurred in the early hours of this morning - STRONG SOLAR FLARE 6.5 - Here is an additional link telling of the effect that this Flare is having on Communications / Navigation / Astronauts in Space Station... etc. - SOLAR FLARE BULLETIN 4-11-13

The world is keeping a very close eye on North Korea.  They did not test-fire that medium range missile yesterday.  But, they're certainly "skating on the edge".  China and Russia are both urging North Korea to calm down the rhetoric.  We continue to pray for the Peace of God to reign over this volatile situation.  Remember, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!

We'll certainly keep an eye on these unfolding events today.  In the meantime, love to the see the UPS truck drive up.  Received some much needed parts for the Rescuers and got the new inner-tube for our nose-wheel for Ti Burik.  We'll continue to finish up the Annual Inspection.  Our Little Donkey did well on this one, as we found no major issues.  Love those kinds of Annuals (so does Ariana)!

Well, Folks, keep the faith and keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith!  Time to go feed the chickens and get Peter to school and get that inner tube to Paul, our excellent Mechanic, so he can wrap up this Annual.

May you be blessed today and....if you're in the path of those storms, stay alert!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-10-13 Wednesday - 7:27 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The extremely cold air, bringing snow, ice and possible hail have been "cooling" down the tornado threats.  The cold air is literally "over-running" the instability.  So, major snow storms in the upper midwest and the threat of hail and thunderstorms along the south side of the line.  Very strange weather indeed!  Here's a link to the latest on what to expect today - WINTER STORM WALDA...PERPLEXING

Today, more threats loom along the Severe Weather Line, so keep an eye on the weather reports.  We're praising God that the cold air calmed down the Tornado threats yesterday.  However, we are still not out of the woods by a long shot.  That hail will likely give way to high winds, thunderstorms and yes, the very real possibility of tornadoes.  Here's a link telling more about what to expect (and pray about)... - HAIL TO HIGH WINDS TO THUNDERSTORMS & ...TORNADOES

Meanwhile, North Korea is "fueling" a missile with a 2000 mile range today.  The South Koreans are calling this a "Vital Threat".  Here's a link to that story - SOUTH KOREA CALLS IT A "VITAL THREAT"

Wow, between unseasonable cold (going to get down to 4 degrees in South Dakota), to major hail, to thunderstorms and possible tornadoes to North Korea firing a missile in a very volatile atmosphere, things are certainly not going well today.

The thing that I have to remind myself of, is....Jesus is Lord!  HE told us that, "there'd be days like this", but fear not, for I am with you.  Thank you, Lord.

I have a special prayer request this morning.  You may recall, last Friday, we had Dave and Pam Gillespie over for dinner, along with Stuart.  These folks works for Congressman Bill Posey and are very dear friends.  

Well, yesterday, got a call from Pam that Dave was in the E.R. at a local hospital and desperately needed prayer.  I rushed to the hospital and joined in that circle of prayer.  Dave has stabilized, but I urge you to join with us in prayer for Dave's full recovery.  Thanks!!

Today, we'll be continuing on the Annual Inspection of our Little Donkey and gathering supplies for our "next mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-9-13 Tuesday - 7:21 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The warm, moist air from the Gulf is feeding right into a line of Thunderstorms that could create a very wide area of extremely severe weather from Texas to Missouri and beyond.  Again, we strongly urge you, if you're in the path, to be very ALERT!

This is a huge "Line" of Storms that covers millions of folks and the conditions are right for violent weather to occur including large hail.  So...., again, stay ALERT, batten down the hatches and hang on!  Here is a good Weather Channel description of what we can expect today and this evening - POSSIBLE TORNADO "OUTBREAK" TODAY AND THIS EVENING

I have mentioned this before, but I PRAISE GOD for our good weather forecasters.  They truly do a good job of warning us of severe weather.  They began "tracking" these conditions over the weekend and they are "spot-on" as far as predicting just how these storms are forming and where they're going.

You know, in many ways, we can go to Bible and see "Predictions" of things that are coming.  Just look at all of the Prophesies about our Lord Jesus as He came to Earth 2000 years ago.  Literally "hundreds" of prophesies came to pass with perfect accuracy.  

He that has "Eyes to See".  That is the reason I have referred to Matthew 24/25 and Mark 13 and Luke 21 and the Book of Revelation and Daniel so often in this blog.  We are seeing things "come to pass" exactly as spoken of in Bible.  As we study the Bible, we can see that the return of Jesus is drawing near.

Speaking of studying, I've resumed my study for preparation for the Certified Flight Instructor "Check-Ride".  We had a lot of intense interest in the Air Mobile Rescuer and that took me away from my studies for this new Certification.  Since, Ti Burik is down for its Annual Inspection, I thought it would be a good time to "Hit the Books" and get ready for that "Ride".

Well, it's that time to head out and continue on the Inspection of our Little Donkey.  I'll be securing what parts I can for the Rescuer and this evening, after Bible Study (our Life Group from Church comes over), I'll be hitting the books and "burning the midnight oil" getting ready for the "Ride".  

Remember to keep a close on the weather if you're in that "wide swath".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Yesterday, our dear friend and incredible leader, Margaret Thatcher passed away.  She will be missed.  Here are the details - FAREWELL, MARGARET...


4-8-13 Monday - 7:43 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The conditions are forming making the possibility of Tornado Outbreaks very possible all this week.  Keep a very close eye on the weather in your area.  These tornadoes could form from South Texas all the way up to the Great Lakes and everywhere in between.  To learn more about this possible threat, go to:  POSSIBLE SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK

Meanwhile, the threats coming from North Korea are continuing to intensify.  It appears that there are very serious threats of both Medium Range Missile Launches to Cyber-War Threats.  Read more by going to:   MISSILE LAUNCH / CYBER-WARS

Looks like it could be a pretty "bumpy" week.  All the more reason to simply PRAY and ask our Lord for His guidance and protection.

Back to those Tornado Threats, do you have a Weather Radio?  We bought one several years ago and it sounds a very clear and loud alarm when severe weather threatens.  I would suggest that you pick one up if you don't have one.  You'll be glad you did.  By the way, they're not very expensive.  We bought ours from Radio Shack.

Today, we'll be continuing to work on Ti Burik to complete the Annual Inspection.  All is going smoothly.  Of course, any time one "opens" an aircraft up for inspection, surprises may be found.  That's the reason for inspections.  One wants to find anything that can cause a problem.  It's not good to find them out at 21,000 feet.  We're so thankful for good / experienced mechanics that know what to look for.    

We're also securing as many extra components as we can for Air Mobile Rescuers.  Our main limitation is simply funding.  We're also continuing to purify our local city water after the E-Coli find.  So glad we have a Rescuer!!

Well, it's time to go feed those chickens and get Peter to school and then head to the airport.  Remember to keep an eye on the weather all throughout this week.  The elements are definitely coming into place for violent weather with strong possibilities of tornadoes.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful love prayer and support.  Be safe and vigilant.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-7-13 Sunday - 7:43 am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile "Home" Camp - Report Submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While Paul, our aircraft mechanic, and I were wrestling with the nose wheel on our Little Donkey, Cindy called to inform me that e-coli (very nasty stuff) had been reported in our local water supply.

Peter & Ariana were home, so....Peter breaks out the Air Mobile Rescuer to the "Rescue".  They dodged an "E-Coli" bullet.  Thank God for the Rescuer!!  He made enough clean water to keep our family safe.  Thanks, Peter!!

Meanwhile, Paul and I kept working on getting that nose wheel hub to come apart.  The tube had bonded to the hub making it very, very difficult to disassemble.  Finally, after much effort and soapy water and patience, it came apart.

This is a good example of how a relatively simple task can get complicated and messy.  Fortunately, Paul's been "turning wrenches" on airplanes for over 50 years and he just handled this little challenge with skill and patience.  Again, so thankful for Paul!

Well, it's Sunday morning and time to get ready for Church and our Chaplain ministry at the Hospital for young people.  Love this ministry.  It's also an absolutely beautiful morning.  We praise God for days like this.