Monday, June 6, 2011


June 6, 2011 - Monday - 7:42am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Now this is a bit bizarre.  After church and chapel yesterday afternoon, we headed home for a bit of rest before another group (from Kenya) was scheduled to show up to see a demo of the Rescuer water purifier.  My good friends Bill & Gina came up from Vero Beach to get some Air Mobile videos for a youth camp that is going to sponsor Air Mobile this summer.  Seemed like a perfectly normal and beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Coffee pot was brewing, Ice Tea was flowing and the little pond in the back yard was "babbling".  Life was good.

Cindy and the kids were heading out to Dinner in the Park with our church while I waited for the Kenyan group to arrive.  Cindy was walking between our home and garage in the "Breezeway" when she suddenly saw the small creature on the ground.  At first, it was difficult to tell what it was.  Then she recognized the folded "web wings".  It was A broad daylight, just inches from her feet.  

She made a quick reversal and came in breathlessly and told me there was a bat right on the path to the car.  Bill and I quickly went into "Capture" mode.  I found a small plastic container and a piece of cardboard and also a large blue plastic container.  Bill gingerly placed the small plastic container over the "sleeping" bat and then slid the cardboard under it.  The "Bat" was captured.  Now, I came up with the large blue container and Bill lowered it down.  When he removed the bottom cardboard piece, the bat fell to the bottom.  It was a mother bat holding a baby bat and in a "flash", her wings were open and she was flying right at me.  Quickly, I lowered the top on the container and now, we had just captured a bat.

Having just gone through a "Rabid Raccoon Attack", we weren't taking any chances.  We began to do a little research and found that the bat was definitely out of the "Norm".  When was the last time you "stumbled" across a sleeping bat on your path holding its baby?  I can't ever remember seeing such a thing.  Well, when things are out of the ordinary with certain creatures, they likely have RABIES.  Here we go again.  Two rabid creatures within feet of each other within a few days and.....Cindy getting bitten by one and nearly bitten by the other.  Whew....too close for comfort.

Well, as we all know, Bats are a major carrier of rabies and this one is likely rabid.  It was back on the phone with Animal Control (on a weekend after-hours).  Got the answering service and was told to call an 800 number.  I did so.  Was told that I MUST not kill the bat as it is an endangered species and that I must let it go!  I don't think so!!  I told the lady that and she then connected me to a "Voice Mail" message.  I left a message for an immediate call back and waited and waited and waited.

Now, if that bat died "on my watch", would I go to prison for "killing....or allowing that bat to die"??  Good question.  In this crazy world, that just could happen.  After waiting for 3 hours for a call back, I called our local Animal Control back.  Got the answering service and explained my dilemma.  "Captured what could be a rabid bat.  My wife was already going through rabies treatment for a 'Rabid Raccoon' bite.  I am told that I must let the bat go.  How do I do that?  Would it turn and bite me or someone nearby as it was leaving??"  

The "answering service lady" grasped my dilemma and assured me that she would have the local officer on duty call me back.  By the way, recognized the "answering service" ladies' voice, she used to work for me.  Meanwhile, I'm praying that the little mother bat and baby bat don't die.  I very carefully gave them an "air hole" and carefully squirted a little water in the container.   I could feel her striking her body against the walls of the container.  She was a "mad mother bat".

Well, after 20 minutes of the last call to "Animal Control", the phone rang, it was the After-hours Animal Control Officer.  I quickly assessed the officer of our extraordinary situation and dilemma.  He asked if all was under control, had anyone gotten bitten, was the bat well contained?  I assured him that all was OK.  He agreed to come and "relieve" us of our bat burden.  Another sigh of relief.

Then, about an hour later he called me back.  He had an emergency with injured animal and was on the way to the animal hospital.  Would likely not make it there that evening.  Someone would come first thing in the morning.  So, here we are.  Awaiting the "bat pick-up".  Hope mother and baby are still alive.  Don't want to go to jail for killing (or allowing it to die) the "endangered" bat.  Just took this photo of the plastic container, with the air hole and the old skateboard holding the top down.  

So, Cindy and I have already had our morning coffee, read our devotion and I'm writing about our "Little Bat Tale".  Have a full day.  Will be in communication with Japan, Haiti and possibly Kenya.  Have a couple business meetings.  Just thought I'd share this with you.  You know, sometimes, "Trouble just follows you home". Oh, by the way, the Kenyan delegation arrived and we gave a good demonstration of the Rescuer water purifier.  They will likely get one.  Cindy is heading out the door to get another Rabies Treatment.  She'll be "vigilant" as she walks out to the car.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support.  Remember to REJOICE IN THE LORD helps things to go better.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

June 5, 2011 - Sunday - 8:38am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Cindy's treatment is going well, but has left her tired and sore.  Please continue to pray that all goes well.  I saw that there has been a rash of rabid beavers in NE Philly....we were just there.  In one report, regarding the rabid beavers, the attack seemed very similar as to what happened to Cindy.  

Our local media has reported on the attack that occurred to Cindy, but did not mention Cindy's name.  They are warning everyone in our community to be on the look-out for rabid animals.  Seems like there is no "safe place" to be found.  All the more reason to keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and walk close to Him!  Again, thank you for your prayers for Cindy to get through this process successfully.

On Friday, met with Ron Shelton of Sisters Cities International.  Been invited to speak at a State-Wide conference and discussed the possibilities of Sister Cities funding Air Mobile Rescuers to help during disasters.  What a good plan of Good-Will and help in time of need.  Looking forward to speaking with the group in August.

Yesterday morning, Peter and I met up with a group of Southwest Airlines Volunteers.  We were also joined by my good neighbor (and raccoon catcher), Clyde Graham.  Together, our team, received and transported a large amount of Cessna 337 parts donated to us by Captain (Retired) Ed Copeland.  These parts will help keep our precious little Ti Burik in the air for years to come!  Thanks again, Ed and Volunteers.

Yesterday afternoon, took a drive over to see my dear friend and brother in Christ, Joe Polozola.  Joe introduced me to Jesus nearly 40 years ago.  We have known each other since 10th grade in High School.  Our friendship has only grown over the years.  

We discussed "The Joy of the Lord".  As you you know, our Lord has truly put this wonderful message in my heart and I've often shared it with you.  Well, Joe is a true "Student of the Word" and now, he's joining me in this incredible study and journey on Joy.  Looking forward to growing in the knowledge and wisdom and depth and beauty of the Word of God regarding "The Joy of the Lord"., Rejoice, because this is the day that Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it.  The Joy of the Lord is your strength.

Well, it's Sunday morning, time to get ready for church and head over to Orlando to minister with those precious young people & staff in the hospital.  God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer (remember to pray for my dear Cindy)!

Air Mobile Joe  

June 4, 2011 - Saturday - 7:51am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We are so relieved that Cindy got the first of multiple shots for the recent rabid raccoon attack.  Here are a few more details on what happened.  We live "in the country" and raccoons are very common in our community.  Some of the "critters" are quite friendly and have become pets for a number of our neighbors.  We were not surprised that our dogs were barking at one, but we were shocked by the deliberate and violent way it attacked Cindy.  That was our first clue that we "had a big problem".  

The capture of the critter was quite amazing.  We spent a long time patiently coaxing it until we could grab it.  Fortunately, the thick blanket that I managed to throw on it both confused it and protected us from its sharp claws and teeth.  We "dodged a bullet" on that one.  The animal control officer got a kick out of our story of capture.  Said he never heard of using a blanket before.  Oh well, just glad we got it.

Cindy and I met with the Head of the Health Department yesterday and we are all encouraged that the treatment will absolutely take care of the rabies infection and Cindy should not have any serious side-effects.  Please continue to PRAY that is the case.

Now, on to Haiti.  There has been an alarming spike in Cholera cases in Port-Au-Prince and the surrounding provinces....more than 2000 new cases since May 31st.  Of course, Hurricane Season is upon us.  We PRAY for mercy and that Haiti is spared from Hurricanes this season.  Remember, our Lord simply tells us "ASK & WE SHALL RECEIVE".  Let us agree together for that.  We are currently preparing to return to Haiti in next couple of weeks with more water purifiers and components.  Will keep you advised.

Well, today, a small team of volunteers along with their pick-up trucks will be picking up some valuable Cessna 337 parts from a dear retired Pan Am 747 Captain, Ed.  He's passing on these parts because he sold his 337.  We are so thankful for these components that will help keep Ti Burik in the air.  Thanks Ed and Volunteers.  Well, gotta run.  God Bless and THANK YOU for your prayers for Cindy and Haiti.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 3, 2011 - Friday - 8:40am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Recently, Cindy and I were having our usual cup of coffee and we heard our dogs (Rosie & Sammy) barking.  Cindy was first on the scene to find a large raccoon and Sammy about to engage in full combat.  Without thinking, Cindy reached in and pulled Sammy out of the battle.  The raccoon immediately went after Cindy.  

By that time, I came around the corner I saw the battle just beginning.  The raccoon latched on to Cindy's leg.  It was ugly.  The only weapon I had was my foot.  With that, I quickly kicked the raccoon as hard as I could and it was enough to dislodge it from Cindy.  The raccoon just sauntered off to our pond and began calmly settling in.  I immediately called my good neighbor Clyde who is quite experienced with raccoons.  I knew that I must not let that raccoon get away.  

Meanwhile, Cindy first inspected both of our dogs.  No bite / fight marks.  Then she went upstairs and began treating her wounds.  Clyde and I very carefully cornered the critter, but not too close.  After about 30 minutes of gentle coaxing, with the help of my son, Peter, we captured it by throwing a blanket over it and scooping it up into a cat carrier cage.  Whew - what a relief!

Now, with the raccoon captured, we could positively identify if it had rabies.  Animal control came and got it and the testing began.  Cindy went to the Emergency Room and had the wound looked at and was given powerful antibiotics.  During our "waiting" time, we've done quite a bit of study on this matter.  Did you know that if you are bitten by a rabid animal and got rabies AND DID NOT GET TREATED, IT IS 100% FATAL!  Wow, this is serious stuff.

Well, yesterday afternoon the call came in - THE RACCOON WAS RABID.  So today, Cindy begins the treatment for rabies.  The process used to be quite dreadful....large needles in the stomach.  Now, the shots are given in the arm and the routine is not nearly as long as it used to be.  Thank the Lord for that.  Again, we're so thankful that we were able to capture the raccoon and that it would not be able to infect any other people or animals.

Now, I ask you all to please pray that all goes well.  Cindy is a bit sore and tired from all of this.  I'll give daily updates on this blog.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayers.  Over the years of this little blog, I have asked you to join on so many different prayer requests.  Well, here's a new one that we'll all remember.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 2, 2011 - Thursday - 8:41am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


All went extremely well yesterday (a 22 hours day!).  "Southwest Chuck" and I flew from Orlando to Nashville commercially on Southwest. Landed right on time.  Was picked up by Owen Bell of Aviation Enterprises.  Flight planned and pre-flighted our "Little Donkey",  Ti Burik and took off for Trenton, New Jersey.  There was some bad weather moving in, but we skirted just ahead of it.

Now, I must tell you what it was like to access 36 more gallons of fuel while flying.  For the first time, we switched and transferred fuel from those 8 little new tanks nestled in the wings and pumped them right into our main fuel tanks.  Our little donkey just kept right on flying across the U.S..  It was kind of like an "air to air" refueling.  This is going to make such a difference on those long Haiti flights!  THANK YOU Extreme Make-Over folks, and Owen Bell for your genius and so many of you who helped to make all of this possible.

We landed in Trenton, NJ about 6 minutes ahead of schedule.  Had a nice little tail-wind pushing us there.  At times we reached 235mph!  Upon landing, Dodd Stretch, President of AirTex,  Inc. met us along with the Trenton Airport Manager and several members of the media.  Now, the "Beautifying" work begins on the the little donkey.  Dodd showed us the new windshield, all new side glass and complete replacement of the plastic interior.

Dodd was still "rallying" help for this noble project and while we were enroute from Trenton to Philly to catch our "free" Southwest flight back to Orlando, he received the phone call from the "Leather Company" that agreed to provide all new leather for the complete interior.  When we pick up Ti Burik in a few weeks, we'll not recognize her!

About 1:30am this morning, Chuck dropped me off at home and I staggered to bed.  Up early this morning getting ready for another speaking engagement at First Baptist Merritt Island.  Well, have to get ready.  Thanks for following our journey on getting bringing clean water to the needy.  GOD BLESS!!

Air Mobile Joe

June 1, 2011 - Wednesday - 4:35am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Well, "Southwest Chuck" and I are enroute to Orlando International Airport to fly, compliments of Southwest, to Nashville.  All 8 of the newly installed fuel tanks are secure and not leaking.  We're good to go....Thank the Lord!

Next stop, Trenton, NJ and Airtex Aircraft Interiors.  We've been waiting for this for a while.  Looking forward to finally meeting Dodd Stretch, the owner of Airtex.  Dodd has been a champion on this "Extreme Project".

Was so good seeing James Wynbrandt yesterday.  He completed his interview for EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Magazine.  Was able to show him our "Extreme" home.  Also, had a super party for Peter.  We had a "house full" of folks.  Peter's favorite gift was "the Guitar".

Well, we have a lot of territory to cover today.  About to arrive at Orlando International.  Would appreciate your prayers today.  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayers!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 31, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


If all goes well and leak tests are passed, our beloved little mission airplane, Ti Burik will be picked up in Nashville tomorrow and we'll fly her to Trenton, New Jersey for a brand new interior.  The little work-horse, or should I say work-donkey, will have a total of 14 fuel tanks in her wings.  This wonderful addition will give excellent range and increased safety.  Hope all goes well with the final testing today.  We plan to fly to Nashville early tomorrow morning.  Just thought I'd throw a cool aerial shot in of Ti Burik on a recent trip to Haiti.

We'll fly from Nashville to Trenton and meet Dodd Stretch of Airtex, a leading Aircraft interior company.  Dodd has taken it on to lead the interior / paint portion of this Extreme Make-Over project.  He has connected us with so many folks in the aircraft industry.  Look forward to meeting him tomorrow if.....Ti Burik passes all the tests today.  We pray it is so....time to get that "Little Donkey" back to work.

A bit later this morning, I'll be picking up James Wynbrandt.  James is a noted writer and recently offered to fly his beautiful Mooney 252 to Haiti with us to not only write a story on our mission, but actually lend a hand and fly some much needed cargo in for us.  James will be putting the final wrap on his interview with us for a leading Aviation Magazine.   Looking forward to showing James our new home and have a good cup of coffee with him.

This evening, we'll be celebrating the 14th birthday of Peter James Hurston.  We're going to have quite a get together here.  We're so thankful for Peter and for his love for the Lord.  Well, it's going to be a full day.  We're rejoicing in the Lord for His goodness and His peace in the midst of the storms of life.  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

May 30, 2011 - Monday - 8:59am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


It began yesterday.  I kept thinking about my father, Roger Melville Hurston.  No, he was not killed in the "The War", but he was certainly wounded.  We often think about those that gave their lives for our Country on Memorial Day, but I have been thinking a lot about the terrible effect and damage that was done to my father during his 4 years of service during World War II (he saw a lot of action and was in many horrendous battles).  Of course there are so many who did die, hundreds of thousands and this caused such grief, it is hard to imagine.  We remember those with honor and appreciation.

My mother described my father's return from the War in this way.  "I sent one man away to war and got another man back".  My father came back deeply wounded and damaged.  I grew up in a home of anger, violence, confusion and insanity.  As a young man, I hated my father.... I did not understand.  At the age of 21, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior.  My heart turned to my father and our Lord put a love in my heart for my father that I could not comprehend.  I simply knew that one day I would see my father accept Jesus as his Savior.  Here is a photo of my Dad (on the right - he looks like David Niven) with his brother, Morty. 

It was not an easy "battle" for his soul, but our Lord graciously would not let me give up on him.  Several years later, during a major emotional crisis, my father finally surrendered and gave his heart to Jesus.  I was there and led him through the sinners prayer.  He came into the Kingdom of God with such joy and purity.  

Shortly thereafter, my father was diagnosed with cancer.  I was in Haiti as a young missionary at the time.  Then, one day I received a call that my father was DEAD. could not be, there was so much that I wanted to say, so many things I wanted to tell my father, so many things I wanted to ask him.  Now....he was dead.  The message came to me via a Haitian Pastor.  The message was simply, "Your father is dead from cancer".  That was it.

During those days, making an international call from Haiti was complicated and expensive.  There were no cell phones.  I actually had a ham radio for my main communication.  However, I knew I had to speak with my mother and she didn't have a Ham radio.  So, I went to an International Calling Center and waited patiently for 4 hours.  Finally, the phone rang and my mother picked up.

"Mom, how are you doing?"  Her response knocked me over.  "Well, Honey, we almost lost him, but he's hanging in there".  I gulped and held back the tears and managed to simply say, "That's good, how's he doing?".  She went on to say that the doctors opened him up and found him full of cancer.  No hope of recovery.  The doctor's sent him home and urged my Mom to just make him comfortable because he did not have long to live. 

It was then that she sent a message to me in Haiti via a pastor that had a phone.  The message that she sent to me was, "Please tell Joe his father has terminal cancer".  That translated out in the Haitian Pastor's mind, "Joe's father is DEAD from cancer (terminal means dead in French)".  Thus the mix-up in communication.  I finished my call to my Mom by simply saying, "Mom, I'll get there as soon as I can".

Providentially, I had a good friend in Haiti at the time that had an airplane and was about to head back all the way to Baton Rouge, LA, my home town.  I asked for a ride and he gladly gave it.  Within 24 hours of the call, I walked into the home where I grew up and embraced my father.  For you see, for nearly 4 hours, "He was me" and our Lord had given him back to me.

Well, we continued to pray and again, by God's amazing grace, my father overcame so many near misses with death and managed to live for 2 more years.  NO ONE expected that.  He and I had so many good and deep talks and above all, so much healing took place.  My father was ready to meet His Savior.

One day, while back in the U.S., I felt it important to actually spend a night at my parents home.  I had Steve, my first-born son with me.  He was 4 at the time.  My father appeared to be doing extremely well.  We talked and just enjoyed each other.  For the first time in my entire life, I noted what beautiful eyes my father had.  We went to sleep early, I was totally exhausted from Haiti.  

Several hours later, my Mom awakened me and urgently said that something was wrong with my father.  I rushed to his bed and simply held him in my arms.  Cancer had ravaged his body and he weighed just over 100 pounds.  I slowly, lovingly rocked him in my arms and with a peace that was supernatural, he simply smiled and quietly sighed, "ahhh" and that was it, he was gone.  The moment he breathed his last, I heard a chorus of angels sing a line that sounded very similar to Handel's Messiah - Halleljuah was infinitely more powerful and beautiful!!  No one else heard the angels sing but me....but I surely heard the angels welcome my father into Heaven.  My father was safe in the Hands of  our Savior.

Now, I don't know why I felt it so important to share this story about a "Wounded Veteran" with you today, but I did.  You may have "Wounded Veterans" in your life.  They may be suffering deep "Internal" injuries that we can hardly understand.  May I urge you to love them and pray for them no matter what.  May we all remember the millions of Veterans today, both the living and the dead.  May you have a blessed Memorial Day today.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe

May 29, 2011 - Sunday - 8:28am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We knew it was going to be "dicey" getting all the way back to Orlando yesterday, but we did. You see, when you "Non-Rev" on a Buddy Pass, you fly stand-by.  It seems a lot of folks wanted to fly to Orlando yesterday, thus....plan A then B then finally C.

We got stuck in Baltimore (BWI) and I had time to sit and read a good book, while Cindy and the kids did a bit of browsing shopping.  BWI is actually a pretty nice airport.  Total wait time was only about 6 hours.  Again, thanks to Southwest Airlines, the Hurston's made it all the way up to New York City and all the way home at.  Thanks Chuck and Southwest.

While on the subject of Buddy Passes, I must mention "Delta Rose".  Rose has helped us get all over the world on Delta in the same way.  You know, it's folks like Chuck  and Rose and so many others that help us in what we do.  We are so thankful for so many friends who stand together with us.  It's folks like you who pray for us and support our efforts that enable us to go on a moments notice to bring in clean water and love of God to hurting people.  

As we reflect on our good meeting with NBC (Justin Balding) on Friday, we realize that our Lord is opening doors in His way in His time with His connections.  We were joined in our meeting with Justin with Martha.  Martha has deep Haitian roots.  She was instrumental in the team doing the Special "Rescue in the Mountains".  It was such a kick seeing Martha and Juliet get to know one another.  One of our goals on this mission to NYC (besides having a great time and a little get-away) was to introduce Juliet to some very successful journalists to help her in her career pursuit.  Well, Mission Accomplished on that one.  Both Justin and Martha will likely be excellent contacts and resources for Juliet in the days ahead.

Just checked on the status of the Rescue in Joplin.  The death toll has risen to 137 and the number of missing has fallen to 106.  Thank the Lord that the Rescuers are finding folks.  We pray for all those that have lost so much in that region.

Well, it's Sunday morning.  Time to head out to Church and then on to the Hospital to minister with the young people and staff at the Hospital.  I've missed them.  Last week, I was in Haiti.  It will be my week to share the Good News of the Gospel with them.  OK, gotta run.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 28, 2011 - Saturday - 6:08am (U.S. Eastern Time) - New York City - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Had an excellent meeting with Justin Balding of NBC.  Justin was instrumental in producing an excellent Dateline Show named, "Rescue in the Mountainis".  This show depicted the excellent and difficult work being carried out by my good friend Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical (RAM).  We discussed many aspects of Journalism, Juliet enjoyed that, and how Journalism can be a force of help for many by depicting their plight in clear and precise images and accurate stories.  We covered a lot of ground.  Good contacts were strengthened.

Then came a tour of the many historic sets including this one of the famous opening scene from many years of "Saturday Night Live".  A lot of history in this old building.

Then we shot to the "Top of the Rock", the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Building.  Again, it was a beautiful day for lazy, tour, browse through New York City.  After the quick ride up and down the 70 floors of one of the best views in "The City", we had a classic lunch on the street and boarded the subway for another classic view.

The old Staten Island Ferry plowed across the harbor near another grand Lady.  Behind her was Ellis Island where many of our relatives first came into this great country.  It was a nice time to reflect on the roots of America.

We ended the day with a very funny and well done Broadway Musical "Wicked" about the story behind the Wizard of Oz.  Had a late, delicious dinner after the play and back for a few hours sleep.  Now, we're up early and heading to LaGuardia for that "free ride" from Southwest Airlines.

In checking the news regarding the death toll and number of missing in Joplin, there was some relief that the number of missing had dropped from 1500 to 156.  That is still a high number, but dramatically lower than first thought.  Praise God.  The death toll is now at 132.  There is so much grief and suffering in that 6 block region that was ravaged by a huge tornado.  

One never knows what the day may bring.  For that reason, it is so good to place each day in the hands of the Lord and seek His direction for every day.  May you be blessed this day.  We hope to be home this evening.  God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Juliet and Peter (heading home from NYC)

May 27, 2011 - Friday - 7:23am (U.S. Eastern Time) - New York City - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday we had a glorious time in New York City.  So good to just get away for a few days.  The Big Apple could not have been any more beautiful.  Bright sunny day, perfect temperature and the Central Park was just beautiful.  The street hot dogs even tasted good. 

We spent several hours in the Metropolitan Art Museum.  Then we went to the Plaza Hotel (our little Ariana recently saw the movie Eloise) and took some special shots for our little "Princess" at home.

Only took a few peeks at the news, checked e-mails occasionally and answered just a few select calls.  Stopped in a coffee shop and did 2 newspaper interviews while Cindy, Peter and JJ were shopping.  So overall, it was a very slow "business / ministry" day.

It was just really fun taking in the "The City" and having a tourist type day.  We walked and walked until our feet really hurt.  Made it through Times Square by dusk.  It was exactly like we imagined.  Bright, fast moving, loud, colorful and just "New York" in every sense of the word.  Did I mention that this little get away was to celebrate 3 things?  Juliet's 18th birthday, Peter's 14th birthday & Peter's Graduation from 8th grade, heading into High School.  By the way, look how tall Peter is getting!  He is over 6 feet tall and does not turn 14 until May 31st.  

We just wandered around until we found a great place to eat, The Galaxy Diner.  Exactly what we wanted and the prices were reasonable.  So, pleasantly full, enriched by the Metropolitan Art Museum, blessed by the Park we jumped on a Subway and headed to our Hotel.  Now, that was a wonderful day.  Oh, just before Times Square, we did hit FAO Schwartz.  That was Peter's request.  What a neat place.  Peter and I took in the Guy Toys and JJ and Cindy did the girl things.  

I marveled at one of my heroes in Legos, Indy.  Well, that was yesterday.  Today, we're headed to NBC to meet with Justin Balding, Producer of Dateline.  As I shared earlier, Justin, whom I met via a recent Dateline Special "Rescue in the Mountains" said that when we came to NYC, we had to come and see him.  So, that is what we're doing.  We're looking forward to meeting the man whom I've spoken with multiple times.  Will also give him a current update on the situation in Medor, Haiti.  Having just been there a few days ago, have good shots and footage.  

It surely seems like another world.  On Tuesday, I awakened in Haiti and was dashing all over the place on a little motorcycle.  Haiti, a land where suffering is almost unimaginable.  Cholera is beginning to break out as the "Rainy Season" happens.  Well, Haiti will be there when we get back (will be soon, I hope).

Now, it's time for coffee with Cindy.  Then heading back to "The City" for a bit more R&R and whatever else our Lord has for us on this "Day that He has made".  We'll rejoice.  God Bless You and THANKS for your love and prayers!!

Air Mobile Joe & Cindy & Juliet & Peter in NYC!    

May 26, 2011 - Thursday - 7:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - New York City - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We have been following the grim news from Joplin and surrounding areas.  The death toll in Joplin is 125 and over 1500 people missing.  We pray that many will be found alive.  We have often seen, following such terrible events, people simply show up.  Oh, we pray that will be the case for many!  The violent line of storms have spread throughout the region killing another 14 yesterday.   Yesterday, Dallas had the worst storms for years.  Again, as you read this blog, please join us in prayer for the many victims, the unbelievable tragic losses and for the storms to calm down!  This AP photograph taken by Glen White demonstrates the desperation of trying to find someone who is lost.  We pray that Zachary Williams is found alive!

Cindy, Juliet, Peter and I flew to New York City yesterday compliments of Southwest Airlines.  As I have shared often, we fly many times, on "Buddy Passes".  It is stand-by.  Our   routing took us from Orlando to Baltimore (BWI) then to LaGuardia (LGA).  Well, no problem from Orlando to Baltimore.  We had been warned that the BWI  to LGA was full-full and we had little or no chance to get on-board.  The storms in the Midwest had backed everything up.  So, there we waited and prayed in BWI.  Amazingly, 4 seats opened up at the very last moment and the Hurston's boarded and the door closed.  Had a lovely flight up to the "Big Apple".

To tell you the truth, it's hard to take a few days "off" when there is so much stuff going on, but.....we're working on that.  Does not mean that we don't pray for the tens of thousands that have been affected by these recent, terrible tornadoes.

As a rule, Air Mobile does not respond to tornado disasters because the focus of destruction is usually a very small area and relief, rescue and clean water is easily accessible.  Since our main area of relief is clean water, we often sit back and pray!  But as we see the images, it looks exactly like an earthquake or tsunami (without the water).  The bottom line is that people are suffering and devastated and so need our prayers and help.

I was very glad to hear that my good friend, Bob Bostic, Director of Kids Against Hunger in the Orlando area will soon be making a flight up to Joplin with food.  I have personally carried a lot of Bob's food into Haiti.  Not only is the food nutritious, but it tastes good.  Will be praying for Bob.

Also, our friend and writer, Cindi Courbat will be leading a group into the Tuscaloosa area.  Those folks are still recovering from the terrible tornadoes that struck just a few weeks ago.  The old swollen Mississippi is still plowing down through Louisiana wreaking flooding and destruction as it goes.  

I can understand why many are wanting our Lord to come back and take us  away.  However, Jesus said in John 16:33 "These things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation (extremely hard times!); but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world".  There is peace in Jesus...that passes understanding.  I urge you as you read this to look to Jesus as your salvation.  He is peace in the storms of life.

So, far the next couple of days, we're going to just "chill out" in the Big Apple.  Sometimes, it's just good to "come apart before you come apart".  Good advice.  We love you and so appreciate your love and prayers.  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe, Cindy, Juliet and Peter

May 25, 2011 - Wednesday - 5:08am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL- Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday began very early.... a mad dash on the little motorcycle to the Adventist Hospital in Diquini (Carrefour, Haiti).  The roads were crowded and muddy but made remarkably good time all the way across Port-Au-Prince.  So good seeing Nathan & Amy.  We brought toner cartridges (they had just run out) and Simple Green.  We love and appreciate the wonderful job they are doing as critical Administrators for this great Hospital.  Cindy and I truly love this place, as it has saved so many lives (including Cindy's many years ago). 

From Diquini, another mad dash back across town and back to Ruuska.  Picked up the red Jeep and dashed up to the Samaritan's Purse Headquarters at Ti Tayin.  Picked a bunch of empty toner cartridges and 5 gallon water bottle caps (very helpful to our Rescuer recipients).  Back to Ruuska where Lisa loaded with me and we headed to the airport.  

There we met representatives from the wonderful organization "Somebody Cares".  We delivered and trained the staff on the simple operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This makes 307 units spread throughout Haiti.  This is the part of the job I love most!

Afterwards, we loaded up well over 100 empty toner cartridges in the beautiful RAM (Remote Area Medical) King Air.  One of the RAM team members was in town helping a young man who had a severe arm injury since the earthquake to get the care he needs.  We are praying that they will not have to amputate.

We had a beautiful, smooth, quick flite back to Fort Pierce, FL.  Cleared Customs and made the last little jog to Titusville, FL.  So good to be home......for just a few hours.  Had to unpack and repack and.....

Now, here we are, Cindy, Juliet, Peter & I at the Orlando International Airport enroute to New York City for a great little get away and a bit of ministry business.  For Juliet's birthday, we gave her Broadway Tickets.  Then, again, thanks to the kindness of Southwest Airlines, Buddy Passes to New York.  

On Friday, we'll be heading to 30 Rockefeller Plaza to meet with NBC Dateline for a special tour.  Back in December, we were able to assist in a "Rescue in the Mountains" of Haiti.  Justin Balding, the Executive Producer of Dateline said if we ever get to NYC, look him up.  So we'll see Justin and get a nice tour of NBC News.  Should be fun and educational for Juliet, our aspiring Journalist.  We can really use the little get-away.  

So...... there you have a quick thumbnail update of the last 24 hours.  Whew!  Now, as we view the news and additional killer tornadoes that struck the midwest again, we PRAY!  This old world is just shaking.  As I always say, THANK YOU for your love and prayer!  God Bless....

Air Mobile Joe   

May 24, 2011 - Tuesday - 6:55am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Had wonderful meetings and met an old flying buddy.  As we walked into the office of Jean Lemerque Pierre, I instantly recognized him.  Many, many years ago, we crossed paths multiple times at the airport.  Now, Jean Pierre is the head of OFNAC, the Haitian Department of Civil Aviation.  We were there to continue the process of getting the remote “aerodrome” located in Medor officially opened.

As you might expect, we have a ways to go.  Written letters to the Minister of Interior (who has not named yet).  Additional information on the lease of the property, etc., etc.  These are the necessary steps to “Open the Door” to Medor!

Yesterday, Father Luckson drove out of Medor with a young man who has a very seriously injured arm.  It may require amputation.  We pray it does not.  Upon reaching St. Marc, his vehicle “died”.  The road to Medor is brutal on vehicles (and nerves!!).  This is just another example of why we need to “Open the Door to Medor” with a landing strip.

From the OFNAC meeting, we headed over to the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Operation. There, we consulted with Mark, the Director.  We discussed the steps taken thus far and tapped into their deep well of knowledge and experience.  MAF has opened many strips in Haiti.  We compared notes and added to our list of items to prepare and present.  Again, it’s a long and winding road, but one that must be taken to save many lives.

Yesterday evening it rained here.  It’s rained every night.  This is a grim reminder that “the rainy season” is here.  With that comes cholera.  We pray that the scourge of cholera will not strike Haiti as fiercely as it did last year.  In addition to the “the rainy season”, now, “Hurricane Season” is approaching.  Haiti is so fragile and ill prepared for even a slight storm.  Now is the time to Pray!!

Our hearts are broken for the victims of the terrible tornadoes that ravaged Joplin, Missouri on Sunday. Please remember those in your prayers today.  

Well, have a bunch of things to do today.  Have to go.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer and love.

Air Mobile Joe 

May 23, 2011 - Monday - 8:07am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We awakened to the news of the devastating tornadoes that struck in the U.S. Heartland... destorying 75% of Joplin, Missouri.  The death toll is 89 and likely to climb.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors and families.  As you read this little blog, please take a moment and pray and believe together with me for our Lord to comfort and protect those that are still yet to be rescued.  As I type, folks are crawling out of the rubble and many are rushing to help them.  

Now, our report from Haiti: Yesterday, our intrepid team departed Medor, deep in the mountains of Haiti.  This beautiful community is nestled among a number of major mountains.  I did not know about this community earlier (because there are so many in Haiti like Medor), but every time I flew to Cap Haitian on the north coast, I flew right over Medor.  You see, just a few miles to the east of Medor is "Old 5866".  This mountain is the highest mountain on the direct coarse to Cap Haitian, so naturally, you know exactly where it is and steer clear of it.  Often, I would jog a little bit to the west of "Old 5866", putting me right directly over Medor.  So far years, I passed over Medor and did not even know it.

On Saturday, as I reported in yesterday's blog, I finally arrived into Medor.  After the treacherous journey in, we were greeted by a loving and thankful community.  Air Mobile donated a water purifier to the Community leaders.  Father Luckson had to depart for service in another community bright and early, but left Brother Saul to receive the training for the Rescuer.  It was a joy to share the wonder of the machine.

At the end of the training, it always gives me great pleasure to present the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This little unit will save many lives in the days ahead.  For you see, the rainy season has begun and Cholera has returned.  Cases are already being reported.  Medor, last year had a number of fatalities from Cholera.  That is the reason we are working so hard to get this runway all approved and operational.  By the way, this Rescuer was funded through the tireless efforts of Dave Rigby in Illinois.  Dave has spoken to many groups, particularly students about the "Miracle Rescuer".  Thanks Dave and Students for this wonderful gift of clean water for Medor!!  

After Stan and team did a final inspection of the runway, we departed Medor on the road that had, Saturday evening,  been slick like snow, with 40 -45 degrees rises and drops.  We  had prayed and patiently waited for the sun to dry the road up a bit.  Thus, our journey out, though terrifying in places, went quite well.  Our "Expert Driver", Jean, did a superb job of slowly, carefully "crawling" over the boulders and slowly, ever so slowly descending the steep slopes with wheels barely holding on as we crept down to the multiple 90 degree turns at the ends of the slopes.  Should those wheels have "broken loose" and we slid, I would not be writing this blog today.  Whew, it was quite a ride out of Medor.

After safely getting to St. Marc, we met a Haitian Doctor that is interested in helping Stan's Team (Remote Area Medical - RAM) put in another runway close to St. Marc.  This will help during medical emergencies such as Cholera outreaks.  From St. Marc, we made it back to Port-Au-Prince.  Today, we have strategic meetings with the Authorities to discussing the runway at Medor.  Please pray that our Lord will give us favor with the Haitian Authorities.

Again, my heart goes out to the folks in Joplin.  This is so difficult. We just went though the same thing in Tuscaloosa.  I hope and pray that these terrible storms did not drop a lot more rain into the already swollen Mississippi River.  Have not had a report on that.  Folks, things are really shaking all over the world.  Just saw that there was another Volcano eruption in Iceland.  Now is the time to "fix your eyes on Jesus" and hold on!  

As I always say, and mean so deeply in my heart, THANK YOU for your love and prayer and support.  Have to get ready for our meetings.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 22, 2011 - Sunday - 6:32am (Haiti Time) - Medor, Haiti - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, I met with some friends (Remote Area Medical - RAM), boarded a King Air C90 and flew to Haiti.  We had a magnificent flight (3 hours 54 minutes).  We landed in Port-Au-Prince, processed quickly and rented a Toyota Land Cruiser.  We were able to drop vital cargo in Ruuska Village and then to Samaritan's Purse.  

We arrived in St. Marc in record time and picked up "V", a top RAM associate.  From there we worked to Ti Riviere where we picked up Jean, "The Driver".   Then began the journey that I will likely not forget for a long time.  The "Journey to Medor".  

I'll back up just a bit.  Last October, I had the privilege to help RAM make some historic flights into Medor.  Then politically things fell apart and again, was able to help "rescue" some key medical personnel utilizing both aircraft and helicopters.  Then DATELINE did a feature on RAM and Stan Brock, the Founder.  Now, here we are heading to that same isolated, beautiful little town of Medor nesteled deep in the mountains.

I endeavored to photo and video the journey, but the technology was unable to capture the stunning views, the terrifying slides and continual bone jarring ride there.  Well, at 4:55pm we "slid" into Medor.  Our host, Father Luckson, greeted us with joy.   Then it was off to inspect the airstrip.  Now, that is a whole other story, but here the nutshell.  

Stan and crew, headed by Colonel Dick Stoop and an intrepid group of volunteers "carved" this runway out in a record 2 weeks back in October - December.  Stan actually landed on the strip.  Now, the process of formalizing and making it official has begun. Thus, this mission.  

Well, have had a second cup of delicious Medor Coffee and only  few more minutes on the spotty internet here in Medor.  We will have more reports to come.  PLEASE pray as we endeavor to "back track" our way back to Port-au-Prince.  Believe me, the journey is incredibly treacherous!  As always, THANK YOU for your love and prayers!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 21, 2011 - Saturday - 2:36am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Up quite early this morning.  Have an early morning meeting with some friends.  More prep for our upcoming Haiti mission.  

Checking on the Mississippi River, I see that a couple more barges broke loose in Baton Rouge yesterday and shut down the "Big Muddy" for a while.  Thank God there were no injuries.  The River must be very, very difficult to navigate, being this high.  So far, all of the major levees (and a number of small ones!!) are holding steady.  We continue to pray!

There is no question that "one day, our Lord will return to this earth".  So far, today, it has not happened.  One thing is for sure, we are one day closer to His return.  We long for that day.  In the meantime, we must be about our Father's business of bringing the Good News of the Gospel to lost and dying and thirsty world.

Well, it's time to head out.  Will try to write a bit more later on, but it's going to be a very busy day.  God Bless & THANKS for your love and prayer!

Air Mobile Joe

May 20, 2011 - Friday - 8:05am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


I sincerely, with all my heart, believe that Jesus will return to earth....He said He would.  However, I do not believe we know the day or the hour of His return ("No man knows the day or the hour that the Son of Man will return").  In the meantime, as for me and my house we will continue to serve Him each and every day.  We should all live our lives as if He is coming today.  We should be sober, vigilant and diligent in serving Him so that when He does come back, he will find us "in the field harvesting.... for they are white unto harvest".  According to His word, it will likely be on a day when He is least expected.

In the meantime, we do what we can to serve Him.  The Mississippi River crested in Vicksburg yesterday....just a bit under the expectation, but still 14 feet above flood stage.  This is relief to many in that city.  The huge glut of a wave continues its southward crawl toward Baton Rouge.  So far, all of the levees are holding.  Everyone is "holding their breath" as the monster wave creeps by.  Water levels will remain very high for days following the crest.  We continue to pray for all in the path of the massive flood.

We continue to gather up for our next Haiti mission.  Parts, supplies and folks are coming together.  We'll be heading down that way soon.  As I said yesterday, so glad to be returning there.  

Today is a very special day for the Hurston Family and our son Peter James Hurston.  He will be graduating 8th grade from Park Avenue Christian Academy.  We are so proud of Peter.  He is "growing" into a fine young man.  He is 6 feet tall!  Seems like he shot up 6 inches overnight.  The most important thing about Peter is that he loves the Lord!  Congratulations Peter!

Well, it's time to get on with the day and continue gathering and preparing.  May we serve Him with all of our hearts today.  God Bless and THANKS for your love and prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe      

May 19, 2011 - Thursday - 8:55am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Spoke with Owen Bell yesterday.  Identified the fuel leak source and repairing it.  Once complete, will be several days and several flights with full fuel to verify the 8 tank fuel installation is good to go!  Then we'll take the our "Little Donkey" up to New Jersey and have a whole new interior installed thanks to Air-Tex and Dodd Stretch.  

Been monitoring the Mighty Mississippi and all those levees.  "So far, so good".... they are holding.  The crest of the River has passed Mississippi and is now entering into Louisiana.  The lower bayou country is the "spigot" that will empty that big glut of water.  We PRAY all goes well.  

Of course, with the opening of the spillways, many, many homes have been sacrificed to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  Our hearts go out to the tens of thousands in the path of those "engineered" flood waters.  Sometimes, hard decisions have to be made.  Such is the case here.  Again, please take a moment as you are reading this and simply "put yourselves in their position".  This helps us as we pray.  Just imagine if that was your home going under the muddy waters of the Mississippi.

We're gathering for our next mission to Haiti.  News from there has been that things are relatively peaceful.  My daughter, Cherie and her husband Kyle are currently in Haiti.  They brought their little one, Levi with them.  His first mission trip at the tender age of one.  All is going well with their team.  Heard that they showed the Jesus Film the other night.  This is always a good thing.  Am also getting a list of components necessary to keep those water purifiers that are spread all over Haiti running.  

Frankly, can hardly wait to get back.  Have really missed Haiti during this time of getting our beloved mission aircraft all "Extremely Made-Over".  Once the interior is installed, we will then get her painted.  In the meantime, it's borrowing friends' planes and making due until we get our little bird back.  Well, time to get on with the day.  God Bless and THANKS for your love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

May 18, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, Chuck and I were watching the stormy / rainy weather in the Northeast very closely.  Had a good flight plan on file to Middlesboro, KY and then ultimately to Trenton NJ.  Headed out to our "Ti Burik" and there we found Owen Bell inspecting our aircraft.  There it was, the tell-tale drip...drip...drip.  One of the 8 fuel tanks had a slow, but definite leak.  Owen looked at me and said, "No flight today".  Thank the Lord we discovered the leak here and now.  

All along, I have been sharing this is an elaborate, complicated installation.  We know that Owen will get it right.  Upon the news from Owen, Chuck went into "high gear" and within minutes had us booked on a Southwest Flight heading back to Orlando.  We had just over an hour before departure.  We rushed to the main terminal at Nashville International Airport and made the flight (with minutes to spare!).  Again, I have to say THANK YOU to Southwest Airlines for their wonderful "flight privileges" that have allowed us to "Freely Move about the Country"!

It will take several days to locate the leak and.....let the system go through a thorough leak test (leaving the systems full for several days). Now, back in Cocoa, it's time to gather up the supplies for our next mission to Haiti.  All I can say is, it will be soon.  As you know, we don't publish exact travel dates for security reasons.

Just read a report of 3 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who were robbed at gunpoint in Port-Au-Prince yesterday.  Though Haiti has a new President and there is great hope in the country, it is still a somewhat dangerous place.  It is for that reason that we maintain a level of security of our exact travel plans, particularly at or near the airport.  We are very thankful that the officers were not injured.

There is also increasing concern regarding the return of Cholera as Haiti eases into its "Rainy Season".  Relief organizations are working diligently to gather vital supplies such as re-hydration fluids, clean drinking vessels and of course means of clean water.  This  is the reason it is time for us to return.  

We will be carrying in critical water purifier components as well as number of additional units.  It is always such a joy to return to Haiti.  We'll also be working in some very isolated regions that have had significant outbreaks of Cholera in the past.  

We've also recently received news of the need for clean water in certain areas of Japan.  We are working on finding out more data about these needs.  Upon returning from our next Haiti mission, we are looking to return to Japan.  But more on that mission later.  For now, it's time to focus on Haiti.

Finally, we've been monitoring the Mississippi River.  It is cresting near Vicksburg and Natchez.  You may recall, during our recent flight down the Mississippi, we noted that the flood level in Natchez was at an all-time high 7 days before the river crested.  The flooding there is terrible.  The opening of the Bonne Carre and Morganza spillways are helping to relieve the pressures a small bit upstream, but still many are extremely anxious and PRAYERFUL that those levees hold.

The Authorities have closed and opened the River to traffic in the last 24 hours.  This is a true "Catch 22" situation.  Closing the River could cost the U.S. $300,000,000, (yes three hundred million!!) per day.  Without question, the Mississippi River is vital to our country's economy.  

But again, even during our recent flight down the Mississippi, we noted that the barges that we saw were in very precarious positions due to the many swirling currents and rapidly changing nature of the River.  In other words, those tug Captains are looking at a River that they have never seen.  This is totally new territory for them as record after record is being broken on the River's height.  Just a few days ago, several barges broke loose and struck the "Old Mississippi River Bridge" at Baton Rouge.  Thankfully, there was no serious damage and the Bridge was quickly re-opened after extensive inspections.

We are far from "Out of the Woods" on this slow and tragic disaster that is occurring as I type and will be with us for weeks to come.  This is the reason that we PRAY!  I was up very early this morning and meditating on Psalm 91....."He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty".  This is a good place to be.  PRAYER changes things / PRAYER works.  

Again, thank you for your prayer and love and support.  Got to get on with this "Day that the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it".  

Air Mobile Joe

May 17, 2011 - Tuesday - 5:32am (U.S. Central Time) - Nashville, TN - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was a "dream come true".  Our precious Little Donkey, Ti Burik got those long-awaited extra fuel tanks!  Chuck and I had non-eventful, on-time flight from Orlando to Nashville, TN compliments of Southwest Airlines.  There we met Owen Bell, the owner and founder of Aviation Enterprises.  We headed out to see his handy-work.  Owen had left the top of the wing open so that we could see just how those 8 little fuel tanks (4 on each side) nestled in between the ribs of the wing.

Chuck is a master aircraft mechanic for Southwest Airlines and had a good look at the installation.  Owen's team did a superb job.  While he had the whole top of the wing open, he was able to do extensive inspections.  It was there that Owen had found some typical, age wear.  He installed strengtheners and doublers that will help our "Ti Burik" to travel many more miles carrying life-saving loads to the needy.

Here's a close-up look at those tanks nestled in the wings (for those "techno-geeks).  Again, Owen has done such a good job of increasing the performance and capability of the Cessna 337.  

These extra tanks mean that we can now fly to Haiti and have nearly 2 extra hours of fuel upon arrival.  This is invaluable for times when fuel is not available at our destination.

At the end of the day, I thanked Owen for a job well done.  We still owe Owen $9000 for the additional work done on those wings (the strengtheners and doublers).  He has agreed for Air Mobile to pay that over the next 9 months at $1000 per month.  Certainly do appreciate that.  If you'd like to invest in this, it is "A very worthy cause"!

Now, Chuck and I are taking a very close look at the weather heading into Trenton, NJ.  It's pretty crummy.  We'll likely make a stop enroute and visit with Chuck's mom.  This will allow some good training on the new tanks and let some of that weather clear out.

In the meantime, the Mississippi makes its relentless march toward the Gulf.  Literally hundreds of thousands of residents are watching with baited breath as a small group of engineers endeavor to protect so many.  Prayer is so important and needed.  Already, millions of acres of farm land are under water.  Tens of thousands of homes have been lost and this battle is far from over.

Well, it's time to head out, get breakfast, go buy some charts and begin heading up toward Trenton, NJ.  As I always say, and mean from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for prayer, love and support and wandering through my meandering blog and this wonderful journey into bringing clean water to those in need.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 


May 16, 2011 - Monday - 4:48am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Enroute to Orlando International Airport - Route 528  FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We're currently on the road to Orlando International Airport to fly to Nashville this morning.  Chuck and I will be doing a final inspection on the newly installed extended range fuel tanks in our mission aircraft, affectionately named "Ti Burik".

Once the aircraft is all "buttoned up" and weighed, we'll then fly to Trenton, NJ where Airtex products, directed by Dodd Stretch, will be installing a brand new interior complete with all new windows.  All we can say is THANK YOU!

Back on Louisiana, more Spillway gates are being opened to try to control a raging river.  Residents are pouring out as the water is rising very rapidly.  This is heartbreaking to so many.  Please pray for those tens of thousands that are being affected at this very moment.   I am thankful that this disaster has been "slow moving" and folks do have the opportunity to get out of harms way, but still the losses are just terrible.

I'll likely get the opportunity to snap a few shots of the fuel tank installation and share them on the morning blog.  Should we get all settled in early enough, as we're planning to overnight in Nashville, will post them later this evening.  

We're approaching the airport.  Have to close out for now.  Oh, before I leave, want to extend a deep thanks to Pastor Ken Babington and all that came out yesterday evening at First Baptist Cocoa Beach.  So glad we had the wonderful opportunity to say THANK YOU to folks who helped with our "Extreme Blessing"......and THANK YOU for your prayer and love and support!

Air Mobile Joe


May 15, 2011 - Sunday - 7:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The first of multiple flood gates was opened on the Morganza Spillway yesterday afternoon.  We hope and pray that this "Pressure Relief Valve" will be enough to relieve the pressure on the levees that are literally bulging at record levels.

As I view these images, the thought comes to me, how we need "Pressure Relief Valves" in our lives.  At times, the pressures of life can reach seemingly unbearable levels.  These are the times to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus!  

As I reflect upon my own life, the memories of how at the most critical times, and at times, in true "Life & Death" situations, just saying His Name has brought deliverance and relief!  Oh well, just had to throw in a spiritual application.  Remember that wonderful verse in Romans 10:13 - "Whosover calls upon the Name of the Lord will be saved"!  Let those precious words sink in today.

Meanwhile, down in Cajun Country, tens of thousands of residents are having to evacuate.  As the Flood Gates are opened one by one, the water will slowly, but surely, rise.  It is not a time for "Denial".  The water is coming!  These folks "down in the bayous" of Louisiana are remarkable people.  I say that because I'm from there.  Here, Phyllis Boudreaux renames the camp to "To Be Continued".  You know, those flood waters will go down and folks will have the opportunity to come back and clean up or rebuild or make the choice to move.  I suspect that many will come back (photo by Reuters/Eric Thayer).

The Corp of Engineers is monitoring the pressures and will open more flood gate accordingly.  We pray that all works well and large population areas, i.e., Baton Rouge / New Orleans are spared.  We pray that there are no major thunderstorms upstream to further exacerbate the problem.

Here we are on Sunday morning.  Need to get ready for Church.  Afterwards we're heading to the Hospital as Chaplains.  Then this evening, will be a Guest Speaker at First Baptist Church Cocoa Beach.  Been invited by my good friend and long-time pastor there, Ken Babington.  Looking forward to being with Ken and his folks.  Better get ready.  God Bless and as always, THANK YOU for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 14, 2011 - Saturday - 8:03am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Slowly, the floodgates are opening on the Morganza Spillway.  By the way, I grew up about 40 miles from that old spillway.  Glad it's there.  However, those residents who knew that some day this might come, are now evacuating their homes as I write.  Nearly 11,000 structures and 25,000 residents will be dramatically effected by this action to save New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  Here, compliments of a great shot by Matthew Hinton / Times Picayune, you can see what is happening downstream in New Orleans.

This has been one slow-moving, steady disaster.  When those terrible tornadoes ravaged the Southeast a couple of weeks ago, no on expected that disaster to just keep rolling on.  With those tornadoes came massive thunderstorms that dumped all this water into the Mississippi.  

Now, here we are facing unprecedented floods.  I thank God for the Army Corp of Engineers and the resolve of the American people and the foresight and effort given to this problem many years ago by building this amazing system of levees and spillways.  However, the system is being tested as never before.  For that reason.....we Pray!  I read this morning in Luke 1:37....."With God, ALL things are possible". 

After our recent "Historic" recon flight down the Mississippi (on Wednesday 5-11-11), we saw first-hand what is happening.  I am thankful that there have been no major "blow-outs" along the levee system.  Just a few old, front line levees have been breached, but no major catastrophes thus far.  We pray it stays that way.  A sudden, major breach would inundate thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands suddenly.  That is where we would go into immediate action with as many water purifiers as we could gather.  For you see, there would "suddenly" be large pockets of isolated people with no electricity and clean water".  Folks, now is the time to prepare!

Yesterday, Juliet and I went to the hangar to join Chuck on final touches on our new "Field Office" at the airport.  Chuck is a master carpenter and has done such a beautiful job of building a great "War Room" where we can fight "Dirty Water"!!

Chuck and I plan to fly to Nashville on Monday morning (thanks to Southwest Airlines) to see the newly installed fuel tanks on Ti Burik (our trusty mission aircraft).  Owen Bell is in the final phases of the installation and will be keeping the wings "open" for Chuck and I to see just how he squeezed 8 small fuel tanks into the wings to give us vital extra range (an added 2 hours).  

Chuck is not only a great master carpenter, but is also a top aircraft mechanic for Southwest Airlines.  So glad he'll be coming along to put his expert eye on Owen's handy-work.  It's also good to know just how all those little tanks are plumbed and connected.  I can't begin to tell you how thankful we are for this great addition to our flight capability.  The "Extreme Makeover" is still happening on our "Little Donkey".  From Nashville, we'll be flying to New Jersey for a new interior and "glass".  More on that story later.

Meanwhile, on this beautiful Saturday morning, think I'll just chill out today and take it easy.  Cindy and Ariana are up in Massachusetts seeing her Mom and some old and dear friends.  Just spoke with her this morning.  She went to the "Mill", a Christian Center started by the Pastor (Ernie White) that introduced Cindy to the Lord many years ago.  Cindy shared, with such warmth and joy, at seeing "young" people whom she has taught and discipled.  Now, they are adults, some with families and some with medical careers and most important, loving and serving the Lord!

Well, today, we continue to watch and pray as that Old River keeps on rising.  We pray the levees hold and that the plan devised many years ago regarding "spillways" function as designed.  We pray for our Lord to pour out His mercy and grace upon so many that are losing everything as I type this blog.  May we ever be in His Hands!  God Bless and thanks for your love and prayer!!

Air Mobile Joe      



Air Mobile Joe

May 13, 2011 - Friday - 7:01am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe 


We are continuing to build water purifiers as we’re preparing for our next mission.  Looks like we’ll be headed to Haiti in a week or so.  However, we continue to watch the mighty Mississippi as it races toward the Gulf of Mexico packing more water than we’ve seen in our life-time.  No one knows quite what is going to happen.  Levees are stressed to the max!

Read a story about one of the outer levees failing on Wednesday, the same time we were flying the beautiful Cirrus SR22 (stock photo) owned by Troy Lotane down the Big Muddy.  

We saw a plume of dust in the air and realized that it was a truck rushing in sand to attempt to plug a hole in the levee.  I'm wondering if it was the same levee that broke as reported.  Well, as we got closer, we saw a couple of trucks that had just dumped their loads in feverish efforts to fill in the gap.

Now, the unusual thing, in this whole scene, was just about half a mile further down, the levee was completely gone....totally washed away by the raging river!  In other words, it appeared as if their efforts were totally in vain.  

Now, I was not on the ground directing the efforts…but from the air, it sure looked like a futile effort because no matter what they did at that weak point, the water would just pour in where the levee was gone.  Oh well, just thought I’d share that little drama with you.

We had a number of calls yesterday regarding our water purifier.  Spoke with Zach who is working in Guatemala.  There is a community directly across from the dump that is drinking water from the river.  The pollution is staggering and the kids are constantly ill.  A perfect situation for the Rescuer.

Then the phone rang and it was Michelle from Honduras.  Her group is sponsoring a girl’s home that desperately needs clean water.  I spent time listening to the situation and simply explained what the Rescuer did and how it would solve so many problems.  Sounds like just what they need.  I love phone calls like that!

Then Ron called and he’s funding units for Emergency Rescue Response right here in America.  We confirmed his need and should have units winging his way as soon as they are built.

A bit later, an entourage from Rotary International arrived at our new home.  We had coffee and gave them a nice tour of this beautiful home.  Then we got down to business on demonstrating the Rescuer.  They had great questions.  They are endeavoring to bring clean water into some very, very remote regions.  Their professional experience was very impressive.  The Australian Rotary will certainly consider placing some Rescuers in needy areas.

Well, what a day.  Seems like there is an exceptional interest on gaining the ability to purify dirty water.  There is a lot of stuff going on (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes,  nuclear disasters, etc......) that is leading folks to think about PREPAREDNESS!  That is a good thing. 

Today, will be heading to the hangar to continue to work with Chuck on getting our Field Office complete.  Chuck’s team has done such a superb job of building the most beautiful little office right in our hangar.  It will make a nice “Command Center”.  

Our extended range fuel tanks in Ti Burik are nearly finished.  Hope to get that beautiful little airplane in a couple of days.  We’ll fly it right up to New Jersey where Dodd Stretch of AirTex Aircraft Interiors will be putting in a brand new interior.  Now, our Little Donkey, is still getting that Extreme Makeover! 

Well, better run for now and get to the airport.  Really appreciate your love, prayers and support!!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe  

May 12, 2011 - Thursday - 6:29am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe 


Yesterday morning we rolled down runway 27 at Space Center Executive Airport at 5:01am.  As we approached Tuscaloosa, AL, recently ravaged by fierce tornadoes, the fog began to lift to reveal the “path of destruction”.  Not only did these tornadoes bring such suffering to this region, but the associated thunderstorms dumped huge amounts of rain that caused the Mississippi River to reach historic levels.  After a quick aerial view of Tuscaloosa (we prayed for the victims below), we headed toward Memphis.

We landed just south of Memphis in Tunica, MS for fuel.  Grabbed a quick breakfast and took off to join “Old Man River”.  As we approached the Mississippi, just south of Memphis, we realized that we were actually over the “Crest of the Wave”as the crest had just passed Memphis.  From here on down the River, things were just going to get worse.  The slow moving crest is not projected to hit Baton Rouge until May 23, 11 days from now.  So many are losing their homes as I type this blog.

There was no appreciable difference in the river (the crest did not stand out), it was just relentlessly ravaging fields, homes, businesses, lives.  Troy, Hilda and I knew that we were witnessing a flood the likes of which have not been seen in 74 years and soon (within hours), that very record was about to be broken.

The River was raging.  There were often “white caps” of swirling, raging currents.  We saw a few tugs pushing long rows of barges.  My thoughts went out to the Captains and crews fighting strong currents and treacherous conditions.  There was a great deal of debris in the river, mainly logs and other items swept away by the rising flood waters.

As we approached Natchez, MS, little did we know that the previous 1937 record 58.04' was being broken (at 58.84') a full 9 days BEFORE the crest was set to arrive (May 21st).  The projected level then will be a staggering 64'!  In other words, the River is rising rapidly and will likely set new records all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

As we continued on the long, winding, gripping journey down the river, we saw house after house being inundated at the very moment we were flying overhead.  Our hearts go out to the families whose lives are being devastated at this very hour.  Again, our “little flood” in our home did such damage, I can only imagine what these folks are going through and will be facing in the days ahead.  Please, please take a moment and pray for them.  Believe me, they need it!

In one scene, we saw crews trying to strengthen a weak part in the levee.  The trucks looked like toys trying to hold back the inevitable flood.  The waters had already swirled on both sides of the levee and just a little bit further along that particular levee, on the north side, the levee was completely gone.  

Between Natchez and Baton Rouge, the River was definitely high, but nothing like what is coming.  If the record breaking level of Natchez is any indication of what is coming, these folks are about to get hit hard, very hard.  Even if the levees hold, the “back water” effect is going to cause staggering damage.

We landed in Baton Rouge right at our projected time (twelve noon straight up).  We met with Former House Representative Gary Beard and my dear friend from High School, Dan Andrews.  Gary was able to make good contacts with Emergency Management folks.  They were actually in meetings with Governor Jindal as we were meeting at the airport.  We were able to leave some valuable information explaining more about our water purifier.  Based upon what we saw along the long, winding flight, we discussed possible strategies. 

I was glad that Troy Lotane was able to meet Gary and Dan.  It was good seeing them share stories and develop “networking” opportunities.  I’m very thankful to Troy for dropping everything and offering his airplane and excellent flying skill for this mission.  

I am also very thankful to Hilda Perez (now known as HP) for joining us on this historic mission on such short notice.  Hilda's is so skilled in photography and photo journalism.  We are blessed to have such capable and gifted folks standing with us!

After fueling in Baton Rouge, we headed back to Titusville, FL and actually got back before sunset.  It was a long and insightful and heart-breaking day.  We witnessed an epic flood first-hand.  We witnessed the mighty Mississippi raging toward Mississippi and Louisiana knowing that the residents are about to be inundated.  We need to truly lift them up in prayer and we need to be sensitive to know how we can help.  Stay tuned for more developments!  As always, thanks for your prayer and love and support!

Air Mobile Joe      

May 11, 2011 - Wednesday - 3:15am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Memphis has crested just inches below the epic 1937 flood and the levees are holding...Thank God!  There are thousands that have been been deeply effected, but so far, no loss of life.  Homes can be rebuilt.  We can certainly relate to water damage....but my simple word to all effected is turn your eyes toward Jesus keep looking to HIM, the author and finisher of our faith!

It's quite early and we're planning to depart in just over an hour for our flight over the Tornado ravaged area and then we plan to join the Mississippi at Memphis.  Then we'll make a low, slow flight all the way down the river to Baton Rouge.  There we will be meeting with former Louisiana State Representative Gary Beard and my dear friend of many years, Dan Andrews.  The flight will give us a clear and comprehensive view of the entire flood region.  We'll be paying very close attention to isolated communities that would be immediately effected should the levee breach in that area.  We pray the levees continue to hold.

Well, it's time to make that coffee thermos.  Troy, the owner of the beautiful aircraft and Hilda and I will in the air for much of the day.  Hilda will be documenting/shooting the flight.  We'll share the shots with you tomorrow.  Not only are we witnessing history, we are praying that our Lord will use us to help those in distress.  Please pray all goes well today.  Time to load up and head out.  God Bless and THANKS for your prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe  

May 10, 2011 - Tuesday - 7:01am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


The City of Memphis is seeing record water levels, but so far, all of the levees are holding.  There is tremendous pressure on the entire system and we continue to pray.  Now, the huge wave of water is working it's way down stream toward Louisiana.  Yesterday, the Army Corp of Engineers opened the Bonne Carre Spillway near New Orleans.  This is the first time the spillway has been opened since 1973.  Though Memphis is experiencing a lot of low level flooding, the residents feel as if they are "dodging a bullet" (as I write this blog).  

We have secured an aircraft to make our historic flight down the Mississippi.  We'll be departing early tomorrow morning.  Our routing will take us over Tuscaloosa, AL and then we'll join the Mississippi at Memphis.  From there, we plan to fly all the way down the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge.

Not only will this flight be historic, it will afford the perfect opportunity to identify areas that would be in most need should the levee breach.  As I shared yesterday, once the levee begins to go, it is nearly impossible to stop it.  This is also the reason we are so thankful that all has held thus far.  We pray it continues to do so until that big wave makes it all the way out to the Gulf of Mexico.

Yesterday, had a delightful time meeting with Former State Representative Gary Beard.  He was joined by Dr. Gustav de Toi from South Africa.  After a great old fashioned Louisiana Breakfast complete with Cajun sausage, we discussed the situation with "Old Man River" and plans for being "prepared".  

We also spent some great time discussing the Lord.  Gustav is the head of a remarkable ministry in South Africa. His ministry reaches out to hundreds of thousands of needy people.  We also discussed the need for clean water in desperate locations.

When we arrive in Baton Rouge tomorrow afternoon, we will meet with Gary and other officials to discuss the need for "pro-active" positioning of water purifiers in "hot spots" or the most vulnerable areas.  We were also joined by my Pastor, Gary Ginn and good friend Joe Armfield.  After our meeting, we had a great time in prayer, specifically asking for wisdom and guidance regarding positioning our water purifiers in the best locations.

Today, will be out at the airport working with Chuck and team on the new Air Mobile field office in the hangar.  We'll also be putting the details together for our flight tomorrow.  Also spoke several times with Stan Brock yesterday regarding our next Haiti mission.  Things are looking good for that.  We'll be bringing in more water purifiers and other vital supplies.  These are busy times!

Been reflecting on the Mississippi River levees and how they are being "stressed" to the max.  Life is often like those levees. There are times that things just keep stacking up until we feel as if we're going to "blow" somewhere.  These are the times to rely upon our Lord as never before.  It is during these "tests" of life that we truly realize how powerful and wonderful and loving our Lord truly is.  My biggest goal during these times is to rely upon Him more and more.  That is our secret to making it through the deeply "stressful" times.  God Bless and THANKS as always for your love, prayer and support.

Air Mobile Joe    

May 9, 2011 - Monday - 7:02am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


As Memphis and Baton Rouge brace for record breaking flood waters....we pray for those levees to hold.  John Berry, the Author of The Rising Tide wrote:  "Once a breach begins to occur, if you're not totally on top of it immediately with enormous resources, you are in trouble," Barry said. "There's a lot of water in that river, and it's going to keep coming for days, if not weeks. It's not a hurricane where you have a few hours of storm surge."

We continue to monitor and watch and PRAY as the mighty Mississippi River  continues to deliver the huge wave of water to the Gulf of Mexico.  So far, the massive levee system has held and no major breaches have occurred.  For that, we are so thankful!

This morning, a former Louisiana State Representative, Gary Beard, will be visiting our home and we will be discussing the situation and what measures the Emergency Preparedness Management Team is taking to prepare for "the worst".  We'll be discussing how important it is to have "Clean Drinking Water" immediately following a disaster, should it occur.  The crest of the River is expected to reach Memphis tomorrow and Baton Rouge on or around May 23rd.

Over the weekend, was in touch with Stan Brock (Co-Star on Animal Kingdom many years ago and founder of Remote Area Medical).  We're coordinating our next trip into Haiti.  We're looking to fly into Haiti together.  Cholera is beginning to raise its ugly head again.  Cases are beginning to rise again as the rainy season comes.  

Been in touch with Japan and explained the reason for our delay in returning.  Our team in Japan certainly understands and are praying for us as the Mississippi River continues to rise.  Meanwhile, water purifiers are being built for deployment in both Japan and Haiti.  We'll work on the details of getting them there when the units are complete.

Well, time to get the grits on for our guests.  I'll be cooking an old fashioned Louisiana Country breakfast complete with biscuits and hot Cajun sausage.  God Bless and THANK YOU for you praying with us.  May the Lord hold back the River and keep the levees in tact!!

Air Mobile Joe  

May 8, 2011 - Sunday - 8:44am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Thank God that we take a day to honor our Mothers!  This is a good thing.  I know that each and every one of you reading this are here because at sometime, somewhere, a Mother brought you into this world.  Mothers are a good thing!  May we all take a moment and both honor and pray for our Mothers.  I know that some of our mothers have passed away (as mine did a number of years ago). My memories of my mother are warm and loving.

I would like to say a special thank you to my precious Cindy.  Cindy is an amazing mother.  This morning, while having our usual cup of coffee, we laid out and discussed our plans for the next few months.  As Cindy gave detail after detail of our children's education and the many things needed, I marveled at her deep love and commitment to our children.  I Praise God for Cindy and the incredible gift she is to both me and our children!  Happy Mothers Day, honey!

Yesterday was filled with Birthdays and Grandkids!  Our first grand-son, Christian (red shirt - middle),  turned 7 years old.  His Mom & Dad, Ann Marie and Christian Sr. are such good parents.  So proud of them.  Of course, the older folks reading this blog fully understand the heart of a Grand Father.

Then later yesterday afternoon, it was off to little Levi's party.  Levi just turned 1.  Cherie and Kyle are wonderful parents.  So proud of them!  Had such a delightful time visiting with family and friends.  

I had originally planned to be in Japan over this weekend.  Since we've been monitoring the "Old Mississippi River", that trip has been put on hold for the time being.  I am just blessed and glad to be able to be "home" and share these precious moments.  Grand Children are a gift from God!

Speaking of the Mississippi, "SO FAR, SO GOOD!  The levees appear to be holding.  Yes, water is rising and the system is far from out of the woods, but we're so thankful that there have been no "breaks" in the system.  Let us continue to pray for that huge mass of water to just keep on working down stream and hopefully will just empty into the Gulf of Mexico with minimum damage.

Have plans to meet with a former House of Representative from Louisiana at our home tomorrow morning.  Will be serving an old fashioned Louisiana breakfast complete with Cajun sausage and grits.  We'll be discussing the Emergency Plans in place and how our water purifiers could possibly be of benefit.  We're still planning to make our flight down the Mississippi as soon as the appropriate aircraft comes available. 

Meanwhile, we continue to gather and build water purifiers for Japan, Haiti and possibly for the southern U.S. should the Mississippi River bust out some levees (we pray that does not happen!).

Well, every Sunday about this time, the Hurston Family is headed to Church and then to our beloved Hospital for young people.  Looking forward to worshiping and sharing the love of God!  Thank you again for your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

May 7, 2011 - Saturday - 9:13am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We're praying for all those levees along the Mississippi to hold.  I distinctly remember when the levee broke in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  There was no way to stop the water.  We just all sat back and watched the water rise.  At the time, Cindy and I and Barbara Walker were in Mumbai, India bringing in clean water following incredible flooding that had occurred there.  As I watched the water rise in New Orleans, I knew that I had to go "home" and help.

Those memories are deeply implanted in my mind.  As this "slow moving" disaster has been unfolding, we have certainly been praying for the massive and elaborate system of levees to hold.  I know that all that water pressure is seeking any "weak links" along the way.

Been on the phone with a couple of aircraft owners / operators looking for the right aircraft for our upcoming mission.  Would like to fly the Mississippi from Illinois all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  We plan to make a number of stops along the way and speak with officials.  We still have not secured an aircraft that lends itself to good aerial photography, so please continue to pray with us that we do so.  

We have been speaking with a number of officials about this situation and hope to be able to be in position to help should the need arise.  More than anything, from the time this disaster began unfolding, I had the distinct sense that Air Mobile needed to be in position to help.  We pray that "Old Man River" just empties all that extra water in the Gulf of Mexico with a minimum of damage.  God bless and thanks for praying!!

Air Mobile Joe

May 6, 2011 - Friday - 7:29am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


People along the Mississippi River are seeing things they've never seen before.  A section of Interstate 40 has been closed as flood waters rise.  Some rivers are flowing backwards as the huge wave of water slowly, methodically works down the middle of our country.  Memphis residents are beginning to see waters rise and evacuations have begun.

Air Mobile is planning a "mission" to fly down the river from Cairo, IL to New Orleans.  Because Ti Burik, our mission aircraft is still in the hands of Owen Bell in Nashville, we are currently looking for a volunteer aircraft.  We began making inquiries for this mission yesterday.  If you have any thoughts or ideas on the matter, please give me a call asap (Cell - 321-544-7757).  

We will be bringing Hilda Perez (Excellent Photographer) to document what the "Big Muddy" is doing.  We intend to stop along the way and demonstrate our remarkable water purifier by pumping Mississippi River water through the unit and making very pure water.  Folks, NOW is the time to get ready and prepare.  We are hoping to identify areas that would be most severely impacted by the flood waters.

The Mississippi River region is extremely vulnerable at this time.  The entire levee system is being tested like never before.  Any "weak links" will hopefully be identified and repaired and strengthened before they break.  At this time, the Army Corp of Engineers and thousands of volunteers are rushing to certain of these areas and building them up with sand bags.  This is a massive endeavor.

As I always urge you....PLEASE PRAY!  Let us pray for wisdom for those endeavoring to manage this disaster and let us pray for mercy and grace from our Lord!  Let us pray for all those in the path of these relentless flood waters.  Prayer DOES make a difference.

Yesterday had the wonderful opportunity to speak to group of leaders and managers for the Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL.  Met so many new friends and re-connected with a number of old friends.  This afforded us an excellent opportunity to tell this group, not only about Air Mobile Ministries and the Rescuer water purifier, but about our company CSA.  At the end of the day, I believe that many good seeds were planted in good soil.  We pray this will bring in additional business to our company as well as increased support for our water purification ministry.  THANK YOU for praying with us about this!

Today, we will be meeting with our County Commissioner regarding a "Zoning" matter with our new facility.  Please pray we have good direction and "Favor" from our local government regarding this matter.

Well, time to get on with this "Day that our Lord has made".  Think I will REJOICE & BE GLAD in it!  Sounds like a great idea!  As always, THANK YOU for your prayer & love & support!

Air Mobile Joe  

May 5, 2011 - Thursday - 7:26am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


While the world's eyes are focused on the "Photos" of Osama Bin Laden, a major disaster is slowly unfolding down the middle of the U.S.  Slowly but surely, the huge wave of water is coming down the Mississippi.  Gene Rench with the National Weather Service said yesterday- "Right now the Mississippi river is in the process of going through what we call an epic flood, meaning it's more than historic, it's more than a 100 year flood, it's more like a 500 year flood," he said. "We could flood many homes, businesses, close down factories, people could drown."

Meanwhile, we continue to monitor this and gather as many supplies as we possibly can for the eventuality of major flooding.....possibly as we've never seen before.  Let us pray that this does not happen.  Folks all along the Mississippi are beginning to pack up their belongings.  Some of the major tributaries are beginning to FLOW BACKWARDS, something never seen before.  The Mississippi just can't take anymore water.  

The Army Corp of Engineers blew another hole in the Levee in Missouri to attempt to relieve the pressure.  They are planning another such opening today.  There is no question that the entire levee system is being tested as never before.

As much as we want to return to Japan, we're definitely postponing that mission for the time being as the events along the Mississippi unfold.  Likewise, we are awaiting the fuel tanks to be completed on Ti Burik (our mission aircraft) before returning to Haiti.  As soon as the tanks are done, we'll be able to overfly the Mississippi and survey the "Old Muddy" first hand.  Please pray the job is done very quickly and efficiently.

The report from Haiti is that Cholera is on move again.  There has been a notably "spike" in cases.  The rainy season is causing this increase in Cholera cases.  Well folks, here we are with many things to pray about.  Thank God we serve a MIGHTY GOD!  Remember, "HE is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him".

Yesterday, our business meeting went very well.  Good seeds were planted in good soil.  Now, we await that seed to grow.  Such is business.  Today, I will have the wonderful privilege to speak at the Harris Corporation in Melbourne, FL.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share the good things that our Lord has done and is doing.  We'll also be able to tell these fine folks a thing or two about our little business.  We might even pick them up as a client.  Pray that happens.  

Well, better get ready for the day.  As always, truly appreciate your love and prayers!  God Bless!

Air Mobile Joe    

May 4, 2011 - Wednesday - 7:04am (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


We are following the story of the rising Mississippi River because there is tremendous danger for many.  Should any number of natural events occur, i.e. more rain or the slightest earthquake massive flooding could occur along the New Madrid Fault.  We are praying about this situation.  We are also preparing by building up parts for more water purifiers (as much as our funds can provide).  Please join us in prayer regarding this situation.

After the successful opening of the levee at Point Bird in Missouri, the town of Cairo, IL has received some relief.  Water levels are slowly dropping.  However, downstream, near Memphis, water levels are rising.  Some say the levels are approaching "unprecedented" levels.  Our concern about this matter is that many hundreds of thousands (even millions) could be stranded without electricity and clean drinking very quickly.  

We are delaying our trip to Japan for a few days as we monitor this situation.  We will be speaking with authorities in the effected regions about pro-actively placing water purifiers into place BEFORE the potential flooding.  Again, we pray the Old Mississippi just slowly, quietly settles down.  I have lived on this grand old river for many years and I know how powerful this river can be and how destructive it's floodwaters can be.

Had a number of productive meetings yesterday regarding new methods of getting parts and supplies for our precious water purifiers.  We believe this is the time to be diligent and wise regarding preparation.  Cindy was on the radio yesterday speaking about Extreme Faith and our needing to be willing to lay it all down for our Lord in His service.  It was a very inspiring interview.

Spoke with Owen Bell yesterday, who is doing the added fuel tank modification on Ti Burik, our trusty mission aircraft.  During the "opening" of the wings, he found some areas that could use strengthening.  This is the perfect time to do this.  We are so thankful that Owen is doing this work, as he knows the Cessna 337 as well as anyone alive.  This additional work is going to cost around $9000.00.  He has agreed to allow us to pay it off over a 9 month period of time.  Sure would like to pay it off in full when we pick up Ti Burik.  If you would like to help us with this extra expense, simply let me know or you may go to the "Donate" button on this blog.  Above all, please allow the Lord to lead you in this matter.

Later yesterday afternoon evening, we celebrated our little Princess, Ariana's birthday.  She turned 6.  What a joy this little one has been in our lives.  We brought her into our home nearly 4 years ago with a life-threatening condition. Through a great series of miracles she is just fine now, thank God!  She was joined by some dear friends for a genuine Princess Tea Party. WE LOVE YOU ARIANA!! 

Today, we are having an amazing meeting with a large potential client for our company, CSA.  I urge you to pray for our Lord to have His way with this meeting.  We have been working so hard to get our company on solid footing and out of debt!  A successful contract with this company could help us to achieve that goal.  Really appreciate your prayers on this one!!  Well, time to put the final touches on the Power Point presentation.

Please remember to pray for the families and victims of the recent tornadoes that ravaged the southeast.  Also for the millions who have been devastated in Japan and Haiti.  There is so much suffering in this world.  We serve a mighty and merciful God.  May we be used by Him to bring help and grace.  So appreciate you and your prayer and love and support.  God Bless You!!

Air Mobile Joe