Saturday, January 5, 2019


1-5-19 Saturday 7:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


1-4-19 Friday 8:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Since Ari was a little girl, she's wanted a "Sugar Glider".  

I'm not sure how she even found out about these precious creatures.  Well, she got 2 and oh...are they sweet and cute!! 

This gift was the result of Ari publishing her first book (Parasols & Peril at Amazon) and getting Straight A's in school. 

She surely "earned" Pippin & Maple (of course the 2 little "Gliders" were quickly named).  

We put those little ones in a blue pouch and brought them home.  Ari was overwhelmed by this gift! 

Today, I'll be in a meeting with the Harris Corporation.  We'll be discussing ATC Opportunities around the globe.  

On another note, I spoke with the owner of the aircraft that will help us to get Ti Burik back in in the air.  We're making excellent progress on the funding.  

We're VERY CLOSE to the final purchase number.  PRAISE GOD!!  And THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!!   

Air Mobile Joe

1-3-19 Thursday 7:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Oh, it seems like yesterday (1978) that I was going for my Tech Plus Ham Radio License. 

In Haiti, this was our way to call home (to the U.S.) from our mission outpost (very limited telephone lines).

Actually had to be able to send / receive 5 words per minute on the old telegraph key to pass the test to get the license.  I barely made it.  

Then, we discovered how to "unlock" our 2 meter hand-held radios and actually get a dial tone.  Our first "home-made" cell phones.  

Now, fast-forward to this morning. I casually lifted my I-Phone 8 Plus to my ear and phoned Haiti and spoke with the RAM (Remote Area Medical) Team leader there.  

Last night, on that same I-Phone had an extensive conversation with a friend in Switzerland.  Oh, the wonder of technology!!  

I'm not even going to begin to tell you the incredible advancements made in the Cockpit.  GARMIN has transformed the world of Avionics.  

Just take a look at the wonderful Garmin Panel in Ti-Burik!  

Back in the day, flying to Haiti through the "Bermuda Triangle" with only a few ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) Stations hundreds of miles apart, made for pretty challenging and sometimes, treacherous journeys.  

I don't know. Was just sitting here this morning thinking about how far we've come and I'M THANKFUL!!! Sure does make our job easier. 

However, we are very dependent upon this technology and would likely not do very well without it.  

Maybe I should keep the old ham radio tuned up and remember how to "Dead Reckon" navigation.  Just something to think about on this 3rd day in 2019.  

Just "rambling" on this morning.  At any rate, I PRAISE GOD for these wonderful tools and pray that I use them for His Glory.  

May you blessed today and as I say every single day, THANK  YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe 

1-2-19 Wednesday 7:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Well, it's January 2, 2019 and the phone has already started ringing and I'm in the middle of a Conference Call (as I type this blog) regarding some interesting projects in Haiti....& BEYOND!  

Nice way to start 2019!  May GOD'S WILL BE DONE!!!

I just finished the Conference Call and am continuing the blog. BTW, the call was AMAZING!!

I never cease to marvel at how our Lord puts people & things together!  

I'm reminded of the sage words of a wise old pastor, Roy Stockstill (AKA - Brother Roy).  

As a rookie missionary, I was facing some big challenges and I shared the situation with Brother Roy.  

He looked at me and smiled with that little twinkle and said..."Son, don't forget, God knows how to deploy His troops". 

After all these years, I've never forgotten those wise words of wisdom.  I've seen the miraculous Hand of God, time and time again, send in just the "troops" we needed to accomplish the mission!  

He would also remind me, when I was in a particularly difficult situation, he would say with that smile of his...."Son, this too shall pass"

THANK YOU, BROTHER ROY, for those wise and precious words.  

BTW, Brother Roy went on to be with Jesus at the age of 97.  Sure do miss him!  

Well, today, is day 2 of 2019 and we're already seeing some amazing things on the horizon for this new year.  It's time to tighten that seat belt and hold on for the ride.  PRAISE GOD!!  

I'm also extremely grateful to have you on-board with us. 

Your prayer, love and support is more precious than you know.  THANK YOU!! 

Air Mobile Joe

1-1-19 Tuesday 6:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Day One of 2019.  So, here we are in a New Year.  What a marvelous time to PRAY for His will be done in our lives.  

As I get older, my theology gets simpler.  I find myself asking our Lord..."Just what do you want me to do today"?  

Then, as the day goes on, I have to remind myself (repeatedly)of this simple prayer..... as the cares of this world surely will, and do come.  

Dear Lord Jesus, THANK YOU for these precious Words!!! 

Today, as you walk into January 1, 2019, may you lift your eyes toward heaven and ask our Lord, "What do you want me to do today"?  

That's a great way to start this New Year.  

And I know that I say this every single day, but I mean it with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!!  

May 2019 be the best year of your life!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-31-18 Monday 6:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Standing on the edge of 2019, I'm extremely THANKFUL for my Proverbs 31 Lady of God, Cindy!  

This gift of God to me is beyond measure.  

She arrived back in Florida from Massachusetts yesterday evening.  

She had been visiting her Mom and giving her a wonderful party on her 80th Birthday.  

Recently, Cindy accepted a Nursing Position at at local Hospital.  She works on the Psychiatric Ward.  

Many of her patients have been "Baker Acted".  She shares the love of God and ministers His Amazing Grace on those who are suffering.  I'm so proud her!  

As we look ahead to 2019, we know that our Lord is giving us the tools and resources that we need to accomplish His will!  

We're very excited about the folks that are coming beside us to help us to bring MORE CLEAN WATER to a THIRSTY WORLD!   

I'm so GRATEFUL to our Lord for the many blessings He has bestowed upon me to accomplish His will!  


I'm especially grateful to our Lord Jesus for you, who stand so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!!  


Air Mobile Joe

12-30-18 Sunday 7:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe -


Ariana and I had a lovely time on the nature trail of the Great Outdoors.  Nice way to spend a lazy, warm (80 degrees) Saturday in Florida.  

The fish were jumping and the St. John's River was alive.  No telling how many gators were around.  This is Florida!  

Meanwhile, my Cindy is up in...not so warm (25 degrees) Massachusetts celebrating her Mom's 80th Birthday.  She'll be flying back to Florida tonight.  So glad she could spend this wonderful time with her Mom and Family & Friends.  

BTW, in this shot, Cindy is with her Mom and Pastor Ernie While.  Ernie led my Cindy to Jesus when she was 14 years old!! THANK YOU, ERNIE!!!  

PRAISE GOD for those who share the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS!!!

So, on this New Years Eve's Eve, my good friend, Joe Polozola (Joe led me to Jesus 47 years ago!) and I will be conducting 3 Services at the Hospital in Orlando.  

I'm forever grateful that Joe did not give up on me (I was a very hard nut to crack) and persisted and prayed for me to accept Jesus!  

I often recall that...."Friends don't let Friends go to Hell"!  THANK YOU JOE!!  

Today, Joe and I will be bringing the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS to those who are in the hospital and so need the Love and touch of God!  What a grand privilege!! 

THANK YOU, as always, for your invaluable and precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe  

PS - If you're new to this "rambling blog" and want to see how we've gotten to this "juncture of the journey", just click on "Older Posts" (below) and you'll see how we've gotten here.  God bless and WELCOME ABOARD!  Joe