Monday, August 25, 2014


8-25-14 Monday 7:49AM (U.S. Central Time) - Baton Rouge, LA - Hotel near Hospital – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday afternoon, my life-long friend and Brother in Christ, peacefully slipped out of this world and met Jesus face to face.  

I was holding his hand when the "meeting" took place.  It was a precious moment that I will never forget.  Ben Seal, we will miss you terribly, but we are rejoicing that you are in heaven!

There is so much more that I want to say....I've known Ben for over 55 years and truly, Ben taught me lessons in courage and persistence and calm logical thought...oh, I could go on and on, but this is not the "time" to do so. 

After bidding the Seal family farewell yesterday afternoon, I "hit the road" for the 750 miles journey home.  You may recall, that once I had gotten the news of Ben's "condition" (late Friday evening) I drove that 750 miles in 10 hours!  

Believe me....I was not doing the speed limit (and I don't encourage anyone to break the law), but I knew that "Time" was of the essence.  Ben did not have long to live and I wanted to spend some time with my brother before....

The Lord gave us hours together where we laughed and cried and reminisced and rejoiced.  Then came his "exit" to glory....I'm just a bit jealous.  Now, with the same 750 miles ahead of me, it only took about an hour and half before my eyes actually closed at 75 mph and the little bumps on the side of the road quickly awakened me was off at the next hotel and a bed!  There's a "Time" to sleep!

So, this morning, having consumed 2 delicious cups of coffee, I'll soon be back on the road to my Cindy.  I've sure missed her and the kids and the grand-kids.  Sometimes, there's a "Time" to be apart and a "Time" to be together.  Glad to be "Homeward Bound"!

While I was in Baton Rouge on a "Mission", the Caribbean has had it's hands full with Tropical Storm Cristobol.  There's been a lot of rain and wind throughout the islands.  In "Time" that will clear out, as it appears that TS Cristobol is taking a northerly track to the open Atlantic.

It's time to wrap it up and hit the road.  PLEASE remember to pray for the Seal family as they deal with the loss of their beloved Ben.  As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this road with me.  Your prayer, love and support are more precious to me than simple words can express.  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-24-14 Sunday 5:55AM (U.S. Central Time) - Baton Rouge, LA - Hotel near Hospital – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Truly, our Lord gave me great traveling mercy, having driven 750 miles in just over 10 hours (a lot of Grace along the way). Arrived at the New Baton Rouge General Hospital yesterday afternoon, to spend precious hours with my dear, life-long friend (over 55 years), Ben Seal.  Could write a book about all the things Ben taught me, but that's another story.

Ben is surrounded by his loving family and friends and I am blessed to be named among them.  This may be Ben's last day alive on this earth, but....we know that Ben will be with the Lord.  Please PRAY for the Seal family at they walk through this difficult time.

Just moments ago, a powerful earthquake (6.0) shook the San Francisco area.  Reports of damage, injuries or death have not yet come in.  We are following this breaking story.  Here's a preliminary report - LARGE EARTHQUAKE RATTLES SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 

In related news, thousands of quakes have been reported in Iceland, where a Volcano has shown signs of a possible's more - EARTHQUAKES OVER 5 MAGNITUDE SHAKE ICELAND VOLCANO

Will be spending this morning at the Hospital here in Baton Rouge.  We know that with God, all things are possible and above all, we are praying for our Lord's will to be done with my dear friend, Ben.

Time for me to head over and just sit with my friend, Ben. As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-23-14 Saturday 4:59AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Ben may not make it through the night.  The text message came through that it looked bad for my friend and mentor in "courage".  I knew that I had to go and be with him for, either his final hours, or to witness another miracle.  Either way, Ben's life is in the hands of the Lord.

So, this blog is very short, as it's time for me to "hit the road" again and go spend some time with Ben Seal.  

PLEASE pray for..."God's will to be done" and also pray for traveling mercy.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

8-22-14 Friday 7:19AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


With God, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"!  It is with joy, to report that both Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol walked out an Atlanta Hospital completely healed from the dreaded disease, Ebola!  Truly, God answers prayer!  Here's more on this wonderful story - DOC WHO BEAT EBOLA - "GOD SAVED MY LIFE"!

Now, I have to run our daughter Ariana to school.  PLEASE check back in an hour for the "Rest of the Blog".

Well, I am back, having just dropped Ariana.  Now, on with the "Rest of the Blog".

Been following the plight of the hundreds of thousands of Christians that are staring at death and torture in path of ISIS Storm Troopers.  

The deranged, savage mindset of these "Warriors" is beyond comprehension.  The brutal beheading of Journalist Jim Foley clearly and graphically demonstrates just where ISIS stands.  Folks, these monsters must be stopped!

I'm just finding out about efforts to help to RESCUE these Christians and will do some more research.  Here's some more information - MASSIVE RESCUE PROPOSED FOR TRAPPED CHRISTIANS

Even during WWII when millions of Jews were brutally executed, many, many around the world were completely unaware.  With what is happening right now, we can KNOW what is happening and we can join in the "Rescue" with our PRAYERS & RESOURCES.  This is the reason that I share these stories with you.

BTW, don't think that this is a problem "over there"!  ISIS has serious plans to come to America.  This is a "Clear and Present Danger".  Here's a recent interview explaining that - ISIS PLANNING TO BLOW UP AMERICAN CITY

Yesterday, I spent some wonderufl time Brian Tanis.  Brian is a great friend and an extraordinary Flight Instructor.  Recently, Brian stepped out and purchased a beautiful Cessna 172 aircraft. This aircraft is ideal for primary flight training.

He then handed me the keys and asked...."Want to take her up?".  That's like saying "Sick-em to a dog".  Within minutes we were up and headed to the NASA Space Shuttle Landing Strip.  The pretty little airplane flies beautifully.

Have a question for you. Have you ever wanted to learn to fly?  If you live in the Central Florida area, there's no better Flight Instructor, nor better training aircraft than Brian and his pretty C-172!  

Perhaps you know someone who has always wanted to fly.  Pass this blog onto them.  Also, feel free to give me a call at:  321-544-7757 or e-mail me at:

I know that the "Rest of the Blog" is posting a bit late this morning.  Trust you have a blessed day always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-21-14 Thursday 6:36AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Began yesterday with picking up a rental car, as our trusty little red Ford Escape is recovering from a bout with a deep black hole....and lost.  It'll be a while before we get the Escape back.

Headed to the airport and there met with Paul, our excellent mechanic.  It was time to do a test flight with the Little Donkey and I'm very pleased to say that the front engine turbo is turbo-charging at full strength.  That's a good thing.

I never cease to marvel at how the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) is so "tuned" into the Lord as to call us just when we need more baby food / formula & supplies for Haiti.  It's uncanny!

Picked up a full trunk load of baby food (the baby food is put into those diaper boxes).  We're so thankful to First Baptist Merritt Island and Vickie, the APC Director, for being so generous and sensitive to the Lord!

You know, during the time that I spent up on the mountain, was able to keep up pretty well with things "remotely" but....there's nothing like being "on the ground at the home base" to get things done.  So, have a pretty high "to do list" and am just chipping away at it.

I have to "practice what I preach" so....half way through this blog today, I realized that I had not read the Word yet.  I remembered the "Book-Ends" from yesterday's blog.  Reading the Word in the morning and the evening.

So, I just put the blog on hold and went out spent some great time with the Lord.  I just happened to be in Exodus 32 when Moses was up on the mountain, Aaron made the golden calf. I was reminded at how easily it is for us to make "idols" in our lives.  Oh Lord, help us!

At any rate, I so encourage you to just pick up the Bible and spend a little time before plunging into the day.  And yes, I am definitely preaching to myself here.  It's so easy to just "hit the ground running". the end of the day, before going to sleep, spending a bit of time with Him in the Word.  Not only will you sleep better it just might become "Habit Forming" and that would be a good thing.

Now, it's time for me to head out and hit the road and knock down that "To Do List".  Thanks, as always for meandering down this path of life with me and above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-20-14 Wednesday 6:56AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, managed to limp through the day on 2 hours of sleep.  Having been "delivered" from the "Black Hole" (read yesterday's Blog for more on that), I can't help but believe that there is a "message" here.  

There are "Black Holes" along all of our routes home.... and sometimes, we either fall into them, slip into them, or in my case...just drive into them.  It's good to know that Jesus is right there with us and will never leave us or forsake us!

So, my friends, if you find yourself, in over your head, or just overwhelmed by the challenges of life, always remember that Jesus is just a call away...and you don't need to have a strong cell or internet signal to reach Him. "Whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!" 

I must also share with you a simple lesson that our Lord has been teaching me....begin the day with the Word of God and end the day with the Word of God.  Just like "Book-ends" keep the books from falling down, the Word of God will bring us through the day...still standing.

I hear a "Little Donkey" calling me.  Time for a test flight to be be sure that the front Turbo is turbo-charging.  

A good load of supplies, baby formula / food / medicines is awaiting pick up.  "The next mission" is coming together.  

So, having had a good nights sleep, it's time to "hit the road" and see what the Lord has in store today.  As always, THANK YOU for your wonderful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

8-19-14 Tuesday 7:38AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, I hit the road for the 12+ hour journey home.  Had been working the mileage on the little red Ford Escape and had it all the up to 32.7 mpg.  

The journey home had been good.  Had been listening to the latest on the Ferguson riots and continued to PRAY for REVIVAL & RECONCILIATION.

At about 1:30AM, I turned off of I-95 at Port St. John, just minutes from home.  Now, we have a "short cut" that knocks off 7 miles.  Should I take it?  

I didn't want to awaken Cindy and ask of the condition of the "short cut", as I knew that FL had been having a lot of rain and this could make the "short cut" almost impassable.  I should have called.....

Well, I eased off the main road and entered into "short-cut".  Soon, I faced the biggest obstacle, a huge, black mud, hole.  I hesitated and...all I could think of is, I'm 3 minutes from home.  It was very dark and the moon was not yet risen.  And....I didn't pray.

I hit the big mud hole and quickly sank up to where the engine was nearly covered in the black, thick mud.  The engine never died, but the little red Ford Escape was totally stuck.  Water soon filled the floor, over my shoes.  There.... I called Cindy and asked her to come drag me out.  I should have called her earlier....

Soon, she approached in our All-Wheel Drive Rendezvous.  I connected 2 cargo straps and with much, much prayer, slowly extracted the the Escape from the clutches of the famous "black hole" (that is what the "short-cut" is called).  

But....the Escape, having been under water must have "scrambled some computer", and the transmission would not engage into gear.  I had truly made a bad choice.  

So, we transferred all the stuff into the Rendezvous and I called AAA to have them come tow the Escape to Robbie's Shop, our favorite mechanic for over 25 years.  I went home and showered washing that black mud off of me and dashed back to meet the tow truck.  

Two Sheriff Deputies were already on the scene when I arrived.  We had a good laugh at how, this evening, the "Short-Cut" was definitely not the shortest route home.  They both knew of the infamous "Black Hole".

Now, it's nearly 4:30AM.  One of the Deputy's, Chris, stayed back and we just talked. Chris is a Believer in Jesus.  We talked about life and challenges and churches and kids.  Chris, also has a heart for missions.  

Then, right there at the intersection of I-95 and Port St. John, we prayed together for God to direct our paths.  I believe that our Lord has plans here, and our paths did not cross by accident.

Afterwards, I called our Insurance Company and began the "Claims Process".  Finally, just after 5:00AM, I finally collapsed in bed.  Slept about 2 hours and got up to tell you the story of my "Journey Home".

Oh, there were several points along the way that I could prevented this "calamity", but I just didn't take the time to follow my instinct to call Cindy.  I should have just taken a moment to pray when I approached the famous "black hole".  Instead, I just plunged right through and you know what happened.

I am reminded again, how our Lord will take our mistakes and turn them for the good.  I likely would have never met Deputy Chris had I not made those mistakes.  At any rate, this whole story brings me again to Romans 8:28....all things work together for the good...even our mistakes!

Have a full day of meetings and will go and pick up some formula for the babies in Haiti.  Barbara, AKA - "Rambo in the Blue Dress" will be glad to hear of the formula and baby food.  They're always running short of it.  

Just glad to be home!!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

8-18-14 Monday 7:22AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Got the little lawn tractor back together and it runs great.  No leaks and it certainly runs a lot smoother.  2 engine mounting bolts had vibrated out.  If left un-repaired, the whole engine could have been thrown off. So glad for that leak that alerted me to the situation.

Spent yesterday "winterizing" the cabin and preparing it for the next "Pilgrim" that comes to "Retreat" from the "Roar of Life".  

It's the quiet, the peace and the "melody".... what a lovely combination.  The wind blowing through the wind-chimes, the lowing of the cattle, the roar of the humming birds as they dive and dart about.  The air is cleaner as they're very few motorized vehicles that even pass by.  

Ahhh, the cabin, a wonderful place of "Retreat & Reflection".  Sure going to miss it! the song goes, "All good things must end some day...." except heaven!!  Now, there's a thought.  We often just get little hors d'oeurves (first course) of what heaven will be like.  And....heaven will be forever!!

I'll be loading the little red Ford Escape and hitting the road for the 12 hour trip back to Florida.  I just spoke to my Cindy and she just dropped the kids for their first day of school.  Oh, it's time to get home.  Sure have missed them!!

Been following the "explosion" in Ferguson, MO.  Now, that situation needs our PRAYER!!!  You know, I am somewhat at a loss for words to describe what is going on.  There is certainly a lot of "pent up anger".  It is a sad and tragic and telling story.  Again, what can I say except, "Let us PRAY"!!  

Hey, here's an idea.  Let's pray that REVIVAL breaks out in Ferguson!  I know that the local churches have to be in "overtime" prayer as their community is burning and rage is breaking out everywhere.  The Bible says...."ASK & you shall receive".  Let's pray for REVIVAL & RECONCILIATION!!

Well, it's time to go do the "final load and hit the road".  Have a 12+ hour ride ahead of me.  Please pray for "traveling mercies" as I aim the nose of the little read Escape away from this blessed "Retreat".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  
Air Mobile Joe

8-17-14 Sunday 7:17AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We plan our day and our "schedule" and then...."stuff happens".  Yesterday, after posting the blog on "Drawing Near", I headed out to finish mowing two small fields by the cabin.  Then, according to "plan", I'd do the final cleaning, pack up and depart early the next day (today).  That was the plan.  

When I walked up to the lawn tractor, I saw a large spot of what appeared to be either oil or fuel all around the machine.  

I knew that suddenly my plans changed.  I immediately called Cindy and advised her of what was going on.  We prayed together that I would have wisdom to repair it.    

I began by pressure washing it thoroughly so as to identify where the leak was coming from.  It had been quite awhile since it was cleaned, and this was very "revealing".

After opening it up and upon close inspection, I found several critical bolts had vibrated out and the little machine needed immediate attention.  In a sense, I was thankful for the "leak" because it alerted me to other issues that could have done serious damage.

After identifying the parts that I needed, I headed into neighboring Tazewell, TN (about a 2 hour round-trip) to pick up the parts.

The simple task of mowing the two fields would have taken about an hour.  Now, this repair has turned into an all day situation and maybe more.  

Cindy certainly understood and knew that I couldn't leave without repairing it because it will be used by others who "retreat" to the little cabin.  So, my departure has been delayed until....

Made good progress working into the night yesterday.  Today, I'll do some testing and put it all back together and then...go mow those 2 little fields and hopefully, get on the road tomorrow morning.  

It's time to get back to Florida....but my time is in His Hands! And...."All things work together for the good..."

Even when our plans suddenly change, our Lord is surely working in our behalf.  In retrospect, that "leak" has brought about much needed repair and has saved us a lot of grief and money.  I can truly THANK the Lord for that.  

Besides, spending another day here is not so bad.  Well, it's time to head out to, hopefully have successful tests and mow those two little fields and yes, head home.  We'll see what the day holds.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-16-14 Saturday 7:04AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The best thing, is getting close to the Lord!  No matter where we are...He is there!  Of course, we know that God is "Omnipresent" (everywhere!), but....knowing He is near and that He loves us and cares about us, is interested in our lives and knows what we that is another thing.

These last few weeks of solitude and quiet and peace have been truly "life-changing" for me.  All I can say is the that I am THANKFUL to have had this time with Him!  

So, it's my final day here at the "Retreat Cabin" in the mountains of TN, and I know our Lord is here and will be with me wherever I go.  I also know that I don't have to be in a beautiful, serene, quiet spot to experience the presence of God.  

He is with us always, in all circumstances... especially when it's loud and complicated and painful.  All we need to do is to "Call upon Him"....He is here and He loves us!!  The Good News is that Jesus will NEVER TURN THOSE WHO COME TO HIM AWAY!

So, my dear ones who "ramble down this winding blog" with me everyday, I pray that you are blessed by His presence, not matter what is going on in your life.  I know some of you have had bitter disappointments and even shocking news.  Know that Jesus is with you and will carry you through it.

Well, it's time for me to get on the lawn tractor and mow around the cabin and do the final clean-up for the next pilgrim who will come to this "Retreat Cabin".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-15-14 Friday 6:57AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I gaze out over the valley and see the low hanging clouds rolling through and the breath-taking beauty, my heart is warmed by this remarkable time that I've had at the "Retreat Cabin". So many lessons learned and so many lessons "still in process". 

One of the main lessons is....Indeed, "They that Wait upon the Lord shall shall renew their strength".  

When I first arrived up here in the mountains of East Tennessee, I carried several heavy burdens, most related to business debt.  In some cases, there appeared to be no way out.  

But....with quiet prayer and spending quality time in His Word, the Lord is showing me the way! We are far from out of the woods, but I see His light and the path before me, Praise God!

Now, I know that there is nothing new about these Truths, but "knowing" them and "doing" them are two different things.

Again, I'm so THANKFUL to my precious Cindy for encouraging me to take this time for solitude, prayer and study.  THANK YOU, Honey!! 

Another wonderful lesson is not letting the "evil" in the world devastate me.  Reading the news can just absolutely take your Joy away.  There is so much suffering and injustice and just plain evil in this world.  IF we do not balance it with the Word of God, it can be overwhelming.  

Often, I would have to just shut the computer and go out and read His Word.  What does the Lord have to say about it?  

Well, in the end, WE WIN!  Jesus is coming back to this earth, and before He returns, the world will be a mess.  Just read Matthew 24. 

 I believe that we are there, and yes, things will get worse before they get better.  But....He will never leave us or forsake us, He will be with us to the very end!

So, as I wrap up my time here at the "Retreat Cabin" and get ready to head back to Florida, I realize that I am being "changed" by the Lord day by day.  I realize just how much I need Him and that often, my efforts without Him, are fruitless.

I've missed my Cindy and the kids and the grand-kids and it's time for me to head home.  There's a stirring in my heart and I know that the "next mission" is near.  This "Retreat Mission" has been good.  Thank you, Jesus!

And THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-14-14 Thursday 7:16AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Several days ago, I said, "Sometimes, you just have to stand up against evil".  Yesterday, the Vatican stated...."Military action against ISIS is probably necessary" and this morning, Mike Huckabee "nailed" the situation with this article - SOMETIMES IT TAKES MILITARY ACTION TO MAKE PEACE  Please take a moment and read this article.

The photos of the atrocities against children are appalling and I will not show them.  They are readily available on-line.  Now Folks, I must tell you that the images make my blood boil and I have to kick into "High-Gear Prayer" just to function.  What is going on here??  

This ISIS movement is insane and pure evil! Indeed, we are seeing "wolves devouring sheep" and this must be stopped.  

Yes, we must begin with PRAYER.  PRAY for those in the "jaws" of these ravenous wolves and PRAY for the leaders around the world, especially for the U.S. leaders who have the ability to both RESCUE the innocent sheep & STOP this wicked madness!!  Remember, ISIS will not stop "over there"!!

Again, I just could not be silent this morning on what is going on right before our eyes.  Much of the world was silent when the Nazi's were slaughtering the Jews.  Let us not be silent!

It's time for me to go out on the porch and spend some time in the Word of God!  Jesus told us that these things would happen.  This is the reason that I am seeking his clear and precise direction.

(About 1 hour later) OK, I just read the Word of God and some rage in me has subsided but my personal determination is to do the Will of God.  I am clearly reminded that in this world, we will have tribulation, but Jesus has overcome the world.  My plan is to hold on tightly to His hand and walk daily with Him.

So, today, I'll be doing a little painting and fixing a leaking gutter and getting ready to leave this little spot of peace and beauty and head back to my Cindy and the kids.  There's a Little Donkey that's all ready for test flight.  Just got a call from the Alternative Pregnancy Center and they have some baby food and formula for Haiti.  

Let us join together and pray for the millions of souls who are being persecuted for their faith in God.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-13-14 Wednesday 6:37AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I was taking the "Journey" in the Word this morning, the humming birds were darting and dancing all around my head.  They sound like little "fighter planes" with that low, guttural "hum".  

It was a bit difficult to focus on Exodus with the little creatures defying gravity with such maneuverability.  God's creation is amazing!!

Here's a little clip of the "Dancing Hummers" 

My time here in the mountains, this Mini-Sabbatical, is drawing to a close.  Just have a few more little projects to do around the "Retreat Cabin" and then, it'll be back to Florida and beyond....have a sense that another "Mission" is developing.  Too early to tell exactly where, but have that "gut feeling".

Of course, the "Mission Field" is all around us.  We don't have to travel around the world to go on a "Mission".  It can be...and often is, "right in our back-yard".  

We just need to be sensitive to His voice and urging.  That's the main reason I've taken this time (and my sweet Cindy has graciously helped me to do this).  This time here at the cabin has been precious beyond words!

OK, here's a bit of a stretch between the humming bird and us.  That little creature gets it's fuel from the sweet nectar and is extremely maneuverable (engineers are astounded at the aeronautical stunts that the little bird can perform).  

Now, if we drink in the Word of God, as the sweet nectar, we too can perform amazing feats of maneuverability.  Yes, we need His Word in our hearts (as our fuel) to perform His will!

And yes, as nice and tranquil and inspiring as this "Retreat Cabin" is, I guess I miss flying the Little Donkey.  It's time for me to get back in the air.  

Paul, our mechanic likely has that front engine Turbo back together and upon return to Florida, I'll be doing some test flights to be sure Ti Burik is ready for the "next mission".

So, it's time to head into town and get some paint to do some touch-up work.  Also need get the cabin "winterized", as we're likely to have a pretty cold winter....thanks to Global Warming.  Already had that 2nd cup of coffee and now it's time to "Post".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-12-14 Tuesday 6:59AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe

(Note:  This blog is posting late today, due to a faulty internet connection)

An old WWII Veteran Marine, Al West, who served our country with great gallantry in the Pacific, asked me to go and see one of his "War Buddies", Jerry, next time I'm up at the "Cabin".  Al is the father of Dennis West, a great Air Mobile "Water Mule".  Dennis has traveled all over the world with me bringing clean water to dying people.  

Yesterday, I picked up the phone and called Jerry, Al's "war buddy".  We agreed to meet and just spend some time together.  Jerry lives about 45 minutes from our cabin.  Folks, there are not very many WWII Veterans still around.  I knew it was important for me to reach out to Jerry.

We met for a cup of coffee.  I was shocked to find a man with crystal clear, blue eyes, as sharp as a tack and still had a full head of hair.  I believe that Jerry is the "youngest" 88 year old I've ever met.  

During the course of our spending the day together, I asked how he was wounded.  He told me that he carried out a wounded Marine and was going back for another one when he was hit.  He still carries that bullet in his gut.  Then....he started to cry and could not tell me anymore.  I left it there.

Now, Jerry, is one tough cookie.  He lives in a single room cabin on the top of a ridge.  He cooks outside over an open fire.  He grows his own vegetables, captures rain water and can live very easily with no electricity.  He even has a bunker. Jerry is ready for whatever life may throw at him.  

We spent hours talking about the Lord. Jerry has read the Bible through many times and has a deep faith and love for Jesus.  Must tell you, when I bid farewell and left his cabin, I knew that I had just spent the day with a true American Hero.

Got up early this morning and  was "swept away" in the Word of God.  I know that my time here at the cabin is drawing to a close.  Soon, the little red Ford Escape will be heading back to Florida.  I've missed Cindy and the kids.  It's getting time to get back to Haiti.

Again, I'm sorry that this blog has posted late today.  The internet has just been very weak and I finally got enough of a signal to "loft" this post up.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - I was very sad to hear the news that Robin Williams took his life.  He certainly made me laugh many times.  Depression is a terrible thing.  This was the last photo taken of Robin.  Let us pray for his family.  This is a sad loss.  


8-11-14 Monday 6:39AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awakened before the sun rose.  There's a gentle rain and the clouds are slowly rolling in our valley, as if they are sweetly kissing the earth.  Ahhh, what a lovely moment in time.

Before spending any time on the "News", I opened the Word of God and spent some  "quality" time with the Father.  It is as if His Word washes my soul and prepares me for this day... just as the clouds kiss the earth.

I must tell you a story.  Several weeks ago, I drove to Limestone, TN to visit a couple of great brothers in Christ and dear friends, Bob and Tom.  Remember, Limestone was the birthplace of Davy Crockett.  Still humming that song (Davy....Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier).

Tom shared how he'd been spending time with the Lord every morning reading at least 10 Chapters out of the Bible.  Hmmmm, I thought, that's a lot of the Word to absorb early in the morning.  

I believe that Tom had delivered that message to me.  The Lord was definitely speaking to me about spending more time with Him in His Word.  Yes, that Bible was crying out to me....READ ME!  

As I was returning to the cabin, a plan began to unfold.  I recalled how the Psalmist David would worship the Lord in the Morning and... the Evening.  

We need His Word before we start the day for His direction and at the end of the day to "patch up" our weary hearts.

So, how about dividing the Word and reading 5 Chapters in the Morning and 5 Chapters in the Evening.  Read a couple of chapters out of the Old Testament, then a Psalm, a Proverb, one out of the Gospels and then an Epistle.

Been doing that since that day I drove to Limestone and all I can say is "Wow"!  Oh, there are times that I can't stop reading and just knock out all 10 in the morning and then just read as many as I want in the evening.  

The bottom line  is, I'm spending more time in the Word than almost any time in my life.  Oh, why didn't I do this sooner?  It is so simple....Draw near to God, and He will draw near to us.  At any rate, THANKS Tom for sharing this treasure with me!

I just couldn't resist sharing this with you.  Look, I know that we're all busy, but...taking this time to be with Him is SO WORTH IT!

I'm finding that I'm going to bed a little earlier and BTW, reading His Word before going to sleep causes me to sleep much better.  Then, I naturally get up earlier and look forward to that...yes, delicious cup of coffee, and spending that precious time with Him in His Word.  And...the day goes much better.

So, that's why, when I got up this morning and saw those clouds kissing the earth, I thought about how the Word of God waters, our dry, parched hearts and brings us life and strength.
I pray that those of you who wander down this path me will consider spending more time with Him in His Word.  You'll not regret it!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-10-14 Sunday 7:04AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The truth is coming out as to what ISIS is doing and what their "faith" is really all about.  I will not give all of the details, but here is a story telling some of the horror of what is going on in Iraq among Christians and others who do no believe as ISIS - REPORT: 'ISLAMIC STATE' TERRORIST KILLED 500 YAZIDIS - BURIED SOME VICTIMS ALIVE

Yes, there comes a time to stand up to evil.  Believe me, this wave of violent, insanity will not stop "over in that part of the world".  It will surely come to our shores.  Now, again, what can we do?  The first thing is to just become aware.  There are so many "distractions" in this life, that many do not even know what is going on, not only in Iraq, but all throughout the world.  There is a WAR being waged between good and evil!

Above all, we must PRAY and seek direction from our Lord.  Remember the scripture in Matthew 7:7....SEEK and you shall find.  Some, reading this, may say, "what can I do about all this evil that is going on around the world?".  

Remember, your PRAYER is POWERFUL and our Lord does listen to our prayers!  So, I urge you to take a moment, right now, as you read this blog and just bow your head and PRAY for those who are being murdered and tortured for their faith in God!

It is Sunday morning here in the U.S. and I suspect that a number of you are getting ready for Church.  Since you will be gathering with other Believers, simply remember those, that do not have the privilege and blessing to gather freely, without danger of being slaughtered, to worship God.  

Believe me, that is something for which to be THANKFUL! Use that freedom and privilege and blessing to help others who desperately need your PRAYER!!

So, I too, will be getting ready to head to Church this morning.  When prayer requests are asked for, I will ask our Church to pray for the Believers in Iraq and those around the world that are under horrifying persecution for their faith.  May I urge you to do the same.

On this rather serious note, I close out this blog this morning.  I want you to know just how much I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog and for joining together with us with your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-9-14 Saturday 6:02AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Be sure to look up to the sky this weekend.  You'll see a "huge" moon.  No, it's still the same size, it'll just look really big because it will be a FULL MOON at the CLOSEST point to the earth.  It'll be rather cool and I think it's a good thing when we "Look Up"!  Here's more - SUMMER'S 2ND "SUPERMOON" LOOMING

As ISIS raced across Iraq, it appeared that nothing could stop them (or that no one cared to stop them).  

Well, yesterday, an ISIS armored column met with a couple of 500 pound bombs delivered by several American F-18's.  When I heard that these guys were beheading children....well, THANK GOD, that they've been met with some "resistance"!

There is a time to just stand up to evil in this world.  I know that hundreds of thousands of Christians in Iraq are being brutally persecuted and murdered at the hands of ISIS.  

Actually, anyone who does not believe as they do, is the enemy. Again, THANK GOD that help is coming.  We certainly pray that this help will be directed by the Lord.  Here's the latest - US FIGHTER JETS TARGET ISIS CONVOY IN IRAQ

It is with joy that I bring you this good report on the condition of Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol.  They are steadily improving and gaining strength.  This is most encouraging in the midst of the horror of this dreadful disease.  With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!  Here's Dr. Brantly's first interview since he was stricken with Ebola - DR. BRANTLY INTERVIEW

My Cindy and I speak everyday.  Sometimes, multiple times per day.  We both agree that this precious time at the cabin is the best place for me to be right now.  

We need "strategic direction" on a number of fronts and just being quiet and alone helps me to hear the voice of God.  

But, let me be honest, I miss my Cindy and the kids and the grand-kids and will be glad when the little red Ford Escape is heading back to Florida.  In the meantime, I'm in "Wait Training".....a good place to be!

Today, I have some chores and projects around the cabin like preparing it for winter and getting all secure.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

8-8-14 Friday 6:27AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As world health organizations, including the W.H.O.  are gearing up for major Ebola outbreaks, the head of the CDC Director, Thomas Frieden, is asking, could this be the "Perfect Storm"?  Here's more on this developing world crisis - EBOLA: "PERFECT STORM" HEALTH CRISIS?

"It is inevitable that someone will fly to the U.S. from West Africa with Ebola symptoms" Frieden acknowledged, in a rare Congressional August Recess Hearing yesterday.

Folks, this is a serious threat to the globe and one that I urge you to seriously PRAY about.  Remember, our Lord hears our prayers!!

Meanwhile, reports are limited, but it appears that Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol are continuing their slow, steady improvements from the dread disease.  

Our PRAYER is that not only will they be HEALED, but great knowledge and benefit will come out of their return to the U.S. to receive treatment.  

I realize that some are extremely upset about their return, but I fully agree with the Head Nurse at Emory Hospital...."It was the right thing to do".  (More on that in yesterday's Blog, just scroll on down).  PLEASE continue to pray for Dr. Kent and Nancy and all of those suffering and those fighting on the "Front Lines" of this horrifying disease.

Well, the Egyptian brokered 72 Hour Truce ended as expected with Hamas launching 18 rockets into Israel and Israel responding.  No telling where all of this will lead...only our Lord knows.  Here's more on the battle - TRUCE ENDS - HAMAS LAUNCHES 18 ROCKETS AND ISRAEL RESPONDS

But, in the shadow of this Israeli - Hamas war, Iraqi Christians are being decimated by ISIS.  

FINALLY, the U.S. is helping their cause by dropping in food and may even conduct some limited Airstrikes.  Here's the latest - AIRDROPS BEGIN...BUT NO AIRSTRIKES YET 

Again, I urge you to PRAY for those Believers in Christ as they literally flee for their lives!!

At this hour, it appears as if Hawaii may be dodging TWO BULLETS!  Now, Tropical Storm Iselle is weakening and Hurricane Julio may swing to the north saving Hawaii a lot of grief.  Thank God for the weakening and the deflection!  Here's more - TROPICAL STORM ISELLE WEAKENS ON HAWAII APPROACH

It is a rainy, chilly day here in the Mountains of East Tennessee.  So THANKFUL for this "retreat" and this time alone with the Lord.  Must tell you... while I've been up here "Waiting on the Lord", He has been working out some very complex and difficult financial situations related to our business, CSA.  

Often, I am guilty of "plunging" into the middle of the battle, when our Lord wants me to "WAIT on Him" and let Him fight the battle!  We are far from being "out of the woods", but there is no doubt, He is working on our behalf!  

Also, back in Florida, our faithful mechanic, Paul, has been doing some good work on the Ti Burik, AKA, The Little Donkey.  He found a "leaking" turbo on the front engine and has sent it out for repair.  It should be all back together and ready of "action" upon my return to Florida.

So, what will I do on this rainy, chilly day?? Not sure.  There's a good cup of coffee waiting and a welcoming front porch and a Bible that will be read.  With that, I close out this truly "rambling" Blog today and wish to THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-7-14 Thursday 6:58AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Head Nurse at Emory Hospital explained her position on the return of 2 Ebola Infected Americans.  

There has been an uproar among some, for the U.S. "deliberately" bringing these 2 Americans for treatment.  Her answer is telling and worth repeating.  Here it is - I'M THE HEAD NURSE AT EMORY - THIS IS WHY WE WANTED TO BRING THE EBOLA PATIENTS TO THE U.S. 

Meanwhile, both Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol are making steady progress and we certainly continue to pray for them.

Here is some more information on the Ebola Outbreak - SEVEN THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE EBOLA OUTBREAK TODAY

Speaking of  "The Right Thing To Do"..... Here is the plea of 2 children for their father who is in prison for loving Jesus - Please take a moment to watch this - HEART-WRENCHING PLEA - WHY DOES OUR FATHER HAVE TO BE IN PRISON FOR LOVING JESUS??

American Pastor, Saeed Abedini, has been in prison in Iran for 2 years and suffered terrible things for his faith.  Please PRAY for our Lord to set him free and also pray that our government will hear this plea!!

Well, I got the oil changed on the little red Ford Escape and am wrapping up things here at the cabin.  Am so thankful to my precious wife Cindy for encouraging me to just take this time at the cabin to "Wait on the Lord".  Can't even begin to tell you how sweet this time has been.

As you probably know, if you've "rambled" awhile with me on this daily blog, I (and Cindy) love coffee.  Well, just came across more evidence to the fact that coffee is indeed a gift from God.  The truth is...for many years the medical & scientific community didn't know "beans" about coffee.  

This article may take some of the "guilt" away from enjoying a cup of coffee.  Here's the story - COFFEE REALLY IS GOOD FOR YOU

So, on that encouraging news....about coffee, time to wrap up this truly rambling blog and get on with this day beautiful, but "misty" day that our Lord has made.  What adventure lies ahead?  Only our Lord know.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-6-14 Wednesday 6:39AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, we are hearing more and more reports of "Divine Intervention" in the Israeli - Gaza (Hamas) War.  I must share this article with you that chronicles just a few of the reported "Interventions".  God is doing MIRACLES!  Here's the story - HAND OF GOD SENT MISSILE INTO THE SEA!

And speaking of "Miracles", here's the latest report on Dr. Kent Brantly, as submitted by his wife Amber - AMBER BRANTLY ISSUES STATEMENT ON CONDITION

Also, it should be noted that the 2nd American Missionary, Nancy Writebol is reported as weak but making steady progress.  PRAISE GOD!  Please continue to pray!

So, according to Jesus in John 16:33, there will be "Tribulation" (Trouble) in this world, but be of good cheer, I (Jesus) have overcome the world.  

In the midst of this old, turbulent world, that is shaking with Wars & rumors of War, and famine and pestilence etc.... we can have peace, His peace!  Now, that is GOOD NEWS!    

May I encourage you to simply reach out to Jesus today and fully place your faith and trust in Him.  He will never leave you nor forsake you!

It's time for me to head into town and get the little red Ford Escape serviced.  Couldn't do it yesterday, as the oil-changing place in town was all booked up.  Hope to find a slot this morning.  

As always, it is such a blessing and joy to have you on-board this rambling blog.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe  


8-5-14 Tuesday 6:56AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this 5 minute video yesterday evening and I encourage you to take a few minutes and view it.  It truly clarifies the situation  and has helped me to understand the problem .  Here it is:  SOME ARE CALLING IT THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO ABOUT ISRAEL EVER MADE...TAKING THE INTERNET BY STORM

A 72 Hour Cease-Fire brokered by the Egyptians has gone into effect and at this hour, it is still holding.  Israeli troops have withdrawn from Gaza and many "hold their breath". We PRAY for peace, but know, that it will likely not hold.  Again, that Video above explains a lot.  Again, let us PRAY!

I understand that the other Missionary, Nancy Writebol, is winging the U.S. from Liberia in the specially modified Gulfstream GIII.  She is expected to land in Georgia today.  

Let us continue to PRAY for both she and Dr. Brantly.  They have both been given some experiemental drugs that helping them to recover from Ebola.  We PRAY for a break-through with this dread disease.

Now, I know that some are extremely upset that these two have been brought back to the U.S. and that now, Ebola has come to our shores.

Listen, this is a big country and 60,000,000+ people visit the U.S. annually.... Legally!  

No telling how many come in illegally!!  Do you really believe that the disease is not here already??  Chances are, it's already here.  

I am THANKFUL that these 2 brave souls are getting the best treatment and....that we may actually gain incredible knowledge and skill with how to deal with this awful PESTILENCE (as mentioned in Matthew 24:7).

Oh well, enough said about Ebola...for now.

Yesterday, I had an amazing time with my dear friend, Stan Brock.  Some of you may recall Stan from Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins.  Stan was the "original" Steve Erwin.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Stan. - WIKIPEDIA - STAN BROCK - PHILANTHROPIST

Stan founded R.A.M. (Remote Area Medical) many years ago and our paths have crossed on more than one occasion around the world.  We're currently working on getting an extremely remote airport opened in Haiti.  Here's more on R.A.M., an amazing organization - R.A.M. USA

Since Stan and R.A.M. are headquartered in close-by Knoxville, I decided to just go see my good friend.  We had a great time and it was good to see their new Headquarters.  Again, and I must say it here....."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!  I am so THANKFUL that our Lord brought Stan across my path!!

So, it's that time.  Need to head out and get the oil changed in the little Red Ford Escape and get ready for the "next mission"....wherever that might be.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


8-4-14 Monday 5:57AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Kent Brantly, who arrived yesterday from Liberia is showing signs of improvement.  

We're very THANKFUL to the Lord for this report.  Dr. Brantly was able to walk into the hospital under his own strength.  We continue to pray for his improvement and healing!  Here's more - U.S. DOCTOR STRICKEN WITH EBOLA SAID TO BE IMPROVING

Meanwhile, the other American Missionary, Nancy Writebol is expected to arrive in the U.S. tomorrow.  PLEASE remember to pray for these brave souls who are laying down their lives that others might live.  Already, 60 medics have died on the "front-lines" of this raging battle! 

I came across this story about a British Aid Worker, Cokie Van der Velde, who documented what it is like fighting this dread disease.  

She witnessed the tragic loss of 6 nurses whom she had worked with.  She is quoted as saying, "It is hearbreaking to see such brave people perishing at the hands of this awful disease".  Here's her story - EBOLA VIRUS: BRITISH AID WORKER'S DIARY REVEALS HORROR AS SIX NURSES DIE FROM KILLER BUG 

Now, as I sit here typing this blog, I think, "What can I do?".  Folks, the thing that we can all do is PRAY!  Just as I shared in yesterday's blog, about the POWER in the Name of Jesus, let us call upon HIS Name for those that are suffering and dying and those that are so valiantly fighting this dread disease.

Let us also pray that our "porous" Southern Border does not allow Ebola and other dread diseases to enter in.  

Here's a "leaked" report that just came in moments ago from CBP (Customs & Border Patrol) regarding this critical matter.  Here's more - LEAKED REPORT SHOWS ENTIRE WORLD EXPLOITING OPEN U.S. BORDER...INCLUDING EBOLA STRUCK COUNTRIES!

Folks, we MUST regain control of our borders!!  All the more reason to PRAY!

Well, that's about all I can write on this morning. Time to get on with chores around the cabin.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-3-14 Sunday 7:44AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


ALL POWER is in the Name of Jesus.  On more than one occasion, in my life, I have called upon the Name of Jesus and been delivered from absolutely, seemingly impossible situations.  

Our Lord Jesus, left us the awesome gift of His Name.  In John 14:13-14 Jesus tells us not once, but TWICE...."Whatever you ask in my Name, this I will do, that Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it".

I believe that He said it twice in John 14 to be sure we get it.  Jesus wants to save us and rescue us and give us the POWER that we need, to not only get through this life, but to have the ability to reach out and help others in time of need.  His Name is ours.  All we have to do is call upon Him.  Remember, "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved"!

It's obvious that I've been studying for the message that I will share this morning at the Father's House Church.  It will be on "There's POWER in the Name of Jesus.  It's always a joy to share in this Church.  So thankful to Pastor Dan for allowing me to do so.

I read a very sad story this morning, about an American Missionary who was shot and killed as she was leaving the airport at Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  Please remember her family in prayer. Here are the details of tragic murder - AMERICAN MISSIONARY SHOT AND KILLED

As many of you know, who ramble down this winding "Blog" road with me, I never publish our Haiti travel itinerary because there is great danger immediately after departing the airport.  Most attacks and robberies occur in that zone.  Again, I'm so sorry for Myriam's tragic and senseless death.

So, I have time for another cup of coffee and will just sit out on the porch and watch to foggy clouds roll by on this chilly TN Mtn morning.  Please pray that our Lord helps me to "deliver the mail" this morning in my message.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

8-2-14 Saturday 4:59AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Awakened early this morning with this single word on my mind....POWER!  We need power to overcome the many obstacles and dangers and challenges in this life.  We need HIS POWER to overcome sin in our lives.  

And...our Lord promises to give us all the POWER we need.  All we have to do is ASK for it.  Hmmm...can it really be that simple?

Seems things between our Lord and ourselves begin with a request.  We begin by ASKING.  All the while, the Holy Spirit of God is drawing us to Him, because he loves us.

Jesus tells us in John 14:14, "If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it".  Can it really be that simple?  According to the Word of God it begins there.  Oh, there's so much more to this message.  I'll certainly be pondering this and may even preach on it tomorrow as I've been asked to speak at the Father's House Church by Pastor Dan.

Checked on the status of Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol this morning and they are still in serious condition and expected to be heading to the U.S. soon.  Let us remember to PRAY for them as they battle this life and death disease (read yesterday's "Blog" by scrolling down for more details on this unfolding story).  

We are praying that some "break-through" knowledge will come out of this, that will help to contain and eventually stop this dreadful disease!  Here's the latest - EBOLA PATIENTS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE SOON IN U.S.

I came across this rather CLEAR description of what is going on between Israel and Hamas and thought it was worth sharing.

When one looks at the FACTS regarding what is going on, it astounding that so many are condemning Israel.  Please, take a moment and read this article and you will see clearly what is happening - NATIONAL AD CAMPAIGN DELIVERS TOUGH MESSAGE ABOUT THE "TRUE NATURE" OF HAMAS 

And here comes Tropical Storm Bertha.  Things have been rather quiet in the Tropics, but this may be the next Hurricane of the season.  We're keeping a close eye on Bertha.  Here's more - HERE COMES TROPICAL STORM BERTHA 

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

8-1-14 Friday 6:59AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Last night, I wanted to check in on Dr. Kent Brantly to see how he was doing.  This is the Samaritan's Purse Doctor on the front-lines of fighting Ebola in Liberia when he was stricken by the dread disease.

He and associate Missionary Hygienist, Nancy Writebol, are on a specially modified Gulfstream III jet winging from Liberia to Atlanta, Georgia where they will be treated in a special "containment" facility.

Both, his condition and Nancy's are worsening.   A single dosage of experimental serum arrived before their departure and Dr. Brantly requested it be given to Nancy, a true act of heroism and love.

Here is a very comprehensive "Update" on what is happening.  May I urge you to take a few moments and read the report and above all, PLEASE PRAY for these two souls who have laid their lives down for others.  Here's the report - EBOLA VICTIMS HEADING TO ATLANTA - HERO DOCTOR GIVES UP ONLY DOSAGE TO HELP SAVE CO-WORKER

Folks, this is VERY SERIOUS!  I would like to share another YouTube with you that tells the History and what is being done about this deadly disease.  If you'd like to learn more, I urge you to take the time to watch this Nova Documentary.  Again, this is a matter for SERIOUS PRAYER!!  EBOLA: THE DEADLIEST PLAGUE ON EARTH

I am reminded of Psalm 91.  This is the place to be....."He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty"!!

I urge you to PRAY for those on the "Front-Lines" of this terrifying Plague.  PRAY for their protection and for wisdom and pray for a break-through vaccine.  PRAY for the victims who have, in many cases, no chance of survival.

This is not an easy "Blog" to write.  I just feel it is so important to share this NEWS with you.  There are so many distractions in this life and this is an EXTREMELY serious matter that is "unfolding as I type".  Again, PLEASE PRAY!

I just mentioned Psalm 91 and if you'd like to read this awesome Promise of Protection and don't have your Bible handy, here it is - PSALM 91

So, with this rather "heavy" blog about this dreadful plague, I pray that you have a blessed day and may you press in close to our Lord!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


As I stood just outside of the little cabin (not the actual one, but a pretty good rendition) where Davy Crockett was born, I thought about this remarkable character and where his life ended.... at the Alamo ....defending Texas.

Read the headlines this morning and it appears "U.S. Border Guards" are now under fire from Mexican Drug Lords and in essence, a "Border War" may be brewing.  Hmmm, what would Davy Crockett think??  Here's that story, it's quite disturbing - BORDER BATTLE: AGENTS UNDER ATTACK

Back to Davy Crockett - this guy really was quite a Character.  As I read a brief "snapshot" of his life, so many thoughts went through my head (you can see the photographer in the background).  Of course, there are many "exaggerated" stories about Davy Crockett, but without question, in many ways, he was a true American Hero.

Just to brush up on a bit of his History, here's a "History Channel" version of the highlights of this remarkable "American Legend" - HISTORY OF DAVY CROCKETT   

BTW, have another great friend in New Zealand who "chastised" me this morning for putting that old "Davy...Davy Crockett" song into his head.  He said he'd been singing it all day.  Any "Old-Timers" reading this rambling blog will know exactly what I'm talking about.  

OK, if you've never heard "The Ballad of Davy Crockett", here it is...but I warn you, you may be singing it for the rest of the day - THE "BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT"

After spending a little time at the "Crockett Cabin" and a quick stroll through the Crockett Museum, I headed over to my good friend's cabin, who happens to live in Limestone, TN, the birthplace of Davy Crockett.  

It was so good seeing Bob and our other great friend, Tom.  In this shot, Bob's oldest son, Josh, had joined us for some fun reminiscing about how our Lord brought us all together 26 years ago.

We just spent the day, and well into the evening, discussing everything from politics, to the "End Times", many, many scriptures and how our Lord brought our paths together.  Again, and I have to say it, "Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!

So, late last night, I "wound" my way back through the mountains and valleys back to our little Retreat Cabin in East Tennessee.  

Today, will be going over the strategy of how to repair the bridge crossing the creek that lead up to our little cabin.  Oh, been invited to speak Sunday Morning, at our local Church, The Father's House Church.  It's always a joy to share the Word of God and tell what our Lord is doing in my heart.  So thankful for the invitation.

Now, it's time to get on with that second cup of coffee on this "chilly" July morning.  Yes, that's pretty weird.  As always, we so appreciate your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-30-14 Wednesday 7:27AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sleeping under heavy blankets and wearing a sweater on....July 30th!  Woke up to a very chilly 46 degrees this morning.  If this keeps up....I may have to light a fire!  

Now, that's pretty weird.  I remember Al Gore explaining the "Hockey Stick Plot" and the poles melting and our kids never seeing snow again.....hmmmm, how's that working out? 

I know, I's all due to "Global Warming".  Well, at any rate, records are shattering all over the place and Scientists are scurrying to explain why it's "Fall in Summer".  

Will be interesting to hear what they have to say.  Here's more on this "Cool" Situation - JULY COOL-DOWN PART 2: POLAR PLUNGE RETURNS

Even though I'm in the Mountains of East Tennessee and pretty isolated (by design), I'm glad that I can still "Take Care of Business" (TCB) thanks to a good phone line and reasonably good internet.  

Got a communication yesterday from Haiti that the Air Traffic Control (ATC) project was all ready to "connect" and all they needed was just one longer cable to make it happen.

After a couple of e-mails and a phone call from the Director General of Civil Aviation in Haiti, looks like that last little strand of wire will be winging to Haiti and they'll be able to "Connect" that beautiful new Harris ATC System and be able to speak LOUD & CLEAR to all incoming and outgoing aircraft.  Now, that will be a huge ANSWER TO PRAYER!!

Here's an UPDATE on Dr. Kent Brantly, the Samaritan's Purse Missionary Doctor who is fighting for his life.  May I encourage you to continue to pray for him and his family and for all of those who are bravely fighting on the "Front Lines" of that terrible Ebola outbreak. DR. KEN BRANTLY UPDATE: "GOD WILL DELIVER ME FROM THIS", DOCTOR INFECTED WITH EBOLA SAYS

Today, I'll be taking a ride over to Limestone TN, the Birthplace of Davy Crockett.  My good friend and Brother in the Lord, Bob Ley lives there.  

We'll be getting together with another dear friend and Brother, Tom Case.  It just happens that Tom will be driving through and we'll have a good time of fellowship and prayer.  

BTW, remember the old Davy Crockett shows???  I can still hear that song...."Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier".

So, it's time for that 2nd cup of coffee and then get ready to head to Davy Crockett's old stomping grounds.  God bless and as always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-29-14 Tuesday 7:32AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Have been following the Ebola outbreak.  Folks, this is serious stuff.  It certainly deserves our prayer.  

You may have heard about the Samaritan's Purse Doctor, Dr. Kent Brantly, in Liberia who is fighting for his life.  First of all, I'd like to introduce you to his story and ask for prayer for he and his family. Then, let's look a bit more at this dreadful disease.  DR. KENT BRANTLY - A BORN LEADER

You may have heard of Ebola.  It's often spoken of in "frightening and hushed tones" as it is so deadly (90% Fatal!!) and extremely contagious.  

The battle to fight this horrifying disease is raging in Africa and I'd like to share some of the statistics with you - HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE LARGEST OUTBREAK OF EBOLA IN HISTORY

Once this disease gets started, it can spread like "wildfire" and the results globally, would be horrifying.  Remember, our PRAYERS make a difference and I ask you to stand together with us for those that are on the "Front-Lines" of this terrifying battle.  So, can it reach our shores?  This USA TODAY story from yesterday states it may be closer than we think - EBOLA - IT'S ONLY A PLANE RIDE AWAY 

I DO NOT share this story to frighten you.  I believe in the POWER OF PRAYER and this matter certainly should be brought forward and we should be aware so that we can know how to PRAY!  

Please remember to PRAY for Dr. Brantly and all those that are infected with Ebola and those that are fighting so hard to contain it.

I must admit, this Blog today was difficult to write, but I felt it so important to bring the awareness to you.  I am reminded again of the scripture of Matthew 18:19.

So, here I am in a cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee "Waiting on God".  It's a good place to be.  There are so many things that we can do, I simply want to do the the thing that our Lord directs me to do.  So, the quest goes on.....


Air Mobile Joe

7-28-14 Monday 5:33AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Two nights in a row, wild storms raged through our valley.  At one point, I considered leaving upstairs and heading to a small room in the center of the cabin.  Never quite got to that point, but the night was ripe for tornadoes.  

Up early this morning and surveyed the damage and the little cabin dodged a bullet(s) last night. This morning, the fog is as thick as pea soup.  Glad I'm not flying in this stuff.

These violent storms are likely related to  this next "Polar Plunge" that is coming our way.  BTW, we're on record for the coldest July days in U.S. History.  Just more evidence of "Global Warming"...... Here's more - POLAR PLUNGE AHEAD...PART 2

As I've been sharing with you, I'm spending a few quiet days alone, here at the cabin just "Waiting on the Lord".  The truth is, I believe that the "Lord is waiting on us" more than we're waiting on Him! 

Just being alive in this day, we're bombarded with so much information and our heads (I'm speaking personally here) are filled with so much "clutter" it's difficult to get QUIET enough to hear HIM.  

That's what I'm working on and it's difficult.  I'm often tempted to go to the computer to check the news, or the weather, or my e-mails or the bank balance and the list goes on and on. When do I just sit and get quiet?  Again, it's not easy, but I'm determined to do it!   The truth is, I'm in WAIT TRAINING!

So, the journey and the quest goes on.  Will be doing some chores and maintenance around the cabin, but will be, most importantly, seeking to get quiet and hear His voice!  Oh Lord, please teach me to "Wait on you"!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  


7-27-14 Sunday 7:46AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Last night, the little cabin rocked as lightening and thunder roared through our valley.  Glad to have a safe shelter from the "Storm".  Today, the forecast is more of the same.  

Sometimes, life is full of storms and all we can do is hold on to His Hand!  Some of these storms are of our own making and others "just happen".  Either way, our Lord promises to never leave us nor forsake us.  Thank God for His great love and for those precious promises!!

Having this time, alone in the cabin, allows me to reflect on all that is going on.  My sole determination is to get as close to the Lord as I possibly can...."Waiting on God", entwining myself around Him (read yesterday's Blog for more on that).  

The truth is we need Him to help us navigate through this life.  Knowing that we serve a mighty God who happens to love us more than we could ever imagine is very comforting.  There is NO problem that is too big for our Lord.

So, this is an abbreviated "Blog" as it's time to head out to Church.  Will work through the storms holding tightly onto His hand!  

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

7-26-14 Saturday 8:06AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finding time to get close to the Lord is one of the best definitions I've heard.  It also means to "wrap yourself" or "entwine yourself" around Him.  To some, this may appear to be a waste of time.  But, in reality, it could be the best and most effective use of our time.

We find the admonition to "Wait on the Lord" all throughout Scripture.  The truth is, very few of us like to "wait" on anything.  

For example, "waiting" in the doctors office seems to pour molasses on the working of the clock.  20 minutes seems like 2 hours.  Or how about "waiting" in line at Walmart, or "waiting" in the drive through when your stomach is roaring.  "Waiting" is not easy and often tries our "fast-moving" patience.

Yesterday, I shared  "Treasures" with you found in Psalm 37.  In that amazing Psalm, we are told repeatedly to "Wait on the Lord".  BTW, if you didn't get a chance to read it, here's another opportunity - PSALM 37 NKJV .  

It's only 40 verses and if you read it slowly, it will only take about 5 minutes and that includes taking a slow, delicious sip of cafe' at verse 20, the midway point.

I know, it's often difficult to take the "time" to just sit down and reflect on the Lord, or in the case of reading a 40 verse Psalm, we often tell ourselves..."we'll do it later when we have more time".  Guess what?  It rarely happens "later". 

Folks, IF we "invest" some time with the Lord, the dividends are "off the chart".  We can waste 5 minutes (the time it takes to read Psalm 37) by thinking about stupid stuff, like what we saw on TV last night, or some other such silly thing.

Believe me, I don't say any of this to "beat you up"....I am speaking to myself here, as I am guilty!!

Yesterday, I watched Cindy, Peter and Ariana head back to Florida.  BTW, they arrived at 2:45am this morning.  They had a safe trip home and I'm thankful.  Appreciate you praying for them. 

Cindy and I discussed it and we agreed that I should spend a few days at the cabin alone and yes, "To Wait on the Lord". 

It just worked out (I suspect our Lord had His hand in it) with our schedule that I could take these extra few days to "wrap myself around and entwine myself with the Lord".

And yes, I have a few projects here at the Retreat, like repairing the bridge that crosses the creek and getting the cabin ready for winter.  But the main goal here is to just spend some time with the Lord and hear what He has to say and clarify His direction for our ministry and what He wants us to do on our "next mission".

So, it's time to "take the time" to spend some precious time with our Lord and reflect on what it means to "Wait on the Lord".  Will be re-reading Psalm 37 again and searching for more jewels in the "Treasure Chest" of the Word of God.  Time to go get that 2nd cup of coffee and hear what our Lord has to say.  

Be blessed today and work on finding some time to "Wait on the Lord".  You'll be glad you did.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-25-14 Friday 7:55AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


My Cindy sent me this story and I must share it with you.  Apparently, Hamas thinks something "fishy" is going on with their rocket attacks on Israel.  Are we seeing another "Miracle" here??  Here's the story - THEIR GOD CHANGES THE COURSE OF OUR ROCKETS IN MID AIR!!

Last night, while sleeping, I awakened with so much on my mind. Was thinking about the disturbing headlines and was just in a bit of a tizzy when....felt that I needed to turn to Psalm 37 and my eyes fell on verse 9 - "For evildoers will be cut off; but those that 'wait upon the Lord' they shall inherit the earth".  And thus began a glory ride and a Treasure Find!

This one Psalm has so many treasures inside that it was just like opening a Treasure Chest.  Many scriptures that we know and quote are found in this single Psalm.  

Like one of my all-time favorites...Psalm 37:4 - "Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart" - I love that verse!

Then there is Psalm 37:23-24 - another classic that I have stood on so many times....

"The Lord directs the steps of the Godly, He delights in every detail of their lives.  Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand."

And then there is this verse, another favorite of mine - "I have been young, and now am old, yet I've never seen the righteous forsaken, or His seed begging for bread"

How can one Psalm have so many quotable treasures!!

Folks, I have only scratched the surface of the amazing, comforting, strengthening and encouraging verses found in this one Psalm.

May I encourage you to take a few moments and read the whole Psalm 37 and see, if after reading it, your day does not go better, much better.  If you'd like to read it right now, here it is - PSALM 37 NKJV  

The Word of God is such a treasure.  I am so glad that I awakened last night and went "mining".  After several hours of quiet and peaceful reflection, I went back to sleep and slept like a baby.

This morning, Cindy, Peter and Ariana are loading up and heading back to Florida.  Sure going to miss them.  We've had a glorious time up here.  I'll be staying on for several more days and working on a few more projects. 

Well, it's time to bid farewell to Cindy, Peter and Ariana.  Please join together with me in prayer that they will have a wonderful and safe journey back to Florida.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-24-14 Thurday 7:57AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One of our plans, here at the cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee, is to equip a little cabin, over the garage (seen in background) with a small kitchen and a bathroom.  This addition will greatly enhance our ability to provide housing for "weary travelers".   We, of course, have limited resources for this project.

One of the things we'll need is a kitchen sink.  While on a "treasure" hunting expedition in the barn, Cindy spotted something shiny.  Immediately, she and Peter dug it out and carried it up to the main cabin.  

With some "elbow grease" and loving care, the forlorn looking sink cleaned up and actually looked brand new. The remarkable thing is that this sink had been sitting in that dusty corner of that barn just waiting to be discovered.  Love it when our Lord provides!!

We are so THANKFUL to our Lord for providing this "Retreat" to us.  Our recent "In-Tents Fellowship" confirmed this remarkable gift to our ministry.  We can provide a beautiful location for "intensive" training as well as a refuge in difficult times.  Again, our Lord provides!

Cindy, Peter and Ariana are packing up today and will be heading back to Florida tomorrow.  I'll be spending a few more days here for some quiet time of prayer and reflection.  Also have a couple of critical projects to complete up here before I'll be heading back to Florida.

In the meantime, been keeping a close eye on the Caribbean.  A couple of low pressure areas are "trying" to develop, but upper level wind shears keep tearing them apart.  Good.  Glad we don't have to be fighting a "hurricane" yet.  We pray that this will be a peaceful season.  

In following up on on the plight of Christians in Iraq, was glad to see this FoxNews piece from yesterday, on the terrible situation there.  Shining light on this will help to bring help and awareness to the matter.  

The silence from the U.S. Government on this is deafening.  Please continue to pray for those who are facing such fierce persecution for their faith.  Here's the Fox story - PURGED BY ISIS - IRAQ CHRISTIANS APPEAL TO THE WORLD

Well, it's time to get to work and see what "treasures" our Lord has for us today.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-23-14 Wednesday 7:49AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Please continue to lift up the Christians that are fighting for their lives in Iraq.  A Muslim Professor, Dr. Al Asali, made a stand and paid the ultimate price.  He was killed for speaking up in behalf Iraqi Christians.  

There is something that we can do to help them, and that is to PRAY!  Here's the story on the Muslim Professor - MUSLIM PROFESSOR PAYS THE ULTIMATE PRICE

There is so much going on in our world today, from the "War" between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, to the downing of the Malaysia Jet over the Ukraine and tensions with Russia reaching "Cold War" levels, and the list goes on and on.  

Why am I mentioning this "Christian Holocaust" in Iraq?  It is because the world, including the U.S Government, is SILENT on this matter.  I simply want to bring this "hidden" matter to you so that, together, we can PRAY for those that are suffering and dying for the cause of Christ.  

Here's another good story on the plight of the Iraqi Christians.  I urge you to take a few moments and see the story. If you have time, view the actual Interview on the "Steve Malzberg Show".  Steve, who is Jewish, asks the question, "Why are Christians around the Globe not standing up for the Iraqi Christians?? ....good question - IRAQI CHRISTIAN SPOKESMAN: ISIS ENFORCING CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST 

Yesterday, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I took a short drive to a beautiful waterfall in our area, Elrod Falls.  It is not a big tourist attraction.  

As a matter of fact, very few people even know about it.  It's just a peaceful, tranquil place that's rarely visited.  So glad we "discovered" it.  We just had a lazy, peaceful day.  A good time to pray and reflect.

Today, we'll be hanging around the cabin and just chilling out.  Kind of like "recharging" our batteries for the "next mission" (whatever that may be) that lies ahead.

We're thankful to have these quiet, peaceful moments and yes, it does lend itself to spending some quality prayer time with our Lord.

PLEASE remember to pray for the persecuted Church worldwide.  Remember, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!!

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-22-14 Monday 8:44AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this article this morning and it just stopped me dead in my tracks.  The plight of Christians in Iraq is staggering and yet, there is little or nothing said about it, certainly not in the media here in America.  Here's a quote from this very insightful article...

"For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It's a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about.
Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) rode into town, their faith has been forced underground. Bells have been silenced, the hijab enforced with bullets. Tens of thousands fled after being offered an unattractive choice: convert, pay a religious tax, or be put to the sword. The levy was unaffordable. According to one local news agency, Isis troops entered the house of a poor Christian and, when they didn’t get what they wanted, the soldiers raped the mother and daughter in front of their husband and father. He committed suicide out of grief."
Here's the link to the story - IRAQI CHRISTIANS ARE RAPED, MURDERED AND DRIVEN FROM THEIR HOMES...AND THE WEST IS SILENT  These are our Brothers and Sister in Christ.  They certainly need our PRAYERS & HELP!
We, in America, are still relatively "comfortable" and do not have to deal with this level of persecution.  Yet, if we remain silent, this "Genie" that is already out of the lamp, will spread across the planet.  We must stand for those who are being so brutally persecuted.
May I urge you to take a moment and PRAY for those in Iraq, and in so many other places around the world, who are being persecuted and tortured for their faith. Folks, these are things are happening as I type, and often, we are either not told about them, or worse, we simply don't care.  
This morning, I just could not remain silent on this horror that is being played out in Iraq.  Having traveled into more than 44 Countries following natural disasters, we have seen evidence of this persecution in so many countries.  Believe me, this persecution is growing and will soon reach our American shores.  We must stand and PRAY!
You may ask, "Joe, what can I do for the Christians in Iraq?"  
Now, I know that, we in America have our share of problems with the Southern Border and the Economy and the endless list, but again, I simply bring this tragic story to you to seek your PRAYER.
Remember, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!  Our prayers together can help save lives and relieve suffering in Iraq and in so many other 'hot spots' around the globe. 
"For, where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in midst of them"  Our Prayer just became very powerful in Jesus!  
Thank you for standing together with us for others who are suffering!!  God bless!  

Air Mobile Joe 

7-21-14 Monday 6:23AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was up before sunrise.  Still had a warm "after-glow" from the wonderful "In-Tents Fellowship" meeting.  Came down and had that first cup.  Mmmmm, life is good.  Went for my trusty little Bible (that has been through so much with me*) and couldn't find it.

Where could it be?  Began to back-track in my mind.  Where did I have it last?  Then, my mind began to spin like a whirlwind.  I began to go over place after place and I just couldn't remember, it was like a blur.  Then, I recalled Matthew 7:7 - ASK - SEEK - KNOCK.  I quietly asked our Lord to show me where it was.  

My mind became very clear.  Started for the Campground and stopped by the Rendezvous (our 2005 Buick).  Opened it up, checked the back and started to walk away when "something" inside of me said, go back and check again.  

Went to the front, opened the door, scanned under the seat and all around and started to leave again when....something said, check again.  I looked up on the dash and there it was, that old, tattered Bible that has been around the world with me so many times and on so many missions.

You know, it was less than 5 minutes after I prayed that, our Lord directed me right to it.  So often, we (I am speaking for myself here) simply forget to pray.  

So, here I am with a simple message to share.  And, was going to go to the Word and seek a scripture, when the very "Lost Bible" became the message today.  It was lost and now is found after prayer.  

We all have things....and friends that are lost.  So often, a simple prayer can be a complete "game-changer" in seemingly impossible and or very difficult situations.

Next time you, say, forget where your keys are, may I urge you to remember Matthew 7:7 "Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened."

Also, during trying times when you may be facing complex and difficult situations, A.S.K. for His direction and wisdom.  He will give His wisdom and direction to all who ask.  Just like my old tattered Bible, our Lord will help you to find the answer.

Now, you may have a friend who is "Lost".  Believe me, our Lord wants you to pray for that person.  Don't hesitate, just do it!  Remember, our Lord hears our prayers not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Your prayers are important and if our Lord has put someone on your mind and heart, simply A.S.K. and leave the rest up to God.  Be sensitive to His direction.  He may have you phone the person, or stop by or simply to pray.

So, came down this morning, and was not quite sure what I would write (that is often the case) and He gave me a simple message on "Lost & Found".  I hope this helps someone today.  Our Lord is an ever-present help in time of need.  We simply need to call (A.S.K.) upon Him.  Remember also, whosoever (that includes you and me) shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.

Cindy and the kids and I are going to go to Cumberland Gap, Daniel Boone's old "stomping grounds" and go for a hike today.  We're looking forward to that.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this path of life with us. We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

*  PS - You may recall that this same Bible was with me when our small team was attacked and beaten and we were in the middle of being kidnapped when, by a miracle, we escaped.  My little, tattered Bible was stolen by the would-be kidnappers.  By a miracle of God, the Bible was returned to me.  That old Bible and I have "history".  Would hate to lose it.  Joe 

7-20-14 Sunday 7:29AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, we wrapped up our 3 Day "In-Tents Fellowship" meeting under a driving rain....but that didn't stop the fun and fellowship and sharing the Word.  

It started to rain the opening night and rained almost the entire 3 days and we never missed a step.  BTW, it's still raining this morning.  Was told the it's been rather dry and this rain will be good for the crops.

We had a full "Tent" the entire time and some of the kids took advantage of the moments of sunshine by jumping in the pool.

My Cindy did such an amazing job of planning this event and cooking for everyone.  We always had just the right amount of food and even had enough for seconds.  It was just a great 3 Days and we look forward to doing it again next year.

I took advantage of our Pastor Dan's electrical knowledge and we repaired a "dead" circuit in the cabin.  Now, we have our full "Security" lighting system.  Thanks, Pastor Dan!

So, it's Sunday morning and we're getting ready for Church.  We're looking forward to just going to church and not having to do anything but just go and sit and enjoy hearing the Word of God.

Peter will lead the Worship again. We're so thankful for this great experience for Peter, as he's growing in serving the Lord.

It's time to have get that 2nd cup of coffee and just sit on the porch and watch the rain fall before we head out to Church.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-19-14 Saturday 7:59AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Reports are spotty, but Typhoon Rammasun roared into South China with winds in excess of 155MPH.  Major evacuations have saved many lives!  

In one town, Wenchang, every brick and tile home was destroyed.  155MPH sustained winds are terrifying and completely destructive.  We are awaiting more reports, but are certainly praying for the victims of this monster storm.  


Meanwhile, the horror of the Malaysian flight is described as "Bodies falling from the sky".  Accusations are flying, but it appears to be quite clear that Russian Separatist fired the missile that brought down the Malaysian Flight.  Here's a first hand description - BODIES FALLING FROM THE SKY

Please remember to PRAY for the families and friends of the victims of this terrible act.  Also, please PRAY that those responsible for the heinous act are brought to justice.

Well, it began raining on Thursday evening and here, on Saturday morning, it's still raining here in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.  Our event, "In-Tent Fellowhsip" has been certainly rain on, but not rained out!  

We moved the event from the Campground to the porch of the Cabin and we had a blast yesterday.  

The fellowship was just wonderful.  Getting to know our neighbors and having several Pastors spending some time getting to know one another was just what we hoped would happen.

My Cindy did such a great job of planning this event.  There was exactly enough to feed each and every one and even enough for seconds.  Love it when a plan comes together.

Our great friend, Richard, brought the Word of God.  It was a good spite of the rain.  BTW, this rambling blog is posting a bit late due to the messes up the internet signal.

So, here we are in beginning Day 3 of "In-Tents Fellowship".  It's still raining, but all is well.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-18-14 Friday 7:14AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The world was shocked to learn that 295 innocent souls on board a Malaysian Jet were blown out of the sky by what appears to be a Russian missile.  Russia is denying the charge.  

There is much mystery surrounding this terrible event and the truth is....we may never know what happened.  Here's more on this unfolding tragedy - UKRAINE - RUSSIA ROW OVER WHO SHOT DOWN PLANE

Meanwhile, yesterday, Israel has launched a massive Ground Offensive into Gaza.  Over 1300 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza by Hamas since July 8th.  

This is an extremely "explosive" situation and could rapidly accelerate into a much wider conflict.  Again, we should PRAY for the PEACE OF ISRAEL!

There are, as usual, many versions to the story and I came across this insightful piece written by Dr. Charles Krauthammer and thought I'd share it with you - MORAL CLARITY IN GAZA - PLEASE take a moment and read this piece, it will open your eyes.

And while these events are tragically happening, Obama is campaigning.  It is shocking that a mere 40 seconds was dedicated to the Malaysia Crash then came jokes.  This is a sad picture of leadership.  Here's more - OBAMA RAISES FUNDS

I won't even talk about the tragedy that is happening on our U.S. Southern Border.

So....while these "gut-wrenching" things are unfolding, I crawled onto a friends Massey Ferguson Tractor and "graded" our driveway.  

As I crawled and scraped the high points and filled in the ruts, my mind was just a-whirl at what is happening around the Globe.  Folks, we're in pretty bad shape.

So glad that we proceeded ahead and launched our very first "In-Tents Fellowship" Meeting.  

We were very pleased at the turn-out and the campground was full and everyone had plenty of good food, the Word was shared and the fellowship was sweet!

Peter led us in worship and I had the privilege to share more on Grace.  It was a wonderful evening.

Our meetings will continue today through Sunday morning.  We're so blessed to be able to do this and we're extremely thankful as to how the pieces came together.

BREAKING NEWS!!  Just moments ago, I saw this latest update on now...SUPER TYPHOON RAMMASUN!  What was a Catagory 1 Typhoon yesterday blew up into a Catagory 4 in a matter of hours.  

This is extraordinary and means that many are facing EXTREME DANGER as this massive storm ravages South China and is headed to Viet Nam.  Here's more on this horrendous storm - SUPER TYPHOON RAMMASUN RAGES - MILLIONS IN DANGER

We'll continue to monitor these immense events.  Above all, we'll PRAY and ask our Lord just what we should be doing.  Our "In-Tents Fellowship" will be continuing and in just a little while, we'll be sharing more on God's Amazing Grace.

As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this road with us.  I know that I get a little emotional but these are troublesome days as we see prophesy unfolding and so many in such great danger.  Again, we pray for God's Will To Be Done on earth as it is in heaven!  THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-17-14 Thursday 6:55AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Finally, we got the Air Mobile Campground finished for the "In-Tents Fellowship" which will begin this evening.  

We're so thankful that we had the "pieces" to put this great little meeting place together. We were blessed to find a working refrigerator that had been in the woods, uncovered for nearly 10 years.  Cleaned it. Plugged it in and... it worked!

Then there was the stainless steel sink that was covered in leaves and sticks.  

We found picnic tables and even had running water (had to repair a few lines) and electricity.

No campground would be complete with a decent "Fire Pit" and...we even have a nice Platform.  

With a lot of "elbow grease" and determination, we now have a permanent meeting place for future events.  Praise God!!

BTW, love the working Outhouse.  

Cindy did a beautiful re-model job on it.  Nothing like getting back to basics.

Woke up to a downright "chilly" 48.5 Degrees.  Not sure, but that is probably a record for July 17th here in this neck of the woods.  

Many records dating back to the 1800's have already fallen across the U.S. due to this bizarre "Polar Vortex??".  Just more evidence of "Global Warming".

Been tracking that determined Typhoon Rammasun. After ripping across the Philippines it is now in the open sea, regathering strength and headed for South China / Viet Nam.  

Those folks are battening down the hatches and we're praying for all in the path and in the wake of this typhoon.  Here's more info on Rammasun - TYPHOON RAMMASUN NEARING SOUTH CHINA / VIETNAM AFTER STRIKING THE PHILIPPINES

Well, it's time to head out and put the final touches on the "Campground".  Remember, it's not to late to come and join us.  The "In-Tents Fellowship" Retreat will begin this evening and go through Sunday Morning.  If you'd like more information, call us at:  423-793-3569 or e-mail us at:

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-16-14 Wednesday 7:19AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


High winds, heavy rain, some flooding, but for the most part, the Philippines has "dodged" the bullet named Typhoon Rammasun (AKA Glenda).  THANK GOD!  

Filipinos are no strangers to Typhoons.  I recall back in 2009, the Philippines had 4 Typhoons in 4 weeks.  Massive flooding occurred at that time.  The Filipino people are some of the toughest, most resilient people we have ever worked with. So glad they "Dodged" this bullet!

Now, Typhoon Rammasun is headed for South China and expected to regain strength, becoming a dangerous Typhoon and slam into China later this week.  

Again, we're monitoring this situation and PRAYING for those in the path of this Typhoon.  Here's more on Typhoon Rammasun - TYPHOON RAMMASUN LEAVES THE PHILIPPINES - HEADED FOR SOUTH CHINA

Woke up to cool 49 degrees this mid July!  The weird 'Polar Vortex' has found it's way into the mountains of East Tennessee.  
Records are being shattered all across the country.  Would rather be a bit cool in July than being stifling hot.....though it's still rather strange to be bundling up in July!

It is a beautiful day here in Tennessee on this "crisp" morning and we're putting the final touches on our Air Mobile Retreat "Camp-Ground".  The pieces are coming together. 

Tomorrow evening, we'll kick off "In-Tents Fellowship", and have 3 days of Praise, Prayer, Fellowship and just plain old fashioned fun.  Hope you can make it!!*

So, it's time to head to the woods and work on that Camp-Ground.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

*PS - If you need more information and directions to our retreat, "In-Tents Fellowship", simply give us a call at:  423-973-3569 or drop us an e-mail at: .


7-15-14 Tuesday 7:16AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While sipping that first cup of coffee, the "Smokey" clouds are rolling through our valley.  There is a slight chill in the air, as the strange "Polar Vortex" works it's way across the U.S.  

Temperatures are supposed to drop to record lows in the next 24 hours.  Kind of strange to be in mid-July with the temp in the 40's.

Last night, some rather powerful storms came roaring through our valley and knocked our Internet for a "loop".  Been on the phone with a technician this morning trying to straighten it all out.  Just glad to have a phone that works and a tech that knows his stuff.  Thus, the late posting this morning.

Today, we'll be working in the "Camp Ground" getting ready for the "In-Tents" Fellowship event beginning this coming Thursday evening.  It'll go through Sunday morning and we're very excited about it.  The "transformation" continues in the woods. 

The clouds are enveloping our valley and it's time to get to work.  Recalling the messages on the Grace of God.  My heart is warmed as I ponder His goodness and grace.  Trust you are blessed today and.....THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


Typhoon Rammasun (AKA - "Glenda") made landfall in the Philippines as the equivelent of a Catagory 3.  Winds topping at 115mph.  

This Typhoon spared the region that was decimated by Typhoon Yolanda that struck last November and is headed toward Manila.  

Reports are coming in of extensive damage...the death toll has not been published at this hour. We are tracking this very closely and prayerfully!  Here's more - TYPHOON MAMMASUN SLAMS PHILIPPINES - MILLIONS THREATENED 


Air Mobile Joe

7-14-14 Monday 8:12AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Grace is, in my humble opinion, one of the most powerful forces ever released on mankind.  

For you see, Grace has many facets, like a spectacular diamond. Grace is, among many things, God's imparted ability to us, to enable us to do His will.  So, Grace helps us to do His will, no matter what the circumstances.  Now, that is POWER!

Of course, many recognize the Power of Grace to free us from sin (no small deal) as Grace is also "God's unmerited favor".

The bottom line is:  we need His Grace in our lives!  The question is, "How do we get His Grace?"  According to 3 extremely reliable sources (Solomon, James and Peter), the way get His Grace is to "humble" ourselves and He will pour out His Grace upon us liberally!

In Proverbs 3:34, Solomon (a man known for his great wisdom) tells us that our Lord scorns the scornful (the proud) but He gives GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.

In James 4:6 (the Brother of Jesus), we are told, "But HE gives more Grace, therefore He says, God resists the proud, but gives GRACE TO THE HUMBLE"

And in I Peter 4:5b "God resists the proud, but gives GRACE TO THE HUMBLE.

There, the "Way to Grace" is through humility.  In other words, simply admit to the Lord that you're a mess and that you need His help and He will give us GRACE and all the GRACE we need (read on down to yesterday's Blog to see He even gives GRACE for GRACE).  It is a wonderful thing to "MOVE IN HIS GRACE".
Avoid pride (we're all afflicted with this) as pride shuts off the flow of GRACE in our lives.  Again, admit to the Lord that you need Him and just humble yourself and He will lift you up.

There is so much more that I could say about GRACE, as there are unlimited facets to this Amazing Gift from God, but today, I'll simply touch on the Way to Grace through humility.

Once I began on GRACE (yesterday's blog), just couldn't turn it off and had to speak about it again in today's Blog.  Hope this helps someone reading this rambling blog.  Personally, His GRACE has saved me and keeps me going everyday.  Simply want to share it with you.

Must also tell you that Peter led Worship at 2 Churches yesterday, The Father's House and the Little Mulberry Baptist Church.  

Another great "facet" of God's Grace is God's Gifts.  Peter is very talented musically and he knows that this is a "Gift" from God.  
We are so blessed that Peter is "Moving in God's Grace!!

As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this road with me and also for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-13-14 Sunday 7:04AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As Cindy was speaking to a group of ladies on the subject of "FEAR" yesterday, Peter and I were in the woods "transforming" some natural beauty into a campground for our upcoming event, "In-Tents Fellowship".

Notice the refrigerator in the background.  This old fridge had been left in the woods for years, uncovered and exposed.  We cleaned it and plugged it in and it worked!  They just don't make them like they used to.

A pressure washer does wonders when it comes to taking a spot of nature and doing a few "tweaks" to make it comfortable for guests.

The old stainless steel sink, just like the old fridge had been sitting in the wood for years.  Cleaned up and looked almost like new.  Love it when a plan comes together.

We'll continue to work on the "Campground" this week as our event, "In-Tents Fellowship", begins this Thursday evening.

Had some thoughts on Grace, that I wanted to share with you today.  Have a question - Have you ever felt like you'd been to the "Grace Well" just once too often?  

In other words, perhaps you've been struggling with something and just keep going back to our Lord again and again only to stumble again?  We've all been there at some time or the other.

Well, I have a great scripture for you (and for me).  It's found in John 1:16 and here it is - "And of His fullness, we have all received and grace for grace" .  Wow, so when we feel like there is just no more Grace, then, He gives us more grace and even gives us "GRACE FOR GRACE"!  

Never give up on God's Grace.  He has more than enough and remember, His Grace is Sufficient....!

I sensed this morning that someone reading this blog needed to hear this Amazing truth on Grace.  Always remember that He gives "GRACE for GRACE"!

So, it's Sunday morning and we're getting ready to head to Church.  We pray that you are blessed today and may you Grow in Grace!!  And, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Speaking of "In-Tents" Fellowship, if you'd like to come or learn more about this great time of sweet fellowship and praise and worship and study, either give us a call at:  423-973-3569 or e-mail us at: and we'll tell you all about it.  The "Party" begins on Thursday evening and goes through Sunday morning (July 17-20).  Would love to see you!!  Joe

7-12-14 Saturday 7:14AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Looks like "Global Warming" is striking again....another unexplained, and perplexing "Polar Vortex" (a serious dip in the Jet Stream) is happening in July.  Here's some more on this "strange" weather - POOR MAN'S "POLAR VORTEX" TO MAKE SHOCKING RETURN TO EASTERN U.S. NEXT WEEK  

At any rate, if you're coming to the "In-Tents" Fellowship, bring some warm clothing, it's going to be quite chilly here in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.....when it's supposed to be hot as a "firecracker"!!

Speaking of "In-Tents" Fellowship, if you'd like to come or learn more about this great time of sweet fellowship and praise and worship and study, either give us a call at:  423-973-3569 or e-mail us at: and we'll tell you all about it.  The "Party" begins on Thursday evening and goes through Sunday morning (July 17-20).  Would love to see you!!

We're making good progress on "transforming" a mess into a "Camp Ground".  Love working on projects like this.  We're very excited about using this area for future meetings.  We'll likely continue on the "In-Tents" theme, i.e., "In-Tents Survival" & "In-Tents Worship" etc.  Love it!!

This morning, my Cindy will be speaking to a group of ladies on the Subject of FEAR.  

She has defined fear as  .........   False - Evidence - Appearing - Real.  In other words, most of the things that we FEAR, never come to pass (statistics have proven that).  It's a great message. 

While she's ministering, Peter, Ariana and I will be working on the "Camp Ground".  We are really having fun getting ready for this.  Again, hope you can make it.  Time to "get back to work".  As always, truly appreciate your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-11-14 Friday 7:08AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


A clever play on words (Intense Fellowship) to describe an upcoming event that Cindy and I will be hosting next week right here at the Air Mobile Retreat in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee.

We've invited our community and beyond, to come and spend a couple of days camping out and having an "Old Fashioned" Camp Meeting next Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 17-20).  

I know this is short notice, but if you're interested in coming, simply give us a call at 423-973-3569 and we'll help you get here (you can also e-mail us at: .

We've been working hard to get things ready for next week. What a pleasant surprise to discover that this piece of land already had all the "makins" for a great campground.  

We've already got a great platform, a couple of functioning out-houses, water, electricity, a fridge and more.  It's all right here.  All we have to do is get it ready and...."we'll party with Jesus"!! 

So, now our work is cut out for us.  We're very excited because we can see using this "Campground" for many meetings and training and super worship and more. Our Lord is so good to have directed us to this "neck of the woods".   BTW, these are some "before" shots.  We'll pass on the "after" shots when it begins to look a little better. 

It's time to head out & get ready for "IN-TENTS" FELLOWSHIP!  Remember, if you'd like to join us next week, simply get in touch and we'll give you all the details.  Hope to see you!!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-10-14 Thursday 7:13AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The phone rang.  It was Marta with the Jubilee Project, a vital ministry in Hancock County, TN.  There was a major water problem (e-coli) and it was preventing a much needed facility from being opened.  Could we help?

We dropped everything and headed through the valley and over the hill and met Marta and a Summer VBS (Vacation Bible School) Team to check out the problem in Treadway, TN.  

Marta showed me the pump room and the "parts" that they had been gathering for their water system.  

I was very glad to explain to Marta that she had a beautiful set up (Cistern / pressure tank / pump / filters and a UV unit).  All they needed was a good plumber to come and put the pieces together.

Then we showed she and the VBS Team our Air Mobile Rescuer and how, in an Emergency, this unit could provide all the clean water they needed.  The Rescuer eradicates e-coli.  We also explained the "Mission" of Air Mobile of bringing clean water to thirsty people. 

Marta went on to explain that 5% of the population of Hancock Country does not have running water!  And....40% have inadequate sanitation.  There are major "water" problems right here in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee!

We see again, why our Lord has directed us to this area for the "Air Mobile Retreat" outreach.  So glad we got that call and had the privilege to meet Marta and Jubilee Project.

So, today, it's a "Smokey" morning here in the Smokey's.  Cindy and I are just about to enjoy that second cup of coffee. We'll see what our Lord has for us to do today.  We simply pray...."Thy will be done on earth (in our lives) as it is in heaven".

We are so glad to have you along on this "journey" through life with us.  Your prayer, love and support is so precious to us.  THANK YOU, again!!

Air Mobile Joe  


7-9-14 Wednesday 7:47AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Over half of Israel spent last night in bomb shelters as a cluster of bombs hit throughout the country.  I can only imagine what would happen if this happened to any other country in the world.  

And....."both" sides are urged to remain calm and not upset the region!!

Israel has launched a major counter-offensive and yesterday the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) hit numerous targets inside Palestine.  Here's more on what is going on...ISRAEL POUNDS DOZENS OF OF GAZA TARGETS IN COUNTER-OFFENSIVE

Folks, from the Southern Border of the U.S. to Israel and throughout the world things are heating up.  Meanwhile, Russia and China are gearing up their military's as never before. 

Each day, when I get up and scan the news, I see more and more volatility and hatred in this old world.  Being here in the mountains of East Tennessee my view of things becomes a bit clearer.  Don't have as many places to go and my "To Do List" is shortened quite a bit. I'm able to "ponder" these world events and compare them to what the Bible says.

Today, I'll get on the old Massey Ferguson Tractor and grade the winding road leading to the cabin.  We've had a lot of rain and the road is nearly un-passable.  But....I have to wait for the rain to stop falling.

Back to "what can I do"?  You know I'm going to share a bit on PRAYER!  We need to remind ourselves (I'm really speaking to myself and writing out loud) that PRAYER IS POWERFUL!  

Remember, the Bible tells us to "Pray without Ceasing" (I Thessalonians 5:17).  We can't pray too much!  Out of prayer comes insight, wisdom and direction.  As we spend some time in these beautiful mountains our Lord is working in our hearts and teaching us patience!  Now, I want patience and I want it RIGHT NOW ....that's just a joke.

So, I'll pour that second cup of coffee and sit on the porch with my sweet Cindy and watch the rain fall and ponder prayer and seek to hear His voice for my life today.  

As I shared yesterday and it applies today...."Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  I'm praying for His will to be done in this little "pile of dirt (earth)" called Joe Hurston.

Pray you have a blessed day and THANK YOU for you for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


7-8-14 Tuesday 7:05AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


What is happening on our southern border is absolutely insane.  People are foolishly putting their lives....and their children's lives at risk because of lies and manipulation.  

The "journey" is filled with often horrifying danger (some statistics state that 1 in 3 girls are raped along the way!!) and it "seems" that our country is powerless to stop it.  Folks, this is a travesty.

This is truly a disaster and it is unfolding before our eyes and the politicians are "dancing" around it and spouting more craziness.  What has happened to "release" this flood??  It is as if these, often innocent children, are being used as  weapons.  What is the goal?  Who will "win" this battle??

You see, with these "children", who are being used as "human shields" are coming disease, dangerous terrorists from every nation, drugs and "only God knows what else"!

Having lived and worked in Haiti for 36 years, we have seen "Immigration" tragedies unfold with literally thousands and thousands of Haitians risking and often losing their lives on the high seas to reach this country.

I KNOW that we can close our borders and enforce our laws but....there seems to be a deliberate, concentrated effort to rip our borders open and "allow" this flood of humanity in with literally no restraint.  Again.....what is happening???

So, in the midst of this "STORM" ravaging our Southern Border what can we do?  At this point, this morning as I sit in a little cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee, Cindy and I are left with the "weapon" of prayer.  Oh Lord, please intervene and protect the innocent ones and stop this illegal flood and protect our country and bring us back to a land of law and order.

I just had to say something this morning about this terrible situation.  As usual, the "news" that we receive on this "Storm" is often slanted and manipulated and yes, filled with lies.  

As I lay in bed, before the sun rose, I pondered the most wonderful of all prayers ever given to us, by our Lord Jesus.  I slowly went over each verse.  Wow, in just a few Words, this prayer covers it all.

I settled on "THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN".  With those Words deeply imprinted on my heart, we go forth into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.

So, as we go forth we'll seek just what our Lord wants us to do about this.  It may be to simply pray.  It may be more, but at any rate, we go seeking His direction for us today.  We pray that you are blessed today always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

7-7-14 Monday 7:49AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was such a joy sharing the platform with our son, Peter yesterday.  He lead worship and I had the privilege to share a message on God's Amazing Grace.  It was a good day!

Peter has a definite "Call" on his life to lead worship and bring Glory to God. We are so blessed to have him as our son!

Every time I share on "Amazing Grace" wonderful things happen to my heart.  Yes, I'm preaching to myself, as we all need MORE of God's Grace in our hearts.  The best way to get MORE grace is by humbling our selves under the mighty hand of God.

James 4:6 says, "HE (Jesus) gives more grace.  Wherefore, God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble". 

BTW, this blog has been delayed this morning as it appears that "Chrome" is having some glitches.  But while working through all of that, I saw that a rather large earthquake just hit in Puerto Madero, Mexico.  It was first reported as a 7.1 and since adjusted to a 6.9.  

The thing that is notable is notable about this earthquake is that there have been a number of quakes down the Caribbean Plate ending on Hispaniola (Haiti). 

We certainly pray that Haiti does not have another earthquake.  In the meantime, we PRAY for those in Mexico who have just experienced a significant earthquake.  We have no reports of damage, injuries or death at this hour.

We are still having problems with our internet here, so I'm going to try to post this blog and do some updates later when the internet gets better here at the cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee.  

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-6-14 Sunday 6:53AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


This morning, I have the privilege to share a message on "Grace" and just how AMAZING Grace truly is. The more I study this subject, the greater the gift becomes in my life.  The Apostle Peter, urges us to "grow in grace" (II Peter 3:18).  

So, this morning, as I share this message in the Father's House Church, I personally will be growing in grace. What a wonderful thing.  My hope and prayer is that those that hear this message will also grow in this awesome gift of God.

What I have found, over the years, is that Grace has so many facets, it is like a great jewel.  Every time one peers into it, spectacular beauty and strength and God's unending love is found.  Oh, may we all grow in grace!

So, this morning we're up and getting ready for church.  Have already had that delicious second cup of coffee.  These East Tennessee mountains just take our breath away.  We pray you are extremely blessed today and may you grow in His Grace!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-5-14 Saturday 7:18AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Often, life blazes by us so fast that it's difficult to take time to read.  Yeah, just sitting down and reading.  That is one of the sweet things that happens in the East Tennessee Cabin.  It just naturally occurs.

A dear friend has written a book and has asked if I'd take a look and make any suggestions.   

In the normal course of life, this would be difficult, as the ever-present "To Do List" demands my attention and things just "happen" making it difficult to just sit and read.  BTW, it's a pretty good book.  

I believe that our Lord "arranged" for our family to have this precious little get-away cabin and we're certainly grateful!!

Couldn't believe that the temperature on this gorgeous morning is a crisp 49 degrees.  This is July and it's supposed to be hot as a "firecracker".  Mmmmmm, feels good.

Thanks to technology and recently installed internet service, we now have full "communications" at the cabin, and yes, I still have the "To Do List" up here. But....there's just something in the air that causes one to take an afternoon nap and just slow down a bit.  I love it, whatever it is.  

You see, taking a bit of time to snooze hasn't caused the "To Do List" to crash and burn.  Actually, it seems to clear the head and remarkably, things still get done.  I just have to deal with that tinge of guilt of "slowing down" and truly resting.

Yesterday was, of course, the Fourth of July.  We just stayed at the cabin, ate a magnificent meal (T-Bones on the grill), played and relaxed and laughed, and when the sun finally set, went out and ignited the tiniest little fireworks display one can imagine.  What a day.  And, we pray that our Lord blesses His Amazing Grace.

That is what I'm going to speak on tomorrow morning, Amazing Grace.  Folks, the truth is we don't "deserve" God's love and yet, He freely gives it.  That's a fact!

Peter will be leading worship and I'll take the main service at The Father's House Church.  Our great friend and Tennessee Pastor, Dan, has asked me to bring the Good News.  Always a joy to do that and to speak on God's Amazing Grace is a double blessing! 

The sun has fully risen and the temperature is slowly rising and I hear Cindy and the kids stirring.  Time to have that second cup of coffee with my sweetheart on the front porch of the cabin.  There are times that life is exceptionally good.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-4-14 Friday 6:56AM (US Eastern Time) - Mtns of TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Before saying anything on this epic, rambling blog, let us say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  We love you!!

America has many problems and is facing many challenges, but we are so THANKFUL for America and simply pray....GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Peter and I "hit the road" yesterday morning and 12 hours later (720 miles) pulled up to our Air Mobile Retreat Cabin.  Had an uneventful, but at times, rainy & windy ride as we paralleled Hurricane Arthur.

BTW, that first Hurricane of the Season has become a Catagory 2 storm with winds exceeding 100 MPH.  After grazing the outer banks of North Carolina, Hurricane Arthur is now dancing dangerously close to the North East Corridor.  Folks have been wise to just "stay out of the way" of this storm.  Here's more on Hurricane Arthur - HURRICANE ARTHUR - GLANCING BLOW

Can't even begin to tell you how much I've missed my Cindy.  We are looking forward to some quiet and prayerful time up here in the mountains of East Tennessee.  We're also looking forward to some precious ministry time with these great Tennessee folks!!

So, for the next few days, we're just going to take it easy and enjoy this beautiful slice of God's Country up here in Tennessee.

We pray you have a safe and blessed 4th of July.  Let us all remember to PRAY FOR AMERICA!!

Air Mobile Joe

7-3-14 Thursday 5:56AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Peter and I will be "hitting the road" this morning and much of our route will be driving alongside, what just became Hurricane Arthur (less than an hour ago).

North Carolina will feel the brunt of this, first Hurricane of the season.  Winds will be between 75-80 MPH today and this storm is still growing.  We're praying for those in the path.  Here's more on Hurricane Arthur - HURRICANE ARTHUR HEADED FOR SOUTH / NORTH CAROLINA  

We're heading up to the cabin in Tennessee and can hardly wait to get there!  We're going to have a pretty bumpy ride as we drive up I-95.

Both Peter and I have been invited to share the Word of God in the Father's House Church in Sneedville, TN.  

So, the rambling "Blog" will be a bit short this morning, as it's time for us do the final load and "hit the road".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 


7-2-14 Wednesday 7:51AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, just like that, the "Tropical Depression 1" became Tropical Storm Arthur yesterday, and it looks like it could continue to grow into a Hurricane.... perhaps a Catagory 1.  

This "bad boy" formed right here off the coast of Cocoa and it will be moving north and making a northeast turn, toward North Carolina this weekend.  Going to definitely mess up some 4th of July fun.

This is a good time to PREPARE!  Mmmmmm, does that make you "PREPPER"?  Interesting thought. The fact is..."stuff happens" and it's always a good idea to "buy supplies when you can" because there comes a time when you can't.  We see it often.  Here's more on Arthur - TROPICAL STORM ARTHUR: HURRICANE WATCH FOR NORTH CAROLINA - 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY THREATS FOR PARTS OF FLORIDA & SOUTH CAROLINA

Peter will coming home today!  He is just completing his second, back to back mission this summer.  We've missed him and will be good to have him home.  Spent the day running errands and taking care of business.

Yesterday evening, had dinner with our son Christian and his beautiful family.  Before dinner, we watched the USA make a valiant attempt to "stay alive" in the World Cup, but eventually lost to Belgium in overtime.  They definitely "fought the good fight", but will be coming home.  Disappointing. 

BTW, what a beautiful family and good-looking grand-kids.  We played a roaring game of Bible-Opoly.  We kept giving our properties to each other and making donations toward "building a Church".  It is a very fun game!

So, if you live along the East Coast, keep an eye on the weather and make sure you have candles, batteries, water etc.  Arthur has "come alive" quite rapidly and is exceeding earlier forecasts.  It's always a good idea to be ready and prepare!!

Time to head out into this, somewhat...., beautiful day. We're having strong winds and outer rain bands from Arthur.  You can see from this Sat Image, Arthur is becoming quite a storm!  

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

7-1-14 Tuesday 6:34AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The Hurricane Season's first storm, TD1, is forming just east of where I am sitting and typing.  I can see it just outside our kitchen window and we'll certainly keep an eye on it.  

If it continues to develop, as forecast, it will likely become a Tropical Storm.  Hopefully, and prayerfully, it may never reach Hurricane Status.  That's just fine with me....don't like hurricanes!

This storm will likely brew and stew off the coast of Florida for the next 24 hours and then track north to the Carolina's and beyond.  Sure am glad I'm not flying for the next few days.  We'll keep the Little Donkey tucked away in the hangar.  


Yesterday, I shared the "burden" of carrying a heavy load of debt.  We are still in our same situation but....I'm very thankful that this blog enabled me to share this "burden" with you and I want you to know that I feel your prayers and love.  THANK YOU!

I know that our Lord carried the burden of our sins on the Cross and that He cares for us.  I also know that some of you reading this blog, likewise, are carrying very heavy burdens.  Our Lord Jesus knows where we are and wants to help us.  All we need to do is to call on Him. 

One of my favorite scriptures is found in I Peter 5:7.  Peter, who knew Jesus extremely well, urges us to...Cast all of our care, anxiety (including debt) onto Jesus because He does, indeed, care very much for us.  Now, that is GOOD NEWS!

Just another word on debt, I am also reminded of the Lord's Prayer....."forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors".  Again, our Lord wants to set us free.  Thank you, Jesus!

Well, it's time head out into this "blustery" day.  Again, I'm so THANKFUL for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

6-30-14 Monday 6:39AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


To answer that question:  I certainly do.  When one starts a business, here in the U.S., the owner or founder usually co-signs for loans to get the business established.  I did that a number of years ago because I had all the confidence and hope that our business, Cartridge Source of America (CSA), would prosper and be successful.  

For many years, our company had steady growth and at the same time, helped us to go around the world bringing clean water to a thirsty world.  You see, Cindy and I are "tent-makers" and don't draw a salary out of Air Mobile Ministries.  We are thankful for the years that CSA has provided an income for us. 

Then, the U.S. Economy began to experience some major set-backs.  First a major "Bubble Burst" and property that was very valuable became much less valuable.  I watched the value plummet before my very eyes and a piece of prime property, on which we were to build our headquarters became nearly value-less.  We had borrowed quite a lot of money against that property.

Then, the Space Shuttle Program ended.  It was a glorious run, but it did indeed come to an end in 2011.  Our company had significant contracts directly related to the Space Shuttle. So when that beautiful bird made it's last flight, our company laid off the final employees.

Now, I'm left "holding the bag" of a lot of debt.  So, what do I do?  I'm believing our Lord to help me through this trial as He has helped me through so many trials in the past.  With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I keep hearing a distinct message, deep in my heart...."Son, if you take care of My business, I will take care of yours".  This morning, I opened up to a very familiar and comforting passage in Isaiah 58:16...

In answer to our prayer, our Lord helped CSA to secure a contract in Haiti to replace the aging and dying Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment.  This contract is also making the skies around Haiti much, much safer!  This is also helping us to pay off some of the debt, but....we need a miracle to pay the balance.  

BTW, what an amazing be able to travel to Haiti on a regular basis under this contract and...KEEP CLEAN WATER FLOWING TO THE THIRSTY!  I love it when our Lord does things like that!!

I AM NOT ASKING YOU to help us to pay off this debt.  I AM ASKING YOU TO PRAY & BELIEVE WITH US that our Lord will continue to make a way for us to simply pay off all of our debts.

Please forgive me for "baring my soul" with you this morning, but I simply need prayer for wisdom and direction and you are so faithful with your precious prayer, love and support!

I also suspect that some of you reading this "Rambling Blog" are also carrying a heavy load of debt.  I also join together with you and believe that our Lord will make a way for you to pay every debt and to owe nothing but...THE DEBT OF LOVE!  AMEN!! 

Well, it's time to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  What adventure and miracles lie before us?  Only He knows.  So glad to have you along for the ride. God bless and thanks again for meandering down this road of life with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-29-14 Sunday 7:46AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was a normal morning.  It was very good to spend the evening with Peter, but alas, it was time to bid farewell to him again, as he was off on "another mission".  This one would be rather short, only 5 days and with his church Youth Group.  Once he was safely delivered, I headed to the airport.

Brian, our chief CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and I had scheduled to meet mid afternoon for some flight / re-currency training  that involves a number of Instrument Approaches.  We both needed a certain number of these, so we planned to "Instruct" one another and get those mandatory approaches in at the same time.

I fueled the Little Donkey, grabbed a quick lunch at Dogs-R-Us, our favorite, football season "hang-out".  And yes, Cindy, I ate a healthy lunch.

Headed back over to the airport to meet Brian.  We plugged in a power supply and sat on the ground with Avionics all fired up, a big fan blowing on us and discussed what we would do on this "training / re-currency" flight.  I really like Brian's patient and systematic way of teaching.  He is truly a gifted Instructor.  Am so glad that our Lord "deployed" him our way!

Once we had the flight plan all laid out we pulled the Little Donkey out for our actual flight.  BTW, Brian really knows these Garmin radios well and taught me more stuff than my limited brain can hold.

We "fired" up both engines, Brian eased on his Headphones and nothing....They were dead.  We swapped out his headphones and still...nothing.  

We switched every switch and recycled the master switch multiple times and they were "dead as a door-nail" (I guess that's pretty dead).

Certainly, our intention and "plan" was to fly today but it wasn't meant to be.  The fact is, it was a cool 95 degrees (and climbing) and it was just as well to postpone the training flight for another day.

I immediately called our faithful mechanic, Paul, and he'll check on it Monday.  So, that's how the day went.  Am reminded of Romans 8:28 & 31.

Wrote a friend in New Zealand last night and he asked how the training / re-currency flight went.  When I told him about the "dead mic jack", he wisely pointed out that it was better here on the ground and not half way to Haiti or in some "sticky", very busy ATC function.  I agreed.  So...."the best laid plans" are still in "His Hands".

Today is Sunday.  Getting ready for Church and our Chaplaincy ministry at the hospital.  Have already been in touch with the Menendez Family, who FAITHFULLY assist us with the ministry to young folks and now adults at the Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando.  They'll take the young folks and I'll take the adults today.

Time to head out the door into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-28-14 Saturday 7:28AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I know her as "Jennifer Honduras".  Jennifer is a Brevard County School Teacher who has a heart to help orphans in Honduras (which was recently named the #1 Murder Capital of Central America).  

For years, Jennifer has been the "courier" of supplies and reports from the Orphanage that is located just outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  This upcoming mission to Honduras will be Jennifer's 9th trip there.  It's always good to hear from Jennifer. 

When she called, I had just landed the Little Donkey from Haiti.  In this case, she needed more Ceramic Filters to keep the Air Mobile Rescuer cleaning the water up for the kids in the orphanage.  She requested 2 replacement filters and I gave her 4.  Want those kids to have plenty of clean water!

Jennifer presented me with a group shot of the kids in the Orphanage.  I love that as a reminder to know where the "Rescuers" are in operation. 

I'd also like to give a special THANKS to Rockledge Presbyterian who not only funds this great Orphanage in Honduras, but has funded multiple Air Mobile Rescuers around the world.  The "Body of Christ" is a beautiful thing!

After meeting with Jennifer, I dodged thunderstorms enroute to Orlando International Airport where our Peter Hurston was scheduled to arrive from Houston.  I kept a close eye on the storms and his plane landed about 10 minutes before "all hell broke loose".  Winds were howling at 50-60 mph, there was hail and literally "sheets" of rain.  Thank God he landed safely.

I had originally thought Peter would have to "report" to another camp on Friday evening, but found out is he due there this morning.  So....we headed over to Sonny's and got the AUCE (All You Can Eat) BBQ.  He got ribs, I got sliced pork and yes....we did "pig out".  So good seeing our "Missionary" son between missions.

This morning, will  be bringing Peter to Camp and then I'll meet with Brian, our Chief Flight Instructor. We'll be shooting some Instrument Approaches to keep ourselves current.

Time to go take care of the chickens and do some chores before hitting the road.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe   

6-27-14 Friday 5:23AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Sometimes, I get up quite early, come downstairs, brew a cup of coffee and just sit in front of the computer and stare at the screen and wonder what I'm going to write.

Usually, if nothing "pops" into my head, then I begin to scan the news. That can be quite depressing.  Then, I usually grab my Bible and yes....sometimes, I just open it up and see if there's not a special message for me.  

Listen, the WHOLE Book is good, so most anywhere I open to will likely be good.  However, that "random opening" should not take the place of simple and systematic study of the Word. God's Amazing Grace, over the years, I've gotten some spectacular "messages" from God by these "random" openings.  

Now, take this morning.  Happened to snap a shot of my trusty old Bible (remember, that's the same Bible that was stolen by Kidnappers and by a miracle, got it back... & we survived...but that's another story) along with my "To Do List", along with that delicious cup of coffee and with Beau, our cat, in the back-ground.

Not quite sure what it all means, but it's kind of cool the way things "stacked up" - Bible/List/ Coffee/ Cat.

I'm sure there's some deeper meaning, but the thing I want to share is, where I opened (randomly), my Bible.  

It was Mark 1:15.  These are the first Words of Jesus (they are in red).  The author of the Gospel, Mark, first quoted Jesus with this simple, direct, pure message.

"The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye and believe the Gospel".  Wow, that pretty much says it all.

Since those Words were spoken by our Lord Jesus, a lot has happened in this old world and I believe that we are ever closer to the Second Coming of Jesus.  I like the beautiful simplicity of the Message...."Repent and Believe the Gospel".

It is very comforting to know that Jesus will help us to repent and believe. All we have to do is to put our trust and faith in Him.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  The fact is, we can't do it on our own.  We need His help and He's an ever present help in time of need!  Now, that's Good News!  BTW, "GOSPEL" MEANS GOOD NEWS!

So, with these encouraging Words, again, I need to remind myself of them, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  Today is an exciting day.  Later this afternoon, Peter, our intrepid "Missionary in the 'Hood'" will be returning home, only to head right back out onto another "Mission" with his Youth Group.

Before Peter gets back, will be meeting with a Missionary to Honduras who needs some extra ceramic filters for their Air Mobile Rescuer.  That unit has been in operation in Honduras, for several years and has been providing a lot of clean water to thirsty children.  I love what we do!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-26-14 Thursday 7:41AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When I saw this story this morning....I cried.  Had to share it with you - U.S. Marine Asked His Bootcamp Buddy to Watch His House While He Was Stationed Overseas. He Never Could’ve Predicted He’d Return to Find This. (Be sure to watch the video in the story!!)

First of all, this is a story that our family can absolutely relate to.  Cindy and I got yelled at by Ty Pennington through a "bull-horn" and got the shock of our life several years ago.*

This story of the returning Marine, particularly touched my heart because there have been so many stories lately of the deplorable way our Veterans have been treated by the V.A.  THANK GOD for people who care about others and give of themselves.  I guess I needed a "feel good" story, thus my reason for sharing it with you.

Folks, the news can be pretty depressing.  So glad that my hope is not built upon the "Headlines of the Day", but built upon Jesus and His great love for us.  

There have been so many times in  my life where things seemed hopeless with no way out and then....our Lord would come through again and again  and again.  I am reminded of His promise....... "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord, shall be saved".

Where are you today?  Are you facing challenges that may even seem "insurmountable"?  There is no mountain too high, no problem too great that our Lord cannot help you to overcome.  I am again reminded...persuaded, of this great promise...

There are times that I must "remind myself" of these things as I walk on this journey through this life.  This thing I know, God is good and God is love and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

So, it's time for me to get on and head out into this day.  My list is long and his grace is great.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

*BTW, if you've never seen the "Miracle" that happened to our family, click here to witness first-hand how our Lord provided for us when we were really in a 'hard place' - EXTREME MAKEOVER - HURSTON FAMILY -

PS - Let me warn you, if you watch this episode, get your'll need it!  Joe

6-25-14 Wednesday 5:57AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just received a couple of shots of our son, Peter who has been spending some time in the "Hood" in Houston, recruiting young people to serve Jesus.  This is a noble mission and we're very proud of Peter and his commitment to follow Jesus.

Cindy and I met the Director of Walking Faith Ministries, David Ellis, almost 20 years ago in Haiti.  

Cindy and I were blessed to have known David and were very impressed with his deep love of Jesus and strong desire to "rescue children" from danger. 

David, has since gone on to be with Jesus, but his vision of reaching young people in extreme risk, lives on.  We can't begin to tell you how pleased we are to see Peter engaged in this ministry.  This is Peter's second year of spending part of his summer..."In the Hood".  Truly, "There's somethin good in the Hood"....and it's Jesus!

Peter will be returning to Florida later this week and will go right from one mission (in Houston) to another mission (in Deland, FL) with his Youth Group from Church.  He won't even be able to come home to wash his clothes (I told him to wash all his clothes in Houston).  He'll get right off the plane and head right over to the other Summer Camp.  GO PETER!

Meanwhile, we're working on gathering supplies and preparing for our "next mission".  Hoping to get up to TN soon.  Both Peter and I have been invited to preach in The Father's House church in Sneedville, TN.  We can hardly wait to get back with friends and family in Christ there. you really believe that the IRS Hard Drive really crashed??  Just askin.....Sounds pretty suspicious to me.  Just had to say something about that.

Well, it's time for me to go feed our chickens and check our garden.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-24-14 Tuesday 7:22AM (US Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


For the time being, the "mission" to Haiti was complete.  The inventory of Air Mobile Rescuers was replenished and I learned another valuable lesson and technique to help keep clean water flowing....where the water is extremely contaminated.

The only thing standing between us in Haiti and a safe ride home was the weather.  In checking our route on Sunday evening, things looked pretty messy.  We prayed and asked our Lord to clear the way.

Several hours later, in the morning, all that bad stuff had cleared out and it looked like our route was clear.  Thank God!  It was time to head home.

We loaded up in the Little Donkey and took off, climbing to 12,500 feet and had a beautiful ride back across the Caribbean.  

Had an added bonus.  Gave our beloved & intrepid, Barb (AKA "Rambo in the Blue Dress) a ride back to the States.  She wanted to see her Grandchildren.

The flight back was smooth as silk and we touched down, right on time.  It's good to be home.

So, today, the "To Do List" is already beginning to grow.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-23-14 Monday 4:53AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When we arrived in Haiti on Wednesday, I knew that we needed a miracle.  Every single Air Mobile Rescuer that we held in "reserve" as a replacement unit was down.  The problem:  A leaking bottom cap.  

As I've shared over the last few days, we approached this problem with a lot of prayer, good counsel and some "MacGyver" ingenuity.  It is with great joy, to share with you. that the problem is solved.  

We were able to "bake" out the microscopic cracks and strengthen the bottom caps.  Just read on down to get a full, blow by blow description of the "annealing process".

Once we had good bottom caps, thanks to a Convective Oven and a grueling 22 hours, 21 step process, then the job began, one by one, "refreshing" the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  I still marvel at the simplicity and beauty of this machine that can take the most contaminated water and make it extremely clean.  It is truly a gift from God!

There were a "pile" of Rescuers that needed special attention.  You may recall that we have 335 Rescuers spread throughout Haiti and this "reserve" inventory is what we use as replacements when one of our units in the field needs service.  

All throughout the process, there is usually a captive and attentive audience watching the wonder of making clean water.  These are young "water mules" in training.

As the sun set yesterday, it was all done.  We now have 11 Air Mobile Rescuers in "reserve" and any operators in the field can now bring in their unit for servicing and walk away with a fully "refreshed" Air Mobile Rescuer. Thus, the clean water will keep flowing.  Now, I can "breathe a sigh of relief"!  

BTW, notice how my socks are pulled up almost to my knees?  My kids tell me that is not a very  "cool" thing to do.  It makes me look like an old man (I am certainly becoming an old man).

Well, those "hiked" up socks help protect me from the dreaded Chikungunya Mosquito, that is ravaging Haiti and the Caribbean.  So, I'll sacrifice style for safety.  Just thought I'd throw that in, in case my kids read the blog today (and see the "old man" socks on Dad).

It's bright and early and the coffee is exceptionally delicious this morning. The roosters are crowing and it's time to get ready for a beautiful day that our Lord has made.  What adventure lies before us today?  As always, THANK YOU for faithfully standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-22-14 Sunday 7:39AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Spent the entire day by the little Hamilton Beach Convective Oven.  Had to make microscopic temperature adjustments every hour. was a perfect time to rest and read a good book.  Every hour, my alarm would go off, I'd go "tweak" and then it was back to reading.

The Book?  Well, my little sister, Mary decided to write a book.  It's an Adventure / Spy / Terrorist novel and a great read.  It's called, "River Rising" by Mary Morton.  There's even a guy named "Jack" who has a water purifier and he goes to places like Pakistan / India / Haiti and brings clean water to the thirsty. Mmmmmm....sounds familiar.

Back to my "baking".  Around 4:15pm, I finished baking the bottom caps.  With the little oven, and my laser temperature gauge, ever so slowly brought the temperature up to 250 degrees, let it bake 3 hours,  and then, ever so slowly, 10 degrees per hour, brought the temperature back down to room temp. over a 22 hour period.  Long process.  

When I pulled the cooled bottom caps and inspected them, they were beautiful.  Looks like the microscopic cracks were molded and melted.  We PRAY they work for many years to come.

I then headed to my "Refresh Depot" and began installing the bottom caps on Air Mobile Rescuers, getting them ready for service of "saving lives" by providing extremely clean water.  Praise God!

Today, I'll be doing the same thing and hopefully, we'll bring every single unit up to speed and have a good supply of replacement Rescuers ready for action!

Just got the call for breakfast...don't want to be late for that.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe 

6-21-14 Saturday 6:37AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had a problem with a replacement component for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  It is called the "Bottom Cap" and is pretty much the heart of the water purifier.  We had been routinely replacing the original bottom cap with a new one. Then, we found out that the cap would develop leaks.  

After research we discovered that another step needed to be done in the manufacturing process to prevent this....baking the cap (annealing).  Oh, it's not like just throwing it into the oven and setting the timer.  This process requires 21 separate steps spread out over 24 hours.  It was time for some "McGyver" techniques (you may recall the "MacGyver series from the mid 80's to 92 - he would "improvise").

BTW, he usually solved major challenges with a paper clip and his Swiss Army knife.  We needed a special Oven.

Richard and Mirlande went into town searching for a Convection Oven (key component to the "baking" process).  We prayed that they would find one!

Meanwhile, "The Blue Flash", yours truly, dashed out for meetings with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and with the Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) to get a current update on the installation of Air Traffic Control Communication (ATC) system.

Notice, on the top my helmet, is a "Go Pro" camera. For the first time, actually "filmed" the ride into town.  Haven't figured out how to properly download and post on the Blog, but will, in time.  The ride will take your breath away.

Had good meetings in town with MAF and OFNAC and then returned with the hope and PRAYER that the search for the Convective Oven would have been successful.

There it was.  Richard and Mirlande had found one!  A genuine Hamilton Beach Convective Oven and the price was about the same price as Walmart....a MIRACLE!

Soon, it was set up in my "Field Office" and the process of "Baking" began.  Can't even begin to tell you how exciting this is to be able to conduct a manufacturing process, annealing, right in Haiti.

Went on-line and got the exact process for "strengthening thru baking" the components and made notes and prepared myself for an "all-nighter".  Would have to get up every hour on the hour and adjust the temperature by 10-20 degrees at very precise times. 

Well, the sun has risen and the bottom caps are baking.  Am now in the process of bringing the temperature down by 10 degrees every hour.

So, this morning, we've already seen one of the "Village Volunteers" off to catch a flight back to the U.S.  Kindle has been a tremendous blessing to Barb.  

We just pray that this young lady will get back ASAP (yes, we mean that both ways).  I never cease to marvel at how our Lord deploys His troops!  God bless you, Kindle and Bon Voyage. 

Today, I'll be "baby sitting" the bottom caps and making the "tweaking" temperature adjustments every hour on the hour.  The process will be finished this afternoon and, IF we are successful, we'll be able to get 11 Air Mobile Rescuers up and in operation.

That will mean clean water for thousands of Haitians who, among so many challenges, are suffering from the terrible Chikungunya Virus.  While in town yesterday, almost every person I spoke with had gotten the Virus.  These dreadful mosquitoes are ravaging Haiti.  Please pray for those who are suffering.

Time for me to get back to work.  Been keeping myself "slathered up" with 98% deet, which is the best defense (of course along with prayer) against those terrible mosquitoes.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

6-20-14 Friday 6:34AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was a holiday in Haiti.  Haiti has many Holidays.  This one was named "Fet Dieu".  Literally translated it means "God's Birthday"(??? Now, that's pretty weird).  Most countries have 8 maybe 9 holidays.  Haiti has 15+.  Everything closes and people, for the most part, "party".  It was a good day to work in the "Depot".  

I slathered up with the "Maxi-Deet" to ward off any mosquitoes that might have ideas....We're hearing of more and more cases of Chikungunya.  Mirlande, who is Barb's "Gal Friday", has had the terrible disease in her home.  Her husband, Lucien is currently in the hospital with pain so great, he can't walk.  Please pray for Mirlande and her family and  for so many others that are both infected and vulnerable.

Spent the day working on Rescuers getting them ready for service.  Then, the Director of the Baptist Children's Home in Caberet showed up for a couple of replacement Rescuers.

About 7 years ago, Air Mobile donated 2 Rescuers to this orphanage and school.  It has been a pure pleasure to help keep clean water flowing to literally hundreds of kids in this community.  I love doing what I do!!

We're having major problems with "electricity" in the "Village".  Of course, this an on-going problem that nearly every Haitian in Haiti deals with.  Haiti does have a National Electric Company (EDH) and it comes on for a couple of hours a day...maybe.  

Recently, they (EDH) brought Barb a bill for tens of thousands of dollars stating that she had not paid her bill.  She had, faithfully!  Thus became the dispute.  Nothing would happen until she paid this horrendous, insane bill (kind of like a "shake-down").  Barb would have no part of it.  Barb has a very good attorney friend who is "negotiating" the matter.  In the meantime, we live on Generators and Inverters.

We're so glad to have Richard (The Electric Guru) with us to help sort out all of the problems.  Believe me, this is a very complicated system that has scores of batteries and circuits everywhere.  Yesterday, being a holiday, prevented Richard from getting the components he needs to "patch" the system back up.  

BTW, the "Village" has 7 separate Inverter Systems (each with 8 big batteries) and 2 diesel generators!

So, life goes on in the "Village".  The sun has risen and I've "slathered" myself down with Deet. Time to head out into this day that our Lord has made!  

You know, when I handed the Orphanage Director those replacement Rescuers yesterday, it reminded me again how much I appreciate you and your faithful prayer, love and support. Together, we are bringing clean water to a thirsty world.  God bless you and THANK YOU again!

Air Mobile Joe  

6-19-14 Thursday 6:37AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti  - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Some of the more "critical" equipment to have in Haiti is....a good cup of coffee and some powerful mosquito repellent like "Maxi Deet"...just to keep those Chikungunya mosquitoes away from my skin!

Yesterday, very early, began with a look at the weather.  At first glance, things looked real bad.  There were some serious build-ups right in the middle of my route.  But the more I looked and studied and discussed the situation with Miami Flight Service, the more I realized that there just might be a "passage" for us to Haiti.

If we could go to the east of the route and then go south and if the high pressure ridge would hold those storms back we could just "slip" down the east side and into Haiti.

Our team, Richard, a very sharp electrician and Jessica, a teacher with a heart to serve in Haiti and I met at the airport.  I explained the situation, we prayed and all felt it was the thing to do.  We crawled into the tightly packed Little Donkey and roared down the runway headed for Haiti.

We climbed to 17,000 and began "working" our way around those dangerous build-ups.  So glad to have both the extra fuel and the new Shadin Fuel Totalizer.  

The beauty of this new instrument is that it will calculate, according to the exact fuel burn, just how much fuel you will have once you get to your destination.  In this case, after all that maneuvering and diverting "away" from the bad weather, we'd still have 32.1 gallons of fuel (1.5 hours) once we land at Port-Au-Prince.  I love it!!

Upon arrival, Barbara was there to greet us.  We headed back to the "Village" and went right to work.

Richard had several inverters (converts battery power to AC Current) and get the "Village" electrilized again.  Jessica, who is a P.E. teacher was teaching the kids some new exercises.  I went to work on some Air Mobile Rescuers that need special attention.  Of course, we covered ourselves in powerful mosquito repellent.  It's good to be back in Haiti.

The dreaded Chikungunya mosquitoes have found their way into our village and several of Barb's key personnel are suffering from this terrible disease.  The pain is just excruciating.  

We were blessed to bring in a lot Tylenol "type" medication to help relieve the pain and bring down the fever.  Again, this thing is ravaging the Caribbean.  We're so glad to be able to offer some assistance with those who are suffering.

So, today, the sun has just risen and it's time to get to work.  As always, THANK YOU for standing with us and joining us in the noble quest with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-18-14 Wednesday 3:02AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been working on gathering supplies for Haiti, specifically medical supplies to help ease the staggering pain suffering caused by a little mosquito carrying a dreadful virus called Chikungunya (pronounced "chick-un-goon-ya").  This thing is spreading like "wild-fire".  

This disease that began in Africa has made it across the ocean and now fully engaged in the Caribbean and even working into the U.S.  One Georgia woman describes the pain as "crippling".  BTW, she contracted the disease while working on a mission in Haiti.  Here's that story - GEORGIA WOMAN DESCRIBES CRIPPLING PAIN OF THE CHIKUNGUNYA VIRUS

The Chikungunya Virus is definitely coming to the U.S. and is already found in at least 15 states.  Here's a good article telling more - CHIKUNGUNYA COMING TO THE U.S.? WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE VIRUS 

We're so THANKFUL for willing hands and hearts to help us to gather supplies and prepare for our next mission.  Am up early this morning in prayer seeking direction about what to do next.  Nothing better than a good cup of coffee early in the morning.  It's a great time to pray.

As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your precious prayer, love and support.  May write more later. God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-17-14 Tuesday 7:44AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, the family and friends of Ken Marks gathered to remember an amazing man.  There was hardly a dry eye among us all.  Our main consolation is knowing that we will meet again.  Please remember the Marks' Family as they deal with this great loss.

Before going to the funeral, I spent the morning just going through some paper work and preparing for the funeral.  This has been a tough loss for many, myself included.


Suddenly, the door bell rang.  It was Patty, a neighbor.  She asked, "Have you guys lost a chicken"?  We certainly had and I was very concerned that a fox had gotten her.  Patty explained that the "lost, confused" chicken showed up at their home a couple of days ago.  

I quickly gathered some chicken feed and our good old "catching net".  Have you ever tried to catch a chicken in an open field?  It's a challenge.  After about 20 minutes of making clucking sounds and sprinkling chicken food, we weren't getting anywhere.  And then I recalled a certain acronym...."ASAP" (Always Say A Prayer).

Within 3 minutes of the "breathless" prayer, Patty skillfully threw the "net" and caught the chicken.  PRAYER WORKS!

I carried her home and released her into our chicken coop.  She was a very happy chicken.

She quickly joined her "Chicken Sisters" who were also glad (I think) to have her home.  Cheddar, our oldest and wisest chicken was looking on as the others welcomed her home.

My "TO DO" list is huge...over 40 items, but....after the funeral, I just went home and mowed our lawn.  Spent some quiet, reflective time thinking about Ken and praying for his family.

Our other great neighbors, Clyde and Pat invited me over for dinner last night.  Well, it didn't quite happen like that.  You see, Pat took the photos of the "caught & release" chicken.  Then, I loaded them down with bell peppers and egg plants and tomatoes and parsley out of our garden.

Then....I kind of invited myself over for dinner if Pat would fry some egg plants.  Well, she did and even stuffed some bell peppers and we had beautiful sliced tomatoes.  It was true and delicious "Comfort Food" for my broken heart.   

Surely, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops (and chefs)".  After a lovely evening with friends, headed home and looked at my "To Do List".  So, here I am, bright and early up and "attacking" the list in preparation for our....Next Mission!

Just saw this updated report on the dreaded Chikungunya Disease.  It is now in 15 U.S. States and continuing to spread like "wild-fire" throughout the Caribbean.  Hundreds of thousands have been infected.  This is a terrible thing.  

The only relief comes from PRAYER & medication that brings down the fever and lessens the pain.  We continue to gather supplies and meds.  Here's more - U.S. OFFICIALS KEEP CLOSE ON "MISERABLE" CHIKUNGUNYA MOSQUITO-BORNE - NOW IN 15 U.S. STATES

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-16-14 Monday 7:28AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As a Believer in Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior, my hope is in Him and my faith is solid and secure.  But.....the world events that are happening around us seem eerily like 1984.  

I recall, in that classic book, by George Orwell, there were endless wars and those who were once the "enemy" became, suddenly, our "friend".  When I heard Obama pondering talks with Iran to help fight the latest insurgency in mind went back to 1984.  Here's more on these latest developments - OBAMA NEARS TALKS WITH IRAN TO HELP DEFEND IRAQ further compare the current events with the events "imagined" by George Orwell, it appears that indeed...."Big Brother IS Watching Us" per the latest NSA Revelations.

So...what should we do?  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  We know that "The Truth shall set us free" and "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved".  These unfolding events are all the more reason to call upon Jesus.  He is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and SAVE us!

And....the Bible tells us that these very things will come to pass in the "End Days".  Yes, folks, I believe that we are seeing the "End Days" unfolding before our very eyes.  Just go to Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 and you will see these very things are spoken of so clearly by our Lord Jesus.

So, today is a NEW DAY and it is the day that our Lord has made, I'm going to rejoice and be glad in it.  

Today, will also be working toward our next mission.  We're still gathering medical supplies for Haiti and beyond.....  

The dreaded Chikungunya outbreak is spreading like "wild-fire" throughout the Caribbean and is now in 6 States in the U.S..  There is no cure, only medication to relieve the fever and the pain.  PLEASE remember to pray for the hundreds of thousands that have already been infected.  Here's the latest on Chikungunya - INCURABLE CHIKUNGUNYA VIRUS SPREADS IN U.S. - AT LEAST 6 STATES EFFECTED  

Later today, I will be attending the funeral of our dear friend and brother in Christ, Ken Marks.  Here are the details, as provided by Bryan, Ken's son.  

BTW, it was Bryan who introduced me to his father, Ken.  This is indeed a sad day for many.  We will miss Ken.  Please remember to pray for his family and the many whose lives have been touched by Ken.

I was so blessed yesterday to spend the day with our son, Christian and his beautiful family.  It began by attending church with them.  Here, Christian is sharing in the service. 

Christian and his beautiful family took me out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day.  Oh, I was so blessed and so proud of our son, who is an amazing father.  

He is, of course, helped by his lovely wife, Ann Marie who is an incredible mother.  Wow, what beautiful grand-kids (had to throw that in).

After that delicious dinner and glorious afternoon nap, Christian and I got together for a few friendly games of pool.  What a nice way to wrap up this Father's Day.  Wow, is that boy tall or am I getting shorter???

So now, after this "rambling blog", it's time for me to get out the door and get ready for our next "Mission"....wherever that might be.

As always, THANK YOU for trekking down this road with me and above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


6-15-14 Sunday 7:36AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and Ariana trekked up to the Tennessee Cabin and I'm here in Florida "holding down the fort" until I can "break away" and spend some sweet time in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.  Early this morning, Cindy sent me this cool clip on "Fatherhood..what's it like" - FATHERHOOD - Enjoy!

Yesterday, I spent the day with my good friend, Dr. Aaron.  The medical practice where he works had a wonderful day of fun and food and they also worked to help get us funding to return to the Philippines.  We had a blast.  We're very thankful for their help toward our next mission to the Philippines.

This morning, our son Christian has invited me to attend Church where he is on staff.  After service, they'll take me out to dinner.  The Lord has blessed us with 8 children and 8 grand-children.  Yes, I  am a very blessed man!!

Tomorrow, I'll be attending a funeral for my very dear friend, Ken Marks, who went to be with the Lord on Monday evening.  We will miss Ken terribly, but we know where he is.

Please remember to pray for the Marks Family and ask our Lord to comfort them through this very difficult and painful time.

Must tell you....last night, as I lay in bed and was just thinking about Ken and remembering my own father, my heart was quite sad.  I simply asked my Heavenly Father for help.  

The most wonderful and sweet peace swept over my soul and I slept so peacefully.  Our Heavenly Father is always with us and will NEVER leave us nor forsake us!  THANK YOU, FATHER!!

So, it's time for me to take care of our chickens and get ready for church.  Again, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dad's!  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-14-14 Saturday 7:01AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The installation of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer is complete!  I flew the Little Donkey over to Orlando yesterday and Orlando Aircraft Services did the final connect between the Shadin and our GPS System.  

Now....I can actually get a MPG reading. Never had that in an airplane.  It's very cool.  This instrument will be a huge blessing in helping to manage the 14 fuel tanks in Ti Burik (AKA - The Little Donkey).  THIS IS GOOD!

I felt like a "UPS" Driver yesterday...dropping things off and picking up things.  Was VERY pleased to receive the donation of an Oxygen Generator for Haiti. 

Our dear friends, Pam and David graciously donated the O2 unit as well as some very valuable food and nice clothes for the "Village".  Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress) will be very pleased to receive these precious gifts.

Do you remember Dr. Aaron?  He joined Cindy and I on our 1st trip to the Philippines.  He and I made the second trip to the Philippines together.  

Well, he has joined a wonderful medical group in Florida and today has arranged an Open House for all of their patients.  

The Medical Group will be encouraging donations to Air Mobile for clean water in the Philippines and in-turn will give a full First-Visit Examination FREE (Up to $350.00 value!) to all that donate to Air Mobile.  PRAISE GOD!  If you live in Central Florida, come on out!  Would love to see you!  Our location will be:



Again, I never cease to marvel at how our Lord "Deploys His troops"!  Time for me to load up and head out to Orlando to demonstrate the remarkable Air Mobile Rescuer.  I can't even begin to describe to you the JOY of bringing clean water to thirsty folks!!  

Where would we be without so many standing with us?  Again, am just so THANKFUL for our friends.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-13-14 Friday 7:05AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, Friday the 13th (and a Full Moon), our earth will receive a "glancing blow" from a massive solar flare and subsequent CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), possibly disrupting radio communications.  Fortunately, the blow will only "glance" our fair planet but... it is a reminder of what the sun can do.

BTW..... NO, I am not superstitious!  I am thankful for Psalm 91 and put my trust in the Lord!  

The sun has been relatively "quiet" for the last few months, but these last 3 "X" Class flares and CME (occurring on Monday & Tuesday) are a sobering reminder that things happen and we have absolutely no "control" over them.  They are not caused by global warming or man's bad activities....they just happen.  All the MORE reason to put our trust in the Lord.

Here's more on these events (from ABC)....note, one has to search for these stories, because very little is coming out in the news.  Be sure to watch the multiple stories on the link - SOLAR FLARES DISRUPT COMMUNICATIONS - COULD SEND "SHOCKWAVE" TO EARTH ON FRIDAY 13TH

I am comforted by the Words...."I will never leave you nor forsake you...."

Yesterday, I had the wonderful blessing to have lunch with some very dear friends from Pakistan.  They are deeply involved in a Bible School and outreach to children.  

Their ministry has operated with the blessing and protection of our Lord for over 50 years in Pakistan.  These Christians have great courage and many are being touched by their faithful service and love in the midst of great danger.

We are discussing the great need for clean water.  We are praying about how we can assist them.

Today, I'll be flying the Little Donkey over to Orlando to complete the installation of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer.  We will be tying the instrument into our GPS system giving us extremely accurate information regarding our fuel system.  Again, am so thankful for this beautiful aircraft with these excellent instruments.

So, it's time for me to head out and go fly that sweet bird.  As always, we're so THANKFUL for you and your precious prayer, love and support!!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-12-14 Thursday 7:34AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First of all, I completely missed the fact that 2 very strong "X" Class Solar Flares erupted on Tuesday (6-10-14) and a 3rd, extremely strong eruption took place....3 "X" Class solar flares in 2 days.  Scientist have been watching these massive eruptions very closely.  Some airlines, Delta and American, even diverted flights to avoid possible trouble.

We are entering into the PEAK of Solar Activity based upon the 11 Year Cycle.  There is more to come.  The Sun has been relatively quiet, but is now awakening.  A "Direct Hit" from these monster Solar Storms would disrupt communications and our power grid.  This has happened before.  Here is a good newscast from ABC explaining sure to watch the 2nd story with Diane Sawyer - SOLAR FLARES DISRUPT COMMUNICATIONS ON EARTH...COULD SEND "SHOCKWAVE" ON FRIDAY 13TH

The thing that I find a bit strange is just how little "News" these flares have gotten.  I follow some pretty good news sources very closely and I only heard about these astounding events this morning.  

I urge you to keep an eye on these developments.  We have NO CONTROL over what the sun does.  We can only "PREPARE" as best we can to respond to its actions. ABOVE ALL, WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR LORD TO PROTECT US!  

Now, I must admit that I've been a bit pre-occupied with the tragic loss of my dear friend and brother in Christ, Ken Marks.  Again, I urge you to pray for the Marks family as well as Tish family.

Do you use coupons??  I'm sure most of you do.  Well, I do a lot of business with Staples.  No, this is NOT an advertisement for Staples, but it is a good "plug" for using coupons.  We have a full color, very in-depth Manual that we include in each Air Mobile Rescuer.  

We are constantly improving the unit, thus we have constant updates to our Manual.  It is not good to print a bunch of manuals and then they are not current with the latest "Updates".  

Well, before printing the manuals, I go on a Coupon search.  The one I really like is the 50% off anything done in the Copy and Print Center of Staples.  Just had a new batch of manuals printed and saved a ton of money!  These savings allow us to go further and do more!

After picking up the 50% off manuals, I headed over to the Alternative Pregnancy Center an outreach of 1st Baptist Merritt Island.  I never cease to marvel at how Vickie, the Director seems to known WHEN we need supplies for Haiti....but she does (thanks to the Lord).  Got a call from Vickie and swung by and got another precious load of supplies for the orphans in the "Village" in Haiti.

We're still gathering medications to help with the outbreak of Chikungunya, the mosquito-borne disease that is ravaging the Caribbean and specifically the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  Cases have DOUBLED in the last few weeks.

So, "Life goes on" and we continue to march ahead in the service of our Lord.  Today, will be meeting with some precious missionaries who are working in Pakistan and laying their lives on the line every single day.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-11-14 Wednesday 8:38AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Monday afternoon, I called Ken Marks to congratulate him on a job well-done.  You see, we have been working very hard on preparing his beautiful Piper Aztec for "Missionary Service".  Recently, he took the pretty bird up for a test flight and had an engine failure.  Ken did an incredible job of getting the Aztec down safely.  

During our conversation, we discussed, in great detail, every aspect of the flight and what he did to save the bird and his life.  I was very, very proud of the way Ken handled the emergency.

Several hours later, Ken and a friend took another little airplane up for a test flight.  Something went terribly wrong and they crashed.  Both pilots died at the scene.  I am absolutely heart-broken.

This one thing I know, Ken is with Jesus.  "Oh death, where is thy sting, oh grave, where is thy victory?"  Please PRAY for Ken's precious family.  Please PRAY for John Kish's family, the other pilot who was with Ken. 

This is a very short blog today.  I've had a difficult time writing it.  Please bear with me.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

6-10-14 Tuesday 6:52AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


On April 23rd, this big whopper popped up on NASA's screen.  Fortunately, it will miss us.  I'm sure when NASA first discovered 2014HQ124, AKA - "The Beast", some hearts were beating pretty fast.  

Today, it will pass by our fair planet at 31,000 MPH and will be a mere 777,000 miles away.  No direct danger to us, but a sobering reality that there's "stuff" out there that could do some serious damage.  Here's more on "The Beast" - GIANT ASTEROID JUST MISSING EARTH

I'm glad that NASA and other agencies are "keeping an eye out" for these things, but our "early warning" system sometimes triggers a bit late.  NASA "discovered" the "Beast" just under 7 weeks ago.  That's cutting it pretty close and would not give us a lot of time to prepare.  So.....

It's not a bad idea to have some measure of preparation or "preppin" as it's commonly referred to today.  Let me give a little example.  Recently, a friend who owns several car washes in town called and asked if I'd be interested in the empty soap jugs.  I thought for moment and said, "Sure".  BTW, good containers are vital during emergencies....for water, fuel etc.  So, from time to time, I hook up our little trailer and go pick them up.  

Then, I drive around and give them out.  I just offer them at "No Charge".  I usually go first to the airport and pass them out to fellow Aviators.  During the time of distribution, I usually talk about our need to Prepare and have some kind of a plan.  It's a nice "mechanism" to get the message across.

After it's all said and done, our best strategy is to put our trust in the Lord.  I am reminded of Psalm 91....."He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty".  Our safest place, is to be found "In Him"!

Meanwhile, my "To Do List" grows and I plow through the day scratching item after item off as I go along.  Seems like the "List" always has something on it and is forever growing.  It's just a matter of deciding what thing to do and when.  It's comforting to know that our Lord will dispatch angels to help us along the way (Psalm 91:11..."For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways")

Now, I just stumbled across this story on Coffee and which type gives the most "Buzz".  The answer will surprise you...enjoy - WHICH TYPE OF COFFEE GIVES THE MOST ENERGY 

Well, here we are at the end of my "Rambling Blog" today.  Have gone from Monster Asteroids, to empty jugs, to Psalm 91 and how to get the most out of a cup of coffee.  Time to head out and prepare for our "Next Mission" wherever that is.  As always, THANK YOU for rambling down this path with me and above all, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-9-14 Monday 6:14AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


With the wonder of good roads, a GPS and a cell phone, managed to pull into the parking lot where Cindy, Ariana and the Menendez family were awaiting me to join them for an early afternoon dinner in Orlando.  

For you see, they had just completed the Chaplain Ministry at the hospital and I concluded my epic 2500 mile road trip to deliver Peter for our Lord's Service (in the "Hood") and an amazing stroll down "Memory Lane".

It is indeed good to be home, to see my precious Cindy, to sleep in my own bed and drink my own good coffee.  Ahhh, life is good and yes, it's good to be home!

We're still awaiting some critical medications to arrive for our next "International Mission" to Haiti.  

Just checking on the "Spread of Chikunguny", the dread mosquito-borne disease.  Cases have "DOUBLED" throughout the Caribbean in the last 3 weeks.  This is truly a SCOURGE & it's spreading like "WILD FIRE"!  

There is no Vaccine for this disease and it spreads via a very common mosquito. There is very little information being told by the media about Chikungunya (pronounced - "Chicken - goon ya"), but a true crisis is brewing.  

The only relief comes from PRAYER and medication to bring down the fever and relieve the excruciating joint-pain accompanied with Chikungunya.  Here's a recent story from NBC - CHIKUNGUNYA CASES DOUBLE IN THE CARIBBEAN  

So, it's time to hit that growing "To Do List" and head out the door into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - A special "shout out" to my new friend and prospective "Water Mule" in New Zealand.  Joe

6-8-14 Sunday 8:42AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Quincy, FL  - A Hotel on I-10 – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After driving around 500 miles, I finally found a room to lay my weary head just outside of Tallahassee.  Seems like all rooms were taken until Quincy, FL.  Must be a big weekend with so many students getting out school and families' hitting the "Beaches".  

Of course, my route took me by some of the most beautiful beaches (Pensacola, Destin, Panama City, etc.) in the world, so I'm not real surprised.  I finally laid my exhausted head to rest around 4:00am.

Yesterday morning, it was time to aim for home.  I stopped by my sister Gail's one more time on my way out of town (Baton Rouge). She had found a few more family "heirlooms" for me.  It was so good spending some precious time with Gail.  I truly love my big Sister!

When I was in the 5th Grade at Our Lady of Mercy Grammar School in Baton Rouge, I met Vaughn Stroble.  We instantly became friends and that friendship has lasted a life-time.  We were "thick as thieves" as the saying goes.  

Vaughn's mother helped to raise me.  I spent almost everyday with this family for years.  Well, on the way home, I stopped into the Nursing Home in Miramar Beach, to see Mrs. Stroble who is now 92 years old.  She is just lovely and "sharp as a tack".  

Then, I headed over to Vaughn's home in Santa Rosa Beach and we spent the evening together.  You know, when one gets the opportunity to spend a little time with "old" friends, it's behooves one to do so.

After our good time together, headed back Eastbound to get some miles behind me.  After a couple of hours began looking for a place to sleep.  That's when virtually every room seemed to be taken for at least 100 miles.  Must have checked 6-8 hotels.  

Whatever happened to the "No Vacancy" signs out-front??  It became like blur and I needed some sleep.  Finally found a nice place just outside of Tallahassee.  

Now, there's only 325 miles to go to home and I hope to meet Cindy and Ariana in Orlando just after they finish doing the Chaplain service at the hospital.  So, this "rambling" blog is drawing to a close today and I'll drink my second cup of "Hotel" coffee before getting back in the little red Ford Escape for the final leg home.

As always, THANK YOU again for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

6-7-14 Saturday 7:37AM (U.S. Central Time) - Baton Rouge, LA  - A Hotel on I-10 – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I personally found a "Treasure Cove" thanks to my sister, Gail.  Gail was the first-borne in our family and has been steady as a rock.  She has been faithfully holding family treasures, in the form of old photos and momentos.  They've always been available to share, but Gail, being the good sister, just patiently waited until I was ready for them.

Yesterday, after having a great breakfast of grits, eggs and Louisiana Boudin sausage with Dan and Charlene, I headed over to Gail's home.

Gail and I spent literally all day going through old-suitcases full of amazing shots capturing the "history" of our family.  Our father, was a prolific photographer and carried his camera all across Europe and Japan during WWII.  

Now, I knew that he had "captured" some of the action of the WWII all my life, but sometimes, even though treasures are there and available, they will not be "uncovered" until we are ready.

Yesterday, I was ready.  It is appropriate that it was the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.  The stage was set for me to finally find those treasures.  Hour after hour, we poured over scrap books and photos and little precious things that brought back so many memories.

One of the amazing "finds" were 2 maps.  They were German Road Maps.  They were used by my father to document his journey from Omaha Beach, all the way across Germany to the Austrian border.

You see, my father was in the Army Corp of Engineers assigned to General Patton. His Battalion secured the roads and bridges allowing Patton to "Race" across Europe and specifically, Germany at blinding speed.  His Battalion saw fierce and unimaginable action. In other words, he was on the "tip of the spear"! 

Those 2 maps that documented that terrifying and heroic journey are more precious to me now than finding a pot of gold.  Those maps with his hand-written notes explain so much to me.  

After spending the day with Gail, I called my double-first cousin, Colonel Morton C. Hurston.  We call him the "Colonel".  Morty was a Green-Beret and served our country with great bravery and distinction.  Morty is also our official family Historian.  

We met yesterday evening and I pulled out those 2 maps.  We just stood there with goose-bumps and a few tears as we slowly followed the line of the epic journey that my father traveled.

The hundreds of photos, along with those maps and so many other things gave me great insight into why my father was the way my father was.  

You see, he suffered from horrifying PTSD and just didn't know it or understand it.  So many soldiers came home with terrible internal wounds and my father was one of those.  

So, those "treasures" that were "uncovered" yesterday carry a lot of healing and understanding.  I will treasure them always.

Well, it's getting time for me to head "East" on I-10 and begin working my way back to Florida.  Certain critical medical supplies are beginning to arrive at our Air Mobile office designated for Haiti who is "under siege" from a deadly and painful disease carried by mosquitoes (Chikenyunga).  

Upon returning to Florida, will be preparing for our next "International" Mission.  As always, THANK YOU for wandering down this "rambling" road with me.  So appreciate your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-6-14 Friday 7:38AM (U.S. Central Time) - Baton Rouge, LA  - A Hotel on I-12 – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, we commemorate "D-Day", the Normandy Invasion.  This epic battle marked the beginning of the end of World War II.  More than 150,000 troops crossed the English Channel and stormed the beaches at Normandy, France (BTW, my father was there, Master Sargeant Roger, M. Hurston).  

More than 9000 were killed or wounded on this day, 70 years ago.... and tens of thousands carried deep, internal wounds.  Let us remember and honor and pray those who fought so bravely to secure our freedom!

The number of Veterans still alive, "who were there", is dramatically dwindling as many are in their 90's.  Here are some "Facts" about this day that you might be interested in - 10 FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT D-DAY

Yesterday, I had the distinct honor to deliver our son, Peter Hurston for Service to our Lord, on a "battlefield" for the souls of men and children.  Peter will be involved with a precious ministry that reaches out to children in a very "depressed" area of Houston, commonly referred to as the "Hood".

Peter will be there for around 3 weeks.  PLEASE remember to pray for Peter, for His protection, and that our Lord will use Him mightily in His Service!

After dropping Peter, I worked my way back over to Baton Rouge.  Several times, I deviated off of I-10 to just slowly stroll down "Memory Lane" on Highway 90, the old highway that paralells I-10.  So many memories, and in many ways, like a "flash-back" to when I was growing up.

Today, I'll spend part of the day visiting with friends and family.  Some are getting quite high up in years and one never knows when it may be "the last time I see them".  It's good to seize the moment and take advantage of the fact that I'm "passing through".

This morning, I'll be having breakfast with our dear friend, Dan Andrews.  Dan and Charlene were recently in Florida and we had the opportunity to visit with them.  Now, I'll be with Dan, where we grew up.  I've known Dan since High-School.  

Will also be with my sister, Gail, who has a "treasure cove" of photos and letters from my father.  I'll "cherish" them and also, remember again, where Sergeant Hurston was 70 years ago today.  

So, with that, I'll finish sipping some Hotel Coffee (yuck) that I made in the bathroom and working my way over to meet with Dan where I can get a good cup of coffee and have a genuine Louisiana breakfast, complete with "Boudin" sausage.  

I'll likely "hit the road" for Florida, later today.  Another "mission" awaits me....most likely to Haiti where that dreadful scourge, Chikengunya, is spreading like "Wild-Fire".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-5-14 Thursday 7:01AM (U.S. Central Time) - Cypress, TX  - Cousin Laura's Home – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As Peter and I worked our way "Westward" along I-10, I called my Cousin Laura who lives in Cypress, TX (a suburb of Houston).  She said, "Hey, we've got a couple of Astro's Tickets that are 4 rows behind the dugout....want to go"?

With the wonder of GPS and good Interstate Highways, Peter and I pulled into Minute Maid Stadium in downtown Houston just minutes before the game started.  It was good to see my Cousin Laura and her husband Mark.

The game was great, though the Astros lost 4-0 (they're not having a very good season).  The stadium is beautiful and it's so cool being in such a great spot in this gorgeous indoor stadium.  We had a blast!

Laura and Mark opened up their home to us last night and we'll be heading over to the Children's Activity Center (CAC), where Peter will be working and ministering this summer to kids in the "Hood".  Love the saying  of CAC...."There's somethin good in the Hood....Jesus"!

After dropping Peter at CAC, I'll wander back to Baton Rouge and spend a day seeing old friends and family.  Just thankful for this opportunity before getting back "into action".

Been following the Chikengunya situation in Haiti. This dreadful disease is wreaking havoc on the lives of the Haitian people.  Just a quick recap.  On January 12, 2010 the terrible earthquake killed 250,000+.  Then Cholera came and killed nearly 9000 and infecting over 700,000 Haitians and now....Chikengunya, which is racing across the Caribbean and Haiti like "wild-fire".

This mosquito borne virus brings high fever, vomiting and extreme pain.  We, at Air Mobile are gathering urgent medical supplies at this time.  Upon my returning, we hope to have a load ready.  PLEASE PRAY for those in the path of this terrible scourge.  

So, it's that time.  Need gather up and bid farewell to my dear Cousin Laura who gave Peter and I such a wonderful time last night and a comfortable bed to sleep in.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

6-4-14 Wednesday 7:06AM (U.S. Central Time) - Pensacola, FL  - Red Roof Inn off I-10 – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Peter and I loaded up our Red Ford Escape and "hit the road".  Of course, had about 10 "To Do" list things before leaving town.  Finally about 2:00pm, we managed to find I-95 and begin the 1000+ mile journey to Houston.

Been asked, "Are you going to fly Peter to Houston in the Little Donkey"?  My answer, heck no.  First of all, it's too expensive....Avgas is around $6.00 per gallon and the Little Donkey burns 25 gallons per hour.  Do the math.  That would be a very expensive way to get Peter to Houston.  The Ford Escape gets 30mpg.  

Plus....there's that precious "road time".  Peter and I have made this trip before and have some incredible memories along the way. Wouldn't trade that for anything!  It also helps that Peter is a good driver and we share the load.

So, we knocked out 500 miles yesterday and ended up at a Red Roof Inn in Pensacola late last night.  Went to sleep watching the News. 

Am amazed at the news of the "Prisoner Swap" with Bowe Bergdahl.  Oh, folks, there are so many layers to this story.  Wonder if we'll ever get the truth.  

But...have you noticed that there has not been a single word about the VA debacle?  Hmmmmm, could there be some insane strategy at work here??? 

Well, whatever someone was thinking, this "Swap" has people furious, including me!  Not sure it's accomplishing what some folks wanted it to accomplish, but now....we have another story to ponder.  Wonder what will happen today?

Peter just went and got me a cup of coffee and soon, I'll be finished with this "rambling blog" and we'll be back "on the road again.....".  Makes me want to sing the Willy Nelson song.

We'll hit Houston this evening and Peter will soon be beginning another noble "Rescue" Mission.  The ministry that he'll be working with has been incredibly effective in "recruiting young men and women" to Jesus and keeping them out of the gangs.  This is a good thing.    So pleased that Peter has heart to do this!

Time to pack up and head out. As always, THANK YOU for your amazing and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-3-14 Tuesday 6:54AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It is pronounced "Chicken-goon-ya".  It's not spoken about very much in the news, but according to our "Lady on the Ground" in Haiti, AKA, "Rambo in the Blue Dress" or Barb as we call her, it's an "Out-of-Control Epidemic in Haiti."

This dreadful disease is spread by the "Aedes" mosquito, the same "bad boy" that brings us Malaria and Dengue.

Now, this disease is spreading like wild-fire in Haiti.  The first case was reported on May 6th and as of May 30th, 15,000 cases have been reported (literally tens of thousands are unreported).  BTW, these "reported" cases came from 52 of the 908 Health Centers.  The actual numbers are literally "off the charts"! Here's a good article on Chikungunya from Haiti - MORE THAN 15,000 CONFIRMED CASES IN HAITI  

The symptoms of Chikungunya are high-fever, diarrhea, vomiting and extreme pain in the joints.  The young and the elderly are extremely vulnerable and death has resulted from this.  The alarming thing is, the RAPIDITY with which this is spreading.

We're keeping a very close eye on these developments and may be launching our "next...abroad...mission" to Haiti.  We'll let you know.

This morning, Peter and I are departing for a "Domestic Mission" (here in the U.S.). We're heading to Houston in our Ford Escape.  

Peter will be ministering with the Children's Activity Center for the next few weeks.  This outreach is located in the "inner city" of Houston and works very hard to "recruit" young people out of the gangs.Their slogan is: "Somthin Good in the Hood" - It's JESUS!

This will be Peter's second year and he's very excited about returning. We're very proud of Peter for his heart to serve and "rescue".  Praise God!! 

So, we're about to begin a long "Road Trip" and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with Peter.  On the way, we'll stop in Baton Rouge, my home-town, to see Family.  

Yesterday, Brian Tanis, a great friend of Air Mobile and our Chief Flight Instructor, took the Little Donkey up for some test flying and Pilot Check-Out.  Notice that Brian is sitting in the "left seat", or PIC (Pilot-in-Command).

I'm sitting in the right seat, where, as a student CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), I'm giving Brian some "dual" instruction.

We tested out the Shadin Fuel Totalizer and it worked beautifully!  So glad to get this vital instrument installed.  Our flights to Haiti and beyond will be safer and more efficient, as this instrument will track "every drop" of fuel and clearly depict our actual "mileage" (MPG). 

BTW, after our successful test flight, I "certify" that Brian did a great job of flying the Little Donkey.  We "killed" several birds with one stone (not literally) on this Test - Training Flight. 

So, it's time to "Hit the Road" for Houston.  Will be reporting all along the way.  PLEASE pray for the folks in Haiti and the other Caribbean Islands that are dealing with the "scourge" called Chikungunya.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-2-14 Monday 7:33AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Upon scanning the headlines, one can come to the conclusion that there are many problems in this old world.  There are many sides to the same story.  One thing is for sure, it's difficult to get the TRUTH by simply reading the headlines.

Before arising out of bed this morning, my main thought was, "Lord, lead me this day".  Then, after a quick review of the world events, and a good cup of coffee, I just had to grab my little, beat-up, old Bible and find out what the REAL HEADLINES are!

Our Lord Jesus told us so clearly, time and time again, that the world would find itself in the exact position that we currently find ourselves....A MESS!

Yes, there will be wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and famine and unbelievable deception in this old world (and the list goes on).  All of these things will, and are, happening, before Jesus comes back.

But, He goes on to tell us that "he who endures until the end, the same shall be saved".  All of these things are spoken of in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and Mark 13.  Just read it for yourselves and you'll see what I mean.

BTW, I must tell you a very brief story about that "Old Bible".  Had that same Bible with me when I was attacked, robbed, beaten and in the process of being kidnapped in Haiti several years ago.  The Bible was stolen (along with a lot of other things) by the would-be kidnappers.  

Well, long story short, we miraculously escaped the kidnappers and eventually got the "Old Bible" back.  And that is another story.  At any rate, I carry and cherish that Old Bible because it is a constant reminder of God's Amazing Grace and Power!  

Even when things look hopeless, we have this promise from Jesus...."and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world".

So, today, is a new day and one filled with promise and perhaps even a bit of adventure.  There's a Little Donkey that needs a test flight.  We stand-by, ready to GO wherever He directs us. My hope and prayer is that I'll be sensitive to His voice and direction! 

Thank you for tuning into this "rambling" blog and joining together with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

6-1-14 Sunday 7:49AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Often, upon awakening, I'll think....what does our Lord have for me to do today?  At the end of the previous day, there is usually an incomplete "To Do List" and things will carry over (every now and then, I scratch through every line, but there's often a "carry-over").  

After that first cup of coffee, things straighten out a bit.  Have usually checked my e-mail and scanned the world news during that first cup.  Was there an earthquake, or a volcano eruption? Any storms looming the horizon? 

If there's nothing catastrophic going on, then I check our account balance to see how we're doing.  Do we have enough to "launch" another mission "abroad"? 

There are times that we really "want" to GO, but the funds just aren't there. That's when we have to just sit tight.  Air Mobile ministers "at home & abroad".  We just slip right into to our "home" mission and do what is set before us.

Today is Sunday.  After church this morning, our Air Mobile Team will head to the Hospital in Orlando where we'll conduct a full Church Service for any patients that choose to come.  The attendance is usually around 80% of all of the patients. We're very thankful for nearly a full house & an "Open Door" to minister, every Sunday.

So, by the second cup, my conclusion is...."where will we go today..what will we do?"  God knows!  My hope and prayer is that I'll walk closely with Him and do what He wants me to do today.

Oh, we had a great party last night, as Peter celebrated his 17th Birthday.  The young people had a blast.  They even went out and did a "Video Scavenger Hunt".  When they got back with their precious footage of "silliness" we all roared.

Before the Party, I spent the day at the hangar with Paul, our mechanic, who was putting the final touches on the install of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer. 

We did a full run-up with the Little Donkey and all checked out well.  We hope to do some test flying and calibration on Monday.  This little "jewel" will really add to our safety, capability and economy.

Now, the second cup is finished and it's time to post this "rambling blog".  We're about to head out to church and then to the hospital.  We're so appreciative for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-31-14 Saturday 7:25AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


17 years ago, today, Peter James Hurston came into this world.  I recall, so well, holding him just after he was born. He was a beautiful child.  

Then, when he was only hours old, Peter went into Cardiac / Respiratory distress and was dying. Actually, he did. He flat-lined!  Cindy and I prayed like crazy and our Lord was so good and gave Peter back to us.

Oh, those first 2 weeks were touch and go.  But day by day and with the remarkable care and skill of the doctors and staff at Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando (and lots and lots of prayer) , Peter gained strength and was finally released.  

Today, our Peter is 6'2" tall, an accomplished musician, a Black-Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is playing wide-receiver for his Varsity High School.  Above all, Peter loves Jesus and serves Him faithfully.  

Peter recently joined Cindy and I on a critical mission to the Philippines.  We were so blessed to have him with us.  Peter has all the right ingredients to be a great missionary.  Happy Birthday, Peter!

Sometime, next week, I'll be driving Peter to Houston where he will spend 2-3 weeks on staff at the Children's Activity Center (CAC).  

This is a great outreach located in the "Hood" of Houston.  This ministry reaches out to "Inner City" kids and introduces them to Jesus.  They have a saying..."Somethin good in the hood".  To learn more about CAC, go to: CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY CENTER - HOUSTON 

This will be Peter's second year of ministering with CAC.  We're very proud of Peter and above all, THANKFUL to our Lord for giving Him back to us!!

So, this evening, we'll be having a party for Peter.  Later today, I'll be heading to the airport to meet Paul, our mechanic.  We'll be "running up" the Little Donkey and putting the final touches on the installation of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer.  Very excited about that.

In the meantime, we gather supplies and funding for our "next mission" to either the Philippines, Croatia, Mexico or Haiti or....wherever our Lord wants to send us.  Yesterday evening, I met our "Dear Delta Rose" on the highway where she delivered more medical supplies for Haiti.  We're so THANKFUL for so many who help us!

Recently (Thursday's Blog), I reported that we had received funding for 3 Air Mobile Rescuers.  Well, I found out, after a bit of investigation, that the funding was designated for Reach Out To Haiti.  So glad that Barb received those funds for the orphans there.  

So, we're still raising funds for Air Mobile Rescuers for the Thirsty.  Please continue to join us in prayer.  Our heart is to bring clean water to those in need.  We're THANKFUL to be able to minister "at home and abroad"!

Time to head to the airport. As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe    

5-30-14 Friday 8:11AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We've been scheduling to install a wonderful instrument in our Little Donkey that helps us to know exactly how much fuel we have on-board (we have 14 fuel tanks).  Our mechanic Paul is doing the "install" of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer this week.

Yesterday, while at the hangar, Paul showed me the Shadin, as he "fired" it up.  Love the "message" that was displayed..."GOOD"!  Indeed, a Fuel Totalizer is a "Good" thing!

Looking back over the last few years, it is amazing how many wonderful improvements have been made on the Little Donkey.  In just a few days, we'll be able to monitor our fuel flow as never before.  Thank you, Jesus!

You'll notice that the Blog is being posted a bit later than usual.  The reason is, my good friend, Paul Berry of "PBM Alive" asked me to call in and speak to his faithful audience of prayer warriors and friends.  

I've known Paul for years and he's a brother of brothers! Just "Google" in PBM Alive to find mulitple links to Paul's great "prayer meeting"!  You'll also find Paul on Facebook.  Just search for PBM Alive or Paul Berry and you'll find him.  Paul has been mightily used by our Lord to bring the precious Good News of Jesus via the "Social Media".  Bravo Paul and THANKS again for having me on the show today!  

We continue to "gather" supplies and funds for our "next mission".  Will be out and about today.  Just found out that a friend has an Oxygen Generator and other medical supplies for Haiti.  We're believing our Lord to bring in funding for the Philippines, The Balkans and Mexico.  Here is the link to our latest efforts - BECAUSE YOU CARE  

Our Dear Delta Rose just wrote me this morning and said that she has more supplies for Haiti.  She's flying out of Orlando this morning and will drop them this evening on her way home.  I think she flies to Detroit today.  You know, "Delta Rose" is an example of how our Lord has sent such able folks our way.  Rose has helped Air Mobile to fly around the world so many times!  

So, now, I post this rambling blog, a bit later than usual.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

5-29-14 Thursday 7:21AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I was cleaning out our pond, a real "grunt" job, folks were writing encouraging notes and donating toward our next mission.  We still have a ways to go to get "out the door", but we are definitely on our way.   

Why, you might ask, was I cleaning out the pond?  Well, in a few days, Peter will be celebrating his 17th birthday and he's having a party & our pond needed a bit of sprucing up.  Some fresh water will help.

From time to time, I'd come into our home and hit the "To-Do List".  You know, it's a very good thing to be able to conduct "business" from most anywhere.  It's not like the "old days" when you would have to (necessarily) go to an office.  We have our "office" with us with our phone and computer.  It's truly a blessing.

While I was between the "To-Do List" and the pond, Cindy was in town after dropping Peter at school and waiting for him to get out(short days due to final testing).  She headed to Sunrise Bakery and found a comfortable spot and wrote a letter to our "List" and sent it out.  Again, so nice to be able to do "business" about anywhere.  

BTW, her letter was titled, "Because You Care".  Did you receive it?  If not, and you'd like to be on the list, just jot me a quick e-mail at:  and we'll be sure to get you on the "list".  

Here's the link to our latest letter - BECAUSE YOU CARE 

Back to the "Pond" story.  As I was doing the "grunt" pond work and pressure cleaning the back porch, my thoughts went back to the rambling Blog from yesterday.  I recalled how I'd mentioned "Praying" over that "To-Do List".  

So often, we just get "swept up" into the events of the day, that we simply forget to seek His direction.  I'm reminded of the words of Solomon...."Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path"! 

At the end of the day, I came back in and found an e-mail from a dear friend who wants to fund 3 Air Mobile Rescuers!!  Again, we're on the "Way"  back out to bring clean water to thirsty folks, though we still have a ways to go!

What will our Lord do today?  I just had a thought.  Our Lord has a "To Do List" also.  Would love to see it.  Because He loves us, we're on His list!

Today, will be out and about between the airport and picking up supplies and hitting that "To-Do List" and.....being sure to PRAY over it all along the way.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-28-14 Wednesday 7:27AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I guess that we all work some kind of "To-Do" list to get us through the day.  My brain can only hold so much and then it begins to spill over.  My "To-Do" list of choice is writing myself an e-mail and then sending it back to me.

Then, throughout the day, I "forward" it back to me, and add things as I go along.  Having a "Smart Phone" makes it work. Then, when I get near a printer, I'll print it up so that I have a "hard copy" to work from. 

I shudder to think of what would happen if I lost the phone or the "connection" were lost.  Guess I'd go back to "sticky notes" or some such thing to capture the things "To-Do".

As I'm writing this blog, it dawned on me, that rarely do I actually "Pray Over" that list.  I just grab things out of my head and write them down as quickly as I possibly can before I forget them.  

Seems like my brain has got some leaks and I'll remember something and in a flash, forget it.  That's why I often, quickly, jot the thing down before it disappears from my mind.

But, back to PRAYER.  Hmmmm, this is an interesting thought and one worth exploring.  I could actually look at that list and PRAY, right then and there and ask the Lord if I should add anything or which one, should I do next.  

Now, this brings me back to one of my favorite sayings, or acronyms, as it were.......A.S.A.P. (ALWAYS - SAY - A -PRAYER)

Do you find yourself getting "crazy" busy and just barreling through the day, trying to get the things done and just marking things off your list or quickly adding things to that list?  I certainly do!

What about that "List"?  Now, wouldn't it be good if our Lord was "in charge" of that list?  Suffice it to say, if He's in charge, things will go a lot better.

As I sit here and ponder these things, I'm reminded of the Words of Jesus.  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you". 

As we read the verses before that, one realizes that Jesus was speaking to His disciples who were quite concerned about what they would eat, or drink or wear.  They were just worried (I'm often guilty of that).  Jesus' Words are a comfort to my soul.

Wow, I guess I needed to explore this, this morning.  Thought I'd share it with you.  For you see, Cindy and I truly want to "head out to our next mission", but it seems our Lord is telling us to just rest easy and trust Him.  

So, today, I'll just keep working that "To Do List" and will be more PRAYERFUL about what I add to the list or which item will come next.  Often, "timing" is extremely important. It's not just doing the thing, but WHEN we do the thing.  

The "Bottom Line" is:  WE NEED THE LORD TO DIRECT OUR PATH!  I know that, today, I'll be more prayerful and sensitive to His direction.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and suppport!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-27-14 Tuesday 7:36AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After a beautiful Memorial Day morning with blueberry pancakes, we ambled off to the beach to be with friends and just have an easy day.  

As we drove, we saw some flags and simple reminders that it was Memorial Day.  Some thoughts and prayers for those who have "stood the wall" and given so much for our wonderful freedom.

This is not something to be taken for granted.  Freedom is a very costly thing.  Again, we THANK GOD for the freedom that we have.  Of course, true freedom comes from knowing the truth and knowing Jesus.  "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"!

I just read this from Mike Rowe, the "Dirty Jobs" guy - take a minute and read on down, you'll be glad you did -

OOOPS - As you read the story below, the right column is clipped a bit short - if you'd like to go the original Mike Rowe post - click here - MIKE ROWE AND TRAVIS

Say hi to Retired Staff Sargent Travis Mills, formerly of the 82nd Airborne, US Army.

As you can see, Travis has undergone a few structural modifications, most visibly in the leg department. Likewise, his left arm is more machine than flesh, and though his right arm appears to be around my waist, it really isn’t. Like the rest of his limbs, it’s been missing in action for some time.

I met Travis a few weeks ago in DC at The Science and Engineering Festival, and spent a half hour talking, mostly about Dirty Jobs. He wanted to tell me how much he and his buddies appreciated that show while on active duty. He wanted to know what it was like to work in so many “difficult and dangerous situations.”

Can you imagine? How exactly does one answer a question like that from a guy like this?

On the day we met, I was a little stressed out. I had just moderated a panel on the main stage, and I was rushing to the other end of the Convention Center to meet with a bunch of CEO’s to discuss mikeroweWORKS. I was late, and there were three-hundred and fifty thousand people between me and where I needed to go, all of whom wanted to say hello and take a photo. My security team was cutting a swath through the crowd, and I was trying very hard not to look like a complete douche. Then one of the event organizers ran over and grabbed my arm.

“Hey Mike, there’s a guy backstage who really wants to say hello.”

“That’s nice,” I said. “Tell him to get out here and do it.” I was walking fast, head down, determined to maintain forward momentum. If you stop in a situation like that, you never get started again.

“Well,” said the guy, “it would be easier if you came to him. It’ll just take a second.”

“Why? His legs broken?”

“Uhh...not exactly. But he’s just around the corner. I think he was in the war.”

I told the security guys to sit tight, and followed the guy down a long hallway, looking at my watch as we fast-walked into the backstage area. Then we ducked behind a blue curtain, and Travis Mills stood up to greet me. Actually, he kind of unfolded himself from a chair, and came toward me with a very wide smile. He then extended a prosthetic arm and offered a plastic hand, which I automatically shook.

“Mike Rowe! What an honor! I’m Travis Mills, and I’m very, very pleased to meet you.”

I’ve seen a lot of things over the years, and I’ve gotten good at pretending there’s nothing unusual when there clearly is. But I was completely unprepared for this.

“Ahh...shit,” I said. “What happened?”

“IED. Afghanistan.”

“Damn. I’m sorry.”

“No big deal. It’s been two years now. I’m good. Tell me something though - are you gonna do anymore Dirty Jobs?”


“Dirty Jobs, man! When are we gonna see some new ones?”

“Well Travis, that show was cancelled. I’m working on something new though that I think will be just as good. Maybe better.”

“Hey, that’s great! I got new legs and you got a new show! Tell me all about it!”

That’s how the conversation started. My show. My foundation. My book. Etc. But I eventually steered it back to him, and learned that Travis is one of only five quadruple amputees to survive that level of injury in the recent wars. He has a motto: Never Give Up - Never Quit. He has a Foundation. He’s featured in a new documentary. He also has a wife and a kid, and a deeply personal commitment to help other wounded Vets cope with their injuries. But when I asked why I hadn’t seen him in any of the typical commercials and PSA’s for wounded veterans, his answer was stunning. He said he didn’t consider himself to be wounded.

“I’m not a victim, Mike. And I refuse to be portrayed that way. Case closed.”

Fact is, Travis is missing more than a few original parts; he’s missing all traces of self-pity. And that’s presents a challenge for mortals like me. Because it’s a hell of a thing to feel put out because a crowd of fans are making me late for an important meeting, and then listen to a guy with no arms or legs tell me how lucky he is, and how much he appreciates all my hard work.

That’s called a gut-check, and I could use one from time to time. Especially on Memorial Day, when the biggest decisions I face are what to grill and which type of frosty beverage to enjoy. This year, as I resolve these and other important issues, I’ll think of Travis Mills. A guy who went out on a limb for me, in every way possible.

Thanks Travis.
And Happy Memorial Day to you all.


PS. His story is incredible. Check it out, if you have the time.

It's too bad, that we only take one "Memorial Day" a year.  Again, God Bless America and thanks to all our Veterans and Active Military!

Today, we continue to move forward toward our "next mission".  My Cindy has been busy posting on Facebook various videos and information about Air Mobile and what we do and what we want to do.  We simply want to bring CLEAN WATER to a THIRSTY WORLD.  

If you're on Facebook and haven't found Cindy, simply go in an search for Cindy Hurston.  You'll find her and see what she's up to.

This week, we'll be completing the installation of the Shadin Fuel Totalizer on the Little Donkey.  Looking forward to having that wonderful instrument that will help us to manage all the fuel that we carry (in 14 fuel tanks!).

So, now that you've had that nice, long weekend, it's time to "get back to work".  We'll be busy getting ready for our next "deployment", as our Lord does know how to deploy His troops!

We truly appreciate your prayer, love and support!  Be blessed!

Air Mobile Joe

5-26-14 Monday 6:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As this beautiful day dawned, I was up drinking coffee and sitting out watching our garden grow.  Just the fact that we, in America, still have freedom (with limits) is a gift from God.  

Cindy and I have traveled to many countries around the world and brought clean water and the Good News of Jesus to places that are having a "bad day".  

As we return home, each time, we simply thank God for the gift of America.  Today, we honor our Veterans who are "standing the wall" both at home and abroad.  

I know that America has many problems, all countries do.  But we are thankful for a land where we can come and go and bring help and relief to those in need.  

We THANK GOD for those brave men and women in uniform who lay down their own personal freedom to defend our freedom.  THANK YOU from the Hurston's & GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

May you all be blessed on this Memorial Day!  We intend to "chill out" with our home church on a beautiful beach in the shadow of Kennedy Space Center today.  

I'd like to share something with you about Facebook. I personally "LIKE" Facebook and think it's a wonderful media for reaching out to so many.  But.....I'm not very good at it.  My Cindy is much better than me.

Just writing this "rambling" blog every single day pretty much takes up my "computer communication time".  I'm just thankful that Cindy does a really good job of posting things and getting folks to "share".  She's able to tell so much about what we do via Facebook.

So.....if you reach out to me on Facebook and I don't respond, PLEASE, don't think it's anything personal.  It's more out ignorance or just not knowing how all of the wonderful features work.  

But...if you reach out to Cindy, she's a whiz at it and will likely get back to you, and furthermore tell you all kind of cool things about what we're up to. She'll often post little clips from our "Mission Adventures".  

For example, late last night she posted a little clip of Peter singing "Here comes the sun" in the Philippines.  It was hilarious.  Go check it out and you'll see what I mean.

In fact, right now, we're having a "Social Media Fund-raising Event" to raise money for 3 different mission outreaches - Philippines / Croatia-Bosnia-Serbia / Mexico.  The common NEED among these places is:  CLEAN WATER!

To find Cindy on Facebook, just search for Cindy Hurston, you'll find her.  All you "Facebook Experts" know that already.  The bottom line is:  WE ARE WILLING AND READY TO GO to bring life-saving clean water to the thirsty.  Please pray about helping us and be sure to "SHARE" us with all your "Friends"!!

 As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support and have a blessed MEMORIAL DAY!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you're not on our "e-mail list" and want to be, simply jot me a note at:

5-25-14 Sunday 7:04AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


This is, indeed, a solemn day, where America remembers those who have served and in some cases, offered the ultimate sacrifice for this great country.  Let us remember and not forget!  

It is very likely, that every American that is reading this blog has a Veteran in their family.  My Cindy has a little brother, who as a 19 year old Marine, gave his life for our country in Beirut on October 23, 1983.  I am reminded of my father who fought in WWII and was in many fierce and brutal battles and the list goes on and on.

In some ways, I am THANKFUL to the Lord for helping to bring to light the terrible way our Veterans are being treated by the Veterans Administration (VA). I join Dr. Ben Carson who made the following statement - 

“I think what’s happening with the veterans is a gift from God to show us what happens when you take layers and layers of bureaucracy and place them between the patients and the health care provider,” the Fox News contributor said Saturday. “And if we can’t get it right, with the relatively small number of veterans, how in the world are you going to do it with the entire population?”  Here is the rest of Dr. Carson's article - DR. BEN CARSON - "VETERAN SCANDAL A GIFT FROM GOD"

These are sobering thoughts.  It is not time for Government officials to make excuses or try to squirm out of the responsibility or to "blame" others as we saw Nancy Pelosi simply say, "it was George W. Bush's fault".  It is time to correct this terrible problem.  Thank God for the light of truth shining on this deplorable situation! that I've gotten that out of my system, just wanted to let you know that we are still preparing for our "next mission".  Our hearts yearn to get back to the Philippines.  
As we hear of the terrible suffering going on in Bosnia / Serbia / Croatia following the worst flooding in more than 120 years, we just know how they need clean water.  We want to GO and as I stated yesterday...."AIR MOBILE HAS REPORTED FOR DUTY"!

Please continue to PRAY for us that we will receive the funding to GO and bring clean water where and when our Lord wants us to GO.  

Yesterday, had the great blessing to attend the birthday of our precious grand-daughter, Selah who just turned 4 years old.  Selah is the daughter of Christian and Ann Marie.  Cindy and Ann Marie made the beautiful cake.  Grandchildren are a blessing from God!!

In the meantime, this morning, we're heading out to Church and then to the Hospital to minister with the young people and adults.  You may recall that last week, we conducted our first Baptism at the hospital.  We are so THANKFUL for this open door to proclaim the love of God.  Of course, our "Mission" is at home and abroad.

As I always say, and mean from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!  Remember to THANK A VETERAN!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-24-14 Saturday 6:54AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Often, following disasters, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc., we go through a period of time of really wanting to get there, but we end up "Standing-By" waiting for the funding.

This is not always a bad thing.  It does build patience, faith and obedience.  I remember, and often chuckle at how Peter jumped out of the boat to join the Lord on the water.  

It seemed like a good idea at the time and he just lunged into the sea.  At first things seemed alright, but then, he looked around and realized where he was and he began to sink.

Know the feeling?  I've been there many times.  As a matter of fact, can't say that I've heard the audible voice of Jesus, but deep in my heart, I believe I've heard Him say, "Sit down, I didn't tell you to get out of the boat....yet!".  

I have a tendency to jump out of the boat at the "drop of the hat".  That can be good and it can be bad.  At any rate, our Lord has been there to "rescue" me more times than I can even imagine.

So, here we are.  We've reported for duty and we're standing by awaiting the final marching orders (generally depends upon funding) to head out to either the Balkans or the Philippines....or wherever our Lord will send us.

We continue to gather up supplies and prepare for the "next mission".  We're also doing a lot of research on the region and the current conditions so that....when we get there (hopefully), we'll have a better idea of what to expect.  

We are so THANKFUL for your prayers, love and support.  We've already heard from some victims in the Balkans who have heard that we are attempting to get over there with clean water.  

So many small villages and towns have been completely wiped out and the victims have nothing.  The stories are heart-breaking.  Here's a story painting the grim picture in the Balkans - BALKANS...FLOODING / LAND MINES / DISEASE 

Several folks have reached out and called and said that they are sending something to help. Again, we're thankful.

We're also in touch with the folks in the Philippines.  So many villages were completely destroyed and there are still areas that desperately need clean water.  We're thankful that we've been able to bring in 45 Rescuers, but the need is so great.

Today, we'll do what we can toward getting ready to launch.  I'm also reminded of that quote that I so often use...."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".  We've simply "reported for duty" and we're "standing by" and.....doing what we can.  As always, THANK YOU again for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-23-14 Friday 6:58AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was on the phone with Father Gio yesterday discussing the terrible flooding in the Balkans.  Father Gio is the Founder of Croatian Relief Services.  You may check them out at:   

It is a "small world".  I first heard of Father Gio from Barbara (AKA "Rambo in the Blue Dress") in Haiti.  Barbara, who "knows the ropes" in Haiti extremely well, has lent help and advice to Sandra, a Missionary in Haiti for Croation Relief Services. 

Father Gio has also helped Barbara by assisting in bringing in containers to Haiti with much needed supplies.  It is a beautiful thing and a good example of the Body of Christ working together.

As the flood waters are receding from the worst flood to hit the Balkans in more than 120 years, the efforts have turned from rescue to clean-up and disease prevention.  Here's more on the crisis - WATER RECEDING IN BALKANS - DANGER OF DISEASE SPREADING  

Clean water is vital in this phase of the operation.  Father Gio and I are discussing the possibility of Air Mobile traveling to the Balkans next week with at least 5 Air Mobile Rescuers.  In order for us to accomplish this, we must raise $15,000 immediately.  

As you, who follow this rambling "Blog" know, we've been working on getting back to the Philippines with more supplies and follow-up assistance with the 45 Rescuers that we have already placed there.  What can we do?

We would like to reach out to both, the Balkans and the Philippines.  I share this with you, so that you can join together with us in prayer that all of the funds necessary will come in allowing us to launch on these critical missions quickly.

Today, Father Gio will be reaching out to his base of support and explaining to them about the Air Mobile Rescuer and how it can save lives and prevent the rapid spread of disease in the affected areas.  Please PRAY that folks will respond with generous gifts that will allow us to GO and help!

Often, my heart longs to GO, and the thing that prevents or allows this to happen is, funding.  We are willing to GO and truly seek the direction and provision from our Lord.  So, I am reminded of the words from Jesus...."Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  May God's will be done.  We stand READY to do whatever He wants us to do.

Now that you know more of the situation, you can PRAY with us with more direction.  If our Lord prompts you to donate toward these outreaches, you may simply push the DONATE button in the upper left hand of this blog.  I DO NOT want to put any pressure on you.  Simply let our Lord lead in this matter.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  It is such a blessing to come to you daily and share my heart with you.  THANK YOU again for standing with us and helping us to share the love of God to the suffering!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you are not comfortable or don't want to donate on-line, you may use "snail mail" and send your donation to:

Air Mobile Ministries
5560 Fan Palm Ave.
Cocoa, FL   32927

Be sure to designate in the Memo section where you want your offering to go.  God bless!  
Air Mobile Joe

5-22-14 Thursday 6:49AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Maybe it's the way these "Saints" sing, or the depth of their prayers, but I sure do love them.  Had the opportunity share the Word of God with the O.W.L.S. (Older - Wiser - Lovable - Saints) yesterday.  Not sure who got the most out of it, me or them.  Suffice it to say we all walked away blessed.  When we show up in the Name of Jesus, HE is with us!

We've been doing quite a bit of research into the needs in the hard hit Balkans (Serbia / Croatia) who have experienced the worst flooding in modern history (120+ years).  

We are searching out relief organizations and seeking specific data on the situation there.  We'll continue to pray about going and most important, we need prayer & funding to go.

One of our associate missionaries, Sandra, who works very closely with Barbara in Haiti has been giving us information about the depth of this calamity.  Sandra will be heading back to her home country of Croatia soon and will be able to provide us with more information about the immediate needs.

We continue to seek a way to get back to the Philippines to follow up on our latest missions there.  As you may recall, the Philippines was struck with the largest storm (Thyphoon Haiyan) to make landfall in recorded history.  We have a strong desire to return to bring in some more Air Mobile Rescuers and check on the units that we've already put in place.  

Here's a short video telling more of our outreach to the Philippines -  ALDRICH AND JAMES HELP AIR MOBILE SAVE LIVES .  If you've yet to see it, may we encourage you to take a few minutes and view it.  It'll give you more insight into what we do.

This morning, I'll be visiting a donor and friend who has the coolest water containers.  He's been donating them to us and we in-turn disperse them among our friends.  We're thankful for friends with generous and caring hearts!

So, it's that time.  Need to head out and see what our Lord has for us today.  It's such a grand adventure serving Him!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-21-14 Wednesday 6:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


This morning, I'll be speaking to the not those kind of Owls, but the Older -Wiser-Loving-Saints.

I love speaking to this group at Space Coast Assembly of God in Titusville, FL.  We're making this an almost "regular" thing. These Saints have gained so much wisdom and experience over the years.  They also know how to PRAY!

It's always a joy and privilege to share the Word of God with them.  

This morning, while Cindy and I were checking out our garden, it was time to harvest a few radishes.  Nothing better than fresh vegetables.

We bought some of that "slick" oil to coat our tomatoes to keep the "critters" from helping themselves while those beautiful tomatoes "vine- ripen".  I can visualize the bugs "slipping and sliding" off the tomatoes before they can get a bite. 

Meanwhile, we've been following the terrible flooding in Bosnia / Serbia.  It's the worst flooding since records have been kept (over 120 years).  There has been great concern about the Danube wreaking havoc, but it appears that the levies will hold.  We're certainly praying about this situation. 

We're gathering supplies and believing God for funding to allow us to go and bring clean water where it is so desperately needed.  Here's more on the terrible flooding - OVER 1 MILLION AFFECTED BY RECORD FLOODING IN BALKANS  

As always, THANK YOU for standing and believing God with us. We so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-20-14 Tuesday 7:24AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I awakened to the sound of birds singing and the smell of coffee....reminds me of a song by Chris Rice.  The temperature outside (73 degrees) must be very close to the temp in Heaven.  It's not going to get too hot today (83 degrees) and there's a nice ocean breeze.   I'm thankful for days like this.  Life is good! 

Our garden is growing like crazy and soon, we'll be harvesting a bunch of tomatoes.  Cindy and I were just talking about what "natural" insecticide we could put on them to keep the little critters from helping themselves to them before us.  

We were out having a lite lunch in a local Sub Shop, when Bill Pastormack hailed me.  I've known Bill for years.  He owns one of the Premier Ace Hardwares in the U.S..  During our conversation, I mentioned our garden.  He asked what we were doing to control the critters and I told him we were just talking about that.

Well, Bill has a garden also and he uses an all-natural mineral oil.  Makes the tomatoes really slippery and the critters can't get a foothold.  We'll buy some today.  Love it when our Lord deploys His troops our way with answers.

Speaking of "Gardens", I've heard through the "grapevine" that in some cases, backyard "Gardens" were illegal.  Well, after doing a bit of research on this matter, found out in the State of Florida, one can still have their own garden, just can't "sell" anything out of it unless it's been inspected.  Hmmm, the "The Land of the  Free". 

A bit later today, Cindy and I will be meeting with Kevin.  We met Kevin's parents when we spoke at First Baptist Merritt Island last month.  Well, Kevin has a heart to help others and wants to start a Charity that raises money for clean water.  This is a very noble mission.  We'll be meeting with Kevin to share our experiences.  Again, so thankful for our Lord putting such calls upon the hearts of young people.

Often, when I awaken, I have absolutely no idea what I'll write about.  Today, as I checked the garden, the idea came to simply write about our little garden and that slippery oil that helps those tomatoes to "vine-ripen" and arrive on our table without being "shared" by bugs.

We hope you had an opportunity to view our recent "YouTube" video.  We're gathering supplies and funds to return to the Philippines.  Please pray that all of the resources come in to allow us to return to an area that was just hammered by a monster storm.  We also want to check on the 45 Rescuers that we recently delivered there.  We know that our Lord will dispatch us there in His perfect time.

In the opening paragraph, I mentioned Chris Rice and "Smellin Coffee".  Just thought I'd share the song with you.  As you can imagine, it's one of my favorites - 'SMELLIN' COFFEE by Chris Rice

May you be blessed today and....THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you haven't had a chance to view our recent Philippines Video, just click here and be blessed - ALDRICH AND JAMES HELP AIR MOBILE SAVE LIVES

5-19-14 Monday 6:49AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


For the first time (as far as we know), we performed the first Baptism at the Hospital where we are Chaplains.  And....we did it with full permission of the administration.  We were allowed to take photographs but....we could not show any faces of the patients in attendance.  This was a glorious day for us!

Peter led worship by the "poolside".  It was such a sweet service.  After the Ceremony, we were swamped with requests to be baptized.  So, this was the first of, prayerfully, many!  We have been Chaplains at this hospital for nearly 17 years.  

We've been so thankful for the open door to preach the Gospel at the Hospital, that we just never thought to ASK for permission to perform a Baptism.  The Bible says..."you have not, because you ask not".  Well, we finally asked and permission was granted.  Praise God!

Earlier, Peter, along with members of our Youth Group, led Worship at our home church, Redeemer.  It is so encouraging to see young people praising and worshiping the Lord.  We are blessed & thankful!

We hope you had a chance to see the new Air Mobile Video.  If not, simply scroll on down to yesterday and hit the "link" titled:  ALDRICH AND JAMES HELP AIR MOBILE SAVE LIVES (or just click this link).  Our good friend, J. Brewer, helped us to put this video presentation together.  We're very thankful to J. for doing such a good job.

So, we begin another week.  We'll be working on getting ready for our "next mission" wherever that might be....., it could be right in our own backyard.  The "Mission Field" is all around us, beginning at home and going to the ends of the earth.

We pray you have a blessed day.  Ask HIM what He would have you to do today.  Believe me, it will be the best possible thing you could ever do.  We're so appreciative to have you on-board with us.  Thanks for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-18-14 Sunday 6:51AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, Cindy and I posted an Air Mobile Update letter.  We usually don't send one out over the weekend, but once we got the final cut of the "Sea Change" video, we just had to let it "wing".  

As a result, some of our "audience" was not in their normal environment and we noted that some did not open the letter or view the video.  So.... we wanted to give another opportunity here, if you missed it yesterday.  

Here's the Update Letter and be sure to click on the video with the white arrow and we hope you are blessed - ALDRICH AND JAMES HELP AIR MOBILE SAVE LIVES

BTW, if you have never heard Aldrich and James sing, you're in for a treat.  These young men love the Lord and have given their talents and gifts to God for His glory! They are, indeed helping us to save lives!! I still chuckle when I note how tall Peter is and...he's still growing!

Again, if you did not receive our Air Mobile Update Letter in your In-Box and would like to receive it, simply jot me a note with your e-mail address and we'll get you on the list.  Just send it to my e-mail at: - We promise, we won't "sell" your e-mail or spam you in any way!

So, today is Sunday.  Peter has already headed to Church for early Band Practice.  After service today, we'll be off to the Hospital where we are Chaplains.  Must tell you, today, we'll be performing our first Baptism at the hospital.  We requested permission from the administration and it was granted.  So THANKFUL for this open door to proclaim the Good News of Jesus within the Hospital walls.

We pray you have a blessed day today.  Hope you get a chance to open the Update Letter and view the video.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-17-14 Saturday 6:21AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I are very pleased to share this video with you.  Must thank J. Brewer for helping us to put it together.  It truly "captures" the story of the tragedy of Typhoon Haiyan (AKA "Yolanda") and the Grace of God.  

We are blessed to have gone to the Philippines 3 times since that terrible Typhoon ravaged the region.  We are looking forward to returning.  Here's the You-Tube  "SEA CHANGE" - AIR MOBILE RESPONDS TO THE TEMPEST 

We also, from time to time, send out an Information Letter on what we are doing.  We just sent one out last night.  Did you receive it?  If not, and you want to get it, please write us at: and we'll be sure that you get on the "List".  If you'd like to see the letter, click here: ALDRICH AND JAMES HELP AIR MOBILE SAVE LIVES

It is such a joy bringing people clean water in time of need.  Can't even begin to express to you how thankful we are to be able to do this.  Your prayer, love and generosity help make this possible!

Our experience of working together with Aldrich and James, along with their sisters, Cherish and Sharla was an awesome blessing.  These young people love the Lord with a deep passion and are pouring their lives into helping others.  We are so blessed to have gotten to know them and working together with them to save lives and bring the Good News of Jesus to a thirsty world.

Please help us to return.  There is so much to do.  If you'd like to donate to this critical return outreach to the Philippines, simply go to the "Donate" button up above.  Above all, let the Lord lead you in this matter. 

So, it's time to head out into this day.  THANK YOU again for standing with us to help others!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-16-14 Friday 7:11AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Came across this "NIGHTLINE" piece on a dangerous undersea Volcano in the Caribbean.  The effect of an eruption could be deadly for the U.S. and the Caribbean Islands.  This is some sobering stuff.  Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who found the Titanic, is leading the exploration.

All I can say is PRAISE GOD we have some some excellent scientists keeping a close eye on this "bad boy".  Here's the "NIGHTLINE" Story - DEADLY UNDERSEA VOLCANO COULD CAUSE U.S. TSUNAMI

Early Warning is the key to survival.  The more we can learn about this Volcano and other such threats the better.  

I want to THANK YOU for your prayers for George Knoops' family.  The entire mission community in Port-au-Prince is very upset and sad by his tragic death.  Please remember them in your prayers.

This morning, we received our 'Final Cut' on our latest Air Mobile Video.  J. Brewer did an amazing job on this presentation.  Cindy and I will be working on sending out an Update Letter with a link to the video.  Be on the lookout (BOLO) for it.

Just another thought about that potential East Coast Tsunami (from the deadly Volcano), we are entering into Hurricane Season.  It's been 8 years since a Hurricane has made landfall in Florida.  It's easy to get laid back and complacent when it's been a while since one hit.  My simple counsel is.....PREPARE!

Even today, should you go shopping, Be Othe the Look-Out (again BOLO) for those wonderful BOGO'S (Buy One Get One).  Do something today to add to your stock.  Take advantage of this time to do some "PREPPIN"......that's not a bad thing, it's just smart.

So, it's time to head out into this day that our Lord has made.  As always, we're so THANKFUL for your wonderful prayer, love and support!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-15-14 Thursday 7:16AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Received the call yesterday morning.  The question:  "Did you hear about George Knoop?"  Then the story began to unfold after several calls to Haiti.  George was murdered in his home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Tuesday afternoon.  He was an incredible and likeable Volunteer, who truly loved the Lord, and faithfully served Missionary Flights International (MFI) in Haiti.  We will all miss George.  Please pray for his family and friends.  Here's the tribute posted by MFI -

GEORGE KNOOP 1936 - 2014

George Knoop traveled to Haiti after the earthquake near Port-au-Prince in January 2010 to help and minister to those in need. While there, George learned that MFI's need for a mail room manager and felt God calling him to fill that need.  He commented that he wanted to serve in Haiti for at least 10 years - at the time, George was 74 years old.

On May 13, 2014, George passed away after being attacked in his home in Port-au-Prince.  George faithfully served the mission community and met every MFI DC-3 flight at the airport in Port-au-Prince since moving there in the fall of 2010.

George is survived by his two sisters.  At their request, George will be cremated in Haiti.

The MFI staff, as well as all the missionaries who interacted with George will remember him and his committment to the Lord fondly.  George also had a close relationship with his home church in Chicago (Moody Church).

"Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.  For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him" - I Thessalonians 4:13-14

I had the privilege to have known George and was very fond of him.  Met him immediately following the 2010 earthquake.  Watched him "integrate" into the MFI organization and do an amazing job of a very complicated task.  Just spoke to George recently.  We will all miss George!  Our consolation is knowing that George is with Jesus and indeed, knowing that George "fought the good fight of faith"!

As many of you know, I never "post" my travel itinerary to Haiti for security reasons.  We know how dangerous Haiti can be.  Let us pray for those who serve our Lord on the "front lines and in the trenches".

So, today, we continue to move toward our "next mission". As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

PS - Here is a link to a blog telling more about our dear brother, George - A FITTING TRIBUTE TO GEORGE KNOOP

5-14-14 Wednesday 7:37AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I must tell you the story of how I received a beautiful new Dell Laptop.  The "Story" begins while Cindy and I were in the final phases of departing for the Philippines in March.  The phone rang.  It was Penny from Oregon.  She and her husband, Barry, had just watched the episode (on YouTube) of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition that featured our family.

I explained to Penny that I was running all over getting ready for our Philippine Mission and with the "hands free" feature on my cell, I just kept driving and talking to Penny.  She explained how she and Barry wanted to fund several Rescuers for a Haitian school in the Dominican Republic (DR).  That truly touched my heart, as we have ministered many times with the Haitians in the DR and know very well their "plight".

I kept driving and talking.  During our conversation, I mentioned that my "next stop" was to bring my ancient, ailing computer to Ron, our very own Computer Guru.  We hoped and prayed that Ron could "resurrect" the old laptop one more time. I had had the old laptop for over 6 years and it was 2 years old when I got it.  It was like an old friend....but it's life was drawing to a close.

Penny suddenly said...."You need a new computer".  My response was was, "Yeah I know...I just hope Ron can get it going one more time".  Penny insisted again, "You need a new computer...." My response, "in His time" (I had no idea what Penny was really saying).

Finally, Penny said, "Look, Joe, Barry and I are going to buy you a new computer.  Our son-in-law, Craig works for Dell and we're going to get you a new computer".  Then it dawned on me what Penny was saying.  Wow!  Truly, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops...and His resources"!

So, this morning, I'm typing this rambling Blog on a brand new Dell Computer.  BTW, Ron, our computer "Guru" installed everything I need and safely transitioned the data into the new Dell.  It is a beautiful thing.  

One other thing, as Ron was transferring the data out of my old, ailing laptop, it finally and fully died.  This Dell came just in time!

THANK YOU Penny, Barry, Craig and Julie!  This Dell will "travel" all over the world and help me to bring a lot of clean water to thirsty and desperate folks!!

OK, for the "old folks"....."HAVE DELL - WILL TRAVEL" - Remember Paladin?? 

This laptop and 3 Air Mobile Rescuers began with a simple phone call.  I recall, during that somewhat "breathless" conversation with Penny while in the final phases of prep and departure, something inside of me said, "take time and speak with this lady".  It was the Holy Spirit!  Now, Haitian children, along with their families have access to clean, safe drinking water and Air Mobile Joe has a new laptop.  It would have been so easy for me to have "not taken that call".

Often, our Lord speaks to us in that "still, quiet" voice.  I'm just thankful for the times that I'm listening.  The truth is, often, in the "urgency" of the moment and the "roar" of the circumstances, I'm not always "listening".  Thank God, even in the times that I "blow it", He's there to rescue me and help to straighten the mess out that I not "listening"!


The fact is, Jesus loves us and knows our weaknesses and all of our faults.  He has promised to NEVER leave us or forsake us.  That is why we can travel all over the world and bring the Good News and some clean water to those in need.

Again, I'm so blessed to have you along this "Journey" with me.  THANK YOU again for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-13-14 Tuesday 7:10(U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our life is a "Mission".  Every day is a "mission".  Just depends upon how we look at it and where we go.  I recall so well, just hours before accepting Jesus into my life (many years ago) as my Savior, I was confronted with the "variables of life".  There were so many.  My eyes were opened and I just didn't know what to do.  I knew I needed a Savior.  So….I cried out to Jesus and He saved me.

All these years later, I still walk with Him and in reality, He with me.  Sometimes I wander off the path and He is there to remind me of His great love.  Just like on Sunday, during that Chapel Service, when He showed up in such a powerful way.  His presence was so strong, it was awesome. His love filled that little "Church" service.  If you missed the story, just read on down to A "FIRST-LOVE" ENCOUNTER. 

Today, as I sit at this computer and write this "meandering blog", there are so many things that I can do.  The question is, what should I do today?  Oh, there are items on my checklist and chores and a 'hundred other things'.  But, what should I really do today?  That is where a simple PRAYER can make all the difference.  It's easy to let life just "steer" you along.  But…what does our Lord want us to do today? That is the question.

I am reminded of the Disciples when they asked Jesus to teach us "How to Pray?".  Right in the middle of that prayer is…"Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven".  I am also reminded that we are made up of "dirt" or "earth".  My prayer today is that the will of our Father be done in this little pile of "earth" called Joe Hurston.

As I typed the blog, I was reminded of the need to meet with a dear friend.  Just called him up moments ago and we're having lunch today.  See, taking just a few minutes to pause and ask, "what would You have me to do today?" makes all the difference.  

Now, as I launch into this day, on this "Mission" called today, may His will be done in my life.  We know the rest of the prayer…."give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive others and LEAD US away from temptation and deliver us from evil…. for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and Glory…Amen!"

Who knows where this day will lead?  We all know that HE knows exactly where it will lead.  I'm eager to find out. Time to head out the door and see what He has for me to do today.  As always, THANK YOU for walking down this path with me and THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

5-12-14 Monday 7:19AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I was reminded of that "thrill" of a new-born Christian yesterday.  It happened while conducting our Chaplain Service at the Psych Hospital in Orlando.  For over 16 years, Cindy and I have conducted a Church Service every Sunday at this Hospital.  For many years, we have brought the Good News to the young people (the Clients) and Staff.

Recently, our "mission" expanded to include Adults.  The "Services" are always 100% voluntary.  The Staff announces that there will be a "Church" Service and "whosoever will" comes.  It's that simple.

Yesterday, Cindy, Peter and Ariana took the Service with the young people and I headed over to the Adult Wing. As I walked down the halls, my mind went from "message to message".  Was not quite sure which one I would present.  One never knows who or how many will come.  Soon, the activity room, the home of our little Church, began to fill up.  Then….it happened.

A wonderful "flow" began and as I shared about the wonder of knowing Jesus, the questions began to come and in a way that I experienced when first "Born-Again".  Several of our little Congregation knew Jesus.  We all sensed that something extraordinary was happening.  As the Scripture says, "if any two are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them".  Jesus was with us in such a powerful way.

There is much more that I would like to share, but due to "Confidentiality Regulations" I cannot give details nor share any photos, but at the end of our "Service", I was asked, "Please, can you stay and share more?".  The Service had already gone into "overtime".  It was time to go, so we all joined in a circle and prayed.  Lives had been touched and changed in those few moments together.

Now, we've conducted these services literally hundreds of times and we've seen our Lord do so many wonderful things but….the service yesterday stirred my heart and brought back so many sweet memories of those "early days" when all was so fresh and new.  

I am reminded of that verse in Revelation 2:4, where our Lord encourages us not to abandon or forget our "First-Love".  There are times that our Lord simply shows up and reminds us of things.  That's what happened to me yesterday.  It was very sweet and I'm sharing it with you today.

After bidding the little congregation farewell, I met Cindy, Peter and Ariana in the Hospital Lobby.  It was difficult to capture in words what had just happened.  I tried, but words seemed to fail me as I shared the experience.  In those relatively few minutes, so much had happened.  There were so many layers of ministry going on.  All I can say is, "Wow"!

We went on to celebrate Mother's Day with a lovely meal at Macaroni Grill. I'm so thankful for Cindy.  Surely, our Lord has given me a Proverbs 31 Woman.  Cindy went on to tell me about the sweet service that they had with the young people.

Today, my heart is still stirred and warmed at the memory of how our Lord came with such a powerful presence in that service yesterday.  I pray that today…."Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  I pray for those that are in that hospital in Orlando.  I pray for those, whom our Lord will bring across my path today.  I thank God for "First-Love" experiences!!

So, as you go forth into this day, ask our Lord to give you a "First-Love" experience with Him.  Don't be surprised "if He shows up".  The Bible says, we have not, because we ask not.  The wonderful thing about yesterday is that I did not ASK our Lord for this experience.  He simply poured it into my heart.  May you be blessed today and…as always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


5-11-14 Sunday 6:55AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


There's not a single one of us that would be here without our Mothers!  Thank God for Mothers!!  May we all take some time today and honor and or remember our Mothers.  

My Cindy took off yesterday for the longest bike ride of her life.  Wow!  She rode to a prayer meeting in downtown Titusville.  Her total ride:  38 miles!  The home stretch was against a 20+mph headwind.  So proud of my girl!!

While Cindy was on her epoch journey, I met up with Steve (who is now at Kennedy Space Center) and Christian and our 5 Grand-Children for a super day at KSC.  Every year, KSC has "Family Day" and they really rolled out the "red carpet" for all.

As we were having lunch in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), the wind was howling through that massive building, I thought of my Cindy fighting that headwind home.  So glad when she arrived home safe and sound.

Later in the afternoon, went to a Birthday Party for Levi (he turned 4), another one of our handsome grandchildren.  Levi is in the blue shirt.  We now have a total of 8 Grandchildren and we're so proud and blessed!

We're up early and getting ready for church and then to the hospital for our afternoon Chaplain service.  We're just blessed!  Remember your Mother today and honor her with your thoughts, prayer and actions.

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-10-14 Saturday 6:19AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Long-time friends are hard to find.  Dan is one of those dear and faithful friends.  Have known Dan since High School.  

I recall, many years ago, Dan visited me in Haiti.  During that visit, we flew over to the Dominican Republic to conduct an outdoor meeting showing the Jesus Film.  Dan was "hooked" on missions and aviation.

Then, at the airport, while loading the equipment, I hurt my hand.  The sun was setting, the time was running out for a VFR take-off, so I opted to fly with the busted hand.  I asked Dan to assist me in pushing the throttle forward if I needed it.

Dan looked a little nervous and then sheepishly asked, "where's the throttle"?. We laughed.  Well, it turns out that I was able to manipulate the throttle just fine.  When Dan returned to the U.S., he immediately took up flying and got his license.

I did find out upon landing in Port-Au-Prince and going to the hospital that my hand was indeed broken.  We made some great memories that evening.

Dan has followed our ministry faithfully and has been one of our staunchest prayer warrior supporters.  He's also been invaluable in helping us to present the Air Mobile Rescuer.  Dan's background is in marketing and he has a clear head when it comes to "capturing" the essence of the deal.  

You can imagine my joy when Dan said it was time for him to get an Air Mobile Rescuer.  Dan is thinking, not only of his family, but his friends and neighbors in time of an emergency.

So, not only does Dan have a Rescuer, Dan IS a Rescuer!  Just before he and Charlene "hit the road" for Baton Rouge, I was able to go over the latest improvements and additions to the Rescuer package. 

The other day, I shared the "Saga of the Rendezvous", our old Buick that had been "abused" by the tow driver by towing the "All-Wheel Drive" by leaving 2 wheels on the ground.  

Well, after serious repair and a lot of research, we've gotten the Old Buick back.  We pray that there is no serious, undetected damage.  In this shot, my Cindy is heading out for a bike ride.

Today is "OPEN HOUSE" at Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  Our eldest son, Steve, is now an Engineer at KSC and has invited us all to come out and we may even see a Falcon 9 Rocket launch.  The weather looks great.  We pray all goes well.

So, it's time to head out into this beautiful day.  So THANKFUL for friends such as Dan and for you who stand so faithfully with us.  May you be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-9-14 Friday 7:19AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Those 3 infamous letters...E.M.P. (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse) can certainly change all of our lives.  Came across this article yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  Here is a quote from the opening paragraph - "Experts on Capitol Hill Thursday warned that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack aimed at the nation’s electrical grid could leave the majority of Americans dead."..

The part that is staggering is...."could leave the majority of Americans dead".  As you know, I have written about the dangers of an EMP numerous times in the past.  Again, I urge you to take just a few minutes and read this article - ELECTRIC GRID VULNERABLE TO E.M.P.

Most of us are busy with "life".  We're usually late for an appointment, or have a "to-do" list that is entirely too long and just "overwhelmed" with life in general.  So....what can we do about an EMP??

What would happen if....our electricity went out?  I can tell you, it would be ugly for most of us.  This is where it is a good idea to simply PRAY about the matter and ask our Lord to show us what we can do?

Yesterday, my good friend (from High School days), Dan and I were running some errands.  Dan and Charlene had recently purchased an Air Mobile Rescuer and we went and picked it up at our facility.  Dan asked my opinion about solar panels.  He went on to tell me that he's concerned about an EMP and rightly so.

We discussed the basics:  solar panels, a good battery and an inverter.  I was very glad to hear that Dan was concerned and the fact that he's taking some action for an event that may or may not occur.  

It was ironic, that upon returning home yesterday afternoon, I read the Article on "Hearings on Capitol Hill" from Experts about the danger of an EMP.  Thus, my taking a few minutes today to share this information with you.

No one can say when or if an EMP will occur (except our Lord).  But the key word is that we are extremely VULNERABLE to such an attack.  Are there things that we can do in our lives right now, when we can, to help us in the event an EMP would occur?  Most likely.  That is where PRAYER comes in.  We know WHO knows what the future holds!

Well, enough of all of this.  Don't want to sound like a "Dooms Day Blogger", but.....these are some serious thoughts and certainly worth PRAYING about!!

Had a wonderful opportunity to take some good friends up in the Little Donkey yesterday.  Fred and Judy Fox have long prayed for and supported Air Mobile.  Fred was in the Air Force many years ago. 

I was meeting our mechanic, Paul at the airport going over our last flight when Fred and Judy arrived.  It was fun hearing Paul and Fred discuss their time in the Air Force. They worked on many of the same types of planes. 
So glad to give Fred and Judy a "spin" (not literally) down the Shuttle Landing Facility.

After that little flight, headed home to meet with J. Brewer.  J. is an extremely gifted Video Producer and we are working on a Video depicting our most recent missions to the Philippines.  

All I can say is WOW!  J. is almost finished with this video and it will be a blessing.  Can hardly wait to share it with you.

Recently, some generous donors decided that it was time for Air Mobile Joe to get a new Computer.  Again, WOW!  So, I took my old, worn out computer to Ron, my Computer Guru.  He withdrew all of the data out of the old computer and began the process of transferring it all into the beautiful new Dell Laptop.  

Upon getting home yesterday, I discovered that my old computer got stuck in an endless loop.  Probably it's last gasping breath.  So....this morning, this Blog is a bit late because I had to borrow Dan's computer to get this blog out.  Took me a little while to figure out the nuances of another computer, thus this later than usual blog.  I hope to be getting my new, beautiful Dell laptop later today.  And....thanks Dennis and Penny for your generous gift!!

As always, THANK YOU for rambling down this road of life with me.  Do, indeed, take a bit of time and simply PRAY about what you can do today in regard to the threat of an EMP.  We certainly PRAY that one does not occur.  And, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-8-14 Thursday 7:24AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Whatever that little "bug" was, it left me yesterday.  I certainly do feel much better.  THANK YOU for your prayers.

In addition to just resting a bit, was still able to tend to a lot of business.  Again, so thankful for cell phones and computers.  It's amazing that we can have an "office" anywhere and do the things that we need to do.

One of our recent challenges deals with a broken car and an ensuing "fiasco".  Cindy called me in Haiti recently from the Walmart parking lot in Titusville and explained that our 2006 Buick Rendezvous would not move, either forward or reverse.  

BTW, we love the old Buick and have recently done a lot of work on it to get it into tip-top shape.

Hmmmm, I thought.  Must be the shift cable.  So, I quickly snapped a shot of my AAA Card and "texted" it to Cindy.  Within minutes she was on the phone ordering a Tow Truck. I then called our mechanic of 25 years, Robbie, and and told him to be on the look-out for our "shiftless" Buick.  So far, so good.

I smiled, marveled at the technology and ability that we have at our fingertips and went back to work in the "Rescuer Refresh Facility" bringing Air Mobile Rescuers back to life.  Little did we know what would happen next.

The Tow Truck showed up, right on schedule and hooked up the Buick (that's where our big troubles began).  Our Pastor showed up and gave Cindy a ride to Peter's High School so that she could get our Ford Escape.  So, what could go wrong?  Plenty!

About an hour later, Robbie, our mechanic called me in Haiti with the bad news.  You see, our Buick Rendezvous is an ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE vehicle and the tow driver hoisted the front end of the vehicle and left the rear 2 wheels on the road.  

By the time the Buick arrived, it was nearly on-fire.  All of the very expensive lubrication fluid had heated up and blew out of the transmission and the transfer case.  The car was an absolute mess both externally and....internally.

Of course, the Tow Company has denied any wrong-doing, even though about half a dozen witnesses saw the Buick arrive with the front-wheels hoisted and the rear wheels rolling on the ground.  Guaranteed trouble......"The Smoking Gun"!

So, yesterday was on the phone for hours with our Mechanic, the Tow Company Owner, AAA, Genuine Buick Mechanics and so on.  The saga will continue today.

Had to take a break from all this "excitement" and check out our garden that is growing like crazy.  One of our oldest, most reliable and beautiful chickens, Cheddar, does regular patrols of our garden.  Love that old chicken (nearly 6 years old).

The day continued and I felt better and better, THANKS again to your prayers!  Then, about 7:15pm, an old friend from High School, Dan Andrews and his lovely wife, Charlene showed up.  Dan had some business to attend to in Jacksonville and worked in a few extra days to visit.  Dan and I go way back and have had many "excellent adventures" together.

This morning, they were checking the Garden and Cheddar came and checked them out.  Haven't quite figured out why Cheddar is so "protective" of our garden.  Mmmmmmm.  

Well, at any rate, here we are with another beautiful day in Florida and many challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

As always, God Bless You and THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

5-7-14 Wednesday 7:09AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After that "Strange" flight through the Bermuda Triangle on Monday, I must have brought something else back in that little airplane with me?  It was some kind of a "strange" bug.  Was sick as a dog yesterday.  Had a fever and diarrhea and aching all over my body.

Did the 1 hour radio interview yesterday morning with Lilly McDermott on her program, "You've got a friend" and then just went on upstairs, laid down and never got back up again until this morning.  Feeling a bit better today, but have decided to stay home and just rest.

It must have been something that I ate.  Over the years, have traveled to many different countries and eaten many strange things.  Frankly, it's amazing how many times our Lord has protected our teams when traveling.  

Now, I had to share this article with you regarding the "Good & Bad" of Coffee.  After reading it, it certainly appears that the there is more Good than Bad.  I always thought so.  I'm just grateful for the wonderful bean.  Here's the article - COFFEE - GOOD OR BAD FOR YOU?

Today, I'll be working from home.  Am so thankful for a computer and the internet.  Will be gathering supplies and working toward that "next mission".....wherever that might be.

As always, THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

5-6-14 Tuesday 7:07AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL  -  Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


With the 3 Air Mobile Rescuers delivered for the school in Montellano on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, it was time for me to head home.

Frank picked me up bright and early and dropped me at the Puerto Plata International Airport. I bid farewell to Frank, who had taken such good care of me.  It was good to get to the airport early to "beat the afternoon thunder storms".  

I had spoken with Cindy earlier in the morning and asked for extra prayer, as I knew the routing that I would take today would put me right into the middle of a very strange region of the "Bermuda Triangle".

The officials at Pureto Plata International Airport were just great.  All the paperwork was cleared quickly and efficiently and the Little Donkey awaited me on the ramp.

Did a final check of the weather via a satellite image on my I-Phone.  Looked like it was going to be a beautiful day to fly.  Took off at 7:58am (had flight planned 8:00am).  All was right on schedule.

Had a nice climb to 14,500 feet.  Had strong headwinds and they were getting stronger.  I remembered flying right through this same region a number of year ago.  

Was flying our Cessna 421.  I distinctly recalled that some very strong and strange "magnetic" forces began to pull the aircraft off of my course.  This was not the first time that had happened, so I was quickly made the course adjustments on that flight.

Meanwhile, began to hear "Chatter" among the other airliners flying through this region.  They were requesting course deviations.  Storms were brewing very quickly. Then Miami Center gave a weather alert telling that strong storms were developing right along my route.  I could literally see the storms beginning to "tower" right before my eyes.

Fortunately, I had several good courses that I could take to get away from those "bad boys".  After carefully scanning the horizon and listening to what the other airliners were doing, I opted to deviate to the west, or make a left turn.

I reached down to switch the Autopilot from flying the GPS Course to the Heading that I set.  I have done this same maneuver hundreds of times before.  I switched the switch from GPS to HDG.

Of course, I expected the Little Donkey to enter into a Standard Rate turn to the left.  Nothing happened.  I just kept flying toward that great big build-up straight ahead.

I "recycled" the switch and awaited the turn.  Nothing happened, just kept barreling toward that big and "growing" build-up.  Now, I know this equipment. Thanks to Garmin and other generous donors, this is some of the finest avionics equipment in the world.  This had never happened.

I took a moment to snap a shot of this "anomaly" before disengaging the Autopilot and manually rolling into a steep turn to avoid flying straight into that towering cumulus.  

Must say, this has never happened before on this system and I'll be on the phone with Orlando Aircraft Services explaining what happened and get their "take".

After making that turn, I re-engagd the Autopilot and all worked just as designed.  I had to climb to 16,500 and work between the growing build-ups for the next couple of hundred miles.  The headwinds increased to 37 knots making for a slower flight back to the U.S. So THANKFUL for all those extra fuel tanks (the Little Donkey has 14 fuel tanks)!

The rest of the flight went without a hitch.  Always THANKFUL for that!  Landed just a little behind schedule.  Our good friend, George picked me up, as Cindy was on a "field trip" with Ariana.  Had a delicious lunch at my favorite hang-out, Dog's-R-Us.  Oh, it's good to be home....having dodged the "Bermuda Triangle" one more time.

Have a mountain of stuff ahead of me. As soon as I post this blog, will be getting a call from a local radio station and conducting another "Live Interview" on WMEL 1300 Radio here in Cocoa, FL.  The show is, "When you need a Friend with Lilly McDermott".  Barely had time to get that second cup of coffee in before going on the "Air" with Lilly.    

So, again, THANK YOU for your faithful and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-5-14 Monday 5:27AM (Dominican Republic Time) - Sosua, Dominican Republic - Coco Condos – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, the number of "Certified Refreshed" Rescuers was reached.  All meetings were complete and I closed up our little shop with 10 Air Mobile Rescuers, tagged and "Ready to Go".  It was time for me to leave Haiti.

Bid farewell to Barbara and headed to the airport.  The weather was beautiful.  My next destination, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

Recently, we heard about a school for Haitian Children in the Dominican Republic (DR).  Some caring and generous donors wanted to help.  It was then that I spoke with Marshall, the American who started this school several years ago.

The wheels went into motion to get them some clean water.  Thus, this journey to Puerto Plata to accomplish this "mission".  Did a thorough pre-flight on Ti Burik, loaded up 3 Air Mobile Rescuers and took off for the north of the DR.

It was a smooth, quick flight of 55 minutes to Puerto Plata.  Along the way, to my right loomed the highest geographic point between the Rocky Mountains and South America, a 10,103 foot peak, Pico Durarte'.  A beautiful sight.

Set up and landed right on schedule and was met by Frank, one of Marshall's good friends.  He took good care of me, bought lunch and settled me into a nice little room where I would train Dan who would be the principle operator of the Rescuers.

Dan, who is a Canadian Engineer, was a quick study and fully grasped the beauty of the Rescuer.  

It was with great joy that we were able to present these units for the Montellano Sunshine School.  They would now be offer all of their students and their families fresh clean drinking water.  Praise God!!

Had dinner with Dan last night and he was so excited about being able to bring clean water to the needy and thirsty.  He just couldn't stop speaking about it.  So glad when folks "get it" as far as seeing the strength and ability of the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Now, that I'm in the DR just may look around a bit.  It's been many years since I've been here.  It sure has grown up since my last visit (nearly 30 years ago).  So, it's another day and another adventure. Where will our Lord lead?  

Time to head out into this beautiful day. As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-4-14 Sunday 5:29AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Early yesterday morning, we loaded up the mission truck and the mission van and headed for "Love-A-Child" ministry.  Every month, this ministry distributes thousands and thousands of pounds of nutritious food to scores of missionaries throughout Haiti.

Have known Bobby and Sherry Burnett for 36 years.  Wow, that's a long time. We've had so many adventures together.  Have flown them in multiple times, we've shown the Jesus Film together, prayed for Voodoo Priests and so many more stories.  

Every time we get together we just laugh and laugh and rejoice in amazement of how our Lord has rescued us time and time again.

They are in the process of establishing a Missionary Training Center and have invited me to be one of the Instructors.  

The name of my class will be "Mango 101 - Shock and Awe"....You're not in Kansas anymore.  I'm honored and can hardly wait to share some of our experiences with the Missionary Students!

It's always good to see Bobby and Sherry Burnett.  To learn more about "Love-A-Child", go to: LOVE-A-CHILD

Please remember to pray for Bobby and Sherry and "Love-A-Child" ministries. They are some of the finest missionaries I have every had the privilege to work with.

We then headed home from Love-A-Child and unloaded the food that we, in turn, will give to the poor and needy.  Love it when the "System" works!!

I then headed back to Port-Au-Prince International airport to meet with the Director General (DG) of Civil Aviation.  He had just returned from an international trip and it was time to give him a "Progress Report".

DG Roumer has been a delight to work with.  And, it was a joy to give him a GOOD REPORT.  The installation of the Harris Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communication equipment is right on schedule and right on track.

Soon....all aircraft coming into and departing Port-Au-Prince will be communicating on the Harris 'Liberty Star' equipment.  The range will increase dramatically and the quality of communication will be "the best in the world" my humble opinion.  

At the end of the day, returned to the "Village" to a delicious dinner and a pleasant evening of Yahtzee with Barbara.  We ended our "tournament" at a dead tie.  

It's early. The sun is just peeking over the mountains and we're entering into a new day.  The JOY of the Lord is our strength.  What adventure lies ahead?  Don't know, but I'm eager to find out.  As always, THANK YOU for meandering down this path with me and THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

5-3-14 Saturday 5:29AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just sat at my little work bench for hour after hour and brought Rescuer after Rescuer back to life.  Was alone with my thoughts....and memories for most of the day.  Can't begin to tell you what a pleasant day it was.

Oh, in my memories, there were some sad scenes of overwhelming destruction and gripping and tragic stories.  But....just knowing that something that I was doing with my hands could save lives, would continually bring my heart to a place of great humility, thankfulness and prayer.

Even as I would remember people and places of past "Missions", the power of Prayer would prevail.  I'd just keep on fixing Rescuers and praying, in many cases, to be able to get back to those areas I'd been.

And being right here in Haiti, knowing that the units being repaired in "real time" would soon be delivering clean, life-saving water, in many cases to orphans who had been Rescued by the Hand of God.  Wow...what an honor!

At the end of the day, 11 Air Mobile Rescuers sat on the "Ready To Go" shelf.  This number of units, will typically last for 4 - 6 weeks (based upon 10 years of experience of Rescuers in Haiti).

In this shot, the "Refreshed" units are drying and yet to be tagged.  But the "heavy lifting" has been done.  The units are definitely ready to "wage war" against bacteria and viruses that literally kill people.

So, today, up bright and early and ready for "action".  Where will our Lord direct and what will He have me to do?  There is something so precious about the early morning (a good cup of coffee helps a lot).  It's exceptionally peaceful, just before the world around you wakes up.  I understand why the Psalmist David would often rise early to simply Praise the Lord.

I have no idea who reads this blog, but one thing I know.  Folks are praying for me... I can feel it and I'm so THANKFUL!  We are co-laborers together in this grand harvest.  What a blessing!  So, when I end my daily, rambling blog with...."THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support"....I really mean it.  THANK YOU!!

Air Mobile Joe


5-2-14 Friday 7:10AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


One of the true joys of my life is working on Air Mobile Rescuers.  Now, I know that may sound a bit strange, but it's true.  Every 4 weeks or so, Air Mobile launches a "mission" to Haiti.  We bring in vital supplies, have communication meetings, repair Rescuers and tell others about Jesus and whatever else the Lord has for us to do.  

As I have shared in the past, we now have 335 Air Mobile Rescuers spread all throughout Haiti.  They are in orphanages, schools, clinics, churches, community centers, etc.  These little machines keep clean water flowing and disease drops dramatically wherever they operate.

Over the years, we have equipped a full refresh / remanufacturing facility right here in Bon Repos.  It's a beautiful little shop and I can virtually "raise a Rescuer from the dead".  It's very cool.

On this current mission, we arrived a bit later than usual due to our Annual Inspection on the Little Donkey.  Upon arrival, there were 2 Rescuers left in stock (fully remanufactured and ready to go).  

The day after arrival, those last 2 Rescuers went up the mountain to an orphanage that has 45 children.  The stock was empty.  Time for me to get to work!

Don't want someone showing up at the mission with an inop Rescuer and unable to leave with a fully refreshed unit.

Yesterday, I had that second cup of coffee, set my "I-Heart" radio and listened to one my favorite talk show hosts and got to work.  Unit by unit, inspected, tested, replaced, tweaked and by the end of the day, the "Ready to Go" shelf held 4 Rescuers.  Ahhh, I could breathe a little easier.

So, it's 4 down and 7 to go.  Got my work cut out for me.

It is still such an amazing thought, that by sitting in a little refresh shop and "tinkering" with these machines, we're saving lives....lots of lives!

The bad news is that Cholera is about to raise it's ugly head in Haiti again.  The number #1 need is clean drinking water. We are surely on a vital and noble mission.  That is why I love working in that little shop "Raising Rescuers"!

Now, I know this task may not sound very "glamorous", but the joy I receive from doing this simple job is indescribable.  Over the years, I've learned so much about this "near- miracle" machine.   We're constantly making great improvements.  Again, I'm so thankful to Rolf Engelhart for sharing his genius with us and the whole world by inventing the main module that purifies water by destroying the bacteria & viruses. 

Also, one might ask, "do these things break a lot"?  The answer is no, they're very reliable.  But just like your car, if you don't perform regular maintenance and follow certain operation procedures, it will break.  Imagine being responsible for 335 cars operating in a very harsh environment.  That's the picture of the Air Mobile Rescuers in Haiti. 

BTW, we haven't "run of out refreshed Rescuers" yet.  That's a miracle.  So thankful that we can keep the clean water flowing to so many!  I'm also so THANKFUL to have you along with me for the "ride".  We're so appreciative for your precious prayer, love and support.  God bless you and THANKS AGAIN!!

Air Mobile Joe 

5-1-14 Thursday 6:58AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


"Live" from the Air Mobile Base Camp "field office", equipped with a good cup of coffee Air Mobile Joe is on the "Air" via the rambling, daily blog.

Just after completing yesterdays blog, I saw Tim's Team putting in more "little" gardens on the roof across from my field "office".

Thanks to Randy Porter and the famous "Farm Daddy" self-watering system, we're beginning to turn the roofs in the "Village" into little gardens.

One of the things that I brought in the Little Donkey on this mission, was 2 - 60lb sacks of potting mix to help get these little "power house" grow boxes started.  Tim's Team was planting 2 more Farm Daddy boxes.

About 3 weeks ago, Barb planted the first 2 boxes and already, she's beginning to harvest some little radishes. 

We're hoping to have the roofs in the "Village" lined with these remarkable growing systems providing fresh, delicious vegetables to the kids and the teams.  Nice use of space.  Thanks again Randy!

After the "Live" radio interview with J. Brewer on WMEL Radio in Cocoa, FL., headed into town to see how the progress was going on the installation of all new ATC Communication equipment for Port-Au-Prince.

The old system (over 30 years old) is truly on it's last legs.  We have augmented the existing system with "Last Resort Radios" while the new system is being installed.

The new system will be one of the finest in the world, The Harris Liberty Star.  Can't begin to tell you how joyful I am to be working on this noble project.  

Every aircraft that comes and goes into Haiti must "Communicate".  This new system will provide much greater safety to each and every aircraft coming in and going out.  Thank the Lord for affording me this privilege to be part of this new package.

I checked in the "heart" of the control center and found Arnault hard at work on the installation of the new equipment.

Our new "Transition" Consoles needed some special modification to accommodate the Controllers ability to properly "track" the incoming and outgoing traffic.

Found a manufacturer in Haiti that can fabricate exactly what we need.  Upon meeting Ralph, the owner of Atlantic Windows and Doors, we discovered that we sent our kids to the same school (Quisqueya Christian) in Haiti and knew so many of the same friends.

This is just another example of how our Lord deploys His troops!  I never cease to marvel at the Hand of God in our lives.  

What was a problem, will be easily solved with the right people and the right equipment.  Thank you, Jesus!

Today is a "Holiday" in Haiti (it's Labor Day).  I'll be working in the Air Mobile Rescuer Refresh Center bringing Rescuers "back to life".  Folks, I love doing this!  My Cindy says, it's part of my "therapy".  I think she's right. 

Now, it's time for that second cup of coffee.  The sun has risen and some "Rescuers" that need special attention are awaiting me.  Life is good!

As always, we're so appreciative to our Lord for you.  THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe     

4-30-14 Wednesday 7:48AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Had been tracking those violent storms that brought destruction to the south.  They were racing eastward.  The Little Donkey had completed successful test flights, was fueled and loaded with vital supplies.  I knew that timing was very important.  

Was tracking the weather very carefully and saw a large storm system on the route to Haiti.  Would I be able to go around the east side?  Over a cup of coffee, very early yesterday morning, the decision was made.... 

Headed to the airport.  Topped off all 14 fuel tanks.  Had a quiet word of prayer and asked our Lord for a safe journey.

Crawled inside the tightly packed cabin of the Little Donkey, fired up the engines, taxied into position and pushed the throttles forward.

Climbed to 15,000 and leveled off.  Was speaking with Miami Center about the weather ahead and we agreed working round the east side would be the best course.  Should I have gone to the west of course, it would have put me right in the middle of Cuba and that gets quite "complicated".

As I approached the main weather, began the eastward turn to circumnavigate the bad weather that was rapidly growing in strength.  Heard N200MF, a Missionary Flights International (MFI)  DC-3 working around the same weather.  The pilot had on-board weather radar and a storm scope.  

Miami Center's Radar was now out of range.  Requested permission from Miami to speak with MFI on another frequency.  It was granted.  As I explained to the MFI Pilot what I wanted to do, working around the east of the storm, he agreed that it would be the best course.  

As I got closer to this compact, powerful storm that was growing by the minute as the sun was about to rise, and things were heating up, the turbulence was quite strong.  I reported the turbulence to the MFI Pilot.  

I scooted just outside of the turbulent grasp of the storm and eased just to the east of that "bad boy" and witnessed.... another beautiful Caribbean sunrise.  

Oh, the blues and oranges and colors that have likely never been named filled the morning sky and I just thanked our Lord for safety amidst this glorious beauty.  

Had a modest headwind of between 10-15 knots, and had plenty of fuel.  Had a smooth ride for rest of the 5 hour flight to Haiti.

When I called Port-Au-Prince, the Controller greeted me and I told him we are getting very close to the completion of the install of all new Air Traffic Control equipment.  He said he could hardly wait.

"Buzzed" the Village to let them know the Little Donkey had arrived.  Landed, cleared Customs / Immigration without a hitch and loaded up the great supplies and headed for the "Village".  Great to see Barb.  After a quick lunch, headed back to the airport to meetings about the status of the new ATC equipment.

Thus begins another "Mission".  Looking forward to the days ahead.  The Lord is so good to have gotten me here between those two storms.  What will this day hold?  Only our Lord knows, but it's best to just hold tight onto His hand and go for the ride.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, will be doing a "Live" radio interview with our good friend, J. Brewer.  Here are the details:

Listen to Speak Out Listen In, Wednesdays noon to 1:00 p.m. on AM 1300 WMEL and  If you get a chance, tune it in.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  Stay tuned as the "Adventure" continues.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-29-14 Tuesday 2:48AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Many times, when Barbara receives a child into her "Village", the little one is barely hanging onto life.  Barb has an amazing ability, powered by God's Amazing Grace, to literally save the child's life, and causes it to thrive and often, finds a home in the U.S..  It is an amazing thing to witness. Cindy and I have been blessed with two little girls, Juliet and Ariana who were one of the "rescued" ones.

This process often takes many steps and has many intersections.  Along the way, we find folks who feel led to help.  One of these is Dom, a Walgreens Manager in Titusville.  Dom heard that Poly Vi Sol, an infant vitamin supplement, helps these precious little ones to make it along their journey and he wanted to help.

Every time I call Dom, he simply asks, "how many do you need"?  I show up and he and Walgreens donates this precious gift to the children in the "Village".  

It may seem like a small thing, but to the children and those caring for them along the way, it's a HUGE blessing.  Thank you, Dom and so many like you who give so freely.

I never cease to marvel at the "Network" of folks whom the Lord has sent our way.  There are so many, my mind whirls as I think of the connections and how these came about how. Surely, "Our Lord know how to deploy His troops".  My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude as I think of the many "miraculous" ways He has provided for us with His people.

I'm up early this morning, checking that violent weather that is racing eastward.  More tornadoes touched down in Mississippi and now, they're heading to Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  We're keeping a very close eye on the weather.  Here's more - MORE SEVERE STORMS HEADING EASTWARD

PLEASE PRAY for those in the path of these violent storms.  Many have lost everything.  The death toll and number of those injured is rising.  Again, we're keeping a very close eye on these developments.  Above, we are PRAYING and asking our Lord for His wisdom and direction.  God bless and THANK YOU again for joining with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe 

4-28-14 Monday 6:43AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Utter devastation marked the path of a violent series of tornadoes that ravaged parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas's far from over. 

The death toll is rising as rescue workers dig out the survivors.  Folks, please PRAY for those whose lives have been shattered by these terrible storms. 

More dangerous weather is expected across the South today.  



How quickly things can change.  When I wrote yesterday's "Rambling" Blog, completely missed the "Severe Weather Warnings" for the South.  Just goes to show how we need to keep an eye on things.

Our Peter led worship yesterday in our Church, along with the Youth Group Worship Team.  Oh, they did such a good job.  Here's a sample of the sweet worship - PETER & COMPANY LEAD WORSHIP AT REDEEMER

After, Cindy, Peter and Ariana went to Orlando to lead Chapel Service at the Hospital.  We recently got permission to conduct a Baptism Service for whosoever wants to be baptized.  We were pleasantly shocked when 18 young people wanted to be baptized.  WOW!!

We've been gathering quite a few supplies for Haiti and I thought it good to begin to sort, weigh and package these vital gifts for the "Village".  

Spent the afternoon, taking my time and just methodically getting things ready for the "next mission".  

Will be continuing the "load" today.  Also, keeping a very close eye on the weather, as those "Severe Thunderstorms" are coming our way.

I must tell you how much I enjoy "hanging out" at the "hangar" just slowly, methodically preparing a load.  It's like therapy.  There's a continual stream of aircraft and helicopters taking off and landing.  

Every now and then, a large radial engine WWII aircraft will rumble by and the sunsets are exceptionally beautiful.  It's the simple pleasures of life that bring such joy to a pilot.

Now, it's time to head out and continue to "prep" the load for the "next mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!  Remember to keep an eye on your local weather, as there's a lot of severe weather happening today.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-27-14 Sunday 7:49AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As many of you know, I write this meandering, wandering "Blog" every single day.  There are days (many), that when I sit down to plunk out my thoughts, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to write.  Imagine doing that every single day!  To some, that may sound pretty horrendous, but....

When my fingers hit the key board, something wonderful happens.  Words just begin to flow.  Oh, I very well know that I am not an eloquent, or deep writer.  I simply relay what is going on around me.  Kind of like a "Witness".  Just tell what you saw, heard or experienced.  

BTW, been doing this continually for 4 years and 4 months and haven't missed a single day, except....when Ty Pennington yelled at our family through a bull-horn and the Extreme Make-Over folks built us a new home.  We were incommunicado for 4 days.  

If you've never seen the "show", here's the link - YOU-TUBE - "EXTREME MAKEOVER" BLESSES THE HURSTON FAMILY  

Other than that, I've written this blog every single day from places like the Philippines, Japan, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, etc. & airports all over the U.S. and beyond.  Been in jungles and stood in the midst of staggering destruction and grief that would literally take ones breath away.  

There have been times when there just seemed to be absolutely NO internet connection and then.....the slightest little signal would "pop up" and I'd "Post the Blog".  Amazing!!  Somehow, with God's help and Amazing Grace, manage to get a little blog out every day.  No one is any more amazed that this has happened than me.

For you see, writing a "mini-newsletter" is very, very difficult for me.  When I was much younger, I worked for an Evangelist that had a world-wide ministry.  My job was to get a newsletter out 3 times per month to 600,000 people.  That was LONG before the internet.  

We'd have to write, edit, print and then mail it out...1,800,000 pieces of mail per month.  It was a logistics nightmare.  Just the thought of writing a "newsletter" would make my palms sweat and one of my eyes would begin to "twitch" (remember the Chief Inspector and Clouseau in the Pink Panther?).  

Surely, our Lord can do all things and now, I write a "mini-newsletter" every single day.  An incredible testimony to the power of God!

So, here I am on Sunday morning doing what I do every single day again.  Cindy and Peter and Ariana are already at Church.  Peter will be leading worship this morning.  We're very proud of Peter.  I'll wrap up this meandering blog in a few minutes and head to Church.

I'm running a bit late, because, yesterday evening, I drove 225 miles to Miami to have dinner with the Director General (DG) of Civil Aviation for Haiti.  

DG Roumer and I had a great time and we're making good and steady progress toward getting all new Air Traffic Control Equipment into place in Haiti.  This will dramatically increase the safety for every single aircraft that arrives and departs Haiti.  

So thankful that this is happening!  After dinner, I bid farewell to DG Roumer and drove 225 miles home, arriving in the wee hours of the morning.  Definitely running a little slow this morning.

We've been on so many "Journey's" together via this blog.  Today, the world is in a perilous state with "Nation rising against Nation" and earthquakes and violent weather  and turmoil all over the globe and my heart says, "Hold Steady The Course".  As I begin to shake and worry, our Lord comforts me.  I know that He will never leave me or forsake me.

I'm so THANKFUL for you, joining together with me on this wandering journey through life.  If you're new to this "Blog" and feel as if you've jumped right into the middle of the story, you have.  You may simply read on down to see how we've gotten to this juncture of the journey.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and support!

Air Mobile Joe    

4-26-14 Saturday 7:52AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Been following the events in the Ukraine and tensions have certainly "spiked" as evidence of a Russian invasion seems very likely.  A team of Military Observers were "kidnapped" yesterday by Russian Troops and are being held at this time.  

Notice from this map, just how large a region the Ukraine covers.  Here's more on this volatile situation - UKRAINE OFFICIAL SAYS HE FEARS RUSSIAN INVASION

Meanwhile, a Russian Spy ship, the Victor Leonov, has been spotted off the coast of Florida (right in our backyard).  This ship, along with a sea-going tug, Nicolay Chiker, have been monitoring "traffic" in and out the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Base at Kings Bay, GA.

The spy ship, Victor Leonov, first showed up in Cuba in late February and has been "roaming" in these water since.

Folks, these are events that warrant our prayer.  We're certainly keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus and seeking his path and plan for our lives daily.  "Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God....". 

Today, will be gathering supplies and preparing for our "next mission".  This evening, will be driving down to Miami to have dinner with the Director General (DG) of Civil Aviation for Haiti (OFNAC).  

We're making excellent progress on getting all new Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication equipment installed at Port-Au-Prince.  Looking forward to a pleasant evening with DG Leopold Roumer.

It's time to head out the door into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  Will be prayerful and diligent.  We ask you to join together with us in prayer for the tense and volatile situation in the Ukraine.  As always, we're so THANKFUL to our Lord for sending you along our side with your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-25-14 Friday 6:57AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was good to get that Little Donkey back in the air.  After a successful test flight, I headed over to Orlando to my good friends, Orlando Aircraft Services.  

There, they conducted a series of inspections that are due bi-annually.  Now, the Little Donkey is certified for IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flight.

There is something so cool about just flying a little airplane.  The short flight (about 15 minutes) between Orlando and Titusville is filled with challenges from in-bound airliners to Orlando International (#1 Tourist spot in the world) and 1500+ foot antennas.  That short little flight will certainly "sharpen" ones flying skills.

Came across this article this morning and wanted to share it with you.  Have been hearing a lot about "Chip Implants" and even heard that buried deep within "Obama-Care" is a mandatory law requiring ALL to have the "chip".  

Take a few moments and read this article and at least become aware of what is coming our way.  Definitely, food for thought....and prayer!! MICROCHIP IMPLANTS WILL BECOME....NOT OPTIONAL! 

As we look at the world and see so many things happening so rapidly, it behooves us all to "fix our eyes on Jesus" and seek His wisdom and counsel for direction for the day.  

So, today as I head out the door, will be seeking His guidance.  What will this day hold?  Only He knows.  May you be blessed today and THANK YOU for standing with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe
4-24-14 Thursday 7:20AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now that the "winglets" are installed and all ground checks have been conducted, it just could be a good day to fly a certain "Little Donkey".  If all goes well, will fly to Orlando and conduct our Bi-Annual IFR Certification.  We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday, there was a lot "Tension" aloft.  A couple of Russian TU-95 "Bears" approached Scotland and the RAF scrambled some Typhoon Fighters to turn them away.  Here's more on that "close encounter" - RAF JETS CHASE RUSSIAN BOMBERS AWAY

A similar incident occurred when a couple of Russian TU-95's approached the Dutch Coast and some F-16's were scrambled to turn them away.  These are dangerous and provocative actions and certainly add to the already tense situation with the Ukraine.  Here's more - DUTCH SCRAMBLE JETS AS RUSSIAN BOMBERS APPROACH

Again, folks, these are perilous times and if there ever was a time that U.S. leadership needs wisdom it is now.  May I encourage you to join me in prayer that our response be guided by God.  Here's more -  BRITISH - DANISH JETS TURN AWAY RUSSIAN BOMBERS

These actions certainly call for our prayer.  Just to add to this "Tense Atmosphere", China is showing signs of unusual aggression.  Here's more on that -  CHINA DEFIES OBAMA WITH RAPID MILITARY BUILD-UP

So, in the midst of this explosive atmosphere, we're going to focus on Jesus and seek His direction for this day.  I think I'll go test fly a Little Donkey and continue to work toward our "next mission".

I'm so proud of my Cindy.  Yesterday, she shared the Good News of Jesus with 200 + young students at Park Avenue Christian Academy.  At the end, she was invited to come back and do this again.  The kids loved my Cindy and so do I.  She certainly pointed them toward Jesus!

It's time to head out to the airport and go for a test flight.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-23-14 Wednesday 6:37AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, I heard the Fed Ex truck pull up.  Our "Winglets" had arrived and were all ready to be installed on a Little Donkey (didn't like having its wings "clipped").

I brought them right out to the airport where Paul was awaiting them.  He immediately began installing them.

Then we heard Bill fly over in the slick Velocity aircraft.  Bill was out "running errands" and dropped in to see how we were doing.  

It's always good to see Bill.  You may recall that Bill donated The Little Donkey to Air Mobile immediately following the earthquake in Haiti.

After Paul installed the Winglets, we pulled The Little Donkey out to do engine run ups and other inspections.  Bill lent a hand (and bottom) holding the Little Donkey down so Paul could do some "tweaking".

We're making good progress on completing the Annual Inspection.  We could not proceed any further until those "Winglets" arrived.  So glad to get them on. The Little Donkey will be back in the air pretty soon.

After arriving home yesterday afternoon, was very pleased to receive the fully refurbished Shadin Fuel Totalizer.  

THANK YOU SHADIN!  It'll be good to have this precious gift installed, With those 14 fuel tanks on-board, it's good to have all the information we can get on the actual fuel flow and how much fuel remains.

BTW, Shadin did a full refurb on this valuable instrument at NO CHARGE!  God bless you, Shadin and Company!!

I saw the headlines today, "U.S. TROOPS ARRIVE IN POLAND".  We're keeping a very close eye and vigilant prayer on the situation in the Ukraine and Russia.  

This is becoming a very "volatile" situation.  Again, we PRAY for our Lord to have His way...."thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"!  Here's more - U.S. TROOPS ARRIVE IN POLAND

Time to head out.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-22-14 Tuesday 6:51AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I remember my Mother saying that.  In other words, get out there and do what you can when you can because.....there may come a time when you can't.  Sound advice from my dear Mom. She actually said it like this, "Baby, you gotta make hay while the sun's shinin".

Right now, we're in-between "missions" so it's a good time to be busy gathering supplies, building Rescuers, getting our little airplane, "Ti Burik" ready to fly and the list goes on.  In other words, "we're making hay...while we can".  

Cindy and I planted a garden.  Actually, Cindy did the bulk of the work, but I definitely helped.  Oh, it's growing beautifully.  We have tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, cantaloupes, strawberries, spinach, sugar snaps, basil, rosemary, parsley, peppermint and more.  

Every morning, we go out and check to see how it's growing.  It's a beautiful thing to watch.  Also, notice, our old chicken, Cheddar, also keeps  an eye on the garden for us.

It is good to know, that should things get tight, we can eat out of that garden and even have enough to share with our neighbors.  The key is to plant it before you need it.

Had lunch yesterday with my dear brother and Air Mobile Board Member, Tommy Blair.  I also refer to him as "Tennis Ball Tommy".  

Tommy loves tennis and plays like crazy.  Well, after that tennis ball gets knocked back and forth it looses its punch and needs to be replaced.  Some time ago, Tommy began saving the old balls for Haiti.

They make a perfect "topping" to our loads.  They're light and pliable and can fill in the cracks and crevices of our Little Donkey.  You should see they kids when I bring them an almost "inexhaustible" supply of balls.  It's a thing of beauty and a "ball" to watch those kids in the village.  One man's junk is another kids treasure!

So, today, we'll be making hay, so to speak and getting ready for our "next mission" ...wherever that may be.  We, as always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  Can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you standing with us!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-21-14 Monday 7:29AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After an amazing weekend and a glorious celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, what does Monday hold for us?  Only our Lord knows.  So, after a second cup of coffee and a quick scan of the news, will head out into this day that our Lord has made.

Our "Easter in the Park" service was a complete success.  We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the crowd of 500+.  The day went off without a hitch and our Pastor Gary did an amazing job of telling about the awesome love of God.

Our worship band brought us to a sweet place of praise. Peter was on the drums.  

We offered the Good News and some great food and very sweet fellowship.  

This was an incredible outreach.  Our Church worked so well together and truly pulled this event off.

After that great service, Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I dashed off to Orlando for our second Easter Service at the Hospital.  Again, we were able to share about the power of the Resurrection of Jesus.  What a joy and privilege!

So, today, it's back to work on getting ready for our "next mission".  Will be working on the Little Donkey.  We should be completing the Annual Inspection this week.  We're expecting to receive our "winglets" tomorrow.  

We'll also be gathering more supplies to put together more Air Mobile Rescuers.  One thing is for sure, "folks will  always need clean water".  Where will our Lord lead us today?  We'll hold tight onto His hand.  THANK YOU for standing with us with your love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-20-14 Sunday 6:44AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Praise God!  By His grace, I know Him personally and can attest to the fact that Jesus is, indeed, ALIVE!!  

Jesus died for our sins and paid the debt in full and HE is RISEN! Now, that is GOOD NEWS!

We're up early this morning, heading to "Easter in the Park".  We're looking forward to a day of great celebration and joy.  

We'll be at Fox Lake Park in Titusville, FL.  If you're in the area and free, come on out and join us, would love to see you.  The Party begins at 10:00AM.

After our Resurrection Party in the Park, we'll head to the Hospital in Orlando and have another Celebration Party with the young people and adults there.  What a joy to be able to share the Good News of Jesus!

Now, some of you who "ramble" down the road with me via this daily blog may know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.  Others may not.  To those who may be searching, may I encourage you to look to Jesus.  

He truly loves you more than you could ever imagine.  He wants to forgive you of all of your sin and make you whole.  

I did this 43 years ago and have not regretted one moment of my life with Jesus.  The Word of God says, "Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved".  I pray you find Him today!

So, it's time to head to the "Park".  May you be extremely blessed today as you reflect upon the Gift of God, eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord!  As always, THANK YOU for "rambling" down this road with me.  We truly appreciate your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you did ask Jesus to save you and you want to speak with someone about it, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.  I would love to speak with  you.  You may call me at:  321-544-7757 or e-mail me at:  God bless!!  Joe

4-19-14 Saturday 8:17AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and I finally got around to seeing the Movie "God's NOT Dead".  All I can say is "WOW"!  

If you have not had a chance to see it, may we encourage you to take the time to go see it while it's still in the Theaters.  It's been out for a while and may not be around for very long.

The first few minutes into the Movie, I began to recognize buildings.  I leaned over to Cindy and said, "hey, that looks like LSU".  

I actually was "searching" for the Lord as a young man and spent a lot of time on the LSU Campus in my search.  The Movie took on a whole new meaning, as I recalled my deep and desperate search for answers.  Needless to say.....I cried a lot in the Movie.  Again, if you get a chance, GO SEE'll be glad you did.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!  HE IS ALIVE!!  

Remember, if you're "local" (Central Florida) and don't have plans for tomorrow, come on out to Fox Lake Park in Titusville, FL.  We'll have a wonderful time at "Easter in the Park".  Hope to see you there!!  

As always, we're so appreciative to you for your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-18-14 Friday 7:55AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


THANK GOD, we are approaching Sunday, the day we acknowledge that our Lord Jesus was resurrected from the dead.  Today, we reflect upon His sacrifice on the cross for our sins.  It's still so amazing that He died on the cross for us.  Amazing Love!

Please take some time today and simply reflect on what our Lord Jesus did for whole world.  He paid the price (in full) for our sins.  And...."whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"  

After writing yesterday about Russia, Gog / Magog and how Ezekiel 38/39 refers to a sudden attack on Israel, I found this interesting article about a Russian Nationalist Organization in the Eastern Ukraine requiring all Jews, 16 years and older, to Register with the Government and list assets or face deportation.  

Wow!  Sounds like Nazi Germany!  We pray that this is not a sign of things to come.  Here's the article - UKRAINE LEAFLET REQUIRING JEWS TO REGISTER

We've been following the Bundy Ranch saga.  Harry Reid's latest chilling allegations of "Domestic Terrorism" shows a deep hatred for folks who disagree.  

Also, the Solar Farm debacle certainly brings to "light" possible motives by the BLM & Harry Reid.  We continue to PRAY for this volatile situation.  Here's the link to the "Domestic Terrorism" statement - HARRY REID CALLS CLIVEN BUNDY SUPPORTERS "DOMESTIC TERRORIST"

Our kids are off from school today. We'll be hanging around the house and just "chilling" out and getting ready for the "Easter in the Park" Celebration in Titusville, FL (Fox Lake Park).  If you're "local", consider coming to join us for a wonderful day.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

4-17-14 Thursday 8:14AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Jesus described, in Matthew 24, a time when Kingdom would rise against Kingdom.  I opened The Drudge Report yesterday to read..."World War III".  

No, it hasn't begun, but the article went on to say that the actions in the Ukraine involving Russian Troops could well be looked back on in history as the start of World War III.  I certainly PRAY that that not be the case!  Here's that article - COULD THIS BE THE START OF WORLD WAR III?

Last night I read Ezekiel 38-39 about Gog / Magog.  Many Biblical scholars feel that Gog / Magog is clearly Russia.  If that is so, these latest "aggressive" actions by Russia could well be the beginning of something very significant.

As I reflect upon the latest "Celestial" show, the 1st of 4 Blood Moons, could these actions lead up to some explosive events in the Middle East?  I further went on to read about some of the "Miracles" that took place in the 6 Day War in 1967.  

Israel was surrounded and vastly outnumbered by the Arab League (Egypt, Jordan and Syria) and won the War in 6 Days.  Surely, our Lord's hand was involved and....there was a Tetrad and Blood Moons between 1967-1968.  Here's more on the 6 Day War - 6 DAY WAR HISTORY

Now, I am not saying that we are entering the "End of the World".  I am saying that there are some pretty significant "Signs" and it behooves us to watch for these signs and above all, keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

In the meantime, we keep moving ahead, working toward our "next mission".  Am always so thankful to the Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC), an outreach of First Baptist Merritt Island.  

Vicki, the Director, informed me that they had some baby food, diapers, etc. for the Ruuska Village in Haiti.  Praise God! I quickly went and picked them up.

Also, our home Church, Redeemer, is having "Easter in the Park" this Sunday.  This is going to be a beautiful outreach to our Community. We'll have food and fun and above, our Pastor, Gary, will share the story of the Resurrection!  Now, that is GOOD NEWS!

The location of this event will be in Fox Lake Park in Titusville, FL beginning at 10:00AM on Easter morning.  Come, if you can!!  You'll be blessed!

We are so THANKFUL to so many who help us do what we do!  We appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support!  

Air Mobile Joe

4-16-14 Wednesday 8:16AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After that amazing celestial show yesterday morning (The Blood Moon) my heart is turned toward Jesus in a wonderful way.  

Am so glad that tens of millions turned their eyes toward the heavens and witnessed the first of four Blood Moons.  My hope and prayer is that many will reflect on Jesus and what He did for us.

This week is called "Holy Week" and again, am blessed that some take the time to think about Jesus and His "journey to the cross".  This is a good time for quiet reflection on just what that means and how His love is being continually poured out in the world.

Even this morning, when I awakened, I felt the presence of the Lord and just lay there for a longer time and soaked in His love.  

Even as I type this "rambling" blog, my fingers are moving a bit slower, a bit more reflectively as I ponder the wonder of the cross.  

The Word of God is clear....."All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God".  That means that we are all in the same boat.  All is all.  

The "wages" for sin is death.  That means that every one of us needs a Savior.    

That's what Jesus came to save the world.  What an amazing thing and what great love God has offered to the world.

My hope and prayer today is that you will take some time to reflect on just what Jesus did for the whole world.  Whatever you are doing today, may I encourage you to take some extra time to simply reflect on Jesus, and think about His Journey to the Cross.

Perhaps there are some whom you have been praying for to come to know Jesus in a personal way.  Perhaps, there are some who have lost their way.  I am eternally grateful to a dear friend who prayed for me to come to Jesus.  

So, again, I encourage you to spend a bit more time simply thinking of and reflecting on Jesus during this "Holy Week".  Of course, there are 52 weeks in the year and I pray that I will think of Jesus more and more every week. 

Well, it's time to head out into this day.  Will be gathering supplies for the orphanage in Haiti and we're making steady progress on getting a certain Little Donkey ready to take to the air again.  We're also putting as many Rescuers together as we possibly can, in preparation for...the "next mission".  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-15-14 Tuesday 8:17AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our alarm went off and Cindy and I stood out on the balcony, bleary eyed, and saw the moon, huge and bright white. 12:53am, the eclipse began right on schedule.  Of course, the change was initially undetectable but as time went on, the moon became a spectacular reddish / orange. 

By 3:45am (mid-eclispe), the moon had become a deep, orange / reddish globe.  It was awesome!  We didn't sit out there all night and watch it, but we set our alarm for 2:00am, then at 3:00am getting little bits of sleep in between.

Of course, the sun rose right on schedule this morning and no, the world did not come to an end.  Never thought it would, but, this, 1st of 4 Blood-Moon Lunar eclipses, can indeed mean that we have entered into a special time frame where our Lord will do something spectacular in the world.  I certainly pray He does!

God created the world and He knows how it should operate.  Along the way, man lost his way and fell into deep sin.  From the beginning, our Lord has been drawing man back to Himself but....God respects our free-will and will not force Himself on anyone.  

God does have a "time-frame" and will do certain things at certain times.  By way of His prophets, He has explained just what He is going to do.  Jesus WILL come back to this earth and set things in order, whether we like it or not.  God DOES love the world and only wants what is best for us.  

Do I believe that this 1st Blood Moon is a sign from God?  I certainly do and I hope and pray that our Lord does come back soon, as the world is in a real mess and it is NOT getting any better.  That is why our Lord tells us...."When you see these things, look up for your redemption draws near".

So, it's Tuesday morning and it's time to get to work.  Earthquakes are increasing, disease is spreading, nations are rumbling and signs are being fulfilled everyday and people are thirsty.  All one has to do is open the Bible and see that these things are all spoken of and are coming to pass as I type this blog.  

I urge you to call upon the Lord and seek Him today and seek His direction in your life.  We do not know the day or the hour of His return, but we can certainly read the "signs of the times".

The best news that I know is...."For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life".  Amen!  God loves the world and He loves you and  He wants to save you.  It's just that simple.

THANK YOU for rambling down this path with me.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Here is a good interview with Pastor Mark Biltz conducted this morning.  In it, he gives a pretty "sane" approach to the this whole phenomenon - take a look - IS THE BLOOD MOON A SIGN FROM GOD?

4-14-14 Monday 7:46AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I've been sharing with you about this remarkable event, "The Four Blood Moons" for some time. Well, the 1st of 4 will occur early Tuesday morning (12:53am Eastern U.S. Time).  If you want to see it with your own eyes, set your alarm and look up to the heavens.

The astounding thing about these 4 lunar eclipses is that they will occur, each on a the High Jewish Feast Days.  The "odds" of that happening is simply awesome.  Pastor Mark Biltz uncovered this amazing fact in 2007.  

This morning, Pastor Mark will be on the "Today Show" telling more about this - Here's a good link - BLOOD MOONS - A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO AMERICA

Yesterday, we celebrated Palm Sunday, the beginning of "Holy Week". What a wonderful time to reflect on Jesus and how He came into this world, not to condemn the world, but to Save the World.

To me, these Blood Moons serve as a reminder of how our Lord shed His blood for our sins.  Furthermore, the Scripture speaks of a time when the Moon will turn to Blood and the Sun covered with sack cloth (a complete Solar Eclipse will occur right in the middle of the 4 Blood Moon Tetrad).  Wow!  

What are the "odds" of that happening?  Here's a link telling about the Scriptural correlation -  BLOOD MOON "TRAILER"

So, today, we'll continue to pray and prepare for the days ahead and for our 'next mission'.  Another powerful earthquake (7.6) struck the Solomon Islands yesterday.  This quake followed a 7.3 just hours before.  Also, noted that Idaho was rattled by a 4.9 earthquake.  This old world is shaking!

I'm THANKFUL that these "Blood Moons" are occurring as they are, because it will point some to Jesus and that is our prayer!  God loves the world and sent His Son to save the world!  We're also very thankful to our Lord for you.  We truly appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - This blog posted a bit later than usual because....after getting up early and writing the entire blog, it suddenly disappeared and I had to write the entire blog again.  Sorry.


4-13-14 Sunday 8:04AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The story of Palm Sunday is one of Triumph - Tragedy - Triumph.  Such is a clear picture of human nature and just why we need a Savior!  The fact is, the Human Race is a mess and our emotions can "change on a dime".  I'm so THANKFUL that our God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son....

Today, we'll be celebrating this day with joy, knowing what happens to our Savior and what He did for us.  May we reflect on the life of Jesus and the events that led to the Crucifixion (the full payment for all of our sins) and His Resurrection (our Victory).

We have many palm trees in our yard, so we volunteered to bring in a bunch for the children of our church to demonstrate the story today.

Then, later today, we'll head over to Orlando to conduct our weekly Chaplain Service in the Hospital.  Cindy skillfully made little Palm Crosses for each in attendance.

What an amazing Story we have to tell about Jesus and how He came to save us.  This is truly what the world needs to know.  The fact is, God loves us so much and He gave Himself for us. 

Meanwhile, this old world just shakes (another powerful 7.6 quake hit the Solomon Islands yesterday) and groans under the heavy load of sin and darkness.  May we look up to our Lord, for our Redemption draws nigh!

Remember to set your alarm clock for around 12:45am (Eastern Time) tomorrow (Monday night) to see the first of 4 "Blood Moons".  You'll see a Celestial Demonstration of a lunar eclipse that turns the moon "blood" red.  

What a reminder of how our Lord Jesus shed His blood for us. just so happens to occur on the Jewish Feast Day, the Passover!  Wow!!  Coincidence???  I think not!!

So, our prayer today for you is that you are Blessed on this Palm Sunday.  We're so appreciative to our Lord for you and we're thankful for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just read on down and see the links on the Coming 4 "Blood Moons" for more details of this amazing event....coming our way.


4-12-14 Saturday 7:12AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Here's a quote from a CNN article, telling more about this upcoming event.  If you'd like to see something that Newton, Washington, Lincoln, Queen Ann, etc. did not have a chance to see....set your alarm for Monday night / early Tuesday morning. 

"The most unique thing about the 2014-2015 tetrad is that all of them are visible for all or parts of the USA," longtime NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak said in a prepared statement.
In the 21st century, there will be many tetrads, but look back a few centuries, and you'll find the opposite phenomenon, Espenak said.
Before the dawn of the 20th century, there was a 300-year period when there were none, he said. Zero.
That would mean that neither Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Queen Anne, George Washington, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln nor their contemporaries ever had a chance to see one.
So, we're in luck. To take advantage of it, you'll have to stay up late from Monday night into Tuesday.
People in North and South America will be able to see the entire eclipse, while sky watchers in the western Pacific can catch only the last half. The moon will be setting in most of Europe and Africa during the eclipse, so residents there probably won't see much.
For gazing geeks, NASA has set up a live web chat to answer questions about the eclipse starting at 1 a.m. Eastern Time."

The heavenly curtain rises on Tuesday's lunar review around 2 a.m. ET, when the moon starts to slide into Earth's shadow. It should turn into a blood moon -- a coppery red -- about an hour later and stay that way for over an hour, NASA says.
I believe that sun will rise right on schedule on Tuesday morning and that we will all be here and the earth WILL NOT END.  Now, that's just my personal opinion, as our Lord may come at any time He chooses.  

Again, if we err on any side of the Prophetic / End-Time study, may we err on the side of looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.  As never before, the world needs Jesus....whether they realize it or not.  I pray that this astronomical event, the "Blood Moons", causes folks to think about Jesus and perhaps accept Him as their Savior if they have not done so.

Nicaragua had another strong earthquake yesterday (6.6).  This followed a 6.1 quake earlier.  These quakes are increasing in intensity causing the nation to go on full "Alert".  We're keeping a close on those quakes, as a powerful quake killed 10,000+ in Nicaragua in 1972.  Here's more on those quakes - POWERFUL QUAKE SHAKES NICARAGUA - NATION ON ALERT

Australia is being hammered by Cyclone Ita, as one of the most powerful storms in living memory.  Winds are topping at 230 KPH (150MPH).  Damage reports / injury - death reports are just beginning to come in.  We're praying for those in the path of this deadly storm.  Here's more on Cyclone Ita -  ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STORMS TO HIT AUSTRALIA IN LIVING MEMORY

Yesterday, I received a call from Penny, a compassionate donor.  She and her husband, Dennis want to fund 3 Air Mobile Rescuers that will be going into the Dominican Republic.  

There, another brother, Marshall has felt led by God to set up a school for some Haitian Children.  It is very difficult for the Haitians in the Dominican and the clean water will be a great blessing!  Praise God for caring and compassionate folks!

Be blessed to day.  Remember to set you alarm or stay up late on Monday evening / Tuesday morning...if you're interested in seeing the 1st of 4 Blood Moons.  BTW, that Blood Moon will occur on the Jewish Passover....interesting....

Meanwhile, we continue toward getting ready for the "next mission".  Not quite sure where that will be, but our Lord does.  That is why we're holding tightly onto His hand to lead us.  We so appreciate you and your faithful and vital prayer, love and support.  

Air Mobile Joe

4-11-14 Friday 7:19AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Ok, so not only are our taxes in the U.S. due on this day, April 15th, but the moon will turn "Blood Red" also, the first of 4 "Blood Moons".  

Found this very interesting explanation of this phenomenon and wanted to share it with you.  This is from the guy, Mark Biltz, that "discovered" this remarkable series of celestial events and how they may be telling us something more... Here's the link - ANOTHER REASON TO SEE RED ON APRIL 15TH

Mark Biltz does an amazing job of tying Astronomy (according to NASA) together with the Bible.  Now, I do not believe that the world is going to come to an end on April 15th, however, it would not surprise me to see some important geo-political events take place during this time period. - Here's a good video explaining more - BLOOD MOON "TRAILER"   

I do believe, that according to the Words of Jesus, that our world would find itself in a mess prior to His return to earth.  The world has always been in a "mess", but sometimes, things get "messier".  Check out Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 for more details.  

Could our Lord be speaking to us on a "Giant Billboard"....the heavens?  Could be.  If we "err" on any side, may we err on the side of "looking up and looking to Jesus".  

You may recall, in the Bible, that Jesus chastised the Religious leaders of the day, because they did not read (discern) the "The Signs of the Times" (Matthew 16:1-3).

Since accepting Jesus as my Savior, many years ago, have always been interested in the study of the "End Times".  Then, when we began traveling the world and doing relief following natural disasters, the "Signs" given to us in the Bible began to become more clear.

It's one thing to "witness" a disaster on a TV screen (in the comfort of one's home) and an entirely different thing to "witness" the event, or the after effects, up close and personal.  Folks, this world is truly in a very "messy" condition and it's getting worse.  

Now, one may say, "Joe, it's always been this way".  I beg to disagree.  As we pray and ask our Lord to "open our eyes" to what He is doing and what is truly going on around the world, we may see things a bit differently.  DO NOT DEPEND UPON THE MAIN-STREAM MEDIA AS YOUR MAIN SOURCE OF INFORMATION.

Even, as I type this blog, another Typhoon, Ita, is barreling toward Australia and it's projected to be in the same category of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) as what struck the Philippines last November. Haiyan was reported to be one of, if not the largest typhoons in recorded history. Here's more on that Typhoon - STRONGEST STORM OF 2014 HEADED FOR AUSTRALIA 

And there is so much more going on, i.e., Russia invading Ukraine, Extreme tension in the Middle-East, North Korea's ability to create a massive EMP on the U.S. (or anywhere) and the list goes on and on.  Just within the last few hours, powerful quakes (6-7.3) have struck in Nicaragua, Chile and Indonesia.

Are things getting better?  I think not.  It is not a matter of IF a disaster (natural or man-made) is going to hit, but when. And how will it affect us?  

So, what can we do?  The first, and most important thing that I would suggest is to PRAY!  Seek wisdom and counsel from our Lord. 

I go back to that wonderful acronym, A.S.A.P. (Always Say A Prayer).  Call upon the Name of the Lord and simply ask Him what you should do.  He wants to lead and guide us, we just need to ask Him to do so.

Well, it took me a while to write this "rambling" blog today.  There is so much more that I want to say, but it's time to "Post" the blog and get on with this day....that our Lord has made.  THANK YOU for "rambling" through this blog today.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe      

4-10-14 Thursday 7:39AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was dedicated to gardens.  The ability to grow ones own food is a precious gift.  Have a good friend, Randy (AKA - Farm Daddy).  He's developed a "self-watering" garden system that we've introduced into Haiti.  I visited Randy at his farm and factory yesterday.  What a blessing.

First of all, he loaded me down with so many fresh, beautiful vegetables.  His "grow-box" system produces some incredible food.  His garden is a testimony of that.

Several months ago, he donated 4 of these "grow boxes" to Haiti.  Barbara recently contacted me and said that she's ready for more.  Thus, the trip to see Randy.

He, again, donated the soil mix that gets these remarkable "grow boxes" fired up and producing delicious, healthy food.  Not a bad idea when things get "tight".

Before visiting Randy, I met with Marlin, my good friend and great aviator.  Marlin is looking at replacing his Cessna 402 (scroll back to April 1st for his amazing story).  

There were a couple of prospective planes at the Melbourne Airport.  He asked me to join him for the inspection.  I'm just glad that Marlin is alive after that close call in his recent crash.  Surely, our Lord was with Marlin.

After my traveling up to Randy's Farm, headed back home.  Cindy and I have planted a nice little garden, that will produce enough food for our family and our neighbors.  It's nice to have this ability.

We even have Security around the garden provided by:  "The Cheddar Chicken Patrol" and.....she PAYS US with a beautiful egg almost every day.  What a deal!  

We've had Cheddar for almost 5 years.  She's like a member of our family.

So, today, will continue getting ready for the "next mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-9-14 Wednesday 6:48AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The search crews have heard 2 more distinct electronic "pings" yesterday, from what could be the missing flight, MH-370.  This is the most encouraging "break" in this vast search and great mystery.  

These latest "detections" are helping the Search Crews to dramatically hone in on a specific search area.  We may be getting close to finding the aircraft, or what is left of the aircraft.  Here's more on this developing story - SEARCHERS DETECT 2 NEW ELECTRONIC PINGS

We pray that the searchers find the aircraft and we pray for the family and friends of all on-board.

I awakened around 3:00am and remembered Mars.  Went out and looked up and there was the brightest star in the sky with red, flickering hues. It was a spectacular sight.  

There was Mars, eclipsing, for all to see.  What a great "lead-up" to April 15th, the day of the first of four "Blood Moons".

The Bible refers to signs in the heavens multiple times (Acts 2:19, Luke 21:11, Matthew 24:29...just to name a few).  What a great way to "communicate" to the world.  All one has to do is "look up" and see the sign.  Just hope we get the message!  Jesus is coming back to the earth and "signs" are popping up everywhere.

Was very pleased to find 2 large boxes on our front porch yesterday afternoon.  Critical components arrived that will allow the assembly of Air Mobile Rescuers to continue.  We're gathering every available dollar and ordering components to build more Rescuers for the days ahead.  

We do not know what the future holds, but we know that another disaster is out there waiting to happen.  It's just a matter of time.  We want to be ready to GO and bring clean water and the Good News of Jesus!

This morning, I plan to meet my great friend and fellow pilot, Marlin.  You may recall that Marlin recently had a "miracle" when the Cessna 402 he was piloting a 150 foot open field and Marlin "walked away" with minor injuries.  Every time I think about that, I just praise God for His Amazing Grace!

Marlin is looking at a possible replacement aircraft at the Melbourne International Airport and he asked me to join him.  Looking forward to seeing my good friend and again, rejoice that he is alive and well!! 

So, here we are, heading out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made...I'm rejoicing in it.  Truly appreciate your faithful and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-8-14 Tuesday 8:23AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tonight, take a look up in the sky.  Mars will be VERY easy to see.  There will be a rare and beautiful alignment between Mars, the Earth and the Sun.  Here's more on this "awesome" celestial event - AWESOME ALIGNMENT - EARTH/MARS/SUN OPPOSITION

Add to this Earth / Mars / Sun Alignment, the coming 4 Blood Moons and we're in for quite a celestial show.  Could these rare astronomical events be a "Sign" from God?  Could be.  Here's a story that just came out that speaks about these 2 latest events - AWESOME ALIGNMENT & 4 BLOOD MOONS - ARE THESE "SIGNS" IN THE HEAVENS?

The Bible tells us that Jesus IS coming back to Earth.  I simply believe His Word and say, "Come quickly Lord Jesus".  The world needs Jesus.  In the meantime, I will continue to look up....for His redemption draws near!

The "Pings" coming from the ocean have stopped and the mystery of Malaysian Flight MH-370 continues on.  A number of ships and planes are scouring the area where several distinct pings were heard over the weekend.  

At this hour, all is silent.  Again, we pray that this mystery be solved.  We pray for the families and friends of those who are lost.  Here's the latest - SUBMARINE ON "HOLD" UNTIL FRESH PINGS ARE HEARD

We continue to "march ahead" preparing for our "next mission".  Parts are coming in every day for more Rescuers.  We're currently awaiting UPS to deliver the main module so that assembly can continue.  Hopefully, they will arrive today.

I got some very encouraging news about the latest addition to the instrument panel of our Little Donkey.  Shadin Avionics, who makes, in my opinion, the finest Fuel Flow Instrument, has agreed to "Check Out and Overhaul" our Fuel Totalizer at NO CHARGE!  
What a blessing.  This much needed device will help us to "manage" the fuel in our 14 fuel tanks.  Praise God!  I'll be shipping the unit to Shadin today.  THANKS SHADIN!!

So, we go forth into this day that our Lord has made. What adventure lies ahead?  Don't know, but I'm holding tight onto His hand!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-7-14 Monday 7:19AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


First, the Chinese heard the 37.5 kHz ping on Friday.  Then, the Australians have heard it over the weekend.  We've had so many leads that have "evaporated" into thin air on this great mystery of the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH-370.  Could these latest leads help solve the mystery?  Here's more - AUSTRALIA SAYS NEW "PINGS" BEST LEAD YET IN SEARCH FOR MH-370

Indeed, could these "pings" be coming from the "Black Box" (BTW, it's not black) on-board the missing Malaysian Airliner?  We pray for those, whose hearts are broken, and pray that evidence of the lost airlines is found.

Been following this story of a beautiful, new, church building in China that is slated to be demolished.  Thousands of Christians have formed a "Human Shield" "to defend this Church.  Here's more on this strange story - CHRISTIANS FORM HUMAN SHIELD AROUND CHURCH

Our Family had a beautiful day yesterday, beginning with Church and then our service at the Hospital for both young people and adults.  We shared God's Word.  We NEVER take this privilege for granted.  We're so THANKFUL that we can worship God with Freedom and share the Gospel without the threat of being thrown in jail....or worse.

Today, Cindy and I are working on a new Air Mobile Video with a dear brother who is very talented in making videos, J. Brewer. We're grateful that J. has offered to share his gifts and talents with us.  

We're also awaiting more components to arrive for the Air Mobile Rescuer.  We're working on putting as many units together as we can for the "next mission".

As always, THANK YOU for your gracious and precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-6-14 Sunday 7:35AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Usually, I have some "headline" to mark a blog.  Today, it's, SUNDAY....& 'CO-EXISTENCE'. We'll go to Church and then minister with the young people and the adults in the Hospital in Orlando this afternoon.

Was so glad for Cindy, as she was able to meet with her friend from her early Christian days.  She hasn't seen Sandra in 28 years.  What a blessing to see those two reminisce and laugh and pray together. 

In scanning the headlines around the world, there were no extraordinary earthquakes or unusual weather reported.  

Nor have they found the Malaysian Flight MH-370, though there was a "ping" picked up by a Chinese Warship.  Nothing definite yet.  

That is still one "crazy" mystery.  We may never know what happened.  This must be so difficult on the family and friends of the "lost".  Let's remember to pray for them and...for the mystery to be solved.

I did capture a bit of "Co-Existence" in our back yard yesterday.  

Rosie (our Chihuahua) doesn't mind the chicken and the chicken doesn't seem to mind Rosie.

So, it's time to get ready to head out the door to Church.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

4-5-14 Saturday 7:18AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, the phone rang.  It was Wayne.  We don't talk that often, but when we do, it's good.  Wayne had just met with some Pakistani Christians, Steve and Mercy, and gave them my name.  They need clean water.  Their ministry, in Pakistan, is to children who are in the brutal "Child Labor" world of Pakistan.

Within an hour, Steve and Mercy were at our home drinking tea.  There was an instant rapport and love between us as they told their story of the danger and grace of our Lord among Christians in Pakistan.

Of course, I shared stories of our missions to Pakistan following the terrible earthquake of 2006/2007.  Found out that the Governor of Punjab, who hosted us our first night in Lahore, Pakistan had been assassinated.  The hotel where I blogged had been blown up. We talked about various other "connections" among Christians that I cannot share.  Pakistan is a dangerous place to be a Christian.

Then, we got to the Air Mobile Rescuer and they were amazed at the simplicity, power and beauty of the remarkable machine.  I shared how bringing in clean water opens so many doors (and hearts) to hear about and experience the love of God!

There are many diseases in Pakistan that are ravaging the weak.  Mercy shared stories of friends whom she had recently lost to "water-borne" disease.  

I recall that when I traveled to Pakistan with Dr. Shaikh, the former Surgeon General of Pakistan, he explained to me that 70+% of disease would be eliminated with clean water!

At the end of our "Divinely Appointed" meeting, my Cindy came home.  Mercy had given a beautiful Pakistani fabric that matched the colors in our home to perfection.  

We prayed together, and agreed that we would, one day, with our Lord's help, meet in Pakistan and bring clean water to the thirsty in Name of Jesus!

I love it when our Lord does things like this.  I was simply sitting at my computer, sipping my second cup of coffee when that phone rang.  

Then, our Lord, in His way, "deployed His troops" and we met Steve and Mercy.  We don't know when or how, but in His time and in His way, we will return to Pakistan and share His love, and clean water, with the needy and persecuted.  Wow, what a privilege and joy!

After that incredible meeting, I headed out, rejoicing at what our Lord had just done.  Please join together with us, that we will be sensitive to His voice and know where to go and when to go there!  We're moving toward getting more pieces in to build more Rescuers for the "next mission".

Today, we'll do chores around the house.  Oh, did I mention that, mainly Cindy (with a little of my help), put in a beautiful garden.  Just snapped this shot a few minutes ago.  The chicken is named Cheddar.  We've had Cheddar for over 5 years and she lays a beautiful egg nearly every day. 

So, it's definitely time for that second cup of coffee and then on to chores.  As always, we so appreciate you and your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-4-14 Friday 7:37AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The other day, Dave Redline (yes that is his name), called me.  Dave has a heart for Africa, specifically Rwanda.  Last year, he funded an Air Mobile Rescuer for a community that desperately needs clean water.

He traveled there and set the unit up and stays in close touch with the folks.  Oh, did I tell you that Dave drives a truck and picks up 737 aircraft engines that need some tender, loving care.

Well, Dave called and told me that an emergency driving job came up to Florida and he'd pass right by our home base.  We discussed his needs and I put together a box of supplies as well as our new "orifice" cleaning system.  This would "Update" the Rwanda Rescuer allowing deep internal cleaning without disassembly.

We set the rendezvous time.  I was on a "round-robin" series of pick up and deliveries.  As I approached the meeting place, I saw his beautiful Peterbilt 18-Wheeler pulling into the designated spot.  We arrived at precisely the same time.  Love it when a plan comes together.

We greeted one another and then quickly went to work on going over the "Updates" and supplies for Rwanda.  Within minutes, Dave was back on the road and I went on to my next meeting. 

Sometimes, I just marvel at the fact that we have nearly 900 Air Mobile Rescuers in operation in 44 countries and....we've just begun!!

Cindy and I had the opportunity to share with the "Mission Prayer Team" of 1st Baptist Merritt Island.  It's always a joy to share what our Lord is doing in our ministry with these precious Saints.  

Oh, do these folks know how to PRAY!  You can just sense their love and compassion and deep intercession.  Cindy told about our latest trip to the Philippines.

Then, I had the privilege to share out of the Word of God from Matthew 28, The "Great Commission".  It is so cool that these Prayer Warriors can "Join" us via this Daily Blog.  Love this technology!

Been following the Chile Earthquakes and they had a 6.1 Quake last night.  Looks like the intensity of the quakes is "calming down".  Praise God!!

So, today, will be continuing to gather supplies and arrange for more Rescuers to be put into position for deployment.  Please PRAY with us that funds come in to allow us to get ready for..."the next mission".  

As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support.  We so appreciate you!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-3-14 Thursday 7:26AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It happened again yesterday evening...a 7.8 Quake shook northern Chile.  Coastal regions were evacuated.  Thank God, no Tsunami or deaths and little damage has been reported.  

The U.S. media barely mentioned this strong Quake due to the late breaking news about the Fort Hood Shooting.  Here's more on that 7.8 Quake - CHILE ROCKED AGAIN BY POWERFUL EARTHQUAKE

We are all saddened by the terrible shootings at Fort Hood.  Final death toll is 4 with 16 injured.  So many wounds (emotional) were re-opened.  All we can do is PRAY for the victims and families.  The entire base must be in shock following these horrific events.

Back to this last Chile Quake.  Could these most recent earthquakes be "Fore-shocks" of stronger quakes to come?  That is a question that many are asking, and rightly so.  Here's an interesting article that gives some telling facts - IS THE 8.2 TEMBLOR ONLY A FORE-SHOCK?

Here's a quote from the story -  "While the quake was large by any measure, seismologists remain concerned that it could have been a foreshock to a much larger quake that could strike this region – a section of plate boundary that hasn't seen a major rupture in 137 years."

All of these events, compel us at Air Mobile to diligently move toward our "Next Mission".  We're getting as many "pieces" into place as possible.  Our goal to have Rescuers already built and ready for "life-saving" action!

We're making good steady progress on the Annual Inspection of our Little Donkey.  Had to send some parts out to get them serviced and this will delay our return to service by a bit.  

Yesterday, we secured a Shadin Fuel Flow System to help us manage our fuel consumption.  This device is amazing!  A friend sold us his for a very good price.  

Then I called the Shadin Company and requested that they take the unit and completely overhaul it.  They are working up a good price for us on that.  We're praying for grace.  

For a long time, I've wanted to add this wonderful device to the instrument panel of our Little Donkey. 

After securing the instrument, I dashed to Melbourne for the speaking engagement to the men of F.U.E.L.  It is always a joy to speak to these guys who are very serious about serving our Lord.  Shared out of Matthew 28...."Go ye into all the world".  

This morning, Cindy and I will be sharing with a group from First Baptist Merritt Island.  While at First Baptist, we'll pass by Alternative Pregnancy Center (APC) and see if Vickie has any formula / diapers / baby food for the orphans in Haiti.  Am so THANKFUL for the network of friends whom our Lord has given us!!

Well, it's time to head over to First Baptist.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support.  You are such an important part of our outreach!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-2-14 Wednesday 8:07AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


There is, without a doubt, some serious "earth-shaking" going on!  Yesterday evening, Chile, who is no stranger to earthquakes, was hit with a very powerful 8.2 Earthquake. 

Early reports are indicating a relatively small death toll and damage.  Again, these are early reports. Also, a 6.9 foot Tsunami was reported.

In 2010 following an 8.4 Earthquake the Tsunami warning was lifted prematurely and hundreds perished. So, the Tsunami warnings are still in effect in many areas.  We are following this situation very closely.  Here's more on the latest from Chile - 300 INMATES ESCAPE FOLLOWING DEADLY 8.2 QUAKE

Upon returning from the Philippines, we've been buying as many supplies as our resources will allow and putting together as many Air Mobile Rescuers as we possibly can for the "Next Mission".  We don't know when that will be, but we know that, in this old world, there will be "another mission".  

We stand ready to GO as our Lord provides.  Please join together with us that the resources will come in so that we can bring clean water to the needy, as per the directions from our Lord Jesus.

Meanwhile, there is some strange activity going on in Yellowstone Park.  You may recall, I mentioned, several days ago, the "Super Volcano" that is below Yellowstone.  

It appears that there is an unusual amount of "animal movements", literally fleeing the area following the 4.9 earthquake on March 30th.  This is the largest quake to hit the area in 34 years.  This is also something to keep a close eye on. 

Again, these are situations, that the best thing we can do, is PRAY and PREPARE.  I am not saying that the Super Volcano will erupt today, but we need to be vigilant and watch the "signs of the times".  

Jesus said that there would be "days like this" (Read Matthew 24).  Here is the link to the strange animal movement and be sure to click on the YouTube showing the Buffalo "running".   SOME BELIEVE ANIMALS ARE FLEEING YELLOWSTONE / SEE IT AS AN ALERT

And, the folks in Southern California are sure "jittery" following the cluster of recent quakes to shake the region.  So, I urge you to "KEEP CALM AND CALL ON JESUS".  This helps us to hear His voice and walk as He directs.

Today, I've been asked to share with a group of men in Melbourne (F.U.E.L.).  I love doing this.  Will be speaking on Matthew 28...."Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel".

Am so glad to have you with us with your prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-1-14 Tuesday 7:37AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Several weeks ago, I received a text message with a link from Marlin Moudy, a long-time friend.  Marlin, who is, without question, one of the finest pilots I've ever known or had the privilege to fly with, crashed.  He survived!  I rejoiced in the Lord for this MIRACLE!  

Marlin also asked me give him some time to recover before taking calls or answering questions.  I certainly understood his request.  I was just glad that Marlin was alive.  

I saw the first news reports of the crash and Marlin was being named as a "Hero" for the masterful way he guided his aircraft down, away from homes and traffic and put the Cessna 402 into a vacant lot that a helicopter would have had a difficult time landing in...and he "walked away" from the crash with minor injuries!!

Here is the original newscast that aired the day of the crash - PLANE CRASH - PILOT NAMED "HERO"

Yesterday evening, Marlin and I talked for over 2 hours going over every element of the crash.  As Marlin explained the situation, several times, tears came to my eyes, as I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our Lord surely guided my brother and angels brought that aircraft down over houses and children and mothers and fathers, and with perfect precision and set down in that "one vacant lot" left in Stuart (according to one eye-witness).

As Marlin told me his story, again and again, he said, "Joe, God did this and I'm alive today because of His great power"!

Yesterday, Marlin sat down with a reporter and told his "Story".  When Marlin knew his situation was "very bad", he called upon the Name of Jesus and asked for help.  Jesus answered that cry for help and Marlin is alive and well today to tell his story.  Here's the link to "Marlin's Story" - PILOT TALKS ABOUT SURVIVING CRASH

Some of you may recognize that airplane (N419AR).  After the terrible Haiti earthquake on January 12, 2010, I needed to get to Haiti immediately.  Showed up at Marlin's home at 5:45am and asked if he could "loan" us his plane for the flight.  Marlin did "loan" us his airplane, and even came along for the "ride".  We were the first "private" plane to land in Port-Au-Prince on January 13, 2010.

Marlin and I have made literally hundreds of flights together.  All I can say this morning, is that I am THANKFUL that Marlin is still with us and already, getting ready for his next airplane and the "next mission" our Lord has for him!

I am reminded of Romans 10:13 "WHOEVER WILL CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED".  Surely, our Lord answered Marlin's prayer and He will answer our prayer if we call upon Him!

Folks, no matter what your situation is, or how "impossible" a situation may be in your life, remember, Jesus is there and is an ever present help in time of need!

So, it's that time.  Need to head to the airport to continue the "Annual" on our Little Donkey.  As always, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

3-31-14 Monday 8:14AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Again, it's so good to be home.  Have a "mountain" of work to do, but so grateful for the time we had in the mountains to just "recharge" our batteries.

Will be working on the Little Donkey today, getting it ready for the "next mission".  Also, have some components that we're expecting.  This will allow us to put together some more Air Mobile Rescuers.

One thing is for sure, folks will always need Clean Water following any disaster.  It's a good thing to be "prepared".

Been tracking those earthquakes that have been "swarming" Southern California.  The number of quakes is now 205+.  There is a serious "Quake Alert" in place for Los Angeles .  

Also, noted a 4.8 Quake hit Yellowstone Park (the largest quake in 34 years) yesterday.  

As you may know, there is a "Super Volcano" under Yellowstone and if that things could be 2000 times more powerful than the Mount St. Helen Eruption.  We PRAY that that thing "remains calm".  Here's more on that Yellowstone Quake - 4.8 EARTHQUAKE SHAKES YELLOWSTONE

Well, it's that time.  Need to get to work and see what our Lord has for us to do today.  As always, we so appreciate your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-30-14 Sunday 9:28AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Have you ever been in an earthquake?  I'm sure a number of you have.  Cindy and I have been through many, as we often go to places that have just had a large earthquake(s), and often, many quakes (after shocks) follow.  We've lost count how many we've been through, but it is likely hundreds of quakes.  Our hearts go out to the folks in the LA area.

The thing about an earthquake is, when it begins, one does not know when or how serious it will be by the time it ends.  The folks in Southern California are going through literally hundreds of small after shocks after the 5.1 quake and....the experts are saying, there are likely more to come.

It is a good time to look to Jesus and remember that He said that earthquakes would come (Matthew 24:7).  Also, it's a good time to look at PREPARATION.  This takes many forms and it's good to have a "Plan".  

But....the best thing to do is PRAY!  Simply ASK our Lord for wisdom and direction.  This is a good lesson for all of us.  Remember: A.S.A.P. - Always Say A Prayer

As of this hour, the folks in Southern California have had 184+ earthquakes recently and the earth is still shaking. Could this be a "Wake-Up" call??  Again, it's always a good time to PRAY!  

Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I bid farewell to the "Retreat Cabin" yesterday and hit the road for the 12 hour journey home.  Thank God, all went well and it was a pleasant ride.

Late last night, we pulled into a station in Georgia and noticed this Chapel for Truckers.  It's good to see the light of the Gospel shining.  Often, a truckers life can be lonely and it's good to have a place to come and pray.

We pulled into our driveway around 1:30 am.  Again, thankful for a safe and pleasant journey home.

We'll be doing our Chaplain Service at the Hospital in Orlando this afternoon.  So thankful to have had this rest and time to "re-calibrate" our internal clock.  Time to get on with the "next mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-29-14 Saturday 8:16AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday evening, Los Angeles was rocked by a "swarm" of earthquakes that seemed to get stronger and stronger as the evening wore on.  Must have been a frightening evening.

At this hour, the quake sheet indicates 123+ earthquakes have occurred and the area is still shaking.  Here's the link to the USGS Quake Sheet - QUAKE SHEET  

Since the area had been shaken over the last few weeks, experts had been predicting that more quakes were likely to follow.  

The quakes from last night have caused some damage (early reports are just coming in) and injuries and a sense of "panic" is being experienced by many.  For most, it is a "wait & see" attitude.  Here's more - 5.1 EARTHQUAKE CAUSES DAMAGE - SOME FLEE FROM HOMES 

Please join together with us and pray for the folks in the path of these earthquakes and ask the Lord for wisdom and protection.  L.A.'s Mayor offered some sound advice:  

 "Tonight's earthquake is the second in two weeks, and reminds us to be prepared," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement.

We, meanwhile, are preparing to leave the Tennessee Retreat Cabin this morning and head back home to Florida.  This little "Spring Break Get-Away" has been such a blessing to us.  What a nice way to work that "Jet-Lag" out of our system.

It's time to get on with packing our little Red Ford Escape and head back to Florida.  Please remember to pray for those in the Los Angeles area.  God bless and THANKS again for your faithful prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-28-14 Friday 9:24AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, today is our last day to "sleep in".  Awoke to a rainy, chilly morning and slept past 9:00am.  Our last "hurrah" before returning to our usual, busy schedule.  We'll be heading home tomorrow.

Had a marvelous time yesterday walking the beginning of the "Wilderness Trail" of Daniel Boone.  

What a "Character".  So much has been written about this fascinating Pioneer.  A lot of "legend" and many, many accomplishments.  We laid out our plan and hit the trail that this incredible man blazed.

It was a perfect day for hiking.  The temperature was a perfect 55 degrees and the sky was clear.

Literally hundreds of thousands of early pioneers went "West" through this "Gap" known as Cumberland Gap.  Here's a brief description of the ones who walked this famous trail.

We took the trail that led to the Peak where we could see 3 States, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.

On the way back down the trail, Cindy stopped to reflect on what so many of our Ancestors had to endure to find their way...."A Hard Road to a New Life".

Life is "hard" and every generation has their challenges.  Yesterday, as we walked that famous trail, we had a beautiful time of enjoying nature and reflecting on those who walked before us.  It was a marvelous day.

After arriving back at the Cabin, we had some dear friends over from our Church.  We spent the evening sharing and laughing and talking about the "Word" and the "times" that we are living in.  So glad that our Lord has brought our families together.

Today, the "Search" for Malaysian Flight MH-370 continues and now, in a new location closer to Perth, Australia.  

The Mystery, does indeed continue.  Until actual pieces of that aircraft are found, we will not know what happened (and may never know).  Again, we simply PRAY for the family and friends of the victims.  Here's more on this on-going tragedy - NEW SEARCH AREA TURNS UP OBJECTS

Today, we'll be enjoying our last day at the Cabin.  Time to get ready to head home and enter back into the "stream".  Who knows where our "Next Mission" will be?

Again, we're so THANKFUL for you and your precious prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-27-14 Thursday 7:48AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now, there are more than 300 objects that have been spotted near the spot where MH-370 may have gone down may just be trash. Wow, this "Mystery" certainly continues.  

Must be so difficult and heart-breaking for the family and friends of the victims on board that "ill-fated" flight.  Here's the latest I could find - 300 OBJECTS FOUND ON SATELLITE - EXPERTS SAY...LIKELY TRASH 

Cindy and I were discussing this yesterday and she questioned my statement in yesterday's blog where I stated "strong" evidence points to the possible crash site of Flight MH-370.  Well, the "evidence" may not be as "strong" as I thought.  Until searchers find actual pieces of the missing aircraft, the "mystery" will continue. 

High seas and obscured visibility are preventing ships from reaching the area where the debris has been spotted.  Attempts will be made again today to reach the area.  It appears that a Filipino fishing vessel may reach the area first.  We hope and pray that the aircraft is somehow found and lives will be saved but....this is becoming less and less likely with the passage of time.

Meanwhile, we're just "chilling out" (and staying warm) in the cabin, in the mountains of Tennessee.  Yesterday was another day of rest and napping and playing rummy and watching a movie or two and reading.

Today, we're heading out for a hike on an actual "Daniel Boone" trail at Cumberland Gap.  It should warm up to the mid 50's and it's an ideal day for a beautiful hike.  Daniel Boone has quite a history - Here's a bit more - DANIEL BOONE - ACCORDING TO WIKIPEDIA  

Again, so THANKFUL for this little "Spring Break" and time of refreshing and renewal.  God is good!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

3-26-14 Wednesday 7:55AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Now, we're well into "Spring" and it's bitter cold all across the Eastern U.S. reaching down into the south. 

It's 15 degrees here in the Cabin in the mountains of Tennessee.  Where is Spring??  Cindy's "stoking" the fire in the old wood-stove as I type.

The snow began to fall yesterday and we captured the first few snow flakes falling on Peter.  Again, so glad to have plenty of firewood.

Cindy and I went shopping yesterday in Jonesville, VA (closest WalMart).  I had forgotten my wallet and had to run back to the cabin.  

While enroute, the snow came down like a blizzard with 25-30 mph winds & the visibility was about 50 feet.  Again, what a "Spring"!  

Many records are being broken and here's more about this extraordinary weather - RECORD COLD - BITING WIND SWEEPS EAST / SOUTH And to think, this is due to "Global Warming".....

Meanwhile, the search for missing flight MH-370 continues.  Satellite images have picked up 122 more objects.  Fierce "Gale-like" winds and high seas are blocking the ships from reaching the exact locations, but efforts are being made today to investigate these objects.  Here's more - 122 OBJECTS SPOTTED IN OCEAN NEAR SPOT THOUGHT TO BE MH 370

Can't begin to tell you how nice it is to simply lay down and take a nap anytime I want.  Or to just sleep-in a bit later than usual.  Cindy, Peter and I have been staying up real late playing Rummy.  

Since we three made that trip to the Philippines together, we're all working through the "Jet -Lag" together.  What a pleasant way to just let that "Jet-Lag" work through the system.  This is a wonderful "retreat" and we're so thankful to be able to do it.

Today, we'll just stay warm and continue to rest.  We have a few more days to do this and we're again, grateful, to the Lord for His blessing and grace!!  Also, very grateful to you for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support.  May you be blessed today and....if you're in the East, stay warm!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-25-14 Tuesday 8:27AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We, like many, have been following the tragic story of Malaysia Flight MH-370.  There is strong evidence surfacing that the aircraft went down in the Indian Ocean in 23,000 feet of water.  

The Malaysian Prime Minister made a statement yesterday, declaring the loss of all on-board.  We pray for the families of the victims.  Here's more on these recent developments - MALAYSIA PRIME MINISTER: "ALL ARE LOST"

One can only imagine what the family and friends of the 239 souls on-board of that ill-fated flight must be going through.  Again, I urge you to join us in prayer for them.  There are still so many unanswered questions.  What happened?  We may never know.

Currently, gale force winds and high seas are preventing search teams from getting to the exact area of where authorities fear the flight went down. We should hear more today.  Meanwhile, we PRAY!

We were very fortunate, here in the cabin, to get a visit from Pastor Dan, who is also a Heat / AC expert.  He quickly analyzed the problem with our unit and replaced a couple of Capacitors.  Now, we have addition to our trusty wood stove.  Thanks, Pastor Dan!

Oh, yesterday was such a "lazy day" for us.  We just napped and read and stayed up very late playing rummy.  What a blessing to just "get away" and rest here in the "Retreat Cabin".

So, today, we'll do more of the same.  Have a few more days to this "Spring" Break.  The temperature is hovering around 28 degrees and it's supposed to get down into the teens again tonight.  Love it.

Yesterday, had a call from a High School friend, and brother in Christ, Fred Mack.  We discussed the upcoming "Blood Moons" and the fact that there are definitely signs in the heavens. 

We'll be doing some more study on the "Blood Moons" today.  We should be seeing our first in a series of 4 in just over 2 weeks.  It's a good time to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, as He is coming back to this earth, hopefully, soon!

Time to go join my sweetheart for a good cup of coffee and another day of rest and reflection.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

3-24-14 Monday 7:56AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When we arrived at the "Retreat" Cabin on Saturday evening, I attempted to fire up the heater was broken.  No problem, just get that wood-stove fired up.  

A little kindling and a couple of good logs and voila, heat, stove and comfort!  A good lesson for the possibility of harder times that might lie ahead.

This morning, it's a brisk 19 degrees on this beautiful "Spring" morning and we might get some snow tonight.  So glad to have the wood-stove!

Yesterday was so sweet.  We began by going to our new Church, Father's House where Peter led worship.  The Lord is using Peter and his wonderful musical gift to bring us all closer to the Throne of Grace.

Our Pastor, Dan delivered an amazing message on Caleb.  Did you know that Caleb was not even a Hebrew?  It's true.  He was an "adopted" outcast and his name actually meant "Dog".  

Now, he had some obstacles to overcome and his attitude was amazing.  A great and timely message.  Thanks, Pastor Dan!

After Church, we did a little shopping and went back to the Cabin.  There, Cindy and I both collapsed and slept for a couple of hours. What a nice way to work through "Jet Lag" from our recent Philippines trip.

Today, we'll hang out at the Cabin and just "chill"....or shall I say, try not to "chill" too much.  Cindy's putting on a big pot of beans using that trusty old wood-stove and....

Pastor Dan, who is also a heating and A/C guy will be coming by to see what's wrong with our heater.  Nice to have friends in the business.  Don't really have anything planned today.  Just taking a little "chilly" Spring Break and recharging our batteries for the "Mission(s)" ahead.

May you be blessed today and THANK YOU for your sweet prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe and Cindy, Peter and Ariana

3-23-14 Sunday 5:51AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Tennessee Retreat Cabin – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy, Peter, Ariana and I loaded up our Red Ford Escape and hit the road for the mountains of Tennessee yesterday.  The ride was just beautiful, relaxing and fun.  We knew we were headed for a little slice of paradise.  Had no problems and thankful for a quick and safe journey.

Upon arrival, 12 hours later, stopped in at our neighbors, Bill and Judy.  Bill is the County Clerk of Court and a wonderful neighbor.  Judy recently had surgery and has been having a bit of a struggle during her recovery.  So glad that we could pray together.  Please remember to pray for Judy with us.

When we pulled up to the cabin yesterday evening, Peter and I counted 12 deer right next to the cabin.  Of course, they took off like the wind as we approached.  One would not go hungry, living in the cabin.

It's currently 36 degrees and raining.  We'll be going to Church this morning and Peter will be leading the Worship.  It's supposed to be getting quite cold later in the week, down into the 20's and we may even get some snow.  Definitely "Wood-Stove" weather.

Cindy and I will be pouring over all of the great photos and video footage from our last trip to the Philippines and hope to put together a nice video "capturing" the wonder and grace of God from our last mission there.

It's time for that delicious, 2nd cup of coffee and to get ready for church.  Looking forward to being with our Tennessee brothers and sisters.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-22-14 Saturday 6:44AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We are so appreciative to have such an excellent mechanic as Paul.  During our Annual Inspection, he just takes the Little Donkey apart and does such a thorough inspection.  

In this shot, the "Pod" has been removed allowing full access to the bottom of our little airplane.  Again, so appreciative to have Paul's expert eyes looking the aircraft over.

Yesterday, had so many things to take care of before we "head to the mountains".  Spring Break is the perfect time to go spend some quiet, cabin time in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, back in the Philippines, our newest "Water Mules", Dandy and Michell were busy deploying a couple of Rescuers.  
Here in this shot, the school that received the unit had the water containers all ready and the Rescuer was making a lot of clean water for the students.  We're so THANKFUL for Dandy and Michell!

In addition to providing clean water, we were able to bring little dresses made by caring Delta Flight Attendants (thank you Lauretta).  

Michell and Dandy located some very needy children in a very poor part of town and provided many little girls with beautiful, lovingly made dresses.  What a blessing!! 

So, we're up early, packing sandwiches for the trip up to the Cabin in Tennessee.  We can hardly wait to get there.  There's still just a "nip" of winter left in this chilly spring.  We may even get the wood-stove cranked up.  Please pray that we have a safe and fun and restful trip up to our little "retreat" cabin.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious love, prayer and support!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe


Air Mobile Joe  

3-21-14 Friday 6:22AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's good to be home and back to work.  Made the big circle from our home to the Air Mobile shop to check inventory for the Rescuers, to the hangar to check on the Little Donkey (in the midst of the Annual Inspection)  and over to Orlando to see how the Piper Aztec was coming along.  Ended the day with speaking to a group of new inductees into the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society.

On the way home from the PTK Induction Ceremony, I began to "fade" hard.  Was so tired.  Finally, got someone on the phone with me to just talk (had a hands-free Blue Tooth) to keep me a wake.  

BTW, it was such an honor to speak to these young people who were being inducted into this fine Honor Society.

Drove up to the house and remembered that there was a Bible Study going on.  I just wanted to go to sleep, but was blessed by the Study of "remembering Eden".  You see, I'm working through that classic anomaly called "Jet Lag".  Will take a few days for the "internal clock" to stabilize.

And, speaking of Jet Lag, take a look at this article that just came out yesterday on a new pill to possibly deal with "Jet Lag" SCIENTIST MAY HAVE DISCOVERED WAY TO "RESET" THE BODY CLOCK AFTER "JET LAG" 

As we reflect on the trip that we just made to the Philippines, our hearts are warmed by the new friends that we made and the memories of the amazing journey.  

Among our many new friends, we met Aldrich and James along with their Sisters, Cherish and Sharla.  These young people were such a blessing.  We have made friends for life.  Here's a clip of Aldrich singing "Follow You" - ALDRICH & JAMES "FOLLOW YOU"

These young people were a hit everywhere we went.  Most Filipinos had heard of them and it was just great hearing them sing and worship our Lord.  Peter had a blast playing with them.

Already, we're planning our next trip back to the Philippines. We're simply seeking the direction from the Lord to know exactly when He would have us to return.  We plan to visit Aldrich and James on their Island of General Santos.  Stay tuned for those travel plans.

So, today, it's time to head out into this day and keep this "show on the road" through the semi-delerium of "Jet Lag".  Will be building more Rescuers as our Lord provides the funds and getting our Little Donkey back into the air after we finish the Annual Inspection.  We'll be gathering supplies for Haiti and looking forward to...."The Next Mission".

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and faithful prayer, love and support!!  Be blessed today!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-20-14 Thursday 6:46AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I last wrote you from Manila, Philippines. We were not sure if we would find 3 seats all the way home. 

Well, we did, and not only did we find seats, but we found "Business-Class" seats all the way to Detroit!!  THANK YOU for your prayers and THANK YOU Delta Airlines and Delta Rose!!

I just have to take a moment and explain how wonderful this was.  As you know, we often fly on a "Buddy Pass" Ticket.  This is a ticket provided from a friend who flies for the airline.  The cost of this ticket is usually 50-75% less than a normal Economy Class Ticket. So, it is a VERY good deal.  But.... there is a slight "down-side" to this great deal.  One must fly on "Stand-By".  That means only if seats are available, do you board the aircraft.

Been doing this kind of flying for 35+ years and know the "game" quite well.  We have never been completely "left behind".  Now, that doesn't mean that you don't get "bumped" off a couple of flights.  Just means that you have to wait a bit longer.  But....have always made it home.

Now, must tell you also, that flying "Business Class" is VERY, VERY expensive.  So, through the wonder of the Grace of God and having some very special friends, i.e. Delta Rose, Cindy, Peter and I flew Business Class all the way TO the Philippines and FROM Manila to Detroit!  Again, all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Upon landing in Detroit yesterday, we only had 45 minutes to clear Immigrations, claim our bags, reload our bags onto the domestic flight home and literally run from Gate 1 to Gate 64 and board a completely FULL Boeing 757 Bound for Orlando.  As we arrived, they were just getting ready to close the door.  We got, literally, the last 3 seats on that aircraft.

It was like a whirlwind.  We arrived in Orlando, after having operated on a 12 Hour time difference, and there were our good friends and faithful "Water Mules" George and his friend, Diane.

We had just flown half way around the world.  We had left islands that had been ravaged by the largest and fiercest Typhoon in recorded history.  We had, again, by our Lords' amazing power and grace, brought clean water to thirsty people.

We are simply humbled and so appreciative to have been used by our Lord. helped with your precious love, prayer and support!!

Back up early this morning.  My "internal" clock is just "spinning".  Will be checking on a certain Little Donkey.  We're in the middle of the Annual Inspection.  Getting that precious bird ready for our...."Next Mission".

Oh, this evening, been invited to speak at the Induction Ceremony for the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society at Eastern Florida State College.  You may recall, the young people from PTK organized our 2013 Gala last December.  It will be an honor to speak to these gifted young people who have hearts to serve others.

Time to head out the door to the airport.  God bless and THANKS AGAIN for your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

3-19-14 Wednesday 2:34AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Manila, Philippines  - Remington Hotel – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy, Peter and I boarded a flight from Tacloban to Manila yesterday.  The flight was quick & smooth & on time. We're thankful.  After Flight MH 370, we certainly don't take anything for granted.  BTW, what strange developments on that.

Recently, we met an extraordinary Aviator from the Philippines, Joy Roa.  He met us and gave us a lift to the Hotel.  We agreed to meet later in the evening.

Joy has a TV Series called, Air Safari and he documents his flights all over the world.  A very interesting guy and he's extremely well connected and knowledgeable about flying all over the Philippines.  

After settling in, his son, Spike gave me a tour of his facility and told me more of the remarkable history of his father in aviation.  An amazing story.

Spike is following in his father's footsteps and truly loves aviation with a passion.  There is a strong camaraderie among aviators.

Later yesterday evening, Joy took Cindy, Peter and I out to a delicious Chinese Dinner.  This, again, is an amazing connection.  Only our Lord knows how this new friendship will develop and where it will go. it comes....."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops (and Aviators)"! 

Am up very early...what's early?? My internal clock is all whacko.  Don't know if it's morning or night inside.  

We'll be catching an early flight out to Negoya, Japan and then home. Our Dear Delta Rose informs me that it's going to be challenging (finding a seat) from Tokyo, so, please pray that our Lord has 3 seats on the airplane that He wants us to fly.

Time to get Cindy and Peter up and head to the airport to make the final leg home.  As I type this "rambling blog", my heart is overwhelmed with just how good our Lord has been to us on this journey for clean water.  

We have made some incredible new friendships.  Our hearts have been broken by the destruction and suffering, but so encouraged by the love and generosity and courage of so many.  We know, that by His help and grace, we shall return to this amazing country called the Philippines.

Time to sign off for now.  May be a while before I check back in, due to the fact that we still have nearly 20+ hours of flying ahead of us and an uncertainty of whether or not there will be seats for us.  Again, we're so THANKFUL to you for your precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

3-18-14 Tuesday 5:47AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines  - Relief Command Center – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy and Peter headed out early yesterday morning to meet about 3000 students divided among an Elementary / High School and Special Ed.  

They had a blast....even had a water party.  Meanwhile, I stayed back at our temporary "Command Center" and wrote the blog (& missed the fun of the water party).

Just a bit about the mini "Command Center".  It was a tiny hotel room in downtown Ormoc City where we had 3 single beds together and it left about 2" between each and they went wall to wall.  The beds were soft and water was hot.  We managed quite well and we're just thankful to have had a place to lay our head.

About 9:30am Cindy and Peter returned to our mini "Command Center", exuberant at the great deployments that had gone so well.  The School(s) had been severely damaged and the need for clean water for those 3000 children is great.

Cindy and Peter experienced the joy of presenting the 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to these 3 Schools that are in the same compound.  Glory be to God!    

We then headed to the main Command Center and gathered up all our supplies for the trip to Tacloban and beyond.  I also borrowed a little "signal" and posted the blog that you read yesterday.  It's good to have friends with a strong "signal"!

As we were departing Ormoc City, we bid farewell.  Though this town had sustained significant damage from Typhoon Yolanda, it was "minor" in comparison as to where we were headed.

Oh, on the way out of town, it was approaching noon.  We knew that as we got closer to Tacloban, the choices for food would be minimal so.....we pulled into Sals (remember a few days ago we ate there).  We had a crazy delicious lunch topped off with a couple of famous Halo-Halo desserts!

The road to Tacloban has so many turns as it winds over the mountains. As we got nearer, the destruction became staggering as we approached the "Ground Zero" of that wicked girl, Yolanda who mercilessly ravaged these beautiful islands.

Again, I can only imagine what it was like to have sustained a 20-30 "Wall of Water", in reality, a Tsunami.  Accompanied along with 200+ (up to 235mph) winds.  It must have been absolutely terrifying!

The amazing thing is the attitude of the Filipino people.  They have the most beautiful and intense smiles!  There's just no other way to describe it.  These folks have so much courage and strength and determination.  After having endured such horror, they just pick up the pieces and get back to living.

Our first location in Tacloban the South High School with over 2000 students.  They literally "surrounded" us and were amazed at Peter.  Peter is 6'2" and growing and they treated him like a "Rock Star".  It was quite funny.

Peter sang "How He loves us" by David Crowder.  Even though he had no microphone or sound system for his guitar, the 2000+ students got very quiet and Peter's beautiful voice (in Cindy and my humble opinion) filled the school yard with deep praise to our Heavenly Father who loves us so much.

We did a thorough training led by Dandy and Michelle.  They have become extraordinary "Water Mules" on this trip.  We are so thankful for them.

Upon the final presentation of the Air Mobile Rescuer, the students burst into applause and the joy was just overwhelming.  This school can now offer very clean water to it's students as a result of this gift.  

The sun was now setting.  As we drove to our last location of the day, we passed by the "Mass Grave" where a dear Filipino friends of ours, husband lay.  We spent a few moments praying there.

Then, we drove into the Schistosomiasis Hospital.  The great hospital is known world-wide for it's deep research and effective means of treating tropical diseases.  

The Hospital Director was just thrilled to learn about and then receive the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

As we drove away, we were not sure where we would sleep tonight. Tacloban is still lying in ruins.  We headed to the main Command Center and found a friend who offered us a place to set up and included mosquito nets and a fan.  

We quickly laid out our sleeping mats, made some "Survial Food".  I found out that the Air Mobile Rescuer that we had placed here in November needed a little "tender, loving care".  Soon, it was up and pumping water.

It had been another long day.  We are "wrapping" up this mission.  Today, we'll depart the Tacloban Airport for Manila.  We'll overnight there and then, on Wednesday morning, point toward home and fly back....half way around the world.

Time to wrap up this little "rambling blog" today. About to lose "juice" on the laptop.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful love, prayer and generous support!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-17-14 Monday 6:40AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our first deployment was at a Girls Home (for abused and abandoned children), Linyap Center.  The young ladies were so attentive and sweet.  

When we told the young ladies that Aldrich and James were here, they almost fainted.  For you see, these young ladies, like most Filipinos and literally millions around the world, had heard of these young men.

When Aldrich began to sing, the Spirit of the Lord seemed to sweep through the room.  We are so glad to have made contact with these young men.  What an amazing connection in Christ!

After our training we made the presentation of this Air Mobile Rescuer to Linyap Home.  Now, they will be able to have all the clean water they need and they can share with their neighbors! There was a simple and beautiful sweetness to the entire presentation.  Wow, THANK YOU LORD!

I, so want to share the music "clip" with you, but the limited internet signal we have prevents that.  We'll make a beautiful complete video for you later (when we have signal strenght) and you'll be able to experience the precious gift that our Lord has given to this young man.

Our next location would be several hours south on Leyte. Before we hit the road, Dandy and Michelle brought us to a great restaurant, Sals.  Believe me, these folks know how to cook.  After a great lunch, we went south.

This area is no stranger to disaster.  Several years ago, a mud slide hit a nearby town and completely inundated it destroying every building but one.  

We believe that by placing a couple of Rescuers in this region, they would be better prepared....should another disaster occur.  The ride to Hilongos was simply beautiful, breath-takingly beautiful, with pristine beaches and virgin forests.

We arrived at the Hilongos South Central School to a wonderful group of teachers and students who came out on this Sunday afternoon.  The training went well and again, with great joy, we presented this school of over 1000 students an Air Mobile Rescuer.

Of course, at the end of our presentation, Aldrich blessed us with another song.  Now, I must tell you, he wrote a song about his father, just before he passed away.  Oh, when this young man sings this song, there is hardly a dry eye.  Here's a link that we pulled from YouTube - Aldrich is a bit younger, but you'll be able to hear his heart - ALDRICH & JAMES - DANCE WITH MY FATHER  

We then headed a bit further south to the HIlongos National Vocational School to present our second Rescuer to this region.

The students and staff were just great.  They so appreciated this amazing gift of clean water.  They also appreciated the fact that they could indeed be part of rescue efforts should another calamity occur.  They paid very careful attention to our training.  

Then came the part that I love, the Presentation.

I want you to know just what a vital part of this outreach that you are.  We so appreciate your prayer, love and support!!

After the presentation, we asked Aldrich to sing one more time.  We witnessed again, the incredible gift that this young man has.  With no sound system, his beautiful voice filled the class room with music from heaven.  He sang his heart out today.  Again, we're so thankful that our Lord deployed these troops our way!!

We then headed back north to Ormoc City.  We had accomplished our mission for the day of bringing Rescuers where needed.

The ride back was long and we got Aldrich and Company back to the dock to take the "Fast Cat" back across the sea to Cebu where they would return to their home on General Santos Island.  Wow, this plan that my Cindy had "cooked" in the States several weeks ago really happened.  

Cindy, Peter and I will not be the same.  Our hearts have been touched and love has grown as we ministered together.  Again, we are so THANKFUL for this beautiful day.

So, today, Cindy and Peter have already headed out to deploy to more Rescuers in schools here in Ormoc City.  I was "left behind" so that I could write this rambling blog this morning.  They'll be back to pick me up in a bit and we'll be back on the road headed to Tacloban and beyond.  The mission marches on.  What will our Lord do today?  Only He knows!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

3-16-14 Sunday 6:50AM (Philippines Time - Note Manila time is 12 hours ahead of Eastern U.S. Time) Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines  - Air Mobile "On the Move" – Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Oh, the beauty and wonder of a "relatively" soft bed and a warm shower.  Even though our "internal clocks" are completely upside down, we manage to function, particularly after a good nights sleep.  We plunged into yesterday with joy, though a bit "dingy".  

Began the day by going to a IPIL National High School of 1900 students in Ormoc City.  Though, it was Saturday about 100 students were doing "housework", like cleaning up and working on rebuilding, their damaged school.  We were greeted with a beautiful sign and smiling students.  

There was no electricity, so we demonstrated the Rescuer, powered by our Ford Pick-up truck battery. The young man, Jostel, who will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Rescuer was a good student.  All of the students who were there on Saturday morning showed such deep appreciation for this amazing gift of clean water.

We next headed to the Ormoc City Jail.  Dandy' wife Michelle, knew the head nurse there, sot that was our "In" to Jail.  

The staff listened very attentively and the prisoners looked on.  It was a wonderful moment.  After our presentation, we asked if we could pray with the prisoners and was granted permission.  We, of course were unable to take any photos of the prisoners, due to confidentiality laws.  

We were reminded of the Words of Jesus, "I was in prison and you visited Me".  Again, Praise God for this precious tool (clean water) that opens so many doors!!  BTW, we were able to sing and pray for the prisoners.

Dandy and Michelle know Ormoc City very well and took us to wonderful Chinese Restaurant, Chow King.  The food was plenteous and tasty.  There is a special desert in the Philippines called Halo-Halo.  There are so many levels of frozen delights, it's difficult to describe, but amazingly refreshing beautifully filling.  We left extremely satisfied.

Our last Rescuer deployment for the day was the Noungan Ormoc City Council Community Center, located in a very poor and needy section of town.  

We were greeted by the Head of the Council along with about 100 residents.  Again, no power, so we fired up the Rescuer with a Motorcycle battery.  Again, great appreciation and joy at the prospect of having extremely clean water for FREE!  That's the beauty of the Rescuer.  

We then headed back to the Command Center and I met with Redante', our local Rescuer Technician.  We had had one mishap, a ceramic filter cracked on the flight from half way around the world and has 'spilled" particles deep inside the Rescuer.  We were able to completely disassemble the unit and do a thorough cleaning.  Good training for Redante and Dandy.

We had run "full speed" for the entire day.  Delirium was setting in.  Our special guest (stars), Aldrich and James and company were on the high seas coming over to Ormoc City from Cebu on a "Fast Boat".  Their ship was running behind schedule due to weather and seas.  This delay gave Cindy, Peter and I the opportunity to grab a few much needed winks of sleep.

About 2 hours behind schedule their boat docked and these young people of nearly instantaneous, world-wide fame, walked off the boat, a bit dizzy from the "roller coaster" ride but fit.  We then headed to a very nice restaurant and had a delicious meal.

Our hotel managed to find 2 extra rooms for them and we all "crashed" at the end  of this very long day.  Surely, we are being powered by the Holy Spirit, giving us extraordinary strength and endurance.

So, here we are this morning.  Up, bright and early, even though, our bodies are thinking it's 7:30 pm, it's actually 7:30 a