Tuesday, September 4, 2012


9-11-12 - Tuesday - 7:13am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


My good friend, Pastor Jim Govatos, has asked me to speak at his Church, Aloma United Methodist in Winter Park, FL tonight.  I am truly honored!  My subject will be, "Let the Revival begin in us".  This study has brought me to some wonderful places in the Word of God.  The Service will begin at 7:00pm.  

Would truly appreciate your prayer that our Lord will use me to deliver His message.  Also, if you're in the area, would be blessed to have you join us.  The address is:

Aloma United Methodist Church
3045 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL   32792

By the way, Jim is a remarkable Pastor.  He pastored in Titusville for many years and is known as a great Unifier of ministries.  Jim was there for me and my family, when we were going through great struggles with the City of Titusville over critical zoning issues.  Am truly humbled that he would have me speak to his church.  Hope to see you there.

Got some good news yesterday, regarding the testing of certain components on our Turbo System for our Little Donkey.  The Turbo Controller(s) tested just fine.  That is always good news.  Also, good to know that we have such a fine shop within easy driving.  ATC (Approved Turbo Components) has always done a good job of keeping our Turbos in top operating condition.

Also good news regarding Bill Duncklee's Mom.  Went and saw her in the Hospital in Vero Beach yesterday and she is recovering, slowly but surely!  Thank you for your prayers for Mom Duncklee!!

From Vero, gave my good friend and excellent, Water Mule, Joe Prussel a ring to see if he could join me for lunch.  The plan worked and Joe and I broke bread together.  Joe has been all over the world with us bringing clean water to the thirsty.  

Joe is a good example of how "Our Lord deploys His troops".  Joe has helped to coordinate so many teams from Church at Viera (CAV) to come to Haiti.  As a matter of fact, just last week a CAV Team was in Haiti helping our intrepid Barbara (Rambo in the Blue Dress).  Really appreciate Joe Prussel!! 

Heard an encouraging report regarding the Tropics this morning.  Conditions, for the moment, are Unfavorable for major tropical development.  Let's keep on praying that system, Invest 91-L does not "organized"!  Sure don't like the path of that one!

Well, it's that time.....to head out into this beautiful day that our Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!  Your prayers are so precious to us.  THANK YOU again!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-10-12 - Monday - 8:15am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Folks, this is the most intense time for hurricanes.  Thankfully, Leslie and Michael are heading to the northeast Atlantic and away from people, though Newfoundland may get some of Leslie's wrath.

That system, Invest 91L is still trying to organize and we just keep praying that it doesn't gain strength.  As we have pointed out, that path will bring a lot of destruction and possibly deaths.  We pray!!

Had an amazing time of ministry at the Hospital with the young people.  The Worship was so sweet.  It is always such a joy to share the Lord with these kids that have had such difficult times in their lives.

Today, will be heading down to Vero Beach to get some turbo components for Ti Burik bench checked.  Also, would appreciate your prayer for Bill Duncklee's Mom who is recovering from a serious infection.  As you may recall, Bill is a dear friend and great supporter of Air Mobile.  I know he would appreciate your prayers.  Thanks!

Time to hit the road.  As always, so appreciate your prayer, love and support.  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-9-12 - Sunday - 7:58am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Met our good mechanic Paul and went right to work on finding that "warm cylinder".  Think we found the problem.  Recently changed the starter to a much smaller one.  That left a gap in the "baffling".  So....we'll plug the hole and take it for a test flight.  Hope that solves the problem.

Then....Peter and I went to our favorite hang-out, Dogs-R-Us and watched some "football".  Yes, it was LSU against Washington and....LSU won.  Now, that's a cool Saturday for sure.  Sometimes, it's the little things in life that bring such joy.

In checking the weather, looks like Isaac will not "re-appear"...he's done enough damage already!  Bermuda is being spared a direct hit by, now, Tropical Storm Leslie.  

Michael is just spinning out there and.....there is that development (Invest 91-L) off of the African Coast.  We're watching that one carefully...and prayerfully.  Should it develop, the path will do a lot of damage and may end up in Gulf.  Sure don't need that. So, let's pray together that 91-L just DOES NOT GET ORGANIZED!  By the way, we are now entering into the PEAK of the Hurricane Season.

Running a bit late this morning.  Have to get Peter to Church early because he's in the Church Worship Band, so have to run.  As always, REALLY APPRECIATE your love, prayer and support!  God Bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Dropped Peter at Church and had a few extra minutes, so came to my "man-cave", the office in the hangar, and added a bit to my rambling blog.  

Sure love my "man-cave".  

Will head back to Church in a few and then Cindy, Ariana, Peter and I will go to the Hospital for young people in Orlando.  We truly love this ministry of reaching out to young lives that are in trouble.  That is where Jesus loves to go!  Joe

9-8-12 - Saturday - 7:05am (Eastern U.S. Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


On every "Mission", we reach a time to come home.  Yesterday was my day.  Headed to Port-Au-Prince bright and early, prepped, loaded, inspected, presented documentation and pushed the throttles forward at 7:50am.  The Little Donkey jumped into the morning air and climbed to 16,500 feet.  The Autopilot is working like a dream so....

Took the time to pull out the Aviation Instructors Handbook and continued my study for the Certified Flight Instructor's Check Ride.  What a beautiful place to study!!

My Flight Instructor, Glen, had been working through some health issues, thus the "pause" in my flight training.  So glad to report that Glen is doing just fine and we've re-engaged in the training that will bring me to the goal of being a Certified Flight Instructor / Instrument / Mulit-Engine (CFI/I/MEI).

Sometimes, I just stand amazed at how good our Lord is...to allow us to enjoy ourselves so.  Studying at 16,500 over the spectacular Caribbean with Cuba to the side of me and Florida ahead with a beautiful, well equipped aircraft, Ti Burik. Ahhh, it's moments like these that I simply Praise God!

Could see the Thunderstorms ahead brewing as I approached Florida.  My on-board Nexrad "radar" showed me exactly where they were and what was needed to avoid them.  Slipped into Fort Pierce at the exact projected time....to the minute.  Love flights like this!

Rushed home to pick up my little Ariana who was just getting off the bus.  Then headed up to Titusville to Pick up Peter from his High School.  Got home, was joined by Cindy, who had just gotten off of work.  Together we prepared for our home Bible Study group.  We had a full house.  Ahhh, it's good to be home!

Today, will be with Paul, our faithful aircraft mechanic, and we'll be conducting our "Post-Mission Inspection" on Ti Burik.  One of cylinders on the rear engine was running a bit warmer, so we'll go take a look and see what's going on.  

You may recall, we installed an instrument that tells us exactly what each of the 6 cylinders is doing.  This helps us to fix something before it becomes a serious issue.  Thank God for such good instruments on this wonderful tool called Ti Burik!

Bermuda is getting a break as Hurricane Leslie has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Leslie.  The storm is becoming disorganized, thank the Lord!  

We're still "tracking" the remains of Isaac and....another tropical storm just rolled off the coast of Africa.  This one may be tracking in the lower Atlantic.  This could be very bad for us.  We'll continue to monitor it's movement and development and....PRAY that it not become "Organized"!!

Well, it's that time.  Had that second cup of coffee, time to go feed the chickens and head on over to the airport to meet Paul and see what's up with "heating up" cylinder.  As always, THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-7-12 - Friday - 5:32am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Wow!  We're still tracking Isaac after all this time!  We began tracking that storm in mid August and after traveling all the way from Africa to the Caribbean to Louisiana / Mississippi and then bringing much needed rain to the Mid West, now...that same storm has looped around and come back down to the Gulf.  

That's a "long-lived" storm!  Isaac has brought a lot of suffering and destruction and he's still hanging around.  We'll keep watching that storm!  Hurricane Leslie has stalled but still heading to Bermuda and Hurricane Michael is far from land and people, thank the Lord.

Spent yesterday in the Air Mobile Rescuer Refurb facility resurrecting Rescuers!  This is so rewarding.  Unit by unit came to life with the newly installed "Heart" (critical component) that we had manufactured.  

I brought in the tiny, O-Rings that had stopped the operation on our last mission to Haiti.  Something so small can stop the flow of clean water.  Well, we solved the problem and brought our inventory level up to keep clean water flowing...even though it seems like a drop in the bucket, it is now many little drops all over this country...thanks to your prayer, love and support!! 

It was nice to see the Food Depot in Ruuska Village full again, thanks to the effort of a certain Little Donkey.  It is amazing just how much stuff we can get into Ti Burik.  What is not shown in this shot are the tires, the water cooler, the hamburgers / hot dogs, bug spray, toner cartridges, Rescuer parts etc. that we carried in on this last load.  Again, I never cease to marvel at what a difference a little airplane can make!

While fueling the Little Donkey, brought Tim and a couple of his Disciples in Recovery up for a quick spin over Russka Village.  Tim is comes to Haiti regularly with young people who are "Overcoming".  This ministry has been an incredible blessing to Barb and all in the Village as well as to the young people gaining victories in their lives.  This is a true Win-Win-Win deal, orchestrated by our Lord! 

We made a low pass over Ruuska Village.  It is amazing what Barb (affectionately known as "Rambo in the Blue Dress" has built.  This community touches so many lives!  We are privileged to work together with this great Lady of God!

Well, it's that time.....time to head out into another Adventure for the Lord.  Where would we be without so many helping us along this journey?  Where would we be without the Lord??  So glad He reached down and saved me!  Time to head out.  Love you and appreciate you!!

Air Mobile Joe  

9-6-12 - Thursday - 7:21am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Leslie is barreling down on Bermuda....a powerful storm.  Hurricane Michael is spinning away from people, thank God and.....is Isaac re-forming in the Gulf of Mexico (see Invest 90L)??  All of this activity certainly indicates some very "unstable conditions" that can bring a lot of grief and suffering to many.  We'd best keep PRAYING...and YES, we do want God on our side!!

I was studying a trend that may be developing in the Atlantic between Africa and the U.S..  For the next few weeks, the track for possible hurricanes will be dropping to a lower path.  This can mean some more terrible storms coming to the Windward Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Cuba and eventually end up in the Gulf of Mexico.  Folks, "THE SEASON AIN'T OVER YET"!  One can see from this "Scorecard" we're in a very active season.  

Our best course is to be "sober and vigilant" and keep an eye on the tropics, prepare and yes, PRAY!  I recall an old quote that we recently shared...."PRAISE THE LORD & PASS THE AMMUNITION".  It is good to put our faith in God and certainly PRAY &....do our part by preparing.  

If you live in a coastal region of the U.S., you basically are vulnerable for we've seen storms hit from South Texas to Maine. The truth is, we don't know what is going to come our way.  But, we do know Who does!  So, it is a good time to pray and prepare.

Let us remember and pray for those in Bermuda as Hurricane Leslie is bearing down on that island as I write this blog.  

Today, will be resurrecting some Air Mobile Rescuers that have long needed certain parts.  Well, with a lot of prayer and generosity from our great supporters, I have some much needed replacement parts that WILL bring those units to life.  

Along those same lines, received a very welcome call yesterday.  An organization that had some critical parts for the Rescuer recently found them and offered them to Air Mobile....PRAISE GOD!!  I sense that our Lord is doing some extraordinary things to help us to get ready for some "Stormy Days Ahead".

The sun has risen and I've downed that delicious second cup of coffee and it's that time to get some Rescuers able to Rescue.  Your prayers are so precious to us and with all my heart, I thank you!  Pray you have a blessed day and think about picking up some extra water, batteries and food.  You never know when you'll need them.  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe  

9-5-12 - Wednesday - 6:19am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


Tropical Storm Leslie is lumbering north, fighting those upper level wind shears but slowly gaining strength.  Likely path over Bermuda and hitting the Canadian Maritimes.  The U.S. East Coast will likely experience rip tides and big waves.  

Tropical Storm Leslie is quite large and definitely gaining in strength.  We'll be keeping a close eye on her.  So glad that Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti have been spared the wrath of this storm.  However, those in Bermuda had best "batten down the hatches" and prepare (and pray!) as it appears as if they are right in Leslie's Bullseye.

Had a number of meetings scheduled yesterday.  Once departing the village, instead of heading right to Port-Au-Prince, thought it wise to gain PRAYER SUPPORT!  

So, I headed north and stopped at my dear friend's place, David Heady (David & Judy are the founders of Global Outreach).  Found him "in the field" on his beautiful, 1970 John Deere Tractor.  Rode out and we had a time of prayer!  Folks, can't say enough about the importance, significance and privilege of PRAYER!

Often, we get "swept up" into our day and simply forget to take the time to PRAY!  That is why I often refer to the wonderful acronym - A.S.A.P. (Always-Say-A-Prayer).

After praying with David, headed into Port-Au-Prince and stopped in to see another great friend, Dave Carwell, Director of Mission Aviation Fellowship.  He too had a meeting at the same place at the same time, so....we PRAYED together and headed into our meetings.

Now, with all that PRAYER, one would think that the meetings would naturally go well.  They didn't.  They didn't go particularly bad, we just did not get what we came for.  So...what do we do?  

We stood in the hallway and both came up with the scripture found in I Peter 5:7, "Casting all your care upon HIM for HE cares for you".  With that good word, Dave and I went to lunch.  We kept "digging" into the treasure cove of God's Word and found more and more jewels.  

By the end of our lunch, our hearts were encouraged as our Lord was telling us to remain faithful and resolute.  For you see, both our meetings had to do with extending the Kingdom of God and increasing safey.  In essence, saving lives for the Glory of God!  We are truly on a Noble Mission!

After finishing lunch with David Carwell, headed back to our village.  Upon reaching the intersection where a south turn would bring me "home", instead, headed north a couple of kilometers and went to have a bit more fellowship with David Heady.  Soon, we had a pot of coffee on and spent time in fellowship and the Word!  Now, folks, that is a good way to spend an afternoon.  

Checked on David's Pastor's printer on the way out.  Found out all is working well and the Pastor was actually at the press, printing another book when I called on him.  What a joy it is to support these ministries.  

Arrived back at the village, exhausted, but refreshed in the Lord.  After dinner (hamburgers that Ti Burik brought in), we sat on the roof and gazed at the stars and continued our "Treasure Hunt" in the Word and exploring "Casting our cares upon the Lord" and His peace that passes all understanding.  

So, here we are, beginning another day, bright and early with good coffee.  We'll embark on another adventure.  You see why I so appreciate your prayer, love and support!  It is vital to our mission!  Pray that you have a blessed day and THANKS AGAIN for standing with us!!

Air Mobile Joe

9-4-12 - Tuesday - 7:11am (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report prepared by:  Air Mobile Joe


The time was right.  The load was loaded and at 5:37am, I pushed the throttles forward on Ti Burik.  It was still dark and the air was....kind of cool and clear.  The Little Donkey jumped into the air and we headed for Haiti with a plane load of vital supplies.

Climbed to 17,000 feet and settled down a nice flight.  Ran into a bit of weather near Freeport and Nassau, but easily worked around the build-ups.  Picked up some ice around Andros Island, but it didn't "stick".  Just another day in Paradise.  Love those Caribbean sunrises!

So glad to have gotten into the air bright and early.  Could hear the weather really "heating up" behind me as the sun began the percolation of storms.  Miami was getting real crowded with airliners from all over the world "jockying" into position to work around those rapidly growing thunderstorms.  We "slipped" out just in time.

Now, Tropical Storm Leslie is gaining size and strength is due east of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola (The Dominican Republic and Haiti).  One thing is for sure, Haiti does not need another storm!  Leslie has slowed down and is just hanging around.  We PRAY that Leslie makes that "forecasted" turn to the North and just head out into the open Atlantic and just "chill out" and fade away.  WE PRAY!

Had a beautiful flight of 4 hours 52 minutes.  The Little Donkey was really packed.  Had a lot of baby food, formula, diapers, blankets, a new, very cool water cooler, tools, supplies, bug spray, hamburgers, hot-dogs and the list goes on and on.  It is such a joy to be able to bring in these supplies for folks who work so hard to save lives!

Also had those "o-rings" that will help us to "resurrect" some Air Mobile Rescuers.  Sure love working on those life-saving machines!

Well, the sun has risen, the second cup of coffee has been consumed.  Here is a shot of Air Mobile Joe's little corner.  Notice the Keurig coffee maker.  Ahhh, life is good!

Time to head out into this grand adventure.  Am very excited about what our Lord will do today!  Your prayer, love and support is so precious to me.  Can't THANK YOU enough! Pray that you have a very blessed day!

Air Mobile Joe