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4-30-16 Saturday 5:22 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


The day began with an Air Mobile Rescuer training and deployment at the Quayaquil International Airport.  Joe Prussel was in charge of training.

Xavier owns and operates a helicopter / aircraft company and is often FIRST on the scene of any disaster!

We've worked very closely with Xavier since the day we arrived.  He arranged for us to receive FREE FUEL and so much more.

CBN and Air Mobile both agreed that Xavier and his organization would be perfect recipients of an Air Mobile Rescuer, as they could place clean water at the immediate point with great rapidity!  

Praise God for folks like Xavier!!  It was with joy to present him with a Rescuer!

Meanwhile, Dave and I loaded up a supply of much needed medications, along with 3 Air Mobile Rescuers and we flew to San Vicente', our "staging" area near "Ground Zero".

Joe and Brian would hit the road for Porta Viejo, an area where the runway was destroyed.

Immediately, upon landing, we fueled the Little Donkey with some of that FREE FUEL (arranged by Xavier).    

We were met by Louie, our point of contact and guide.  A military vehicle and driver was provided and we headed to an area that Louie explained could well be the very epicenter of the massive 7.8 quake.

After the 1 hour drive, off the main road and through a river (bridge destroyed) we arrived in the small community called El Relleno.  It was staggering.  It was the largest earthquake opening I had ever seen!  Here's a quick YouTube that I made trying to describe what we saw - JOE DESCRIBES MASSIVE OPENING MADE BY EARTHQUAKE  

As we stood and surveyed all around us, it became evident that right between 2 massive opening was a tiny piece of earth that did not collapse.  The houses collapsed but the occupants were saved, MIRACULOUSLY!

It was there that Louie told us about Zuly, a 5 year old girl that was in the house with her parents when the monster quake hit.  Here's Louie's description -  LOUIE DESCRIBES ZULY AS SHE TELLS OF THAT MOMENT  

As the world shattered and collapsed all around Zuly's family, they could not run or even stand.  The horror must have been unimaginable.  We asked Zuly's Mom, who was there if we could PRAY for them.  Mom gladly agreed.

After we prayed together, Marta, who traveled with us spent some precious time with Zuly.  PLEASE remember to pray for Zuly and her family as they deal with this severe trauma.

Zuly's Dad is an engineer and has great knowledge of this area that has been so severely hit by the earthquake.  

We agreed to donate an Air Mobile Rescuer to him so that he can arrange to get clean water to the whole community.

He was buying supplies when we visited and Louie has agreed to train him on the operation of the Rescuer.  Here is the presentation - PRESENT RESCUER TO ZULY'S DAD VIA LOUIE

The afternoon thunderstorms were brewing, so we headed straight back to the airport in San Vicente' and were met by 3 young men who needed a ride back to Guayaquil.   We just happened to have 3 seats available. 

We climbed to 5500' and had a smooth ride back to Guayaquil and avoided those wicked afternoon thunderstorms.  Our passengers were happy for the lift.

Upon returning to our base Hotel, I plugged in my laptop and it was DEAD!  How would I write the Blog?  Yes, I began to panic and then put out a quick prayer request to Cindy and Brian and Joe and Christian and anyone else that I could think of.

Then I called the young lady at the front desk and asked if she knew ANYONE (preferably an able "Computer Geek") who could help.  She said she'd try.  

Soon, our "Geek" arrived and he was a MASTER!  He identified that some shampoo had gotten into the guts of the computer.  I had put the computer in my back pack with the shampoo and the pressure change of flight caused some to leak. 

He completely dis-assembled the computer and carefully cleaned every bit of that shampoo out and then dried each component and....VOILA!  IT WORKED!

PRAISE GOD for Computer Geeks who are willing to come out on a moments notice and help a missionary in distress!!

Yes...."Surely our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"!!!

So, it's time for breakfast and then back to the airport to fly back to San Vicente' and meet Brian, Joe and Team.  What adventure does our Lord have in store for us?  Don't know, but we're on our way into this glorious day that He has made!  

As always, THANK YOU for joining together with us on this journey.  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-29-16 Friday 5:22 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


What a blessing to have a good cup of coffee with my dear friend and brother in the Lord, Joe Prussel.  

Joe has traveled the world with Air Mobile, as an experienced "Water Mule", bringing clean water to thirsty folks whose lives have been shattered.

Joe traveled here with Yahn, another faithful "Water Mule".  There was a "glitch" on Yahn's passport and he had to return home.  Please pray all gets resolved with this issue.

Having Joe here, allows us to split up and go in 2 directions at once.  We began yesterday with prayer and then headed to the airport.

Dave and I flew Team A back to San Vicente to work with an organization that was going to some of the most isolated and "over-looked" communities.

Having the Little Donkey here has made the operations so much more efficient.  The quick 45 minute flight is such a blessing compared to a grueling 5 hour drive.

You may recall, several days ago, the Air Traffic Controller that we gave a ride back to San Vicente, requested that we give a couple of "First Responders" a ride back to Guayaquil.

One of them was "Louie" who wanted to surprise his mother on her birthday.

During our time together, Louie told us about the work that his organization was doing and how they were plunging very deep and getting into the very isolated and often "forgotten" communities.

We discussed this with Brian and the CBN leaders and  it was agreed to work with Louie.  He joined us on the return flight San Vicente.  This is often the way our Lord puts our "missions" together.  I love it!

After the short flight to San Vicente, we toured the base Camp where Louie volunteered.  We were impressed with the organization, and their "heart" to serve others in deep need.

Soon, I was set up and training a team of operators on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  The water in this area was absolutely putrid.  It was full of an oil type substance and absolutely "un-drinkable"!

All were amazed when this "Gringo" took a drink of that water went through the Rescuer.  This single act totally "sells" all on the fact that this precious machine WORKS!

Then came the presentation and what a JOY it is to put this valuable tool into the hands of those who will use it to bring life and hope to the suffering.

THANK YOU, CBN for helping us to help others.

We then headed back to the airport.  We left Louie and CBN Correspondent, Xavier, in San Vicente and picked up another passenger for a free ride back to Guayaquil.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...FOR THE DAY! 

When we returned to Guayaquil, we found Joe of Team B still waiting for a helicopter or aircraft ride to Manta, another hard hit area.  Sometimes it's that way....hurry up and wait.  

Today, we'll be launching in a few minutes.  Our teams will meet and pray and ask our Lord where He wants us to go today.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-28-16 Thursday 5:19 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Dave and I, along with CBN Correspondent, Andreas, arrived at the Guayaquil Airport early yesterday morning.  

We met with Xavier of Arica (Local Aviation Operator) to discuss the best way that we could work together.

Was able to show him the Air Mobile Rescuer and how it worked.  There was an instant alliance formed.  

Xavier has multiple helicopters and aircraft and is often the very "FIRST" on the scene of any disaster.

Since day one, following the terrible 7.8 earthquake, Xavier and Arica have been hard at work mobilizing massive supplies and personnel throughout Ecuador.

He has arranged for all relief aircraft to receive FREE FUEL and so much more.  We're so THANKFUL for our Lord using Xavier in such a powerful way.

We then loaded vital medicines that had just arrived, and flew them directly  to San Vicente, where they were desperately needed.

Upon arrival, we fueled the Little Donkey with FREE FUEL from Ecuador, thanks to Xavier's great efforts.  

Got a message from the Air Traffic Controller that we had flown in a couple of days ago.  "Did we have 2 seats available for some very tired First Responders?" was his request.

We just happened to have 2 seats available.  What a blessing these guys were to us for the rest of the day!  

We had to make a quick flight over to Manta, another hard-hit zone.  They were extremely helpful in loading supplies and translating.  

We also had a nice lunch at....KFC in Manta.  It had a "limited" menu, but the fried chicken was delicious!  

It was the first "hot meal" the 2 1st Responders had had in 8 days.  They had been living in tents and eating canned tuna.

While in Manta, CBN purchased supplies and we had the privilege to give them out at a large Relief Camp.

The Ecuadoran Military provided us with a Driver to help us to move around Manta.  He was a great help and he loved the Lord!  He played beautiful worship music the whole time.

It was time to head back to Guayaquil.  The afternoon thunder storms were beginning to brew.  On our flight back, we saw this spectacular rainbow right off our nose.

Just as we were leaving Manta for Guayaquil another earthquake occurred.  I believe that we were in the Little Donkey, holding on the ramp for take-off when it happened.

After landing, we met again with Xavier, who was still at his office and we discussed our strategy for the flight tomorrow.  Again, so THANKFUL for Xavier's heart to serve!

Then, back to the Hotel where we gave Brian of CBN a full report.  Brian shared how earlier in the day, he too had a great meeting with Xavier.  

This is such a powerful alliance.  Xavier has helicopters and airplanes and has opened his hangar to receive the relief.  It's just another example of....."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!"

GREAT NEWS!  At 2:00AM, Joe Prussel, (PREMIER WATER MULE) arrived from the U.S..  Joe carried in 10 more Air Mobile Rescuers!!  

Dave and I will be heading back to the airport early to bring more Rescuers to the needy.  The 2 1st Responders that we flew back to Guayaquil last night told us about several very isolated areas that have received little or no aid and they desperately need clean water!  We'll be going there today!  

With your love, prayer and support, we can do something about that!  Glory be to God!  As always, THANK YOU!!!

Air Mobile Joe


4-27-16 Wednesday 6:59 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We had our first break from flying yesterday.  We'd logged nearly 20 hours of intense flying in less than a week  Dave and I needed the rest!

As a matter of fact, I went up to my room and laid down after breakfast and just slept like a log.  

Our schedule was open for the day until the late afternoon when we'd be training some 1st Repsonders.

Now, I love training these guys, as they have a full grasp of what it means to plunge into an emergency.

Following most any kind of disaster, clean drinking water is the #1 need.

Began the training with a  container (my cooler) of absolutely filthy water from the streets of Guayaquil. 

As I began to explain more and more just what the Air Mobile Rescuer actually does, they became extremely interested in the process.  I love these kind of students!!  

After a thorough and excellent training session, we, with great joy presented an Air Mobile Rescuer to this team of 1st Responder / Fire Fighters.

We're so THANKFUL to CBN and our generous donors who have given us this awesome privilege to help those who are helping others!

Dave and I will be heading to the airport in just a few minutes to launch out on our next flight / mission.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

4-26-16 Tuesday 5:49 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The day began bright and early to the airport.  There, we met with Xavier, the head of the Hangar 7 Relief Operation.  He quickly introduced me to the Coordinator of Medical Relief for Ecuador.

We separated out a few items that didn't fit very well into the typical private relief plane.  The Little Donkey has a cargo pod that the crutches and walkers will easily fit.

After topping off the Little Donkey with FREE FUEL from the Govt. of Ecuador, Xavier asked me if I had room for an Air Traffic Controller for San Vicente'.  No problem.

Also, needed a seat for another airport Technician.  Yep, had an empty seat.  We then threw in some critical medical supplies and....we had another Air Mobile Rescuer on-board for another medical team working in one of the hardest hit areas.

We took off and headed back to San Vicente', our northern staging area.  The quick 45 minute flight was smooth (normally a 4-5 hour drive).  

Having the Controller on-board was great because he was able to fill us in on some frequencies and intersections.  Love it!!

We were met in San Vicente' by Dr. Daniel who heads multiple medical teams operating in the hardest hit areas.

BTW. Dave's daughter, Shiloh, who lives in Bermuda, arranged this providential connection.  We call it the "Bermuda Triangle Connection".

After landing, we immediately went to work on training Dr. Daniel and his team on the operation of the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Then came the moment when....after I took a drink, Dr. Daniel took a nice drink of Rescuer water.  

NOTICE  where my foot is located..... in the nasty bucket of already dirty water.  This convinces all of the power of the Rescuer!

We then presented the gift of clean water to Dr. Daniel, who will help multiple emergency medical clinics that are helping the sick and wounded following the devastating 7.8 quake.

Dave and I then flew back to Guayaquil and gave a full report to Brian of CBN.  

 Oh, BTW, CBN did a nice story on what we're doing in Ecuador.  Praise God!  Here's the story - CBN COVERS MISSION TO ECUADOR

Note:  Hunter McWaters of CBN did an amazing job of capturing this mission.  THANKS, Hunter!  

And tomorrow, 2 more Air Mobile "Water Mules" will be joining us in Ecuador, Joe Prussel and Yahn Gray.  They'll be carrying in 10 more Air Mobile Rescuers!  

Can't begin to tell you how rewarding it is to bring folks clean water, and the Rescuers will be providing clean water long after the initial surge of relief it always does.

We're so THANKFUL to CBN for helping us to help others.  We're in this "mission" together.

And, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-25-16 Monday 5:46 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We loaded 3 more Air Mobile Rescuers and flew back to San Vicente' yesterday.  

Our destination:  Canoa, a coastal town that was "devastated" by the 7.8 earthquake.  Canoa is famous for it's beaches, surfing and great hospitality.  Now, the town lay in ruins.

After another quick 45 minute flight from Guayaquil to San Vicente' with our precious cargo (3 Air Mobile Rescuers), we had Roberto as our Security and his daughter, "Jet" as our translator.

On the road to Canoa from San Vicente' we were diverted around a massive landslide.  We understand that a number of vehicles were crushed killing all occupants.

When we arrived in Canoa, a delegation of "Water Mule Trainees" awaited us.

While I explained the simple set up and maintenance of the Air Mobile Rescuer, Jet translated.  

All the while, her father, Roberto stood security for our mission.  We also happened to be set up right next to the Israeli Medical Relief Camp.

At the end of the training, we all prayed together and then, we presented 2 Air Mobile Rescuers, thanks to Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and many generous donors.  

These 2 Pastors will distribute greatly needed water into the devastated communities long after the initial relief supply lines end!

Then it was back to the San Vicente' airport where we presented the 3rd Air Mobile Rescuer to Jaart and his wife (left of the Little Donkey), who work with Operation Mobilization (OM).  They will travel to the "hot spots" where water is most needed.

Again, I never cease to marvel at how...."Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!"

On the quick flight back to Guayaquil, Jet, who had worked hard at translating, took a little nap.  We are all a bit exhausted.

After a smooth flight and having worked around a few afternoon build ups, we landed at Guayaquil and went right into more planning meetings.

We still have 5 more units to deploy.  Today, we're headed even closer to the actual Ground Zero and will be presenting units to a front-line medical operation.  Praise God!

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

4-24-16 Sunday 5:15 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


What would normally be 4+ hour hard drive was a 45 minute flight in the Little Donkey!  Our cargo:  Clean Water!  I love my job!!

The death toll in Ecuador continues to rise and the destruction is into the BILLIONS.  Hundreds of thousands have been deeply affected.  Here's the latest report - DEATH TOLL CONTINUES TO RISE IN ECUADOR

Our Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Team boarded the Little Donkey in Guayaquil after.....we topped off the main fuel tanks for FREE,  THANKS to the Ecuadoran Government.

We then flew the quick 45 minute flight from Guayaquil (SEGU)  to San Vicente (SESV) on the northwest coast of Ecuador, one of the communities hardest hit by the 7.8 earthquake last week.

Upon arrival, we could see destruction everywhere.  The airport at San Vicente had been closed for years and was just re-opened following the terrible earthquake.

The strip was in pretty bad shape with a lot of holes and the first 2000 feet closed off.  We landed safely and quickly unloaded our precious cargo of CLEAN WATER!

We saw massive destruction everywhere we looked.  This whole area has suffered a terrible blow!

CBN has excellent connections and we met a local pastor who had a good water source at his home.  The main problem with earthquakes is....good water sources become very contaminated due to many of the water and sewage pipes being broken and "cross contaminated".

We quickly set the Air Mobile Rescuer up and had delicious, pure clean water flowing literally within minutes!

We trained local operators and the second Rescuer will be deployed in a neighboring community.

These folks will not have to BUY clean water again because of this precious gift.  What a wonderful way to share the love of God with all of their neighbors!

We then prayed with the leaders of this community and headed back to the airport.  

Did our pre-flight on the Little Donkey.  It was getting late in the afternoon and we wanted to get back before the weather closed in.

After the quick 45 minute flight back to Guayaquil, I snapped this shot of Brian standing next to large pile of bottled water that is ready for transport.

One Air Mobile Rescuer could refill everyone of those bottles EVERYDAY!  Which would you rather transport?  2000+ pounds of bottled water 20 pound Air Mobile Rescuer?'d have to transport that 2000 pounds every day or...transport the Air Mobile Rescuer just one time!!

Truly, our Lord has given us a very, very precious gift with the Air Mobile Rescuer and the Little Donkey to carry it.  Again, I'm just so THANKFUL to be part of this operation!!

And...THANK YOU for joining together with us on this noble mission of bringing clean water and hope and the GOOD NEWS of JESUS to a thirsty world!  I so appreciate your precious love, prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - We're about to head back to the airport and bring another load of Air Mobile Rescuers to desperate and needy places.  


4-23-16 Saturday 5:47 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquil, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


When we landed at Guayaquil, Ecuador on Thursday evening, the right main tire held just enough air to get us to our temporary parking spot on the ramp and not a single foot further.  We were THANKFUL but STUCK!

Yesterday, while Brian was coordinating our deployments with the CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) team already on the ground, Dave and I were at the airport going through the long process of getting authorization to work on the Little Donkey.

Now, this can be very frustrating and time consuming.  It literally took us hours to get our bright florescent vest and temp "Ramp Badge".  Finally we got it.  

I began the process of ordering a new tube, as the tire was just fine.  This is a rather, rare and pricey tube.  Located one in California and was about to order it "Overnight" to our hotel when.....

A mechanic (Jorge) showed up on the ramp and said....I can replace that tube and do the job right here.  I was shocked that he'd have that tube.  Amazingly, he did!

As Dave, who is also an aircraft mechanic, watched, we were amazed.  Not only did Jorge know what he was doing, he had the exact tools necessary to change the tire.  Again, we were AMAZED!

As a matter of fact, though the process took literally all day, Dave was able to get a little "ramp rest".

But, the whole time, we were thinking, "OK, it's good to get the tire changed, but what about bringing folks clean water".  Since I couldn't do any thing to "speed" this process along, I took advantage of the "wait time" and just rested on the ramp also.

Finally, after nearly 7 hours, VICTORY!  Jorge did a good job and we made a good mechanic friend and the Little Donkey was standing on two good feet.  But...the best is yet to come!

BTW, the entire job, tube and all cost LESS than just the purchase price of a tube from the States, NOT including the cost of overnight shipping!!!

Dave and I cranked up the Little Donkey and called the control tower requesting permission to "re-position" to the General Aviation side.

We were told to hold our position and we waited and waited.  Finally, I shut an engine down and then a security vehicle drove up and the driver told us that we would have to keep the aircraft right here.  

Whoa, that would not work!  Just getting out here today took hour and hours.  We respectfully "protested" and explained that we were here to Help Ecuador and this was just not right.

When the tower and authorities realized that we had brought in life-saving water purifiers everything changed instantly....we, along with Brian and crew were really praying!

We were told to re-position to Spot #1 at the General Aviation ramp.  But....the miracle was not over.  

The Security Officer, Jonathan, who is also a pilot told us that if....we'd be willing to help get some of this relief (there was a whole giant hangar full of supplies!) to needy areas, the Government of Ecuador would pay for all of our fuel!!

Wow, so all of that time of waiting on the ramp, took place for us to be able to meet Jonathan and find out the gracious and wonderful offer of the Government of Ecuador to help us to help them!  PRAISE GOD!

So, nearly 9 hours after we left in the morning, Dave and I quite tired and hungry, but "blown away" by the goodness of God, reported back to Brian and Company the amazing developments of the day.

Not only was the Little Donkey repaired by an excellent mechanic (who just happened to have the exact tube that we needed) but the Government of Ecuador would provide us with food and....the fuel to get it there!

BTW, Brian was about to go out and BUY food to add to the Air Mobile Rescuers.  Now, that was also taken care of!!  Wow, talk about a great day in the Lord!!

So, today, we're up very early getting ready to bring clean water and food to San Vicente, an area DEVASTATED by the terrible earthquake.  PRAISE GOD!!

As I always say, and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-22-16 Friday 6:57 AM (Ecuador Time) - Guayaquila, Ecuador - Air Mobile Relief Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


In preparing for this long journey, we knew that weather may be a factor.  We were up early in Port-au-Prince.  Checked the weather and struck out over 550 nautical miles of open ocean for Cartagena, Columbia (SKCG).

 The flight went well, but we could see that there was weather brewing up ahead. 

We landed in Cartagena, Columbia and were greeted by a courteous crew at Million Air.  Customs came right out and carefully inspected the water purifiers on-board.

While Brian and Dave were in the lobby I awaited the fuel truck.  Because of the many fuel tanks (14) in the Little Donkey, I actually fuel the plane myself.  

While waiting for the fuel truck, I had a good cup of Haitian coffee that had been prepared before departure.  It would be good to compare the Haitian with the Columbian.

We could see that there was some weather right along our path from Cartagena to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

With the towering Andes mountains to the east of our course and possible weather along the way, I tapped into a Columbian Citation pilot who was very familiar with the weather patterns and the best routing.

There is such a strong camaraderie among pilots!  He actually gave us one of his charts to help us to plan the best route.

After fueling, we struck out on the 800+ nautical mile journey between Cartagena (SKCG) and Guayaquila, Ecuador (SEGU).  We would skirt just to the west of the towering Andes mountains.  We prayed for traveling mercy and guidance from the Lord!

We took off and climbed to 14,500 feet. The weather cleared beautifully as we worked our way along the coast.  At one point, we say the moon rising and a spectacular volcano in the Andes.  This is definitely new territory for me.

After landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, we were met by a courteous Customs official who
"walked" us through the entry procedure.  There is always a tense moment where Customs can "hold" things.  

Well, in answer to prayer and the grateful hearts of the Ecuadoran officials, all of our Air Mobile Rescuers were "Set Free" to go save lives!! PRAISE GOD!!

We were greeted by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) staff who have been hard at work since the terrible 7.8 earthquake had struck Ecuador.

Friends of Dave's daughter, Shiloh, were also there to greet us and offer any assistance we might need.

Guayaquil is the perfect "staging" area for us to go and bring clean water to thirsty and desperate folks.  We checked into a pleasant hotel, had a delicious hot meal and a very good night's sleep.  

Now, it's time to get up and go take on this day....that our Lord has made!!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe   

4-21-16 Thursday 6:07 AM (Haiti Time) - Port-au-Prince - Air Mobile Enroute - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Brian from CBN and Dave from Wilmington arrived late Tuesday evening.  Early yesterday, Dave and I flew the Little Donkey to Orlando to repair the microphone receptacle.  Now, the Little Donkey is ready to fly!

Back to Titusville where we finished the load and then, it was off to Ecuador, by way of Port-Au-Prince for fuel.

On-board, we have 10 Air Mobile Rescuers that will provide fresh, clean drinking water to 10,000 people per day!

We settled down to 15,500' and actually found a tiny tail-wind.  Love those!!

Oh Folks, do I love the new Avionics addition, the Garmin 750.  This wonderful gift to Air Mobile, made an already great panel, a SUPER panel.  The Lord is good!!  

We made the flight to Port-au-Prince in just under 5 hours.  The flight was smooth as silk.  

We've been getting reports of more earthquakes in Ecuador and thousands are still missing.  The need for clean drinking water is paramount.  

PLEASE PRAY for the rest of our long journey.  We'll be flying all day and into the evening today.  We pray that the weather holds and that we have no complications.  Will be heading to the airport in just a few minutes. 

Our next leg will take us over 500 miles of open ocean with no islands in between.  

As always, THANK YOU for joining together with us on this grand Adventure of serving the Lord!  We so appreciate your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-20-16 Wednesday 5:59 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Today, we begin the long journey to Ecuador and we'll be going in the Little Donkey (Ti Burik)!  This will be the longest mission we've flow Ti Burik ....over 2000 nautical miles.

First, we've got to correct a "communication glitch"...then it'll be off to Ecuador!

The situation in Ecuador is very bad and getting worse. There are large pockets of people who have not been heard from and the water situation there is critical.

My good friend, Brian Scott from CBN and I have been talking since this 7.8 monster quake devastated Ecuador and pieces have come together for Air Mobile to deliver 10 Air Mobile Rescuers to the desperate and isolated areas.

Here's more on the situation - WE FEAR WE HAVEN'T SEEN THE WORSE YET!

Within hours, the Air Mobile Team began coming together.  This mission is so long, I needed to call upon another great friend and pilot, Dave Walen who will help me fly this long journey.  

Dave, then dropped everything and got in his Twin Bonanza and flew to Titusville last night.  THANK GOD....surely, He knows how to deploy His troops!!

So, here we are on another "Mission from God" to bring clean water to the thirsty and desperate.  Praise God for grace and mercy to allow us to do this!

Time to head to the airport and get that last little "glitch" fixed and's be "On the Road to Ecuador"!

As always, and I mean with all my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-19-16 Tuesday 5:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Well, we finally got the Little Donkey back in it's home barn yesterday.  The installation of the Garmin 750 is complete and the International Data-Base is all loaded.  

Troy, of Orlando Aircraft Services, went over a few more features.  They did a super joy on the installation!

I flew the sweet little bird back to Titusville and now, Paul, our faithful mechanic is going over a few items to get it ready for the "next mission".

We've been following the devastation from the 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador and just may find a way to get some Air Mobile Rescuers down there.

It's bit early to tell, but Air Mobile just may be heading down that way.  Will keep you informed as things develop.

My son, Christian came came over early this morning to just have some sweet fellowship and catch up with me.  We're all so busy, we had to schedule our meeting time at 6:00am.  Sometimes, seems like we're just too busy.   

It's funny to see how my kids now "dwarf me".  They're getting taller and I'm getting shorter.

So, it's time to head to the airport and check to see how Paul is doing with the Little Donkey.  Again, it's so good have that sweet little plane back home!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and truly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-18-16 Monday 5:49 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Last week was filled with devastating news of powerful earthquakes striking Japan and Equador and numerous locations between.  

Things are definitely shaking on planet earth.  Here's what some experts are saying -  EARTHQUAKES ACROSS WORLD COULD LEAD TO "MEGA-QUAKE"

We are following these developments very closely and building as many Air Mobile Rescuers as our resources will allow.  Above all, we are asking for guidance from our Lord to use us where He wants us to go!

Meanwhile, we had a glorious day of ministry yesterday.  After attending our home church, Redeemer, our Air Mobile Team went to Orlando and conducted 3 services for those in the hospital there.  

Due to "Confidentiality Rules", we cannot give any details, but....the Good News of Jesus was proclaimed and the Holy Spirit moved in hearts!!

Cindy, Ari and I then went to the Hospital to visit Cindy's Dad, Ron, who is having a battery of tests.  

Cindy and Ron founded a mission in Haiti many years ago.  That is where Cindy and I fell in love!

Our Lord still has plenty for Ron to do!  Please believe with us together for his full and complete healing!

Hopefully, today, the International Data-Base will have been fully loaded into the new Garmin 750 that has been installed in the "Little Donkey".

Yesterday I wrote about "Laboring to Enter into His Rest". My hope and prayer is that I can carry his peace and rest with me throughout this busy day.  Cindy and I simply want to be where our Lord wants us, when He wants us there!!

As always, THANK YOU for our invaluable prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

4-17-16 Sunday 6:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's way to easy to be extremely "busy" for the Lord.  Oh, it's good to be about His work and there's so much work to be done. can forget to "Rest in the Lord".  I AM GUILTY!

Let me ask you a question.  Have you tried to put your cell phone down...even for a little while?  I'll tell's hard to do!!

Well, I'm not going to write a big theological piece on Hebrew 4:11 on "The Rest of God", though there's plenty that could be said.

I'm only going to tell you that yesterday, I got up, had my coffee, wrote the blog and then...just hung around the house and napped a bit and watched a little TV and played rummy with Cindy and Ariana and just rested.

I never went to the airport to sort supplies for the next mission, as I planned to do.  

To add to this glorious day, it rained all throughout the day.  Not hard rain, just gentle, beautiful, peaceful soaking rain.  

Oh, it was a glorious day.  I even tried to not pick up my phone every 5 minutes and scan the news, or check e-mails or see what was happening in the "Facebook World".  

And yes, it was particularly difficult to resist that (checking the phone)...though I did check it every 30 minutes or so.  Afraid I'm pretty addicted to that remarkable device called a "Smart Phone".  The Lord will have to help me with that.

And here in America, Sunday is often considered " A day of rest".  Well, not for the Hurston family.  In just a little while, we'll be heading to our regular church, Redeemer, and then off to the hospital where we'll conduct 3 separate services.  It's a very rewarding day, but not very restful.

Just thought I'd share a bit about my struggle to "Labor to enter into His rest".  Are you dealing with similar battles??  Let me tell you, we just need the Lord to help us in this matter.

BTW, as a result of "working hard to enter into His rest" (sounds like a paradox), I was able to meditate on His Word and think more deeply about Jesus than I have for a while.  There's definitely something to "Entering into His rest"!

As always, THANK YOU for rambling down this road of life with us through this rambling blog.  God bless you and THANKS again for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-16-16 Saturday 6:47 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our dear friends and newest "Water Mules", Marty and Stacia went to Africa to bring clean water to a village school.  

Marty's family owns and operates a manufacturing plant that makes water filtration systems.  He knows a thing or two about clean water.

He'd heard about the Air Mobile Rescuer from a mutual aviation friend (Norman) and reached out to us.  When I demonstrated the Rescuer to he and Stacia, they had to try it out in Africa.  Here's what they did...

Last week, they traveled to Africa and went to a remote village school that had some very serious water problems.  They brought a Rescuer to donate and bring clean water.  

Yes, the water there was pretty nasty and giving all kinds of problems to the students and the whole community.

Marty went right to work to set up and train the school administrator on the operation of the Rescuer.

It was a quick and easy set up and soon the Rescuer was turning that nasty water into delicious clean water.

The whole village rejoiced and now, they have the ability to change lives with the simple, beautiful gift of clean water!

Marty called me yesterday as he was boarding a 777 to fly from Johannesburg to Atlanta non-stop.  We cried together (with joy) as he told us what a great mission this was.  

He was also "blown away" by how well the Rescuer functioned and "delivered" clean water!!  

I'm so THANKFUL for folks like Marty and Stacia who have a heart to reach out to others in need.  I'm also very glad to have Marty's ability to help us to make the Air Mobile Rescuer even better!  God is Good...all the time!!

Meanwhile, while I'm waiting for the International Data-Base to be loaded up in the memory of Garmin 750, we're sorting and arranging our precious cargo for the next flight to Haiti.  

We're so THANKFUL to have you on-board with your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-15-16 Friday 6:43 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Drove through the heavy fog yesterday morning and arrived at Orlando with the "plan" to bring the "Little Donkey" home after the wonderful Avionics upgrade.  

Yahn, a great Air Mobile "Water Mule", would drive the Escape back to the hangar in Titusville.

Troy, one of the owners of Orlando Aircraft Services - OAS (they've been doing our avionics work since 1982!) began showing me all of the great features of the Garmin 750.  

I, naturally, programmed in my most common flight route, Titusville (KTIX) to Port-Au-Prince (MTPP) and the the Garmin told me that MTPP "Did not exist".  Mmmm, that meant that the International Data-Base had not transferred into the unit.

Oh well, would not be bringing the Little Donkey home until we had the full "International 'Americas' Data-Base" installed.

Troy then contacted Garmin and explained what we needed.  Garmin then did something wonderful!  They offered to Air Mobile a $5,000 upgrade to increase our power on the unit AT NO CHARGE! 

And, we of course, ordered the Data-Base "Americas" package. We're now awaiting one little special SD Card to update the system.  

This is such a good example of Romans 8:28...."All things work together for the good....".  This "Data-Base Glitch" at first, appeared to be just an aggravating delay, but our Lord worked it out far better! 

Our System will now transmit with the same power as Commercial Airliners!  Since we're becoming more and more involved in "Search & Rescue" (SAR) in Haiti, we'll be able to be more effective in this "Life & Death" mission.  PRAISE GOD!!  

Here's a shot of what the new panel looks like.  

And here's the new Garmin 750 installed.  OAS has done a great job of arranging and installing the super Avionics package!  

Yahn, then turned right around and drove back to Orlando to retrieve me.  

When we arrived back at Titusville, Karen and her husband were there with great gifts for Haiti.  Baby formula and 100 little girl dresses for orphans in Haiti.  We're so THANKFUL for generous souls!!

Yahn, who is gifted with many talents (builds Rescuers, paints airplanes, designs things etc. etc.) is also a "Master Tire Repairer"!

After all the miles the Ford Escape has driven (delivering 2 aircraft engines, etc.) we've picked up a few nails along the way and have a slow leak.  Yahn had them repaired while we were transferring the gifts from Karen and her husband.

You know, Folks, I say this quite often and it is so TRUE...."Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops"! 

Air Mobile is so blessed to have so  many who stand with us in this noble mission of saving lives and bringing the Good News of Jesus to the world!

That brings me to you, who ramble along this road of life with us.  THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - THANK YOU for praying for Cindy's Dad.  He's still in the hospital and will be having a surgical procedure done today.  His condition has stabilized and the doctors are moving in on the problems.  Please remember to continue to pray for Ron. THANKS!

Joe & Cindy

4-14-16 Thursday 6:19 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Ti Burik (The Little Donkey) has been getting an avionics upgrade and today I'll be picking up the sweet little plane from Orlando.

Was going to catch a ride to Orlando with a young man, Andrew, who recently passed his check ride and is now a Private Pilot but....the visibility is down to 100 feet.  

Looks like we'll just drive over.  I'll get the opportunity to fly with Andrew another time.

The visibility will comes up later.... when the temperature and the dew point separate. Will also be meeting Karen and her husband at the hangar later today. They have more formula / baby food and pretty little dresses.  More good stuff for Haiti.

So, it's time to head to Orlando (by road) and get that sweet little bird.  As always, THANK YOU for your greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe


4-13-16 Wednesday 6:33 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Our Air Canada pilots did a good job of "threading" the Airbus 319 through various layers of strong turbulence.  

Before we took off Montreal for Orlando, the Captain told us that it was going to a bit rough.  He was right.

Our aircraft was full of families with a lot of kids going to Disney when the rough ride began.  

Many of the kids thought of it was a "wild ride", but there were a lot of "white knuckles" among the parents.

Finally, after an hour or so, of on-again and off-again turbulence, the skies got smooth.  Was able to capture this beautiful sunset.  We arrived in Orlando right on schedule.  Good job, Air Canada!!

Throughout the day (between lay-overs), Cindy and I had been speaking and praying about her father, Ron.  After going to the E.R. yesterday, he was admitted to the Hospital last night.

PLEASE PRAY for Ron who has internal bleeding and a blocked kidney.  THANK YOU!

Yesterday, I got the call from Orlando Aircraft Services and the "Little Donkey" is ready to be picked up.  The Avionics upgrade (Garmin 750) is all installed and checks out perfectly.  Will be good to have the little aircraft back in it's own barn and ready for action.

Again, it's good to be home!!  THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-12-16 Tuesday 5:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Gatineau, QC Canada - Ramada Plaza - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We began the day, by Nate (Harris Associate) brushing the snow off of the rental car.  Nate lives in Albany, NY and is quite familiar with navigating through snow.  

It was off to the Harris Manufacturing plant in Gatineau, just a few minutes drive from the Ramada Plaza.  We then met our Haitian OFNAC Delegation to begin a day of dialogue and training.

We spent hours going over the requirements and challenges facing Haiti and bit by bit, the picture began to become clearer as to how we can work together to bring Haiti to higher level of Air Safety.

After those good meetings, Nate brought us for a grand tour through downtown Ottawa, the Capital of Canada.  Gatineau is just across the river from Ottawa. 

What a lovely city, though it was overcast and cold.  Here you can see Parliament.

It was my first time spending a little time in this lovely city.  Our good neighbor to the North, Canada, is just an awesome country.  Enjoyed seeing the grand Notre Dame Cathedral.

After our tour of Ottawa, we had a delicious dinner at the Trattoria Cafe' Italia in the "Little Italy" section of Ottawa.  

The food was delicious and the fellowship around the table was memorable.  I'm so honored and blessed to be part of this operation to bring Haiti to a higher level of ATC excellence!!

So, today, I fly back to Florida.  This whole week with OFNAC has just been an answer to prayer!  

As I say every single day, and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-11-16 Monday 5:47 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Gatineau, QC Canada - Ramada Plaza - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Departed sunny, rather warm, Florida yesterday morning on an Air Canada (Rouge) Airbus 319.  Had a nice flight to Montreal and then a quick jump to Ottawa.  

Walked out, onto  the sidewalk to a blast of chilly air.  Yes, I was in Canada!  

Avoided a "pricey" taxi ride to Gatineau by taking a bus the bulk of the way.  Then had a short taxi ride to my "Canada Field Office", the Ramada Plaza.  There was snow everywhere.

Now, for this boy that was born in Louisiana and spent the bulk of my life in Florida and Haiti, seeing snow in April is a rather strange thing. snowed all night.  Woke up in my snug room and glanced out the window to this view.  This is "Snow Joke"!

Will bundle up and head to the Harris Facility here in Gatineau and will be meeting our delegation from Haiti.  

We'll spend the day touring the actual facility that manufactures much of the Harris Air Traffic Control equipment.

Again, I'm just thankful to be able to help Haiti to reach a higher level of Air Safety.  I truly enjoy working with these gentlemen.  They are true professionals and are determined to see Haiti have the "best"!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.  I so appreciate having you along on this grand "Adventure"!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-10-16 Sunday 6:49 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


My Cindy bakes cakes for family & very special friends.  Oh, they're not only beautiful but truly delicious.  This cake was for 200 friends and weighed nearly 40 pounds.

We arrived at Meade Botanical in Orlando and Cindy began putting the cake together.

I took Ariana for a walk through this beautiful botanical garden.  

Then....we noticed this sign and went on "Gator Alert".  For you see, here in sunny Florida, any lake or pond or body of water can and....likely, does have alligators.

After our little stroll through the park, we returned and Cindy was just putting the finishing touches on the lovely cake for Sam and Etty.

We dashed home and got ready for a very special evening for "Dinner Under the Atlantis".  Our dear friends from "Hope for North Brevard" were having a fund raising dinner and we were invited.  What a magnificent setting!!

 BTW, if you're ever in the Central Florida or Disney, be sure to make it over to Kennedy Space Center. 

 That actual Space Shuttle Atlantis is here and you can get up close and see this incredible flying machine!

It's time for me to head to Orlando and fly to Ottawa, Canada this morning. We be continuing our presentation to the Haitian Delegation by giving a full Harris plant tour where the "Voice Control System" for ATC is made.

Cindy and the Air Mobile Team will be conducting our Sunday Service at the Hospital in Orlando.  

THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!  God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-9-16 Saturday 6:59 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After the "Marathon" meetings (12 hours) on Thursday with OFNAC (FAA of Haiti) & Harris, we figured it was time to get out into the open air on a gorgeous day and go for a little "Alligator Excursion".

We boarded a very high powered airboat at the famous "Lone Cabbage Fish Camp" and went out looking for some big gators.

The Airboat ride was an absolute blast and our guide and airboat "pilot" really knew what he was doing.  

It didn't take long before we found this big guy.  Nate makes the classic exclamation...."Holy Moley".  We got up real close and personal to this monster.

After our good ride and joy of "discovery" of the big gator, we feasted on fried gator tail and catfish.  What a day!

We wrapped up our "Florida Tour" with the agreement, to all meet in Gatineau, Canada on Monday morning.  

We'll continue the Harris Plant Tour by seeing the actual facility that manufactures the Harris VCS (Voice Control System).  The VCS is the "heart" of any ATC (Air Traffic Control System).

Today, I get the privilege to help my Cindy deliver a beautiful Wedding Cake that she has baked for dear friends.  

Last night, Ariana and I managed to read a couple more chapters from the "Silver Chair" by CS Lewis.  Love being home!!

Time to go load that beautiful cake.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-8-16 Friday 7:23 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, the meetings with Harris and OFNAC (FAA of Haiti) began at 8:30 am and ended at 8:30pm.  

The marathon meetings could not have gone any better and they ended at the famous "Yellow Dog Cafe" in Melbourne, over a delicious dinner.

The exchange of ideas and solutions was incredible.  Haiti is determined to have a world-class ATC (Air Traffic Control) System and an extremely powerful and effective SAR (Search & Rescue).

Harris is, in my humble opinion, the BEST Partner that Haiti could have in this noble pursuit.  The depth and capability of Harris is world renowned.  Their experience in providing the FAA with exemplary service for many years is indisputable.  I'm just so glad to be part of this alliance!!

This morning, we'll be taking the OFNAC Delegation out on an airboat excursion in the St. John's River to go see some real Florida alligators.  That should be fun.

Then on Sunday, we're all flying to Ottawa, Canada to tour the Harris manufacturing facility.  The quest goes on and we're very encouraged by these positive steps.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

PS - While at dinner last night, I was asked to tell the story of the 'Miraculous Sea Rescue' that occurred in Haiti many years ago.  It was a true "To God be the Glory" story!!  What a precious opportunity to share on the grace and power and love of God!!


4-7-16 Thursday 6:03 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe 


Am currently involved in discussions that will significantly increase the Air Safety coming in and out of Haiti.  

Yesterday, began meetings with Officials from Haiti here in Florida. Today the meetings will continue with the FAA and the Harris Corporation.  

Also, deeply involved in helping to establish a strong Search & Rescue (SAR) Operation for Haiti.  What a privilege to be part of these discussions.

I remember as a young missionary pilot in Haiti (38 years ago) specifically asking our Lord for these things. Have stood on Matthew 7:7 - ASK and you shall receive - SEEK and you shall find - KNOCK and the door shall be opened. 

Many years ago, I was involved in a sea rescue in Haiti, that saved 6 men who were lost at sea when their boat capsized.  Truly, our Lord guided our mission airplane right to where the men were, on the open ocean *.  They were just hours from death and our Lord rescued them!  Glory be to God!

I can't begin to tell you what a joy it is to be part of these discussions and hopefully, we will see more significant changes and improvements in Haiti.  PLEASE PRAY with us that these meetings go well.  

 Time for me to head out, as our meetings begin early this morning.  As I always say, and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your invaluable and precious prayer, love and support!

Air Mobile Joe

*PS - I've written a book, "Run to the Roar"  The story of the miraculous sea rescue is in the book along with a number of other significant miracles.  God is good....all the time!  Joe 

4-6-16 Wednesday 6:49 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


It was a good day yesterday.  Went to APC (Alternative Pregnancy Center) and picked up a great load of supplies for the orphans in Haiti.  Barb will be very happy!!

This morning, I'll be meeting "Gary Tennis Ball".  Yes, that's what I call this great gentleman.  Several years ago, Gary called me and asked if  some "used" tennis balls would be good for the kids in Haiti?

"Sure", was my quick reply.  You see, after his tennis friends finish a couple of matches they discard the old ball.  Well, Gary found a way to "capture" them.  What a blessing. 

Gary has expanded his Haiti ministry to include formula, baby food and many other valuable gifts for the orphans in Haiti.  BTW, the kids LOVE the tennis balls!!

Then....this afternoon, I'll be picking up a Delegation of Haitian Officials who are coming to the U.S. to tour the Harris Facilities in both Melbourne and Canada.  

I am so PLEASED with this.  Haiti is in the process of major improvements to their Air Traffic Control (ATC) System.  We've already installed Harris Communications systems at both Port-Au-Prince and Cap Haitian. 

The Officials are looking to Harris to possibly help them with this "Noble Mission".  Harris is a world leader in providing extreme high quality ATC Systems!

We will also be discussing helping Haiti to set up a world-class "Search & Rescue" (SAR) Program.  This is so needed and is truly an answer to prayer!!

As you may know, been flying in and out of Haiti for 38 years.  This long-term relationship has been invaluable in helping us to help Haiti with these much needed improvements.  

It is a pure pleasure working with these gentlemen, some of whom I've known for 38 years.  God is good....all the time!!  Truly, our Lord has given us GREAT FAVOR!

So, it's time to go clean up the little Ford Escape, which is the vehicle I'll use to pick up the Haitian Delegation.  Again, am so THANKFUL for this grand opportunity!! 

As always, THANK YOU for your greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

4-5-16 Tuesday 6:47 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Oh, it's good to be home for a while.  Today, will be picking up a load of supplies for Haiti thanks to APC (Alternative Pregnancy Center).  

These folks are so generous and helpful providing baby food / formula / diapers / clothes, etc for Barbara in Haiti.  

Also, we're very close to getting the Little Donkey home from Orlando Aircraft Services.  Have had a new Comm/Nav System installed (Garmin 750).  It'll be good to get that little bird home.

Ariana and I have picked up on where we left off in the Chronicles of Narnia.  We're now reading the "Silver Chair".  C.S. Lewis is just awesome.  Ari and I are truly enjoying reading this epic series.  What a picture of Jesus!!

Cindy is truly enjoying the beautiful Orchid that Marty and Stacia gave to her.  It's interesting that these orchids come from the lower Himalaya mountains.  BTW, we're hoping to get back to Nepal in the near future.

Also, Marty and Stacia are leaving for Africa in just a few hours.  They'll be bringing 2 Air Mobile Rescuers to some thirsty folk.  PLEASE pray for them to have traveling mercy!!

Time to head out and get those wonderful gifts for the orphans in Haiti.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-4-16 Monday 6:55 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Cocoa, FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Interstate Highways are wonderful accident occurs or some other "obstacle" happens.  Such was the case yesterday.  

Was clipping along at 74ish mph when I saw the brake lights ahead.  The traffic came to a full and complete "parking lot".  We just sat there for well over an hour and did not move an inch.

Slowly, we began to move and then it was obvious what had happened.  A rental truck had flipped and debris was everywhere and several other cars were involved in the mishap.  

Not sure if there were fatalities.  It was ugly.

Tracked back in my mind as to when I departed the hotel in Manning, SC.  Mmmm, if I had departed a bit earlier, I could have been involved in this accident.  Our life is in His hands!

After updating my ETA several times with Marty, whom I was enroute to deliver 2 Air Mobile Rescuers, I finally arrived.

Marty and his family have an awesome Manufacturing facility (Miller Leaman) that specializes in massive filtration and other high end devices, mainly to keep clean water flowing.These guys know what they're doing! 

After I demonstrated the Air Mobile Rescuer, Marty agreed to fund 2 units to deliver to needy areas of Africa.  He and his wife, Stacia will be heading to Africa tomorrow.

I'm especially thankful for this awesome connection.  If we need any components manufactured for the Rescuer, these folks could surely handle it! 

Again, here it comes, "Surely, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops!!"

After the presentation and grand tour of their facility, Marty took me to lunch and then we visited their home.  

They have an incredible tropical garden.  At the end of our visit, Stacia, Marty's wife, presented me with a beautiful Orchid (Nobile type Dendrobium), as a gift for my Cindy. 

I'm so THANKFUL to have met this lovely couple who have a heart to serve and help others!!

Then, finally, I arrived home safe and sound after another long and very productive road trip.  
Had delivered an engine to Siler City, NC.  This will put substantial funds into our engine reserve for the Little Donkey.  

I then visited with dear friends in Virginia Beach at CBN.  Looks like a vital trip to Greece is in our future.  Syrian Christian refugees are stuck in a "no-man's land" and are desperate for clean water.  

Then spent some quality time with one of our trusted and greatly appreciated Advisory Board Member, Dave Walen.  Soon, Dave will be flying Air Mobile Missions with us in his grand old T-Bone (Twin Bonanza)!!  

Oh, it's good to be home for a while.  Later this week, we have a delegation from Haiti arriving.'ll be back on the road to Canada.  

As always, THANK  YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-3-16 Sunday 5:29 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Manning, SC - Air Mobile "Delivery" Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Was back on I-95 yesterday afternoon, somewhere between North Carolina and South Carolina when I began to "drift".  Oh, it was in the early stages.  You know when you, for just a moment, close your 74mph!  

Yes, it was time to "re-arrange" the delivery schedule for the Rescuers and pull off the Interstate and find a hotel.  Made a few calls to extend my ETA to Sunday, and pulled into a Hampton Inn in Manning, SC.  Good call!

The wheels on the little Ford Escape have been turning and turning for weeks (literally thousands of miles!).  

Let's see, there was North Hero, Vermont, then Tybee Island, then the Tennessee Cabin and then Siler City, Virginia Beach...whew, it's like a whirlwind.  It was time to check-in and chill.

Never even left the room for dinner yesterday.  Went to bed reasonably early and up this morning feeling quite refreshed.

Began yesterday morning with a delicious breakfast with my great friend & counselor and Advisory Board Member, Dave Walen.  Dave and I go way back (almost 40 years!).  

He's a great pilot, mechanic and lawyer.  He's been my "unofficial" legal counsel for all these years.  I thank God for my friendship with Dave!

After breakfast, we swung by the Wilmington Airport to check out his old T-Bone (Beechcraft Twin Bonanza).

Dave has been tirelessly and methodically preparing this grand old bird for serious missionary service.  

It's almost there!  His next big step is to get a paint job.  I can hardly wait to have this great airplane join Air Mobile on missions!

So, I'm up early this Sunday morning.  Will have a good breakfast and then hit the road for Daytona Beach to meet Marty.  

Will be delivering 2 Air Mobile Rescuers for Africa and then....home!  Yea!! It will be good to sleep in my own bed tonight.

As I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-2-16 Saturday 6:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Wilmington, NC - Air Mobile "Delivery" Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Arrived on the CBN / Regent University Campus for the purpose of demonstrating the Air Mobile Rescuer early yesterday morning. It was overcast and raining.

Brian and I have deployed 30 Rescuers in Nepal and he's traveled to Haiti with me on an extensive mission.  

We quickly set up the Rescuer next to Lake Dee Dee and pulled some pretty nasty water from there.  

Within minutes, we were drinking clear, purified, delicious water from the Rescuer.

A small delegation was in attendance for the demonstration of the unit.

Among the attendees was Ron, a retired Marine Colonel and faithful executive for CBN Internaitonal Relief for many years.

He had great questions and showed a lot of interest in this "near miracle" machine. 

After the demonstration, we headed back to his office and began putting together, what could, very well be our next Air Mobile Mission.  

Syrian Christians are in extremely precarious and dangerous camps on the Macedonian / Greece border.  They desperately need clean water.  

There are a lot of details to work out.  We joined together and prayed and all have agreed to do our "due-diligence" on what could be our next "Mission".

After the very successful meetings at CBN, I hit the road for Wilmington, NC.  There, my very dear friend and Advisory Board Member, Dave lives.  Dave is a GREAT pilot / mechanic and lawyer.  

Arrived late yesterday evening.  We had a wonderful dinner in downtown Wilmington and this morning, we'll go see his grand old airplane, a Twin Bonanza (AKA:  "T-Bone"). 

Dave has offered, on numerous occasions to fly "overflow" Haiti missions and wherever else we need an extra airplane.  That day WILL come!

So, it's off to breakfast and then the airport.  After the "T-Bone" inspection, it'll be off to Dayton Beach to meet with Marty who wants 2 Air Mobile Rescuers for Africa.

This has turned out to be quite the "Delivery Mission".  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

4-1-16 Friday 6:17 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - Virginia Beach, VA - Air Mobile "Delivery" Mission - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The main "goal" of this mission was to deliver an engine to North Carolina and yet, so much more is happening!

Yesterday, we removed the IO-540 Lycoming aircraft engine from the little Ford Escape.  

Next step was to do a thorough inspection to verify that the engine was "as advertised".

The #3 Cylinder was removed and....the inside of the engine was beautiful!

The buyer, John, was very pleased and we concluded the deal.

Initial Mission:  ACCOMPLISHED!

Normally, I'd begin the journey home, however....a special Invitation was extended to me by Brian from CBN.  

Being "relatively" close to Virginia Beach, why not pay a visit and do a good demonstration of the Air Mobile Rescuer?  Sounds like a great idea!!  

It just "so happened" that I had a couple of Rescuers on-board for delivery to Daytona Beach (Africa bound).  Perfect plan!!

Drove the 4 hours to Virginia Beach and met my good friend, Brian.  We had a delicious hamburger from 5 Guys. 

This morning, I'll meet Gordon Robertson (Pat Robertson's son) and then do a Rescuer Demo by purifying water out of a lake at Regent University.  

I love how our Lord opens bring clean water to thirsty folks!

So, it's early, the sun is just rising here in Virginia Beach and it's time to head over to CBN and Regent University to turn some dirty water into very clean water.  Praise God!!

So, as I say every day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for standing so faithfully with us with your prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 


Air Mobile Joe