Wednesday, December 12, 2018


12-12-18 Wednesday 6:28 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Note:  Due to a weak internet signal, several attached videos did not download.  Will attempt to download them once signal gets stronger.

We flew the Cessna Caravan to Haiti yesterday and...DELIVERED the critical medical supplies.  PRAISE GOD!  

Enroute, captured another incredible sunrise.  I never get tired of the spectacular show our Lord gives us each morning.  

Upon arriving in Haiti, we were met by our ground crew, some of which have been unloading our aircraft for over 30 years.  

Once the Caravan was unloaded, I just took a moment to THANK GOD for another successful mission.  

Will be in meetings this morning with OFNAC (the FAA of Haiti) checking to see how the communication equipment is functioning and what we may do to help.  

Haiti has, for the moment, calmed down following several weeks of political turmoil.  For that, we're THANKFUL!  Time to head to those meetings.  

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe

12-11-18 Tuesday 3:40 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe -  


There was finally a break in the snow in Tennessee.  John Kater and I quickly fueled the Grand Caravan and took off, heading south to warmer air.  

We're THANKFUL that the Caravan does have anti-icing "Boots". 

We did pick up just a tiny bit of ice as we flew between layers, and those "boots" functioned perfectly.  

Today, we'll continue flying southward until we reach our destination to deliver the vital medical supplies and equipment.  

We PRAY for favor as process through Customs and Immigration.  Please join us!  

Well, it's time to fill the old coffee thermos and head to the airport.  As always, THANK YOU for joining us on this adventure and above all, for your precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe

12-10-18 Monday 5:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Knoxville, TN - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


It was an easy decision....delay departure until the snow / ice passes.  

As we saw the Caravan being covered in snow, we found a "heated" hangar and put that pretty bird inside.  

John and I took the time to methodically go over all of the checklist procedures and continue my training in the Caravan.  

Time well spent!  And...that line of snow just may be moving out of our way.  

We're giving it plenty of time to move, as it's not a good idea to fly a single-engine plane (or even a twin) into known ice.  

We'll be keeping a close eye on the weather and will "launch" our Relief Mission when the conditions are right.  

As I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-9-18 Sunday 6:11 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Knoxville, TN - Air Mobile "On the Move" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Departed Florida yesterday evening with clear skies and 80 degrees and flew to Knoxville ...brrrr.  Cold rainy and snow.  

Now, there's a solid line of wicked storms along our route back to Florida.  

In this case, "Time is our friend".  We'll just wait a while and let that wicked line of storms pass.  

Last night, slept at RAM (Remote Area Medical) Headquarters.  

In the background is one of the RAM trucks which will soon be carrying free medical care to hundreds here in the U.S.  

I'm THANKFUL for the vision and heart of Stan Brock, the Founder of RAM.  

My Co-Pilot, John Kater and I will be heading to the airport to prepare the RAM Cessna Caravan for our next mission.  

We're PRAYING that line of nasty storms blows through quickly.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy Dunkin Donuts and good coffee.  As always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-8-18 Saturday 6:06 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Later today, I'll be flying (via Allegiant Airlines) to Knoxville, TN.  

In coordination with Remote Area Medical (RAM), will be flying a full load of critical medical supplies and equipment in the RAM Cessna Caravan.  

As a result of my recent Caravan flight training, I'll be Pilot in Command (PIC) on this mission.  

We'll be delivering this equipment in advance of a RAM Medical Team that will be operating in a remote country.  We're blessed to be able to assist in this mission.  

Will also be delivering an Air Mobile Rescuer water purifier....where it is truly needed.  PRAISE GOD!  

Note:  We are not disclosing the destination for Security reasons.  Please pray for our safety.  

It's time to pack my bags and go catch that Allegiant flight to Knoxville.  

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-7-18 Friday 7:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


In the midst of all the Christmas shopping and endless commercials, may we not forget Pearl Harbor.  

My father, Roger M. Hurston, served in both Europe and the Pacific as a Combat Engineer in WWII.  

December 7, 1941 impacted the world and literally millions died because of it.....WE REMEMBER.  

Meanwhile, our quest to bring CLEAN WATER to a thirsty world and....BEYOND goes on.  

Had another wonderful meeting with folks who can help us to improve on the already incredible Air Mobile Rescuer water purification system.  

I'm very THANKFUL to our Lord for bringing such capable folks to help us to bring CLEAN WATER where it is so desperately needed!  

And, I got a text this morning telling me that the training aircraft (a trusty Cessna 172) is ready to fly. A number of Avionics upgrades have been added.   

I'm ready to continue my flight training toward obtaining my CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) rating.   

Well, it's back to the books studying and getting ready to go fly the 172 later today.  

THANK YOU, as always, for your precious prayer, love and support!!   

Air Mobile Joe


12-6-18 Thursday 7:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Today, will be in another meeting with our friends deeply linked to the U.S. Space Program.  

For some time now, we've been working with Scientists and Engineers with NASA and related agencies.  

A gracious offer from NASA is to help us to make the Rescuer better by testing it in space, on-board the International Space Station (ISS).  

Of course the need for CLEAN WATER is vital on earth as well as in space.  Needless to say, we're very excited about this opportunity!!   

We'll be continuing the pursuit in our meeting today.  PRAISE GOD for such an offer!!  

On another front, we're preparing for the "Next Mission".  Early next week, I'll be flying a load of vital medical supplies for Remote Area Medical (RAM)  in their Cessna Caravan in advance of a Medical Team's arrival.  

I'm very thankful for the recent flight training allowing me to do that.  The Cessna Caravan is an amazing aircraft!  

Once the "Mission" is complete,  we'll be heading to Phoenix, AZ to check out the aircraft with the low-time engine (that we'll putting on the Little Donkey).  

We're very excited about this transaction.  It will give Air Mobile tremendous redundancy and will keep the Little Donkey flying for years to come!  PRAISE GOD!!  

And to all of these plans, our prayer is.....THY WILL BE DONE!!!  

I can't thank you enough for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe   

12-5-18 Wednesday 5:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


46 years ago, I asked Jesus into my life as Lord and Savior.  Everything changed at that moment.  It's the best thing that has ever happened to me.  

You know, after all these years of walking with Jesus, my biggest prayer is...THY WILL BE DONE in my life.  

As you know, life can be complicated and often is.  

Many times, for navigation through the twists and turns of life, I cry out...THY WILL BE DONE

That simple prayer often re-calibrates my compass and brings me back on course.  It also brings great peace into my heart.

I'm also reminded of one my all time favorite acronyms....A.S.A.P.  

Yes, I know that you may think...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...

But there is a much HIGHER meaning....ALWAYS - SAY -  A - PRAYER.  

Many times in life things come at us quickly.  It's easy, in the midst of a problem to forget to PRAY.  I have "sticky" notes strategically located to remind me to PRAY!  

Today, I was scheduled to do flight training toward my CFI and the plane is down for maintenance.  

While sitting here in my office in our home, thought I'd share these two wonderful  thoughts with you.....THY WILL BE DONE  &  A.S.A.P.!  May you be blessed today!!  

And....THANK YOU for your faithful prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-4-18 Tuesday 6:07 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - Titusville, FL - Air Mobile "Home Base" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Thanks to an excellent flight on Frontier last night, I'm home again.  PRAISE GOD!  

Yesterday, had excellent meetings with the Remote Area Medical (RAM) staff.  

We're planning a relief flight in the near future. I'll have the privilege to fly the RAM Cessna Caravan as Pilot in Command (PIC).  

Again, I'm very THANKFUL to RAM for providing this excellent training (on the Caravan) and affording me this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord.  

I would like to say this, as a pilot.  It is very good to get periodic flight training to keep our skills sharp.  

Also, in the aviation world, things are constantly changing.  There are often new regulations / procedures and on-board equipment to learn.  

During this time when the Little Donkey is awaiting a replacement engine,  our Lord has arranged for wonderful training.  Again, I'm THANKFUL!!  

And...I've taken this time to work toward getting my CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) Rating.  I must be honest here....  "I'm loving the training!!"  

I'm reminded of one of my all-time favorite Scriptures...Romans 8:28....ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD...  

I know that I say this every single day, but I mean it with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe

12-3-18 Monday 6:17 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - In the Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile "Training" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


Today, will be in meetings at RAM HQ laying out the plans for the "next mission".  

Later this week, will be flying the Cessna Caravan delivering critical medical supplies in advance of a medical team's arrival.  

Will also spend several hours in the cockpit of the Caravan simply going over the systems.  Again, this is an AMAZING aircraft!   

I'm extremely grateful to RAM (Remote Area Medical) for providing this valuable training on the Cessna Caravan!  

I love it when organizations work together for a common goal!!!   I'm reminded of Psalm 133:1

Then, later this evening, will board a Frontier Airlines flight home.   

BTW, still can't get over how CHEAP the tickets are between Knoxville and Orlando.  $37.00....that crazy cheap! 

And tomorrow, have my next flight training lesson scheduled toward obtaining the CFI (Certified Flight Training) rating.  

Again, I'm grateful for all of this flight training.  Mmmm, our Lord must be sharpening me up for some intense flying in the future.  

"Let's do it!!"  

Well, it's time to leave the "Retreat Cabin" and head to Knoxville.  THANK YOU, as always, for your precious prayer, love and support!!!   

Air Mobile Joe

12-2-18 Sunday 7:37 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - In the Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile "Training" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


It was a rainy, overcast day as I departed the Retreat Cabin for Knoxville.  

Hoping and praying that the day would clear enough for some actual flight training in the RAM (Remote Area Medical) Cessna Caravan. 

Then, I saw this incredible rainbow...  

I met Darrel Moore of FedEx for our ground school / flight training.  We were joined by Jackson, a Volunteer Pilot for RAM. 

Darrel has flown for FedEx for 12 years and KNOWS the Cessna Caravan extremely well!  

We spent hours going over the Systems and especially the Emergency Procedures.  

Darrel then took us through thorough pre-flights with a lot of learned experience.  This training is great!!  

Then, in answer to prayer, the sky cleared just enough for us work in the pattern at Downtown Island Airport.  

The Caravan is an incredible aircraft and it was a pure joy to fly the bird.  

Darrel did a remarkable job of training me and Jackson.  

At the end of the day, when our training was complete, I spent a little extra time hanging around the Caravan and just thinking of Stan Brock, the Founder of Remote Area Medical.  

I'm so THANKFUL that our Lord Jesus put Stan and I together.  It has been a pure joy working with Stan!  

It will be my privilege to assist RAM from time to time by making strategic flights that WILL result in lives saved.  PRAISE GOD!!

 I'll be meeting with the RAM Staff tomorrow and discussing the upcoming mission.  

BTW, a quick update on the aircraft that Air Mobile will be purchasing to replace the engine on the Little Donkey is moving ahead.  

We're still raising the funds for this amazing deal and if you'd like to help, just go to the DONATE button in the upper left hand side of this "rambling blog" and give as our Lord leads.  THANK YOU!! 

And....THANK YOU for your invaluable and truly appreciated prayer, love and support!!!  

Air Mobile Joe  

12-1-18 Saturday 5:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time)  - In the Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile "Training" - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe - 


After a quick, cheap ($34.00!) flight from Orlando to Knoxville, made a dash to the Retreat Cabin in the mountains of East TN.   

Awoke to the sad news that former President George H.W. Bush passed away in the night.  What an amazing man.  

Shot down in WWII at age 19 and went on to become the 41st President of the United States.  


Also, yesterday, Alaska has been hit by 2 major earthquakes.  There is major damage.  No news yet of fatalities.  

We're following this story very closely. Here's more on this catastrophe - 7.0 EARTHQUAKE; AFTER SHOCKS STRIKE SOUTH CENTRAL ALASKA; DAMAGE REPORTED ACROSS THE REGION  

Meanwhile, I've reported for training duty in a Cessna Caravan.  

It's rainy and overcast, so the "flying" portion of my flight training may be delayed a bit.    

BTW, studied the "Starting Procedure" on the entire flight from Orlando to Knoxville.  

Time for 2nd cup of coffee and need to hit the road for Knoxville.  

As I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU, for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!  

Air Mobile Joe  

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