Thursday, November 3, 2016


11-3-16 Thursday 7:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN- Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday began early.  Picked up Stan (Remote Area Medical) & Dave, the King Air 300 pilot.  We did a final inspection and blasted down the runway at Space Coast Regional airport, headed for Haiti.

On board the King Air...over 2000 pounds of vital supplies.  Barbara would be waiting for us when we arrived.

Stan, who is a great pilot, along with Dave, the Friend's Chief Pilot who loaned us the plane for the day, did a great job of flying the beautiful bird.

In less than 3 hours, we landed at Port-au-Prince International.  In our descent, we hit 338 Knots (389 MPH!).

In the Little Donkey, this flight takes 5+ hours.  BTW, the fuel tank inspection should be completed soon.

Upon arrival in Haiti, Barb, right on schedule, was there to meet us.  It would be a quick turn around.

It was fun watching Stan and Barb visit on the ramp.  Here are two souls that have "laid it all down" to help others!!

What a great load and all delivered directly into Barb's hand for safe keeping and strategic distribution.  Literally THOUSANDS of Haitians will be helped by this shipment!!  

PRAISE GOD for a great team working together to help the suffering people of Haiti!!

We completed and presented all of our Documentation and fueled the King Air and in less than 2 hours, we were airborne heading for Fort Lauderdale, FL where we would clear customs.

We cleared customs quickly and fueled the King Air and made the final leg back to Knoxville, TN where this mission began on Tuesday afternoon.  WOW!

Dropped Stan back at RAM Headquarters and drove back to the tranquil retreat cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee.  What a day!!

So, here I am, sipping a delicious cup of coffee, looking out over the beautiful valley and thinking about how we, with so many helping us, delivered a life-saving load to a day!

Now, I await word on the Little Donkey and in the meantime, will enjoy the peace and quiet here at the cabin.

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!  Together, in faith, we can accomplish so much.  God bless you!!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-2-16 Wednesday 4:13 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central, FL - Air Mobile Home Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


We have received a lot of food and supplies for Haiti.  We simply don't have enough "air power" to get it to Haiti.  

Then our friends at Remote Area Medical (RAM), headed by Stan Brock have offered to help us get much needed supplies there with...a King Air 300!

Yesterday, Stan and I, along the "Friend's" Pilot, Dave, loaded the beautiful and very FAST King Air and made the first leg of our journey to Haiti via Titusville. FL (KTIX).

The King Air 300 is not only very fast, as shown here doing 332 Knots (381 mph!!), but it can carry an amazing load quite far.  We had right at a Ton (2000 pounds!) on board.  WOW, what an airplane!  

We'll be carrying in vital supplies for Barb in the Village, with a lot of baby formula and other needed items.  

Among the supplies that we'll be carrying to Haiti, "Rehydration Mix".  This is vital in fighting and treating cholera.  We have over 1000 pounds of the wonderful mix!!

As is often the case, was sitting at the Retreat Cabin, enjoying a bit of rest and reflection when the call came and the opportunity arose to receive a major "Gift of a Lift" from a friend.

THANK GOD for so many who help us do what we do!  We're THANKFUL to our Lord for sending them.  

Yes, "Surely our Lord knows how to deploy His troops" a wise, old pastor told me one day many years ago.  Thank you, Brother Roy (Stockstill).

We'll see what the next few days hold and will hold tightly to the Hand of Jesus!  The "Adventure Continues!!"

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

11-1-16 Tuesday 5:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


WOW!  This last week before Election Day is sure to be a "Wild Ride".  Accusations  are flying and now, according to some, the FBI (Director Comey) is the "Culprit".  

You know, IF Anthony Weiner had NOT done that nasty texting, the laptop containing 650,000 emails may have NEVER been found.  

Mmmm, looks like the TRUTH may be coming out after all.  We'll see....but likely, AFTER the Election.  

This new trove of evidence could certainly not have been ignored.  FBI Director Comey was "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" on this one!

I'm sure that there will be more punches and counter-punches  between Hillary & Trump today and for the rest of the week.  This election is: "A desperate fight to the finish!!"

Meanwhile, we've been busy gathering more vital supplies for Haiti.  The Little Donkey should be finished by the end of this week.  

We're working closely with Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical (RAM) to find ways to get them to Haiti.  We sure do appreciate Stan & RAM and their heart to serve others who are suffering!!

BTW, Joe and Dick of RAM have already dropped nearly 60,000 meals to the hungry and desperate on the western tip of Haiti.  PRAISE GOD!!

So, again I say, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-31-16 Monday 6:27 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It's nice to just sit back and watch the drama and fireworks unfold in the U.S. Presidential Election.  Well, I'm not exactly just sitting back, but find myself rather amused and at the same time PRAYING for our Lord to have His way with America!

This latest "Revelation" about tens of thousands of e-mails 'FOUND' on Anthony Weiner's laptop is quite telling.  It appears that his wife shared that laptop.  

Huma Abadin Weiner (Hillary's most trusted Aide) "swore" that she had turned over ALL devices containing related e-mails.  

Yes, it does appear as if there just might be a "smoking gun" here.  I have a feeling that Ms. Huma is about to be thrown overboard.   

Even though this does "appear" to be quite "revealing", there are amazing "spin machines" that can make almost anything look innocent and sweet.  We'll see what happens.


I must admit, it was rather refreshing yesterday to not run and look at my computer every few minutes to see what is happening with the Election.  

Sat on the porch and let the cool breeze blow over me and watched the leaves turning right before my eyes.  Every time I'd be tempted to go run look at my laptop, I'd just breathe another prayer.  I PRAYED a lot.

So, today, as I await word on the status of the Little Donkey, I'll likely sit out on the porch for a bit longer and watch nature unfold and colors burst forth and remember that Jesus is Lord.

THANK YOU, as I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, for your precious and truly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-30-16 Sunday 6:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


The world is demanding and there's always work to be done.  Sometimes, we need to just chill out & give our minds and hearts a rest.  Sometimes, our Lord "arranges" for these times of "retreat".  That's where I am right now....waiting for the Little Donkey's inspection to be done.

It is difficult to "turn off" the noise and chatter that is going on all around.  Must admit, I haven't "unplugged" the internet or the phone trying (with some difficulty), to not pick up the phone or glance at the laptop every 3-5 minutes.

Instead, after running a few errands yesterday, came back to the cabin and....watched some college  football.  That kind of took me away from the internet, but still didn't afford any time alone with my Lord to just rest in Him and hear His voice.

Why does it take so long to get into that position?  That is the question that I ask myself this morning, even as I type this rambling blog.  If we run our "engine" day and night and don't' give it a rest, it will overheat and likely suffer internal damage.  I will admit it....I'm guilty.

So, on this beautiful Sunday morning, in the "Smokey Mountains" of east Tennessee, I'm heading to church and will come home and....try to just get quiet and work on staying away from my laptop and seek to Hear His Voice.

So, my plan is to just sit on the front porch, look out over the valley and read His Love Letter to us, the Bible.

THANK YOU, as always, for rambling down this road of life with me and for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-29-16 Saturday 8:04 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It appears that the FBI  has REOPENED the Clinton Investigation on new e-mails recently found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.  

Is this bigger than Watergate?  We will see.  Things are definitely heating up in the race for the White House!

From someone who knows a thing or two about Watergate, Carl Bernstein had some very pointed comments about the severity of this latest move by the FBI.  

Take a look at this CNN Interview on the matter - FBI WOULD NOT 'REOPEN' CASE IF EVIDENCE WAS NOT REAL "BOMBSHELL"!!

So, as we approach Election Day, the tensions and stakes are rising!  Again, apart from voting in this critical election, please REMEMBER to PRAY for our Lord's will to be done!!  

Meanwhile, here at the cabin, have been able to handle certain business regarding our next mission to Haiti. Was able to secure 200 tarps at a very good price.  We're also working on another larger plane to help us with the next load of vital supplies.

The R.A.M. Cessna 206, with Dick and Joe, has managed to drop over 50,000 meals to hungry folks on the ground in extremely isolated areas.  Praise God for this innovative way to get food to the hungry!!  Please pray for their safety and continued success in this noble mission!

Checked with Owen Bell, who is working on the Little Donkey and all is going well.  Hope to have it back sometime next week.

THANK YOU again for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-28-16 Friday 8:14 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


I'm sitting here in our "Retreat Cabin" in the "Smokey Mountains", waiting for the Little Donkey to be repaired. Have had time to read the many headlines regarding the U.S. Election.  

Which way will it go?  Only our Lord knows and we certainly PRAY for His will to be done!!

Polls, polls, polls and so many opinions just a few days we'll know.  

Or will we?  A lot of questions regarding Voter Fraud.  Will this be a factor?  Most likely. 

All indications indicate it's going to be a very close race. At any rate, it all leads us back to the Throne of God.  Remember, PRAYER IS POWERFUL!

Just as we say....REMEMBER TO VOTE, and equally, if not more important, LET US REMEMBER TO PRAY!!!

Meanwhile, while I'm enjoying a bit of peace and quiet here at the cabin, my precious Cindy is hard at work raising awareness for the plight of hundreds of thousands of Haitians who are suffering from starvation, lack of clean water and rising disease, mainly cholera!

She has put together a Benefit Concert for November 16th.  Hope you can make it!!  

So, it's time to check with Owen Bell on the status of the Little Donkey.  As always, and I mean this with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-27-16 Thursday 8:11 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


Guess I didn't realize just how tired I am.  Yesterday, after doing a few little "chores" around the cabin...went up and took a 2 hour nap.  Went to bed  last night around 10 and slept til 8 this morning.  

Wow, haven't had that much sleep in a long, long time!!  THANK YOU, JESUS for a bit of "Rest"!

Looking back over the last month, went to Haiti just BEFORE Hurricane Matthew hit there.  Prepared as many Rescuers as I could and "battened down the hatches".

Dashed home with him nipping on my heels.  As soon as he (Matthew) passed us here in Florida, went right back to Haiti.  Worked with Remote Area Medical (RAM) worked out the Food Drops and brought a lot of clean water.  

Then came home for 1 day and headed right back to Haiti for another week of very intense missions of bringing food / water / medicine to the suffering.  

Got back to the U.S.  and came up here to TN to get the Little Donkey fuel system all checked and then....ahhhhh, can spend a few quiet days here at the "Retreat Cabin" while they're working on the plane.

Folks, Haiti is completely out of the news, but the hunger and disease and horrifying suffering is still going on....long after the 'News Crews' left.  The "Aid Spigot" to the left paints a pretty good picture!  

Yes, our Lord knows how to deploy His troops....and when to bring them home for a little rest!

We're planning to return to Haiti as soon as we can.  Can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate this little rest.   

We're so THANKFUL for you, who stand so faithfully with us with your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-26-16 Wednesday 7:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - Mountains of East TN - Air Mobile Retreat Cabin  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday morning, flew the Little Donkey up to see Owen Bell, Founder of Aviation Enterprises.  

Owen KNOWS the Cessna 337 no one else.  He gave the Little Donkey very long legs by installing 8 additional fuel tanks (added to the original 6 + 8 = 14).  It was time for a good inspection and a little "tweaking".

The route to M33 (Owen's Home Field) took me right over the top of Hartsfield (KATL), the worlds busiest airport.

As I approached the major hub of world travel, I marveled at how smoothly and efficiently the Air Traffic Controllers brought me through this very busy airspace.

While directly overhead, I snapped a shot of the many runways.  What a tribute fine engineering and operational excellence.

After delivering the Little Donkey to Owen, jumped into a rental and headed for Knoxville, TN to see Stan Brock of R.A.M. (Remote Area Medical).

Stan and I were just in Haiti last week bringing food and water and life-saving supplies to the Haitian people who have been hammered by Hurricane Matthew and recent storms.

The R.A.M. Cessna 206 with Dick and Joe are still in Haiti delivering food to the hungry.

I arrived at Stan's office "after hours".  We had time to just sit and visit.  Stan is truly a legend in so many ways.  You may recall Stan as the Co-Star on Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom".  

He has also starred in a number of movies and above all, Stan is one of the greatest philanthropists I have ever known.  Here's just a snippet of Stan according to Wikipedia - STAN BROCK (PHILANTHROPIST) 

While we visited, I saw this picture of Stan with a huge and amazing "Harpy Eagle" (Circa 1960).  I asked him to sign it.

As we sat there in the cool of the evening, far from the desperation and survival for life in Haiti, Stan told me story after story of his time as the Head Foreman of the 1,250,000 acre Cattle Ranch in Guyana.

It was an amazing journey through Stan's crystal clear memory of a time with true Cowboys and Indians.   BTW, all of the "Cowboys" that Stan worked with were "Indians".

Now, our dear Lord has arranged for me to have a few quiet and peaceful days of rest in the Air Mobile Retreat Cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee.  It is a brisk 32 degrees this morning.

While sipping a delicious cup of coffee, I enjoy the peaceful view from the front porch of the cabin.  The leaves are beginning to change and burst in glorious colors.  It's like I'm in "Another World".

Late last night, Stan called and we're already working on another flight into Haiti with vital supplies, including tarps and more food.

So, while the Little Donkey is being worked on, I'll just enjoy this little retreat at the cabin and let my batteries get recharged.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-25-16 Tuesday 4:57 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Up early this morning and will fly the Little Donkey just north of Nashville, TN (M33).  There, Owen Bell, the guy who engineered the fuel tank modification will do an inspection / repair on our system.

This is rather extensive, as Owen will remove the "skin" off the top of both wings and take a look inside.  There will be 8 jacks under the Little Donkey to keep the wings from "sagging".  It's always a pleasure working with Owen, as he's real pro.

I'm amazed at the outpouring of emergency supplies for Haiti.  We're receiving everything that comes in and we're PRAYING for folks with larger airplanes to help us get everything to Haiti.  Please join with us!

Time to head to the airport to fly the Little Donkey to see Owen in Tennessee.  As always, THANK YOU for your greatly appreciated prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

10-24-16 Monday 6:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


While in Haiti, we made multiple flights into Jeremie, an area very hard hit by Hurricane Matthew.  Air Mobile is working hand in hand with R.A.M. (Remote Area Medical). Jeremie is a good "staging" area to make food drops into desperate regions.

The distance from Port-au-Prince (MTPP) to Jeremie (MTJE) is 107 Nautical Miles and takes about 45 minutes. The runway is rock and gravel and rather rough.  We're thankful that the field is open.

I came across this story about a family living in the Jeremie area.  It's quite telling and gives us just a glimpse of what hundreds of thousands of Haitians are going through, right I type this blog.  


We're very THANKFUL that Dick and Joe are still in Haiti and will continue to make food drops in the R.A.M. Cessna 206, beyond Jeremie where folks are literally dying of starvation.

We're receiving calls everyday from folks who have vital supplies, tarps, baby food / formula / medicine, etc. for Haiti.

We're believing God for larger airplanes to help us to get these supplies where they are desperately needed.  PLEASE join us in PRAYER for more airplanes and pilots & funding to help us deliver these life saving supplies!!  

Folks, this disaster is not playing out half way around the world.  It's in our own "Backyard".  We must do something to help!!

In the meantime, I've got to get the Little Donkey up to Tennessee to have the extended fuel tank system inspected and checked by our great friend Owen Bell.  Owen did the remarkable modification adding 8 fuel tanks to the existing 6 tanks.  The Little Donkey has very LONG LEGS!

Time to head out to meet more supplies arriving and getting ready to fly to Tennessee.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-23-16 Sunday 7:47 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It seems we're always either preparing for, or in our next mission.  This morning, Cindy and I will be joined by other Volunteers.  

After our regular Home Church, we'll "dash" to Orlando to minister with both adolescents and adults who are in a full "lock down" psychiatric facility.  We'll conduct 4 separate services.  All attend on a 100% Voluntary basis.  They are hungry for the Word of God!  

We will share the simple Gospel of Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We cannot give you any photos or disclose names.  

This is because of Confidentiality Rules.  We love this ministry and embrace the privilege and opportunity to bring the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL.

Jesus tells us to....Visit those in prison in Matthew 25:36.  He furthers tells us...."when you've done it unto the least of these, my Brethren, you've done it unto Me".    

Jesus gives us clear "Marching Orders"! Praise God!!

Speaking of Prisons, early this morning, there was a MASS PRISON BREAK in Haiti.  It occurred very close the Barb's Village (Ruuska).  We're praying for Barb and the orphans for protection.  

Here's that "Breaking Story" - HAITI JAIL BREAK - 174 ESCAPE - 1 GUARD KILLED / 1 PRISONER KILLED

You may recall, several months ago, I was on a mission to bring upgraded communications into all of the Haiti Penitentiaries.  We hope to begin ministering in Haiti Prisons, as Chaplains, soon.

Well, it's time to head out to our home church and our Chaplain Ministry.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable and truly appreciate prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-22-16 Saturday 7:11 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Can't begin to tell you how good it is to be home but....the thought of what is going on in Haiti just breaks my heart.

When we flew out of Haiti on Thursday morning, there were major thunder storms on the southwest coast of Haiti.  They continued through yesterday and even going on today.  

Literally hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and simply have little or no shelter and many are starving.  PLEASE remember to pray them!!!

I am "haunted" by the devastating destruction that we saw along the entire southwestern coast of Haiti.  

In this shot, you can see the silhouette of the Little Donkey.  Folks, whole entire villages were completely washed away by the 11 tidal surge and the 145+ MPH winds!

Stan Brock of R.A.M. flew back to the U.S. from Haiti yesterday evening.  They flew the Cessna Caravan back.  The Cessna 206 will remain in Haiti continuing the life-saving food drops.

In addition to food and water, we're working on getting tarps for the homeless.  These folks have lost EVERYTHING!  It's difficult to imagine that such suffering is going on in our own "backyard".  

Have also heard from a number of organizations who are finding formula, baby food, medicine and other life-saving supplies for Haiti.  We're also building as many Air Mobile Rescuers as our funds will allow. 

So, though I am home, we're working hard to help our Haitian brothers and sisters who are going through the worst disaster since the terrible earthquake of January 12, 2010.  I look forward to getting back as soon as we can.

THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-21-16 Friday 6:41 AM (Eastern U.S. Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base  - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Of all times for my laptop to take a "snooze".  It was time to head back to the U.S. and fortunately, I had an "Emergency Plan" and it worked.  

Was able to get all the info I needed and even "whip" out a quick blog without my "trusty" laptop.  Yes, I knew I could use my phone but.... more about the laptop later.

Would like to tell you what happened day before yesterday.  

The R.A.M. team headed by Stan Brock made another successful food run bringing life-saving food to the desperate and hungry Haitians living on the extreme western tip of Hispaniola - YOUTUBE - AROUND THE AIRPORT BEFORE LAUNCH

The Cessna Caravan and the 206 both headed to out to Jeremie, the "Staging Area" for the disaster relief.  The Caravan, the "Mother Ship" had 6600 meals on board.  

The "Drop Aircraft", the 206 would fly over the hard hit areas and drop the "Manna Packs", like.... Manna from Heaven!  Here they go - CESSNA CARAVAN & 206 FIRING UP AND GOING...TO THE HUNGRY

I remained back working on keeping the "Supply Chain" of food filled.  Did a pre-flight on the Little Donkey and found what could have been a bird strike.  Needed to have some "Rivet" work done.  MAF came to the rescue and did the field repair.

While this repair was being done, Dave Carwell, the MAF Director for Haiti heard back from Jeremie of a desperate need for clean water.  

It just so happened that Air Mobile had a Rescuer to fill the need.  We know that this Rescuer will be in good hands and a blessing to many!  Praise God!!! 

The RAM Team returned safe and sound after delivering all 6600 meals in the hard hit zones.  So glad for their safe return and successful deliveries!!

Now, it was time for me and our Air Mobile Team (Mark, Kile and Ben) to head back to the U.S.  We knew that WX would be a challenge.  

Had been tracking a pesky storm system that wrapped around the east side of Hispaniola and was now coming in the back door to Port-au-Prince.

So, yesterday morning, we arrived at the airport with light rain and low visibility.  Fortunately, just 20 miles out of Port, the WX cleared up.  

We prayed and took off and soon broke into clear skies.  Had a smooth trip back to the U.S.  Cindy and Ariana picked me up and, yes, IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME....for a little while!

Meanwhile, the R.A.M. team will continue to drop food and fly in much needed supplies for another week.  THANK GOD FOR RAM!!

Now, as I say every single day and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Immediately upon landing yesterday, we dashed over to Ron, my own personal "Computer Geek".  

Ron quickly diagnosed the fact that the laptop had gone into a "funky" hibernate loop mode.  He woke it up and it's working like a dream.  Thank God for "Computer Geeks" and good friends.


10-20-16 Thursday 4:53 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile  Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


OK, after all these years, remarkably, both my laptop(s) and internet connections have worked non stop... for almost 7 years!!

Well, this morning, I got up, put on the coffee and fired up (or so I thought), my trusty laptop.  It was DEAD.  Looks like my power supply just gave up the ghost. 

Yes, there was a moment of panic and then, just like in my aircraft...Go to the EMERGENCY PROCEDURES...find another computer & write your blog.  My procedures are a little rusty, but I managed.

Thus this quick and somewhat bumpy blog.  It lacks any photos and will be short and sweet.

Our team of pilots (Air Mobile & R.A.M.) are watching a growing weather system just to the east and south of Hispaniola.  We may suspend any flights today as these storms are brewing and growing right on our back door.

Yesterday was another incredible day.  The RAM Team, with both aircraft, managed to deliver and drop over 6000 meals into extremely needy areas.

I was able to deploy another Air Mobile Rescuer to Jeremie in close coordination with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship).

Early this morning, Barbara is sending out a driver to go to Love A Child and pick up 22,000 more meals. 

As soon as the weather clears, we'll resume our flights.

So, this concludes my Emergency, Back-up Blog.  I'll be working diligently today finding a "working" power supply for my laptop.  It's amazing how vital a piece of equipment, such as a laptop, can be to one's operation!! 

Can't begin to tell you how much your prayer, love and support mean to me!  THANK YOU!!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-19-16 Wednesday 4:57 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile  Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As we were fueling our aircraft, we all saw the Lake Amphibian taxi up to our area for fuel.  It is a very unique aircraft and "turns heads" wherever it goes (File Photo).  

Little did we know that the aircraft would crash killing all on-board.  

There was a large electrical storm happening at the time of the crash.  We are all very sorry for this tragedy!  Here's a news clip from Jamaica - PLANE FROM HAITI CARRYING 3, CRASHES OFF DOM REP

We continued to "Press On" with our Mission to bring food to the hungry and water to the thirsty. 

The RAM Caravan was loaded and ready to fly to Jeremie where it would supply the Cessna 206 with food for drops into area where hunger is rampant.  

Here's a little clip just before departing - RAM CARAVAN PREPARING TO DEPART FOR JEREMIE

Colonel Dick Stoops and Captain Joe of RAM were on-board the Cessna 206 which is our "Drop Aircraft".  Here, the Caravan and the 206 are taxiing for take-off for Jeremie - RAM CARAVAN & C-206 TAXIING FOR TAKE OFF FOR JEREMIE

My plan was to stay back and tend to logistics and work on keeping the Caravan supplied with food and also have strategic meetings with OFNAC (the FAA of Haiti).  That all changed with a phone call.

It was Burke of H.A.R.P., a Relief organization on the ground just west of Les Cayes, an area devastated by Matthew.  He explained how many dead bodies had been thrown into the river, a main water source.  Many had died from Cholera.  

Thus the desperate need for water purification.  I agreed to bring him 2 Air Mobile Rescuers and asked if he could be at the airport in 1 hour (the roads were blocked and no vehicles were coming through from Port).  He agreed and the "Mission was on"!

While seeing the Caravan and the 206 off, I saw Gefford, an Air Traffic Controller from OFNAC.  He needed to get to Les Cayes to relieve the Controller who had been on continuous duty for several days.  He sat in the right seat of the Little Donkey.

In the back seat were 2 Air Mobile Rescuers.  These "Life-Saving" devices would provide clean water to 2000 people per day!

Upon landing in Les Cayes, I met with Burke (a Navy Veteran) and trained him on the simple operation of the Rescuer.

It is such a joy to put such powerful tools into the hands of those on the "Front Lines" of the battle of life and death!

I went up the temporary Control Tower and met with my dear friend who was ready for some relief. 

BTW, the Emergency radios being used were brought in by the Little Donkey several years ago!  Glad to see them working so well.

Now, the only problem I had was getting the big U.S. Marine Helicopter out of the way so that I could taxi out and fly back to Port-au-Prince.  He gladly moved and let the Little Donkey by.

After returning to Port-au-Prince, the Caravan and the C-206 arrived having dropped thousands of meals to the hungry.

Back at the "Village" where Barb has graciously hosted our entire team, Stan spent a little time chatting with one of the orphans awaiting adoption. 

After dinner, Barb and Stan exchanged books.  It was so good watching these 2 together.  We're living with "Legends"!!  Sure love them both!!!

So, after this sad, but fruitful day, we all collapsed.  Up early this morning ready for another day.

Oh, just got this message from our dear friends, Bobby and Sherry Burnette of "Love A Child".  They will provide us with 100 more boxes of food (over 22,000 meals!)  YEA!!  

BTW, they are on the ground in Port Salut, an area devastated by Matthew.  Sure love them!!!!

So, as I always say and mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-18-16 Tuesday 4:47 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile  Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Just to the east of Haiti, another area of very "disturbed" air is swirling and growing.  Could we have another storm?  Maybe.  We're keeping a very close eye on it!

Yesterday, we sent out 2 aircraft, the RAM Cessna 206 and the RAM Cessna Caravan.  The destination:  a small community that had not had food for days in the Jeremie area.

The situation is very fluid and planning must be done very carefully.  Here, Stan, Mark and Bernard Celestin discuss the logistics of the "Misison".

The Mission:  Drop 5000 meals on an X marking the drop zone.

The aircraft flew to Jeremie, the staging on the western tip of Haiti.  The weather was a major factor.  The Food Drops could not be done due to low visibility, likely caused by the storm forming to the east of Haiti.

The crew delivered 3500 meals for ground transportation.  They also delivered small portable "Chlorine Generators" to help clean up the water.

After Jeremie, the 2 aircraft flew to Les Cayes to attempt to deliver more food to needy areas.  

While there, the crew witnessed a food riot and a truck carrying food was attacked.  Then gunshots rang out.....  Here's a short clip shot by Mark Polozola - ANGRY MOB ATTACKS FOOD TRUCK AT LES CAYES

Meanwhile, I stayed back in Port-Au-Prince taking care of logistics and working on keeping doors open and planning our next mission.  I knew our team would be facing some weather challenges, so I certainly prayed for their safe return - JOE AWAITS RETURN OF AIRCRAFT

Today, we'll be back to the airport planning our next missions and keeping a very close eye on the weather.  As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable and precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe 

10-17-16 Monday 5:12 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile  Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As Mark Evans (AOPA'S Chief Pilot), Stan Brock and I watched the looping Satellite Image, we were hoping to see a way through the storms.  

We had 2 aircraft, fueled, full of supplies (precious food) and ready to go. 

Now, the thing standing between us and Haiti were a series of storms.  We were READY to go, but....would surely postpone the launch until we saw a safe way through.

The good thing is that there are a number of Islands along the route where one can dash into and wait out the storm.  After careful analysis, we all decided it was time to go. 

 We fired up the engines and both aircraft took off.  The RAM Caravan would go to Exuma International (about half way) and fuel.  The Little Donkey would go non-stop to Haiti and pave the way with the Authorities for the Caravan.

After a bit of dancing and weaving, the Little Donkey landed first in Haiti with a fresh supply of food, formula and other vital supplies.  We quickly unloaded and awaited the RAM Caravan.

Exactly, on schedule, the RAM Caravan landed.  The Haitian Authorities extended the same gracious entry that they give to the Little Donkey.  We are very THANKFUL for that!

After re-positioning from the main terminal to the General Aviation area, we decided to just keep the food on-board the Caravan and use it as our "Food Depot" on the ramp.

Today, we'll be meeting with a number of organizations to determine the very best places to go and in some cases, Air Drop this precious food to help the Haitian people who are facing the greatest disaster and challenge since the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

In addition to this life-saving food, we'll be arranging the training and delivery for Air Mobile Rescuers which will bring clean water to fight cholera and other water-borne disease.

We PRAY for guidance and we're very THANKFUL to have you on-board with your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-16-16 Sunday 4:06 AM (US Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was good to see my good friend, Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical (RAM) and....his beautiful Cessna Caravan!

The Cessna Caravan is a remarkable aircraft.  It can carry a load and land in short, unimproved airstrips.

We've had the privilege to work around the world with RAM and Stan and are just THANKFUL to the Lord for folks who care so deeply for others!!

Meanwhile, we're loading the Little Donkey with baby formula and other critical supplies for our next flight to Haiti.

Today, we'll be doing the same.  We're checking the weather and planning when will be the best time to return to Haiti.  

You know, we are a TEAM and together we can accomplish so much, even though it may seem to be a "drop in the bucket".  

If you're in the bottom of the bucket, you're very thankful for even the small drops.  God bless!!!

So, as always, THANK YOU for your invaluable and precious prayer, love and support.

Air Mobile Joe

10-15-16 Saturday 6:39 AM (US Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home  Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


It was time to RELOAD our food supply in Haiti.  Had a good load of food in our Air Mobile Hangar in Titusville, thanks to our great friend, Bob Bostic of Deliver the Difference.  

Checked the WX and there was a nice, clean shot between Haiti and Florida.  Topped off the fuel, prayed and fired up the engines for home.

Quickly climbed to 14,500' and broke out breakfast...mmm...Bacon Jerky.  You should try it, it's delicious. 

I left the mountains of Haiti behind and tried not to think too much about the devastating destruction that I had just witnessed.

The flight home was smooth and only had to work around one cluster of storms. 

Upon landing at Titusville, was met by the ABC Affiliate, WFTV 9.  Have known these folks for years and they did a good job of capturing what we're doing.  

This story will help us to go further and do more.  THANK YOU, WFTV!AIR MOBILE JOE RETURNS TO RELOAD

Was also met by NEWS CHANNEL 13, a 24 News station located in Orlando.  They, too did a good story on our efforts - AIR MOBILE MINISTRIES DROPPING FOOD (LITERALLY) TO STORM RAVAGED HAITIANS.  THANK YOU NEWS 13!!

Today, we've got our wonderful friends from R.A.M. (Remote Area Medical) coming in with their Cessna Caravan.  Stan Brock, the Director of R.A.M. is an amazing man and dear friend.  We'll be able to pack a good load of food in the Caravan.  

It was R.A.M. Pilot, Dick Stoops that developed the successful "Air Drop" method for the packets of food.

Now, it's time to get to the airport to meet Stan and Company and that beautiful Cessna Caravan.  

We're so THANKFUL for the many who rally and stand with us during these disaster relief efforts!!

And THANK YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-13-16 Friday 4:39 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Long after the media leaves and folks will have forgotten Haiti, the unbelievable tragedy will go on!  

After making that flight along the entire southwestern tip of Haiti, I am haunted by the images that passed under the Little Donkey.  Yes, Haiti "Looks like a Nuclear Bomb went off"!

If you look closely at the the image on the left, you'll see the shadow of the Little Donkey in the middle.

With the heart and skill of 2 RAM (Remote Area Medical) pilots, Dick and Joe, together, we've been able to deliver (Air Drop) literally thousands of nutritious meals to folks who are truly starving to death.  PRAISE GOD!

We've proven again, with our Lord's help, that "Little Airplanes can make a BIG difference" in the lives of those who are suffering and desperate!

It is such a privilege and blessing to work with so many who care for others!  Mark, the son of the man who led me to Jesus 45 years ago COULD NOT just sit and watch.  He had to do something.

Several days ago, by faith, Mark gathered around 10,000 meals and called me while I was in Haiti.  I told him to call Dave, our faithful Board Member and life-long friend.  Literally within minutes, another plane, food and willing souls came together to help Haiti.

It was good to see the "Old T-Bone" taxiing out with all that food headed to Jeremie.  BTW, the T-Bone is 61 years old and still flying and serving!!  Here's a little clip - THE "T-BONE" TO JEREMY...WITH 10,000 MEALS!!

Now, with these "Little Airplanes" in place, it's time to re-load and get some more food.  I'll be working on that today.  Meanwhile, Dave, Mark, Joe and Dick will be flying another 5000 meals today.

So, it's early, the sun hasn't risen yet, the roosters are "singing", the 2nd cup of coffee awaits me and soon, it'll be off to the airport to bring folks food and clean water!!

I know that I say this each and every day, but I truly and with all of my heart so appreciate your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!  THANK YOU!!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - AVGAS is $7.09 per gallon.  Our fuel fund is running on "fumes".  Please PRAY that our Lord replenishes that fund so that these "Little Airplanes" can keep flying and delivering food and water where most needed.  THANKS!!


10-13-16 Thursday 9:49 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Let me begin today's "Tardy" blog by explaining why I'm a bit later than usual posting this "Rambling Blog".  There's a story behind the shot of my backpack in the back seat of the Cessna 206.

Yesterday was AWESOME!  Dick and Joe delivered 4200 more meals to a devastated island.  

I had my good friend Joel and his cameraman with me in the Little Donkey.  We managed to film an actual Air Drop of food onto Ile LaVache Island.  

Then, we flew around the entire western end of Haiti filming the devastation.  We landed in Jeremie and did another interview and then....THE GLITCH OCCURRED.

Joel would be in Jeremie for a few days overseeing the construction of some homes.  My back pack is nearly identical to Joel's backpack.  During the unload, Joel inadvertently picked up my back pack.  

I took off and upon landing at Port-au-Prince, realized that I did not have my backpack.  Yes, there was a moment of panic!!  Of course, my computer was in my backpack...thus the late blog today.

I called Joel in Jeremie and he told me that he had my bag...Huge sigh of relief!!   I then arranged to come pick it up in the morning.  

In the middle of all of this drama, and panic and relief, my great friends, Dave and Mark arrived from the U.S. with another load of food and supplies in Dave's beautiful old Twin Bonanza (AKA - T-Bone). I write this late blog, have already been to Jeremie and back.  

Boy, was I glad to hold that sweet backpack.  You don't realize how valuable some things are until they're misplaced!!

I'm already at the airport and about to take off with more relief.  As I always say and truly mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-12-16 Wednesday 4:47 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday was a banner day in the realm of "Mission Aviation"!  Dick and Joe of RAM (Remote Area Medical) successfully delivered 4400 meals by "Air Drop" out of a Cessna 206.  

Now, the thing that makes this unique is that it may well be first time that the small packet of food (from Deliver the Difference & Manna Pack) has been thrown out of an airplane at low level and successfully landed in the hands of hungry people.

Here's a short clip of launching the 2nd Air Drop on Ile LaVache, an area hard hit by Hurricane Matthew - YOUTUBE OF 2ND AIR DROP ON ILE LAVACHE

We've spent the last few days "tweaking" the procedure to accomplish this.  Now, we have the ability to deliver food, where most needed, WITHOUT a runway.  This is a true game changer!

I can't say enough about Dick, a highly decorated Combat Veteran and Joe, a very skilled pilot who accomplished this wonderful feat.

While Dick and Joe were making those flights, I was on the ground at Les Cayes training a Medical Team on the Air Mobile Rescuer.  

This team is working at "Ground Zero" and they are dealing with an overload of injuries and illnesses.  We are in a desperate fight and race against Cholera.  Here's more on this unfolding tragedy - HAITI FEARS OF "POST" MATTHEW CHOLERA OUTBREAK

One of the things that I love to do is put my hot, stinky foot in the water and then drink AFTER the water has gone through the Air Mobile Rescuer.  This is a VERY convincing test!! 

This medical team desperately needs clean water to do their job.  It was a great joy to present them with 2 Air Mobile Rescuers.  Many lives will be saved because of their caring hearts, great skill and clean water!!

Up early, getting ready for whatever our Lord has for us to do today.  

We'll be flying into more disaster areas equipped with CLEAN WATER & FOOD for the those who are suffering beyond words.

While preparing for our flight to Les Cayes yesterday morning, in my haste, I forgot my phone charging cable.  Oh my, losing communications due to a dead phone is a dreadful thing.  While on the ramp, I saw this beautiful Pilatus PC-12 taxi up.  

Michael & Charlotte of Global Orphanage, were bringing in personnel and supplies.  I asked if I might borrow a cable from them.  They gladly gave me one.  Now, we're new friends and I'm very grateful for meeting them.

As always, and I mean this will all of my heart, THANK YOU for your invaluable and precious prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe   

10-11-16 Tuesday 5:27 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Colonel Dick Stoops from RAM (Remote Area Medical) knows a great deal about "dropping" food and supplies to desperate areas.  He's 'jumped" over 1700 times and done many, many air drops!  

The plan is to drop the small packets of food out of the Cessna 206 at low altitude and speed.  The question is:  will the bags survive the drop?

We dropped the little bag of food (each containing 6 meals) from the 2nd floor of the mission.  I tried to make them break and it was quite encouraging.

Went over the routing to Les Cayes with the RAM Pilot Joe.  We then headed to the airport and took off for Les Cayes.

While preparing for the flight, my good friend from 38 years ago, walked up.  

It was good to see Joel Trimble again.  I invited him to come along on the Les Cayes flight and he gladly accepted.

I landed at Les Cayes and minutes later the RAM C-206 landed.  The doors were removed and Dick strapped himself in for the low level food drop flight experiment.

Joe and Dick took off and made a low pass and dropped out a number of the little bags of food.  Would they survive to fall?

YES!  The little bags survived and we only had a few break on impact.  We know how to "tweak" the flight to prevent that.  NOW, we can fly over the most affected areas and bring food to the hungry!

We flew along the Southwest coast and saw first-hand the absolute devastation left by Matthew's 145 MPH winds!  Note the shadow of the Little Donkey!

Today, we'll be doing a number of "Drops" where folks are dying from starvation!  PLEASE PRAY that all goes well.

Time to dash to the airport and fly to Les Cayes!  As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-10-16 Monday 6:13 AM (Haiti Time) - Bon Repos, Haiti - Air Mobile Base Camp - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe  


Hurricane Matthew has left a trail of destruction and death and North Carolina is facing major and catastrophic flooding as I type.  

It looks like Matthew will not loop back to the Bahamas.  Here's more - HURRICANE MATTHEW: LATEST UPDATES

What we do know is that help is staging and on the way to help the Hurricane Matthew victims in the U.S. and for that, we are THANKFUL!

We also know that literally hundreds of thousands are broken and cut off and for the most part, abandoned in Haiti.  We knew that we had to get there ASAP!!

Have been tracking another storm just to the north of Haiti.  Not sure which way it was going yesterday, but spent a lot of time in prayer and analysis on whether to launch our mission to Haiti.

It appeared that this storm was not moving onto Haiti but actually slowly drifting the north away from Haiti.  This was very good news.  

My good friend, Stan Brock of Remote Area Medical (RAM) had already sent down a Cessna 206 to help me carry the load of water purifiers and food to Haiti.  

Yesterday morning,  with 10 Air Mobile Rescuers and thousands of meals and a lot of baby formula, we LAUNCHED for Haiti!!

The weather cooperated and we even had a nice tailwind.  Here, we're clipping along at 186 knots (214 MPH)!

We received First Class treatment from the Haitian Authorities upon landing as they knew that both aircraft were carrying in vital supplies to help the people cut off and suffering on the western tip of Haiti.  THANK GOD for favor!!

We quickly unloaded and secured both aircraft.  We've been in constant contact with many who are "on the ground" in the affected areas.  We'll be coordinating with folks who know what's going on.

Very THANKFUL to Stan and RAM for sending in the Cessna 206. This aircraft will help us to get into difficult places with these life-saving supplies!

Time to get on with this day that our Lord has made.  Do know where we will be today...but He does!  As always, THANK  YOU for your invaluable prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-9-16 Sunday 5:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Torrential rains are causing major flooding in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  Extreme and catastrophic flooding waters are inundating parts of South and North Carolina.  


My heart breaks for those in the path of these deadly and destructive flood waters.  We PRAY for God's grace and mercy to prevail!!

Meanwhile, the plight of hundreds of thousands still hang in the balance!  We're getting reports of widespread hunger and the very real of threat of Cholera raising it's ugly head again.

We're working very hard to gather as many supplies as we can and get there as quickly as possible.  Up early this morning and will be meeting another flight crew flying in a Cessna 206.  

We'll plan our flight as we follow not only Hurricane Matthew, but another major tropical disturbance .  

This is a very brief blog today and I'll try to write more later.  As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-8-16 Saturday 7:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


By mercy and grace, Hurricane Matthew made the slightest "wobble" (see the Track) to the East and the Space Coast  was spared.  What could have been a Cat 4 storm became a reduced Cat 3.  

There were no reported deaths and destruction was greatly reduced.  PRAISE GOD!!

Hurricane Matthew is still alive and striking South Carolina / North Carolina today, but winds have been reduced to 85 MPH.  Again, PRAISE GOD!!

We're very THANKFUL to have "Evacuated" the Little Donkey to an airport 50 miles to the west of here.  

Those 100 MPH winds did tear up a hangar and damaged an aircraft just 250 yards from our hangar.  

Here's a short video as I approached our hangar to inspect for damage.  SURVEYING DAMAGE AT SPACE COAST REGIONAL  

The Little Donkey was spared any damage and is ready to bring life-saving water and food to Haiti.  Again, PRAISE GOD!!

I'm very thankful to my good friends, Joe and Diane Polozola who had a place for me to Evacuate to, as Hurricane Matthew roared past.  I'm especially THANKFUL to Joe for introducing me to Jesus 45 years ago!!

Now that the "danger" of Matthew has passed, it's time to gather up all of the supplies that we can carry begin planning the next "Mission" to Haiti.  

As you can see from the Matthew Track, it's forecast to loop back around and strike the Bahamas and Haiti once again, but this time, without the ferocity as the first time Matthew came through.

Well, overall, I feel as if many along the East Coast of have "Dodged a Bullet".  Matthew is still bringing a lot of wind and rain but....IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH WORSE!

It's time to get on with this day and begin packing the Little Donkey.  As always, and I certainly mean with all of my heart, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe  

10-7-16 Friday 7:47 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As I type this blog, Hurricane Matthew is roaring past the Space Coast.  Currently, wind gusts over 100MPH and a 10-12' storm surge.  


 I am about 45 miles to the west with my dear friends, Joe and Diane Polozola.  Cindy and Ari are in Massachusetts.  We are safe.

BTW, Joe introduced me to Jesus 45 years ago.  THANK YOU, JOE!  

There is a curfew for East Central Florida and must stay in position.  We're PRAYING!  Where we are, the winds are 50-70 MPH with heavy rain.

Yesterday morning was up early watching the incoming thunderstorms.  Still had to get the Little Donkey into a safe hangar (had tried the evening before, but runway lights were inop).  

Saw a nice path to X04, the little airport 50 miles to the west.  PRAYED and took off.  Did a little dodging and weaving and landed safely.

Was met there by our good friends, Bob and Mary of Deliver the Difference.  Bob has arranged for some precious hangar space with a friend. 

In addition to providing a safe place the Little Donkey, Bob donated 17,000 meals to Air Mobile for Haiti!!  We loaded up 87 boxes (200 meals in each) into Bob's trailer.


Bob then gave me a ride back to our home field, Space Coast Regional airport, where winds and rain were picking up as Matthew approached.  We tucked the valuable food into our hangar.  

Reports of mass starvation are coming in from Haiti!!  The Western tip of Haiti was nearly completely destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.  

Communications are still cut off.  Major bridges are destroyed and we're hearing report of children eating the leaves off of trees.  We must get there as soon as we can!!  

Here in America, help is readily available.  Folks are already lining up to come in and give assistance.  In Haiti, that is certainly not the case.  That's why we're so eager to get there!

BTW, take a look at this "Very Creepy" Sat Image was captured as Matthew bore down on Haiti.

So, I'm "locked down" down by the curfew and will have another cup of coffee with my dear friends, Joe and Diane.  We await our next move and Matthew roars past us and is headed to Georgia and beyond.

As always, THANK YOU for your precious prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-6-16 Thursday 7:37 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Matthew is strengthening and heading straight for landfall right here!  Last night I flew the Little Donkey to an airport 50 miles west of here.  

As I circled over the field attempting to "activate" the Runway Lights, it became evident that the lights were out.  Apparently they had been struck by lightening earlier in the day.

I had to fly back to Space Coast Regional Airport, our Home Base.  This morning, I'll be seeking a clearing and making the dash back over to that field to safely tuck The Little Donkey into a hangar that is graciously being offered to us. 

The track of Hurricane Matthew has been relatively unchanged.  We've been working as quickly as we can to get as many supplies ready for where they're most needed.

Here's the latest, THANKS to the Weather Channel that is doing an amazing job of following and forecasting this deadly storm! - HURRICANE MATTHEW BEARING DOWN ON NASSAU / CATAGORY 4 STRIKE ON EAST COAST OF FLORIDA LOOMS

It's time for me to get to the airport and get that Little Donkey into safe shelter!  

THANK YOU as always and I mean with all of my heart, for your precious and invaluable PRAY, LOVE AND SUPPORT!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-5-16 Wednesday 7:27 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


After devastating the western tip of Haiti (news is very spotty from that region) and rolling over comes Matthew via the Bahamas!  

We are awaiting news and reports from the ground in Haiti.  

Most communications have been cut off.  A number of bridges have been washed out, cutting off relief from getting into the hardest hit areas.  Here's more - HURRICANE MATTHEW HAMMERS HAITI / CUBA - BEARS DOWN ON U.S.  

At this point, we have no idea where the death toll will go!  We PRAY for those who have lost everything!!

Meanwhile, we're gathering all of the supplies and Air Mobile Rescuers that we can.  We want to get to Haiti as soon as possible!!

But first....we must wait for Hurricane Matthew to pass us here in Florida.  Our local ABC / NBC / Channel 13 are covering our efforts.  

We're THANKFUL for this media coverage, as it "recruits" folks to PRAY and SUPPORT our mission!!

Now, today is the day that we'll be securing our own property and looking for a good place to "tuck" the Little Donkey away from the ferocious winds of Hurricane Matthew.

Just received a notice from Sheltair (our Hangar Landlord) telling us that we MUST remove all aircraft from the hangars.  Kind of a MANDATORY EVACUATION OF AIRCRAFT.

Not sure where I'll go with the Little Donkey, but rest assured, will PROTECT this valuable TOOL.  Time to head to the airport and prepare to "Evacuate...the Little Donkey".

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and invaluable prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just spoke with Ed who is at the "Village" and they are all fine!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!


10-4-16 Tuesday 7:11 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Cindy, Ariana and I watched the images
 of Hurricane Matthew hit the western tip of Haiti.  Ariana was born in Tiburon.  Our hearts BREAK for Haiti!  PLEASE PRAY!!!

Haiti is facing ferocious winds, huge tidal surges and mudslides from the Apocalyptic rains.  This is the first Cat 4 Hurricane to strike Haiti in 52 years!

BTW, over the years, I have been in almost every town and village on the Western tip of Haiti.  We are very concerned about major loss of life.  


We're in touch with Barbara in the "Village" near Port-au-Prince.  They are not feeling the full brunt of Hurricane Matthew.

I am very pleased to tell you that the phone is ringing and the e-mails are coming in from those who want to participate in the Relief Mission to Haiti.

Organizations with airplanes and supplies are contacting us and we'll be LAUNCHING flights to Haiti as soon as the storm passes us here in Florida!

We're gathering as many Air Mobile Rescuers as we can.  We're so blessed to have been in Haiti a few days ago preparing Rescuers there for just such an event.

Folks, as never before, we need your PRAYER, LOVE & SUPPORT!!  Stay tuned for updates!!

Air Mobile Joe  

10-3-16 Monday 5:57 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Matthew is slowly roaring toward Haiti with 130+mph winds and massive amounts of rain.  Authorities fear that "MASS CASUALTIES" are possible.  WE PRAY!!

The western end of Haiti could receive as much as 40"(!!!) of rain.  This fact alone could take many, many lives.


We urge you to join together with us with your PRAYER!  We pray that our Lord will lead those in the Bulls-eye of this terrible storm to find safe shelter.  

As I type this blog, Hurricane Matthew is approaching Haiti and Jamaica and then will be on to Cuba, the Bahamas and then....the Southeast Coast of the U.S.  


Today, we are gathering vital supplies and going over the Little Donkey making sure it will be READY for immediate deployment AFTER  Hurricane Matthew passes.

We encourage you to join together with us with your PRAYER, LOVE & SUPPORT!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - Just spoke with Barb (AKA:  Rambo in the Blue Dress) in Haiti, and they are all secure and prepared in the "Village".  She will send me updates as Hurricane Matthew batters the western end of Haiti.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR HAITI & ALL IN THE PATH OF MATTHEW!!


10-2-16 Sunday 7:47 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


As we all watch and wait and pray and prepare, Hurricane Matthew has begun that turn north.  Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba will all be affected.  PLEASE PRAY for all in the path of this deadly storm!!


Unfortunately, Haiti is the most vulnerable.  Many Haitians living in the provinces live in or around valleys. They also live where the soil is the most fertile....dry riverbeds.
Heavy rains bring flash floods and our concern is that many Haitians could be washed out to sea.  We have seen this again and again.  

It is very difficult for these Haitians to know WHERE TO GO!  Again, I can't stress how important it is for us to PRAY for our Lord to lead and guide them to safety!

Of course, these same dangers apply to all of the other islands in the path of Matthew.  We are preparing  by gathering supplies and Rescuers.  We'll await Matthew to pass and then dispatch as necessary.

Yesterday, we took advantage of a beautiful day to fly a wonderful group of young people who have an interest in Mission Aviation.  I was able to share with them the extreme importance of clean water and little airplanes can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in disaster relief.

Then for the next few hours, the Little Donkey flew 5 loads of teens on  demonstration flights.  

For many, it was their very first "small airplane" ride.  What a joy sharing the thrill of flying with them!!

Cindy (who took all of the photos) and Ariana were a great help in getting the "Young Eagles" all lined up and boarded into the Little Donkey.  

Here is a quick vid of the another landing of the Little Donkey -DONKEY LAND

So, on this beautiful Sunday morning, we're getting ready for Church and then our Chaplain Ministry at the Hospital where we'll conduct 4 separate services.  We love bringing the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS!!

As always, THANK YOU for your precious and vital prayer, love and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

10-1-16 Saturday 5:33 AM (U.S. Eastern Time) - East Central FL - Air Mobile Home Base - Report submitted by:  Air Mobile Joe


Hurricane Matthew has become a"MONSTER"with winds exceeding 155 MPH!!

I'm THANKFUL to have gotten the Little Donkey out of Haiti when I did.  Wouldn't want to be stuck there without a place to go.

Spoke with Barbara in Haiti last night and she's all battened down and has the "Rescuers" ready to go where needed.

Matthew is moving very slowly and gaining strength.  It's about to take that turn to the north putting Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas and  Florida in it's possible "cone of destruction". 


Meanwhile, we have 12 Air Mobile Rescuers ready to go here in Florida.  We monitoring this situation very closely and with God's help, will be ready to go as needed.

Several months ago, we were contacted by Calvary Chapel in Merritt Island, FL and asked if we'd be willing to fly a group of "Young Eagles" on a Free Demo Ride in the Little Donkey. 

Our answer:  YES!  We love "recruiting" young people to become Missionary Pilots for our Lord!!

The sky is clear this morning (Matthew is still several days out) and we'll be demonstrating how our Lord can use little airplanes to save lives and bring help when most needed.

Yesterday afternoon, Cindy, Ari and I witnessed a beautiful "Double Rainbow". 

It was intense and stunning and a reminder of our Lord's Promises!  Captured the moment with this short clip - A GORGEOUS "DOUBLE RAINBOW"!

It's time to head over to the airport and fly the Little Donkey to Merritt Island Airport (about an 8 minute flight from Titusville) and fly those "Young Eagles"!

As always, THANK YOU for your invaluable and truly appreciated prayer, love and support!!!

Air Mobile Joe


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