Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Voyagers bringing clean water to cylcone survivors in Myanmar

I just received several short, broken phone calls from Joe. He and the team spent the day purifying water for survivors. He said that Barbara and Joe Prussel had six Voyagers pumping water all day in two locations. He and Dennis West trained a large group of relief workers on the Voyager. There is a great need and therefore great receptivity for this machine. Joe is keeping a close eye on the new storm heading their way. They are safe in their hotel, but the storm will increase suffering for those already affected by the previous storm. We are praying about the possibility or either going to China or sending units there to help in the earthquake aftermath. However, the needs in Myanmar are immense and could keep workers busy for a long time. I know that God is keeping His hand on our team. Thank you for the prayers. Cindy Hurston

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