Sunday, June 26, 2011


June 26, 2011 - Sunday - 10:07am (U.S. Eastern) - Cocoa, FL - Report submitted by Air Mobile Joe


Yesterday, Chuck and I bid Dave Walen farewell in Wilmington, NC and worked our way  to Sanford, FL where our little donkey will be painted.  We knew that there would be afternoon thunderstorms, and proceeded cautiously.  

After departing Wilmington, we flew 50 miles west to a small airport, Columbia County Airport (at Dave's wise counsel).  There, Avgas was nearly $1.50 per gallon cheaper!  We saved nearly $150 on that one fill up!  Had to snap a shot of the courteous Columbia Airport Guy and thanked him again for having such "reasonable fuel rates".  From there, our journey continued on.....cautiously. 

As we approached Sanford, we could see that there were storms on "nearly" all quadrants.....all except for one little bitty slot....the one that we were on.  Looks like our Lord did it again.....

On final approach to Sanford for landing, we could see the weather closing in fast!  We made it just in time and slipped our little donkey into the Southern Executive Jet hangar just as the torrential rain came....and did it come!  In just a few short minutes, the roads were flooded and the airport was completely shut down.  Again, we simply thank our Lord for guiding us and holding back the storm that we could get our little donkey to the next (and final) phase of the "Extreme Make-Over".

We were greeted by Tony, the "Boss" of the paint operation.  Tony knows what he's doing and we know that these guys are going to do a great job on Ti Buik.  Remember that old saying that I quote often, "Our Lord knows how to deploy His troops".  Well, this is such the case.  We can hardly wait to see the final results of all these blessings that have been poured out upon our little mission aircraft (and Air Mobile Ministries)!

Before we left, had to take one last interior shot.  My phone camera does not allow me to "capture" just how beautiful the interior and instrument panel is.  Would love to show it to you and hopefully, will be able to do so, when you possibly join Air Mobile on a mission flight.  Even if you don't live in the area, perhaps we could fly Ti Burik to your "neck of the woods" when we are between mission flights.  You never know.... and would love to share all our Lord is doing in our lives!

Also, had to take a final shot of the exterior so that can have a "before & after" shot.  Notice how Dodd and his crew prepared around the windows and windshield for the paint shop.  Did I mention that AirTex arranged for all new "glass" to be installed?  This was an amazing addition to the interior work that he and his crew did.  

Tony "The Boss", arranged for Chuck and I to get back to Orlando International Airport where we had departed from on Thursday (SWA Flite to Philly).  It had been a long day, but not over with yet.  Called my dear and great friend, Bill Dunklee (remember Bill donated Ti Burik to us last year).  He had just delivered more aircraft parts to our hangar.  He also brought his motorcycle with him and we arranged to meet and "take a little ride" together.  

Along the way of our "cruise", we stopped at my son's home (Christian).  Here are Bill and I and my two of my grandson's (Christian Jr. and Rythm).  The boys loved the motorcycles.  

We gave them all motorcycle rides including Ann Marie.  Chrisitian took Bill's bike (which is very fast) out for a spin.  He didn't go toooo fast.  

After a pleasant visit with Christian Sr. and Ann Marie, Bill and I headed to Cocoa Beach.  Just a pleasant evening and ride following a lot of rain, it was cool and clear and the ocean was beautiful.  We got back to the house and Bill fixed me a delicious cup of coffee in a special way.  We just talked and talked and reminisced past midnight.  Now.....this long day ended with Bill hitting the road for Arkansas.  That coffee just kept my mind racing for most of the night......thus this late blog!

Well, I must admit, got up too late to make it to Church, but....will still head over to the Hospital and "Chaplain" those young folks and staff.  Sometimes, one must just slow down a bit, especially on the Sabbath!  So, here we are and you've read all the way to the end of this meandering blog and journey.  Let's see what the Lord has for us today.  God Bless and THANKS as always for your love and prayer and support!!

Air Mobile Joe

PS - If you've just joined this little meandering "Journey", and want to know how we got to this "Chapter" simply click on "Older Posts" below to see how we got here.  God Bless!!  Joe

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