Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3 - Haiti

4-4-12 - 7:59am - The Village, Bon Repos, Haiti

Passing through a tent city yesterday, took this shot. In this same tent city, found a number of abandoned airplanes, including some old military O-2's - AKA - the Cessna Skymaster - the kind as "Ti Burik"

It was kind of sad to see these noble birds in such a state. While in this tent city - saw that there many sources of clean water - Praise God!

Earlier I had headed out to The Adventist Hospital in Carrefour - had a blessed time with Nathan - there are so many major improvements in the hospital - a good example of getting ready for the rainy season - saw evidence everywhere from the recent flooding - glad we're here.

Have some great news on a new vehicle for Barb (aka - Rambo in the Blue Dress) - but will share details later.

Time to head out on another adventure - Thanks for you prayer, love & support! God bless!!

Air Mobile Joe
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