Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 5 - Good Friday - Haiti

Friday - 4-6-12 / 6:55am - The Village, Bon Repos, Haiti

Fighting Cholera! Yesterday was a good day in the battle. Was up early refurbishing / repairing Air Mobile Rescuers.

Around noon, Webert showed to get his unit - was a simple repair - and he headed back to the Central Plateau, a prime Cholera location.

Dennis & I kept working all afternoon on a unit that demonstrated an unusual problem & we figured it out- Praise God!

Later in the afternoon, we headed out to Joels orphanage in Caberet. We recently set Joel up with a Solar System.

We needed to demo an added way to pre-filter the water that came from a local river.

With the use of a piece of styrofoam & a couple of socks, the worked great.

Now Joel will be able to give all of the orphans & his neighbors clean water.

This area, Caberet, has been hard-hit with Cholera. So glad we can help!

Well, it's Good Friday in Haiti - the singing & worship began long before the sun rose.

May we ever reflect & Thank Jesus for coming to rescue us!

As always, Thank you for your love & prayer! Have to run...have afull day.

Air Mobile Joe

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