Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 4 - Haiti

4-5-12 Thursday 7:59am - The Village, Bon Repos, Haiti

Perfect Timing - there is a shortage of available trucks in Haiti - there are many reasons for this. Barbara received a
Pledge from a donor to fund a truck IF she could find one.

On Tuesday, while I was out & about, stopped in to a dealership & they just happened to have ONE left &.... It was blue. Less than an hour later, a construction company came in & bought every truck they had. Yesterday, Barbara signed the papers for the truck - God's perfect timing!

After the truck deal, Barbara & I headed up the mountain to visit the Baptist Mission. We were blessed to see Wallace & Elenor Turnbull - they started this mission over 60 years ago - they are true Veterans of the Cross!

Wallace was very interested in what we are doing with the Air Mobile Rescuer.

Today, have a couple of units to get in operation - time to go - God bless!

Air Mobile Joe

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