Saturday, April 7, 2012

SLOW Flite home

Saturday - 4-7-12 / 8:54am - Space Center Exec Airport - Titusville -

Dennis & I Departed Haiti yesterday - climbed to 16,500 feet and fought 50-60 mph headwinds - when approaching Florida we found a number of significant thunderstorms - our Lord made the most beautiful path right through them - it's good to be home!

I'm at the airport this morning meeting a couple of great Water Mules, Joe Prussel & Ed Shults - they will be preparing a pallet of supplies for Barbara in Haiti. I really appreciate these Guys & their heart to serve!

I awakened last night & just lay there in my comfortable bed & reflected on this Season - Again, I am so thankful that Jesus came on this Rescue Mission! Where would we be without Him?

May you have a blessed Easter!!

Air Mobile Joe

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